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    Heard & Witnessed

    Index | Dragons | Whers | Rules | Timeline | Advertisement Towards the end of the 9th Pass, AIVAS was resurfaced on the southern continent of Pern, lifting with it old plans to forever eradicate the pest known as Thread that fell as the Red Star passed by their home planet. The Red Star, a parasitic planet itself, was moved out of its orbit to stop the passes and eliminate the threat of their mortal enemy. The 10th Interval started, and for 200 long turns, the pernese held their breaths until the next Pass was to start. Once the turn 2758 came… … And nothing happened. It seemed that AIVAS’ predictions had come true. Thread was to no longer plague the planet as all who had feared. There were those who refused to believe it, and as the turns went on, those with the fearful beliefs were held as nothing more than fear-mongers. Peace was settling in. Disputes broke out and resolved between Weyr and Hold as everyone found a new place to settle with the sudden lack of duty dragonriders held. Golds clutched less, the Weyrs slowly thinned out as dragons took to their own paths outside the protection of their walls. But it was sometime around the middle of what would have been the 11th Pass when the people of Pern started to witness the strange happenings around them. The tides began to retract further from the Southern coastlines, while the tides began to creep up on the Northern continent. Where there were dry crops now have shifted to large rice fields, else the people risk starvation. Dragon sports began to crop up in clutches in different Weyrs, and soon began to pop up in clutches everywhere -- with wild colors in whers and firelizards following shortly behind. In the depths of the oceans, something stirs and churns the waters. Dark shapes seem to slip below the surface, especially around boats in danger upon the waters. Now, in 3507, as the world begins to leave what would be the 11th Interval and what would have been the 12th pass, the state of Pern is creeping into utter chaos. Fort Weyr has but one young, inexperienced gold left who has yet to rise, with an old, bitter bronze to take the mantle and refuse any help offered to them. Rising tides have reached the edge of the old Weyr in need of repair. Igen Weyr is creeping into the hot season amidst a desert. Resources are badly needed, but barters flow freely in any attempts to comfort the people. Telgar Weyr stands at the top of the world, with the frozen wastes still trying to chase them out as the summer creeps in. Their limited growing season has just begun as the ice and snow melts, and a heavily-gravid Gold Khamaith has graced Telgar Weyr with a healthy clutch! (17 PC Eggs) Heard & Witnessed is a Dragonriders of Pern AU, set after AIVAS’ launch of the red star. The long stretch of peace has turned the world upside down -- almost literally. With the planet on the verge of tearing itself apart, both figuratively and literally, only time will tell if there’s still time to save it. What we offer: -No Gender/Sexuality-based Impressions -LGBTQA+ Friendly -Multiple non-canon colors and mutation friendly. -Multiple PC Weyrs for a wide arrangement of playstyle and plots. -Multi-layered plot with opportunity everywhere -Candidate swap! -Something out on the ocean horizon…? -Ranked positions open! Queen contests on the horizon. -Clutch on the sands at Telgar Weyr with a confirmed queen! 17 PC eggs! Touching is due to start June 28th, with the hatching to start July 12th. Candidates are eligible until July 11th. Join our Discord today!
  6. It seemed that Laurie wasn't the one who opted to show off a little (presumably) - she spotted a Bourke going more than just a bit overboard with the indestructible bubble spell, filling up a good portion of the classroom. It brought an amused smile to her face: maybe she wasn't the only one offended by the task. That, or maybe the male was very, very bored. 'Can't blame him.' It was time for the class to move on. As the teacher posed the question, the Spencer retrieved the lollipop from her mouth prior to speaking. "One's to cut up stuff, the other's to repair that stuff. Are we gonna be chopping those dolls to bits?" They were still pretty standard spells in general, but at least they were the kind of magic that people could have fun with and get creative with - provided they were careful about what they cut and how they did so, of course. Leaning back on her chair, the lollipop returned to its resting place. Hopefully the class would pick up from that point, lest Laurie start considering throwing herself out the window.
