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  2. Liv’s mistake was believing her little circus trick could have fooled Travis if he was a normal wizard or even a muggle it would be impossible for him to know who she was, but Travis, he knew her scent and so close to the moon he could easily find her. She paraded a little around the area, trying to appear like she had been there for a while, but without her bird eyes she didn’t even spot Travis coming into the secluded area, if she had she probably would have taken flight again, running seemed like a waste of time considering his speed, which was impressive. When she noticed Travis it was too late, he was too close and ended up tackling her, Liv resisted but she was quickly thrown to the ground, it was exactly like being in a Quidditch game, but instead of having someone throwing a ball at her she was taken down by a person. When she hit the ground, her body changed back to normal. She looked up at Travis with a smile and started wrestling with him for a while, rolling around in the grass if he had been a normal human, she could have subdued him easily, but being only a half-veela her strength wasn’t enough, and he was far stronger than her. Travis was able to pin her down on the ground, she still tussled a little for amusement, she was sure she wasn’t going to be able to break free from his grasp, he was stronger than her, even if he wasn’t hurting her, she knew if he wanted, he could. He won their little game of tag, she had to admit that it was her arrogance that cost her the win, but she didn’t even care about it anymore. She stared at him for a while with a smile on her face, her eyes had never been more alive as she began to laugh. It had been an exciting experience, she felt free as the autumn breeze touched her wings like a bird, it had been a while since she had such an exciting moment. She stared at him, her heart was beating fast from all the running and flying around, she had enjoyed the game, it was plastered all over her face. The flying, the chase, it was exhilarating, just an amazing feeling overall, she wouldn’t mind doing it again, probably not in the next couple of hours, but it was a great way to relieve some stress.
  3. She had decided that they would both share the bed and he knew she wasn’t going to let him sleep on the floor because if he was stubborn enough to do it, she would join him on the floor. She didn’t win anything, not without him, if it hadn’t been for his potions, she probably wouldn’t have been able to do anything. It was a team effort, they both won, but at least he wasn’t going to argue with her about it, but as she thought about it more, it could be that they’d both be in a tight spot. What were they exactly? Max looked up at him trying to find an answer, but she knew she wasn’t going to get one. Her only choice was the wait until they got someplace where they could have a better conversation. Perhaps he could easily work something out, shouldn’t be too hard if someone asks, and considering he was no longer a young child she hopped his excuse would suffice to ease the curiosity of some people, she knew how certain neighborhoods were, no matter how high class it was there was always this one neighbor that liked to stick their nose in other people’s businesses. The house seemed cozy. She assumed everyone liked to live in a decent house, even if they were dark wizards didn’t mean that they couldn’t feel the same about a place to live. She followed him quietly, looking around the premise to see if there were spectators, but there were none. She looked at the door and then at him, who had been there? Was there a third party he didn’t know about? Was the house a trap? Or maybe it had been whoever killed the dark wizards previously, perhaps they knew their location because they had broken into this house. “Could it be…you know…the other person?” she asked as her hand continued to hold his. It seemed that no one else was there, just them. Just like on the outside the house seemed cozy, but she knew to who it had belonged, which was probably preventing her from seeing all the good things it had to offer, maybe when she looks at it in a different light, she can see the true beauty of it. She looked around, noticing the note on the table. “There’s a note on the table, do you think it’s a trap?” she asked trying to take a peek, but Senan’s voice pulled her to him. “I do take a glass of water, but I don’t want to sit down.” She looked at Senan with a smile on her lips. She understood what he meant by talking, perhaps he had said that in the heat of the moment and didn’t mean it or perhaps he was having second thoughts. Max’s mind wondered for a while before reason kicked in, he was a rational person, he wouldn’t have said something if he didn’t mean too. Her heart began to beat a little faster wondering about what they were going to talk. “So…about what happened…” she wasn’t even sure what to say, she knew what she wanted to do, but to speak? There were no words to describe how much she cared for him or how much he made her happy. "What you said...what I said..."
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  5. A thrill. . . That's the only thing that Travis could explain how part of him had been feeling about chasing someone that held the intention of being a challenge. It felt different, as if he felt alive in the heat of the moment, acting on the pure instincts and impulses that felt natural to him even if deeper inside he'd been fearful of devolving to such a state. A bird had never been one of the choices and so altering himself within the moment on how he approached served a far greater purpose - To make him better at approaching, to let that instinct evolve and choose the steps for him without thinking if it was right or a careful step. Something that nature depicted for him, whether rational thought actually was applied or not. Travis caught the sight of her wings out of corner of his eye, ears twitched and the breeze that passed by her aerial shape plummeted his nose with nothing but her scent. Her glorious, glorious lavender-sunflower scent. Without a single thought he started to rend the laces of his shoes with his claws, to climb adeptly then kicked both shoes off of his feet before he started to climb higher in the tree to follow Liv's ascent through the branches. The thinner they became, the more he had to distribute his weight between the various ones that jutted out at the peak of the tree. She held the advantage of aerial mobility as much as the capability to soar high. At first he hesitated, his gaze glance about until the sudden shift of her scent bolted away from the area. She'd been fast, fast and tricky, which meant at any moment she could blend into something. Scaling enough half way down the tree before jumping off of it, landing onto the ground in a finessed roll. Keeping his body entirely hidden by the still living bushes and shrubs that decorated through the more vegetated portions of the reserve. This had been when he started to prowl in a slow trek at first, being led by the woman's scent once more which had shifted. . . It no longer held the scent of nature, not the unique way she smelled as a bird. His head poked up lightly for a moment to see if there'd been any sign of her, only spotting an unknown woman, far taller and different in hair color and even clothing. If he'd been relying on his sight alone he wouldn't have been able to pick up the one familiarity that hadn't been changed, how she smelled. . . Eyes widened as part of him realized, it had been Liv all along! Somehow! Whatever the reasons, it didn't occur in his mind to ask or question, all that mattered? The only thing that his mind could register? Had been that the person whom he wanted to mark with his scent had been straight ahead and open for him to strike. There'd been a brief silence, a calm, and then his body lurched forward, feet pressing against the ground feeling each push of dirt get smashed, blades of grass that parted or bent with each hastened step that had been made until he was in a full blown run. Without even thinking or a moment of hesitation his legs bent and his body vaulted forward with his arms extended outwards to try and tackle the tall brown-eyed blonde that seemed to have Liv's scent wrapped and ensorcelled around her. If successful, it'd be a tackle that turned into a rolling tumble before he attempted to pin her down with his hands grasped at hers and above her head.
