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  1. Yesterday
  2. There was nothing new to that day, it was Max’s birthday but as usual she didn’t celebrate it, but it was nice to have received a letter from her eldest sister, but it was no surprise that no one else had sent her anything, regardless she was pleased that her sister had remembered her, every year the young woman likes to send Max a postcard and a present before Max travels back home. This year Max was going to stay in Tally, she wasn’t going to bother getting on a train to visit her family for three days only to be treated like she didn’t belong. She stared at the postcard for a while with a smile on lips, there wasn’t much to be happy about, but receiving that letter had made her happy. Throughout the course of the day, things had been easy, Max had spent some time with Laurie, where Max received a box full of unicorn balls. It felt nice having someone during that day, even if Max believed it was just like any other day it was nice to spend it with a friend doing various things, something she rarely had the chance to do during that time, either because she never bothered to say it to anyone or simply because she was pressured to go home to celebrate it with ‘family’. Max was slightly excited for the end of the day, to spend some alone time with Senan, which was probably something she had been expecting, maybe they could watch a movie or something, they didn’t have to do anything, but spending some portion of the day with Laurie and the rest of it with Senan seemed liked the best birthday she could have asked for. She stood in front of the house with her backpack and a duffle bag, she looked at it from top to bottom with a smile on her face, every time she thought about what happened the smile grew, she couldn’t help how she felt like a strong magnetic force was pulling her towards him. She took a key from her pocket to open the door to the house, once the door was open, she walked inside and locked it again. “Senan?” she put the bag down and keys went back into her pocket. She paid little attention to her surroundings and walked to the living room, placing the paint can on the ground. Maybe Senan wasn’t around. She sat on the couch and looked at the blank wall, she took a sketchpad from her backpack and began drawing the sketch of the image she thought it would look good on the wall, depending on the color they both chose she was sure she could pull something interesting.
  3. She smiled at Travis. She understood the danger of someone like him traveling, he had to take certain precautions so he wouldn’t hurt others, or himself. That thought alone made her forget about a place for her to let out her rage and focus on him instead, maybe a bit of brainstorming would help him, but wasn’t something she was about to bring up, not yet. He was correct about friendship, the ability to listen to someone, it was also the ability to speak without the fear of being judged. She didn’t have a problem listening to him, whenever he needed, she would be available to listen to whatever is troubling him and she hoped he could see it. Travis hadn’t been someone that she would expect to enjoy being around, but it surprised her and liked spending time with him, maybe he didn’t see it, but she did. “It’s just, I can slightly control the Hospital Wing, people won’t listen to us, just want you to know that, if you need someone to talk with, desperately, just show up and I’ll make sure we won’t be bothered.” Casting a spell to prevent people from listening to them was an easy thing to do, she understood the need for a more private place, it would be better, but as a last resort there were measures, they could take. She also understood the need for secrecy, especially in his situation. “I just want you to have more options, but wherever you feel comfortable, I’m happy to meet you there whenever you need it.” wherever the place he felt comfortable was, Liv was willing to make the trip and meet with him, it was just a matter of giving him more options. She could somehow relate, not like him, but in different aspects. She looked at him with an amused expression. “I enjoy the thought of being a song, not so much of being a barnacle, but I can live with both.” She said jokingly as she let out a chuckle. Her smile got wider, she didn’t plan on leaving Travis but was pleased that he would place her next to him. She didn’t wish to be glued to him all the time, nor did she want him to be glued to her, but it was nice to know someone wouldn’t mind a nagging companion by their side, especially one with unsolicited advice. It wasn’t her intention to make a wolf joke, but he didn’t seem to mind too much about it. She saw this matter pretty much like friendship. “Well, in my experience, it just happens. Pretty much like friendship, some people enter your life and sometimes there’s this connection with someone that you can’t explain with words, you just feel it. It can happen as quickly, or it can take time to develop.” Liv herself wasn’t an expert on love or relationships, the only one she had crashed and burned in and not so spectacular fire show. “I think, whenever you feel it, if you’re receptive to it, you’ll know that tingling sensation in your stomach. I’d describe it as something you are excited and scared at the same time whenever you look at someone.” Her own explanation wasn’t the best, but it gave him a perspective from her point of view. People weren’t easy, some were relatively easy to fire out, but others were harder, the same was with feelings and their emotions. There wasn’t an exact path to follow, people were different, they grieved differently, and they reacted differently to situations, some would remain angry for years, others would eventually accept, but it was still an unknown variable. Olivia laughed. “I will visit you whenever I can but it’s a promise, I won’t forget you or visiting you, there will be a ‘no time’ excuse, I will make time.” She wasn’t the best person to keep track of her friends, but she was going to keep that promise to Travis. “Yeah, her name was May, she was my friend and…things just…happened and she was always on animal blood so, a few times she would feed off of me.” It wasn’t something that she was used to talking about, she always kept to herself about it. She looked up at Travis, they needed to clean up before they could get comfortable, or so she thought. “Shouldn’t we clean up?” she wasn’t planning on avoiding it now, she had opened a door and she felt as if she had crossed most of it, going back would be like giving up.
