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    He was more interesting and fun than he gave himself credit for and he was a great person, she had however to stop with the compliments for the night, she had to store them in order to catch Cole off guard another day. If they were going to meet more often, now that he was in Narrie she had to come up with ways to catch him by surprise, while they were all true it was always nice to see how some people just shy away from them, clearly they needed to be complimented more often. “Oh no! You have uncovered by evil master plan.” She joked at his statement. Was she trying to slip out challenges? Yes, she was, it had been a while since she had someone to play games with and playing them with a friend was always better than to do it with an acquaintance. “Good then.” If he didn’t mind waiting, and if he could take that time for a walk around the school, even better. “Yeah, Quidditch is … still the only sport Wizards seem to fanatic about.” She wasn’t so much a fan of the players, or watching others play, but when she was on that pitch, that was what made it all worth it. “If you want to avoid people, I know the perfect thing for you. It’s a sort of I’m here but I’m not spell.” She had yet to try it, but she knew how to perform it, but it did have a few if’s. She shook her head in disappointment. “Come on, I’m pretty sure a few ladies and maybe even some men were impressed, and I think some might agree.” Was Cole handsome? Maybe not the words she would use to describe him, but he was good looking. Appearances were subjective, they varied. “Are you saying you don’t think you’re handsome?” she decided to tease him a little bit, unsuspected that it was something that could be turned against her without her even realizing it. After the dare and sitting back, she drank the other shots she was supposed to as Cole complimented her. He hasn’t seen anything. “She was probably intimidated by my swift hand.” She joked, looking back at the woman who didn’t seem to bother about Liv. But now, now was her turn to tell him what his dare was. She looked around the bar and looked at some people. “Cocky, are we? I dare you to go over that table with those three ladies and get their phone numbers.” An easy task, she knew he could ace it, or at least she was expecting that, she just wanted to poke fun at him if he succeeds. “Oh, and when you’re done, I go dare, again.”
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    Fae seemed to be unique creatures. She was unsure if what Vale was telling her was a flaw of their nature or simply a quality, but they weren’t that much different from humans, relying on trickery and some being more malicious. It was as if the fine line that separated them wasn’t so much on behaviour, as it seemed to be quite similar, it was more on their physical composition that seemed to give Fae the ability to shift between their form and a more human like appearance, and even shaping that same appearance over time. Was it a bad thing? No, not to her at least. The way he spoke about him amused her a little. She barely knew him, but it was interesting hearing him. The more he spoke, the more she wanted to hear, the more she wanted to learn, if he was willing to continue. “Proving oneself?” did he mean vocally like many Politians did or in a more archaic way, like a gladiator in the pit trying to fight for his life? “That power, skill or wisdom is all at once or just one?” it was different excelling in one and being able to excel in all three. It seemed like too much trouble, but everyone liked to be on top. “How would the power display work exactly?” was she right? Was it like a gladiator fighting for his freedom? For a short moment Bella imagined people fighting like the books of old, documenting vicious fights, full of blood and dismemberment, that ultimately ended in someone’s gruesome death. He had a point, old didn’t always mean that they were wiser, and sometimes old people let the age get to their head, like a pedestal, that due to their age they are better and don’t deserve to follow the rules like everyone else. Maybe Fae were like that, just like humans who often played the age card to get what they wanted, and what they needed. But the last comment worried her a little. “Would a Fae know someone had lied to them? And what about omitting? Is it considered lying?” she hadn’t lied exactly, but she did omit some information about her mother, something that he shouldn’t be bothered about the woman. The worry of lies faded with his words, she blushed lightly at her stupid question, but she turned it into a learning moment. She barely understood what he meant by any of that, but she tried not to look at dumb as she was. It was too much information to take in at once, it was interesting, just a bit complicated with all the new terms she had no idea they even existed. She did however understand one thing about the Unseelie, which was not to trust them. “It’s a shame, Autumn is the best season.”
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    "Oh, so many surprises it'd make you're eyes bulge! Maybe, probably not. You've probably seen all the surprises possible." He laughed in a brightened manner. Lips curled upwards in enjoyment, teeth showing in a pearly white incandescence. "Now you're just trying to slip out challenges, aren't you?" The smile never drifted from his expression and the humor of the entire scenario so far hadn't retreated from his voice. He knew he could never rise to the level of conviction when it came to a victorious challenge as Liv had, as much as he wanted to she was in another league entirely. Even so, there'd been a sense of. . . Fun? Enticement? Linked to wanting to even try to compete on the same level or at the very least come close to it. "I don't mind waiting. Might give me the chance to exploring the grounds a bit, see what has grown in the last few years too." While most things usually didn't change, in a school of Magic -everything- always seemed to change somehow. Quidditich, it was still a very popular sport for Wizarding society. These days he couldn't escape the effect it held and not because it had any direct correlation to him but towards his cousin, Jamie, instead. "Yea, I know how that gets sometimes. Usually have to avoid all of Jamie's fangals and boys." Not that he thought any of them knew him though with information and magi-technology where it had been, could he really take many chances in that form of thinking? "W-what?" Her words flew out and caused a minor heat of embarrassment to light up the edges of his cheeks. "Now you're just teasing me. . . No one would've been impressed by that." By his recollection he didn't look like some random dork from that dare, he looked like some form of drunken sailor who had just way too much imbibed and held some form of high held ego. Granted, just because he held that perception didn't mean that others would've. That much he did have to admit as a reasonable understanding. He thought he had her beat with his current choice of dare for her, though it seemed she'd been made of far more sturdy stuff to not be driven away from it. A small grin pasted on his face while trying to hold in a minor laughter. Accolades had to be given to how boldly the Half-Veela managed to pull it off and while she made her way back towards the table his hands rose up and offered an apt amount of applause for her display. "Brava, brava. I have to say, I think you may have her think she might order another drink just to have eye contact again!" He teased. "Oh, dare. What, did you hope it'd get easier for you? To watch me just knock them out of the park?"
