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December, 2018
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  2. Invite Charlie #3

    Mid-90s Melbourne, autumn. A Friday night. The music was loud, the girls were moving, and the customers were happy. That was how she liked things. Sauntering through the main bar, she threw smiles left and right to her regulars, laughed. No---she wasn't working right now. No, they couldn't convince her to. It was early in the night yet, and she was ready to enjoy it. Cigarette to her lips, the smoke trailed behind her as she stepped out of the lights and noise, into the streets of Melbourne. Crowded, dark, the alleyway was full of graffiti. She knew every inch of it, had been here longer than some of the artwork. Proper jobs came and went, but this she always came back to. "Oi, you're out early." The voice made her pause, turn around. Blow exasperated smoke out her mouth and nostrils. She flicked ash to the ground, staring at the wretch in front of her. He'd made her a deal, was he here to deliver? The look on his face said no, and she wasn't interested in anything more. "What do you want, Ty?" she sighed. "Are you here to make more empty promises? Because I don't see her with you. It's beginning to feel like you can't find her." "I can, I just---I need more time. I'll get there, babe." Slowly he shuffled forward, toward her. She took a step back as he did. Shook her head. "I'm not your 'babe' anymore, I thought that was clear?" at the door, two of the bigger bouncers lurked. She knew they were there, and he did too. They weren't an idle threat, either. "You assaulted my client, Tyler. You reckon you can find Ameliana, excellent. Find her for me. But that is all. At least until you get this anger of yours in check." She looked back toward the door, gave the bouncers a subtle wave. Everything was fine here. Tyler was sober, more likely to burst into tears than lash out. The bouncers didn't move anyway, and she was grateful for that. "I promise, I'll be better, babe," pleaded Tyler. "I miss you. I don't care... about the other stuff. Just. Come home?" She shook her head. "Not yet," she said. "Go home, Ty. When you've proven you can keep your cool, let me do the things I need to do without getting jealous... maybe then I'll join you." The end of the cigarette came way too soon, she dropped the stub to the footpath and ground it out with the toe of her stillettos. She didn't stay to see what he did, just turned her back and walked on down the alley in search of a better night. That meant getting as far away from this district as she could. Familiar faces surrounded her here, she was the queen of this strip. No one would dare touch her here, she had powerful clients with a very loose attachment to the law. It was hardly somewhere she could relax, though. A better suburb, a brighter street. A bar on one of Melbourne's more iconic and well-reputed streets. She made her way there, let the unfamiliar crowd melt away her frustration at Tyler. She didn't like this side of him. The pathetic side. Once upon a time he'd thrilled her, challenged her, and then... it fell apart. As it always did. A long sigh, a drink ordered, held in one hand. She surveyed the crowd of well-dressed people. Was this a function of some sort that she'd walked into? At least she looked the part. More formal than the average nightwear, she always dressed to impress. You never knew who was out there with a wallet full of cash, after all. Another cigarette. That's what she needed. She found one and---where was her lighter? She had just had it. The bar was a wizard venue, yes, but... her wand had mixed results. Always had. Sometimes it worked, other times she set her eyebrows alight. Not ideal in a public venue. "I'm so sorry, sir," she tapped the shoulder of the nearest man. "Could I trouble you for a light? I seem to have misplaced my wand..."
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  4. Complete Old Prejudices, New Blood [May 13th, 2018]

    Holly Bennett
    The kiss was an impulse, one that she would likely look back on and cringe at. That was until he responded. Memories of their time together in school flooded back at that, reminders of why they got far enough to actually conceive a child together. A child she never told him about and most likely would not have if this situation hadn’t arose. A situation Holly would have much preferred she and her child not get into. “Maybe, but a thank you is always polite.” she said softly, heeding the words he said next about taking Saffron too the hospital. “Okay.” she turned too walk towards where their daughter was, stopping only too listen to what Jon had to say next. A small sad smile crossed her lips at his words before she responded with “I’m not sure if that will actually help.” Then she crossed the distance between herself and her child, picking up the small child and turning back towards Jon for a moment “Bye.” then with a simple turn on the spot, she separated away from Jon and too the hospital. -exit Holly/fini-
  5. The Other Mirror

