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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
September, 2019 :: Spring

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  1. Ms. @Maxine Williams, I would like you to come by the common room at some point. We've something to discuss.

    1. Maxine Williams

      Maxine Williams

      Yes Professor Ackers.

  2. Class Beyond the Elemental Basics

    Success, regardless of the mastery was success at its very core in his mind. When it came to multiple disciplines under the same scope it meant that there remained a chance to still hold some form of control and chance of growth even if they had been the far more difficult elements to work within the self. Before he could even offer even a fraction of enlightenment to Samantha to emphasize that particular point the expected and thinkable happened. Yes, he could've seen it coming a mile away and it didn't dim the goofy smirk that turned up on his features. Utter chaos in all of its form. One of the many reasons he chose to take up Elemental Magic, to relive his own times in the school where nothing but the domino effect of spells firing off and causing what he liked to endorse as 'A Magic Jam.' There had been so much about this moment that he needed to record, needed to capture and yet. . . The only way would be to have seen it unfold before someone's very eyes. Sometimes it wasn't the chaos wrought by ones own hands that made it delicious rather the ones that were just a simple mishap with no true coercion to it. Water filled the floor of the classroom from Lexi's constantly streaming wand, the explosion from Ambers following soon after which seemed to not only drench Sam but catch Ian off guard enough that he slipped on the pooled puddle and straight to his back. A hand rose up to Derrick's mouth as he tried to clasp it around his own face to muffle the laughter and the amount of humor being derived from it all collectively. Kairi seemed to have the entirely opposite amongst the class collectively, the course of hot air that vaulted from the tip of his wand through the air. Harmless and perhaps what everyone would most likely need after things settled down. Things started to get a bit. . . Iced once Lisa's deadly collection of ice severed off the dummies head which had only been followed by Dominic's own slipping and falling which unleashed the spell docked on the edge of his wand. The shattering shrapnel that started to spread across the room becoming the more immediate situation for his attention. Grasping his wand tightly, holding it throughout the session of the class expecting something to unravel that needed a form of intervention. A fluid and certain motion of his hand swiping through the air, tip of the wand thrusting about like a Musketeer's rapier to enact a spell. Taking up only a portion of the built-up liquid to sprout upwards and spread about before gradually making a shield of ice to block the students from the chilled shards that scattered about the room haphazardly once it impacted the wall. "Well, that was exciting!" His smile brimming brightly while his arm lowered back to his side, casting a gaze across the student body that seemed to have found themselves drenched and/or have fallen. "Don't get up too quickly just in case you may have taken a harder drop." Of the ones that had fallen it looked as if Gideon and Ian had the hardest drop, hopefully no opened wounds. Being a bit banged up had been fine but actual wounds meant a Hospital Wing visit. Just in case it needed to be done still he'd press the tip of his wand right against Lexi's as a means to disturb and halt the constant flow of water. "That was a. . . Well, let me not mince words - That was a pretty good attempt overall people. It couldn't gotten far more chaotic." Derrick found it unfortunate that it hadn't but there still would be other classes, another term. "How about we give it another try though? For those that feel confident enough with it and have succeeded. . . Ah, I know. Why don't you say some tricks that helped you out personally? Polling for that might help others see if it can work or develop their own unique trick." It wouldn't have been a proper learning environment, after all, if Students didn't learn from one another. People that were on their level.
  3. Oh no. . . There are more hidden traps! What scoundrel is doing this? Now I have to clean my board!

