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November, 2019 :: Spring

Melbourne City Living

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    Shane Robbins
    "'Scuse me?" Hang out with different people? Shane took offense to the statement, brows furrowing. He wanted to reply further but ultimately opted not to, letting the statement stew further in his mind. The problem wasn't so much who he hung out with, as them hanging out seldomly those days. With his schedule going completely against theirs it was quite difficult to have a group hangout with his friends at any given time. Maybe Jo was right. He should hang out with different people, just not for the reasons that came across in context. "Wouldn't mind that much myself. Problem is, when most people wanna go out for drinks, I'm working. Would hafta be sometime before happy hour, or in one of my odd days off, which if my mom has her way... It's, like, never." He finished his burger and cleaned his mouth with the paper that came with it, before crumpling everything up within his hand and tossing the waste ball into a nearby trashcan. Fortunately, it fell in instead of rebounding and hitting him square on the forehead. They came up to the bar in no time at all. Reminding himself that Jo was in the middle of her shift, he managed to have enough presence of mind not to invite her inside for a cold one. "Speaking of which, you know you can drop by early, right? If the bar looks closed just text me about it, and if I'm around I'll open for you." A deep breath followed, and he lightly tapped the side of her shoulder. "Thanks for this again! Yeah, I know, but I wanna say thanks anyway. I'm gonna go in to get yelled at, see you soon."
  3. Invite The quiet part of town

    Jo Estrada
    Surprisingly, he was taking it pretty well, and at least he wasn’t stressing over the fact that his spell might not have worked or had cracked the vial and it was leaking. Jo didn’t believe in luck, it was just a random succession of events that led to things, however the more she got to talk to Shane the more she noticed it might not be it, or at least the probability of bad things happening around him were higher than bad things happening to others. If there was such a thing as each action creates a reaction, she couldn’t see how someone like him had such luck. Maybe she was overthinking it, it wasn’t her problem to begin with, and while she wanted to help him, she wasn’t in any position to do so. “Maybe you just need to hang out with different people.” Jo spoke with a shrug as they continued to walk towards the bar, the more they walked the closer they got, and while Jo was enjoying her time, and still doing her rounds, just making a slight detour, she was afraid she was taking up his time, even if she was a lovely person to be around, they both had a job to do. He had to deal with people in a different way she had to deal with, but it his job was probably as tiring as hers in way, if everyone was as obnoxious as she was when drunk, she pitied Shane’s life. She laughed at his comment, and she appreciated the free drinks she always felt bad somehow, it was a person’s job, she was somehow taking advantage. Her feeling was taught, it wasn’t something she genuinely felt bad about, but it still counts for something, right? “Maybe one day someone needs to take you out for drinks, and not where you’d have to serve them.” It was a suggestion that she hoped one day he’d take. In the distance she could already see the bar, she was a bit relieved they were almost there, even if she was enjoying slacking off a little.
  4. Invite The quiet part of town

    Shane Robbins
    "I dunno. Time will tell." Shane gave the Auror a shrug of his shoulders. There was no way of telling whether the spell had been successful or not without tampering with the vial, which was most definitely something the man wasn't willing to risk - it was a very precious potion after all, and hopefully it would actually be able to be put to use at some point down the line if he happened to reach some sort of desperate time. 'I hear it has a come down type of deal attached to it, but, not like shit can get much worse for me anyway...' As far as his mother drinking it went, while he didn't want it to happen, it was better that she got the effect out of it than having nobody enjoy the momentary luck. Plus, he was living in her house still. If anything, it was good payment to make up for the bills he racked up at the end of the month from water, food and electricity. 'I really need to move out at some point... Once I get a half decent gig.' The pair kept walking side by side down the crosswalk, closer to the nightlife of the town; and, consequently, closer to The Tipsy Mozzie. He gave his burger a hearty bite while Jo continued speaking, though he did swallow the food prior to replying. "Huh? Sure I would, but still..." It was hard to put it to words - he always did things for people, but never expected something to be done for him, or such was his luck. "Guess I'm being weird. Truth is, I'm not really used to this type of thing. My bad." Then again, judging by how his life usually went, it was likely that the Muggle burger would wind up giving him some sort of intestinal issue half an hour down the line. "I'd say I'd get you a beer on the house back at the bar once you're done with your shift, but, you already earned yourself a lifetime supply." He joked, chuckling in good humor.
  5. Invite The quiet part of town