  7. Andrea's comment had a presumably unintended side effect when it came to the young Flinders - it struck directly at her lack of self esteem. Maybe she would advance? That didn't sit well with her at all. She needed to make her family proud and reassure them they had nothing to worry about when it came to her, even if deep down she knew it to be the furthest thing from the truth. She looked down at her right hand with a hint of sadness in her gaze as she mulled over her most recent failure, believing it to have been great enough that even the teacher doubted her ability. Danielle, however, had taken the comment and the consequent anxiety inflicted upon the younger girl as an opportunity to get her mind off the mind-numbing easy class - that, and Travis' existence in general. Tuning out the Professor completely, she grabbed MJ's shoulder with a hand and squeezed it, getting her attention. The blonde snapped out of it and looked at her in confusion. "Forget about the class." Danielle spoke. She didn't like the fact that it was advancing without ensuring all students dominated the basics, believing such to be why people ultimately failed to begin with. "I'll guide you through it, okay? Just try one bubble at a time, maybe once you got the focus down you can do multiple at once." "...Is that okay, really...?" MJ muttered with uncertainty, her ears picking up on a question the Professor had just thrown out. But, instead, she decided to submit to her desk partner - if she managed to do just one bubble, perhaps she would be seen as better in the eyes of the Professor herself. "...Alright, I suppose it doesn't hurt to try..." Using far less magic than before, MJ focused on creating one singular bubble. After muttering the incantation in such a low tone that she hoped it wouldn't disturb the class, the Flinders created a decent-sized bubble - and to her surprise, it was yellow. 'I can do this... Okay...' "Good. A few more next time..."
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    Bleach: New Era

    [div align="center"][/div][div align="center"][a href="http://bleachnewera.freeforums.net/"]JOIN HERE[/a][/div] [div style="text-align:center;"][span style="font-size:10pt;"]Bleach: New Era is a forum RPG that takes place roughly 150 years after the conclusion of the Bleach manga series. The world has been at peace for many years, and now a new era is at hand.[/span][/div][div style="text-align:center;"] [/div][div style="text-align:center;"]Features:[/div][ul type="disc"][div style="text-align:left;"] [/div][li style="text-align:left;"]Bleach: New Era uses a dice based combat system that has been proven and tested, keeping the game balanced for new players when even fighting veteran players. [/li][div style="text-align:left;"] [/div][li style="text-align:left;"]There are no playable cannon characters, but they are occasionally brought out as NPCs.[/li][div style="text-align:left;"] [/div][li style="text-align:left;"]You can play as all your favorite races from the Bleach Series: Soul Reapers, Hollows, Quincys, Bounts, Fullbringers, and more![/li][div style="text-align:left;"] [/div][li style="text-align:left;"]We have Events that you can partake in, driving the storyline of the entire site forward![/li][div style="text-align:left;"] [/div][li style="text-align:left;"]Finally, we have an active discord with plenty of helpful people to get you started and into the game![/li][div style="text-align:center;"] [/div][/ul]
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    [center][/center][center]Forums | Get Started | Synopsis | Battle System | Advetisement | Discord[/center] [center]This is an original concept RPG set in the future. Our cast consists of all original characters. --- We use a built-in dice rolling feature for combat, making things quite dynamic. --- As you roleplay by participating in various thread types, your character's power will grow via our unique bond leveling system[/center]
  10. "We all make mistakes, but we don't all take upwards to half a year to realize it." Lisa countered. "I didn't actually feel bad at the time, Aspen. I just kept on going. I needed a long, long time to see that I actually made a mistake, and from my track record, I might end up doing something to you at some point. I really don't want to." While it was a fairly simple admission to make, her voice cracked halfway through her phrase, and she shook her head to regain her composure. She was getting emotional, and they hadn't even arrived at the main event. Rationally, she knew why she was telling Aspen every single thing pertaining her past; but there was a voice in the back of her head, repeatedly asking the same thing - why? Why was she really telling her such things? Why was she making herself so vulnerable to the girl before her? The last time she had let someone in so close felt like a lifetime