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  2. "I can always pull someout from somewhere. Though you'd take to it far too easily." A small smirk touched his lips. The added weight from Gemini's lean hadn't caused any noticeable disruption towards his balance, shifting one of his arms to wrap around the newly arrived woman's waist to steady her. Even adding a light shake of his head at how casually comfortable she managed to make her self using both himself and Keira as personal body-furnitures. While he held no actual problem with her drinking, the desire to keep her from destructive means kept him far more alert with his Dhampiric senses. "I don't think you'd ever not be, 'Still kicking'. Probably kick up more fuss than Sibs trying to tend to a patient." Or equal at that, stubborn women seemed to be the key feature within that gathered group. "Oh, excuse me~. I had nearly forgot that you're going the full on Musical career route. I guess I can give up my job and start being a proper roadie." He smirked with amusement at the thought alone, not that he would even if asked. Journalism had been in his blood and he knew how to get to places and people in ways most wouldn't dare or couldn't even consider. "Hey, we work hard disrupting other peoples lives! Let us at least waste it." "Now you -know- that isn't the reason why I really did it. You just need to get out a bit more with some fun." While he couldn't deny the woman drove him crazy many times a day, trying to 'get rid of her' had never been the actual intention behind the idea when it popped into his mind. Clearly she needed more of a break from his usual firm nature, right? "And sometimes you are kind of too destructive. Just not always in the scorching of sofa's, sometimes it's giving my Mother ammo she -shouldn't- have." He stated as his gaze narrowed. The woman still held it over his head his 'honest feelings' being spoken in a moment he had originally thought had been between just two people. Goes to show him! The news that suddenly broke drove him to a weighted silence. Reporter's could be brutal, hell, even he held his moments when the 'Truth' needed to be pulled out. But there were still lines, for the sake of decency, that shouldn't be crossed just to get a story. Intruding in a persons home, their private lives like the schools of their subject's children. What more would a child even know? Just to show that the man had been heartless? Or had it been a way to discredit the Mother from 'keeping her Father' from her. A disgusted snort exhausted from his nostrils. "Can't really argue the 'Vultures' bit too well, even in my case for many moments." "Sibs is right though, probably need a moment to ease out that stress. It probably won't be the end of it easily." Unless he stepped in, he could do that. He had enough contacts and even if they wouldn't help he still had certain. . . Capabilities that he could make use of that he would've ordinarily shunned. "Yea, how is she doing? Does anyone know which Reporter's or station had been poking around there?"
  3. Last week
  4. “I remember my mother used to be slightly intolerant with iron. I only have a problem through prolonged exposures.” Touching it wouldn’t do anything to her, wearing any jewellery that contained iron for long periods of time would indeed cause her a rash, but nothing that wouldn’t go away after a while, it could take days or weeks, but overall it wasn’t anything serious. She could understand the implication and she was almost certain that there were no iron utensils at her grandmother’s house, but it didn’t hurt to ask. “I’ll ask, don’t worry.” She didn’t want him to worry, she was sure the dinner was enough to make the older fae worry, while he didn’t seem too concerned about it, Bella wasn’t sure if he was good at hiding it or if he really wasn’t concerned. She had to warn everyone about her brothers, they liked to ask a lot of things, some personal, some not so personal, but not everyone enjoyed being bombarded with questions from two overly friendly ghosts who refused to leave. “They … they can keep you entertained for a day or more.” She chuckled. It was abnormal when they didn’t ask questions and it was rare, but she had no way of telling how talkative they would be once they meet the older fae. When she spoke, she looked at him and her breath just stop. She had interpreted his words differently, with a harsher tone but when he laughed a smile formed on her lips. “I can’t say I’m not.” They aside from her grandparents, her siblings are the only ones that know the truth behind their mother’s fate. She opted to remain quiet about her, there was no need to sadden the man before her, and it could be a conversation for another time, if it even had to be one, the woman was dead, it wasn’t like they could change the past. He seemed to welcome her questions, and she didn’t mind. “Do you like it here?” she asked, paying attention to his every word before he finished answering her. “What’s it like there? In Romania?” she curiously asked. She had heard tales, usually dark tales about vampires and other nightly creatures who lurk within the shadows, but it was all fiction, none of that was real, she was certain of it, or some of her was certain of it. “Aside from Australia, I’ve only visited Japan. When I was younger, I lived there for a couple of years, I got my wand there.” She commented as she put her wand on the table softly in case, he wanted to inspect it. She never left home without it, she could perform wandless spells, but some simple backfired. “What other places have you visited?” she asked once more, curiously. She was starting to feel comfortable around Vale, she wasn’t sure why but there was a certain familiarity that with others could take years to develop, and sometimes she can never fully trust someone, not completely.
  5. Glamour, one of many talents afforded towards his people across the entirety of Fae culture. It'd been one of the ways they not only kept their interactions known to a minimum amongst the various races but the strongest of glamour's and abilities held their world together. Covered entrances that only absolute luck or unluckiness could unveil in someway without the full thorough knowledge to find the Mounds. The shift of his far more 'Human' look had barely even scratched the surface of how much could be extended. Of course, there'd only been so much he could extend himself in certain situations - a truth with many of his people until a certain point where their power would grow exponentially. Vale nodded towards her, a smile expressed on his face from the willingness and consideration she showed. He knew it hadn't been from anyone of his own family that could attribute such qualities. No, that was a clear sign of how well she'd been raised in his mind. To have such an innate awareness and kindness. "Something I often have to ask in certain situations. Usually I bring my own utensil. As I did within the Coffee shop." A gentle chuckle reverberates from him. "Iron, quite the bane to watch out for in my particular case. For you. . .? It won't have the same harshness but overtime you'll notice the rashes maybe even a diminish in spell potency." In truth, it'd been hard to tell completely what the effects would occur when it came to those of only part of their blood. "Nothing wrong with questions and knowledge." An amused grin formed on his face which had only been followed by a smooth shrug. "I'm sure it won't fill all of the curiosity anyways. Ghosts tend to have it for eons do to their state of existence." Each one seemed to be different, but the key feature often had been that they never truly could experience growth. Not the way the living could, it'd been an unfortunate circumstance and one that he hoped wouldn't occur for many. "You must visit them often. I imagine you're far more chatty with them than others." He laughed lightly, the thought that she could get that light in her eyes like when she talked about her book. "Here? In Australia?" A hum resonated from him, mind wandering in thought. "For about a year and a half now. My long life has afforded me ways to gather wealth and masquerade amongst the people of the current society." It had been a while since he visited last, now that his mind had been thinking of his many excursions. "Before that. . ." He started, anticipating she might start to ask where he'd been before. "I was in Romania. A lovely place, beautiful language too. The people there have such a passion in their arts that isn't exposed on as it should be."
  6. "Tell me about it." Keira grumbled under in agreement at Marcus' little quip, exhaling before ingesting some more sweet alcohol. While she managed to keep a roof over her head, there was no mistaking the fact true journalism was a dying art - either you got with the program or your legs were cut out from under you by the bigger fish. Most of the time it felt like they were traversing a mine field, and when it came to people like them, it was borderline impossible to open their mouths without causing one of the mines to go off nearby. "Still kicking, contrary to popular belief. My bad on that one." She answered Gemini's question as she set her half empty glass down on the coaster. Not minimally minding her making herself comfortable, the Squib lazily rested a forearm on the younger women's legs in acceptance of her fate while her other hand slowly spun her drink in place with the tip of its fingers. A smirk crossed the journalist's lips with her cousin's joke. "Oh, woe is me, I get to keep even more money in my overflowing bank account. Whatever should I do?" She joked in return as she impersonated the woman briefly, with a deadpanned tone. Questioned further, the half-Veela shrugged. "We were in the brainstorming process. Paintball, movies. I'm sure there are a million things out there that could be fun, but if you're gonna shoot some ideas, just make sure they don't get me killed." On occasion she couldn't help but be envious of the magic community. There were so very many things she could picture herself doing with its aid if she could employ the use of magic, and she often felt that the fact she couldn't got in the way of bonding with the vast majority of her family. Her half-assed attempt at diverting the conversation was soon crushed as Gemini brought up the very matter they were speaking of directly, tossing a bit of a thorn into the lightened up mood that had been so carefully assembled; she couldn't blame her one bit, nonetheless, as Keira could feel the anger bubble under the surface yet again as was customary with those of her kind. The fingers tightened around the glass ever so slightly; in the back of her mind she couldn't help thinking it was a good thing the woman wasn't particularly strong, or else they'd be dealing with a broken cup. "Jesus, it's just a kid..." As someone in the business, it made her stomach turn, although at the same time she knew it was too frequent a thing to do in that day and age. Keira wasn't a beacon of morality but even she knew nobody should mess with a child. "How's Gabby holding up, though? Been a while since I've last seen her." Hopefully she had already forgotten about that little confrontation and thought nothing of it.
