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  1. Invite Over Your Head

    "I have come to the hypothesis, as a man of academics that only delusional people say that." An L-Shaped finger curved just at his chin while he started to nod sagely as if to confirm it. The fact he called himself a 'Man of academics' easily broke his façade as he started to bust out into a mocking laughter of himself. "Oh. . . Oh man, I can't say that with any kind of straight face for long." It took several breaths to ease that burst of giggles that threatened to rumble up and out of him. "That's only because you hadn't encountered me during your time! If Jez and I were in the same area too long things would get way too explosive out of control. Had to give the school some breathing room." There had been the underlying factor that he stuck to calming a few bullies here and there or. . . Raging them in fire. He snickered and then nodded. "I can give her a grace period. I have much more tact in grace periods than her, fact." At least in his mind. "Holding back? That's never good, never hold back - never surrender! Not just for the students either, I feel it'd be good for her to go all out to lighten up the weight on a few staff members." The death had effected Audrey and by extension it would also effect the Headmaster. If the leader's of the school were in a demoralized state then it had been the duty of other staff members to see that they could have a respite of fun themselves. Teacher's had that right too, it was their memory as much as it had been the students. "And maybe~ some random French Maid can be there in case a feisty Sparky needs a bit of a dance." He stated in his not so subtle hint. It showed that she needed a night herself, not just to set something on fire but to have something she loved and enjoyed vibrating through her system. When it had been his turn, Derrick showed a bit of the reason why he'd been considered a viable Elemental Teacher. The pure power behind the spells hadn't lacked and even the foresight of precision to keep it contained for the sake of safety. For all of the bluster of enjoying a fire and its destructive capabilities he'd always been against others being hurt, even as a Spencer in school, for his own desire. The darker desire that he wanted to see things burn had merely been a hole for the various pains he'd endured through life, it wasn't just a cathartic action but a mental experience to see all that he wanted to burn inside those flames. After the fire had fully been diminished a small saddened smile shaped on his face, as if the memories had won out in its effect on him. Quickly it shifted away as he fully turned towards Arti. "Finesse? What's that? I just know that there was this awesome fire near me. And what? That was pure artistic flare. Okay, It was pure flare. But there is a neat art to it!" He smiled wide as if he'd been a child caught with their hand in the cookie jar. He looked back towards the scorched land and dummies behind him and then shrugged lightly. "At least my Students got a taste of my talent! I could have been an Auror! Well, I'd be a liability but still would have been an impressive choice." The Elephant in the room had been brought to light, David's death. His eyes narrowed for a moment in thought and his eyes squinted. "Then why don't we do it? Hm? A celebration of life memorial. The positive effects he had in the peoples lives that want to honor that memory. It doesn't need to be stuffy either, respect him with that amazing talent of yours and others that were close to him that would want to do it."
  2. Invite Over Your Head