    "You want something?" Millea's voice rang out through the sparsely-decorated house. It wasn't much to look at, really, Millea never did have a taste for fine living. She had always leaned toward what was practical. Near everything was in dark greys or black, the few decorations she did own hadn't seen any dusting in decades. Lillian sighed, trailing a finger along a dark counter-top as she moved deeper into the home, a glossy black line in a sea of dust. "Polite company would offer a greeting before questioning the nature of a visit," Lillian said, pausing at the entry to what she assumed must be a living area. It appeared to be more a collection of junk spread across the floor, books and bits of metal. A small space in the corner where Millea possibly sat from time to time. Millea herself was crouched among the junk, assembling pieces of---goodness knew what. Evidently it wasn't working for her, and the parts tossed to the ground in frustration before she lifted her vibrant gold eyes to Lillian and stood up. "Polite company wouldn't barge in uninvited," Millea countered, crossing her arms. "Besides. I don't much care to know how you are. I certainly don't intend to welcome you into my home. So why are you here, what do you want, and how can I get you to leave?" Lillian closed her eyes a moment, taking a breath to steady herself against her sister's abrasive retorts. "I had a message for you," she said. "I tried sending you a letter." "I got it," Millea shrugged. "I got all of them." "And?" Lillian leaned forward. "And what?" "You never replied," Lillian's frown deepened. "Not to a single one." "I didn't want to," Millea picked her way back through the clutter of junk on the floor, lifting up a pile of dusty envelopes and extending it toward Lillian. "Did you come to fetch them back?" "No, I came for your answer," crossing her own arms, Lillian simply stared at the bundle of letters. None of them were opened. When it was clear that Lillian would not take them, Millea let them drop onto the floor. "Not interested. Are you satisfied yet?" Millea raised an eyebrow. "How can you know you're not interested when you've not even bothered to read them!" Lillian snapped. Millea had a gift for irritating her. It had always been so, though more recently it had become more troublesome as the rift between the sisters widened and grew more bitter. "I have a son, Lea. He means to take his acceptance. I hoped you would help." "You hoped wrong, Lian." Millea watched as Lillian's expression shifted from irritation to despair. "You didn't go and promise them that I would come to help, did you?" "No," Lillian murmured back. "Only that I was still trying to find you." "Ah, truthful as always," Millea barked a sour laugh. "And not one of them thought it odd that you, my twin, had misplaced me? In all these centuries have you ever not known precisely where to find me? Would that you could not know. You only make use of the information when you want something," "And you make use of it not at all," Lillian's retort came with some hurt. Millea only laughed. "Knowing where you are is not the same as wishing to be around you," she said smoothly. "Congratulations on the family you wanted so terribly. You can leave now." "Lea, he means to make use of Xavi!" the name was enough to get Millea's attention. Lillian knew it would be. She'd hoped not to have to use it. Though briefly off-balance, Millea caught herself well, and tried to shrug off the information. "Not while Thia breathes, I imagine." "From what I understand, it's Thia's idea," Lillian swallowed. Millea's expression only darkened further. "Is it? Or is it some design of your making, so complex your players believe they have the ideas of their own volition?" the words hissed out of her mouth. "First Neurie then Nharae, now Xavi too? And you would have this done, what----with Thia and myself also in attendance? I am not the fool you think, Lian. Your workings have the stench of a family reunion. I'll have none of it." "So you would have my son die, then?" "That is the natural way of it, yes," "And what of the barrier, Lea? You will ignore and let that perish too?" "Yes, Lian," Millea threw up her hands in frustration. "It is beyond time that happened." "Without that barrier, it will be only days before it is found," Lillian wanted to shake her sister. She had a feeling Millea felt much the same. "We gave them protection that they might survive, now you mean to take that from them?" "They did not need our protection. We intervened, we should not have," Millea tried to keep her tone calm. "Enough survived without us. Thrived without us. All we did is section them off from the world, and disallowed them the chance to progress with it. For what, Lian? So you could feel in your rightful place in guiding them? Even that did not satisfy you. You had to be among them. One of them." "Why is that so terrible?" "Because it is not our place, Lian," Millea sighed. "Even now you talk about your son, your legacies, as if they have some right to your power. What is it you aim for here, Lian? To build us a thousand-strong? We do not belong here. You mixed your blood with theirs and doomed them to a life unknown. You seek to reunite the six bloods, you cling desperately to a piece of land where your name and purpose is known and I ask you sister, what for? Surely you knew that there was never a place for us here? Our existence is against the natural law. Yet everything you do, you move to create what was left behind." "And wasting a life to find the way back is less foolish?" Lillian gestured to the junk and books across the floor. "This is our home now. It has been for centuries, it must continue to be. We left with reason, Lea, there is nothing to go back to." "Then you are determined, Lian? You will not cease your reckless assault on the balance of this world?" "I will do what must be done to find our place here, Lea," Lillian murmured. "You are similarly determined to return to what was lost long ago?" "I am," Millea replied firmly. "And we remain at an impasse." "I had hoped some years would put sense into you," Lillian frowned. "I had hoped the same of you," Millea shrugged. The fight was gone from both of them. Lillian looked away, though her expression would only betray what her mind already had. What she knew of Millea's mind also. Their goals had driven them apart, but their souls longed for the days where they had worked as one. She missed Millea, and knew Millea missed her as much. But neither would be commanded by that feeling, and held steadfast to their paths. Lillian turned, and began the quiet walk back to the door. "I hope your son survives," Millea called after her. Lillian paused, and looked back. "Me too," she said while fading out. "Me too."
  6. It's not what it seems

    Zane Nedvidek
    ”It is settled then. We must act soon. He’s far too capable of finding information that he wants. I am almost positive that he has people watching your family.” Zane furrowed his brow, frustrated at himself for allowing any of this to happen. ”You talk to Lillian, and I will do what I can on my end. Honestly, finding out about my daughter might be the thing that does it.” Zane said, and then he went pale. The dream state began to fade. ”He’s here. I must go.” Zane said, looking away a moment before returning his gaze to Lorelei. ”If it is any consolation to you, I am sorry. For everything that has happened. And also, thank you.” And with that statement, Zane woke up.
  7. The other side

