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December, 2018
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  2. Open Any Means Necessary

    Amber bit her lip as the hesitation lingered. She was often the wholly reckless, no regrets type of person - but as the coin hovered just above the slit to insert it into the machine, she felt quite uneasy. The dumb plush was smack dab in the center of the lot - she had moved it around a few times but it always fell, having even rebounded off the edge of the exit hatch and fallen back onto the pile. It truly was a nightmare. Just as she was about to bite the bullet and resign to her prizeless fate one more time, good fortune came to the rescue and Amber heard a pleasant voice from behind. Perhaps it was a good thing that she was accustomed to working her little 'side gig', as she would like to call it, in such a way - it made her far less jumpy, and she didn't seem at all frightened by someone sneaking up on her. "Hm?" She peered backwards past her shoulder, recognizing the shorter woman as the one whom had matched her to a wand so many years ago. "Huh, really? Well, if you got any before, you're better than me by default." She looked back at the (now infuriating) toy resting face down onto the mountain of other plushies. Perhaps now she had a chance! "Well, thanks." She stepped aside and handed Stardust the coin. "That one." She pointed towards the somewhat round plush, mostly brown in color, with little toes on its underside. "S'for my cousin, her birthday's coming up. And if I don't get that thing, I don't think there's any helping me..." Why did Samantha have to be so ridiculously difficult to shop for?
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  4. Invite Where Do We Go From Here

    Holly Bennett
    How much time had passed since that night that had changed her entire world view? Made her question not only how she lived her life at the time but also the choices she had made for others in her life. Choices that had she made differently, well, was there any point dwelling on what she could have done? The ‘what ifs’ didn’t bring back the young witch who lost her life for doing nothing more than taking care of Saffron. It didn’t bridge the gap of time that she had kept something from someone who should have been in Saffrons life from the word go. Though that specific person had not actually made any attempts to contact her since the night that he’d saved his own daughters life. Holly assumed that he had the information and decided to do nothing with it. After all this supposed child of his was seven, how was he supposed to know if she really was his? The young witch pushed that thought and many more aside. It wasn’t worth dwelling on. Jon had the information and it was his decision whether to act on it. Plus, right there and then it was the least of concerns. After that night in the warehouse Holly had reflected on the way she was living her life. This had led her to make the choice to drop out of university and focus solely on the career she had built up for herself and being a Mother. Saffron had often had to spent time with friends or babysitters whilst Holly juggled this busy life, perhaps always feeling like she was on the low end of her Mothers priority list. Now she was priority number one, their was less babysitters in her life and now she spent time at friends houses because it was fun and something she wanted to do. That was where the young girl was right at that moment, this allowed Holly time to unpack boxes and use magic to push furniture where she felt it should be. The other big thing that had happened since that night was that Holly had finally managed to collect enough money together too buy her and Saffron their first home. A small two bedroom house that contained a garden big enough for her to play in comfortably. In a nice area of Narragyambie. It was a warm enough day that she had the windows and doors open as she sorted through the box of random items she’s put on the kitchen table, a glass of water within reach. Saffie was having an extended sleepover at one of her school friends, allowing Holly time to get this new home set up for them both. A new beginning.
  5. Invite Time Out

    Now that piqued his interest. She'd come here to talk to him? Matt had assumed that she was just out for an easy joke like the rest of them, though she did at least have the courtesy to not comment on the obvious. If he was so uncomfortable in the heat, there were dozens of spells and charms he could be using to make that go away. It wasn't actually that bad, Matt's flair for the dramatic was akin to Kate's and he was prone to exaggeration. It was definitely warmer than he was comfortable with, but not unbearable. Matt found he got cold too fast anyway, but all of this was beside the point. Phil had abandoned him here. And Phil knew how pathetic his magical "abilities" were. Asshole. He was almost glad for the distraction, shifting about in his chair as Holly sat down. The closer she got, the more he felt like he'd seen her before. But when? How? He'd never been the sort who knew faces and not names, Matt could give you the names and descriptions of even the most fleeting customers going back decades. He had a knack for that. He could still tell you the drink preferences, family members names, and even pets that belonged to the regulars back in his first years bartending at the Roo he did not forget people. It must just be that he'd seen her crossing the road in town or something, something like that. Or... something completely different. His eyebrows rose slightly as she said the name, and now he saw it. Nadya. Of course. "That's going back a while," he said. "Poor girl spent most of her time in Narrie trying to dodge enamoured Burdetts. Barry especially. He swore black and blue that he was going to marry her. Followed her around like a lost puppy, which was no surprise---it was Elizabeth Burdett taking a liking to her that no one expected." Matt snorted a quiet laugh, it had come as a surprise to Liz as well. "You would have to be her daughter, by the look of you. How is she?"
  6. Invite Reflection & Seduction