  7. Earlier
  8. The Sturt’s weren’t her kind of crows, too stiff for their own good, too nerdy like the world was going to end if they didn’t get a perfect score, their weirdly dark humour which Robin did enjoy. Sure, not all Sturt’s were like that, some were alright people, friendly, nice, but it wasn’t the type of crowd Robin used to hangout with. “Probably different crowds, I was friends with most Bouke’s so I used to hang out with them more often and I only graduated on 2014.” Robin never did anything very memorable, at least when it came to prank wise. She did once paint the school with way too many colours to make fun of the other houses, but it was something harmless, easily fixed with magic. “I’m Robin. It’s nice to meet you Arti.” She introduced herself as she took the other woman’s hand. The name didn’t bring any memories of someone with that name, but Robin wasn’t obligated to know everyone’s name. Robin looked at the young woman with an interested expression about the gallery. She had been on a few and it’s mostly about art or photography, had yet to see one that presented music. Robin couldn’t hear it, but it didn’t stop her from finding the concept interesting. “I do photography, for both wizards and muggles.” She commented as she tapped her camera, with what seemed to be an affectionate one. Photography has been Robin’s love, maybe one day she gets to dedicate herself to her other love, Magical Creatures. “I do mostly freelance jobs, I also take some photos for new flyers for the Reserve in Narrie.” It wasn’t a paying job, or at least one that paid much, but she was able to spend her time with the animals and photographing them, which was the real perk of that one job. She was quite surprised about the information of the speakers on the walls and floor, the vibrations could be felt easier, being able to somehow enjoy another form of art, one that she hadn’t been able to enjoy in a few years. “I must visit it now. I haven’t been able to enjoy music in such a long time.” Aside from her ukulele, which she couldn’t hear but still insisted on playing it like she could, Robin stayed away from music as much as she could. “I’m surprised I haven’t visit it sooner, I spend a lot of time here. I also do some exhibits on Muggle galleries, I’m more used to those.”
  9. To be able to change someone’s look at will was an interesting and intriguing ability, she wasn’t sure if he could change any look he’d want, like an animagus, or if he’d have to follow certain rules, but she remained quiet about her doubts about it, even as he spoke of the glamour it was all foreign to her, while it was an illusion, why couldn’t wizards see through it? Fae magic was clearly different than wizarding magic, that could be the reason. She expected little from her ability, but it couldn’t hurt to try or to see if anything improves with time, it’s not like she’s going to lose anything for trying, the worst that can happen is to not improve, otherwise, there was always room to get better. She nodded. Dinner sounded like the best time to talk, casually and slowly, and if what people say it’s the truth, and food does bring people closer to one another; maybe if it’s true it could be a good plan not to anger anyone. She remembers her mother’s slight intolerance towards certain objects, same with her, perhaps it was things with iron. Bella never had too much trouble with it, unless it was a prolonged exposure, but she did remember her mother suffering a few reactions from things. “It’s alright. We don’t have any, or at least I don’t think we do. But I’ll ask.” If her grandmother didn’t have, she would have to come up with a solution, but due to her mother’s situation she was sure her grandmother had already figured something out. “They are also very nosy.” It wouldn’t be out of character if both her brothers decided to harass the older fae into spilling more and more information, about pretty much everything they could remember. They didn’t really grow, remaining children forever. A smiled showed on her face, shyly as usual but it wasn’t hidden. “Thank you.” she’s one of the few people that still visits the graveyard, it’s usually always clean but rarely has any new flowers, Bella just sits there talking to them for hours. “They like to chat too.” Perhaps if there was time it was possible just to sit with the boys and talk to them, not that they had many interesting stories to tell, but at least they would have someone else’s company. It was impossible to hide her nervousness, but at the same it she couldn’t hide the fact that she was also happy in finding all these new things; it wasn’t something she had expected, but it was something that she had enjoyed. She continued to play with her hands, but her movements were less stiff. She wanted to know a bit more about him before moving to the album, he was open to know so many things about them, that she wanted to know a few things about him. “How long have you been here?” She found a chair next to him and took a seat. She avoided his gaze, still not comfortable enough to so, but found something else about him to look at.
  10. At some point they'd went passed the subtle flirtations of intent towards once that had been all too obvious that they couldn't just be ignored. "Batshit crazy tends to be the majority, doesn't it?" He chuckled easily, not all 'Batshit crazy' had been of a negative connotations. Some were about as nutty as an individual stuck out in the wilderness too long, amongst nothing but caves and animals slowly letting sanity slip away. Others had been on the level of a murderous carnivore ready to take its next bite out of someone. He wasn't sure how long he'd last personally, how much he could endure as the time moves on and no doubt choosing to engage with Mortals would hasten that particular gap faster, of that he held no doubt. Still, it'd been something better left to worry about during the process of it dissolving and not a moment before then if only to keep sanity just a bit longer. "And yet, it hasn't waivered. That is probably in part due to what we are." When one lived a while certain impressions lasted longer, afflictions of interests that had never been carried out stewing for quite sometime. Knowing that the chance would arrive eventually just never knowing the actual when and where and only if one still continued to expand beyond their own borders. Somehow, they found one another again, staring across in a connection that had been far harder to break. "One would say our meeting was a chance missed, to have it happen again and not act on it this time would be us making the mortal's mistake I would imagine." Meeting someone a second time in a long-life had been likely but beyond that? It could only grow far more difficult unless some force of intention were to drive constant encounters. Not an impossible thought but leaving such a thing to chance no longer seemed like a palatable idea for him. There hadn't been any sense of humor within his tone from his question, though he also wouldn't have blamed her for taking such an admittance with skepticism considering the particular source. "You've the right of it. Before I was trying to keep. . . Distances. It makes it easier to move from place to place. If nothing binds you, then it becomes a fluid motion without the consequence of feeling as if you left something behind." The tips of his finger traced along her hand, sliding to the exposed top of it and making smooth tender touched motions. "But since finding out about my descendants, realizing what I'd missed and given up - it made me wonder what else I had locked away from my self simply for the desire of 'ease'." It hadn't truly been a place of 'ease', something would've always felt as I fit had been missing yet if he kept himself busy, mindful that many of those he encountered were fleeting it made it all seem 'alright'. However, crossing her, an individual that he couldn't simply push away as a momentary existence when he compared the two of their lifespans caused his mind to wander to the far deeper 'what if question'. "Well then it's only fair to see how much of this man you can fit in then." A cheeky smile curved at his lips, not that he expected her to truly be a 'Man-Eater'. If that had been the case some other sod would've ended up in the position he found himself within currently. "Ah, yes, rebelling did come to mind. I would've had to simply sway you into the idea, I'd hoped that curiosity of promising my true self would've struck." An almost mischievous chuckle reverberated from him. "Why wouldn't I? It just seemed too fun to pass up." His voice dropping to a smooth whisper, his voice almost like a call on the wind along her ear. "But something tells me you enjoyed such an action as much as I did." In Transit. . . They'd been in Melbourne already so the process of leaving and using just a bit of magic to translocate themselves to his home hadn't taken long. It had been likened unto a blink with only the feel of a passing breeze that enveloped them for a brief moment before placing them within the expansive single-floored home. His hand had already slid along hers to grasp hold of her bag to try and lightly pry it from her hands and settle it on a neaby table, in the moment leaning in as well to press his lips with a bit more of a heated intention than just the teasing nip he offered back at the bar. Arms wrapping around her waist to pull the woman into himself closely - barely within the door so to speak. Almost as if keeping to a promise the glamour instantly fell away as if it were swept by some unforeseeble force. It seemed as if even the clothes itself had been just a part of an illusion pieced together as a somewhat exposing outfit clutched to his lithe form, hair extending to just the center of his back with a myriad of blues that shifted in a gradient scheme. Markings lined from his Shoulders towards his arms, as well as his entire back and whom knows where else? The surface of Vale's palms tracing along her waist for a moment before curling one of his hands fingers just at the hem of her dress to hike it up just a bit, the other searching along the different points to find where it'd been connected to loosen it in order to pull it away from her. His hand that had started to pull her dress upwards, intentionally grazing against her supple skin in a teasing drag. A touch that seemed to radiate a peculiar warmth of heat, trying to spread the feeling of the moment even further.
