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    The scream ripped from her throat and carried around the comfortable three bedroom house rather easily, more so because Issy made sure that she had put a little magical boost behind the scream so that the other single occupant would hear her wail. The reason behind this was because she was going to blame said occupant for the thing that had made that scream depart her larynx. The thing she was screaming at had also made the young witch back into a wall as he scuttled it’s eight legged way too some kind of safety. The sad fact was said creature was probably more scared of a tall woefully under legged and under eyed thing that was screaming, than the thing itself. This thought, had it occurred to Isolda, might have made her laugh at her own cowardice, as she practically hyperventilated as the offending creature, which was nothing more than a common house spider. Once the beast had scuttled off to some kind of safety, Issy found her breath enough to push off of the wall and march out the bathroom, heading to where she knew the second occupant of the house was likely too be. She had made her mind up that somehow he new housemate was some kind of spider king. Before he’d moved into her home, her life had been largely spider free with the occasional interloper crawling in and landing on her face during the night. She could forgive the occasional spider getting passed the charm she had put up that was supposed to steer them too a different place, as opposed to the one she’d originally been offered which killed spiders that crossed the threshold of her abode. After all she was scared of spiders but she didn’t wish them harm; they were living creatures with any much right to live as everything else. She would just prefer it if they didn’t live within her vicinity. “Jasper!” she called as she walked down the corridor that connected the bathroom to the rest of the single story building. It had been a little over two weeks since he was assigned as her partner in the international wizarding police and moved into her home, since he needed ‘monitoring’. In that times the spiders had gone from the occasional ballsy interloper too a full of infestation, well, that was a bit over dramatic but she had noticed a steep increase in eight legged activity. Turning the corner and through one of the doors she finally found her far too attractive for his own good partner doing whatever attractive and trying to reform criminals did. She stood at the threshold of the room looking at him, a mildly annoyed look forming of her face. “I swear you are some kind of spider man or king.” she started, she had yet to explain this theory to him but was bloody well was going too right then “You’ve been here two weeks and in those two weeks I have seen more spiders than in my entire life and I live in Australia where they hide under the toilet seat!” arms crossed over her chest, knowing she looked and sounded ridiculous but still carrying on with her tirade “So whatever Arachnidtounge abilities you have, use it to make them leave.” then because she was raised with some kind of manners, she added the socially expected “Please.”
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    "The very same," Kate replied. Matt was something of a curiosity, a newspaper story for the bored mind. Even wizards didn't often wake up after being comatose for that long. The cigarette disappeared fast, too fast, and that was why you didn't roll your own. The wait. Unless you were prepared to sit and roll them in advance, and she doubted that her new companion planned ahead like that. They would need to find a store, she wanted cartons of the bloody things. Take them home, smoke every last one in Matthew's face until she felt better. No. Forget that. She was being alive tonight. And she had an accomplice. It'd been years since she'd last mooned the twats at Greyheme. With a smirk, she gave Ashkar's backside a cheeky slap, before walking on ahead. Pushing every thought about Matt, her uncertain future, the pain, the sheer misery of being invisible away, Kate re-focused herself. Tonight. Tonight was for everything she had refused herself, and in the morning there would be regrets and she did her best not to care. Not to think. More drinks, more bad decisions. The walk to Greyheme wasn't too long, if you knew the shortcuts. Kate did, of course. The buildings loomed in the darkness, like old spooky churches. She found the gap in the fence that had always been there, though she was far less agile than she had been as a teenager. Nothing really changed at Greyheme. An endless cycle of empty-headed tossers with more money than common sense. Through the bushes and toward a single lighted window that she knew to be the headmaster's bedroom. Excitement tingled up her spine, and this, this was what she had been missing. Giggling, she nudged Ashkar. "Get ready," she said, hiking her skirt up a little in readiness. Wand in hand, she sent tiny sparks toward the window, making them tap gently to rouse the occupant. What was the point of a mooning if there was no one to see it? Hidden by the bushes she watched, until shadows moved and grew larger. "He's coming!" she hissed, turning around and poking her backside out the edge of the bushes. Wiggled it for good measure. Never let it be said that Katherine Belmont gave a half-arsed moon.
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    What stood before him, rather, whom had been standing before him left a speechless effect on him for the moment. The 'issue' had been that there wasn't any true issue other than the fact the woman had an extremely attractive body and the amount of shame that you could find in a strip club. When her arms crossed over her bosom, his gaze dropped to stare at them with the expression of disbelief that this had been going on right before his very eyes. Last he checked he hadn't been dreaming and if this had been some sort of dream then it was one that had turned a weird way already. His eyes traced the outline of her form; equally as perverse in attention along with admiration for the human form that stood in a regal yet delicate air. "Self abuse?" Did she mean the seldom women that he'd bring home? That could be considered a sense of abuse to the self in the manner of not holding to any form of tangible connection. "Unpleasant?! Are we talking about the same body? I don't think we really are." What had been with this Cat-Lady? Did she truly disapprove of the human image; Was she truly a cat that could revert to a human or had this been some form of curse? "You're the prickly type though, aren't you? You're definitely much more affectionate as a cat." Or maybe that had been when he'd been feeding her? "Travis, you can call me Travis. Or Trav. 'Dog-Wizard' kind of is something that I don't want people to actually hear? They tend to want to tar and shag people like me in the bad way." As she stepped closer his attention snapped back to the well ample bosom. Damn him and the situation of not only being a young man but one whose hormones and focus could be so easily disturbed. "Obviously chocolate cake wouldn't do you any good, heck, that messes up most peoples bowels." He gave a playful chuckle as he tried to avert his mind from the nude beauty before him; Eyes lifted to stare at her high-cheeked face. "Maybe, I mean, it isn't like I'm flowing with cash here. I grab what I can with sales and such but I think I maybe able to switch it up." A hand rose up with a single finger extended towards the sky. "On the condition that you appear human every so often." For Science. Travis' arms crossed against his chest; Becoming more aware that he'd been bare of any form of clothing along it. "The art of being able to speak and converse with someone is the kind of gift you shouldn't give up and all. At the very least it'd make me feel comfortable for reasons." None of it having being the fact she was a beautiful woman whom didn't mind being naked in his presence. It had more to do with the fact that if she'd always been a cat then the inner creature would feel more antsy; As a Human it helped him to balance out between the two urges. "That and depending on some other things I may ask a very. . . Personal favor of you."
