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  1. Invite Torture Devices (18th Dec)

    "Mmm... I am not to be telling. But maybe if we become very good friends, then you may learn," Lorelei knew the rules, no telling people what they were - as though anyone would really believe that there was yet another species that most of the magical world were rather unaware of as a whole. There was always the fear that people had for something that they thought could threaten them. "Everyone is different. What is important is finding those who accept you as you are," The teen nodded lightly. So long as he had even a couple of people who he could share his trouble with, then it could ease even the loneliest livelihood. "I know what I say and promise," A small stern expression came across her features at the insinuation that she wasn't aware, "I will look out for you and keep you safe." Another sure nod, it appeared that she had made up her mind and there was no talking her out of it. She didn't immediately understand why he had become silent for a moment, staring at her as though she'd done something strange when she thanked him for the compliment, but a simple shrug was offered at the whole strange explanation between physical beauty versus what the mind learns, and how confusing it was to emotions. She supposed she could understand... maybe? Though that quickly fell away as she looked a little crestfallen with the news that her hope to be liked for herself could be unlikely. "Oh..." Was there something the matter with her then? Is that what he meant? Or did it simply go back to the oddity that was people liking appearances? Or perhaps he was talking about the ever toxic situations where a person only pretended to like another because they sought something from them? That was something that Lorelei knew about, having witnessed enough of it for herself. "Hm, I think I have three then so far... but one is my auntie who is also our age, and the other is a family friend who I did help last summer and autumn. But I am happy to know that you think I am cool!" A bright smile was offered to Travis as she clasped her hands in her lap, "I think you are very kind and considerate. And also cool." Lorelei nodded lightly. Though it was only really a judgement from their meeting, she had a feeling that he was not pretending with her, which made her feel good. She nodded as he spoke of having support, people to back her up, and offered a small smile. "Mine family are a great support. It is not quite the same as having friends, or peers, I do not think, but it is a support still. I am very grateful for them, and..." The girl trailed off a little, a troubled expression on her face for a brief moment, before she wrinkled her nose and then offered another small smile again, "I have caused worry for them over the past year, so am trying not to wrestle with feeling like a burden. I did just wish to only ever help. Now, I know I must learn to rely on others some... it is a new thing for me. And frightening." Even the topic itself made her feel nervous, as though she should be keeping a better eye out for something that could happen, but that was why she was spending time out in Narrie, wasn't it? To try and relax while still being near enough to Adele that she could feel a little better. She didn't like that Thomas was still a threat, but sure it would be over soon. A haunted look entered her gaze as she looked away for a brief moment... before her eyes then fell to her chest. At least they were apparently nice? But see a lot? Was there more to see even though they were still covered? "Is that a not good thing?" She queried, still studying them a moment before shrugging again, and then nodding at the revelation of her House sorting. "Yes, Sturt. I am unsure why I was placed there... perhaps so that I would be close to Lauren?" Lorelei glanced off thoughtfully for a moment, lips pursed as she considered the notion, but then shook her head a little, "Regardless, it is where I was placed. At least I do like the colour blue." At least there was that positive point? She found herself interested in what Travis had to say about his art though. While she hadn't really explored the arts so much, aside from learning a couple of instruments, like most others in her family, she often wondered how it was that people discovered what creative activity was for them. Occasionally, she wondered if she lacked creativity, but was always told that wasn't true, considering how quickly she could form solutions regularly. Perhaps she hadn't found her niche. A smile tugged at her lips as he described a girl though, warm and bright while she looked off a little, trying to place a face to such a description... and then remembered that he'd mentioned she had inspired him, only moments earlier, causing her to blink, "I did make you think of such an image?" She asked, a little shyly, though even more interested in the image that he was drawing, "How?"