    "Our non-existent joking kids." Derrick quickly clarified, he had enough 'Kids' when it came to his classroom. The true reasoning behind it all had been that he'd always see himself as an inept parent. There had even been thoughts of genuine pity for whatever poor bastard ended up being his spawn. He had no foresight when it came to the estimated future between the two of them, past issues of doing so made such planning more harmful to himself. Taking everything as the day gave it had been how he had chosen to live life to its fullest. "Oh, Kitten, no one can protect you from my pranks and hijinks. A Spencer always gets their target, one way or another! Especially this one." Come hell or high fire, because water is bad, he'd find a way. "Mmm... Yea~ I know what you mean." What even had been 'Innocence' to him? He had been pretty sure that was lost the first year in Tallygarunga by some strange reason or another. Too many faces, encounters that most became faded meetings that held no groundwork for his memory. Others were a bit more punch in the face to not remember to the point he wasn't sure a spell could make him forget them. "If she let me take the blame and fall for something lame I'd have to get some awful revenge on the woman. Which we still need to do eventually for reasons." He wasn't about to let Audrey forget that she'd set the two of them up in a sudden way, just hadn't the time to repay it back tenfold. His hand pressed against the back of his head as he nodded. "Thanks, that'd be great. If she prefers a certain way for the Hall to be setup then it shouldn't be too hard to do it. I already have the kitchen staff working on a menu. Told them to bust out their best recipes considering the whole intention behind the ball." Then his arms folded defiantly at the slight accusation. "They do not! If anything I should be scolding everyone for scolding me!" If he didn't have his moments of being juvenile he wouldn't entirely be himself. The grin on his face became even more defined at the grading. "Well, I was always the naughty student." Eyes wriggled at the further insinuation. Though he gave a gentle chuckle as she 'corrected' him, he'd made a gentle play in reference to another Violinist with a similar last name. Of course, some inside jokes needed to be kept deep inside. At first Derrick stood there with an arched eyebrow, curious on what she had intended as a display of fiery relaxation of sorts. Instead it had been an art expose of Elements, imagery had been knitted together through the sounds of notes. Each note pieced together a new image that fit a larger piece of the elemental tune that rang through the area in equal show of the what had been taking form before his eyes. It was impress to the degree that not many could claim to hold that form of feat and style in general, to be able to do so with instrument alone showed a finesse and familiarity with the art and what it could produce. Well, he did say give the children a bit of a show and this had exceeded far and beyond what he could have anticipated or even properly prepared for on such a short notice. Eyes lowered and lingered on the dummies and their new state of existence or rather the lack there of due to the amount of focus and energy that had been placed against them. His hand stroked at his beard from cheek to chin at a loss on how to actually 'Beat that' as she so eloquently placed it. "Hmph, All that extra fanfare! You diminish the glory that is just fire and what it can do!" With a flick of his wand he'd collect up whatever barely remained of the dummies and their standing poles then tossed them off towards the side where he could depose of them later. Then another motion called forth another set as he made his way towards Arti and started to escort her away from the circular-like area with a grand smile on his face. "I will show you raw beauty." Or rather the very chaos that he'd always viewed of his life and deeper inside of himself, something that had only gotten worse over the last few years. Derrick gently tapped the edge of his wand against the earthen ground as it slowly started to rise just a bit taller, risen to the middle of his shin in height. Precise tracings of runes were made, three on four corners of the area - 'Air, Twisting, and Control'. As much as he hated the idea of containment the runes were there to infuse a secondary magical effect to amplify and keep the fire that would soon ensue tightly contained. He turned his attention towards the new collection of target dummies as they were now fully prepared for their fiery baptism. The wand traced through the air and a wide wave of fire in a breath fashion stretched across the circle where each one would be caught ablaze, the fire burned intensely and brightly even for the time of day. The entire time a grin grew by shifts on his face as if he'd already been enjoying an outcome that had yet to be written. He took a step on one side of the circle that had been risen where the runes were situated and with a cursory tap on each rune down the line until the fourth one, a reaction would occur. Bright lights illuminated and shimmered as the magic that had been engraved in the symbols pushed outwards and caused the already vibrant fires to grow and turn, a current of air that hadn't expanded beyond the circle constantly twisted and turned feeding the flames as they grew larger by the second. What looked to be multiple fires had now been a spinning fiery tornado that only seemed to grow until it reached each end of the runes where it wouldn't grow any further, the heat that emitted from the flames could be felt as if it had been trying to kiss against bare skin. It was contained Chaos, the very ideal of how he viewed his own inner self. His arms raised up and spread horizontally as if he'd been a villain welcoming the advent of a apocalypse by fire. Though next came the step in which would hurt his soul. Putting out the flames for a less destructive force, another motion of his wand and a stream of strong liquid flooded from the tip across one of the trio of runes. Quickly it built up and started to overtake the fire with a series of sizzling and steam that rose up in a cloudy mass until what remained had been a Hydro-tornado. Short lived given his dislike for the element in active use as he tapped his wand cautiously against the runes to dismantle their effects, what seemed to only be lights diminishing on one side would effect the torrent of an element in the center as it weakened. At least until a massive splash dropped into the center of the testing ground and spluttered a muddied ash about the area in a sense of defiance for being controlled. "Sheer chaos. . . I love it."
  3. Invite Over Your Head