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    A heavy sigh escaped Cat as Dog-Wizard turned around to face her and seemed somewhat bewildered by her suddenly showing up in this two legged form, a form she did not appreciate being in. It didn’t matter that this was form she’d been born into, it was the form that had led her down the path in which she had to beg, steal and lie to get through the world. It was the most troubling of forms, and from the look on Dog-Wizards face he was also having some issues with it. Then came the rude wave of questions. Asking her all kinds of nonsense about watching him and clothes. She had clothes, just, at another secret location. She also wasn’t intending to stay in this long legged very ungraceful form for very long. Crossing her arms around this form ample bosom she waited for him to gather whatever sense existed in his clearly rather addled brain. Then, when that didn’t appear to be very forthcoming, she decided to just plow ahead with answering his questions so that they could get down to the very real problem that existed. The problem of a balanced, nutritious diet. “Yes, I have watched you and your various forms of self abuse all this time.” she said with a wave of a hand too show that she didn’t think much of his naked body or his self abuse “No, I do not need any clothes nor am I concerned with you openly staring at this particularly unpleasant two legged form I had to take.” he could stare at it all he liked, one day she would shed it and stay permanently in her gloriously furred and with four legs. “Now, Dog-Wizard, if you would kindly focus.” she said, stepping c loser to him “Like I have said before you became addled that as much as fish is wonderful, I do prefer a more varied diet. So perhaps you could throw in a rib eye steak at some point? A piece of chocolate cake wouldn’t go amiss, though,” she said putting her hand on her stomach “That does play havoc with my bowel movements, so, no...no chocolate cake.” another wave of one hand, whilst the other pushed back some of her long dark hair “Now I ask you Dog-Wizard, does this sound like something you would be able to accommodate?”
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    If he’d been paying attention to her and less on his own emotions and keeping everything he was feeling from spilling out, then he may have noticed the slightly differences in her. The slightly slouch shoulders, the bags that had taken root under her eyes. The way her hair wasn’t falling in the way it normally did. Then perhaps he would have picked up on the fact that more was going on then just him shaking the very foundation she had created her life upon. But he’d been too wrapped up in his own reactions too the events to really leave room for anything else. So as she responded to what he said, declaring that she hadn’t wanted him to go to Azkaban. That she actually enjoyed and wanted his company. This was something that he on some level understood and accepted, on a much larger level he just placed it down to her needing to expand her social circle. After all, anyone was better company that loneliness. Well, unless one was a hermit but that was not a life he could ever see Elektra living. When she sat down was when he stopped his back and forth routine. This wasn’t a moment to step away, this was a moment to step up. Sadly, he was never very good at giving emotional comfort when he was attempting to be genuine. A soft sigh escaped him as he shot one last look back at the front door, noticing how Nina was peaking around the corner of it. After some silent communication with the young girl he turned and walked towards Elektra taking a seat beside her on the pavement. “If that’s the case then I’m coming back tonight.” he said evenly, tilting his head slightly so that he could hear the rest of what was said between the sobs “Naturally, I leave pretty big shoes too fill don’t you think?” maybe humor wasn’t the way to go with this “Not quite as big as my nose, though.” running one middle finger down the aforementioned feature with a short laugh. Putting one arm around her, Ash pulled her curled form against his bringing her into a one armed hug, turning his own head to lightly kiss the top of hers “I miss you too.”
  9. Invite Not A Little Girl Anymore

    Amidst everything, Viktor couldn’t help but smile when Lei let out a giggle. It reminded him that his little girl was back with them again, even if her eyes were different and she was years older than she should have been. Regardless of it all, Viktor gave her another squeeze, looking at Jez and the triplets cuddled together as they were on the other couch. There was a shift though, and Viktor’s pupils narrowed as Lei’s expression changed, something more serious. It had the man on edge - but then again, they were talking about Sollozzo and that name was enough to get Viktor’s blood roiling. His entire posture changed when Lorelei told him that there were plans already in motion. He opened his mouth but no words came out and Jez beat him to it. It was only met with protests from Lei, and Viktor’s brow furrowed, his worry palpable. Despite the look on his daughter’s face, Viktor couldn’t help it. “We’re all already in danger enough. Is it really so much more that you can’t speak of it?” He asked, forcing himself to take calming breaths in an effort to keep his heart still. It wouldn’t do him or his family any good if he got worked up over words alone - but he would have been a fool and a liar if he said he wasn’t scared shitless that something would happen to Lei, to Jez, the triplets. Never himself though. His needs were to his family first. “Then if we can’t know, what can we do to make it easier for success… if anything?”