  4. Class Beyond the Elemental Basics

    "Excellent question, Miss. Stewart! If you feel confident enough that you believe you can meld two elements through will alone? Then try it. But if you're uncertain, think you need a bit of practice? I'd suggest casting two separate spells - One of Air and one of Water to get a feeling of each one. How they are at their core, how they react." Derrick presses himself from the desk he'd been leaning against. He was aware that some individuals held a certain affinity towards other Elements, some may hold even an overall neutrality towards them. There had never been a simple answer when it came down to it, each individual needing to gauge themselves and he was well aware of it. "Another great question, Sam. Piggy-backing on Lexi's question and answer will offer that 'special way' of sorts. Think of testing both spells as a kind of 'meditation' period. There's also taking the spell step by step, don't try to force the full form of it. Only go in shifts, build it up. This way you'll start to understand it within yourself which means getting better each time." Spending the last few years as the young Bourke's instructor he was well aware of the certain difficulties she held in particular elements. He smiled towards her as a means to try and lift up her spirits. "You've been doing great this year too, Sam. Don't doubt yourself or confidence now. In fact, for those that feel they may struggle with one or both elements why don't we try a few 'pot shot' kind of spells of the Elements? Get yourselves used to it, how it feels when you cast them." A chuckle escaped from him at the various ways the spells managed. It seemed that a few had managed to already start with the varied effects of the spell becoming fully hardened in a frozen shell of ice while others seemed to dissolve entirely through the process of its travel. "Keep your head up, Gideon. Remember, everyone, there's no reason to get too messed up about not getting it. I adjusted the intended course because I have absolute certain faith that you all -can- do this. You've worked hard this year that proved you were all ready for this step. " He wasn't one that put up false praise, every bit of it had been what he believed of the students that had been within the classroom. "Spells to use that can help to build-up before starting would be ones that use Water as form of orb or ball as well as those that use Air's currents to either heat up or chill slightly." It had been the separate pieces of the intended spell for what had been demonstrated for the Ice Spell that had been shown to them. Setting the premise that understanding each separately may assist in understanding them combined in a complicated mesh together. "And if you're still not entirely sure we can spend some time working on it together. As you all know, I'm a Fire sort myself. When I first started this spell? I kept evaporating the water -entirely-." He laughed than offered a beaming smile towards them. "And look where I am? And if I can do it? Any one can!"
  5. A Very Pied Event

    Oh no. . .! It seems there has been a very unfortunate situation, random traps made across the school that triggered some form of 'fanfare' effect! We're talking real old-school too as if to bring back the classics. Rumors could be heard of various Staff Member's and Student's opening up desks, lockers, closets, and who knows what else only to catch a glob of whip cream to the face! Only followed by a series of confetti that would follow right along side it as if it were some kind of celebration! What kind of fiend could do such a thing?! Who knows, but the fun is finding out if the next step will be a very creamy one for people!
  6. Aaah. . . I missed the days of crashing parties. That birthday boy will have a day he'll never forget, guaranteed!

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    2. Derrick Ackers

      Professor Derrick Ackers

      You will probably regret it! But you will look upon the moment fondly, that I guarantee!

    3. Andrea Riverpond

      Professor Andrea Riverpond

      We'll see who regrets what, me for accepting this, or you for inviting me. 

    4. Derrick Ackers

      Professor Derrick Ackers

      Only one thing I've ever regretted in life, Andy!

  7. Class Beyond the Elemental Basics

    In truth, Derrick had been going slightly easy on the class. Finding his footing in what the general level of the student body had been when it came to manifest and developing the most basic of elements. While some seemed to struggle in certain sectors, collectively, they seemed to be at a point that something far more advanced needed to be put into place. It also could've been due to his most recent loss that he took a far more weighted step when it came to teaching but it had also been long over due, that much had been for certain. When the students started to roll into the classroom he'd wait for a moment before speaking. "Come on in, sit down. This time we're in for a slight diversion of a treat compared to what had been originally planned." He actually had spent a bit of time hashing over various ideas and methods with Audrey. An extra bit of school connection while she'd been around taking care of not only her new bundle of joy but Alex's own extended family from previous relations. "Make sure your wand is at ready, fully prepared and managed. No cracks or breaks, because what we're about to do could get far more dangerous with a poorly managed tool." While it wasn't entirely necessary for a wand to be used it made training and learning concepts far easier than jumping right into the 'Wandless' thought process. "Today we'll be investing time into a practice that is universal in understanding with Elements yet extremely difficult to master, even to perform at will due to the complication that comes along with it. What I'm talking about, Party People, is the melding of two elements to create another that isn't of the basic circle." It was then that his hand rose up to cast a spell on a nearby piece of chalk, letting it write out three symbols in runic terminology. 'Air, Water' were two markings set next to one another with the term for 'Ice' set adjacent to both; a connecting line between the three symbols. "By pushing all of ones effort and willpower forward, the elements of Water and Air can be used and melded together to generate a numerous amount of Ice styled or related spells." Gripping the edge of his wand tightly he started to trace through the air, a motion that had been partly connected to Water-based spells and the other half being that connected to Air-Based ones. A white glow of light resonating at the tip of the wand; at first water started to form taking an orbital shape before rapidly accumulating a thicker and chilling shell of translucent ice. The orb of ice hovered above his wand, twirling as if it were waiting to be released from an unforeseeable tether. "This is known as the 'Spera Glacias' spell." Flicking his wrist in a sharp motion the concentration of ice fled from his wand and towards a nearby wall, shattering with a cracking dispersal against the foundation. "Weaving together the elements is no easy feat, even many seasoned Wizards and Witches have yet to master the full wealth it can offer. But it is something that falls under the purview when understanding just how innovative Elemental Magic is on various levels." That being stated he waved his wand once more, summoning forth several dummies designed not only to be durable but intended to be obvious targets with the painted targeting sign etched at the center of their forms. "This will only be one of a few things we'll learn today involving the combination of Water and Air."
  8. Elemental Magic Term 2