  2. Invite Torture Devices (18th Dec)

    "I am sorry..." Lorelei's voice spoke softly as she picked up a bit on his defensiveness, her gaze apologetic, "I am too inquisitive sometimes, I am told." She hadn't meant to pick on a sore spot, it was more that she was just fascinated by anything that was different to the usual. She gave him an earnest look though, "But, you really can trust me. I would not wish to place you in harm. I know how humans can be." She nodded emphatically, and then bit her lip a little in thought, before nodding again, "I look out for you." Yes, she could do that and it wouldn't be too dangerous, right? She knew some non-humans were treated worse than others, it seemed only fair to help another. When he laughed over her interpretation of the phrase he'd used though, she ducked her head a little, rubbing at her cheek. Lorelei made a mental note to remember that one while she nodded to his explanation of it. "Thank you!" A bright smile accompanied the words of appreciation as he complimented her in return, not that she had been looking for one. She'd only been pointing out what she figured would be obvious. Still, it was a very nice compliment, even if she knew that she couldn't possibly be as beautiful as her mother. His very long - and somewhat confusing - explanation however, left a little to be desired as Lorelei tried to dissect it, along with the practicality of such ways of thinking. She finally simply gave a small shrug as she scratched her cheek with her forefinger a little, "It all sounds overly complex to me. In either case, a person is found desirable by their merits, but one's physical appearance does not always mirror their inner beauty. So, it seems rather silly to react toward an illusion." Maybe it was just her? "In any case, I do hope that people will like me for myself... that has been a challenge in the past," Lorelei's lips formed a small pout as she recalled the junior school. She was different, she knew that. She had never fit in with those who were supposed to be her peers and she knew it. Would she fit in at the senior one? She still held that small concern that she would be unable to really connect with many people her own 'age'. She wasn't certain whether to believe that she had a great deal of strength, but the compliment allowed another almost shy smile to tug at her lips again, "I do try. But all have their faults and weaknesses, I could be stronger." Lately, she felt weak, but that was the mixture of trying to adjust to the way she was now, as well as having much of her magic blocked off from her. And perhaps the fact that she still managed to upset people even when trying to do the right thing. She did blink about his following comment about her bra though, head tilting, "Is size an important physical factor as well? Mine are adequate?" She queried, glancing down at her chest. They seemed normal, she figured. "I have been sorted into Sturt, though I am not certain if it is correct House for me," Lei's head tilted as she pursed her lips in thought once again, "But then, I did hope that I would be in Spencer like my mother and grandfather were. But it is no matter, I am where I am," A gentle shrug followed, accepting her fate as a Sturt student. Perhaps it was so that she would be close to her twin. His sudden apology caused her to blink though, before she smiled and shook her head, "It is alright. Many of my family are artistic. More so in a musical fashion. But they will play when inspired as well." Lorelei nodded lightly, but then bit her lip as curiosity struck again, "You are drawing me, though? I do not believe I have been one's inspiration before."
  3. Invite Torture Devices (18th Dec)

    "You did not have a single problem with it, not even shortness of breath," Lorelei pointed out easily and rather bluntly, though not in an argumentative fashion. More, there was simply that wide-eyed curiosity over the boy as she puzzled over what blood ran through his veins. He was not like her, that was obvious. Nor did he have the 'shine' of Faerie. And he was out in the daylight without any trouble from the sunlight, and did not carry that unique draw of the Veela. She leaned a little closer while her mind narrowed down the possibilities, and she considered his almost predatory movements, before closing her eyes a moment in thought. Opening them again, she offered a small smile and a decisive nod, "I see. It is alright, you are safe with me, I have secrets about myself as well." She murmured quietly, almost conspiratorily, before then considering his comments on development. "I am unsure if any develop as quickly as I have," A small shy and slightly secretive smile, before she tilted her head as he mentioned body odours, leaning close again to sniff the air around him. He smelled like bushlands, dirt, grass and eucalyptus. It was a nice scent. The lowering of his voice caused her lips to twitch into another small smile as she chuckled, before then considering the rest of his words. The kidns of people one was attracted to? Was that something to consider for herself as well? At least