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  1. Profile updates, and more fun to come!

    Oh my gosh, guys! Where is all the time going! Can you believe that on the 17th of November, Tally will officially have been back for one whole year? Our success is, as always, due to the love that you guys put into the site. None of the staff would ever be as inspired to make things happen as we are, without your support. You guys make everything so worthwhile, even the moments I spend screaming at code. Which is what I have been doing tonight, and FINALLY I am glad to say that automatic birthdates now work! In fact, a few changes have been made to the character profiles. Because of this, I would love-love-love it if you could all go and make sure that the information in your profiles is correct! Especially check the blood status and species fields. A look at the changes to the profile form. First thing you'll notice, is a new, cleaner layout for the profile form. We've aimed to highlight what is necessary to submit your character, and what is just for fun. Have a look and let us know what you think! The next thing you'll probably notice is that the date of birth section has changed. Rather than being a date input field, or a text line (for characters born before 1901), all characters can now submit their full date of birth using the separate birth day, month, and year fields. There's also a nifty "true birthdate unknown" toggle. This is for---surprise surprise---characters who either don't know their exact birthdate, or like to pretend it's something else (coughAdelecough). When this is set to "true" (as above) an asterisk will appear next to your character's age. But why change the birthdate system? So you don't have to keep updating your character's age, of course! The profile sheet will now calculate your character's age based on the birthdate you've supplied, compared to the current date. What about the ages that display on posts? I'm glad you asked. The information that appears in the top of your in-character posts is now linked to your character profile. Every time you edit your character profile to change the date of birth, occupation, or other details -- it will automatically update the information in the character account. So you only ever need to update your character profile sheet! Other fun things to come I know a few of you are curious as to when the board-wide plot fun is going to start. At the moment we're holding off on really stepping up the action until we have a sufficient level of characters active and established for it to begin. Although the plot will have aspects that impact characters, it won't take away from the plots that you're creating for yourselves. It's not designed to take over your roleplay, more enhance it with a few curveballs. We're still looking for a few of the roles on the list that would be very useful in making things happen, so give us a nudge if you'd like to volunteer. We're also looking at bringing in a bit more in the way of IC/OOC shenanigans. I've reached out to a few of you in search of ideas, and some of the suggestions have included: IC watch-along (where everyone watches the same video at once and comments in character) Discord RP events Thread Bingo (an OOC challenge to fill a monthly bingo card by starting and completing particular types of threads) We're always looking for more awesome things to do, so if you've got an idea---let us know! You can post a reply to this topic, create a new suggestion topic, or contact any of the staff over Discord. Finally I always love feedback when I post announcements, so please. If there's anything I've talked about in this post that you've got ideas, comments, questions about -- please post! And please post below to let us know if you've updated your character profiles. Looking forward to yet more awesome with my favourite Tally family (that's all of you) Love always, Your Sadri.
  2. A little spring housekeeping!

    Hello my darlings! As always, I've been fiddling with things behind the scenes and maaaaaaay have broken a few things along the way, so I need your help in making sure the information we've got is correct! Can you all please check through the following when you have a moment, and post below to let me know if everything is done and correct? Character Profiles Can you please check through all of your active character profiles and make sure: The account is in the correct user group (some may have been wrongly sorted into the Repository) Click "edit" on each of your character profiles, and adjust the following fields to the correct information: Species Date of Birth / (for those characters born after 1901, please fill in the dd/mm/yyyy field with the exact date of birth if known, otherwise use the text field to enter the character's age) Blood status Player (this is now a member field, and will need to be completed) Job title (if applicable) Year level (if applicable) Thank you guys so much for your help here. I really appreciate it. ❤️
  3. Where did "Mousie" go?

    Panic not! I'm still here - I've just changed my username. It's something I've wanted to do for a while, but always felt that the name Mousie was too well associated with Tally to make a clean break. But I'm doing it anyway! I will probably still answer to Mousie, but from now on this shall be my username.
  4. Happy Founding Day!