    "Having a family did it? I was almost positive that I've always been this way." Jason said with a slight laugh. In truth, Eudoxia brought the corny behavior out of him. It was part of the whole being in love thing. When she mentioned how they had created a monster, and what he had said, Jason chuckled. "He certainly gets a sense of fashion from you. Definitely not me. I didn't have a fashion sense before you." Which was true. She actually got him really nice clothing to wear. Before her, he would have worn t shirts and jeans to just about anything. "We really haven't been in a while, have we?" Jason looked around at every thing. "Let's dance right here. RIght now." He said, extending his hand to her.
  8. In The Second That The Hammer Hits

    To all of this, Meri withdrew, clearly not pleased by the situation---but knowing that any further remarks would land her in more trouble than she already was. She had always been overprotective of Audrey, she truly didn't believe that this was going to end well, and really did want to spare her sister a lot of pain. Now the children were looking at her warily, her displeasure at the news enough to make them wonder if Meri was going to refuse to be their family. "I am starving!" Cameron broke the tension. He was always starving. Unless there were vegetables on his plate, in which case he was adamantly only starving for cake. Ammeleine and Edmund had become the distant grandparents that his mother's parents weren't, so he figured it wouldn't be too far off the mark to assume there would be cake back at the house. Nan Marie always had cake ready and waiting for them. "Sounds good," Alan nodded, willing his stomach to settle just long enough to get back to the house. At least the kids had handled the long distance journey well, he was proud of them for that. Himself, not so much. The colour was still draining from his cheeks, and despite the chill in the air, a thin sweat shone on his forehead. "Are we going across roads, Dad?" Tavi asked, twirling her prized suitcase. "I imagine so, sweetheart," he nodded, looking around the busy lobby. There were people everywhere. Alongside the floo sickness, he felt the claustrophobic creep of the city prickle up his spine. "Okay," Tavi said brightly, before dragging her suitcase forward a few steps. "Then I want Aunty Meri to hold my hand." "And I want Pop Eddie!" said Sarah, dashing toward him. Cam stood back. The eldest of the three, he was above needing someone to help him cross the street. All the same, he moved closer to Ammeleine. "You can hold my hand if you like, Nanna Amy," he offered. Alan managed a queasy smile. "Wonderful," said Edmund, with his broad smile. "Let's be off, then."
  9. Fairy and The Mounds [May 11th, 2018]

    "I believe I am also the poster boy for caution." A charming smile stretched across his lips, it was one of those kind of smiles that just seemed to come with the suave and finesse of a man who had an aged kind of a taste in life and style. He walked towards the window with the tips of his fingers lightly pressed at the sill of it, eyes peered through the clear and pristine glass at the various people that had walked amongst the street. There were those one could tell had made their home in the town for many ages, others, were more obvious tourists by the way they held up their cameras and seemed overly 'excited'. It was always intriguing to see how head over heels people became for locations with history. "Perhaps, in towns like these people are up earlier due to the lifestyle and the needs of people needing to be met and catered towards. To think, people willingly sit their head up before seven hits." An amused hum rumbled within as it turned into a small laugh. "Trails are often good - and bad for many other reasons. But I don't expect the bad to really come in as a factor. At the very least, exposing myself to nature might be a good way to enjoy what little freedom will be given." Chances were that the moment their bodies recovered just enough that they would begin the process of digging up the necessary information. "Perhaps 'threat' needs to be ascertained by their own view of what that means. Hehe, my version of a threat is most likely not the same as theirs." He perceived a threat as legitimate bodily harm, but those here, would they find the threat more in change than actual harm? "Ah, Caitlin, if only my life had been so lucky for such a luxury. Alas, I am too much of a skeptic to leave it to chance. At least let me keep some of my old crotchety ways." A gentle yet small smile had been offered towards the brimmingly red-headed woman. "What is most interesting about these kinds of towns, isn't so much the perceived ignorance - but the true mysteries and knowledges kept tight lipped by the community. I will be honest, I would not be surprised if they actually did know something and chose to turn their gaze." It was a scenario that mostly happened in books, stories and the like, but much like most stories. . . There was often a reason for such a thoughtful basis besides the intrigue. "Then sit down and take a rest. I shall draw you a proper steamed bath, it should work at the soreness without having your feet swell up." A smirk then followed afterwards. "Of course, if we're going to get anywhere you may want to rethink the idea of heels out in the fields."
  10. Not Everything Stays There [April 7th-9th 2018]

