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September, 2019 :: Spring

Narragyambie Life

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  2. A Small Start

    She was about to laugh when she put her hands in her mouth to muffle the sound, she had forgotten they were at the Library and they had to keep it down or they could be kicked out. “No, just means you’re no informed enough.” she didn’t take what others knew or didn’t as a sign of stupidity or being dumb, it was a sign that maybe people just weren’t interested enough in such topic to pursue it and there was nothing wrong around it, they didn’t need to be shamed for it. Different interests it was what the world was all about, it was what made everything more interesting. Robin was a bit caught off guard by his proposal, but she would love to take him with her, if he wanted, not to watch her back, she didn’t really need that, but it could be fun. “I don’t need exactly, but I wouldn’t say no if you want to come.” she would have to wear formal clothing, to blend in the crowd, but depending on what he wanted to do he could either chose to go casual or not. “It’ll be in late September so bring some formal clothing.” her lip grew. It wasn’t a date exactly, it was more a friendly hangout, and if MJ didn’t have classes she would be there as well, but if Jamie would go with her, she could give the young girl the day off. “You know, I might need some help, actually.” she would get to spend time with him, and MJ could have some time to herself. “This doesn’t excuse the actual day, but if you want to explore it, I have the key.” she said with a mischievous smile, which started to grow as she took the key from her pocket, waving it at Jamie. Would he take the bait and get to have a spooky adventure with her? Or would she have to rely only on books?
  3. Open Nature's Ally

    The smile on her lips grew as she stared at the boy who had complimented her eyes. He looked interesting, not so much him being able to change into an animal, that was easy for some, and that wasn’t too hard for her, depending on the animal’s bone structure, birds were impossible for her, her human part made it so difficult to shapeshift into birds, quite disappointing, she’d have to stick with land animals, even water were off limits. She sensed something in the air, which was knew, but she should have guessed, despite the knew scent the young boy was cute, but if he thought that was going to work on her, he would be disappointed, but nothing like play along for a while, it could be fun, tricking a veela, or a part one was more fun that she would like to admit. “Photography is a mirror to another moment, a moment stuck in time. Wouldn’t it be great to jump to that particular moment? Captured on the photo and redo everything from there?” her eyes watched him carefully, mischievously smile only getting bigger as he spoke. Was his plan working? No, but she wanted him to think it was. She slowly bit her lower lip, she had to look at him to know what he was saying, she could pry his mind, but where was the fun in that? “My heart craves to be filled with magic.” She spoke in soft words, finding it even more fun how he decided to flirt with her. He was cute though, a bit too young for her liking, but definitely cute. She wasn’t sure if he could sense her magic, she was too connected to nature, maybe it was good that it would be easily mistaken by the same scent as the reserve, or even the bushlands. He was nothing but a prey, an unsuspecting prey that seemed to have fallen into her trap. “I don’t deny. You are indeed incredibly photogenic.” She decided to play along. While she wasn’t lying, she did try to give it an extra spark, expecting it to sound exactly like someone who’s being influenced by his charm. “Then you won’t mind if I take another photo? Maybe putting you on top of the many photos I have.” She turned on her camera on and pointed it at him. “Are you sure the ladies won’t be jealous of me? Taking such a nice photo?” she hopped she was playing the part correctly. His flirting never ended, which was amusing, and an invitation for Robin to continue. “I do love adventure, enough to get your heart pumping and blood rushing through your veins. It’s a bit addictive.” Was he onto her, he probably wasn’t, she did know a few muggle magic tricks, it wasn’t really a magic trick, it was just her making cookies disappear. “Unless you mean disappearing cookies, I am the greatest magician of all times.” She joked, hopping it would stick. Her eyes were fixated on his, the same way his were on hers, maybe now was the best time to finish this off. Her eyes soon turned pitch black, her smile grew, still the same mischievous smile as before. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Birdie.” She spoke, as a few roots broke through the soil to catch Phoenix and wrap around his legs, keeping him grounded. “Phoenix is a pretty, name.”
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  5. Invite A new reality

    Danielle watched Jo with interest through the thorough explanation about the Spanish-sounding game. She had never played any sort of card-based game before (her parents had, and never let her, saying she was 'too young for them') and was very curious about the concept in general. She couldn't picture, however, how such a game could be played with a standard deck. Had Jo not given her a full explanation? Or perhaps it was with a custom deck that permitted for such mechanics? "Days...?" How could a card game take days to finish? How did people keep track? The very notion took her aback. No wonder such things weren't permitted with her growing up. Being always on the move, one couldn't keep track of simple games like those. It felt somewhat overwhelming but it was a stark reminder that she had yet much to learn and to get used to so to be able to blend in with Muggles and run of the mill wizards borne in an urban setting. "Don't worry about it. I know someone who can help me with those." Said Ashley as she returned, placing the Monopoly game box down on the coffee table near them. "One thing at a time, anyway. You don't want the girl to get overloaded, do you? Let's start with this so she can teach Faith how to play later." She opened the box, placing the board down neatly in the middle of the table while kneeling next to it. She'd be the banker. The others could focus more on the game that way...
  6. Invite Secret Strings of Life