    When we came back, I wasn't sure what we would do about our traditional August 6th anniversary. Was it okay to celebrate that, or should we stick with the November date as our new birthday? Then I realised... ... Why not both? Happy Founding Day, everyone! Tally was originally released upon the internet on August 6th, 2006---twelve years ago! Although we had a break in there, it's still a tremendous achievement given that some of you have been around since that first year. But hey. Before I get into my sentimental ramble, here's some of the new features that we've been working on. New Skin This is the obvious one. We've brought back the old forum images from the Jcink site, and tweaked a few things. Mousie finally decided that she doesn't like massive rounded corners. Auto Character Lists The Member Directory has been given some adjustments, including a new tabbed layout. One of the tabs is called "My Characters", and through the magic of code, it collects your characters together and lists them all without you having to link them manually. To ensure your characters show up, just make sure that your name is listed in the "Player" field of all your character accounts. Simple! Auto Thread Tracker Now.. we know how much Mousie hates updating lists... so we found a way to gather all the threads your character has been involved in, and list that neatly for you too! The character profile sheets have also been given a fresh new look, and have a new tab called "My Threads". You don't need to do anything here---it will automatically find any content that account has posted in, and list it with the names of all other characters involved, and who posted last! A new event has spawned! We're also throwing an IC party! Woohoo! All characters are invited, and you can find out more about The Marvellous Miracle Mocktail Party inside the event forum! Friendship with benefits! Tally has always been so much more than just the people who are able to actively play in the community. To that end, we've decided to create a new usergroup for Friends! Friends have a few benefits including full forum access for reading, thread following, and interacting with the community at their own pace. They also have their own Discord role! Players that aren't able to play their characters anymore will automatically become Friends, and anyone with an interest in the site (but lacks the time to enjoy it properly) is welcome to register a friend account. You can find out more about Friends in the informational topic. Sentimental Rubbish You know it's coming, every time. I can't help myself. Tally has always been important to me, even in the days it wasn't around---it was never far from my thoughts. In early August 2006, I was a bit lost. I'd not long moved out of home for the first time, and the few friendships I'd made at the uni residence were crumbling as I stopped being able to maintain a facade of being "cool" and started showing my more awesome nerdier side. I missed home, I missed my friends from school, and I missed that sense of belonging that I suddenly didn't have. Tally was created on a whim. I never expected it to last beyond six months. I definitely never expected to find myself a new community, where I belonged, and where I've made some of the most amazing friendships in my whole life. So many hearts and minds have contributed to make Tally what it is today. And I owe all of you the biggest and warmest thank you. For being part of it, for making it more awesome with your presence. For helping me get through some of the tougher parts of my life. For being my digital family to scream at through Discord, when I'm at work surrounded by idiots. A few people I like to call out particularly, as always. Lily. How the crap could I ever even BE here without you? That's all I gotta say. To the staff, who do such a fantastic job of keeping things rolling. And helping me find my idiot mistakes. You guys are amazing. To all our members past and present, those we've known for years and those who have only come to us recently: you guys are what makes the community more fantastic each day. I appreciate you so much. And to those who aren't members, and never have been, but have held my hand at important times. Special shout out to Morrigan from RPG Initiative, who I constantly pester with coding questions and she hasn't blocked me yet... We've got a lot more fun yet to come, I can't wait to see what happens next! REGRET NOTHING. Love, Your Mousie.
  5. Friends of Tally

    Friends of Tallygarunga Our community is geared around being flexible and respecting that our members can't always be around all the time, and that life has a way of making it difficult to dedicate yourself to a site sometimes. So many wonderful people have contributed to the community over time as players, staff, and even external helpers and lurkers, we decided to make a group just for you! How do I become a Friend? There are a few ways to become an official Friend of Tallygarunga: Former players will be automatically moved to the group when all of their characters fall inactive. You may select "Friends" from the groups list on registration. You may PM staff and ask to be moved to the group What are the benefits of being a Friend? Friends have full access to the forums, including posting permissions in OOC areas, the ability to create and manage bookmarks, follow content, react to content, and interact with the community as they choose. They also have their own Discord role! Friends are also invited to create short-term characters as they wish, for plot purposes. Affiliate love and friendship benefits Our affiliate program is designed to be a list of sites we would recommend to members in our community. Friends who apply for an affiliateship will be placed in a special section of our sidebar, so everyone knows you are especially loved by us.
  6. Activity Policy

