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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring
  • Heide Auclair

    Ministry Wizarding Archaeologist
    168 year old Pureblood Veela
    Legal Name: Heide Klara Auclair
    Current Age: 168
    Birthdate: December 3rd, 1850
    Blood Status: Pureblood
    Species: Veela
    Position: Ministry Wizarding Archaeologist
    Suggested Play-by: Gillian Jacobs
    Listing Type: Wanted Character Post
    Locations: Narragyambie,Ministry of Magic
    Contact Member:  ✩ Kirupachi
    • PB is negotiable;
    • Colette & Gwendoline Auclair's mother, and treats Laurie Kempf as her own as well;
    • Full Veela, coming to existence in Bulgaria;
    • Took refuge in Germany at some point and became an important tool under their Ministry;
    • Fluent in Bulgarian, German, French, English and possibly a couple more languages;
    • Close friend of Reinhold Kempf;
    • Presents herself as a Pureblood witch so to avoid the persecution of her children, her ID showing her as being German (as issued by the Ministry in a deal);
    • Deliberately makes plenty of geology, archaeology and history puns in conversation to amuse herself, annoy her oldest daughter and entertain her youngest one;
    • Everything else is up to you.

    Heide was born in Bulgaria - if you were to ask her where, exactly, or how she came to be to begin with, she couldn't tell you. Being a smart being with a penchant for adventure and entirely on her own, she was quick to pull herself up by her bootstraps and realize the deep issues scarring the nation still under Ottoman authority; she soon fled the country, and spent much of her long life exploring the world (and Europe, in particular).

    At some point, in the 1970's, Heide became embroiled with the German Ministry of Magic. In order to avoid persecution from the very same country she had been considering briefly settling down in, the ever so resourceful Veela decided to provide them her services instead - whether they be archeological, combative, or through espionage. It was through these adventures over the years that she eventually came to meet Reinhold Kempf in the latter years of the century and came to strongly befriend the man.

    It was during one such mission that she was sent to Rennes, France, and she allowed herself to become infatuated with a human - given the man's youth and interest in forming a family, it appeased to her inherent need of having something she could call her own instead of forever being a drifter. Staying in the area in between tasks, they soon married and their two daughters came to existence.

    Her husband knew that Heide's heart belonged in Berlin, so he deliberately learned the language and sought out for a job in the area. Once he landed it they finally moved, and she struck a deal with the government that had been getting so much mileage out of her - being issued a Pureblood witch registration and ID, she was able to have her own daughters pass for Purebloods as well so to avoid persecution.

    As her daughters spent their first few academic years in Durmstrang, Heide soon came to an unfortunate conclusion - the anti-halfbreed rhetoric was increasing everywhere and she needed an even safer place, despite governmental protection. It was then that her dear friend, Reinhold Kempf, suggested Australia - Narragyambie, in particular - due to its reputation of shielding halfbreeds from harm. Taking the plunge, Heidi thanked the German authorities for their protection and moved to align with the Victorian Ministry instead after having her close friend refer her to them. Has the family finally found their haven, or are they still in danger?

    • Having finally arrived to Narragyambie, it's generally believed in the family that they're finally (mostly) safe from potential persecution. Nevertheless they still come across as purebloods for the time being, just to be safe. Are there any other precautions Heide has taken to ensure her safety?
    • It's in a Veela's blood to be warm and welcoming, but it seems that somehow her older child hasn't inherited these traits - 'as cold as a damn iceberg', as Gwen claims, Heide is starting to worry about Colette's general behavior. What will she do to make her thaw?
    • On the other side of the spectrum is Gwen, the rambunctious fellow of the four. Someone needs to slow her down. Even if Heide is reminded of her adventures with Reinhold Kempf and others while looking at her, she's also aware of how dangerous such things should be, and it's likely in everyone's best interest to keep the girl safe.
    • By chance, it was Reinhold Kempf whom found her her newest gig and had her move to Narragyambie - this means they're again near Laurie, a girl Heide has come to treat as her own child over the years. With the girl's newfound taste for freedom and rebellion, she might need someone to reel her back in before it's too late.
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