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  1. Yesterday
  2. Bella hadn’t forgotten about Mark’s birthday, even if he didn’t celebrate it. She wanted to be sure he at least knew how important he was to her as a friend, while she wasn’t very good at expressing herself with words, she was better at doing it with actions. Bella had made a cake earlier that day, she didn’t want Mark finding out about it, so she had to hide the cake from him in her room while he was around in the kitchen, only decorating it when he moved to his room. She was a bit anxious about the whole ordeal, what if he didn’t like chocolate? That could happen, and once it did then … what was she going to do? It wasn’t something she could worry about at the moment, she had already made the cake, she had already decorated it and had even gotten some candles. The bag with his present sat on top of the kitchen table. Inside there was a new sketchbook and some art supplies, Bella knew that Mark liked to sketch, and he was good at it, it seemed like a decent enough present for him. Inside the bag there was also a pair of crocheted mittens with the Flinder’s colors that Bella had made, they had fallen onto the bag by mistake, she thought they wouldn’t be good enough, nor that he would wear such a thing, it was best they just remained in her room, hidden from everyone’s sight. Bella knocked on his bedroom room, the cake was decorated, the present was on the table, all the needed was the birthday boy. “M-Mark…ar-are you there? C-can you … can you please come here?” she asked a bit skittish, maybe she overdid it, maybe she shouldn’t have done anything, could she rewind time and stop herself from knocking on the door? No, she couldn’t. Bella took a deep breath trying to calm herself, maybe if she hid in her room it would be alright, it would be like it never happened.
  3. Last week
  4. "Probably not. . . She might try to get you going with the well-kept beard that seems to be the fad with stars these days." Cole's eyes narrowed slightly as if he were trying to avoid giving the woman more ideas to try and slap on Jamie. Knowing full-well he'd only been stirring up the pot as if it had been a delectable stew to be consumed. "Just imagine, you're walking in with your leather jacket. Design on the back designed ever so lovingly by your twin. The crowds screaming your name, men and women fainting on the floor just to feel the leather brush across the tips of their fingers." While he spoke his arm rose up and the back of his wrist pressed against his forehead in a dramatic fashion, eyes rolled as if he were simulating the actions of a fainted star struck individual. A chuckle flowed from him at the exchange between the two of them. "So, we're establishing, specifically her not allowed, right? I just need to know if I should schedule a few fashion-show bits for your attire and then a unique 'Broom show'." A playful grin started to form on his face while he shifted himself closer towards the window of the booth and his gaze turned out towards the various people that walked on by in sights for a moment then turned towards his cousins once more. "But she does have a point about those handles, you can even have a little device attached where turning the grip slightly causes a hefty vibration in the air, 'Vrooooom' " Both of his hands rose up, fingers curled in loosely while simulation motions of riding a bike with mildly twitches of his hand as if it were turning something then lowered them back onto the table. "Speaking of clothes, I do need to go shopping soon. Have to get myself a nice smooth suit to look absolutely stunning in." With his hands lifting up once more, the tips of his fingers flex the collar of his shirt as if he were a strutting debutante. "Not just for graduation but I think I probably should start the process of getting potential job interviews setup after. You know, be able to support myself a bit better than what I'm doing now." Which had been his secretive gigs using the Violin. While it didn't bring the cash in, it gave him enough to spoil himself ever so slightly. However, an active job, maybe he'd be able to get out from under the confinement of the University sanctioned dormitories and settle into something far more comfortable while keeping up with schooling as well. A proper place for studying and keeping things orderly. "Sure can't have my parents and your mom not see me at my best in that graduating moment." He imagined they would most likely be happy at the fact that he had succeeded in general. Because of how auspicious the day would be he couldn't go under simple garments either. It had been far off but he'd been confident due to the amount of effort he put into everything he did do.
  5. "Can I, really?" Jamie sarcastically replied at the idea of trusting Alex with his fashion choices. That woman had a wild imagination, and knowing her, she'd go to extreme lengths just to make fun of him in any way she thought possible. She'd probably suggest something like wearing cowboy hats or gentlemanly goatees or even playing Quidditch in a full suit to prove how manly he was - and it was quite frightening that she could actually do much worse than whatever he could come up with on the spot. "Hm... How about we install a seat on it and some huge handle bars chopper style? Go full Harley Davidson on the thing. Nothing sexier than a Harley Davidson." It would be a pretty funny look to watch soar through the air, the Squib thought. She wasn't that big a fan of Quidditch at all (specifically when it came to her twin playing), but she could see herself watching that for the hell of it. "Hey, don't touch my Firebolt." Jamie shoved his sister's shoulder lightly, which prompted her to laugh. "Or my hair. Or my outfit. Or anything." "Your self-consciousness is adorable."