    Jo Estrada
    She was surprised to hear that Shane still had the vial she had given to him, she assumed he had used it by now, considering his random encounters with bad luck, she was pretty sure that he had come across a situation that would require him to use it, but it was good, it meant he hadn’t run into anything potentially dangerous. It was smart of him casting an unbreakable charm and she was even more surprised that it worked. “At least it worked and didn’t break right?” She commented, trying to light up the situation, but knowing her, she probably only made it worse, or made him think that the vial could have a small crack than would let the potion leak. She should have kept her mouth shut. She took small steps, always next to Shane as they walked towards the bar. “I’m sure your mom won’t drink it.” if it was a sibling Jo was sure that would happen, but parents didn’t have the habit of drinking what belonged to their children, or so Jo thought. As someone with an older sister that job alone belonged to Ash when it came to her things, or to herself when Ash had anything, Jo always made sure to eat it or drink it, unless it smelled like trap. Jo smiled at Shane, whatever she had done was nothing special. “It’s no big deal really. I’m pretty sure if I was in your situation you would have done the same for me.” She spoke. She wasn’t a good friend, she was far from that, she didn’t necessarily try to be pleasant either but she did try to be a good friend, even if it was a bit odd at times.
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    Diana sighed out in relief as Gideon willingly complied to her request, although that feeling was short lived as the boy retracted his hand. It left the older sibling feeling awkward, leading her to ultimately mirror his movement until her hand was resting right beside her cake's plate. She had hardly touched anything since they had gotten there and the idea of Gideon being in danger only served to further mess with her appetite, but she had to pull through. "It's okay." The blonde shook her head, smiling at Gideon. "I pushed the matter... I'm glad you told me all of this, actually. It's the type of information I feel I should be aware of." She was his guardian, after all - Gideon's well being had always been Diana's priority from the moment he was born, and moreso ever since they had escaped Mildura's clutches. It was a rough subject to discuss but she recognized it just had to be done. "...You were saying you're friends with an apprentice baker?" She not-so-smoothly decided to change toe subject. Either this girl was at least a year above him or didn't board, since as far as Diana knew, students couldn't just leave campus unattended before the fifth year. "That reminds me. Next year you'll be able to go out on your own... Are you considering anything with that? Any activities, or perhaps a job?"
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  8. Invite Some Sins Do Bear Their Privilege On Earth

    Rats, this sucked. Gideon wasn't someone isolated, but his introverted nature made it hard to quickly think of something interesting to move away from the topic. He was rather aware that his own reluctance might rub Diana the wrong way, but... actually, he wasn't sure how to finish that thought either. He knew he couldn't just dismiss his sister, considering how she always had the best intentions for him, but such a sentiment eroded with each passing year, and he wasn't sure how long it would remain. Perhaps it was the way his rebellious attitude was manifesting? He was still a young teenager, he'd go through the same thing any regular teenager would go through. But in the middle of his thoughts, he felt a pressure in his hand, which came from none other than Diana. She tried to reassure him that she didn't want him to just cut all ties with Ian, nor to assume he was up to no good due to his unfortunate connections, but rather that he should be careful. Well, he couldn't argue with that, being careful was in his nature. "... Yeah, alright." He eventually said, this time with no corrections or second thoughts, this was exactly what he meant. However, even with that acknowledgement, he still didn't look in high spirits, as he slowly retracted his hand. "I'm sorry sis, I ruined the brunch, didn't I? Hehe..." He said, the laugh sounding more forced than anything. Here she tried to make time to spend a moment with him and he only made things tense by indirectly antagonizing her. He took another sip from his drink, relieved in the fact he could at least gulp it down easily now.
  9. Invite The quiet part of town

    Shane Robbins
    Shane's eyes squinted as he was referred to as a possible natural bad luck rod, as Jo so eloquently put it. While he knew it to be true, it didn't make him very comfortable to hear it out loud - if anything, it confirmed that it was more than just paranoia on his end. 'Maybe I'm just cursed or something...' Though, it wasn't all bad. He did have good times, and good luck occasionally came his way; it was just that the bad far outweighed the good, and he let that get to him on occasion. "I still have that vial you gave me." He decided to mention after taking another bite out of his burger and properly ingesting it. "To be honest with ya, I'm fulling expecting the vial to crack or something when I needed, or for me to lose it. Though I did cast an unbreakable charm on the glass, so here's hoping it worked..." Though, knowing his temperamental wand, chances were he had successfully cast the exact reverse of what he wanted. "Or maybe my mom finds it and drinks it, who knows." He gave a shrug as they continued walking down the street. He looked up at the night sky, dotted with all manner of stars, and let out a sigh. "It's not all so bad though, y'know. When a lot of bad crap happens to you, you learn to appreciate the little things." Looking back down and at Jo, he waved his burger lightly in the air. "Like this! Thanks again."
  10. Invite A Helping Hand

