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  1. The Girl With The Faraway Eyes

    "Tell me one day..." Lorelei spoke softly, hoping he would understand that she wanted to hear about what had held him captive, and how he felt now. A large part of her wanted him to tell her now, but that wasn't information one could demand on a whim at whatever moment they chose. She respected that he had been through a great deal, she remembered his disdain for how he had become as he was. Knew parts of that story. All in time though. Time was something she had a lot of. But there were many more in the world who didn't even have a second's worth compared to she. Still, a soft smile warmed her features, her cheeks taking on a pink glow as he admitted to having thought of her in such a way. Her stomach flutters and heart skipped a few beats and a hint of her sweet shyness showed for a moment, before she then nodded as she listened to his confirmation of how he could be as it drew closer to a full moon. "Well, there is one bonus at least," The teen spoke softly, her lips quirking into a small smile as she peered up at him, before biting her lip, "At least such times can be scheduled easily enough." Her smile grew into a small grin as she chuckled softly, lifting her hand to her lips, even as her eyes showed a hint of heat to them at the idea that he would be so demanding of her time and body, that he would need her to help him rein in the beast. She couldn't quite describe the feeling, but she felt like it was a good one. "Maybe I will even play hunting games with you, make you try to catch me," The words slipped out before she had really thought, but she also wasn't going to take them back. To hide and make him hunt her down before claiming his prize, was so very primal, and exciting. And would no doubt soothe the beast even more. With her fingers pressing into his sides, she kept her face close to his upon having inhaled the air over his neck and she bit her lip as she nodded in agreement with his words, knowing that if he had caught her earlier in the day... there was no telling what may have occurred. In a way she was glad it hadn't, not with his mind the way it was then. She didn't want to be simply one of many who only staved off his urges a little longer. "And you wouldn't have to hold back at all... and neither would I," Lorelei's cheeks formed another soft blush, "Not that I know yet what I would be like..." She added with a small impish smile, before a gasp was issued at the firm grip at her behind. She certainly didn't fight it, in fact it only served to press them more firmly together and she could feel his natural body heat pouring from him and encompassing her. Her arms wrapped over his shoulders and fingers moved to his hair to play with it softly, combing through the back of it with fingertips scraping over his scalp, before tangling in the dark locks. "I know... when you smile genuinely, there is also a small hint of surprise, as though it's an unexpected happiness, I'd like to give you more of those smiles," She said quietly, though bit her lip as he admitted that more could have occurred with the swimsuit incident. The admission of his care for her, though, created a more tender smile to form on her features though, at least for a brief moment before he squeezed her butt again. And then everything that Adele had told her that she shouldn't do... apparently seemed to be exactly what she should. There was an irony that couldn't be escaped when Lorelei heard Travis' words. He wanted her to claim him, to make him hers. It sounded like a challenge, but also like something that he wanted. Truth be told, the very implications of it were enticing to the girl. As much as she had been raised gentle and dignified, there was also the blood of vampires within her, not completely drowned out by the Sorceraic blood. Her own urges and temptations that she kept buried were drawn to the surface slightly as she stared at him, an almost predatory look in her eyes. Lorelei moved faster than the eye would see, capturing his lips in a more heated kiss than the one she had offered before. Her hands dropped to the collar of his shirt, gripped, and without even an ounce of effort tore it open completely, before her fingers trailed over his torso, remembering the scars she had seen before and tracing over the tender sensitive flesh there, before drawing from the kiss with a sharp bite to his lip. With a gentle whoosh of air swirling around them, they found themselves no longer in his kitchen, but in what appeared to be an overgrown greenhouse, the only light entering it from gaps in the thick rose vines that covered the walls. The air around the teen still swirled slightly, her glossy raven hair flowing gently to frame her pale features with the bright and inhuman eyes and red lips. Pushing him backward until he was pressed against a stone block, though it was oddly warm. The girl, with her otherworldly beauty truly shining through in this primitive natural fashion then leaned in until her lips were beside his ear once again. "I will claim you," Lei whispered, her voice like velvet and the sound vibrating inside his ear and further through him.
  2. The Girl With The Faraway Eyes

