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  1. "Think of it as a form of affection and admiration when it comes to a back and forth kind of thing." Derrick wasn't sure on how to exactly explain it, simply that it had been a mutual understanding of the reasons. It wasn't for the sake of pranks alone, as annoying as they could be. He smiled back towards her widely. "For the humble you say?" Now why didn't he believe that? A shrug took place along with a brief snicker. The way she had smiled though meant he should keep his ears to the hall for the more amusing complaints, probably along the lines of, 'I CAN'T BELIEVE I FAILED!' Those are the students that probably needed to have a peg taken down a bit by a good and harmless prank. "You do know in this day and age there are joke books too, right? Easy to swap and switch on a student. Most times they're not noticing anyways. Their eyes are always somewhere else but the place that they should be." At least for him it had either been a target or a 'Target', though, 'Targets' were a whole different kind of fun back in his Student days. His eyes narrowed slightly in thought of the old conquering days. "Responsible adult. . .? That's a thing!? Man, I gotta tell the Headmaster that it's actually possible to be one!" He tried to shift an expression of the utmost surprise but it hadn't come to work out too well coming out more goofy than genuine. "Once or twice. Times five. The shrieks in the VMU library were priceless, that's for sure. It's great because after the spell is disenchanted it just straightens back out. The ultimate gag against the booksnobs." "That's pretty much you just swinging your arms about yelling, 'Prank me, prank me, prank me!', honest." It wouldn't be too harsh on her anyways. Maybe something like having her desk inverted onto the ceiling, that would be amusing. Though he probably wouldn't escape the storming yelling that would follow right after. "Mmm... Basic you say? Maybe low tier ones that are like Fire-Making. But the complexity of Elements as a whole is actually quite different. It's as much about alteration on the fly or adjustments made to the spell to change its composition."
  2. "HA! You must not know my tales. Most of my friends -have- turned on me in that way. It just means I need to return the favor the first chance I get. It's a pretty symbiotic relationship." Between Artemisia, Audrey, and Jezebel he probably had more pranks slung towards him in a lifetime than he could've count all at once. "To Spencer's, everyone is a target even their own pals. It just makes it all the more sweeter when it's returned. Kind of a hazard to the occupation." He snorted and a grin touched his lips. "You say you're joking but that smile looked way too enjoyable to you for it to be just a joke. You're a different kind of twisted and sadistic!" It reminded him slightly of Adele, which, the thought of the Librarian caused a physical shiver down his spine. Scarella DeVille. "Oh no, is your inner Sturt agitated? Yikes!" If the woman had been to Tallygarunga he could have marked her as one of the Sturt people a mile away. Not exactly a compliment in his eyes but he could acknowledge that some of that House had grown to be cool people. Though after his laughing fit his lips curved into a mischievous smile. "Straight faced? I'm impressed. Ibiza you say? I'll have to remember that sometime." He spoke in a teased tone. "Everyone needs their own unique way of beating off the stress of things, whatever you've done that's really your own personal kind of dealio." The use of blackmail wasn't his style anyways, he rather detested that form of prank related showboating. "I know exactly what you mean! Sometimes it's heart wrenching to have to douse a good flame." That had been more true for him than it probably should've been. But the man loved himself a good blaze if he could viably get away with it. Derrick allowed a wide chesire-cat grin to form on his face, the universal sign of 'Trouble' if there ever had been one. "Always a way to keep each other on our toes! Besides, it's not that bad. Just means better coordination considering many people will try to run around casting Elemental spells wandless. No matter how many times I would tell them that it's stupid to do so without extended training."
  3. "You're like some. . . Evil taunting. . . Witch tree or something." She had been rubbing that jealousy in and he could tell she was enjoying it. Whether it had been the prospect that it was -him- being jealous or the fact that it had been an internal acknowledgement of a claim itself that got her rise he wasn't sure. Knowing how twisted she was? It probably had been both at the same time! Even as her arm wrapped around his waist, pulling his own against hers, a pout formed as an expression. This had to be some form of evil secret disguised in some French pint-sized individual. "You do know that just saying that makes me want to be extremely~ rebellious, right?" Even if he were to show up late, it'd count as him being a rebel in his own eyes. Not that he'd been against supporting her but there were some boyish traits that he just couldn't seem to shake at certain moments. In the same vein, there just had been no way to ignore that innate design to follow with a world-class prank. He'd been wondering several ways on how to get back at Audrey and this? This was one that had been fun for the WHOLE family. One that he could comfortably do with a smile on his face and a grin in tow. "I would go with, 'This is the song that never ends' or 'I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves'. But those are just so cliché, aren't they. . .? You know, there is this one song that's been a big hit with kids as young as one and as old as like five to seven, something called the 'Daddy Finger Song'. It has different variants too, just imagine, it cycles through a few possible styles of the song. That would just get repetitive at the end of the loop." As for the more serious talk of the evening. . . It should have been an overwhelming relief that the two of them found even grounds on their emotions. Maybe not just in how they felt for one another but potentially even that backhanded fear from both of their personal hang-up's with past relationships. There had been an odd air of contentment within the tender moment that superseded the issue that tried to gnaw its way at the back of his mind being swept aside. Gaze lowered slightly to stare down towards her as he felt her chin press against the center of his chest. "Oh great, another troublemaker that I'm stuck with?" He gave a playful and exaggerated sigh. "I guess I can put you to work then!" He then squinted at her as she laughed. "Now you're laughing too hard! Do I even want to know what you're thinking!?" Derrick snickered at her insinuated mischief. "As if you wouldn't make it difficult even if you didn't decide to take up a job here. But, you know, it wouldn't be too bad. It would be nice, you know, having someone I can call on to offer up unbiased judgements. Usually, I'd call Auds, but you know she's already so busy. Most times? I feel bad tearing her away. But, hey, you get me about as much as she does and the way my mind actually works with things. In time? You'll be able to read me with just a glance!" The thought of Christmas Gift's did linger on in his mind and thoughtful hum resonated in him. "You know, I've always been bad at proper gifts. I wouldn't know the first thing to get you. My usual solution is, 'Let's go a pranking!' but that isn't always the uh. . . More romantic option in things."
