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  1. "Why would I not want you close?" Lorelei asked, though there was a small smile on her lips as she watched Travis from the corner of her eye, some amusement in their word play, before she then chuckled at his mentioning of how he was with food. "I will have to remember to carry some steak or something around with me," She teased, however she gave a few light nods as he confirmed their plans for the bush wandering later on. She felt happy and satisfied that already she'd made a close connection who wasn't already family or a friend from when she was little. Of course, she wasn't even sure why he still gave her a funny feeling in her stomach when he smiled or winked at her, and she definitely was curious of whether it was some special friend thing, or that maybe she needed to talk to Adele to see if they were possibly allergic to werewolves. Though, if that were the case then she'd feel unwell around him all the time. Well, she did feel a bit weird around him. The girl broke from her thoughts at the quiet response from the girl on the other side of Travis. She was like a mouse in the way she acted, which Lorelei found curious, but she decided not to pry. She knew that it was rude, and also that timid people and creatures were only frightened more by a head on approach. She would perhaps just have to take her time if she wanted to learn more about Danielle. And then the teacher decided to use another spell on the boxes once people had unlocked them, and Lorelei tried not to appear too bored when her own moved swiftly straight back to her table without her having even searched for it. She knew that this would probably be a class that she would excel in, but she hadn't been certain to what extent. Still, she didn't mind as she glanced around a little, watching everyone else with their own, though her attention quickly shifted to Alex and the girl focused on him as she attempted to direct some of her own energy across to him, hoping that their shared blood would still allow for it, even with his relation to the Violet now.
  2. "I am told that I can be quite stubborn," Lorelei smiled lightly with a small cheeky glint in her eye, though her expression sobered as he reminded her of the cells and thought for a moment, "You would have to ensure them ahead of time that you have Wolfsbane, so that they will allow you to remain home. Though they will likely post someone to watch over you and make sure you do take it at the right time, if you have not used it before." The girl nodded, and it appeared she had perhaps at least done a little research of her own. She knew for a fact that even she would not want to be reminded of such a place to be held, where there were many others going through the change as well, all of them wild and caged. It did not feel right, but Lei also knew that she couldn't help all of them. At least not yet. The relief of his acceptance of her story was something that took a great weight off the teen's shoulders, though. The worry that he would see her differently, treat her like a child, or worse... decide he didn't want anything to do with her because she was just too strange. He seemed to have taken it all in stride. "Well, yes... it really had just been a push in my growth. But I shall not be... de-aging, or anything. This is how I am now, and I shall continue to mature and grow from here on, which is why it becomes a little frustrating that my family are still trying to... shelter me, I suppose. As though I am still a child," The teenager sighed softly. She knew they meant well, that they all still saw the girl that she had been, but how was she to progress and fit in if they tried to hold her back? The whole point of her even going to school, where she felt there was little for her to learn about herself, was to be around others, be a part of the world around her and not above it or separate from it. "We are... something," She murmured, "There may be Fae roots, though." She hadn't really considered it, but it actually seemed somewhat viable the more she did think about it. Though with them being at the water now, and noticing not only that seeing him almost naked gave her strange feelings, but that he was actually enjoying himself and seemed to be able to relax with her out here, she couldn't help but feel a little happy that he had agreed to come swimming. Even if she had said that they didn't have to, he had still wanted to because he knew that she had wanted to and that struck her as a rather thoughtful act, given his uncertainty about having his scars showing so much. "Why would you sit under a hose?" The girl blinked at him, but she didn't wait for an answer before she had moved underwater in her attempt to strike. She'd known there was a high chance that he'd be able to follow her movements at least for the most part, but she felt a little triumphant that she had surprised him by the fast 'attack' from her. She'd moved fast enough that she had hoped she could topple a werewolf, though his instinct had kicked in and been her downfall as she was grabbed as well and found herself plunged underwater with him with quite some force. She didn't even notice the strap on her top snap loose, and knew she couldn't fight free if he held her securely, and so she waited until he brought them both up, before she wiped her face with one hand, the other still wrapped over his shoulders, followed by using her free hand to splash at his face, "That was not how it was supposed to go." She exclaimed lightly, before then laughing softly as she wiped her eyes again.
