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    ✩ Kaitore

    The Wake Thief ☆
    Member ☆ Providence, Rhode Island ☆
    Thou art I. . .
    Member since: February 2018
    Last Active: 24 September 2018
    Timezone GMT -5
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    Character Posts: 782
    Total Posts: 850
    Best Contact Method Private messenger here, Discord
    Plot Wants
    1. Awkward Stuffles
    2. Drama of well designed nature is always fun!
    3. Fun-Fun times, random jokes and pranks depending on character
    4. Serious moments, some characters are designed for the darker sides of things
    5. Friends-O's, I have characters that need more. Influences of both good and bad nature!
    6. Familial Drama, as if characters can't get nough' that!
    7. We can go on a feels-trip sometimes I don't mind!
    8. A bit of Action! Adventure, Mayhem, running into some bad goons or some really creepy Magical Creatures that want some nom's. 
    06. Sixth Year Guitarist and Vocalist
    19 year old Halfbreed Sorceraic
    Played By: BooBoo Stewart Posts: 390
    39 year old Pureblood Human
    Played By: Michael Fassbender Posts: 69
    Investigative Journalist
    25 year old Halfbreed Dhampir
    Played By: Martin Sensmeier Posts: 96
    07. Seventh Year
    17 year old Muggleborn Human
    Played By: Michael B. Jordan Posts: 74
    Professor of Elemental Magic
    26 year old Muggleborn Human
    Played By: Chris Evans Posts: 100
    Liaison for ‘Azai Corporations’, Yakuza Hitman
    25 year old Halfbreed Fae
    Played By: Godfrey Gao Posts: 53
    Triggers & Limits

    No real triggers or limits, just chat with me and I'll let ya' know. 

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