  11. "Tell me one day..." Lorelei spoke softly, hoping he would understand that she wanted to hear about what had held him captive, and how he felt now. A large part of her wanted him to tell her now, but that wasn't information one could demand on a whim at whatever moment they chose. She respected that he had been through a great deal, she remembered his disdain for how he had become as he was. Knew parts of that story. All in time though. Time was something she had a lot of. But there were many more in the world who didn't even have a second's worth compared to she. Still, a soft smile warmed her features, her cheeks taking on a pink glow as he admitted to having thought of her in such a way. Her stomach flutters and heart skipped a few beats and a hint of her sweet shyness showed for a moment, before she then nodded as she listened to his confirmation of how he could be as it drew closer to a full moon. "Well, there is one bonus at least," The teen spoke softly, her lips quirking into a small smile as she peered up at him, before biting her lip, "At least such times can be scheduled easily enough." Her smile grew into a small grin as she chuckled softly, lifting her hand to her lips, even as her eyes showed a hint of heat to them at the idea that he would be so demanding of her time and body, that he would need her to help him rein in the beast. She couldn't quite describe the feeling, but she felt like it was a good one. "Maybe I will even play hunting games with you, make you try to catch me," The words slipped out before she had really thought, but she also wasn't going to take them back. To hide and make him hunt her down before claiming his prize, was so very primal, and exciting. And would no doubt soothe the beast even more. With her fingers pressing into his sides, she kept her face close to his upon having inhaled the air over his neck and she bit her lip as she nodded in agreement with his words, knowing that if he had caught her earlier in the day... there was no telling what may have occurred. In a way she was glad it hadn't, not with his mind the way it was then. She didn't want to be simply one of many who only staved off his urges a little longer. "And you wouldn't have to hold back at all... and neither would I," Lorelei's cheeks formed another soft blush, "Not that I know yet what I would be like..." She added with a small impish smile, before a gasp was issued at the firm grip at her behind. She certainly didn't fight it, in fact it only served to press them more firmly together and she could feel his natural body heat pouring from him and encompassing her. Her arms wrapped over his shoulders and fingers moved to his hair to play with it softly, combing through the back of it with fingertips scraping over his scalp, before tangling in the dark locks. "I know... when you smile genuinely, there is also a small hint of surprise, as though it's an unexpected happiness, I'd like to give you more of those smiles," She said quietly, though bit her lip as he admitted that more could have occurred with the swimsuit incident. The admission of his care for her, though, created a more tender smile to form on her features though, at least for a brief moment before he squeezed her butt again. And then everything that Adele had told her that she shouldn't do... apparently seemed to be exactly what she should. There was an irony that couldn't be escaped when Lorelei heard Travis' words. He wanted her to claim him, to make him hers. It sounded like a challenge, but also like something that he wanted. Truth be told, the very implications of it were enticing to the girl. As much as she had been raised gentle and dignified, there was also the blood of vampires within her, not completely drowned out by the Sorceraic blood. Her own urges and temptations that she kept buried were drawn to the surface slightly as she stared at him, an almost predatory look in her eyes. Lorelei moved faster than the eye would see, capturing his lips in a more heated kiss than the one she had offered before. Her hands dropped to the collar of his shirt, gripped, and without even an ounce of effort tore it open completely, before her fingers trailed over his torso, remembering the scars she had seen before and tracing over the tender sensitive flesh there, before drawing from the kiss with a sharp bite to his lip. With a gentle whoosh of air swirling around them, they found themselves no longer in his kitchen, but in what appeared to be an overgrown greenhouse, the only light entering it from gaps in the thick rose vines that covered the walls. The air around the teen still swirled slightly, her glossy raven hair flowing gently to frame her pale features with the bright and inhuman eyes and red lips. Pushing him backward until he was pressed against a stone block, though it was oddly warm. The girl, with her otherworldly beauty truly shining through in this primitive natural fashion then leaned in until her lips were beside his ear once again. "I will claim you," Lei whispered, her voice like velvet and the sound vibrating inside his ear and further through him.
  12. "Oh my, then we shall have to see what we can do about that," Sibylla's lips formed an amused smirk, blue eyes glinting with mirth and warmth at the back and forth, before she nodded gently, "Their resilience is something to be humbled by, certainly. And well... jaded or batshit crazy." She offered a light grin and laughed quietly, "You have to admit, there are some very eccentric old ones." Some that even appeared to have never grown up, when beneath the exterior they were probably scary as all the hells. The Fae especially, with their very nature and the way they viewed things, the elder ones were more likely to succumb to some form of madness or strange coping mechanism for all they had witnessed and experienced. How much could one really go through before they ran out of room for everything they learned? Eventually something had to be substituted out, she supposed. Though she didn't think she planned to stay quite long enough for that to happen to her. No one needed a mad Veela. "Of course you can't refute it, we'd both found something that was new and interesting way back then, we just didn't get the chance to play," The woman laughed softly, still even years later and with much more experience, they found something of interest still there. Perhaps it was having taken the time to talk and know a little more about one another. Maybe part of it was that 'missed' opportunity way back. Or maybe they were both simply a pair of beings who saw something similar in one another that drew them to idly offer innocent touches, small comforts. "The short-lived remind us that moments are fleeting. To miss one often means not getting another chance at it," She mused softly, as though remembering something from a long time ago, though his question drew her brows upward curiously. "Finding your descendants has indeed changed something within you," The blonde said softly as she studied him, unsure if he was still joking around with his words on opening himself to experiencing something more than he had been prepared to in the past. "Six months or more ago, you were very much one who did not seem to have the desire to allow for that kind of connection or obligation," Even the fact that he had dropped the glamour from his eyes, and shown her honesty spoke volumes of the change in the man. She was not a silly woman, she had known a man who didn't want to form anything that could become a weakness when she saw one, and she had seen that in him back when they'd met up near the new year. She wasn't entirely certain how to feel about this change, though she also knew that she felt a draw toward him as well, and his jest about teasing her for 'cold feet' only caused her lips to tug into a genuine smile as she laughed and nodded. "Well, now I have to go along with it, I can't have my reputation as a man-eater tarnished by getting 'cold feet'," Sibylla snickered, there was no reputation regarding that for her, only for her species. Certainly there were those who instantly believed because of what she was, then it was clearly true about her, but those who knew her often wondered whether she really was a full Veela or not. "Oh, I know about your Fae vows and and all... though I would be interested to see how you think you would make it happen if I decided to rebel," Another soft laugh was drawn from her as she accepted his hand and pushed to her feet, leaning into his side easily as his arm wrapped around her, "Now you're just doing that to dash all the dreams of the lads who have been eyeing me up this whole time," She tutted quietly at him, as she allowed him to lead them out.