    "You can kiss me if you wish," Lorelei's gentle voice spoke quietly, her gaze having caught his own drifting to her lips in contemplation. Was he beginning to understand that she really meant what she said? She wasn't sure why he would find it surprising that someone would want to be his girlfriend, she was certain she couldn't have been the only one to care about him. "At the time...?" His wording hadn't been missed by the sharp young woman, those pillowy lips forming a small coy smile as fingers touched over his hands which still held her waist. Did he hold her to keep her close? Or to keep them at bay? "And what about now? You have not said an outright no to me, so that must mean that it is something that at least pulls at your curiosity... that you see me as someone special enough to consider such with..." Lei gently bit her lower lip as she tipped her head to the side slightly as her eyelashes lowered, bright eyes peering through the dark curtain they created while her hair fell across her features a little, tumbling over the pale skin of her shoulder and cleavage. "Are you saying that you have sex so regularly that I would barely be home? Besides, I already vanish on and off, the only rule I must abide is that I keep my phone close... not that it is even required if any of Mamiere's family wished to contact me," Of course, Lorelei would hope they'd try the phone first. She'd not want them stumbling in on something she already accidentally had before. "We have agreement that they will always try the phone first, rather than intruding on me." Her fingers trailed off the back of his hands and slid forward then, fingertips touching at his abdomen and tracing over him as they shifted to clasp at his sides as well, digging in just a fraction as she tipped her head forward, brushing her nose at the side of his neck as she inhaled. "I remember this..." Lorelei whispered over his skin before leaning her head back again slightly in order to peer at him through half-lidded eyes once again, "When you tackled me, my heart didn't race for fear. You remember, don't you?" The teen murmured, "I trusted you. I do trust you. I don't want you to feel restrained or restricted either. I'm not experienced at all, but I can only imagine that the more one can not be held back, the greater the fulfillment and enjoyment." With her hand having lifted to caress his cheek and her gaze set upon his, Lorelei smiled a little lopsided, appreciation in her gaze for his concern, as well as understanding of it. "My father's parents are full vampire, you know..." She said quietly, "It was a concern that he had when he and my mother began together, because they are under much the same laws and restrictions as yourself. But they have never been used against him. I understand what you're saying... it could happen. But if we spent our lives afraid of 'could', then we would never experience all the world has to offer." Lei was at least to have got a smile from him with her joking. "I like it when I make you smile," The teen murmured softly, her own smile almost bashful once again, before she shook her head at him, "My decisions are mind to make. My responsibilities. And I want to be with you, Travis. I want to learn more about one another, to spend more time out among nature, to be able to watch you as you sketch, snuggle, hold hands, have secret rendezvous in hidden places, and go swimming, whether we remember swimsuits or not." Her smile hinted at a bit of cheek for a brief moment, as she laughed softly, "I am not saying it will be perfect, I cannot see the future. But I have the now, and how I feel and what I am willing to try and experience. I would rather at least take a leap, than wonder later what might or might not have been." Watching him with fondness in her gaze, she remained close as her fingers trailed over his shoulders and the back of his neck, "I really do care for you, and am quite clearly attracted. The important question would be whether you feel similarly toward me."
  3. The Girl With The Faraway Eyes

    "It is a matter of perspective, and how one has been raised. My parents instilled within me value for individuals, to hold those who are dear to us close and protect them as though family," Lorelei murmured softly. She understood it wasn't the case for many other people, that there were those who were more fickle with how they treated others who were not of their blood. She smiled gently with the idea of photography and filming though, it wasn't as though she lacked those around her who could give her tutoring in the basics of both. From there it was a matter of experimentation in capturing moments. Still, that was a thought for another time, though truth be told there was a part of her that was almost tempted to play with her phone's camera settings right now as well. But she had looked for Travis for a reason, and he deserved her attention after her awkwardness in trying to figure out how to approach him. Oddly coloured eyes studied the young man as he absorbed what she had said, her fingertips still trailing over his arms gently, full lips not far from his, close enough that it would only take for him to lean down slightly to close that gap once again. There was open fondness in her expression, clear care which went beyond something as simple as physical attraction. She held a candle for him, knowing the person he was, having witnessed his change and even spending a whole night beside the door which held the beast at bay. Not once had she ever looked at him with fear or disgust, seeing him as an equal being who deserved respect for the burden he carried. "I-... that is what I did think, but still it did make me wonder for a time why not... well, you have known for some time that I am attracted on some level, even if you were not aware of just how much I care," Lorelei said softly with a gentle self-depreciating smile, knowing that she was primarily to blame for not being more forward sooner. Of course, she had still been trying to work out her exact feelings for a while as well. They made everything so complicated. "Yes, I would very much like to be your girlfriend, Travis," Lei confirmed with a smile and nod while her eyes remained locked on his, no wavering in her voice or even her being as she remained intimately close to him. The barest hint of wildflowers mixed in with her natural scent that was definitely as inhuman as the eyes which had captured him in the past. "I've said before to you, you wouldn't be able to harm me. I'm much more resilient than you know, and my energy is near limitless. You wouldn't need to hold back with me, not even a tiny bit," She murmured the words softly, before biting her lip. Just the idea alone seemed to stir up the memory of being tackled again, and caused her cheeks to flush softly. "I would not offer if I had not thought already on the implications and possibilities," The teen nodded gently, inching just a little closer until she was pressed against his front, her left hand lifting from it's tracing over his arm, in order to gently touch his face, tracing his features and breezing over his cheek and jaw, a tender touch, one that showed care for him while her expression held warmth, though his mention of her family allowed the barest hint of mirth to shine through as well, "Travis, I would not even know where to begin with my family and how much trouble they cause themselves. I do know that... some would have a hard time accepting that I am simply dating. As we have spoken about before, they cling to what I was, and ignore who I am now. But if I am happy, then they are happy. Besides, we already have Dhampir, Faeries, probably a long lost Veela cousin somewhere..." She joked gently as she cupped his cheek. "We are a legitimate melting pot of weird and wonderful, and a little bit crazy from time to time," A small wink offered, along with a soft laugh, "And I am certain that once they knew you and got used to the idea of me being a teenager, then they would be supportive as family can be."
  4. Invite The Things A Girl Should Know

