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  1. Invite It's not what it seems

    "That is why we must make certain that he does not realise anything is amiss," The teenage girl nodded, her gaze narrowing in thought as she considered the man that was Zane's uncle. Her eyes turned to the image of the young man's mother as she listened to him speak, her expression softening slightly for a moment, before she then nodded to him. "And we will plan. He cannot invade this here... when you are sleeping, I am able to communicate with you in a way that he will not be aware. When you are awake, it will be to you to be able to make sure he believes wholly that you are still under his power. All the way up until the moment to strike comes upon us," She didn't sound like a child, planning to end the life of another, but it was clear that she saw this as a necessity. This was survival, for her family. "So long as he believes it, then you will be able to continue to learn his continued plans, and from there we can devise the best plan of attack. A moment when he is vulnerable and unsuspecting, I believe is the only chance that we will have," Lorelei nodded lightly, and her lips pursed in thought. "And I can make sure that my family are protected if there are more expected plans of attack as well," She concluded.
  2. Invite It's not what it seems

    "I will not be in this form forever. As I mentioned already, my family is working on how to awaken me, though it may take yet more than simply power..." The girl mused thoughtfully, her eyes squinting as though there was something on the horizon that only she could see, "Pieces are shifting." Came her soft voice, and then she returned to the present as she reassured him that Améa would be safe, nodding once again with assurance that she would not speak of Zane's curse to Améa, nor anyone else probably. "It is going to be up to us, I imagine. I already had such a feeling the moment that I was able to see what is really occurring here. To involve others is far too dangerous, it would allow your uncle to realise something is going on, and he will escape again. That must not happen," Not this time. The girl was adamant that this threat to her family would be removed for good. Silent as the realisation kicked in for the young man, as he realised that there was a child - his child - which had almost been killed before even having a chance at life, it appeared that determination had begun to well up within him. The teenage girl turned her gaze back to the image of Améa happy with the children, and could feel the resolve that was slowly building. For a piece of information that everyone else had been frightened of telling him about, it was perhaps just what he required to build the strength to face what he had to. "Yes. You will," Lorelei stated quietly, "I believe that you are the only one who would be able to get close enough to. He is of the belief that he is in full control of you. But... perhaps I can assist when the time comes. When I am restored to my body. We shall have to see. But for now, at least know that Améa and Nika are both safe. And know now exactly what it is that you must fight to protect."
  3. Invite It's not what it seems

    "Power is held within the mind and will of a person. Those with the strongest desire and will to achieve something shall do so at whatever cost," Lorelei said, as though it were the most obvious thing that anyone should know, it was clear that the girl was more like Améa and their grandmother, than perhaps Adele or Jezebel. She knew certain ways about things, and certainly did not have the mind of a regular child. "But no one is infallible. If Améa - if any of us - is to ever be safe, then Thomas Sollozzo must die," There was no other way, that was clear enough from the story that Zane had told her, and from what she'd seen of his uncle already. The man would continue to try and find ways to harm her family while he existed. "Améa will feel... full, I suppose is the easiest way to describe it. Full of power, and unable to release it in any way. To even attempt to do so would be dangerous for her," Lorelei explained with a gentle nod, "She feels at fault for bringing this danger to our lives as well, you see. She carries the guilt of not having realised what her relationship to you would eventually bring to our family. Of course, she, like the others, is also unaware that you are also under a curse," The girl's expression was solemn and thoughtful, the entire situation complex to say the least. To tell Améa of Zane's situation would likely have her aunt stuck in an impossible situation: to try to save her love while potentially bringing more harm to her family, or to leave him to his fate and break her own heart in the process. Not that Améa's heart wasn't already in pain. The man seemed to understand, at least, that it was best for Améa to remain away from him, despite how much they may wish to be together, however. And his question was offered a raised brow. "Well, there is an advantage to communicating with you here under the conditions I have set within you. All that we speak about you shall know in your heart when you awaken, but your uncle shall not have access to such knowledge, even if he should interrogate you or pry his way into your mind," The image of Améa and the triplets returned, the one that she seemed to have the closest bond to was sitting right next to her, "Take a closer look, in your heart you should already know why it is that this child causes Améa to smile so genuinely." She looks upon the scene herself with a fond smile, "Veronika was almost killed from your Cruciatus Curse years ago."
  4. Invite Time To Go Home