    When Améa spoke again, there was a small weight that was lifted from Vladimir's chest. She understood where he was coming from with all of... this. He could define it in such simple terms, but he supposed if he had to, it was becoming clear that he loved her. But it was more than that. He swallowed somewhat nervously as she continued; the more she uttered the word mine, the more he could feel his heart jump around in his ribs. That if he became the monster he knew he could turn into, that she would not fear. She would not turn away. She would not run into the night and leave him to cold confines of his mind to recover from the emotional damage. Vladimir wanted to open his mouth and speak his own sentiments, but was rendered speechless when Améa rose from her seat. There was a momentary pause as his heart leapt into his throat, a minute second of panic as his worries almost won out against his better judgement. That Améa was going to leave now that her words were spoken and done. Of course that was folly, and his brain was proven correct when he watched her come forward, arm extended out until her felt her fingers on his cheek. His heart returned to its thumping, and his own senses caught the sound of her own heart as it changed in cadence. Always. Always. Always. Vladimir let himself smile, just for Améa, leaning into that touch upon his cheek, letting his senses take in every point of contact. "Then always it shall be. And feed from you I shall, my dear Améa." He was almost tempted to feed from her right then and there, but there would be ample time for such later. He let a hand touch the one on his cheek, his skin cooler than hers, a product of his dhampirism. "Your heart beats quickly, same as mine. I can hear it," he told her softly, "I cannot put name to all of this. But I am not afraid. I cannot control it, but I am not afraid. Not of this, nor of you." He took the opportunity to set his cello down gently before standing up, pulling Améa into an embrace - and he didn't regret a single thing. "I will be your friend, protector, monster. L..." But he let himself trail off at the end. No. Now wasn't the time for such words. Perhaps a future date. Right now, he needed to tread cautiously, for his sake, but especially her own.
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  8. Open Duck, Duck, Goose

    Vale Windum
    The ever shifting weathers had always been a boon to him, being so close to the natural presence of the wind the beauty of feeling the various ripples that had been made through it held a myriad of emotions and feelings. Torrential rage of lightning and thunder tearing through the sky, the chilled embrace of the snow capturing the pollutants in the air. By far what had been the most intriguing had been the rain, the way it had been as formless as the water that fell from clouds that lingered above during those times. In contrast to the more sunny weather, when it came to the air it felt as if it were a warming breath that threatened to become more arid. This sensation had been one he noticed more notably in Australia. The presence of the lakes today did do greatly to ease the feeling of dryness. The wind swept across the waters and it felt like a refreshing breath of life. Vale felt and understood the environment much easier when he wasn't attempting to distance himself through the use of a glamour. He couldn't quite explain it, but it had acted as if part of it had been more of a detriment to him due to the complexity that came with it. It was why on this day, he decided to use his 'true form', that which showed his entire Fae heritage without any shame for that matter. Oddly enough, he wasn't short in this state of his being boasting a unique tallness that had been gifted to the kind of Fairy he'd been classified as. Lengthy hair in a tri-coloration starting out from the top of his head in a light teal, smoothing in a gentle transition of blue until the very tips seemed to give off a near illuminating blue steel and even seemed to lowere to the center of his back. His eyes followed the same tri pattern, starting from the center ring of being a Cool Blue and echoing out until the third reminsinced of a slightly darker teal. He gently walked along the nature filled area, feeling everything that had been consigned to natures embrace. There, however, had been the most curious of energies and one that he had to admit had the feeling of aged - at least in comparison to himself. He couldn't put his finger on the depth of distance but the presence alone had been much more intimidating than the person he laid eyes upon. A young looking woman whom had been tipped into the water by the gathered geese. A soft chuckle exuded of him in an otherwordly tone as he walked closer and leaned forward with a single stroke of his hand on the top of one of the silky whit duckling's head. "Always the types to see something they want and run to it with full gumbition. It's definitely something to enjoy seeing them flutter after young children tossing bread at them, isn't it? Waving their arms about and screaming at the top of their lungs." Obviously it wasn't the kind of food one should gift to any kind of animal due to the way the food had been designed. Unlike what the woman had given them instead, something much more appetizing and by the looks of it the gaggle agreed with full compliments to the 'Chef'. Vale made his way towards the waters edge and held his hand out towards Stardust with a bright smile. "I enjoy a bit of a dip like the next person. But usually it's better when properly dressed for it! Makes it much more fun to feel the cool waters embraced on the full skin." Sometimes clothing had been more of a determent to connecting with nature, sometimes you just needed to streak or go skinny dipping to get a full appreciation of all that had been gifted by the world and the various creatures that nurtured and made sure the ecosystem flowed fluidly.
  9. Invite Act I - An Unlikely Alliance