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    Views, they varied within the world and while a lengthy time on the Earth did offer him a wider concept he'd been foolish to believe it'd been the absolute truth. No, it'd simply been a fraction that seemed to dwell predominately in different areas and eras. What he intended to offer hadn't been a cold undeniable fact that couldn't be wormed away from. Rather, he'd hoped his experience and sights had both inspired her to not run away from part of whom she was as much as made aware of the potential plateaus in the social existence of the Wizarding world which could be as harsh as it had been welcoming in certain aspects. At least, welcoming if they could regulate and use you. "To extent, in their own way. And yes, even myself. It's almost like a. . . Compulsion. Some have a different brand of trickery and skullduggery based on their Courts or even what had seemed more common. Some hold their trickery to more malicious means." He couldn't explain how many times a Recap or Hag would've attempted to guide various children for their own feastings or to steal them away from their homes for some bizarre reason. "As for me. . . I guess you can say my brand of trickery hinges on lightening up a persons disposition in an embarrassing way. Making people aware that there are far bigger concerns in their lives than simply looking at their feet for the future or the present." Much of his brand also extended towards his 'Thievery' line of work but had hardly been different to the usual screwy methods he used. "In majority of courts, yes. There are a few Oligarchy's if you're looking for governmental terms that are relative. There is no paperwork or pedigree simply. . . Proving oneself in: Power, skill, or wisdom that wins the support of the masses. There are rare occasions where certain marks in a Fae line may make people more 'partial' to a more bloodline oriented ruling." The mark of the 'Heir' had been something that impacted the Fae realm vastly, the way individuals approached such people or even had been aware of their ever growing presence of creation. "Well, as I said about the 'Ruling body' of things, usually by Power, Skill, or wisdom. Those that take charge unquestioned, defeat those that once held the seat or similar challenger." Being entities of nature it also meant they were quite aware of the allure of 'War and conflict' that often followed after. "Other times in communities it's just agreed those that are older are wiser. Not always a true fact but there are many rules that the Fae people must magically follow once agreed to." He smiles towards her lightly. "For example, As long as you never lie to a Fae, they can never lie to you. A soft chuckle exhausts from Vale's lips. "Not that they happen seasonally. It acts as many things, on one hand its a matter of showing which season those courts seem to grow 'stronger'. As much as it is that they embody, emotionally and idealistically, the usual 'beliefs' associated with those seasons. The Unseelie and Seelie courts stand as mixture courts." He nods smoothly. "Unseelie being that they often relate to both Winter and Autumn while Seelie encompasses Summer and Spring." His head tilted slightly before adding in another bit of information. "Be wary of those of the Unseelie, Winter, and Autumn. They are often those of malicious or monstrous intents."
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    Diana's eyes shut in momentary disbelief as Gideon confirmed what she feared. Ian had a sister, and the sister was May, of all people. And she knew for a fact May had a brother indeed, Ian Bowen, whom had perished via his own hands a number of years back. That could only mean that the boy was under some kind of protection program under the Ministry of magic, and that usually went hand in hand with danger. Danger they were possibly involving Gideon in. "She was... Is, but..." Her words failed her for a moment. What was she supposed to tell Gideon? It was all highly sensitive information, and if May wasn't having it widely known that her sibling was alive, it was for a reason. Not only that, but she was giving bottles of blood to the young boy. If they were making him visibly appear to be in better shape, they had to be bottles of human blood at the very least, as May looked like she was on it as well. Where on Earth was May getting that blood in such large quantities? A disgruntled sigh escaped Diana's lips. She didn't want that Saturday afternoon to be ruined by the chill that was running down her spine. "...But, well... Just be careful, okay? I understand that he's your friend... But from my experience, danger's never too far behind from a Dhampir. I don't want you to get caught up in it." A half-lie. She knew of no danger regarding Marcus; it was just that May's past was particularly bad. She knew it sounded bad, but it was the best she could do.
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    To say that Gideon was confused would be an understatement. He had no idea what was going on with Diana, why she was acting like he was talking crazy, and when she asked about his last name, all he did was a nod, waiting to see if Diana finally understood what he meant. He wasn't sure if to keep speaking, and he was about to, if it weren't for Diana searching for something on her phone. A moment of silence followed, as Gideon took a nervous sip from his drink, the breeze in the air suddenly screeching to a halt, as if time stopped so that Diana could gather her thoughts. But then, the silence was broken by Diana, as she asked him one single question. "May? Yeah, if I remember well. It was her who supplied the bottles of-" He said, suddenly cutting himself before continuing. "Wait a second... Diana, you do know what I'm talking about, right?" He asked, trying to see if he could get any information out of her. "As far as I knew, I thought you still talked to May, she told me she was your friend back in the day, was she not?"
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    Diana Sharpe
    Those days, it wasn't commonplace for someone to request Diana's attention much at all. Outside of Olivia's antics with May (and what a mess that turned out to be, truly), Diana had pulled away from most people, mostly Kyle and Amalea; it allowed her to greatly focus on work, and it was because of it that she managed to finally get out of that dead end position in the newspaper. Of course, that meant more hours, more erratic schedules, more exhaustion. Good thing she loved what she did. That was one of her odd days off, however (on a Thursday!) and knew a long time friend of hers, Yunseo, was looking for some advice. She had hear through the grapevine - Olivia and Gideon, of course, were her actual sources - that little Jinwon had gotten into some trouble at school, but she didn't recall the specifics. Instead, she did the next best thing - she called up the oldest of the Park brothers for a light post-school snack in her company, as well as Brownie's. The half-Kneazle occupied the chair she wanted to sit on as she carefully served some tea for the two, as well as some biscuits. "How have you been?" She spoke with a smile, having not seen the man in a while. That was mostly her fault - for all the visits she paid to the school, she surely could afford to swing by his classroom! It was something she noted at the back of her mind before proceeding. "Outside the obvious, of course. Unless you'd rather tackle that straight away?"
