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    Member ☆ Alberta, Canada ☆ She/Her
    Member since: February 2018
    Last Active: 24 September 2018
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    Best Contact Method Private messenger here
    Plot Wants

    Music plots for Vladimir

    Crazy students being crazy for Big V (aka Vlad II) to deal with

    Fellow kidlets wanting to be friends with lil Maks Awesome/cause mischief etc.

    All the fun

    All the shenanigans

    Master Cellist / Conductor of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
    27 year old hbr dh
    Played By: Jonathan Rhys Meyers Posts: 21
    Professor of Transfiguration/Healer
    27 year old hbr dh
    Played By: Josh Hartnett Posts: 13
    04. Grade Four
    9 year old pb hu
    Played By: Thomas Brodie-Sangster Posts: 7
    Deputy Headmaster/Head of Flinders/Alchemy Professor/Blacksmith/Alchemist
    527 year old pb hu
    Played By: Liam Neeson Posts: 6
    Resident Psycho Vampire and Defender of Tally | Violinist
    30 year old Pureblood Vampire
    Played By: Stuart Townsend Posts: 3
    Triggers & Limits

    Suicide, self-harm, abuse. Anything else, shoot me a message and I can talk it out with you.

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