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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
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  3. A Small Start

    She was about to laugh when she put her hands in her mouth to muffle the sound, she had forgotten they were at the Library and they had to keep it down or they could be kicked out. “No, just means you’re no informed enough.” she didn’t take what others knew or didn’t as a sign of stupidity or being dumb, it was a sign that maybe people just weren’t interested enough in such topic to pursue it and there was nothing wrong around it, they didn’t need to be shamed for it. Different interests it was what the world was all about, it was what made everything more interesting. Robin was a bit caught off guard by his proposal, but she would love to take him with her, if he wanted, not to watch her back, she didn’t really need that, but it could be fun. “I don’t need exactly, but I wouldn’t say no if you want to come.” she would have to wear formal clothing, to blend in the crowd, but depending on what he wanted to do he could either chose to go casual or not. “It’ll be in late September so bring some formal clothing.” her lip grew. It wasn’t a date exactly, it was more a friendly hangout, and if MJ didn’t have classes she would be there as well, but if Jamie would go with her, she could give the young girl the day off. “You know, I might need some help, actually.” she would get to spend time with him, and MJ could have some time to herself. “This doesn’t excuse the actual day, but if you want to explore it, I have the key.” she said with a mischievous smile, which started to grow as she took the key from her pocket, waving it at Jamie. Would he take the bait and get to have a spooky adventure with her? Or would she have to rely only on books?
  4. Open Nature's Ally

    The smile on her lips grew as she stared at the boy who had complimented her eyes. He looked interesting, not so much him being able to change into an animal, that was easy for some, and that wasn’t too hard for her, depending on the animal’s bone structure, birds were impossible for her, her human part made it so difficult to shapeshift into birds, quite disappointing, she’d have to stick with land animals, even water were off limits. She sensed something in the air, which was knew, but she should have guessed, despite the knew scent the young boy was cute, but if he thought that was going to work on her, he would be disappointed, but nothing like play along for a while, it could be fun, tricking a veela, or a part one was more fun that she would like to admit. “Photography is a mirror to another moment, a moment stuck in time. Wouldn’t it be great to jump to that particular moment? Captured on the photo and redo everything from there?” her eyes watched him carefully, mischievously smile only getting bigger as he spoke. Was his plan working? No, but she wanted him to think it was. She slowly bit her lower lip, she had to look at him to know what he was saying, she could pry his mind, but where was the fun in that? “My heart craves to be filled with magic.” She spoke in soft words, finding it even more fun how he decided to flirt with her. He was cute though, a bit too young for her liking, but definitely cute. She wasn’t sure if he could sense her magic, she was too connected to nature, maybe it was good that it would be easily mistaken by the same scent as the reserve, or even the bushlands. He was nothing but a prey, an unsuspecting prey that seemed to have fallen into her trap. “I don’t deny. You are indeed incredibly photogenic.” She decided to play along. While she wasn’t lying, she did try to give it an extra spark, expecting it to sound exactly like someone who’s being influenced by his charm. “Then you won’t mind if I take another photo? Maybe putting you on top of the many photos I have.” She turned on her camera on and pointed it at him. “Are you sure the ladies won’t be jealous of me? Taking such a nice photo?” she hopped she was playing the part correctly. His flirting never ended, which was amusing, and an invitation for Robin to continue. “I do love adventure, enough to get your heart pumping and blood rushing through your veins. It’s a bit addictive.” Was he onto her, he probably wasn’t, she did know a few muggle magic tricks, it wasn’t really a magic trick, it was just her making cookies disappear. “Unless you mean disappearing cookies, I am the greatest magician of all times.” She joked, hopping it would stick. Her eyes were fixated on his, the same way his were on hers, maybe now was the best time to finish this off. Her eyes soon turned pitch black, her smile grew, still the same mischievous smile as before. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Birdie.” She spoke, as a few roots broke through the soil to catch Phoenix and wrap around his legs, keeping him grounded. “Phoenix is a pretty, name.”
  5. Invite If only the clockworks could speak

