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  1. Invite Not A Little Girl Anymore

    Viktor had woken up when Jezebel left the house in a hurry, but had managed to get back to a light doze after some time. He knew that if something were truly wrong, if any of them were in immediate danger, she would at least notify him so that he could get the triplets to safety. Viktor might not have been the strongest of the twin brothers, but he would fight until his heart gave out if it were necessary. He could smell Jezebel and... No. His senses could not be lying to him, even as he sat up in bed and rubbed the tiredness out of his eyes. That smell was of Lorelei. A mix of the flowers from the greenhouse where her body had lain, but also the natural smell of her that Viktor could not quite put into words, even when Jez asked him to. A mix of him and her together - that was the only way he could phrase it. The triplets made it clear that it was Jezebel and Lorelei that had returned home, and Viktor was immediately out of bed and making his way down to the entrance of the house. Even the cats had made it there before him, Valerian eagerly pointing at his big sister. "Papa, look! Lei is back! Lei is back!" For his part, Viktor stood stock still as he took in the sight of his firstborn. She was standing there, she was breathing... The first thing Viktor did was hone his hearing until he could truly hear her heart beating in her chest. His own heart began to race in his chest, beating faster and faster until it was likely fit to burst in the figurative sense - though he knew he would need to calm himself shortly, else the donated organ could be in some trouble. "Lei..." He muttered, still focused on her heartbeat. He did not even elect to think about how she was still that teenage size, that there was something amiss with her eyes. A fanged smile soon blossomed as the father surged forward to embrace his baby girl in his arms. Sure, his heart was still galloping away at an unhealthy rate, but damn it, he wanted to forget his own limitations and focus on the fact that Lorelei was with them again. "Lorelei, my little girl, you're back," he murmured into her hair as he held her close, afraid that if he let go, he'd find himself having dreamt it all. "Papa missed you." He could feel his heart soothing down, though whether that was due to himself, or due to the magic of the girls, he did not want to question just yet.
  2. Too fab 4 you

    Viktor Valentin
    They are too fab and pretty, with adorable little babies.
  3. Letta, Nika, and Erian are now asking me why can't I turn into a big fluffy giant black cat like Uncle Vladimir can .-. Time to explain what an animagus is

    1. Alexander Winfield

      Alexander Winfield

      Haha, you sound a bit sad that you can't turn into one for them.

    2. Viktor Valentin

      Viktor Valentin

      Haha, in a way yes. I can't risk being an animagus. *taps sternum* The donated heart inside and all that. On the plus, Erian is convinced one day he'll turn himself into a dragon ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  4. Anastasia and Viktoriya are suggesting I take up the piano again to learn more. Can't decide what to do .-.

  5. Invite Epic Failure of the Teacher Sort

    Viktor worked quickly and diligently, his senses keeping track of every change that Alic exhibited. Thicker accent, eyes closed, deep breaths. The Romanian worked to close the wounds, working on each one at a time. The smell of blood still permeated in the air, and Viktor knew that he would need to resupply the man with more. The smell of hippogriff was still strong. “Careful. No sudden movements,” Viktor directed the man, watching as the colour drained away from his face. Viktor couldn’t help the frown that came to his face when Alic explained exactly what had happened. At the same time, the man was partially pleased at the flinch the man gave when the light was shone into his eyes; the eyes were reacted, which was good. The mention that he did feel nauseous however was less pleasing. “You didn’t happen to see which students caused that havoc, did you?” Viktor inquired as he finished closing the last of the wounds, and then removing the blood stains that marred Alic’s skin and clothing. Even if the man hadn’t seen which students, Viktor might have luck picking up their scent at the scene. If not him, he could ask his father or even Uncle Igor to assist, although the latter was a hit or miss when asked to help out. Viktor grabbed an anti-nausea potion and passed it to Alic. “Here, drink this own, it’ll help. After, please lay back down on the bed and take some deep breaths again. I’m going to cast a spell to relieve any swelling you might have in the brain due to concussion.”
  6. Invite Epic Failure of the Teacher Sort

