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  1. Today
  2. She was nervous, anxious really, this strange person was talking to her and she was sure she looked like an idiot, not only did she bump into him he was nice enough to ask her if she was alright and yet she continued to act like someone who couldn’t even interact normally with people, it wasn’t just weird, it was ridiculous. He was smiling at her, or did he just find her amusing? Perhaps he was trying to be polite and not laugh at her face? Bella had to take another deep breath to push her thoughts away, he didn’t know her, she hadn’t done anything ridiculous and therefore she didn’t have to worry about anything. His words said one thing, her mind went straight to the opposite, but with some strength, Bella was able to ignore her brain. When he spoke, her brain wanted her to run, but perhaps this was one of those times where she had to ignore it and push through. “T-thank you.” She said with a shy smile, avoiding eye contact at all costs. “Some tea would be nice.” She said, trying to remain calm. “Really Bella? Why did you say yes? Why? He’ll think you’re taking advantage of his generosity, you idiot.” She thought to herself. She had to admit the sound of his voice didn’t quite make her want to dig a hole and hide, it could simply be his presence, it was still making her nervous, but the nervousness was slowly fading, almost like it was natural. She nodded at his question, she didn’t know how to put it but she could try. “It’s like…when a toddler goes to a place and suddenly when older revisits that place and there’s a feeling of familiarity? It’s ridiculous but…” she said not knowing how to continue, trying to explain something that it was a feeling and not a fact wasn’t as easy as she thought it would be, especially since she hated talking about feelings, it made her look weak, an easy prey like her mother once made her feel. Bella followed his gaze and looked at the establishment and then looked at him before pointing at the door without saying a work, still quiet as a mouse she nodded at him, perhaps he could help her understand what that was all about. She moved inside quietly, he was being too generous, she should suspect him but whatever it was that weird feeling she felt a need to trust him. She had never been inside such a place, she looked around feeling a bit out of place and slightly underdressed for the occasion, compared to some she looked homeless. “Wow…” she commented as her eyes seemed to dance around the room examining everything that surrounded her. “Holy shit! I look homeless.” She thought as she waited for the man who she bumped into to choose a table, she had no idea how to behave in a place like that.
  3. Liv had completely forgotten that Jaime’s family lived in Narrie, perhaps she should pay more attention to her friends. “Oh god, I completely forgot about it, I’m so sorry.” She replied to him completely embarrassed over her failure as a friend. She was probably one of the worst friends someone could ask for. “But it sounds good but my offer stands, if you need me you know how to reach me, even if it’s a 4am emergency.” She spoke. The last thing she wanted was her friends thinking they couldn’t count on her for anything. “How is your family by the way? I haven’t seen them in a while.” She commented. She knew his sister, not very well as they only chatted a few times, they were friendly enough with each other but if Liv was to see her on the street she wasn’t sure she could recognize the woman.
  4. Mark didn't seem too bothered by his friend's stuttering; in fact, he was used to it. Instead, he just smiled at Bella as she spoke. "Alright, don't mind if I do then." Reaching for a cookie, he caught it between his teeth before moving to get back up to a standing position. After a bite, he nodded towards her while covering his mouth as he chewed. "Mm, delicious. Thanks." When he was done with that bite, he waved her off. "It's okay though, I'll handle it, just let me know what you want. Instead, I'll put you in charge of checking if there's anything interesting on TV. You're gonna take a break from writing now." He didn't want her working while the two were relaxing, at least. "What do you say, sounds fair?" Cooking would be a cinch anyway. "Oh, and let me know if Jester wants something while I'm at it." He couldn't ask the creature directly - Parseltongue was quite distinguishable from human speech. It was quite unfortunate that he couldn't communicate with the snake when Bella was around.
  5. Bella nod at his question. It wasn’t uncommon for most of their housemates to be out, although it was understandable that Mark didn’t know everyone’s schedule, only someone as crazy as Bella would go through the trouble of knowing everyone’s schedule in order to avoid them. Bella didn’t mind Mark as much as she minded everyone else, besides, Jester seems to be quite fond of her friend. Upon hearing his question there was a hidden smile on her lips, which quickly fades when he got back into the living room. “If we both do it we’ll finish quicker.” She commented. As she spoke Jester leaned on his head for Mark to rub it, the snake seemed to be enjoying it a lot. “I wonder why Jester likes Mark so much, but then again Mark is the only one in this house that likes Jester besides me.” She thought as she smiled. When Mark spoke about the cookie she looked at him slightly disappointed. “I..I do-don’t mean to butt in, but, you should eat more but no, it’s not cheating luck, since you’ll be eating.”
  6. Yesterday
  7. Jamie shook his head when Olivia apologized for not being very present for a while. He didn't mind it that much - each person had their own lives after all. He was more concerned over how touchy Alex would be of the subject. The two knew each other after all even if not particularly close, and his twin was very touchy pertaining abandonment due to past trauma. He'd probably have to break the news to her beforehand and withstand the brunt of the incoming storm. As she went on with the offer, he couldn't help but picture in his head how horrified his manager would be if he knew of such a thing. It was easily to file it as 'forbidden' before even making an attempt at it or asking if he could, but he decided not to bring it up like that. "Thanks, but I probably should remind you my mom lives in Narrie as well." He said with a chuckle. "I can always ask my cousin Cole to take me there too and we'll hang out. Sounds good? I'll let you know when I have a day off."
