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  1. "Not sure how you thought that I wouldn't notice you were back late," Sibylla huffed softly as she waited for Amber to turn, and then watched the girl carefully, the way she moved, in order to assess the injuries. It was not good at all, and she was quite unhappy about seeing her charge looking this banged up. So banged up that she could barely move. Gently, Sibylla offered Amber a hand, wrapping an arm under the girl's and around her back, in order to help her get to the living room, taking careful note of any kinds of protests or painful noises coming from her on the way there and while she sat her down. "I've got some Chamomile and Peppermint on the boil," She said, and then sat next to Amber, lifting her hands to hover over the girl as she examined her. "There are very few forms of training that bang someone up to this extent, Amber. Your back is injured, you're covered in bruises, your ribs are tender, you can barely even walk," The woman frowned, "I'm not stupid Amber, I know that Gemini has been covering for you, and that you go into the city. I haven't followed you though, haven't spied or kept tabs, but this is getting ridiculous. The least you could do is just be completely honest with me, and then I might even be able to support you in what you're doing." There was no real anger in the woman, only a hint of hurt and disappointment as she looked at the girl, before then pushing herself to stand. "I'll be right back, I'l going to get some cold compressions and that tea," Sibylla murmured, stepping out toward the kitchen to do just that. After a few minutes, she returned with a platter, the things she'd mentioned as well as some cookies on it, and set it on the coffee table.
  2. Sibylla was more than well aware of the time. Not only had Amber missed dinner, but it had also got dark, and it was near the height of the longest days of the year. Where on Earth was that girl? The mother had afforded some leniency, considering what Amber had gone through, allowing her the extracurricular activities, which she kept secret from her for reasons that Sibylla could only judge as something she would not like. Thankfully, she was aware that Gemini knew about what Amber did, and that was at least enough to give the older woman at least a little comfort, knowing that her granddaughter was looking out for her when she couldn't be there herself. She did worry though still. She noticed every bruise that popped up, ever limp or wince or painful stretch that the girl made. The two and a half century old woman was not an idiot. She didn't particular like being treated like one either. So it was that Sib was waiting patiently for the very quiet sound of the door opening and closing, those small creaks that the floorboards made as the girl attempted to sneak through the house. She could even almost feel the pain in the sounds that she made in her wake. The steps were off slightly, her breathing weak. Unlike Amber though, Sibylla could move silently, and she was right behind the girl when she finally spoke quietly. "Late night out tonight, and you're looking as though you were almost run over by a bus or two," Sibylla wore a small frown to accompany the words as she looked over and assessed the girl that she had promised to take care of and keep safe. This was beginning to get beyond ridiculous with the amount of sneaking combined with the damage that was done to her. "Come on, let's get you sitting on the sofa so that I can take a proper look and get some of that healed up, while you start telling me what it is exactly that you do. I've been lenient, but I think it's only fair that you at least be honest with me, don't you?"
  3. "Well, I am supposed to be a man-eater... wouldn't fit the image very well if I didn't add in some kind of torment for you," Sib snorted quietly, before then offering a gentle shrug, "A part of fitting in with modern day is acting the same as the young people do, isn't it? Besides, just because people like to stare at me, doesn't mean I'm staring back at them." The cheeky responses were complimented by an equally cheeky smile, "Especially when one is hiding their true face from the world most of the time anyway." She punctuated the last remark with a raised brow, before then laughing softly at their following back and forths, offering a light wave of her hand, followed by a small bow and another chuckle, "I think you'll find that most rounds often belong to me. My looks are hardly my only asset now." She smirked gently, resting her chin on her hand once again as she considered the fact of continuously learning. "Good doctors never rest, they also say. Though, I have to admit, there's a lot of truth to be had there. But the results are worth it," Even the most obscure treatments and illnesses played a part in something else, and having that extra knowledge never went astray, whether it was treating someone herself, or having the information to be able to give to someone else who was having trouble elsewhere and didn't already have it. Nothing was ever wasted. "Honestly, I find the more mundane ailments to be the most entertaining," She grinned with another quiet laugh and a shrug. "I suppose expecting the worst all the time is a rather effective method of keeping everyone at a distance as well," Sibylla mused with a raised brow, before her shoulders lifted and fell gently. She could understand the lack of trust in the goodness of others, especially when meeting them for the first time. She could also understand the surprise of finding someone who was actually genuine in their goodness. Most of the time, those kinds were picked off rather quickly if they weren't careful, or their tune changed after enough negative run ins themselves. "I can understand that. I try not to make any decisions about anyone until after I've met them a few times, to get a decent idea about them, myself. And good people are a true rarity... why, even I might not be entirely 'good', per se," She snickered, before then reaching for her handbag to search in it a moment. "But, I suppose you will work out for yourself in the future whether I really am or not. For now though, I should probably consider heading home soon."
