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  1. Class The way that Boulder Rolls

    The year had been rounding around the corner in completion faster than he had expected. In his own mind Derrick had just been teaching the beautiful and wonderous effects of fire just yesterday and yet that couldn't have been so. Because now it was the fourth term which meant he needed to touch up the element of Earth to send the students off on a full curriculum. Something that they could mark up in their resume of completion - it was pretty important knowledge to hold especially for those that chose to go into the Auror profession where being well-rounded through the use of Elements would come in handy. This much like certain elements required a certain environment that could withstand the potential upheavals that came with the element of Earth. As such the class was once again held outside out in an opened field not that far from the school and like usual he had everything prepared for each student that had been in his class. Rather there had been two aspects towards this particular exercise, one which involved a couple of strong medium sized rocks that had big red X's painted on the face of them. A clear sign that they were intended to be targets for something impactful but littered around each rock had been patches of scorched ground. Someone had gotten a bit too happy with a fire spell or several of them. Both of his hands delved into the pockets of his jacket as he turned around to face the students that may have started to arrive. "Hello, hello! Welcome to your first day of the Fourth Term with Elemental Magic - you all came a long way and I gotta say. . . I'm pretty proud! You've showed your talent and willingness to learn with little judgement and dear I say a. . . Unique care for your fellow man and occasional stuffed animal." He knew that Iris certainly wasn't happy with the Term one exercise choice that being stuffed animal for her to set a blaze. He did start to wonder how that tinder-fur had been. . . "Gather around and listen up because this is going to be when I put to practice your ability to truly manipulate an element to change its 'intention' so to speak." He had hoped they had been keeping up with their studies as well as the various styles of Elemental spells that had been documented thus far. "Earth - It is an element with many capabilities much like water. It is a life giver and a violent element when put to the test. Yet it offers something that the others to seem to really have which is defensive capabilities which can withstand much if the right amount of magic and thought is put into the spell. Today? We'll work on all three but the first two being the offensive capabilities and the nurturing aspects." Derrick made his way towards one of the medium rocks as his leg lifted up and he pressed the sole of his shoe just on top of the head of it. "These X's are your target, I'm not asking for exact precision really just to give you something to focus and hit - which is the rock. With another rock that is conjured out of your wand." He removed his own wand and traced it through the air slowly to show the class and spoke out a few words then aimed it towards a nearby rock as a medium sized ball started to form and rotate rapidly as it built up the size of a basketball and propelled forwards only to smash forcibly against the rock. "Controlling your focus to be strong and firm - withstanding. It is that force in your desire that will help you out in this particular element."
  2. Where are we going? [May 15th, 2018]

    "Now, see, you're over estimating your talent and skill! That is always the downfall of every villain." His hand rubbed along the edge of his chin as he glanced towards her with his most goofy yet inquisitive leer. "Yes, yes, I see it all now! Wicked temptress, turned hero for love! She realized she could not resist the heroic wiles of the man of fire. " Then he proceeded to smile with a strong and confident grin that held in only as long as her true laughter showed its face, which caused his own fit to follow suit without any hesitation or resistance. "Oh, what will the Temptress say to her fellow villain's at the conventions when they found out she enjoyed good Hero Booty." He chortled for a moment before a heavy snort exhausted from his nostrils. "You'd have to be preparing for ages to do a proper Sparky impression. You're just not at that level of spontaneous fun yet. You're almost there though, a few more steps - a couple." Then a firm wink showed towards her direction even as the claim to what he considered to be an 'ill-conceived' win. He wasn't going to willingly accept it there just needed to be a bit more thorough thinking on his part to pull the imagined win out from under her! There was no denying that he enjoyed the intensity and the up-beat competition, it was something that had been present in almost any relationship he held purely because he needed someone with that kind of drive and ambition to match him. "You know, if I was one of those normal guys, I'd take that offensively! Hehehe, good thing I'm not." It was a sentiment that was understood, Derrick didn't expect to take it 'this far' in fact part of him still gnawed at the thought as if it was a terrible idea and mistake. "To be fair, we kind of met like that. Auds just slapped us together and ran off to be play mommy Auddy. The Super mom. Not that I'm complaining! It wasn't a bad day even if it was only mildly unexpected." Mildly because he didn't expect another player to hit the scene, because the intention had always been to troll places to heat and just make a mess as if they had no modern home training. "That's it, I'm making sure to tell my Sister you don't exist and that it's all a lie. ALL A LIE." The final phrase stressed in an exaggerated and comedic voice as a narrowed gaze turned towards her. "You aren't wrong, it's been. . . The dating without saying 'we're dating'. But you also can't go around saying 'We're fucking and hanging.' That just sounds like a crude way to say 'Dating'." He gave a strong cackle as his head shook in partial disbelief, maybe even slight happiness whether he was aware of it or not was still to be called into question. Eyes started to shut as he was tugged towards her, their lips met in a small kiss as he lingered just at the edge of the softness they provided against his own. "I won't lie. . . The thought popped up once or twice. But burning bridges has ironically, always been the one kind of fire I always avoided setting." Hazel gazes trailed upwards from her cheek towards her eyes while another small kiss was placed against her lips, the distance that came from it stopping barely existing. "I'm surprised you didn't push away harder. . . You're about as bad with this stuff as I am."
  3. Where are we going? [May 15th, 2018]