    A nose wrinkle followed Ezekiel's claim. Of course, Amber knew he was speaking the truth and her own statement wasn't at all the case, even if it felt like it every step of the way - that was what everyone said to anybody in their lives that seemed to be going through a rough patch, regardless of proximity or how equipped they were to deal with the other person's problems. She remembered vividly having thought the same when Sibylla embraced her just the day before, as well as the crushing feeling of guilt it brought upon her to even remotely consider that. Perhaps it was because of not being as close to Ezekiel that she hadn't felt that immediately, but her stomach sooner started to sink the more she thought through her own words. "Sorry. I guess I just feel like I can surprise you guys with that whole 'there's no way I'd ever be disappointed in ya' thing. Just kinda makes me think, 'dang, they ain't seen nothin' yet'." As they stepped away from the path, the Spencer kicked at a rock by her feet, letting her gaze follow it as it rolled to the other side of the road. It was a momentary distraction from having to look at Ezekiel, and from having to feel the uncomfortable ball of nervousness within with the topic at hand. "I'm sayin' all this shit but... That doesn't mean I don't know or recognize you guys are looking out for me, y'know? It's more... I know it, 'n I see it, but my brain goes 'nope, screw you, I'm not processin' all of that'." A frustrated sigh was released past her lips and she brought a hand up to scratch her own cheek with the awkwardness. Despite her words, she lightly leaned on the side and onto her cousin, trying to be minimally consciously responsive to his warmth so he wouldn't think she didn't want him to hold her. As she did so, she looked up at the sky, gaze fixated on the roaming clouds that formed all sorts of shapes and none at all, at the same time. "...I'm thinking of quitting Quidditch." She muttered, completely off topic. An entirely unplanned statement, yet it was something she felt she could let out to Ezekiel. His effort had earned him that little secret, that piece of Amber nobody else was aware of despite her occasional allusions of such a thing on QuillBook. She was serious about it, and it tore her up inside.
  11. Life changing story

    Even if he said it wasn’t a lie, withholding information could still be considered lying, or not being entirely honest with someone, but people were entitled to their secrets, to their desire to keep something only for themselves, but, what if those things affected others in the long run? Wouldn’t it be better to just be honest, rip off the band-aid and be over with it? She was being hypocritical about it, she did hide something from him, and she wasn’t sure if she was ready to tell him, or better, if he was ready to listen to it. Maybe she should wait a while longer before dropping the bomb, or perhaps it would be something she could take to the grave, never to have him worry about that, yes, that sounded the best course of action. Bella’s mind wandered for a bit trying to remember which court was which, the many names that were presented to her were new and confusing and she needed time to adjust. “So, summer and spring…” she commented, in a low tone of voice before scratching her cheek lightly. Life for faes went slower so she didn’t look too surprised or even tried to do the math on how long ago it could have been, she knew she couldn’t even find out a number that came close to it. She assumed the reason he was there was because he had left, but such personal question shouldn’t be asked. She didn’t mean lover, or children, only others in general, but she was pleased to know he wasn’t alone in such a place. “Well…that wasn’t why I asked, just, seems lonely…” she wasn’t the type of person that liked to talk or that liked to be around others that much, but she wouldn’t say no to some quiet company, or even if the person wasn’t quiet, to someone she knew and she liked to be around. “But I’m glad you’re not alone, at least it means you have someone to talk with.” She smiled softly at him, her fingers playing with each other as her eyes wandered. She wasn’t alone she had her pets and her roommates, especially Mark, he was the best company she could ever ask for. “But…what’s a Brownie? You don’t mean the cake do you?” with such a name it could have been easily mistaken as some sort of dessert, and the thought of it was already making Bella a bit hungry.
  12. Life changing story