  6. There she went again, her assertive tone that caused him to stare at her dumbfounded for a moment. A spike of heat hit his body, heart began to thump rapidly at the sureness of her foot being placed in a firm manner. Why did that seldom part of her excite him so much. . .? Lightly smiling, lips parted as he laughed briefly as a means to push that lingering heat inside of him away. "I deserve nothing more than anyone, Max. If anything you're the one who earned the relaxation and comfort." To him, it wasn't a matter that he'd been subject to the brunt of the attack from one of the Wizard's. It's that Max managed to dispatch her own nuisance and save him in the process. "But I know you won't budge on that thought, stubborn as you are. It's only fitting we share regardless." Not that he had any problem with the idea, it'd left from his own mouth as a solution. It'd been the uncertainty what could change, what the meaning of it all would be between the two of them now. A case of truth had been split open in the heat of the moment, even if it'd been received amicably there still had been no deciding course of who they were to one another, what changes were coming for them. Friendship? More. . .? By Oberon's golden crown and swift sabre, he hoped that it would be more. There'd been an understanding, however, that just because they agreed on mutual emotions, it didn't mean that she felt 'ready' to move in that kind of direction. Senan's eyes squinted for a moment and shrugged lightly. "It's possible. Though very few care to be that engrossed in a person's life. I can't discount the nosey housewife however." There'd been times he saw some leer at him, as if he'd been suspicious or obviously hadn't belonged with the deceased two. His head shook lightly. "But it isn't uncommon for people to be sent with Guardian's that end up leaving on some business trip. That will have to be my excuse for the time being until I can find a far more concrete plan. . ." There had been one idea that stretched in his mind but he couldn't call it a sure-shot until he came face to face with it as a viable option. A smirk touched his lips at her response, she spoke true. Very few would've even followed him into the jaws of a suicidal plan and yet she did so, albeit with obvious fear and reservations. But he might have thought her a lunatic if she hadn't felt that way. Arriving in a spark of light next to a single floor family home with sandy brown bricked walls, A slightly tented roof extended on top of it with complimentary black shingles. Most of the surrounding land around it had been a dingy greenery, signifying that the shift in the season had been taking place on the vegetation, a single well paved pathway led up the door of the home with no steps leading inside of it. The property had been lined with a thin-metal spiked point fence left to its natural metallic color of, a dull black. The windows were pristine yet no sight could be witnessed inside due to the navy blue curtains that hung to obscure view. With their hands still joined, Senan led the way to the door and opened it up with several knocks of his want to disable the protections - Or, at least he would've if there'd been any on there in the first place. His head shifted to the side lightly as he pushed the door open cautiously. "The protections were dismantled. . . I think someone was here." Perhaps even -is- there. He'd hoped it was the former as he wasn't sure either of them had the energy for another battle against someone exceptionally skill in the art of warfare and combat. He pushed passed the threshold to the home, the arm that held his hand that clutched Max's held behind him to offer his body as a defense over hers. For a place that had been raided it looked untouched, nothing had been tossed about and the home had lit quite pleasantly. The walls were the same as outside, bricked, yet with far more of a brown to them as they'd been protected from the harshest of weather elements. The entry point of the home had been a modest space, almost like a miniature foyer that followed a hall that broke into a couple of rooms on the right and left hand side and then expanded out to where the Dining Room-Living Room had been separated by sliding doors left a jarred. Careful steps took place and while he could see no presence in the home there seemed to be a single tented note settled at the center of the dining room table. That didn't settle well with the young man, never the less, that was a problem he could address a bit later. "Are you thirsty. . .? You should sit down for a bit, I imagine we have a lot we want to talk about." It seemed like 'a lot', heavy feelings and emotions always seemed so bountiful whether positive or negative.