  4. "I'll just entertain the visual of the shock you'd suffer if you discovered otherwise one day then," Sibylla grinned and then laughed quietly, but then nodded in agreement. There was never really any telling the kind of person who was working with, at least not until they got to know them a little better. And even then, one could know a person intimately, and they could still surprise them unexpectedly. She chuckled at his counter over a meeting being anything from a look or glance to talking to one another. She rested her chin in her hand as she lifted a brow at him, and then snickered, "And if eyes never met? If they simply drifted by one another without any recognition toward the other person? It's a rather common occurrence you know, especially in this day and age." The modern era tended to make people less social in personal interactions, and more so over other forms of communication, something that she found saddening when she thought about it. "I don't believe I ever admitted being ecstatic, nor that I hoped you would be lovestruck. In fact me words were that I wouldn't want you to be," A smirk tugged at Sibylla's lips before she tutted at him, "I think you might be projecting." She lifted her hand to her lips in an almost coy manner, before then laughing quietly and genuinely, clearly not serious at all in her teasing or joking. Both of them appeared to have their reasons for being wary and were hiding such behind the facade of their teases, not that she minded in the least. It made it easier to not worry so much if she thought he was wary of her and consciously maintaining some distance. "Mhm, I am indeed a doctor. Did the education for it and all... well, I mean it's more an ongoing education, between the more standard forms of practising medicine, and the less standard," The woman was one of the leading practitioners in the world who combined Muggle medicine with magical healing and potions, but often in a silent capacity, preferring to keep her name of some things in order to avoid too much attention. There were those, after all, who did not appreciate such combined ideas and methods, despite how effective they could be and how well the various practises complimented one another. A small smirk lifted her lips, however at apparently having thrown the man, though, and she chuckled quietly. "You expected me to not be a good person?" The blonde asked lightly, "Even though you wanted to talk charity benefits with me?"
  5. "How do you know you haven't?" Sibylla snickered quietly, however she waved off the apology. The woman was used to the reactions she received, it was difficult not to be bothered by it still, but it couldn't be helped in a lot of cases, and so all she could do was watch closely to know who was superficially interested, and who was able to resist even the slight draw and be able to interact on a less 'charmed' level. "Can't blame anyone for being wary, at least when they know what they're dealing with," Picking a Veela out wasn't always the easiest, and people were often under their spell too much to realise anything was off. She chuckled at his apparent lack of self-preservation though. She supposed there were all kinds around. The small philosophical debate was interesting though, and certainly amusing for the woman as she listened and offered a few small nods, before lifting a finger. "Ah, but passing someone on the street doesn't mean actually stopping to speak with them, does it? Again, that's decided upon by a mixture of actions and circumstances. We could be walking opposite ways, and something distracts one or both from even noticing one another. Or the ball could be spotted and caught by another person who was in the area," The woman grinned at him with an amused gleam in her eyes, her head tilting as she leaned forward a little on the table, "See, the Chaotic Order can work in both directions... either in causing strangers to meet again and again... or in causing them to continue missing the mark, and completely bypassing each other." She chuckled quietly as she then sat back once again, tapping her fingers on the table. "I am absolutely charming, I just don't want to leave a poor man lovestruck after a dinner meeting," The blonde smirked, but then listened as he spoke about what he believed, offering another gentle nod, "You believe in stacking the deck in your favour. Which, I mean, isn't a silly way to think, certainly. It's practical, and leaves a little less room for surprises that you aren't prepared for already. I certainly prefer to be prepared... but there's also something to be said for receiving the odd shock now and then." She tilts her head in musing thought. "I have to agree that there is always something refreshing about discovering something new though. That's why I travel when I hear about a new illness or magical health issue, or even a new plant or natural toxin that's been discovered, you never know what you might learn," Sibylla smiled a little as she considered. It was the nice part about what she did, though she had a natural talent for healing, to be able to discover new cures or medicines for different ailments was always a wonderful treat.
  6. "Goodness, that didn't even reach 'Dad joke' level of bad, it was even worse," Sibylla tutted softly at his terrible joke, but offered a gentle shrug, "Few are able to even see past the appearance with one like me." She then said, and it was quite true much of the time. Unless she was able to control how much people were drawn to her, then it was a rare case for anyone to actually look much further than that. Whilst it could be just a little bothersome on occasion, there were also pros to such a thing. Less intrusive questioning, and the ability to maintain some distance between herself and others, certainly helping her in the long run. "Well, I'm sure it would have been an experience to learn from," Sibylla chuckled as he spoke of how easily one of his kind were enchanted, "Mm, but often those are short term charms. Veela charm is quite different." She reminded him with a wag of her finger. "Even then, the chances are decided by certain decisions," The blonde grinned lightly as she leaned her elbow on the table, "For instance, whether one decides that they would rather live in solitude or not. Whether they choose a remote