  4. It hadn't been a slip at all, in fact, he'd been trying to be far more honest than he ever intended with majority of the people that he encountered. The visible dislike of what he had said rang on the young woman's face and that caused his head to shake lightly and his gaze to shift away form her. "Nevermind. . . " Something that had been a bad idea in its totality either way, that much he'd been far more certain about in the already confusing day that had unfolded between the two of them. Travis' gaze shifted towards the expanse of water that had been nearby and kept his visual attention mostly there yet still had been fully aware and attuned to listening. "That just screams of your natural bad taste in people to me." That had been when his eyes narrowed towards with a coy smile curved on his lips. "We need to really get you exposed to better people to latch on to. Your judgement is starting to get very questionable the more you hang around me." His shoulder lightly bumped into her as she sat on his lap. Even if the point of him wanting her to hold a proper life revolved more under the idea that she needed to be able to live under it by her own choices, without some tyrannical hand pushing and pressuring them or dictating which choices were 'better' for her in order to live it without any personal regrets. Travis understood the point she had made, while not agreeing she needed him, or rather feeling she shouldn't need him around. He hadn't disliked the idea that she genuinely wanted him around with the inclusion of the hefty ups and downs between the two of them. A brief silence swept over him, letting the words spoken by Meadow hang in the air for a moment. Had he been trying his best? Not an inaccurate assessment, at the very least he'd been placed in a situation to 'consider' things more thoroughly, thoughtfully. "Just switching my efforts towards something else a bit, thinking less about what I feel I need to do. . . Focusing on others around me. That's all. I don't know if it's really 'trying my best' but it's trying." He put as much effort as he could, it'd be somewhat of a lie to say that the inherent and primal anger about the memories didn't claw at him, didn't try to shred through the surface of his mind and will. He still had far more strength, however, to keep those emotions on a chain tightly even if they'd slip out they wouldn't fully rule him unless the choice and option had been in front of him in the most dire of moments. "On your end?" This drew the young man's attention fully back towards the blonde-haired lass, an eyebrow arched upwards and his head tilted slightly. "What, you mean the situation with your parents?" Of course it must have been what she meant. Nothing else came to mind for him that would seem like it would require that effort given the context. "I'm not looking for any kind of fairness here, you know that, right?" His hand rose up to touch the side of her cheek, the rough skin of his thumb coursed along the softness of her skin. "It's not some kind of obligation you need to fulfill or anything either."
  5. The older Clarke watched her sister. MJ had decided to do the dishes herself when she didn’t have to, Aspen didn’t want her sister to have to worry about anything, she wanted MJ to focus on herself, it was the younger Clarke’s birthday. “I’m doing it because I want to Mary.” Aspen chuckled. She knew her sister worried about her, but MJ didn’t have to, Aspen could take care of herself, besides, Aspen wasn’t sure if in the following year she would be able to spend MJ’s birthday home, she wanted to make it special. “Dad’s not home yet, but he should be arriving any time soon.” Aspen wasn’t sure when her father was going to be home, but she hoped the man could rest before celebrating MJ’s birthday. “Maybe we can wake Justice up and leave the house for a couple of hours to let dad rest in peace?” she suggested. She knew Steve was a good boy, but sometimes Justice liked to make a little noise while playing. “What do you say? I’m sure Brian will keep dad some company.” The cat would make a lovely company, it was quiet and liked to sleep a lot, Aspen was sure the cat and their father would get along perfectly while their father rested.
  6. Olivia wasn’t sure if she was grateful or upset at May’s efforts to keep her out of what seemed to be a difficult situation, but Olivia was clearly angry at the situation, heartbroken that May would rather face all that alone than to confide in Olivia that the reason for leaving was a dangerous one. Anyone who knew Olivia knew she wasn’t going to just sit around waiting for May to return, that was a given fact, and May probably knew it, which was why she decided to keep quiet about it, unfortunately, Olivia didn’t see it like that. “And you think getting away from everyone is the answer? May, I could have helped, I told you, I’m not some fragile flower that needs protection, I could have done something, but now, you just thought that keeping everyone away would have miraculously saved them.” Liv said. The last words carried a slight sarcastic tone, what May did probably harmed Olivia more than anything that happened, the ignorance on the subject, not knowing where May was, or even if she was alive was far harder than anything. In a moment Liv’s anger was gone, she had told May everything she needed, she was sad and heartbroken, but she could no longer but angry at May, not after the explanation, that, in Olivia’s mind seemed just like a lame excuse for everything that May did, but Liv didn’t doubt that May wanted to protect her. “You made a stupid decision, you were more worried about secondary things than you were with the bigger picture…” “I can’t forgive you, not yet May…” Liv looked at May for a while before approaching the Dhampir. “But … we were friends once before…I think we can at least try to salvage that.” Olivia was willing to compromise if May was, they will never be what they were, lovers, but Olivia was willing to try and salvage their friendship, in a way, might help them both heal faster.