  7. Travis had a distinctive look, while as a human she wouldn’t be able to follow him, in her current state it wasn’t so difficult. She had to admit predatory birds had it easy, she could see him moving around in the trees as her eyes followed his every move. If she was in her human form, she would have made a smile of satisfaction, like a bird she could only watch as he moved around. It was refreshing and exciting, almost like being in a Quidditch game trying to avoid the Beaters, it’s been a while since a game of tag had been this fun. Staying in the tall branch she could see Travis, but he couldn’t see her. She remained hidden for a while longer until he began to jump from branch to branch. She didn’t think he could jump that high, the further it went up to the thinner the branches were, they wouldn’t be able to hold his weight if he decided he wanted to try searching from a higher location. Liv couldn’t go down, he’d easily catch, she could, however, go up. Once again, she took flight, but instead of going down she went up and soon her feather regained her normal coloration of blueish grey tone. Liv was being a bit reckless by flying so close to him, considering how all his senses were more developed, but she was confident her skills as a flier would be enough to evade anything he tried to do, it was like riding a bicycle, impossible to forget. She could feel the wind caressing her face, just like old times in the Quidditch pitch. She flew to a more secluded place, she didn’t want people to see her, but she also didn’t want Travis to see what she was about to do. She landed on the floor and shifted back to human, stretched herself and her body began to grow a few inches taller as her hair become blond, her eyes shifted to a different tone becoming brown instead of blue. Her nose changed followed by her facial expressions. With an easy spell, she shifted her clothes and simply hid in plain sight. She had forgotten that Travis could easily discover her by relying only on her scent.
  8. Continuing from Heart's Bore in this War She shook her head, he shouldn’t apologize for it, even if she was fine, she was grateful that he was taking the time to see if she had been injured in any other way, it was sweet, the side of him she got to see more often, and she enjoyed it. Max had to admit that if she was in his position, she would have done the same thing, trying to be sure that no one was injured, with so many things destroyed that night something could have hit them. She looked at him, still worried about what had happened to him, she had to talk to him once they leave that awful place. “I’m not going to let you sleep on the floor.” she spoke staring at him, her voice was firm. She wasn’t going to let him give up his own comfort because of her, they could share it. It wasn’t going to be uncomfortable sharing a bed with someone, especially not him considering they had already fallen asleep together watching the movie. This time shouldn’t be too different, the only difference now was that they were both aware of how they felt, perhaps it would be a little awkward at first. “You deserve it more than I do. You look alright but…” She walked alongside him to exit the warehouse as he explained where the house was; the location was one of the best locations in Narrie and where the wealthy lived. She nodded as he mentioned his father. It was probably a wise choice considering it’s easier to move around when one has money, but now there was a problem they probably hadn’t anticipated. “But won’t people be suspicious of how those two aren’t around anymore?” if anyone in the neighborhood had seen them, it meant that Senan would have to come up with a plan to explain what he’s doing in that house. Soon they should be able to relax and by tomorrow Max was sure everything would be alright, but she probably wasn’t going to classes that day. He wasn’t wrong, Australia was a dangerous country. “We Australians do like to live dangerously, haven’t you heard? Freefall awaits the brave.” She looked at him with a cheeky smile before winking. Before she could do or say anything else, they found themselves in the Astley Walk. The couldn’t wait to get her apparition license to stop using these things, she should be used to them, but she still felt dizzy whenever they arrived at the destined location, almost losing her balance.
  9. Aspen was proud of her own strength, it was nothing unusual really but with all her exercises she was used to a lot of things, and obviously becoming stronger physically was a perk, especially as a Chaser in a Quidditch team, one might not think much of it, but it wasn’t as easy as people thought. She shrugged when Lisa suggested it was cheating, was it though? It was still a dare, regardless of what it was supposed to be done. She laughed at Lisa, right after she was about to answer she had quit, that was no fun and perhaps Lisa was, in fact, lying about it, it didn’t matter much to Aspen, maybe Lisa just wasn’t ready to share something, even if it did hurt the Bourke a little bit. “That’s indeed a curse.” Luckily for Aspen, her father was still alive, but her mother wasn’t, and her sister was gone, she couldn’t complain much, others were in worse situations. “Massage your feet? Sure.” An easy task, Aspen quickly grabbed the feet and tickled it before beginning the massage on the Sturt’s foot. “Hmm…dare dare dare…” Aspen thought as she continued the massage on the other girl’s foot. “Let’s see…I dare you to jump from this bed to the other.” Aspen looked at the other bed, it was a manageable distance, but it could still be dangerous if someone didn’t have enough practice. “And I go dare.”