    Bella Mayfield
    She looked away a bit embarrassed at his words, it wasn’t really a great thing, she didn’t consider herself to be a bibliophile, but she wasn’t going to argue with him either about it. The embarrassment faded fairly quickly, Cole was an easy person to be around and she didn’t have to worry too much about him, about what he’d think or not, still scared her a little bit, especially since they were sharing a house it would be awkward if things between them weren’t good. That same thought started to worry Bella, she shouldn’t have showed herself, now what if she does something that makes things worse? She couldn’t stop worrying about it now, the few scenarios ran through her head as her heart beat increased. It took her a while to relax but his words called her back to reality, she was worrying too much and she shouldn’t. “I used to go there so if they hadn’t changed much I know exactly where we need to go.” Her grandmother loved going there at least once a week, hopefully Bella could show a bit of her knowledge about it without cowering behind the possibility of ordering things without having to have human interaction, that wasn’t the right time to hide behind technology or even self-service machines to escape other humans. Her cheeks turned a bit red as he looked at her, but she tried to remain calm and continued to establish some eye contact, it wasn’t going to hurt her or do anything bad, it was going to be alright. When he agreed with the expansion her smile lit up, growing at the possibility of having a private garden, and with magic everything would be easier. “I’m sure we can work on it, making something that everyone can use.” She knew that another of their roommates was good with plants, she was too but he was better than she will ever be, and it could be something to at least bring the house members together. And if the others couldn’t or didn’t want to, the two of them could always work something out. “It would just be a bit more trouble, I don’t think another hour per week would steal too much from us…”
  7. Invite Soul Overture

    Did Gwen magically hopped that Colette was going to be all happy? All sweet and kind just because Gwen wanted her to talk with Laurie? Colette wasn’t doing her best, but she was willing to give them a chance to speak before angrily force them out of the room, but her sister seemed to be pushing for it really hard, which only made Colette wanting to kick her and Laurie out. She watched the duo and rolled her eyes at Gwen, but when Laurie spoke, she listened, until her stupid sister had interrupted them. Laurie had a great idea, coming later would be her specialty, always running away, hopping and hopping until she was far far away from anything that she deemed inferior to herself. For a moment it was almost as Colette was projecting. There she goes, Gwen trying to make everything alright, did she think magic was the solution to all her problems? If it was to fix a lightbulb sure, but to fix two people who clearly didn’t want to be fixed was treading some dangerous waters, and an experiment that would most likely backfire. If it does Colette will be there to laugh at her sister’s face and pointing out that, once again, Gwen was wrong and she was right, yes, that would be the ultimate punishment for Dumpster Baby, she had to start learning things sometimes need to crash and burn and bridges must be destroyed for something better to happen, one couldn’t cling to the past forever. Gwen left and Colette looked at Laurie who seemed to be having a hard time talking. Did the cat catch her tongue? Or was she too busy thinking up lies? She should know Colette could easily pick them up, she barely had to try. So naive, so ignorant, or is it stupid? Probably ignorant, Laurie wasn’t that stupid, at least Colette didn’t think she was. Laurie finally spoke, which was unsurprising, always with an apology like it would suddenly fix things, like a child playing around, breaks something, apologizes, breaks something else and expects people to just forgive it. So amusing. “Until when Laurie? Did you decide to do the same to some lonely soul around this hell of a place?” Colette didn’t take Laurie for a liar, but in that moment she wasn’t sure what to believe, so she believed in whatever people often do, lie to get themselves out of trouble, to be liked and to be loved, like a hoard of sheep following their shepherd. “It’s not an apology that suddenly makes things right. Saying sorry doesn’t excuse anything. We both knew you were going to leave, but it’s been almost one year, and no letters? Come on, were you that entertained here that you completely forgot? Do you have that many worries to stop you from reaching out an enchanted pen and to have it write some letter?”
  8. Leap of Faith

    Samantha nodded sagely in agreement with her brother as she struggled not to burst out laughing right then and there. She was on a bit of a roll when it came to pranking Amber that week, as she had caused the poor Spencer to fall into a lake fully clothed during a fishing trip out of claiming a spider was crawling up her shirt. In a way, she could justify the pranks as getting back at her cousin for all the stuff Samantha's been put through over the years and it didn't feel too bad either. 'If you think Harvey's bad, you haven't seen a thing yet.' Latching onto Amber's wrist, she dragged the Seeker all the way around the house as she followed Ezekiel to the back entryway. It didn't matter how badly the Spencer tried to pry herself free - she was a very strong individual, but the one who held her captive just happened to be a fit Veela. She had no chance. "Hey, HEY! Lemme go!" Just a little longer. The Bourke didn't plan to make Amber actually have to go through it all, only enough to give her a good scare. The tight grip remained in place as Ezekiel opened the door, and once he stepped aside Samantha lightly shoved her cousin into the house. "AAAAAAH!" Fear took over the Spencer; to her credit, she didn't flee. Instead she drew out her wand, completely ignoring the fact it was highly illegal to cast spells outside of school grounds with her age. Fight, or flight? She chose fight. "C'mere, you creepy fuckers!" She yelled out into the house, wand held firmly in front of herself as she shakily stepped deeper into the hallway. Sam had to lean on the door frame and clasp her mouth with a hand so to keep herself from laughing at that point, a nigh impossible task with the situation developing in front of her.
  9. Last week
  10. Invite How High Can You Go?