    “Alright.” Zane said, realizing that if he didn’t get in with the plan, he’d likely end up dying here and then nothing would stop Thomas. “I have placed his two cronies under the imperious curse. They are strong wizards, but can’t really think for themselves. It has held up thus far.” Zane found it only fitting to use the curse he had been under for so long against his uncle. “My orders are to lead you in to his “trap” that he wishes to spring on you. He seems to think that he can use me as bait because he’s clueless as to the fact that you all know what’s been going on.” Even if they didn’t give a damn. It seemed the only person that really understood him had been Lorelei. This meeting was a disaster, but perhaps there was hope for it. That they could all actually work together. “So, the plan is to get you and Améa out into a secluded field for him to surround you. I don’t believe Améa should be involved whatsoever. Then, when his cronies won’t attack because they can not, we can attack him and put an end to it.” He looked at them both. “That’s the basics, at least. Then, you can all live your lives in peace, Améa can raise our daughter safely, and I will no longer be a nuisance in your life ever again. If you decide to let me live, of course.” He wasn’t really counting on them letting him live, and honestly, Zane wasn’t sure if he wanted to.
  10. Invite Unbreakable

    Edmund and Ammelie were, as expected, very confused by the notion of Lauren suddenly being "not dead" as Audrey described it. Unfortunately, Alan wasn't able to describe it any better. He tried, though, in between attending to Audrey and being abused (as he expected would happen, and he made notes of her more amusing insults to remind her of later). The whole thing was beyond his own comprehension, and the best he could really say was that it was "some weird thing about Adele's family" and the end result was that he now had a teenage Lauren living with them. The blank stares and empty nods were the best he could hope for. They would meet Lauren herself soon enough. And then... there was crying. First the baby, then the rest of them all at once as his newest daughter made herself known in the world. Alan's chest tightened and expanded simultaneously, he would never get used to this feeling. He never wanted to. The world could be a terrible and bleak place, but this moment was everything. He couldn't speak, just held Audrey's hand tight and hoped that the look on his face, the squeeze in his palm, the tears on his cheeks---all of that would do for now, and she would know he was so proud of her. So amazed by her. What she had just been through was no small feat and he couldn't believe it was even possible. Audrey had done this. She was... she was everything. Absolutely everything. Words still weren't happening, and so as the doctors brought the baby girl over he listened to Audrey's tired words and nodded. Whatever she wanted, she could have. She had to have. He wouldn't allow her to be disappointed, or hurt, or anything bad he was going to protect her from everything for the rest of time. He swore it. No one who could produce miracles like these deserved any pain. Ever. All of Alan's emotions were brimming over, he didn't even notice that Meri had a hand to her mouth and was also crying happily at the name. Perfection. Utter perfection. "You are... so many kinds of incredible, Auds," he said finally. "Please marry me. Really. Please." That wasn't at all how he'd intended to propose. He cursed himself after, this was not the speech he'd had prepared (he couldn't remember a damn word of it now) or the place, or the time, or anything. None of it was right, but it had just happened.
  11. Invite Torture Devices (18th Dec)