    "I understand..." Lorelei nodded gently, her gaze shifting to the desk in deep thought. She was aware that she was still young, very young, in comparison to her elders. She knew that she didn't know everything, that there were experiences she had yet to live through. Was it so bad that she had a crush like this though? Perhaps it was bad that she was thinking of things that those around her weren't prepared to have her thinking about. "You can see why I did not go to Mamiere to talk about this?" She asked softly of Adele. Her mother would have probably burst into tears, or tried to tell Lorelei outright that she didn't know what she was thinking. More likely the former than the latter. Jezebel had been taking it hard, everything that had happened with her eldest. Because of what had happened before Lei was even born, her mother was protective and held onto her for dear life, afraid to lose her. "Grandmiere..." The teen said softly as she observed her grandmother as she spoke, saw the beginnings of tears gloss her eyes, and she stood up delicately and wandered around the desk, before carefully sitting on the older woman's lap and wrapping her arms around her in a hug. She didn't want to make people cry, or cause them pain. She realised the tears weren't just about her, that they were of a woman who wanted more for her own family than what she'd had. "I will try not to grow up too quickly, but I... cannot help feeling how I feel. I want to be who I am now, I feel more comfortable in my skin than I did before. But, I promise I am not too old to still play hide and seek with my siblings. Can I not still have youth as well as the development of my circumstances?" She tried to offer a gentle smile to Adele before giving her a kiss to the forehead. "You are correct, I know there are decisions that I am not ready for and I do wish to take the days as they come. Ever was I born to be a wanderer, unable to remain still. But you can rest comfortably in the knowledge that I will at least come to you for advice whenever I am thinking about decisions, yes?" Lorelei tilted her head at Adele, her gaze full of warmth, love and admiration for the older woman. "I have no grand plans to jump into situations without at least speaking with you or Mamiere. This lesson I have already learned. At a cost, but still learned," She then tilted her head at her grandmother, the look of mild confusion causing some manner of amusement. "There are complications in all aspects of life... but it does not take from the fact that you are always content and comfortable when you are together, and offer that which the other needs," Lorelei offered a gentle shrug and a small mysterious smile.
  5. The Girl With The Faraway Eyes

    "Bonds are not only for families to make. I thought... it felt like at one point that we were bonding, when we spent time together outside, in the bush... talking, enjoying nature," Lorelei spoke quietly, her voice soft, and almost alluring without her truly realising the change int it as she'd stepped closer to him. Though, the mention of photography, capturing moments in the way that she saw them in order to share with others. It lit something inside of her and her oddly coloured eyes seemed to brighten as she envisioned such an expedition. She could go anywhere, find moments and places, people and memories, that she could capture and preserve. Her lips formed a warm smile, even the idea of filming, it added so much to her vision, and she wondered if he realised how much it meant to her that he understood these sides of her, accepted and encouraged her. The kiss hadn't been something as much consciously done, as simply... it was an action that spoke those words which were giving her so much trouble. And his reaction to it caused a knot to form in her belly as she lifted a hand to clasp at the side of his neck with the deepened kiss, her breath heightening as well as her pulse and the excitement that he'd drawn out of her before a long while back. She felt almost giddy by the time he drew back, eyes peering toward him again her plush lips remained slightly parted for a moment. She blinked a couple of times to gather herself, but listened to him and bit her lip after a moment as she glanced coyly to the side. "I... I do not mind if it escalates," The young woman said softly, before her gaze returned to his own, "I know who you are, what you are. It... it's why, even though it pained me that you sought that kind of satisfaction with another, I had also held hope that it was only for the physical comfort. That..." She bit her lip again as her cheeks burned crimson, though her fingers brushed over the arms which still held her at her waist. She wasn't stupid, nor as naive as one might like to believe she was. She knew the kind of creature that he was, but also she knew that if he had one that could handle all of him, who would be everything he needed, then perhaps that would make a large difference? Of course, it also meant having to actually put the offer up there, despite the warning of her grandmother and the knowledge she was all too well aware of. But she was certain she could keep from anything she was not ready for. "I knew you chased because I avoided. But you didn't have to, so did that mean you think of me as special enough to risk that for?" Lorelei asked quietly, her fingers still tracing teasingly over his arms. The reminder of how he had acted upon finding her caused her breath to hitch for a moment once again. She could still recall his nose pressed to her neck, breathing in and nuzzling as though to take in her scent, cover himself with it in almost a claim. "I-I... Travis," She breathed his name out softly, "Do you think? If that I would to be your girlfriend, and you my boyfriend, would I be enough? You'd need only think of me when you have needs and I would be there. I want to be the one who is there, I can take your strength. You already know I am strong also..." She whispered as her fingers trailed down to his own at her waist, clasping with them a moment, "Not only for physical affection, but to be someone you can talk to, share with. I will even run through the bushlands with you whenever you want, even shifted if you decide to take the Wolfsbane." A small smile tugged at her lips, warm, tender. "I just, I want to be the one who fulfills your needs, if you think it would be enough."
  6. Invite The Things A Girl Should Know