  10. The presence that exuded from the woman had been relaxing, not forcibly relaxing as if it something had been intended to interfere with his general emotions and stability. Rather, she'd been so sweet, willing to open up her mind towards certain things about him that the weight of expectancy of being judged or taking up something that had been somewhat out of his hands was lifted from his shoulders. What had been considered a cloud that overlapped his mind and perhaps even parts of his heart started to clear up, slowly. Then the soft caress of her hand along his arm caused a heated sigh to exhaust from him. Another shiver of pleasure trailed through his body like an aftershock that left tingles that wouldn't recede. What had she been doing to him? Did she even notice the effect she'd been holding over him in such a way? With her departure it only left the thought in his mind, the feeling taking shape by enhancing the desire that he needed to find her, to catch her. Not to win, would it be a grand thing? Absolutely, it had fallen from his mind however. A primal desire to tackle her to smell more of her scent started to override within his mind, to return the same way of his own scent in a sense. Imprinting in a way that stuck to his mind, that seemed to make 'sense' enough to claim that she'd been part of his 'Pack' and guardianship. An awkward thought considering that the role should've been in reverse on whom would end up guarding who. Perched on the tree, her smell had been overpowering even with the adjustments to her form he could smell that it'd been her. As he'd been about to settle his balance on a branch the flutter of her wings took place in his eyes, the constantly flapping and motion resonated in his ears. Option not to follow her with his eyes as she circled around him to avoid being dizzy, that wouldn't help him at all. Other senses he wielded kicked in gear. At least until she turned back into her human form, the smell shifted once more, hearing the blood that pumped through her heart had become far easier as his eyes traced over towards her original form. Exhausting a huff of air in a primitive fashion, hands gripping the edge of the branch tightly as his mind considered whether or not now would be the time to try and tackle her. Jaw unhinged and then clutched tightly and his nose twitched wildly as her unique aroma swirled and seemed to bypass nature itself at this point. He'd been locked on, in a sense, now he needed to keep on her trail and hope that he could actively catch her. There it was this time, her entirely body shifting into that of a bird once more and fluttered off at a lower altitude, that spiked a reaction in his body and before his body could process it all. . . He already had been leaping through the trees itself rather than touching the ground. Nails embedded into the trunks for a moment before the heel of his foot pushed against the tree in a powerful motion which launched him to the next perch of trees, parkouring without given a second thought to his safety. A hunter on a mission and it had yet to be concluded, blood bumped rapidly through his body and the breeze of the wind flickered against the sickly looking skin in a cooling embrace which felt refreshing and invigorating. Once more, when her smell seemed particularly strong in one area his advance slowed down to a steady approach into the area. Mild rustling from disturbance of his presence as he hunched over and prowled along the length of the branch his eyes darted from one part of the area to the next. This time, it'd been far more difficult, she hadn't been sticking out like normal but had been camouflaged, the kind of thing that had been expected of prey to avoid a predator. If he'd fully been in his right state of mind he would've been able to appreciate such cleverness with good nature. However, as he was, appreciation and annoyance weren't put into much play for him. What had been going through his mind is that he needed to push her to move again and then change the approach of the way he'd been tracking her. It was at this point he began to intentionally jump from various branches, haphazardly if only to see if it'd trigger her to flee into another direction.
  11. "What. . .?" Senan asked absentmindedly, a crimson tint colored his cheeks as he whipped his gaze away. "I apologize. Shouldn't be fretting like some kind of den mother." Letting his worry lead him was an unprecedented reaction. Logic told him that neither he nor she had been hit and yet the scrape of the previous battle that lingered still held him on an edge of alert. There would need to be time to do a more thorough checking for both of them, just because no spells hadn't hit them, didn't mean they may not have gained scrapes, burns, or cuts from the fast paced movement and diving that perhaps taken place in the moment. There'd been no further expansion on what occurred from the unknown entities presence and the spells that were slung. He'd only managed to identify the spell based on the reaction of the bodies, something that had been informative but not enough to draw the benefit of speculation. For the time being, they'd need to lay low in a sense, his own movements will have to be limited to a small area and not to tarry out in opened spaces until some time passed. Staying away from the school dormitory for too many nights would draw suspicion, perhaps even questions if any of the Professor's truly cared to investigate that kind of thing. He'd been certain that at least he could fly under the radar, being far newer than Max to the school. It didn't mean that they couldn't pace themselves to making certain documents fair bit doctored towards their benefit at some point, hopefully. "If you ever do I do not mean sleeping on the floor. You deserve to have proper and comfortable sleep." He'd been used to sleeping on hard and uncomfortable surfaces, due to certain rules that had often been the only choice he held when visiting the Unseelie Court. His own hand squeezed in response as he started to lead them towards the entryway of the building with a bit of speed in each step. "It's in Narragyambie, Astley Walk. As you know, my father is someone that is of high social class." It had been far easier to expect someone of wealth moving with ease and keeping to themselves, it kept the usual meeting grounds of shady activity far away from the home as well. Luckily that had been a place they could easily use the Bush Telegraph method to get to, unfortunately, Apparaition had not been a choice given the necessity for a liscense to even commit such a spell. Making it to the top of one of the nearby poles that towered over majority of the buildings, the wires that connected to it expanded outward to another pole, and then another, this had just simply been the physically visible track that they'd end up snapping into. His eyes turned towards the Warehouse for a moment, he remembered seeing two objects that could help them in this regard. Waving his wand he conjured out two metallic and lightweight hooks that could do the job that the far more dangerous hanger method managed. Passing one towards Max as he smiled lightly. "You Australian's have the most dangerous methods of travel." He shrugged for a moment amused and then placed the edge of the hook on the power line and vaulted off while hanging onto it. His voice called out the destination where'd been going, the exact number of the Home as it held a system set up for the Bush Telegraph to deposit them directly there.
  12. He had been a fun person to be around, perhaps letting go a little wouldn’t be too bad. She had no friends in town, aside from her aunt that enjoyed her little walks in the park but wasn’t the kind of person that would enjoy this sort of thing. Liv took a deep breath to feel in the soft breeze. Perhaps she didn’t understand his nature, not all of it completely, but she planned on understanding the situation and, she wasn’t going to blame him over something he can’t control. She smiled as he spoke, she believed he didn’t require to apologize, she had accepted it, she wasn’t forced to do so. One of her hands softly caressed his arm before letting go. Once he’s tried enough, a nice spot under a tree seemed magnificent to have a conversation, by then most people would home. She stayed up in the tree, her eyes quickly caught up to Travis who was near, but he didn’t notice she was now a bird, that was until he began climbing the tree. Her eyes followed his movements slowly, she had to take advantage of being such a bird. Liv took flight again, she decided to play a little by flying around Travis, but at a safe distance, she didn’t want to make his life too easy. The plan was to tire him enough. Liv flew to the ground and changed back into a human, the location they were at was deserted, no one was around, and she could do whatever she wanted. After taking a step back while looking at Travis, she became a bird again and flew around him once more before flying away from him, but at a relatively low height that she could easily catch her if he was fast enough. She flew to another tree, this time she stayed in one of the higher branches and changed her coloration to match the trees, but always paying attention to his presence, she was going to use all the good qualities of her animal form.