  3. It was something that had begun as barely anything. The girl hadn't considered it even just a couple of months ago. She'd began school like everyone else, but there were so many things that teenagers understood so much better than her, even though there were so many other things that she understood so much better than... well, most of the school. But there were things that were happening to her, with or without her intent or desire. She was aware enough to know that it had to be something to do with her growth spurt, that the hormonal changes which came with being a teenager would affect other parts of her, other than just physically. Mentally, emotionally, she was aware that there were sudden strange feelings, but she couldn't describe them or put them into some kind of understandable label. This was Travis' fault, surely. Well, no, she would liked to have blamed him, but he couldn't control what happened with her. That was just silly. What had caused this latest trip to the library to seek the knowledge of her grandmother though was the latest things she'd read in the Quillbook, which she had tossed into a drawer once she had written in it. She felt... hurt? Confused? Jealous, possibly? Mostly, she felt like she was lacking important knowledge that would allow her to understand better the things teenagers talked about. Dating, kissing, whatever else it was they did as boyfriends and girlfriends. Lei didn't even ring the bell at the librarian's desk, simply walking around it to the door which led to Adele's office and the living space attached to it. She did knock gently on the door before opening it and looking around with a small pout on her lips. Seeing no one, but knowing that her grandmother was just in the other room with Caleb for a moment, she moved to a chair and sat down, her expression contemplative as she waited for Adele to decide to see what she wanted.
  4. "I am going to get some Wolfsbane, and you will be able to try it out. Imagine how much sharper your senses would be in your changed form. You appear to have a wonderful photographic memory, so could you imagine the pictures you could create from what you capture with your senses then?" There was almost a somewhat peaceful note to her voice, the girl no doubt an appreciator of the arts, even if she 'claimed' that she wasn't so skilled. She knew she could do a lot of things, but those things didn't feel like her thing, which she couldn't really explain well. Still, she could only imagine the kind of beauty that someone with the enhanced senses in their shifted form could create. Perhaps it was a little idyllic, but she did believe there could be something that came from his curse which could show that he didn't have to only live with the suffering it caused. At least the young man seemed to understand what she had meant when Lorelei explained her own predicament, and she fidgeted with her hands in front of her as they began to walk, while he worked it out in his head whilst also vocalising what she'd already told him. She tilted her head as she watched him almost cautiously, unsure of his entire reaction, until he seemed to confirm that he couldn't treat her any differently than a teenager, since that was how he had met her. A small breath was released and she offered a gentle shy smile to him of appreciation. "Thank you. It was... something that I did not wish to keep secret for too long. Eventually, the truth would be known, and... well, it simply feels better for me now, that you know... and that you will not treat me any differently. My family, and those who knew me before... they wish that I am still a child, but I have not been a child for a very long time, before my age was accelerated even," Lorelei explained quietly, with a gentle shrug, "It is...a family trait of a sort. Our consciousness is active before we are even born, we experience and remember that which our mothers do, and while some have their memories erased or reset when born, I was one who did not. One who my great Grandmiere and my aunt sought to train somewhat." She explained, though blinked a little and bit her lip before simply nodding. She hadn't mentioned what they were, and he already knew she was definitely not human. To explain how she was... what she was, or how she thought the way she did, was not so bad, was it? At the water though, the teenager had relaxed, her fingers brushing the surface of the water while she waded in, before she dove, coming back up after a few moments to look back at Travis. With his attention on undressing, she was able to study him, his physique and the scars, though as she did she felt a strange lump form in her stomach and turned her gaze away, diving beneath the water again as she realised that her cheeks her burning slightly. Why would she be blushing? She wasn't unaccustomed to seeing males in their swimming trunks, she had a brother, father, uncles. How was this any different? Still, as she rose back up, she watched him enter the water, and offered a small shy smile. "It's good yes?" Lorelei asked, before then disappearing under the surface again. She swam quickly along the bottom, toward him, and as she neared the girl pounced from the water in order to attempt to tackle him and dunk the boy beneath the surface. Perhaps if she used her usual antics then she would feel less strange.
  5. Lorelei smiled as she listened to Adele, watching people gain points for each of their Houses, though a small frown tugged at her own lips when Lauren had seemed to follow on from her own answer, and then didn't receive points. And yet, it seemed Lorelei hadn't been addressed at all because of the interjection. The frown turned into a pout as she looked to her grandmother as she raised her hand so that she could be recognised. "Do I not get points for my answer, Grandmiere?" Lorelei asked quietly once she'd been addressed, before then following on with her own answer to the next question. "Mary Burdett - later Blair - was a student here, who was an advocate for the rights of magical and native wildlife as well as other non-humans. She began a movement in her University years, to push the Ministry to bring down harsher laws on those who would hunt or endanger both beasts as well as non or half-humans, and worked as a beast rescuer for most of her life. She did this for many years long after she was married and had a child, as well as set up a sanctuary and hospital for endangered magical species and non-humans. Eventually, the hospital part was moved into town, as a part of the hidden section of Narragyambie General. The Wildlife park is the largest in the country and has the most varied species of creatures in the Southern Hemisphere." She didn't care if she was talking about her own great grandmother, Mary was a legend in her eyes. "She also does bake the best sweets in the world too," Lorelei decided to add. It was true.