    His hand gently coursed along hers as she cuddled against his back and a soft sigh exhausted from him, one of a sense of contentment. Not that he would admit it in that moment but it was a feeling he hadn't held in quite sometime - one that he had tried to avoid entirely for a few years. "Oh, I bet you did, you're probably just as bad as me. But the Sparky experience is always the best experience. True facts, ask anyone, no lie." Humbleness wasn't one of his traits in a few circumstances and this most likely was one of them as he beamed a wide smile. "Dunno what you mean, are you sure you're not hallucinating? I heard it's a pretty common thing when you meet someone as Super Heroic as I." Chest buffed out and shoulders had broadened. "You know, you do that laugh a bit -too- well. . . Aha! I get it! You're the Dark Temptress whose job is to make our hero of the story fall! I got your number right here! I kind of imagined you taller. . ." Derrick turned around to face her fully as he rubbed his chin slightly with a teased appraisal look as if her height were an issue. By far, it wasn't, it actually made her a bit of a cute firecracker in its special way. A strong grunt resonated from as he shook his head. "I am the most mature ever, true story. Of course, you could also do me - A LOT- better. There's no way I'd have that kind of an accent." He tilted his head briefly as a smile peaked from his lips. "The feminine voice and whine, maybe close to accurate." One always had to poke fun at themselves if they wanted to survive the kind of dangers the world instructed against the psyche. "Oho, now look at the woman with the confidence of a million primidone's! Haha- Wait, what? You win!?" Derrick's eyes squinted at Arti as he poked his lips out in thought. "I considered it first, huh? You're saying you've never thought of it? Hehe, I find that incredibly hard to believe." He smirked slightly though it only lasted briefly, head shaking gently. "I don't want you to feel as you have to agree to it or something if it isn't something you're not feeling." An arm wrapped around her waist loosely. "Basically dating already, eh? Aren't you such a charmer! I set all this up and all I get is a 'Basically', this was a lot of prep work you know. I had to agree to way too many favors."
  4. Where are we going? [May 15th, 2018]