  13. She watched as he carefully exanimated her body. “I’m fine.” She smiled. She could understand that he was worried, but if that light had hit them, they wouldn’t be alive to tell stories. She was still a bit scared from the event, and the prospect of losing someone him, but she was also relieved that it was over. The fact that she got to hear how much he cared for her, and her admitting the same was relaxing, the tingling sensation was still there but this time it was different, it wasn’t unbearable and, the knot didn’t get tight to the point of suffocating her. The idea that someone could do that was terrifying, but she hoped that whoever had done it was a friend, or at least friendly enough not to kill them both on sight. Perhaps it was a matter that they shouldn’t forget but that shouldn’t think too much about. It was that moment that she stared at Senan, the word ‘curse’ didn’t sit well with her. In themes they encountered themselves in, she hadn’t stopped to wonder how he was, maybe when they leave that place, she can at least make sure he’s alright. Max stared at Senan’s eyes, she felt a little embarrassed about the revelation, but she couldn’t help to smile. “Yeah…let’s go home.” It sounded so weird saying it, good but weird. Technically she still needed to have a dorm room, she was underage, but she was sure Laurie wouldn’t mind a couple of nights without her unless there was something, they could change that, even if she still preferred her dorm room, in case she wanted to hang out with her friend. Sharing a bed wouldn’t be weird, they had already shared one when they fell asleep watching the movie. “I don’t think I’ll mind.” Perhaps this time it won’t be much different, only this time they both knew how they felt about each other. “Let’s get going, this place is a bit creepy.” She just wanted to leave that place, she didn’t want to spend another minute in it. She held Senan’s hand and squeezed it lightly, but she remembered he was the one that knew where the house was. “You might need to indicate the way.”
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  15. Aspen was glad that her sister had enjoyed the notebook, affectionate hug told Aspen everything she needed to know about how her sister felt about the notebook she had gotten her. But what Aspen wanted to know was what she thought about the second present, the one Lisa had given Aspen to give to MJ. She watched her sister opening the new present, she paid attention to the younger Clark’s reaction upon seeing the book. Aspen was pleased with her sister’s reaction, but she wasn’t expecting the question. “Well, I got it at this old book store. Someone probably needed the money, and I thought you’d like to have something like that.” Aspen said. She had to lie, she promised Lisa that no one would know where that book came from. Aspen got up and retrieved the tray if MJ doesn’t eat the food was going to get cold. “Here, eat and then you can inspect that notebook a bit better.” Aspen said giving the tray to her sister with MJ’s favorite breakfast.
  16. If May wasn’t playing with Liv, she sure had a funny way of showing it. Calm, that’s what Olivia needed to be in order to talk with May, as much as she wanted to burn the Dhampir she also wanted to know what happened and if she was alright. “Sure, let’s go inside.” Olivia said walking inside. She wanted so desperately to know why May left that she had forgotten that not everyone in the street knew about the wizarding world, and their conversation was private. As Liv looked at May it was like staring at the same girl from all those years ago, the girl that had left her; every time she thinks about that day Olivia gets angrier. Once the door was closed Liv turned to May and crossed her arms once more. “Can we talk now?” Liv was impatient, she’s been waiting four years to listen to May’s reason for leaving and this time she wasn’t leaving that house until she got an answer. The thought still haunted her, getting home to an empty apartment, no note, nothing. Liv still felt that the only person she ever loved had left her behind.
  17. Olivia seemed to be calm now. She closed her eyes for a moment before looking at Diana again. She was still angry, and it was clear in her eyes that if May were to walk through that door one of two things would happen, either Liv would hug her, or Liv would burn her alive right there in their living room. The half-veela continued to pay attention to Diana, who didn’t seem to comment on what she had said, maybe she knew about this, but the thought didn’t make her angry, only sad. When Diana finally commented on it, Liv knew the blonde was as confused as she was, that she had no idea that May had left or planned to leave. “I don’t know, I came home and thought he was out shopping…” Liv used a mending spell on the couch and sat on it. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes again, she wanted to be calm, she didn’t want to burn anything or anyone. “…but her keys are there, some of her things are gone too…” It was getting harder and harder to keep the veil, soon Olivia’s sadness would be evident to Diana, she needed to explain as much as she can because when the reality hits her, she isn’t sure if she’s going to be able to talk.