area, whether they move around so frequently that there is no chance to meet. It's not just that it's a big world, it's that even the long-lived make decisions that affect every outcome. For instance, I could have chosen to not meet with you tonight, and we would not be here right now." A small inpish smirk tugged at her lips, and then chuckled softly. Even with being long-lived, the chances of meeting someone again by accident anywhere in the world was slim. He had only contacted her because she was a name that had integrated itself into the kind of scene that he wished to appeal to. Had either of their decisions been different, they likely wouldn't have met. "Really? I thought you would have predicted it because I was so utterly charming and such an enchanting dancer that you would just have to find me," Sibylla grinned once again, before then shaking her head with another small chuckle. She did offer a thoughtful look, however, as she considered his words regarding fate, "I'd probably be the same. I never much liked the idea that I couldn't forge my own future. I believe everyone's decisions create their outcome."
  7. "You don't live a long life without having some kind of idea how to keep something saved for a rainy day," Sibylla nodded in agreement, figuring that the Fae no doubt had somewhere that he kept his wealth. Not that it was something she was interested in learning. Like he, she'd save up her own tidy sum. Her descendants certainly wouldn't have anything to worry about. She snorted softly at his disbelief that she could be boring, though certainly wasn't going to a reason further to debate over it, "Yes, well, the attention is a bit less meaningful when it's because of one's physiology." She mused, offering a small shrug and little more. Rather, she simply played with her empty glass as Vale attempted to paint himself a saint, a single brow raising at him as though she didn't exactly believe that. She wondered if she should feel sorry for the young waiter. Still, at least it was amusing to be able to recall where she recognised the man from, and going by his words he'd probably been about as young and inexperienced in meeting other magical species as she was. Though she had to smirk when he argued against having turned tail, spinning the story into him being generous, and causing her to tilt her head as she laughed softly. "You're assuming that you would have had any will left to leave if I hadn't turned my attention from you," Sibylla mused quietly. While it was fair that there would have been a chance of her becoming 'struck', the same could easily have been said of him. She'd started asking him questions, wanting to know more about the strange young man, and he'd certainly not fought against her charm. If he had started singing then he would have been in a lot of trouble. "Well, I guess we'll never know what might or might not have happened," The woman smirked with a small snicker, and then rolled her eyes at his assumptions. His continued words, however caused a brow to lift. "And what makes you say that? After all, it is a big world, and we are across the other side from where we met. Or are you one of those who believe in fate and such?"
  8. "Funny. You strike me as the sort who would enjoy talking about what he likes," Sibylla smirked back at him, an almost knowing look in her eyes, though it didn't take from her calm demeanour as they traded wits while continuing the discussion of the benefit. "I get the feeling that it would take a lot more than a single benefit to break your bank. You're supposed to be some philanderer who does this kind of thing regularly, aren't you?" A brow raised and she then chuckled quietly with a gentle shrug, before offering a light snort at the idea of awarding medals. She wasn't certain how that would go down exactly, people tended to like something a little more than a trinket to show who was better. Big award ceremony and plaques and naming after them seemed more the style of the folks she knew. But then, he had mentioned it as a joke, a small way to make fun of them for seeking anything at all for contributing. "There's hardly a great deal to be worked out about me. Most that anyone wants to know, they can find out by looking up my job and title list. I'm incredibly boring, I'm afraid," The blonde shrugged a single shoulder, taking another sip of her drink. Of course, she knew that wasn't true, of course, but it was still fairly accurate. She worked enough that people were certain that it took up most of her life. She certainly didn't have any sordid affairs, she had her jobs, her charities, had a couple of daughters that she raised alone, and that was her life in a nutshell as far as the public was concerned. "Why do I get the feeling that you're not going to make that waiter's evening much better at all?" The woman asked as she watched him peering at the young man who now looked wary as he served other tables, tutting quietly. "On the contrary, I've had a great number and variety of dealings with your kind, and know that information is a very valuable commodity to most," The assumption that she hadn't dealt with many fae before amused her. They were one of the few species she had always been rather cautious of in her long life, at least after her first few run-ins with them. she hadn't even known what one was or heard of them when she'd first met one of the Fair Folk, and had only been told later. That thought alone suddenly had her gaze narrow in thought as she considered. Her mind having to shuffle through memories to that day. Dancing and entertaining alongside the Roma group that had taken her in, just outside a village. A strange man that had taken her notice about as much as she had his. She was young then, hadn't had much control over her hold on others... or more so, simply used it to her advantage to entrance them. She'd sensed something different though, and had openly used her charm to corner him, her curiosity wanting to know more, until her attention was taken by an unhappy Lord who wanted her group to leave. At that point, she'd needed to go charm the agitated man into allowing them to stay a time. When Sibylla had looked back for the strange man who had drawn her curiosity, he was nowhere to be seen. And one of the elders had told her what he was, having recognised his kind from their own years of travel. Studying the man across from her now, Sibylla's lips formed a hint of amusement in the way they twisted upward. How interesting. "Much longer hair... perhaps a bit more on the skinny side... and not quite as strong glamour..." The woman mused finally, finishing her glass and setting it down before lifting a finger to point toward him, "No wonder I didn't recognise you very quickly. You didn't turn tail and run as soon as I looked away this time."