  6. Earlier
  7. A playful smirk stretched across his lips, his head shook in amusement as the thoughts spoken started escalate. Almost as if they were taking a life of their own unintentionally or intentionally, in this particular case. "She has a point there! How can you be a 'Ladies Man' if you're looking like a 'Boy Band Popstar' instead? Those are two different images that just can't fit together." He spoke in a teased tone. Not that he thought Jamie looked like he belonged in some kind of 'Boy Band', the image in his mind of it even being conceived as an idea nearly caused him to guffaw until his hand reached up and covered his mouth to keep a seal tight on the laughter. "I hear people like the rugged look, a bit of a 'Man's Man' appeal that screams 'Ladies Man' too. Just be glad Alex isn't talking about adding some piercings. You know that's becoming a super fad amongst people now." "Hey, now. I resemble that!" The words left his lips and a wide smile formed afterwards as he started to rumble into a soft laughter. "I say who better to help you look your best than the ones that love you? Or at the very least, the ones that love to embarrass you." Sometimes the two had to go hand-in-hand, the perks of not only being family but close in relationship as family members at that. He personally found it at least helped with the mood that had swept around the table earlier in the evening which is always a positive thing when gloom could be pushed away into shooting the breeze. "Why not help them?" Cole's shoulders shrugged casually. "You're already in it, plan to stay in it a bit longer. Our job is just to make sure they represent you properly!" He tried to wear as innocent of an expression as he possibly could towards Jamie. "Is it not better to play the role in your style? It's a win-win!" Depending on what one could consider 'his style', he'd been sure what both himself and Alex held in their minds had been two leaps over a gorge and several yards dash away from Jamie's preferred style in almost every way. "You can totally trust Alex, she's a walking fashion genius! Now, me? You should be worried about. I might go around thinking clown pants are smooth." "Now, what we really need to get you? Is a super unique broomstick." As he expounded more on such embarrassing details his gaze shifted towards Alex as a playful shine sparked in his eyes. "Any ideas spark to mind?"
  8. "We seriously need to work on your look." Alex spoke, a hint of mischievousness glinting in her eyes as she looked over at her brother. "Don't you think, Cole? He looks too much like a douchebag school boy right now. Maybe a little more beard, and have him let his hair grow a bit on the sides... Would do wonders for your ladies man self, my dear brother." She was a genius! Of course that would rake in even more money. If he was so follically gifted, why not take advantage? It looked like a waste, almost as if the demographic for his PR was just 'high school age females'. The man's ability to appeal across all sorts of demographics was being shamefully ignored. "You're both nuts." The man uttered with exasperation at his family's antics. Biker look? Formal look? He thought he was fine just the way he was. At least his management hadn't gotten oppressive enough to control what he wore, so long as he played his part to a T; but the two seemed more than content in covering that little oversight themselves. "You're welcome, Jamie's Vroom Brooms." Alex joked with a chuckle, taking on the idea Cole had tossed out onto the table. "If you're a celebrity, you gotta look like a million bucks. We'll handle it." A playful wink followed, one Jamie couldn't help but have a very bad feeling over. "...Why are you helping them again...?"
  9. There'd been enjoyment in hanging out with Remi, he couldn't say that it had been any kind of displeasure. Seeing the kind of expression she held when experiencing different things had been one of the many highlights of hanging out with her. The other, aside from getting to know her as the person she'd been growing as from all the sudden surge of knowledge, had been to be able to help her out in getting her feet on the ground. Everyone deserved that chance, to grow as a person, to expand on their own ideals and beliefs. In a world where people tried to force that influence it grew even more important to make those distinctions for the self. "Oh, you don't need to worry about me too much, Rem. I'm a strong kind of a guy." He tried to offer a firm and confident smile, despite the fact that he knew it'd been a lie within himself. There were a lot of things beyond him especially that which had been attached to his life one way or another. "But I'll keep in mind, never know when someone will need that kind of a help." It would've been far more rude and insensitive to turn away the offer of help she extended out, something that took far more courage in his opinion considering her situation and background. Trust and placing it in others when coming from a place of misinformation and lies had been a strength in the young woman. A smooth nod flowed from him. "It's definitely the way to start making friends." Or enemies if people had taken such a thing far too seriously. He matched her own grin which had eventually broken with low toned laughter. "Haven't gotten to meeting your neighbor's yet? I'm sure they'll noticed you though, you're hard to miss." While she didn't seem like she oozed confidence in her looks he found her to be a head turner in all the right ways. Travis' eyebrow piqued upwards as he started to walk over behind her, hands pressed at her waist as a charming smile stretched across his face. "If you keep up that talk, Remi, we're going to end up doing far more than just snuggling in your bed. . . I'm the violent sort of werewolf, I'm far more frisky." At the very least he felt he needed to warn her of his chosen activities. While he'd been subject to easy irritation, annoyance, and other emotions that could cause someone to fly off the handle as an angry madman, what had been his true Achille's heel? The desire of a kind of lust, the sexual hormones and need ended up being ramped up dramatically for himself and Remi had been someone that hadn't escaped his wandering gaze since he meter. "Unless that's what you want." He spoke in a flirtatious tone before backing away from her. "I don't mind ordering at all. Oh, you don't need to pay for it, Remi. Save it, you know, for groceries and all that. I'll cover this food grab." She'd already went through the paces of paying for a new place, not to mention the few amenities she might need to keep it up and running. He went through his phone, instead of making the call specifically he opted to use an application that handled third-party order and deliveries. "You must be pretty psyched to have such a large doggy door."