    "Yea, the one around here. Pretty relaxed place from what some folks tell me, a group of the students in my program go there every Friday to kind of 'unwind', I guess." While it hadn't been a surprise that so many Wizards and Witches enjoyed many of the quality of life improvements that came from the Muggle world. There'd been no chance he would've knew just how popular such spots had been for them, maybe it'd just been due to Australia's closer knitting of the two societies literally skirting next to one another more than others? "Well, we both live out in Melbourne pretty much, yea? Could always rent out a vehicle or something and take the ride together there and back." While he did have an apparition license he also held his driving one as well, finding that being able to traverse like a Muggle kept a lowkey existence and had been a resource not often used or expected. While he knew it could be expensive he'd learned a long time ago the importance of home economics. Squirreling away money, putting enough towards the important things while tucking the 'rainy day' funds elsewhere. 'Hrm. . . If needed I could always just pick up extra hours at the dojo or something too. . .' a passing thought made itself known in his mind a bit louder in his head than expected. An ironic stance in life, working hard to have fun later but most likely not having the energy or time to make use of it optimally. Still, hanging out with Alex would've been worth the extra effort behind it, what the woman had to teach and hopefully as a proxy it would've helped her out as much as it could him. "Wait, hold up." One of his hands released from the edge of the wall to make an opened palm formation. As if to actively give a visual figure of the sign of 'stop'. "Rewind, a -ditch-? What kind of stuff are ya' even -into-, lady?" He was sure, entirely one-hundred percent positive, that it was too specific of an addition amongst the things she listed that it had to have some form of story behind it. "Ya' know, you don't need the alcohol. You're pretty fun with out it. Ya' don't ring me as the kind of person that really needs it to unwind, probably skilled enough to find another funnel easily." It had been far more of a hypothesis on his end involving the bit of things that they'd just talked about that seemed to interest her. "Oomph, yea, you're right. Aight, how about this, I can move stuff around and we can hit the Batting Cages and an Arcade in the same day. Seems like a pretty good compromise. Then another day we can try out Basil's place, see what the jig is." Afterwards, he started to adjust himself to mount the wall once more. Grasping hold of the rope that had been tethered to the hook that clung to his waist as if he were preparing to propel downwards.
  11. Fear of living

    Amber Cross
    Amber looked up at Lexi incredulously as she continued. A hero? What on Earth did Amber have in her minimally resembling a hero? She wasn't of noble birth, didn't have any sort of achievement to her name or had the gravitas nor was half as valiant as one should be. Instead, she only did things that felt like common sense to her. What was so heroic about that? It felt like she was being placed on a pedestal for some odd reason and it made her somewhat uncomfortable. "Well, you're way higher up than me right now." She decided to joke, as Lexi remained standing up while Amber herself was on her back on the cool grass. "I don't think resting a lil' bit more will kill ya. Unless some earthquake goes off and the ground splits open, we should be pretty safe." Though, it would certainly have been quite the sight to watch the ground crack apart and crumble - just like in cartoons, creating a massive fissure that went on for just about forever, leading to the depths of the planet's molten mantle. 'Morbid. Impossible. But rad.' "Do you want to talk about it or do you want me to not-so-smoothly find a distracting topic?" Amber didn't like talking about her own Boggart. It was an asian giant hornet - the girl could die if stung by one because of such allergies, and the bigger the hornet, the greater the fear instilled within the young Spencer. It wasn't like she liked facing her own mortality despite her daredevil-like exterior. "Though, if it serves for any consolation, almost everyone's afraid of dying. Just some more than others. You didn't see my Boggart then, but let's say it's about the same thing too."
  12. My Kingdom For An Umbrella

    Alexander Winfield
    Over the recent months Alex had heard outlandish things about many people, some straight from the 'Horses mouth'. Even still, it hadn't been in his capacity to judge someone's situation as a reason to demean them or even solely judge them in the typical gossips that swept through the school. Being a victim of it in his old school, knowing that many of his family members suffered similar situations at Tallygarunga from Students and maybe even staff alike in the hushed tones of the halls. It just seemed nonsensical to him, making such a leap of poor judgement about a person. "Hey, I hear Muggle's have magic of their own. These square boxes that flicker with a picture from their mechanical and electronic wands." A goofy smile stretched on his lips. He knew exactly what a television had been, the method on how they worked. After all, Media had been an important part of his life and understanding it meant he could widen his audience numbers. "Coworkers, they always like to think they know more than the person who dedicated more than enough time to the craft! I respect that kind of hard work." The way she spoke about her Father, it almost reminded him of the way he talked about Bethianna to others. Even when many of those that did know the woman couldn't agree on his own view and stance of her. "That's a pretty good point." Vandalism had been only mildly considered on his part, he'd originally thought robbers and the such wouldn't bother with what he held. After all, what would someone want with glass and the worn paper that it encompassed? A different perspective from someone colored his mind in a different sight on the original consensus. Offering a resounding nod as if to show he heard the advice MJ put up for him to take. "Could always try to have it embedded directly into the tombstone. It'd be a way to keep it mounted and safer from people trying to just pry it off." If he could think of a decent enough method most conventional instruments used for such would hopefully fail in their endeavors. "But I'm also always opened for suggestions! I mean, you know the places troubles pretty well and a good idea of the chances. Probably even seen things that worked for some that deterred those types."
  13. Invite Hunter's Respite

