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    “I want to feel beautiful, for a little longer.”
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    Plot Wants

    - Romance, from healthy to toxic to mediocre to deliriously Fairy Tale!
    - Friendship - good friends, bad friends, frenemies, etc.
    - Family; from loving and warm to toxic and awful.
    - Drama! Good drama, bad drama!

    I like vague plots 'Let's hook them up!' and then see how long it takes to get them there, and what drama pops up along the way! I'm not really into planning each and every moment, I like it to be more natural and organic than that =)

    Triggers & Limits

    - While I'm happy to discuss our character's sex lives, and any quirks or kinks they might have, I prefer to fade to black when it comes to RPing.

    - Anything regarding robbery/holdups/muggings/etc are a no for me.

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