  4. "I like to think 'pranks on others' is just adding a unique form of balance to the world." Whether that had been an actual truth or reason he hadn't alluded towards. A soft snort exhausted from his nostrils and his head nodded gently. "Fair enough, then maybe I'll get see how you have fun. Even if it might be just sitting in your room quietly grading papers." He hadn't thought she'd actually been that boring but the idea and thought had been amusing enough to him. "Mmmm. Sometimes, but that requires a great wealth of precision and strength of will! And that's hoping the person that's your target doesn't also have a knack for it themselves." An 'innocent' smile creased along his face as if to avoid any personal implication of his potential talent. "That's when we just toss a book down in front of them with a crease on three pages. It will drive them bonkers, they'll just be compelled to drop down and fix it. Only to find. . . It's hexed and will keep crinkling up like an annoying set of pantyhose." Derrick took in a deep breath and began to laugh in a theatrical tone, maybe he'd been watching too much Phantom of the Opera with how overplayed he'd decided to make it. As the forced laughter started to fade away a more genuine one took its place. "If it isn't flashy then it isn't worth the sight, Annie. But, hey, if you're the 'Summer Break' type I won't go around busting out that dirty little secret." "I can't guarantee that they won't smell like that." The amount of potential accidents that -could- happen with Elemental Magic on a good day? It could range from anywhere to burns to broken limbs with a single slip up but at least there were various spells to choose from to fix up those situations aptly enough. An eyebrow arched upwards, she hadn't known? A grin formed on his face as they made their way towards the Eureka Underground pathways. "Ups and downs, sometimes people get hurt and most don't understand the reason behind the method on why I situated the terms as I have. But for the most part? I tend to get a lot of sign ups. My fun and engaging style seems to take with the kids and it probably does help out that my method of getting them to use things practically are unique." He turned towards the Wandless Magic room, which a well fitted plate had been embedded on the wall to identify it. "This is your classroom as for your wonderment on what I teach?" Right across some ways had been the plated sign, 'Elemental Magic'. Where he walked over towards the part of the wall and leaned next to it. "I'm your good ole' Neighbor in this building, Professor of Elemental Magic."
  5. Derrick tapped the edge of his chin for a moment as a smile creased on his lips. “Existential crisis argument, nice touch there. But wouldn’t it be equal enough to say things would be so chaotic and grow more unpredictable that not everyone would be doing the same thing?” His smile formed wider to show the row of teeth while his head canted to the side. “And, you know, that isn’t really a sign of growing up. More like limiting if you really think about it. Just because you can’t live like a carefree kid doesn’t mean you should give up every moment of it. I think it’s important for the human psyche.” He laughed lightly and gave a casual wink with his fingers pointed out her in an imitation finger-gun. “Exactly! Have fun with it, no regrets. If you can look at yourself and say, ‘I’m complete’ then you’re already excelling.” He gasped as the label had been slapped on him and his eyes took up a faux puppy pout in her direction. “I’m hurt that you would even suggest that I hate nerds! I love them! Love them to get a bit more fun out of life.” A snicker emitted soon after and the façade of his expression melted away. “They just shouldn’t spend noses in the books so often. That’s how you get sores. And I haven’t been innocent since. . .!” Derrick began to squint his eyes as he tried to remember the actual last time before giving a slight expression of being wary. “Uh. . . Don’t think there actually had been a time. Woops.” “Good question.” He hummed for a moment while his hands pressed on the sides of his waist and his head lobbed from left-to-right like a clock. “My personal policy is, as long there is no self-maiming or maiming of others around them. Sometimes, people need to be hurt just a bit to learn or get the message through their head. They’re teens so we can’t protect them from too much, need to learn how to stand on their own. But we’ll make sure that they don’t loose limbs or life.” He could remember several of his own blunder’s that ended up with a bruise for a few days, things that could be recovered from and wouldn’t be a hassle otherwise. Besides, they have Nurses employed in the school. Certain things weren’t much of an issue the more he thought about it.
  6. "You're right, I should amp that up to, 'Amazing taste'. Thanks for that catch." He gave a firm nod as if to settle the matter as if it had been a fact finally determined. "It's been working for me since I was a little lad in Tallygarunga." A casual shrug soon followed soon after. "But some people just need to loosen themselves up a bit. Taking things to seriously makes a permanent wrinkle on the forehead and probably drives you into the grave faster. Nothing wrong with enjoying life to its fullest." What the exact opinion of what 'the fullest' had been could always be drawn towards a personal opinion and perception. "Not anytime soon unless my death swings around or something. Anything's possible!" Derrick let a soft snicker slither by his lips. "I don't inspire them in this age. Whatever they read on what I -may- have done in my younger years I can't be held responsible for, they're doing that on their own initiative." All he had to do had been to make sure that he bit the worse of the pranks in the butt before they ever evolved into full completion. That had been a lot more work to do with some of the more prominent pranksters in his alma mater. "At any rate: Spencer's will make sure people take themselves less seriously. Especially the Sturts, the mean muggers of the school." "Ohoho, someone has a rebellious streak in them! I can admire that kind of a stance." Especially when it came to the more prim and proper mandates that came with Penrose and Greyheme. Those were places he wouldn't have been able to manage a month let alone a year in as a Teen, perhaps even worse as an adult the more the thought stayed in his mind. "Oh, they'll be stubborn. They're -always- stubborn. Some are even naturally mouthy for one reason or another. Sometimes you just need to let them run the track, see where their mind is at. Then twist it to a new perspective that they perhaps never saw before or refuse to acknowledge. You'll get that too, the Teen's that don't want to budge from their opinions on certain things."