    "Ah, but my dear. . Exclusion is exactly the name of the game. Some people see it as a lie because of their curiosity to know, 'The whole truth'. Yet, for it to be a lie it must be averse to the truth. Exclusion isn't a denial or confirmation of a fact and thus it isn't a lie or a truth." The more he spoke, the more it seemed as if he'd been paying far too much attention to the Chesire cat's shenanigans in his mind. Shoulders shrugging lightly as an offer after his words, it had been the way one should deal with Fae amongst never trusting them entirely in majority of cases. As far as he saw it, deals were always in the state of fluctuating and the one that held the far better hand won out on the pot. "Ahahahaha, perhaps it is." There'd been an amusement in his voice, almost as if he were watching a child enjoy their very fist season change. Maybe it hadn't been unlike it either, he fully expected the young woman to gain a far different perspective once her abilities showed. Perhaps even a sense of confidence in herself, that would be something to see and worth being an Overseer towards if he needed to be. Her question, while not unexpected, drew an eyebrow to arch upwards. "I am in no court any longer. But I was once of a Seelie Court." There hadn't been any naturally ingrained, 'Once in a court, always in a court' - Fae, like the seasons, often changed on the whims of their moments and circumstances. Sometimes even in the most radical of ways. "That was a lifetime ago though." Vale's lips started to curl into a soft smile. "If you mean do I have other children, a lover or what not. . . No. I do, however, have an old friend that has been with me for sometime. A Brownie named, 'Gib-Gab'." His head nods a few times, glancing around the area. "Guess you can say he's kind of a House-keeper. Not unlike the denizens known as the 'House Elves'. Though far more free and have never faced the oppression that Elves went through." It didn't seem as if his little helper had been around, however, pity.
  13. Open chasing butterflies and dreams

    Zeke was still upset the whole crap about the fire, she couldn’t go anywhere in Narrie without people using it as a way to hit on him, he was sure his family heritage was a curse, but he never really bored to be upset at it, now he’s starting to think about moving to another place where people don’t have access to QB or won’t know about the fire that never happened, but that somehow someone thought that he and Sam were ready to torch the place. Because of the situation his classes had been somewhat boring, he almost fell asleep in one and he was definitely snoring on the other. It surprised him that none of the teachers tried to make him pay attention, perhaps it was because they just didn’t give a shit about them or they didn’t want to bother with the whole waking up thing. Zeke was however grateful they had let him sleep in peace, at least the idea was no longer nagging at him, complaining that he shouldn’t have tried to play a prank on his cousin and that was just karma. He was basically fucked and didn’t know, not to mention, people just weren’t going to forget about that. He walked through campus trying to get a place to seat in peace to get a few sketches done, just because he didn’t know what to do with his life didn’t mean he could enjoy his little hobby, his little secret hobby, no one that knew him was aware of the young man’s talent when it came to a blank paper and a pencil. One of his favourite spots was already occupied and he didn’t want to go to the other side of the campus to be alone. “Hey, mind if I join you?” he asked, putting his bag on the ground while looking at the girl.
  14. Invite Catching up

    As a rather rambunctious teen Jo couldn’t disagree that cleaning up after kids was far worse than to teach them, but truth be told. Some adults were just as bad when it came to keep public spaces decently cleaned, people just threw things on the ground and it was overall a very hard and ungrateful job cleaning up after others, especially if others weren’t at least respectful. But indeed, that was far worse than to teach kids, at least in a magical school one could use magic to clean, couldn’t say the same for those poor muggles. Hearing how someone believed that it had been kidnapped by aliens made Jo chuckle loudly, snorting a little bit. Some patrons looked at her confused, wondering why she was laughing, but soon went their own way as Jo calmed down. “Abducted by aliens?” she gained her composure as she spoke, luckily her drink was still to arrive because she was sure she would spit it out of her mouth the moment she started to laugh. “Can’t say that’s normal procedure but, Aliens can be real, but yeah, I don’t think you helped the poor man.” Muggles were funny like that; they didn’t believe in magic, but some believed in imaginary green men from the stars. “The universe is vast, I hardly think we’re the only planet that has life, but I don’t think little green men are out there to get us.” people who genuinely believed that were delusional, however the wizarding world had a lot of crazy and weird shit going around, could she really blame muggles who believed in aliens when she was a Dhampir? “But hey, some muggles just aren’t the smartest tools in the shed.” As she noticed the waitress, she decided to keep quiet until the woman left their drinks and went back to behind the counter. “Here it’s easier to find a muggle who knows about magic, the communities are closer, here you need to be a bit more careful.”
  15. Invite The quiet part of town