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    Sharing and playing games with friends, enjoying a good time was one of the best things and Liv loved it, which meant that when Cole agreed to it her smile grew as she looked at him, but it didn’t mean she was going to let him win, no, she was going to do everything to crush him in those games and then flaunt her victory playfully, ready to do her victory dance. She was a terrible winner and depending on the game she wouldn’t mind cheating a little bit, it was just a game, but she loved the sweet taste of victory more, but if she ends up losing, maybe Cole should be the one to embarrassingly do the victory dance. “So, you’re a box full of surprises?” she replied to his comment. He could be feisty all he wanted, he wasn’t going to win. “But now you need to show me how much you want victory.” She chuckled. It was hard imagining Cole like that, he looked always so calm, maybe she needed to poke the bear a bit more often to see if it reacts. The job was mostly quiet, depended on the days and on the classes that kids have. “I don’t mind at all. Well if I have work you might need to wait, but other than that it’s fine. It comes in waves you know?” she shrugged, unsure if Cole actually wanted to show up, but it would up to him, she had already invited him, he wanted he was welcomed, if he didn’t, she wasn’t going to be upset with him over something that ridiculous. “Some days are boring, and there’s nothing to do, other days it gets crowed. I can’t predict when I’ll be swamped with work, I do know after Quidditch matches it gets crowded.” He accepted the little cheat she had pulled and didn’t seem too upset about it. She watched carefully as he made his way to the bench, he wasn’t ready to chicken out, good, it seemed that she was going to have some fun tonight, more fun than she would have excepted. When he spoke the words she had told him too, she cheered him on, as support to cause a slight embarrassment to him. When he got back to his seat, she flashed a smile. “Very good, you should have seen the faces of people, I think some ladies were impressed.” Now it was her turn, the looked on his face told her she wasn’t sure if she was going to like it or not, but she was going to finish it. As he spoke, she looked towards the woman he had mentioned. “Very well.” She got from her chair and casually walked up to the woman, she wondered if she should change some of her features, but eventually decided against it. Without even greeting the woman Liv took the woman’s shot and drank it, while looking at the woman, who seemed too shocked to even say or do anything. The open eyes and confused expression gave Liv the opportunity to leave. The woman was speechless, confused and overall irritated at Liv’s actions, muttering something that it was impossible to figure out from Liv’s seat. She sat down looking at Cole, the smile on her lips told him everything he needed to know, he wasn’t going to win. “Your turn, what do you pick? Truth or dare?”
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    What would be the point in calling themselves civilized if they couldn’t even act as such? She had naïve views of a world that seemed to be in constant disagreement, half the world trying to destroy the other half, without realizing the consequences of their own actions. To some it was just a pollical play, a game where every move counted to win the votes of the masses. It was a sad view and as much as she wishes she was wrong, something kept telling her that she wasn’t. She remained quiet for a while, as he continued to speak, she didn’t want to interrupt him, he knew so much more than she did, he had lived longer, travelled and had met different people throughout the world, every word he spoke had a taste of some form of wisdom that would be unattainable by just reading. “Are all fae like that? Even you?” she asked curiously, hearing his words about the fae. He probably wasn’t, or he had been, some people change, maybe that’s what had happened to him. She assumed pureblood fae had a different mindset, growing in a different environment than halfbreeds, most likely a hostile world to those who weren’t purebloods. The more he spoke, the quieter she grew, listening to his words, absorbing everything he was saying. “Like a monarchy?” perhaps they had another name for it? Another designation? It was an interesting thought, humans had a Government, supposedly with people who are qualified for a position of power but who were voted in and out, what if Fae behaved more like the bees? Before she could ask, his voice took over and he continued to speak, as before she simply listened to his words with the same attention and fascination as before. He did however sound a bit conceited, but regardless of it, she got even more pulled into what he was talking, how Sidhe were royalty, sounded fascinating and scary at the same time. “How does a fae get to become a leader? Or is it like a council?” As he looked at her, she didn’t look away, she was far too interested in his words and captivated by his voice to feel anything else, all she was feeling was a growing curiosity within her, the desire to continue to listen and to know more about the fae. “Seasonal Courts? Do they happen once every season?” the idea was confusing, which only made her have even more questions about it, and about what else he was talking about.
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    Hearing her speaking of the games caused him to laugh, in a very dorky manner. An actual snort-chuckle rumbled out of him before his hand rose up to cover his mouth and nose to try and contain it. "I'm game for them. I could always use more areas to tally against you for my inevitable win." The tone within his voice had been an obvious joking manner, he understood the need and drive of competition. One didn't work hard and achieve certain stations and accolades without having that form of drive within them to beat out the other prospective individuals. "Muggles do have the edge in that department, games." There hadn't been many options in the realm of Wizards, not in comparison to the kind of things that existed on their opposite societies end of choices. "You'll find I'm much more feisty than people give me credit for!" Whether that had actually been a true statement, he wasn't sure. If anything it'd been something thought and stated in the heat of posturing and strutting that seemed to be playfully happening between the two of them. Then his eyes blinked several times, head tilting to the side barely while wearing a quizzical expression. He wouldn't have expected she would've wanted to be bothered by people while on the job, especially with how danger prone students and even staff members could be. "Uh, yea, sure. I mean, I can stop by if that's what you really want." Who was he to tell her that she wouldn't want to? Or even imply that it would be a hassle if she'd offered? He trusted that she'd been aware of her limits as much as the workload to not stretch herself too thin. At least, he hoped he'd been trusting properly in that; being neglectful wasn't something that he wanted to occur on his end. "Sly, Liv. Very~ sly." A grin perched on his brow while he shook his head with a clear look of amusement. It'd been cheating, on any kind of checklist, however, he didn't mind it. In fact, he took it with a good-natured stride. He glanced to the accrued shot glasses towards the bench before taking a deep breath and standing up to walk over towards the bench and standing on top of it, pressing both of his hands on his waist with chest pumped out as if he were a superhero. The action alone drawing more than enough eyes, it seemed as well. "I am handsome!" The heat of embarrassment that struck at his face from even going to such an extent started to rise but he clamored to suppress it as quickly as he could before returning back to his actual seat and taking two shots of the vodka. "Ah~. . . Okay. So that's how we're playing!" His lips curled upwards, baring a toothy smile. "Now, if I remember, you said dare." One of his index fingers rose up and tapped between the bridge of his chin with a gentle hum resonating in his throat. "Okay, I got it!" Glancing around for a moment he spotted a lone sitting woman with a full drink catering to her side. "I dare you to go up to that lady and take her drink and down it right in front her."