    Viktor, done with his lessons for the day, had set up shop within the Hospital Wing, organizing paperwork and taking time to tidy up. After all, keeping everything sterile and in clean, orderly shape was very important. Then, perhaps he would take some time to go over his work from the university; soon, he could sit another set of examinations and be another step closer to getting his certification in Magical Engineering. The man's blue eyes were focused upon the paperwork involing the ordering of supplies however, and not upon the various formulas he had frozen within his mind. His eidetic memory worked wonders, suffice to say. His senses soon caught something else however. Looking up from his work, Viktor couldn't help but sniff the air, the coppery scent of blood filling his nostrils and going straight to the centre of his brain. Blood. A lot of it. The dhampir stood up from his chair and quickly put on his lab coat; his ears could pick up the found of rapid footsteps approaching, and he knew he would be met with the unfortunate soul soon enough. If the footsteps weren't enough, the smell of blood became stronger and stronger; thankfully, he supposed, he had always been good and docile, never one to give in to his dhampiric nature. The smell of the blood, though enticing to that part of his nature, he kept any wanton feelings down and locked away. His blue eyes soon locked upon the eyes of the man now entering the wing, with eyes that were somewhat reminiscent of Viktor's twin brother and other family members. "Alic," Viktor said, his tone calm and steady in the face of the man's darting eyes. "Sit here," he motioned, trying to get the man to settle upon one of the hospital wing beds. Viktor didn't start with the usual questions he asked of the students. Instead, the man immediately went about stopping the flow of blood, waving his wand and closing the wounds as quickly and efficiently as possible. Only once the the thread of blood loss was lessened did Viktor attempt to question him. The rage upon Alic's face was of little consequence - Viktor was focused and in his Healer mindset. Another small sniff - hippogriff. "The hippogriffs attacked you." Glancing at Alic's head, Viktor inquired as he shone a light into Alic's eyes to observe the dilation of his pupils, "You were hit on the head. Do you feel nauseous at all?"
  7. Event And A Very Merry Unwedding To You! [April 1st, 2018]

    Viktor sat in place with his children, holding them close as he observed Jezebel and Rheldor, the man picking up Lorelei without seemingly any difficulty. His mind still hadn’t fully comprehended what was happening, had happened. But Vladimir was telling him that Lorelei did have a heartbeat, and that was enough for his mind for the time being. Though the children helped, Viktor did not want to try and exacerbate his mind more than it already had in the midst of all of this. Vladimir for his part watched with inward curiosity and some concern as he watched Flora place some necklace around Améa’s neck, and the latter turned into a child before their very eyes. A battery? A vessel for energy? A match to gasoline? The Dhampir turned his gaze to Flora and inquired, She will implode with the power that resides within her, correct? This was magic that would take Vladimir time to comprehend, but he could be patient. Viktor placed kisses on the triplets’ foreheads, squeezing them tight before he let go and managed to get himself up onto his feet. “Stay close to Ruella, okay? Papa is going to see Mama and Lei,” he told them, looking to his brother and giving the man a look. Stay with all of them, please. As you wish Viktor. As Viktor moved to be by Jezebel, Vladimir remained where he was, observing the triplets Améa, Jezebel, Rheldor; the latter had earned a nod of approval from Vladimir, who was at least somewhat better assured that maybe this new individual was indeed a good man. His grandfather, as well as young Maksim, nodded their heads with regards to informing the others that Lorelei had fallen ill. Make puffed out his chest and look up at Jez and Rheldor and said, “You can count on me! I’m the best knight after all, right Mr. Rheldor?” Vladimir the younger turned his sights back on his immediate company, including Améa and the triplets. His eyes bored into Flora’s, face forever impassive as he then asked her in silence, Will this process truly work?
  8. Event And A Very Merry Unwedding To You! [April 1st, 2018]

