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December, 2018
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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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  2. World Domination Ahead!

    Top RP Sites: #38 up from #43! Roleplay Lovers: #10 (up from #17) Forum Roleplay: #34 (same) Honeydukes: #12 (same) Best Harry Potter: #3 (same) Top Harry Potter: #12 (up from #14) Shadowplay #11 (up from 14) RP Sites #7 (up from #9)
  3. Thread Highlights & Adoptable Features

    Hi, it's me again. Missed me? Please delete Justine Harris, Jaqueline Harris (for Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons) and Jewel Richards (for Meadow Richards), thank you. Also would like to suggest for this topic to be pinned.
  4. Bingo Challenge - January!

    Okay, I'll give it a whirl.
  5. Mousie's Bug Bashing Thread

    The profile and plotting links on mini profiles are all weird.
  6. Editor Fun Times!

    Ho there favourite nerds! You might notice that the editor toolbar looks a bit different, and you would be absolutely right. While putting the spoiler and underline tags back in, I went ahead and added a few other nifty buttons that you might enjoy. (The spoiler tag is that creepy eye button, by the way.) The first two aren't new, but it occurs to me that you may not know they're there! I use them a lot, and they're affectionately named "Big Heady" and "Small Heady". Big Heady is the BH icon in the top row. Highlight a bit of text, and click that button... you'll get something a little like this. Oh hey, it's Big Heady! Small Heady is the sh button on the top row. This will format your text like so: Small heady reporting for duty! Now that we've divulged my secret header styles cheat, let's look at some of the new IC formatting options! The icons are silly small (I suck at icon making, shh!) so we'll fix that in time, but if you hover over the buttons you'll be able to see what they're called. The first is that single speech bubble fellow called "MC Speech". This is for speech given by the main character in a post. Later, we may add AC Speech, or speech for alternate characters appearing in a post, and NPC Speech for characters that don't have their own accounts. Right now, MC Speech formats like this: This is character speech! The next shiny button is MC Thoughts, which is---you guessed it! Thoughts your character is having. This is a character thought! And the last is to help handle foreign languages. It utilises a colour change to indicate that the language spoken is not English, even if you're conveying the meaning in English words. When you select this button, it will ask you to input the name of the language that your character is speaking in. Once posted, anyone who wants to know what language that character is using only has to hover over the language text! This is in a different language! Ain't that coolio! You don't have to use these formatting options if you don't want to -- however, because they're built into the CSS, they will change with any skins that Tally takes on meaning they will always be readable against the background text. Enjoy, guys!
  7. Profile updates, and more fun to come!

    Oh my gosh, guys! Where is all the time going! Can you believe that on the 17th of November, Tally will officially have been back for one whole year? Our success is, as always, due to the love that you guys put into the site. None of the staff would ever be as inspired to make things happen as we are, without your support. You guys make everything so worthwhile, even the moments I spend screaming at code. Which is what I have been doing tonight, and FINALLY I am glad to say that automatic birthdates now work! In fact, a few changes have been made to the character profiles. Because of this, I would love-love-love it if you could all go and make sure that the information in your profiles is correct! Especially check the blood status and species fields. A look at the changes to the profile form. First thing you'll notice, is a new, cleaner layout for the profile form. We've aimed to highlight what is necessary to submit your character, and what is just for fun. Have a look and let us know what you think! The next thing you'll probably notice is that the date of birth section has changed. Rather than being a date input field, or a text line (for characters born before 1901), all characters can now submit their full date of birth using the separate birth day, month, and year fields. There's also a nifty "true birthdate unknown" toggle. This is for---surprise surprise---characters who either don't know their exact birthdate, or like to pretend it's something else (coughAdelecough). When this is set to "true" (as above) an asterisk will appear next to your character's age. But why change the birthdate system? So you don't have to keep updating your character's age, of course! The profile sheet will now calculate your character's age based on the birthdate you've supplied, compared to the current date. What about the ages that display on posts? I'm glad you asked. The information that appears in the top of your in-character posts is now linked to your character profile. Every time you edit your character profile to change the date of birth, occupation, or other details -- it will automatically update the information in the character account. So you only ever need to update your character profile sheet! Other fun things to come I know a few of you are curious as to when the board-wide plot fun is going to start. At the moment we're holding off on really stepping up the action until we have a sufficient level of characters active and established for it to begin. Although the plot will have aspects that impact characters, it won't take away from the plots that you're creating for yourselves. It's not designed to take over your roleplay, more enhance it with a few curveballs. We're still looking for a few of the roles on the list that would be very useful in making things happen, so give us a nudge if you'd like to volunteer. We're also looking at bringing in a bit more in the way of IC/OOC shenanigans. I've reached out to a few of you in search of ideas, and some of the suggestions have included: IC watch-along (where everyone watches the same video at once and comments in character) Discord RP events Thread Bingo (an OOC challenge to fill a monthly bingo card by starting and completing particular types of threads) We're always looking for more awesome things to do, so if you've got an idea---let us know! You can post a reply to this topic, create a new suggestion topic, or contact any of the staff over Discord. Finally I always love feedback when I post announcements, so please. If there's anything I've talked about in this post that you've got ideas, comments, questions about -- please post! And please post below to let us know if you've updated your character profiles. Looking forward to yet more awesome with my favourite Tally family (that's all of you) Love always, Your Sadri.
  8. A little spring housekeeping!

