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Tarnagulla Centre

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Rebuilt to house a more modern hospital wing, the centre was largely funded by the Tarnagulla family, who took over the school in the early fifties. The building was later extended again to accommodate classrooms, and dormitories.


  1. 8

    Sturt Common Area

    Common room and dorms for Sturt students.

  2. 9


    Forget Prince Charming... learn the Charms yourself!

  3. 20

    Magical Law & Government

    Learn the complexities of the magical law system, how law enforcement is carried out and criminals tried. A great class for any student wishing to go into law enforcement, law, or Aurorship.

  4. 22

    Defence Against the Dark Arts

    Learn to defend yourself from the underground magical population

  5. 7

    Health & Healing

    Learn to heal cuts, abrasions, and minor magical maladies. In this classroom there are also health classes for students to learn about looking after their bodies and the changes they might be going through.

  6. 85

    Hospital Wing

    A little off colour? Or have you nearly amputated your own thumb in the middle of class? Come to the Hospital Wing... they'll fix you right up.

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