    Jo Estrada
    It probably wasn’t easy being a very unlike person, Shane seemed like the type of person to be struck by a lightning several times, almost like he absorbed other people’s bad luck onto himself. It was a bit weird and, definitely easier said than done like he had commented, but negativity did attracted negativity, maybe what Shane needed with a good dose of positive thinking in his life to experience things different, and maybe enjoy them a bit more. She watched him closely, he seemed down, maybe the conversation was somehow upsetting him? Jo didn’t understand why it would, it was a normal conversation like any other, or maybe it wasn’t the conversation but the food since he stopped eating. “Some people are natural bad luck rods, maybe you’re one.” She suggested. It could be, people’s energies were different, maybe his attracted other’s bad luck, making him the perfect friend to take to a casino and see if that was true or not. “Don’t apologize though. Why would you be a dick about it? You’re the one that has to live with it, not me.” She didn’t understand what it was like to live with that, and she surely didn’t understand why he was feeling the way he was, if he was being honest. People were confusing, Jo already had a hard time understanding most of them. “You worry too much Shane” she continued to walk, always making sure they were side by side, she didn’t want to leave Shane behind. “But, as you know, if I ever get my hands on something that might be useful for that bad luck you know I’ll bring them to you.” Jo spoke. He probably appreciated some good luck in his life, even if it was from a bottle. It was the first time Jo had met someone who was an actual bad luck rod and it interested her.
  16. Open chasing butterflies and dreams

    It was a really warm day, and Velvet had just gotten out of her last class. Since her only classes that day had been before noon, it meant she had the afternoon to herself. She had things she could have used the time to study for, but at the moment the day was too nice to care about such things. After getting a salad to eat for lunch, she decided to head onto the school grounds. For a little bit she followed a blue butterfly around the campus, with no destination in mind. She had been asked by her parents to go home that evening for dinner, but she knew it would just turn into her parents disappointed in her for all sorts of reasons. She loved her family, but they wanted Velvet to be more serious, and that just wasn't her style. Eventually she found herself by a part of campus where students would study when the weather was nice. She laid back on the grass and looked up at the sky, trying to see what shapes she could see in the clouds, not a care in the world, humming some happy upbeat tune to herself.
  17. Open How It Feels To Be Alive

    It was coming up on the anniversary of Talia's death, Keegan's wife and mother to Tabitha, a time of year that usually sent Keegan into a bit of a gloom. His family always did their best to keep him distracted this time of year, and it helped that business was good at the family company, Sawyers & Sons, a small family owned carpentry and furniture making business that had been in the Sawyer family for generations. Keegan had the day off, though taking days off wasn't normally something he liked to do. Usually he spent at least a few hours in the shop, but it was an unseasonably warm day, and he was feeling the need to walk around. Without any specific destination in mind, eventually he found himself at the Bourke Street Mall. He didn't need to buy anything, but the distraction felt nice so he wound his way around all the stalls and the other people browsing. He stopped at a small place selling music boxes, and stopped to admire the craftsmanship of some of the wooden ones. He opened one up, and the tun that came out reminded him of another lifetime, one where he was happy and Talia was alive, the song that had played at their wedding. HIs eyes misted for a moment, as he listened to the tune, letting the rest of the world slip into the background of his thoughts.
  18. Invite Catching up

    Rhys definitely didn't disagree with Jo about teaching being one of the worst jobs, even if he could probably imagine some jobs that were worse. He was pretty sure he'd rather teach teenagers than clean bathrooms for a living, especially a janitor of a school. It was one thing to teach kids, but cleaning up after them definitely had to be worse. "Well, I suppose it could be worse, I could be the janitor that has to clean up after the bloody bastards." He shrugged and chuckled as he ordered a drink. It was true about the non-magical, the kids believed it was real magic, but then most kids also believed in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny, so they were hardly a risk to magical secrecy. Adults were a different story, most refused to believe what was right in front of their face even when it was real magic, all skeptical convinced that everything had to be a sham, their innocence of childhood long since shattered. There were some non-magicals that were less skeptical, but then some of them also believed in alien abductions and government conspiracies, so he wasn't sure they were really all that reliable either. "There was one pathetic sod in Vegas I thought had caught on once, but turned out he also believed he'd been abducted by aliens and probed, not that my trickery did anything to help his delusions."
  19. Invite A Helping Hand