    The teenage girl waited with all the patience of a saint while the man debated and dallied and thought about all manner of strange things like everything being 'right' and despairing at his own body. She didn't often pry, but it was much easier to see the ways that people thought in this state and on this plane. Thoughts were like the threads that held the world together, after all. There was so much that could be changed with a single thought, a minute decision. She wondered if many people truly realised just how much power the mind had over matter. "A younger body would end up withering and dying, since it would not be yours," Lorelei answered the question that the man hadn't asked, because she felt that perhaps she should, especially since he'd entertained the thought of having to kill her grandfather in that same train. "Not to mention, the soul that you would be damning to an eternity of limbo," The girl added. Once the man was what she decided was close enough, the girl stepped forward, moving her hands out between the 'ghost' and the shell. She did not really have to make any gestures, but for the sake of concentration and the man so that he knew she was going to do something, she would do it. Before she sent her energy toward that frayed tether, however, she send the man a momentary look. "Tell Aiden that I kept my promise?" Lorelei asked, and then without another warning she smoothed her hands over the tether that tied Matt to his body, repairing it in a way that few would ever be able to understand or see for themselves. For the man, it would be almost a suction sensation as he was forced back into his body, followed by the no doubt unpleasantries of real sensations. The air in his lungs, the lethargy in his bones and muscles, the roughness of the sheets, the brightness of the light, smells of hospital, of antiseptic, and the taste of rubber in his mouth. Invisible now would be the girl who only moments before said she could help him, though there would be a sense, a knowing that she was still there right beside him.
  5. Invite It's not what it seems

    The apology was given a look of consideration as the teenage girl listened and watched, however she did not respond right away. The man had a story, and she was willing to listen to it so that she could assess where things had gone wrong. Why it was that someone who appeared to love another, was also harming them. Not to mention the level of danger that Thomas posed. The girl knew he was frightening enough to scare Adele, to cause the woman to hide, to try to pretend that she knew nothing of his involvement with all this... to have allowed her own daughter to continue to be a part in his machinations. It was something that displeased the girl greatly, but it was what it was. Things had already come to pass and now was the time for knowledge, consideration, and action. Once he had finished his piece, the girl offered a single nod, her gaze turning to the landscape as she changed it around herself and showed him once again close-up what had occurred at the party. "Your spell could have killed Adele's brother," The girl states simply, showing the reactions of those who held Sorceraic blood as they were hit with the wizard's magic. "One of our... guardians, I suppose you could call her, changed the spell. However, I had already realised that something would happen if we all fell to the sleep, and so I changed it again and took it within myself." The image paused and then faded as the girl lay on the ground, gradually aging, and Lorelei turned her gaze back to Zane, "So whilst there is some fault of yours, there are others who made choices... sacrifices. Améa is our family, and I - at least - will not allow her to remain a pawn of your uncle's." There was a strange strength within her words, her tone. She didn't speak like a child, held more maturity to her than even Adele did. "Améa is carrying the burden of what has occurred as well," Another image faded into view of the young child version of Améa as she helped out Mary with the animals, occasionally tugging and playing with a necklace as though it irritated her. "She must be the one to be a battery, to contain energy reserved by our family, in order to wake me once again. This is something she agreed to, I should mention. She has not been forced." Lorelei felt she had to point out, "But it will become more uncomfortable, the more energy she is made to hold." Into the picture soon came the triplets, running around the other girl, though one in particular stopped to give her a hug. And to this one, childAmea also stopped what she was doing for a moment and held the girl back, clear pride in her features as she pressed a kiss to the girl's forehead. Lorelei watched Zane as this image played for a moment before fading out. "You know she cannot come back to you, not while your uncle lives and breathes," The girl says softly, "It is not only Améa who would be harmed by such things, there is an innocent who already had to be saved before." Her words were left vague, though her voice sounded pointed.
  6. Invite It's not what it seems

    "Quite," The teen agreed quietly as she watched the scene, before it began to disappear, the woman and children fading out as Zane's attention shifted away from them and onto she who had entered his dream. She watched as his expression turned to a small frown when he realised they had gone, but smiled almost mysteriously at his questions of her and offered a gentle shrug of her shoulders. "I have already mentioned why I am here. I wish to understand your circumstances, how you have found yourself in the situations that you have, what has caused you to harm others when... it would almost seem as though it is the last thing that you wish." She mused softly for a moment. "It is I, Lorelei," The girl then stated simply, turning her blue gaze, the same as her family's onto him, "I do not appear as I was last you saw me, because of what had happened. It... did something to me. I am not dead, but I am as close to it as one could be, and my body has aged due to the magical concoction that I imbibed," She lifts her brows at the man then, tilting her head at him, "My original intent had been to torment, however it appears that you already undergo much of that. Your uncle, it has been him all this time?"
  7. Invite It's not what it seems

