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  2. I had the most amazing sight today, Satan&Satan are stuck to the ceiling and they can't get down.

    On an unrelated note, why don't you all stop by The Sweet Tooth Bakery, I will be working there until the next break.

    1. Chloe Stewart

      Chloe Stewart

      ...I told you not to do anything...

    2. Laurie Kempf

      Laurie Kempf

      Pics or it didn't happen.

    3. Lexi Stewart

      Lexi Stewart

      Not my fault they sat on my things but it was worth it. I advise you not to go home. Also, I have pictures. 

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    heat lightning

  5. It was odd for Chloe to feel so refreshed - despite the constant workload even through the break, the fact that she was finally allowed to sleep at school and away from her obnoxiously strict grandparents made it so she crashed on contact with the pillow and slept like a rock through the night as opposed to study for hours. There were no dark marks under her eyes for a change as she walked in to yet another class that day, Defense Against the Dark Arts. She hadn't noticed her sister sitting there and kept walking on auto-pilot to her usual seat. Given her well-rested state she managed to put up a mental wall early enough that the lecturer's passive charms wouldn't bother her in the least. As she got to her seat, she noticed a familiar redhead took it already; it didn't bother the Sturt in the least, and she opted to sit next to Max instead, setting her bag down on the desk. "Good morning." She greeted both the teacher and her friend just before the class started. To her surprise, the girl she tutored promptly spewed out a short version of what was known of these elusive creatures, though she had gotten something wrong. Chloe decided to chime in, not to make her look silly, but to compound onto that knowledge. "What defeats a Boggart is laughter." She said after the lecturer gave her permission to speak. It had always been a bit of a weakness to her - Chloe had never been the laughing type, but fortunately that was usually counteracted by the fact the class normally burst out laughing at whatever form the Boggart ended up assuming with the spell. "The spell 'Riddikulus' serves precisely to incite laughter by turning the Boggart's form into something amusing against its will."
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    Atop Mount Greylock

    Hey Tally, Atop Mount Greylock is closing down next week, please remove our affiliation. Thank you!
  7. Brows furrowed in confusion as the Spencer embraced him, as the boy was still quite rocked by the sheer panic with the implication of what could have happened - he certainly didn't expect Lexi to shift from yelling at him to forgiving him so quickly. His heart was still pumping a mile a minute out of fear of having done something truly horrendous, yet his arms hesitantly returned the hug. It was the correct thing to do, right? "I-I'ts okay..." The boy uttered despite the confusion on reflex. Once she let go, the boy didn't exactly knew what to do with his arms, ending up bringing a hand to the back of his head and scratching his own scalp in embarrassment and awkwardness. The smile disarmed him - she wasn't upset anymore? That meant everything was okay, surely. Lexi brought up a good point, and Ian nodded. "I know, but... There's nobody around. I made sure of it. This place gives me a bit more freedom in where to place the targets, so..." It was the break - a lot of students were either out enjoying their free time or had gone home to visit their families. Not a single soul was picked up by his nose in the grounds, other than those of himself and his friend. "I wasn't expecting you to show up here, honestly... Weren't you supposed to be in town?"
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    zutter [jcink prem]

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    We Will Rise: a 100 au rpg

    | PLOT | RULES | CANONS | APPLY | ADVERTISE |WE WILL RISESuper-active 100 rpg that follows canon up to the end of Season 2 before diverging into an au storyline of its own with one little twist: Not everyone died at Mount Weather that day Clarke, Bellamy, and Monty irradiated the Mountain. Thirty survivors now deal with the grief of loss and rebuilding, many hell-bent on revenge. Disarray grows quietly in the shadows amongst the Twelve Clans as Skaikru is welcomed into the Coalition; a decision many are not happy about. Skaikru faces enemies on all sides. Which side are you on?Come join us for a very character and plot driven story! Plenty of Canons open, events planned, and we even have a developed College AU if you're feeling creative!
  10. Finally found the right place! That was painful...

    1. Cole Lin

      Cole Lin

      You're telling me. . . Some guy tried to sell a hole in the wall for four. A LITERAL HOLE IN THE WALL!

    2. Mark Sandoval

      Mark Sandoval

      Sounds a tiny bit cramped.

    3. Bella Mayfield

      Bella Mayfield

      It's been tough, every house I found was either too expensive or was already taken, glad you finally found one.

  11. Perfect temperature for a beach trip.

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      I prefer to be warm at night, guess that isn't happening.

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      @Lisa Knotley What's wrong with Australia, you mean.