    15 - On time Attendance 10 - Performing both spells without danger to others
  9. Elemental Magic Term 2

    15 - On time attendance 5 - Answering a question with an insightful answer 10 - Performing both spells without dangers
  10. Elemental Magic Term 2

    15 - On time attendance 10 - Performing both spells without dangers 5 - Answering a question with an insightful answer 10 - Assisting a fellow student
  11. Elemental Magic Term 2

    15 - On time Attendance 10 - Performing both spells without dangers
  12. Elemental Magic Term 2

    15 for Attendance 10 - For Performing two Spells without difficulties 5 - For an Insightful question involving the Syllabus
  13. Complete Water's Gift - Term 2 - Water

    It seemed that majority of the students had succeeded in the final exercise of the class. But. . . Why were they still standing there and not gathering up their things to leave? "What, do you all just like hanging around me that much? I'm touched! Though I'm sure many of you have classes to attend towards and probably a case of work to do for those of you in classes like History of Magic." He remembered his time in that class, specifically with the individual who temporarily taught it as well. One of the hell days had always been researching and finding out parts of history that hadn't been kept snugged within the pages of a book held within the school. Pushing himself from the desk he grasped his wand in a tight hold and started to wave it through the air as several of the miscellaneous things that had grown out of sorts during the class had started to situated itself. A stream of water power-washing the floor where the fireballs had been and then a flowing stream of sand coursed across the area as well for good measure in making sure that no errant sparks could plan their assault on his classroom. Afterwards he made his way towards his desk and sat at the seat, pulling out a stack of papers and giving an annoyed sigh at the amount of work he still needed to do. Why couldn't he just hire Audrey to handle it? Or Arti- Nope, he couldn't do that at the moment that would just cause him more issues later down the line with that one! Whether the students decided to talk amongst themselves or continue practicing various spells to try and gain a better hold on the spells taught or even enhancing the versatility of them, in Derrick's mind? The class had officially been counted as over. A quick thought crossed his mind and without even looking up he started to speak. "Just remember, if you've any questions, need any assistance, or have some form of idea that you want to test and need a bit of insight - my Door is usually opened. Or I'm out on the school grounds somewhere."
  14. Complete Water's Gift - Term 2 - Water

    "That would be -now-, Amber." Derrick offered a smirk as his head shook lightly in amusement towards one of his 'Spencer Wards'. His gaze then shifted towards Samantha which caused the smirk to turn into a soft smile ."It will carry over to other terms. I figured this would be a fun way to demonstrate a unique yet active way to apply the Elements on top of what you'll end up learning in the classroom. To be able to apply what you learned from the various spells as much as from your own personal research in to how Elemental Magic can assist." His hand rose up slightly. "Now, I know what some of you maybe thinking! 'But Sparky, what if we don't have a green thumb!?'" That had been when his lips curled into a far more challenging smile. "For the far more physically inclined or even those that would rather prefer another route than using a plant as a means to test your Elemental knowledge, there will be an option in which I call, 'The Gauntlet of Elements.'" His arms rose up and folded tightly against his chest. "You'll be put through a series of tests for each Element, finding the best way to use them or handle them." He felt that had been an agreeable stance for several students who, for lack of a better relations, just didn't have the concentration that the plant alone would be a fair as the only option to succeed. Derrick wanted to teach them that there would be various paths. "As much as I'm entertained and impressed by your constant desire for dueling, Miss. Knotley." He spoke in the somewhat sarcastic tone often expected of him. "I'm sure many people here would end up only having a personal issue with 'danger' of that level." It at least seemed many of his students were excessively sensitive to the real trials of the Magical world and the many issues that actually came with it. "Honing the trait of keen accuracy will be good for the time being." Derrick gave a confirmed nod towards Ian's question. "Yes, Ian, all of the Elements are expounded on beyond their base existence." After all, as the syllabus had pointed out, the elements and their 'various' forms would be included by it. Lifting up his wand he traced it through the air several times, causing a formation of three balls of fires, all of them the size of a young child's fist. Each set for each student, which the sparks of fire constantly moved in various patterns and ways within an open space within the classroom. "Your objective is to choose one of the set of fires and try to put them out with the spell, Aguamenti." He started to stand up and gripping his wand tightly just in case there had been any accidents that he'd be able to intrude before it could spread or harm too harshly. "After you're finished then we can consider the class concluded! And a job well done! Sound fair?"
  15. Complete Water's Gift - Term 2 - Water