    Lorelei had initially intended to find Zane with the thought that she would haunt him, make him suffer for the terrible things that he'd done over the years. However, when she first found him, the circumstances had been... unexpected, to say the least. She'd witnessed as he was tortured and scolded by the man that she knew was his uncle, Thomas Sollozzo. With her presence being barely even noticeable on the ethereal plane unless she wanted it to be, it was a simple thing to go unnoticed as she learned more about the situation that Zane was in, while also becoming more vexed about the sick cruelty within the man who was supposed to be his blood kin. She wasn't entirely certain of the whole story though, she never caught enough to be able to piece it together completely, and so she decided that she needed to speak with Zane himself. The best and easiest place to do this, of course, would be within his dreams. Entering another's mind while they slept was child's play for the girl. She'd done it for Aiden while she was still within her body, and even now she made sure that her friend slept peacefully, while visiting him and telling him all the interesting things she was learning. And so it was that Lei waited for the moment when Zane fell asleep, and she slipped into that subconscious part of his mind, finding herself at the house he and Améa had lived in, only it appeared more homely, warm. She heard laughter of children and spotted the scene with her Aunt and creations of Zane's mind. And he was looking onward, like a spectator who was not a part of it. "She appears happy and healthy here," Lorelei commented softly as her way of making the young man aware of her presence. Her image was that of her current 'age', the young girl now a teenager. Dressed in a simple white frock and barefoot, she wore a crown of roses on her head as she watched the images that the man's mind had conjured up. This was what he had wished for, she could tell. And yet, he'd caused Améa such harm. Turning her gaze to him, Lorelei tilted her head, "You will be able to speak freely here. The Imperius Curse will not reach this part of your mind, I have shielded this dream so that we may discuss candidly. I wish to understand the circumstances under which you have been forced."
  8. Invite Time To Go Home

    "Yes, in Narrie," Lorelei responded, that was what she'd said. She didn't understand where there was a need to question it, she didn't stutter. It seemed the man was in some kind of shock or surprised state, however, which was a mild bother. But the girl was at least a bit understanding and she offered a reassuring smile and shake of her head. "Hazel is doing very well. She is loving being at Tallygarunga, and has not been in trouble for anything," She laughed softly, the man's concerns were rather endearing, if unfounded. But then, it seemed that there was some ritual that hadn't been observed. That was not Lorelei's business, though. Her only business here was to fix Matt up so that he could return to his life with his family. "Right now," The girl once again confirmed what she'd said, so that there was no question about it. She could already see the very delicate and frayed connection between the physical man and his spirit. "Simply be near your physical self. What happened is that the tether that holds one to life never snapped when you were in the accident, but it was damaged and frayed so much that you could not return to your body, leaving you in a state of not being in one place or the other... in-between," The girl explained as she moved near to the bed and examined the frail-looking man. "Let me know when you are ready, and I shall begin."
  9. Invite Time To Go Home

    Lorelei's head canted as she watched Matt continuously glance toward the door now and then. She knew who he was expecting, but she also had a feeling that Kate would not be coming over this evening either. As he confirmed that he wanted to go home, her smile brightened and she bounced on her toes lightly. Perfect! She would be able to get him back where he belonged and her promise to Aiden would be fulfilled and the teenage boy might start to feel a bit better. She had been visiting him at night still, making sure he wasn't haunted by nightmares, but had not given the impression that she was anything other than a dream. He had been upset by the goings on at the party, and she didn't want to cause him more distress. "Good! Then, we shall return you back to your form and all shall be well," The girl nodded, though then tutted at the man as he told her that she shouldn't have made the promised, along with asking where his wife was. "I do not think she shall be coming in tonight. She was in Narragyambie last I saw, and... well, that was not long ago at all." She said with a light nod, and then smiled a very knowing smile at the man, far too much intelligence in her gaze for someone of her age. Even of her apparent teenage age, as it would seem now. "And do not fear, I can see where the problem lies and am able to repair it. It is something that doctors and specialists cannot fix because they are unable to see or manipulate the threads of the ethereal plane the way that I am able to," The girl's confidence was absolute. She knew what needed to be done, and would be able to do it without much fuss at all to be honest. All that really mattered was that Matthew was ready to return, "I can do it right now, if you so wish. And I am certain that once she hears of your recovery, then Auntie Kate will race down."
  10. Invite Time To Go Home