  10. Travis affirming that his offers to help her would always been sincere made Remi smile, though it was more too herself as she unpacked a few of the boxes in front of her. It felt good to know that she had made a friend who was genuine in the way they dealt with her. She had been told so many times that people outside the community was dishonest folk who were always out for number one. Travis had been a lesson that a lot of what had been told to her at the Ranch was not fully true. She had other friends from Tally and work that had also proven some of these beliefs were false, others had proven them right. Then again, Travis was also one of the two that knew about her past and had not actually turned around and walked away. Remi wouldn’t have blamed either of those that she’d confessed too if they had decided being friends with her was something akin to hard work. “And I will always say thank you when you do help and help you in return, if you ever have anything that requires my help.” she wasn’t bad at potions and had, on more than one occasion, thought about offering to brew him up some wolfsbane. The offer had never made it from her brain into words based on the simple fact there were more experienced potioneers within the school that could make a much safer and more effective version. She laughed at his response to her wanting pineapple on half of the pizza they were going to order “Well I will be able to join in the debate after I’ve tried it.” she said with a grin over her shoulder “It’ll help me get to know my new neighbours and learn something new about this big crazy new world I’m in.” she heard his snicker at what she said and his response made her pause in what she was doing, which was reaching up to place a newly acquired statue on one of the shelves on the living room wall. “No need to be gentle, the rougher the better.” she replied turning to place the statue where she wanted it. Turning back towards Travis when she felt it was in the perfect place, a smile on her lips as she clapped her hands together. “Snuggling up for a movie sounds like the perfect end to this day. The money for the food is on the kitchen counter. Do you mind ordering? I still don’t really get that right, I think I don’t give them enough money at times.” once he either agreed or disagreed with this, she turned and walked over to one of the side doors and unlocked the large dog door, that door was one of the main reasons she’d gone for this particular home.
  11. "Well, you know how it is. Only one person should be famous at a time, it's keeping all in balance." Cole offered a playful smirk, He didn't actually think he held the 'flair' to pull off being famous anyways. He found that Jamie just held that kind of confidence that made it work in a way that he couldn't fathom or comprehend. Then he started to roll into a full blown laughter and started to tip the remaining liquid in his bottle to drain it completely. "If you're paying me for that I'll need an entirely new make over." How long had it been since they were able to sit back and enjoy something so frivolous, heart nurturing? In a way, this had just been them having a good time without the need of poke at the solid wounds of being an Adult. His gaze shifted a bit from them and towards the window with a light smile that formed. It was good, they were good, maybe in time things would manage to even out somehow, that they wouldn't be strangling themselves or be strangled by the weight of things that had been happening around them. He'd been snapped from the daydream and turned full attention back towards the twins with a grin donned on his face. "You definitely can't pull off the Fonz look. I definitely can. It's all about how you make the hairstyle" The tips of his fingers brushed against his peaked hairdo and then sported a winning smile as if he were about to take a biopic for a moment. "Oh, you can definitely pull the formal suit look. That or the biker look, maybe we should get him to dress up like a biker and put it out on the net?" He mused with a narrowed look towards the ceiling. His mind still running with the idea. "On the back it can be, 'Jamie's Vroom Brooms'. With a broom that has handles pushing through a Quidditich ring. You can be the first ever Quidditich Broomsticker Gang." Cole's expression shifted to one of approval as he nodded with his shoulder's drawn upwards. "I think it works perfectly."
  12. "Oooooh, that's some heavy competition." Alex aided Cole in the little joke as he posed; although, in his defense, as well as the twins, she thought they were all very good looking. It was a bit of a mystery to Alex as to why she had been more successful in collecting stray, honest crushes from various people; it was exceptionally odd that Jamie had never even been out on a date at that. Maybe she should try to twist the arm of some of her contacts for that purpose. Briefly glancing at their cousin, she wondered if the pair could conspire about that behind Jamie's back. "Please, draw the attention away from me. You'd be my savior. I'll even pay you for that." It was quite nice to have such a lighthearted conversation with his family. It had been quite a while. Jamie had been so desperate that he was considering acquiring a property in Narragyambie for the sake of being close to someone, anyone at all. "Though you say that as if I can't pull off the look." "You can't. You're more of a... Formal suit with a naughty smirk kind of dude, if you wanna go all in with the charm." Alex enthused, having seen pictures of him at his last ball in Tallygarunga. "It'd be hilarious though. Guess I know what drawing I'm putting up on the Internet next." "H-Hey!"
  13. "Looks like I couldn't escape from that. . . Can't blame me for trying, can you?" She probably could and perhaps he would've done the exact same thing if he'd been her shoes. Fingers passed through his hair bashfully as the nails scrapped soothingly against his scalp. "Okay, okay. I'll do it. I was just trying to do something a bit nice for you guys." While he tried his best to support them emotionally and mentally, at times, he found his efforts not up to par. Not where he would've wanted it to be, he didn't expect a perfect record of it all falling into place. At the very least he expected to hope to be as effective as he possibly could be. "I can grab some random no-face students off of the streets. Hopefully they'll be all for it." If not? Then they could still have it, he just had to try and invite them, right? Maybe he could abuse his Quillbook for that. He pointed towards Alex as he nodded in solidarity with her words. "She has a point there, man. They can only snap photos of what they can see, am I right?" What happens under the sheets, stays under the sheets. At least that had been the hope with such brief entanglements. "Just tell them if they ever snap pictures of me with you, take it from the right side? That's my good side." He started to sit up straight, shifting to the right side of his body and displaying it with a half smile as if he'd been ready for a photo op. Then he started to nestle back into his seat with a wide smile painted on his face. "Promise not to steal the show away from you too much there." It'd been a joke to Cole on that part, in comparison, Jamie had been far more the draw of the public. Not only by reputation, a persons fashion statement had been as much a public relations kind of deal. He wondered, how often did he have to actually dress up like a bad boy? Did he always need to take up that look if he'd been in public for a prolonged amount of time? "So, we don't have to expect you to suddenly start wearing a leather jacket with some tight jeans like you're the Fonz if they're trying to sell that ladies man look, will we?" Thinking about it alone fueled a laughter that he tried to withhold. "Because, I can't speak for Alex, but I don't think I could take that seriously at all."