  8. "That's good, fine is good!" Even though he offered uplifted words, he hadn't been entirely sure the woman had been actually fine. Or perhaps he'd been reading the way her voice had sounded? Was there a hint of nervousness or was she simply a shy sort? Vale found himself wondering more on the kind of person she'd been, someone beyond a simple tickle in the magical atmosphere for him, that was obvious enough. He kept a friendly smile stretched, his eyes purposefully avoided staring towards hers for any long period of time during the brief inspection he'd been going through. It did seem like the thorough examination of sorts had been weighing on her nerves too. That had been the last thing he wanted to occur, it had usually been the response to flee when one reached their threshold of handling something. This meant a much more covert approach to attempt to offer a far more comforting atmosphere. Finding the strength to keep her voice strong had brought to mind that the issues she'd been dealing with in social situations had probably been around long enough for her to develop techniques to keep on the proper track. A thoughtful enough hum resonated from him as the hypothesis struck through his mind. "Uncertainty, That's fine, it happens." He wasn't sure how to approach the subject, the situation that'd been handed to both of them had only been unique in that not many Fae moved from their mounds and even less found their way to illegitimate members of their family. Of course, he couldn't simply leave her ignorant, if she'd been unaware of her magical potential as one of the inheritor's of the Fae magic. "How about I treat you to something? Maybe not coffee that might make you extremely jittery." A jittery ball of anxiety didn't seem like the best way to go, something that urged a much more relaxed connection to the body would be preferred, he figured. "Some tea? Maybe a glass of juice?" This also placed him in a further awkward situation, not just as someone whose never been in a position to guide someone but in that telling information freely came with heavy difficulty. It hadn't been the kind of thing he offered, not with the capacity of silence and secrecy that his choice of job demanded. "If I'm right you're feeling something 'familiar', something you can explain because it's to a face you don't know, right? Completely natural, or so I hear anyways." Vale's gaze turned towards the establishment he'd just left and stepped slightly back, an arm lengthened to try and usher the way towards the door. "I'll try to explain and in the same way, I'll need you to fill me in on a bit of information!" He allowed a good natured laughter to flow from him, as if it had been the most natural thing in the world. "Don't worry about buying anything either, it's on me."
  9. "Out on a Sunday? I see. I guess everyone must be working hard." Mark couldn't help but smile a little with pride. He wasn't particularly close with their fellow apartment sharers either, but that didn't mean he didn't wish them the best. Seeing as he didn't have to leave to buy groceries, he decided to take off his light jacket. The Summer was coming to an end, and with it, the intensely warm weather. "I can cook up something for us if you want. What would you like?" He spoke as he walked across the main room of the house, headed to his own bedroom. Opening the door, he chucked his jacket over to his bed and kicked his shoes off before making his way back outside. It was then that he went to Bella, taking support on an arm rest while leaning his hand over to Jester's head, unafraid to rub the top of it - as if he didn't expect the danger to be bitten at all. "I'll take a cookie though, if that's okay. Didn't eat much in the morning. Though does that count on cheating lunch at this hour...?"
  10. The shock from the bump was unexpected, especially when the man touched her shoulder, an innocent touch, anything anyone would have done to help another, surprisingly she didn’t flinch like she usually would have. She tried to remain calm and after a few deep breathes she was able to face the man she had bumped into. She nodded at his question unsure if she should vocalize it or not, what would he think? She was probably some weirdo who was walking around without noticing people. “Y-yes..I-I’m fine.” She finally spoke while trying to relax. After a while she began to relax, the man didn’t seem as intimidating as he once did, that was until he stared at her, was he seeming something strange in her? Did she have something on her face? She looked at one of her hands and it was clean, no paint from the sheet she was carrying so maybe it wasn’t something on her face. His voice caught her off guard and she looked up again. “N-no…it’s alright.” Her voice seemed steady, but she was anxious. She desperately looked around the location for three things that made her comfortable and touched her papers with her other hand, she has no idea if such a thing actually worked but it was starting to calm her down, so she had to at least acknowledge that it wasn’t completely useless. His comment made her curious, why would she have met him before? Maybe she had seen him around, there was some sort of warm feeling but perhaps it was just her mind playing tricks on her, maybe he had been to Narrie? It wasn’t impossible, her grandparents did own a bookstore even if it sounded ridiculous someone traveling all the way to Narrie to buy a book that could be easily found in Melbourne. “I-I don’t know actually...” she replied, would she lie her way out of this situation like she usually does, or should she be honest? The decision was a hard one to make. “Maybe? I-I do-don’t know…I can’t say I’ve seen you, but I might have, j-just…I feel like it…it’s stupid, nevermind.” She simply didn’t know how to put it, she could feel some form of magic but she didn’t know if it was simply her imagination going a wild.