    A stock reply? Zeke wasn’t entirely sure what she meant like that, but it seemed to be affecting her, even if she believed his words there was something on her comment that made him wonder if she actually felt that or if there was something else nagging at her. People saw and interpreted things differently, but he was like a fish out of water, that wasn’t his area and it was upsetting him that she couldn’t help her more, but he was trying. “It’s not a stock reply Amber, even if it sounds like it. Maybe because we all care about you, everything sounds the same.” Zeke couldn’t explain why it sounded like something everyone was saying to her, but he knew everyone cared for Amber and everyone wanted her to know that she wasn’t a disappointment, even if she felt like one. He smiled gently at Amber, while her words sounded like the words of someone who wasn’t entirely sure if they appreciated it or not. “I mean it Amber.” he knew disappointment, and Amber wasn’t it. She might not be book smart, but she was smarter than most in certain things. “I know what you said but it’s true, you’re not a disappointment and while I do enjoy poking fun at you, that’s all that is.” Maybe he should stop with his jokes about her, maybe that was what was getting to her. “Amber, everyone has their weak moments, we can’t always be on top, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the courage, you’re fighting in your low moment, most people just give up.” he spoke as she pulled him to the side so they could stop blocking the path. Was Zeke being a bad cousin? Amber’s situation and his inability to help were showing him how he needed to step up. “But as much as you’re fighting it, you can’t do it alone Amber. Like i said, I won’t push you for telling me what’s bothering you, but whatever it is I will do what I can.” Amber was somewhat like a sister to Zeke, even if they weren’t related by blood he would protect her the same way he’d protect Sam, no questions asked, but he didn’t know how to show it to her that he cared.
  20. Invite Catching up

    It was easier to listen with the quietness of the bar, it was still early for all the muggles to join the quiet night, so they could somehow talk freely about everything, and hopefully no one would listen to their conversation, but for their own safety she simply cast a spell, preventing people from listening to what they were saying. Teaching wasn’t an easy job, if every student was like Ash and her, Jo knew the Professors were going to have a hard time keeping them in check. Kids needed someone who could teach them and who could inspire them, she wasn’t sure if Rhys was the right person for the job, but he hasn’t tried to murder anyone, so, she assumed the man was at least succeeding at something, right? “Teaching has to be one of the worse jobs, I don’t think being in law enforcement isn’t that bad compared to kids.” Jo didn’t mind kids, if she had some help or if they were old enough to understand her, like Dani and her sister, if she didn’t like children, she wouldn’t have become their legal guardian. “Some were pretty interested; others were doubting everything you were doing.” She couldn’t read minds, but when a persons changed their attitude there was a slight change in a person’s body, Jo had an easier time reading all that, being a Dhampir her senses were much greater than human’s, which allowed her to pick on small details a normal person would miss. “One day, you’re going to find a muggle that can see through the illusion and you’re going to be in so much trouble.” She spoke with a laugh, but if she was the one to catch him, she’d probably let him go, she wasn’t going to report him or anything, what would be the point? “Kids might believe in magic, but most adults just see it as a hand trick.”
  21. Invite The quiet part of town

    Shane Robbins
    Shane's nose wrinkled as Jo pointed out a technicality in his line of questioning. It was entirely beside the point and nitpicking at best in his view, but before he could open his mouth to protest after swallowing the portion he had bitten off of his 'meal' she went on and he was compelled to stay put and listen as they kept walking. Perhaps she had a point. One could never enjoy a positive life if all they lived for was the negativity, or so the saying went. 'Some have it rougher than others though...' "Easier said than done." He spoke up, consciously lowering his burger somewhat so he wouldn't be lured in by the delightful scent and be tempted to bite into it again halfway through the conversation. He wasn't the most gentlemanly person in the world, but he still had some manners and didn't want to keep talking with his mouth full. Not that he thought Jo would mind it too much, of course, but he could practically picture his own mother decking him in the face if he ever did that in front of a woman. "It's also more complicated than that, I think... Stuff's been happenin' ever since I was born. I'm pretty sure I wasn't born negative..." Even if he could be dumb as a sack of bricks at times, he did understand most personality traits and behaviors were learned. His negativity was learned, it was a direct reaction to what kept happening to him. "Sorry. Startin' to feel like a dick about it, but I just can't help it." He gave the woman a shrug, although his expression displayed heartfelt guilt over having put her on the spot in such a manner.
  22. Invite A Helping Hand