    "Taking me on boats now? Someone is becoming super kinky by the second with the drink." He teased with his tongue stuck out towards her. The blush that had stuck to the young woman's cheeks were an endearing sight to be sure, a smile naturally curved along his features. "Could have been worse? Could have fell face first, ass up with your dress over your hind quarters. Luckily, only I get to see what's under those garments still~." A cheeky grin formed on his brow as they wriggled for a moment before a hand embraced the edge of her shoulder and rubbed in a slow movement to help ease any further worry of embarrasment. "If it's any constellation at least they now know I'm with the most beautiful gal in the room." With a smooth wink offered. "It's always been just myself and my old man so. . . All of this sudden major family is much more overwhelming." There was no 'Mother' or really any cousins, aunts, or uncles in the picture. Just tales and stories that were left about as mysterious as it could get for a Wizard. "Honestly, I feel as if I'm more of a burden than a proper family member. They didn't really ask for the dying charity case." A light chuckle ensued as he laughed off the thought, almost as if it didn't matter to him or was more of a teritary concern. "Which I don't want it to be taken the wrong way, I adore them more than I thought could happen in a short time. Even if I am, by all intents and purposes, the black sheep of the family." There was just a massive difference between him and them - the way he saw things and thought about them weren't in the same reasoning and connections as other members. A weak laughter bubbled out as well as a bright yet modest smile that shined through. "I think I remember you saying that a few times or another." Eyes closed in a gentle slide, a deep breath then was inhaled and exhausted in a stress relieved sigh. The feeling of their foreheads pressed so closely against one another made him feel as if he could practically feel the pulsing presence of her body and aura. "I know many would probably say it's still so early yet I can't mean this any more earnestly when I say that. . . I love you, you red-headed troublemaker." Alexander's right hand rose up as he pressed the palm of it just at the bottom of Cass's cheek and caressed it in an eased motion. "I'm more surprised you're willing to let the world decide 'how long'. Here I thought you were going to pull off some major revolution!"
  11. Invite Home and The Past [May 14th, 2018]

    Layla had no problems with entertaining Gabby, in fact, it helped her to focus on something other than herself. There had also been something about watching the younger generation and the spark that is held within them. It was just an entirely different pace than what had been the last few years of her life and reminded her fondly of what it was like being a mother to a rambunctious child, not an Adult that already had found their own way of life and walk. At least, it was an experience to be 'grandmother like', not something many get to experience even with all of her pushing and ham-fisted hints. "You do know how ironic it is for you to not be a big fan of flight, right?" A smirk displayed on his face as several thoughts and reasons flooded through his mind, the first being her usually daring nature. That was actually only coupled with the fact that part of her heritage were known to be literal 'Harpies', but that was something only pertained to pureblooded Veela it seemed. "That was a large enough moan to catch a couple of flies, be careful, they're pretty big here too." It always seemed as if harsh environments held monstrous wildlife to boot behind it. At least they were in a relatively nice part of the country that was lush and vibrant with life and society. "You'll be able to get a good nap in after we get to our destination, promise. Can't have you falling asleep at the most exciting parts of the adventure." Excitement was accentuated to sound as lewd as possible. As he chuckled a light nudge was given to Gemini as he stealthily slide his hand to grasp her rear, cheeky in Egypt, it should be a new magazine gimmick. "I guess I'll need to keep that part of you awake then, make sure it doesn't fall asleep anytime soon." Marcus' eyebrow arched upwards as a short shrug followed while the woman leaned against him. "It's an experience you can't get easily, travelling to a place you've never been. Figured it'd be more enjoyable for Gabby that way. I already had plans to make it up to you just in case it wasn't your thing." Layla happily chatted away with Gabby, prodding her with questions of not only how school was going but the ever so noisy nature that was Marcus' mother even probed on about how he and Gemini were doing. It caused a scoff to rumble along with a sigh, did she really have nothing better to do than poke at things? Well, he couldn't say she didn't survive this long to not gain that benefit. "Embarrassing history? What kind of degenerate do you think I was?!" A big one, but he wasn't going to let her know that so easily - at least not vocally or mentally. He still had an image to uphold! Or at least make the woman work just a bit more to learn about all that was in the past. "The question is, what questions are knocking around in your head that you'll end up bombarding her with them." His eyes began to squint at Gemini accusingly.
  12. Invite Shadows have Eyes, Predators have teeth