  11. Last week
  12. "Thank you, I really appreciate the time you've taken with me to talk about a few of the details. Have to make sure we hammer it down, right?" A smooth smile creased along Vale's face as he stepped to the side and allowed a stream of well-dressed people pass by him, a few were clearly not human either with the small area being known as a place where a lot of Magical creatures tended to visit and congregate amongst themselves. Another business deal sealed, a charity donated towards for the benefit of the downtrodden and those in severe need of expensive resources. He weaved a hand through his hair and let out a small laugh. "It seems I've at least managed to plug up a few holes within the community but no amount of green will really help out the full extent of the necessities and change." Part of him wished there'd been another way, but this had been the extent of a helping hand that he could offer. The rest of it, the hard labored efforts, the programs and continual interactions had to be left up to those with the passionate fire within. He'd just started to walk ahead until he stopped, there'd been a small flux of energy that'd been familiar yet foreign. An eyebrow piqued upwards, that wasn't possible, was it? No amount of thoughts could dissuade him, however, that the presence of magic had been one of his line, directly at that. Someone that hadn't been too far removed, harboring enough of a spark that the magic in the blood had been potent enough to be usable. What had the odds been? His head shook lightly. 'No, It is as the Elder always stated. Magic calls to magic, though we think we escape it, there it will be when we least expect it.' One thing had been for sure, he did least expect this and even had been caught off guard by the fact it'd been growing closer until the person collided into him. It set off mental alarm bells as he turned around smoothly, a hand reached out lightly to lean a light but balanced grasp on her shoulder in case she needed that extra leg up to steady herself. "You're fine there, no problem on my end. You took the bigger hit, are you okay?" His hand retreated away and settled at his side. It'd been her, she felt and harbored that magical presence that had been tethered to him. His head tilted slightly the side as he inspected the young woman, hiding it under the guise of making sure she hadn't harmed herself from the impact. Her features had been familiar but difficult to determine, it threw him off more that he actually may have a child that had been wandering about, unguided and forced to deal with the world of Man. "I'm sorry, I've probably been staring like some weirdo," His hand rose up and he waved lightly as he made the small self-barb. "Mostly trying to figure out if we've met before." He knew the answer to it, but he had needed to see how much of her Fae intuition tugged in recognition of him before he could continue forward with anything else.
  13. "You don't have to sit in it, just be with it, and you'll find that eventually it doesn't bother you as much because it's just how things are," Stuart said gently, though he understood the feeling and knew that while people expected certain reactions and things, they also knew that everyone did things their own way. He wanted to say that she wouldn't get judged, but her track record hadn't been the best to date. Admittedly, while with Dave, people had seen another side of the woman, one that they liked, one that had become a part of the community, whether she realised that or not. "No one will think that you didn't love him, or deserved him, Adele. Everyone saw how good he was for you, and how much you cared about him. They know he was happy before he died, and that's what's important," The man offered a light smile and reached over to wrap an arm around her shoulders, giving Del a strong side-hug for a brief moment. "And no one expects a person to mourn forever either. People move on at their own paces, some are able to find some comfort in others a lot more easily than others," Stuart knew for a fact that he was not one of those who found it easily in other people. He did miss the companionship of just having someone to share with, but he'd also had enough of being burned by those who didn't appreciate him or felt like they couldn't give as much to a relationship as he did. The man didn't even want to think about how long it had been since he'd been with someone, though he knew that the last one was Nicole, and that was a few months before she'd been attacked and their baby had died. A single eye winced briefly with the thought and he tipped his drink back to gulp the whole lot before indicating for another. "He wouldn't want you to feel lonely, Del. I mean, he probably wouldn't relish the idea of any other man even touching you either, but more so he wouldn't want you to be lonely and depressed and potentially doing something stupid because you just need some basic human comfort," Stu nodded lightly as he reached for the refreshed drink, "So, I guess you should do you then." He murmured, brows lifting, "I only wanted to make sure that you weren't going to do something stupid anyway, because of that promise I made. But you seem to be of sound mind in what you're looking for." The man nodded, and glanced around the room a little. "I mean, I can't say there's much besides a bunch of young pussies in this place, but at least you wouldn't have to worry about contending with an equal force. You'd be the boss of whatever happened," Stuart snickered to himself, "Play out those strict librarian fantasies for them." A cheeky waggle of his brows was followed by another swig of his drink, "But, if you want, then I can leave you to your fishing."
  14. Jason nodded. She truly had seen some horrible people in her day as well. He missed the dog too. Sometimes a little too much. That dog had been with him his entire life. Perhaps, though, it was about time for a new one. "Let's have another one. A dog, a mean. Not a kid. Not sure we can handle yet another one right now." He said, chuckling. Besides, a dog would be good for the kids as well. It had been great for him. When she asked if he'd eaten, he nodded. "I had a sandwich from the cafeteria today. Nothing too special, but it was enough. No need to reheat anything right now." He said, and pulled her in for a close embrace. "After all of this is over, and Sollozzo is found. After this case is closed. It might be time for me to take a step back. Hire a new deputy head of the department. Let them be more hands on, and I can be more of a face for the department, you know? I'm turning forty this year, and I feel as though I'm in my sixties." Jason looked down into her eyes. It's time to focus on things here."