    "I know that," Lorelei said softly, though her cheeks flared a bright pink at Adele pointing it out to her in such a teasing way, as though she were getting some kind of enjoyment out of Lorelei's personal dilemma of having a crush on a boy. At the offer to deliver a note, however, the girl's eyes widened and she shook her head vehemently. Not even she was naive enough to think that there wouldn't be some kind of secondary reason for Adele wanting to know who this boy was. And she certainly didn't want to think that the woman would go reading her private feelings that she wanted to say to him. Or even worse, lock him away somewhere! Though, she realised that now that Adele was aware she was fond of someone, if she asked a few questions to the right people, then she might work it out. "I-I will take care of it," Lei said softly, a little self-consciously. "You do not believe Lillian is correct in believing that our heart has a moment of wanting such, and that is why it occurs?" The teen tilted her head a little at her grandmother. If that wasn't how it worked, then how? Certainly, from most of the stories she'd heard of how those of her kin came about, there was always a moment, even just a split second, where it was something wanted. She was quite determined to not want children, no matter how happy someone might make her. There was too much else to worry about, and she knew she was definitely in no position to be able to handle anything that required so much responsibility and sacrifice. She had to take on the warning, however. "I... that is something I shall keep in mind," Lei agreed with a few small nods and a thoughtful expression. Surely there were some standard ways that could still be a little effective? Whether or not there were, she was at least aware that there was a risk regardless. It was more knowledge than her own mother had at her age, and was any miracle that Jezebel hadn't been pregnant at an even younger age than when she had Lorelei. Their strange fertility was an odd thing indeed, something which made Lei curious of their origins and why they were as they were. She did listen to Adele's words on Stuart though, and offered a small nod, even if there was still some form of confusion in her features as she thought on what she had been told. "Well, I am happy that he did make you feel safe. And that he does continue to do so. It is good to have those in your life who you are able to rely upon to be there for you no matter what, and not out of obligation, but because they simply care about you," Lorelei smiled softly at her grandmother, "Even if you were not right for him then, you are both very good for one another now. I'm happy that you are close."
  7. The Girl With The Faraway Eyes

    The way Travis spoke to the dog caused a soft giggle to fall from Lorelei's lips while she watched the poor sulking canine wander off, making a mental note to sneak in extra pats and maybe a treat after. She then wandered to the kitchen once her coat was removed, her dress had been chosen partially perhaps as a reminder to herself as well as him, that she was indeed a young woman. Then again, it wasn't as though he hadn't copped an eyeful before of just how much a woman she was, the reminder of the lake incident suddenly causing a hot flush in her cheeks while she chastised herself both for thinking of that, and also for not taking such an opportunity when it had presented itself. But she'd still been somewhat oblivious then too, at least to a point. "Our home has a movie room, where we watch some together at least once a week. Some family time, and Mamiere wishing to share that part of her life and the kinds of movies and actors who inspired her, so I do have much cinematic and television knowledge," Lei said softly. It was perhaps one of the few 'normal' things about her, the fact that she loved movies as much as any other average teenager or child. She could see in the performances what it was that drew her mother to such a thing. It had also been a way for the girl that Jezebel had been to deal with the strange life of being different to others as well. "My mother admired the actors, I find myself enraptured with capturing moments to replay. Almost like being able to keep treasured memories in photographs in order to spark one's memory, or to share years down the line with ones descendants, along with the stories that accompany," She smiled softly as she thought on it more, at least until her attention returned to Travis and what he was saying. "I know you have been... and I wish I had been around more. I wanted to be, I had hoped..." The young woman bit her lip as her fist curled and pressed to her chest while her gaze shifted downward, only to lift with some surprised as he stood before her and tucked her hair back a little, the gesture alone bringing a pink flair to her cheeks once again as she looked to him. The sudden reprimanding of the cats, allowed some of the surprised tension to flow out in a soft half chuckle at least, though she felt awful for allowing the more serious thought to slip through. "I always want you around... no matter what form you take, I have always enjoyed being around you," The teen murmured softly. He asked then for her to be clear, which was what she had been trying, so she paused and took a small breath. "We never did return to discussing why it had been so important for you to find me that you risked so much," Lorelei said softly to him, "Or what you had pointed out... about my attraction. Or even what you thought of that, whether it was just me or if you too..." She trailed off a moment as she bit her lip again, and her gaze shifted away briefly before then returning to Travis' as she stepped forward, closer to him, "And... I wanted to... I wanted to have the courage to say that it was not just physical attraction. But by the time I was going to, I... I didn't mean to, I accidentally... you and another..." Her brow furrowed as her fist pressed tighter to her chest as her eyes closed, "It pained me. So, I tried to not let the hurt show, but..." She swallowed and opened her eyes to peer deeply into his own. She then stepped in close, leaning up onto her toes in order to press a soft kiss to his lips.
  8. Invite The Things A Girl Should Know

