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Calder Avenue

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Heading towards the swish part of town, Calder Avenue passes the local hospital and Footy Park - a favourite haunt of people of all ages.


    General Hospital

    A large block building, decorated in cheerful pinks and golds - the hospital is the base medical centre for the surrounding region. The left entrance is the Private section, the right is for the general public. Ambulances arrive in from the back.


    Narrie Lakes

    The quiet spot of Narragyambie, the lake lies towards the outskirts of town. The perfect spot for personal reflection, a little fishing... or perhaps dumping that wheelie bin you stole from your neighbour.


    Astley Walk

    A wide street, smooth and quiet. Big, leafy trees line either side and reach each other over the road, cut just enough to stay away from the powerlines, and they arch over to create a tunnel of leaves. Perfectly cut lawns and tended gardens adorn either side of the road - it's the winner of Most Beautiful Street (State Competition) 1997, and it's the home of the rich and the upwardly mobile.

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