  15. It had been moving day! Not for him, of course, that was something he didn't need to worry about for the next few months, no. He had been helping Remi move into a much better and roomier immobile trailer that hadn't been that far away from her old one, but in a much nicer and well-kept section of the park. He'd grabbed the last few bits of boxes that needed to be transported and those had been the heavier ones out of those carried over and placed in her new home. Albeit, heavier for those that didn't have the slight advantage as he did, using the full extent of his physical capabilities to lift up the boxes in one go, stacked one on top of the other. The full moon had been around the corner, only a few more days, that meant his body had already been primed for the change and a much more hulking strength than usual had been at his beck and call to access in the short term. This also meant, unfortunately, the texture of his skin had been pale and clammy. It'd been similar to the day of the School dance at the end of last year, except much more noticeable given the relative closeness to the moon's full view for him. As he entered into the trailer home he set the heavy boxes on the floor and then began to pick each one up and partition them off towards, what he assumed anyway, would be the right area based on the labels written on the boxes. "Okay, let's see! We've got your living room stuff, kitchenware, bedsheets and the like, hm. . . Oh, right, and the box of clothes." He walked around giving a quick checkless to make sure that he hadn't forgotten anything. "I think that's everything! Anything we forgot I can always run back and get it or. . . Just buy something new all together, always good to have a shopping spree." It seemed a few things had already been taken out and set up too, he wasn't entirely sure where she'd want the rest of the things but at least she had everything that could be considered a necessity. "After a good wash down of this place, setting it all nice and neat the way you like it, we can relax and pop some kind of movie in. It will be like a cooldown from a hard work out!" That being said, he stuck to assisting with the kitchenware and any appliances she may have had, it seemed less likely to be awkward compared to if he started to help her out with her clothes. He didn't want to be beaned in the head for picking up her panties without permission, after all!
  16. Bella left the house earlier for classes, she had a lot to do on that day, besides delivering a draft of the story she had been writing she had to go hunt for a decent birthday present, something that didn’t involve some crocheted fingerless mittens and she could also get some supplies for herself. Once the class was over she tried her best to avoid people and she had successfully managed to avoid everyone that could start a conversation with her she took a bus to the central business district, hoping to find not only a quality gift and to deliver the draft. She visited shop after shop, there was nothing remotely appealing, she was about to give up when she came across something that could be perfect. Upon buying the desired gift It was time to get paid for her work. The story about Miriam the Mermaid was over, she could finally get paid in full for the work she had been doing for the past month, now all she needed was to be hired to write another story, it wasn’t going to be easy, Bella didn’t like to beg for anything but in this case, she needed the job. Upon seeing a small place to eat, discrete enough for her taste, she made her way to it, mostly avoiding everyone, but not everyone, as she walked, distracted by the papers on her hands she bumped into someone, she was able to maintain her balance and everything she was holding, but when she looked up at the stranger she couldn’t help but to feel slightly intimidated by the person. “S..so..sorry..I-I…a-are you alright?” she asked the stranger.
  17. When Jaimie spoke she paid attention, if she could help an old friend she would do everything she could to do so but, was quite surprised at his proposition and sad as well, to think that he thought that he had been forgotten, perhaps that’s how he was feeling, but she also carried some of the blame. “Yes I will visit you more often, I’m sorry for being absent.” She spoke smiling at Jaimie. “I promise, from now on I will visit more often and if you need me you also know how to find me.” She spoke as she squeezed his shoulder slightly before removing her hand. She knew he could apparate without a license and last time they had spoken he hadn’t taken his, but maybe he just didn’t like it or had some problem with it. “Well, maybe sometime in the future I can take you to Narrie and I’ll show you what changed and what didn’t.” she proposed, she was sure it would be a fun experience. "My aunt still lives in the same old house but if you ever get a free weekend you can always stay there and I'll bring you back here on Sunday."
  18. The hand on Jamie's shoulder was enough to snap him back into focus and glance over at Olivia once again, and he couldn't help but smile just a bit with the comforting words. That was correct. No matter what happened, he'd still have his family, and his friends - those that remained, anyway. He could count on them to help out. He didn't necessarily like the idea, but it was certainly reassuring. "I think you can help, but it's somewhat unrelated to this." He finally replied. "Would you be against visiting more often? Everybody's at that stage of moving on with their lives and I'm kind of always here, by myself. Having a friend around would make me feel a bit better, I think." He finally took his own beverage with a cup, and after a light air cheering motion, he took a sip. "If that's okay, of course. I'd do the visiting, but..." Embarrassing. He never took his Apparition License. A bit odd for someone who practically traveled for a living. "...But, I'm not cleared to Apparate, so... Unless you side-along Apparate me elsewhere, I'm kinda stuck here."