    Hello my darlings! As always, I've been fiddling with things behind the scenes and maaaaaaay have broken a few things along the way, so I need your help in making sure the information we've got is correct! Can you all please check through the following when you have a moment, and post below to let me know if everything is done and correct? Character Profiles Can you please check through all of your active character profiles and make sure: The account is in the correct user group (some may have been wrongly sorted into the Repository) Click "edit" on each of your character profiles, and adjust the following fields to the correct information: Species Date of Birth / (for those characters born after 1901, please fill in the dd/mm/yyyy field with the exact date of birth if known, otherwise use the text field to enter the character's age) Blood status Player (this is now a member field, and will need to be completed) Job title (if applicable) Year level (if applicable) Thank you guys so much for your help here. I really appreciate it. ❤️
  9. Where did "Mousie" go?

    Okay, so. Heres my plan, you should have somewhere the title 'The admin formerly known as Mousie'
  10. Happy Founding Day!

    Love you Mousie! Tally has been such a huge part of my life, and I can't imagine how I would have turned out if this place haddn't been there. Tally makes me a better person,a nd I love everyone here for it. ❤️
  11. Vote Counter - Track and Claim your Voter Reward!

    6/4/18 - All Clicks 6/5/18 - All Clicks
  12. Preparations for plotting pandemonium!

    Plots ahoy! Ready to make some awesome happen? Behind the scenes, Lily and I have been drafting outlines for some epic plottage that will allow every member and every character a piece of the action. We're keeping it skeletal at the moment, and no---we won't be giving spoilers! Our aim is to incorporate as many of your ideas as we can when they come up. How board-wide plotting works Essentially, we create a scenario. You tell us what you want your characters to do about it. We use that to push the plot forward. It's going to be a proper member-driven story, so the question we want you all to ask yourselves when we bring in new information is "how does this affect my character? What could/would my character do about it?". And if you're not sure what sort of things are okay, ask us! (Okay, one spoiler: almost anything is going to be okay. We want you to be creative!) We also have a list of possible things characters could do, so if you need help finding something that fits your character? Again -- we're here to help. Who is the plot about? Everyone. All characters have the ability to be involved and affected by what's happening. If there are things you'd rather stay out of, let us know! This plot isn't confined to a certain group of characters, and new roles will be added as we (and you guys!) think of new ways more characters can do their part. Lily and I will be using a couple of our characters to push things along, and it may seem like they have the "main" roles. This is just our way of keeping things happening, and these characters will also be available in-character for characters wanting to find out what they can do. How long will the plot go for? As long as it takes. We don't want to rush things with time-frames. At this point, we have a loose outline of "phases", and those will be dependent on how things progress IC. I can tell you that we're planning for the long term. Plot roles available Although the plot will work with exactly the characters we have now, there are a few additional characters that would be useful to have. Because the plot is intended to be long-term, anyone who takes these roles should understand that if they are not able to play the character for an extended period of time (which is always perfectly fine, it happens!), the character may be written as an NPC or passed to another player. Some characters that would be useful: Lanelle Bellemer (deputy headmistress, Penrose. Ambitious, calculating. Pureblood, 37 years old) Kerrigan Ross (Headmaster, Greyheme. Well-connected, well-groomed. Military-like. Pureblood, 50 years old) Seth Rice (wizarding accountant and investor, ex-husband to Kate Belmont. Pureblood, 49 years old) Editor of The Mage wizarding newspaper Journalists at The Mage wizarding newspaper Negative-Space building development company members (high-end wizarding community developers) Victorian Minister for Magical Education (graduate of Greyheme or Penrose, rival to Alan, around 50-51 years old) Troublesome students Aurors stationed permanently in Narrie (at the local Auror station) If you're interested in taking up any of these roles, please message Mousie and Lily with the role you'd like to take---and the sort of character you'd like to play for it. Alternatively, message Mousie or Lily with an idea of a character you'd like to play, and we'll see how it fits with what we've got in mind. Question time! Got any questions not answered here? Post them below!
  13. Happy Six Months, Tally!

