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Lausler Park

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The newest estate in Narragyambie, and by far the most affluent. Centering around the beautiful Victoria Reserve, Lausler Park offers all the creature comforts of the city at a country town price.


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    Victoria Reserve

    One of Narrie's most prominent beautification spots. A rich area known for it's roses, and the thin concrete pathways between. Generally populated with sickly couples in love, or any who wish to lose themselves in the maze of petals and thorns.

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    McEwen Lane

    Big houses on parade, and flash cars on display. These are the few wealthy of Narragyambie. Or those who could at least scrape together enough money to create a single house on McEwen Lane for bragging rights. Mostly very new, custom built houses.

  3. Tulleray Outdoor Theatre

    Running in the summer months, or for as long as the weather lasts, is the Tulleray. Screening two movies nightly, for a very affordable price, the Tulla is a night time favourite of the rich and those struggling for cash.

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