  7. "Heya to each of you!" His head tilted to the side as the question had been offered up and a soft nod flowed from him as he listened in on the critique offered for the choice made. "Fair question, if you believe that Elemental Magic is solely a class for fun and good times then it probably isn't the class you might think it is. I will be frank, Elemental Magic is the study of not only the use of Elements in Magic but the interaction of Elements as a whole. Much like Animals, the primal elements socialize with the environment around them - We aren't going to be spell slinging twenty-four seven, every session of every moment. Fire, As much as it burns and destroys it also clears and creates a place for Earth to rebuild and nurture, like wise Water becomes necessary so that the Earth can push the full nutrients and Wind giving us the benefit of the hard work of the prior three." His arms would cross against his chest and a serious expression would settle on his face. "If you'd read the syllabus then you understand: The intention of the Class is not only to give you a practical chance at utilizing the elements but also to make you aware of the true extent of the dangers. To understand the greatest aptitude of this you must see the cause it has naturally in the environment and the ecosystems. You're expected to explore, research, to come to an understanding on when, where, and how to use these useful but dangerous tools as you are with any form of magic." He'd then shake his head lightly. "You cannot witness how crucial the choices you'd have to make with these elements until you've seen some of them in the worse case scenarios. So that you understand not only the responsibility to nature but that to yourself to manage and mandate, yourselves. To learn about ways to better safeguard, to better defend, to better mitigate the potential and most likely dangers. When you're learning to research and understand anything you never do it in an environment where it's least effective, you don't get a true grasp of factors and data. The elements are a beast of their own. By the time you are all actually ready and prepared to put to practice that knowledge? The heat would have long tapered off as we grow closer to March." A smirk then pressed on his lips. "And if you all think the only time you can use fires is outdoors in the heat? Then you've all got a lot more of an imagination to build. Luckily for you? I'm good at being creative when it comes to making things of use." Hands pressed along the edge of the desk while he leaned against it. "In case you haven't noticed: The terms are designed so that you can slowly see the changes and effects each have in the environment in the area of research and study portion of the class. Proceeding one, after another. Even as we go into the Term One studies you will see the after effects of Wind's effects in different parts of the country in your everyday lives."
  8. Another wonderful day of class, of course, he used 'Wonderful' in a different meaning and not at all sarcastically. It had been during the semester where he focused on the Element of Fire, which had always been a blaze and blast for him. It had only been added on to the fact that he had been able to not only share that enthusiasm with his students but also to really see how they would handle something that always had the potential to backfire in the worse of ways. While it had been something that he should have concerned himself with like some kind of old biddy, he found that students had been able to manage and assist one another which meant that accidents and occurrences had actually been much less than projected last year. This year had bolstered the same chances or that had been what his hope was considering the various new faces and even some old ones that he'd most likely be dealing with. Derrick still chose to keep textbooks out of the classroom, leaving those as more study material to gain a firmer grasp on an academical level rather than a practical level. Class had been the area where everyone could practice the applications and be okay to make those mistakes, to mess up and cause the kind of hiccups that would occur and know that there would be others around to not only manage it but mitigate the potential damage that would occur otherwise. Due to the hotter weather outside he decided to hold the class on the inside with several wards traced around the room that would act as an air conditioning for the room. He had been sitting on the top of a desk and both hands pressed against the surface of it while he leaned in a casual form. As the first student crossed the threshold his lips parted to speak. "Hey there class and good morning! You know the drill, drop your bags and stuff on the hooks in the back and take only your wand and maybe a bottle of water or two. Oh, and your hats. We may actually need to go outside for this little demonstration of the day. Don't worry, good ole Professor Sparky has an idea to keep you all warm and the mean sun out of your face and from burning you to little cinders." He leaned forward with both of his arms not resting on the edge of his thighs and a smile that seemed to grow wider by the second. "Today, we'll be going through a few series of practical uses for fire. Depending on how far I really want to go with it will depend if we have to step outside in that scorch. But I don't actually see that happening. I guess you can consider this phase more of a kind of: 'Survival's Guide of Fire - Things you may end up needing to use it for.' Mostly the kind of things that most Wizard's may encounter if they still have that drive for journey, adventure, and exploration." His hand rose up as if to halt any potential protests even if no one would actually raise any form of objection or snarky response. "Now, I know what some of you may end up thinking! 'But, Sparky! I don't like to explore stuff! It sounds dirty or messy!' In which I say, 'You never know what life will throw at you. Always be prepared!'." It still had been the early stages of the School Year and he wasn't sure everyone held names of their classmates in their heads just yet. "Now, for the last time for this week, Let's go down the line and just say our name and. . . Hm. . . Ah, what made you snag Elemental Magic as a course! If it was just to 'Fill a slot'? Be honest, I won't get mad."