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    When Alex had turned around, Cole just wore a wide smile as if to be a mote of good news after all he wasn't Jamie. That meant he would be mildly spared from whatever thrashing that his cousin would have gotten but had been well aware it didn't place himself out of the firing line. He still had the difficult job of it all and realized how much of an unlucky bastard he'd been to get settled with this particular mission out of the idea of a misconception. The ever watchful gaze of annoyance that radiated off of the young woman had been noticed but he'd chosen to try and mentally avoiding it if only to keep himself constantly moving through his attempt to try and get her to be a bit more interactive. Which had been to no benefit in that endeavor as a response of sharply returned towards him from her. A small hum resonated in him and he bit the inside of his lips with a small frown that formed. She'd been much more intense than he last remembered when it came to things that she'd chosen to hyper focus on. That didn't do well for her shining personality that he'd been much more accustomed towards on a daily basis. "Not really. . . ?" He spoke in a soft uncertainty that'd been an inflection of a question to a question. He wasn't sure how to really lead into what had been wrong and there had been enough to really pick at in things that he'd wanted to address. He closed the book lightly and handed it towards her with an eyebrow that raised upwards with an inquisitive gaze that stared down at his seemingly stressed cousin. He'd heard she would react in a very unfavorable way but hadn't expected it to be anything like that. "You need to eat, Alex. If you focus too much without nurturing yourself, you're going to end up being a lot more hurt in the long run." Cole smiled fondly towards her, clearly not offended by the way she'd snapped at him as he leaned forward and gently pressed his hand to her forehead to check if she'd potentially been working herself to an illness. "How long have you been working yourself like this? Have you even taken a break or some kind of breather to try and relax yourself a bit?" He wasn't privy of just how bar this particular bout of workaholic had been and sought to understand the full extent of what he'd been working against and had to make a plan on the fly on how to actually handle getting her some fresh air that didn't involve sitting in a chair, hunched over and pushing herself for Merlin know's what reason. "Don't need to make that kind of annoyed face either. Can you really say you wouldn't be worried about me if I did the same thing?"
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    She was most likely right in his desire to not want to know the true answer for that kind of feeling. That would be the kind of thing where no amount of soap, water, or scrubbing could ever be considered 'enough' to get that kind of slime off of someone. It was often how he perceived certain thoughts that would be lifted up from the surfaces of peoples mind if he hadn't gone through trying to search them out. One thing he'd always questioned about his Mother had been how did she manage to keep him a secret from the rest of the circle of friends that his grandparents had gathered up in a way to showcase their much more 'Pureblooded' status. "Being sneaky and eavesdropping isn't the only skill. She can keep a secret as well as a stool pigeon or a reporter's source." That and he couldn't imagine her being subtle with the way she'd slap some of her 'demands' or 'expectations' in front of him with the hardest metaphorical punches. A snicker emitted from him as he leaned inwards and returned the whisper. "Do you think she could really work a small device without yelling, 'I'm putting this here.' ?" Marcus laughed softly. "Loan-a-kid? That sounds like it'd be a pretty good business to start up. 'Mother bothering you about grandkids? Need someone to wash your car? How about someone to actually have Christmas Dinner with? Well, Loan-a-Kid today!' That kind of got a bit sad at the end." Laughter turned into a chuckle that slowly started to ease up. Though he imagined if Gabby had been around even more often, if that had at all been even possible, that his Mother could be satisfied and distracted in spoiling her. At least to by sometime to see if that had been the kind of thought he even wanted to pursue in the first place. "Angel in the streets, freaky in the sheets that's all I'm saying on that!" Then an accusing stare shifted towards Gemini. "And for all you know, you were just fueling all that emotion of desire for me to do it all." Not that he believed that, chances had been they were feeding heavily off of one another. A smirk found its way on his lips while their eyes met, hands raised up to press on both side of her cheek while the edges of his fingers rubbed along the tip of her earlobe gently as if it had been a teased massage. "Drunken deafness is a serious thing, of course, most times it seems you select when you have it even sober." He couldn't count how many times it seemed as if she didn't hear him just to see if he'd constantly repeat what he stated towards her. But now, now he had her where she couldn't hide her face away from him after hearing the words. While he didn't expect her to be the 'embarrassed' sort, there also hadn't been the expectation that she'd want him to speak louder. At this point he suspected she wanted the entire house to know. Even worse had been he was more than one-hundred percent sure that Layla was around the corner, it was customary as his luck to have these moments go in the other direction quickly. "Fine, you little punk." He considered her blush his for the viewing and that would probably be the greatest win possible in his mind. Voice elevated strongly while he stared deeper into her eyes. "I LOVE YOU, GEMINI." The base had been enough that it could be felt through a glass table if one placed their hand onto its surface. The declaration had been followed by the sound of sniggled 'Dawh', was that actually tear sniffling in the background now? A soft annoyed sigh erupted from him because that could only mean one thing. "You just -had- to tempt the beast, Gemma. Now she's hiding there behind the WALL! AS IF I CAN'T -HEAR- HER!"
  12. Invite The Monsters Within

    "You really, really don't want to know," Gemini shook her head a little, and she was going to leave the topic of inappropriate emotions right there, because that was definitely something she did not want to get into with anyone. Especially right now when she was already recovering from her overload of her own emotions. She did have to chuckle though, at the idea of Layla being a secret agent, and she could absolutely picture it as well, and wondered if he ever questioned that on a more serious level. "How do you know she isn't? Maybe she's been both trying to improve her own health, as well as saving the world and all this time you had no idea," A faux gasp escaped as Gem covered her lips lightly, "The house could be bugged." She whispered then, before a small snicker escaped her. She winced a little at the mention of the grandparent thing though. "Maybe we can just borrow someone else's kids for her for a day, and she can take them all out to do something and spoil them rotten," Gem chuckled softly with a small shake of her head. She somehow doubted that would satisfy the older woman, but there was still time yet. And who knew where they'd be in even a few months or a year, let alone whenever it was that anyone could consier having kids and expanding families. "Pfft, I'm saying that there's no way you could have claimed innocent when we first hooked up... ain't nothin' innocent about the things we did then, of which some required a little bit of experience. Just sayin'," The woman snorted quietly. However, the most fun was in getting Marcus to keep repeating his words, amusement making her chuckle. "Charade? I'll have you know this is very serious business, drunken deafness," The young woman nodded, however her gaze narrowed as she lifted her head to look at him with the challenge. Oho, it was like that, was it? Her lips pursed then, as she did indeed look him in the eyes, as though daring him to go through with what he said he would, and declare it all louder. She knew Layla would probably be getting a large amount of amusement from her shenanigans, but in honesty Gemini didn't care so much about that. She was being a shit, but she also wanted to hear him say it loudly.