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    "It's a common idea, amongst many people and species. One could say it's instinctual though the far more. . . 'Civilized' species prefer to add words to their actions as a means to justify it in an era of social importance." The act of fighting, killing, to defend - they weren't simply practical or logical choices. At the very core they were instincts pressed into each creature that walked and stalked the known world, as well as the unknown world. "If the cost is truly worth it weighs on the shoulders of everyone involved, I wager. Blood stains, travels through the ages and generations, curses written in it in dying breaths and gasps." He had also been keenly aware that it always takes a piece of people in some manner. "Complication would be. . . Simplifying the true encompassment of what makes up the Fae peoples." His head tilted to the side slightly, the flowing locks of his hair shifting out of alignment only a tad. "Tricksters, Schemers - Both politically and haphazardly. Let our countenance fool you not, we're as chaotic as we are orderly. There is order in chaos, as it is. What many call a 'Butterfly effect' if you will, defines that very notion." Hand moving about before himself, twisting around the center of the foliage-made table where an illusion of a small model of a 'Fae Court' would emerge. Mostly just shadows with a variety of creatures, human-like, Goblin's and their various kin, what many would consider 'Pixies', as well as what seems to be full animals with a hyper-sense of awareness. "We are many and yet we are one. Hierarchies, not unlike a human Government and yet. . . There is no 'Vote', circumstances of the years has changed much however." Another wave of his hand caused the illusion spawned model to shift once more into a line of various Human-like Fae. The only true difference being the obvious various markings and the otherworldly beauty that touched each one in a unique manner. "The Sidhe, not to sound conceited but we are the beauty and the royalty of the Fae world. It has always been such, though not every Sidhe is truly 'Royal' and not everyone owns a domain. There can, after all, only be one in charge to make edicts and commandments. To lead their Court, in this day and age though, every creature under the Fae moniker can run their own court. Though. . . Wars, battles - claiming of such things do occur." Vale's shoulders shrugged lightly before adjusting his head once more to be upright while staring towards Bella with his tri-ringed eyes. "The complications first start with understanding that there are the Seasonal Courts as well as the Unseelie and Seelie courts. These are stances that a group may believe in, see themselves in. It shapes them, becomes them as much as they become it. Even with these labels each one would be ran differently with only certain things be main stream amongst those that share similar ideals."
  14. Invite Some Sins Do Bear Their Privilege On Earth

    A rushed nod followed Gideon's line of questioning in an attempt to reassure him everything would be alright, nose wrinkling ever so slightly as she tried to discard the question completely. Would she be able to pull through? In all honesty she didn't know - the willpower was there, but that didn't mean her lithe body could accompany her wishes. But, what choice did Diana have if she didn't tackle the workload head on? If she were to step down out of weakness, she knew there were more than a few up and coming journalists overly eager to throw her under the bus and take her place. It was a dog eat dog industry and she had to claw her way up the career ladder no matter the cost, if only to be able to provide for her little brother. "A Travers?" For a moment, Diana had no idea what on Earth Gideon was talking about. Was that surname supposed to ring a bell? Was it an important surname in Dhampir culture? She didn't recall seeing that name too much at all in her registry search, but she did recall seeing one Ian. Ian Bowen, May Bowen's little brother. A natural of Perth, he supposedly met his end by his own hand during the first year of wizarding education. It took her a few seconds to recall that name. Travers. She had seen that surname once or twice indeed, the more she thought about it, but nothing that stood out much at all - were they in Victoria? "Actually, give me a second..." Reaching into her back, the woman retrieved her smartphone so to access the listing she had used to look for May in the first place just a few months prior. Flicking past the Victoria registry down to the T section, she spotted a 'Ian Travers' indeed - a fifteen year old man residing in Narragyambie - but, more importantly, a second Travers. An old male. There was no indication of a female Travers in the registry, let alone someone whom could potentially be the Dhampir's sister - unless she was unregistered, of course, but that made little logical sense since two separate family members were in the registry. Her brows furrowed in confusion. It was a hunch. A baseless hunch, at that. May had been involved in all sorts of underworld activities over the past few years, and the death of her brothers were involved - but her youngest brother, Ian, would have been the same age as the one she just checked out in the registry. It was just a coincidence, right? 'No way...' "...Does May happen to be his sister, by any chance?" She spoke up at last, looking at the young boy. The light mood that had once surrounded them was replaced by seriousness. Had Gideon accidentally stepped into the minefield that was being involved with the Bowen family?