ago, in a different school. What was it about Aspen that lured her in, and why was she biting that hook so willingly? The sense of nostalgia was interfering with her mildly impaired judgment, she realized. The feeling of butterflies in one's stomach, the need to connect to someone who understood her after so long, the need to let loose and tear off her own mask to the world every once in a while. The Bourke was enabling all of that the further she went on with the rhetoric that maybe, just maybe, Lisa wasn't a bad person - maybe, just maybe, she was worth the older girl's time with all her faults. That in itself made her heart beat a bit faster than she'd like to admit. "Even now..." She muttered, but closed her eyes and shook her head a second time to gather her thoughts. Even then she treaded the fine line between being a 'good friend' and making a careless mistake that could cost them everything. Not two minutes before she had considered closing the gap between them, when she shouldn't lead Aspen on; she was afraid that she wouldn't be able to hold that thought back if she was put on the spot again due to her reckless nature. A sigh of defeat was released as she opened her eyes again. "...Sorry. I'm a bit of a mess right now." There came the bittersweet chuckle. When wasn't she a mess?
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  12. I don't understand why people refer to me as such a teas. It's called being friendly!

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  14. Alex leveled the phone to look at the picture he'd taken with the Dolores he'd picked, luckily enough it'd been perfectly in tact. Not that he couldn't change that if he -really- wanted to but hadn't there been enough Doll-I-Cide for the day? "You know, you better hope Cassy Cat doesn't get jealous." The young man glanced towards the mannequin as if it were going to answer before he started to pull it back to place where it had been before he pulled it towards himself. Just as he'd been positioning the object he heard -another- crash and his gaze lifted up to spot that Chloe had been clean knocked out. "Chloe!?" The instinct to go and assist the young Sturt struck him, though it seemed that the Flinder's girl had taken the intiative on that before he could. It had been a while since he'd been in a classroom with -this- must excitement and for once? HE WASN'T THE ACTUAL CAUSE. Now, on one hand? That felt really good, he'd been glad that he didn't set the entire class into the next big bonfire of Tallygarunga. However. . . That newly-budding healer inside of him couldn't bare to see another individual hurt if he could've assisted. "Here, let me help you out with her." He made his way towards Chloe and kneeled down slightly to loop one of her arms around his neck to offer a balance in carrying as he waited for Meadow - it had been like autopilot for him. He didn't even -think- to ask for the Professor's permission in assisting with taking the young girl to the infirmary. Simply had been the way his brain had been operating, how he responded to emergencies of any matter. Waiting for confirmation in many cases seemed like a pretty bad idea in his mind than being proactive about it.
  15. There had been no urgency for him to notice the aftermath of the exploded Dolores, no care for the collateral damage that had been caused what so ever. What did he look like? A 'Good Person'? That dummy had it coming anyway, making his best friend so upset as it did! Or, at least, so he thought as it seemed that even his championing in her honor did nothing to ease the tension that seemed to urge and wrap through Meadow's muscles. It caused him to furrow his brow and huff out as if he were offended, only to see her quick to offer assistance to what seemed to be someone getting knocked out by a mannequin. Weak, it seemed to immediately lose his attention and he'd already felt as if his proper defense for his pack hadn't been properly reciprocated! It didn't matter, he did what any proper alpha wolf would've done regardless of the accolades or not of it. Feeling at least a monicrum of success for his posturing, his attention then shifted towards the Professor even after she called the class to be dismissed, he stayed sitting. The entire reason he'd taken all three classes had been to stay and stare and now he'd been given -ample- time to do just that. Why wouldn't he take the chance knowing that now? No one that would have the leash to pull him away had been around now. Travis' fingers constantly flexed at the edge of his table, a heated breath expelled from his lips. Part of him had been trying to gain a grasp on himself but the young man had been far too gone into the control of his nature for the moment. As if he were an apex predator that found its prey and simply had been waiting for it all to clear before moving on in to feast.