    Viktor came to in an instant, his eyes snapping open as he heard Jezebel scream. Getting up onto his knees at first, Viktor’s eyes locked upon the still form of Lorelei, Jezebel headed right towards their little girl. The shock had Viktor complacent for a moment, his breathing rapidly picking up as he lost all focus of everyone and everything around him. The only thing he saw was Lorelei’s seemingly lifeless form. He couldn’t hear her heart. People were speaking, but Viktor couldn’t hear them. His blood was beginning to burn between his ears, the man bringing himself to his feet in what felt like a stupor. “Lei…” Her name dropped from his lips unbidden, and the man took a small step forward, then another. He still couldn’t hear anything. The girl seemed to be aging before their very eyes but he still couldn’t hear her heart. None of this made sense. The moment he heard the name Zane uttered, however, everything changed. And Viktor snapped. “LORELEI!” Viktor screamed at the top of his lungs, a snarl crossing his features, blue eyes taking on a menacing glare that the populace had never bore witness to. His fangs were elongating, as he began to hunt the area for that cretin. “Stop,” Vladimir tried to tell him, having woken amidst the panic and confusion, his ears having trained upon young Lorelei immediately. It took him a moment, but eventually he was able to hear her heart, beating so feebly and weak that it became no surprise that she appeared to be in the thrall of death. Viktor would not hear it. “WHERE IS HE?” Vladimir kept his face neutral even though he wanted to cringe at the sight of his brother giving in to his dhampiric blood, and the rage it could bring, for what was the first time since their adolescence. “I’ll kill him,” Viktor snarled, eyeing the area, trying so hard to find a man that clearly wasn’t there. “I’ll rip the fucker’s throat out myself. GET OUT HERE YOU COWARD.” Vladimir approached Viktor, telling him, “He is not here, not now. Calm down Viktor, this will not help you or Lorelei.” When Vladimir placed his hand on his twin’s shoulder, Viktor grabbed that hand and with a force not often seen, flipped Vladimir over his shoulder, sending him crashing down to the ground. “You don’t understand,” Viktor growled, his breathing increasing, his donated heart racing away in his chest at a pace that was not healthy for him. Viktor knew this. But the blood in him raged, and he wanted blood, and violence. He wanted to tear his nails into Zane’s flesh, rip the heart right out of his chest. He had to pay for what he did to his little girl. Vladimir had gotten to his feet, and tried to approach Viktor again. He could hear Viktor's heart racing, and Vladimir knew his twin could not afford that. “Stop this. Think of Lorelei,” Vladimir attempted to reason with him. Vladimir recognized the signs his brother was exhibiting, and if it continued, Viktor might very well try to hurt someone, and Vladimir could not allow this. Stepping in front of Viktor, he said, “Enough. Calm yourself, this will not help.” To this, Viktor threw a swing at his brother, not seeing his twin but seeing a target for his bloodlust. Vladimir was able to dodge out of the way of it. “Enough!” Vladimir raised his voice, and was given the gift of Viktor attempting to claw at his face, successful in the endeavour. Viktor’s nostrils flared with the smell of fresh blood. “I’ll kill him, and anyone else who stops me,” Viktor snarled. Vladimir, not wanting to have to incapacitate his brother, was left with not much a choice. Vladimir had always been the stronger of the two of them. The man was able to lure Viktor into a false attack, bringing up his knee and connecting with Viktor’s stomach, sending his twin to the ground. Vladimir then snapped his fingers, sending tendrils of darkness to wrap around his brother’s form, keeping him bound and on the ground until the rage could subside. “It will take a few moments, but he will recover his senses,” Vladimir assured everyone, feeling immense sympathy for his brother, as he focused his umbrakinesis upon the supine figure on the grass.
  9. Event And A Very Merry Unwedding To You! [April 1st, 2018]

    Viktor couldn't help the fanged grin that came to his face at Jez's reply. "Aye, you got a point there," he agreed, turning to look at the gathering with a smile on his face. It quickly changed to a look of concern, however, when he heard Jezebel wince. He had been about to ask her what was the matter, when the matter became painfully clear as people began to drop to sleep in front of his eyes. "What the f- ack," Viktor grimaced to himself, hand going to his head as he felt the sensation of sleep trying to lull him away. The children, Jez, everyone! He couldn't sleep, he had to protect them, and make sure they were all right. He crumpled down to his knees, his hand still on his head as he tried to force his blue eyes to remain open, his teeth gritting together as though that would hold off the spell. He muttered every counter he could think of, but it was too late for that. No, no, no. He looked around and saw his twin trying to fight the urge to sleep too, but Viktor barely had a chance to send his brother a thought. He had always been the weaker of the two of them, and he fell forward, eyes shutting, just barely catching the sound of a thought from Jezebel. Oh god. Lei.
  10. Event And A Very Merry Unwedding To You! [April 1st, 2018]