    Activity Policy Tallygarunga is structured around a loose, trust-based activity system. So long as you, the player, are still interested in playing your character, and your thread partners are happy with the pace of posting, we have no set posting requirements to consider your characters "active". There are a few exceptions, which will be detailed below. What is "inactive"? Accounts are deemed "inactive" when the account has not been present on the board for 28 consecutive days. This just means you've not made a post, or browsed the site under that account name. The easiest way to keep your characters "active" is to regularly post, create status updates, react to content, or use the account switch to browse the site under any of your character accounts. Our activity sweeps are fully automated, and operate as follows: At 21 days (three weeks from last activity), an email will be sent to the email address associated with the character account to let you know that the account is coming up for archival. To avoid archival, all you have to do is log into the site with that account. Once you see that character's name pop up in the "who was online today" box at the bottom of the forum, you'll know they're safe and will not be archived. At 28 days (four weeks from last activity), the system will automatically move the account into the repository group, and an email will be sent to notify you that this has been done. It's important to ensure that you have a valid email address set for your characters, and that you are set to receive news and updates. To ensure your accounts are enabled for news and updates, visit the notification settings for each of your character accounts, and ensure the "send me news and information" box is ticked. A good trick to get around needing a new email address for each character is to use Gmail aliases. This lets you use one Gmail address for as many accounts as you like, and ensures you will get your email notifications for all of them. Coming back Life happens, and sometimes that means your characters get archived before you can come back. That's fine! We still love you! Coming back is easy, and we've deliberately made it that way because we know you can't always make Tally a priority. When you're ready to come back, all you need to do is: Find your character profiles in the Character Archive, and edit them if you feel it's necessary. Post a topic in the Applications forum (just like new characters do), so we know it's ready to be re-sorted and moved back to the active side. See? Easy! Exceptions There are a couple of exceptions to our activity rules, but only for teaching staff and major plot characters. Teaching staff are required to run one class thread per term, and to submit their house points by the deadlines. Major plot characters are expected to keep with the pace of any major plots going on. What is and isn't a major plot character will depend largely on the plots that are created, and the pace of the plots will fluctuate according to the players involved and their expectations. Struggling with your activity in either case doesn't mean the character will be taken from you. If we see you're falling behind, or need a little extra help, we'll talk with you OOC to find a way forward that works for all of us. It may be as simple as changing the character to a non-teaching position, or coming up with a reason why your character isn't currently as prominent in the story as they had been.
  7. Finally actually did something!

    Welcome! Glad to have you with us. ❤️ If you need help/have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!
  8. World Domination Ahead!

    Top RP Sites: #38 down from #30 Roleplay Lovers: #7 (down from #6) Forum Roleplay: #35 (up from #36) Honeydukes: #13 (same) Best Harry Potter: #3 (same) Top Harry Potter: #14 (same) Shadowplay #12 (down from #6) RP Sites #12 (up from #14!)
  9. Preparations for plotting pandemonium!

    Plots ahoy! Ready to make some awesome happen? Behind the scenes, Lily and I have been drafting outlines for some epic plottage that will allow every member and every character a piece of the action. We're keeping it skeletal at the moment, and no---we won't be giving spoilers! Our aim is to incorporate as many of your ideas as we can when they come up. How board-wide plotting works Essentially, we create a scenario. You tell us what you want your characters to do about it. We use that to push the plot forward. It's going to be a proper member-driven story, so the question we want you all to ask yourselves when we bring in new information is "how does this affect my character? What could/would my character do about it?". And if you're not sure what sort of things are okay, ask us! (Okay, one spoiler: almost anything is going to be okay. We want you to be creative!) We also have a list of possible things characters could do, so if you need help finding something that fits your character? Again -- we're here to help. Who is the plot about? Everyone. All characters have the ability to be involved and affected by what's happening. If there are things you'd rather stay out of, let us know! This plot isn't confined to a certain group of characters, and new roles will be added as we (and you guys!) think of new ways more characters can do their part. Lily and I will be using a couple of our characters to push things along, and it may seem like they have the "main" roles. This is just our way of keeping things happening, and these characters will also be available in-character for characters wanting to find out what they can do. How long will the plot go for? As long as it takes. We don't want to rush things with time-frames. At this point, we have a loose outline of "phases", and those will be dependent on how things progress IC. I can tell you that we're planning for the long term. Plot roles available Although the plot will work with exactly the characters we have now, there are a few additional characters that would be useful to have. Because the plot is intended to be long-term, anyone who takes these roles should understand that if they are not able to play the character for an extended period of time (which is always perfectly fine, it happens!), the character may be written as an NPC or passed to another player. Some characters that would be useful: Lanelle Bellemer (deputy headmistress, Penrose. Ambitious, calculating. Pureblood, 37 years old) Kerrigan Ross (Headmaster, Greyheme. Well-connected, well-groomed. Military-like. Pureblood, 50 years old) Seth Rice (wizarding accountant and investor, ex-husband to Kate Belmont. Pureblood, 49 years old) Editor of The Mage wizarding newspaper Journalists at The Mage wizarding newspaper Negative-Space building development company members (high-end wizarding community developers) Victorian Minister for Magical Education (graduate of Greyheme or Penrose, rival to Alan, around 50-51 years old) Troublesome students Aurors stationed permanently in Narrie (at the local Auror station) If you're interested in taking up any of these roles, please message Mousie and Lily with the role you'd like to take---and the sort of character you'd like to play for it. Alternatively, message Mousie or Lily with an idea of a character you'd like to play, and we'll see how it fits with what we've got in mind. Question time! Got any questions not answered here? Post them below!
  10. Happy Six Months, Tally!