she knew she did not smell unpleasant. What even was sweat, unless she was over-exerting herself magic-wise. "I... do not believe I am 'floating boats'... I simply do not have to be concerned by the issue of failing muscles. A family trait," Lorelei shrugged. It was just one of those things she was blessed with. "So physical appeal is more important than the wish to learn about a person's true heart?" Lorelei couldn't help but give a small concerned frown at this concept. Physical appearance had always been something that she could use to gauge a person's health and their wellbeing. She couldn't see why it mattered what someone wore if they were a good person beneath it. She did study the boy for a moment though, her gaze sweeping over him lightly, "You are handsome, but that would not dictate whether I wished to learn more about you or not. Is that a wrong way to think? Do I require any changing or my appearance or scent in order to be able to make more friends?" It was a serious question, though she knew she was not terrible looking, her hair naturally falling in silken waves, the facial structure of the women in her family, graceful, kind eyes, and a natural gentle scent that was almost a mixture of roses and sea spray. It was still a curiosity now, to know whether she was appealing. What the girl didn't expect was for him to begin drawing something. She lifted her head a little, as though to attempt to peek, but did not want to risk either losing their balance, or disrupting whatever he was doing. So, she instead continued the conversation while he sketched. "Thank you for saying so," A small but genuine smile in response to the description of 'pretty' that he'd given her eyes. It was a nice feeling, and though others had called her such, it was literally only her family. Having someone she only just met say it seemed to make the words feel more complimentary and genuine. "There is much strength in my family," She agreed with a nod, and her smile warmed even more with the offering of his own name, "It is a pleasure to meet you, Travis. Even if it is because I did drop my bra on your head accidentally." Another small shy chuckle escaped, before she then bit her lip a moment, considering her next question carefully, before just deciding to ask anyway. "Is it Tallygarunga that you attend?"
  4. Invite Diary of a Teenage Superhero

    "But you did stop eating and sleeping properly, and so the researching did prove to be a danger for you," Lorelei pouted heavily at Aiden for not remembering just what kind of state she had found him in the library. She was about to continue on that thread, but then stopped herself as she narrowed her gaze thoughtfully. Although she did not have all the same kinds of issues, she did know that she had placed herself in danger with the sleeping curse, and so she knew that she could not say that she hadn't done the same thing. "I do not think all things that adults think are dangerous or for worry is wrong. They would have reason for being concerned, but yes... I can understand caring for the wellbeing of another," She gave a small nod at that. Caring about others and wanting them to be safe was something she knew very well. "You should have many friends, you are a kind person," It seemed to Lorelei that it should be that simple, but she also knew that it was not exactly how things worked. Or, at least, she knew that it wasn't how it worked for her. But she was different to others, and she knew that. She was strange, and spoke differently to even those that were around her supposed age. She thought in a different way, which seemed to make people wary. As Aiden mentioned that she had him for a friend though, a brighter smile touched her features, "Really??" For whatever reason, she hadn't considered that he had thought of her as a proper friend-friend. Maybe 'that weird girl who helped me sleep and whose family knows mine', but in either case it made her happy to hear. So much so that Lorelei wrapped her arms around Aiden from where she was sat beside him, and gave him a big squeezy hug. That statement alone had seemingly made her entire night and cheered her up from the morose feeling that had loomed over her since her grandfather had dropped her back at school earlier that day. Drawing back at the mention of Lauren, Lei still smiled a little as she nodded, before then offering a half shrug regarding his observation. "Lauren is much not used to... socialising with other young people. She is having difficulty, but I am hoping to help her understand others better so that she can make many friends and be happy and not lonely," Lorelei nodded, determination in her features, "It is important that Lauren be accepting of others, to learn to know better way to social. She has been lonely for a long time, it is very hard," Recalling the feeling she had picked up from the other girl, that sheer pain that was hidden behind barbs, her features fell a little again in genuine sorrow. She really did hope that Lauren would be able to learn to connect with people, though regardless she would always be there for her.