    It didn't take long for the man to respond and Lorelei brushed down her simple white frock before offering him a warm smile. Even in the form of a teenager, she looked like herself, the only things that had really changed about her form was her size and the sharpness of her features, the childhood roundness having melted away. She clasped her hands at her front and allowed the man some time to absorb the idea that she was here, and not in a physical sense. She wasn't quite like him, but she would certainly look and feel like she was. It was a lot easier this way, less confusing for him, less questions for her to answer. "Something happened at the party my mother and father had to celebrate their happiness, and I did something to help others... which resulted in me being ejected from my body, in a way," The girl pursed her lips in some thought to her answer. It sounded the least horrific, and didn't cast any blame on anyone. And she had not said that she was dead or that she had essentially inhaled an entire enhanced sleeping curse that could have very well killed her. Yes, this was going well so far. She would just divert any questions he had about specifics. "Not dead, no. I am in-between, similar to you in a sense," Lorelei answered with a brief nod, "Rest assured, that I am completely fine, and there are plans in the works to restore me back to a proper living state. It will take a little time, but my family have a solution that they feel will be successful." A reassuring smile was offered, to try and put the man at ease. She didn't want him to worry about her. "I was here to help you, in fact. I have been studying your own situation, and believe I may have found the problem. I did promise Aiden that I would help you return home. That is, of course, so long as you wish to," Obviously, the girl couldn't force the issue, if he wanted to remain where he was for whatever strange reason. It generally was a waste of resources to continue keeping his body alive if he had no will or desire to return home. But one never knew what strange things drove humans to make some choices.
  11. Invite Time To Go Home

    The layers of planes that existed were boundless, Lorelei had realised in her short time as an ethereal wanderer. She had realised that ghosts, or souls, were on a completely different plane of their own, and it had taken some practise for her to be able to assume something of a kind of form that they would be able to see. She hadn't even tried for gaining the attention of the living yet, it seemed far easier to allow her family to believe she was within her body, sleeping peacefully. While she had played with a few threads here and there, it had also taken some time, examination, and study of Matt before she knew what was wrong. So it was that the girl had worked on being able to make herself at least viewable to the wayward spirit of the man, as she wandered the halls of St Ringos Hospital, telling herself not to get distracted by other things that were going on through the walls. She was not a saviour of any kind, and did not really wish to be. But she had promised Aiden that she would find a way to bring his brother back, and she had always been taught that it was important to come through on promises. Now, as she reached the room where the man lay in a coma, she viewed the machinery that kept him going with fluid and other bodily essentials, before then reaching out with her energy, following that very frayed and almost broken thread between the body and spirit. "Uncle Matthew," Her 'voice' sing-songed softly along the void, "Come and talk with me?"
  12. Event And A Very Merry Unwedding To You! [April 1st, 2018]

    What no one knew, what none of them could know unless she desired it, was that Lorelei was still there. The girl - now teenager if one judged by her physical lifeless body - 'watched' all that went on in the wake of her sacrifice. Her mother's distress, her father's rage, those who appeared lost and bewildered. And, of course, the ever practical Flora, who appeared to be taking far too much amusement from all of this. That wasn't all that the girl could see, however. The plane she found herself on showed so much more to life and the energy of the world, how it ebbed and flowed. She could see where she could tug and pull and tiny threads here and there to change various things. She could see where Alex's small wounds in his energy was, and those small fraying threads of Cassandra's 'belief' in her humanity that kept her from realising what she actually was. Bethianna's own wound of a sort was also visible to the girl, where her energy was currently leaking from and would continue to do so if not tended to. The girl, brushed over her, sealing that hole, as it would be no help to anyone if the Lady Anna continued to lose her own energy. She soothed over Alex's metaphysical hurts, sensing each small ripple in his fragile state, and removing his pain. She drifted over her father's raging form to settle some calm through him. She tightened up those threads of Améa's long-term injuries, preparing her aunt for the energy that she would be forced to hold. Invisible to all the girl made her observations and quickly absorbed the information she was learning from this plane of existence. While Bethianna would likely have an inkling of the girl's workings, no one else would even sense her, and it was best kept that way. She could not do much else for those here right now and it would only hurt them more to know she was existing in a form they could not reach. But there were things she could do for others, people to attend to. She had work to do.
  13. Event And A Very Merry Unwedding To You! [April 1st, 2018]