    "Yes, that would be easiest..." Lorelei agreed with a nod at her grandmother's words, though soon after she worried at her lip with her teeth as her gaze shifted off to the side a little, "But, what if my words tangle? I find my articulation ceases to function properly when I begin trying to speak about things of that kind of personal nature with him. I trip over my sentences and the result is that I become flustered and then try to change the subject because... I do not know. Words have never failed me before. So why with him?" The forlorn expression she offered the older woman was almost heartbreaking, and it was perhaps understandable why it would bother her so, considering Lorelei had been running rings around adults for a number of years now, even when she was in a child form. Her intelligence had already been that of an adult long before her growth had increased to match it at least a little better. "I do definitely wish for him to only be my boyfriend," At least Lei was well aware of that as her lips pursed into a small frown, "The idea of him being as such with another, that I wish for him to be mine pains me in my chest." A hand lifted to rest over her heart, and though one could perhaps consider she was being overly dramatic, Lorelei had never been one for that kind of thing. She only ever spoke the earnest truth of what she felt, and although she was aware of how illogical it should have been that she could feel this way, it was what it was and now that she was actually opening up to someone about it she couldn't deny the truth. "I have kept inside to myself my feelings from many, for fear that I am still viewed as a child," She said softly as she looked to Adele with concern. "But I am how I am meant to be," Lorelei murmured, before then taking a soft breath and trying to relax a little, despite the concern and wariness in her gaze. She knew that her family would have difficult for years to come, in seeing her as anything but the child they had known before she had grown so. But she hoped that at least being earnest with Adele would afford some kind of understanding that she was not simply reacting to 'hormonal urges' alone. Even though they did play some part, she knew. "I do know that I am not ready for child, and have no wish for any for many years to come yet," Lorelei said easily as she watched the woman, "I know if my heart that no matter if this is a boy I will care most for in my life, or if he is not, that I do not wish for children with anyone. Not now, not until I do know for certain that it is something I would want in my life. I have many things I must do before my heart is open to such ideas. I am too selfish in my own goals and wants to even consider it." She nodded easily, deep understanding in her gaze. "But... I know that talking must be done first and foremost. Anything else... I suppose will depend," The teenager pursed her lips slightly, but then looked toward Adele a few moments curiously, "What was special about Grandpa, that you became pregnant to him? But yet not special enough to stay with him?" The girl asked, the subject change hardly surprising, though perhaps likely out of a need to understand on some level the difference between various relationships.
  9. The Girl With The Faraway Eyes

    "Joke... of course, I should have known that," The teenager offered a soft self-depreciating smile for a moment before being thankfully distracted a short time by the small furry inhabitants of the house. She nodded to the warning, though wasn't so certain how a familiar would even work in relation to herself. She had an endless well of power anyway. Of course, it wasn't as though Travis was one who would know that, a thought that seemed to also hit her a little roughly as she considered how many times she had wanted to tell him more about herself and had either been told that she didn't need to, or had held back her words herself. She still couldn't understand properly why being around him was able to do that to her, make her words that she had carefully considered in her mind somehow... just fall apart when they reached her tongue. She gate the dog more pats as she smiled softly in a mixture of embarrassment and appreciation for Travis' understanding. "Tea would be nice, thank you," Lorelei said softly with a gentle nod before she began unbuttoning her coat almost as a way of distracting herself as well as trying to gather her words into something more coherent. "It is alright, I think the Enterprise has even more luck than myself at times," The girl offered a gentle amused smile toward him, the joke something she did understand. Perhaps he had forgotten that her mother was an actress, though it was more her father's influence that allowed her to know what Star Trek was. With the coat unbuttoned, she slipped it off her shoulders, leaving her in a short blue dress which was backless aside from cris-crossed straps which were tied at her shoulder blades. The arms flared slightly at her wrists, though there was also slits along them that were held together at intervals with buttons. And the front dipped low across her bust, which attention could easily be driven to as she self-consciously pulled her hair around to the right side of her head to trail down over her shoulder and front so that she could play with it. The girl's lips formed a gentle pout once her coat was set on the back of a chair, and then turned her gaze toward Travis, offering a nod to his patient words, whilst also studying him curiously as she followed him to the kitchen. "You appear to be lighter," Lei said softly to him, and there was warmth in her words, though also perhaps a hint of sadness, "I am sorry. I... should have not let my awkwardness burden me in such a way that I was unsure how to be. I wanted to help you to feel better, to lift the heaviness from you and be one to make you smile." Now that she could see how he was, she assumed that he had found such happiness with someone else, and it caused a small painful lump to form within her chest. Maybe she should go? Keep her words and feelings to herself lest she create a whole new problem for the young man, "I did want to be around much more, but..." Lei bit her lip as her gaze set itself upon anything but he. She didn't want the hurt to show, to be a burden. 'I should have stayed away...' The thought fell free before she realised and she closed her eyes as she cleared her throat, "Sorry..." Came the whisper from the young woman.
  10. The Girl With The Faraway Eyes

    Lorelei knew she'd been sensed before she had even knocked, and that there were animals in the house... something which made her smile a little as she thought of the idea of Travis surrounded by a bunch of kittens and puppies. The imagery was so vivid, that a small giggle escaped her, one which she covered with her hand as the door was opened and she stared at him as though she'd been caught out, her cheeks flushing a soft pink and odd gaze unblinking for a moment before she cleared her throat and offered a small bashful smile to him while her hands dropped to her front where she clasped them. She'd only had to look at him for a moment before she diverted her gaze downward almost shyly, though she then blinked at the question from him and shook her head. "No... I am not selling cookies, s-sorry. I can go and buy some for us to eat..." Lorelei trailed off. Suddenly, now she was here, she was unsure of this endeavour. Especially since he appeared to have been expecting cookies? Still, even looking at him and remembered what she had caught, she ducked her gaze again as her tongue tied and she nodded at his invitation inside, before stepping past him and into the house. Once in, she spied one of the kittens and her features lit up as she walked over to it and crouched down, smiling as it came to her for pats, soon followed by the rest, seeming to pick up on the nature of the girl and her affinity with animals. "They are so lovely, do they all have names?" The teen asked softly, before then spotting the dog, which caused her to grin brightly before she summoned it over so that she could give it a big hug. For a moment she'd almost forgotten why she was here, as surrounded by animals as she was, but then she glanced back at Travis and her cheeks flushed again as she stood. "Oh! I'm sorry, that was rude of me. I should have greeted you much better than that..." She was rambling, and she knew it. Why did he do this to her? "I-I hope I was not disturbing anything... I simply... well, you... we... have not seen each other very much, which is much my fault again. I wanted... well, we... that talk... and then... but you said it was jokes... but then it wasn't, and I... I accidentally caught... and didn't..." The teen held her arm with her opposite hand tightly as she stared at the floor in front of her while she babbled, before then just swallowing and taking a deep breath. "Sorry... I should have planned what to say better," Lei murmured softly then, before biting her lip as she cringed at herself. This was embarrassing and she had only barely just entered his house.
  11. Forget Me Not