      @Lexi Stewart All you have to do is ask.

    4. Lexi Stewart

      Lexi Stewart

      Well since you put like that that

  12. For the last day of the Festival you can guarantee seeing a triple threat live collabortive performance! By:

    @Amiradysébelle Blair

    @Gemini Demetra

    And yours truly! Mostly because they didn't know I secretly put them on! Mwahahaha!

  13. In truth, Derrick had been going slightly easy on the class. Finding his footing in what the general level of the student body had been when it came to manifest and developing the most basic of elements. While some seemed to struggle in certain sectors, collectively, they seemed to be at a point that something far more advanced needed to be put into place. It also could've been due to his most recent loss that he took a far more weighted step when it came to teaching but it had also been long over due, that much had been for certain. When the students started to roll into the classroom he'd wait for a moment before speaking. "Come on in, sit down. This time we're in for a slight diversion of a treat compared to what had been originally planned." He actually had spent a bit of time hashing over various ideas and methods with Audrey. An extra bit of school connection while she'd been around taking care of not only her new bundle of joy but Alex's own extended family from previous relations. "Make sure your wand is at ready, fully prepared and managed. No cracks or breaks, because what we're about to do could get far more dangerous with a poorly managed tool." While it wasn't entirely necessary for a wand to be used it made training and learning concepts far easier than jumping right into the 'Wandless' thought process. "Today we'll be investing time into a practice that is universal in understanding with Elements yet extremely difficult to master, even to perform at will due to the complication that comes along with it. What I'm talking about, Party People, is the melding of two elements to create another that isn't of the basic circle." It was then that his hand rose up to cast a spell on a nearby piece of chalk, letting it write out three symbols in runic terminology. 'Air, Water' were two markings set next to one another with the term for 'Ice' set adjacent to both; a connecting line between the three symbols. "By pushing all of ones effort and willpower forward, the elements of Water and Air can be used and melded together to generate a numerous amount of Ice styled or related spells." Gripping the edge of his wand tightly he started to trace through the air, a motion that had been partly connected to Water-based spells and the other half being that connected to Air-Based ones. A white glow of light resonating at the tip of the wand; at first water started to form taking an orbital shape before rapidly accumulating a thicker and chilling shell of translucent ice. The orb of ice hovered above his wand, twirling as if it were waiting to be released from an unforeseeable tether. "This is known as the 'Spera Glacias' spell." Flicking his wrist in a sharp motion the concentration of ice fled from his wand and towards a nearby wall, shattering with a cracking dispersal against the foundation. "Weaving together the elements is no easy feat, even many seasoned Wizards and Witches have yet to master the full wealth it can offer. But it is something that falls under the purview when understanding just how innovative Elemental Magic is on various levels." That being stated he waved his wand once more, summoning forth several dummies designed not only to be durable but intended to be obvious targets with the painted targeting sign etched at the center of their forms. "This will only be one of a few things we'll learn today involving the combination of Water and Air."
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    People of Pern