    "Cassandra is one of the fair ones," Lorelei said quietly to Rheldor, leaning in closely, before giggling and then stepping back to bounce over to Aiden again and hold his hand, swinging their joined hands back and forth, as innocently as any young child would. Why were people giving him strange looks? He had barely even said anything so far, and certainly nothing that could be considered offensive, right? She certainly didn't think so. Ah well, it would be alright, and she patted the back of the teenager's hand with her free one, as though to reassure him that all was well. She would protect him. However, there, on the edge of perception, the young child felt something and her attention shifted outward, past the party. There was something there, something happening, moving through the air on a plane unseen, and as the first small sting of Wizard magic hit her, the girl quickly closed her eyes and concentrated while her hand was still holding Aiden's. She used his connection to Wizard blood and magic in order to create a kind of shield of sorts, before reaching out once again. In her perception's peripheral, she was barely aware of Bethianna's intervention of what was occurring, knowing that the woman had a soft spot for Alex, had saved his life times before and would do so again. It meant the young girl did not have to concentrate on that, and could work on attempting to pinpoint the origin of the curse. Essentially, the young girl knew that what she was doing, the magic she was manipulating and creating was not meant to be attempted by someone young. But the Lady Anna could only do so much, and Grandmiere was not here, nor Flora even. And everyone else had been struck unaware. She barely had a brief glimpse, before she felt the effect of the changed curse once Bethianna was done, and the girl realised that she wasn't going to be able to remain awake for long, which would leave everyone vulnerable to whatever was going to happen. A decision was made within her mind, and she heard the echo of her mother's plea, but it was an easy choice. To save the others from whatever was going on, she would have to change the curse even more, and take the full force of it upon herself. Still, even as she struggled to stand, still clinging to Aiden and protecting him, she trembled and tried to hold on while the air whirled around her. Lorelei's breathing grew heavier, she was waiting for the hidden culprit to move in closer... just a bit closer... just a bit more... It was only when her mind received a brief flash of what she'd been searching for, that she could hold on no longer, and the girl croaked soft words to Aiden. "It's Zane... tell them..." Lorelei then released his hand and gasped aloud as her power vacuumed the full force of the sleeping curse - effectively turning it into a sleeping death curse - and her small body was knocked back with the force of magic that was sucked from everyone who had been affected, throwing her a small distance away like a rag doll, lifeless and pale. She barely caught the echo of her mother's horrified screaming as Jezebel woke immediately and scrambled to her daughter's side, only to stare in terror as she watched the lifeless body begin to age before her very eyes.
  14. Event And A Very Merry Unwedding To You! [April 1st, 2018]

    "You will see, you will see!" Came the sing-song from Lorelei as she guided the two boys around to where everyone was beginning to convene. It was a lovely surprise, a wonderful one! She was excited, and could feel the mixture of curiosity and excitement from the triplets as well, despite the wariness of other people who were tagging along. She'd known for some time that the 'death' of her great-grandfather was a falsity, but it was not her place to speak of such things. And now the Lady Anna had brought him to her parents' Unwedding! While people caught up on things, namely the revelation that Rheldor actually had a son that he didn't know about, the girl looked on, though her gaze shifted briefly when she sensed another familiar presence, and she beamed at Aiden when he approached, seemingly unbothered at all that he had walked in on a family thing. "Hello my Aiden! Is this not wonderful? This is my great-grandfather!" The girl chirruped as she skipped over and wrapped her arms around the teenager's waist to give him a quick hug. "It is good to see that you came!" She added with a small nod. Once Rheldor greeted everyone, the girl stepped over to him to give a small curtsy in her blue and white frock, "I am Lorelei, the eldest daughter of Lei'sébelle and granddaughter of Kendra'aellra." It was a brief formal greeting, before she flung herself at the man to give him a big hug as well.
  15. Event And A Very Merry Unwedding To You! [April 1st, 2018]

    "Silly Billy, you do not need to thank me," Lorelei lightly chided Alex with a bright smile, not minding as she made room for Caleb. So far it was a very happy party and everyone appeared to be having fun, even the people who seemed to be acting oddly for some reason or another, though she could not entirely place why it was that Adele had suddenly had a sharp reaction. And it wasn't long after that she felt her mother's own reaction of surprise and canted her head for a moment, seemingly lost in her own little world before her eyes widened and she looked at Alex and Caleb. "Come! You must come! Something special has happened!" The girl exclaimed, before clasping the hands of both her Mad Hatter and March Hare and leading them off toward the direction that her mother and grandmother had gone. To meet her Great Grandfather!