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    Jo Estrada
    That time was the most calm time of the day, where people had disappeared to their houses, only a few could be found on the street, a few like Jo, who preferred the night more than she preferred the day, besides, the night shift paid better and with less prying eyes meant there was a lot of things she could do without getting in trouble, or too much. She had spent a few days patrolling Narrie, but they had asked to do the same in Melbourne, she didn’t know why she was there, she had told them she had moved, but they still wanted her to work that shift in Melbourne. She didn’t argue with them, the money was useful now that the Estrada family had grown over the past couple of months, but she was confused about their choice. The night was quiet, so quiet that she took the time to sat on a bench and watch people as she put a lollipop in her mouth, she was starting to get the same habit as Dani had, sucking on a lollipop and surprisingly they weren’t as bad as she thought they were at first. The lollipops were quite tasty, no wonder Dani liked them. Jo was pleased at how it turned out, she did enjoy having the house full, but she was still upset she couldn’t turn the basement into a Jo Cave or something cool like that, maybe one day she gets to have her own dark cave, hopefully. The stillness was making her nervous, there was nothing to do, no one to hunt, where were all the criminals in that town? Even the muggle ones? She wanted to desperately tie someone to a flag post, but she couldn’t do it to an innocent bystander, the Ministry would have her head if she even tried such a thing. No, had to be a criminal, even a hooligan was enough to get her going. She got up from the bench and continued her walk, ending up in and alley, that had to be the place for some hooligans to jump her so she can hunt them down like the vermin’s that they were…but no, nothing, no one jumped her. “Shit.” She spoke in Spanish, turning around to go back to the place where she came from, maybe it wasn’t their time to leave their little holes to crawl around society?
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    The more Bella thought about having to stay on Campus for group projects the more nervous she got. She was not only older than everyone in those classes, she was also the only one that had been doing all the work. It brought her back to Tally, when she often got stuck doing all the work, while everyone else just did whatever they pleased. She sat inside the classroom wondering when that was going to be over, she was shivering all over the place, and that wasn’t because she was cold, or because she was sick, she just didn’t want to face anyone and start an adult conversation that could get slightly heated. The class came to an end and she remained seated. The walk to the library was going to kill her slowly with every step. She just wanted to be home, in the comfort of her own home, quickly writing in her typewriter as Jester told her stories. Now that she could speak with animals, her life had been interesting, mostly with Jester and the Bunnies telling her all sorts of stuff, and she was having some success with the short stories, somehow, she had gotten a small raise, which helped, she didn’t have to feel like the money wasn’t enough for everything, plus, the move to Narrie had helped in that regard, rent wasn’t as high. She finally exited the classroom, time to go to the library to discuss the work. She walked slowly, almost like she was going to be hanged, she just didn’t like confrontations, nothing good came from them, and people hardly understood her point of view, they would, if she only had the courage to tell them. She stepped inside, receiving a message shortly after. Everyone had cancelled on short notice, what was she even doing there? She had two options, either stay and study, or go home, and it was a hard decision, she needed to study, but she wasn’t comfortable there without someone she knew. In the meantime, she just kept blocking the entrance.
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    He seemed attached to his family, which was sweet, but it could also be dangerous, he did seem to have a good head. She chuckled at his words and nodded, her chuckle turning into a smile as she looked at him. She couldn’t help it, she was competitive, and it was clear to those who knew her, or at least those who had entered a competition with her. She liked to win, while it wasn’t the biggest part of the competition, and whenever she did, the glow in her eyes along with a victory dance. “I happen to have a few games in my head. Are you interested in them?” she spoke, looking at Cole curiously yet playfully. If he wanted to challenge her for more games he could, she wouldn’t say no to such a wonderful activity. “I wouldn’t say a storage space, but I do have a few games at home, mostly, muggle games.” she laughed at the situation. She used to play them regularly, but now it’s a bit hard to get a schedule that fits everyone in order to gather a group to play. Maybe she could, and should organize a playful game night, assuming everyone could attend. The words that she had spoken were true, Cole was as much of a friend as his cousin’s were, she couldn’t distinguish between them, nor favour one above the others, but it seemed that it was something that troubled him? Perhaps because he was younger. Maybe he just needed to grow without being surrounded so much by the other two, maybe it would help him get the idea out of his head. “Beaten? Me? Sorry Cole, but you’re the one that’s going down.” She spoke, her lips still forming a smile as she looked at Cole, before it slowly became smaller. “You know where to find me. If you ever feel like visiting me at Tally, I’m always on the Hospital Wing.” Maybe even after her shift, if he was still free, nothing said they couldn’t hang out for a while. “You won, you should go first obviously.” Not exactly what it meant, but she was avoiding having to go first, to see how far Cole was willing to go. It sounded like cheating, it was probably cheating, she just would prefer to go second. “Alright…dare, dare, dare….I dare you to hop on that bench and yell “I am handsome” then come back here.” Would he take? Or would he chicken out? “Oh, I go dare.”
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    Perhaps she had expressed herself wrong, she knew they existed, but they didn’t hold the same they did in other countries, but it was just what she learnt, it might not even be the truth, or a fabrication of the same. The more he spoke, the more she learnt about the situation, and the more she understood. Some people were completely ignorant to what’s around them, like her and so many others, blind to a different reality they don’t experience, but some choose to be blind to the reality involving them, making it their choice to just let it continue. At first Bella was a bit disappointed, but soon her head rose a little, looking at Vale. The most important question? She blinded as she listened to him. Violence against violence usually only continues to spin the wheel, without breaking the cycle, it would need something more to break it. Violence was always the easy way out, where they had nothing to win, but had a lot to lose. “I understand the idea of killing a few to save millions.” It was a double edge sword, both ideas were bad, the best choice would be the one that had the least casualties, but it was still wrong, regardless of how many lives it saved. It was a naïve and optimistic thought that maybe people could just have a normal conversation like civilized animals, that they supposedly were. Once he started talking about Fae, she watched him curiously. She was willing to learn everything that was possible about them, the new part of life that awaits her will be slightly different than the one she was used to, but it seemed just to be a compilation of other races as well, still interesting. “So, Fae are complicated?” she didn’t want to sound rude, but the way he was talking, it sounded as some Fae weren’t known to be good creatures, or at least a creature that could be more malicious than their somewhat bright and mystical appearance makes them look. "I mean, the way you spoke, it sounds like there's more to it than it seems."