    "Gross? Admit it, you want a fountain experience too, don't ya? Everyone wants a fountain experience and they all come crawling to Sparky." The tips of his fingers slide along the collar of his coat as he clutched it proudly and extended it out as if he were showcasing a suit. Corner of his lip turning upwards into a smirking smile. A slight gasp escaped from him feeling her arms wrapped around him, that was something he didn't expect and yet. . . He should've expected it considering that she had read his much more pensive nature in the moment, something entirely unlike him. "I'm never tense, must be your imagination. You have a pretty good one and all that." Playing stoic, a false bravado for sure but it helped him keep his mind collected. Derrick's features shifted into a false shock as if he had been accused of the most heinous crime plausible. "Ominous?! Me?! Such a thing to say. I am never ominous, always the bright and cheerful hero on the scene." There was a lingering nervousness but it had been old ground that hadn't been trampled. It was as if finding a step in old ruins of the past where every inch inside beckoned a larger sound inside that greeted a sense of uncertainty. Even as it left his mouth, the idea of just talking about it - part of him wanted to run. To disguise his 'running' as just another travel around the world as he usually did. "Well, yea, it's a nice scene here. Crashing waves and potentially good food." Then his eyebrow raised up as he scoffed. "You know what - nevermind~. I'll just go off and travel again!" He stated in a joking manner. "But I mean, hey, if you don't want to that's fine by me! There are other artistic brunette's in the sea. Maybe. Probably not." He offered a casual shrug as he sat down. "And technically, it'd mean I'd win! I'd be getting what I want and you're left with a choice and position of my own making! Bwahahaha."
  5. Where are we going? [May 15th, 2018]

    Derrick was so worked up on the inside that he hadn't noticed there was another person entering into the area until the presence of weight pressed against his back. "Bwalrgh!? Cling-on! CLING-ON!" He immediately knew who it was regardless simply from the very attached welcome that had been offered, it wasn't like he had women going around flopping against his back. . . . Well, not at any more, not recently which had been a larger alert in his mind than he had given credit. It wasn't until this moment where he had begun to see the more 'rightness' of his intention. An eyebrow arched upwards as he gave a large grin with a brief twitch of his head without any form of shame from the words that were about to flow. "Oh, no, I have done it a lake PLENTY of times. In the lake, on a boat in a lake, I think I did it in a school fountain once. . .Uhh… Actually, I don't think they even cleaned that thing out either! Ew..." He could only chuckle as his face shifted into a faux expression of disgust. "Hey, hey - Sparky ain't 'fraid of nothin'!" Not an entire truth but his fear wasn't here, not in that kind of fashion. And yet, it was right in front of him in all of its 'possibilities' in everything that could be a potential repeat but also something vastly different, as much as it could be something that was 'nothing' depending on the answer. "Actually, I came here with an entirely new kind of intention. Even had my sister make some good stuff cause well. . . You deserve to NOT have take out and bad cooking. But I make killer smores, no one like me puts it out!" Babbling, boy was he at a good start - A sarcastic thought to himself as he shook his head. He pulled out a blanket and layered it over the grass and placed the basked on top of it. "I made this entirely vague or at least intended for it to seem like 'the usual' because I thought if you knew the -real- reason you'd try to dip out on me!" He stated in his usual joking and playful manner, arm extended out in a showcased flair to guide her to sitting down. "This actually a picnic to. . . I guess to just hit the boulder quick without playing the 'word game' talk about us maybe being more than jus bed-roll buddies. Something a bit more. . . Gods I hate Auds. . . Serious. Didn't think I'd ever actually have this kind of conversation again!"
  6. I'm here for the party

    Derrick felt out of place not properly 'crashing' a shindig like this and maybe it was partially because he hadn't dragged along one of the few people who would usually encourage him to act out like a pure juvenile. But everyone needed that 'let loose' feeling, life was too suddenly ended not to take up the old childish ways to add a bit more. At the same time. maybe there wasn't anything wrong with a casual social environment just to let people have the weight fall away and relaxation to kick in. "Well, to be expected! It is a celebration for someone who just woke out of a coma. After a pretty long time being stuffed in a bed at that." The thought alone made his joints feel a bit heavy, he could only imagine what the person who had to go so long without proper use of their limbs would feel. Soreness, occasional lock ups with the constant physical therapy behind it - That is if they didn't use magic. "Haha, it could also just be the fake alcoholic drink making you say that! Give it a few minutes you'll be regretting it is nice to meet me." He joked while taking a quick sip from the glass that settled in his hand. A nod flowed from him with ease. "It's a real boost up for the community. Between the criminal being about and the school having a lot of Auror defenses on it, probably has a lot of parents worried and concerned. Much more than the students are at any rate." @Dalton Chang
  7. I'm here for the party