  6. A small cheeky smile graced Lorelei's lips at Travis' response to her explanation of the situation, and she chuckled softly as she glanced off to the side a little. She noticed some of the other students didn't seem to get along so well, or were simply just rude or mean to one another, but she couldn't understand why. Watching the bag that was sent flying at a girl, her features pulled into a small frown and within moments the books and papers of the culprit were sent across the floor, without even any signal or movement from Lei herself. "I suppose you must become more familiar with my presence so that you do not miss it next time," The girl offered another cheeky grin, before then laughing quietly, "Thinking of food already? Well, lunch will be not too long after this lesson, I was thinking of having a big burger with the lot today," She mused, and then nodded in agreement, "Then it is set, I shall steal you away for bush exploring later on." She smiled, glancing around a little again while things were going on. Her box continued to lock and unlock, open and close while she was talking, the whole task itself barely worth much thought from her, and she leaned over to peek past Travis as he then introduced her to another student, offering a polite smile and small wave, "Hello. It is nice to meet you." A dhampir, she thought to herself, recognising the signs immediately due to having family who were such. This discovery brought an even warmer smile to her lips.
  7. "This I do understand," Lorelei nodded gently before biting her lip a little. She had a funny feeling that Travis would probably be much the same if she wanted to assist him, but she hoped that he would allow her to be of some help to him some time. She was aware there was something that seemed to cling to him - aside from the more obvious curse - but she wasn't willing to invade his thoughts to learn more. She did listen though as the boy explained how it was that he'd come to find art and sketching for himself. Her lips tugged into a small warm smile and she nodded a little, "That is a very intelligent use of your extra senses, using those things that you notice more as inspiration to draw or create." She nodded again, though her mind was still having trouble trying of think of something that had really felt like her kind of niche. She shook her head vehemently at the suggestion of being any kind of werewolf hunter at all, but then bit her lip as she seemed to debate. "What about... what would be your thought on someone who had aged years within months?" The teen asked quietly, frowning as she looked at her lap. It wasn't as though it was a huge secret after all. Those who knew her family well, and the Burdetts were well aware of the strange growth spurts that both she and Lauren had undergone. "As in, they had always had a more mature mindset and intelligence, but were a child a year ago, and had grown into a teen within that time span... as though they had been placed in fast forward for a number of months, and now seemed to fit their mental outlook a lot better than they used to," Lorelei pursed her lips a little as she focused on a single spot on the rock, unsure of Travis' response. Perhaps she could have kept it to herself, but he would have eventually learned. The girl nodded at the mention of saving the food for the walk home though, and simply stood up and began to lead onward while she mulled over the teasing - she was certain it was teasing - from the young man. She was aware there were some areas of life she was inexperienced in, but she did really see her life as having simply been sped forward, and not like a child in a teen's body, and something told her it was one of those jokes between boys and girls who flirted. How did someone even know how to flirt? Was it something she could learn quickly, the teen wondered. "Perhaps I should mind. After all, I should learn about what would make me smile, yes?" Did that sound strange? Lei wrinkled her nose as she thought, but then shook her head a little as she pushed through a few bushes and found them the quiet sandbar where there was no one else at the moment. In the distance, she could still hear others off around the lake's bend, playing around, music carried on the air, but for the most part there wasn't anyone else. Giving a small smile and nod at having found a good spot, the young woman then stripped off easily, tugging her shirt up over her head and kicking off her runners and shorts until she was in just a light blue bikini. Turning her head to offer a light smile to Travis, she then stepped out into the water slowly, shifting her gaze to the water itself as she waded up to her midsection before then diving under.
  8. "Hm? Oh, I was here already," Lorelei responded quietly to Travis, a small cheeky smile on her lips before she returned the wink. Clearly she wasn't being entirely honest, but with so many people around, she couldn't go giving away secrets of what she could and couldn't do. "I hope you are doing well. We should go for more walking in the bushlands soon," She suggested quietly with another light smile, before turning her attention around the class some more. She did notice Lauren's entrance and smiled warmly to the other girl as she watched her find a seat, also noticing their link strengthen and the magic between them shared, and then her gaze shifted to the girl on Travis' other side curiously, before lifting a hand to give a small shy wave and smile to her as well. There were an awful lot of people in the class, and she found herself subconsciously shuffling a bit closer to Travis. The opinions that people had over Wandless magic were interesting to say the least, if not a little strange to the girl. Though what actually concerned her was how some of the students called others names and spoke sharply to one another. Weren't they all there to learn? So why wouldn't they just help one another rather than be rude or harsh about it? Maybe it was another thing she didn't quite understand. What she did understand, however, was the instruction to open and lock the locks on the tables. A mundane task, but she wasn't going to bother protesting. The girl rested her chin onto her hand as she propped her elbow on the table and didn't even look at the lock in front of her. There was no incantation from her lips while she sighed softly and the small lock locked and unlocked repeatedly in front of her. This was going to be a long class, she felt.