    The pair stopped in their tracks, much to Amber's surprise. She looked at Ezekiel briefly before she was brought closer - she wasn't going to complain about the embrace at all, and in a way it felt reassuring that he wanted to provide such comfort, but in a way it felt strange that it was his immediate reaction to do so when she started to spill the beans. Sibylla had done the same. Were they taking pity on her, or was it genuine? The insecurity made her stomach leap uncomfortably and she found that she couldn't fully enjoy the hug as she would normally. "S'easy for ya to say. Not offense, I'm sure you mean it, but... At the same time it just kinda feels like the stock reply everyone's wired t'say is all." Amber had the exact same conversation the day before. At that point she was starting to feel like a broken record. Perhaps it was a matter that just needed to be discussed with different viewpoints and digested over a long time? Nevertheless, she half-expected the same brand of response if only because of the similar connection. "Though... I appreciate it, really." She continued even if she didn't entirely believe his words. How on Earth would he not be disappointed over her choosing wrestling as a path? Gemini and Sibylla were quite supportive of it, sure, but she also saw them far more often than she did her cousin. They also knew her better. Perhaps they thought there was nothing to be done and just went along with it, and Ezekiel wouldn't be so accepting of the future Amber was forging for herself. "Sounds pretty weak 'o me though, doesn't it? You'd think I'd have more of a spine than what I'm showin' now." Being minimally aware that they were blocking the path for others, Amber lightly pulled Ezekiel closer and out of the way so they could stand at the edge of the path. She was already bugging the boy with her problems, she didn't need it to ripple out to annoy others.
  23. Invite Catching up

    Rhys had never been great with communication, let alone keeping up with it after school when he left Australia to travel for a bit, he'd genuinely tried with some of his friends, but the longer he travelled, the easier it became to lose track of classmates. Some he at least tried, somewhat, but when he found himself back in Australia, running into people from his past became every other Tuesday it seemed. Some he was happy to see, others indifferent, and a few he probably would have been happier to never see again. Since drinks were on the menu, Rhys was happy to catch up with Jo, but then if drinks were on the menu he'd probably catch up with his worst enemy. After they apparated, Rhys followed Jo's lead, and took a seat across from her at the corner table. "I'm still not sure what my grandad was thinking when he suggested the job, but I suppose there could be worse jobs." He shrugged and then grinned at her question about tricking people. "Trying? I'm pretty bloody sure I was doing more than trying, besides, not everything I did was a con, a lot of the tarot readings I gave were quite genuine, they just had no idea there was real magic involved."
  24. Invite Catching up

    Meeting someone from the past was a common event for Jo, especially when one spends most of their time in the place they grew up and went to school. Jo wasn’t the easiest person to get along with, not all forms of communications were easy for her; social norms were foreign to her and she tried to follow the rules that she was taught, but didn’t always go according to plan, luckily, this time things went much smoother than they normally did when she met someone from her past. She was friendly with the man, knowing him from her years in school, and she had let him off with some minor infraction in the past, after all, why wouldn’t she? It wasn’t like it was a big one. Their brief meeting led to both of them spending some quiet evening at The Tipsy Mozzie, Jo’s favourite bar in Melbourne, and the one bar where she could get free drinks, helping the son of the owner had its perks, that’s something she couldn’t deny. They apparated there, to a quiet location, away from the muggle’s prying eyes and upon reaching the bar she took a seat at a table in a corner, she sat in a position so that she could look at the door, monitoring who got in and out. Paranoia? A little bit, it came with the job of being an Auror. “So, how are things at school?” She never really had the opportunity to get into too much detail with him, her job didn’t allow her to take many days off and whenever she did, she spent the day sleeping with just playing games with the family. “And I hope you stopped trying to trick people.” She said with a light chuckle before ordering something to drink.
  25. Invite The quiet part of town