    Those of you who have not encountered my over-emotional speeches before, welcome to what will be the first of many! Today marks the six month anniversary of Tally's return, also known as the moment I was truly ready and strong enough to return to being Mousie. And I had my fears, a lot of them. It wasn't the first time I'd thought about it, it wasn't the first time I talked to Lily about it, and it wasn't even the first time we tried it. I was very afraid that everything would fall apart, and worse---that I would be shunned by those I used to love and consider close friends before we drifted apart. You all proved me so beautifully wrong. I cannot thank all of you enough for the support and love and energy you've all put into helping Tally return with the same strong and loving community it was always known for. Whether you're new to us, or old hands, I feel we've done an amazing job of fostering a community that is inclusive and supportive. Every day in my life is better than the last, knowing that I have you guys there. I'm so proud of what we've got here, and the way that you all uphold the community values (even though I only officially posted those last night!). You make Tally a joy to admin, a creative outlet that challenges me in the best ways. Like all communities, we've had our struggles---and they've not broken us. We'll go forward as we always have, using each struggle to find ways to be better, to continually improve who we are as a group. I'm proud of every one of you, new and old members. Current and former members. Some of you I've known since you were in school and been on the other side of the computer screen with a full heart as you made your way through life to become adults that I am so incredibly privileged to know. Some of you I've only known months or days, and I'm so excited for the stories we'll create together. We're six months in, and this is only the beginning. If you know me, you know I'm in for the long haul. Tallygarunga will be around for a long, long time to keep making more awesome. Together, we'll keep collecting friends and new family, writing wonderful and dramatic stories, and even those of us who can't be active will always be Tally family. A special mention to Lily, my glorious bestest friend and fellow admin, and to Chromie and Kai for taking up the mod mantles when duty called. Without you guys, none of this would be possible. Especially the hundreds of thousands of times you guys stop me having full-scale meltdowns (usually over coding that won't behave). I love you guys so much. Thank you for following me this far. We are Tallygarunga, and we regret nothing. Love always, Your Mousie.
  11. Community Values