    "Child!? Healthy competition! Though, It's only a competition if I have a real challenge." Facts were facts, in this case the only real 'fact' had been he didn't see Apollo as a proper rival. It didn't count if you were a walking blaze that could light a marshmallow on fire just by hovering way too close to it. That wasn't an art in his mind, a man on literal fire could pull it off! But he couldn't let that all get him worked up in this moment, head shaking to grab more hold of his seemingly competitive nature. "What?! Backfires?! That's cruel, Arti. Just for that I'm teaching our kids all the tricks of the trade." He mused as a jest. 'Their Kids' that's the kind of thought he imagined would be a joke. In his eyes he was more unfit as a parent than anyone he's ever encountered. Maybe once upon a ti- No, no. There was no time before that where he thought he could even be considered a safe person in that regards. "Ha, you know as well as I do how many students are most likely 'Inappropriate'. I think we're pretty safe." Derrick wasn't entirely sure of her history in that regard, but he surely wasn't an angel walking in disguise. He snorted lightly as he shook his head. "I can only be blamed for fires! Besides, Auds knows my actual work and the work of some amateur's trying to pull a Sparky. The benefit of having someone get into your mess with you, they have a pretty good idea of things." There were somethings he wouldn't mind having the blame shifted on to him. Like being blamed for feeling up his girlfriend, she was a walking magnet for his hands. "That'd be pretty great! It'd be good to let the Student's know that the school often reaches out to Alumni of all walks. The stuff that you build up in this place lasts and will follow you on a good note." Or a bad one, depended on how one decided to leave their school year. "Well, after the fifth time, my Sister started to cast an 'Anti-Flammable' charm on my clothes that warded off the major sites that it'd happen. Then scolded me even if it failed. Can you believe her? Younger and tries to scold me!" He shook his head as if he disapproved of it but he could understand the worry that flooded her. When you're stuck in the position of 'It's only us' then over-protectiveness tended to kick into hyperdrive. He snorted as he wrapped an arm around gently around her waist and pulled it in against his own. "I know I'm always explosive. Besides, you know I enjoy stuffing places. It's like a good time every time." Derrick had been wary that he needed to be careful, not of words, he didn't care too much what students overheard. But Arti had always been a spicy temptation where it had been difficult to simply 'not'. His arm withdrew as he watched her walk towards the ring of dummies and his arms crosses against his chest with his own grin sharpened towards her. "Let's see what you've got then, Miss. Bell." It was going to be an enjoyable sight and hopefully? Cathartic for the young woman as he expected she needed a true relief with all of the hell that screamed around her.
  4. Invite Over Your Head