    It hadn't been his intention to cause a wounded statement, in fact, it'd been a question he felt had been reasonable to ask. In hindsight, if he'd been unreasonable he probably wouldn't have found himself in a delipidated shack creating some form of arsenal to defend himself as if he were heading off towards a final war. The tip of his fingers ran through the scruffy and unkempt collection of hair that rested on his head and flowed down to a mid-length. "Sorry. . . Just, you took pains to pretty much avoid me before so. . ." Had it not been fair? Did she think he wouldn't notice a slight deviation of her presence at a certain point in the year? Odessa, a bossy person even in her cat-like state. Travis had to at least count his blessings that she hadn't been walking around in her Human form whether it had stopped entirely or she chose to forsake it he hadn't been thoroughly sure on in reasoning. But it saved himself explaining an extremely awkward situation to Dani or really anyone. His eyes closed slightly taking in a deep breath and turning towards Danielle, the black cat adjusting herself into a comfortable position watching over the scene as if she'd been some form of guide or guardian, maybe even a bit of both. "You know, 'Never being safe' doesn't mean I want to contribute to that." Despite the cryptic response he'd been given, the option to bolster a wall of reason seemed to take place for him. Of the things he wanted to offer the young teen since he met her, a burden of his issues hadn't been one of them. The day of the Boggart in class cracking that seal of realization for him with far more clarity than the fear that gripped at his neck at what he could do to those that drew close to him. While he didn't agree that it had been 'besides the point' he also hadn't been in the position or belief to try and hammer that how she felt had been 'wrong'. It simply had been how she felt, after all. "I can't say there's no reason to worry, can't even say I really know what I'm doing is right or wrong." It'd been something he viewed as a necessity as much of an inevitability. Either he met the bloodied challenge, the gauntlet cast towards him or he'd be overran with broken lives in the wake of that passive choice. Another line spoken in such a way, something he imagine he'd expect to hear from another person or two once they managed to stumble over him somehow. Not that he didn't believe what had been stated but it held a weight on his shoulders that caused the memories to burrow in a vivid display in his mind. Eyes closing tight as the various moments of the two bloodied experiences and the way they left an impression on him. "You know. . ." Travis started to speak. She'd made it out to him, pushing through the Bushlands, placing herself in some form of danger that involved part of his past and part of the reason he had been. He owed it to her to be candid without any reservations. "It's wounding to hear people say it. Yea, I know, I'd say it to you if the situations were reversed. Wouldn't be able to help it. But knowing you could get hurt, Dani, not just from any danger either from one that's pretty much been following my whole life?" His lips parted as an exhausted and equally frustrated sigh breezed between them. "You being there might mean I lose you too."
  14. Invite Watch Your Step

    Amber watched as Lauren left the house abruptly, not even bothering to say goodbye to either of them -- had she even heard that Amber was tagging along again? -- although the Spencer didn't find that surprising. She shrugged to herself, inwardly glad she could do so without wanting to rip off her own arm at that point in time. Fortunately the little creature she cradled in her hand was left unperturbed by the sound of the door colliding with its frame, much to her relief. She felt like she was in the middle of something she shouldn't be in, or otherwise was intruding, but couldn't tell how, exactly - in either case, that exchange felt like something personal that she shouldn't have witnessed. In any case, it was too late for her to do anything about it. Holding onto Harvey ever so gently, not that it deserved the treatment, she quickly followed Adele towards the other side of the house where the door was then opened for her. She took a step outside and turned around to bid goodbye, still having some manners under that thick layer of idiocy. "Huh?" She blinked dumbly when Adele thanked her, having expected anything but that before she even had the opportunity to open her mouth and be the one to display gratitude instead. It seemed she still was under the impression they were friends. Were they? While Amber generally saw everyone as pleasant company, it always came across as if Lauren couldn't stand her existence, much less be her friend. However, this woman knew the Sturt far better than her, as the Seeker had met her one on one a handful of times over many months at best. 'If she says so, maybe that's what it is?' It felt like a weight of responsibility had been placed on her shoulders. She was used to lift heavy weights of all kinds over them but this felt heavier, and more important. Perhaps she should make a little effort to run into Lauren more frequently than usual, if only to put Adele at ease. "No worries." Amber nodded with her trademark grin on her face, recovering from the mild confusion seamlessly. "Ever heard of my reputation at school? I can take a beating, and I'll do my best. Anyway, thanks for, uh..." Moving her free, somewhat hindered arm around a little, she was quite relieved at the fact the pain hadn't intensified again with time. "...Yeah. And, if Caleb ever needs those guitar lessons, you know where to find me!" With a two finger salute of that same hand, the Seeker was off, chasing after Lauren in the distance. "Hey, Redbird! Wait up!" She was running out of Damian Wayne references to pester Lauren with. Should she switch her sights to Dick Grayson next...?
  15. Invite Cleansing Fire

    The idea of Evelyn preparing something sounded great. “Some tea would be nice, I have it on the top shelf, you know where it is.” Since Andy had moved to the house and her encounters with Evelyn, the young Professor made sure to always have tea around, she know how much Evelyn enjoyed it, or seemed to enjoy it, and at least she could have something to drink that didn’t have alcohol in it. She wasn’t surprised that Evelyn was one of the Auror’s assigned to the case, she was a local and she sometimes did teach DADA which meant she also knew the boy. Andrea looked at the blonde and closed her eyes for a few moments, trying to absorb all the information she could, it wasn’t easy, everything was so scattered from being so tired, at least Eve was being honest with her. She opened her eyes and looked at Eve for a few seconds. “I know, it’s tough and halfbreeds have it even worse, everyone’s suspecting them.” She didn’t have a problem with them, they were just like everyone else in her eyes, discrimination was never beneficial and often created more chaos. Everything was a mess, at least most of the teaching staff wasn’t falling for those rumours. That was an odd question, but Andrea had nothing to hide about what she thought about it. “I don’t know the kid that well, but he doesn’t strike me as the type of person to do that.” She crossed one leg over the other, still looking at the blonde. “Sure, everyone snaps you just need to find the right button to push, everyone taken to a limit can do unimaginable things, and some people don’t even need buttons, it’s in their nature…” she couldn’t read people’s minds and their motives but she was fairly good at reading people, and she trusted her intuition above everything else. “…but it’s not in his, I mean, call it intuition or naiveté but I think it’d take a lot for him to be pushed to the point of murdering his own mother and even then I don’t think he would.”
  16. Invite A Cup of Co- Milkshake