    She was confident she could take care of the cats, and they would be in good hands. She had considered in getting a pet, not how she expected to get one and they were Travis’ so it would be temporary, but she was going to have plenty of fun with them. The tone of the conversation shifted when he declined her offer. She understood the implications of having him with her and while she was willing to take that chance, she could see that he wasn’t. “I know it won’t feel bad about breaking into my house, and probably dispel all the protective shields I have…” if there was one thing she had learnt from travelling was to always put up shields and wards around a place to sleep and rest, whatever rested in the shadows wasn’t going to be courteous enough to knock on the door. “You’re not a wild animal. At least stop by for some hot food, maybe a shower, clean clothes, sometimes a soft bed, I don’t think I’ll be in that much danger, at least not yet, it’s too soon.” She understood his concerns, but she was also concerned about him. “You can’t do this alone.” It wouldn’t be the first time that Liv would face a werewolf, but she wasn’t proficient, and she could understand his worried about her safety. If she was him, she would have done the exact same thing. “Just … at least consider it. I’m not going anywhere, I’ll still be here for you, if you ever need me, text me, combination to let you through the wards at my house are simple, and you can just use magic to open the door. It will always be open for you.” She couldn’t force him, but she could give him an option. He was right, it wasn’t a fair question, but she knew he would do for her exactly what she’d do for him. “I know it’s not Travis and call me stubborn but the safety you want for those you care for is the same I want for you. Your words won’t change any of that, me knowing the danger won’t change it either.” She couldn’t understand his position, but he couldn’t understand hers. She had always been in the side lines, people disappeared from her life and she was never able to do anything about it, the feeling of loss was terrible, but the feeling of uncertainty was worse. She smiled at his words, how could she? “I wouldn’t dodge you even if I had met you right now. It wouldn’t have made me change my mind.” She was stubborn, she believed in people, everyone made mistakes, everyone deserved a chance to change and a chance to be better than they already were, people needed the opportunity to grow. “You need to be more kind to yourself.” A wise choice of words, if she would follow them, but Travis didn’t need to know about that piece of information, or maybe he had already figured it out. “One bad thing doesn’t make the whole experience bad.” she wasn’t sure if she could get her point across. Travis wasn’t kind towards himself, he was harsh and the perception he had of himself was mostly bad, or it seemed that way. “Me being in danger isn’t your fault, you didn’t cause this, you didn’t start this, you’re not the one trying to do anything.” The way she saw it, he was as much of a victim as everyone else, and yet he only blamed himself for everything that had happened. “You taught me how to open up again, that’s good. You spent many hours with me, they were all amazing, I loved every minute of it. We don’t always agree, and that’s alright, but even our little arguments were a teaching moment, not bad, not good, they were great.” If only he could see things from her perspective, he could never see things her way, because he was living with it, but she was on the outside, she wasn’t as hard on him as he was. “You don’t have to. All my time with you was great, great experiences, great moments. I don’t have anything bad to say about you.” She had to say it again, and again, until he realizes she’s not lying or trying to make him feel better, or even delusional, her perception of him was entirely different from the one he had. ”You see yourself as a werewolf, I see the werewolf, but I also see what’s underneath the rough and scary exterior. You’re more than just fangs, and don’t let society tell you you’re a monster. I’ve seen you, you’re more kind than most humans, they are the monsters, not you.” In this moment her words probably didn’t mean much to Travis, but she hoped one day he could see what she meant. “Regardless of everything, I’ll always be here for you. I’m not going away willingly, even if you push me back, I’ll be an octopus on your face.” She had used the same statement before, and while she preferred to be the song stuck in his head, in this case she wouldn’t mind being both the song and the octopus.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Invite A new reality

    Danielle watched Jo with interest through the thorough explanation about the Spanish-sounding game. She had never played any sort of card-based game before (her parents had, and never let her, saying she was 'too young for them') and was very curious about the concept in general. She couldn't picture, however, how such a game could be played with a standard deck. Had Jo not given her a full explanation? Or perhaps it was with a custom deck that permitted for such mechanics? "Days...?" How could a card game take days to finish? How did people keep track? The very notion took her aback. No wonder such things weren't permitted with her growing up. Being always on the move, one couldn't keep track of simple games like those. It felt somewhat overwhelming but it was a stark reminder that she had yet much to learn and to get used to so to be able to blend in with Muggles and run of the mill wizards borne in an urban setting. "Don't worry about it. I know someone who can help me with those." Said Ashley as she returned, placing the Monopoly game box down on the coffee table near them. "One thing at a time, anyway. You don't want the girl to get overloaded, do you? Let's start with this so she can teach Faith how to play later." She opened the box, placing the board down neatly in the middle of the table while kneeling next to it. She'd be the banker. The others could focus more on the game that way...
  8. Invite Alliance of Protec

    He was more interesting and fun than he gave himself credit for and he was a great person, she had however to stop with the compliments for the night, she had to store them in order to catch Cole off guard another day. If they were going to meet more often, now that he was in Narrie she had to come up with ways to catch him by surprise, while they were all true it was always nice to see how some people just shy away from them, clearly they needed to be complimented more often. “Oh no! You have uncovered by evil master plan.” She joked at his statement. Was she trying to slip out challenges? Yes, she was, it had been a while since she had someone to play games with and playing them with a friend was always better than to do it with an acquaintance. “Good then.” If he didn’t mind waiting, and if he could take that time for a walk around the school, even better. “Yeah, Quidditch is … still the only sport Wizards seem to fanatic about.” She wasn’t so much a fan of the players, or watching others play, but when she was on that pitch, that was what made it all worth it. “If you want to avoid people, I know the perfect thing for you. It’s a sort of I’m here but I’m not spell.” She had yet to try it, but she knew how to perform it, but it did have a few if’s. She shook her head in disappointment. “Come on, I’m pretty sure a few ladies and maybe even some men were impressed, and I think some might agree.” Was Cole handsome? Maybe not the words she would use to describe him, but he was good looking. Appearances were subjective, they varied. “Are you saying you don’t think you’re handsome?” she decided to tease him a little bit, unsuspected that it was something that could be turned against her without her even realizing it. After the dare and sitting back, she drank the other shots she was supposed to as Cole complimented her. He hasn’t seen anything. “She was probably intimidated by my swift hand.” She joked, looking back at the woman who didn’t seem to bother about Liv. But now, now was her turn to tell him what his dare was. She looked around the bar and looked at some people. “Cocky, are we? I dare you to go over that table with those three ladies and get their phone numbers.” An easy task, she knew he could ace it, or at least she was expecting that, she just wanted to poke fun at him if he succeeds. “Oh, and when you’re done, I go dare, again.”
  9. Invite Secret Strings of Life