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    CINERI; a medieval fantasy rpg

  17. "That would be -now-, Amber." Derrick offered a smirk as his head shook lightly in amusement towards one of his 'Spencer Wards'. His gaze then shifted towards Samantha which caused the smirk to turn into a soft smile ."It will carry over to other terms. I figured this would be a fun way to demonstrate a unique yet active way to apply the Elements on top of what you'll end up learning in the classroom. To be able to apply what you learned from the various spells as much as from your own personal research in to how Elemental Magic can assist." His hand rose up slightly. "Now, I know what some of you maybe thinking! 'But Sparky, what if we don't have a green thumb!?'" That had been when his lips curled into a far more challenging smile. "For the far more physically inclined or even those that would rather prefer another route than using a plant as a means to test your Elemental knowledge, there will be an option in which I call, 'The Gauntlet of Elements.'" His arms rose up and folded tightly against his chest. "You'll be put through a series of tests for each Element, finding the best way to use them or handle them." He felt that had been an agreeable stance for several students who, for lack of a better relations, just didn't have the concentration that the plant alone would be a fair as the only option to succeed. Derrick wanted to teach them that there would be various paths. "As much as I'm entertained and impressed by your constant desire for dueling, Miss. Knotley." He spoke in the somewhat sarcastic tone often expected of him. "I'm sure many people here would end up only having a personal issue with 'danger' of that level." It at least seemed many of his students were excessively sensitive to the real trials of the Magical world and the many issues that actually came with it. "Honing the trait of keen accuracy will be good for the time being." Derrick gave a confirmed nod towards Ian's question. "Yes, Ian, all of the Elements are expounded on beyond their base existence." After all, as the syllabus had pointed out, the elements and their 'various' forms would be included by it. Lifting up his wand he traced it through the air several times, causing a formation of three balls of fires, all of them the size of a young child's fist. Each set for each student, which the sparks of fire constantly moved in various patterns and ways within an open space within the classroom. "Your objective is to choose one of the set of fires and try to put them out with the spell, Aguamenti." He started to stand up and gripping his wand tightly just in case there had been any accidents that he'd be able to intrude before it could spread or harm too harshly. "After you're finished then we can consider the class concluded! And a job well done! Sound fair?"
  18. The kid wasn't deterred. Instead, he went along with what Tayla had said about not being able to serve pitchers of cream soda, arguing that they could always get a few cans of the stuff and dump it in a pitcher. He was trying to start a trend—or so he claimed. But, he continued, she hadn't said no to stealing some of his food. He might have caught her there, but that wasn't because she had any intention of eating it; she simply hadn't been thorough enough the first time. "That sounded like a silent agreement, a nodding nudge." Tayla didn't really care for patrons' leftovers, since she had no idea what they might have done to them before she put them in her mouth, and it was sort of a sickening thought. It was easier, though, to blame it on someone else. "Can't. Boss's rules. Not mine," she shrugged as the kid leaned on the bar, clearly beginning to relax there. "Okay, let's make it root beer instead." It was like cream soda, he said, but with a smoother taste. Tayla had never even heard of root beer, nor did she know if they even had it available at The Drunken Roo. Was this kid making stuff up just to mess with her now? "So how's business been going today? You know, aside from all of us Tally kids swarming the place and using it as some kind of 'Hip Hangout'." At that, Tayla had to chuckle. The Tally students needed somewhere to go to let off some steam… and their hormones… and whatever. "Not bad, really," she answered him, though that was the truth. It meant that there was money coming into the place, at least in some small part, which meant that she was getting paid and not laid off. She might not have been able to make the cocktails that she enjoyed mixing up when it was only students in the place, but she could wait a while for those. "Well—I guess since you don't do pitchers of soda," he said, "I'll just grab two cans of root beer, conveniently slide one away from me and towards your direction… The French fries…" He marked a spot on the counter that was roughly equidistant between them. "The fries can be placed there, you know, I may not be able to see who would snatch one from there! And I guess since I've doing all this talking and it's making me hungrier I can grab a burger with the works, right?" Tayla was glad that he had settled on the sodas, because she obviously wasn't going to serve him the alcohol that he wanted from the start, and she laughed at how elaborate he was trying to make this all seem. Really, the main thing would be checking with Phil to find out where the root beer was, if they had any. "Or, you know, I can stop being coy and just say, 'Hey wanna share some fries and soda with me?' but then that just ruins all the fun of flirting, right?" he smiled, his true intentions becoming known behind his giving her the run-around. "Maybe," Tayla hesitated, "when I'm not working?" That would hopefully appease him, at least. He wasn't unattractive, but he was also significantly younger than she was. "So… two root beers, some chips, and a burger, right?" She hoped that she'd followed that correctly.
