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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

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a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer

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  1. Communication Vale Windum

    Sibylla Townsend
    The man would find a sleeping white and lilac coloured rose at his doorstep, upon touching it, the flower would open and a small message scroll roll out: Been a while. Feel like doing something in the near future? The weather's perfect for getting out and about. ~ Sibylla @Vale Windum
  2. Somber Eyes to the Sky

    The woman could feel it, the familiar holding back that Amber had done over the years whenever she had wanted to help. She could understand it, of course, and tried not to pressure the teenager too much, while still being a carer who was active and showed interest and concern in her life and the things she was doing. No matter how much Amber might have refused in the past to lay her burdens on Sibylla, the woman had still continued to try to be there for her, and hope that one day she might finally feel like she could lean on her for support. Even so, it had been a surprise when Amber did lean into the offered hug, and the blonde held her a little tighter. "Of course they are," Sibylla murmured quietly, "A common mistake a lot of people make is comparing their problems with those of others around them, when the most important factor is how their problem - however big or small - is impacting on them personally. No two individuals are affected the same way by the same kind of issue. And if something is really eating at you, then it's important to talk about it." She said softly, stroking Amber's hair lightly as she held the teenager. She didn't ask her to expand on the particulars of her problems, even though she wanted to. Sibylla didn't like pushing Amber, making the girl feel like she had to be on the defensive, that was never her intent. Nor was it to make her feel guilty or stupid. But the woman had also spent enough time around teen daughters to know that it wasn't difficult to strike a nerve accidentally, so all she could hope was that Amber would know she had nothing to fear from her.
  3. Somber Eyes to the Sky

    The guilty expression that Sibylla caught in Amber's gaze caused her features to fall slightly, but she quickly tried to recover, not wanting the girl to feel bad. She simply wanted to be able to help if she could, and hoped that Amber knew that. She very much thought of her as one of her own daughters, even if they weren't blood related. She'd raised her for long enough to call her one of her own, though she wondered sometimes if Amber felt the same in return. Not that she had to, she knew that the girl missed her own parents still, and it was completely understandable to not want to think of anyone else as another. "You can't, or shouldn't...?" Sibylla asked gently, though she was patient as she waited. She had no intention of pushing Amber to spit it out, the girl needed her own time to be able to get her thoughts together to be able to say what she needed to. Rather, the blonde woman just sipped her tea as she waited quietly, paying attention to Amber's body language. It was clear that there was some frustration there, though the apprehension in her gaze when she did finally speak caught Sibylla a little off guard. She wasn't sure why Amber felt she should be guarded, or if she'd ever given her a reason to feel like she didn't have a right to be able to express her own problems. "Amber, you couldn't let me down. Or anyone else, simply by bringing up your own issues. No one can be a stone, believe me I tried for a very long time when I was very young, to pretend that nothing bothered me. Eventually it eats away at a person, bit by bit," Sibylla set her cup down and then leaned over, reaching her arms around the girl to pull her into a firm hug, "I always want to know if something is bothering you. Whether there's a bunch of things going on or not. And I'm sure there are others who feel the same. Your feelings and issues are just as important as anyone else's."
  4. Somber Eyes to the Sky

    Though aware that there was a possibility that Amber might not want to talk about it, Sibylla's maternal instincts were flawlessly on par in the majority of cases, and she felt like maybe the teen needed to talk. Bottling things up never helped anyone really, and more often than not they created bigger issues down the track. Or resulted in some kind of momentary break-down or distraction that could lead to some kind of harm. Also, she simply naturally wanted to be able to help, even if it was just listening and giving a hug or something. "You guess?" It seemed that maybe it wasn't just the event that had made the public rumour mill that had bothered the teen, and Sibylla could only watch and give her time to sort out in her mind what she meant by her words. The fact that she didn't even want any cookies was a clear sign that something was definitely troubling her. Though by her own words, it sounded like it was more that there were a few things that had simply piled up. Now that was something Sib understood well. "Well, you know you can talk to me anytime something's bothering you, right?" Sibylla tilted her head at the dark-haired girl as she set her cup down, concern in her features. She wondered if Amber felt like she still needed to hide things from her, which made her also worry about whether she had done something to make her afraid to talk with her. "Or if you don't want to talk to me, there's a school counselor, right? She won't tell anyone if there are things you want to keep secret, so long as it's nothing too concerning, or legally problematic," Sib tried to offer a gentle chuckle to lighten up her words. Amber was a handful at times, but she had a good heart, and the woman didn't actually believe she would do something too compromising, especially with her wrestling career. "It helps to let things out now and then, otherwise you end up with it all feeling like it's piled up too high and it makes it hard to sort out the small individual things. But, I'm right here and willing to listen or try to help if you want to talk about all the things that are happening."
  5. Somber Eyes to the Sky