  13. Invite There's a Fine, Fine Line

    "Yes, it did have something to do with making a decision about my life, not that you would have realised it of course, as thick headed as you are most of the time," Elektra was tired, the fire had gone out of her words as she dropped herself onto her rear, sitting on the curb while she talked to what she assumed would be thin air soon, since he kept edging back and forth from the house behind her. She ruffled her hair in frustration. "Did you even think that maybe the reason I didn't want you to go to Azkaban was because I don't want you to go?? That maybe I like having you around, despite the fact that you drive me absolutely fucking mental?" The woman was struggling. She didn't like admitting to her own insecurities and feelings any more than he did. She was perhaps even worse than him, which was what made her difficulty in coping with all her insecurities regarding the girls all that more worse. At least Ele knew she could feel a little confident that it wasn't just some unreasonable anger that she held in regard to being told about things regarding her life and that of her nieces. She was their guardian, she needed to know where Nina was all the time. She'd never forgive herself if something happened to the girl and she didn't know where she was. Even being told that she was the guardian, that Nina had to go home with her regardless, caused her head to drop as her hands went to the back of her neck. Nina would blame her for this, Ele knew that much. She didn't know what more she could do to prove herself to the girl, and she hated feeling like she failed her. Silently, the blonde's shoulders shook, unheard sobs breaking through as her head remained ducked. "Come back whenever..." Came a quiet hoarse response from the woman as she remained sat where she was. He did mean that he wanted to return to the house soon, right? Not that he was deciding that he wouldn't at all? Who knew right now. Elektra was still trying to figure out how she felt about his confession of having fallen in love with her, which was difficult when she was having a partial break down over being a terrible guardian aunt, It was all... just too much. "Your room's clean and everything... Elena misses you too, she'll be happy to see you," The woman mumbled, unable to look up from her sitting spot, "And I'm just... I'm not coping trying to do everything on my own... and I miss you."
  14. Let's have a chat

    Oh, a snowstorm. Jamie had the feeling Viktoriya hadn't been the first person to suggest such a thing, but he couldn't quite recall who had said it before. Regardless, he was glad it wasn't that popular a thought or else his coach would grab it and run with it. He loved Quidditch to hell and back, but he wasn't sure if he could withstand that kind of punishment. It looked like he was in for a big scolding, like he had predicted. Deja vu. He lowered his head, gaze cast at his knees as Toriya let him have it. He didn't know why he had hoped to keep it a secret from the former teammate. There was no way he could, and it was time to bite the bullet before he needlessly infuriated - he hated confrontation. He closed his eyes at the final question and sighed out before responding. "...Overcompensating?" He offered, opening his eyes once more to look at one of his favorite short stacks. "I just..." He looked away for a moment, biting his lip. It was hard to put it into words. "...We had a bunch of crap happen to us over money, y'know? Mom's sacrificed a lot to get me 'n Alex to where we are today. A couple years of this in return won't kill me." Just enough to make the family be well off. After that he could distance himself from PR, hopefully.
  15. Invite The Monsters Within

    "Ehehe, I can only imagine how scummy you end up feeling with the kind of emotions you'd get pelted with. Especially on the stronger side of things." His mind hadn't wandered to the place her did, rather he couldn't imagine the sheer amount of disgust she might end up feeling simply walking by a Strip club and the various emotions and urges that weren't even intended to be controlled by the original resonators. He wasn't in any better situation, when the surface thoughts of people were just too strong that they weren't even trying to keep them held down, it became like a downpour in his mind of things he'd want to escape with the swiftest of movements. Marcus snorted and narrowed his eyes. "Might be? She's practically a secret agent on loan." He was glad the woman didn't have the kind of senses that he held. That would be a nightmare all together, the last thing he needed had been his mother saying and asking 'I didn't hear enough bed bouncing last night, are you sure you're even working on a grandchild?' The thought alone caused him to groan and his hand rubbed the top of his forehead with the voice alone being left behind in its imaginary echo. "And she still won't let go the wanting to be grandparent bit. I'm about to buy her a cardboard cutout and just claim them as children." A grin shaped on his lips as he laughed lightly at Gemini's response of his claim to innocence. "So, what you're saying is you are the sole reason that I am -not- innocent? That's quite the claim that you're admitting there, Gemma." "Oh. . . You little shit. . ." He playfully responded. The way that her heart thumped again had been enough of a sign that she'd been enjoying hearing it. Almost as if the selective hearing claim had been to get him to say it again equally as much as it had been for her to enjoy the feeling that it caused her to have. "Even when I say it that way, you're keeping up that charade, eh?" A smile greeted on his face one that had opted try and play more on how he knew of her personality, that one that sought to meet every challenged that had been offered to her. "Maybe I will. But I don't think you have it in you to stare me in the eyes while I say it. It's a shame. . . And I so wanted to say it again."