    "If he wants a burn-off! We can get it on! Thinks cause he's a Phoenix that he's lord of all fire. Maybe coming back to life! But me? I'M the Lord of Fire! I worked hard for that mantle." Derrick wasn't going to let some cheating Bird that had been made of literal flames take that crown from him. At the least the two of them managed to agree that Arti needed a sense of protection from some kind of guardian. Even though in his view, he won every night when the door closed behind the two of them entering into the woman's room. "I'd be out of the country before she could send the inquisition my way." He chortled for a moment and then nodded. "I bet she's going to go all out. I hope she has a small little fire pit. Need to teach Sparky Jr. how to probably set things on fire in a home." After a series a blinks his gaze narrowed. "Without Auds finding out, of course." His brow furrowed at the accusation that he couldn't dance. He danced quite well, like a Dad who didn't know the meaning of 'Stop, no, you're literally killing us.' People needed to respect the moves, it took a lot of effort to put it all together in a very impressive string. Well, impressive to him, others didn't see the craftsmanship of such a well refined style. "I'm hurt, that you think I wouldn't have the moves. You already know I'm a Magician of unparalleled skill with my hips." One thing he never lacked for had been confidence! He snickered at her choice of 'Slave' over helper. "You just tell me the list of what you need and I can point you to any student that has that capability. I'm pretty good like that, best teacher around. Even the problem children love me- . . . That's probably not a good thing, is it?" Derrick pressed a finger to his lips and then pressed it right at the edge of his rear and made a sizzled hissing sound. "Too hot to burn, Babe. And don't think I haven't set myself on fire at least five times before." Most of those were accidents from very bad testing methods. But he had to learn the hard ways so that the students wouldn't get too harmed from it, that and he knew a couple of techniques to quell the flames easily. Stop. Drop. and Roll. "Oomph, I didn't bring any fireworks. But I think making them is a better idea anyways. Just imagine the amount we can pack in for a massive flare?" A gaze shifted towards her and his eyebrows wriggled with a mischievous smile that could rival the Grinch. "Sounds pretty bad ass, doesn't it? We even get the fun of making these kids jealous from all this fun we're having that they can't." It was a planned distraction for many people but it had always primarily been for Arti. "Oh... Maybe we can also pack some Dummies with it too. Double the fireworks, triple the power. "
  5. Invite Over Your Head

    "Ouch." He pleaded in a false sense of pain from the light tap against the back of his head. It led to a heavy laughter that held for a couple of seconds. "You'd end up coming back. We both know you missed my ever burning charms and the craziness that I bring to the doorstep. It's like a hole missing out of the entire day!" Not that he would disagree about missing her. There just seemed to always be a space 'there' that should have been occupied and yet never was, followed by the accent that he'd grown so attached to hearing. That had been one of the many things about the woman he hoped would never change. Even as the students whispered and chattered about the display, Derrick held up to carrying the petite woman proudly. Shame had been one of the few words that never stuck in his mind or actions and he'd be damned if he'd allow it to start now because of a few younglings and their gossiping ways. The barrage of playful questions shot from her and Derrick's grin formed. "You mean. . .I was supposed to do all that!? I thought that it had gotten taken care of automatically!? Damn Auds and her secret anal powers of structure and organization." His eyes shifted from left to right as if a conspiracy had bene in the making. "But, yes - a Formal like a dance. Yes I can dance! I am a dancing machine at that! The only kind of proper party is a Sparky party. And her sadface hasn't worked on me since the College days. She's abused it waaaay too much." Derrick's head tilted slightly. "But since I am such a nice guy and this is the kind of stuff she practically rolls out of bed ready and rearing to do on most days. . . The least I can do is make sure it's up to her standards. Well. . .As best as it can be anyways, you know how she can get. That being said? Nope, no Decorations, Entertainment, Style, or Atmosphere as of yet! I'm pretty sure the Headmaster would frown on a 'BURN IT ALL' Theme." That would have been quite the party and quite a bill if nothing else. He shrugged lightly. "I suppose I could ask my lovely girlfriends assistance in the matter. I don't do formal but you practically live in a formal world for your career. Even have student committee's that will be your slaves - I MEAN! Your 'helpers'." Once they had arrived at the grounds he'd kneel down just enough to help shuffle her off of his back and stand on her feet. "But if you had a hazard suit on then you'd end up missing all the extra potential fun. You know, running around the school screaming at the top of your lungs while half of you is lit a blaze. The good stuff!" His own grin shined towards her. "Oh, we can use anything we want. This moment, this hours, is our crazy hour! Let it burn, let it burn. Or explode." A gaze shifted towards the school as he could spot a few students trying to peak their way through the windows. "That and we have an audience here that seems to waiting for something to happen. I guess they didn't think the Unholy Alliance of Spencer and Sturt would end up here."
  6. Class The way that Boulder Rolls