    The news of the attack on the Ministry woman had spread quickly through the circles that Sibylla was a part of, and she found herself feeling for the remaining family - the son who had the misfortune of having been infected years ago. She was certain that he was not the one behind it, but the fact that there was a rogue werewolf getting around that could attack another family any time was both a concern for the safety of others, as well as a hit to the non-human community in general. The woman had spent part of her day talking with her contacts, learning what she could about the circumstances and what the Ministry had in mind to deal with it, whether it was going to lead to future issues. As for the boy, Sibylla didn't know him personally to be able to know where he might have gone, or whether he would even trust someone offering to help him. For now, she would have to rely on others keeping their eyes and ears open for the dangers of the one behind the attack. Making sure the dangers were taken out of the picture were a darker side of the responsibilities she had taken on over the years she had been wandering the Earth, but a necessary one for the sake of those she cared for as well as those who didn't have the means or knowledge to protect themselves. On top of that, the Veela was aware of the moods affecting both of her daughters in the wake of events. Even now, she was very aware of movement in the house while she stared out the window and sipped on tea in thought. The sound of footsteps followed by Amber's voice brought blue eyes toward the girl, and an inquisitive head tilt. "Only to hear about what's eating at you," Sibylla said easily, before patting the spot next to her on the sofa with a gentle smile. There were cookies on the table, as well as a pot with more tea in it. She had been taking a break from communications between various groups, and Amber's somber state hadn't escaped her notice one bit. The girl wasn't really in a rush, she knew that, going out was just a way to preoccupy herself from her thoughts, something the older woman understood well. "Is it about the attack?" She asked gently as she watched Amber. She knew the boy went to the same school, that it was likely they were friends or at least acquaintances. This kind of thing tended to affect people on a wider scale than some thought.
  6. To Fell A Titan

    "Oh my, then we shall have to see what we can do about that," Sibylla's lips formed an amused smirk, blue eyes glinting with mirth and warmth at the back and forth, before she nodded gently, "Their resilience is something to be humbled by, certainly. And well... jaded or batshit crazy." She offered a light grin and laughed quietly, "You have to admit, there are some very eccentric old ones." Some that even appeared to have never grown up, when beneath the exterior they were probably scary as all the hells. The Fae especially, with their very nature and the way they viewed things, the elder ones were more likely to succumb to some form of madness or strange coping mechanism for all they had witnessed and experienced. How much could one really go through before they ran out of room for everything they learned? Eventually something had to be substituted out, she supposed. Though she didn't think she planned to stay quite long enough for that to happen to her. No one needed a mad Veela. "Of course you can't refute it, we'd both found something that was new and interesting way back then, we just didn't get the chance to play," The woman laughed softly, still even years later and with much more experience, they found something of interest still there. Perhaps it was having taken the time to talk and know a little more about one another. Maybe part of it was that 'missed' opportunity way back. Or maybe they were both simply a pair of beings who saw something similar in one another that drew them to idly offer innocent touches, small comforts. "The short-lived remind us that moments are fleeting. To miss one often means not getting another chance at it," She mused softly, as though remembering something from a long time ago, though his question drew her brows upward curiously. "Finding your descendants has indeed changed something within you," The blonde said softly as she studied him, unsure if he was still joking around with his words on opening himself to experiencing something more than he had been prepared to in the past. "Six months or more ago, you were very much one who did not seem to have the desire to allow for that kind of connection or obligation," Even the fact that he had dropped the glamour from his eyes, and shown her honesty spoke volumes of the change in the man. She was not a silly woman, she had known a man who didn't want to form anything that could become a weakness when she saw one, and she had seen that in him back when they'd met up near the new year. She wasn't entirely certain how to feel about this change, though she also knew that she felt a draw toward him as well, and his jest about teasing her for 'cold feet' only caused her lips to tug into a genuine smile as she laughed and nodded. "Well, now I have to go along with it, I can't have my reputation as a man-eater tarnished by getting 'cold feet'," Sibylla snickered, there was no reputation regarding that for her, only for her species. Certainly there were those who instantly believed because of what she was, then it was clearly true about her, but those who knew her often wondered whether she really was a full Veela or not. "Oh, I know about your Fae vows and and all... though I would be interested to see how you think you would make it happen if I decided to rebel," Another soft laugh was drawn from her as she accepted his hand and pushed to her feet, leaning into his side easily as his arm wrapped around her, "Now you're just doing that to dash all the dreams of the lads who have been eyeing me up this whole time," She tutted quietly at him, as she allowed him to lead them out.
  7. To Fell A Titan