    Bella Mayfield
    She looked away a bit embarrassed at his words, it wasn’t really a great thing, she didn’t consider herself to be a bibliophile, but she wasn’t going to argue with him either about it. The embarrassment faded fairly quickly, Cole was an easy person to be around and she didn’t have to worry too much about him, about what he’d think or not, still scared her a little bit, especially since they were sharing a house it would be awkward if things between them weren’t good. That same thought started to worry Bella, she shouldn’t have showed herself, now what if she does something that makes things worse? She couldn’t stop worrying about it now, the few scenarios ran through her head as her heart beat increased. It took her a while to relax but his words called her back to reality, she was worrying too much and she shouldn’t. “I used to go there so if they hadn’t changed much I know exactly where we need to go.” Her grandmother loved going there at least once a week, hopefully Bella could show a bit of her knowledge about it without cowering behind the possibility of ordering things without having to have human interaction, that wasn’t the right time to hide behind technology or even self-service machines to escape other humans. Her cheeks turned a bit red as he looked at her, but she tried to remain calm and continued to establish some eye contact, it wasn’t going to hurt her or do anything bad, it was going to be alright. When he agreed with the expansion her smile lit up, growing at the possibility of having a private garden, and with magic everything would be easier. “I’m sure we can work on it, making something that everyone can use.” She knew that another of their roommates was good with plants, she was too but he was better than she will ever be, and it could be something to at least bring the house members together. And if the others couldn’t or didn’t want to, the two of them could always work something out. “It would just be a bit more trouble, I don’t think another hour per week would steal too much from us…”
  10. Invite Life changing story

    Fae seemed to be unique creatures. She was unsure if what Vale was telling her was a flaw of their nature or simply a quality, but they weren’t that much different from humans, relying on trickery and some being more malicious. It was as if the fine line that separated them wasn’t so much on behaviour, as it seemed to be quite similar, it was more on their physical composition that seemed to give Fae the ability to shift between their form and a more human like appearance, and even shaping that same appearance over time. Was it a bad thing? No, not to her at least. The way he spoke about him amused her a little. She barely knew him, but it was interesting hearing him. The more he spoke, the more she wanted to hear, the more she wanted to learn, if he was willing to continue. “Proving oneself?” did he mean vocally like many Politians did or in a more archaic way, like a gladiator in the pit trying to fight for his life? “That power, skill or wisdom is all at once or just one?” it was different excelling in one and being able to excel in all three. It seemed like too much trouble, but everyone liked to be on top. “How would the power display work exactly?” was she right? Was it like a gladiator fighting for his freedom? For a short moment Bella imagined people fighting like the books of old, documenting vicious fights, full of blood and dismemberment, that ultimately ended in someone’s gruesome death. He had a point, old didn’t always mean that they were wiser, and sometimes old people let the age get to their head, like a pedestal, that due to their age they are better and don’t deserve to follow the rules like everyone else. Maybe Fae were like that, just like humans who often played the age card to get what they wanted, and what they needed. But the last comment worried her a little. “Would a Fae know someone had lied to them? And what about omitting? Is it considered lying?” she hadn’t lied exactly, but she did omit some information about her mother, something that he shouldn’t be bothered about the woman. The worry of lies faded with his words, she blushed lightly at her stupid question, but she turned it into a learning moment. She barely understood what he meant by any of that, but she tried not to look at dumb as she was. It was too much information to take in at once, it was interesting, just a bit complicated with all the new terms she had no idea they even existed. She did however understand one thing about the Unseelie, which was not to trust them. “It’s a shame, Autumn is the best season.”
  11. Invite Soul Overture

    Did Gwen magically hopped that Colette was going to be all happy? All sweet and kind just because Gwen wanted her to talk with Laurie? Colette wasn’t doing her best, but she was willing to give them a chance to speak before angrily force them out of the room, but her sister seemed to be pushing for it really hard, which only made Colette wanting to kick her and Laurie out. She watched the duo and rolled her eyes at Gwen, but when Laurie spoke, she listened, until her stupid sister had interrupted them. Laurie had a great idea, coming later would be her specialty, always running away, hopping and hopping until she was far far away from anything that she deemed inferior to herself. For a moment it was almost as Colette was projecting. There she goes, Gwen trying to make everything alright, did she think magic was the solution to all her problems? If it was to fix a lightbulb sure, but to fix two people who clearly didn’t want to be fixed was treading some dangerous waters, and an experiment that would most likely backfire. If it does Colette will be there to laugh at her sister’s face and pointing out that, once again, Gwen was wrong and she was right, yes, that would be the ultimate punishment for Dumpster Baby, she had to start learning things sometimes need to crash and burn and bridges must be destroyed for something better to happen, one couldn’t cling to the past forever. Gwen left and Colette looked at Laurie who seemed to be having a hard time talking. Did the cat catch her tongue? Or was she too busy thinking up lies? She should know Colette could easily pick them up, she barely had to try. So naive, so ignorant, or is it stupid? Probably ignorant, Laurie wasn’t that stupid, at least Colette didn’t think she was. Laurie finally spoke, which was unsurprising, always with an apology like it would suddenly fix things, like a child playing around, breaks something, apologizes, breaks something else and expects people to just forgive it. So amusing. “Until when Laurie? Did you decide to do the same to some lonely soul around this hell of a place?” Colette didn’t take Laurie for a liar, but in that moment she wasn’t sure what to believe, so she believed in whatever people often do, lie to get themselves out of trouble, to be liked and to be loved, like a hoard of sheep following their shepherd. “It’s not an apology that suddenly makes things right. Saying sorry doesn’t excuse anything. We both knew you were going to leave, but it’s been almost one year, and no letters? Come on, were you that entertained here that you completely forgot? Do you have that many worries to stop you from reaching out an enchanted pen and to have it write some letter?”
  12. Invite Questionably Undaunted

