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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
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  2. Invite Down Memory Lane

    "What are you looking at?" Theodore snapped at the young boy as he hesitated to take the Remembrall, growing annoyed at the wait - the sooner it was taken off his hands, the quicker they'd get out of that infernal place. Diana, however, wasn't too pleased with the treatment her brother was receiving. "Theodore..." She warned, even if her tone didn't raise much at all. The Sturt arched an eyebrow at the woman with skepticism over the 'scolding' - he knew she wasn't one for conflict - and ended up chuckling and shaking his head. "Let's get off our asses and continue." The boy said as he made his way to Gideon's choice of shop. As Diana led Gideon to follow Theodore through the crowd, the Sturt boy couldn't help chuckle. "Oh yeah, cauldrons. I guess it's your time to become a verbal machine gun, D-Sharp?" He couldn't resist pointing out, knowing the woman to be a bit too fond of Potions in general. "U-Um..." Diana's eyes widened as her cheeks flushed in embarrassment - indeed, she knew a bit too much about the matter. For a moment she was rendered speechless, awkwardly guiding Gideon into the shop - or at least, she would have, if Theodore had held the door open. Instead, she smacked right into the shutting door, taking a step back and holding her nose. "Ow..."
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  4. Invite Stolen

    Liv rose her head to look at Diana. Was the blonde doubting Liv’s words? Why would she even think such a thing? Liv had a short moment to control her anger, it wasn’t Diana’s fault, she was just trying to be a good friend, Liv shouldn’t be mad at her, she asked out of concern and not because she was doubting her. Liv took a deep breath to control her anger and closed her eyes for a brief moment before looking up at her friend. “Yes, I’m sure, you don’t need to worry.” Liv could always call her aunt, the older veela always knew what to do and what to say, it was amazing how the woman could control herself easily. “I will call my aunt…she’ll know what I should do to all of these things…” she looked around until her eyes landed on Diana again. “I don’t want to eat anything, I’m not hungry, not now.” She would have to eat eventually but it wasn’t going to be that day, or probably the next day, Liv just wanted to be left alone, not have people ask her questions, or even have people next to her, everything was getting hard to control. “Maybe tomorrow…” she finally spoke, there wasn’t much to say in that situation, maybe Liv should skip a few days of classes, she didn’t want to burn anyone alive or to be expelled for attempted murder. “I think I’m going to call my aunt…” she got up to call the older veela, Diana couldn’t do anything unless she could turn back time to prevent May from leaving.
  5. Invite Heart's Bore in this War

    Senan Connell
    "What. . .?" Senan asked absentmindedly, a crimson tint colored his cheeks as he whipped his gaze away. "I apologize. Shouldn't be fretting like some kind of den mother." Letting his worry lead him was an unprecedented reaction. Logic told him that neither he nor she had been hit and yet the scrape of the previous battle that lingered still held him on an edge of alert. There would need to be time to do a more thorough checking for both of them, just because no spells hadn't hit them, didn't mean they may not have gained scrapes, burns, or cuts from the fast paced movement and diving that perhaps taken place in the moment. There'd been no further expansion on what occurred from the unknown entities presence and the spells that were slung. He'd only managed to identify the spell based on the reaction of the bodies, something that had been informative but not enough to draw the benefit of speculation. For the time being, they'd need to lay low in a sense, his own movements will have to be limited to a small area and not to tarry out in opened spaces until some time passed. Staying away from the school dormitory for too many nights would draw suspicion, perhaps even questions if any of the Professor's truly cared to investigate that kind of thing. He'd been certain that at least he could fly under the radar, being far newer than Max to the school. It didn't mean that they couldn't pace themselves to making certain documents fair bit doctored towards their benefit at some point, hopefully. "If you ever do I do not mean sleeping on the floor. You deserve to have proper and comfortable sleep." He'd been used to sleeping on hard and uncomfortable surfaces, due to certain rules that had often been the only choice he held when visiting the Unseelie Court. His own hand squeezed in response as he started to lead them towards the entryway of the building with a bit of speed in each step. "It's in Narragyambie, Astley Walk. As you know, my father is someone that is of high social class." It had been far easier to expect someone of wealth moving with ease and keeping to themselves, it kept the usual meeting grounds of shady activity far away from the home as well. Luckily that had been a place they could easily use the Bush Telegraph method to get to, unfortunately, Apparaition had not been a choice given the necessity for a liscense to even commit such a spell. Making it to the top of one of the nearby poles that towered over majority of the buildings, the wires that connected to it expanded outward to another pole, and then another, this had just simply been the physically visible track that they'd end up snapping into. His eyes turned towards the Warehouse for a moment, he remembered seeing two objects that could help them in this regard. Waving his wand he conjured out two metallic and lightweight hooks that could do the job that the far more dangerous hanger method managed. Passing one towards Max as he smiled lightly. "You Australian's have the most dangerous methods of travel." He shrugged for a moment amused and then placed the edge of the hook on the power line and vaulted off while hanging onto it. His voice called out the destination where'd been going, the exact number of the Home as it held a system set up for the Bush Telegraph to deposit them directly there.
  6. Invite Simpler Times