  9. "Perhaps... though I think I would more feel concerned, and perhaps a little hurt that they did not feel they could ask me for assistance," Lorelei said with a small nod, knowing that it was perhaps exactly how her family may have felt when she had done some things. But usually? Her moves had been spur of the moment, without the time to consult anyone else. It was hardly her fault that she was quick off the mark in noticing a change in the air or oncoming danger. She understood hypocrisy though, and glanced at him a moment as though she realised they perhaps had quite a bit in common despite their differing circumstances. His advice regarding the battling halves though, seemed to cause her shoulders to slump a little, uncertainty in her expression, "What if one isn't sure what their... niche, is? I am good at many things, but I am unsure if they feel like... my own." Her nose wrinkled, she wasn't sure how to explain what she meant. "What if I cannot find something which does this 'click'?" The teen asked, but then offered a small shrug and offered a mild half-smile at the reminder of the world they lived in. She was quite aware that there were numerous strange occurrences every day, but she still doubted that her situation could really be accepted quite as easily. Or that people wouldn't treat her differently upon knowing that she had doubled her age in six months. "You promise that you would not view me any differently than you would without knowing?" She asked quietly, her lips forming a small pout as she studied him, still a little unsure. "I may tell you some time, it is something which would perhaps explain my family's over-protectiveness of me," Another light shrug and she then tilted her head at him. "I do not mind waiting if you would like to eat," An earnest smile touched her lips, Lorelei didn't want to rush Travis or anything, especially since she was aware that he needed to eat quite a bit compared to other people. She could go without eating and she would be fine, but she wasn't about to go saying that considering the look he'd given her when she'd mentioned poison not affecting her. His suggestion that seeing him in his underwear would make her smile caused her to blink a couple of times, however, not quite understanding whether this was a joke or something. Or perhaps there was something funny about what he looked like? Still, she accepted the hand up while she tried to work it out in her head. "You might have to explain the joke. Why will you in your underwear help me with a bright smile?" Lorelei asked curiously, tilting her head at him, though after a moment she considered a possible idea and lifted her chin a little as she seemed to understand, "Oh, because that would mean swimming was about to happen? I do enjoy playing in the water." She nodded, a warmer smile tugging at her lips before she jumped down from their vantage point, and she then considered each direction before sensing which side they'd find a closer bank with no people around, and she began to lead the way.
  10. "Mmn, it is why I do get into some trouble with my family sometimes. They are unhappy when I dive into something without warning," Lorelei lifted a hand to scratch a little at her head while her lips pursed thoughtfully. She had already been through considering what it was she did that made others worry, and that she needed to be more careful about what she could or could not handle. But it didn't mean that she wouldn't want to help someone if she knew she had the means to do so. Perhaps it was silly and reckless, but if more people in the world helped others, then certainly it would be a nicer place. "Contradictory? Perhaps..." She blinked a little as she thought about it. Maybe she was a contradiction, in many ways. Was that a bad thing? She didn't know how to change that about herself. And she was well aware that the more she had tried to explain, the more confusing she appeared to be. There was really no easy way to describe her position or what had occurred to her, not without being completely direct, and she wasn't certain whether that was a good idea or not just yet. "Yes, it is hopeful that I can gain experiences... and perhaps closer connections to ground me. I... there is struggle sometimes, between who I am and what drives me. If I cannot make connections then I could be in danger of losing myself," The teen spoke quietly, her gaze set ahead of her into the middle distance, before she bent her knees and hugged them lightly to her chest, "It is like, two halves of me competing for dominance." Her lips formed a small pout as she considered what she knew and the quite real danger of what she could become if she lost that grounding that her family provided, or if it one day wasn't enough. She didn't want to lose herself, she didn't truly believe she was some kind of Deity, but she knew that eventually her role would be similar to that of her great grandmother's. There was a long time before that though. "It may be too... strange, is all," The young woman said softly as she turned her head to look at Travis. "And it worries me that if you found out the whole truth, then you would treat me very differently. But at the same time, I do not wish to deceive," She breathed out a small