  13. There'd been no denial in his eyes when he met hers once more, the thought and heat of his gaze had been obvious enough of what his instincts had been yelling at him to do in such close proximity. He also didn't attempt to hide his phrasing or even deny the way it'd been stated, a nugget of truth that reflected of an old state of mind. Not entirely old, there had been many hang-ups that made the thought of it all still far more difficult for him. "Yea, at the time it was the furthest thing from my mind. Couldn't guarantee I wouldn't cause pain with the road I was going." It'd been far better to keep people at an arms length when he knew his life would've ended. "Now. . . " His breath deepens before exhaling in a slow deflation. "I'm more opened, I guess? Still not an area of confidence for me. Not really 'Boyfriend' material in anyway. But. . . Yea, you're someone I've considered and thought about." Nothing had ever been perfect, thinking about how the situation levied in both a good and bad way. Not just for himself but for her and her family as well when it came to what and who he was. Travis' head tilted, eyes never leaving from hers. "That's exactly what I am saying. As time goes on it become insatiable, badly. It can even become. . . Almost a focus of a hunt for mind. As I said it's. . .Not something that's entirely under my thumb, of everything I can reel in easily that is something that seems to be far too hormonal that the beast that is me holds it within its claws." He chuckled weakly. "You're under the impression I would give you time to even answer the phone, Lei." Which had only brought more of the issue at hand, at the very least he hoped he painted a well enough picture of an idea for her of how often it could actually be for him. The edges of her fingers rolling over his abdomen started to feel nice, even as the fabric of clothing brushed against of the many scars on him that would be easily told even with the shirt in the way. A slight hum of curiosity vibrated from him, feeling the presence of her nose lining against his neck. Had she been sniffing him? It seemed as if the memory of his actions that day stuck with her in more than one way than he would've imagined. "I do. . . It raced faster, your hormones were pumping more too - enjoyment, excitement, the edge of being turned on." It hadn't progressed more than that due to the dire state of his mentality as much as it had been the day burning light quickly by the time he found her. He could feel her hands grasping deeply into his sides, almost as if she'd been trying to lay a form of claim in his mind. "You've got me on that. . . Being able to not fully hold back maybe an actual experience for once. . ." He'd never encountered someone where his full strength and roughness of nature would ever allow for them to be 'alright' afterwards. It made the situation even more tempting than when it had initially started, his own hands moving before he could think towards her rear, just under her dress as he grasped it firmly. "No, you're right. But sometimes not everything the world has to offer is for us to take." Whether that applied here? He wasn't sure, taking such a step wasn't easy by any means and it meant a lot of changes for himself as well. "When I smile. . .? It doesn't really happen that often I don't think." At least not one that had been genuine in some fashion, often he designed fake ones, those that could pass as a good article in his mind. Most weren't observant enough to catch the false hint in his experience. "Heh, you're probably lucky we parted then because I most likely would've tried something more." Granted, at that time, he also hadn't known her Grandfather had been whom he was. "Of course I care about you, Lei. If I didn't I wouldn't have taken the risk that I did to find out why you were ducking me. I would've again but. . . I can't make that chance a second time and hope it will all turn out okay." As for her words of 'attracted' his hands squeezed her rear once more almost as if it had been a signal. "And I've been physically attracted to for a while." His eyes lowered to her lips once more before settling on her eyes. "Though I am not like an ordinary person so. . . If you want me. . . Come claim me. As much as people want to think otherwise, even as I am now, I am still far more animal than human. Normal social stuff? That isn't my cue of reference as good as I am at it." From all the talk it seemed as if she'd been part Dhampir or at least held some of the cues of one. "If you think you can then -make- me yours." It was as much of a challenge from his lips as it had been a form of agreement.
  14. "I do seem to have an affliction, though oddly enough it has only recently started to flare up again." A coy grin formed on his face, eyes scanning the woman once more from head to toe as if to offer a hint to his 'Pretty thing' that had afflicted his fancy. "As long as we're both under the agreement there is a mutual appraising going on." His smile matched her own in mischievous nature for a moment before receding as the conversation moved on. "They do tend to draw a sense of awe, don't they? Not so much the length of time but managing to trudge on and still keep a semblance of sanity seeing the trials of various eras and ages. Of course, with time does often come with being far more jaded too." Or in the case of a few of his own Kin, far more manipulative and dangerous than people would give them credit. "Experience never truly ends, as they say. In a world that has existed as long as it has there will always be something to uncover and discover." He chuckled smoothly. "That is quite the dare. But. . . I can't fully refute it." The fact they'd both been a distraction to one another at that point in their life held a unique amusement as it did a fondness for the man. It also spoke volumes that they found themselves in the same position, years later. Wizened and far more prepared and aware of each other than they had in the past. While he had never before offered tender touches, he'd been quite accustomed to them when he ensorcelled someone enough that their attention had been solely focused on him for his plans in the past. Even in the not-so-distant past, yet, he found himself offering the same innocent strokes he received. The touch alone showed the mutual interest that their honeyed words could only obscure, at least from his personal perception. "You've a point, I suppose I am the oddity that I am due to the amount of time I spent amongst them than most of my people." If he hadn't made the mistake he did with his court, how would he have ended up? Certainly not sitting across from the alluring beauty whose essence had been exuding in an almost cosmic way. Even her smile in an innocent fashion seemed far more attractive than it should've, at this point he hadn't been sure if it were her hormones influencing him or a natural disposition that had already been present between the two of them. The choice of either or even both of them working in tandem intrigued him to dangerous levels. "Ever think I'm starting to open myself up a bit to the experience of it?" His eyes lifted up to lock onto hers, an odd shine within them as he dropped the glamour that kept the tri-colored hues from sight. Revealing just a bit of himself for only her view; A coloration of: Teal, Turqoise and then a very cool blue on the larger outer ring of his eyes. Though he had never been in the position before to consider the loss of the short-lived he found himself in it now, deciding to stay and experience that pain instead of running from it and the potentially good and fond memories. "Oh, no. I was expecting you to be all for it. Else I would've teased you about cold feet." He grinned, the idea of a Veela having 'cold feet' held a hilarity due to their affinity with the flames. He noticed the twinkle within her eye, the response that he desired to pull from the woman without any hesitation. "I've lived my life on the edge. I don't see a reason to stop now. . ." Vale whispered lowly in a roguish tone, watching as she took up her handbag. "You'll find that once one like myself gives our word it becomes a bond." He grinned standing up and gently taking her hand to help her up as well, an arm wrapping around her waist in almost a claiming way to dissuade the on-lookers. As much as to dash the various dreams and fantasies they'd already dreamt up for themselves of the illustrious Veela. "Shall we then?"
  15. "You can kiss me if you wish," Lorelei's gentle voice spoke quietly, her gaze having caught his own drifting to her lips in contemplation. Was he beginning to understand that she really meant what she said? She wasn't sure why he would find it surprising that someone would want to be his girlfriend, she was certain she couldn't have been the only one to care about him. "At the time...?" His wording hadn't been missed by the sharp young woman, those pillowy lips forming a small coy smile as fingers touched over his hands which still held her waist. Did he hold her to keep her close? Or to keep them at bay? "And what about now? You have not said an outright no to me, so that must mean that it is something that at least pulls at your curiosity... that you see me as someone special enough to consider such with..." Lei gently bit her lower lip as she tipped her head to the side slightly as her eyelashes lowered, bright eyes peering through the dark curtain they created while her hair fell across her features a little, tumbling over the pale skin of her shoulder and cleavage. "Are you saying that you have sex so regularly that I would barely be home? Besides, I already vanish on and off, the only rule I must abide is that I keep my phone close... not that it is even required if any of Mamiere's family wished to contact me," Of course, Lorelei would hope they'd try the phone first. She'd not want them stumbling in on something she already accidentally had before. "We have agreement that they will always try the phone first, rather than intruding on me." Her fingers trailed off the back of his hands and slid forward then, fingertips touching at his abdomen and tracing over him as they shifted to clasp at his sides as well, digging in just a fraction as she tipped her head forward, brushing her nose at the side of his neck as she inhaled. "I remember this..." Lorelei whispered over his skin before leaning her head back again slightly in order to peer at him through half-lidded eyes once again, "When you tackled me, my heart didn't race for fear. You remember, don't you?" The teen murmured, "I trusted you. I do trust you. I don't want you to feel restrained or restricted either. I'm not experienced at all, but I can only imagine that the more one can not be held back, the greater the fulfillment and enjoyment." With her hand having lifted to caress his cheek and her gaze set upon his, Lorelei smiled a little lopsided, appreciation in her gaze for his concern, as well as understanding of it. "My father's parents are full vampire, you know..." She said quietly, "It was a concern that he had when he and my mother began together, because they are under much the same laws and restrictions as yourself. But they have never been used against him. I understand what you're saying... it could happen. But if we spent our lives afraid of 'could', then we would never experience all the world has to offer." Lei was at least to have got a smile from him with her joking. "I like it when I make you smile," The teen murmured softly, her own smile almost bashful once again, before she shook her head at him, "My decisions are mind to make. My responsibilities. And I want to be with you, Travis. I want to learn more about one another, to spend more time out among nature, to be able to watch you as you sketch, snuggle, hold hands, have secret rendezvous in hidden places, and go swimming, whether we remember swimsuits or not." Her smile hinted at a bit of cheek for a brief moment, as she laughed softly, "I am not saying it will be perfect, I cannot see the future. But I have the now, and how I feel and what I am willing to try and experience. I would rather at least take a leap, than wonder later what might or might not have been." Watching him with fondness in her gaze, she remained close as her fingers trailed over his shoulders and the back of his neck, "I really do care for you, and am quite clearly attracted. The important question would be whether you feel similarly toward me."