  5. Invite Torture Devices (18th Dec)

    "Why did you make it sound like the climb was difficult for you, when it was not?" The teenager queried as she tucked the offending bra into the pocket of the short denim shorts she wore, watching the boy curiously. She could see easily that he was fine, and he hadn't had a single misstep in his ascension. Hadn't even needed to look around to make sure he used the right branches, just seemed to know. She found herself studying him, taking notice of those things that didn't seem quite ordinary when compared to the usual wizard or human. Though, when the conversation of the torture device returned, she huffed a small sigh and shrugged, "There are many strange things that people do for odd reasons. It is yet another, I suppose." She appreciated that he didn't expect her to put it back on though, that was a kindness in itself. "I have never required one before" Another small shrug, "It is one of many things I am still becoming accustomed to. Pubescent bodies are rather a pain. Is it as bad for boys?" Lei tilted her head as she looked at the young man again. He seemed to have basically gone through all the puberty that he would, considering the facial hair and the way he carried himself. He was confident, more so than a lot of teenage boys she had seen around. The offered information on why bras were important though, was offered a raise brow as she considered it. Oh right, that was something that happened to mortal women, wasn't it. "I see... well, as those are not things I need concern myself with, then I should not require such devices," A light wave of her hand before another small shrug, "Perhaps I shall look into this... sports bra. Or maybe shall simply decide to not comply with whatever conformity requires such a silly contraption. One should be content in themselves as they are." Really... all this concern for a bit less perkiness? "Mamiere... mine mother," Lorelei explained, remembering for a moment that few people would know who she was referring to. She did feel a little guilty for him having been hit in the face and offered a small apologetic pout, "I am much sorry. I did not think for anyone being around here." The promise that she could just be herself though, free from the terrible bra and all, around him and that he wouldn't tell, earned a small smile and chuckle. A very soft melodic sound, almost shy in nature, as though it was a rare thing to happen. Lorelei's hand then lifted to her face a little as he mentioned her eyes. She had received some looks regarding them since her return. Those who had known her before were wary. And those who didn't, usually just stared a little. "You think they are cool?" The girl asked quietly, a small smile touching her lips again. She knew the words 'cool' and 'awesome' were definitely compliments, and at least his assumption of what it was meant she didn't have to explain anything - like how one of them changed. It was also the first time that anyone had actually called anything about her 'cool', which lifted her spirits a little. "Thank you. It is... something that I did inherit." That wasn't a lie, at least. She offered another small smile to him, and then realised that she didn't even know his name and blinked, "Oh... I did not give introduction. I am Lorelei. I will be going to school nearby in the coming year. What is your name?"
  6. Invite Torture Devices (18th Dec)

    The girl had been humming very softly to herself, her eyes closed and one leg dangling from the branch, swinging to and fro, and feeling much more relaxed for having escaped the horrible device that felt too restrictive for her to ever believe that they could be important in any way. She hadn't heard the original exclamation, however when someone called up to her, she opened her eyes and blinked a couple of times, before leaning over slightly to peer down at the man. He was holding up the offensive item and asking if it belonged to her, and her nose crinkled a little. It appeared she hadn't escaped it after all. Watching him climb the tree was interesting though, and her gaze narrowed as she tried to reach out with what little of the magic she had. At the least, she was able to tell that he was not a typical mortal, whether human or wizard. Which meant that he was probably a member of the magical community. She tried to figure out if she could place him among the students at Tally that she might have seen in the couple of weeks she'd been there before school ended for the year. "I was attempting to escape the discomfort," The teen responded quietly, before her hand reached out tentatively in order to accept it back, before simply sitting it on her lap. She certainly wasn't going to put it back on, and hoped that he didn't expect that she was going to. She was far too comfortably in her spot now, and knew that it was going to bug her if she had to twist and turn in order to get it back on, and then have to follow up by trying to adjust herself so that her boobs were sitting in it properly and not in some awkward way. Boobs were definitely annoying. "I am not familiar with the sports bra. I am still getting used to wearing this kind, which is supposed to be comfortable, but I come to see is a big lie. It is apparently important for wearing, though I am not seeing the importance or it, especially when compared to such discomfort," Lorelei's nose crinkled a little once again as she rolled her shoulders around, enjoying the freedom for the moment. She imagined she would have to put the silly thing back on at some point. "I am much preferring none. Much more simple, less restriction and annoyance," The young woman nodded matter-of-factly, but then huffed, "But Mamiere insists." She released a long sigh that was part raspberry as she rested her head back against the tree trunk again, "Thank you." She supposed she should remember her manners at least, even if she wasn't happy to see the garment again.