sigh and then shook her head. He had said that she didn't have to tell him about herself, but there were some things that part of her knew he really did need to know, if only so that he didn't feel deceived at a later time. She couldn't really see what was actually cleared up, she was rather certain that if anything she might have created more confusion. His reaction of scratching his head over something she'd said didn't help that either, and she hugged her legs a little tighter as she watched him. "Well, appreciation is still good, I suppose," Lorelei said quietly with a small nod, starting to mentally beat down on herself for being so clearly odd. She rubbed her arms and forced a small smile on her face at his mention of being more concerned about scars than his privates being seen, apparently. She nodded gently as he agreed to going somewhere that wasn't crowded like the nearby shores though, "Alright. Whenever you would like to. You probably wish to finish the food first." She tilted her head, looking to her uneaten skewer, before offering it across to him, "I have eaten plenty. You can have this one if you like."
  11. "Perhaps I should then warn you that I have a tendency to jump into trouble?" Lorelei said quietly, almost conspiratorily, though she followed it up with a soft giggle, as though she were mostly joking. Though the girl knew herself that she had a difficult time taking a back seat to something that she would potentially assist with. Case in point was her correspondence with Zane until she had take it to her grandparents. Though she had argued that she would have told them regardless, she knew deep down that had she been with her full potential then she might have taken it upon herself to remove the threat to their family. "My family is very understanding and accepting. There has been so much that they have gone through, and are connected with, that it is the only way that they could be really," She murmured with a soft smile. While she suspected Travis' own trepidation with meeting a large family like hers, she felt that they would accept him as he was and would want to help as much as she did. At least there were no questions of what she would do against those who would hunt him, which she was thankful for. Lorelei knew delving too much into that side of herself could scare people away, and she didn't want him to be frightened of her. "I am aware," The teen said softly as she offered another little squeeze, before releasing him from the hug. She smiled gently at him, "I have witnessed the results of those who have lived through heartache after heartache. It may yet be my destiny to become distant eventually as well, but..." She pursed her lips as she tried to think of how she could explain. Once again, it came down to her situation, which she never wanted to be judged for but at the same time made things so much easier to explain. She thought of the best way to talk about it without giving too much away. "I was at risk of becoming distant from the world not so long ago... a child who thought like someone who was far older, but without the experience of life to allow me to understand what it was that I would be missing out on while believing I could protect others. It sounds strange, I know..." A small wry smile tugged at her lips. "As such, my Great-Grandmiere decided to cut me off from most of my power, and decided I would attend school, so that I would gain a better understanding of life and gain experiences that would keep me from becoming.. cold, I suppose," Lorelei bit her lip a little, already feeling like she may have said too much, but at the same time she felt like it might explain how it was that she was so inexperienced in some areas, and yet so knowledgeable in others, "I hope it does not change what you think of me." She then said, her gaze peeking over toward him with concern, "I am still who I am right now, very much mind, body and emotions in sync." Of course, she was assuming that he understood anything of what she meant. She gave him a lopsided smile at his reaction to her thoughts on seeing anything though. "Is the human body not something to appreciate? You being an artist, I would think that you more than most would understand that it should not matter so much if there was accidental exposure," The teen chuckled softly, before offering a gentle shrug, "Of course, it would be quite different to if it was my brother, no doubt. You are not my relative, but it is not difficult to avert my eyes until you are able to fix yourself again if I find myself embarrassed," She tilted her head a little then at his response to her thoughts of him not caring about whether she'd flashed him, curiosity causing her gaze to narrow, but part of her also quite aware that she might not want to question too deeply what it was that he would have thought, "So you would have cared? Or would such a sight have been appreciated, like what I said of the body?" She appeared genuinely curious, but at the same time there was almost a hint of mischief in the question. His conceding to going for a potential swim caused her to chuckle softly though, "If you are really alright with it. We can go somewhere further along the lake's shore where it's quieter if you would like to avoid questions over the scars or others seeing you accidentally poking out." She giggled quietly, lifting a hand to her lips like a cheeky imp.