    A large grin couldn't help but be formed on the older man's face at the excitement that one of his students held. -This- had been one of many moments on why he actively sought to be a Professor, in a world where even the slightest moments of excitement needed to be experienced. Success in the face of unknown adversity towards a trial brought out a sense of accomplishment that could barely be contained, even more so when another acknowledged the efforts. "Keep up that effort and you'll be running stuff in no time, Sam!" Derrick smirked towards Amber, both of his hands pressed against his waist as if he were some posing superhero. "Have to keep you on your toes." It'd been important, in his opinion, to make sure that every student could get as serious about their studies as they could. While adding a bit of fun for no other reason than to break up just how much weight they would be expected to wield upon their shoulders. It didn't help to offer them the opportunity to build on the effort of responsibility either, not when many of them would be moving on to the harsher realities of life in the current and within the next few years. "Excellent observation, Sam! Gained your House some points there!" His gaze shifted across the student body that had been collected in his classroom. "As you've learned in the Fire course of lessons, you can repurpose it for a lot. Using it as a light source that's warming and nurturing is fully within its scope." It seemed as the suggestion ran ahead they were slowly gaining the tools of the class as he'd wanted it, incorporation of the various other elements regardless of what the planned focus had been. "Sharp as a blade there, Rachel. You earned yourselves a bit of a numbers in the points department too! While the weather will be going down, it shouldn't be underestimated that the little scampers won't try to wivel their way through."Then he gave a smooth nod towards Ian. "Yes, there are several spells and styles of way to go about them that could regulate temperature. In fact, it's one of the specialties I use for the classroom. You'll notice, that in my room, at all times of the years? It's entirely comfortable temperature. Chances are if you aren't comfortable? Your body is really wacked out." The young man laughed with a wry smile while pointing towards the various Runes that had been situated strategically at different points of the room, a set of runes in fact at each of those points. "Before the weather ends up turning drastically I go through the process of double checking each one, reinforcing it just in case. I'm a perfectionist with my art in that kind of manner. I'll find my notes on how to perform this method and scaling it down so that it could benefit a plant far better." The Professor's eyes scanned across the classroom for a moment once more. "I'm guessing that's all the ideas currently? If you have any that you're not sure of keep in mind you can talk with me and we'll hash out a plan for it. Now, as stated, these plants will be the culmination of your work with all four Elements in some manner." He made his way back towards his desk and sat upon it. "But, you know. I am -kind of- thinking we can put this class to an expanded use, you all agree, right? We may as well teach you MORE Water spells. Who wants a bit of target practice with something a bit more Offensive? Maybe a bit defensive too?"
Derrick "Sparky" Ackers
Professor of Elemental Magic, Head of Spencer 0
27* year old Halfblood Human HE/HIM
Age  27*
Date of Birth February 10th, 1992
Birthplace Melbourne, Australia
Year Level 0
Occupation Professor of Elemental Magic, Head of Spencer
Blood Status Halfblood
Species Human
Pronouns HE/HIM
Patronus Phoenix
Wand 9" Spruce with Sphinx Nail
Play-by Chris Evans

2003 - 2010 - Tallygarunga: Spencer

2011 - 2014 - VMU, Magical Education


- Plays Piano exceptionally well as a trained and constant musician

- Actually started to travel the with a significant other who had tragically died, doesn't speak of this detail.

- Is estranged from his Oldest sibling

- Only himself and his youngest Sister gained any Magical Talent

- Comes from a Semi-Broken home, had been constantly bullied and beaten up by Oldest sibling due to the gift of Magic. He always protected the younger sister.

- Humor has always been a defensive mechanism to deal with all of his problems and almost every aspect of his life

General Knowledge

- Is a known practical jokester

- Holds an exceptional affinity towards spells that circulate around Fire. 

- Classes are vastly different than most others, often involving actual activity versus lectures.

- Has a younger sister that he's close with that often visits Tallygarunga to hang out. 