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  19. A grin in victory spread across Lisa's lips as the dare was accepted. The girl climbed onto Aspen's back once she faced the floor, careful not to hurt the girl, sitting on her with her legs crossed and arms extended out for balance. "Okay, you can start now." Lisa's height made it so she wasn't as light as an average girl would be, but credit where it was due, Aspen managed to withstand the weight in full and complete the task. To say Lisa was impressed would be quite the understatement. "Bravo. Not bad at all." She spoke once getting off the girl, letting her breathe, and standing upright, watching as she went to sit on Lisa's bed. She reached up to her hair and removed the scrunchy, placing it back on her nightstand, and then joined Aspen by sitting in the exact same spot she had been earlier, legs outstretched. As a joke, she poked Aspen's side with a toe. "Well, that's just cheating, isn't it?" She didn't seem too upset about it, despite her words. "Good question though. Let's see..." She looked away, mulling it over in her head. The first thing that came to mind was to meet Jane again. That was something she deeply feared, that she knew would have to happen sooner or later; but at the same time, that wasn't her biggest fear. Something that exceeded it was, easily, hurting someone else the way she hurt her, and Hailey, and who knew how many others at that point. She was about to reply exactly that, and opened her mouth to do so, but closed it momentarily. "No, that's not it..." She muttered to herself, brows furrowing as she searched for an answer in her mind. It took her a few additional seconds before she had her eureka moment, eyes widening with the realization before she looked back at Aspen. "Oh, I know. Dying young. I guess you could say it's a bit of a Knotley family curse, everybody dies in their thirties." Her father had made it into his forties, barely, before succumbing as well. Was that the fate that expected both herself and her brother? Would she have limited time to write her wrongs? "Now, now, dare... I dare you to... Massage my feet. Long day and all." She poked her side with her toe for a second time, having a bit of a teasing smirk in her face as she did. A little ribbing didn't hurt. "I'll take a dare myself, unless you're going to cheat again."
  20. "Correction, A Bourke hanging around a Bourke. I remember this one big Quidditich player in the House once said. . .. 'Once a Bourke, always a Bourke.'" While she may not have been in the School as a student anymore, she'd still seemed like the sort of person that held 'House Loyalty'. As childish as it might seem it's a sense of inspiration and camaraderie between not only Student and Alumni Staff but any Alumni that held such a close companionship with the place they spent most if not all of their growing Teen years within. "Just don't go holding yourself back around me when we're out of school then." He stated plainly, not intending it to come out as it sounded. The main point for him had been he didn't want her to believe that she'd only be around to support him, it made it one sided and that wasn't the kind of path he followed if he could help it. A shiver of delight trailed down his spine as she squeezed his arm, one of things he felt that needed to be apologized for. Just because he enjoyed it, that touch, that connection, it didn't mean he should've allowed it to have such an effect of gratification. Especially not the kind that pulled on a certain part of his nature that he'd been trying to waylay. Did she understand? Uncertainty in the idea of it started to worm in his mind. However, that'd been his defenses trying to distance himself, he needed to cut it off before it could take full shape and in turn reflect in his primal actions. "I just wanted to be sure, get the petty nuances of apologies out of the way." The tone had been sharp, not harsh, a sense of internal annoyance struck at him and his teeth gritted. A wince of disapproval physically showed on his face at the way he'd responded. Travis' face contorted slightly in hesitation, telling her. . . That would risk a lot though he hadn't hid the fact that certain 'urges' helped to curb much of his energy, to spend all that endurance in a high-motion activity. Still, he hadn't wanted her to look at him as some form of deviant even if it wasn't entirely far from the truth depending on the scope one had been looking down. "Maybe later, yea." He wouldn't give extensive details, only something viable enough to give an understanding. "That's a bit of a commitment you're adding there." Speaking in a teasing inflection as an appreciative smile touched his lips. "How about we see how this one goes first. You might decide to back out of future ideas like that." Not that he held a low opinion of her, no, much like even Meadow told him he expected she had 'High Standards' and would eventually see the compulsive reactions as something she hadn't wanted any real part of. "Wait, what?" For a moment he'd been stunned, that had to have been the oldest trick in the book! Travis admired that kind of swift thinking, already gearing up for the chase that would be set before him. He didn't sit, instead, he waited for a bit - gave her actual time that he expected she might've needed. A difficult concept for him as he started to somewhat thrash around in a swaying motion, fingers flexed impatiently until his mind screamed that he'd waited long enough. Lowering into a crouch as his hand pressed against the ground, eyes closing for only a moment as he took in a deep current of air through his nostrils. Various senses circled around in his mind, from the sweat of nearby groups of people finishing up their jog, to the pollen in the air that hung for those severely allergic to it. Amongst all of the flowery scent, one had been familiar - lessened from distance. That's when he started to move, stalking about like a predator on a search. The closer he came to the smell, the more it seemed to warp into a myriad of different ones, more notable had been that of fresh greenery and somewhat dry yet alive tree bark. When drew closer to Liv's area, or at least, what his nose alerted to him of her unique scent, his movement became precise. Where had she been? Nose raised towards the air it smelled as if she'd been around, above? His eyes narrowed upwards for a moment and squinted, making his way towards the side of the tree where he proceeded to scale it with both his hands and feet. 'I smell her. . . She's here. . . Not normal though. It's her yet something else. Didn't she say she was an Animagus?' That'd been right, she could transform into an animal. Maybe he wasn't looking for a person at all! Keeping his eyes towards the branches he noticed, what seemed to be, eyes dilated as he spotted what seemed to be a bird. Sneaky and speedy, he couldn't afford to underestimate her, not if she had the power of wings and wind on her side. He tried his best to offset the weight of several branches to avoid unnecessary screeching or wriggling of the tree, trying to approach as unnoticed as possible. Far easier if the prey - er - Person. . . Didn't expect a hunt, but he knew, She would be intentionally looking out for him.