    The only good melting moments are the cookies. Nom. But yas, I did say if could be done! And it was! And then there was light... and all was something something probably more blue-eyed freak nonsense. But that aside, backing up Mousie's words, this place is awesome because everyone who becomes a part of it makes it that way. As for the Mousieness herself, she's done an amazeballs job in kicking it back into gear, and ermahgerd all the autonomousness that she'd accomplished with the coding craziness. It's insane, but amazing. Fully loving having my Tally characters in my life again, with their weird and wonderful adventures, and looking forward to many more years of it. ❤️❤️ Your neighbourhood mamacat.
  14. Welcome Kai, our new Connections mod!

    Congrats on your new role, Kai!
  15. Tally's 2018 Post-a-coaster!

    We all know i'm on this big not-really-here thing so my goals are very low. My goal is to get 5 IC posts each on Josie, Gerry & Iris, and 3-4 on Mairead [because I haven't plotted her much really so ><;;] Hopefully I can hit it! That's ... 18-19 posts in a couple weeks and I don't think I've even done like, FIVE in the last month so >>; Geraldine Richter - 30 Iris Glauert - 31 Josie Wilson - 77 Mairead Townsend - 78
  16. New Header, and Bookmarks!

    Some quick updates after a few late nights of coding. New header! You may have noticed Tally has a new header! Or... maybe I pushed you here on Discord to look at it. I also do that. The buttons below the sliding panel will jump straight to a particular panel. The lists are there to give you a quick overview of what is happening in particular areas of the board, with "see more" buttons to take you to... well. See more. Panels also contain links to do things like add highlights, gossip, all that fun stuff! Some fun stuff about particular panels: Members/Characters: Lily and I decided that "of the month" isn't us. It's not very Tally-esque to celebrate one character or member when we love you all so much. So these panels show a random selection of members and characters from the Active Characters and Member Directory databases. Open Threads: This panel is set to show any threads marked "Open" that have zero replies. They're sorted by oldest first, to give older threads a chance to be taken first. Adoptables: This works off the new Adoptables/NPC system tied to the regular Active Characters system. Characters accepted as NPC/Adoptable will be randomly displayed in this panel, so if you've not moved your adoptables over---the "Add Adoptable" button is there for you! Updates: Obviously the most important panel, cause this is where you can see shiny Tally updates like this one. You'll also notice that the characters listed in the Characters panel have weird shorthand HB PB HM etc. This is because Mousie incorrectly allocated the tags in the database. The issue has been fixed, but the characters need to be refreshed/resaved for the changes to apply to your character entries. All you need to do here, is go to your character records, edit, make sure that blood status and species are set correctly, and save the character again. This will fix it! Bookmarks! This one is for @Shell, because I love you (and all of you) and I wanted to find you an easier way to track your active and favourite threads. So welcome to Bookmarks! I didn't create this, but it's pretty nifty! When you're looking at a topic, you'll now see the following button: Click "Bookmark" on a thread you want easy access to, and it will trigger this pop up: Save the thread link in the way that you want. Public bookmarks are shown on your user profile, while private ones are... exactly that! You can create categories to track active threads, complete threads, or just threads you're currently stalking. Whatever organisation system works for you! To view your bookmarks, go to your user menu in the top-right: Under Content, you'll now see the My Bookmarks button. Click that to be taken to the lists of bookmarks you've created! It's not very pretty, but I've managed to get it to show the last poster name (so you'll know if it's your turn to post. :D) It will get cleaned up and made to look better, but enjoy! Love always, Your Mousie.
  17. Plot Update: April 2018

