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February, 2019
School Status:
Tallygarunga: Term One, VMU: Summer Break

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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

Adoptable Spotlight

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    Amalea Evans

    21-30 year old Any Any
    Age Range: 21-30
    Blood Status: Any
    Species: Any
    Wanted For:  Diana Sharpe
    Suggested Play-by: Margot Robbie
    Listing Type: Wanted Character Post
    Locations: Tallygarunga,Narragyambie,Melbourne,Victoria Magical University,Ministry of Magic
    Contact Member:  Kirupachi


    - Suggested name is Amalea Rhea Evans but feel free to take your own stab at it, same with PB;

    - She is Diana Sharpe's best friend's long time girlfriend, and very close to Diana herself as well. The two met and became fast friends during their VMU days, and at some point in time she was introduced to Diana's best friend and started dating him. Things eventually turned serious;

    - She should be a bit younger than the two - she came into their life when Diana was in college and she started it 2 years late, making it likely she's within that slightly younger age range. Any course taken is fine, and it could be that she's presently completing her course as well (Diana's been out for just under a year);

    - What's the status of her relationship with the best friend? Are they about to become engaged? Are they happy with how things are right now? Is there trouble in paradise? Does this character go to Diana for relationship advice?

    - She should at least be bisexual;

    - The idea is for Diana to actually have a chance, regardless of the weight of this chance - it could be as small as this girl just being bisexual with a small attraction for Diana, or the journalist having her feelings 100% reciprocated and this relationship being a huge conspiracy, or anything in between. It should lead into a convoluted love triangle. Player's choice;

    - Is she aware of Diana's feelings for her? If so, how does she react to her seemingly unwavering support for the existing relationship? If not, is she placed in situations that make it worse (i.e. being asked for ideas for romantic gifts, etc)? If into her, does it bother her that she describes herself as asexual if pressed on it, and could it contribute to this character not showing anything?

    - Anything else is up to you.

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