    That was a situation he understood, things that couldn't or shouldn't be told for the protection of the self and those that had been associated to them. "And you'll never need to tell me. Even if we do become good friends. Somethings are important to keep secret for others to be safe." It's why he went to such lengths to avoid going into sports, avoid getting involved in any physical pursuits of competition. It had less to do with it seeming fair and more to do with the fact enough common sense and elimination of factors could deduce what he was. "Hahaha, well, when you manage to meet someone that can do that I sure would like to meet them." A light jest, he was far too cynical in the regards of his own situation to think there could ever be true 'acceptance' of the kind of beast that laid within. Being by day and considered beast by night, it was a kind of life he'd never wish on a person. He wasn't sure how to view the promise made but had known it held the genuine nature behind it, questioning it would have been an insult to the generosity of the meaning she offered. "Keep me safe? You know. . . Anytime someone says that to me, sounds really weird." The main reason being it should feel the other way around, that others should be protected from him. The Ministry didn't lock up those trying to end him, they locked up him from trying to end others. At least that was how he had chosen to perceive the less than immaculate settings they placed him inside. Her look drew a soften gaze from him as he continued to elaborate after her soft spoken word. "Some people seem to click together, others don't. Usually good not to worry about it and just feel your way through the situation. You'll most likely know if it's a good thing or a bad thing after a few minutes." Or maybe she wouldn't, he found that those that stayed long enough to speak with him and hadn't bolted may not know what had been entirely in their best interest. Her following words that included a critique of him only made it seem more apparent, at least seemingly. Was he really considerate and kind? The kind of things he hadn't considered. "Thank you. . . I really wouldn't consider myself kind or considerate but I definitely will take cool for five-hundred." The edge of his nails scratched at his neck. "I guess how we view ourselves can often be much harsher than the truth too." Fear that had been rooted in avoiding the harm of others, it could have truly stemmed from some sense of consideration towards another. "I'm glad to see you do have that support then. You'll find that is actually a very rare thing to have among people. Even those that look as if they're surrounded people need the most support possible." He knew he sort his own support in a somewhat destructive manner and yet it felt as if he'd been driven to need the social activity of flirting and growing closer. A soft chuckle issued and his smile grew. "Nothing wrong with relying on others. Even more so if we're in a situation where we're certain we know the answer but miss all the important pieces of it." He nodded, understanding that something so new could be a frightening space to be in. "But it sounds like your family wants you to stay in the place you should be, not worrying about the big things but just experiencing and learning about what you'll already have your hands full with now. There will be time, later, where the big things will be slapped on your plate but it's rarely ever while we're in school." Unless the luck of Fate had been turned against a person. Such as. . . Being bitten by a renegade Werewolf. His hand slid along his forearm absent mindedly, the first of many scars that had been covered by the long-sleeved shirt. Travis coughed as he tried to find the words in his mind. "Well, while they're an enjoyable sight. Ah, some people have very sharp senses especially visual ones and what most people think is hard to see. .. Isn't." He could make out the entire shape being this close, the initial curve of her breast and even to the small bump that the tip of it formed against the fabric. His hand wiped across the top of his forehead with a soft laughter, only slightly nervous at the potential backlash of being slapped off a tree for his leading words. "They may not be seeing the actual skin but it would still have the same effect covered or not to a person that could be physically attracted to you and all." It perhaps didn't help that she was an appealing young girl or in this case. "Which, again, they're really nice. Once you notice them it's kind of hard not to notice them." As much as he tried to ignore that alluring definition, his eyes focused on hers, the peripheral would always catch what he tried to ignore most. He didn't want to be rude or seem as if that had been the only admirable trait about her, so far that he'd encountered, she was a very surprising individual and someone whose depth of beauty had been physically and deeper than that. "Maybe, I can't say I've met Lauren. I don't listen to rumors so can't say I've heard much about her either." Rumors, they were the poison of teenage life and often the downfall of many friendships that could have been easily talked through without the demolition of good bonds. "I don't think green would be a good color on you anyways, blue definitely makes your features much more defined." The words spoken in the light of an artists critique. The kinds of colors he'd use to better capture her image, dress her in on paper, would be a mixture of blues, yellows, and maybe even an occasional silver. As she questioned him, a gaze rose up to quizzically stare towards her. Had she not seen how she'd been that came to that kind of conclusion? The edge of the pencil gently tapped against the sketch pad in a gentle tune. "When complimented, you turn to a shy smile and often even a soft giggle or laugh. Your cheeks seem to blush slightly too, you're not really accustomed to that kind of attention. But it seems as if you're not against it, even that it might be pretty nice." With the start of his vocal examination of her, the pencil shifted and the tip started to carefully draw along the nearly blank piece of parchment filling it steadily. "When you're confident your smile shows it more, you may have doubts but it doesn't truly dampen that kind of brightness. Your generosity is probably the brightest aspect considering you're adamant about helping people. Even when they're sure you can't or don't know if you're aware of what you're signing up for. . . You don't let that deter you. Youthful naivete and that isn't a bad descriptor to be. It's actually a very good compliment." What had been left was a rough outline, a shape of her face starting from the shoulders and just the top of her chest. There had been no additional scenery implements on the paper as of yet but the workings were going to take sometime to actually finish after constant touch-ups. "You have an outlook that has been lost by many, one that should remind others that they all should be a bit more bright-eyed and hopeful. I mean, that's the better way to describe what people call a youthful naivete, it's just hope. Born in young children, wades in the Teen years, all but is abolished in the adult years in most people. The few that have it don't get a chance to show it. But you're a rare reminder on the reasons why they should show it. At least, from what I pick up anyways."
  12. Open Toy Boy