    Olivia smiled at May, she couldn’t explain the happiness she was experiencing, to finally be able to express her feelings towards her friend was almost like a dream come true, the actual dream was how May had also confessed, that was the best feeling in the world for Olivia, to feel the embrace of her friend. May was right, she shouldn’t dwell about her previous thoughts, they were there now, together. Liv kissed May’s cheek. “Yes, we can stay like this, and maybe we can have our date in here.” Liv proposed letting go so she could get ready for bed, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to hold May back until they both fall asleep. After changing Liv smiled at May, they would be able to fall asleep together as they watch some random movie. The choice of the movie was the least important thing, the most important thing was that both Liv and May were finally able, to be honest about their feelings towards one another.
  7. Destiny is part of our lives

    I only have two students, @Maxine Williams, and @Aspen Clarke • Maxine is a 7th year Spencer, she's nice overall, perhaps a bit too annoying and rowdy and she likes to play pranks on people along with creating a little bit of chaos or setting things on fire accidentally. Overall Max is nice, easy to dislike. She's not the most predictable character I have. Since she's been around she probably knows Max and they might have crossed paths, they are also in Wandless Magic class together, along with Max's roommate @Laurie Kempf so they could know each other. • Aspen is a 7th year Bourke, she doesn't call people by their first name unless they are family or play in the Quidditch team. Overall she's not a bad bean and is very social, but has some anger management issues. Aspen has been around since the first year and her sister @MJ Clarke is a Flinders. It's not a stretch to say they know each other, even if it's through MJ.
  8. All the Bonds that you can Muster

    Hahaha, It's fine if she's oblivious. I don't think he'd flirt with her due to the gap in their age but that doesn't mean there can't be innocent fun and adventures which he's always in for hopping on to.
  9. Lot Karras

    Lot Karras
    Character Name: Lot Karras Character Position: Narrie /Bouncer Link to Character Profile: http://www.tallygarunga.com/characters/narrie_residents/lot-karras-r47/
  10. Daria bishop

    Character Name: Daria Bishop Character Position: Narrie Nanny Link to Character Profile: http://www.tallygarunga.com/characters/narrie_residents/daria-bishop-r36/
  11. Complete Making Friends