    It had been a little while since she had popped into Aiden's room to talk in the middle of the night, thought she was also far more cautious about doing that at the school as well, since she realised what kinds of rumours and complications it could stir up now if she was caught. She never wanted to get him into that kind of trouble there, despite the fact that everything was completely innocent between them. She did, however, miss spending time with him and talking about those things that she seemed to have trouble talking to others about, even if she couldn't explain full stories on what bothered her. Tonight was more so a whim, really. She just wanted to say hello. It was school holidays, and she knew that her attendance had been less and less, since she refused to take classes that she would not gain anything from. She did not use magic the way wizards did, it was pointless for her to attend classes that taught a completely difference manner of casting that she could never apply. She was still in HoM though, and Muggle Studies, theory classes that she could at least learn from. But Aiden was a studious boy, and Lorelei would never bother him in class. Nor did she want to interrupt any time he spent with other friends. Or perhaps it was nice just to have their own secret meetings, where they could talk without fear of judgement. Still, it was without any warning that the teenager suddenly appeared in his room, though her gaze was cast toward his window in case it was an inopportune time or he was getting dressed, or was in his underwear or something. She cleared her throat and smiled lightly. "Hello Aiden! How are you doing this evening?"
  12. The Girl With The Faraway Eyes

    Since that evening a few moon cycles ago, Lorelei had wanted to continue the conversation that they had been having before it became clear that it would be dangerous for Travis to stay out longer in his state. He had taken such a risk to find out her reasons for having avoided him, and it had almost cost him a great deal. There was guilt that hung heavy within Lei for that. And though they hadn't picked up that conversation again, she had made an effort to not be as awkward, she had still sat with him in classes when she showed up, talked casually with him, even when she still managed to say something that might have been a little strange or awkward. But, despite her talk with her grandmother on what she should do, she hadn't been able to bring herself to try and pull the conversation back to what had bothered her about his word games with the other girls. And then, by the worst timing possible, Lorelei had decided to try and approach him one day, and had put her 'feelers' out to see if she could determine where he was... only to discover that not only was he not alone, but was most definitely not in a state for company like hers. In fact, it seemed like he already had what he needed there at the time. After that the girl had decided to sit with her parents and speak of whether there was a point to her going to Tallygarunga. The classes were not structured for her kind. While she understood the importance of things like history and society, they were things she could study easily enough on her own. And it wasn't as though she couldn't be social with others her age. They spent as much time hanging out in town or in the city as any other teenager, and she was the same. But she hadn't been able to even look at Travis without feeling pained, which only made her frustration over being at a school where the magical rules were different to her own kin's. In the end, her parents agreed that she could cut down to the classes that could actually be relevant to her, but she did have to continue study at least for now. It was enough. Lorelei wasn't forced to be at the school all the time. Just for a couple of classes, and could spend time with Lauren or Alex if she wanted. She was still trying to wrap her head around the idea of sharing part of a soul with another girl too, something that still hurt her slightly, despite understanding the reasoning. But it also meant, undeniably, that Lorelei was much stronger in her power than others like her had been. Already, she had managed to break the hold on her power that had been placed, but she dared not use it. Not yet. She had too many questions, required too many answers to the multitude of things going on around her, but struggled with feeling unable to be fully truthful or open about herself with anyone. And so, the teenager had resolved with herself that she would at least try to get a few answers during the school holidays. Even if they were just to the most normal of things like a young girl's unrequited crush. That resolve didn't make it any easier as she stood at the door to the house where Travis lived though. His mother was at work, that much she knew, and the strange cat they had was out as well. It was just him here, and she had been at the door for a minute now, so he would probably be able to smell her soon if he walked past, so she inhaled deeply and knocked on the door a few times before teeth ran over her red bottom lip as she bit it. Dressed in a deep blue coat with a fluffy collar and cuffs, just long enough to cover the dress beneath it which must have only reached her thighs. Thick black tights ran the length of her legs, along with black boots with a small heel. Her raven tresses were free to frame her fair features, bright eyes awaiting the answer to her knocking.
  13. Invite The Things A Girl Should Know