    May Bowen
    May's eyes squinted ever so slightly as Olivia implied she was to be trusted, all because she hadn't burned May's house down once the Dhampir showed her face again in Narragyambie a few months before. That worked more against the half-Veela than for her - she had taken a whole *month* to approach her in the first place, as she knew for a fact Diana had delivered the message the day immediately after May approached the blonde. If anything, that meant Olivia couldn't wholly control herself to that extent unlike what she was claiming to. 'Come on, Liv, you can do better than that...' "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth." She quoted Mike Tyson, finding the words to hold true at that point. "We can plan to keep things steady, to cage him and to talk to him, but it only takes a spark for things to go off the rails, Liv. I need to make sure that, whatever happens, it's not by your hands or his. Do you understand? I can get away with it, but you two can't." Whenever Olivia was overcome with emotion, May felt like she was talking to a brick wall. That day was no exception. The Dhampir had always been the more calm and rational sort, the voice of reason, but it was hard to get through to someone who didn't want to listen. Hopefully the time they spent apart, the time they had to mature away from each other, would help in order to make that conversation go on less painfully. She would be patient and see it through either way, but unfortunately there was too much riding in the conversation for May to continue being so careless and permissive of that behavior. "That said, please clarify. What am I misunderstanding?" From what she could tell, Olivia want to capture the creature and lead this Travis kid to him, something that probably wouldn't end well. But perhaps she had a more elaborate plan that she was yet to tell May about. She hoped that was the case.
  13. Leap of Faith

    Samantha nodded sagely in agreement with her brother as she struggled not to burst out laughing right then and there. She was on a bit of a roll when it came to pranking Amber that week, as she had caused the poor Spencer to fall into a lake fully clothed during a fishing trip out of claiming a spider was crawling up her shirt. In a way, she could justify the pranks as getting back at her cousin for all the stuff Samantha's been put through over the years and it didn't feel too bad either. 'If you think Harvey's bad, you haven't seen a thing yet.' Latching onto Amber's wrist, she dragged the Seeker all the way around the house as she followed Ezekiel to the back entryway. It didn't matter how badly the Spencer tried to pry herself free - she was a very strong individual, but the one who held her captive just happened to be a fit Veela. She had no chance. "Hey, HEY! Lemme go!" Just a little longer. The Bourke didn't plan to make Amber actually have to go through it all, only enough to give her a good scare. The tight grip remained in place as Ezekiel opened the door, and once he stepped aside Samantha lightly shoved her cousin into the house. "AAAAAAH!" Fear took over the Spencer; to her credit, she didn't flee. Instead she drew out her wand, completely ignoring the fact it was highly illegal to cast spells outside of school grounds with her age. Fight, or flight? She chose fight. "C'mere, you creepy fuckers!" She yelled out into the house, wand held firmly in front of herself as she shakily stepped deeper into the hallway. Sam had to lean on the door frame and clasp her mouth with a hand so to keep herself from laughing at that point, a nigh impossible task with the situation developing in front of her.
  14. School visits

    "That's unlucky..." Ian commented as Colette explained why she had remnants of the glow prank stuck to her skin, even if not very perceptible; it was just that the young Dhampir could see far better than most people given his biology. All things considered, it was rather remarkable that it could go under the radar in such a way. He had spotted some members of the team earlier, those with lesser magical acumen, with more than a few splashes of the prank still on them. They didn't look too happy. "I wouldn't say they're bullies, but I see what you mean..." It didn't feel too good admitting to it as most of his friends belonged to the green House. Perhaps he should try to find out who did it and have a chat with them. The Spencer Quidditch team claimed they had nothing to do with the attack - it was an odd thing as Spencer pride usually made them claim otherwise, so perhaps it meant they were telling the truth. "I guess... We're the house that doesn't get on anybody's nerves?" He laughed a little at his own joke. "We go under the radar for the most part, I think. Not a whole lot of strong personalities. Team workers, scholars, quiet and shy people, that sort of thing." He fell more under the 'team worker' umbrella than anything else. Another word that ran through his mind was 'bland', though it didn't seem like a fair descriptor. "We don't really bother anyone, so it's rare when anybody bothers us."
  15. After The Fall [Jcink Premium]

    Plot | Rules | Link Back What happens when the world ends? When the bad guy wins? Is there any way to recover, to rebuild? Perhaps to reverse the damage that has been done? The same heroes who survived Mojo, survived Blackheart, the HAND...couldn't survive the Mad Titan.<p> Thanos succeeded in erasing half of the universe, but for some unknown reason, those who were turned to dust found that there was hope after death for them, though not in the universe they remembered... Once divided by the controversial Sokovia Accords, dual organizations, SHIELD and UN organization the Watch, work in tandem on Earth in the aftermath and chaos, protecting the United States from threats unknown while the Avengers operate across the globe. Xavier's has been rebuilt and flourishes in New York City under the watchful eye of the X-Team. They may think they have things under control, but the Brotherhood and the Hellfire Club might say otherwise as they pull their strings from the shadows. All our heroes have the best interests of the world at heart, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions. It's anyone's guess what will happen AFTER THE FALL.
  16. Last week
  17. Fields of Gold (JCINK)

    HOME / GUIDEBOOK / CANON / REQUESTS The year is 219 After Earth (AE). The Peace Accords were created to ensure that every Human, Alpha, Delta and Synth can live in peace, and that the settlements of the Planet Vis, the Space Station Egress and Primus Moon Colony may have growth.. Different worlds, different people... all with different perspectives on what life in Volatus should be.
  18. Feel The Glow