  9. "In the news? I do both of those things practically on a daily. I MEAN!" Derrick's eyes went shifty for a moment as he peered down one end of the hallway to the next and even in one of the nearby classrooms to make sure there hadn't been anyone else around to hear that little bit of his extra curricular activities or the very least what he'd planned to add on to that. "Always when under the influence of the brewery. We don't need to go into that kind of detail. Ahehehehe." Nails scratched at the back of his neck while adding in a cough as if it'd ease the awkwardness that could form. "Moving on!" He snorted a bit with a small smile on his face that formed. "I prefer my very: 'Burn now, question the importance of the quality later. Probably not the kind of thing that I should be thinking in this situation." He comically rubbed at his chin in a slow motion and his eyes narrowed lightly. However, his expression dimmed to a more serious hold with a sigh of resignation that followed. "Things in the world aren't pretty. Regardless of it being attributed to someone being a vigilante or not. It can be equally stated that the lack of it is what causes much more tragedies and worse? Things being downplayed for the sake of keeping things together. Much more hate and hurt actually occurs in that way." His eyes glanced at the various empty seats that had been in one of the nearby classrooms and a thought pressed into his mind. " 'The only way for evil to prevail, is for good men to do nothing.' Not really the kind of person to follow philosophy of any form. But the systems fails because not enough people do the right thing. It will always fail and fall short until that changes too." That had been more from his own experiences in life that still held a firm hold on his worldview. The things that weren't ever so simple, that couldn't be countered as 'Black or White' but simply a grey. His hand reached out to grasp hers and shook it firmly as he smiled towards her. "Same with you, Tamara! We'll need to catch up sometime after the school year has student. I don't expect that I will be as busy, ironically. Audrey will have actual staff members back to boss around that don't amount to, 'Sparky, go do this, because just.'"
  10. "Hey, that's my line!" Or was it more of hers? He had to admit her reactions back in VMU had only been due to the response of his various practical jokes. Some may even have called them more 'impractical' even downright just odd but he often slid those in the naysayers category. 'Here I was ready for an amazing school year again. Well. . . Maybe it won't be as bad? It's a long stretch since the old College days, right? It can't always be that she's a grumpfish.' The more he thought on it and the lack or unwillingness for him to change too much the more likely it turned out that his new colleague's reactions could be worse or even more hilarious now that they were going deeper into their adult years. Derrick had no personal issues with Andrea, not really, he admired the kind of dedication and seriousness that she held even if he felt she'd been too serious most times. It also could have just been the perception he held at the time do to the various scenarios that added on. "Hey there to you too, Annie. Shenanigans? Me? All of my stuff had been of good taste, I'll have you know! Er. . . Maybe it was. But you know what they say, you grow and you get better at your unique traits. Don't toss your guns away if they're working for you." He also wondered what kind of twisted being of magic he upset that they set up this meeting. Had he pissed off Alan!? No. . .It had to be Auds' own sense of a prank! It's only convenient that no one else was around! "To answer your question? Nope. Pranks in my name and game." His eyebrow arched upwards and a small smile creased on his lips. "Revenge, you say? Now, you make yourself a very tempting target there. I can't say that they won't find their way around. I also can't say the Spencer house wouldn't do anything either. But, hey, if you're willing to get revenge from one? I welcome that. I think this year may end up more fun for it." The thought alone excited him and the smile on his face grew even more boyish, as if he'd found another rival in the game of crazy and shenanigans that he'd intended to bring for the year. "You know, I ask myself every day when I get up and swing my legs over the bed. After getting my educator's degree I had actually planned to split and call it a productive success." He tried and it just hadn't been the same, not since the reason he'd even enrolled into VMU in the first place. "Let's just say somethings just weren't really. . . Mixing well with me for my travels. Ended up being dragged into this gig by my best friend, She's the Headmaster's Assistant. Really, it had been her really twisted way to force me to stay a bit more rooted somewhere." He lightly leaned his head towards the direction he'd be walking as a sign, then proceeded to walk expecting Andrea to follow. "What about you? I expected you to be at somewhere like. . . Penrose. Not that I think you're some kind of, you know, prissy person or whatever. Just figured you more of the type that enjoyed more of the, 'Tight ship running' leadership and angle." Tallygarunga hadn't been bad in that regard but it had been an experience that he couldn't explain without someone actually exploring it for themselves. "At any rate, I'm actually glad you're around. Students need someone with your personality, words with firmness and have that air about you that will make them listen most likely."
  11. He'd been directing a few students here, orienting newly arrived Spencer's there - It'd been an overly busy day for him and it hadn't even been the end of the week just yet. There had still been the occasional exchange students that would arrive and often they arrived later than everyone else due to travel and preparations with paperwork and securing the final okay from whatever Ministry's approval that they sought. It'd been so chaotic he didn't even have any time to place proper pranks on a few of the students yet! This just wouldn't do, it meant that he'd need to kick up the tricks in the next few weeks to make sure he made an appropriate mark on the newly arrived and a reminder to the returners for the year. Dressed in his casualwear with the major identifier on him being the shawl that marked him as Head of Spencer as well as a Professor amongst the schools staff. "Yea, yea, don't you new Spencer's worry! I'll give you a pretty good orientation on how we do. Just make sure you show up for Common Room meeting! AND BRING A TOWEL!" He couldn't guarantee that he wouldn't pop a prank on them mid speech but he also couldn't say that one of the many prankster students wouldn't do the same. He hadn't noticed the woman that had entered not entirely tuned into the fact that more Teacher's would be joining on, as much as they needed, he didn't have the chance to check the 'Water Cooler Gossip' of late with everything that had been eating at his time. As his shoulder had been tapped he whipped around swiftly to face the prodder. "Another st-" Instantly his mouth embedded shut and his eyes squinted. The woman looked familiar and his mind shuffled through the various faces he'd encountered in life, going younger and younger in his lifetime until the VMU days hit his mind. "Andrea. . .?" As if the school didn't have its resident serious Librarian as enough of a mascot for a bad time, he didn't expect to have another added on to that - If she'd been the same as he'd remembered her. "WAAAIT!" His eyes lowered to the paper as she pointed towards the name on the paper. Wandless Classroom - She was the new Professor for that class? "Oh. . . Oh lovely. Yea, I can show you were that class is. We can even pass by a print of the schools layout somewhere along the way." Derrick couldn't very well leave a fellow Professor, no matter who it had been, to wander about on their own. "That's, of course, if you don't mind me be the one to show you. I mean, I could always see if someone else would do it but. . . I also don't think there's anyone else available." Damn his luck.
  12. Aaah. . . I'm going to enjoy this year.