    Jonathan Azai
    "Heh, Isn't it always, dear?" Had been Jonathan's quick witted retort. Death was never supposed to be simple despite it being a normal course of life it was always the intention of its design to spark the mind and to spark a sense of spiritualism, to question the world around oneself and to question whether or not their life had been going on the path that they deemed it. Those alive had the choice to make in carrying things on, of course, her situation also had been vastly different as she was now dead yet alive. A hum gently resonated within himself though he nodded in resignation towards the conclusion. "This is true, you have quite the advantage regardless. In such an opened scenario such as this I've placed myself at the largest disadvantage I could possibly have, aside from the portion of holding you." It was a gamble but that was what made everything exciting in its own way. Jon's very life had been a literal gamble and it was something he tended to take in his everyday walk to spice things up just a bit further. He had also been very aware that underestimation was a tool easily used in these particular situations. Vampires, they were never killed on the merit that they had been weak but rather outplayed. Their natural understanding of their strengths often played against them as they gave an impression that they were untouchable as the years passed them by through the centuries to the point that their guards were let down out of believing a prey couldn't rise up to the occasion in defense of themselves. He had no reason to expect it of Stella, at least, not yet in her life. An eyebrow raised up at her attempt to soothe him though it did very little as he didn't need such assurance. "The dire situation when it comes to the club scene as they say. Many go there to have fun and at times their fun often means a dance with death by their own hands." Drugs, had been the one thing he refused his father that he'd mess with as part of his choice of 'Business'. If he were going to be in the process of killing people he'd do so by his own hand, after all. "I also more often than not expect many to just let Mishima in." That was typically a presence you couldn't ignore if they were making a scene at the front door. Not that he cared for Mishima sparking up potential Police attention. That would be more situation than he wanted to handle especially if it hadn't been the easily manipulated pigs. "There are many ways a person money can be threatened, often why owners of clubs and other smaller establishments are targets in different ways." It was easier to make a 'Mom and Pop' business curl under ones fingers versus the massive corporate chains even the ones that are largely ignored by their parent owner. "They may like it, but do you? Being someone who is in a position to be a hunter I can only imagine you get a thrill out of manhandling the various creeps, troublemakers, and overall muscle bound lunatics that believe they can contend." It was curiosity that made him probe in this kind of fashion, did she enjoy getting her hands dirty? Did she find it all too risky? "No, It's chosen for you. In terms of how Fae work, they simply are what they are. Epitomes of nature, aspects that live and breath and give it purpose in the order by giving it an active voice of sorts." His arms crossed against his chest in contemplation of the words then shook his head soon after. "I suppose in technicality to the course of Nature I'd be an unattended mutation it never accounted for. I may possess many of the abilities but there are many things to that connection I do not hold." From his knowledge he hadn't even been close to the very idea of longevity of a Fairie's standard. Let alone the fact that he didn't harbor a miniature form, which, he was personally alright with not having. "Yes, losing ones head would be unimaginably awkward. Maybe not painful if someone was skilled and swift, merciful even." He never relished in drawing out pain unless the target needed it. In most cases it was swift, painless, no need to make such a horror persist for people. "Though your head is as lovely as your body. So perhaps such losses should be avoided."
  13. Invite When things Just Don't Work the Way They Should

    The girl couldn't remember if she drifted off or not while sitting near the bed. She'd mostly been allowed to visit because she'd been the one to find him, and because she'd been too stubborn to let him push her away during his recent sullenness. She was pretty much one of his closest friends. There may have also been the fact that she had been entirely stubborn and one did not simply say 'no' to a teenage actress. She knew how to throw one hell of a shitstorm if people even tried. But she was certain that she hadn't been sitting on an angle the last time she opened her eyes, and when she noticed movement from the corner of her eye, the girl jumped and straightened in the chair, before frowning at the man in the bed. "You should be sorry! What were you thinking?!" Jezebel wanted to punch him in the arm, but he was in a hospital bed, which meant she was going to save it for when he was up and about again, and boy could he bet that he was going to have the biggest bruise for weeks to come. The girl huffed then, however, before clasping Sean's hand and pouting at him, her brows still furrowed. "Why didn't you tell me how you were feeling? I mean... I might have punched you, but then I would have sat down and talked to you about it and maybe you wouldn't have felt like you needed to..." She trailed off with a wince. If she'd been much later, then it would have been too late. She didn't really want to think about that.
  14. Invite Mouth of the River

    Keeley Monroe
    It had been a very bizarre turn of events. The fact was that she did not believe Grant was capable of this thing he had been accused of. She knew they were not allowed to touch but Grant didn’t seem to mind breaking the rule and she smiled at him. ”I’ve missed you too, I have to work all of them in the barn by myself now, it takes me way too long.” She smiled at him. She missed him for more than just that. She had found she loved him by complete surprise. Most of this relationship had been a surprise, all were good until she had aurors at her door explaining what had happened. she had been at the barn and they had upset the animals. ”I’m okay, I just miss you. Nana wanted to come but she’s not been walking too well.” She was getting older and some of the older injuries were coming back with a vengeance. ”She sent me with your favorites.” She said of the crumbled cookies. ”they had to search them.” She frowned. ”they still should taste okay.” She said. Letting out a sigh she looked him over. ”Are you okay? I’ve been so worried.’
  15. Complete Nothing Else Matters (Feb 11 2018)

    Jason nodded. "I agree. It's best we all stay out of the hospital if we can avoid it." Of course, she was also right about one thing, if they absolutely needed him, he would never hesitate to go into Auror-mode. However, he would do his best not to. He patted Doe on the leg, and stood up from the bed. He bent down, and gave her a kiss on the lips, and when he pulled away he smiled. "You really do need to rest. You have bags under your eyes. You look like the walking dead, no offense. Just rest. I'm going to take Silas out, and we're going to play. I've missed the little munchkin." Jason kissed her again, and then turned and left the room. When he got to the door, though, he turned his head, and said, "I'm really lucky I have you. I love you."
  16. Complete A Family Affair