  9. "Sounds like someone who enjoys getting snarls," Sibylla chuckled quietly with a small smirk, whittling away at her dinner in between speaking with the man. He interested her enough to find his quips and attempts at being smooth more amusing than bothersome. Though, it had also been a while since she'd had a more relaxed dinner as well. Their business seemed to have them seeing eye to eye in respect of what their personal goals were at large. She nodded gently as he spoke about those who could be protective, before a slight smirk tugged at her lips and she glanced across toward him. She didn't say anything, but there was something in what he'd said that amused her for some reason, something in his description of the kinds of communities that usually created protective people. "The sincere folks will want to contribute as soon as they hear about it, no doubt," The blonde said, offering a small nod. "They're the ones I'll get in touch with first, because it will also cut down the costs of hosting the event, which means there will be more left to go to where it should." She had obviously done this before herself, perhaps a great many times. "After that, then we make it more public, and watch as others flock to compete with one another over who gets to look the most charitable and conscientious." A smirk tugged at her lips. A small enjoyment in watching people trip over one another all in the name of their own self image. "Welllll... I suppoooose I could tell you all about the ones you need to look out for," She mused, full lips forming a thoughtful pout as she lifted her glass to swirl around the left over liquid in it, "I mean, it might take all the fun out of working it out for yourself, though." Another light chuckled followed as she winked and then took another sip of her wine. "Anyone surrounded by a certain aura can be intimidating, even by those who don't understand why or how," Sibylla offered a soft laugh, and then smirked a little as he mentioned assumptions. She'd be surprised if he hadn't at least begun to narrow it down by now. Though his cheek remark about moving past business made her smirk, before her brows rose at the suggestion of moving on from the restaurant to somewhere else. The suggestion seemed to cause her to pause a moment as she studied him, head tilting slightly. "It's not often that a business dinner is anything but just that," Actually, perhaps more accurately, it was never really something that happened. She didn't make a habit of socialising when she'd been summoned for business, nor did people who usually wanted to speak business, and a part of the woman wondered if there was some hidden angle that the man was attempting. A wariness crept in on the woman. What was he aiming for in wanting to get to know her more personally? "Is this something you normally do? Try to get to know people more personally after having a business meeting?" Maybe he was just one of those folks who liked to know people. She, however, was not the most trusting of folks and, despite the easiness of the conversation over dinner, wasn't so certain on talking about far more personal business with a fae man that she just met.
  10. "A mountain of a sort, I suppose," Sibylla mused quietly, though she chuckled softly as he appeared to be full of compliments for the blonde. She lifts her brows as she took a sip from her wine, before resting an elbow on the table and propping her cheek in her hand, "You know, this is the part where I should probably say that compliments rarely get anyone anywhere." She smirked then, before offering another quiet laugh, though didn't give any indication as to whether she was serious or simply joking around with him. Rather, she picked through her meal a little while he appeared to be assessing her or something. "I'm sure that my smile is much prettier than my snarl," She added, before then tilting her head at his analogy of her, and the explanation of what he meant. "That seems like a reasonable assessment. I've something of a protective streak in me," The woman nodded gently, choosing not to expand further on the statement. It was more of an understatement, really. Especially when it came to her family and those she cared for. That she could rain hellfire upon someone was more than a metaphor, though very few would ever suspect her of such. "Perhaps. I imagine there would be those who want to hold a better image in the public eye, so they would make an effort to do so. Of course, I already know most of those who are sincere and those who are more interested in how they are perceived, so I'll be able to point them out for you," It wouldn't hurt for the man to learn which ones were earnest and which were generally still out for themselves in the long run. It certainly made things a lot easier later on when one knew the kinds of people they were dealing with, especially if he had to deal with them later on as well. "You're probably a little more daunting to a young man than you think. Even with the smiles and all," Sibylla watched the man across from her easily with a small smile tugged at her lips. She knew well that he was trying to play off his watching her, though she wasn't going to tease him too much about it and nodded instead at his mention of the situation usually being the other way around. "Then I'm surprised you haven't guessed by now," She mused quietly. The question of her life situations, however, drew a light tugging of her lips into a secretive smile of a sort, before she returned her blue gaze fully to meet his eyes. "Now that sounds like a very personal question," She tutted, "Very inappropriate for a business meeting."