  14. Before Jamie could reply to Cole's ideas, Alex had already interjected. "Bullshit, it's for you too. It's been us three against the world for like forever now, so don't gimme that. Go out of your apartment and meet a person or three and that's when we're doing this." While it was Cole's idea for that sort of meeting, it didn't sit well with Alex to watch her best friend sit on the sidelines. He deserved his time on the spotlight too, and she'd be willing to put in the work for him and his friends to have a good time. "...Anyway." Jamie cleared his throat. "I don't think any of that's necessary... This is still a Muggle bar after all. I meant more in the sense of, I get along with a given person, am hanging out with them somewhere outta here and then suddenly boom, photos. That's when it'd bother me." He already had to be particularly careful whenever he was in the company of a woman, almost any woman; not even for a paparazzi concern, but a management concern. They were very trigger happy when it came to the subject. "All the more excuse to stay indoors." His sister chimed in with an eyebrow wiggle, which prompted the Seeker to laugh, having to cover his mouth so not to bother the other patrons.
  15. He smiled warmly. "Yea, I didn't think you were going to go for that idea either." Cole felt disconnected from the overall life of both Jamie and Alex, had they even been spending time with people that they enjoyed? A presence that had seemed overall unique to others? Maybe that hadn't entirely been his business, just because he'd been curious it didn't mean that he'd been mandated by any sense of it that he needed to know. "We'll keep it low key for you then." With a grin and wink offered to him as if they'd made such a grandstanding plan. Truth be told, he probably would be in the same predicament as Jamie. Not so much that he'd been contractually obligated to not date, even just casually, but that there didn't seem to be any good pickings. "Not really. None that I think would show up. I don't know. . . I keep pretty lowkey because I have my attentions elsewhere a bit." If he suddenly became busy with friends would he be able to be there for his family when they needed him? On the other hand, it'd been unhealthy to not make genuine friends to party and go out with. Here he had been at a booth drinking with his cousins, the two people that had been the only real friends he had. 'Man, that's pretty pathetic now that she questions me about it. . .' "I can't say I'm a genius philanthropist playboy? Minus all three of them." A playful chuckle escaped from him, both at his joke and the back-forth between the twins. That would get a bit of an issue if the reporters didn't care about exposing that kind of information to random Muggles, that would probably cost the reporters more than they bargained for at that. "Well, alright. No muggles then if that's the way you want to go about it." They seemed to have a better idea of how things would turn out in that regard than he did. "Either way, it's supposed to be for the two of you and your friends. I'm not included in that little bit of planning." Cole wanted them to get off the idea that it was meant for him as well, truthfully, he wanted to offer the relaxation for the them and not so much for himself. "Would it. . . Make you feel better if we put up something to block the windows too, Jamie? Kind of like blacking them out temporarily- avoid the flashes and all that?" He wasn't sure the proper way to dissuade the paparazzi. It wasn't lawful for him to outright intervene against them, like pushing them out into some water to swim with their equipment. But making it harder through ingenuity and different ways to black their view from getting an easy shot could've worked well. "Can even slip you some. . ." His eyes shifted left and right before he leaned in towards him. "Polyjuice? Can use it when you're about to leave that night, give yourself a quick break of it." He would've offered to change into him as an added diversion but he'd already been getting enough attention for that particular gift that he didn't want much more.
  16. Jamie shook his head at the idea of wanting to date someone. He didn't really knew anyone who catered to his interests - not that he knew anybody to begin with, but it was hard for him to find that one needle in the haystack that was a mountain of crazed fans following him wherever he went, or such was the curse that the team's managed cast upon him (at least metaphorically, or so he hoped). Unless someone introduced someone else to him, he didn't think he'd feel tempted to bend the rules anytime soon. However, the idea of asking old friends over gave him pause. Olivia had recently gotten in touch with him and would be a very valid candidate for such a thing; but, there was the issue that Alex didn't know she was back, and that girl had a bit of an explosive temper when it came to people vanishing off the face of the earth. Should Jamie let her know their friend was back? Should he try to have them meet up again prior to this event, whenever it would end up being, and hope for the best? Or should he just invite Olivia anyway and watch the spectacular explosion that would certainly soon ensue? "You don't even have classmates you can invite?" Alex asked Cole, placing her drink down on the table and leaning back on the comfortable booth. "I mean, I guess I can introduce you two to a bunch of Muggles, but you'll need some nice excuses when it comes to what the hell you do in your lives. Easier said than done. Especially you." She nudged Jamie with her elbow. "You're famous in your 'wizarding world' and all, but you're a nobody out here. You're gonna have to come up with a good excuse as to why there are cameras following you everywhere." "...On second thought, maybe no Muggles?" The boy gave a nervous smile. He really didn't want to deal with that.