  12. "Hm? We often do many things together, and not all goes to plan always, due to the many family members as well as..." The teen paused, pursing her lips in consideration as she tried to think of the best way to explain it, "The unpredictability of what may occur that has not been taken into account most of the time. I have learned to simply take things as they come. They would not hold it against me if I decided to sit out an activity or few." She offered a small nod and a smile, before then glancing upward with a thoughtful expression, "They would probably just ask me what I have been doing." And it wasn't as though her family could fault her for spending time with a friend. They had started to accept that she was no longer the little girl she had been a year ago, that she was going to display teenage tendencies to do her own thing now and then, and for that she was glad. Though she did wander what made them so concerned about whether she spent time with girls or boys, it seemed like they should be happy she was finding companionship wherever it could be found. "I would not let them do that," A frown formed on Lorelei's features, guessing exactly what Travis meant with his unfinished sentence. She didn't say anything else regarding that, despite knowing that he would want to know exactly what she could do to prevent hunters from doing what they were seemingly supposed to if he ever got out on the loose without prior knowledge given to them about whether he was 'safe' or not. The almost dark look softened however, as he agreed to at least think about her offer, causing her to wrap her arms around him briefly and give him a hug. She wanted a more bearable way for him to deal with this, even if he was used to what he went through month to month by now. She didn't like knowing that he went through that kind of pain. His thoughts on what she should or shouldn't do were met with another serious look though ad it was almost as though a much older Lorelei was looking at him now. "It would not be the first time I have been in a place where I am helpless against assisting or preventing the suffering around me," The teen said quietly, and the simple sound of her voice and the feeling that she was telling the truth was a distant cry from the innocence that was normally displayed. Both were parts of her, there was no doubt, as innocent as she was there were clearly parts of her where that innocence had been long extinguished. "I can only do what I can for those I care about as I currently am, and to attempt to save the entire world is a fool's endeavour anyway," There was almost a sadness to the statement, as though she were aware the cost of knowing certain things. However, her expression softened as she glanced at him again, "But if I would share that pain so that you do not have to be alone." She said, warmth in her gaze. At least the subject of swimming and his apparent predicament with it was able to lighten the air once again though, as the girl stared at him for a moment like he may have grown a second head on his shoulders, before she then started giggling, lifting a hand to her mouth. "I am aware of the differences between boys and girls!" Lei exclaimed, giving Travis a gentle push on his shoulder, before she continued her giggling for a few moments and then shook her head, "It is not as though I have been raised in an all-female environment or something. I have younger siblings and my brother used to be cheeky and run around without his clothing on." Of course, she was aware that there was a difference between being a toddler who hated to wear clothes, and a teenage or adult man, of course, but she didn't appear to be phased, "It is just body parts. If something slips, then it does." She shrugged gently, though her body still shook from the occasional giggle at the idea that he felt he'd had to explain anatomy and the obvious differences between them, "It would be no different to if I had accidentally flashed you when we met. You would not have cared, I am sure." She tilted her head with an amused smile. She could only offer a small nod though at his words of living with the cards one is dealt. "I suppose..." Lei murmured quietly, knowing that he wouldn't really understand unless she told him the truth about herself and how she had almost doubled in age from what she was a year ago. But she couldn't be certain how he would react to that. There was the high chance that he would treat her differently on that alone, the thought itself causing her lips to tug into another small concerned frown.
  13. "I would not share an explanation because I think I owe it," Lorelei said easily with a small smile and quiet laugh. She knew that people often believed that they or others felt forced to do or say something because they felt they owed it, but she knew she didn't owe anyone the details of her life, her family or the fact that she would probably still be living long after most people around her turned to ash. That thought caused a small twinge within her, but it was one that she felt often and had learned that she had to ignore. One day her grandfather would pass away, half of her uncles and aunts, and almost every friend that she made. It was just a part of life. They would die and she would go on. "Perhaps I will. I did not decide yet what else I would do besides spending time with you," She said easily with a gentle shrug. She might get roped into a game later, and it occurred to her to extend the invite to Travis, but she had a feeling that he preferred to limit the number of people he met and spent time around, so she didn't want to place him in the predicament of trying to awkwardly decline. "Remembering can be a great curse, indeed," The teen nodded in agreement, her hand remained clasping his as she rested her head on his shoulder for a short time while they spoke. She was aware that she didn't have to be sorry, she certainly wasn't at fault for his situation, but she could at least empathise a little. It sounded rather awful, to lose control of oneself and be unable to stop from harming others of themselves. Yet being about to remember it all, those hours of animal instinct, like watching through a lens as something else took over your body. "It is not a waste to me," She pouted a little, plush lips pursing together as she looked to him with a sad expression, "If I was not restricted then I would be able to do much, much more. Even if just to ease the pains that occur after those nights." It certainly couldn't be enjoyable to have to deal with that. She was aware of the Wolfsbane and it's price. She had even looked up how it was made and knew she could do it, but that trying something definite would be best first. "It