  19. It was not easy still, she didnt like the long hours and She knew she had very little say in the matter for now. she smiled as she leaned up for the kiss taking a moment to enjoy his presence. "That is why you make the big bucks my dear." she could at least understand the fruestrations that he had coming off of the workday. She smiled at him and shrugged. "Well that and I am sure your last raise was becasue you dress so much better since you married that very intelligent woman." She added, she did like to think she had made all the difference. Though in reality, she was well aware he was the reason he had earned what he had. She nipped at her lip for a moment and nodded. "No, but i have seen my fair share of truly horrible people." She said as she looked at him and smiled. "We manage here, its nice to have some company even if they are just kids." she used to be at their home alone and that had never been fun. "As much as I trust the charms, i miss the dog, having that alert long before anyone even triggers a charm or dafety precaution." She was not suggesting anohther one, merely missing the dog they had. She even felt the cat missed the dog. "Have you eaten?" She asked. "I can reheat some leftovers."
  20. Elegant yet modest, a descriptor that Vale had given to the extent of decoration and effort to the scenario that the evening had been adorned in. A smooth gaze continued to inspect everything, from the walls and what hung on them, things that may have hung from the ceiling, tables and the cardholders that had been neatly placed at each table for the attendee's to reach where they had sat. He even went to the extent of perusing each person that he came across, wearing the usually smooth and friendly smile that seemed to be one of his many masks etched on in these kind of environments. Two-Hundred years masquerading around the world and events like these had always seemed to draw out the most common response out of him. He couldn't say faces had been 'familiar', not in the sense that many would've meant by it. There had been the few that he encountered for one reason or another since his return back to this part of the world. The few that had been met simply because circles eventually overlapped when it came to those that had money or something resembling status. Given it had been a benefit towards a charity quite similar to the kind of benefits that he often opened up himself, it seemed like a no-brainer that he would attend to see just how passionate and well-intentioned the true host of the event seemed to be on such a up-hill endeavor. Vale wore crimson suit that came along in a set: Coat, Vest, and Trousers that came to full completion with a black buttoned up shirt with the top button undone and without any form of tie as well as well polished black winged tip shoes. His hands smoothed along the coat several times before unbuttoning the front of it while he sat down at the table he'd been instructed to head to and leaned back into the chair and in the same motion slid a card from the holder to inspect it closely. 'So, this 'Joan' is managing the course of the charity. Interesting.' When Leanna's speech had started to unfold, he leaned forward onto the table with a single elbow, the face of his knuckles pressed against the side of his cheek and head tilted against it for further support. From what he could tell, she certainly didn't lack the passion or the well-intentioned nature that had been necessary to try and push through the obstacles that would come about. He marked that as a good sign that it held the potential to outlive its progenitor. Then his eyebrow arched upwards, amusement touched his face as she made the plea to reach out even towards the much more disenfranchised Half-Breed, especially in such a public setting with heavy wallets that littered the room. 'Hahaha, It's good to know that even I can still be impressed by the audacity of Humans. Very daring of her to attempt it.' It spoke much about her personal character and morals, which he admitted to himself a fondness for such a risk. To LeannaAfter the conclusion to the speech given he gave a modest clap, not dissimilar to that of golf clap. He still had to keep up appearances for the most part when it came to these kind of events. Then, the rise of the various members that formed into a swarmed crowd towards Leanna and even Joan for those that had been easily sold. Vale, however, took his time for a moment while the card danced between the edges of his fingers in a deft motion. There had always been a method to the sort of madness that crossed his ever playful mind, the first reason for his vigil in the uncomfortable chair had been to seek out a target for his own personal reason. There had been a few faces that seemed to emerge from his mind, those that seemed more aligned against the idea of Half-Breed's being assisted from the soured looks on their faces. He shrugged smoothly, the crowd around Leanna started to diminish only slight which meant now had been his time to make himself more known. Standing up he maneuvered through the various constant moving bodies and entered the wave of people. There were still too many to make a clean pathway through which meant it had been the time to be a bit childish, which he knew he excelled at performing. Without skipping a beat, one after another, he'd tap the shoulder of those he passed. Garnering their attention away enough to slip passed them in the line until he made it fully up to the front with a faux exhaust of air to pulse passed his lips. "I tell you, getting through the crowd is like a war in itself." His head lightly turned to look at the few who had managed to turn their attentions back only to find that they'd just lost a bit of space from the Lady of the Hour. A hand extended out towards Leanna and his smile grew with the confidence of a million jackasses. "Pleasure to meet you, Miss. Leanna. I'm Vale Windum, A Philanthropist that's pretty much known for dropping a few bit on these kind of charities and outreaches." If his hand had been taken he'd shake hers firmly, one that showed his respect for the amount of work and effort that had been made for the strides shown. Regardless, he'd continue on. "I have to say, that was pretty ballsy of you to drop in that bit about Half-Breeds in. One might even say a larger hit than it may seem." He tried not to think of how amusing he found it, that the few who had an issue with it had their night turned about. They still hadn't realized that he planned to make it far worse for them much later on, well, as long as he knew it! "But, you see, I'm a bit on the edge myself! You're going for a pretty ambitious step, for someone like myself who invests in not only those of half-breed status but also Non-Humans overall, it garners a lot of my interest. Just need a little bit of a push on the convincing train here. So, tell me. . ." Vale rose the card up to press against the surface of his lips, only the small smirk at the edges of his mouth showed, a playful yet friendly wink flowed as well. "How serious and dedicated to this are you? I don't mean just the effort, either. The ridicule, potential attacks both in your personal character and physically to the actual kids and maybe even yourself. Are you ready for that kind of battle and pain?" She didn't seem the type to be scared and run, no stranger to pain, even so. . . The plight of those that stood for those that many didn't deem as fully human or human at all had a different lot in life that many wouldn't understand until the cause had been brought to their steps. It had him wonder, how much of it had she stood in the way to see those pains and scars? Those that surrounded her with those ever present pains?