  11. "That's what I meant," The blonde smirked a little as she watched him, "You said you'd have to find something to do if you weren't needed for this particular cause anymore, and I said there are plenty of other causes around as well. Goodness, don't tell me you've lost yourself among your words, or company." A silent chuckle was breathed out as she took another sip of her wine, blue eyes glinting with mirth, before she then lifted her free hand to wag a finger at him. Definitely not gentlemanly to ask a woman something along the lines of her age, though he'd not get an answer if he did decide to ask. "Those with winning smiles and pristine locks are the ones who should be suspected the most," She then said with another soft laugh and knowing look. There was always something hidden beneath the looks, behind the smiles, it was just a matter of seeing exactly what it was. "Hmn," Sibylla's gaze shifted to the table for a moment at the condolences. She hadn't really wanted anyone to pick up on that brief sadness, and was annoyed with herself for having let it slip for a moment, but she offered a small nod in silent thanks all the same. She tilted her head at the moniker though, and considered it, "Mama Bear, hm? I suppose that fits." A small breath was huffed from her lips, but she then listened and nodded in agreement with his reasoning for wanting to hold a public benefit. It would certainly be something that could get packed quite easily, but that was handled with the right venue and enough staff to see to peoples' needs. "Well, I meant more that high profile people are also the ones who are in a better position to be charitable, but I agree that it makes a much better impression if it's left as a public event, because even if people can only assist with the bare minimum, it will still spread some awareness. Of course, also provides greater opportunity for those opposed, but with enough security that can be handled," Sibylla nodded again and then offered a quiet chuckle at his insinuation, "I've not been in my position all my life, you know." She'd certainly had a youth, a rather rambunctious one, despite not really having a childhood. She still made mistakes, took chances, and still did now. The interaction with the waiter, though, caused a brow to raise as she watched the poor man quickly walk off to tend to another table. "Psh, that was terrible. Poor young man looks terrified that he'd about to be beat up now," Sibylla tutted softly at the man sat across from her. Fae nature, indeed. "Besides, you've been struggling plenty yourself to try and not stare, and failing for the most part," She grinned then, before taking another sip of her drink and then moving to pick up her utensils for her food, "I can't imagine that happens very often for someone of your heritage."
  12. "I'm sure it couldn't be that difficult to find something else to do other than holding large events. Or you could just find another cause to work for," Sibylla huffed a small chuckle, though she then lifted a brow at the mention of how bad the situation was, "It's more that I've been doing this a long time, and been watching long enough to notice the changes, no matter how large or small." And there were changes, that was inevitable in a world with so much uncertainty when it came to regarding that which a person didn't understand. She didn't truly believe there would ever be universal understanding for all, but she did hope for a future where the magical world wasn't as separated as it was. Wizards and other magical species able to at least see eye to eye on the important things. "Well, whether I trust is still questionable. But I do believe that you have a legitimate concern for the wellbeing of those who... don't fit the 'norm'," Sibylla nodded gently. She had noticed the staring, but she wasn't going to point it out as it appeared that the man wasn't even aware of it yet. Her lips tugged upward in a hint of amusement at his use of 'we' when he spoke of the question of what they were, as though including her in that. She supposed he had enough reason to suspect she was another who did not fit within the realm of average witch or wizard. But she didn't have to confirm or deny anything just yet. At least, until he mentioned those who were hunted like animals, and for the briefest moment there was a flash of sorrow within her gaze, before it vanished, the woman shifting it to her wine glass as she took another sip and then offered a few nods. "There is far too much of that, I have to agree," The woman said simply, but then lifted a brow, "It's not as busy a job as you might expects. All I have to do is get the right contacts to do the work and get the identities to the people who need them. It's not like I do everything by myself." Gods, if she even tried that she wouldn't have time for anything else. No, there were some things that she did have to rely on other people for. "It sounds like you have some idea of what you want to do though, and know to prepare in case someone tries to draw the even south. It could be a nice evening to plan and arrange though. Open to public, or are you aiming for particularly high profile guests?" The woman asked, curious about how he wanted to handle such a benefit. Having it open would gain popularity for it, open for eyes. But also make it a larger target. "Oh, I don't mind having my name on something, so long as I have a proper hand in it, and know the complete aim regarding such events. It wouldn't be the first time I've received attention, it certainly won't be the last," Sibylla chuckled with a small smirk, eyes twinkling a little in mild delight. How many times had she managed to divert the spotlight away from her as soon as it had been aimed now? Too many to count.