is no sacrifice for me, I wish to assist, and no one need know either," Lorelei reassured him with a small nod, realising that half of his concern was probably if her family found out and what would happen then, though she didn't honestly believe that they would truly judge him for something that was not his fault. She smiled gently as she tilted her head, "Please?" The word was said sweetly, as though it would be doing something nice for her if he allowed her to help in this way, but it wasn't a ploy, the girl clearly genuine. "Even just try it once to see how you are? There are many secure places that I know, and I could remain near so that you are not lonely and have someone to talk to," She beamed a gentle smile at him, though then her features changed to a thoughtful pout, "But I suppose you are expected to arrive somewhere, and they would have to be aware you have taken it if you are to stay in a different place. So, I suppose I will simply visit at where you usually stay!" Her bright smile returned as she nodded, it seemed like a perfect idea to her. And if it did work, then those who kept track would allow him to stay somewhere else, so long as he took the Wolfsbane before the full moon. "Oh, so it is like if I am wearing a singlet and no bra?" The girl asked, blinking a little at his explanation of boys in underwear. She supposed that made a bit of sense, but she tilted her head still as she looked at him, "Does that bother you then? Are you embarrassed about what people would be able to make out?" It was a purely innocent question, the girl's bluntness shining through once again in what was perhaps a personal question. "I would not wish you to do something that leaves you feeling self-conscious," She shook her head, smiling reassuringly once again, though as he spoke about her fitting in, her head ducked a little, her gaze shifting away as she offered a small shrug. "That is... not quite how it was for me. I was simply... not at a point that I belonged in, I think," Lorelei mused quietly, "Things make much more sense now than they did before. Perhaps this is how it was always meant to be."
  14. "It is nice to watch," Lorelei murmured softly, a small smile plucking at her lips as she watched him seeming to enjoy the atmosphere for what it was as well. She had the feeling that it was a rarity for him, and was now very glad she'd invited him. An innocent blink was given as he seemed to double-take at her lightly spoken honesty over what she could eat, but she then simply smiled and offered a gentle single-shouldered shrug, "Perhaps one day I can explain." She simply said, and then her features brightened in amusement at his assumption that her family weren't there. "Oh, they are here as well. Mamiere will be singing at some point, and Grandpa is on one of the barbeques. The others are either playing games or sitting together or mingling," She nodded gently, "There will no doubt be a game of cricket at some point." She concluded, knowing her family well, there was a tradition of cricket with the Blairs, Burdetts, Belmonts, and other close families on Australia Day. At least the talk distracted him a little from the healing that she was performing. She couldn't do a lot, with her powers having been restricted, but she could at least mend the recent ones. She also listened carefully to his explanation. "I know of the physical plight, and the danger they can pose, but the mentality when in transformed state has not much been explained, aside from the loss of human control unless given a potion," Lorelei explained quietly the little she knew, but then paid full attention as he explained what she didn't know, her lips forming a small thoughtful pout and brow furrowing slightly into a gentle frown the more that she heard. It sounded... horrible, really. Though she knew there was no control once they were shifted, and that the beastial instincts took over, she hadn't been aware that they were placed in a situation where they would do harm to themselves, in order to protect others from the danger. Without thinking about it, she had reached for his hand to hold tightly, almost as though to comfort him, while her gaze remained settled on distant space in thought, silent tears forming in her eyes at the idea of the torment he must go through month to month. "I am so very sorry to hear that," Came the teen's soft voice, before she sniffed lightly and wiped her face, leaning against his side for a moment with her head on his shoulder. She turned her head to peer at him after a moment, "I can heal some of the scars when I am one day at my full power, but I do not know when that will be." She said, almost apologetically, but then she had a small idea and looked at him curiously, "If I did get you some Wolfsbane, would that help? I have heard that it allows one to maintain their human control, which would mean you do not have to harm yourself..." However, she then paused and pouted again, "If I could help all, then I would." She said quietly. She did offer a small smile at least as he said that he wouldn't mind swimming if she really wanted to, followed by another curious expression. "Why would your underwear bother me?" Lorelei asked. It wasn't as though he would be naked, though the moment the mere thought of that popped into her head she turned her gaze away, shaking her head a little. She didn't even know what should have been expected with that. His confirmation of her being a 'favourite' though, caused her lips to maintain a bright and honestly happy smile as she tucked some hair behind her ear, "I am happy to hear that. You are one of my favourite people too." She said easily, turning her gaze back toward him with pure warmth in her eyes, chuckling almost shyly after a moment, "I did not have the best luck making connections for a ling time. I think... perhaps I am at the stage where I perhaps belong a little more now." She said softly.
  15. I did leave pouches of home-made chocolates and cards for those people who I know and care about. I hope you do enjoy them. ❤️ 