    Leanna Evans
    The Quidditch pitch for the Australian was out in the middle of goddamn no where, hidden deep in the Australian outback. There wasn't a single hint at modern civilization for miles, just a whole lot of nothing as far as the eye could see. The only sounds that could be heard were the call of wild animals in the dark. And it was hot. Really, really hot. But there was one advantage: the stars. One thing the city just didn't have was the sheer amount of stars that were visible out here, and man, were they really out tonight. And for a bunch of witches and wizards who could Apparate back to the city, the rest was barely an inconvenience. Leanna Evans hung back a bit after practice was over, as she usually did. It was one of the few times in her life where everything was still and quiet, and she savored these moments almost as much as she savored the time with her family. Plus, she hated showering with the rest of the team. She just laid there in the soft grass, the only green thing around for miles thanks to magic, and stared up at the stars. Until her cell phone rang. With a groan, Leanna sat up and looked at the caller ID. It was her assistant and PR lady, Joan. With a heavy sigh, Leanna stood up and answered it as she started toward the locker rooms. "Hey Joan. What's up?" She entered through the door and listened carefully. Hearing no one still around, she grabbed her duffel bag out of her locker. Joan continued chatting away, about the signing she was doing next weekend with the rest of the team and about the plans for the one year anniversary fundraising event they were doing for the charity in a couple weeks, but Leanna was only half listening. After a few seconds, Joan said something that made her do a double take. "Wait, who is coming to the event? Did we invite her? Oh yeah of course she invited herself, that figures... I know she has a lot of money, Joan. But I guess if she wants to throw it at Muggleborn kids in need, I'm not going to complain." Leanna dug her clothes and soap out of her bag and turned the showers on. "Okay Joan I gotta go. Talk to you tomorrow." The hot shower helped to soothe Leanna's aching muscles and still her thoughts, at least for a few minutes. Then she got dressed and sat down on the bench, getting out her phone again. She looked around for a second, then opened up the stupid dating app she'd signed up for. It was a Muggle one, so no body would recognize her at least. Leanna wasn't necessarily looking for love. In fact she had clarified in her bio that she was specifically looking for friends and maybe more. But she'd be lying to herself if she didn't kind of hope it would happen... "No matches... of course..." she grumbled under her voice, and was so engrossed with her swiping that she didn't hear anybody else come in.
  12. Calling, Calling Home

    Alright! I've been swinging my mind a bit on potentials, mostly surfing information (Because, really, of course I would be the one to forget key dates and information about my characters for a sliver of a moment. XD) Old Tally Connections: The first one that pops up is @Jonathan Azai, He was a Sturt (A couple of years ahead of Leanna) But he kept to the backscene of things, too much attention and notice hadn't been a thing he wanted or should've been bringing to himself considering circumstances. It wouldn't be any form of a secret that he'd been a Half-Fae either, the unique pattern of his eyes pretty much gives it away. While I wouldn't think they'd count as friends, I'd say acquaintance enough to be aware? He would've been considered a pretty stereotypical 'Silent Bad Boy' type, the reserved nature he had at that time being a pretty key identity point for him back in Tallygarunga. As well as someone who'd have been known to class with Purists from time to time given the Half-Breed portion, a commonality there I would imagine! This way maybe a stretch? I dunno! But there is also the recently hired Elemental Magic Professor @Derrick Ackers He'd be in the same situation of a few years ahead but he also had been a Spencer, around the time Jezebel had been, known for hanging out with her from time to time. Most likely to be known and voted as, 'The guy who'd burn a building down.' with his fascination with fire and the various uses that he could slap to it. Equally known to be a bully ejector of sorts, setting their text books on fire or entire bags, he may not have attacked an actual student but having them fail in class due to lack of material is equally as bad! He'd have been one of the heavy pranksters in the Spencer House. @Cole Lin Is potentially possible as well! She'd have been ahead of him by Four years, A Flinder's during his time and while he wasn't so much 'High Bubbly', There's an optimism towards things turning out alright with a bit of effort and hammering. He's the kind of guy to believe that kindness is an important way to show respect but also to show that a person is a person no matter what their state of existence, belief, or blood. While he is a Pureblood he doesn't believe in the purist regime, finding that it is a heavy extreme that paints everyone involved in a negative and horrid light. Depending on when she started VMU (If she just graduated within the last year.) Then they could've crossed paths there too, while he isn't taking a Magical Education degree, the focus of his degree would most likely intersect with a few classes. Future Splotting Connections: @Tyson McKennis Is probably the more likely start, A recent graduate from Tallygarunga who played Quidditich for Bourke House and the School time as a Chaser and part-timed other roles when necessary. The sense of dedication and need to establish himself as a commodity to survive has led to him constantly enhancing and improving his skill and usefulness of the field which had not only granted him a scholarship into VMU and other Universities but a few offers from International Teams. There hasn't yet been a decision on whether or not he'd take those offers and is trying to leverage each one bit by bit in his favor, to better his chances on being able to afford an actual roof over his head due to his home circumstances. While he currently attends VMU he's doing so under the degree of Law Enforcement, trying to keep his rear covered with a degree of some sort in case Quidditich doesn't pan out or the unspeakable occurs. @Vale Windum This man is someone pretending to be a Human, he doesn't let on that he's an actual Fae nor that he's also a thief against the rich. What is known, however, is that he's recently stepped into Australia and has been investing in charities, benefits, and organizations that are aimed at assisting the oppressed or those without a home to call their own. Considering Leanna's own hand in starting up something along those lines, there is the potential recent offer of monetary assistance to help keep that kind of program running. @Marcus Carsen He's a Journalist, One known well enough in the Melbourne circle since he produces his own Newsletter and hires various types of artists and freelancer's to fill it up as human interest pieces. Leanna's effort's for the Charity would be something that he'd want to place out a big informative piece on, something that he'd find shouldn't go unnoticed and the efforts of the few that sacrificed to make such a thing workout. A way to highlight not only the struggles and intentions but to also show others that things are being done and that it'd been an important component to the community and future productiveness to society as a whole.
  13. a sunset in a frame