    TW: Violence, Strong Language Thomas had been planning this for years, and everything was not working correctly any more. That stupid girl had apparently grown a set and stood up to Zane. Zane was a fool. He never should have entrusted him with this task. Thomas remembered when the boy had first met Amea. He had come home on the weekend from school to visit his mother, Thomas' sister. He told them of this girl Amea, who he was now dating. Of course, Thomas recognized the name immediately, and that's when the plan set in motion. However, Zane was proving to be a little more difficult now than he anticipated. He imagined it had everything to do with the murder of his mother. Still, things had to be taken care of. She was asking too many questions, and giving her opinion too many times. Thomas had to make Zane do it. Thomas was sitting back in an arm chair reading the news paper when the knocks came at the door. He quickly withdrew his wand in one hand, and pistol in the other. As he created a few defensive charms around the room, he also peeked out the peephole on the door. It was Zane. What was he doing here? He holstered both weapons, and opened the door, quickly ushering him inside. "Quick, boy, before anybody sees." He then shut the door, and locked it back again. "So, what's with the surprise visit?" Thomas asked, having a seat back in his chair. He motioned for Zane to sit down as well. "I'd rather stand." Zane said, crossing his arms. Apparently this was not the correct answer though, as Thomas has quickly whipped out his wand and it forced Zane onto the couch. "It's rude not to take a seat in somebody's home when they offer it to you, Zane." "My apologies." Zane said, rubbing his lower back where it had hit the wood where the cushion was no longer very fluffy. "Now, I asked you what it was you were doing here? I figured you'd be working harder on getting that wife back as I instructed." Thomas said, displeasure in his tone. "That's why I am here. I do not think she is coming back." "Why do you say that?" Thomas asked curiously. "She took the cat. She wouldn't have taken the cat if she was coming back. I know her." "This is not good, Zane. We need her." "You mean you need her. This was never about what I wanted or what I needed. I actually cared about her, and then you put me under this curse! You made me do things to her I never would have done. Things my father did to my mother and me! You made me kill my own mother because she figured out what you were doing to me, and she tried to help me break it even though she was a squib. I fucking hate you!" Zane spit at Thomas' feet, and almost immediately he felt his body seize up. Thomas stood, wand pointed directly at Zane's chest. "Your mother, my sister, was a weak, pathetic individual, just like you. Your father never amounted to anything more than a petty thief. I made you. I helped raise you. You're a weak as your mother and you won't ever amount to anything just like your father." Thomas brought his hand up, and back handed Zane hard across the mouth. Zane sat there unable to move, but he could feel the warmth of the blood trickling down his mouth. Thomas raised his wand up, and pointed it at Zane. "This ought to help you to not fight things so hard. Crucio!" A jet of red light shot out from the wand, and hit Zane square in the chest. Zane could feel in excruciating pain, and wanted to scream out in pain, but the spell that Thomas had paralyzed his body with would not allow it. After about ten second passed, Thomas released both curses, and Zane fell to the ground off of the cough, still in extreme pain. "I love her, Thomas. Please. Don't make me do this anymore. Let me let her go so she can be happy. Away from me so that she's away from you." "I don't think so, boy. She will suffer due to her mother's sins, and you will be my pawn, just as you always have." "Fuck you." Thomas kicked Zane in the ribs, and Zane could feel one or two crack. He began coughing up blood. Before he could say anything else though, Thomas had already placed the cruiciatus curse on him again. This time he could scream in pain, and he did. It echoed through the empty home. He hoped someone near by would hear. That someone would come for help. Nobody did. Thomas released the curse again. He rolled Zane over onto his back, and knelt down beside him, pointing his wand at the boy. "imperio." Thomas said, placing the imperious curse back on Zane. He placed his wand on the side table, and unholstered his gun. He placed it inside Zane's mouth, and pulled the hammer back. "Do not disappoint me again, or I will get the girl, and make you watch as I kill her before I kill you." He pulled the gun out of Zane's mouth, and stood back up. "Now, go. Carry out your instructions, and do not come back here again. You will alert me of anything by mail as you've done before." Zane nodded, and made his way out of the home, and disapparated before collapsing onto the couch of his home, holding his broken ribs.
  17. Complete To Live For

    Jezebel looked toward the cat that seemed at home safely tucked between Améa and Stuart, and a small smirk tugged at her lips, there was no doubt in her mind that the feline would be fine at Stu's house, even with Cecil. "You don't need to worry. Dad's great with animals, our nan runs an animal reserve, you know? So he grew up around lots of animals, and Cecil's a big baby. He'll probably let the kitten beat him up," As amusing the imagery, Jezebel was probably exactly right, and knew that the cat would be the boss of the dog in no time. Cecil had always been an easy going pup, and the only time the dog had actually become protective was if he thought one of his family were in danger. Stuart looked down at the kitten and offered his fingers for the little thing to sniff, before gently scratching behind her ear. It was true, he had always been good with animals, he was just also really good at being a leader of people, and had gone from teacher to Ministry personnel to even higher leadership positions. "I think you'll both fit in great," The man said, offering Améa a reassuring smile. The same smile grew even more when she seemed interested in a trip to the city with Jezebel, something he felt should be encouraged. Especially since they would be getting her all new things, "I can take care of your cat, get her all settled, while you go with Jez, if you like. What's her name?" "Well then, looks like we have some shopping to do, and we can have dinner at a nice place I know as well, if you like," Jezebel was positively beaming, "I'm sure the kids would love being able to help us shop as well." She chuckled, and the triplets nodded in unison, as Nika reached to clasp Améa's hand gently. "I am going to find Flora to play with," Lorelei stated easily, as though she didn't even have to ask permission, but then what was Jezebel going to to? The young girl was able to come and go as easily as thinking about it. "Alright, but home in a couple of hours, Lei. I'll call your father to make sure you're there," The girl smiled lightly and nodded before then vanishing, leaving the remaining family members there as Jez glanced at Stuart. "I'll get you home, Dad. Ready to have some fun in the city, Ruella?"
  18. Complete Selfless