    INDEX :: HISTORY :: DRAGONS :: AVAILABILITY :: ADVERTISEWe all know what happen after the 2nd Long Interval, but what happen after the 1st? What about when all Weyrs were still active?With hundreds of Turns free of Thread, everything has changed. New systems have been integrated with old, the Weyrs adjust to a life "free" of Thread. The Holds have prospered and spread, and Crafts have advanced, no longer hindered by the need to survive but to grow. Pern is not that of Dragons flying under Thread ridden skies. Of people stuck to a life of surviving each Fall during a Pass...Or is it? There is no Lessa to do the impossible. Or a faithful F'lar to keep to the old ways knowing Thread will return.There is only the People of Pern. What is your story?People of Pern is an AU Dragonriders of Pern RP. Where the events of the past during Landing happen, but not as you remember them. Now in the present the events of the 1st Long Interval unravel. Thread has not fallen for generations, yet the 5th Pass is almost upon us! Pern has changed because of this lull, will things continue or will things change? What we also have to offer: -: No sexuality or gender based Impression :- Due to the events of the past, our present Pern is not limited to Dragons picking one due to sexuality or gender. No, our Dragons choose those who are right for them, and nothing more. (LGBTQ+ friendly!)-: Friendly Community :- We are a friendly community, both to those wise in the ways of Pern or those new to it. Have a question? Why not drop by our Cbox and have a grand time just chatting away!-: Custom Impressions :- The Staff prides itself on customizing every Dragonet to the Candidate. This baby should fit your Candidate, and thus is made around just them! No pre-made baby, each is carefully created.-: Open Opportunities :- There is always opportunities no matter the Rider or the average Pernese. If you have something interesting to bring to the table, please feel free to drop the Staff a note and we can see about getting others to jump in!-: Current Events :- High Reaches has been true to their word, and now Benden is sending two of their own as Representatives, “Winds of Fate“. Will the many questions on everyone’s mind be answered? Or will they find not is all as it seems? What has High Reaches been doing or the last two decades in isolation?** We are open for High Reaches transfers of Half Wing (15 pairs) have a look here for details! **With all the political on goings, life still continues on. Both Golden Myrrth and Copper Sarinth have risen to mate. Their Open Flights were a huge success! With two Queens awaiting to clutch the atmosphere within the Weyr is one of joy and excitement. Two successful Queen flights, two chances that maybe one with produce a golden egg!** Gold Myrrth's Hatching is scheduled for September & Copper Sarinth's Hatching is scheduled for October **Feel free to join our Discord Channel!
  15. “I remember my mother used to be slightly intolerant with iron. I only have a problem through prolonged exposures.” Touching it wouldn’t do anything to her, wearing any jewellery that contained iron for long periods of time would indeed cause her a rash, but nothing that wouldn’t go away after a while, it could take days or weeks, but overall it wasn’t anything serious. She could understand the implication and she was almost certain that there were no iron utensils at her grandmother’s house, but it didn’t hurt to ask. “I’ll ask, don’t worry.” She didn’t want him to worry, she was sure the dinner was enough to make the older fae worry, while he didn’t seem too concerned about it, Bella wasn’t sure if he was good at hiding it or if he really wasn’t concerned. She had to warn everyone about her brothers, they liked to ask a lot of things, some personal, some not so personal, but not everyone enjoyed being bombarded with questions from two overly friendly ghosts who refused to leave. “They … they can keep you entertained for a day or more.” She chuckled. It was abnormal when they didn’t ask questions and it was rare, but she had no way of telling how talkative they would be once they meet the older fae. When she spoke, she looked at him and her breath just stop. She had interpreted his words differently, with a harsher tone but when he laughed a smile formed on her lips. “I can’t say I’m not.” They aside from her grandparents, her siblings are the only ones that know the truth behind their mother’s fate. She opted to remain quiet about her, there was no need to sadden the man before her, and it could be a conversation for another time, if it even had to be one, the woman was dead, it wasn’t like they could change the past. He seemed to welcome her questions, and she didn’t mind. “Do you like it here?” she asked, paying attention to his every word before he finished answering her. “What’s it like there? In Romania?” she curiously asked. She had heard tales, usually dark tales about vampires and other nightly creatures who lurk within the shadows, but it was all fiction, none of that was real, she was certain of it, or some of her was certain of it. “Aside from Australia, I’ve only visited Japan. When I was younger, I lived there for a couple of years, I got my wand there.” She commented as she put her wand on the table softly in case, he wanted to inspect it. She never left home without it, she could perform wandless spells, but some simple backfired. “What other places have you visited?” she asked once more, curiously. She was starting to feel comfortable around Vale, she wasn’t sure why but there was a certain familiarity that with others could take years to develop, and sometimes she can never fully trust someone, not completely.
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  17. New furniture is so expensive, I'm having second thoughts if I really need that bed... 

    1. Diana Sharpe

      Diana Sharpe

      I can help you out with budgeting and finding some neat second hand furniture if you want.

    2. Olivia Teagarden

      Olivia Teagarden

      I wonder why the prices are so high. It's a shame, it was a really nice bed too. 

      Thank you Diana, that would save my life. 

    3. Travis Franklin

      Travis Franklin

      How much is the bed?