    Travis chuckled lightly. "The little embarrassed teapot." He murmured more towards himself while he smoothed out his shirt and made sure that his pants were firmly buttoned and kept at his waist. His feet slightly shifted through the water, disturbing it as he kept his gaze focused on the clear liquid. It had been cool and to some extent pretty relaxing to him. His hand weaved through his hand and a sigh of relief formed from him. "Don't go dunking your hand too deep in. I might think you're actually being effected more than you're pretending to not be. " Whether it had a profound effect on her in that regard he wasn't sure but guesswork made the test worth it in his opinion. "Eh. . .?" An eyebrow raised up in curiosity at the compliment, it counted as it compliment, right? Though it had been more of an issue to him as he never showed much sign of working out as most typical Bourke members. Even his roommate couldn't really peg whether or not the young man belonged amongst the House. "I don't touch the gym, way too many juicing muscle men there. The whole flexing and sweating thing. . . That's just awkward and weird in any atmosphere!" Both of his arms rested on the edge of his legs while he leaned forward and traced the tips of his nails through the water. "I uh. . . Have a monthly regiment that I do. Pretty intense, not something for people to really take up. I wouldn't recommend it at all, honestly. Wouldn't help you out at all. You keep doing what you're doing. You've much better abs to look at." His hand rose up and he offered a thumbs up, a congratulatory compliment on whatever hard work that she had put herself through. At the very least it meant that he could keep his cover for just a bit longer. "Just don't go staring longingly when I walk by now, I don't think it'd look good if you just start mumble 'Damn that body. . .' Someone might think you're smitten!" Another playful tease had been made while his hand pressed deeper into the water. "So, what, you spend every bit your free time training or something? Or is this water jumping more for pleasure than practice?"
  13. Open Buy Somethin' Will Ya?

    Amber Cross
    New Year's Eve. January was coming, and with it, the isolation from most of her family. Amber wasn't at all looking forward for the Hammonds to go back to Melbourne - even if could visit whenever - because it was extremely inconvenient to her not to be able to drag people along whenever she saw fit to do so; she needed something to do for the coming month. One could argue she could just play guitar all day, but could her fingers really withstand such a workout? And it was not like she could do an actual workout, her back was still messed up from the bad bump she took earlier in the month and she didn't exactly want her guardian to scream bloody murder at her for making it worse. She'd give her fingers a different type of workout - video games. The heat seemed to be soaring again, albeit slowly, but she didn't particularly care - she went out smack dab in the middle of the afternoon, no sunscreen, cap turned towards the back of her head rather than shielding her face from the incoming UV rays. The reckless girl carelessly made her way through Tallygarunga Road until she came across her destination of choice, the only games shop she knew about in the area. As she entered she waved at the Muggle attendant whom she was a bit too familiar with (a painful reminder of just how often she visited that place), and soon the Spencer disappeared into one of the few aisles inside of the small shop, out of view from the Muggle - but not from security cameras, of course. She wound up in front of the Nintendo Switch stand. She had already bought the console, so what drew her attention was the game being advertised in the bottom row, directly below the consoles - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. She had never gotten around to purchasing it due to a mixture of exams, accidents and celebrations. It was time to correct that mistake! She knelt down and grabbed a copy, flipping the case to confirm it was a full price title. After a mental 'yikes' at the tag and deciding to take the new game home with her anyway, she froze. She couldn't get up. Try as she might, it was too painful to get up on her own. It was as if her muscles knew the exact moment to lock up in place to strike and humiliate her as much as possible. Of course, she refused to go down with just that - pride overflowing, the girl clumsily gripped one of the upper shelves (which were, fortunately, tightly bolted to the wall) and tried to pull herself up from her precarious position. "...C'mon... God damn it...!" She grit to her teeth as her arms shook under the force applied to the sturdy shelf, doing her best to no avail. Oh, how she wished Samantha was there...
  14. Invite Break A Sweat