    Gwendoline leaned upon the counter with one arm while her gaze remained trained on the Korean boy. Much like she had deduced, he had ran into Colette before - it was unlikely that Laurie of all people was running her mouth about the youngest of the Auclair sisters, after all - and, from the boy's wording and intonation, she could easily deduce her dearest sister gave him hell. In a way she found it rather humorous as some things would never change, but on the other hand she felt like Colette was in for a rude awakening if she thought people would take a liking to her in Australia like they did back in Durmstrang. 'Not everyone around here walks around with a pine tree up their ass like she does.' "Well, I sure have as of now." What a peculiar young man, introducing himself a la James Bond. Did he expect her to refer to him in a certain way? 'Well, I'd dodge that... But he's referred to me correctly, guess I can spare that courtesy for once.' Suho didn't seem too bad a fellow in her point of view, at least not yet. If he disliked Colette, he probably wasn't as pretentious as she was (or perhaps he was moreso, which would possibly contribute to a clash) yet he wasn't as chilled out as Laurie. However, the fact he wasn't leering at her over the Veela magic swirling around her frame that she couldn't control certainly earned him some brownie points. As the milkshake she ordered was placed on the counter, she turned her head around and smiled at Mr. Kempsey. "Thanks." Placing the payment upon the counter (and knowing it by heart, putting down the correct amount to the cent), she took the cup, carefully balancing it - perhaps those baton balancing lessons were finally showing what they were truly useful for - and she unceremoniously sat upon a chair by the table Suho was at, not bothering to ask for permission. "An enemy of my enemy is my friend." She spoke before taking the straw to her lips temporarily, experiencing the sugary goodness she had just ordered before continuing. "Mm. That's the stuff. Anyway, what's up? Did she look like she was about to step on you or something? Or, did she actually do it?"
  17. Open Guinea Pigs

    There was nothing to be sorry for, really. Almost every sleep and coma joke had already been used, and most of those by the Burdetts. Now that the worst was past and he was heading toward a full recovery, it was a running joke. Sleeping Beauty who only got uglier, was one of the favourites. Matt didn't mind. Not anymore, he was more focused on getting back to life as it should be. "Teaching tends to be in the blood," Matt nodded. Most people he knew with teacher parents ended up being teachers themselves. Except for Kate, who had gone into teaching to upset her snobbish parents... and Alan who, well. No one really thought Alan was going to excel at anything until that last year of school. It had been quite the kick in the face to watch him be so cavalier about his future, and then scrape his way into university while Matt---who had worked himself desperately for a scholarship---could not afford to go. Stayed here and worked so that Adam could go. There was a tiny bit of resentment there that bubbled up from time to time, even though everything seemed to have worked out for the best. Matt hadn't set out to be a bartender and then own the Drunken Roo. It had just happened as a result of the most logical and economical choices. "Oh, there's alcohol in them," Matt gave half a laugh, assembling some of the bottles along the counter. Kate, true to form, had made sure to label them according to alcoholic content. Naturally the ones that she wanted him to try out most were the most alcoholic ones. His wife had got quite the tolerance for alcohol while he was in hospital. His movements were a little stiff as he poured and mixed, very out of practice. But they happened well enough, his heart soaring with delight at just being able to do this. After a few moments, he slid a martini glass across the counter. Blue liquid rippled inside, fading into a deep purple at the bottom. "Apparently this one is called..." he squinted down at the book. "Aunty Norma's Panties. Uhh... good luck?"
  18. Open Possession

    Ian Travers
    "Huh?" Help? Him? Ian was so far removed from the concept that the very idea took him aback. Why would he need help? That was just a bad idea, a little voice in the back of his mind reminded him as it clawed at his self esteem. He was better off helping than being helped, at least that way nobody would get hurt in his stead. Nevertheless, the fellow Dhampir quickly continued, not giving Ian much time to dwell on the self destructive line of thought. A chuckle escaped him as water flew his way, falling just a little ways away from him for the most part save for a few droplets that peppered his bare calves. He could certainly understand the sentiment - with the Spring (and, unfortunately, magpie season) just around the corner, people like themselves would soon be robbed of the temperatures they felt most at ease with; and when Summer came they would be left a sweating mess even if they had cooling charms cast upon their fabrics. It was truly something they had to enjoy for as long as it lasted, before the blistering sun would threaten to cook them alive. "But... It's likely that there are such things around here..." Lethifolds were extremely dangerous and endemic to Australia due to its tropical-esque weather; but, more importantly, the implication of the recent murder in town being committed by a werewolf was that the Ministry was letting one, or more, loose in the Bushland. Ian didn't think the student the suspicion fell on was the culprit, but that only indicated that there could be an even worse danger out lurking in the woods. 'Not to mention that one guy the Aurors were hunting... What's his name again...? I should ask May about it...' "I'd say it doesn't hurt to be careful, at least for the time being... Things have been kinda lively after all." Probably for the best, he figured. The hypocrisy of his words was entirely lost to him. "She just went off on her own now, didn't she? Maybe she should be escorted?" Ian was up for the job, but since this Dhampir was already accompanying her, it perhaps wasn't his place to suggest it.
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  20. Invite Flickering Lights