  13. "You have a point there - but I think crashing a bunch of weddings just for the hell of it would make it into anyone's, 'Oh my gosh, I can't believe you did that!?' list." Then again, some of the wedding party members he'd encountered had been those of good sport. When a bride-zilla hit the scene what people had needed most was the destress from the bride and the crazy antics that came attached. He was fond of being the one that could deliver that kind of a good thing to others even if it had been much more self serving. "Where is the fun in being careful? It's all about the bigger they are the larger they burn!" A childlike grin formed on his face for a brief moment and then had been wiped away in resignation. "Or. . .At least, I would say that if I didn't expect it to backfire on me -really- badly." Somethings weren't worth the hit that would follow soon after and finding alternative routes to get the proper point across could have been much more beneficial than a 'Go nuts and burn what you see' approach. "I have him helping out with pyrotechnics for shows and stuff with a bit of magic. It isn't quite the flare but it will teach restraint and focus." He smiled and gave a firm nod towards her. "Excellent! The perfect excuse to keep students on their toes and they won't even know it until it's a fraction too late." That's just how he preferred things to be anyways, the surprise that's never suspected. "No, that kind of stuff never is. Here, in Australia, you don't really think about these kind of instances. Even during the crisis for Hogwarts we were untouched, unworried." Maybe 'Unworried' hadn't been the best correlation when he thought about it. But more likely that it hadn't registered to others due to no true 'Immediate' danger. "We've been given constant drilling on keep our eyes opened, making accommodations for the stationed Auror's and their investigation. Keeping watch of the more likely targets." The more worrisome thing had been there were several under that particular umbrella for the school and that had included the other students and staff members. "Not to mention they like to catch people off guard for the hell of it." He sighed as the memory of the party hit him. "To think I hadn't thought to protect myself against a mass sleep spell while having a good time. That will show me." "Mhm. The security probably took a larger jump after the recent death that had been linked to the guy. The campus at least had gotten a very heavy tension of ever watchful, that's for sure." Derrick never could shake the feeling of being watched, not anymore. "Maybe. . . I mean, I've lost the thought process of letting the Ministry step in and handle things. Sounds a bit vigilante but I've had enough experiences to know that you sometimes have to do what you need to do. Not always the popular choice to some people." His arms crossed tightly against his chest and his lips turned into a crooked smile. "But the heavy stuff like this is what we're supposed to worry about as Professors. In the mean time, making the lives of the little teenies harder is where we can help keep their mind of this kind of stuff. Hopefully, anyways."
  14. "Strangely enough, I never actually tried for Quidditich during the school days. Then again, I was more busy with family stuff." He couldn't hold a candle to the kind of chaotic up-downs that Hogwarts tended to have drawn to it but his own world at that time hadn't been much easier for him to handle. Between trying to advocate for him and his sister to stay on School grounds until they both managed to graduate and sent on their way, then taking the time to work for a bit and go to school at an attempt to provide for the duo. It never left much time for recreational fun beyond the act of setting things on fire in many cases. "Hah, You're right, that does tend to give teams a really big edge when it comes down to it. Comfortability with the atmosphere from constantly playing, practicing, and living. Can't discount hardcore fans either, they can get pretty crazy themselves when it comes to it. Seems to boost up the drive for a lot of the players." "Oh~ Yeah. It's almost like a second nature by this point with a lot of people." It often ranged dependent on person and what they'd been exposed towards; It couldn't be argued that there were a large amount of people around that were pranksters in their own rights. He couldn't put himself on the level of Alan with the kinds of things that the man had done. "Oh, I can tell you chronicles. At least my own more recent chronicles that could be considered uh. . . Bad taste in certain circles. But I just can't help myself most days. I'll need to regale you with the times of my college days where I crashed weddings on a daily in different ways." Sometimes the University parties weren't worth the spit that had been invested into them, but weddings, one could always expect a good reaction. "Firebug to the end! Even have myself a protégé that I will show all of my fiery talents and ways. Er. . . In less destructive ways. Mostly because his Grandfather is the Vice Principle. Heh, I have to make sure I don't anger the big wigs!" There'd had been the underlying fact that the Head of Flinder's just looked and walked intimidatingly. It reminded him of coming across the man in his Student years as well, frightening. "If they start getting smarter about the whole paper trick, come to me, I'll get you a nice good list to drop on them for pranks. Some of these kids need to loosen up you know, life is too short for