  16. There had been an obvious difference in philosophy and belief when it came to the particular topic they were inching towards. For him, he had to live a place of life where there'd been a foundation and one where there'd been a fracture one. As much as his mother had tried there had only been so much that she could've done on her own, than any singular person could do or effect on their own. That had been the least of the concern as it was, still trying to wrap his head around how fast the conversation had started to push, the choices that were laid out in front of him while having the young teen drawn close to himself. She hadn't pulled or pushed away from him, he couldn't chalk it up as some cruel joke at the expensive of his mind. She'd been as serious in her words and intentions and with each stroke of her hand along his arms it became a far more obvious reality of that very fact. His eyes lowered to focus on her lips for a moment, almost as if they'd been waiting for him to touch them once more on his own terms. Her voice pulling him back from the train of thought that had been running through his mind. "Why not. . . What? That I hadn't been pinning you to the bed? Pressing my body close to yours?" At that time he wouldn't have considered that those form of thoughts were running through her mind, just because the body responded didn't always mean the mind did in unison. "I. . .Try to avoid those from school because of the fact that I expected most to catch feelings easily in the school. And looking for a commitment, any kind of relationship wasn't on my mind at that time." She seemed so adamant, to him, about being his girlfriend. It baffled him to no end, still wondering on 'why'. Why would anyone take up such a burden on their shoulders, in their life, something that couldn't end when it came to him? His head shook lightly. "That isn't what I meant. . . I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be available all the time. Especially if you start randomly pulling your vanishing act and your parents caught on." Something told him if they were caught mid-act that would be infinitely worse from the reactions. "Though the way you say that makes me think you not only want but don't want me to hold back at all. . ." Words he'd never expected to hear from someone who hadn't even engaged in the act yet. His gaze into her eyes hadn't ceased, feeling her pressing even further against him while her hand caressed against his cheek in a gentle motion. "It's not just that, you know. . ." How was he supposed to paint the picture? The chances and potential issues that would roll along? "Your grandfather could've gotten into some serious mess from my actions. . . If someone ever found out and had that proof. And not to mention just the knowledge of me would make people watch more, waiting for the 'Animal to mess up' as a means to force his hand on harsher controls." He snorted lightly at the joke she made of the half-Veela cousin, a small smile creasing his lips. "I'm sure once they knew me they'd realize how awful of a choice I am in every aspect romantically and try to get you to your senses."
  17. "Always on the job, I cannot have incorrigible colleagues falling unwell and my not having even noticed. Though, to be fair, there are few ailments that would truly be of concern to you. Maybe pining for some pretty thing that took your fancy," Sibylla grins as she teases, chuckling lightly and offering another nod, "Ooh, appraisal. See, that works even better still." A mischievous smile followed by a couple of gentle nods to his following comments on those of the long-lived, "We really are children in comparison to some. It's rare to find one of the truly ancient people around, but you know when you see them. To the short-lived they might pass as ordinary, but I still find myself humbled when I run into an Elder of any species." A mild smirk and half chuckle falls from her lips, "People remark on my knowledge, but even I can be reminded that I still have so much more to yet learn and experience." Her lips formed a smirk, however, as she tilted her head at him. "I dare say it was a little bit of both," The Veela murmured in regard to who was more likely to take advantage in their younger days when they had met. They had both been working, though she had momentarily distracted him from his job, before she then had to distract another. Of course, that was a lifetime ago as well, and such things were only ever for the imagination to wonder upon in leisure, rather than get wrapped up in. Even without the flirtations though, the contact, simple and innocent as it was between their hands, was a welcome feeling. It also said more than witty words or more outrageous displays. There was an intimacy in such a touch, a private shared thing. "Some use their distance as a shield," Sibylla murmured softly, "Protecting themselves from the reality of the effect that the short-lived hold on our lives whether we are actively involved in their dealings or not. But such a way leads to ignorance and lack of responsibility for the world that they still share with those they try to remain apart from. It's why I never shied away from living among mortals. They showed me how to care, the importance of every day and moment," She murmurs softly, a fond smile on her lips. "Well, of course the first step to that experience is opening yourself to it," The blonde laughed softly with a small smirk toward him, though her gaze was appreciative of the comfort he offered silently for the pain she had spoken of. It was the risk of allowing those with a shorter lifespan into one's life. Even her descendants, she would have to watch them age gradually. It made everything she did with and for them all the more important. "Were you expecting me to be against the idea?" Sibylla asked coyly of the man, lips tugging into a small smirk as he leaned in, though the nip at her lip drew her gaze into a narrowed look as she chuckled, a dangerous glint in the bright blue hues. "Oh, you are playing a dangerous game there," The woman murmured quietly, before plucking up her handbag from the bar, "Well, didn't you say something about breakfast at yours? Or was that just talk?"
  18. "Someone has been looking and examining very closely. . . As I would expect of a doctor." Vale had to admit he wouldn't have minded if she'd given him a 'full body' examination. Though perhaps that had been as much of his curiosity talking as it had been the hormones that fueled the air between the two of them? "Oh, Admiring. That does hold a far more sophisticated ring to it, doesn't it? We could also always call it a proper appraisal." He snickered with a charming smirk curving at his lips which had only been followed by a held laughter that huffed passed his nostrils. Perhaps he should've expounded further on what he encompassed as 'All Birds', even so the subject hadn't allowed for him to carry on that particular stance in time. "Your words speak of wisdom and truth. Everyone must go through the trials and reigns of youth." His shoulders flowed into a lifted shrug. "But to the long-lived we are still but in the very early sparks of our youthfulness." While they held the years of experience under their belts, to the point of seeing a few ages and shifts of cultures and societies at that - he imagined they both would be viewed as still learning saplings to the far older elders of their respective people. "The real question that will always linger in your mind will be who had been taking advantage of whom." His own laughter slithered out, in his mind it'd been him taking the advantage. Though he also knew the reason -why- he had gravitated towards her. The feeling of enjoyment from their embraced hands had been a mutual stance for him. There'd been a unique enthrallment that he'd never quite felt before, an attraction built on fully genuine interest rather than a means to get to a target for him. A strange feeling that piqued his ever so whimsical curiosity to explore further. "I'd have to say that you're most likely right on that. At least for the majority of them that hold an actual conscious. It makes you realize how easily we can fall into arrogance and distance, believing that the quickened harbor no major consequence for us. Not until an action causes a domino effect that captures you in an unlikely way." In the past he'd sought to run away from all responsibility, what had been left behind had simply been that - no more no less. It hadn't been out of maliciousness, no whim of good or evil. However, he understood the loss of Kin and desired to not make the same mistakes twice. "Nature willing for those many years of experience." He offered a firm smile towards her. His expression shifted to one of empathy, his hand stroking even slowly along her cheek even after the forthwith answer that he'd given her. "You don't seem to be against the idea, so I would say it's so." There'd been a certain confidence that hinted she'd been equally attracted to him, or at the very least, attracted enough to humor his playful words. "That you don't deny speaks volumes, you know. . ." Vale's face leaned in slightly though part of him couldn't fully resist that mischievous nature that hid deep within all of his people, as if to tempt the beast within his teeth nipped just at the edge of her lower lip.