  18. There was nothing she could say or do to help Travis watch the sky with new eyes and make him forget about the changes to come, and if she ever thought she could do it, she was more delusional than she thought she was. There was nothing that could make him look up in the sky without being reminded of what was waiting for him, but wasn’t losing all hope the worst of it? Even as a human living life without hope of a better future was it even living a life? Or was it just roaming it with no direction? She once roamed with no direction, until she found the right path. She looked at him with a smile as she saw his head lift to watch the sky, she followed him and did the same. She looked at him and smiled. She liked Quidditch, she did, but there were far more important things to her now than a mere sport. “I will love the poem. Just saying I found something more than quidditch. I used to love it but … our game of tag was, and is far more exciting than any match I had, and while it was just once, I loved it, I want more.” Perhaps it was because it was with someone, she considered to be important for her. Their game held more meaning than all the matches she played, it wasn’t too hard to see how amused and happy she was during the time, almost like a shadow had been lifted and a new light was shinning upon it. She couldn’t deny that he was correct, somethings were left unsaid, but expressing one’s feelings towards something, while it could cause friendships to crumble, it sometimes makes them better and stronger. “I’m not saying it should work because you’re being open. But I’m also speaking because I’d like to know. Some feelings can’t be avoided, but if my actions hurt someone I’d like to know.” she probably would do the same as him, she’d be quiet about it, shove it deep down and will never have it see the light of day; it can also hurt the person receiving the information about the feelings, how they make someone else feel, it’s not an easy place to be either, neither of those ends are. “But I can’t completely disagree with you, because in a way, you’re right. Just don’t let it consume you.” Her finger touched his torso, in the location of his heart. It was more symbolic than anything. “And if it does start to consume you, I’m not the greatest listener, but I’m here for you.” She couldn’t rid him of that pain, but she could be there for him, to listen, to give him a hand and to help him get up. She wasn’t going to force him to speak to her, but him knowing he had someone could be helpful, in a way. Liv smiled at Travis, she was far too idealistic for her own good. “I’d like to believe that you will see it, makes me look forward for that day, to see the smile on your and everyone else’s face as they no longer have to hide.” she didn’t get tired of hopping for it, when people stop looking at one minor thing and start looking at the whole they will see what they have been missing, she at least hoped it was like that. It was hard to focus on her, she had a hard time when other did it, she would rather focus on others than herself. She wasn’t trying to be his psychiatrist, she simply wanted to be a friend, a good listener, someone that was there through the good and bad moments, someone who’s there because it wants to help a person get up if they fall. “Why wouldn’t I? I want to and you deserve it.” She smiled at Travis, she told him things she had never told anyone, expressed her darkest feelings and with his help she was starting to heal from all that, she was starting to let the light in. She couldn’t explain how comfortable she felt around him, but she knew she did, and she trusted him. Olivia tried no to laugh to hard at his comment, but a few chuckles escaped through her mouth. She honestly didn’t see anything wrong, but it was probably going to scare a few people. “You might have forgotten the naked part and then the crazy woman running after said man.” She couldn’t contain her laughter. “It’s late, there’s no one around here, but you’re probably right, we should go.” Liv swam a bit around Travis before leaving the lake. The water was much more welcoming than the soft breeze outside, nothing like a bit of temperature couldn’t fix, drying her body and her clothes, her hair remained soaked.
  19. Placeholder 2. Just in case! You can post after this
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    Wind-Shook Rain