most of us that an eternal stick up the arse is a crime." He snorted which had been accompanied with a good-natured laugh. "Yea, a lifer is definitely one way to say it! He's a Dhampir, if I remember correctly, so he'll be around for a long while." He admittedly had been a bit jealous at such a talent to keep at a base age for years on end. "Just about! It officially pops open on the twenty-ninth of this month. Unless something ends up happening." A hand rubbed at the back of his neck in thought. "With us having a staff member and a few of that members relatives in the school under watch ever since that criminal guy popped into the country, It's hard to say if it will stay that date or if they'd move it until they're certain it's safe enough for students to return. The few Auror's around weren't very conspicuous on their jobs and all to ease the worries of students and staff alike."
  15. "That's a pretty big homage to slap it right on your back." There hadn't been much time for him to catch up on Quidditich and the various upsets that would occur within the sport. While he did hear snippets here and there the need to constantly keep moving and experience the less competitive aspects of the world took an immediate presence within him in the earlier years. This year he'd been a bit more exposed to the potential youth's that could catch the eye of the Australian national team and even then he couldn't make much of a comment on their chances. That didn't stop him form instilling some form of positive 'prophecy' that would hopefully prove some form of the truth behind it. "That's because they haven't seen the students that are going to start gunning here in good ol' Oz. Just give them the right venue and they'll show up and show out!" He had hoped for the most part. A smirk creased onto his lips followed by a gleeful chuckle. "Now I can't let you go borrowing students! Alumni's though? I think we can get those rolled up. You wouldn't believe the kind of shite the Headmaster and the Minister of Magic pulled as adults." He still remembered that crazy debacle back when he'd been closer towards his end year his Tallygarunga. All those floofsters running amok in the school. . . Terrifyingly exciting. A hum resonated from him as he listened to her, surprised that had been the state of thinking from another. "Not what I expected! Then again it just might be due to the kind of people I hung around in my younger days. . . Most wizards don't consider that particular factor. Oh, sure, they're all about bettering the Magical world and some protecting those creatures that are practically dying out which is good. But making sure both worlds are in balance and taken care of ensures that one doesn't overtake the other and more importantly? Neither suffers dramatical shifts." He had been a believer that certain things were allowed to die out to bring forth something else entirely that is equally beneficial and grows beyond what had been intended of its predecessor yet intentionally intervening to cause the destruction felt like a subversion of the natural system. "Yeap, everyone! Has noooothing to do with my fiery personality! Everything to do with the fact that I just enjoy the power of fire just a bit much." Some may even classify it as unhealthy obsession but he found it to be something worth the attention and understanding and maybe because it had been something that he could relate to in many ways. "Ahahaha, You've gotta take it one step further though." Derrick grinned widely allowing for his mind to work in its usual chaotic fashion. "You enchant the paper so that every time the students throw it away, it would unravel as straight as it had been before being crumpled and slip right into their bags in the most noticeable way." He chuckled at the reverse annoyance that would cause or rather the frustrated grunts that could potentially fuel from the easily aggravated students of the school. "Have to make sure it's fire and wet proof too. They'll be way too angry and up on what to do to even think about any other way to dispose of it." A soft shrug flowed from him afterwards while moving further into the room and sliding over towards the Professor's desk while casually trying to rummage through mostly the official looking parchments. "Let's see. . . Test, test. . . Essay - Merlin's stubbed toe I forgot how bad essay's for this class can be! Loooooong." He sighed and gave a thought grunt while his arms crossed against his chest. "It doesn't seem as if there's anything ready yet. Maybe at the beginning of the school year there might be." Then making his way back towards the entryway to the room he'd beam a bright smile. "Guess we can move on to the next fun portion of the tour! Which would be the Transfiguration Classroom." Leading the way once more he decided that it'd perhaps be good to give a bit of information to the few individuals that he'd been aware of for each subject and room. "That one is ran by Professor Viktor Valentin, pretty cool guy. A few members of his family either attend the school, have attended the school, or are Instructors in the school."
Derrick "Sparky" Ackers
Professor of Elemental Magic, Head of Spencer 0
27* year old Halfblood Human HE/HIM
Age:  27*
Date of Birth: February 10th, 1992
Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia
Year Level: 0
Occupation: Professor of Elemental Magic, Head of Spencer
Blood Status: Halfblood
Species: Human
Player:  ✩ Kaitore
Pronouns: HE/HIM
Patronus: Phoenix
Wand: 9" Spruce with Sphinx Nail
Play-by: Chris Evans