  7. Earlier
  8. Pillow or no pillow it didn’t matter to her, she would rather hold his hands than to have the pillow separating them, that was something she knew for sure. She didn’t see him wanting to be closer to her a selfish action or desire, it wasn’t wrong to wanting to be close to others unless the desire was only one-sided and would potentially cripple another person’s life, which it wasn’t the case in this situation. “It’s not selfish.” perhaps under other circumstances, it could be considered selfish. “And I’d love to hold your hands, since you’re so afraid they might wander then I’ll keep them safe and close to mine.” he was probably apprehensive, they could both fall under the same feeling as before, part of her wouldn’t regret it, the other part would wish that she wasn’t just leaning in on emotion, she wanted to know and to feel, both at the same time consciously. He just needed to give it time, just because something could be a bit easier for her didn’t mean it had to be easier for others. What they had was much more than a simple physical relationship, much more than just passion, she had no doubt about it. Max laid next to Senan, she made herself comfortable before closing her eyes. “I have faith that you will learn how to not be a slave to passion and hormones, in due time.” She spoke as she leaned her head to him. It was different from what had happened the first time, when they watched the movie, or earlier in the living room, while one their feelings were unknown to one another and then the soft caring touch of receiving comfort, this seemed more thoughtful, more meaningful. “But I trust you.” She thought it was something that needed to be said, perhaps hearing her would somehow help him. Max curled up a little as she got even closer to him, she was just happy there, being so close. Now that it was time to rest the events that led to that moment played in her mind, there was no use into trying to make sense of them, she loved the outcome of it, unexpected and yet perfect. It didn’t take long for Max to start to lose track of her thoughts, she was completely relaxed and slowly her mind began to drift away as she fell asleep.
  9. Just as Tyson hand reached out to grasp the couple sticks of lollipops he felt a sudden impact, his feet firmly pressed into the ground on instinct hand his hands rose up in a defense stance as if he'd ready to perform a clench on some kind of attacker. Eyes whipped about the horizon to find no one at first when the sudden movement down below caused his attention to redirect towards the ground. It'd been a brunette haired young teen and one that seemed foreign not just from the words she'd spoken but the weight of the accent she wore. "Oh, woah, my bad." He stated apologetically and then started to kneel down gathering up as many of the things he could swiftly, handing it back towards her to put inside the bag that had dropped. His head tilted in confusion as she spoke towards him, had it been some kind of apology? He wasn't sure, amongst the languages that had been taught in Tallygarunga, ones from other countries hadn't been covered unless they were magical or dead ones. "Uh. . . My bad, yo, I didn't really get that. . .?" There'd been some hope that she wasn't in the position to not be able to communicate, that would've just made everything far more awkward in his opinion. After it seemed like everything that had been dropped had been in order he started to stand up his hand reached out to assist her if she felt as if she needed a bit of assistance standing back up after knocking into him. "That's my fault, I should've have stayed there too long staring at the lollipops. Probs a sign that I shouldn't even be looking at the things to begin with." All the effort he took to keeping himself in shape hadn't been the most easiest of regiments and overindulging on something had been what led many of athletes down a very shake path of unhealthiness. Looking towards the shelf section of handmade lollie's once more he gave a casual shrug. "Oh well." A touch of a casual smirk creased on his lips. "I hope I didn't ruin any of the stuff ya' ended up snagging. Mr. Kemps makes some pretty hitting milk shakes from what some folks say. I can treat ya' to it." Unless it'd been like talking to a broken wall because for a moment he nearly forgot that she actually might not speak a lick of English.
  10. May joined Robin in laughter at the idea, finding herself having to cover her own mouth at a point so not to become obnoxious. She eventually calmed down as they sat at the table, ready to eat the fabled pizza Robin's mom was apparently so fond of doing. "I can teach her a trick or two to ensure you get some variety, if you want." It wasn't something she had been previously used to, but given that she'd have very little to do at that point, it was something she was considering picking up to do on her own. Cooking, sewing, cleaning, and other general housekeeping chores. Anything to take her mind off of heavier subjects. She didn't need them tearing at the walls she so carefully constructed around her core. "Maybe if you eat different kinds of pizza you'll change your mind too." And just like that, the family (along with May, of course) attacked the meal. For that one evening, she could finally fool herself and think she was living a normal life, surrounded by people she loved, and that nothing could ever throw a wrench into it.
  11. Aspen flashed a smile at the Sturt, she still couldn’t believe her luck, a new pair of gloves, she was needing them, Lisa had no idea how happy Aspen was, those gloves were amazing. Aspen now saw Lisa differently, initially as a teammate, later as a friend, and shortly after as someone she enjoyed being around and perhaps something more. Their food was on the table and Aspen couldn’t be happier, now all it took was later that day spending time with her family. As Lisa’s question, Aspen rose her head to listen. “Yes. I actually do. Not for me exactly but mostly for MJ and Justice. Once I do, I don’t need to worry about them walking home alone, I can just go get them.” She replied to the Sturt before she started eating her food.