  7. Invite Diary of a Teenage Superhero

    "I am sorry for making you worry," Lorelei pouted gently as she leaned her head on Aiden's shoulder. She hadn't considered herself important enough to the teenager for some reason. Perhaps it was the fact that he already had his brother to worry about at the time. Or maybe, as Lillian had said, she had held herself somewhat separate from those around her. She'd certainly never fit in at the Bilby school. In fact, there had been the occasional teasing, and singling out as 'weird', that hadn't helped in getting her to mingle with other students. She hoped that the senior school would be a little different in that respect, but even Lei knew that the nature of a lot of young people was to point out the flaws in others, so that they could make themselves feel better. There was also her little issue with writing. "I am not enjoying much the helpless feelings," A soft sigh was drawn from her lips as she considered Aiden's words. The worst part was that some of what he said was part of what she'd also told him early in the year as well. She suddenly wondered how that must have felt, sounding from a child at the time. Biting her lip, she ducked her head a little to rest her chin on her knees as she hugged her legs, "But that is what I have done this time. I did a small thing that I could, which did not place me into danger. And then I did go to Grandmiere for that she would be able to use that to do more. And still I am in upset with them." She turned her head, resting her cheek on her knees as she watched him, eyes wide and sad. "She does not trust that I am not doing dangerous things. But I'm not! I did do the right thing this time..." A small sniff, and she rubbed her face lightly before blowing out another sigh and then shrugging, "It is what is, though. I am how I am, but I am trying to be less..." Lorelei pouted as she tried to think of the right word, "Apart? I am scared too for school next year. I did find difficult making friends at Bilby. Will it be so here too?"
  8. Invite Torture Devices (18th Dec)

    The teenager couldn't possibly convey how relieved she was that she and her twin had only been thrown into school so close to the end of the year. It meant that they generally just received some assessments to decide whether they were intelligent and mature enough to be moved on to Sixth Year and then just had to attend a few end of year time-wasting classes. Something that she could handle, even if she was a little shy of the other students in said classes. The school end of year ball was in a couple of days though, and she wasn't certain how she felt about going to that. At least she knew some of the people who would be there, so maybe she could just stick with them? But now, it was the end of school, and like any other teenager Lorelei was given the freedom to ignore the last few days that were pretty much days of doing little to nothing anyway and do mostly what she felt like to bide away her time. This week, she was out at Narrie, where much of her extended family lived. But as most of them had a few things they needed to do with Christmas around the corner, and she just wanted to have a little time to herself, she'd decided to go for a walk. Thus she found herself wandering around Murrigal, until she found a tree that looked like a nice place to sit in, with strong looking branches up high. She'd climbed it easily enough, despite her wondering whether she still had enough power to be able to teleport up there, and made herself comfortable on a branch, resting her back against the tree trunk for a moment... until she felt an annoyance in the bra clasps that stuck into her spine. Who invented these things? The girl was still quite confused as to why her mother insisted that she wear one, and it had taken a lot of practise to even be able to put one on without taking ten minutes just to find the clasps behind her back. They were tight, uncomfortable, and very restrictive. And she still didn't know what good they actually provided. However, her mother had told her they were important, especially when she was going out and was going to be running around or even just hanging out with other people. Why? After some more wriggling and trying to get comfortable though, Lorelei had enough. She pulled her arms into her t-shirt and then twisted and stretched as she freed herself of the torture device with a sigh. She pushed her arms back through her sleeves, one hand holding the stupid white implement of her discomfort and she frowned at it, before then tossing it away. With a relaxed breath, the teen then finally relaxed back against the tree trunk high up on her cozy branch, without having to worry about a bra digging into her back, without even a thought to the possibility of the offending garment landing on a poor passerby or something.