    Everything seemed to be happening at once, but Viktor didn't sense anything untoward or even dangerous. Still, his immediate reaction was to approach Jezebel, and when her arm wrapped around his, the man gave into impulse and let his nose nuzzle against her hair. It was certainly a lot, as he watched Rheldor who definitely seemed excited about all this family that he was surrounded with. Of course, Viktor also kept his senses out for the kids, watching as Améa and Vlad came over with the triplets and- Wait. My Aiden? Viktor's blue eyes immediately settled upon the teenager and Lei as the girl gave him a hug. Viktor wasn't ready for this ? That was swiftly thrown under the rug as Jezebel began the introductions, and it was with obvious pride that Viktor beamed at his little ones, and then at Jezebel when she introduced him and what the party of the day actually represented. Viktor couldn't contain the bright smile on his own face, giving Jezebel's hand on his arm a pat before he held out his hand to Rheldor. "It's a pleasure to meet you Rheldor," Viktor told the man, "Our naming customs are definitely different from those on the Isle but, I am Viktor Ivanovich Valentin, at your service." "More of my family are here as well, but knowing my sisters, they're off causing mischief. They're Anastasia Rose and Viktoriya Aleksandra. Our grandfather is here however, I might try to flag him down, as well as his kids," Viktor mused aloud, turning to indicate his twin and introduce him when he caught the look Vladimir gave him. "Vladimir Ivanovich Valentin VII. Pleasure to make your acquaintance," Vladimir indicated to the man, tone impassive. Viktor refrained from sighing; that was just how Vlad was. Looking at Jezebel, he gave her a smile and murmured to her ear, "Bet you didn't suspect something this crazy would happen at our party?"
  11. Event And A Very Merry Unwedding To You! [April 1st, 2018]

    After successfully tricking his brother to dress up as Tuxedo Mask, Viktor was happily distracted with the UnWedding shenanigans to be held, the man beaming at the work that Jezebel's brothers had done to make the event as fairytale-like as possible. And really, his heart swelled up a little more as he watched his kids run around, the man beaming as he made his way over to Jez. "They're having a grand time," he murmured into her ear before he looked at Dave. Viktor had spent time enough talking to Jezebel about the news when she had told him of the man's return, but Viktor wasn't about to make a spectacle of it. Not that he was normally inclined to do so, but today was special. "Hello Dave," he greeted the man before he turned his attention back to Jez. "I'm going to check up on the others, love, I'll be right back." After all, the host had to make sure everyone was happy! And so it was that everything was going along swimmingly until he turned around to see some man spinning Jezebel around. Blinking, Viktor allowed his thoughts to branch out to Jezebel and Adele both, asking, Uh, love? Adele? Who is that?
  12. Invite Fun For The Whole Family

    I'm so sorry for the delay guys ;-; blame work Viktor caught the look that Jez gave him, his eyes shifting from his fiancé to his twin brother. The man just gave her a small shake of his head, a silent cue that he'd fill her in later on what the two brothers were thinking. Instead, Viktor playfully ruffled Valerian's hair as the kiddo passed by him, before looking at Jez again. "I'll come and give you a hand," he told her with a bright smile; Vlad would survive, and Viktor was sure if anything did so south, his brother could handle it. He seemed at ease enough discussing music with Alex at any rate, and keeping his eyes on Améa and Flora. Viktor would have to question him about that, but later. The blue-eyed twin quickly darted off after Jez to help her get the foodstuffs ready for the feast; Viktor was getting hungry, and only a medium rare steak would satisfy it. Vladimir's ears kept close to the sound of Améa and Flora speaking; the little girl did have an awfully uncanny way of speaking about her that told him she was not a normal little girl. The rest of the group's reactions did prove that to him as well. However, his attention was soon caught discussing the cello with Alexander. "The human voice is sadly underestimated, suffice to say," Vladimir told Alexander, "Music has a gift and magic of its own that many do not understand, or choose not to understand. I play the cello, the violin, and the double bass, though the cello is my primary instrument." "If you ever wish, I may procure you tickets for any of the performances the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra puts on. I am their maestro." A fact that seemed to baffle many, considering his young age. But, who was Vladimir to attempt to convince them that the facts in front of them were, in fact, the truth? Vladimir was truthfully a bit surprised that Caleb spoke to him as he did, though it did not show on his face. The man's head tilted to the side as he considered young Caleb's request, before he nodded gently. "As you wish, and if your family will permit me, I may play something for your birthday."
  13. Invite Fun For The Whole Family