  17. "Teammates and people from back and the day are perfect. Anyone you want to date on the downlow, don't worry, we can all keep a secret." Cole winked towards Jamie, at the very least, if he'd been looking towards someone he should have the attempt. Hexing a few cameras to explode to save face shouldn't be much for him as it had been one of the few magics he'd been practicing every now and then. "I mean, It's probably been a while since you both actually had a bit of few with friends, right? I mean actual fun, not the occasional drinking contest or streaking through the sky with teammates. Good, old, 'We don't care about the problems of today' kind of fun." There'd been times where people needed to break off the shackles for a night before having to place them back on, truthfully, he did also hope it would be a way to clear everyone's head a bit better about their paths in life. What they wanted to do and how they wanted to actually lead them for mutual happiness. "I'm with Alex on that, only friend I have is this one guy who keeps giving me really bad movies to watch." Sometimes he'd even shift them towards Alex's way so that the two of them could have a good laugh or five. Cole gave a smooth towards Alex as his eyes shifted left-to-right as he leaned inwards to whisper towards her. "Contrary to popular belief, my dear, Alex. . . I do have some little talents that aren't magically enhanced. It won't be a magical surprise, I promise." He hadn't sought a Violin designed to react with magical presence and design, luckily for that. It'd been something he wanted to consider but the costs were. . . Astronomical with the amount he actually managed to make just to support himself with what his scholarships wouldn't pay off. "So, anyone will be fine to come. It wouldn't be fair to offer that to you if my plan had been magical." Cole could say it had been a type of magic, but really, it's the kind anyone could do with a bit of training or some kind of virtuoso of talent in it. He didn't know which he fit, in truth. But he did train and end up making a bit of side money from the gigs he played under the radar. A good way to have his own little world for a moment, that had been about to break soon but he'd been oddly fine about it. "Me. . .? Uh, I guess. There are a few people I've seen that I've wanted to try and spark a bit of a friendship with, I guess. It would be a good time for me to focus more on making a bit of University friends, right? I can't be a friendless little sop." He chuckled lightly for a moment as he ran fingers through his own hair. "Just bring comfortable shoes and don't worry about a band too much. I know some guys who owe me one for the help I've offered." It had also been a difficult part of the year for the few friends he did go to Tallygarunga with that ended up attending VMU. Most had either finished their degree's or had been at the final stretch where studying and keeping focus had been more on their mind than trying to release that stress for a far easier studying period. "I guess I can go out and start trying to meet people. You know, stop being stuck in my apartment."
  18. "Who should we invite, though?" Jamie asked aloud, although he was more thinking to himself than anything. The idea of a social gathering was something that very much catered to recent interests - with Alex's, Cole's, Shane's, Toriya's and Ana's sudden disappearances over the past few months to do who knows what, the Seeker had been left to his lonesome and it was a bit jarring to the man. He had never been social himself, having always benefited from other people's social circles. Once they all left, he didn't have much of a clue on how to approach people anymore, and his peculiar situation made it a fairly risky endeavor to even consider. "I could ask some teammates, I guess." He didn't necessarily get along with any of them, but they probably had their own circle of people they'd be interested in bringing, which in turn would make things easier for Jamie in general. "A couple people from back in the day got in touch with me recently too, but I think that's about it. What about you two?" "Friends? What even are those?" Alex joked between sips. "I mean, I can ask former coworkers? I'm not exactly big on 'wizard friends' like you guys are, and I'm gonna go ahead and assume this surprise of yours has some weird magical nature." She motioned her head towards Cole as she spoke. "So it'd probably be a bad idea to bring a Muggle in." At least she had the presence of mind to speak in a bit of a lower tone, knowing they were in what was very much a magic-free area. "Outside of that though, my contacts list is pretty slim. Whaddya got?" She asked her cousin. He was in college. It was likely that he knew more people than the twins combined.
  19. It had been unexpected that Jamie was also caught off guard by the swiftness of Alex's need to get a refill of her drink. That seemed like a subject neither of them really wanted to approach in the moment, not if she'd planned to keep tossing them back. His gaze locked onto Jamie's for a moment and he gave an expression to essentially say, 'We'll have to let it be for now.' One thing Cole had to learn had been when to poke the bear and when to coerce it with juicy berries for it to munch on. "I'm sure if Alex asked he'd totally agree at the drop of a dime." Cole teased lightly, though his head shook lightly. "I wasn't expecting a freebie, really. He should be paid to compensate for it all. It could be an equally good time for him to relax too." He didn't think running a business had been the easiest thing to do especially not a bar with the various ups and down between regulars and sudden spikes for people looking for a good time. "I'll even offer to help him clean up the place after, hopefully it'd be a good helping hand." That had been something he never had a hard time doing, offering his help when he felt the need had rose for it. A grin touched his lips as he looked between the two. "Sorry, Alex, you wouldn't be able to unveil that little secret." As much as he wanted to show and tell the both of them for sometime the reason he'd taken up the little secret made it far more difficult in the past to bring it up in his mind. 'Secrets', They were things her personally hated to keep and not because his mouth couldn't be shut, it'd hinged on the fact that he'd always been so opened with both, Jamie and Alex, that not bringing it up felt like a blatant lie to the two people who stood by him through his teen problems and issues. "It will be great. Some drinks, some good food, a bit of dancing for you twinkle-toes." He wasn't entirely sure if that had been their personal schtick to do but it had been a good opportunity when it was people familiar and added an air of comfortability, hopefully a bit of silliness if they could make it all flow together. "It will be a night of no talking about work or PR's - just something where it's a night of refuge from the crazy lives we live." A moment of being disillusioned of the world around them didn't seem like a bad gig in his mind, sometimes, it was needed to just focus on the self. It could even be considered a form of therapy for the soul.
