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Lorelei Valentin-Blair

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    Lorelei Aellra Valentin-Blair
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    Isle du L'Arine
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    India Eisley

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Lorelei Aellra Valentin-Blair
Family Busybody Sixth Year
16* year old Halfbreed Sorceraic She/Her
Age:  16*
Date of Birth: February 14th, 2003
Birthplace: Isle du L'Arine
Year Level: Sixth Year
Occupation: Family Busybody
Blood Status: Halfbreed
Species: Sorceraic
Player:  ★ LilyCat
Pronouns: She/Her
Play-by: India Eisley

Lorelei is a faithful friend and will do her best to lift others' spirits or help them out. She always feels surprised and stupidly happy when she makes a new friend, and appreciates them accepting her the way she is.


Protective to a fault. She has no qualm with taking up arms against someone who threatens her family, and she loves all of them dearly.


She's not yet touched this milestone, but will be interesting to see her reaction to romantic flirtation.


Cold. Perhaps the only time someone might see the other side of the otherwise sweet young woman.

  • Was not born of her mother, but found her as a baby and returned to her
  • Doesn't know her true age or date of birth
  • Knows a lot more than people think
General Knowledge
  • Currently appears around her mid-teens, claims 15
  • Shows an uncanny intelligence, not only for a teen but for a person in general
  • An innately strong magical ability
  • Appears drawn toward non-humans and magical creatures, and enjoys learning more about them

To say Lorelei's personality is complex would be an understatement. She holds a deep intelligence that is clearly abnormal for someone of her age, appears to be able to see things that others cannot, and knows things that she probably shouldn't. It is this alone that makes her occasionally quite stoic and serious. But more than that, she appears to constantly be seeking more knowledge, and to learn more about the world around her as well as the world beyond school and home and the land that she resides in currently. Whether it is books that she learns things from, or somewhere else, one cannot be sure, but they can be certain that if there is something she hears about but doesn't know, she will find a way to gain information about it.

And yet, there is also a happy innocence to the child on occasion, when she is able to appear like any other when playing with her siblings or with other children that she knows well. Making new friends is somewhat trying for her, unless they are older, since they appear to be able to hold discussions that hold her interest a lot more than her fellow peers of her own age group. However, those she has known for years, she guards fiercely and with utmost loyalty.

There is also a prankster within the girl, one that shows carefully thought out intelligence and wit, something that would almost make her a potential evil overlord in the making, if not for the fact that she does not like to actually harm anyone - not unless they deserve it in her eyes. And in that manner, bullies and mean people should be wary of the girl, for she does not forgive easily or let anyone off the hook without comeuppance.


Though she appears to have delicate features and wide innocent eyes, the adorable facade of this young woman can be broken on occasion with something as simple as a change in her expression or glint in her gaze. Her hair is jet black and glossy, exactly like her mother's, and she has soft features that seem gorgeous, rather than simply cute, and make her actually look a bit older than claims. She wields a charming smile, and a ferocious glare, and can somehow be disarming and yet somewhat scary at the same time with the innocence that she displays, combined with the deeper intelligence that can be spotted if one peers deep enough into those strange eyes, one blue the other brown.

Not one to be hung up on appearance, however, she wears what she is supposed to at various times. For school, she wears her uniform, when visiting L'Arine, she dresses accordingly so, and at home she will wear whatever clothing seems best for the day or occasion, if there is one. She prefers dresses and skirts to pants, however, even when playing on her grandfather's property. She carries herself with confident dignity, straight shoulders, chin up, and always looks in someone's eyes when she is speaking directly to them.


Lorelei was conceived during her mother's final year of school, while her parents were still in London for a month or so after her father's heart surgery. She became aware fairly early on, and when she realised that her mother was in danger from a stalker that had kidnapped Jezebel, she called out for whoever might be listening, which happened to be her great grandmother Lillian. While the Sorceress was able to make sure that Jez didn't die in the house that had burned and fallen around her, Jez wouldn't have the energy to both heal and continue carrying her child, and so Lorelei was transferred to the womb of a woman who lived on Isle du L'Arine.

There, she was born, and though loved by her 'parents', she felt no connection to them and had no desire to remain, despite the visits and lessons from Lillian. The people who believed they were her parents were not of her blood, and Lorelei had already chosen her path, and thus she ended up eventually leaving them with the assistance of Flora, who brought Lorelei to Tallygarunga one day, when the great pygmy puff prank was occurring. Lei found her way to her grandmother and, via Adele (once she was told of their relation), to her mother and father. Reunited once again, she felt content once more.

From there, the girl lived a relatively normal live for one such as she, who had a famous mother and an intelligent father. She was thrilled when she received siblings, and was continued to be visited by Flora - who she considered to be her best friend - as well as Lillian, who continued to impart knowledge and lessons upon the young girl. She became interested in non-humans and magical beasts from a very young age, and has spent a great deal of time learning more about them, while also keeping a cautious eye out for anything that she believed may be a threat to her family.

This led to her near sacrificing herself for her family in early 2018, when she consumed the entirety of a sleeping curse that had been meant for all the attendees at her parents Unwedding party event. Luckily, due to her heritage she was not killed but instead placed into a death-like slumber, her spirit separated from body. During this time she learned things, was able to help a couple of people, but when her family's enemy struck once again, she insisted on being brought back to her body. The process involved requiring the power of one of the first Six in order to fuse her soul back to her form, and the result was the fusing of the soul of the Brown to herself as well. This gave her the brown eye on her left side, and has given her a much deeper connection to Lauren, the girls basically soul-twins now.

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