    "Always on the job, I cannot have incorrigible colleagues falling unwell and my not having even noticed. Though, to be fair, there are few ailments that would truly be of concern to you. Maybe pining for some pretty thing that took your fancy," Sibylla grins as she teases, chuckling lightly and offering another nod, "Ooh, appraisal. See, that works even better still." A mischievous smile followed by a couple of gentle nods to his following comments on those of the long-lived, "We really are children in comparison to some. It's rare to find one of the truly ancient people around, but you know when you see them. To the short-lived they might pass as ordinary, but I still find myself humbled when I run into an Elder of any species." A mild smirk and half chuckle falls from her lips, "People remark on my knowledge, but even I can be reminded that I still have so much more to yet learn and experience." Her lips formed a smirk, however, as she tilted her head at him. "I dare say it was a little bit of both," The Veela murmured in regard to who was more likely to take advantage in their younger days when they had met. They had both been working, though she had momentarily distracted him from his job, before she then had to distract another. Of course, that was a lifetime ago as well, and such things were only ever for the imagination to wonder upon in leisure, rather than get wrapped up in. Even without the flirtations though, the contact, simple and innocent as it was between their hands, was a welcome feeling. It also said more than witty words or more outrageous displays. There was an intimacy in such a touch, a private shared thing. "Some use their distance as a shield," Sibylla murmured softly, "Protecting themselves from the reality of the effect that the short-lived hold on our lives whether we are actively involved in their dealings or not. But such a way leads to ignorance and lack of responsibility for the world that they still share with those they try to remain apart from. It's why I never shied away from living among mortals. They showed me how to care, the importance of every day and moment," She murmurs softly, a fond smile on her lips. "Well, of course the first step to that experience is opening yourself to it," The blonde laughed softly with a small smirk toward him, though her gaze was appreciative of the comfort he offered silently for the pain she had spoken of. It was the risk of allowing those with a shorter lifespan into one's life. Even her descendants, she would have to watch them age gradually. It made everything she did with and for them all the more important. "Were you expecting me to be against the idea?" Sibylla asked coyly of the man, lips tugging into a small smirk as he leaned in, though the nip at her lip drew her gaze into a narrowed look as she chuckled, a dangerous glint in the bright blue hues. "Oh, you are playing a dangerous game there," The woman murmured quietly, before plucking up her handbag from the bar, "Well, didn't you say something about breakfast at yours? Or was that just talk?"
  8. To Fell A Titan

    "I know you're very resilient," Sibylla laughed gently as she grinned lightly in return at him, taking another sip of her drink before setting it down while a thoughtful hum sounded from her, her expression contemplative, "Perhaps. I mean, why wouldn't I be a little curious at least? Though leering is such a terrible word to use instead of 'admiring'." She tutted softly at him, though another soft chortle escaped her soon enough before her brows rose at the answer of liking 'all birds'. "And here I thought I was special," The blonde pouted prettily at him, before then lifting her glass for another sip of her wine. She allowed that sentence to sit with the change in conversation, though knew it was just as likely to continue stirring the pyre slightly while they spoke on more personal topics, though it seemed their game was still destined to continue even between the other subjects. "Doesn't everyone have their little stories of their youth, though?" The woman queried with amusement in her features, "Even if those stories are akin to admitting that one almost took advantage of the other?" She laughed softly and lifted a hand to pull her hair all to one side, brushing her fingers through it gently for a moment before picking her glass back up as she tilted her head to one side, the exposed side of her neck showing perfectly unblemished fair skin. She listened to his thoughts on his family and responsibility toward them, and a gentle smile tugged at her features toward him. "Many long-lived peoples, whether they choose to acknowledge it or not, still feel that instinct to protect and guide that which is theirs. Blood kin, or those they have adopted into their family, there is an importance in watching over one's lineage that goes back far past the memories of man," Sibylla murmured softly in agreement with him, "Some choose to ignore it, but it still haunts them in the end, simply having the knowledge that their blood exists in the world somewhere." She offered another gentle smile as their fingers seemed to play against one another's hands. Just the touch itself nice in it's own simplistic fashion. "Well, you've still many years ahead of you yet, you may experience it one day," The blonde offered a soft chuckle and nod of her head, "It is a blessing to experience, but also a curse if the one you experience it with is a mortal. Their lives are too fleeting not to feel the sharp sting when they age and wither before your eyes." She closed her eyes for a moment, allowing a memory to pass by so that she can return to the present with a gentle and easy smile at the man's brazen answer to where he could find her. A chuckle was breathed softly from her lips and she tilted her head at him "Is that so?" She asked softly, before a brow then rose as he appeared to actually admit plainly that he wanted to see her on a more personal level. As much as their played with their words, it was rare for one, especially of the Fae, to simply admit to the idea that they did have intentions, "Do you?" She asked softly as she set her glass down, her gaze shifting toward the hand which brushed against her cheek, "If so, then who am I to deny such a forward admission?"
  9. To Fell A Titan

