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December, 2018
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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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    If Lauren is what I have to look forward to from Sarah, Tavi and Merrilea... Cam and I might just go hide in a cave somewhere. No horses allowed.
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    Daddy gave me this journal, he said it is for connecting to people. If you can see this, please tell Daddy that I should have a horse. He will not listen to reason!
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    If I'm still bedridden when my family goes to the beach this Summer, I swear I'll... uh... kick my plushies off my bed or something like that.
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    Late New Year's Resolution: Actually be more transparent about when I'm drunk off my ass when making a new political commentary piece live on camera.
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    I think it's time I go on some kind of magical road trip. See all the sights! Adventure!
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    Have to love the perks of the Summer time Vacation.
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    So this was Tallygarunga. Lauren was familiar with it, but not from the perspective of someone actually living within its walls. She had spent some time in her dorm, getting things to how she liked them. Having belongings was a new thing to her, and having them arranged in a very precise and particular way was suddenly important. After a lot of fiddling (lack of magic be damned, it would have been much easier!) she finally got things to look right, and headed out to explore the rest of the school. Naturally, she avoided the library. And the Gawler Building. Running into either of her parents would be a little awkward, she felt, especially if it was the woman supposed to be her mother. So she headed for a place where she felt she would best be able to meet and assess her fellow classmates, the all-houses games room. And... it was empty for now. Not bothered by this, Lauren busied herself about the room. There was a lot of clutter in here, and it just needed a little organising. Some of these pictures were quite terrible and needed to come down, and whatever that was in the corner needed to go straight to the trash. Reading through decor magazines had given Lauren terribly high standards, and she figured that this (like her room in her father's worn down house) could only benefit from a little facelift. She was doing a community service here, and over the course of an hour or so, she had completely rearranged the room to her liking. At least, as much as she could without changing anything too much, but it was a start. A giant pile of rubbish spilled over in the bin, some of it (projects in the works, books, journals, and other personal effects) may not have been rubbish, but in Lauren's eyes it was all unnecessary clutter. It had to go. Satisfied that she had done the best she could, Lauren perched herself in an armchair at the center of the room. One leg crossed over the other, she opened a book and began to peruse more inspiration for her bedroom. And perhaps ideas for improving this room too, she was sure that her father would allow her to. He did want her to be happy here. But for now, Lauren just waited for her classmates to come and admire her work, pay their respects and give her the accolades she was due.
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    "There is no horse here," said Lauren, who was not as well versed in idioms and figures of speech as the average student. She looked around, waving a hand to prove her point---indeed, there was no horse here in the games room. It was a sore point too, she'd always wanted a horse. Her grandmother had never seen the point of having animals around, and now her father was digging his heels in too. There were perfectly good dirtbikes out in the back paddock, what did she need a horse for? Lauren was slowly making Sarah and Octavia her allies in her campaign for a horse though, and soon Alan would be overwhelmed and give in. Hopefully. This was the goal. She was sure, as well, that what Amber was saying had some sort of meaning but she couldn't figure it out. Why would anyone run about the hallways with a stick placed there? Was it a requirement of policing fun? What was the role of the fun police anyway, was it to ensure everyone was having fun, or to prevent it? How did one go about applying to be part of the fun police (it sounded like a role that came with some prestige, given Amber's warning about them) and would she really have to have the stick? "I do not think I know who I am, I know who I am," Lauren's oblivious corrections continued. "I am Lauren Burdett."
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    Everybody's gone to Melbourne and I'm stuck here. Time to become a shut in.
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    Well! Hello everyone! You may call me Shine! Over time, some of you may find that you've known me by other names as I tend to get around the net a lot. Buuut, more on that some other time! For now, greetings and let's have fun, yeah?
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    "Refill this. . . Refill that. . ." Derrick grumbled to himself as he made his way down the hall with a cart full of supplies in tow. An enchant placed on it to keep it rolling behind him at an even pace to avoid taking him over. "Sometimes, Auds can be a pushy little Assistant." That had been one of the issues of working with a friend whom held clerk duties on their plate. But he figured he could do this kind of a favor even with his vocal grudge being spoken out, none of it held any weight of being actually believed by him. It wasn't how he wanted to spend the Summer days but he also nearly forgot there had been the last minute paperwork and replenshing the classrooms before the students ever attended the school again and boy. . . Were there many that needed to be given in certain classes. He lifted up a parchment, written on it had been a class room specifictaion and the necessary materials that were needed for restock from the previous years usage of the supplies. "Lessee. . . Writing Tiles, some more chalk and a refresher on erasers. Shit, people still use chalkboards? . . . I wonder if I can take the old board erasers and make a chalk cloud?" His head canted to the side from the juvenile thought alone. That would have been a good passtime during his break whenever it would finally come around until he needed to finish up the still lingering odds and ends. Fingers laced under the rim of the cart and pulled it along further as he rounded the corner and entered the room while still having his eyes reading over the remainder of the things that he needed to place in the Ancient Rune's room. Every so often darting from the page and back towards the supply cart to double check he actually had everything and didn't need to make a trip back for them. It seemed as if everything had been there and even some more in reserve that should satisfy the need until the end of the year, unless a massive uptake of expected students arrived and populated the School. It wasn't an unheard of occurrence but he'd also expected to see much less due to the recent issues with the arrival of Sollozo, it had placed the school on enough watch that parents had started to pull their students out permanently or indefinitely until the situation had been fully resolved by the Ministry. The unfortunate hiccups that came with