    Jo Estrada
    She knew she was a natural predator, there was not mistake she could easily get rid of someone without even using magic, all she had to do was use what nature had given her, but upon the sight of muggles, she always tried hard to avoid confrontation with them, especially since she couldn’t really control her own strength, everything was violently done with her. In a way, Shane was right, she was the big bad monster that roam the streets, even if he hadn’t meant it like that. Why would Jo charm someone? She was charming enough, wasn’t she? “I mean, I don’t charm people, like ever. I don’t see the point when they usually fear me.” Most people were indeed scared of her and they would pretty much do what she wanted if necessary, she didn’t need to go after people, controlling their minds and tell them what to do and what not to do, besides, Jo wanted to keep her job. Despite all the crazy thing she used to do, and still does, she never put the magical world at risk, or anyone. Playing a little never harmed a soul and it wasn’t like she was letting criminals walk freely on the streets, she caught both wizarding and muggle criminals a like, even if the muggle police didn’t think she was doing a good job. “I can avoid getting hit Shane, I’m faster than most and I don’t need to hit back, just wait until they are tired.” She shrugged looking at him. Her hobby meant she had to be rough with people, even muggles and she never had a complaint. “You shouldn’t be used to bad stuff happening to you.” Good things could happen, but if Shane continued to think that they were temporary then bad things will continue, no matter how hard she tries to make things better. “I mean, you seem like you’re always expecting something bad to happen, why not be a bit more positive?” She asked, before finishing her food. The walk back to the bar was still long but nothing like a conversation to shorten it. “I’m sure you’re not negative just because, there has to be a reason, but I don’t know, I think negativity attracts negativity…”
  26. Invite The quiet part of town

    Shane Robbins
    "What?" Shane spoke up as soon as he had swallowed his food, visibly puzzled. Some big bad monster? Shane hadn't meant it like that - yet, it was a fact that Jo was a Dhampir, and consequently had a natural propensity to be rougher towards other individuals. Shane dated mostly Muggles (he didn't want to think what it would be like to date a crazy girl with access to magic) and dealing with a Dhampir Auror could likely end up horribly, even if unintentionally. "I think accidents happen." If there was an expert on 'accidents' in that Merlin forsaken Earth, it was Shane. He accompanied Jo as they kept on their way towards The Tipsy Mozzie, which wasn't exactly near just yet. "Plus, it ain't like you're gonna control crazy people unless you outright charm them. Are you gonna charm Muggles? Sounds like career suicide to me." If they got violent, Jo would have to defend herself. If Jo defended herself, they'd most definitely end up in a hospital. "You never know when one of them's gonna try to sock ya in the face, or send someone to." His free hand reached to rub his recently afflicted jaw. While it was mark free out of healing magic, he could swear it still felt sore from the jab he had eaten several hours prior. Despite the physical tell he remained quiet about that particular situation, not needing another hunt on Jo's part. "Don't get me wrong though. I appreciate what ya did. It's just... Guess I'm used to bad stuff happening. This sorta thing spooks me."
  27. Invite A Helping Hand

    The more they continued the more Zeke grew worried about Amber. His inexperience, or lack of proficiency in, caused the situation to become more and more uncomfortable for the both of them, him because he wanted to help, but couldn’t exactly know to how, nor he knew how to read between the lines, and Amber, who didn’t seem like she wanted to talk and with Zeke pressuring her, things were only going to get more awkward between them. She soon relaxed and he didn’t feel compelled to remove his arm from around her, only squeezing her a little tight almost as to show his support and affection towards his cousin. Zeke was worried, but he would do anything to be able to understand what was going on with her without forcing her to blurt out words she didn’t want to. Her voiced called his gaze towards her as she spoke. The slight joke about the elephant in the park made him smile, but not for long as she proceeded to finally tell him and what hurt him was that she thought she was a disappointment. Why would she even consider such a thing? Zeke stopped and his arm pulled Amber closer to him. He was not the right person to be sentimental, or to even talk about that, and he surely wasn’t the best person at showing affection towards anyone, but it still hurt that she thought like that. Mostly because it seemed to cause her distress. “You’re not a disappointment Amber, not now nor you will ever be.” His words probably didn’t do much, but he felt that it was important to voice them. Amber was one of the best people he knew, her heart was big enough to fit everyone in it. “I don’t think you can ever disappoint us Amber, at least you’ve never disappointed me.” He gave her another squeeze. He was trying to be the best cousin she deserved, and he was failing miserably at it. “You don’t have to please everyone, as long as you’re happy and you do what fills your heart with joy, that’s strength and I’m proud of you for it.” sure people had expectations, but fuck people, a person should do what makes them happy. “Whatever it is that you think that you’ve done, that might have disappointed us, or will disappoint us, I can assure you, it won’t.” Amber still seemed like she was trying to avoid telling Zeke everything, but for now he was happy that she had told him that. His words might not have helped much, which in a way made her slightly thoughtful about how he could stop her from feeling like that.
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