    "Indeed we are," Sibylla mused quietly, though his observation caused a husky chuckle to be breathed from between her lips, "Perhaps I don't want to. I hold back far more than any of my kind ever like... and I at least know there's less risk of breaking one such as yourself." A gentle huff of amusement breathed out, "I daresay you've been curious of what you might have missed out on way back in our youth anyways." The light smile turned into a small smirk as she ran her finger along the rim of her glass, before then licking off the red wine stain from the tip. She switched her position as she uncrossed her legs, only to cross them the other way as she turned on her stool more in his direction, and took another sip of her drink as she watched his gaze with his words, her tongue briefly scraping her bottom lip as she set the glass back down, "All birds?" She asked curiously, before a small devious smile tugged at her lips and she offered a brief flicker of a wink. Perhaps they were saved by the heavier subject, or perhaps it was only holding off on the inevitable, but nonetheless she had been asked, and had as such at least honoured the show of concern by answering the questions, explaining in light the kind of situation that she was going to be dealing with in the near future. It was not going to be easy, and could get messy, but she wasn't going to let anyone harm hers if she could help it. His words caused her head to tilt slightly though, a small smile curving her lips. "A bit more than a colleague? Oh my, you'll start having me think that you intend for something a bit less professional soon," The woman teased gently with a soft chuckle, still wondering if he truly had any idea what he could be getting himself into by just flirting with the idea alone. She sobered easily enough at the talk of his family, however. She understood very well what change something new could bring to one's life, and had no doubt that it had rocked his boat somewhat. "I'm sorry to hear about the missed opportunities, but they are something you can at least try to make up for with later generations, even if it takes a while for them to accept it, or if they have trouble understanding the natures of older ones like us at first..." She offered a small reassuring smile as she offered his hand a gentle squeeze. "Well, maybe I'm waiting for you to ask to see me more personally," Sibylla chuckled softly, before then nodding to him, and then rubbing the back of his hand with her thumb, "New experiences, especially at our age, tend to do that. I still remember the first time I truly felt love for someone... it scared the life out of me." She smirked at herself before huffing another quiet laugh, "But you will adjust with it. And as I said... if you need someone, you know where to find me."
  10. To Fell A Titan