    Derrick allowed for the students to interact, assist one another as it would help in the long run to understanding the personal will and control that each of them would need. While the equation had been the same it came down to how much a person needed and how much they could exert in those moments. He hadn't expected to be addressed for any questions with how things had been going. At least until the much more relevant one about the effects of fire and the natural environment which caused a small smirk to stretch on his face. "Ahahaha, You caught on did you? Yes, in most cases the constant cycle of destruction and life goes hand in hand. You will see that a lot of places in the world follow this theme of fire burning away all sorts of vegetation. Only for it to be the grounds where they're fed from the destruction to sprout even more." His arms crossed as he nodded a few times and then started to pace over towards what he'd consider his 'Demonstration' patch to help give students a greater idea. "But that isn't always the case in certain yet rare circumstances. While I disagree with this thought for fire. . . Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Intentional burnings could do much damage that would make it hard for things to regrow." He hummed strongly for a moment. "There is also always the risk of battle. I don't expect many people to be put into that kind of situation but well. . . You never know with the ambitious few. Being able to be in a position to protect and then afterwards assist and restore. To know and see the difference in the elements that might need to be nurtured, replenished or cared for. This is the true scope of understanding the Elements in and out." His hands pushed into his pockets with a wide smile. "But that's the kind of thing that comes with use over time. Studying the subject more and more even after School."
  7. Invite Over Your Head

    The effect of what had occurred rippled in a way that most people that had loose connections to everything could have anticipated. Inside the school, outside of the school - to think that a single death could shake up so much in people. He could empathize with Adele, while he hadn't taken the time to really talk to her (As she was creepy even by HIS standards!) he understood what it meant to have someone murder the person you had decided to spend quite a long time with. It became more personal for him due to the fact it had taken a hit on Audrey and Arti, a person who had invested in both of their lives and had been like a family to both. It meant that Sparky was left with picking up some things back at Tallygarunga opting to not let the stress of work and death bog down Audrey. That wouldn't be too good for the pregnancy and she needed to spend some time with people that could help keep her grounded, focused, and doted on. This left him in the similar position to try and assist Arti, yet, being the type of person who dealt poorly with consoling people he often found he was too generic. Almost like an answering machine that constant asked 'Are you okay? Do you need anything?' If he hadn't gotten on her nerves with that he certainly got on his own. He needed to change up the game on how he addressed it and there was only one way that Sparky knew how to address most if not everything. Derrick's mind already had formulated a proper 'strategy' as he called it and he'd been going over the particulars of it when the light sugar glider landed on the bridge of his shoulder. Then a sudden weight caused his brow to furrow with arms that wrapped around him and a sweet kiss stolen right against his cheek. His steps and weight adjusted swiftly to account for the new organic backpack he wore. Hands inbounded backwards to grasp at her rear to hold her up and really to cop a feel. "Well, Hey to you too! Hmm. . . Missed you. . . I didn't realize you were gone. You're always so short." A grin formed on his face as his fingers gently squeezed in a way to suggest that he'd definitely missed her presence around. "No biggie, really. I more than understand what people are going through and all." Asking any more details on the 'what's' had been considered a bad move in his mind. "Oh, you know, work, work and more work. Decided to give the little runts a bit of a party. It's formal just because I want to see them squirm while well dressed. I know I'm a sick dictator and drunk on power." The real truth had been that it was meant to be a distraction. A way for people to enjoy a night where it's more glamor and forget about the dread feeling that hung around. Not that it would be ignored, not with how palpable it had been. "Now don't you worry, I'm not stupid enough to ask 'How you've been'. But I am stupid enough to make a dangerous fun time." Arms fastened tightly around her like a secured seatbelt and then he started to walk along the path heading towards a small area that he had often used for his classes involving the element of Fire. A series of dummies lined up in random patterns littered the somewhat scorched ground. "I did a couple of test rounds. . . How do you feel about setting some dummies on fire like a firepit?"
  8. They ain't ready for a Sparky designed Shindig. 

    1. Rachel Ryan

      Rachel Ryan

      No, nobody's ready to wear something coming from someone who uses the word 'shindig' unironically, we'd rather look fine than like a bunch of hicks.