    While the subject of Muggle Studies had been important in his mind for others that were in a very peculiar existence in the Wizarding world, it was one that had been more pertinent to those seeking a good stepping stone towards interactions between the two world in various ways. Whether it had to do with social relations or engineering, the two would eventually meet to define a fraction of what the course and idea of it would touch up on. He found that he owed it to himself to find out what the Wizarding world on a scholarly level viewed the Muggle one, where he'd been eliminated the process of being included in one of those larger societies because of the spark of magic that had ran through his veins. "Heh, don't go overloading ya' self now. Reading and learning is all smooth, but if ya' dodged it before then chances are it might not feel as interesting to ya' as it may sound." Perception could change how something had been received, he wasn't aware if her expectation of it had been heavily changed from the light explanation that could only be considered 'Not the full scope' of the subject. "Not entirely true." A sly smile curved on his lips. "If it doesn't agree too well it might cause ya' to lose that bit of snack you put inside." That hardly fell under the 'actively hurting' category in his opinion as one could never tell what kind of tastes Wizard's would come up for snacks or foods. Some were just for the simple flairs of having it while others were borderline just insane, at least by typical Muggle standards. Most times he expected something like jelly slugs to come to some form of sentience and start slithering around on the inside of the stomach, diving itself in the various acids as some kind of weird gimmick or thrill. "Gotta' be careful the kind of things that people could come up with when magic is involved. Might end up surprised with something just nutty, man. Know some person who wanted to try their hand and some jelly beans that constantly jumped around in ya' mouth and stomach. Like pop rocks minus the popping and dissolving." The thought of Salty food caused Tyson's expression to shift into one of slight disgust. It was as if the word alone caused the texture of the taste to actually be flooded into his mouth. Head shook in slight protest of the evolving mental image. "Couldn't handle that might self. Sounds like it'd be hard to really get the full taste of what ya' eating." But maybe those whom had that preference still managed to taste it? Or. . . Maybe it just burned the crap out of their tongues sensory and dulled it from taking in the beauty of what had been created with food. Some stuff hadn't been too bad but there had always been the one kind of food that just took the leap into Salty-ville faster than a Quidditich game loss. "Almost anything can be a snack, really. Just all on how ya' prepare it. Sliced apples with caramel dip is a pretty tasty combo. If ya' not fond of caramel there's always something else that can go with it too, Honey for pretty snug example." He tended to lean more towards healthier snack options with a sprinkle of 'cheat' confectionary, satisfy the sweet tooth and help the process of vitamins moving through the body.
  15. Open Load Up the Bases