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Lorelei Aellra Valentin-Blair
Family Busybody Sixth Year
16* year old Halfbreed Sorceraic She/Her
Age:  16*
Date of Birth: February 14th, 2003
Birthplace: Isle du L'Arine
Year Level: Sixth Year
Occupation: Family Busybody
Blood Status: Halfbreed
Species: Sorceraic
Player:  ★ LilyCat
Pronouns: She/Her
Play-by: India Eisley

Lorelei is a faithful friend and will do her best to lift others' spirits or help them out. She always feels surprised and stupidly happy when she makes a new friend, and appreciates them accepting her the way she is.


Protective to a fault. She has no qualm with taking up arms against someone who threatens her family, and she loves all of them dearly.


She's not yet touched this milestone, but will be interesting to see her reaction to romantic flirtation.


Cold. Perhaps the only time someone might see the other side of the otherwise sweet young woman.

  • Was not born of her mother, but found her as a baby and returned to her
  • Doesn't know her true age or date of birth
  • Knows a lot more than people think
General Knowledge
  • Currently appears around her mid-teens, claims 15
  • Shows an uncanny intelligence, not only for a teen but for a person in general
  • An innately strong magical ability
  • Appears drawn toward non-humans and magical creatures, and enjoys learning more about them

To say Lorelei's personality is complex would be an understatement. She holds a deep intelligence that is clearly abnormal for someone of her age, appears to be able to see things that others cannot, and knows things that she probably shouldn't. It is this alone that makes her occasionally quite stoic and serious. But more than that, she appears to constantly be seeking more knowledge, and to learn more about the world around her as well as the world beyond school and home and the land that she resides in currently. Whether it is books that she learns things from, or somewhere else, one cannot be sure, but they can be certain that if there is something she hears about but doesn't know, she will find a way to gain information about it.

And yet, there is also a happy innocence to the child on occasion, when she is able to appear like any other when playing with her siblings or with other children that she knows well. Making new friends is somewhat trying for her, unless they are older, since they appear to be able to hold discussions that hold her interest a lot more than her fellow peers of her own age group. However, those she has known for years, she guards fiercely and with utmost loyalty.

There is also a prankster within the girl, one that shows carefully thought out intelligence and wit, something that would almost make her a potential evil overlord in the making, if not for the fact that she does not like to actually harm anyone - not unless they deserve it in her eyes. And in that manner, bullies and mean people should be wary of the girl, for she does not forgive easily or let anyone off the hook without comeuppance.


Though she appears to have delicate features and wide innocent eyes, the adorable facade of this young woman can be broken on occasion with something as simple as a change in her expression or glint in her gaze. Her hair is jet black and glossy, exactly like her mother's, and she has soft features that seem gorgeous, rather than simply cute, and make her actually look a bit older than claims. She wields a charming smile, and a ferocious glare, and can somehow be disarming and yet somewhat scary at the same time with the innocence that she displays, combined with the deeper intelligence that can be spotted if one peers deep enough into those strange eyes, one blue the other brown.

Not one to be hung up on appearance, however, she wears what she is supposed to at various times. For school, she wears her uniform, when visiting L'Arine, she dresses accordingly so, and at home she will wear whatever clothing seems best for the day or occasion, if there is one. She prefers dresses and skirts to pants, however, even when playing on her grandfather's property. She carries herself with confident dignity, straight shoulders, chin up, and always looks in someone's eyes when she is speaking directly to them.


Lorelei was conceived during her mother's final year of school, while her parents were still in London for a month or so after her father's heart surgery. She became aware fairly early on, and when she realised that her mother was in danger from a stalker that had kidnapped Jezebel, she called out for whoever might be listening, which happened to be her great grandmother Lillian. While the Sorceress was able to make sure that Jez didn't die in the house that had burned and fallen around her, Jez wouldn't have the energy to both heal and continue carrying her child, and so Lorelei was transferred to the womb of a woman who lived on Isle du L'Arine.

There, she was born, and though loved by her 'parents', she felt no connection to them and had no desire to remain, despite the visits and lessons from Lillian. The people who believed they were her parents were not of her blood, and Lorelei had already chosen her path, and thus she ended up eventually leaving them with the assistance of Flora, who brought Lorelei to Tallygarunga one day, when the great pygmy puff prank was occurring. Lei found her way to her grandmother and, via Adele (once she was told of their relation), to her mother and father. Reunited once again, she felt content once more.

From there, the girl lived a relatively normal live for one such as she, who had a famous mother and an intelligent father. She was thrilled when she received siblings, and was continued to be visited by Flora - who she considered to be her best friend - as well as Lillian, who continued to impart knowledge and lessons upon the young girl. She became interested in non-humans and magical beasts from a very young age, and has spent a great deal of time learning more about them, while also keeping a cautious eye out for anything that she believed may be a threat to her family.

This led to her near sacrificing herself for her family in early 2018, when she consumed the entirety of a sleeping curse that had been meant for all the attendees at her parents Unwedding party event. Luckily, due to her heritage she was not killed but instead placed into a death-like slumber, her spirit separated from body. During this time she learned things, was able to help a couple of people, but when her family's enemy struck once again, she insisted on being brought back to her body. The process involved requiring the power of one of the first Six in order to fuse her soul back to her form, and the result was the fusing of the soul of the Brown to herself as well. This gave her the brown eye on her left side, and has given her a much deeper connection to Lauren, the girls basically soul-twins now.

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Lorelei Valentin-Blair December 11, 2018
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