    I can offer @Evangeline Cunningham if you are up for a thread! Eva was sheltered by wealthy parents as well and they can explore the school and surrounding areas maybe! She is new to Australia and thus knows literally nothing about the place which could always make for some fun adventures as well.
  14. Charlie #3

    She gave a visible grimace at the sound of "big family". Families were complicated. Messy. Nothing she'd had a good experience with, and the prospect of being surrounded by children sounded awful to her. He seemed to accept her second name, and that was okay by her. It was just a name. Tonight she would be Liana. Tomorrow she would go back to being Mercedes and back to dealing with all of Mercedes's problems. Like Tyler. And Lillian's inconvenient visits to remind her of unwanted duties elsewhere. She wished she had stayed gone. Lived wholly in this world forever. Not a great life, but one she at least understood. One she could at least do. And she didn't need him to buy the drink, no---that was the single advantage to the other life. For once she had access to money. It was a sport. Seeing if she could get him to supply the drink. Measuring herself by the responses she got. Worthy, unworthy? The more effort it took to convince them, the less of an ego boost it was. He was interesting, though. She felt that she might actually enjoy trying to persuade this one. A mental gymnastics skipping through the boundaries between pleasant conversation and flirtatious advances, he could probably play the game well. He had a sense of charm about him. He had a way of refusing that didn't feel like a rejection. Interesting. "Stuart." She let the name roll off her tongue, her accent foreign where she forgot to pull it in line. Vaguely French. She turned her head when she blew smoke, at least a little considerate. "I would have to say you're a strong chance, Stuart. Right look. Right attitude. You have a way with words. A little too much soul left in you yet," she took her drink, downing in smoothly. Mercedes made chugging a drink look like an elegant move worthy of the Queen of England. The glass back down, she batted her eyelashes coyly at Stuart. "And what in exchange for the next one, Mr Minister?"
  15. Complete You Just Might Need You a Towel or Two (Jan 3rd 2019)

    Nox Ntonni
    Any internal nerves or anxiety that haunted Nox that day began to fall away with a roll of their shoulders since Adam seemed perfectly content to either just get soaked in the rain or to herd the Longhursts onto the boat—which eliminated any awkwardness around Nox swimming off to finish their last day on the reef. At least until the family splashed their way under the boat's puddle-littered awning and Aiden asked about the 'gilly dive'. Nox opened their mouth to answer only to close it into a thoughtful pout as the boat rocked and their arm got caught in a vice-like grip. They raised a brow and looked down at Aiden. Was this a sign of things to come or was Aiden just not good with boats? The ranger manager's chipper voice broke the silence, "You just eat some fresh, local gillyweed and go for a dive. Just need to get you some togs, suppress your gag reflex, and you're good to go." After Cass spoke up, a confident grin crawled across Nox's lips as they looked over at her and added, "Sure! I can just transfigure all a' yuh clothes into wetsuits for a while, if you want." Then they tapped Aiden on the shoulder with a free hand and gestured to the padded benches the other workshop attendees sat on. "Sittin' might be easier 'dan standing?"
  16. Complete Old Prejudices, New Blood [May 13th, 2018]