  16. Invite Someone Else's Benefit

    Vale Windum
    "Ahaha, you've got me there. But you know, you've got some competition with the Sirens of the Sea." Was there really enough world for so many man-eating beauties? Probably, one thing that often seemed to be true for males is that beauty attracted them in many ways. "I wouldn't be able to stare back at them if I was looking at me either. It's a curse, but I have to live with that kind of effect." An exasperated sigh eased out of him and a hand tussled through his hair. After her snark remark his head would suddenly jerk back as if he'd been punched with his hand covering over the nasal area. "O-Ouch. . . That direct contact." A chuckle ensued soon afterwards. "For all the rest of the world knows? This is my true face. It'd be quite the lucky person to see everything of me." That much he'd been certain, it'd been sometime since even he had seen his 'true self' but that had been the reason for the glamour's and guise. "Oh my. . . I sense the streak of someone who -hates- to lose. Mmmm… That will be fun for me then. I do enjoy poking fun at that particular kink." He shined a wink towards her. Vale's eyes closed gently as he hummed, she made an excellent point that couldn't be refuted. In a position where life itself had been held in the balance, being lax and feeling that knowledge from what you've been taught is the only thing worth it would denote arrogance. Negligence even, a persons patient deserved every effort to understanding more and generate a thought and path to at least work towards some form of remedy even if it isn't a cure itself. "That laugh just made you seem more like mad scientist than loving doctor." He grinned towards her and let out a low laughter. "Though I am curious on why you find the mundane more entertaining." "Distance? Me? I'm a picture of friendliness and excitement. Hell, I'm about to make a waiter's life -wonderful-. He just doesn't know it yet." Eyebrow wriggled at the insinuation that anything he'd planned could even be labeled as 'Wonderful' unless it was followed by 'Prank'. Even with all his attempt at being playful, she was correct - everyone and everything needed to be at an arms length for him. Not just for his own protection but for theirs as well, the thing and people he gotten mixed up with often weren't the type to not target those that could be deemed a weakness. "Well, being -all- good is just asking to be a literal stick in the mud. Nothing wrong with the occasional naught tangent." Maybe she wouldn't be counted amongst 'fully good' or maybe she would, but the main point still had been settled that she made an effort to focus herself into others that sought her help and assistance. Maybe she had been entitled to the occasional spurts of 'bad'. Of course, the interests he held for her amusement of mundane ailments would have to wait for another chance such as this. "Leaving me so soon? Sad heart, now I just have to make this waiter's night worse to make myself feel better!" As if he needed an excuse to even do such a thing, but it at least gave a bit of playful banter towards the end of their night. "And in the future, huh? Looks someone couldn't get enough of seeing me around." He reached into his pants to pull out a slick wallet and grasped a few bills to place on the table - Paying the meal and giving a generous tip. Mostly as an unknowing apology for what he had planned for their server. "Well, then I guess the next meet up is in your court."
  17. Invite Terribly Normal

    "It was a joke, Ruella," Jez smiled gently, even as her sister got up in arms about even the idea of being called a part of something other than the House she'd been assigned during her school years. She chuckled softly and then offered a small shrug, "Besides, Dad was a Spencer, so there's at least some in your blood, but I wasn't saying that you were one yourself." That kind of loyalty, though, could have done a great deal for her sister's House if things had maybe been a little different in school. Maybe if they'd known sooner about their connection, if Mea had been allowed to connect with their family while she was younger, able to learn to accept them and herself. What ifs were pointless, but there was always a small wondering. "it sounds like a good day out though. Don't worry, I know of some nice places to shop where we won't be really crowded or anything. Just good for spending time with each other and getting to know Lauren better," The young woman was aware that Améa was not overly fond of crowds and the city, so she would at least try to make it as painless as possible. She knew it was a good idea for them to at least make the effort to spend time with their younger sister, to try to connect and let her know that they wanted her to be a part of their lives. It would take work - it had with Améa - but it would be worth it and pay off in the end. Though, it appeared that even her twin had some doubts still, much less about whether she wanted to be a part of it all and more to do with Stuart's acceptance of who she was and what she had done in the past. Jez could understand that, but her features remained in a relaxed smile as she watched Mea. "I think that would be a really good idea too. You can only truly connect properly when everything is in the open, after all," Jezebel nodded gently, but then placed a hand on Améa's shoulder and gave it a small comforting squeeze as she leaned a little closer, "But I don't think that you have anything to be worried about. All you need to do is be honest, tell him of your life, about the things that happened and why. You'll see that he will still want you for his daughter. He's a good man, but he's also had to make tough decisions in his life too," Leaning in close again, she offered Mea a small half hug, a little squeeze to try and comfort her a little. "Regardless, you'll always have me. And of course I would sneak you sweets, though I'm pretty sure Mary would send them over anyway, and order me to make sure that you're eating enough," Jezebel smiled at the other woman lightly, and she wasn't lying either. Mary was quite attached to Améa, and certainly wouldn't want to think that she wasn't looking after herself properly, "But I know you're going to be alright."
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    "Bah, I wouldn't be complaining if I just heard the occasional compliments. It's when you're surrounded by a bunch of intense emotion and it's all differing and trying to overtake each other, that it's really rough," Gem nodded, though in all honesty couldn't say she knew that it'd be like to hear actual thoughts. On the one hand, it seemed a little cool, but on the other there were just some things that you didn't want to know as well. Not that she hadn't been assaulted by the occasional inappropriate feelings that belonged to someone in random places before. There were reasons she avoided some kids' playgrounds where weird guys hung out on their own to watch. "Layla is totally cool, and I'm not just saying that because she might be eavesdropping on us," As much as the older woman tended to give them some room, Gem was also very well aware that sometimes she did purposely try to be doing something that would allow her to listen in a little on their conversations. Probably in the hope of hearing something about them thinking about kids. Even that was one wagon that Gemini didn't think she was ready to jump onto, regardless of understanding why Layla was in a hurry for more. "And don't try to sell that 'innocence' stuff on me. I know very well just how not innocent you are," The young woman snorted quietly, but then allowed a quiet sigh to fall from her lips. She wasn't going to immediately feel all better, but at the least it seemed she was able to be a little like her usual self for a bit. Though, her usual self still relied on pushing down a lot of the more negative emotions most of the time. Something that was probably not the most healthy. A small snicker escaped though, at his reaction to her words. She knew well enough that he would know what his words had done, those damn enhanced senses and all. But that didn't mean that Gemini couldn't still feign ignorant if she wanted to. She didn't exactly expect him to project the words mentally, though, which caused her lips to form a small smile as she kept her face hidden. She felt her heart jump a little, that stupid happy feeling that felt familiar, and yet something like a distant memory. However, she still shook her head a little and then spoke even louder. "What was that? I still didn't hear you, Marcus! You're going to have to say it a whole lot louder... I'm too drunk!"