    IT'S ALL DOWNHILL FROM HERE... Thomas Sollozzo is back, and that's not a good thing. No one knows exactly where he is, or what face he's using, all we know is he's in the country---and he's got a big chip on his shoulder. TALLYGARUNGA is on high alert. School wards have been strengthened, staff and students will notice as they arrive for Term Two that security is much tighter than it's ever been. Ministry officials have been placed strategically around the school around the clock, ensuring that nothing goes awry. An over-reaction? Much as Alan Burdett thinks so, and annoyed as he is by the distress and disruption caused by aurors lurking in the corridors, he'd rather the kids were safe. AURORS have been posted to Narragyambie and Tallygarunga. Some have been assigned to track and locate Sollozzo directly, while others keep watch over particular locations and people known to be of interest to Sollozzo. In a small town like Narrie, the city-slicker aurors aren't exactly fitting in. THE MINISTRY is working overtime to catch Sollozzo before he can act. If he slips through their fingers, this is all going to end very poorly. WHERE DO YOU FIT IN? This plot is open to anyone who wants a part. If you have ideas, suggestions, or would like to discuss how your character/s fit in, contact Lily or Mousie! If you have any questions about how particular character groups may be affected by happenings in the plot, post below!
  18. Shiny buttons system!

    Dawww none of my previous reactions count. OH well. As for the timelines... mother of god okay um. Gerry:11 Iris: 3 [more to come after this, but it should auto-update after that, yes?] Josie: 14 Mairead: 5 Also need the member directory award~
  19. Character Database Updates & Stuff

  20. Our House Heads!

    House Heads! We've looked through the current Professors and allocated four to be the Heads of each House. This is based part on experience in teaching, experience being at Tally in general, and who would best support and/or handle the general traits of those students who are assigned to each House based on the Professor's own personality and how they do things. This year, there are three new Heads, which shall be interesting for them and their charges! And our lovely nominated parties are... Professor Vladimir Valentin II (Alchemy) for Flinders: Big V has been teaching at the school for literally years, and has been the Head of Flinders for almost a decade. His calm demeanour helps maintain the calm with the Flinders students and he is quite skilled at confidence boosting the friendly over-thinking kiddos, not to mention he can answer all the questions they seem to come out with. Professor Anthony Wolf (Magical Law & Government) for Sturt: sometimes the hard headed Sturts need someone who knows how to deal with those hard heads and give them the raw logical facts and not be afraid of their occasional fierce moments. Anthony's dealt with rough Aurors, and had been with the school for a few years as well. Maybe he's just what Sturt needs to rally them and to be blunt with them when needed. Professor Flick Petrovna (Potions) for Bourke: though she is new to teaching at Tally, she did spend a couple of years as a student here, and has also gained a great deal of experience in working with students from all sorts of places and backgrounds. Her resilient and hard-working nature, as well as friendly and positive gusto, should allow her to connect with Bourke students as an effectve mentor to assist them. Professor Derrick Ackers (Elemental Magic) for Spencer: let's face it, when it comes to this House, they require a special kind of patience. Though young and recently returned from a break, he has intimate experience with Tally and Spencer House, as both a student and then student teacher while he was still in VMU, and is one of the very few who would likely actually be able to keep up with the Spencer students and hopefully influence them in a positive way. What does this mean? Basically, these four Professors will still mostly just be doing their jobs, as Professors, but there can also be times where a student may seek one out to discuss a problem they are having in their House. Or they may be sought out themselves if they have been disruptive or are causing their House to lose points because of their actions. They monitor the students in their assigned House, but unless the players want to do a thread about such things, there's not a big difference between playing a Head of House and a normal Professor. BUT, if one of the assigned people doesn't wish to have the role, please message me. We can find a replacement. What next? Who knows!! There are a lot of things that we had on the old version of Tally, and they will hopefully be re-introduced as Tally V.2 grows and prospers, and as we gain more students and teachers, including things like House Captains, Head Boy and Head Girl, and possibly even School Quidditch Matches! (For now, we can assume there is at least a school Quidditch Team, which I will be putting sign-ups for, along with the House Team positions, so keep an eye out for that!)
  21. Timeline Time!