    The closer presence seemed to draw a small smile from the woman's lips for a brief moment before she took another sip of her drink, wondering if he truly knew what he would end up getting himself into if he wasn't cautious at the moment. It was clear that the Veela nature was bubbling near the surface. Not quite there yet, but close enough to be dangerous in any number of ways, as it wasn't as though she hadn't held a sway over him before, though his confirmation of her 'presence' only made it more obvious that he perhaps was aware. That was almost even more dangerous, as though inviting it. And then he did verbally invite it, and a chuckle fell from her lips. "Now, what has you so candid and brazen so as to invite one such as I to not hold myself back?" Came the quiet question upon a velvety voice once again, "I am far stronger than the young girl who had you in her sights many years ago." Her smile reached her eyes as she glanced in his direction, glass hanging from her fingers a moment as she swayed it, almost as though deliberating, before then taking a firmer hold of the crystal and sipping the contents within. Though his next words caused a small chuckle to drift from her lips, the sound as alluring as her aura and appearance, "Ah, but flocked is an offensive term to birds. So who do you side with? The birds or the bees?" She grinned lightly at the man as she tilted her head, glossy blonde hair falling to the side and exposing her shoulder and side of her neck in a tempting manner. At least until the subjects fell to more serious business. "Mmn, this one has been a particular thorn in my Gemini's side ever since she first started seeing the father of her daughter. I did scare him off a long time ago, but it appears time and media has made him more confident again," Sibylla sighed softly, however the simple touch to her hand sparked a current of warmth between them, which caused her eyes to close for a brief moment, before she regarded the man once again, "More that I would have thought you had bigger things to concern yourself with than the personal troubles of a colleague." She said softly, no offense clearly meant in her words. The man's words on how his life had been recently, however, caught her attention somewhat, and reminded her of her own past catching up with her a long time back. It appeared his seemed to have just done so, and he was beginning to realise the things that she had begun to years ago. Even ageless as they were, they were not immune to the responsibilities that will eventually come looking for them. "I see," A gentle smile touched her lips in contrast to her near haunting allure at the moment, or perhaps even adding to it in a mysterious way. "I thought there was something a little different about you. But I can certainly understand. The best you can do is be there as much as possible, not in an overwhelming way, but simply in the way where they know that should they need you, then all they need do is ask and you will be there." It was clear that he wanted to be a part of what she already read in his voice was the situation of family which he had not been aware of, and her hand clasped gently at his own, "And if you need someone to talk with while you adjust to the new reality in your life, I am more than happy to offer what I can."
  11. To Fell A Titan

    The seal on the envelope which bore the name of the name who had earned her ire over the years stared at her while she sipped her drink, before she finally just slipped the offending article into her handbag. Out of sight, out of mind... at least for a brief moment or two. It was still linger in the back of her thoughts though. She was going to have to play chess once again, and this time she would have to make sure there was no coming back for the man after the many things he'd done in the past to offend her family. She rolled her head around a little, stretching out her neck, and while it was not intended to look like an enticing movement, it surely did to those watching. For in this mood the beast in her made her all the more dangerous and alluring both. The shine in her hair more noticeable, the blue of her eyes more intense, her lips full and plump, curves tight within her dress. A dangerous goddess sat idling at the bar with her drink. And of course, who should approach her but a very cheeky and confident Fae who she had almost swayed once before many years ago, and had shared teasing words with a few times since. At his presence, she turned her gaze toward him slightly, a small smirk tugging at those red lips as the dangerous glint in her eyes set itself upon him for a moment. Though, she soon relaxed and closed her eyes as she forced the inner demon of hers to calm down, before taking another sip of her drink and then looking to him again. "Perhaps that is so... or maybe you already sensed me here and couldn't pass up an opportunity to gaze upon me or exchange a few light flirtatious words. I could hardly blame you, since I appear to be exuding a rather strong aura this evening. I should probably get a rein on that," The woman mused quietly, her voice like velvet as it traveled on the air. A siren in truth, though she soon cleared her throat, seemingly aware that she was not harnessing herself in as well as she should be, "That, or I will have to find somewhere more private to indulge myself a few drinks, before I end up swarmed or something." She offered a quiet half chuckle, though his question of her caused her expression to sober slightly. "Matters of family. Of rivals past... one man in particular who has a place of power, and the potential trouble he could cause for my granddaughter and her daughter. It's not my first battle with him, but I would like for it to be my last. Toppling a giant must be done in a particular way, however, so not to gain too much public attention toward myself," Sibylla mused softly with a quiet sigh, before then shaking her head and offering a light smile toward the man, "You don't have to worry yourself with my troubles though. How are you faring, hm? Been keeping busy, I assume?"
  12. To Fell A Titan