    Holly Bennett
    The kiss was an impulse, one that she would likely look back on and cringe at. That was until he responded. Memories of their time together in school flooded back at that, reminders of why they got far enough to actually conceive a child together. A child she never told him about and most likely would not have if this situation hadn’t arose. A situation Holly would have much preferred she and her child not get into. “Maybe, but a thank you is always polite.” she said softly, heeding the words he said next about taking Saffron too the hospital. “Okay.” she turned too walk towards where their daughter was, stopping only too listen to what Jon had to say next. A small sad smile crossed her lips at his words before she responded with “I’m not sure if that will actually help.” Then she crossed the distance between herself and her child, picking up the small child and turning back towards Jon for a moment “Bye.” then with a simple turn on the spot, she separated away from Jon and too the hospital. -exit Holly/fini-
  17. +.LostGirl's Splotter

    Hey there, It's your friendly neighborhood Kai! Here with the plotting ideas! I suppose the most obvious start would be bring up Alexander Winfield. He's a recent addition into Tallygarunga at the start of the currently ending year, sorted into Spencer House. He's pretty much the friendly and optimistic sort with a strike of mischievousness when the moment and mood strikes. Which could be dependent on how he's physically feeling and if he could manage the random pranking thoughts that flood his mind. His real angle, aside from an interest in medicine is music. Going as far as to actively perform at random gigs and perhaps a live radio show or TV segment here and there. I can see Alex trying to be a kind of an older friend who tries to help him out when he can, given that he's willing to enter the library that is pretty much an area that Alex considers his 'stomping grounds'. Probably even checking in on Kelton to make sure he wouldn't be taking on too much by helping others, a kind of trait that Alex himself has that almost always ends up crashing on him due to the large efforts he makes. Something he'd want to try to help others with a similar trait avoid, if possible. There is also Travis Franklin. He is much more rooted in Tally in terms of his years in the school, a sixth year about to be on his way into the Seventh. While he's in Bourke and not entirely the sporty sorts due to the fact it'd most likely out his condition as a werewolf, he does find the art of sketching people at random a kind of sport. It is one of the few things he's dedicated to, the other being flirting with nearly anything with a skirt due to issues within himself. While he'd be distant in a friendship, he tends to be loyal enough that he is fond of those kinds of bonds. It's possible that Travis and Kelton could be friends in passing, especially since Travis tends to watch Quidditich matches to try and sketch them in active motion. A form of challenge for himself to see if he could accurately see the movements and motions in highspeed flight.
  18. 1999

    Why hello there, guess I'll try to suggest things outside the obvious! Samantha Hammond She's a ray of sunshine whom goes above and beyond to befriend absolutely anyone - I feel like these two would be fast friends. While she's a Bourke, she hangs out with everyone anyway and is all over the place, so that's not an issue. She's also an excellent people reader and oppressively selfless. She's about to take on her fifth year in Tally, making Alyona her senior. Rachel Ryan My little jerk of a Sturt (or one of my Sturts, anyway), she has a bad attitude towards everyone and everything, most of the time completely unwarranted. An Irish girl with a very sharp tongue and an extensive profanity vocabulary, she's easily antagonizable. She could either be perceived as a bully, or have the very alien thing of 'making an actual friend' happen to her, depending on how you wish to go about it. Meadow Richards Not only a fellow fifth year and a Flinders, but also someone whom (secretly) wishes to pursue medicine! While this isn't a known fact, per se, it's very obvious she has a talent for that sort of thing, so perhaps they may bond over it. She is friendly and dislikes conflict in general, so enmity isn't to be expected. However, as per her own parents, Meadow might find it difficult to bring herself to hang out with Ona outside of Tally. I have various others, but most aren't in Narrie in a permanent fashion/wouldn't have a particular reason to approach Ona (that I can see anyway), and my other Sturt wouldn't either. Regardless, check my splotter to see if you get any other ideas if you want~
  19. The Other Mirror