    Gwendoline's nose wrinkled in a prominent display of skepticism at Colette's reply. She knew the Sturt inside and out, for the most part - the feeling that she was just saying that to get Gwendoline to back off nagged at the back of her mind, but she also knew Colette was far too stubborn for the younger of the two to get through that thick skull of hers in one go. Ultimately deciding to let it go for the time being, she released a sigh in defeat. Looking momentarily at the television, and then at the fellow blonde, she decided that there was something missing in their little 'party' - food and drink. Taking a hold of Colette's shoulder she pushed down to prop herself up to her feet, letting go of her with a small squeeze: a small gesture of sisterly affection neither would admit to having happened. "I'm gonna go get us something to eat, I'm starving." As Gwendoline headed to the door of her own room, she came to a halt when her hand reached the doorknob. Looking back over her shoulder at the older teenager, she decided to get the last two cents in. "I wasn't talking about this for her, alright? I'm just worried about you. Take that as you will." With that painful admission, the Spencer headed out to get the treats she had mentioned.
  21. Oil Blue

    Aspen remained quiet as Jamie paid for her things. She shouldn’t let him do it, it’s supposed to be her present for MJ. She couldn’t say that she was disappointed in anyway, because she wasn’t, it meant she could get her sister something else, but it still didn’t feel right, she couldn’t shake it off. She remained quiet as he did move, finally paying for both their things. At least she could tell MJ that Jamie Collins had paid for it, unsure if her sister would go complete fangirl like she would if that would happen to her, although, she was slightly freaking out but trying to keep it cool. When he got back, she smiled at him and took the items, still getting herself under control, which she thought she was managing pretty well, everything considering. She followed Jamie, leaving the store and once on the side walk, she looked both ways before the sound of his voice called for her attention. Was she hearing correctly? “Yeah, that would be nice.” She said trying to sound too excited about it. “I have a few contacts, everyone trying to push everything, I know I want to stay close enough to home because of my family.” And Lisa. It would be easier to visit Lisa if she played in Narrie or Melbourne, but the Melbourne team was better. “I have a contact from Melbourne, I’m leaning towards that one at the moment.” It wasn’t a decision he could take for her, she had to be the one deciding it. They could continue their conversation when they are relaxed and seated while enjoying something.
  22. Open Saturate

    Mark Sandoval
    Moving back to Narragyambie was possibly one of the better decisions Mark had made in his life. He could have travelled back and forth easily with the help of Apparition but the convenience of proximity put things in perspective - now he was far more likely to explore the bushland than he had been in the past, and lately he had gone nearly every day to the area. At that point, he could argue he knew every nook and cranny of it much like he knew the back of his hand. That late afternoon was one such day. He had decided to do some underwater exploration and brought along with him a backpack, headed to Korrowi Creek. He had initially considered doing so over at the Narrie Lakes, but given how they're frequently visited by Muggles Mark quickly realized it was a bad idea. As he reached the shore of the creek, he put his bag down and proceeded to strip down to his boxer shorts. "Chilly..." The man muttered under his breath as he rubbed his hands on his bare arms in an attempt to temporarily warm them up. He proceeded to retrieve a wetsuit from his very much full bag, quickly slipping into it and zipping it up. Once properly insulated, the man retrieved a camera with a large strap, placing it around his neck; after an easy enchantment, it became fully water proof. Finally, he retrieved a small portion of slimy Gillyweed which he quickly gobbled up. Leaving his belongings out in the open, the man quickly dove in to accomplish the daunting task of taking a picture of a group of Plimpies so he could draw them later on. It didn't take him too long to get it done, although it was a bit of a kerfuffle - when he finally managed to resurface (just in time for his Gillyweed's effects to run out, no less) the man was absolutely covered from head to toe in freshwater algae. He didn't seem to mind his new decorations as he re-approached the shore, the recently set moon's light menacingly shining upon the plants, inadvertently making him look like some sort of beast climbing out of the creek...
  23. Open Trained and Ready

    At that point in time, Jamie wasn't quite sure if he was a Seeker or a Magizoologist in training, such had been his focus on his new undertaking. It showed just in how great a need he was for a hobby to begin with that he threw himself into studying animals head on for the sake of appeasing to a friend; perhaps he should have moved back into Narragyambie much sooner, or, perhaps he should be more open minded in terms of what to do with his free time. Regardless, after borrowing a pile of books from his adventuring companion, the man put in hours upon hours of studying until he felt confident enough that he could go out to the bush on his own without putting most of its residents in grave danger out of potential mistakes. Despite that reasoning, he wasn't too sure why he focused on that particular thing, of everything else he could have chosen. Was he trying to impress Robin? She had asked Jamie that very same question a few weeks before, even if in jest, but it stuck with him. Perhaps there was some truth to that. He didn't want to embarrass himself at the reserve over lackluster interactions with its many denizens; one could argue he was greatly veering towards insanity by tackling the dangerous bushland on his own instead for a test, but he had always been a bit of a daredevil. Deliberately staying away from Old Man Mackey's shack's general region, Jamie slowly progressed deeper and deeper into the bushland, sticking to trails just in case he got lost - it would be rather unfortunate if that were to happen to him as he couldn't just Apparate out of the area. He hoped he'd come across something interesting sometime soon: something that, hopefully wouldn't get him (or anybody else) killed.
  24. Open Killing Time