    It was raining. It was always raining here. Adele's flat shoes squeaked on the polished marble, leaving wet tracks that were scowled about behind her back---but no one dared confront her. Adele sighed. Of course they didn't dare. Some people went to great lengths in their lives to be treated as special, Adele went to great lengths to escape it. This place was... suffocating in its polite face and the claws that appeared only when backs were turned. Just once, she would have liked to be scolded for tracking mud through the grand foyer. Or for her "wildly inappropriate" attire of skinny jeans and a soft shirt that draped over her arms and curves in a flowy way she was growing rather fond of. It was more "grandmother-like", for sure---but Adele felt that perhaps she could nail this young-trendy-grandmother thing. She reached the carpeted hall, looking around before she wiped the remainder of the mud and water from her shoes on the plush fabric. There were stares, but no reprimands. Disappointed, she moved on. Partway down the hall, attendants came rushing forward, babbling about dinner service starting, there would be enough time to be properly dressed if she would just come this way, dry her hair---Adele put up a hand, silencing them. "No," she said. "I am not staying. Where is the Duchess?" Of many duchesses, there was only one Duchess. Allegedly her step-mother, and--Adele felt--rather the reason that all fairytales warned against step-mothers. So much of her life she'd spent in fear of the woman, knowing best to never underestimate her. Now she needed her. The world was cruel like that. Directions given, she breezed her way through the halls, waving off bothersome intrusions as they tried to scoop her back towards dinner and what was appropriate and expected of her. Politely, always, but later the talk would be of her as a disgrace. Adele knew that. Adele did not care. This was her freedom. She let herself in to the Duchess's apartments. Standing over a table of herbs and ointments, the woman did not seem especially surprised to see her. The Duchess smoothed down her heavy, rich green dress, and turned emerald eyes to Adele's still dripping form. "Not like you to seek me out," The Duchess, Bethianna, observed, dusting off her hands. Copper curls bounced as she moved, cascaded down her back. Adele couldn't remember her ever looking younger or older than this. Like Lillian, Bethianna was eternal. "You know why I'm here." Adele crossed her arms, swallowing. Asking for help was not her strong suit, especially not of an enemy. "Yes. I had thought you would seek Lillian." Bethianna swept across the room with more majesty than Adele would ever have. Adele shrugged one shoulder, gathering bunches of her shirt in her hands and twisting them tight---letting the water stream onto the carpet just to spite Bethianna. "You have a fondness for her. I am not blind to it." Bethianna glided in closer, silently, a deft hand slapping at Adele's and forcing her to release the fabric. The reprimand was swift, physical---and deserved. Adele folded her arms again. "You forget yourself," Bethianna said. "You flaunt position knowing none will raise a hand to you, outside that door. You mistake it as absolute upon this island that you are supreme, and you forget." Bethianna did not raise her voice, nor did it turn agressive. It was level, matter-of-fact, and all the more chilling for it. Adele pouted like a sullen teenager, admittedly a little thankful that someone would put her in place. "You forget we are of an order older than this island itself. A magic that spans eons and universes, a force in which you---and your children---are a mere blink. Other blinks have come and gone, Aellra. Only the strong go on." Adele shifted her weight from one foot to the other. "She needs your help." Adele said. "You know what she once was---you trained her! You taught her to manage what she had, you... you're going to let that effort go to waste?" "I cannot help her." Bethianna's words were simple. Direct. "Can't... or won't?" Adele snapped. Bethianna levelled a sharp gaze at Adele. "The forces in play go beyond what I--or your mother--can manipulate. We cannot save Ruella." Bethianna returned to her table, taking mortar and pestle and resuming whatever she had been grinding up prior to Adele's intrusion. "We only truly expire when our will to live is extinguished. You know this. Our will is our strength and our life, and Ruella... she has chosen to live for another." Adele's eyes widened. "Zane? He's doing this to her?" "No. She is doing this to her." Bethianna's tone was curt, rather done with Adele's idiocy. "She has made her choice. She lives for him, she surrenders her power, and her life. It is simple." "He has broken her!" Adele insisted. "He should be punished---he's... he's destroying her!" Her hands balled into insolent fists, shaking at her sides. "Will you not help us make her see? If we get rid of him, she will come back... she will be strong again." A sharp crack sounded through the room, Adele's cheek stung by a slap she hadn't seen coming. Bethianna was in her face now. Her cheek burned. "Fool." Bethianna hissed. "You remove him, she lives her life forever for a dead man. She wastes away in longing---this is what you want? She must choose. Not be forced. Choose herself to live for. There is no other way." Adele deflated, bringing her hand up to soothe the stinging mark on her cheek. "Why is this happening to her? Why... I have been as broken, as dependant as she is..." The whine in her voice was desperate, seeking some sort of loophole that would prove Bethianna wrong. "False." Bethianna had backed away now, back to her table. "Broken, yes... and foolishly sought others for sustenance and shelter, but selfless--that you never were. Your needs all stemmed from selfish survival, you lived always for you." Adele opened her mouth, searching for some sort of retort. Bethianna cut across her. "Do not presume to defend your selfishness." she said. "It is a quality that keeps you breathing, as it does your mother---and I. A truly selfless life is a short life, Aellra. It is a pity Ruella must learn this." The door opened behind her. Bethianna had not lifted a finger or blinked an eye, but Adele knew it was by her hand. Their conversation was done. And Adele--she had heard enough. She turned, walking as fast out the door as she could manage---before bolting down the hallways back to the portal. Fast as she could, in the hopes that no one would see or hear her heart breaking.
  19. Complete To The World I Close My Eyes To See (Jan 3 2018)