  19. Andrea was starting to wonder if these kids were on drugs or something. As far as she was concerned the class was moving smoothly until someone decided to go all Rambo on the poor mannequin and pulled it so had that it got destroyed on impact. It was interesting, the way the young man had done it, so be able to get hit with the mannequin and still stand? That was indeed interesting. Before she could finish her chain of thought she had to duck before she got hit with a piece of the mannequin. The class however, proceeded with two more students being able to pull the spell successfully. As Andy thought things were picking up, and that it was the time for the class to start getting interesting, another student got hit with the mannequin, who do these kids think they are? Hercules? She massaged her forehead for a few seconds before looking at Miss Richards, who was talking, Andy didn’t get half the things the girl was saying, but it was irrelevant, she understood enough. She looked at the young Flinder’s girl and took a deep breath. “Go ahead Miss Richards, you can take Miss Stewart to the hospital wing.” She spoke. She wasn’t going to stress too much about it, they would have other opportunities to use the spell she loved so much, and she would be able to have some fun, that didn’t involve her class being cut short. “Class is dismissed, whoever wants to leave is welcomed to, who wants to stay is welcomed as well. I will stay here in case anyone needs anything.” She was sure there were a couple of students that wouldn't mind staying, learn a few things, perhaps even get some answers to the questions they have, it was up to them if they wanted to remain in the classroom or not. If students remained she'd have no choice but to come with another plan and possible another spell.
  20. Last week
  21. Max had almost forgotten that she had agreed to climb the wall with Samantha and her friend, who Max didn’t know, but that never stopped the Spencer girl from doing things she liked, if the other girl was Sam’s friend then Max was sure the girl was a nice person and that she was going to enjoy the company for that Sunday afternoon. It didn’t take long for Max to reach the lakes, despite the weather she had to put a ridiculous amount of sunscreen on her. Just because it was cold didn’t mean she was safe from the sun and from becoming a walking boiled lobster person. The redhead looked around trying to find Samantha and the Bourke’s friend, but all she saw was people complaining about the wall. Suddenly from the corner of her eye Max spotted her Bourke friend with, who seemed to be their company for the day. She approached the duo with a smile, always waving her hand at them. “Sam!” once Max was near the two girls she smiled brightly, as she usually did. “Sorry I’m late.” She wasn’t sure if she was late or not, but she had almost forgotten about the event and that she and Sam and Sam’s friend were supposed to do. She turned to Sam’s friend and waved lightly. “I’m Max. Nice to meet you.” she introduced herself to the new person.