    2. Derrick Ackers

      Derrick Ackers

      We can't all have bad taste in clothing like you, Ms. Ryan! Dare I say. . . You probably need an update anyways!

    3. Rachel Ryan

      Rachel Ryan

      'Charred clothing' hardly qualifies as an update.

  9. End Year Ball

    An extravagant post is placed up on the Notice Board - While the color of the parchment is a bright red to capture the gaze the Letter's a constantly shifting Bold Black. At the center of the poster is a constantly in motion image of chorus of people dancing in formal tux and gowns. The words spelling out a proclamation: It's been a rough year all-around! As the year stirs to a close many of you will be saying fair well, moving on to a new life! There is also the acknowledgment of the hard work many of you had gone through for your exams! This is why a grand Ball will be held in your honor for your exit and acknowledge that work! THE END YEAR BALL! A Formal Event so bring in your best wear, if you don't have any don't be shy to ask one of the Chaperones! Signed - Professor Ackers aka Sparky! P.S. - I'm pretty stylish if you need help, Party Animals! The notice goes on to explain that those that desire to assist in the setting up and planning of the event as well as making it well known amongst the Student Body that they should contact Professor Acker's directly. As well as the intended date to be December 20th, a couple of days before the official end of classes.
  10. Class The way that Boulder Rolls

    "Woo~ Slow down there, Sam. Good morning to you too. You didn't need to rush to class that fast, we weren't burning anything. Sadly." Derrick's gaze lowered as if he had been instantly dejected by this fact. There really needed to be more 'Burn stuff' segments that he'd need to institute randomly through next year. Something that could truly satisfy him. His attention shifted back to the student body. It seemed there had been someone new that slipped into class. He'd have to make sure to get proper introductions done, opting to not call Rachel out in front of the class. Can't go embarrassing students, yet. Of course, like usual there were the few that seemed to get it first go, those that needed to give a bit more -oomph-, and then. . . The handful that just botched every time with no way to make a proper recovery. He wished he could say things had gotten better that particular area but it didn't seem as positive progression had been made to avoid the low-intensity in the spells since the beginning of the year. That didn't bold well for proving that any student could get a grasp on the content and even more so now that a newer issue occurred that hadn't before. One of the students whom usually did well in the casting made a blunder of a tree. "Well. . . I guess. . . Technically the tree is the nurturing aspect?" He tried to aim for the positive angle of this mess up. After all, everyone had been allowed one major mess up even if it did fit one of the requirements of the classes course work choice. "Now, don't worry, we still have a whole other portion to try! All the fun in magic, am I right?" He walked over towards one of the scorched portions of the ground as he knelt down and pressed a hand through the scarred earth. "As our resident red-head Student has shown, Earth can create a form of life. If you ever travel or witness severe fires you'll find that at times the ground itself is badly damaged. Maybe to the point of being incapable of providing for itself." With his hand still wrapped around the wand he'd make a smooth motion towards the charred expanse as a green aura resonated from the tip of it and spewed out across the small area. It was a charm designed to reverse the process of the damage. "If you're a good person or plan to go into a preservationist job then this spell will help you to reinvigorate what once was. Maybe not create something. .. Entirely out of tree and flowers from a rock. . . But, hey, It's just as good."
  11. Firebugs Unite Pair 2

    Derrick Ackers
    He knows the tude, he's MADE the Tude. Or he's dated a Tude, it isn't quite sure.
  12. Firebugs Unite Pair 1

    Derrick Ackers
    Sometimes the best teacher is one whose been there. Arguably. . . The worse too.
  13. I burn hotter than your Bird

    Derrick Ackers
    We refuse to let Auds think she was right in the match up. Our choice!
  14. Bestie unlike the Restie

    Derrick Ackers
    Sometimes you need a person as crazy as you to ride the winds, too bad she got demoted a seat!
  15. Too Much ALIKE!

    Derrick Ackers
    Sometimes being too similar just don't work for the ships, but it works for the friends!