  12. Aspen liked most of her teammates, she could get everyone to work equally and no one tried to waste time during practice, the jokes before and after were inevitable but during practice? No one joked, except when they decided to play games instead of an actual session, it was good to keep everyone happy every now and then, it was good for the morale. Aspen wasn’t too fond of those games since some liked to do it more than once a month, but overall it wasn’t a bad experience. She smiled looked at Lisa when the young Sturt mentioned that she wouldn’t mind going out for a smoothie with Aspen. “You’re always welcomed to come,” Aspen said flashing a smile at her friend. “Most of my teammates are alright, we have a few that like to joke around but once you hit them with a ball they come to their senses.” Aspen didn’t assault any of her teammates but sometimes she wishes she could, but it was only sometimes.
  13. "Huh?" Amber, in turn, was confused at the way Robin took her words - had she misread something from her lips? Most likely. She merely shrugged to herself and let the redhead do her thing; she couldn't help but be surprised when Robin named the cat correctly barely a second before she found the appropriate tag glued to the cat's collar indicating that same name. How had she spotted that? "Eh? Didn't we go there already?" She asked herself for a moment before realizing it was the house next to the first family they had visited. 'Oops.' "Well, leave it to me then. Thanks for the help!" She gave the girl a nod of acknowledgement, feeling bad for having dragged her out of her way for so long at random - though she wished she had been paying attention earlier, perhaps she would've figured out the entrance to that underground club. The Spencer finally left to the indicated house after a wave, determined to get Captain Mittens to its home.
  14. "...Right." Meadow obeyed her sister's instructions to the letter, gaze focused and determined at a nondescript point ahead of herself. She took a deep breath and nodded, and just like that, she felt herself being pulled in such a way it felt as if she was being shoved into a tight tube, all her body mass being compressed into spaces far, far smaller than they should be. It was a familiar feeling, one she had to contend with every time she took an Apparition class; however, she had never made such a long journey, as the students usually trained within one room. The moment her legs touched the ground again, she went quite pale and felt dizzy. She hung on to her sister's arm a bit tighter than she probably should in an attempt to try to steady herself, as well as not have her insides escape through her mouth. "...Okay... Okay..." She took deep breaths, appreciative of Issy's support, eventually closing her eyes and swallowing dryly in an attempt to regain her composure. Not a month before, she had claimed she was going to get her Apparition license and visit Travis whenever possible. How could she hope to accomplish such a thing if she couldn't handle a trip to Melbourne? "...I'm good... I think..." She hoped. She gave a nod to her sister to lead the way inside, not taking the lead since it wasn't her own home. Though she couldn't help but be quite anxious to get in, because every second outside meant another additional moment when their parents could notice that they were meeting up.
  15. While it'd barely been a week away his far more animalistic nature and senses had started to kick in full overdrive around this time. The rapid yet step by step process his body had been going through in order to prepare for the painful process it'd eventually go through. Part of this had been what drove him deep into the Bushlands at this part of the day while the other had been that he needed to give the small pup that he'd found only a few months back, wandering around and trying to pilfer for food that simply hadn't been around for it to actually make a meal of. Now, after a bit of attention and focus as well as money invested in his health. . . The young hound had a healthy coat and definition of muscles which had been thankfully due to the fact he allowed for it to run through the area while he did during the heavy months. Travis raced through the various tree tops leaping with ease while using his unnatural grip and power to keep himself steady once the transition had completed. Down below him the small dog followed, able to keep appraised of his position with its extremely sharp senses. It rustled through the foliage as many of the plants and their leaves had been far taller in comparison. A smirk touched the edge of his lips - That had been cheating! He'd let it go for the time being as he had a far better advantage with the amount of steps he could take due to height. Along the way he stopped, a quick jolt of hesitation as his brow furrowed and gave a deep whiff of the air as a unique scent touched within his nostrils. A stranger, that had been for sure, no one he had been aware and the scent held an almost foreign hint that hung in the air. It had been feint for sure but there it didn't smell like someone whom had been in the Bushland's for long as eventually the smell would end up blending and becoming part of a person on some level for his acute senses. He whistled sharply through the trees to signal the young dog as it halted for a moment as if it had been freeze tag. 'Cheeky little shit. . .' He mentally remarked to himself and shook his head with an amused smile. Faced with a choice to either keep going on with his business or see what the new addition to environment. It hadn't been uncommon that people would enter and end up getting themselves lost, far more lost than they'd expected. This newness of smell had been what prompted him to think that maybe the individual had been lost? Or had they been an explorer trying to get a hand of a new home? Either way it could get pretty dangerous one way or another and with that he started to scale down the tree in a rough slide at first before leaping off of it and rolling into the various plants and leaves as it rustled. "Well. . . That's one way to give myself away." He responded in sarcasm at his 'graceful' landing with a high-pitched bark responding soon after. "No one asked your input, Snarks." That had been the name he gave the hound and mostly because almost every retort had been a snarky remark which had been something he didn't expect most Wizard's to understand let alone Muggle's. He stood up and brushed the palm of his hand along his clothing to shake loose the caked on dirt and made his way to be more in sight towards the woman that seemed to walk through the area. Snarks right behind him at his heels. "Hey there, uh, you okay there?" His eyes lifted up to spot the wide rimmed hat that hug fully towards the shoulders of the woman, at least she came prepared. "I feel like this is going to end up sound like a stupid question but, you wouldn't happen to be lost, would you?" Meanwhile, as he spoke, Snarks had started to sniff the ground as his nose guided him towards the feet of Imogen, encircling her for a moment as he tried to sniff at her feet. "Sorry about him. He tends to get overly friendly, nosey, and overall is a snoop. I probably should've called him Snoopy."