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    "Well, I am supposed to be a man-eater... wouldn't fit the image very well if I didn't add in some kind of torment for you," Sib snorted quietly, before then offering a gentle shrug, "A part of fitting in with modern day is acting the same as the young people do, isn't it? Besides, just because people like to stare at me, doesn't mean I'm staring back at them." The cheeky responses were complimented by an equally cheeky smile, "Especially when one is hiding their true face from the world most of the time anyway." She punctuated the last remark with a raised brow, before then laughing softly at their following back and forths, offering a light wave of her hand, followed by a small bow and another chuckle, "I think you'll find that most rounds often belong to me. My looks are hardly my only asset now." She smirked gently, resting her chin on her hand once again as she considered the fact of continuously learning. "Good doctors never rest, they also say. Though, I have to admit, there's a lot of truth to be had there. But the results are worth it," Even the most obscure treatments and illnesses played a part in something else, and having that extra knowledge never went astray, whether it was treating someone herself, or having the information to be able to give to someone else who was having trouble elsewhere and didn't already have it. Nothing was ever wasted. "Honestly, I find the more mundane ailments to be the most entertaining," She grinned with another quiet laugh and a shrug. "I suppose expecting the worst all the time is a rather effective method of keeping everyone at a distance as well," Sibylla mused with a raised brow, before her shoulders lifted and fell gently. She could understand the lack of trust in the goodness of others, especially when meeting them for the first time. She could also understand the surprise of finding someone who was actually genuine in their goodness. Most of the time, those kinds were picked off rather quickly if they weren't careful, or their tune changed after enough negative run ins themselves. "I can understand that. I try not to make any decisions about anyone until after I've met them a few times, to get a decent idea about them, myself. And good people are a true rarity... why, even I might not be entirely 'good', per se," She snickered, before then reaching for her handbag to search in it a moment. "But, I suppose you will work out for yourself in the future whether I really am or not. For now though, I should probably consider heading home soon."
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    Of course, Alex hadn't heard Cole come into the house at all. Right up until the man walked in, she kept on drawing and redrawing the stupid logo that kept getting rejected over and over and over again, occasionally muttering a string of expletives towards the client from hell that decided to hire her services. However, that all came to a halt the moment she heard a small click, signaling her own bedroom door had been opened. "Jamie, I swear to god--" As she turned to the door, all too ready to tell her own brother to eat a shoe (as well as far less kind things), the words died in her mouth as she saw her cousin instead. The anger stopped for a moment - but just for that one moment. It was soon back in full force as seen by the annoyance of her gaze. Had Jamie sent him? Didn't Cole know she loathed being interrupted? She could feel herself gripping the electronic pen a bit more than she probably should. He just went on and on, and she didn't bother replying to any of it. Instead, her face contorted further and further in irritation as he went on, not really caring for a single word. By the time he picked up the book, she was just done. "Are you done?" She snapped, glaring at the man - wholly undeservedly so. She HATED when someone took her attention from work, no matter the reason.
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    A smile breeched his face as her head pressed against the surface of his hand. The smell she held had been unique, something that often made her easily identifiable to him, both when the smells that would often fade over time along when she'd been physically present in the area. He often wondered if she'd eventually settle down in a home or somewhere rather than coming and going, but maybe that had been for the best? Once a being is at a certain age they'd be settled in their ways and lifestyle and perhaps a cat would be no different in that mindset than any other creature. With, what he considered to be, his good caretaker duties handled and his shirt removed and tossed he made his way towards the shower and turned it on. The warmth of the heat pooled up in the washroom with the sliding glass door increasingly turning foggy before he could even decide to gather himself to jump inside of it. But that hadn't been what halted him from taking the measure of removing the rest of his clothing. It'd been the sudden voice which alerted him and caused his brow to furrow in utter confusion. Did she. . . Just clal him Dog-Wizard? He hadn't even sensed the new individual in the home, had they apparated. . . ? No, there didn't seem to be any new smell in the air. What had lingered to his nostrils still had been Cat which drew more confusion for him. Travis turned around and his eyes widened, mouth dropped agape stuck between trying to identify the woman versus checking out her entirely nude form. His face leaned forward and gave a long sniff only to find that the woman had reeked of a familiar scent that he'd known too well. It lingered as if she'd been the cat itself that often found refuge in his home. "I. . . What. . .?" Had she been an Animagus that walked around as a cat and just watched him? His eyes drifted down towards his bare and scarred chest and he'd suddenly grown conscious of the fact he'd been in the bathroom, with water running and a naked woman. This didn't draw the wrong conclusion if someone were to suddenly burst in. "I mean. . . No? It isn't. Er. . . Were you a person the entire time?" She'd watched him walk around naked, junk out and all many times. That had been on top of the few women he'd bring home once in a blue moon when a strong enough connection had formed between them. "Morgana's orbs. . . You have been walking around watching me this long too?! And why are you naked?! Not that I'm complaining, you've got a really nice body." Did he just tell a cat that he often fed, picked up and held and allowed to cuddle in his body that they had a nice body? Cat or person? . . .Now he was getting confused at how long things had been going on. "Do. . . You want some clothes or something? Or are you just fine with me staring at you like this?" This had been unprecedented, he'd never known a woman to be so bold.
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    Ash could almost predict the reaction too what he’d just announced. It wouldn’t be some big declaration that she felt the same way, it wouldn’t even be a simple ‘thanks for telling me’. It would somehow come back that by not talking about his feelings was somehow him being an asshole again. This was a dance he was getting use to and it wasn’t just with Elektra, it seemed to be something he ran into a lot with women. Well, used too. He’d not done any declarations of love in many many years and it had been many more years since they had been sincere ones. Yes, he’d lied about loving a woman before to get what he needed out of that situation. He’d got what he wanted and walked away, no doubt breaking the woman’s heart in the process. He never really thought about the after affects of what he did to get the job done. The rage, the tears and the verbal abuse tended to roll off him because it meant nothing in the long run. This time, this announcement, meant something and whatever she responded with he knew was going to hurt in some way or another. But the reaction he got from her was one that caused a short burst of laughter to erupt from him before he turned to look at her, genuine surprise and shock on his face. “None of that had anything to do with me making a decision about your life.” the surprise look soon gave way to a frown “That is about me making a decision about my own life, my own feelings. The way I view myself, the way I view you, the way I view the girls and the way I view me fitting into all your lives. I have never told you about how I feel because I am still trying to make that decision.” walking away from the door, he moved over towards her. “As for the rest of it, I can continue to apologies. I can reexplain my reasons. I can and have acknowledged that I made the wrong decisions and acted the wrong way, which, is not something I do often.” a sigh followed that statement, then he stepped back slightly “As for Nina, you are her registered guardian and I am a registered felon. She needs to go home with you.” another sigh “And since I’m landing things at your feet, I’ll add. I would like to discuss at some point in the very near future about me coming home as well.”