    "You want something?" Millea's voice rang out through the sparsely-decorated house. It wasn't much to look at, really, Millea never did have a taste for fine living. She had always leaned toward what was practical. Near everything was in dark greys or black, the few decorations she did own hadn't seen any dusting in decades. Lillian sighed, trailing a finger along a dark counter-top as she moved deeper into the home, a glossy black line in a sea of dust. "Polite company would offer a greeting before questioning the nature of a visit," Lillian said, pausing at the entry to what she assumed must be a living area. It appeared to be more a collection of junk spread across the floor, books and bits of metal. A small space in the corner where Millea possibly sat from time to time. Millea herself was crouched among the junk, assembling pieces of---goodness knew what. Evidently it wasn't working for her, and the parts tossed to the ground in frustration before she lifted her vibrant gold eyes to Lillian and stood up. "Polite company wouldn't barge in uninvited," Millea countered, crossing her arms. "Besides. I don't much care to know how you are. I certainly don't intend to welcome you into my home. So why are you here, what do you want, and how can I get you to leave?" Lillian closed her eyes a moment, taking a breath to steady herself against her sister's abrasive retorts. "I had a message for you," she said. "I tried sending you a letter." "I got it," Millea shrugged. "I got all of them." "And?" Lillian leaned forward. "And what?" "You never replied," Lillian's frown deepened. "Not to a single one." "I didn't want to," Millea picked her way back through the clutter of junk on the floor, lifting up a pile of dusty envelopes and extending it toward Lillian. "Did you come to fetch them back?" "No, I came for your answer," crossing her own arms, Lillian simply stared at the bundle of letters. None of them were opened. When it was clear that Lillian would not take them, Millea let them drop onto the floor. "Not interested. Are you satisfied yet?" Millea raised an eyebrow. "How can you know you're not interested when you've not even bothered to read them!" Lillian snapped. Millea had a gift for irritating her. It had always been so, though more recently it had become more troublesome as the rift between the sisters widened and grew more bitter. "I have a son, Lea. He means to take his acceptance. I hoped you would help." "You hoped wrong, Lian." Millea watched as Lillian's expression shifted from irritation to despair. "You didn't go and promise them that I would come to help, did you?" "No," Lillian murmured back. "Only that I was still trying to find you." "Ah, truthful as always," Millea barked a sour laugh. "And not one of them thought it odd that you, my twin, had misplaced me? In all these centuries have you ever not known precisely where to find me? Would that you could not know. You only make use of the information when you want something," "And you make use of it not at all," Lillian's retort came with some hurt. Millea only laughed. "Knowing where you are is not the same as wishing to be around you," she said smoothly. "Congratulations on the family you wanted so terribly. You can leave now." "Lea, he means to make use of Xavi!" the name was enough to get Millea's attention. Lillian knew it would be. She'd hoped not to have to use it. Though briefly off-balance, Millea caught herself well, and tried to shrug off the information. "Not while Thia breathes, I imagine." "From what I understand, it's Thia's idea," Lillian swallowed. Millea's expression only darkened further. "Is it? Or is it some design of your making, so complex your players believe they have the ideas of their own volition?" the words hissed out of her mouth. "First Neurie then Nharae, now Xavi too? And you would have this done, what----with Thia and myself also in attendance? I am not the fool you think, Lian. Your workings have the stench of a family reunion. I'll have none of it." "So you would have my son die, then?" "That is the natural way of it, yes," "And what of the barrier, Lea? You will ignore and let that perish too?" "Yes, Lian," Millea threw up her hands in frustration. "It is beyond time that happened." "Without that barrier, it will be only days before it is found," Lillian wanted to shake her sister. She had a feeling Millea felt much the same. "We gave them protection that they might survive, now you mean to take that from them?" "They did not need our protection. We intervened, we should not have," Millea tried to keep her tone calm. "Enough survived without us. Thrived without us. All we did is section them off from the world, and disallowed them the chance to progress with it. For what, Lian? So you could feel in your rightful place in guiding them? Even that did not satisfy you. You had to be among them. One of them." "Why is that so terrible?" "Because it is not our place, Lian," Millea sighed. "Even now you talk about your son, your legacies, as if they have some right to your power. What is it you aim for here, Lian? To build us a thousand-strong? We do not belong here. You mixed your blood with theirs and doomed them to a life unknown. You seek to reunite the six bloods, you cling desperately to a piece of land where your name and purpose is known and I ask you sister, what for? Surely you knew that there was never a place for us here? Our existence is against the natural law. Yet everything you do, you move to create what was left behind." "And wasting a life to find the way back is less foolish?" Lillian gestured to the junk and books across the floor. "This is our home now. It has been for centuries, it must continue to be. We left with reason, Lea, there is nothing to go back to." "Then you are determined, Lian? You will not cease your reckless assault on the balance of this world?" "I will do what must be done to find our place here, Lea," Lillian murmured. "You are similarly determined to return to what was lost long ago?" "I am," Millea replied firmly. "And we remain at an impasse." "I had hoped some years would put sense into you," Lillian frowned. "I had hoped the same of you," Millea shrugged. The fight was gone from both of them. Lillian looked away, though her expression would only betray what her mind already had. What she knew of Millea's mind also. Their goals had driven them apart, but their souls longed for the days where they had worked as one. She missed Millea, and knew Millea missed her as much. But neither would be commanded by that feeling, and held steadfast to their paths. Lillian turned, and began the quiet walk back to the door. "I hope your son survives," Millea called after her. Lillian paused, and looked back. "Me too," she said while fading out. "Me too."
  20. It's not what it seems

