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April, 2019
School Status:
Tallygarunga: Term One, VMU: Semester One

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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.
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    Gideon Sharpe

    Tallygarunga Student
    11-20 year old Muggleborn Human
    Age Range: 11-20
    Blood Status: Muggleborn
    Species: Human
    Wanted For:  Diana Sharpe
    Position: Tallygarunga Student
    Suggested Play-by: Jacob Hopkins
    Listing Type: Wanted Character Post
    Locations: Tallygarunga
    Contact Member:  Kirupachi


    Here are some pointers:

    - Suggested name is Gideon Quincy Sharpe but I'm not too attached to that nor the PB;

    - He is Diana Sharpe's (substantially) younger brother. She is his legal guardian. He's about to enter the fourth year in Tallygarunga and has been living in the institution since he was roughly 7 years old;

    - He was born in the rural town of Mildura to Muggle parents, Dwight and Carina, whom were against magic in general. His sister left to Tallygarunga roughly at the same time he was born, and thus they were apart for the first five years of his life. Nevertheless she sent him letters the moment she was made aware he could properly read;

    - His sister was taken away from Tallygarunga when he was 5. They were taught magic was wrong but she never subscribed to this ideology. Once this character started showing signs of magic, she both taught him how to control it and decided to run away with him for his sake - she wiped their existence from people's memories and magically manipulated her way to have the Muggle government grant her legal guardianship. Once leaving Mildura behind, she enrolled the boy in Whitlam Bilby while going to Tallygarunga to complete her own education;

    - Until a few months ago, his home was the actual dormitory he resided in due to Diana not having a home of her own, either residing in the Tally dormitories herself or taking shelter in her best friend's house. Only recently did she acquire an apartment in Melbourne where this character is welcome to stay during breaks or for visits;

    - How did this character take being ripped out of his hometown, whether he liked it or not? How is his relationship with his sister, despite her best efforts to provide for him? Does he want to go back or is he thankful for the sacrifice she made?

    - Anything else is up to you.

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