  13. The Veela woman chuckled softly as she was accused of disarming him, but lifted her brows and clicked her tongue lightly as though she didn't know what he meant. She had dealt with many people over the long years, those who had something to hide as well as those who didn't. And when it came to some kinds of business meetings, she often had to be on her toes. Often enough there were those who simply wanted to pry some kind of information from the woman, something she was never really very willing to give up for any reason. There were too many who placed their trust in her for her to endanger them. "Oh no, I completely understand. Despite much of the progress that's been made over here, there are still many who hold to the old thoughts and beliefs, and more still who simply fear what they don't understand. I'm well aware of the state of society and the ever gradual dropping numbers of those which... stand out," The blonde nodded gently, though a soft snort erupted as he swished his hair about, before her gaze shifted to the menu in order to decide on what she might like. "Mmn, part that, but also the question of why you would have sought me out," She murmured as she read over the list of dishes, before then glancing up as the waiter arrived and offered a smile to the young man, who then began to stare at her a little too long, before she cleared her throat in order to try and nudge him from his stupor, "The smoked salmon and rocket salad, please." She said softly, before then reaching for her glass to take a sip of the wine. "Yes, I'm very aware of things. Even though the situation has been a lot better in recent years, due to the support of the current Minister of Magic when it comes to other magical species, there is only so much that even he can influence. I still find myself having to bail out a few individuals here and there from rough situations, and having to help form new identities, find homes, and so on," Sibylla nodded lightly, though she lifted her brows again at the idea of a benefit, silent for a few moments as she considered the idea. "That's a lofty venture. It's bound to gather just as much attention from those who would be against it as those who are for it," The woman stated to begin with, knowing well that placing oneself in the spotlight could be a problem when it came to particular political elements. She knew that for a fact, having been someone who had been an outspoken advocate for equality in the Wizarding world. It also made sense why he had come to her now. "So you'd like me to put my name on this event as well, and try to spread word of it via my contacts?"
  14. The touch of his hand instantly set off a warning signal in the back of the woman's mind. Magic... old... fae. She'd encountered enough of the species to know the feeling of magic when it was being used, and suspected that he must have been glamoured. It also had her mind buzzing to try and pinpoint that familiarity she could sense. It wasn't so much that she knew him, but she could be certain that they must have met at some point in her quite long past. Especially since there was now no telling just how old the man himself may be as well. Still, the woman's smile never faltered, and if anything perhaps shone a little brighter, the tingle of magic calling to her own natural instincts to arise. She would have to try to control her effect on others or else this private meeting would likely end up not being very private at all. Sibylla knew well what she could do to a room, and the attention that could end up directed her way if she wasn't cautious. "Well, I suppose you should go ahead and call me Sibylla, then," Came the blonde's smooth response, before her lips tugged into an amused halfsmile, "You'd be surprised how easily one could forget a face when the years begin to blur. Though, if you don't mind my saying, I think you're cheating a little. Perhaps I would recognise you if you weren't masked." She tutted after her comment, murmured as she sat down in the offered seat, so quietly that none else aside from the pair of them would hear. "However, at least that answers one of my questions," Sibylla said idly as she rested her chin on her fingers and watched as the man sat back down, giving a small nod to the offer of wine, and then making their orders so that they could discuss whatever it was that Mr Windum wanted while they waited for their food.
  15. It had already been a task to make time in her schedule in order to fit in a dinner meeting, and though it wasn't something that she was accustomed to, the subject of the meeting itself was what interested her. A new person in the country who was something of a philanthropist and tended to stand for causes. And he was interested in learning more about the community surrounding discrimination in the Wizarding world. This at least told her a few things, one being that he hadn't simply found out about her through the most normal means. Secondly, that he had to be a part of the magical community himself as well, and he was either trying to draw out those of non-pure blood, or he was someone who had experienced discrimination himself. She supposed she would find out soon enough. Sibylla arrived with minutes to spare, the woman stepping from her car and taking a quick glance at the restaurant before she moved to step inside. A slim navy blue dress hugged her figure, the pencil skirt stopping at knee length, and blonde hair fell easily over her shoulders while her blue heels clicked on the floor as she approached a waiter to ask quietly which table she was expected at. Upon being pointed toward the correct one, bright blue eyes set upon the man who was waiting and she studied him a moment as she then made her way over to greet him. "Mr Windum, I presume?" The blonde asked as she approached, offering a hand forward to shake with a warm expression, "I'm Doctor Sibylla Townsend. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance..." She then trailed off for a moment as she squinted at him. There was something about him that she couldn't quite put her finger on, "I'm sorry, have we met before?"
Doctor/Healer, Investor, Non-human Support Networker
250* year old Pureblood Veela She/Her
Age:  250*
Date of Birth: May 1st, 1769
Birthplace: Romania
Year Level: 
Occupation: Doctor/Healer, Investor, Non-human Support Networker
Blood Status: Pureblood
Species: Veela
Player:  ★ LilyCat
Pronouns: She/Her
Play-by: Candice Swanepoel
  • She is full Veela
  • A widow, a number of times over
  • Has a deep love for old black and white movies, dancing, and an addiction to Coco Pops
  • Was the mother of past Bilby Headmistress, Melanie
  • Is grandmother to Gemini, and great-grandmother to Gabby
General Knowledge
  • A doctor at Narrie General, and part time at St Ringo's
  • Has two daughters who go to Tally (one blood, one adopted)
  • Is the adoptive mother of Amber Cross
  • Has a 'way' with men