    The Great Tally Timeline So it's a struggle remembering when things happen to your character, and that's why we've got the "Significant Dates" field in the character profiles. But what that doesn't show you is what was happening around your character during their lifetime. Say hello to the new-and-improved Great Tally Timeline! This database will keep track of any major events that occur to your character, and help you compare where your character was in relation to other characters listed in the database. For instance, you could look up all students that went to Tallygarunga in a particular year, which would help you find other characters your character may have known earlier in life. Alrighty! Let's get into the how-to about the Great Tally Timeline. Titles The form asks for a "short, descriptive event title". In most cases, these will be up to you. But for a few event types, we would like to use the following format: Births: {Character name} born. Education Status - Tallygarunga/Hogwarts/etc: {Year Level} ({School}, {House}) Education Status - University: {First/Second/etc Year} - {Institute}, {Degree Name} Marriages: {Character Name} married/divorced {Character Name} Employment Change: {Character Name} employed as/promoted to/left job {Position} at {Workplace} If you're not sure how to title your event, have a look and see what's been done already -- and then follow that lead! Event types We've got a few types of events that you might like to record for your characters. They are as follows: Births: When your character, or any other character (including NPCs) important to your character was born. Marriages: Weddings and divorce dates, hurrah! Education Status: This marks what your character was studying in a particular year, and where. You'll need to do a new entry for every year of study. Key Life Event: This is any event in the character's life that is significant, but does not meet the criteria of other events. Death: The death of any significant characters (including NPCs) can be recorded with this type. Setting Event: Major events that occur in the setting that may have impacted the wider community will be listed under this type. Date You'll notice there's a "Date" field. Unfortunately, the earliest year you can use is 1901 -- sorry for all you centenarians out there! If you have an event you'd like to list that occurs before 1901, use "January 1st 1901" and put the actual date in the event description. Some standard dates to use: We don't expect you to know the start and end dates of school years, so when you're putting in Education Status events, just use "01/01" of the relevant year. This also keeps all of the school-related updates together at the start of the year listing. It's alright if you don't know the exact date of something. This is a good chance to nail down one if you like, and you're welcome to edit and adjust things as you need. Along with a full date field, there's also a "month" field listed separately. This is purely so we can filter the events by the month they occurred, making it easier to retrieve birthdays and other anniversaries as needed. Event Location This describes where the event took place, and helps others to work out what their character may or may not know. Pick the one most relevant to the event. Characters Involved Here you can tag any active characters (fully registered accounts) that were involved in the event. You won't be able to list NPCs here. Event Description Here you can put any information not covered by the above fields. You might want to go in depth about what happened, or list additional characters that were involved that do not have a full account.
  22. Quoting, Tags, Following, Activity Streams, Search, Links & Images in posts!

    I just would like to add that you can highlight text and a little box will pop up under your mouse cruiser asking if you would like to quote the text.
  23. Linked Accounts, Reputation, Leaderboard, House Points, Avatars & Who Posted

    I have had such a big day today coding, my brain feels like it's slowly melting out of my ears! Following up today with a few feature announcements... aka: cool stuff on the new software. Linked Accounts These work now! If you've not yet linked your accounts, click the "chain link" icon that appears on the top bar. If you're on mobile, this can be accessed by opening the side menu, and going to Account --> Account Settings --> Linked Accounts. Enter in the names and passwords of any accounts you want to link. Best practice is work from your player account, and link all of your IC accounts. That way, you can switch easily while remaining under your one player account. Once your accounts are linked, just click the chain link icon again to select the user you want to sign in as. The username in the top left should change from "Your Name" to "Your name as Your Character". This means it's working! Now you can update statuses, reply to status updates, post, post blogs, and everything using your character account. Post As If you just want to make forum posts, you can use the "Post As" feature instead of doing a switch. The "post as" option appears when making a post, and allows you to choose the name of any account you have linked to the account you're currently logged in as. If you choose the wrong one, don't stress! Just re-post with the right one, and tag a staff member to delete the whoopsie. Reputation I've had a few people ask what "reputation" means. Basically it's single value that shows how many times your posts have been reacted to (see the previous post about the reactions system). Currently, for every reaction you get +1 points to your reputation. Why does anyone care about this number? Well. There's also this. The Leaderboard Because you want things to brag about, right? The Leaderboard will give you just that. This application keeps a nice little track of who is scoring reputation points across the board. If you look at "past leaders", you'll see the winners of each day. You can also see when your account last "won" the day displayed on your account profile. It's a silly bit of competition, but of course, also "supr srs". I'm coming for you @Kaitore! House Points Professors, rejoice! No more manually adding up house points at the end of term. The new House Point Adjustment system (found under "Character Resource" in the header menu) now does all that horrible math for us. Simply add a new record in the corresponding house category when you want to award/remove points. The fields are fairly straight forward, let me know if you have any issues! Once the record is submitted, the house points displays on the adjustment page and in the board header will update. Magic! Avatars & Profile Images You may have noticed that there are a few different profile images available to use. They are: Profile Avatar: This is a field we added, and is your forum avatar displayed next to your posts. We've set this at 250px x 400px. User Photo: This is that circle picture that seems to follow you everywhere! You can change it by visiting your profile page, clicking the circular picture, and uploading a new one. The system will give you options to crop it, much like a Facebook photo. We recommend square-ish images above 300px x 300px. Cover Photo: Also similar to Facebook is the ability to add a cover photo. That's the big banner-style one that tops your user profile. You edit it in much the same way as the User Photo, just click the edit box and upload a new one. The size appears to be roughly 1080px x 500px. Who Posted Today Due to the way the Linked Accounts mod works, it doesn't record who was online as accurately as we would like. Instead, I've switched this out for Who Posted Today, which displays a list of every account that has posted something in the last 24 hours. This includes: forum posts, status updates and replies, blogs and database records. Our challenge to you is to try and post a piece of content, however small, with each of your characters as often as you can. Let's keep that Who Posted list bright and beautiful! And that's all I've got time for today my awesome nerds, even though there's still SO MUCH MORE to show you. Keep exploring, keep trying to break things, and if you've got a little time --- go back and react to your favourite posts! Love always, Your Mousie.
  24. Using Reactions