    There seemed to be a much more notable response from someone within the crowd, instead of actively looking for them he quickly responded. "Crazy is just another way of saying the NEXT level of fun!" A matter of perspective, certainly, but that had bene his own personal viewpoint on that matter. As it seemed like the crowd began to shift through the constant social interactions it became more clear whom the voice pushed from as he drew closer towards his own direction. Derrick's gaze turned back towards the bartender, a woman who looked as if she held some form of attitude. "Hey, Mish, another drink to put up! Have to get a drink in every persons hand, can't let it all fall apart now." Attention then shifted back towards Dalton as he extended his hand out towards the newly arrived man. "Nice to meet you, Dalton, the names Derrick. Always nice to meet a new face around the area." His fingers curl around his glass as he brought it to his lips, taking a brief sip from it and then settling it down onto the countertop. "Enjoying the time here? In honor of the man who woke up from the miracle coma?"
  8. I'm here for the party

    "The fun is here~" Derrick proclaimed with his arms raised in the air as if he were the mail ordered clown. Whether people wanted it or not, he often found a way to have some fun - spice up the party even a little bit. Sometimes, it was a literal spicing of fire and crazy shenanigans that you could only remember in hazes after several drinks being imbibed. As he passed through the various crowds of people he knew from his past and those he met in the present his hand would extended out giving quick high fivers and shoulder pats. "Come on, people! Look alive even better! Just because we're a bit dressed up doesn't mean we can't spark up a good ol' time." A winning smile beamed brightly as he walked over towards the bar counter and lightly tapped on it. "Let's start out with this mocktail, really, I'm just curious and trying to be -slightly- good. Still need to grade papers late- . . . Oh, come on, Mish, don't look at me like I'm talking out my ass. Honest! I'm going to be a star role model! . . . Today." It was a hard sell even if it was the truth but he had to at least show by action. As he finally grasped his prepared drink he'd turn around to face the room with his back pressed against the edge of the counter. Then he took a quick sip, tasting the contents of the liquid and giving a playful smacking of his tongue from the tangy aftertaste that was left behind along with the high fizzy kick that came along with it. "Gah, tastes like a fruit drink! Needs more of a punch behind it - knock my mind off its feet." He had considered asking Mish for something a bit more complicated but he knew this wasn't that kind of party, unfortunately for his designs of fun. "I wonder if Aus or Arti will grace the presence here. . . That could really get a party starting." He had already been formulating ways to make the evening just a bit more exciting for people.
  9. Cooling down

    "Oomph. . . Hard to find ingredients is always a rough position. I can only imagine a couple of them would need to go through self exploration, that or reaping from people who make it their life to go around hunting for them." His fingers tapped on the table for a moment, a rhythm that often was associated with just overall noise in order to jog up the memory to think. "I don't really know anyone who deals within Potion st- Actually, not true! Someone does come to mind, though the guy can be pretty intimidating even for my overly-gutty nature." He nearly forgot about the Vice Principle of Tallygarunga, Vladimir, whom also handled the Alchemy classes. A man of his knowledge and extensive networks most likely would have an idea of where to get most things, wouldn't he? "I'd say check up at the School, it's actually just up the road from here. The Vice, Vladimir, he'll most likely know of people you can get potion ingredients from. He seems severe but he's pretty good guy, straight laced and very stern, but you'd get what I mean on meeting him." Derrick snickered as the tip of his fingers weaved through his beard. "Women are always a trouble and fun in their own way. Always some kind of crazy happening with them one way or another." "Wandless Magic is a pretty good knack, not many actually get that down too well. Usually students with that particular talent I try to get them towards something more active in their career life. It's a talent that shouldn't be wasted especially when you work hard to remember all the important stuff behind it." It was a handy resource, not necessary, but certainly one of the few things on an application to Auror's that'd make a person stick out quickly. "Are you sure it's the drink? Not the fiery pants? Hahaha, but I get that. When you crash a Brides wedding just for fun and giggles you're kind of already signing your death warrant with those Zilla's." His shoulders lifted up in a carefree shrug. "But I just can't help myself, people need to enjoy life even in the moments of all that stress they dump on themselves." "I can promise he'd set the pyro's off, I can't promise it will be exactly on-time if he gets to antsy. He really enjoys seeing stuff set on fire and exploding, it's like a good hobby and pass-time for him." A smirk pulled at his lips as he considered the idea of Maks actually getting more active in that kind of environment, it'd be an unorthodox was to teach him patience and timing - That's for sure. "I'm sure his old man won't mind too much, He did want me to help get a hold of his talent with Fire. Not really the 'traditional' route but it will put him to the test."
  10. Cooling down