    As the woman lifted the glass of wine to her lips, her fingers played with the piece of paper she had just read, and which caused a fire to burn within her gaze. It was not something she wanted to deal with it, but was something she had dealt with ever since Gemini was still in school, not long after she had moved to Australia. Something that Sibylla dealt with personally, not wanting the younger woman to have to weather the stress from such a conflict. Curtis Dean had ever been a persistent one, however, and he and Sibylla had clashed a number of times over the past years, though he had gone quiet for a time after Franklin had been believed deceased. She wondered how much he had known... whether he was perhaps behind what had occurred back then. It mattered not. What did matter was that he was attempting to force his hand once again, though this time it wasn't over his son or his son's decisions on what he wanted, but it was over the granddaughter that he didn't even know. The girl that he had not once contacted, though perhaps that was in part due to the legal threats that Sibylla had made back then. She would not let him touch her granddaughter, or great-granddaughter, or any others that were hers. The legal letter was something she would have to deal with, hopefully without it getting to a point where Gemini or Gabby would be dragged into it. In that case, it might befall Gem to try and reason with the man who was on the birth certificate of her daughter, in relinquishing any kind of guardianship to someone else. But that could even cause more grief, having to appeal to him. Sib somehow doubted they would get any contact via long-distance. Placing the letter back into the envelope, she issued a heavy sigh before finishing her glass and tapping the bar to order another. For now, she would have to find another way to relieve her own tension, though had a feeling her evening would end up as it usually did, back home and worrying about something else to take her mind off things. Or taking care of her tension herself. Either were probably better options than any of the leering men who were here for their after work drinks because they had nothing else to go home to.
  13. Invite The Panic Storm

    "Not sure how you thought that I wouldn't notice you were back late," Sibylla huffed softly as she waited for Amber to turn, and then watched the girl carefully, the way she moved, in order to assess the injuries. It was not good at all, and she was quite unhappy about seeing her charge looking this banged up. So banged up that she could barely move. Gently, Sibylla offered Amber a hand, wrapping an arm under the girl's and around her back, in order to help her get to the living room, taking careful note of any kinds of protests or painful noises coming from her on the way there and while she sat her down. "I've got some Chamomile and Peppermint on the boil," She said, and then sat next to Amber, lifting her hands to hover over the girl as she examined her. "There are very few forms of training that bang someone up to this extent, Amber. Your back is injured, you're covered in bruises, your ribs are tender, you can barely even walk," The woman frowned, "I'm not stupid Amber, I know that Gemini has been covering for you, and that you go into the city. I haven't followed you though, haven't spied or kept tabs, but this is getting ridiculous. The least you could do is just be completely honest with me, and then I might even be able to support you in what you're doing." There was no real anger in the woman, only a hint of hurt and disappointment as she looked at the girl, before then pushing herself to stand. "I'll be right back, I'l going to get some cold compressions and that tea," Sibylla murmured, stepping out toward the kitchen to do just that. After a few minutes, she returned with a platter, the things she'd mentioned as well as some cookies on it, and set it on the coffee table.
  14. Invite The Panic Storm

    Sibylla was more than well aware of the time. Not only had Amber missed dinner, but it had also got dark, and it was near the height of the longest days of the year. Where on Earth was that girl? The mother had afforded some leniency, considering what Amber had gone through, allowing her the extracurricular activities, which she kept secret from her for reasons that Sibylla could only judge as something she would not like. Thankfully, she was aware that Gemini knew about what Amber did, and that was at least enough to give the older woman at least a little comfort, knowing that her granddaughter was looking out for her when she couldn't be there herself. She did worry though still. She noticed every bruise that popped up, ever limp or wince or painful stretch that the girl made. The two and a half century old woman was not an idiot. She didn't particular like being treated like one either. So it was that Sib was waiting patiently for the very quiet sound of the door opening and closing, those small creaks that the floorboards made as the girl attempted to sneak through the house. She could even almost feel the pain in the sounds that she made in her wake. The steps were off slightly, her breathing weak. Unlike Amber though, Sibylla could move silently, and she was right behind the girl when she finally spoke quietly. "Late night out tonight, and you're looking as though you were almost run over by a bus or two," Sibylla wore a small frown to accompany the words as she looked over and assessed the girl that she had promised to take care of and keep safe. This was beginning to get beyond ridiculous with the amount of sneaking combined with the damage that was done to her. "Come on, let's get you sitting on the sofa so that I can take a proper look and get some of that healed up, while you start telling me what it is exactly that you do. I've been lenient, but I think it's only fair that you at least be honest with me, don't you?"
  15. Invite Someone Else's Benefit

