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Narrie Magical & Native Wildlife Park

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Located at the end of a dirt road which turns off Astley Walk. With signs and advertisements that only advertise it as the 'Narrie Native Wildlife Park and Reserve' to Muggle eyes, the place holds a lot more to it than the non-magical eye can see. A tourist attraction, as well as a wildlife rescue shelter, it sees occasional tour groups and in the summers has it's evening 'ghost' tours as well. Managed by Mary Blair, well known for achievements in animal rescue and for building the reserve up with her late husband. Park areas fenced off from animal habitats are free for BBQs, picnics, and children to enjoy the play equipment. To enter the Reserve itself, one must book ahead and be accompanied by a Park Ranger or Volunteer Guide. (Wizards will receive the full tour, and get to see magical animals as well as native.)

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