  22. The sniffing sounds made the angered teenager's eyes squint. Looking in that direction, she saw Travis acting as if he had no filter - openly sniffing her in the middle of a class. "What the hell are you doing?" She asked with confusion, feeling her temper quickly slipping through her fingers. She leaned her head away with visible discomfort, and her brows furrowed with bewilderment at the shoulder poking. She had never seen the man acting so off the wall, even with his condition. It led her to think something very simple. 'What sort of hallucinogens did he consume?' Was the task truly unavoidable? Did Meadow truly have no choice but potentially meet her end in that class? It was a grim fate to consider, but she had promised to be somewhat more courageous - not that she actually gave much of a damn about that promise when running on fumes, it just served to irritate her further. Resigning herself to her fate, she let out a frustrated exhalation prior to rising from her seat. It seemed that fate was on her side with the string of occurrences within that class, however. She first noticed that Travis had made his move to take a shot at the spell. She opted to let him finish doing so prior to making her own attempt, but the results were quite disturbing - she hardly had any time to process what was happening before a loud sound of raw impact echoed through the classroom and various limbs were sent flying in all directions (which, fortunately, entirely missed the Flinders even if by just a few centimeters). She watched the wreckage with mouth agape for the second time in just a few minutes. No sound came out, so strong was the shock; her eyes were trained on Travis, wide from being perplexed. She had no idea how to react, what to say or think, nor anything else, frozen in space and time with the situation. Fortunately for her (and unfortunately for another poor soul), there was another crash in the same room not too long after. It served to snap her out of it. She shook her head roughly to bring herself to reality, gaze zeroing in on the unconscious Sturt a few ways away from them. 'This is my chance!' "Professor, if you'd like, I can take her to the infirmary." The Flinders girl raised a hand while she spoke to get Andrea's attention. Not only did she work there, but carrying that student to the room wouldn't take half as much effort when she could merely use her wand to artificially lower her weight.
  23. 'Time to get this show on the road.' A smirk covered Lisa's lips as her usual confident self came to the surface - even within the 'Advanced' description of the class, she had no doubt as to her future success. The girl got up from her seat as instructed by the teacher, walked around her desk and stood in front of it. There was no need to walk much more forward as she had already been sitting in the front row, after all. Raising her hand as the main aide for the wandless spell, it took her little to no trouble to conjure the needed rope-like energy, one end hovering near said hand, and the other sticking to a mannequin. After just a second to mentally calibrate her strength, she pulled at the energy - the doll flung itself forward at a steady speed, coming to a halt immediately in front of the Sturt. She'd need something more difficult than that to stump her. She reached to pick up the doll and have it sit upon her side of the desk, at which point she noticed her partner was very much asleep again. "Hey, Big Stewart. Wake up." She called for her, though her voice was drowned by the sound of another mannequin being violently dismembered. Her head turned on reflex to see the collapse of that particular Dolores, as well as the perpetrator whom seemed to have a personal conflict with it. It puzzled her as to why Travis would take anything out on a presumably innocent doll, but, ultimately, who was she to judge in that sense? The girl had always had a penchant for flamboyant destruction, after all. Turning around, she caught a blur out the corner of her eye. She managed to react by taking a step back just before a mannequin's arm collided with her; Chloe wasn't so lucky. It seemed that she had woken up with the commotion and tried the spell herself, completely miscalculated her force with the exhaustion, and sent the dummy careening in her direction. Lacking the reflexes to dodge due to having just woken up again, the figure smashed against her mercilessly; the impact was such that it actually got past the Sturt and came crashing down against a few of the desks in the area (which, fortunately, had enough awake students that were able to dodge the flying missile). Chloe herself had been knocked out on impact. "Holy..." Lisa muttered in surprise as she saw Chloe's body slump in her chair, completely out for the count.