    "Well, I am supposed to be a man-eater... wouldn't fit the image very well if I didn't add in some kind of torment for you," Sib snorted quietly, before then offering a gentle shrug, "A part of fitting in with modern day is acting the same as the young people do, isn't it? Besides, just because people like to stare at me, doesn't mean I'm staring back at them." The cheeky responses were complimented by an equally cheeky smile, "Especially when one is hiding their true face from the world most of the time anyway." She punctuated the last remark with a raised brow, before then laughing softly at their following back and forths, offering a light wave of her hand, followed by a small bow and another chuckle, "I think you'll find that most rounds often belong to me. My looks are hardly my only asset now." She smirked gently, resting her chin on her hand once again as she considered the fact of continuously learning. "Good doctors never rest, they also say. Though, I have to admit, there's a lot of truth to be had there. But the results are worth it," Even the most obscure treatments and illnesses played a part in something else, and having that extra knowledge never went astray, whether it was treating someone herself, or having the information to be able to give to someone else who was having trouble elsewhere and didn't already have it. Nothing was ever wasted. "Honestly, I find the more mundane ailments to be the most entertaining," She grinned with another quiet laugh and a shrug. "I suppose expecting the worst all the time is a rather effective method of keeping everyone at a distance as well," Sibylla mused with a raised brow, before her shoulders lifted and fell gently. She could understand the lack of trust in the goodness of others, especially when meeting them for the first time. She could also understand the surprise of finding someone who was actually genuine in their goodness. Most of the time, those kinds were picked off rather quickly if they weren't careful, or their tune changed after enough negative run ins themselves. "I can understand that. I try not to make any decisions about anyone until after I've met them a few times, to get a decent idea about them, myself. And good people are a true rarity... why, even I might not be entirely 'good', per se," She snickered, before then reaching for her handbag to search in it a moment. "But, I suppose you will work out for yourself in the future whether I really am or not. For now though, I should probably consider heading home soon."
Doctor/Healer, Investor, Non-human Support Networker
250* year old Pureblood Veela She/Her
Age  250*
Date of Birth May 1st, 1769
Birthplace Romania
Year Level 
Occupation Doctor/Healer, Investor, Non-human Support Networker
Player  ★ LilyCat
Blood Status Pureblood
Species Veela
Pronouns She/Her
Play-by Candice Swanepoel
  • She is full Veela
  • A widow, a number of times over
  • Has a deep love for old black and white movies, dancing, and an addiction to Coco Pops
  • Was the mother of past Bilby Headmistress, Melanie
  • Is grandmother to Gemini, and great-grandmother to Gabby
General Knowledge
  • A doctor at Narrie General, and part time at St Ringo's
  • Has two daughters who go to Tally (one blood, one adopted)
  • Is the adoptive mother of Amber Cross
  • Has a 'way' with men

Though she may appear stoic, practical and professional much of the time, Sibylla is far from unkind or lacking in compassion. In fact, its because she has very passionate emotions, that she feels she must control and contain them a lot of the time. Losing control of her emotions has never really led to any good results, it generally tends to lead to trouble, and because she cares about her human family she doesn't want to bring too much attention or danger to their lives. To that end, she might be aloof or disregard someone if they are trying to wind her up.

One thing that is noticeable is just how protective she is of her family, especially since the death of Melanie under very suspicious circumstances that only Siby and a couple of other people are aware of. She would sooner gut someone than allow them to hurt those that are precious to her -- but again, that it part of her passionate nature, which is very difficult to keep a hold of sometimes. Still, when she is calm and among her loved ones, she is very content, happy to sing to or play with her great-granddaughter, or chat with her daughters and granddaughter. She is very up to date with the modern world and technology, and so can relate easily with the younger generation.

Perhaps the only thing that bothers her on the rare occasion, is general loneliness. Sibylla is not a creature built to be single for long periods of time. But at the same time, she won't risk danger to her family or herself, and so its often very difficult to find a trustworthy partner. Her last long-term lover died around seven years ago and since then she's kept to the odd fling here and there and nothing more. But she does miss companionship; loving humans also causes a lot of heartache, and she's loved a few. She even has a fun side when she feels like letting her hair down a bit.


Pretty would be putting it lightly, Sibylla's looks are designed to draw in the attention of others and incite lust in men, so of course she would be nothing less than beautiful. Still, this doesn't mean she goes out of her way to flaunt her appearance, often using make-up to in fact try to dull down her looks rather than enhance them. She has bright blonde hair, and abnormally bright blue eyes, full lips, and a nose that hooks in just the slightest way. Standing at 5'6, she is an average height, and a healthy body weight, her physique leaning toward that of a person who gets regular exercise, but not enough to get rid of all her body fat, leaving her with more of an hourglass-ish figure.

Siby dresses in expensive clothing a lot of the time, from her work suits, to her running clothes. Its more a matter of comfort than anything, finding that cheaper materials feel scratchy against her skin. She colour coordinates like nobody's business, and doesn't like looking untidy -- unless she's lazying about the house or is playing with her great-grandson.

