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  1. Welcome! Is that an HP pastry in your profile pic? Also omg, I love that gif of Maggie Smith!
  2. I must have missed you as well lol! But we talked tonight! I am also up fairly early for Americans but it's near bedtime for you, probably! That's how it seems to be anyways. Glad you both are here!
  3. Heather

    oh, hey!

    Hello Kay! Can't wait to plot with youuuuu
  4. Elliot Morietti 41 | Surgeon/Healer | Ellen Pompeo Ellie is still grieving the loss of her husband three years ago. She's grumpy, short-tempered, and dry-humored, but also her compassion and kindness come through with her patients. Usually. She has two children; Zoey is a 7 year old girl she and her husband adopted and Bryce is a 4 year old boy. What she needs: Friends; people who understand loss and grief and will help her through it; parents of her children's friends; patients or coworkers; basically anything you think of! Ethan King 24 | Sports Reporter | Dylan O'Brien Ethan is a fun, energetic, hyperactive sports reporter who writes for Quality Quidditch News, a magazine based out of Melbourne. He's an Australia-born, muggleborn who loves good food, comics, sugary beverages, and silly romantic comedies with his friends. He feels everything strongly and throws himself into things without thought. What he needs: Ethan needs friends. A best friend, for sure, who is as goofy and fun, but also a bit more down-to-earth than he is; another journalist to compete with for the good stories; anything and everything you want to throw at me. Lucille Fischer 27 | Auror Trainer | Stella Maeve Lucy is a stubborn, headstrong woman who wants to protect everyone who needs her help. She loves to spar and loves her job because she gets to train the next group of aurors who are going to protect the citizens of Australia. She's an Australia-born, halfblood and she loves sparring, B-rated movies, ice cream, and anything athletic. Hiking, climbing, running, you name it, she'll be up for it. What she needs: Lucy needs more friends (you can never have too many friends); a student or two to train; someone to antagonize her and bring out the worst parts of her; and again, anything and everything you want to throw at me! Marielle Prince 17 | Bourke | Paige Hurd Mari is an energetic, talkative person who loves fashion. She wants to be a bespoke tailor when she graduates, hopefully opening her own shop in Narrie where she can make both muggle and magical clothing. She's very friendly and trusting, naive and loyal. She's Australian-born to her Australian father and French mother, who speaks both English and French. What she needs: Friends; people to hang out with from Bourke or other houses; anything you want. I have a plan for a future plot that will require an asshole boyfriend; if you're interested in that, please message me either on here or on Discord.
  5. Heather


    Ha, in the main continuity, there are four male Robins. Dick was the first and then becomes Nightwing, then takes over for Batman when they think Bruce is dead, and then goes back to Nightwing. Then he's dead and comes back as Agent 37 for the Grayson comics (God bless Mikel Janin's hands). It's basically confirmed that he's Robin in the TV show Teen Titans but in the new 52 Teen Titans comics, it's Tim Drake or Red Robin that leads the team (he was the third one)
  6. Heather


    Haha Grayson is Dick Grayson, he was the first Robin to accompany Batman. Also thanks everyone! I already love it here.
  7. Heather


    Hello! I'm Heather and I'm new. I'm 25, I live in Fargo, North Dakota (it's very cold), and I work at a non-profit after-school program doing payroll, grant financial reports, and curriculum tracking (among other miscellaneous things). I am also in school online for my teaching degree. Also, I'm a huge DC nerd. Love me some Grayson.
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