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  22. Bella was tense, and her heart was racing, she wouldn’t be able to stan the embarrassment if someone was to find her dancing with Jester. She turned to the voice and smiled at Mark, thank God it was just Mark, the only housemate she actually liked having around, she only tolerated the others, and would even tolerate them more if they weren’t so chatty. She looked at the clock and then at Mark. “Hey…I ... don’t think so.” she said. Unlike her Jester was watching Mark like a predator watches its prey. “I think we’re good...hmm…” she took a break from her sentence, wondering if Mark would even want cookies made by her, he could get much better cookies at the bakery. “I baked cookies if you want.” She finally said it like it was the hardest thing in the world to do. "Don't be stupid Bella, no one wants your cookies, only you..." she thought but decided to push them aside for a brief moment. “I wasn’t expecting anyone for lunch, so I didn’t even ... I didn’t even start it.” She said like she had done something wrong. “Everyone else is out by the way, in case you’re wondering.” She spoke. “Obviously he’s wondering, who would want to stay with her anyway? Mark probably wouldn’t mind? Or would he? He probably would.” She thought to herself.
  23. As with every Sunday, a Magizoology teacher requested his aid to grade assignments from the latest class. Mark had already graduated and moved on to Herbology, but his work was good enough that a few teachers decided to employ him in a recurring manner. It was what paid the bills and he wasn't going to complain. However, that day was a bit strange - he was called in, and when he got to where he was supposed to be, he was no longer needed and was left downstairs, staring at a door. Shrugging to himself, he quickly made his way back home. If he was lucky, he could be the one preparing lunch. Apparating to an alley near the apartment complex himself and his peers resided in, Mark made his way into it and up the stairs, until he reached the desired floor - he always preferred to take the long way anyway, to get some exercise in. Retrieving his enchanted key, he inserted it into the lock, turning it enough times to unlock the door and walk in. The faint music he had been hearing in the hallway became louder as he opened the door. He didn't mind it much at all. He shut the door once inside, looking around and spotting a familiar head of hair. "Hey, Bella." He greeted, too dense to realize anything else had been going on prior to his arrival. "Hm. I should've asked if we need groceries before I came back." He said, scratching his scruff beard. Good thing he hadn't taken his jacket off, he could just hop out immediately. "Do we need anything, or are we good?"
  24. Pity or care, it didn't really matter what the intent was. It was draining after a while, and she needed out for a while. At least he understood that much, and her defensive stance softened just a little. "Sitting in it doesn't help either," she pointed out. And that was the real danger of lingering in Narrie too much. "I don't know. It was the same when everything happened with Lauren... the first time. People just wanted me to be nothing but sad. Like it's the only thing of importance that ever happened in my life, like it was all that I am and everything I should be in the future too. Like if I ever smile again, it'll mean I never loved him, never deserved him, and far be it for me to give a shit what anyone thinks, but... I give a shit what they thought of him. I don't want him remembered as some fool who wasted his life on someone who moved on too fast after he was gone, but I can't spend the rest of my life in mourning, either." Adele sighed. Small towns were the worst. This was usually the point where she would have left for good, although if Adele was being honest with herself---that point had passed more than ten years ago, too. She was still here. She could keep coming up with reasons. It was for a new flame, for the kids, for that next thing that held her to this place against her will... but that wasn't true. She did love being part of Narrie. And hated it. But loved it. She turned to the bartender, ordering herself another drink, seeing as it appeared Stuart was having one. He couldn't chastise her for drinking alone, now. "I don't want to wait too long," she added softly. "It's going to be hard enough starting again. Any time I even consider it, it feels like I'm being unfaithful still---the more days that pass, the more it feels like breaking that drought would be betraying him. And the closer I get to doing something stupid out of sheer desperation." Adele frowned, snorting a small laugh out of her nostrils. "Which, if I recall correctly, is exactly how Lauren happened." Adele laughed again, a dry and humourless sound. "So here I am. In the city, fishing. In an attempt to not shit where I sleep this time."
