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    “The moon shone in the rocking horse's eye, and in the mouse's eye, too, when Tolly fetched it out from under his pillow to see. The clock went tick-tock, and in the stillness he heard little bare feet running across the floor, then laughter and whisperin

    I like writing stories and drawing. I have too many stories and I'm always eager to talk about them, so don't ask if you're not prepared for a big text dump!
    I like supernatural and paranormal fiction, as well as mysteries and magic.

    Member since: February 2018
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    Plot Wants

    Any cute ships you like.

    Any sort of complicated relationships between characters, antagonistic or otherwise.

    Herbology Professor
    28 year old hbr fr
    Played By: Posts: 11
    Triggers & Limits

    Squicks: Paedophillia, daddy kink, rape, dubious consent. (Note that I'm fine with unhealthy relationships, just not anything containing the above and as long as we are all conscious of it's unhealthiness.)

    Triggers: Nothing specific. I have anxiety so I will let you know if something is making me freak out. It shouldn't be a problem though.

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