  16. Aspen was not amused how most people took advantage of her sister, but she was glad that someone had offered to help. “I’m glad someone helped you.” Aspen smiled at her sister and pulled her to give her a hug before letting her go. Aspen proceeded to listen to what her sister was saying about her class, it wasn’t something that Aspen enjoyed but she was glad that her sister enjoyed such classes. “That sounds like something you enjoy, I would be so bored in that class,” Aspen confessed. They liked different things, Aspen couldn’t stop imagining how boring that class would be. “So that’s all? Nothing new?” Aspen smiled at MJ and began tickling her sister as her smile grew wider and wider. “Come here.”
  17. When the words had left Vladimir's lips, a sliver of his brain was dedicated to innate panic. Perhaps he shouldn't have said anything. Perhaps he should have kept to silence and remained Améa's stoic and silent partner, the guard he had promised himself to be. A confidant, dare he say even a friend. To have loved and then lost it, and then open oneself up again could lead to nothing but disaster and ruin. Of course part of him was afraid. He had had his heart stomped on, his very nature scorned and spat upon. That part of him that was afraid wanted him to take the words back out from the air, swallow them whole, erase them from existence. But for one, it was too late for such things, and secondly, he didn't want to do that. He'd needed her to know how he felt, and as frightening as it was, he knew he could not have it any other way. Ruella - he could not get enough of that name as he rolled it around in his mind, desired to use her shorthand verbally more often now that he had her permission - was dear to him. He would never break his vow to her, and he knew she would not break her vow to him, but he needed her to know the added weight behind his confession. This love felt so real. Once the heart had found that it liked the word once again, it seemed as though everything else simply fell into place. The sight of her alone was enough to get his own heart racing, echoed only by the sound of her own heart and pulse thumping away in her body. The sounds were so accessible with his senses, even more so with the recent feed. Everything was heightened, but especially his emotions. Would that she could hear the way his heart thumped away in his chest, but perhaps she could feel it, what with the way he still held her close until he got an answer from her. Always. Love you. Vladimir absorbed the weight of those words, his expression turning from the bewildered expression after their kiss, from the pangs of agony from when he first entered the room in his hunger, and shifted to a smile. Gentle at first, then it grew. His expression shifted upon its axis, the joy in hearing those words on her lips causing his stoicism to fall away into nothing, crumbled to dust. She loved him, he loved her, and it was only right that she see him for the man he could be. For the expressions and joy and love he could show her, and offer, if she would have him. He didn't have to worry. "Always," he repeated, his happiness broaching into his speech, "Always that I will love you. This I promise, vow, any word in your language and mine that conveys the strength and desire I have to give you all that I have to offer, and all that I have to love." Though with the feed, his emotions were heightened in more ways than one, he did not let himself jump ahead. Primal instincts wanted to jump forward, but he would not be so hasty, no. Not without knowledge that they were both in agreement. He let his lips press against her cheek, never letting go of her throughout all of this. "I love you," he told her again against her skin. Now that he'd said the words, he wanted to say them over and over, tasting the joy in his mouth with every utterance. "I want to show you the depths of which I do. To show you the joys of life, of love, happiness. Our vows will never be left to the wayside, of course, this goes without saying... But I want to show you the man that I am, and of what I am capable of with... with you at my side. I had thought I knew what love was, and it was crushed. This?" He indicated the two of them standing there in each other's arms, longing to lay down with her and hold her close though that was neither here nor there at that particular moment. A subject to be broached eventually, but not yet, not when other emotions and statements needed to be made that were fundamentally more crucial. "This is true love. Acceptance of everything that embodies us, from the good to the faults. Your Sorceraic nature and mine Dhampiric own. Does this make sense, Ruella?" Was he articulating it just right?
  18. Andy looked at Evelyn and played with her fork as she watched Evelyn. The smile on Andy’s grew wider as the brunette watched the blonde like a predator watches its prey. “Well, I am assuming we’re on the same page.” She commented as she pulled away from the table. Andy was pretty sure that they both wanted the same thing, her intuition never let her down before. She walked around the table and positioned herself behind Evelyn and put her hands on the blonde’s shoulders and began rubbing them gently. “Someone’s stress.” Andy leaned her head a bit further and spoke softly in Evelyn’s ear as she continued to give her old friend a message if Andy was correct about their intentions they wouldn’t need to wait much longer.