  21. Senan had been quite surprised in himself, never had he tossed his body in front of something on the idea that something bad might happen. He watched the bodies of the two men break into pieces, turned into nothing but dust on the ground as if their lives hadn't made any waves in the pool of existence. The true ferocity of magic at its very core, that spells such as that existed and many others. Thinking of it caused his hand to grip even tighter, not wanting to let go out of the fear that it could happen to Max more so than himself. After it seemed as the tension of the moment had left them from the mysterious presence he gifted Max an inspective examination, making sure no random wounds appeared if she'd been hurt in the slightest. "That. . . Was an unknown variable." He spoke cautiously, entirely wary that someone had managed to not only sneak in on them in the heat of the moment. But held enough magical acumen to perform such a high-level spell in a successive cast without uttering a single word. This warzone had just became truly deadly and it took the realization of seeing the ordeal of his old comrades bodies breaking away to bring it to light. "Whether friend or foe, I'm unsure. What we can be sure is that it's clear some kind of score or reason had been tacked on to why only those two had been harmed." He couldn't rule out potential Auror interference, at least, if it'd been one undercover that couldn't break it but then why hadn't they been surrounded by a reinforcement team as a means to solve that problem? "One of the few kind of Curses that very few people even know how to perform to such accuracy." He's seen the Curse used before, messing up usually didn't cause that kind of reaction. Painful at best, yet a mastered understanding it made it one of the few deadly ones that didn't even count as an Unforgivable one due to the lack of heinous intent behind it. Too many questions and not enough answers that could satisfy the curiosity. Figuring that there'd been no point in speculating on that which had been the unknown his attention turned to what had been far more important in the moment. Their shackles of the Wizard's had been free, this much had been true for now. There would be more in the future until the reach of his Father had been overly extended and by then it'd by them a few years. . . Knowing all of this, that it'd only be a matter of time before the next hiccup his mind could only trace back to the fact that they both had stated their feelings for one another towards each other. Slowly he started to unfurl his body from around hers and gently guided her to face him which by this point his other hand had holstered the Yew wand and grasped hold of her hand. With both of them clutched tenderly in his grasp, a smile creased brightly as the silvery-grey hues of his eyes stared into her clear blues. "You know. . . It's getting late. As fun as sneaking back into the school would seem. . ." He halted for a moment and bit his lower lip in thought, then continued. "I believe we do now live together. So, we could go home and talk? About this new mystery of ours that we've uncovered about ourselves." 'We can go home', It sounded so odd that they could just claim a place of their own in such a way. That even before admitting it they'd both been alright with the prospect of it just being the two of them. Maybe that was the largest sign beyond the feelings? Why didn't he just noticed it. . .? Mentally chided himself for being so focused on trying to figure himself out, figure out what the two of them could be like that he never seen the much larger picture. "There's no real bed for your room yet so you can use mines with me." Not an uncommon concept in his mind since they'd cuddled up and watched a movie back in his dorm. Though, this time, it'd been with the awareness of knowing what they both expected in one another.
  22. "It can wait." Came the muffled response from the younger Clarke, just wanting to relish in that tight hug, as well as in the feeling of pure, unadulterated happiness washing over her with the meaning she had mentally assigned to the first present. Even though Aspen had enjoyed the gift MJ gave her just a few days before, it felt like it had been several leagues below that journal. She wasn't quite sure how to express her gratitude, but hoped her sister would understand it through the affectionate embrace. She did manage to pry herself away from Aspen sooner rather than later, and carefully set both the discarded wrapping paper and the notebook aside. It was time for the bigger gift - also a book, from the outline of the paper. Much like before, the Flinders was ever so careful at separating the sheets covering the present, right up until she could squeeze the book out of them. It was a copy of a school book, one that she already had - it was a mandatory book for the year. This made her brows furrow in confusion. Undeterred, however, and knowing not to quite literally judge a book by its cover, she opened it, running through a few pages prior to setting it down again. Adorning them were various handmade notes. Corrections, suggestions, new inventions, across a multitude of fields. Most things seemed geared towards dueling, and some were about pranks. However, that handwriting didn't belong to her sister. "...Where did you get this?" She asked. Despite being quite awestruck with the gift, her innate sense of curiosity thwarted the feeling. The various annotations made were quite brilliant, she was able to deduce, within her limited skill. Did some used book store keep such an item? '...No, can't be. The book looks fairly new, no more than a few years of use...'
  23. No concussion. The fact May's head cleared up so quickly let her know that relieving fact, though there was still that dull, annoying ache from the impact at the base of her skull. Letting go of her now bright red cheek, the girl held onto the back of her head instead, feeling it up. She should probably ice that part of her body first. On the one hand, she could indeed heal it with magic, but on the other hand, she felt like she deserved to withstand the brunt of the trauma. A very minute and symbolic punishment for the hell she put Olivia through, if anything. "I'm not playing around..." The Dhampir spoke up as she straightened her posture. It took her a few seconds to let go of the wall and stand upright. "I... We can talk. If that wasn't the case I wouldn't have called you over." Closure. She wanted closure. But, not like that. They were in a very dangerous place - being outside, arguing like that, it gathered attention to them both. Not to mention the hard slap had echoed out into the street; her hairs were standing on end, meaning a few pairs of eyes that didn't belong to Olivia were watching the house with the commotion. "...Can we not do this here?" She motioned with her free hand into the hallway. They had always been private about their affairs, May in particular; even if they had their bond unfairly severed, she didn't think that trait of theirs would change. "We can talk inside."