    Fixing her palms upon the wooden table, Brooke applied pressure and jumped just enough to land squarely in her chosen seat. The movement had been quite mild and the table didn't move an inch with the sudden weight upon it - it wasn't so much over Brooke being as light as a feather as it was over how heavy the piece of outdoor furniture was. The fourth year dangled her legs back and forth at the edge of the table separately as Colette went on with what she deemed to be a sadly warped point of view. "There's no way of knowing if the other person will enjoy it. That's why it's a prank." Brooke pointed out the flaw, yet seemed quite amused instead of up in arms about it. "Besides, it doesn't mean any harm. Other people don't get to choose what an action's intent was, y'know? That's up to the prankster. Just because you don't like what they're doing doesn't mean they're a bully." That sounded ridiculous in her head. Was Brooke a bully? That was inconceivable in her mind, even if she was the mischievous sort herself at times. Some of the more memorable moments in her life had been engraved in her mind through pranks, whether it be on the giving or receiving end of it, and it was a concept she held dear to her heart - as every other Spencer did, she was sure. "I just think people are too sensitive if they think they're being bullied, sorry." The girl gave Colette a shrug of her own shoulders. "Just gotta get some thick skin, a sense of humor, and learn to prank back. Unless it's something in an obviously ill intent, say... Something like, hoisting someone up a flag pole by their underwear," She had seen some of those herself, though ironically enough, they had all been performed by Sturts. "Then yeah, that sucks, but if it's not something like that, just learn to let it bounce off of you. It's not that hard. That glow stuff on you is pretty harmless if you ask me." A shiver ran down her spine with the chill in the area. Even with her protective clothing, she felt it had gotten a solid ten degrees colder ever since she stepped outside. "And if you think about it, ain't life like that? Things are gonna knock you down. Learn to get back up and dish it out too or else people will step all over you in the end. If all else fails, at least I'll have my sense of humor with me instead of just being bitter all the time."
  19. Invite How High Can You Go?

    "Yea, the one around here. Pretty relaxed place from what some folks tell me, a group of the students in my program go there every Friday to kind of 'unwind', I guess." While it hadn't been a surprise that so many Wizards and Witches enjoyed many of the quality of life improvements that came from the Muggle world. There'd been no chance he would've knew just how popular such spots had been for them, maybe it'd just been due to Australia's closer knitting of the two societies literally skirting next to one another more than others? "Well, we both live out in Melbourne pretty much, yea? Could always rent out a vehicle or something and take the ride together there and back." While he did have an apparition license he also held his driving one as well, finding that being able to traverse like a Muggle kept a lowkey existence and had been a resource not often used or expected. While he knew it could be expensive he'd learned a long time ago the importance of home economics. Squirreling away money, putting enough towards the important things while tucking the 'rainy day' funds elsewhere. 'Hrm. . . If needed I could always just pick up extra hours at the dojo or something too. . .' a passing thought made itself known in his mind a bit louder in his head than expected. An ironic stance in life, working hard to have fun later but most likely not having the energy or time to make use of it optimally. Still, hanging out with Alex would've been worth the extra effort behind it, what the woman had to teach and hopefully as a proxy it would've helped her out as much as it could him. "Wait, hold up." One of his hands released from the edge of the wall to make an opened palm formation. As if to actively give a visual figure of the sign of 'stop'. "Rewind, a -ditch-? What kind of stuff are ya' even -into-, lady?" He was sure, entirely one-hundred percent positive, that it was too specific of an addition amongst the things she listed that it had to have some form of story behind it. "Ya' know, you don't need the alcohol. You're pretty fun with out it. Ya' don't ring me as the kind of person that really needs it to unwind, probably skilled enough to find another funnel easily." It had been far more of a hypothesis on his end involving the bit of things that they'd just talked about that seemed to interest her. "Oomph, yea, you're right. Aight, how about this, I can move stuff around and we can hit the Batting Cages and an Arcade in the same day. Seems like a pretty good compromise. Then another day we can try out Basil's place, see what the jig is." Afterwards, he started to adjust himself to mount the wall once more. Grasping hold of the rope that had been tethered to the hook that clung to his waist as if he were preparing to propel downwards.
  20. Fear of living

    Amber Cross
    Amber looked up at Lexi incredulously as she continued. A hero? What on Earth did Amber have in her minimally resembling a hero? She wasn't of noble birth, didn't have any sort of achievement to her name or had the gravitas nor was half as valiant as one should be. Instead, she only did things that felt like common sense to her. What was so heroic about that? It felt like she was being placed on a pedestal for some odd reason and it made her somewhat uncomfortable. "Well, you're way higher up than me right now." She decided to joke, as Lexi remained standing up while Amber herself was on her back on the cool grass. "I don't think resting a lil' bit more will kill ya. Unless some earthquake goes off and the ground splits open, we should be pretty safe." Though, it would certainly have been quite the sight to watch the ground crack apart and crumble - just like in cartoons, creating a massive fissure that went on for just about forever, leading to the depths of the planet's molten mantle. 'Morbid. Impossible. But rad.' "Do you want to talk about it or do you want me to not-so-smoothly find a distracting topic?" Amber didn't like talking about her own Boggart. It was an asian giant hornet - the girl could die if stung by one because of such allergies, and the bigger the hornet, the greater the fear instilled within the young Spencer. It wasn't like she liked facing her own mortality despite her daredevil-like exterior. "Though, if it serves for any consolation, almost everyone's afraid of dying. Just some more than others. You didn't see my Boggart then, but let's say it's about the same thing too."
  21. Sorry it took me so long, Amy. . . Lost track of time and had to find my Quillbook journal. Happy Belated Birthday, I'll try to get you gift the moment I can. Promise.