  25. With the seats closest to Adele now emptied, Stuart commandeered one and took a spot next to the woman, before giving an upnod to the bartender and pointing out to the top shelf, scotch on the rocks. He then turned his gaze back to Del and lifted a brow as he listened to her, offering a small nod as he considered her words. He understood the feeling all too well, he'd had to deal with enough when Tanya had cheated on him and they'd split, and then when his newborn daughter died a number of years ago. "They mean well, and just want you to be alright. It's a smallish community, taking care of each other is what we do. It's not pity, it's care," Stu lifted a brow and then reached for his wallet to draw out a couple of twenties, and sat them on the counter. "But hey, I also understand wanting to get out of the town for a bit, to just try and pretend everything's alright and nothing's happened. But it has, and distractions aren't going to make moving on any easier." He had to chuckle a little as he was accuse of chasing off the fish and offered a small shrug, "Hey, not my fault they can't handle my sheer presence and power." Up came the guns, as he flexed them, before then dropping his arms with a goofy grin, "Anything you catch here is only going to feel empty later anyway. I mean... look at those boys, half of them probably don't even know what to do or are looking for a 'mummy figure' to tell them." He snickered quietly, but then wagged a finger at her. "And don't go doing that weird anti-aging thing either. Dave and I always agreed that the best you've ever looked is the older mum look, pjs and bare feet and all," Stuart smirked cheekily at the woman, before then snickering as she was reminded that she wasn't allowed to smoke inside. However, he considered her question, and then lifted his shoulders into a shrug before leaning his forearms on the counter. "I mean, as fun as the caveman style of tossing someone over my shoulder is, I've got no reason to scold you really, and I just got drink for myself so I'm in no hurry."
  26. Friday night in the city of Melbourne, loud and alight with people celebrating the end of the business week, Muggle and wizarding folk alike. The night was warm and thick, but no one here would ever pass up the opportunity to enjoy a few hours without the Sun high in the sky. But there were too many people out on the streets because they had no other place to be. Too many who never had a chance to celebrate, or anything to celebrate. And that's why Leanna was where she was tonight: in the event room of a luxury, high rise hotel. Joan had tried to take control of the benefit. She wanted to rent out a huge, expensive space and fill it with floating candles and hire people to decorate lavishly. She tried to hire really high end caterers, gourmet chefs, and a DJ of all things. She had even advised Leanna to hand out little gift bags to the people attending as a little incentive. They had argued about it over and over, but Leanna finally put her foot down. No way were they spending what money had already been donated on a fancy party just to impress the benefactors and kiss their asses. The money was for kids, the benefit was to help the kids. Period. But that had left Leanna with a dilemma: she knew she did indeed have to impress potential backers, but she would not let it turn into an extravagant glorified circle jerk fest for them either. Not one she was going to use the money for the kids to fund, anyway. As it was, when she started reaching out to a few people she knew to be sympathetic to her cause, the owner of this hotel had contacted her. He was a fellow Muggleborn wizard who had grown up in England and with very religious parents, so his own childhood had been a rough one. He had been one of Leanna's initial major contributors that helped get this charity off the ground, and he had immediately contacted her to offer up his event space and event services free of charge. Leanna had been extremely hesitant to accept his offer; the last thing she needed was people assuming that she used funds from the charity for this. Plus, she assumed he had some other reason for offering so much whether it be to gather more business for his hotel or some sort of tax thing. But he had insisted and Joan had looked at her with wide puppy dog eyes when Leanna had told her about it. So here they were. The decorations were simple but elegant enough to impress. A platform with a podium at the far end, a long table with gourmet food and snacks along one wall, and a fully stocked bar. Several round tables covered in deep blue tablecloths charmed to be stain-proof and simple white candles surrounded by simple white flowers as centerpieces. At every setting was a card holder with cards that instructed anyone who wanted to make a donation today to speak with Joan or to fill out their contact information on the back if they wished to be contacted at a later date. All in all, it looked nice but it wasn't in your face or anything. Leanna was actually kind of pleased with how it came out. As everyone got settled into their seats, Joan approached the podium to get everyone's attention while Leanna fidgeted in her seat at one of the tables closest to the platform. She was dressed to the nines, in a fitted and very dark blue three-piece suit and matching tie. Her dad sat on one side of her in a tux and his wife on his other side, and on her other side was her little brother Lee looking very adorable in his little tux. Joan came to the end of her little introduction and gestured toward her; everyone's head turned to get a look at her. Leanna rose from her seat, looking stiff and grim, when in reality she was trying to calm the knotting in her stomach. She really, really hated public speaking. When she got to the podium, she paused. She looked over at her dad, who gave her a thumbs up, and Lee beamed and gave her a little wave. Leanna knew a few faces in the crowd from school and Quidditch, but most others she only knew by name and reputation. After the moment was up, she took a deep breath and started to speak. "Thank you for coming out tonight, everyone." Solid start to any speech. "Most of you know my name already, whether from school or my Quidditch career, or of course, the invitations or Joan's speech or the sign outside or... actually if you don't know my name, you're probably in the wrong room." An appropriate chuckle went up from the people watching. The corner's of Leanna's lips twitched up slightly into a little smile and the slight quiver