    The teenage girl stared at her grandmother for a few moments, blinking and tilting her head curiously as though the older woman had grown an extra head or two. Was she suggesting that Lorelei had meant to... surely not! The woman had to have more faith in her granddaughter than that, surely! It's not like Lorelei had grown up apart from the rest of the world, apart from their family and friends. She understood some basic concepts like what was right and wrong and... "Grandmiere! I did not mean to steal him!" She gasped at her, before tutting and then offering a very disappointed look toward her grandmother. "I simply... yes! That is what I mean... I do have a crush, I am much attracted to him... at least that is how he did say it." And therein lay one of the things that confused her. If he had known that she was attracted to him, then why hadn't he done anything? then again, she supposed the timing when he had pointed it out had been rather unfortunately and she didn't think that trying to communicate about these things with a shifted werewolf would actually gain any answers. And then he had been taken home the next morning, leaving her with many questions and unsure how to approach them except to come here after a time of thinking. "But, I meant... how one gains a boyfriend. That is a form of claiming, yes? If they are yours, then none other can have them as theirs?" That was how it worked, wasn't it? Certainly, she was no stranger to the soap operas and watching those who cheated on their significant others. But she also saw the many ways of retribution, and that seemed rather simple enough, as well as entirely fair. She listened to Adele, however, and offered a few nods as her gaze shifted downward a little in thought, before looking back up. "So I should say that I would like for him to be mine?" Lorelei asked, and then pouted again with some thought, "I shall tell him those other things you say as well. Can I have ice cream if it goes well also?" Her brows lifted as a small smile tugged at her lips, but then she nodded again, resolute. "This does sound good. Is that how you did gain your boyfriends, Grandmiere? I had also considered whether doing the sex would be an appropriate way too. I am of appropriate age, as is he. And I do feel... the strange urges in my body."
  14. Invite The Things A Girl Should Know

    Lorelei had sat and thought, and thought and sat, until she felt Adele's presence moving and her gaze was already at the door before her grandmother stepped through it, offering a warm smile, if a perhaps troubled one. She glanced toward the door again, as the woman sat down, and then tipped her head toward it, curiosity in her expression. "Everything is well?" The girl asked gently, always wishing to know how her family were. The change in Caleb since those months ago was strong, and she was hoping that he had been adjusting well. If anything, it was clear that Caitlin - the estranged daughter of Bethianna, it seemed - had been privy to the knowledge indeed, that could seal up the wound that males appeared to be naturally born with. That was a major step forward in regard to their kind, as far as Lorelei was concerned, it meant there was possibility of a future where one may not have to be scared to much for males, or Acceptance in general, and she wondered what else Bethianna had learned that her daughter may know about. And then the question was asked, and Lorelei's features took on the gentle look of confusion, mixed with some agitation and uncertainty. She wasn't exactly quite sure how she should approach the topic with Adele, but since the woman had the most children of any other women Lorelei knew of, then it meant she had a great deal more experience with men, surely? And thus she was the best one to inquire about the male gender and all things involved with them. "I would like to know about dating and intimacy," The girl decided on blunt honesty as her gaze peered toward her grandmother, "I have met a boy. And... he makes me feel happy, and strange, and nervous, and giddy, and tingly in odd places. And I am unsure whether he feels the same way as well. But he does much flirting with girls, but says it is jokes, but it does make me feel unhappy to read. And I believe you are the best one to ask about why or how males are able to do that. Also, how I might be able to go about making sure he does feel the same for me and how I might claim him." She offers a small nod then, peering at Adele expectantly for answers to a great mystery of the world.
  15. Invite Wild At Heart

    Well aware that she didn't need to stay near the door, and the fact that her grandfather was just a little concerned, if not also relieved that the boy hadn't got stuck outside with the full moon, Lorelei was stubborn to a fault - which Stuart was willing to blame on her grandmother's side of the family, regardless of whether it was true or not. The teenager stayed at the base of the stairs, a vigilant watcher, listening as the young man struggled in his shift, paying attention to the change in his mental state and the beast that arose and took over once he was in the changed form. She paid attention to it's thought patterns, the instincts and aggression, and she also tried to tap into some form of understanding, for all creatures had some semblance of it, there was always some level of communication that could be ascertained, and she was always rather good with animals. With such an observation, the young woman attempted to reach out mentally toward the beast, and offer some kind of soothing. Whether it be by offering some kind of companionship, or comfort in allowing it to know that it wasn't the only powerful creature in the vicinity. She didn't like that he had to be trapped, but she was acutely aware of the danger (to others if not to her) that was present in his current state. At least it was a distraction from other things that had been said earlier, statements that had made her begin to ask questions within her mind. Those were something easily pushed aside in favour of simply trying to coax the werewolf mentally to take it easy. The sapping of his energy lowered his defenses a little at least. Making it a little easier for her. Once Lorelei fell asleep though, he would be left to his own devices within the confines of the barrier that she had set up, unable to pass though it, and at worst being forced to sleep if he tried to get past it. Once morning came around, the sound of the door upstairs, and the footsteps and voices that followed caused her to wake and she gazed up the stairs at the sound, before removing the barrier. She knew without having to go up there, that it was Travis' mother, and she straightened her nightshirt before ascending and peeking out toward the woman almost shyly. "He is down here," Lorelei indicated behind her, "I am sorry that he was not where he was supposed to be, it was my fault." After all, Travis had decided to stay out so that he could hunt her down because she'd been avoiding him. She offered an apologetic pout, but Stuart shook his head with a light snort and chuckle. "Teenagers, right?" The man said to the Ministry worker who was Travis' mother, "It was honestly no trouble though. I'm just glad that Lei was able to get him here so that he could be kept somewhere safe, for him and others."
Lorelei Aellra Valentin-Blair
Family Busybody Sixth Year
16* year old Halfbreed Sorceraic She/Her
Age  16*
Date of Birth February 14th, 2003
Birthplace Isle du L'Arine
Year Level Sixth Year
Occupation Family Busybody
Blood Status Halfbreed
Species Sorceraic
Pronouns She/Her
Play-by India Eisley
  • Was not born of her mother, but found her as a baby and returned to her
  • Doesn't know her true age or date of birth
  • Knows a lot more than people think
General Knowledge
  • Currently appears around her mid-teens, claims 15
  • Shows an uncanny intelligence, not only for a teen but for a person in general
  • An innately strong magical ability
  • Appears drawn toward non-humans and magical creatures, and enjoys learning more about them