    1. Meadow Richards

      Meadow Richards

      Don't worry about it. Honestly, I'm just glad to hear from you.

      Would seeing you anytime soon be doable at all?

    2. Travis Franklin

      Travis Franklin

      Uh. . . It probably shouldn't be doable but. . . For you? Yea, I can manage it.

  22. My Kingdom For An Umbrella

    Alexander Winfield
    Over the recent months Alex had heard outlandish things about many people, some straight from the 'Horses mouth'. Even still, it hadn't been in his capacity to judge someone's situation as a reason to demean them or even solely judge them in the typical gossips that swept through the school. Being a victim of it in his old school, knowing that many of his family members suffered similar situations at Tallygarunga from Students and maybe even staff alike in the hushed tones of the halls. It just seemed nonsensical to him, making such a leap of poor judgement about a person. "Hey, I hear Muggle's have magic of their own. These square boxes that flicker with a picture from their mechanical and electronic wands." A goofy smile stretched on his lips. He knew exactly what a television had been, the method on how they worked. After all, Media had been an important part of his life and understanding it meant he could widen his audience numbers. "Coworkers, they always like to think they know more than the person who dedicated more than enough time to the craft! I respect that kind of hard work." The way she spoke about her Father, it almost reminded him of the way he talked about Bethianna to others. Even when many of those that did know the woman couldn't agree on his own view and stance of her. "That's a pretty good point." Vandalism had been only mildly considered on his part, he'd originally thought robbers and the such wouldn't bother with what he held. After all, what would someone want with glass and the worn paper that it encompassed? A different perspective from someone colored his mind in a different sight on the original consensus. Offering a resounding nod as if to show he heard the advice MJ put up for him to take. "Could always try to have it embedded directly into the tombstone. It'd be a way to keep it mounted and safer from people trying to just pry it off." If he could think of a decent enough method most conventional instruments used for such would hopefully fail in their endeavors. "But I'm also always opened for suggestions! I mean, you know the places troubles pretty well and a good idea of the chances. Probably even seen things that worked for some that deterred those types."
  23. Invite Hunter's Respite

    It hadn't been his intention to cause a wounded statement, in fact, it'd been a question he felt had been reasonable to ask. In hindsight, if he'd been unreasonable he probably wouldn't have found himself in a delipidated shack creating some form of arsenal to defend himself as if he were heading off towards a final war. The tip of his fingers ran through the scruffy and unkempt collection of hair that rested on his head and flowed down to a mid-length. "Sorry. . . Just, you took pains to pretty much avoid me before so. . ." Had it not been fair? Did she think he wouldn't notice a slight deviation of her presence at a certain point in the year? Odessa, a bossy person even in her cat-like state. Travis had to at least count his blessings that she hadn't been walking around in her Human form whether it had stopped entirely or she chose to forsake it he hadn't been thoroughly sure on in reasoning. But it saved himself explaining an extremely awkward situation to Dani or really anyone. His eyes closed slightly taking in a deep breath and turning towards Danielle, the black cat adjusting herself into a comfortable position watching over the scene as if she'd been some form of guide or guardian, maybe even a bit of both. "You know, 'Never being safe' doesn't mean I want to contribute to that." Despite the cryptic response he'd been given, the option to bolster a wall of reason seemed to take place for him. Of the things he wanted to offer the young teen since he met her, a burden of his issues hadn't been one of them. The day of the Boggart in class cracking that seal of realization for him with far more clarity than the fear that gripped at his neck at what he could do to those that drew close to him. While he didn't agree that it had been 'besides the point' he also hadn't been in the position or belief to try and hammer that how she felt had been 'wrong'. It simply had been how she felt, after all. "I can't say there's no reason to worry, can't even say I really know what I'm doing is right or wrong." It'd been something he viewed as a necessity as much of an inevitability. Either he met the bloodied challenge, the gauntlet cast towards him or he'd be overran with broken lives in the wake of that passive choice. Another line spoken in such a way, something he imagine he'd expect to hear from another person or two once they managed to stumble over him somehow. Not that he didn't believe what had been stated but it held a weight on his shoulders that caused the memories to burrow in a vivid display in his mind. Eyes closing tight as the various moments of the two bloodied experiences and the way they left an impression on him. "You know. . ." Travis started to speak. She'd made it out to him, pushing through the Bushlands, placing herself in some form of danger that involved part of his past and part of the reason he had been. He owed it to her to be candid without any reservations. "It's wounding to hear people say it. Yea, I know, I'd say it to you if the situations were reversed. Wouldn't be able to help it. But knowing you could get hurt, Dani, not just from any danger either from one that's pretty much been following my whole life?" His lips parted as an exhausted and equally frustrated sigh breezed between them. "You being there might mean I lose you too."
  24. A Small Start