  9. Invite Diary of a Teenage Superhero

    "Doing stuff?" Lorelei blinked as she looked at Aiden with a gaze that clearly meant whatever he was thinking had likely gone over her head, at least for a moment before she seemed to come up with an apparent idea, "Oh! You mean like playing games? We would probably get in trouble for that if we're supposed to be sleeping." She nodded at her conclusion, remembering the triplets being told off now and then for mucking around in the middle of the night, not even having considered that there would be much else they could be in trouble for. Rather, she leaned against his side gently, almost as though it were a kind of comfort for her to be there. The girl did listen as he tried to explain though, her brow furrowing slightly, before she offered Aiden a curious gaze. "You were worried that I was not going to return?" For some reason, that idea had confused Lorelei a little bit. She hadn't truly thought about whether she had meant anything much to Aiden, aside from someone who had helped him to be able to sleep and staved off his nightmares earlier in the year. But then, Lorelei had seen herself much as one whose duty it was to take care of others, and Lillian's words came back to her, regarding herself and Lauren having to learn that they are a part of the world, not outside of it. She bit her lip a little as she thought about it. "I am sorry," Lei apologised quietly, suddenly feeling bad as she began to slowly realise the pain that she had probably caused people, despite her well intentions and desire to save them. She knew that had it been her mother or aunt or someone else that had paid that price, then she would have been upset. Perhaps more so with the one who caused it, but also with them for not having sought help from family. "Great-grandmiere Lillian says that I must learn to be more grounded and experience being among others properly," Lorelei admitted quietly. It was something that she knew she could at least share without having to go into detail of her family. "I am scared though, that if something happens and I cannot help. What do I do if that happens? I am very scared to feel helpless," Her bottom lip quivered a little as she turned her gaze back to Aiden, as though he might have the answers for her. So far, he had been able to help her understand a little, maybe he knew more that would help her to know what to do?
  10. Invite Diary of a Teenage Superhero

    Blinking when the boy startled, Lorelei immediately felt bad for waking him. He'd probably been having a nice dream, he certainly looked a lot healthier than he had early in the year, which had to mean that he was sleeping and eating well. That was good. Though his question continued her on the thought that perhaps it was a bad idea to have disturbed him and her lips formed an apologetic pout toward him. She was about to apologise and offer to leave, when he spoke again, and she bit her lip, unsure now about whether what she had to talk about was important enough to bother anyone at all, let alone in the middle of the night or in the morning. Her shoulders sagged a little, until he shifted over slightly... to make room for her? It appeared that way. "I am sorry for waking you..." The girl whispered, sitting down on the bed in her pyjamas and bringing her knees up to hug against her chest. It felt a little stranger now that she was somewhere around his age, than it had been when she was smaller. As a child, she'd been able to just curl up wherever because she didn't take up much room, but now they couldn't both sit on the bed without basically leaning against each other's sides. "I am been told off," Lorelei began... unsure of how to actually address what was bothering her. She bit her lip again as her brow furrowed into a small frown, before she continued, "I did try to do something, to help people. It was very important and I did wish to tell sooner but I did not know in how to approach." She chewed on her lip once again as she tried to explain her situation without having to get into details that Aiden really didn't need to know about, hoping that it wasn't going to end up sounding too confusing, "But when I did tell of helping idea, Grandmiere and Grandpa did get much angry at me. I did only wish to help... I did not try to do anything that would be wrong or bad... but I am told off still, and they are very disappointed." Lorelei sniffed softly, before lifting a hand to wipe at her cheek. "Am I wrong to help, do you think? When I do, the people who I help appear to seem unhappy. I did think Matt would be happy to be returned, but he does not seem much. And many were upset after the party... but someone would have been harmed if I did not help then," Lorelei hugged her knees tighter as she then looked at Aiden questioningly, "Did I make you upset too?"