2003 - 2010 - Tallygarunga: Spencer

2011 - 2013 - VMU, Magical Education


- Plays Piano exceptionally well as a trained and constant musician

- Actually started to travel the with a significant other who had tragically died, doesn't speak of this detail.

- Is estranged from his Oldest sibling

- Only himself and his youngest Sister gained any Magical Talent

- Comes from a Semi-Broken home, had been constantly bullied and beaten up by Oldest sibling due to the gift of Magic. He always protected the younger sister.

- Humor has always been a defensive mechanism to deal with all of his problems and almost every aspect of his life

General Knowledge

- Is a known practical jokester

- Holds an exceptional affinity towards spells that circulate around Fire. 

- Classes are vastly different than most others, often involving actual activity versus lectures.

- Has a younger sister that he's close with that often visits Tallygarunga to hang out. 

- Is openly known as Professor Sparky

- Can often be seen hanging with Auds as if they were two criminals hatching a plot.


A man who seems to always be looking for the next big thing in his life in the way of fun or simply an activity to do just to shake up the usual 'same old, same old'. There is rarely a time that he's out doing something that he doesn't try to find the humor in the moment, trying to change the circumstances that seem overly mundane to being something just a bit more fun and exciting. This can range from either suddenly pulling a joke on some poor nearby victim or even just changing up the plans last minute just to add a bit of a surprise and offer up a better time due to the unpredictability of the shift. Above all else he tries to enjoy the life before him taking it a step at a time versus thinking too far ahead and this kind of mentality shows not only in how he operates his classrooms but how he engages with people on a social level. 

He's a friendly individual whose first step in almost any situation whether it's with someone new or an old friend is to break the ice in some way shape or form. If the atmosphere is too tense then there has to be a way around it to suck out just enough tension to make a person more pliable to the idea of just relaxing and enjoying themselves rather than letting the weight of the world in their mind worsen. This had been a trait he had picked up due to his own past histories involving people. 

The more hidden presence, however, is his protective nature that has formed which at first had only been towards his sister. As time went on and he had grown closer to other people that nature started to expand, albeit, to a select few in a small circle. Due to a history of having a bully at home he's often more likely seen taking a hit for those under his protection before striking back if it is a possibility. For all of his joking, smiling, and general constant humor a foot there is deeper sadness and broken nature from what he had to deal with that developed those particular traits as a coping mechanism. 

Even though he is aware of this fact it has now become more apart of who he is as a person to showcase a constant humor rather than dim it down simply from how it had been formed. 


Derrick stands tall at the wonderful height of six feet sporting dark brown hair and a well maintained beard that stretches across his face and connects without a break. His eyes are a form of Hazel and his body is well built through a modest exercise regiment that isn't too intense but just enough to keep a tight shape. His hair holds a soft and bouncy countenance to it using very little hair products to achieve much of its shape and continuity in how it flows and weaves back into place. Hygiene is clearly important to the man as he often seems to have a scent of a gentle clean breeze, if one could call it that. 

He's almost always decked from shoulders to the point of his toes in casual wear giving off the air of someone that is often more relaxed than tense or uptight. Usually can be found wearing jeans, some form of sneakers, and alternation between a long t-shirt or a Short sleeved one based on the weather and at times just based on how he's feeling in the moment. He seems to carry a bag around with him that certainly has seen better days yet various things are kept inside from sentimental value to actually useful. A necklace hangs from his neck that seems somewhat more feminine in design of the chain, a locket hangs along the center of it with two pictures on the inside. One seems to be of a younger woman with similar features to Derrick's smiling in some kind of field, the other seemed to be a slightly older woman whose clung to Derrick's arm in a more intimate manner with flowing blonde hair.


Born to two Muggles, Conrad Ackers and Regina Ackers, Derrick is one of three children that made up the typical muggle family. Being Muggles with no exposure to the magical realm the idea of 'Magic' was a fantasy book to them for quite sometime. Derrick, being the middle child, had exhibited the signs of magic early on in his lifetime in the way of occasionally setting things on fire. At first it'd be accidental until the connection within his mind made it clear that the triggers always aligned with how his emotions had flared up. The accidental started to become the intentional and nearly any inanimate object was pure fodder for the sudden fire that sparked from his untrained magic. Curtains, Sofa's, even his Mother's unwanted fruitcake - though everyone was glad THAT got set on fire, surely. While the unexplained seemed to occur for several years without any peep from the young man the day finally came when he turned eleven that an unexpected visitor walked into their lives and changed it irrevocably. 