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    "Oh, geez." Gideon did a small grimace when Diana mentioned how her schedule actually was. He knew that she was capable of daunting tasks, but it still worried him how much she put on her shoulders. He definitely wouldn't want to hear about her fainting in some troublesome area, or worse! "Do you think you'll be able to pull through? Remember you must take care of yourself too, or else you won't be able to do your job well." Despite the rather pragmatic-sounding wording he employed, Diana would already understand that he meant them in a caring sense, his worrying nature always shinning through in such circumstances. However, Diana's question threw Gideon on a loop, confused as to why she would feel confused about the way he mentioned them. Surely she knew why he couldn't disclose about them so publicly, right? Ian's sister knew her, which means that Diana should know about Ian's person, right? "Uuuh..." He let out, wondering if he should spill the beans even more, or remain silent, but given how Diana was, he felt that she was going to pry about it sooner or later. "You weren't aware? He's, uuuh, he's a..." And then, he got closer to Diana, enough for a whisper to be audible. "He's a Dhampir.And he's a Travers."
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    He'd been well aware of what hindered him on the front of expanding out towards more friends. While there'd been many that didn't connect to his Cousins the fact of the matter had been he kept a distance in order to act as a form of 'guard' to the twins. Helping them back when they were kids hadn't been the easiest thing he'd ever done and he didn't want to risk the two of them being put in that kind of a dark place again or worse being even more broken from it. He sighed lightly at the thought, he needed to no longer be the ever watchful dog. "I hear you on that! At some point need to dig out of that little secluded tunnel though. So. . . Fingers crossed, right?" A wide smile pulled onto his face. Competitive natures had been something he'd grown up around, even if it didn't entirely describe him part of him did enjoy the fun of a challenge slightly. It'd been the expense paid growing up with Jamie and even Alex at times when that fire sparked in the woman. "What, do you just walk around with a bunch of games in your head?" A smile curved on his face while laughing lowly. "You have a special storage space where you have all your props for games, huh? Volley balls, nets, maybe even a dodge ball or five." It was only a bit of fun poking but it still had been something that also seemed quite plausible, a lot of Wizard's hald small little sectors for their favorite things. Cole couldn't hold in the small laughter that started to emerge once more passed his lips. "Maybe you're right about that. . . But it doesn't stop the thoughts, you know. Still, I'm glad that you think of me as your own friend too." There hadn't been anything wrong with what she said, no expectation by him that she may have been saying it just to make him feel better either. "Hahaha, you say that now. But when you're beaten by all the games played then you'll be wanting some backup to help." He grinned towars her, adding a bit of a playful tone towards his words. "I'm always up for hanging out though, making time should be pretty easy for me to do depending." "Mmmm. . . You don't~! Looks like you'll just have to play or run!" By now, it'd been extremely obvious that 'running' from a game wasn't in the woman's personality. The face of the coin had been revealed, landing upwards had been the etched pattern on what would be considered as 'Tails'. His hand adjusting the tray of drinks to be centered between the two of them to make it easier to acquire one of the shots instead of the risk of knocking all of them over. "Is that how Heads or Tails works for you?" A playful smirk turning along his features. "Let's see. . . Dare!"
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    "Oh, no. They very much do exist." How many did he run into? How many of them still spread the same rheotoric their parents told them? The kind of teachings intended to be passed through the generations of a family. "The truth of the matter is that here, in Australia, most Pureblood Wizards and Witches are not so. In fact, many are Half-Bloods." His head shook lightly as if the notion itself had been a ludacris thing for Humans to squabble over. "But to those that came to this land to settle, they wanted a clean slate. They wanted to be the ones they ran from, the 'Important' people. These very lies persisted and persist to this very day." Teachings and beliefs that became tradition, almost as if they'd been a family creed to live by with a set of rules taught and implied by the various stances many families took up. "You'll find many of them still sit in positions such as the Ministry." "Mmm. . . You ask the perplexing question that would often get people to respond in, 'It doesn't matter wrong is wrong'." Vale couldn't help but to laugh with a whimsical amusement. "But you, ironically, ask the most important question of all. One cannot combat what they do not understand, railing against something in brute force only creates the self-same atrocities that many are oppressed by." His hand rose up slightly, fingers twisting through the air for a moment as a cooling breeze pushing through the small area. The greenery seeming to breathe and expand as if to take in a new 'breath' of fresh air into their forms. "I think it is both. Just as the wind knows not what it touches but the things that rely on it understand it thoroughly. Many do genuinely believe they're fighting a 'Just' war of sorts, they hurt people under the idea that they're stopping future hurts." A gentle course of air then passed through his nostrils. "Others harm maliciously, intentionally every step of the way." Something that hadn't been specific to Humans, anything that held the capacity to think - to have complex thoughts and organizational methods could produce such traits in their actions and beliefs. Something that many people naturally expect of Vampires to act on, simply the enjoyment of 'Pain and harm' to their 'Prey'. "The complexities of the Fae culture is far more convoluted in ways that can't simply be explained in words. They're things that one must experience, especially when it comes to the machinations of the Ancient ones. Veela's can be often violent when pushed, once, long ago, even extremely territorial." His head tilted from left-to-right. "The territorial trait being something that would wipe them out now given the expanse of Humanity."