    A daiquiri was soon brought to where Ashley sat. Resting her head against her right fist with the elbow carefully perched upon the counter, she outstretched a thumb as means of symbolizing a questionable thumbs up in appreciation of being served so quickly. It was a colorful beverage, something very much unlike what most would expect someone as cold as her to enjoy, yet she had always had a flair for flamboyance. Her right hand's fingertips lightly and slowly spun the stem of the cup back and forth, losing herself to thoughts for just a few moments up until Alan made his grand entrance into the bar. Despite not seeming outwardly content about her apparent company - which she was at that point, after being left in the dust by Jo over work (how dare she?) - there was no hostility coming from the Sturt alumna as Alan nudged her arm. Her gaze flickered from the beverage to him as he posed his question - how was business? "I'm not broke enough that I had to sell all my things to the point I have no protection and end up being knocked unconscious by old man Mackey just to be dragged off to his little shelter, so, I'd say satisfactory. Conflicting reports about extortion notwithstanding." If only she could keep Jo from going through her debt keeping book and scaring the poor kids to death. Cursing it would likely be a fruitless endeavor too, as it would probably be a cinch for an Auror to circumvent. All Ashley could do was slap the Dhampir in the head each time and vainly hope she wouldn't do it again. Unfortunately, she was the type to sort out her problems by asking 'what is it' and 'can I punch it?', if she bothered to ask at all. At least Ashley could be more subtle. "What about you? How many aspirins a day are you on to handle the kids?" She only had two (soon to be four) to handle, even if mostly indirectly, and for as good as she was with them her patience was truly tested due to their rebellious ways - moreso Renee than Caroline, but it was still incredibly frustrating. Comparing their positions felt like apples and oranges - two kids to hundreds, two rowdy personalities to entire houses with reputations that often set fear into some of the staff, a voluntary undertaking to an obligation. "At least, I hope that what they get from me keeps them distracted somewhat." Ashley herself had been a handful. In between vandalism, horse robbery, drunk joyriding and other various questionable actions as well as minor crimes, it was a wonder that she ever got the opportunity to finish school at all.
  25. Room to Breathe

    Chloe nodded in agreement with the sentiment. Despite feeling like a fish out of water in the middle of that philosophical conversation, she found herself to be enjoying wondering about the metaphysical concept of what came after death - it was something impossible to know, something someone only like them could only hope to take a highly uneducated guess at, but it was a thought exercise that got her gears turning positively nonetheless. Unfortunately, it made it so she didn't quite detect the sadness plaguing Aiden with her own response, as well as his initial submission to the idea he'd never be seeing his mother again. "It's easy to assume it's better, whatever that may mean in the end." What was 'better'? Was it even something they could grasp? "It's generally accepted that ghosts are tethered to the mortal plane and can't pass on due to deep emotional ties and unresolved issues, but they would rather pass on, save for some extraordinary cases... Maybe they know more things than we do about it. Maybe you should strike up a conversation with one sometime." They had ghosts in Tallygarunga itself, so it wasn't exactly a feat; and she had heard the Wizarding part of the local cemetery was teeming with them. "I think that, whatever happens to them... How can I put this... If you know the least bit about Astronomy, you'd know about the theory of the Multiverse. How it's possible that there are an infinite amount of universes alongside ours, but it's likely that they operate on different rules, a lot of which we wouldn't be able to comprehend. Maybe that's something that can be applied to this hypothetical realm? We won't really understand until we're there, even if we have it spoon fed to us." Maybe they even had a way of watching over them from that 'location' after all. Admitting that there was something someone as studious as her wouldn't be able to figure out was a hard pill to swallow, but at least she could allow herself to entertain a silly scenario or two in her head out of accepting that fact. How would family members wait for one another beyond mortality? Everyone was related to everyone else if they bothered to go deep into their genealogy. A kid would go meet with their parents, who would in turn go to meet their parents, who would also in turn go meet their parents... So on and so forth, save for some exceptions. She truly couldn't grasp the logistics of such a thing, reinforcing the notion it was completely out of her reach - and she was okay with that.
  26. A spot of frog catching

    The young woman was trying not to laugh at the boy’s situation, she had been the one to cause it and the fact that he had no idea it had been her, made it funnier; perhaps Max shouldn’t be laughing at something like that, at least not in front of the boy or he would soon figure out that she was the one that had caused the, unfortunate accident he suffered. Perhaps that something had been a jet of cool water that was shot out of the lake, and she wasn’t going to tell him that had had seen pretty much everything that had happened as well. “Are you alright?” she did enjoy messing with people, but she didn’t like hurting people on purpose. He seemed alright, above everything else. He got up with her help and he was vaguely familiar, she was pretty sure she knew who he was from Tally, he was in some of her classes. She still had no idea who he was though, it wasn’t like she talked to everyone, as much as she tried some people just fall through the cracks, since it’s hard to keep up with everything, especially now. She smiled at him, still trying not to get too excited. “Nice to meet you too Kairi.” Max was curious to know why he wanted to look at frogs. The weather sucked and it was a perfect recipe for disaster, either with someone else’s intervention or not. Catching frogs however, seemed rather pointless, but then again, who was she to judge the boy’s strange tastes. “It’s a bit … damp for that. And I don’t think you’ll have much luck here, maybe a pond you can find some, here it’ll be hard.” Frogs was something she wasn’t familiar with, but the reserve had a lot of places where one could find them. “And maybe you should get cleaned up and dry yourself.”
  27. Invite Mending the future

