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Tallygarunga | The Australian Potterverse
  • QuillBook

    • Tyson McKennis

      @Samantha Hammond @Chloe Stewart Yo, when my break pops up Imma be swinging by to check up on ya' both. I'll have a bit of time on my hands, ya know? 
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    • Travis Franklin

      Who ever takes notes for me while I have family stuff to handle gains my eternal love. 😉
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    • Senan Connell

      @Maxine Williams Happy Birthday. I do have a gift and it took me a while to prepare. Hopefully it will catch your interest.
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    • Ian Travers

      Climbed the Southern Cross Tower today without assistance. The view to the Bushland was gorgeous! o((*^▽^*))o
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    • Cole Lin

      So. . . If anyone on campus sees a snake. . .? Don't stomp it. It's one of my dormmates. They kind of left the cage opened. Just let me know, I'll get it!
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    • Alexander Winfield

      Hey there, VEGE fans! Just a reminder, I'll be taking a break from personal recording and performances the next few months!
      But fret not! Many of the already hopeful and determined VEGE productions from other Musician's will still be done!
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    • Vale Windum

      I know some of you students prepping for Universities need a bit of 'Human Interest' events on your side. 
      So, I'll be offering a chance to assist in renovations of buildings purchased and used for younglings that have lost their parents or other relatives. It's a good cause with good efforts!
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    • Travis Franklin

      Annnd Odessa does it again. . . Feline actually did leave a bunch of kittens under my bed. Lucky me. . .
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    • Amber Cross

      Remembralls are the dumbest invention ever. They tell you you forgot something but you can't remember what you forgot... Ugh.
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    • Shane Robbins

      @Jamie Collins, mind switching up gyms with me before the next time we go to one? Thanks.
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