  24. Bella smiled shyly at the man. She had told him he had nothing to apologize, it had been a mistake, something that shouldn’t have happened but it did, and Bella was glad it did or she wouldn’t be there, even if for a few years she wondered if it would have been best if she wasn’t, but those thoughts didn’t last long. Knowing or hearing from him that he was related to her was shocking, she believed him, but she still wanted to be sure that was the case, and while she didn’t ask anyone directly, the timeline of the photographs proved something. She didn’t have to forgive him, nor did he owe her an apology, to her grandmother was something completely different. Bella wondered if he should know everything, or if she should leave the most depressing and painful parts out for a while. She scratched the tip of her nose and nodded at the man. She was glad he thought it that way, not that she could remember things that happened when she was too young, but there were some memories that would be worth telling. Relax wasn’t exactly a word she knew, she was always on edge, always waiting for the next thing to strike and strip her away from her sanity, something to overwhelm her to the point where she just wants to stay in her room all day. The chain of thought was broken when he approached her to grab her hand, her first instinct was to hide it, but after fighting it, she let the man lead her to the correct location. Every step she took, she took one deep breath as she tried to remain calm. The calm voice brought a sense of relaxation, only to remind her once more that being relaxed meant not being prepared. The way the ritual worked seemed fairly easy, at least for her, she didn’t seem to have to do anything special, it seemed to be all him, in a way she felt bad for being a burden. He walked again and she just stood there, awkwardly looking at him. Even if it was her right, she still felt like a burden, something that he didn’t have to do for her, and yet he was wasting his time with her. “Okay…” she said, not even fighting back. She looked around and closed her eyes, she was trying to remain as calm her possible, which wasn’t an easy task for her. “I … I think I’m ready…” she spoke shortly after he spoke. She didn’t want him to waste too much time with her.
  25. "This is your kind of thing, right? The disciple becomes the master." The trio had agreed upon scheduling their little adventure up the Narrie Lakes' wall for a lazy Sunday afternoon, the one day of the week a certain bakery closed and allowed for a day off. It was hot enough that they weren't shivering with the cold of Winter, though they still had to wear a nice coat to warm up properly. The pair waited near the main event of "Just Do It June" for Samantha's friend, Max, whom had been the one requesting company for the climb in the first place. "Can't say I dislike the sound of that." Samantha giggled at her baking mentor. Eyes scanned up the wall as she analyzed it - it was likely something she could climb with no support, and even if she were to trip, her non-human physiology would make it easier to catch herself prior to hitting the ground. Even if she did, she'd likely be able to withstand a much greater height than a run of the mill human - she just hoped that there were no Muggles around to witness such a thing if it were to happen. "Is your friend going to take too long?" Natasha idly asked as her gaze perused the surrounding activities. They were truly all about getting active - it was fortunate that she had gotten into shape (somewhat) over the course of the past year through Judo, but that didn't change the fact she wasn't agile like a monkey. It was likely that the task would not be too easy, something that served as a bit of a downer; on the flip side, the company would likely keep her mind occupied enough for her not to notice the difficulty. "No, she should show up any minute now. I'll show you how to secure yourself to the wall in a bit." Samantha had picked up on how unsure the older woman seemed about the activity and gave her a wide smile. Natasha wrinkled her nose and stared up the obstacle as well. 'Why did I agree to this...?'