  19. "It is a matter of perspective, and how one has been raised. My parents instilled within me value for individuals, to hold those who are dear to us close and protect them as though family," Lorelei murmured softly. She understood it wasn't the case for many other people, that there were those who were more fickle with how they treated others who were not of their blood. She smiled gently with the idea of photography and filming though, it wasn't as though she lacked those around her who could give her tutoring in the basics of both. From there it was a matter of experimentation in capturing moments. Still, that was a thought for another time, though truth be told there was a part of her that was almost tempted to play with her phone's camera settings right now as well. But she had looked for Travis for a reason, and he deserved her attention after her awkwardness in trying to figure out how to approach him. Oddly coloured eyes studied the young man as he absorbed what she had said, her fingertips still trailing over his arms gently, full lips not far from his, close enough that it would only take for him to lean down slightly to close that gap once again. There was open fondness in her expression, clear care which went beyond something as simple as physical attraction. She held a candle for him, knowing the person he was, having witnessed his change and even spending a whole night beside the door which held the beast at bay. Not once had she ever looked at him with fear or disgust, seeing him as an equal being who deserved respect for the burden he carried. "I-... that is what I did think, but still it did make me wonder for a time why not... well, you have known for some time that I am attracted on some level, even if you were not aware of just how much I care," Lorelei said softly with a gentle self-depreciating smile, knowing that she was primarily to blame for not being more forward sooner. Of course, she had still been trying to work out her exact feelings for a while as well. They made everything so complicated. "Yes, I would very much like to be your girlfriend, Travis," Lei confirmed with a smile and nod while her eyes remained locked on his, no wavering in her voice or even her being as she remained intimately close to him. The barest hint of wildflowers mixed in with her natural scent that was definitely as inhuman as the eyes which had captured him in the past. "I've said before to you, you wouldn't be able to harm me. I'm much more resilient than you know, and my energy is near limitless. You wouldn't need to hold back with me, not even a tiny bit," She murmured the words softly, before biting her lip. Just the idea alone seemed to stir up the memory of being tackled again, and caused her cheeks to flush softly. "I would not offer if I had not thought already on the implications and possibilities," The teen nodded gently, inching just a little closer until she was pressed against his front, her left hand lifting from it's tracing over his arm, in order to gently touch his face, tracing his features and breezing over his cheek and jaw, a tender touch, one that showed care for him while her expression held warmth, though his mention of her family allowed the barest hint of mirth to shine through as well, "Travis, I would not even know where to begin with my family and how much trouble they cause themselves. I do know that... some would have a hard time accepting that I am simply dating. As we have spoken about before, they cling to what I was, and ignore who I am now. But if I am happy, then they are happy. Besides, we already have Dhampir, Faeries, probably a long lost Veela cousin somewhere..." She joked gently as she cupped his cheek. "We are a legitimate melting pot of weird and wonderful, and a little bit crazy from time to time," A small wink offered, along with a soft laugh, "And I am certain that once they knew you and got used to the idea of me being a teenager, then they would be supportive as family can be."
  20. "We were, I never said we weren't. But there's. . . A very significant difference between the two." Bonds weren't all the same and those that managed to actually cultivate some form of mutually accepted familial values found themselves far more prepared for the hooks life would often throw. "It's the kind of foundation that family offers that doesn't come so easily to others." While one didn't need to be blood to be family there still needed to be a strong driving connection, at least that was how he viewed it. Though a spark seemed to shine in her eyes the moment he mentioned the path of photography and cinema, it seemed as if it had been something that would've inspired her. Given her own mother's career and the way movies seemed to draw the young teen, it seemed like the obvious leap. Travis head tilted to the side from her response. She didn't mind? Not the words that he'd expected, maybe he should've being aware of her physical responses and cues but even still he'd been far more surprised she had been considering it rather than running away from it. The touch of her warmth lips still radiated on his own, an effect he hadn't been used to in the slightest. Had that been what it felt like when someone kissed with meaning beyond the need of natural exhaustion of an urge? A gentle huff pulsed from his nostrils, even so he didn't create any distance between the two of them as he tried to piece together within his mind everything that had been unravelling. "I've never had sex for anything more than to quell the urges." No individual came to mind where the reason had been mixed with basic pleasure and a need to give an emotional attachment behind it. Though he knew there'd been at least two that held a close relation of friendship to him, that had never factored in as a reason to engaged in the act. He could feel the surface of her palm gliding along his arm, ruffling the long sleeved short he wore through the momentum. The touch she offered gave another portion of the words she'd wanted to say but couldn't, the odd reminder that she'd been attracted enough to want him in more than a physical sense felt odd. Something he'd been unaccustomed to entirely. "I'd say so, yea. There are few who could get me to take that kind of a chance over something." The teasing touching, the allure of her voice from earlier - it all seemed and felt as if she were trying to get her point of desire across as much as the attention he seemed to pull from her. "You. . . Want to be my girlfriend?" He'd been stuck on that first, he heard her question and reasoning but it struck at him that someone -wanted- to even consider taking that step with him. His eyes trailed towards her hands which had started to wrap around his, trailing upwards to stare into her eyes. "I. . . Suppose you would be? Is isn't so much the handling of my strength as much as it is access for me though during the nights leading toward the moon it could get rougher." Not many held the endurance or constitution to withstand a single session of him with a moon nearly full. Her offer reminded him very similar to Liv's, albeit, the meaning behind the two of them had been vastly different. "You want to fulfill my needs? Are. . . You sure you know what you're asking?" A slight huff of air pressed from him. "Not to mention you're still, you know. . . The Minister of Magic's Granddaughter and the Granddaughter of the Librarian whose not exactly unknown." Albeit not for entirely good reasons, but the older woman's beauty most likely had been a draw too. "I am literal trouble for your family in a lot of ways just from my existence when it comes to public associations." His head tilted slightly towards her. "Does your family even support the idea of you dating someone like me? Because it's not something you just. . . Take in. There are risks that come with it."
  21. "Sorry, guess I should've stopped by the house to pick up my devil horns on the way. How are you going Keira?" Gemini queried after snickering quietly as she made herself comfortable, eventually settling with leaning her side against Marcus, while she kicked up her feet to rest her legs over Keira's lap. There we go, now she had all positive contact and felt maybe just a smidge less destructive. But only barely. She was never one to really play the pretend game very well, the woman was too honest with her emotions and how she was doing to be able to ever hide much. "Some of my friend, Captain Morgan, sounds real good right now... topped up with a bit of Cola," She said easily to the bartender, though knew that her drinks were likely to be monitored. That was part of the reason she'd sought out the present company anyway. At least then she could trust someone to pull her back from going overboard. "That's why I make all the money, babe. Yanno, being a popular musician and all?" The young woman jabbed lightly at Marcus' ribs playfully, casting Keira a wink, "Really, I still wonder why people insist on covering the drinks when it really should be me taking care of that." A light tutting from the woman, though everything meant in light jest. The fact that the band had record deals now, and she was working on a lot of new material was definitely a good thing in some respects. Perhaps not good in others, especially when it meant that she was recognised by some as someone's ex. The thought alone caused a sour note within the woman, and as soon as her drink was set down it was promptly picked up and a few good mouthfuls drank down quickly. "Wow, organising playdates for me like a parent who needs to get their kid out of their hair, now?" A smirk accompanied Gemini's words, though truth be told it struck silently at one o the things she'd been worrying about, whether she was becoming a burden. She covered that thought with another mouthful of the spiced rum and cola, however, before breathing out long. "So, what's the plan then, K? Since mopey breeches here thinks I'm too destructive to stay at home," Offering a quiet snicker, Gemini looked to her drink for a moment as Marcus pointed out the fact that there was obviously a reason for her quest for a strong drink. "Some asshole reporter showed up at the school and fucking got in Gabby's face about you-know-who. If not for the fact that I had a bunch of other moms backing me up regarding the legality of his pressing a child without consent from her guardian, then I'd probably be up for assault charges soon," The young woman flexed the fingers on her non-drink holding hand, still feeling the ache from the punch that she'd delivered. "Sib told me to take some time to calm down while she distracts Gabs with granddaughter spoiling time..." She murmured with a quiet huff and sigh, "Fucking vultures, reporters... present company excluded, of course." She huffed a small chuckle for the pair she was currently with.