    Viktor pressed a kiss to Jez's temple, moving with her to the kitchen to help prepare the drinks for everyone in attendance. "Work went well, though I had to try and convince Vladimir to come even at the last minute. He really seems to think he's being a bother, but I keep telling him at the very least he's not sitting by himself at home alone," Viktor explained to her quietly as he also kept an eye on everyone and everything that was happening. His eyes always fell on Flora, knowing that Jez and Adele had some... feelings, regarding the girl. Viktor for his part didn't know what it was about her, but something about her was different from the others. He couldn't really put his finger on what it was though. Lei liked her enough, and he did trust his baby girl to have a good grasp of what was right and wrong, but even Viktor had to wonder what Flora was all about. Vladimir for his part was silent throughout most of the conversation that was occurring amongst Jezebel's family. Veronika remained on his shoulders, Valerian and Violetta nearby, focused upon the discussion now occurring between Adele and the others. He was rather lost with it all, and could not quite understand it, but he had enough common sense to realize that there was little love lost for the mother that Adele and Alexander referred to. Red eyes focused upon everyone, his mind worked to decipher everything, though he kept himself as guarded as possible. The last thing he needed was for anyone to catch on that he was attempting to figure this all out on his own without drawing attention to himself. One thing he knew for certain - this was a charged environment. Even a normal human could sense it, never mind his and his twin's dhampiric natures. Viktor kept an eye on his brother, but frowned as Adele began to flip through the photo album. He'd heard the story about what happened to Lauren, and Vladimir had filled him in on what had happened that fateful day. Viktor's frown deepened when Adele made her way outside, listening to Améa as she spoke. An obvious observation, but it was true. Viktor and Vladimir made eye contact and nodded. The both of them knew something about birthdays and celebrating the ones they did get. Viktor and his heart. Vladimir and their father's accident. Attacks and other trauma. Vladimir said nothing, merely holding onto Veronika's ankles as she remained upon his shoulders, and Viktor nudged Jez gently. You know her better than I do luv, of course, should we head out and follow to make sure your mother is okay? Or hold the fort a bit longer? Viktor asked of her in thought.
  14. Invite Fun For The Whole Family

    Viktor beamed over at the two new additions. "It's nice to meet you both, Alex and Cass! Welcome to the family," Viktor told them amicably, enjoying the feel of Jez leaning against his side. Family was important after all, and it always brought a smile to his face, not masking the fangs within his mouth. The man was sure there was a whole backstory to why Alexander was this new family member that no one had been told about, but he knew well enough that answers would come in time. Curiosity was something Viktor managed to hold back when it came to Jez and the sorceraic blood. For the most part anyway. As such, when Flora appeared out of nowhere again, Viktor wasn't in the least phased by it. "Hello Flora, it's nice to see you again," he greeted the young girl, though he could always tell through his own dhampiric senses that there was something different about the girl. Different even from Lei and the triplets, from Jezebel and Améa. He wasn't sure what it was, but it was there. Viktor would have herded the triplets himself, but he was sure Uncle Vladimir would have a great time handling them, and what were brothers for if not to watch and enjoy such moments? So, the twin with blue eyes watched his counterpart with red eyes try his best to herd the twins toward the house... only to freeze at the sight of Flora. Vladimir, for his part, had been silent for the majority of everything, until the girl appeared upon Alexander's shoulders. You, Vladimir thought within his mind towards her and her alone, and if the girl were anything like Jezebel, she would hear him he was certain of it. Outwardly, his face remained neutral, his eyes darting between the girl, his brother and sister-in-law, and the home. He had never forgotten what the young girl had said to him in the park, before everything occurred, before he moved to Moscow. I have not forgotten your words. This is the blood you spoke of, is it not? After she had spoken to him, and the subsequent event in the library, how could it not be? But, so as not to be rude to everyone else in the vicinity, Vladimir let himself nod at young Flora and verbalized, "Greetings, it is a pleasure to see you." How many more surprises would there be, he wondered?
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