  19. "I'm unsure of that. If I remember you were quite skilled in several things." A coy smirk stretched from his lips with a side glance towards Holly. If anything, she'd been able to skillfully keep up with him in the sheets their time back in Tallygarunga. Though it perhaps couldn't be called much skill at that age, he understood that with true practice one could only get better and the correlation between then and now had been by massive margins in his opinion. "It is as they so, though, people go into schools and higher education institutions to get better. A bit of experience doesn't hurt either that's the route I prefer for myself." While the knowledge he learned in Tallygarunga couldn't all be called useless it also couldn't fully be called useful finding that it hadn't prepared him for much when it came to encountering the unknown factors of the world. "I certainly don't mind that route for them. It makes my job far more easier, as boring as that is for me." An easy job wasn't a truly dangerous job, nothing that caused his blood to pump or his heart to beat from his chest as if his life had been placed on the line. Maybe he hadn't been fully sane but it'd been the type of life he wanted, the need to hold that feeling of actually being alive. It did mean that he needed to put a few people in the grave far earlier than they intended but at least he would allow for it to be quickly and painless. That's the very least he could do for someone simply doing their job. Jon snickered as he felt the force of her playful slap against his arm. "Here I thought your aim was to become one eventually." His head nodded smoothly towards her question. "For a few years now. It hadn't been intended." The words were stated as a way to state he hadn't been stalking her. "My second had been messing with the radio at the office one day and it popped up. So if I can remember or if no other work takes me away from it I tune in." He had to admit that hearing her voice held a profound effect on him, Love? Lust? Some form of affectionate emotion that caused him to tether on to her through the years. The more that he thought about it the more he wondered if that even had been a healthy thing in the first place let alone supportive of her show. "Orange is still good, it could always be worse." He smiled towards her as he leaned his back into the cushion of the couch and raised an arm to rest on the back of it. "She could always douse it in the blackest black. Then you'd have people driving by saying, 'That's the creepy ladies house'." There'd been very few black painted houses but those that did exist didn't hold the greatest appeal or reputation where his Father came from. If nothing else, Jonathan had been a man that tested danger and daring by placing himself and those around him steady enough against that edge. As soon as the words left from Holly's lips his hand slightly waved, trying to apparate the cup of coffee from her hands on to the table neatly placed and then the arm extended to wrap around her waist and try to pull her fully onto his lap. His eyes lifting up to settle the Black and Indigo rings right onto her gaze. "When have we ever relied on a bed?" The couch would be as good, even the nearby wall or against the window. He hadn't been picky and was far more adventurous and shameless. An eyebrow arched his lips still held a smirk, no matter the conversation having her this close to him felt like an intoxicating drug. His mind flashed to the night of Saffron's kidnapping after the warehouse had been set a blaze. "Power. A Veela even partly one, holds power in them that could be used. Something that Wizard's and others hardly would know how to properly defend against. Have you ever wondered why the Government requires Non-Humans and Half-Breed's to register their abilities? Not just for identification. But to learn how to stop or even kill them." There had been a good reason he never gave that list to the Government, finding ways to avoid them entirely every step of the way in that regard. Jonathan shook his head lightly with a brief amused grunt that pulsed from him, one of his hands slipped lower and glided along Holly's ass. "And are you going to show me your 'Naughty reason'? Or will I have to just guess and feel my way around?"
  20. She found odd how he found the idea of someone being worried about him strange, it seemed almost innocent and yet sad. The idea of it made her smile in his direction as the thought entered her mind, but it soon faded once she realized how sad it probably was. She would have hugged him once more if they weren’t in a hurry to get to the school grounds, hopefully, they won’t get caught, if they did, they probably had to find another place to talk on the following day, she wasn’t going to let him go without answers even if she didn’t like the idea of him getting hurt as he previously stated. Max was feeling better, even if the adrenaline was wearing off, she was less terrified than she was before, which was probably good. She couldn’t escape it even if she wanted to, which she didn’t, she had made up her mind by now, she wasn’t going to be intimidated by some lunatics. When he spoke, she smiled at him and nudge his arm with her elbow. “You’re embarrassing me.” she looked away from a brief moment. She didn’t think it was anything great, it was just how she saw things, what was the point in living if one wasn’t actually living. “Thank you tho.” She turned to him still smiling. The grip of his hand was comforting and was reciprocated as she squeezed his lightly once she felt it as she continued to smile at him. It had been sweet of him to take her hand, there was a sense of security. “I don’t even want to know how you know that already.” She commented when she heard him talk about the classroom she had mentioned, it took her almost one year to realize what students did there, one of the few reasons she avoided that place, even if it was a great place to practice dancing. That classroom seemed the only place where they could have some privacy and talk without being interrupted, they just had to scare off people. “That’s why I suggested it, the other place is easier to be discovered.” As they moved quickly, Max was able to follow him without a problem, he was surprisingly fast. They used the bush telegraph and were transported near the school. Max wasn’t used to such means of transportation and almost had lost her balance when they arrived at the school.
  21. “Okay…” Aspen said. She knew Lisa wasn’t the type to fall behind on her studies but sometimes with too much social interaction it could happen, especially when one doesn’t expect certain situations to happen, however Aspen quickly dismissed the rather hostile comment, it could have come out wrong, Aspen was sure Lisa didn’t ask her to meet her is she was going to be unnecessarily hostile. She was surprised when Lisa accepted the invitation but was she going to show up? Only time could tell, Aspen hoped she did, but she wasn’t sure how the rest of the team was going to take it, some were scared of Lisa, but no one had a formed opinion of her. “I will be sure to let you know don’t worry.” Aspen said before drinking a bit of her beverage. “We can also decide after practice, we usually never plan to go for smoothies.” Aspen confessed, but by the time someone remembered that they should go Lisa was already gone. “I suppose we have a deal.”