  23. Invite At Last

    Cat really wasn’t sure why people felt the need to pick her up when they first encountered her, but they did and Dog-Wizard was no different. She gave mildly disgruntled noise that soon dissolved into purring when he ran his hands over just the right spot. Dog-Wizard had his many downsides but all off those were clean forgotten when he petted her or offered her some damn good food. She listened too him talk for a moment, giving him a quick sniff and noticing the scent she went out of her way to rub onto him was starting to fade. This was unacceptable, she put a lot of work into marking things that she considered hers with her own unique scent. Dog-Wizard was hers when it was convenient and therefore he needed to smell like her. There was only one way to rectify this situation, with this single minded purpose she rubbed her cheeks against his hand, making sure to mark him with her scent. This rubbing continued when he placed her on the ground and spoke of food. Once on all four feet, she followed where he went on his two feet, making sure too get a few rubs in on his legs before she figured out what he was doing and quickly trotted off too where her food bowl lived. He was a good Dog-Wizard. Well, she thought he was until once again he deployed fish into her bowl. Fish! Again! Did this Dog-Wizard not understand that variety in a diet was the spice of life? Well, it was time he was told. So, after greedily eating half the fish he’d lain out of her, lapping up some of the water. She then trotted after him, it was during this trot that she switched from her much preferred four legged mode of transport to the two legged version. “Dog-Wizard,” she said, watching him as he removed the clothes that kept him warm. Completely oblivious to the fact that she was not wearing any clothes herself “I appreciate the fish but sometimes I do like a change in diet. A nice rib eye steak, perhaps. Is that so hard for your to accomplish?”
  24. Let's have a chat

    Torya wrinkled her nose a little bit when Jamie told her he’d been out since three in the morning. The weather had been pretty crap, and the dhampiressa being what she was, wasn’t usually bothered by the elements as much as her human counterparts. “That must have sucked bludger balls,” she indicated with a wry smile. “At least it wasn’t a snowstorm though? My coach thought that would be great to do in the middle of January in the Carpathians.” Either way, it was a crap thing, but it was also the sacrifice they made to do what they did - play Quidditch. “Thanks,” she told him when she received her glass of juice, letting the taste dance on her tongue a bit while she took a sip. It was cold and delicious, but it didn’t distract Viktoriya from the situation at hand. She was going to get answers one way or another, and she would see what Jamie had to say for himself. This wasn't how he was, he couldn't possibly want any of this attention. So the moment he asked her if it seemed to be getting worse, she raised an eyebrow at him, and thought that he was pretty darn lucky Anastasia was away thanks to a piano competition she was taking part in. The two of them together would have worked in tandem to knock some sense into this boy's brain. "Of course it's getting worse," she replied, "And you can't tell me that you actually like any of this attention." Even if it meant loading up on more cash from the revenue, what was it really worth it? Viktoriya began to frown when he inquired why it seemed to bother her so much. "Because I know damn well that's not how you are Jamie," Viktoriya told him candidly, a concern for her friend entering her voice as her expression turned to express that very emotion. "And it makes me worried about you. What if you go in too deep with this whole persona and facade that you can't come back out of it? What then? Sure the money must be decent for making the wallet fat, but there's more important things than that and you and I know it." "Talk to me. Why are you doing this?"
  25. Invite Terribly Normal

    "I am not Spencer!" Améa said, her voice hot with deep offense. Perhaps their father had been, and that was fine, but Améa was Sturt. Sturt loyal, even now. Once she was assigned to something, Améa would honour it until the day she died. For all that she had hated her time at Tallygarunga, and as much as she had never been a "team player", she still very strongly saw herself as a Sturt. Huffing out of flared nostrils, she gave Jezebel a disappointed look, as though her twin should have known better. "Of course we tell, is bad to kidnap even sisters," she added as though that too should have been obvious. Améa wasn't overly fond of shopping, but every book and TV show she had ever seen suggested it was an ideal thing for sisters to do together. She already had an image of the four of them in stylish outfits and takeaway coffee, bags hanging off their arms full of bargains. It was worth a little pain having to go into the city and through crowds for something like that, right? Anything that stopped Lauren becoming more bitter and withdrawn than she already was. Améa knew that road too well and she was keen to have their younger sister avoid it. The picnic did sound like a legitimately good idea to Améa, who loved being out among nature. Although this would also mean a full day away from the animals at home, and that was a thought that tugged at her heart. She would just have to give them extra attention before and after she went. "Vladimir is also suggest---I tell Mr Stuart truths of me," Améa added slowly. "He know then if I am daughter good enough. He make choice if I am... if I am allowed." Her voice shook with uncertainty to the end, worried that he would decide against her. Be afraid of what she could, and would, do. It was clear that her attachment to Stuart had increased enough that she was afraid to lose what she had, but still felt it was dishonest with all that (she thought) he didn't know. "You will.. sneak Mrs Mary cooking to me if he decide no?" she asked, a raw and sorrowful whisper at the very prospect of being cut off from Stuart and his family.