    Derrick's head tilted from side to side in consideration of the question. "I've tried my hand on an instrument here and there to keep the edge off on somethings. It's more of a classic instrument so not really on everyone favorite list but it always has a nice sound behind it." It had been some time since he had even touched a piano and it did cross his mind as a wonder if he'd lost his edge or if the rust just was light from the inability to find the time to actually jump back into it. "A strangers kindness can get through the tight days when it comes to some cash. Probably one of the things I missed about travelling, ironically." His eyes drifted towards the case that held the bass as the series of taps followed against the chassis. "Could be worse, could end up getting sacked with curses from an accidental tap entirely. Always someone clumsy that walks around when you least need it." "Rule one, never get caught, if you're caught always have a plan B that will get you more caught! At least, that's how it seems to turn out. . . Once you go around setting noise makers on fire to pop under a random table people tend to not like whatever excuse you have afterwards." He rubbed the back of his neck as a chuckle followed soon after. "I getcha! Usually pretty safe here, but you can never be too careful. It wouldn't be the first time a random muggle would show up in the magical communities area and discover what they shouldn't." Or what they should, it would heavily depend on the reason and the person he assumed. But keeping tight lipped and out of sight was always the protocol, it protected everyone in many ways. "Hahaha, yeah, I wish I could say the same. I purposefully search out some troubles, part of my charm of stupidity - At least that's what my Sister says. I just think she's a stick in the mud." He nodded in agreement "Everyone has a knack, can't be good in every aspect of wizardry - Well.. Most can't I guess. Always have those few that seem to excel with all that book knowledge they stuff in their head instead of instincts." His hand rose up to rub at his beard gently. "I don't do too well with Hex's, ironically, since I'm actually pretty decent at Jinx's. But Elemental Magic - mostly fire- I have always had a keen talent in use. Not the most useful in times of piece or lack of conflict but with all sorts of people and the more dangerous magical creatures it will find it's use." Not that he expected to run into a Sphinx anytime soon! "Age, it's swinging faster than a mood swing. Hm.. Good Pyrotechnics. . . Well, he isn't technically my student yet but there is this young kiddo who may have the talent for it. Might even be good for a not-school sanctioned lesson for him - better control added with the fun of seeing something explode. It's a win-win."
  11. Cooling down

    "And they go down nice and smooth with a good brew in hand!" Or a bad one, it really depended on the place and the how good the nachos were - he personally held no problems with the way Phil set up the usual Tavern foods. It fit well for his appetite and he found himself often just slipping in to get a grab away to hold off before heading home for the day or week. He leaned back into the chair while bringing up the glass of water to his lips, after a few sips he'd settle it back down onto the table. "Besides, I kind of figured all that performing can get pretty exhausting, bound to drum up the hunger when you least expect it to hit." As the hands clasped into a mutual shake, Derrick gave a nod as an extra greeting then pulled his hand back to place it on the table. "Nice to meet you, James. Ha! Trouble is where it's at though, well, at least the good and fun trouble. There's a fine line between egging a house or taking all of your friends to some abandoned field with tons of fireworks and letting loose." The fireworks bit did seem like a good idea to play, maybe towards the end of the year as a celebration. At least when things strate dto calm down just a bit more around town. "Yeap, the Teaching life has me bound and gagged. Aaah, not so bad, really a good time most days." An eyebrow arched upwards as he offered a slight shrug. "Maybe some stuff you know! It's common but maybe not all too common in other places, I teach Elemental Magic at Tallygarunga. Recently started this current semester. Have to make a good impact to keep my job the first year! Hehe." Derrick snickered lightly, not in a sense of being worried either but more that he found it amusing that he probably did need to prove his worth in the first couple of years in order to solidify himself. "Fire, Water, Earth, Air - depending on how well the class does may even be able to explore much more about them. Not just the whole magical effects of it, that wouldn't help them out too much. To use the power of nature they need to understand nature and the way it reacts in itself. At least, this way, they'll be free to create their own spells as they get older in life. Unique stuff with proper understanding, that's just a fun and interesting thing to keep watch about."
  12. Cooling down