It was an invitation and a messenger, which both had a lot of things to talk about and say. The letter was an acceptance into Tallygarunga while the Messenger was sent to give the family a breakdown of the Magical Community as well as the intense need for secrecy, perhaps even a bit of what would happen should said secrecy ever be broken. No doubt it was then mentioned that the young sister of Derrick, Janet, also possessed the potential and it'd only be a few more years until she was accepted into the school herself. Many feelings swarmed across the feeling with shock and disbelief clinging to at least everyone else except Derrick. This is when thing started to rapidly go down hill, aside from the fact that his parents now knew the random fires were due to his own inability to control his magic but it also began the horrible beatings and bullying that came from Janet and Derrick's oldest sibling, Xavier. 

Xaiver's jealousy of being the isolated sibling grew into an anger that just wouldn't be satisfied as he lashed out in his everyday life at school and at home but the worse of it was when the ire drew towards his own brother and sister. In an effort to spare Janet from the more physical beatings from their brother, Derrick, chose to be a red herring. The distraction that would earn all of the attention through the use of sarcasm and badly placed humor, one of the few things that would irritate a bully enough to close out other targets and tunnel vision to a single one that they felt was worth every inch of a beating. Bruises, sprains, even a black eye or two had been Derrick's daily life until he left for his first year at Tallygarunga. His recently developed attitude towards being a humorous clown linked with his natural propensity towards being a jokester landed him in House Spencer. There he had managed to meet a few people and even picked a couple of neat tricks to really get under his brother's skin. 

Yet, in all that while, their Sister had been catching the brunt of the more esteem tearing ad vocal retort from Xaiver without the oldest boys favorite punching bag around until breaks or holidays. Every holiday, every break, Derrick would always go back to the school with some new bruise hidden under his clothing making sure that he took every bit of the pent of anger and beatings so that Janet never had to feel the force of a fist against her body. Never able to truly fight back and always having to remember to keep his emotions in check to avoid a sudden uncontrolled fit of a magical surge, it left him defenseless unable to truly do much else. Eventually, Janet had made it to eleven years of age and her wizarding letter came to inform her of being accepted into Tallygarunga and that her year would be starting up soon. This was the moment that Derrick had been waiting for as a form of preemptive strike, armed with the proof on his body he petitioned for himself and Janet to be held at the school Campus until they finished out their years largely based on the idea that their lives were endangered at home. 

Without alerting the parents to the full scope of the cause or reasoning it was considered a new change of policy in order to better regulate the use of magic in young witches and wizards. For the time being the two of them were safe from the horrible home conditions but it meant a new strain had been pressed onto Derrick. He needed to not only manage his school subjects but reach out to jobs to build up funds so that he could provide for an actual place that he and his sister could stay after school. Due to the education being paid for them that was one less burden they had to worry about until the graduation bell tolled for them both. He was the first one to graduate and instead of going straight into VMU he took up a job that briefly allowed for him to travel across the world working for a company as a form of liaison where he had met a wonderful woman on the job, A pure-bred Veela.

It was no wonder why he was smitten with her and yet she hadn't used the full force of her nature to attract him, it had all happened fluidly without hormonal suggestion. Her name was Eliza and the two of them had spent quite some time together to the point it looked like an engagement had been on the horizon. At least until tragedy struck and she had been killed while they were touring Europe by a group of anti-non-humans. A spark of tragedy in the young man's heart chased him back towards Australia where he had decided to work towards a better future much like He and Eliza had talked about before as a possibility for him to get involved with other than just moving from place to place. A year after the incident he enrolled in VMU under Magical Education hoping to be able to impact the younger generation enough to avoid the bigotry that often was costly for others.

During his time in VMU he met an extraordinary woman both in beauty and let's face it, the same amount of audacious party spirit as himself, Audrey.  While he was a year ahead of her they were in the same Major which made a good mentorship process - more so she was mentoring him even though he was the upperclassman. There were more times goofing off and tossing paper ball wads at one another during their study breaks. Of course, she was the one who dubbed him Sparky, for the major reason that anytime they would have a party he'd have a gimmick going. Being known as a well accomplished pyromancer in terms of fire magic he tended to use it to light up a series of fireworks that would be placed outside and jettisoned towards the sky as if it were a christening of proof that the party had 'Sparky's approval of explosions'. This, of course, was next to the occasional fruitcake burnings as well as this one crazy night where people kept throwing in random things to be set on fire. 

After graduating VMU he took to travelling the world again but with a purpose, to explore the magical and natural wonders of how the various Elements shaped and worked on their own and in reference towards one another for a better understanding of the topic. Both as 'Elements' on their own and in combination of 'Elemental Magic'. At times he'd visit Australia again and drop off a gift or two for Auds before heading back out to get a better idea of how he could potentially bring understanding to students in not only understanding the fundamental of how Elements worked but engage them in an activity that put them to use. 

It wasn't until the new school year of Tallygarunga that he had reappeared this time to actually settle down ready and prepared to try and put to use all the knowledge he had accumulated both in VMU as well as through his various travels. Recently employed as the Professor for the Elemental Magic course he's looking to make a 'Spark' in the students lives by delivering to them a classroom experience they won't believe they actually witnessed. 

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