    Zane Nedvidek
    ”It is settled then. We must act soon. He’s far too capable of finding information that he wants. I am almost positive that he has people watching your family.” Zane furrowed his brow, frustrated at himself for allowing any of this to happen. ”You talk to Lillian, and I will do what I can on my end. Honestly, finding out about my daughter might be the thing that does it.” Zane said, and then he went pale. The dream state began to fade. ”He’s here. I must go.” Zane said, looking away a moment before returning his gaze to Lorelei. ”If it is any consolation to you, I am sorry. For everything that has happened. And also, thank you.” And with that statement, Zane woke up.
  21. The other side

    "Having a family did it? I was almost positive that I've always been this way." Jason said with a slight laugh. In truth, Eudoxia brought the corny behavior out of him. It was part of the whole being in love thing. When she mentioned how they had created a monster, and what he had said, Jason chuckled. "He certainly gets a sense of fashion from you. Definitely not me. I didn't have a fashion sense before you." Which was true. She actually got him really nice clothing to wear. Before her, he would have worn t shirts and jeans to just about anything. "We really haven't been in a while, have we?" Jason looked around at every thing. "Let's dance right here. RIght now." He said, extending his hand to her.
  22. Tasty's Troops

    Hoity Doity! After filtering through a few of my characters I can think of @Marcus Carsen as a potential Friend-ish person? While he isn't in the Law Enforcement career, exactly, a lot of his work essentially revolves around that as he is an Investigative Journalist. He probably would stop into VMU from time to time for clarification of facts with a few people in the Law department (As typically they have friends of friends that are somehow involved or close enough to hear details that he'd need to hammer out before chasing after them.) He's also a well known contact for a few Auror's as his information and work is typically on the up and up unless things have changed after he had acquired the information. @Jonathan Azai is a criminal through and through strictly for the fact that it's obvious that he is man in charge of some form of front. (No person should have a collection of goons around him in a club or restaurant or club just taking them out for a celebration, am I right?) Yet, no crimes can be effectively linked to him due to the way that he handles his particular 'mandate'. He isn't needlessly malicious but he is dangerous, so perhaps a future Criminal or even a Rival in the sense that he prizes order and a prefers to handle things in a less hazardous way to his "Company".
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