  22. If he had a better handle on the words and ways he used them, the last thing he would've wanted to provide had been a confusing moment for the teen. He at least still understood that his decorum or the lack thereof could potentially cause another flustered moment for her. Which seemed to be the case as the tint of red brightened on the edge of her cheeks, lighting up her face in the heat that rolled of them, that much he could feel until his face moved away from that area of her personal bubble. One of the many occurrences with his actions that he'd need to take responsibility for when he became a bit more in control of his mind when the next morning would arrive. "Because most, when at the talon or teeth of a potential predator often feel fear from the encounter, regardless if they know the person." Travis shot an inspective gaze towards Lorelei, as if to size up prey to try and understand its nature and mannerisms. Unfortunately, that's how part of him had wanted to view her as, prey to gnaw on. "But you. . . Were excited, maybe even a step away from being horny for it." He winced slightly, that should've came out a lot better than it sounded but the words left his lips before they actually entered his brain. He'd been speaking on the instinct of trying to understand the smells that continued to swarm and pulse from her. He had nearly forgotten how intent she could be when it came to things she wanted to do for another. "You shouldn't worry about if I harm myself or not. It won't be enough damage to kill me or come close to it." By the time the morning would come the wound would already be sealed up, only fresh enough to be treated and by the next day or two would be entirely healed with the mark forever left on his skin. His teeth clutched tightly and he snarled, he hadn't even thought of the step of informing his mother. "Marisol. . . Marisol Franklin, Magical Maladies and Health Services department." That had been another kind of battle that he'd need to deal with when the next day arrived. He wasn't sure what excuse could be exceptionally good enough to not have him on the end of a glare and the typical speech of, 'Recklessness with your condition.' That all seemed to matter less as his hand had been grasped by hers, an inquisitive stare towards her, wondering what was going to happen next. The thought of it had been lagging behind the actual act of being suddenly teleported to some unknown underground area, this set his nerves immediately on high without any meaning to, a hand pressed against the nearest partition of the wall. Travis attention then snapped towards the suddenly opened cellar, a plethora of objects littered on the inside of it one moment and then had been evaporated and replaced with something else entirely. All of this without hesitation, no wand either or even a spoken word. He wasn't sure how to even respond, how to react to what he'd just witnessed, his mind needed a moment to process everything that'd happen in a simple blink of an eye. A surprised voiced muffled above them and his voice dropped into a low growl as if it'd been the sound of a canine betrayed which had been momentarily vocalized until he'd been nudged inside passed the threshold of the cellar door. "I told you, you didn't need to st-" A much more primal growl rolled out in a guttural sound. "Grandpa?! Great. . . I'll end up a rug in the cellar." Of all the basements he could've imagined himself stuffed into? The Minister of Magics wouldn't have topped the list, it would've been so far at the bottom of the list that it'd drop off. Either way, he needed a place of containment and this had offered the best that he could get in such a short notice. He made his way over towards the center of the room and instead of the bed he sat on the floor, the tips of his nails pressed against the ground. "Make sure the door has a pretty strong jinx of a barrier, make it hurt enough to make me back off." He knew how tenacious his Werewolf insanity could be, it'd been one of the more memorable feelings each time that it'd been hard to shake.
  23. Aspen stretched her arms and took one more look at the grave, there was a sad smile on her lips, but she knew her mother wanted them to be strong and if she was, she would tell them, but fortunately, the woman had moved on. She wrapped her arm around MJ before squeezing her, after a few seconds Aspen let her sister go. When MJ mentioned having some money saved, Aspen smiled at her. “Sure. I even know this place where we can get everything at a lower price, assuming they are still open, and assuming they have what we need.” She mentioned as she smiled at her sister. “Shall we then?” she said as she led her sister out of the graveyard, they had to move a bit quicker, Aspen didn’t want their father to wake up with them still out buying the ingredients.
  24. “My color preferences are always kyboshed by Saffron. Whatever color I say I like she tells me exactly why it isn’t the right color or how it’s not a color at all. So I find it safer not to have one.” Saffron was young enough to not really know a lot about the world but old enough to have an opinion about everything she did know. This could be tiresome at the best of times, especially when there were moments when she told Holly she was being ridiculous in one way or another “Both really good films. Saffron went through a Beauty and the Beast stage for a while. I had to try and make her a Beast soft toy which,” she exhaled a laugh as the memory of her one attempt to make a soft toy surfaced “needless to say failed in a spectacular fashion. Currently though, she’s watching Moana a lot.” Holly was somewhat pleased that her daughter was moving away from films that needed a man to rescue a woman or for a love interest to be a large part of motivation behind the female leads. “Well now you have time to catch us as well. You could play a team game.” she suggested, though, not one for playing games herself “If they have those. I’ve never really played a computer game, between university, work and motherhood not a lot of time.” though since she’d left university and was now juggling full time work and a motherhood, maybe she would find some time for something like playing a computer game “But, I recently quit university so more time. What game is it you play?”