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    "All I've got is the whole mental scope. That can be pretty annoying sometimes. Nothing like hearing someone's overly loud thought of 'He has a nice ass' ricochet from across the other side of the room." Most times he could escape those kind of moments, if he kept moving fast enough through people. Crowds made it slightly more difficult but he'd had enough time to develop the proper defenses against that kind of a situation. He grinned at her as the pout became even more defined as he brought the attention towards it. It had a bit of an amusing twist that she could still have the strength and awareness to work on those usual traits of hers, where she'd accentuate her pouts or expression anytime he'd bring them up. Then Marcus snorted. "Cool lady, isn't the kind of thing I would use as a descriptor for her." Loud, rude, pushy, and everything that would be able to be considered the bane of his peace and quiet. It didn't help that she had been on the train of 'Multiply me some Grandkids'. He was just surprised she didn't buy an entire billboard dedicated to just that singular phrase or thought anytime someone would pass by it. "When someone told me that life can be a pain I don't think they actually met the two of you at the same time and seen the kind of horrors you both inflict on my innocent psyche." There could have been any possibility, he wasn't the sort to take many chances and often tried to have a plan for almost any situation he could give in the event of an escalating scenario. He hadn't survived the elements of the underworld by being careless and not prioritizing his own freedom and safety through any means plausible. This had been no different though it had also been more difficult to predict the kind of outcome when the individual could be unpredictable when faced against the person that caused such intense feelings within them. A small grin formed on his face feeling the pressure of her face pressed into his chest, the hint of red on her cheeks had only been viewable for a brief second before they disappeared amongst the cloth of his shirt. "Eh? You cheeky. . ." Marcus' eyes squinted accusingly at Gemini. As if he couldn't hear the hastened beat of her heart after hearing the phrase he'd spoken to her. Then a devilish grin laced as an expression, if that had been the cheeky game she wanted to play he suppose he could 'cheat' at it a bit. Lips sealed shut and his breathing leveled slowly while he sent out an ever sneaky message into her mind. 'I love you.' Sometimes his Dhampir talents did have a bit of use to them that he hadn't mind abusing every now and then for the right reasons.
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    Vale Windum
    "That's some twisted kind of torture you want to inflict on yourself there." Vale squinted towards her as if she'd been some form of torturer in her past life. A snickering response followed after her question. That had always been a possibility and it'd be much more common amongst those that had been from the current age, where meeting and communication had been much more impersonal to people. "Well, that's only when the factor of which era a person had been born in would come into fruition, now it isn't it?" He offered a smooth smile form his words. "And we did just get through explaining how some of your issue is that you can't seem to beat the stares away with a bat. So, in that regard, I don't think you'd have too much of a problem with." He, on the other hand, had been in a much more elusive situation. None had laid eyes on his 'True' image aside from his family, it'd been a boon in many ways but it still held it's roots in keeping impersonal to some degree himself. "Sometimes it isn't always the actual admittance but the subtle one. It's okay, you wouldn't be the first." A gentle tease of his words and a small smirk creased. "Projecting? Hahaha." Genuine laughter flooded for a moment and his head nodded with the tips of his fingers sliding along the edges of his mouth. "Touché, a well played slap-back. I've got nothing and this round belongs to you." His hands clapped together gently, imitating the ever so known 'Golf Clap'. The distraction of having to actively be mindful of the distance either of them had been attempting to place had been weight lifting. Less on the mind meant it'd make it unlikely to have an extremely awkward moment. "Fair to say that the 'Good Doctor never stops expanding their education'. Things change, alter, even the ever so lovely idea of alchemical prospects that make such massive shifts." While he'd been no medical professional or Healer, the people of the Mounds had many of their own unique talents, traits, and focuses that made how they treated certain things vastly difference. "Must be a head shaker having to treat the occasional unusual person that may pass by your examination table." He gave a gentle chuckle at her question as he gave a soft hum. Maybe he shouldn't appraise people by his own lens? It'd perhaps be unfair even if it gave him the edge of keeping on top of people whether it'd be a true fact or not. "I tend to put everyone in the neutral bracket until proven otherwise. Nothing personal, really. I just find it helps to keep me as unbiased as possible, give myself the full picture of whom I am dealing with." A shrug flowed gently and he leaned forward with both of his arms pressed against the edge of the table. "And many people take a charity not for the 'good' aspect of it. Sugar plum, that makes me sound pessimistic. . . Hahaha. I just prefer to see people for who they are and not what I expect them to be. It just surprises me anytime I meet a good person. I don't know why."
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    "You got no idea," Gem murmured. Being a person who had emotions was one thing, they were a pain in the ass at the best of times. But being someone who often picked up on everyone else's as well, made her own even more sensitive at times, especially if she was drinking as well. It seemed to only compound everything once she managed to sort out between herself and other people, the biggest challenge being keeping her own to herself so that she didn't project directly onto others. It meant that moments like this were incredibly rare, because she couldn't afford to lose herself to what she felt, in case she messed with those around her without meaning to. His teasing over her pouting was met with only more pouting though, before she tried to ignore his words about finding it difficult not to look at her. He may have been a little right, because it was amusing to know that she could distract him so easily by just being in the room, but she didn't have to admit to it. "Your mom is a cool lady, and I have no shame at all in admitting that I'm totally her wingman," Gemini nodded easily. Layla's antics amused the hell out of her, and the women tended to play off one another in making Marcus' life maaaybe just a little hellish, but it was all out of care and fun for the man. He needed to loosen up sometimes, be a little less serious, and that's what Gem figured she was there for, even if it meant he picked up an eye-twitch now and then. If anything, that only added a little to the thrill of how he'd probably make her pay later on. "Pfft, I don't mean getting arrested," The woman rolled her eyes. As if she would ever be convicted of anything. Even if she did end up punching Frankie, Sib would make sure that Gemini never saw the inside of a jail cell. It wasn't as though Gem wouldn't twist the entire scene to make it look like he had started it anyway, the woman wasn't stupid by any means. She'd grown up in Hollywood. It was a cut-throat world there. She was however worried over the idea that she might lose someone who had been there for her all year, and who she cared about, by doing something stupid. But it seemed he had picked up on that too, her lips pursing at his comment about her 'Emo-dar', before then clearly blushing at his admission of how he felt. Something fluttered in her stomach and she ducked her head, pressing her fact to his chest in order to hide her blush. "What was that? Don't think I heard it properly," Gemini then said, words cheeky as ever, "You might have to say it a bit louder. I think all the alcohol's made me a bit sleepy, and everything's hard to hear."
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