the feeling of fear itself being pushed through a society of people, he couldn't argue if he'd react the same way but being a Professor he was obligated to see to the best of the students Academical health and that extended to their entire wellbeing. With the lack of attentiveness towards his environment he banged into the edge of a nearby seat and grunted in contempt. "Ngh. . .! Bastard. . .!" A hand reached for the leather designed wand holster that hung at his hips and quickly drew it and pointed the tip of it towards the seat. He'd been waiting to let loose, to have a good enough reason in his opinion to set something wooden on fire. That was, of course, until he felt that he wasn't entirely alone in the room. Eyes shifted towards the supply cart that tapered behind him, no, it wasn't that. From one area of the room to next his gaze darted until he spotted that someone had been sitting in the Professor's chair that had been set at a point further in the room that deigned the attention of those that would be in a position to study and focus. "Uhhh. . . I was just going to, er, dust it. Yes." His hand quickly flicked towards the cart and it pulled one of the many feather dusters into his free hand. Casually, Derrick began to dust it away as if it had been the intention all along. Sometimes one had to improvise when about to look like a homicidal maniac of all that had been wooden, while it was probably true he didn't need to actually excude that kind of image about himself so soon to others. "Oh wait, you're probably the new Professor I've been hearing had been asked for." Being close to the Headmaster's Assistant, certain details typically ended up in his ear faster than the rumors had time to spread. It'd also been one of the few talked about changes around the lounger as well, since the woman seemed to be of a newer face to him it seemed to be the more obvious conclusion. In a fluid motion he sheathed the wand then waved his hand in a eased greeting. "Well, to start out introductions, I'm Derrick Ackers! I'm the not-much-newer Professor of Elemental Magic. And the unlucky bastard who has to watch over the nutty students of Spencer House as their minder. Not an easy gimmick, I assure you!" He'd gotten off easily last year since many of the students weren't as bad as his own class back in the day. Probably the calm before the storm, no doubt.
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    Late too the party, but, welcome to Tally me dear. Look forward too see you about.
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    Hey there and welcome to Tallygarunga! Connecting through the Discord is a good way to meet a lot of the members! (Quicker answers too, everyone loves quicker answers.) We have a pretty diverse group with time zones so there will usually be someone around. And some of us have very questionable sleep schedules which could help with that.
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    Cheers, welcome aboard! I hope you like it here among us nerds. I'll second Lily regarding having you join the Discord server to chat with us all, and I look forward to RP'ing with ya!
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    Welcome, welcome! And a pleasure to meet you! I do so love when the lurkers decide to say hi and join us. XD If you need any help with anything, don't be afraid to poke one of the staffies or a member, and totally hit us up in the Discord as well. Looking forward to seeing what character(s) you bring along with you. ❤️
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    Happy New Year, but most importantly, happy birthday, Sam! I'm so sorry I couldn't be there! Will make it up to you as soon as possible, that's a promise.
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    🎤🎸 Hey there, Alex-Fanons, and BEGE Production listeners! Stay tuned to your local radio for New Years Eve night! Yours truly will be sitting on and performing my Vocal Jazz single, Firestarter along with another original! 😉
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    Still wondering a little as to how Spencer came out on top this year. But just going to put it down to my general aura of awesome. Definitely a nice extra high note to finish off the school year and my school life. ❤️
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    As Amber called the bag her "baby", Lauren looked to the heavens as though seeking strength from a higher power. This was not the welcome she expected, nor the gratitude she believed was owed for her miracle working in the room. She sighed and returned that critical gaze back to Amber, listening out of sheer politeness though it was evident that Lauren's assessment of the girl was complete. The result was not in Amber's favour. "I can't see why any points could be awarded for that... clutter," she said with a disapproving frown as she remembered the mis-matched projects in various states of completion. Lauren genuinely believed that she had done a good thing here, which made the cruelty of throwing it all away all the more brutal. "More likely I have saved many from losing points over sloppy workmanship," Lauren's gaze followed Amber as she entered the room with the offending bag. "I believe I did say the bag was not permitted," Lauren's smooth and sing-song voice rang out, a delicate frown on her lips at being disobeyed so flagrantly. "There is space in the hallway, else you may place it in the trash. I am willing to assist in locating a more suitable replacement if you insist on carrying such a thing?" it was hard to know what Lauren was aiming to be, here. Helpful? Rude? It was like she was trying to make a good impression, but failing miserably. Tripping over her own idea of how things should be, and trying to fit the school and students into it with brute force. But offering to help, all the same.
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    For all whom it may concern, this third place is in no means my fault. You people need to pull your own weight. I won't be carrying you on my back throughout the whole sixth year, thank you very much.
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    Damn, didn't think the end of the year was that quick.
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    Lauren looked up from her magazine as the girl spoke, with all the grace and self-assuredness of a queen. She didn't answer straight away, merely took in the other girl's appearance, as if assessing whether this creature belonged in her perfectly curated room here. Not really if she was being honest, especially with that language and that... rough manner. She raised a hand, primly closing the magazine on her knee. "Why should anyone choose to---as you say, 'rip my head off'?" she asked, lips pursed in a thin frown at the very idea. Lauren couldn't grasp that others may not enjoy her minimalist approach to decorating, or that some people were using the items she had so casually tossed away. "Daddy said to make myself comfortable. I think he will be quite impressed with my efforts here, if anyone should object---he will see to it." The gaze that she levelled at Amber was a challenge. It dared the other girl to disagree, to find out for herself just how legitimate Lauren's claim to the "throne" was. As a new student, Lauren knew it was important to establish dominance. She had the connections, why not use them? Lauren didn't even bother telling Amber who her father was, she merely expected the girl to know. "You may remain," she 'allowed' Amber to stay in the room as if her haughty self had a right to decide one way or another. "But leave the terrible bag outside. It offends me."