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    Classes were mostly boring, the Professors had a hard time interacting with the students, and generally they just did whatever they wanted. Want to show early for class? Why not. Want to stay home and not tell the students? It also works. It was a difficult situation, most Professors didn’t seem to care to much about their students and what they needed to learn to become, at least, decent professionals. Zeke couldn’t complain about his situation, he had it good since he had no idea what to do with his life, he simply roamed the halls and attended classes whenever he wanted, and whenever he didn’t, he just sat at the library reading something. Nothing really mattered until he knew what he wanted, he was just doing what he thought it was expected of him, go to VMU, get a degree and get some fancy job that paid like shit, but that could potentially pay well in the future. Later in the day all Zeke wanted was to relax, at home was a bit hard to do it, it seemed there was always something to do, people to talk with and, as much as he loved everyone he just enjoyed some time with his own thoughts and maybe a beer, or two, if he happened to find anyone he knew, at least he hoped it was someone that wasn’t excessively chatty. People who enjoyed talking, were at best tiring, but they did reveal a lot about themselves and that just meant more information for Zeke to know what those people were all about. He walked inside The Tipsy Mozzie, looking around he saw no one that he knew, good, he could proceed to sit at the counter, strategically located where he could see the door and avoid talk to that many people. He just wanted to order something and just enjoy his night out alone, relaxing, thinking about what he wanted to do with his fucking life. She called someone, ordered his drink and some snacks, that he quickly decided to eat like he hadn’t eaten all day.
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    A grin splayed itself upon Diana's lips with Gideon's assertion. She wasn't the complaining type, per se, but it did feel like a weight was being taken off her shoulders as she talked to her brother about her life. She was unable to do so with Kyle and Amalea as she pulled away from them, and Olivia had too much going on in her life for Diana to wish to bother her; past the occasional drunken confessions at Keira's side, the woman saw little in the way of mental relief those days. "Try both and everything in between, all at once." The blonde paid close attention as her brother described some of his friends, committing their names to memory so to be able to discuss them in the future. As he went on, they seemed to be hard working individuals for the most part - she should inquire Olivia about Meadow. If the girl was working with the nurses, she was working with her favorite half-Veela, and that meant she could get some insight on the people Gideon was getting along with. "...Bottles?" Diana parroted as her little brother finished his speech. She knew that his roommate was called 'Ian', but little else; much less the fact that the teenager was a Dhampir. "Bottles of what?"
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    Olivia wasn’t a heavy drinker, but she was determined to win. She wasn’t even sure why she had such a desire for it, but somehow, she felt that it would surprise Cole in a way that he would think twice about challenging her again, or he’d just continue until he finally wins, either way, she wouldn’t mind. Her competitive demeanour wanted him to continue to challenge her, even small useless challenges could be amusing. Maybe Cole wasn’t someone who enjoyed going out? Or maybe he just didn’t know that many people to hangout with, they were practically on the same boat. “Ah. Well I often hear I need to find someone to hangout with, and I can hardly think of anyone that would make a good company.” she could only think of a couple of people aside from Cole. His demeanour was easy to be around and relaxing as well. She smiled watched as his cheeks got slightly tainted with colour, it wasn’t her intention to embarrass him, but it seemed that she had done it. Her apology got left behind when the redness disappeared. She didn’t know Cole to enjoy games that much, or at least he seemed to be. Hopefully he didn’t mind her competitive disposition. “I’m sure we can find many games to play. If you feel like joining me for more sometime.” He needed to get out more and she needed to hangout with other people more often, it sounded the perfect combination in her mind. What could possibly go wrong? Due to their slight age difference the only reason they met was through Jamie and Alex, but quickly Cole was one of them, not the cousin, he wasn’t an accessory. “I think you’re just silly thinking that it’s the ‘Younger Sibling’ effect. I consider you my friend as much as I consider them my friends.” There wasn’t much more to say about it. She was sure when they were younger the age difference would have made it weird for a young teen hanging out with older teens, but now they were all adults. “For the record, I don’t need them to be present if you ever want to hangout or just do something.” the smile on her face grew as she spoke. She wanted to be sure Cole knew he could just call her if he wanted some company. The half-veela, watched Cole order the drinks and take the coin out. “How do I know you’re not cheating?” she asked jokingly. Her smiled showed how amused she was, and how she wasn’t serious about the question. She closed her eyes, putting her hand in front of it. “I want Heads!” she spoke as the coin continued to twist and twirl on the tabled until it fell. She took the hands off her eyes to look at the coin, before looking at Cole. Eventually the lady came with several shots of the alcohol, which Liv proceeded to pay, if was best to do it while they were still sober. “Let’s see what the coin has for us, Mr. Lin.” she spoke as she watched the coin, flashing Tails at them. "I guess you're the first one. Truth or Dare?"
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    It was impossible to argue, he was right. It did cross her mind about what it would mean to her; unlike others she didn’t have to truly hide, it was easy for her to blend in with the crowd, she has been doing it for years, and she was planning on keep on doing it, she did wonder what else was going to change, her view of the world was one, like Vale had put it, she would either love it or would fear it, she already feared the world, it probably wouldn’t change much if it went down the sour path. She was still worried about what was to come, or about what could potentially happen, but it was something for her to worry in the future, there was no time for something like that right now. She was still uncovering everything, it would take time until she can have an opinion on the matter, either a good one or a bad one, only time would tell. She knew not everyone had an accurate moral compass, if they had one at all, but living in her sheltered world her worries and fears about others suddenly felt small, insignificant, pathetic. With so many things going on, things that were hidden from most, her brain began to wander, but it didn’t last long as the man’s voice pulled the chain, grounding her thoughts. “I … I thought those didn’t exist in Australia, at least … not so obvious.” For what she had learnt as a young child, and from everyone she had spoken with, supremacists didn’t hold much power like they did in other countries, but it didn’t mean they wouldn’t try. Her eyes widened as he spoke, that was a matter she understood, might not have been something she showed too often but, while differently, she understood how others felt entitled to control something or someone, just because of their background, or because they were taught like that, or for whatever other reason, maybe superiority as well. It wasn’t something she liked to think too much, but perhaps it was something that she should start paying attention. “Do you think people know the harm they cause? And that they still do it because they know about it?” perhaps not an easy question to get a reply, perhaps not even Vale knew the right answer himself, if he did, she just hopped he could answer her. Humans were indeed complicated, they were petty, violent, but surely weren’t the only ones. They did have some qualities, but she was curious about what other species were the exceptions. “A few exceptions? Like what?”