to her voice evened out a little. "I started this little charity a year ago this past Monday, shortly after my appointment to the National Australian Quidditch Team as one of their starting Beaters. And I started it because of a growing problem within our community, a community in which the wizarding world intermingles so closely with the Muggle one. A problem I experienced myself first hand as a child, and that is the problem of Muggleborn children abused by their Muggle families for their magic." A pause to observe the room and their reactions. No one looked particularly incredulous. They knew what they were there for. "Of course, as a kid, I thought I was the only one, just like every kid does. And you might look at me now and say, 'Well, you seem to be doing just fine for yourself now' and you would be correct. After all of the abuse, the fights, the mental and physical scars, after the people who had raised me ultimately disowned me, I had my real family to take care of me and love me. And with a lot of hard work and support, I did turn out okay. But the fact is, as I got older, I realized I wasn't the only one, and that too many others didn't have the support system to fall back on like I did. No kid should ever have to go through that." A few people in the crowd mumbled and nodded to each other; her dad was beaming. Another deep breath, and Leanna continued. "Now, if you're here tonight, you probably already agree with me. I hope you do, anyway. Our first year, we were mostly funded by myself and a few like-minded individuals I knew, and we made some efforts but we want to do more. We want to do more, spread to other states, and extend our resources to Squibs and halfbreeds in bad homes." At the mention of Squibs and half-breeds, Leanna saw a few sour faces and Leanna allowed herself a moment to grind her teeth in anger. Oh, sure as long as you were protecting kids from the hands of abusive Muggles, everything was peachy, but gods forbid the wizarding world itself could ever be in the same boat as them. But she relaxed almost instantly and continued. "And to do that, I need your help. The kids need your help. Our help. Please, help me help them." One more deep breath and a smile. "Thank you." Leanna stepped away from the podium, noticing for the first time that her legs felt like jello. Thank you, anxiety and fear of public speaking. She managed to not stumble, somehow, as Joan returned to the podium. "A round of applause for our amazing host!" There was a slightly more than polite amount of applause, and Leanna nodded. "Now, if you've made a final decision to help the children, you can see me about the particulars, and if you prefer to be contacted at a later date, please fill out the information cards at your table and we will contact you at a later date. In the meantime, please enjoy the refreshments and open bar provided courtesy of the hotel! Thank you, everyone!" Leanna stepped off the platform, then helped Joan down. People had started moving about, chatting amongst themselves, as Leanna approached her family. Rick kissed her on the forehead and his wife gave her a hug, expressing how proud they were of her and gushing repeatedly. Lee cheered loudly and hugged her tightly around the waist, and Leanna laughed and picked him up to hug him. Joan interrupted and tugged at her arm. "Come on, Leanna! You've got to mingle! Schmooze these elite snobs! 'Kiss some asses', as you like to put it!" Leanna groaned. "I already gave a speech, isn't that enough? I don't like mingling!" Joan shook her head. She was almost 20 years older than Leanna, assigned to her by the team to be her PR person and ended up being her assistant when she started the charity, and she really liked to Mother Hen the hell out of Leanna. "You know that it isn't enough, Leanna. Now go on!" She shoved Leanna a little toward the crowd. Leanna told her family she'd catch up with them in a bit, and Rick picked up Lee and they headed over to the table of snacks. Leanna glanced at Joan one last time, but she already had a couple of people approaching her with questions and wanting to donate. Leanna made a little mocking face, then started approaching people and greeting them with a very suave, "Um, hi. How are you this evening?"
  27. She stared at him for quite a while as he spoke, she tried to watch his reaction. She couldn’t understand the feeling as she had never experienced something like that, but she had to respect it Being a player for the national team was hard enough but putting someone in a situation where they felt uncomfortable was low. Olivia smiled at Jamie and put her hand on his shoulder. “If you need anything you know where to find me.” She spoke, hoping that if he needed something that he would accept her help instead of just doing it all in his own. It couldn’t be easy doing what he was doing, unhappy with what was happening and continue to accept it. “Whatever I can do to ease up the worry you know I’ll try my best to lend you a hand.” She offered her help once more to the young man. “I personally don’t think they will let you go that easily, especially if you’re what people call a money machine, but if you need help you know you can always contact Jamie.” She didn't know how it all worked but she wasn't exactly curious about it either.
  28. Jamie couldn't help but chuckle and shake his head at Olivia's concern. He wished he could take it easier indeed, but ultimately it was the coach's call. They had to train under extreme pressure and weather conditions for the sake of the World Cup the year before; but now that the competition had come and gone, that same coach had decided to keep up with the brutal training in hopes Australia would eventually have a better showing in 2022. Not that they had a bad performance before, of course. He wanted to ask Olivia to go watch a train session sometime, as it had been her playing field once before as well; instead, he found it that he wasn't able to dodge the line of questioning regarding his PR. He sighed to himself, gaze returning to his mocktail as he leaned back on the booth. "Well, y'know. It's... uncomfortable." He admitted in a lower tone, as if he had trouble facing that reality. "But... Like I said, it's a 'you gotta do what you gotta do' situation. I'm just hanging in there and hoping I can make it blow over soon enough." He didn't know how 'soon' was this soon he spoke of. How long would it take until he was satisfied with his family's financial security?
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