    It wasn’t something Liv preferred, it didn’t matter when May showed up, surely during lunch she had more time, it was easier to talk but it wasn’t up to Liv, she was going to stay inside the school regardless and she always had time for May. “Alright, lunch it is.” She opted not to be too picky about it, scared it might drive the dhampir away and that’s the last thing that Liv wanted to do, if they were going to start working on their friendship, they had to start compromising. It wasn’t going to be easy, but they had to try, at least Liv thought she should. She smiled at the older woman. The silence was a bit awkward, but they have been through worse, all they needed was a bit patience and understanding. May’s question caught Liv a bit off guard, she wasn’t going to do anything in particular and she didn’t have plans with anyone. “I am free today.” She spoke as a smile grew as she looked at the Dhampir. It had been a while since they had a meal like that together. It wasn’t going to be like old days, but at least they could continue their conversation. “Sounds great, only if you’d let me help.”
  28. Open Engine Failure

    The smile on Samantha's face stretched into a considerably wider grin for a brief moment as Kairi carried on with the little joke, but eventually a chuckle came breaking through her facade. Setting her juice cup down beside herself on the wooden bench, she raised her hands up, palms aligned to head level, portraying surrender for a few seconds prior to bringing them down again and reaching for the cup so to take another sip of the drink. It had been enough to lift her spirits, even if temporarily - she was one to get distracted rather easily, and it served for her to forget her plight, at least for the time being. The Bourke nodded to Kairi's question briefly, an ear twitching ever so mildly as she easily picked up on the stomach rumbling - if only she had had enough time to get a few cookies before she had to leave the bakery. She didn't think Mr. Stewart would've minded (hell, he was often the one who insisted). Fortunately, they wouldn't be necessary, as Kairi seemed to have packed a light meal on himself. As eyes carefully inspected the lunch box while he retrieved it, they were quickly trained on the name inscribed upon it - Kairi. It was, inadvertently, a life saver. She was brought back to reality as he alluded to offering her some of his food. "I appreciate the offer, but it wouldn't sit too well with me to make a dent in your snacks." Especially when he sounded like he needed it more than her. She decided to get back up to her feet, using her free hand to stretch out the garments of her skirt properly and dust it off as well as she could - it wasn't like the two would hang around that spot when they had a curfew time to beat. "Forgive me for asking, but, have we met before?" It was the most tactful way she could envision bringing up her little issue: even if she now knew her first name and his face was vaguely familiar, she didn't exactly recall who he was still.
  29. Open Minor Favours

    Samantha Hammond
    Luck struck a certain dynamic duo as they came to realize both had a whole afternoon off during that wintery Thursday afternoon - it couldn't be more than 10 to 12 ºC from Samantha's calculations, but she wasn't about to let the day go to waste. She had been given a day off in exchange for working the next Sunday so to cover for someone, while Amber didn't have either Quidditch training or whatever it was she disappeared for at random times during the week. Hell bent on catching up on lost time, Samantha quickly strong-armed the Spencer into spending some time together as a way to collect a small favor she owed the Bourke. For as much as Amber enjoyed spending time with her cousin, she was quite miffed at what she got herself into. "Why this?" The Seeker protested as the two sat together by the short wooden pier stretching off onto the lake itself, legs dangling off of it as the two idly held onto a fishing rod each and waited for their bait to be taken. Samantha looked like she was having a blast, and Amber not so much so. "Why fishin'? What's the fun? You grab worms 'n you stick them in hooks and you sit in here for like forever! If I wanted to stay so still I'd stay home watchin' TV..." "It's soothing. Plus, you keep complaining that you need to rest. This isn't much of a strain, right?" Samantha paid no mind to her cousins antics, being all too used to them; in fact, she predicted more protests to come, and only needed barely a second to be proven right. "So is watchin' TV, Samsung. I'm dying here. At least cartoons keep me engaged... All those critters are freaking me out too." The girl was quite positive she'd seen more than a few bugs walking across the wooden pier - they were right by a grassy clearing, after all. For as much as she loved the area, bugs always ruined it for her. "You have a spider crawling up your shirt." Samantha lied, a small smirk tugging at the corner of her lips with the little prank as she glanced over at the Spencer. She watch her grow as pale as a Dhampir and promptly dropping her fishing rod in a panic (which Samantha was fortunate and quick enough to catch before it slipped into the water), haphazardly rubbing her hands across her shirt while kicking herself up to her feet. "AH! GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF!" Even if the Seeker hadn't actually seen the bug, the very notion was more than enough to send her into a frenzy; as she stepped away clumsily in a vain attempt of putting some distance between herself and this imaginary invader, the girl tripped backwards and wound up falling onto the water at the other side of the skinny pier. Samantha looked back at the splash, flinching involuntarily as the water hit her head on, but howling with laughter at her cousin's antics - some things never changed.
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