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Information & Applications

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Begin your journey with Tallygarunga here! The links below will take you to all the information you need to create your member account, and get your characters up and running!


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    Here you can get your character application approved! Just fill in the application form and post it as a new topic with your character's name as the title!

  2. How to Apply   (183 visits to this link)

    Not sure where to start? This link will take you to our quick-start guide, the best place to begin your Tally journey!

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  3. Rules & Information   (189 visits to this link)

    Where you'll find all of the OOC rules of the community. Nothing stressful!

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  4. Face Claim   (3,005 visits to this link)

    A list of face claims already taken by characters at Tallygarunga. Claims are automatically added to this list when applications are submitted. :D

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  5. Setting Information   (3,026 visits to this link)

    Want to know more about the Australian wizarding world? It's all here!

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  6. Species Information   (3,029 visits to this link)

    All the species info currently available on Tally can be found here!

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  7. Wanted Character Ads   (2,977 visits to this link)

    Looking to fill a want ad? Look no further! There's plenty of ideas here!

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