  20. Was AQL what Jamie wanted to do in the long term? Absolutely. His lips pursed in hesitation but he ultimately nodded to his cousin. Before he could expand on it, however, an arm moved in front of him and he leaned back into his booth on reflex - Alex was getting her drink refilled on the spot. He watched as she dove in for another sip almost immediately, and couldn't help but mirror Cole's words in his thoughts. 'It's been that bad, huh...?' He was snapped back into attention by the suggestion of festivities. "Huh? Ask Shane?" He reflexively looked around. There was no Shane in sight, but Jamie seemed uneasy on the thought in the first place. "I'unno. Do you think that'll fly, it's a full day of missed profits in the Robbins' point of view. Then again, I can cover for that, I think..." "Surprise?" Alex perked up, leaning her chin on her hand while glancing at Cole. "What kind of surprise?" "If it's a surprise, he won't be telling you." Jamie stated as a matter of fact, which earned a grumble. After a chuckle, he had an idea himself. "You can always be the one to ask him, you know. He's always listened to you way more than his old pal." A bit of a joking smirk crossed his lips, and he got the reaction he was looking for - a look of disgust in his sister's face. "Go to hell, Jamie." She said, taking a bigger chug out of her glass than she intended. 'Gross...'
  21. Cole sighed lightly and shook his head, there'd only been so much that he could prod and pushing too hard wouldn't be a smart thing to do when hoping to get others to see a new kind of point of view. He knew they understood health had been important and it hadn't escaped him that security in being able to provide had been a strong suit for the both of them. Which, admittedly, had been the same fence he'd been on in terms of not accepting the offer proffered by Jamie nor finding it right that he move back with his parents if he decided to take off time from school. At some point he would need to find a job too, something that could be substancive. At the end of the day the only thing he wanted them to do had been to take care of their health, not to let it decline or get harsh to manage things. "Just rest when you can, okay, Alex. . .?" The tone his voice hadn't been combative rather somewhat defeated for the time being when it came to trying to discuss her current issues with work. "I'll make sure to bring your favorite dish every so often." It hadn't been the thought that he wanted to place in anyones mind but the kind of pubilicity any form of entertainment needed to fuel viewers and follow articles often escalated or somehow ended up so out of control it increased the stress on the person who'd been 'acting it out'. Regardless, he'd support Jamie and Alex in their endeavors and he'd hoped they wouldn't doubt that he'd do anything he could for them without question. "AQL Would be a pretty good gig for you. All that competiton and the pure fun of the sport." That did drum up a curiosity in his mind as that particular gem had been brought up. "Is that the kind of thing you want to do? Run in the AQL?" As he started to lift the glass up to his lips to catch the final drops of the liquid inside the wood knocked and a gentle wince formed as it halted him. Eyes lowering to Alex as she already seemed to be asking for that refill. Then slowly turned back towards Jamie. "It's been that bad huh. . .?" He questioned, worriedly. Had there been anything he could do to reduce the stress he would, as it was he'd only been sitting on the sidelines watching with a heavy concern. "Hey, I have an idea." That's when it hit him. He didn't want to really do it, but if it meant a bit of a reprieve for his cousins? It was worth it. "How about we get Shane to rent us out the place one day, you gather up some of your friends. You know, a bit of a relax time for you both. Drinks, food and I can setup a good surprise to help you all winddown." He looked between the two of them with a wide smile. "I promise it won't be a dissappointment. . . Er, Hopefully."
  22. Alex gave Cole an annoyed look with the quick clapback, but didn't verbally answer to it; rather, she just took a big chug of her drink instead. She could feel a headache setting in at that point. Why did people have to be so hard to deal with? It only worsened the need to throw herself at work. At least her pages wouldn't nag her about various things, and her wallet would be quite happy with her creative output. 'Unlike some people.' Jamie shook his head at the (fairly disturbing) idea that Cole had put forth - assigning people for the Seeker to day? That was quite warped in his point of view, but he didn't think management would let the notion fly at all - a single, flirty Jamie was worth thirty taken Jamies. Though, an equally chilling thought occurred to him: it could be they considered having him flirt with fellow players. And that would mean he'd have to hit on Viktoriya if they were to ever meet in the Quidditch pitch. The thought alone made something in his stomach revolt, as evidenced by the mildly queasy look on his face. "It's just a temporary thing for me, you know. Just wanna make some money first. I can always go back to AQL when stuff explodes, right?" He suggested. A loud sound of glass clapping down on wood got his attention and he looked at the source, noticing his twin had finished her drink and was signaling to a roaming bartender. "Refill, please!"