    Home||Rules||Newbie Guide||Wanted Ads Wind-Shook Rain is a multi-timeline Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell based roleplaying site. We offer four separate time periods for our members to play in ranging from the middle ages to the renaissance and enlightenment eras, to the regency era, to the Victorian period and everything afterwards, with room for overlap. We're a no-wordcount site and are welcoming to newcomers to the fandom as well veteran Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell fans. AUERATE ERA In the winter of 1110 a Fairy army appeared in the North of England and made swift work of conquering the region. Their leader: a human, a fifteen year old boy captured and raised by the Daoine Sidhe. This is the man who would become known as the Raven King , John Uskglass. With him magic came into England and Magicians flourished during his reign. But with magic comes a whole new series of threats outside of our own human scope: Demons and wars with Hell, Fairies flitting in and out of our world and spiriting people away to their brughs, and webs of intrigue spanning all through the Raven King's Court. The world was changed on that winter's day in 1110, when the Fair Folk first arrived, and now we must all learn to live in and adapt to it. ARGENTINE ERA In 1434, the Raven King Left us, for reasons unknown, and with him he took all of England's magic. that is, at least, how it feels to those of us who live in these times afterwards. As the Renaissance dawns and those involved in the Arts and Sciences flourish, the Magicians of our time rush to write down whatever scraps of spells they can get their hands on, even if they do not understand what they truly are, in some fruitless hope of preserving it. But they cannot hold back time forever, and as theydays and years go by, the common folk begin believing in and trusting in magic less and less. THE REVIVAL Magic has not been properly practiced in England for the past 300 years. Not by anyone respectable at least. Enter Gilbert Norrell. After a miraculous display of his skill at York Minster, Norrell has come to London and though at first the Government is skeptical of his abilities and declines his initial offer to assist in the war effort against Napoleon, after he raises a member of Parliment's fiancé from the dead...well there really is no denying his magicianship, is there? Soon Norrell has taken on a New Pupil, Jonathan Strange, and Magic has become the most fashionable thing to sweep through London. But tensions begin to brew between Strange and Norrell, and all the meanwhile magic is creeping back into England. The Fairy roads are opening again, and who knows just what awaits us on the other side? THE NEW AGE OF MAGIC Strange and Norrell are gone. After the events concerning the Revival of English Magic, they have vanished without a trace. Even their houses have disappeared, and along with them all of the Books of Magic Norrell Possessed. Perhaps all of the books of Magic entirely. Well, almost all of the Books of Magic... The Book, the Raven King's Book, still remains. Written on the body of a street Magician named Vinculus is a book said to be penned by the Raven King himself. Once, he bore a prophecy of Magic's return, but now he says he is rewritten, and as the writing on his skin is in the King's Letters, a system of writing long forgotten, who can say what those words say now? What can be said is that everyone wants to know. John Childermass, a former servant of Norrell's has taken on the guardianship of Vinculus and himself is one of the men leading the charge of those trying to decipher the odd lettering written upon the man. But who would not wish to claim that glory for themselves? Magic has returned, and it has changed the world forever now. What that means for our future, who can say?
  21. "Yes. She has very good friends." Or a very protective family, depending on who was asked - even if not expressed publicly, Evelyn had a secret hand at vetting her daughter's friends. She didn't want her child to be hurt by people who cared little for anything but themselves, and that was why she was more than okay with the girl being so close to Amber in the first place - if there was someone who lived with her heart on her sleeve and would die for Alyona, it was her. The pair made their way to the stands. Jo had chosen one in particular that seemed to sell tea. Who was Evelyn to ever doubt a Dhampir's nose? "Well, it's been, what's the word... hectic? As I'm sure you know." It was starting to get under the blonde's skin, even if she didn't want to admit it - it had been well over half a year since the Auror Force had been turned upside down and they were still scrambling to make sense of things. It also threw a wrench into her ascension up the career ladder; but, if anything, if she were to catch a certain person herself, she'd be guaranteed a promotion or three. As she received some tea from the stand's employee upon request and paid for the beverage, she watched Jo pour herself some beer with amusement etched upon her face. "I thought it was meant to be a healthy event." She couldn't resist the jab, but the smile on her lips indicated she was merely joking. "Or are you making fun of the rest of us by stating you can afford to drink that on top of your fitness?"
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  23. It seemed to be a point they wouldn't reach a mutual agreement, which had been fine for Alexander. Not every point brought up needed to be that between two individuals and all he sought had been her happiness. Yet, she had to be the one to live with the actions and decisions she made and took. Oath's, they were important to her, something that had been obvious when she spoke of the ties between her Father and herself as well as the expected 'Obligation' given to her that had involved keeping certain individuals protected. Zane was mortal, at some point death will take him either by natural causes or someone outright killing him - the latter being a far more likely outcome in his mind. "I can't argue with that kind of thinking, honestly." He chuckled lightly, violet hues shifting towards the woman. "If you're loyal to someone such as Zane, how much -more- would you be for Vladimir, right? You'd be able to trust yourself fully with it, without a single shred of doubt no matter how long it would take to get there." Her brightness had been easy to see, the way it caused her expression to push towards the positive end. The sheer comparison that a single thought of the man could spring her from the pain she'd been feeling earlier in such a way. It was powerful, something that he knew had slung him from his own darkness many times within the last year. "Opposite. . .?" He closed his eyes, now that he thought of it, Adele seemed to have a difficult time with men in her own way, didn't she? It wasn't that she was bound, in fact, it was that she lost that chain of binding and still hadn't found something that coiled and grounded her since David. The following question caught him off guard, like a deer in headlights which showed in his expression. "Dedicate to me. . .?" Should he feel lucky? Abandoned? Did he even want that kind of a notice from the woman? He couldn't deny that deep inside he wanted her to notice him but it'd been in a way she most likely couldn't provide just yet. "Not that I know or am aware of. She hadn't expected me to pull through before, I think in that final moment she put all she did to try and see if it would be possible. . ." Understanding that -bond- further, he knew she'd always been aware of where her other half had been. Avoiding that part of her for so long only to reach out for his own survival. "I've. . . Actually never sat down with anyone to discuss what they 'expect of me' now. I know Bethianna had been saying that in time, people find their place to make their effect. Choice. . .I had a choice to her, which is how I ended up here." As he spoke the final word his hand reached out to grasp the book of Medicine. "Wizarding, but I'm hoping it would lead me to understand being a Healer. I was hoping to gain enough knowledge that I'd be able to be taught better, understand us better. . . So that loss would be less likely for those that are Male." His head lightly shook. "No dedication from Mamiere. A few from Bethianna: To live and to make sure the path I walked was my choice." Rubbing the back of his neck he sighs gently. "I know at some point I will need to talk to her too, not sure how or even when. Between myself and the twin's that will be born. . . There's a lot I need to get off my chest when talking to her about all of it."
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    maudlin [jcink]