    Cassandra Sullivan
    It was definitely a strange sensation, but also a very fun one that made her buzz with energy as Cassandra found herself arriving on the other end, whooping with glee as she dropped backward, seemingly uncaring for where she might end up landing. It wasn't as though the young woman hadn't taken a lot of falls in her life already, and she knew how to land without breaking something. Luckily for her though, she had cushioning for her fall... if one could call the pile of muscle and limbs cushioning. "Woo! That was fun!" Cass laughed after having landed with an audible 'oof'. She laid where she was on her back for a few moments, until the person beneath her saw fit to try and tease, causing her to laugh again as she rolled off to the side, landing on her front on the ground beside him. "Puh-lease, you were probably hoping that I would chicken out and go forwards so that I would hand in a compromising position on you," Cassandra gasped as she brought a hand to her lips, fluttering her eyelashes as strands of red fell across her features still, causing the green-gold of her eyes to stand out even more. "Terrible..." The young woman tutted with a shake of her head, and then pushed herself upward in order to stand, "So what's the plan? Aside from trying to gain any opportunity to cop a feel?"
  20. Complete Back At It (Nov 28 2017)

    Eudoxia Miller
    Jason had gone back to work leaving Doe to care for and entertain their children on her own. She had to admit she not only had gotten used to the help but she had liked having him home. The man would work himself to death if he was not careful. However she had managed to convince her father to watch the children while she went out and ran errands that she had needed to run, and would be easier without the pair of tornados in tow. The first thing to cross off the list was a run. She had been able to get a few in on the treadmill but it wasn’t the same as running on the beach. Stretching had felt good and she didn’t feel as if her body was still hijacked by an alien and so she figured this was as good as any to get back to it. She had put a lot of time in along the beach and she was just glad she had the opportunity to continue. She smiled as she got further into her run, circling back towards her starting point she watched something fall from the pocket of someone just a few strides ahead of her. ”Hey you lost this.” She stooped to pick it up and then extended her hand holding the item out.
  21. Complete Young Bloods (Nov 25 2017)

    Scarlett Van Acker
    Scarlett’s sense of humor was out the window, even so she didn’t find the “tease” all that funny. Considering she then went to accuse the gesture as being fake, the young woman was not winning herself any good favor in the eyes of her teammate. Scar had been called many things, but she had never been accused of being fake. She didn’t find it particularly nice either. ”Right.” She repeated once more, finding the desire to say other things too tempting at the moment. She was outspoken enough, but she rarely liked to release her vitriol on those she was supposed to be working with. Reserve or not, they still wore the same uniform robes. She glanced at her and furrowed her brow at what she said. ”Maybe if you didn’t act like such a twit you wouldn’t have people being so hard on you.” She pointed out, finding it challenging to keep holding her tongue. ”I appreciate sarcasm as much as the next person but you hide behind it.” She said with a small sigh. It was much nicer than she had thought it might be, but she was not in her typical playful mood. She liked to tease and she liked to push buttons but she was never outright rude about it. ”I can promise you I have never said anything for hell of it. So- check yourself once in a while.” Scar suggested, though in all honesty she had more to say about it she decided it was in her best not to. The last thing she needed was a legitimate complaint about her attitude. ”And I am only new to you. Not the team.” Scarlett had worked hard to get back on the Aussie team and she was not about to let someone with a chip on their shoulder derail her.
  22. Complete The Other Life (Nov 24 2017)

    Amea also thought she had won. It wasn't that she especially wanted to go back to Narrie, or that she even really wanted to be a close part of her family anymore, just that he had made such a scene of threatening them that this felt like a victory. Maybe it would be better this time around, she held no delusions that they were all going to suddenly be happy families though. The pictures of Adele with Jezebel had bothered her. They looked almost like they had the perfect mother-daughter relationship, something Adele had never been able to afford Amea. Was that different now? And if it was, could Amea really forgive everything else to have it? She didn't know. What she did know was that seeing Jezebel so easily embrace the woman she'd tried her entire life to get close to hurt her in ways that she didn't have words for. While Zane was busy, she took a moment and some paper, scrawling a quick note. Jezebel. We are returning. Tonight. --Ruella. Once she sent it, there was no changing minds. She walked toward the front door, stepping out into the heavy summer air. Back to where it all began.
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