  11. Invite Diary of a Teenage Superhero

    Brought back to the school by her grandfather, Lorelei had tried to explain that she hadn't tried to hide anything, she just hadn't known how to approach them about everything, especially her grieving grandmother. She'd tried to do the right thing, but in the end it seemed she'd only made everyone angry. And so, dejected, she returned to her dorm and curled up on the bed, hugging her pillow tightly. She had closed most of her link to Lauren, not wanting the girl to sense how upset she was, nor wanting to give her more reasons to be angry with Adele, and tried to go to sleep, but she couldn't. She still wasn't used to being here, despite how often she had visited. It was different when she was expected to sleep here and adhere to the school rules. And it wasn't long before she was already breaking them for the second time that day, once it got to evening. She waited for everything to be quiet, before sneaking out silently and making her way through the school. She wanted someone to talk to, who wouldn't get angry or pick on her or probably tell her that she needed to get back to her room. Though the latter was probably to be expected from anyone that she might run into. Alex and Cassandra stayed at Adele's all the time now, though she didn't want them to be angry about her correspondence with Zane either. And she knew talking to Lauren would lead to the girl being angry at Adele more. That left perhaps one person who might talk to her. At least, she hoped they would. She crept through the dorm of the apparent rival house (they were all rivals, right?), slipping along as though a part of the shadows, until she made it to the bed of the person she was hoping might spare her some time. Leaning over him closely, Lorelei then tapped the boy lightly on the shoulder, and hoped that he wouldn't yell or do something to wake up anyone else. "Aiden..." Came her whisper in the dark, "Aiden... I am needing someone who can talk with me. Will you? Please?" Her features formed a pout that was entirely too dangerously endearing on her matured features as she remained near to his face. She hoped he wouldn't send her away, she had already been sent off by enough people that day.
  12. Communication Lorelei

    To ZaNe, i aM WiLL TrY. sHe is kNoW aNd WaiT For TiMe For acT. aM TaLk WitH heR noW. aM asK. Lei.
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    "Sollozzo could not know that I would even be able to visit to see the cruelties he performed on Zane, nor could Zane know that I had the ability to visit his subconscious. So do explain how they would set up falsities for me to witness," Lorelei found herself annoyed by the assumptions that her grandparents made, her expression forming a deep frown. There was no way that Sollozzo or Zane could predict her being able to see anything. As far as they knew, she was dead because of absorbing the curse. She found herself incredulous over the idea that they could plan a whole trickery if they didn't even know that they were being watched. No, it was all too real, the cruelty, the suffering.She didn't like having to place Adele in danger either, but what else could they do? It was the only chance of Thomas coming out of hiding. The teen wanted to protest against Stuart's words, but the look in his eyes halted her. She had not seen this anger in him before, and didn't wish to provoke it, and so she simply slumped her shoulders and gave a nod. She would have to place her faith in Zane being able to continue his ruse, in his strength that came from wishing to save his family, his own daughter from any further pain cause by his Uncle. She didn't like leaving Adele in Sollozzo's hands either if all went south, but she could so nothing more. Her part was done, she had informed those who could do something. She remained quiet until asked the question. "Zane will contact you, and the time shall be arranged then," The girl said quietly, and then with nothing else to contribute, knowing that arguing any further would probably only anger both Adele and Stuart more, she scuffed her foot a little and sniffed, "I will go back to school now. I... I am sorry for angering you. I could not say anything sooner, for fear that Sollozzo might find out." With that, the girl began to turn as though to head for the door to let herself out.