    POST WAR MARAUDER ERA AU, 1985. the dark lord is defeated and the wizarding world rejoices; members of fringe movements are being rounded up and brought to justice swiftly and without prejudice but then, the end is only just another beginning.index | canons | face claims | requests | advertising
  25. "I haven't forgotten, not even for a second. Though there is also nothing wrong with cleaning off your plate and relaxing to take in the moments." Dylan's head shifted towards the side. While she'd always been one to be on the track to keep going he felt this had been one of the times where things needed to be taken a bit differently. Approached with a new kind of mindset and awareness - at the very least to help prepare for the various potential life changes she might've faced going forward. "You do know yourself best, so that is fair." Who had he been to make a call on her personal state of mind or course of thought? It'd seem that time hadn't touched her in any fashion, not in the way it touched those on the outside. "I apologize for Senan." There'd been no apologetic tone within his voice, more so it'd been obvious it was more towards the manners aspect of things. "The yolk he bears isn't easily shakable. With the mantles shifted on him being in this. . . Specific place is far more of a rubbing difficulty for him." Dylan had wondered what halted the Young boy's hand from attempting the one mission that would've solved with those that he needed collected in a singular area. "Though a situation for another time." His shoulders lifted up into a light shrug. "Hey. . . Relax. . ." Alexander's voice lightly cooed into Cassandra's ear in a gentle sing-song tone. "I'm here. . .The worse of the worse is over." There'd be no chance of him just flopping over dead from the two forces inside of him fighting. He'd been 'Unified', as unified as a Male could be the eyes of the others of their kind. Without even a shred of shame, his hand reached down to gently grasp and squeeze her rear. Half because he was being cheeky and half to offer a bit more comfort to the young woman that he was alright. He wasn't entirely sure himself of the talk of this 'Mark' but didn't hold off the slight irony in his actual situation on their children being considered 'Royals'. "Stardust. . . Always the elusive." A somewhat small smile touched his lips. "Often with good reason, a rare trait for a Fae so old." He long held the same suspicion that Senan did, though for different reasons. His personal exposure to the woman, her ways and activities and knowledge. It all stemmed from someone that had been around far longer than most would've expected and that she'd camp out in a Wand Shop of all places. . . It was nearly a storybook ready to be written. "Well, yes, you did miss that. Though there is also many things beyond birth that is waiting for you to experience, to be involved in." His lips curving into a far more firmer smile, easily told that it'd been meant for Caitlin alone. "I am relaxed." Wasn't he? He didn't imagine he wasn't, though maybe she held a different image of him in that moment, opting to make her feel more at ease by actually taking a seat - albeit stiffly. On Alex's end he'd hoped attention wouldn't be brought up to the fact he still felt -slight- unease around Cait still. Certain memories of pain couldn't really be released so easily, not when he felt as if the intrusion cost everyone someone far more important in his mind. Widely smiling his head shook without any form of hesitation. "Don't worry about that, Cass. Not something you should be worried about. I'm here, so I'll be here." His lips pressing against the top of her forehead. "Better catch a seat before Cait starts to think we're just avoiding relaxing." Hand pressing against her lower back lightly.
  26. Is it just me or people around here are constantly losing their pets?

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      Amber Cross

      @Maxine Williams Harvey got lost earlier but we found him.

      @Samantha Hammond The other time YOU lost him, I got the equivalent of a wedgie to my beanie... That thing is a menace.

    3. Samantha Hammond
    4. Maxine Williams

      Maxine Williams

      I'm glad you found him. Try putting a tracking spell on him that way next time he gets lost it's easier to find him. 

  27. I really wish they'd go away...

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      Chloe Stewart

      Please don't make them float like a balloon.

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      Laurie Kempf

      Please do and send pics.

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      Lexi Stewart

      I'll see if the nurse has something and I'll use it just in case. 

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