  24. Diana's gaze locked with Olivia's as the half-Veela watched her. The student's very core was inching her towards a fight or flight situation - an angry Veela wasn't something to be taken lightly. However, Diana refused to leave her friend alone, and she refused to raise her wand at her, no matter the peril. She merely concentrated on putting out the fire, which proved to be a success as her own neck was spared and the flames soon met their end. Diana didn't immediately reply to Olivia's short statement, opting to mull over the information. 'May left'. By witnessing the widespread destruction, one would think the Dhampir dodged a bullet by leaving the house; but Diana knew Olivia better than that. It always took a nigh insurmountable amount of frustration for her to flip out in such away; the same could be said for May, whom was one of the calmer people she knew and always willing to talk things out, even if getting something more personal out of her was like pulling teeth. Whatever had been the argument that caused it, or situation, it had to come from a clash of principles that was practically unheard of in that relationship. First things first. She opened the broken windows (as well as the ones that weren't, and with a flick of her wand, the smoke was moved outside to disperse into the street, leaving the air in that room far more breathable. Diana finally had some room to stop coughing, although she felt mildly dizzy from the effort. Leaving the windows open, she holstered her wand so to let the air circulate. "...May left." She eventually repeated her friend's words, taking a step closer to her, albeit being cautious about it. "Can you elaborate on that? What happened?"
  25. May joined Robin in laughter at the idea, finding herself having to cover her own mouth at a point so not to become obnoxious. She eventually calmed down as they sat at the table, ready to eat the fabled pizza Robin's mom was apparently so fond of doing. "I can teach her a trick or two to ensure you get some variety, if you want." It wasn't something she had been previously used to, but given that she'd have very little to do at that point, it was something she was considering picking up to do on her own. Cooking, sewing, cleaning, and other general housekeeping chores. Anything to take her mind off of heavier subjects. She didn't need them tearing at the walls she so carefully constructed around her core. "Maybe if you eat different kinds of pizza you'll change your mind too." And just like that, the family (along with May, of course) attacked the meal. For that one evening, she could finally fool herself and think she was living a normal life, surrounded by people she loved, and that nothing could ever throw a wrench into it.
  26. She chuckled at his comment. “I need to be professional at work, but here I don’t, we’re off school grounds and we’re just an ex-Bourke hanging with a current Bourke.” She spoke with the same wide smile as before, a bit proud about the lame excuse, but Travis visits the Hospital Wing quite often, like she asked him to do if he ever needed to talk and they got to know each other a little better, no one could blame them for also getting along outside the school, or even become friends. Liv laughed along with him. “I was a chaser. My days of glory are long gone.” She might have been the captain but being a Quidditch player professionally wasn’t something that suited her, no matter how much the loved the game and the adrenaline of avoiding being beaten down by the other team’s beaters. She was quite surprised when he apologized, she shook her head and gave him a friendly smile. “It’s alright Travis, just be you. You don’t need to apologize for that you might do, I understand.” She put each hand on his arms and squeezed it lightly, trying to give him some reassurance and somewhat certain freedom as he didn’t need to hold back. He probably should have taken the day off, but it seemed that it had gone alright, she didn’t hear or received anyone complaining about it. “I’m glad nothing happened, but do you want to talk about it? Later I mean.” She wondered what had happened on the previous day, what had he done? He clearly hadn’t done anything wrong, or at least violently since no one came into the clinic wounded. “I’m glad and if you need help or company, I can meet you again after school.” She wasn’t sure if she could be much help, but whatever she could to make at least things a bit easier for him. “Alright, after it is.” Liv watched as people were starting to leave the Reserve, she probably needed to go someplace where people couldn’t see her. “So…you’re it.” She quickly ran away from Travis to a quieter location where she quickly turned into a sparrow hawk, she was certain no one had seen her due to the tardiness. She flew to a branch on a tree and stood there waiting for Travis to show up. Would he be able to sense her? She was pretty confident about that race, she could almost smell a victory.
  27. She could understand what he meant, she wasn’t sure how she’d feel if he were to leave, but she knew how she’d feel if he was to die, probably wouldn’t know the whole extent of her actions, but she could get a glimpse at them, the same way as she wanted to tighten the grip on the chains, and continue to tighten it until the wizard could lose his ability to breathe. She smiled up at him as he spoke, above everything else he was a friend, a good friend who she cared deeply for, and he was also someone she liked more than a good friend, perhaps that made her words have more meaning, she just knew she didn’t want him dead and wanted to be able to spend more time with him. Max laughed as he reacted to her statement. She nodded at the young man as she smiled at him. It was unbelievable but now looking in retrospective it was clear her feelings for him if it had been anyone else she could have told them on the spot, but wither her? How stupid she was in not realizing it sooner. She was completely calm now, it was like his embrace had the ability to relax her. When he stood up, so did she. Senan moved towards the wizards, but Max took a step back, she still couldn’t believe how things had turned out, and she used magic again, she was sure she would be in a lot of trouble, hopefully, the ministry just sends her another letter, preferably with a warning. Max didn’t even have time to react upon seeing Senan come to her direction and wrapping his arms around her, she was unsure about what happening until everything was over. She looked at the other wizards and they were … gone. “What was that?” she asked as she tried to find the wizards, they were indeed gone, she wasn’t seeing it wrong, they weren’t there. She looked at Senan as held her hand and she held his. Maybe he could explain to her what just happened, why were the wizards gone, what was the explosion? But on the bright side, they didn’t need to worry about them, at least for now considering they were gone, or never if they were dead.
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