- Is openly known as Professor Sparky

- Can often be seen hanging with Auds as if they were two criminals hatching a plot.


A man who seems to always be looking for the next big thing in his life in the way of fun or simply an activity to do just to shake up the usual 'same old, same old'. There is rarely a time that he's out doing something that he doesn't try to find the humor in the moment, trying to change the circumstances that seem overly mundane to being something just a bit more fun and exciting. This can range from either suddenly pulling a joke on some poor nearby victim or even just changing up the plans last minute just to add a bit of a surprise and offer up a better time due to the unpredictability of the shift. Above all else he tries to enjoy the life before him taking it a step at a time versus thinking too far ahead and this kind of mentality shows not only in how he operates his classrooms but how he engages with people on a social level. 

He's a friendly individual whose first step in almost any situation whether it's with someone new or an old friend is to break the ice in some way shape or form. If the atmosphere is too tense then there has to be a way around it to suck out just enough tension to make a person more pliable to the idea of just relaxing and enjoying themselves rather than letting the weight of the world in their mind worsen. This had been a trait he had picked up due to his own past histories involving people. 

The more hidden presence, however, is his protective nature that has formed which at first had only been towards his sister. As time went on and he had grown closer to other people that nature started to expand, albeit, to a select few in a small circle. Due to a history of having a bully at home he's often more likely seen taking a hit for those under his protection before striking back if it is a possibility. For all of his joking, smiling, and general constant humor a foot there is deeper sadness and broken nature from what he had to deal with that developed those particular traits as a coping mechanism. 

Even though he is aware of this fact it has now become more apart of who he is as a person to showcase a constant humor rather than dim it down simply from how it had been formed. 


Derrick stands tall at the wonderful height of six feet sporting dark brown hair and a well maintained beard that stretches across his face and connects without a break. His eyes are a form of Hazel and his body is well built through a modest exercise regiment that isn't too intense but just enough to keep a tight shape. His hair holds a soft and bouncy countenance to it using very little hair products to achieve much of its shape and continuity in how it flows and weaves back into place. Hygiene is clearly important to the man as he often seems to have a scent of a gentle clean breeze, if one could call it that. 

He's almost always decked from shoulders to the point of his toes in casual wear giving off the air of someone that is often more relaxed than tense or uptight. Usually can be found wearing jeans, some form of sneakers, and alternation between a long t-shirt or a Short sleeved one based on the weather and at times just based on how he's feeling in the moment. He seems to carry a bag around with him that certainly has seen better days yet various things are kept inside from sentimental value to actually useful. A necklace hangs from his neck that seems somewhat more feminine in design of the chain, a locket hangs along the center of it with two pictures on the inside. One seems to be of a younger woman with similar features to Derrick's smiling in some kind of field, the other seemed to be a slightly older woman whose clung to Derrick's arm in a more intimate manner with flowing blonde hair.

The story so far

Born to two Muggles, Conrad Ackers and Regina Ackers, Derrick is one of three children that made up the typical muggle family. Being Muggles with no exposure to the magical realm the idea of 'Magic' was a fantasy book to them for quite sometime. Derrick, being the middle child, had exhibited the signs of magic early on in his lifetime in the way of occasionally setting things on fire. At first it'd be accidental until the connection within his mind made it clear that the triggers always aligned with how his emotions had flared up. The accidental started to become the intentional and nearly any inanimate object was pure fodder for the sudden fire that sparked from his untrained magic. Curtains, Sofa's, even his Mother's unwanted fruitcake - though everyone was glad THAT got set on fire, surely. While the unexplained seemed to occur for several years without any peep from the young man the day finally came when he turned eleven that an unexpected visitor walked into their lives and changed it irrevocably. 

It was an invitation and a messenger, which both had a lot of things to talk about and say. The letter was an acceptance into Tallygarunga while the Messenger was sent to give the family a breakdown of the Magical Community as well as the intense need for secrecy, perhaps even a bit of what would happen should said secrecy ever be broken. No doubt it was then mentioned that the young sister of Derrick, Janet, also possessed the potential and it'd only be a few more years until she was accepted into the school herself. Many feelings swarmed across the feeling with shock and disbelief clinging to at least everyone else except Derrick. This is when thing started to rapidly go down hill, aside from the fact that his parents now knew the random fires were due to his own inability to control his magic but it also began the horrible beatings and bullying that came from Janet and Derrick's oldest sibling, Xavier. 