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    The teenager looked between the pair of them, a moment of curiosity as she studied the obvious comfort on display and wondered if either even realised it. It was not a time to comment on such things, however. She was here for a reason, and there was a very small window of opportunity here. Even with the leveled gazes of her grandparents, she didn't appear to falter aside from a small momentary pout over the clear lack of trust they had for her. If she had wanted to take care of things on her own, then she wouldn't have come here at all. She would already be miles away, making contact with Zane to get the plan underway already. It was only momentary though, before a flash of defiance and anger at the accusation. "The plan was never for I to face him alone either, nor to be the one to take his life. If it were, then I would not have come to seek permission, nor would Lillian have left me with even a small piece of magic," Lorelei said, before then inhaling deeply and breathing out slow. The adjustment to the aged body was something she was still trying to get used to. She had freaked out only the other day because she was bleeding, and her mother had to sit her down and explain that to her. And now she was being accused of trying to do something that was always going to be someone else's job. "Zane will be the one," The girl finally said, quickly stepping forward a little to continue before the questions could begin. Already she could see Stuart's anger, and the questions. What did she mean? What did she know about Zane? Why should they believe that he would kill Sollozzo when he was clearly working with him? "All has not been as it seems," Lorelei began, "When I was... separate from my body. I sought to find and haunt him for his wickedness, and instead I witnessed truths. Zane has been under the Imperious Curse, Thomas' Imperious Curse, ever since the night he went home to tell his mother about a girl he'd met that he was fond of. He did not know that his Uncle knew her, or of the history of he and you, Grandmiere. He has been used all this time. All the harm he has caused has been Sollozzo." She paused again, rubbing her arm, before continuing. "So I visited Zane in his subconscious. Near broken, he didn't believe he could fight his Uncle's control, he cried over what he had done to me. And so I offered to assist him in learning to strengthen himself against it, and had been doing so in those months I was without body, so that we may catch Sollozzo by surprise at a moment where he is most vulnerable, when he believes himself victorious. And it is that time now. Zane has been ordered to lure you to meet with him, a trap so that his Uncle can capture you. It is a small window, Sollozzo's impatience was what led to David's death," The girl took a breath, knowing she'd said a lot, but it was all important. They had to understand, Zane had been a victim as much as the rest of them. "When you meet with him, when Sollozzo thinks he is about to have you, Zane will strike," Lorelei said finally, pausing briefly before adding more, "He... made me promise not to tell Ruella all this, he doesn't wish her to suffer more than she has already."
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    The teen found herself glad that she could still fit under her father's arm as it wrapped around her. A part of her had feared that she would be too old, too big, to have the luxuries that the younger children had. Naturally, she knew that she was too big for some things now, but she would always be able to enjoy cuddles, and that was enough to comfort her. She nodded as Viktor pieced her story together, also agreeing that the situation with Sollozzo had to be taken care of sooner rather than later. If the man was taking action now, then it was only a matter of time before he came after someone else that Adele cared for. And though none of the females in the family could be killed outright, there was still a great deal of pain that he could cause them if he managed to get any one of them. And it was clear that he didn't care what lengths he needed to go to in order to harm Adele through others. "Not for naught. Mamiere and Ruella and even Great grandmiere Lillian were all drained of a great deal of energy in reviving me, even with the assistance of the Brown," Lorelei explained. The fact that Lillian had used so much of her own energy to have caused her hair to grey slightly was enough to show that the Brown had been needed. It had also shown how great the lengths that the woman would go to herself in order to bring Lorelei back, something that the girl felt grateful toward her for. She wasn't sure how much more she could explain about her amalgamation with the Brown, she wasn't even certain herself yet what it would mean. But they would work out anything that arose, Lei was certain of it. A small giggle erupted, however, when her father spoke of having to try and get the triplets to go back to sleep, and the retort from her sisters. She could have only imagined how restless they all would have been, the girls no doubt having sensed some of what was occurring and wondering what was going on exactly. Through them, Erian would have also known something was going on as well, with the shared connection between the three. The mention of Sollozzo again, however, and of having to plan, caused Lorelei's expression to shift to something a little more serious. "There are plans in motion," The girl said simply, "I must speak to Grandmiere when she is feeling somewhat more stable." She nodded gently, however her words had caused Jezebel to stir slightly and look toward her. "What plans?" The mother asked, suddenly acutely aware that Lorelei had a mental block up in place, causing her brow to furrow, wondering just how involved her daughter was in these 'plans' and the danger that it would place her in. She hadn't got her back only to lose her again, "Lorelei..." "I cannot say!" The girl protested, glancing between her parents with an apologetic look, "There will be too much danger if too many know. I must only tell Grandmiere so that she can deal with Sollozzo as she wishes to. I promise I will not be putting myself into his direct line." She looked at them both pleadingly, hoping for them to understand that the less people who knew, the greater the chance of success. She had originally planned to not involve anyone, but that wasn't an option, and so she would go to Adele, who had the greatest cause to see to the ending of the threat to their family.