  23. As much as the woman fought back against the urges, the constant play back and forth they held did give obvious connotations. There'd been desire, even if it hadn't been for part of his nature he imagined there'd still be that hook there. It did make him wonder if she merely fought against it for the sake of rules, their position, or had there been the idea of the chase exciting her as well? Whatever the actual reason had been he didn't think he'd get that answer so easily. Which had been fine, some answers needed to be discovered, unraveled with a certain degree of perception and investigation of a person. "You're right, I wouldn't be able to come close to the grace and movement of a natural Veela." There'd been a unique grace that his pureblooded kin wore upon themselves and that had only been assisted by the factor that their hormonal pull had been, by far, stronger than anything that he could drum up. Though, unlike them, due to the Wizarding portion of himself it had been under his control far easier. One could say the reduction of the strength and the application of a Wizard's magic could enhance it to reasonable and enjoyable levels rather than the sheer dumbfounded nature that victims end up being struck as in the presence of a full Veela. He caught the knowing gleam in her eyes, sometimes they often just gave it away. He'd let that fester in her mind rather than comment on it however, she didn't need to know she was the only he ever offered the honor towards. A chuckle escape from him and stretching across his face has been a smile. "Yes, I do. Each one happens to be named Issy. I just have this searing addiction." Maybe that hadn't been entirely untrue, he found himself uniquely drawn towards the blonde haired woman. The mischievousness, the amount of hormones that rolled off of her as a woman in need that had a high threshold of satisfaction needed to be met. She'd been highly beautiful even putting to shame many Half-Veela in his personal opinion. "But you forget. . . You don't protest against my perverted desires. You just let them get your panties soaked, don't think I can't see the damp spots sometimes." He teased, whether that had actually happened he wasn't sure. That wasn't something she'd give him the pleasure of seeing so easily, no, he'd need to work for it. Jasper snorted and his head shook with a smirk, he hadn't been THAT depraved. Pranks that could make her feel good? That seemed reasonable, something that he expected part of her secretly would enjoy far more than her lips would ever admit. "It leaves you room to find a style that you feel really moves with you." The cool presence he held hadn't lasted long as her fingers pinched, a heated gasp escaped form his lips and a single word flowed from them: "Issy. . ." A hand reached up gently to slide the tips of his fingers along her wrist, words held the weight of desire and need, and hidden amongst that a sense of affection? As her nails dug into his chest it only heightened the enjoyment that spiked through his body, it seemed she'd been willing to show part of those darker desires. As she turned away he stepped behind her swiftly, a single arm snaked around her waist and pulled her closely as he touched the tip of his lips to her ear. "Just so you know. . ." He whispered, as if he'd been speaking in a confessional. "I haven't touched anyone since meeting you. Take what you will with that info. . ." Then his arms slid away, the hand gently sliding along her arse to squeeze it gently, one that showed a sense of admiration for her womanly form. Once she left from his room he closed the door to his room a gave a soft sigh. "Woman knows how to get to me a bit. I'll give her a point for that."
  24. Since they were both consenting adults there was some truth in what Jasper said about abuse. It was not exactly true, but, in their specific situation it could not be considered abuse. There was a small apart of her that wanted to start that as a conversation but the larger part of her knew that going down that route would lead to places they may never get back from. It was clearly no secret that they both wanted to do things too the other and the thought of tying him up and taking out all her darker desires on him. “The famous Veela dance?” she asked “I don’t think you could do is as well as a full blooded Veela and they do it well.” she knew this well as on one of her friends hen parties they had gone to a club where one of the entertainments was the dance of the Veela. It was a good, seductive dance and she had more than once wondered what it would be like to have the dance done by a male member of the species, well, a half member. The pole also sounds interesting. Issy did her best to keep her face looking unimpressed at what he was saying, though a slightly gleam in her eyes may give away her deeper thoughts. “So you do use blow up dolls?” she asked, pretending to look alarmed even going as far as to raise a hand to her mouth in pretend shock “I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. I mean, an inanimate object that can’t protest against your more perverse desires is probably right up your alley.” again, this was something she didn’t actually mean. In all honesty, she suspected that Jasper preferred active partners; women or men who would make enough noise to stroke his ego and parts of his anatomy. “Yes, you have my permission to make a mess of my panties as long as you clean them off thoroughly or throw them away when you’re done. If you do throw them away just let me know so I can buy some more.” Issy didn’t really believe he would do anything to her underwear, as that would venture into the territory of being a pervert “No color preference, no style preference that leaves me a lot of room to go shopping.” it was at this point that she lightly pinched one of the nipples he’d placed her hand over “So, I’m going to go shopping right now.” she dug her nails into his chest lightly and stepped back from him “Make sure the spiders are all gone before I get back. If you do a good job, I’ll bring you a treat.” she was said with a wink as she turned away from the half naked man and towards the door.
  25. "I'm finishing what I am doing and then taking on something else. So, I still reserve the right on you." He offered a coy smile towards her. The workload of the two combined would've been astronomical and only ended up in a single way. At least if he split them up, finished the current year with what he'd already started and then started the next VMU year towards something else the two wouldn't be compounded on top of one another. It had came with the larger consideration that the Auror training would most likely require him to be within his home less, which meant not as much time to study towards his other courses that would need a certain degree of focus. "With how that particular program is designed it's most likely hyper intensive. So, doing both at once would actually cost me to fail one or the other." Cole probably should be counting more of his blessings. He'd hoped he'd be able to start the track of the Auror training to the point that even if Alex did find out about the true depths of it that it'd be a foot too far in to actually pull out. A thumbs up protruded up with Jamie's vocalized support. "Thanks! I'm sure it will be hard but I've always been the sort to handle the tasks pressed in front of me." If the final years in Tallygarunga had taught him anything it had been how important punctuality, pre-planning, and organization had been to getting multiple errands and important tasks done in a timely and reasonable manner. It looked as if he stepped on a larger landmine when it came to Jamie and the situation with his PR. "Oomph. . . That bad huh. . .?" A rhetorical question after hearing Alex's own breakdown of the contract they'd offered him. It sounded like shit, in his opinion. "Sounds like they're only a couple of skips away from trying to put in that they'd assign people to 'date' you and then have you publicly 'dump' them. Unless that's actually in the contract too?" Cole really hoped not, the amount of focus on him already meant that actual dating when it will be viable for him would grow to be even tougher if they can see passed the fake entertainment façade. "Hey, that isn't bad. It just means that when it's right for you it will be perfect by your standards, right?" Not that he could claim to be a virgin himself either though he wasn't sure if the two would believe that in general. "Have you considered looking for a better representative for yourself though? I mean. . . I don't mean to beat a dead horse with a stick here but. . ." Cole leaned in slightly with his grip on the bottle tightening. "I'm concerned, man. You deserve a lot more than that especially if they focused on just your skills." He didn't even want to touch the possibility that they may try digging deeper into the family histories. "At the very least I personally would rather see you actually have fun with the thing that makes you happy. That I'm saying to both of you. Just clarifying here." He grunted with a soft amusement and the usual bright smile touched his face. "But I guess we're all in the same boat in a sense, right?"