  25. As was the standard in Amber's life, Lady Luck decided not to show up at her doorstep during that moment either. The already excruciating pain flared up a notch the moment Sibylla tried to help her, which made the young Spencer tense up; in turn, it just made things worse. Amber's face scrunched up as she tried not to give in to the suffering after a wince. Despite her conditioning and abnormal pain tolerance, it was impossible not to show how much that injury was affecting her. Nevertheless, pushing through the pain, she never rejected the help nor stopped walking towards the couch, eventually reaching it and carefully sitting down. She did so as slowly as possible, looking quite pale once settled down. She didn't say a thing as her guardian went on - she was busted. Even if her excuse was partially true, it didn't work and she'd have to elaborate. She let herself be examined in silence, at a loss for words. Once Sibylla temporarily left, she moved herself to lie down on the sofa, on her stomach. She didn't bother kicking her shoes off, and her face rested against a pillow. There wasn't a peep until Sibylla returned, at which point Amber's face was more relaxed from the temporary rest, if remorseful. "...I'm sorry." She muttered, turning her head ever so slightly to be able to face her guardian. Even if she was terrified of being caught, she was not that great a liar; it was sincere. However, she got quite tongue-tied pertaining where to start. It took her several moments before being able to speak again. "...It was my fault, yeah? I wasn't warmed up and somebody asked for help, I went to show 'em how it was done, and... here we are." She could only hope her injury wouldn't put her out of commission for too long.
  26. "She tends to have that effect on individuals." Or more specifically, the few Fae-blooded people who made their way into the shop for one reason or another. But he couldn't deny that the bubbly nature that the woman seemed to hold would perhaps dissuade many people from thinking she's any form of sane when it came down to it. "Over time you either get used to her presence or find yourself trying to avoid her entirely." He'd leave it up to interpretation on which category he personally fall into. Having the Fae woman involved as she had been did peak a higher wonderment, they tend to work on whim especially the longer they stayed in the world and experienced it. Dylan, wasn't sure how to take the comment Stardust shot back towards him. While she held a point, if Caitlin had been in some form of trouble, he couldn't help but wonder his employer's true connection. It had been one of the larger issues in dealing with the Fae, their mindset had either been alien or the intentions as illusive as a shadow had been to the rays of light. The fact that the woman didn't seem to need a guide made him even further in suspicion. His gaze never leaving from staring ahead and letting Cass's statement on whom had been leading the way even without ever having been there, or at least, that would be what one would assume if they hadn't been fully privy to the nature of Fae. "One excuse, could be that she's sensing the similarity of magic between you and her." He grunted, that didn't sit well with him at all as the actual reason or solution. Skepticism threaded in his mind on how convenient everything seemed to truly be. "But it would be a fool who would take that excuse." Even though he muttered the first couple of sentences to Cassandra, the following had been intentionally elevated. "Unless, my dear Boss, is harboring the secret that she is some how a Scion of your line in someway." That had been the conclusion that the older man had drawn, the parallel that would seem the most unorthodox, the most unlikely. "Or at the very least, related with a hand in it. Would that be the closer hypothesis?" He knew nothing of the woman, history or connections, sire's that may have been bred from the years spent amongst people or her own kind. With such a depth of the unknown, the reach for any grain of truth would almost always seem like a massive leap. His own? Had been a leap towards a grain the size of the Grand Canyon. "If that is the case then I would say she knows because she's been watching both you and your Aunt. Perhaps as a Guardian or maybe curious on the feeling."
  27. As Nox left to retrieve the gillyweed, Amber was done stripping - she just shoved her clothes haphazardly into the *colorful* bag she always carried, opened Samantha's purse wide, and dropped it inside. "Hey, Spalamadingdong, why aren't you stripping?" Amber questioned her cousin, eyes squinting as she tossed the purse she had previously stolen back at Samantha. "You expect going on our little adventure looking like that?" "One of us actually has to stay behind and look out for this." The Bourke spoke as she caught her purse with both hands, unaffected by the nickname that time. "We can't do magic outside of Tallygarunga, remember? I can't just hide this and be done with it." "How old's that fella?" She couldn't really tell if they were a boy or a girl, having only seen their head. Rather than replying, Samantha was distracted with Nox, as they were very quick to return. Amber was quick to tread into the water and fish her portion of the gillyweed out of Nox's hands. "Bottom's up!" She shoved the plant in her mouth in one go, chewing just enough to be able to swallow. Almost immediately, gills formed at the sides of her neck, and webbing in between all of her fingers did as well. "Sweet. Let's go!" Racing further into the water, she dove in with reckless disregard for those nearby. Samantha didn't seem much affected by the water. "...On that note, say, how old are you?" She didn't even know if Nox was a student to begin with, but it didn't hurt to ask. She was very interesting in getting to know them better for that matter, and it would be a shame if a simple purse was what would derail that endeavor.
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