  26. Travis couldn't help but start thinking, 'That's one hell of a deadpan expression!'. His lips curled in to an amused smirk at the response that pulled from her, almost as if he were expecting it a bit. He couldn't win every war with misplaced charm, after all. "What, we can get just get a few cans of cream soda and dump it in a pitcher? I'm trying to set some pretty good trends here." He smiled widely and a single finger rose up. "But I didn't hear no to you snatching a few fries, right? That sounded like a silent agreement, a nodding nudge." He quipped playfully while taking a far more comfortable seat, leaning against the edge of the bar from the center of his arms with trained manners. "Okay, let's make it root beer instead. It's -like- cream soda but is something that has a pretty smooth taste to it." He glanced around the establishment for a moment before turning his gaze back towards Tayla. "So how's business been going today? You know, aside from all of us Tally kids swarming the place and using it as some kind of 'Hip Hangout'." While he visited the Roo often, it had been rare that he did so with other students, often keeping a wider berth from them. Gravitating towards the far more older individuals, especially the older women. They were more aligned with his thinking and place in a lot of ways and often had far more to talk about than just the latest school gossip or the route that classes had been going, the kind of stuff that he often tried to avoid while -off- of school grounds. "Well~ I guess since you don't do pitchers of soda I'll just grab two cans of root beer, conveniently slide one away from me and towards your direction. . . The French fries. . ." His finger pressed right at the center of the Bar which had been equal distance between the two of them. "The fries can be placed there, you know, I may not be able to see who would snatch one from there! And I guess since I've doing all this talking and it's making me hungrier I can grab a burger with the works, right?" There'd been some truth to it all that suddenly? He found himself quite ravenous for some form of meat, something that could appease him in a way that French fries and soda could never accurately do. "Or, you know, I can stop being coy and just say, 'Hey wanna share some fries and soda with me?' but then that just ruins all the fun of flirting, right?" A good-natured smile formed on his lips as he leaned in just a bit more.
  27. "Couldn't tell you the specifics of it currently." His fingers clutched at the glass then he brought it up to his lips where he started to sip from the edge of it conservatively. "Though me going to search it out isn't the kind of thing to do on a whim." He closed his eyes and shrugged lightly. "Not anymore, anyways." If he only had himself to worry about it wouldn't have been such a big deal. With a few more complications knitted to the picture, such as the return of his Mother, Gemini and Gabby. . . Things he'd have no problem doing and taking the risks that came with it weren't actually things he should've been contemplating anymore without a well formed game plan of defense. "It isn't under wraps at all. Just never fully made it to Australia as news until a couple of months ago, he gained a pretty big draw out in the Americas'. Don't know who ambushed Gem that night but it definitely was someone who had really on-point international contacts." Not that he didn't, he'd mostly been ignoring his phone that night to catch up on more work that had been slacking. "I'm not sure how long he's actually been in sight, requires a bit more digging than I can spare." On top of his own personal research on things, the time just didn't seem to add up in his favor what-so-ever in trying to accumulate that kind of dedicated knowledge. "What I -do- know is that he hasn't made any effort of contact in any fashion. Not even on the media news platform to search for 'His Girls', honestly, not even sure if he's talked about them yet to any sources in general." Which he counted as somewhat of a blessing for a numerous amount of reasons. After taking another sip from his drink, Marcus placed it down onto a napkin that rested on the bar top. "Oh, she's completely fine around me. Leaving her to her own devices and mind would. . . Be far worse on that. Overthinking, then going deeper into the 'wondering' on the various why's: Why now?, Why hasn't he contacted them?, Why did he stay away for so long? that sort of thing." The time he spent with the woman on top of supping on her blood far more often than he personally liked gave him an intuited idea of the mental space within the Part Veela's mind. "I've been helping to keep her mind off of it, mostly various outing's with Gabby. And not bringing more of hassle for her somewhat childish tricks with the ever so -not- helpful assistance of my Mother." A soft sigh escaped his lips, what form of twisted creator made it that his girlfriend and his Mother would be on such good terms when it came to his personal torture? "She's stable for now but it's obvious that it still nags at her, that unfinished business that she -thought- was finished. Burying someone, mourning them, only to find out all those tears? The nights wondering and trying to build back up? Had been for nothing."
  28. Valentine won.The Accords are gone.A war rages on.In 2000, the Uprising against the Clave and the Accords succeeded and Valentine Morgenstern took over. Jocelyn had taken the Cup and hidden herself far from him. Downworlders and Shadowhunters are now at war, with some Shadowhunters rebelling against the Clave and forming the Anti-Clave, working alongside the Downworlders they don't believe to be enemies.It's 2019 now and the war rages on. Valentine still needs the Cup. Which side will you choose?Enter the Shadow World and choose your path.-----Home | Plot | Rules | Canon list | Lore | Requests | Discord
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