To say Lorelei's personality is complex would be an understatement. She holds a deep intelligence that is clearly abnormal for someone of her age, appears to be able to see things that others cannot, and knows things that she probably shouldn't. It is this alone that makes her occasionally quite stoic and serious. But more than that, she appears to constantly be seeking more knowledge, and to learn more about the world around her as well as the world beyond school and home and the land that she resides in currently. Whether it is books that she learns things from, or somewhere else, one cannot be sure, but they can be certain that if there is something she hears about but doesn't know, she will find a way to gain information about it.

And yet, there is also a happy innocence to the child on occasion, when she is able to appear like any other when playing with her siblings or with other children that she knows well. Making new friends is somewhat trying for her, unless they are older, since they appear to be able to hold discussions that hold her interest a lot more than her fellow peers of her own age group. However, those she has known for years, she guards fiercely and with utmost loyalty.

There is also a prankster within the girl, one that shows carefully thought out intelligence and wit, something that would almost make her a potential evil overlord in the making, if not for the fact that she does not like to actually harm anyone - not unless they deserve it in her eyes. And in that manner, bullies and mean people should be wary of the girl, for she does not forgive easily or let anyone off the hook without comeuppance.


Though she appears to have delicate features and wide innocent eyes, the adorable facade of this young woman can be broken on occasion with something as simple as a change in her expression or glint in her gaze. Her hair is jet black and glossy, exactly like her mother's, and she has soft features that seem gorgeous, rather than simply cute, and make her actually look a bit older than claims. She wields a charming smile, and a ferocious glare, and can somehow be disarming and yet somewhat scary at the same time with the innocence that she displays, combined with the deeper intelligence that can be spotted if one peers deep enough into those strange eyes, one blue the other brown.

Not one to be hung up on appearance, however, she wears what she is supposed to at various times. For school, she wears her uniform, when visiting L'Arine, she dresses accordingly so, and at home she will wear whatever clothing seems best for the day or occasion, if there is one. She prefers dresses and skirts to pants, however, even when playing on her grandfather's property. She carries herself with confident dignity, straight shoulders, chin up, and always looks in someone's eyes when she is speaking directly to them.


Lorelei is a faithful friend and will do her best to lift others' spirits or help them out. She always feels surprised and stupidly happy when she makes a new friend, and appreciates them accepting her the way she is.


Protective to a fault. She has no qualm with taking up arms against someone who threatens her family, and she loves all of them dearly.


She's not yet touched this milestone, but will be interesting to see her reaction to romantic flirtation.


Cold. Perhaps the only time someone might see the other side of the otherwise sweet young woman.

The story so far

Lorelei was conceived during her mother's final year of school, while her parents were still in London for a month or so after her father's heart surgery. She became aware fairly early on, and when she realised that her mother was in danger from a stalker that had kidnapped Jezebel, she called out for whoever might be listening, which happened to be her great grandmother Lillian. While the Sorceress was able to make sure that Jez didn't die in the house that had burned and fallen around her, Jez wouldn't have the energy to both heal and continue carrying her child, and so Lorelei was transferred to the womb of a woman who lived on Isle du L'Arine.

There, she was born, and though loved by her 'parents', she felt no connection to them and had no desire to remain, despite the visits and lessons from Lillian. The people who believed they were her parents were not of her blood, and Lorelei had already chosen her path, and thus she ended up eventually leaving them with the assistance of Flora, who brought Lorelei to Tallygarunga one day, when the great pygmy puff prank was occurring. Lei found her way to her grandmother and, via Adele (once she was told of their relation), to her mother and father. Reunited once again, she felt content once more.

From there, the girl lived a relatively normal live for one such as she, who had a famous mother and an intelligent father. She was thrilled when she received siblings, and was continued to be visited by Flora - who she considered to be her best friend - as well as Lillian, who continued to impart knowledge and lessons upon the young girl. She became interested in non-humans and magical beasts from a very young age, and has spent a great deal of time learning more about them, while also keeping a cautious eye out for anything that she believed may be a threat to her family.

This led to her near sacrificing herself for her family in early 2018, when she consumed the entirety of a sleeping curse that had been meant for all the attendees at her parents Unwedding party event. Luckily, due to her heritage she was not killed but instead placed into a death-like slumber, her spirit separated from body. During this time she learned things, was able to help a couple of people, but when her family's enemy struck once again, she insisted on being brought back to her body. The process involved requiring the power of one of the first Six in order to fuse her soul back to her form, and the result was the fusing of the soul of the Brown to herself as well. This gave her the brown eye on her left side, and has given her a much deeper connection to Lauren, the girls basically soul-twins now.

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