    Community Values What makes Tallygarunga special? It's our community, and the values outlined below are the key to who we are. These are the values that we live by, that we expect our staff and members to uphold, and that make us proud to be part of this community. That all members of the community should feel respected as individuals, and none should be feel uncomfortable in being who they are. Tallygarunga is a safe place, an online home-away-from-home. Bullying, excluding, and general nastiness between members will not be tolerated. We support all individuals for who they are, and encourage them to express themselves freely. We want all members to feel comfortable and a full part of the community, whether they've been around for a decade or just days. That all members of the community should feel no guilt for having a life outside of the forum. This is not a job, it is a hobby that should be enjoyed. No member should ever feel guilty for being unable to post in-character, whether that be due to chaotic life circumstances, or just not having the mental space to write. Though we do ask that members who are unable to post for long stretches of time keep us updated, this is purely to ensure characters and threads do not get archived before their time. Also, we care and worry about our members if they suddenly fall off the internet. A quick message to let us know you're simply unavailable can make a big difference, and you never need feel bad about having to take a break. That all members of the community should have the opportunity to be involved in the roleplay. Although some plots may be limited to certain characters, the board's over-arching plot will never be closed off. Any member who requests a part for their character will have the opportunity to be involved. Systems are set in place so that members who engage with the community, post to/start open threads, and post in Splotting topics will find thread partners. That members who have formally left the community should feel welcomed back if they choose to return. Just as no member should feel guilt about being unable to post, we respect that life is not always compatible with being on a roleplay forum. Members who return after falling inactive will not be shunned, and members who are no longer a part of the IC community are welcome to remain part of the OOC community indefinitely. The only exception to this rule is members who have previously been removed from the community due to behavioural issues. That no reasonable creative concept should be denied without discussing how it could possibly be worked to fit in with the Tallygarunga canon. We believe that creativity is a gift, and if the concept is plausible within the canon, we should allow players to explore the opportunity that creates. When ideas are not fully suited to Tallygarunga's setting, conversations should be had about how it could be tweaked to make the idea work. Our aim is to incorporate the ideas that excite our players into the rich world we have already woven. That no character application should be denied without staff taking every effort to help the player create a complete character that is suited to the roleplay. We do not deny applications. Characters that do not fit with the setting, do not provide enough information, or require further development will be approached with constructive commentary from a staff member on how the character could be worked to best fit within the Tallygarunga community. Only when a player gives up on completing the character is an application ever shelved unsorted. That all members of the community should be trusted to know their own limits and abilities. When it comes to character limits, thread limits, and other aspects of roleplay that are often heavily restricted through rules, we believe that members should know what they are able to handle and act accordingly. Some people are capable of roleplaying several characters effectively, while others find a small handful easiest to manage. The same goes for number of threads happening at once. Only when it is apparent that a member is overloading themselves and struggling, will staff step in to suggest ways the member can reduce the load. Otherwise, whatever you can handle is perfectly acceptable. That all members of the community should communicate effectively with each other to establish their expectations, wants, and needs in roleplay. In a similar vein, as long as all participants in a thread are happy and enjoying their roleplay, staff will see no reason to step in and moderate the size, frequency, content, or any other aspect of posts. This is why the community has no set word count, activity requirements (excepting teaching staff), or other such rules. Keep open communication between yourself and those you thread with, be clear about what you want and need as a roleplayer. And have fun. That all members of the community should be able to explore themes of interest to them through roleplay, while respecting the potential triggers of other members. Our content rating is 18+, or 333. This means that no content is strictly off-limits, though we do ask that any sexual content be conducted privately. If you are aware of potential triggers that may arise in your threads, we ask that you do tag and warn for them, to ensure that members who may be affected do not accidentally read across it. If you have a trigger that is not often recognised as a trigger, please let staff know so that steps can be taken to help members mark and warn for that content. That all members of the community should feel comfortable approaching a staff member with any concern, big or small. Understand that you deserve to be happy here, and that you are worth having your problems addressed. Any staff member may be approached, and we make an effort to have staff of varying personality types to ensure there is someone you may feel comfortable with. Even if the problem sounds silly, we may be able to take steps to reduce it---or (if needed) just listen while you vent what's on your mind. That staff members called on to resolve disputes within the community should do so in a manner that is understanding, compassionate, and unbiased. When conflict resolution is required, staff will always act in a way that is confidential, fair, and logical. Our aim is to find a peaceful resolution for all parties wherever possible, so that the community can move on stronger and happier than before. Although staff often forge strong bonds with other players, these bonds should never inform what "side" a staff member is on. Members should feel confident that they will be listened to and all parties treated fairly. Above all, that Tallygarunga is a community first and foremost---and a roleplay second. Counter-intuitive as it sounds for a roleplay board, we have worked hard to foster a strong community spirit that accepts, encourages, supports, and loves each one of its members. We choose to put that community first, as we believe that it is our OOC connection that makes for more excellent IC fun. It allows us to trust in each other, and to play IC conflict without worry, it allows us to explore deeper themes and create IC chaos without fear of OOC interference. It also means that no matter whether a member has the ability to actively roleplay on the forum or not, they are (and always will be) a member of the Tallygarunga family for as long as they choose to be. We are, at our core, a solid community that enjoys writing together.
  12. Howdy!

    Hi Nikki! Awesome to have you with us! I always love when members come in with new and exciting ideas, I can't believe there are fools out there who would turn down such a well-thought out character. Ah well, their loss is our luck! If you need any help with anything, just ask! Even if there's no staff actively on, there's usually someone who can answer questions!
  13. Sadly Bowing Out

    We love you, darling! You're one of the family here, and you don't owe us posts to be part of it. So please, don't feel bad that you haven't been able---and when you do have time around gross adultness, come chill with us! You're always, always, ALWAYS welcome. And when we get a miracle moment, waffles in the city. ❤️
  14. Rashida Jones

  15. World Domination Ahead!

    Top RP Sites: #30 up from #21 Roleplay Lovers: #6 (down from #17!) Forum Roleplay: #36 (same) Honeydukes: #13 (same) Best Harry Potter: #3 (same) Top Harry Potter: #14 (up from #15!) Shadowplay #6 (down from #4) RP Sites #14 (up from #18!)