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    He'd never seen Liv as much of a heavy drinker even moving towards the idea that may have actually been the heavier drinker of the two depending on the moment. Already claiming a mental win as if it would solidify into reality if he thought of it enough. It had been simple for him to have it in the bag, right? There'd been no awareness in him in gauging just how truly competitive the Half-Veela could and would most likely be, especially if that swan-like confidence in him started to make itself known. "I'm good for that plan easily. I'm always told I need to get out more anyways." A softened chuckle emitted from him. He'd been aware that he needed to fill up his coming days with a series of relaxing plans, establishing them strongly so that they could help reduce much of the potential stress and trials he would no doubt face once he started going through the training for being an Auror. It also had simply just been a very healthy habit emotionally and mentally and the particular case of where they would be visiting, physically too. Part of him did feel bad taking up that kind of time from the older woman, surely she must have things she'd rather be doing than playing guide, right? "Oh. . . Thank you." His hand brushed along the back of his head with slightly reddened cheeks. Compliments weren't an uncommon thing even so he couldn't seem to not feel only a bit embarrassed at receiving them. He'd never worked to gain them only seeing it as him being himself; His cheeks reddened nature didn't last long as they gradually eased back into the tint of his natural skin. "Will I? Guess there's only one way to find out then." Another game of competition in the works and it hadn't even been time for it yet. "I can't argue that point considering whose sitting across from me and all." After all, Liv had been a woman to admire in the awesome department. Caring and strong despite whatever weight may have weighed on her. Though he hadn't expected her to have that verbal reaction to his words, did she consider him a friend as much as she did Alex and Jamie? There'd been no reason for him to doubt that, she'd never been a person who seemed to hide her intentions or phrases behind a false sense of sincerity. "Hahaha, maybe. I always looked at it as you know, the 'Younger Sibling' effect. Not that I -have- siblings but they're like it." "Black Vodka it is then! Rules are pretty simple, All Truth questions asked are two shots. A Dare is two but if you can't complete it for some reason or back out it's three!" His attention turned towards the employee with a wide smile placed on his face. "Can you get us several shots of Black Vodka, please?" Attention turning back to Liv while rummaging through his pocket to grasp hold of a coin and pull it out. "We'll decide who asks first by flip, Heads or Tails?" After which ever had been decided he'd flip the coin in the air by the tip of his thumb. The metallic piece twisting and twirling about until it started to descend back towards the surface, clanking against the table and bouncing a few times. Twirling and bobbing on its circular edge before tipping over to reveal its gambling face upwards.
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    He could tell that the information that had been offered by him struck a chord within her. Reactions and expressions often gave away far more about what could potentially be running through any being with complex thoughts mind. "I'm sure you're probably thinking something along the lines of, 'What did I end up walking myself into. . .?' . I can assure you most people do not have a, 'Non-Human' detecting device." A softened and warming chuckle eased out of him. While there may be some form of archaic spell or artifact that perhaps could do such a thing it was unlikely that any laymen would simply be carrying it. "The importance now is that you can see in a newly refined lens." Would it break her? Change her view and redefine a unique kind of conviction? It was something he couldn't dictate. That wasn't the kind of Fae he had wanted to be, finding that particular trait of his people to be left wanting. Vale knew that at any rate she needed to first worry about what would emerge before her own eyes and mind before considering what the expansive 'long-run' would end up being. Still, even with the weight of conversation and the potential thickness of the atmosphere amidst the revelation, Vale sat with a sense of serenity. Entirely unbothered by the words he spoke and the bits of information that rang as a form of truth for himself or at least the things that he had experienced across his years. "Well, every creature that thinks and can harbor some form of moral compass within that moment." A soft hum resonated from him while his had tilted to the side. The lengthy strands of hair hopping out of place, a collection even shuffling towards the front and covering only part of one of his shoulders. "Some creatures have that particular thing stripped of them. Granted. . . 'Good or Bad' doesn't entirely define those that do either." It had been a very disturbing kind of world. Good and Evil needed to exist as an equilibrium to existence, things such as 'Dark Creatures' existing to establish and embolden that very fact. Perhaps even an ironic existences they held were due to the negative atmospheres built up from all creatures in the world. "But to some it may not be 'just about Humans'. Though I can assure you, spend a few moments in the presence of true Blood supremacists and you would understand their particular brand quite well." His hand rose up and a single finger extended upwards to wag slightly. "Make no mistake, Reaction through fear does exist. Though so does reaction through Hate. Contrary to many beliefs, many don't hate because of fear either. It isn't about the lack of understanding, to harm your enemies thoroughly you must understand them after all." Many that targeted the various Non-Human's and Half-Breeds were keenly aware enough of potential abilities to pose the threat accordingly in his mind. "It is about being 'Entitled'. Much like a King feels it is his right and birth to control all lands." Or the audacity of Humanity to believe they control all that the world offers due to their far more numerous existence. As the thought crossed his mind his head shook with a slight inner amusement. "You'll find many species are quite complicated. Perhaps not as much of a boggle as Human's can be though there are a few exceptions." A small smile curved at his lips.
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