Xaiver's jealousy of being the isolated sibling grew into an anger that just wouldn't be satisfied as he lashed out in his everyday life at school and at home but the worse of it was when the ire drew towards his own brother and sister. In an effort to spare Janet from the more physical beatings from their brother, Derrick, chose to be a red herring. The distraction that would earn all of the attention through the use of sarcasm and badly placed humor, one of the few things that would irritate a bully enough to close out other targets and tunnel vision to a single one that they felt was worth every inch of a beating. Bruises, sprains, even a black eye or two had been Derrick's daily life until he left for his first year at Tallygarunga. His recently developed attitude towards being a humorous clown linked with his natural propensity towards being a jokester landed him in House Spencer. There he had managed to meet a few people and even picked a couple of neat tricks to really get under his brother's skin. 

Yet, in all that while, their Sister had been catching the brunt of the more esteem tearing ad vocal retort from Xaiver without the oldest boys favorite punching bag around until breaks or holidays. Every holiday, every break, Derrick would always go back to the school with some new bruise hidden under his clothing making sure that he took every bit of the pent of anger and beatings so that Janet never had to feel the force of a fist against her body. Never able to truly fight back and always having to remember to keep his emotions in check to avoid a sudden uncontrolled fit of a magical surge, it left him defenseless unable to truly do much else. Eventually, Janet had made it to eleven years of age and her wizarding letter came to inform her of being accepted into Tallygarunga and that her year would be starting up soon. This was the moment that Derrick had been waiting for as a form of preemptive strike, armed with the proof on his body he petitioned for himself and Janet to be held at the school Campus until they finished out their years largely based on the idea that their lives were endangered at home. 

Without alerting the parents to the full scope of the cause or reasoning it was considered a new change of policy in order to better regulate the use of magic in young witches and wizards. For the time being the two of them were safe from the horrible home conditions but it meant a new strain had been pressed onto Derrick. He needed to not only manage his school subjects but reach out to jobs to build up funds so that he could provide for an actual place that he and his sister could stay after school. Due to the education being paid for them that was one less burden they had to worry about until the graduation bell tolled for them both. He was the first one to graduate and instead of going straight into VMU he took up a job that briefly allowed for him to travel across the world working for a company as a form of liaison where he had met a wonderful woman on the job, A pure-bred Veela.

It was no wonder why he was smitten with her and yet she hadn't used the full force of her nature to attract him, it had all happened fluidly without hormonal suggestion. Her name was Eliza and the two of them had spent quite some time together to the point it looked like an engagement had been on the horizon. At least until tragedy struck and she had been killed while they were touring Europe by a group of anti-non-humans. A spark of tragedy in the young man's heart chased him back towards Australia where he had decided to work towards a better future much like He and Eliza had talked about before as a possibility for him to get involved with other than just moving from place to place. A year after the incident he enrolled in VMU under Magical Education hoping to be able to impact the younger generation enough to avoid the bigotry that often was costly for others.

During his time in VMU he met an extraordinary woman both in beauty and let's face it, the same amount of audacious party spirit as himself, Audrey.  While he was a year ahead of her they were in the same Major which made a good mentorship process - more so she was mentoring him even though he was the upperclassman. There were more times goofing off and tossing paper ball wads at one another during their study breaks. Of course, she was the one who dubbed him Sparky, for the major reason that anytime they would have a party he'd have a gimmick going. Being known as a well accomplished pyromancer in terms of fire magic he tended to use it to light up a series of fireworks that would be placed outside and jettisoned towards the sky as if it were a christening of proof that the party had 'Sparky's approval of explosions'. This, of course, was next to the occasional fruitcake burnings as well as this one crazy night where people kept throwing in random things to be set on fire. 

After graduating VMU he took to travelling the world again but with a purpose, to explore the magical and natural wonders of how the various Elements shaped and worked on their own and in reference towards one another for a better understanding of the topic. Both as 'Elements' on their own and in combination of 'Elemental Magic'. At times he'd visit Australia again and drop off a gift or two for Auds before heading back out to get a better idea of how he could potentially bring understanding to students in not only understanding the fundamental of how Elements worked but engage them in an activity that put them to use. 

It wasn't until the new school year of Tallygarunga that he had reappeared this time to actually settle down ready and prepared to try and put to use all the knowledge he had accumulated both in VMU as well as through his various travels. Recently employed as the Professor for the Elemental Magic course he's looking to make a 'Spark' in the students lives by delivering to them a classroom experience they won't believe they actually witnessed. 

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