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Guest Friendly Advertising

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Please post in the correct forum, and have somewhere we can post back to. All boards accepted!

Frequently Asked Questions - Advertising
FAQ - Advertising

What codes do I use here? In most cases, your Jcink advert code will work -- except for alignment tags. Change those to


You may also need to adjust your font sizes, if those aren't displaying correctly! If you post your advert and it doesn't look right, feel free to try again! We'll just delete the ones that didn't come out right. ❤️

How do I preview my post? The preview button is on the Editor toolbar, and looks like this:afef5f1ee193b07ed58dbbf7f89e2f80.png This will show your post as it will display when submitted. To exit preview mode, just click the X button on the top-right of the post box. It looks like this:138cc24de8a6d453ecf47ac1227c97f6.png

How many times can I advertise here?

As many times as we are allowed to advertise back! We don't have a set rule, we just assume that if you've submitted a first-link, we're good to go and link back! Outside of that, roughly every seven days is a good rule of thumb. But we aren't going to get snippy if you happen to post within 6 days and 23 hours!

Can I ask for help if I'm stuck?

Absolutely! We encourage it! You're always welcome to drop into our Discord for help formatting your advert, or post a topic in our Guest Help forum. Don't be shy, now!


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    Link Back

    We already got you? Post here!

    All adverts that have been linked-back will be moved to here.

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    First Post: IF/Jcink

    Post here if you've got an IF/JCink board and our advert isn't there yet!

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    First Link: Others

    Post here for a first link from any other type of board.


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