Though she may appear stoic, practical and professional much of the time, Sibylla is far from unkind or lacking in compassion. In fact, its because she has very passionate emotions, that she feels she must control and contain them a lot of the time. Losing control of her emotions has never really led to any good results, it generally tends to lead to trouble, and because she cares about her human family she doesn't want to bring too much attention or danger to their lives. To that end, she might be aloof or disregard someone if they are trying to wind her up.

One thing that is noticeable is just how protective she is of her family, especially since the death of Melanie under very suspicious circumstances that only Siby and a couple of other people are aware of. She would sooner gut someone than allow them to hurt those that are precious to her -- but again, that it part of her passionate nature, which is very difficult to keep a hold of sometimes. Still, when she is calm and among her loved ones, she is very content, happy to sing to or play with her great-granddaughter, or chat with her daughters and granddaughter. She is very up to date with the modern world and technology, and so can relate easily with the younger generation.

Perhaps the only thing that bothers her on the rare occasion, is general loneliness. Sibylla is not a creature built to be single for long periods of time. But at the same time, she won't risk danger to her family or herself, and so its often very difficult to find a trustworthy partner. Her last long-term lover died around seven years ago and since then she's kept to the odd fling here and there and nothing more. But she does miss companionship; loving humans also causes a lot of heartache, and she's loved a few. She even has a fun side when she feels like letting her hair down a bit.