As a Veela, Siby does have the unfortunate 'other side' to her as well though, which is not nearly as pretty in appearance as her normal state. When truly angered, she will begin to transform. If the anger is controlled then she can keep it to hands becoming claw-like and maybe a few feathers sprouting along her arms, but if she flies into a rage, then she transforms into something appearing more like a harpy, that can do devastating damage, both with her strength, and with the fire she can summon.

The story so far

If asked how she came to being, Sibylla would never tell; part of the reason is that she isn't entirely sure she even knows how she may have been conceived, or whether she simply just started existing. It is a mystery for the ages, and not worth trying to think too hard about as far as the woman is concerned. She spent her first years of awareness among some others of her kind, finding their nature to be as natural as breathing air.

Somewhere in the late 1700s, Sibylla, still quite young in mind, was found by a travelling group; Roma, they called themselves. She took to travelling with them and learned some of their ways. It was through spending time among humans, and especially around men, that she learned of the talent she had for entrancing those of the male gender. With this discovery came many affairs which led to confrontation among the travellers, as wives and husbands and lovers all became frustrated. One woman tried to attack Sibylla for seducing her man, and the Veela reacted by killing her. Sibylla promptly found herself being chased from the group and on her own again, though not for long.

Coming across a lone wanderer, Sibylla told him of her tale and that she didn't understand what had made them so upset when it was in her nature to seduce. He then laid out a challenge for her, to be monogomous with him for twelve moon cycles, and then see if she understood. So it was that the Veela came to travel and sleep with only that man. And over time, she grew to take comfort from his mere presence alone, finding him a trustworthy and honest companion, and finding herself falling into small bouts of jealousy whenever another woman paid him attention. By the end of the allocated time, Sibylla believed she understood, and when he asked if she would agree to them pledging themselves to one another alone in a ritual he called marriage, she happily consented. Sibylla married her first husband and loved him for many years until he passed away in 1830 from illness.

The loss of her husband sat with Sibylla for a long while and she avoided much human contact while she went through the process of grieving. For a number of years then after, she vowed not to become close to another like that, due to the pain of loss when they were no longer in this world. She once more traveled, though to farther away lands this time, had her share of partners, and even married a couple of other men over the years, though none she was as close to as her first husband, and she also never had children with any of them.

It wasn't until some time in the late 1960s that Sibylla met another man who seemed to genuinely catch her interest. He was an American wizard and anthropologist who was wandering Europe around the same time that she'd returned there for a while and they'd just come across one another and started talking. Intelligent and kind, there was something else about him that simply struck her, and she offered to be his guide. In their time together, she grew attached and when it was time for him to return home and he confessed his feelings and asked her to go with him, she agreed. In '73, Sibylla gave birth to her first and only child to date, Melanie, and settled into life as a happy mother and wife.

Over the years after, as Melanie grew up, Sibylla found herself wanting to expand her knowledge even further. She went through adult education, and through a few years of study and aptitude tests, qualified to study medicine. She became a doctor in 1990, and then continued further study into other aspects of health before her husband became sick with cancer. His illness lasted a number of years before it took him in 1998, and after that she concentrated on taking care of her remaining family. During this time she became a proud grandmother as well, which softened the blow a little.

In the early 2000s, Sibylla decided to get a teaching degree as a means of being able to be close to her daughter and granddaughter and that's when she met an Auror, Jonathan, and began a casual but caring enough relationship with him, which also resulted in another daughter in 2003. The woman kept very close to her family, though was once again devastated in 2010 when the girl's father was killed. When Mel and Gem moved to Australia, Sibylla didn't wait a very long time before following with Grace, and they traveled around the country for a little bit, before the girls were enrolled in Tally's Bilby school.

Then late 2012, tragedy struck when she and Mel were traveling together. Melanie was attacked when Siby wasn't around, and died. The attacker left no trail to follow, but there was enough evidence for Siby to know that it was a wizard, and the attack was something done with purpose and intent. Since then she's been investigating on the side, keeping an eye on her family and an ear out for other similar deaths on non-humans, as she believes that the attacks may be targeted. At the same time, she took a more permanent living situation and job in Narragyambie, while she looks after her younger daughter as well as the young ones that her older daughter left behind.

Over the past couple of years, the woman began a support network for non-humans, due to concern over possible dangers to them from Hunters of exotic species.

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