    Derrick typically enjoyed the atmosphere of the Roo, aside from it being so close to Tallygarunga and having deeper connections for various reasons it was a well known place for teachers to just let loose from the hard work of paperwork. Albeit, He chose to avoid the paperwork when he could but that only met things would pile up much higher than had originally been given to him. He sat at the front counter for a bit, having been there long enough to listen in on the band that had been playing through the night until a bit recent - in hand was a glass of water. "I promise to order some good stuff at the end of the week, Phil. Trust me, I'll probably need that with a side of gummy worms!" A small smirk caressed Derrick's face and afterwards a gently sip from the glass was taken. Eyes scanned across the entire tavern hall noticing that one of the performers that had been on stage sat by "Hey, Phil, send some Nacho's over towards that way, yea? Figure a man's probably a bit more hungry after a few sets!" He stood up with a hand pressed against the edge of the counter to offer a bigger 'oomph' to the ascent. Then made his way towards the table sitting down casually across from James. "You don't mind, right? Have to say, you sure have some style up there with your band and all. A few students of mines are into music this year so I figured I may as well get a better idea of what's out there - stuff the student body maybe listening to." One always had to connect with students somehow and he often found it fun to explore things closer towards their level if it was even close to relative. His hand extended out lightly towards James "The names, Derrick. Some may call me the local trouble maker Teacher. I like to think I just have much more spunk than others."
  13. Complete Where the Breeze Blows

    Derrick stood outside of the main building of the school in an opened space waiting for the students to arrive, each one given prior notice that the Term three and Four classes would have cause to be more 'exploratory' due to their potential volatile nature even compared to fire which could be contained. The element of Air was a wild horse of sorts - a mare that couldn't be so easily tamed and thus often always wrecked havoc when things were let loose. Something that he had been dealing with on some students, some more prominent in the 'screwed up AGAIN' category more than others. Due to the colder weather he found himself a bit bundled up in a jean jacket with fur stitched on the inside, both of his hands within his pocket while standing within a withered field with his eyes looking about the area for a moment. A nod followed through with a positive assessed grunt "This looks as good a place as any! Hopefully no one will conjurer up a house from the wind to drop on some wicked witch - Naaah - no one will have that kind of freak accident happening." Though other things could be much more likely with the things that had planned and managed to set up. This run there were two types of 'Dummies', targets, that he had in place for each student, the first had been a well-stabilized make-shift windmill. Each was constructed with strong materials to keep it in place in the ground but to also have a durable windmill attached onto it in hopes that it'd be able to withstand against the potential throttling air-spells that could be produced from just about any kind of talented individual. The second target was much more dangerous to the point he had to bury part of its stand deeper into the ground than he had expected using an Earth spell. It was in the shape and make of an Archery target except made fully of durable metal that were known to be conductive to electricity - A dangerous effort for sure but he had promised a full scope and understanding of the Elements in all of its terrible glory. Informed students were better equipped to handle their magic rather than avoiding the elephant in the room after all. As he turned around to give a usual greeting to the students that would start to arrive, his hand rose up lightly with a light. "Hey there folks! Glad to see you this lovely and cold day! Hope you're ready to get your adrenaline pumping because this lesson will be much more active than the last two we were messing around with - We're travelling into some intense territory with Air magic today."
  14. Elemental Magic - Attendance

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  15. Elemental Magic - Attendance

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