Pretty would be putting it lightly, Sibylla's looks are designed to draw in the attention of others and incite lust in men, so of course she would be nothing less than beautiful. Still, this doesn't mean she goes out of her way to flaunt her appearance, often using make-up to in fact try to dull down her looks rather than enhance them. She has bright blonde hair, and abnormally bright blue eyes, full lips, and a nose that hooks in just the slightest way. Standing at 5'6, she is an average height, and a healthy body weight, her physique leaning toward that of a person who gets regular exercise, but not enough to get rid of all her body fat, leaving her with more of an hourglass-ish figure.

Siby dresses in expensive clothing a lot of the time, from her work suits, to her running clothes. Its more a matter of comfort than anything, finding that cheaper materials feel scratchy against her skin. She colour coordinates like nobody's business, and doesn't like looking untidy -- unless she's lazying about the house or is playing with her great-grandson.

As a Veela, Siby does have the unfortunate 'other side' to her as well though, which is not nearly as pretty in appearance as her normal state. When truly angered, she will begin to transform. If the anger is controlled then she can keep it to hands becoming claw-like and maybe a few feathers sprouting along her arms, but if she flies into a rage, then she transforms into something appearing more like a harpy, that can do devastating damage, both with her strength, and with the fire she can summon.


If asked how she came to being, Sibylla would never tell; part of the reason is that she isn't entirely sure she even knows how she may have been conceived, or whether she simply just started existing. It is a mystery for the ages, and not worth trying to think too hard about as far as the woman is concerned. She spent her first years of awareness among some others of her kind, finding their nature to be as natural as breathing air.

Somewhere in the late 1700s, Sibylla, still quite young in mind, was found by a travelling group; Roma, they called themselves. She took to travelling with them and learned some of their ways. It was through spending time among humans, and especially around men, that she learned of the talent she had for entrancing those of the male gender. With this discovery came many affairs which led to confrontation among the travellers, as wives and husbands and lovers all became frustrated. One woman tried to attack Sibylla for seducing her man, and the Veela reacted by killing her. Sibylla promptly found herself being chased from the group and on her own again, though not for long.

Coming across a lone wanderer, Sibylla told him of her tale and that she didn't understand what had made them so upset when it was in her nature to seduce. He then laid out a challenge for her, to be monogomous with him for twelve moon cycles, and then see if she understood. So it was that the Veela came to travel and sleep with only that man. And over time, she grew to take comfort from his mere presence alone, finding him a trustworthy and honest companion, and finding herself falling into small bouts of jealousy whenever another woman paid him attention. By the end of the allocated time, Sibylla believed she understood, and when he asked if she would agree to them pledging themselves to one another alone in a ritual he called marriage, she happily consented. Sibylla married her first husband and loved him for many years until he passed away in 1830 from illness.

The loss of her husband sat with Sibylla for a long while and she avoided much human contact while she went through the process of grieving. For a number of years then after, she vowed not to become close to another like that, due to the pain of loss when they were no longer in this world. She once more traveled, though to farther away lands this time, had her share of partners, and even married a couple of other men over the years, though none she was as close to as her first husband, and she also never had children with any of them.

It wasn't until some time in the late 1960s that Sibylla met another man who seemed to genuinely catch her interest. He was an American wizard and anthropologist who was wandering Europe around the same time that she'd returned there for a while and they'd just come across one another and started talking. Intelligent and kind, there was something else about him that simply struck her, and she offered to be his guide. In their time together, she grew attached and when it was time for him to return home and he confessed his feelings and asked her to go with him, she agreed. In '73, Sibylla gave birth to her first and only child to date, Melanie, and settled into life as a happy mother and wife.

Over the years after, as Melanie grew up, Sibylla found herself wanting to expand her knowledge even further. She went through adult education, and through a few years of study and aptitude tests, qualified to study medicine. She became a doctor in 1990, and then continued further study into other aspects of health before her husband became sick with cancer. His illness lasted a number of years before it took him in 1998, and after that she concentrated on taking care of her remaining family. During this time she became a proud grandmother as well, which softened the blow a little.

In the early 2000s, Sibylla decided to get a teaching degree as a means of being able to be close to her daughter and granddaughter and that's when she met an Auror, Jonathan, and began a casual but caring enough relationship with him, which also resulted in another daughter in 2003. The woman kept very close to her family, though was once again devastated in 2010 when the girl's father was killed. When Mel and Gem moved to Australia, Sibylla didn't wait a very long time before following with Grace, and they traveled around the country for a little bit, before the girls were enrolled in Tally's Bilby school.

Then late 2012, tragedy struck when she and Mel were traveling together. Melanie was attacked when Siby wasn't around, and died. The attacker left no trail to follow, but there was enough evidence for Siby to know that it was a wizard, and the attack was something done with purpose and intent. Since then she's been investigating on the side, keeping an eye on her family and an ear out for other similar deaths on non-humans, as she believes that the attacks may be targeted. At the same time, she took a more permanent living situation and job in Narragyambie, while she looks after her younger daughter as well as the young ones that her older daughter left behind.

Over the past couple of years, the woman began a support network for non-humans, due to concern over possible dangers to them from Hunters of exotic species.

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