  22. An amused chuckle vibrated from him, a glance turning towards Keira as the grimace took hold of her. "Sorry, I just had to. It was opportunity that couldn't be passed up." Not that he'd been much for puns himself though he knew she probably took it worse than he did, the mischievous smile that stretched on his face unhidden. It had been an idea that he could've entertained, a list of 'Awful Puns from Australia's Finest' as a part of the paper. Something lift up the spirits of those that read far more of the unbidden truth. Though Gemini silent stalked around, for him, her smell had been undeniable - able to pick her out before she even passed the threshold into The Tipsy Mozzie. Yet, he casually continued to sip from the glass as if he hadn't noticed anything at all. "Devil with a contract at that." He grinned, though it easily faltered from the kiss and nip offered to him by the ever so playful woman that now hung at his neck. A small shiver from the light touch running along his spine. "I'm counting your drinks, Gem. I can't afford new furniture every week. This is not that kind of a job." He smirked towards her, as much as he would've wanted the reporter business to be something financially abundant, the truth of the matter had been it was a thankless and low paid kind of a job with those that invested in it. Much of it had been towards paying others work as much as it had been to maintain the presses and greasing the palms of several sources. Not to mention he didn't really want to hear the words 'Strong' and 'Drink' flow from the woman's mouth given the most recent of news. "Only a bit of burning. Told Keira she needed to take you away for girl time, get you out of my hair a bit." His elbow nudged against Gemini's side in a joking manner. "Really just to give you a bit more of some fresh air, more focus elsewhere. Though judging by that need of a strong drink. . . Sounds like something beat us to the punch for distractions and not a good one."
  23. "I know you're very resilient," Sibylla laughed gently as she grinned lightly in return at him, taking another sip of her drink before setting it down while a thoughtful hum sounded from her, her expression contemplative, "Perhaps. I mean, why wouldn't I be a little curious at least? Though leering is such a terrible word to use instead of 'admiring'." She tutted softly at him, though another soft chortle escaped her soon enough before her brows rose at the answer of liking 'all birds'. "And here I thought I was special," The blonde pouted prettily at him, before then lifting her glass for another sip of her wine. She allowed that sentence to sit with the change in conversation, though knew it was just as likely to continue stirring the pyre slightly while they spoke on more personal topics, though it seemed their game was still destined to continue even between the other subjects. "Doesn't everyone have their little stories of their youth, though?" The woman queried with amusement in her features, "Even if those stories are akin to admitting that one almost took advantage of the other?" She laughed softly and lifted a hand to pull her hair all to one side, brushing her fingers through it gently for a moment before picking her glass back up as she tilted her head to one side, the exposed side of her neck showing perfectly unblemished fair skin. She listened to his thoughts on his family and responsibility toward them, and a gentle smile tugged at her features toward him. "Many long-lived peoples, whether they choose to acknowledge it or not, still feel that instinct to protect and guide that which is theirs. Blood kin, or those they have adopted into their family, there is an importance in watching over one's lineage that goes back far past the memories of man," Sibylla murmured softly in agreement with him, "Some choose to ignore it, but it still haunts them in the end, simply having the knowledge that their blood exists in the world somewhere." She offered another gentle smile as their fingers seemed to play against one another's hands. Just the touch itself nice in it's own simplistic fashion. "Well, you've still many years ahead of you yet, you may experience it one day," The blonde offered a soft chuckle and nod of her head, "It is a blessing to experience, but also a curse if the one you experience it with is a mortal. Their lives are too fleeting not to feel the sharp sting when they age and wither before your eyes." She closed her eyes for a moment, allowing a memory to pass by so that she can return to the present with a gentle and easy smile at the man's brazen answer to where he could find her. A chuckle was breathed softly from her lips and she tilted her head at him "Is that so?" She asked softly, before a brow then rose as he appeared to actually admit plainly that he wanted to see her on a more personal level. As much as their played with their words, it was rare for one, especially of the Fae, to simply admit to the idea that they did have intentions, "Do you?" She asked softly as she set her glass down, her gaze shifting toward the hand which brushed against her cheek, "If so, then who am I to deny such a forward admission?"
  24. "Oh, I don't break. We're far more resilient than most give us credit for." He gave a cheeky yet challenging smile, while he couldn't boast of the same strength the woman held he at least knew endurance had been on his side when in the right and proper conditions. "You almost sound as if you're -not- curious. Which I find hard to believe with the way you leer at me. Though I don't mind, leer and enjoy. Just remember. . ." In a conspiratorial way he leaned in, lips pressed just close enough to her ear so that she could feel heat radiating from his lips. "This is merely only a glamour to the wonderful sight you could see later. . ." There'd only been a few names that could attest to his non-glamoured image. In truth, it made him wonder if that would be a tipping temptation for the woman to wonder about. A grin formed on his lips, eyes scanning her from head to toe and then trailing back to stare into her eyes. "All birds." A shift in subject most likely wouldn't stop what had just been built up, holding it off temporarily - but how 'temporary' was it really? The tit-for-tat cheeky game they held had been far different than their initial meeting years ago, ironically, it felt far more volatile. As if there'd been a fire resting within a pit, just waiting for the proper kindling to roar into a blaze that wouldn't be quelled by any easy means except wherever it would've ended up. "Here I thought we were already less professional. When stories start with, 'We almost ended up in one another's bed' not much can be gleamed of true professionalism after." A snicker rumbled out from him as his head tilted to the side while he studied her far more opened position that had shifted to him. It spoke volumes on either her comfortability or perhaps more so on that pure desire that withheld on the inside, threatening to burst out and enrapture those that stood watch. "That was my state of belief as well, they wouldn't live even close to the age I can. With that in mind, knowing what I've set in motion, is it not my duty to care for my kin? Capricious and often manipulative nature as my people can be one thing I believe most beings hold in common is the importance of family." Not all of his kind or any kind could say that every single person viewed it as such. While her thumb traced and smoothed over the top of his head, his own shifted in the same motion along the side of her hand and wrist. "I've never felt love, I couldn't truly comment on the flow or feeling of it." He was incapable but rather he never gave himself enough time. It'd been dangerous for those of longevity to fall for when they fell it'd been as if the Earth itself quaked, it could be sweet and loving or brutal and destructive. "Of course I would know where you find you, at my table during breakfast." He offered a cheeky smirk, scooting the stool closer while his unoccupied hand raised up to touch the side of Sibylla's cheek in a gentle caress, almost as if the wind itself offered a cooling and calming breeze in contrast to the heated blaze. "And what if I do want to see you more personally?"
  25. Keira grimaced with the pun - she had never been a big fan of them, and in the past few months she'd had more than an earful of them courtesy of another of her cousins, a particularly insufferable one at times; although, at that point, she was pretty positive Evelyn only did that to get under people's skins. When it came to the oldest Hammond of that generation, it really, really worked. Paintball was a suggestion that Keira heavily considered, head tilting in consideration as her mind wandered, half listening to Marcus half going off to her own little world. While the Squib wasn't particularly proficient in aiming or anything that went hand in hand with physical activity, she figured it would be her sister's cup of tea, given her career of choice - should she even agree to help, of course, but Keira didn't see any reason why she wouldn't. Having more people engaged in the activity in such a way would make for a fun time for everyone involved. As she was about to verbalize some sort of response, some movement caught her attention out the corner of her eye. "Speak of the devil." The political pundit muttered to Marcus instead, chuckling and taking a swig from her recently replenished beverage. When Gemini approached, Keira gave her a lone wave with her free hand as well as a smile of her own. "Not as much as my wallet after these rounds, I don't think. And hey, stranger." She replied to the woman prior to signaling the bartender taking her order. "This one's on me too." She wasn't doing too well financially, but she did have some money saved up; plus, if anything, it was a nice thing to do for the couple given what they were enduring. It wasn't like Keira was going to die due to an over-inflated bar tab one night.