    Hey guys, and welcome to the first of your tours on the new board! Today's feature: Reactions! At the bottom of each post, you'll see this button. Hover over that, and you'll see the full list of available reactions. Every time you give a reaction, the post-maker gets a +1 to their reputation. It's a great way to let people know that their post moved you. So how can you react? Check out this list of awesome: So go on, go mad! REACT AWAY AND REGRET NOTHING! Love always, Your Mousie.
  25. How to Apply

    Welcome to Tally! Looking to join a community of crazy writers as we explore the magical hijinks of the Australian wizarding world? You've come to the right place! Tallygarunga is a no word count, relaxed and friendly roleplay forum. All the fun of the Harry Potter world, with some Aussie twists thrown in. You don't need to be Australian to play, in fact--most of us aren't! First up, a little bit of reading. All communities have rules, and Tally is no exception. Our Conduct and Expectations guide sets out what we expect from each other. But basically? Treat each other with respect. Ready to get registered? Awesome! When you register, you'll be given the option to select whether you're creating a Player Account or a Character Account. A Player Account belongs to you. This should be the first account you register here. Use the name you'd like us to know you by. A Character Account belongs to your character. For these, use the first and last name of the character. A note on emails and registration Our database requires that all email addresses be unique. This can be frustrating if you only have one email address, so email validation is turned off. Please use your real email address for your player account. If you're a gmail user, you can also use aliases to register multiple accounts using your one email. This awesome guide explains how aliases work. Getting your Player Account sorted Once you've registered your player account, let us know you're here! Post in the Introductions forum and say g'day! This is how we know you're not a robot, or at least---if you are, you're the friendly kind. A staff member will put your Player Account in the proper group when they say hello! Developing a character Here's where the fun really starts! Our creation guide is there to help you easily find information that may be useful during this process. If you love filling wanted character ads, our NPCs & Wanted Characters listing might be a great place to start! If you're looking to play a character that is not full human, please check out the relevant information in the species category. There's also information available about Tallygarunga Academy of Magic, and how wizarding society operates in Australia. You don't need to read everything, but the topics we recommend are marked with a "Recommended" tag. Stuck? Fear not! Our series of prompts will help generate some ideas to flesh out your character. How to apply your character Here at Tally, all character profiles are stored on the Characters page. This is also where applications are submitted. If you're applying a student character for Tallygarunga, head to New Student Enrollment. If you're applying any other sort of character, including VMU students, head to New Adult Registration. Once you're there, you'll see a button that says "Add New Character". Click that, and it will take you to the character registration form. Fill out at least the fields marked REQUIRED. Until those are all complete, you won't be able to submit the form. At the bottom of the form, you'll see a drop down asking if the character is complete. Select "Yes" if the character is ready for review, and "No" if you're still making edits and don't want us to sort them yet! Works in progress: You can click "submit" to save your character at any time, and go back to edit as you need. If you've got "recommended" fields empty, just put "WIP" in there if you're still working on them. If your character is complete and ready for review, head over to our Applications forum and post a new topic using the form in Ready for Review. This lets us know that the character is complete and that we should get there as soon as possible! Joining in the wider community Our Discord is open to members, lurkers, and guests alike. If you've got any questions about the application process, want to try and find some possible plots before you get started, or just want to kick around with a bunch of awesome nerds, feel free to jump in!
  26. Beta Testing

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