    Jamie nodded to reinforce the idea. He didn't recall Robin and Alex getting along poorly back in the day - and, if anything, Alex was more tolerable those days than she used to be. Hopefully the pair could rekindle their friendship. They had never been particularly close to begin with (at least to his knowledge, as Alex had never gone haywire over losing that friend too, after all) but perhaps things would be different that time around like they were being for him so far. "Is it bad if I say I suck at Wizarding history too?" He let out a chuckle at first, but reminding himself of where he was, he quickly cleared his throat and quieted it as he wasn't too positive on the notion fellow library visitors would be keen on their much needed silence being disturbed. An apologetic smile was sent towards a random passerby before he refocused his attention on his redheaded friend. "Say, if you need someone to tag along to watch your back... I could? Free of charge. So long as it's not as the same time as practice for me." Or a photo op. Or an autograph signing. Or whatever the hell management made him do on a given day. His schedule was so random it got on his nerves at times. But at least he felt like it was something he was willing to risk: exploring a haunted house, even if for work purposes when it came to Robin, sounded really fun and exhilarating.
  25. Open Nature's Ally

    Deaf? For someone that had been of the impaired she'd been communicating fairly well. Though this method always seemed far less-effective with that bit of knowledge. "Blind? I never thought that, your eyes are too nice to offer it up the gnomes of blindness." A small grin touched his lips while weaving a hand through his hair. It'd been in that moment that he started to release the usual control he held on his magically enhanced hormones, letting them filter through the air in an attempt to offer an enticement towards the already curious red-head that approached him. Even denoting him as 'Birdie' still, a teasing woman it seemed from that banter alone. As she prowled around him he stayed still, letting his extended senses take up the heat of keeping track of the woman rather than his eyes. Until she stepped and stopped right in front of him where he started to peer down towards her slightly. "Freelance photographer? Explains the camera, the wildlife explains why you're traipsing through the bushlands too." His lips parted for a half-grunted laughter even more pronounced towards her insistence on whether or not he did magic. "Maybe I just spark magic in your heart? I'm told I have that effect on people." Showcasing a roguish smile after his words with an almost casual shrug linked to it. Though her stance made him believe she'd even known about it, seen it, or had been a practitioner herself in some manner. His nostrils filling with her scent with her newly adjusted position. She definitely smelled like. . . Something. The touch of magic had most likely been on her or maybe in her veins. . .? If he could get but a taste it would confirm a hypothesis. She'd decided to circle him once more, the amusement of it played in his mind like a recording. Wasn't he supposed to be the one hunting her in some manner? Not the other way around? "I am pretty photogenic. You can hang up on your wall, tell people you met the ever elusive, 'American that stalks the Australian grounds.'" The thread of his accent had been obvious to not being local, almost as if there'd been am emphasis on 'e's and 'A's in somewhat of a droll. His stance changed, pressing his hands into his pockets with only the thumbs extended out and towards the corner of the pocket seam that showed on the outside. "I can be found in a lot of places. Usually when people are looking for someone to pump their heart with a bit of excitement and fun." His words spoken in a low speech, as if to try to offer an allurement to what he could've been inferring towards. "Though something tells me you're the sort that does magic shows. You seem really hooked on it." It'd been about the third time she'd made a reference or connection to magic or the fact that he may or may not have been a 'Magician'. The curiosity she offered also seemed far less about the magic portion, almost as if he'd been reading it as a red herring. Had she been far more interested in his work or in the fact someone had been found in the wilderness? A soft chortle rolled out of him as he shifted towards her, locking his eyes on hers as a barely noticeable illumination glossed over the lens of his pupils - Trying to offer a far more active ensorcelled effect on the woman, he hadn't been sure if it would even work. "Robin Shaw? That's a lovely name, you can call me Phoenix Aurora." To which Phoenix laughed with amusement. "We even share bird names."
  26. Invite If only the clockworks could speak

    He wouldn't have felt proper if he didn't warn her of the potential of the felines. A trait that they gained from their mother's curse or perhaps a curse turned into a gift for others over the course of time. "Good. They have their mother's sassy attitude which is only increased with their human intellect." He didn't expect any of them to have the trait to shift into a far more human state like Odessa once did, at least not anymore. Then a narrowed set of brown eyes glanced towards her as if the offer she'd reached out with had been an error in stepping. "It came into my own home, Liv. . . It won't feel bad breaking into another. No, I can't. . . I -won't- risk putting your life in that much danger. I'll run the bushlands, not many know it like I do." Not many species that counted as hunters could boast that acute knowledge of their own 'backyard' as he did, mostly due to the amount of time he spent there. Of course, the Hunter who sought him most likely knew it far better which had been a risk he needed to talk if it meant others could keep even a modicum of their safety. How could he willingly stay in a place knowing there'd been no guarantee of safety for both occupants? That it'd been as much a brutal attack to weed out those that may hold a heavy sway and impact on him while also try to break what shielding of sanity and control he held in a 'civilized society'. If he hadn't been aware of who did it, hadn't been reminded of the smell and unique look of the beast. . . Maybe he would've agreed to whatever misguided collection of the Wolfish kin had been happening. Yet it meant very little in the moment, not with the history that had passed by. Stubborn, that explained Liv or perhaps persistent if he wanted to shove the less negative stance of it. Either way he'd been reminded that he had been dealing with a alma mater Bourke and with their House that along with true trust and loyalty had been a difficult thing to break away from once it'd been determined someone earned it. "That's not a fair question at all and you know it. Of course I would. No person or entity would stand in my way even if they thought they could, even if I needed to wait until the full moon to handle it." Reckless, he'd been reckless enough to make his point at points that he probably shouldn't but if he could utilize his course for some form of good, much like Odessa had, then maybe it wouldn't all be a dark pit of despair. As much as it had been to protect her and others it'd been an equally selfish choice in not wanting to deal with another loss from the same individual, as if that would amount too much. As if the crimes already levied would break whatever proverbial shoulders they rested on. Travis had to wonder, even if she chose to accept it does that mean held no other choice but to take it? His head shook lightly as if to shake such a dangerous throat away from his mind. That would've only placed him where he'd been months ago and that would've been an even more dangerous mindset to take up once more. As much as it had been to curtail the emotions that started to skirt along the edges of his mind, to feed and fill the gapping desire to slip into a 'berserker's rage'. Either way, he agreed to her. Even if he never expressly stated that he'd been alright with her being in danger he took her as a friend during a time where he knew it would or could be. To him, that'd been about as damning as saying, 'Yes, please. Die for me.' That single thought causing a shiver of hatred for himself for not considering it. "Knowing from the start probably should've gave you the clue or idea to probably dodge me a lot better. . ." The tone of his voice eased out, barely above the range of a whisper but still easily audible in the quiet portion of the Hospital Wing. There'd been no backing away, he stood in the same spot even while hearing her steps growing closer. That thumping sound of her heart radiating in his ear like a drum that wouldn't, maybe even couldn't, go away. "Good things? You consider the fact your life is in danger by a Werewolf. . . A good thing?" He never viewed Liv as a stupid woman or even one that lack intelligence, from every encounter she'd been someone that proved that easily as much as the odd bit of wisdom. Still, he could only see her as the overly optimistic woman trying to see some form of good in everything whether it be a situation or a monster of a person. "I'm not even sure how to respond to that. . . That my presence has brought nothing but good things." How could he tell someone they were wrong for their own feelings? That they were misguided? He'd been no psychic, no one that could plunge into the deeper emotions of an individual.
  27. Invite Alliance of Protec