  26. Alex watched on with skepticism as Cole voiced his decision to pursue both things. "Well, you just lost yourself the right to get in my face about me working too much." She declared, pointing out the hypocrisy in his choice - she'd very much prefer if Cole took his time and didn't do the same stupid mistakes she had done. She had very little in the way of a social life anymore, was stressing out over finding work, and had to drop a number of hobbies just to get by - and that was with one course. She couldn't even imagine what it would be like for Cole to pursue both things at once. Jamie, in the meantime, nodded - he was oblivious to how bad college workload could get. "I wish you the best, man." He would have to cover for him regardless in one thing in particular: Alex's temper tantrums once she read more about the job description and questioned their mother about it, whom had been a Hit Wizard herself. To that day, Jamie was thankful that she had no idea what such a thing was, but something told him those days were about to come to an end. The conversation took a bit of a bad turn, in the Seeker's opinion, as his cousin decided to question him on what he deemed the dark side of the sport he played. "Ah, you know... Surviving..." He let out a forced chuckle, though it was fairly obvious he wasn't minimally comfortable with the subject. "Have ya read his contract? It's bonkers." Alex interrupted. "They'll fuckin' fire his ass if he dates someone for the whole PR bullshit. Feels like something straight out of the Asian idol industry." Quite sickening, in her opinion. "Plus, it doesn't help his kissless virgin record, now, does it?" "Thanks, sis."
  27. "I'm already at the final point of one degree, this is the last year until I officially graduate from the current program." On one hand if he had tossed all of that work and investment he put in out he could've had somewhat of a head start in one of the Auror programs. Part of him couldn't stand to do that as he'd been one to always finish what he started and yet there'd been the fact of spending another few years learning, picking up another skill and set of knowledge. It wasn't like he wouldn't have already gone through the previous years either, all of the learned knowledge would still be there in a manner of speaking. "But if I do both it would reduce a bit of time. A bit of extra work." By a bit, he meant a lot. It wasn't as if the Auror's field had been a walk through the park things were going to end up getting intense with the only uncertainty being the when it would get intense. His head shook lightly, it'd been admirable that both of them felt as they did. Really, he understand the dangerous of taking on too much both mentally and with time in general. "I don't know. . . Don't want to get too comfortable, you know? Ever since Tally I pushed myself, being in the thick of something always seemed. . . Right." Perhaps he'd been a workaholic himself, trying to escape his own mind through work rather than actual problems. "Yea, I know it sounds stupid but it feels like if I stop here then I might end up stopping indefinitely." Even if his parents were alright with the idea of him taking a sit-rep there he'd spent the last few years out of their care in that way. It felt wrong to put that burden back on them all over again. It may have been much more solid for his own health, if he planned to do the two to do one at a time as well. The work for Practical Magic wasn't light by any means and the certifications alone were most likely going to be hell itself. "Yea, I think I will do both. If I'm already right at the finish line I can knock it out of the park but I can start the Auror program next year if they still really want me. It isn't that long and the benefits will be good either way." Talking it out seemed to clear his mind, if only slightly on the stance. "It opens up doors for different chances, right? One day I may end up hanging up my Auror's hat and going into something else." Maybe he'd been projecting that likelihood from his own Father's success. "But I do know I want the opportunity to be able to make my happiness whichever path seems to catch my heart the most. Don't know if I'd really cut it as an Auror personality wise but. . . Hey, I'll find out in the first few weeks, right?" A smile formed brightly on his face. As he thought about the idea of 'Happiness' his sights trained on the two individuals before him. Their happiness mattered to him as much as his own did to them. "I saw they're still trying to work that whole 'Merchandising' angle, J." He understood the reason behind it, businesswise anyways. But that didn't mean he had to like what he considered a smear job on his cousin's actual personality. "How've you been holding up with it and all?" Due to the heavy discussion involving himself the atmosphere seemed prime for a far more heart-to-heart kind of discussion with all three of them there.
  28. "Can't you pace yourself and do both?" Jamie chimed in, not knowing much of anything about college education. He himself had elected not to enroll in VMU when the time came, throwing himself at the one thing he knew he could do competently - Quidditch. He never had the same plight that Cole was having, as he knew what he wanted to do ever since he first got a flying broom in his hand. All he had to do was to follow his nature, and it led him to fame and riches at a young age. Something he partially resented, of course, but it could still be considered as a measure of success. "Or, y'know. Neither. Take a gap year and find out what you like more." Alex suggested with a shrug, before roughly half the liquid in the clear glass she was holding disappeared past her lips. Much like her twin, she had been dead set on her career path from a young age; but, unlike him, she had a bit of experience in terms of having multiple interests. "There's no rush. With the kind of pressure you're placing on yourself right now, you make me feel old." "You're one to talk." Countered Jamie, shaking his head; Alex merely rolled her eyes at his statement. "Anyway, Cole, if you need some time off after the course, you can stay with me, okay? In case your parents don't let you go back home. I don't mind covering for you for a while." Family always came first, and he didn't mind being his kin's safety net.
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