  26. "Bonds are not only for families to make. I thought... it felt like at one point that we were bonding, when we spent time together outside, in the bush... talking, enjoying nature," Lorelei spoke quietly, her voice soft, and almost alluring without her truly realising the change int it as she'd stepped closer to him. Though, the mention of photography, capturing moments in the way that she saw them in order to share with others. It lit something inside of her and her oddly coloured eyes seemed to brighten as she envisioned such an expedition. She could go anywhere, find moments and places, people and memories, that she could capture and preserve. Her lips formed a warm smile, even the idea of filming, it added so much to her vision, and she wondered if he realised how much it meant to her that he understood these sides of her, accepted and encouraged her. The kiss hadn't been something as much consciously done, as simply... it was an action that spoke those words which were giving her so much trouble. And his reaction to it caused a knot to form in her belly as she lifted a hand to clasp at the side of his neck with the deepened kiss, her breath heightening as well as her pulse and the excitement that he'd drawn out of her before a long while back. She felt almost giddy by the time he drew back, eyes peering toward him again her plush lips remained slightly parted for a moment. She blinked a couple of times to gather herself, but listened to him and bit her lip after a moment as she glanced coyly to the side. "I... I do not mind if it escalates," The young woman said softly, before her gaze returned to his own, "I know who you are, what you are. It... it's why, even though it pained me that you sought that kind of satisfaction with another, I had also held hope that it was only for the physical comfort. That..." She bit her lip again as her cheeks burned crimson, though her fingers brushed over the arms which still held her at her waist. She wasn't stupid, nor as naive as one might like to believe she was. She knew the kind of creature that he was, but also she knew that if he had one that could handle all of him, who would be everything he needed, then perhaps that would make a large difference? Of course, it also meant having to actually put the offer up there, despite the warning of her grandmother and the knowledge she was all too well aware of. But she was certain she could keep from anything she was not ready for. "I knew you chased because I avoided. But you didn't have to, so did that mean you think of me as special enough to risk that for?" Lorelei asked quietly, her fingers still tracing teasingly over his arms. The reminder of how he had acted upon finding her caused her breath to hitch for a moment once again. She could still recall his nose pressed to her neck, breathing in and nuzzling as though to take in her scent, cover himself with it in almost a claim. "I-I... Travis," She breathed his name out softly, "Do you think? If that I would to be your girlfriend, and you my boyfriend, would I be enough? You'd need only think of me when you have needs and I would be there. I want to be the one who is there, I can take your strength. You already know I am strong also..." She whispered as her fingers trailed down to his own at her waist, clasping with them a moment, "Not only for physical affection, but to be someone you can talk to, share with. I will even run through the bushlands with you whenever you want, even shifted if you decide to take the Wolfsbane." A small smile tugged at her lips, warm, tender. "I just, I want to be the one who fulfills your needs, if you think it would be enough."
  27. The dress accentuated her developed shape, making harder to not notice. Things became far more obvious with her intentions spoken with what she'd chosen to wear. As much as he'd been flattered, he'd equally thought it'd been a bad idea. With the moon drawing closer within only a handful of days his skin already held the start of paleness. While his strength of will kept much of his emotions from slipping from his grasp it'd been when the days started to drain away to the single digits that it became far more difficult, the slightest thing could unhinge the doors that he placed up to keep as much of the beast away as he could. It wasn't always successful but it often held its winning moments. "That sounds pretty awesome. Being able to gather up and watching things together, probably a good way to build family bonds." It wasn't something he really knew much of in terms of movies. For him it used to be camping, survival skills out in the wilderness. Something that felt like another life time, another person; an odd concept to hold for someone that hadn't even breathed into the mid twenties. "Sounds like you might've found your 'thing' that you've were searching for when we first met then. Photography, maybe even directing your own kind of movie one day for others to sit around a TV and bond with." The benefit he saw had been the fact that her unique situation gave her a unique vision that could be shared. He couldn't comprehend why she would've ever enjoyed him around when he shifted, a pure beast without anything in mind except the need and desire to rend and sever the flesh of man. In his mind it'd been rage and incarnate both, nothing to enjoy or marvel at a glance. The thought process that pushed through his mind to try and understand why she would find it enjoyable didn't last long to attempt and put the pieces to the puzzle in place, not with how vast other parts of their conversation had started to develop after he'd asked her to speak plainly. Travis hadn't spoken a word at the start of it, interrupting her when she finally found whatever reservoir of courage to say her words wouldn't have been kind. Not when it'd been clear she'd been struggle before with her words and though she managed to speak out on her curiosity involving previous actions and words he could tell she'd yet been done with what she wanted to get off of her chest. It seemed there'd been something on her lips she wanted to get off as well as he felt the soft touch against his own. It'd been unexpected and perhaps one of the few times in his life that he'd been caught off guard with such an action. Instinctively his hands pressed on to her waist pulling her against himself while he deepened the kiss just a bit further. This couldn't have been the smartest move for either of them, so many factors coming into play and for a brief moment his mind had been pushing it all away until his awareness caught his senses and dragged it back to the surface, gently breaking the kiss in a smooth motion. "Okay. . . Well. . . That got your point across. . . You need to be careful when you do stuff like that, Lei." Travis hadn't pulled away, his hand lifting up to shift strands of hair that may have fallen to the front off towards the side once more. "If you do. . . With me. . ? It's going to escalate." His nostrils expanded and he took in air to try and feed himself a bit more time to think on his feet. "Especially with you wearing an outfit like that. . ." It made touching certain areas far more easily, far more likely to be effective. "You need to understand that I am not. . . I am not just a person. I'm also a beast, I am as much animal as I am human. That means a lot of my thinking, a lot of my urges. . . They're either overridden by one or the other and it gets worse the closer the moon becomes. Of all of the emotions and drives I can bind under pure human will. . . Sex? That isn't one of them. The hormones are at the whims of the beast in so many ways." For her to understand the kind of move she made, he felt she needed to understand the drives he held. "I don't need emotional attachment to engage its a. . . Need that has to be met when it gets too high, too much." Not that he couldn't say actual feelings wouldn't enhance it further, it could've even made the beast far more hungry for that form of attachment and connection on two different levels. It was simply an effect he'd never had the opportunity to experience in that regard of emotions. "There are still personal requirements, on some level some kind of attraction of suitability." He hadn't pushed their kissing session forward, not out of the idea that she wasn't suitable but simply because he understood her view of 'Sex' clearly had been far different than his own. At least judging from how upset she became catching him in the middle of one of his acts. "And to answer your other questions. . . I chased you and risked it all because you were avoiding me. It was one of the only ways I knew I could catch you without a doubt, to hunt you down. You. . . Didn't give me a choice on the matter when you're there one day and gone the next." An ace that he could've only used once in his lifetime, if one could ever call it a proper 'Ace'. "And yes, I'm attracted to you too. If it had been under better circumstances I would've reacted another way to smelling your hormones.
  28. "Indeed we are," Sibylla mused quietly, though his observation caused a husky chuckle to be breathed from between her lips, "Perhaps I don't want to. I hold back far more than any of my kind ever like... and I at least know there's less risk of breaking one such as yourself." A gentle huff of amusement breathed out, "I daresay you've been curious of what you might have missed out on way back in our youth anyways." The light smile turned into a small smirk as she ran her finger along the rim of her glass, before then licking off the red wine stain from the tip. She switched her position as she uncrossed her legs, only to cross them the other way as she turned on her stool more in his direction, and took another sip of her drink as she watched his gaze with his words, her tongue briefly scraping her bottom lip as she set the glass back down, "All birds?" She asked curiously, before a small devious smile tugged at her lips and she offered a brief flicker of a wink. Perhaps they were saved by the heavier subject, or perhaps it was only holding off on the inevitable, but nonetheless she had been asked, and had as such at least honoured the show of concern by answering the questions, explaining in light the kind of situation that she was going to be dealing with in the near future. It was not going to be easy, and could get messy, but she wasn't going to let anyone harm hers if she could help it. His words caused her head to tilt slightly though, a small smile curving her lips. "A bit more than a colleague? Oh my, you'll start having me think that you intend for something a bit less professional soon," The woman teased gently with a soft chuckle, still wondering if he truly had any idea what he could be getting himself into by just flirting with the idea alone. She sobered easily enough at the talk of his family, however. She understood very well what change something new could bring to one's life, and had no doubt that it had rocked his boat somewhat. "I'm sorry to hear about the missed opportunities, but they are something you can at least try to make up for with later generations, even if it takes a while for them to accept it, or if they have trouble understanding the natures of older ones like us at first..." She offered a small reassuring smile as she offered his hand a gentle squeeze. "Well, maybe I'm waiting for you to ask to see me more personally," Sibylla chuckled softly, before then nodding to him, and then rubbing the back of his hand with her thumb, "New experiences, especially at our age, tend to do that. I still remember the first time I truly felt love for someone... it scared the life out of me." She smirked at herself before huffing another quiet laugh, "But you will adjust with it. And as I said... if you need someone, you know where to find me."
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