    "Oh, so many surprises it'd make you're eyes bulge! Maybe, probably not. You've probably seen all the surprises possible." He laughed in a brightened manner. Lips curled upwards in enjoyment, teeth showing in a pearly white incandescence. "Now you're just trying to slip out challenges, aren't you?" The smile never drifted from his expression and the humor of the entire scenario so far hadn't retreated from his voice. He knew he could never rise to the level of conviction when it came to a victorious challenge as Liv had, as much as he wanted to she was in another league entirely. Even so, there'd been a sense of. . . Fun? Enticement? Linked to wanting to even try to compete on the same level or at the very least come close to it. "I don't mind waiting. Might give me the chance to exploring the grounds a bit, see what has grown in the last few years too." While most things usually didn't change, in a school of Magic -everything- always seemed to change somehow. Quidditich, it was still a very popular sport for Wizarding society. These days he couldn't escape the effect it held and not because it had any direct correlation to him but towards his cousin, Jamie, instead. "Yea, I know how that gets sometimes. Usually have to avoid all of Jamie's fangals and boys." Not that he thought any of them knew him though with information and magi-technology where it had been, could he really take many chances in that form of thinking? "W-what?" Her words flew out and caused a minor heat of embarrassment to light up the edges of his cheeks. "Now you're just teasing me. . . No one would've been impressed by that." By his recollection he didn't look like some random dork from that dare, he looked like some form of drunken sailor who had just way too much imbibed and held some form of high held ego. Granted, just because he held that perception didn't mean that others would've. That much he did have to admit as a reasonable understanding. He thought he had her beat with his current choice of dare for her, though it seemed she'd been made of far more sturdy stuff to not be driven away from it. A small grin pasted on his face while trying to hold in a minor laughter. Accolades had to be given to how boldly the Half-Veela managed to pull it off and while she made her way back towards the table his hands rose up and offered an apt amount of applause for her display. "Brava, brava. I have to say, I think you may have her think she might order another drink just to have eye contact again!" He teased. "Oh, dare. What, did you hope it'd get easier for you? To watch me just knock them out of the park?"
  28. Invite Secret Strings of Life

    Cole Lin
    "Oh? I mean, it's been a while for a while. And considering you seem like a bibliophile I would've been surprised if you didn't." Pondering on it further, he hadn't been entirely certain that the young woman had lived primarily in Narrie or Melbourne. Something further to learn about her now that he had the chance and opening. Finding a silver-lining of gratefulness that she'd actually stumbled over him the way that she did, while awkward the ice that often had been put up in usual social situations had shattered for him easily. "Oh. . . I-I knew that!" His lips creased into a silly grin. He often avoided the Farmer's market though perhaps it held far more fresher options than he had ever considered in the past. "That's a pretty good plan, I think. It means we'll be able to get the prime picks. Not the stuff people picked over from later in the day." There didn't seem to be a reason not to follow the proposed route, if it meant they could make a memorable dish then it would be worth skipping a few hours of sleep to greet the early morn. He wanted to let her know she didn't need to feel flustered, that misunderstanding happened and that it'd been fine. However, he couldn't bring himself to making notice of it vocally, if only to avoid offering more embarrassment that hadn't been intended. The sudden emergence of eye contact had thrown him off mentally, if only slightly. He wasn't sure if she'd been doing it subconsciously or found it within herself to try and lift her gaze up a bit more to pay attention to his. What he did note had been the odd beauty of a glint that came from them, though it had been dwarfed by what he considered a courageous act to still keep her attention towards him. "Ah~, An expansion spell is the way to go!" Somewhere they could find a nice bit of lighting and even a way for the rain to slip through when necessary. "We'd need to keep in mind the amount of time needed and the work invested behind it. It's still a good way to go about it though, it could be pretty fun and memorable too." He laughed lightly. "Yea, but hey, even if they aren't. . . If they at least agree to the ideas existence we can do it ourselves! It still would be a beneficial outcome for the household, I think."
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