    Rachel Ryan
    The weather was finally cooling off (even if temporarily) in Narragyambie, and a Sturt duo in particular took the opportunity to venture outside. Rachel Ryan, in particular, was quite happy about this turn of events - not even all the sunscreen in the world could protect her from the wrath of the sizzling sun, and that had been the second Summer she had to endure in one year. Why did Australia's weather have to be backwards? Blasted science. Wooden bat and baseball in hand, she had taken her new acquaintance to the lake area of town, wanting a reprieve from the school's atmosphere. They were on break, right? What sense did it make to stay on campus? The blonde that followed her agreed mostly out of boredom, and they wound up playing a few rounds of batting near a spot they'd most certainly have to make use of during the hotter days. "Baseball player, huh?" Lisa, Rachel's acquaintance, spoke as the ball she had thrown previously at the redhead was launched back at her. She caught it without much difficulty and tightened her grip around here as she prepared herself to throw again. "More like drunk pinata hitter if you're lucky. Is that all you got?" She didn't even mean the little jab - she was just tired of Rachel missing everything she'd thrown up until then. It couldn't possibly be Lisa's fault - she was the star Chaser of her Quidditch team, and that came with excellent aim. Maybe Rachel was just rusty? She only wanted to get the girl to do better. And boy, did it work. "Shut up!" Spouted the redhead in anger. The response she got was the baseball launched her way, and for the first time that afternoon she hit it. Hard. It had been much harder than they even agreed to, so they wouldn't lose the ball to the water; Lisa's head jerked in the direction of the ball as it flew through the air past her and into the distance. "Damn, I take it back." She found herself saying, legitimately impressed at how far the projectile made it with the swing. Rachel, however, panicked. "BALL!" She yelled out in that direction as she noticed the ball was hurtling towards someone...
  16. Invite An Acceptable Purging

    The downfall with sacrifices, while admirable and good intentioned they often left a heavy mantle and thickness on the shoulders of those that survived afterwards. A wealth of expectation and projected obligation to reach out towards something better. It wasn't bad to have that kind of newly established drive, the nurture that would come from wanting to avoid the sacrifice bein in vain. A hard decision in every angle, to make it, to bear it and to be expected to be simply fine with it. He hadn't yet been jaded enough in life to take those kinds of hits easily but he knew that spending time on 'What if. . .' scenarios would do justice to no one, least of all giving a proper answer to a better alternative. 'Family', the word sounded so foreign to his hears coming from Lillian's lips. It halted him enough to a physical stop briefly, was that how she truly viewed things without the occasional misdirection's and dismissive nature? A soft chuckle followed suit finding it amusing due to the turn of events, it was no laughing matter to him and yet the involuntary action couldn't be easily stifled. "Didn't think I'd live to see the day that I'd hear those actual words ever come out. Maybe this is some kind of miracle party." Maybe it had also been a bit too much of a sore spot for the 'Life or Death' relations. Alex grinned towards Rheldor as he grasped the knife tightly in his hand. His eyes stared at it as the knife's metallic surface reflected the violet gaze back towards him. It had been the first time he'd seen himself and it looked quite odd. He hadn't recognized himself, almost as if it had been a stranger that stared back at him. "I guess it can be considered a birth of sorts!" His gaze left from the knife and towards the cake, the presence of doom seemed to ring within his chest as if self-preservation had been trying to warn him against the enemy that had been placed at the center of this gathering. His gaze narrowed towards Caleb's uncertain look which pulled a light laughter from him. "The gift of multiple cakes are on the horizon." He then snorted lightly at Adele though a fond smile had been presented towards her. "Well, others had the chance to torture me. I think it's only fair I do it on a bit of my own terms now." 'Pain', that was perhaps the broadest way to explain what he went through. He didn't believe there had been an actual word to describe the transition that had occurred and even the way he'd dubbed it as 'Torture' just seemed too mild in comparison. Finally, something that he could choose as his own poison. Not something that had been like a baptism of the blood or even the trials that came with such a moment. Regardless of the condition of the cake that his father had made took, it was the first moment where it could be considered his own decision without any other thing being the controlling factor. Looking towards Cassandra and seeing the expression on her face halted his personal enthusiasm on that particular front. His head shook lightly. "No. I'm not going to force anyone to do anything. You don't have to eat any of it." The last thing he wanted to offer was the illusion that no one had a choice. He slide the edge of the knife against the cake that had been at the center and had immediately been met with a resistance that well. . . Probably shouldn't have been the case when you consider a cake's intended structure. Eyes narrowed left to right as he expected it to deter some people from even attempting to taste it after that shoddy display. "Ahaha. . . S-Sore muscles. You know. Need to push through it and all!" The vocalized fib more so for himself than anyone else's state of mind. Eventually with a bit of extra time he managed to cut the pieces into reasonable sizes, as thing as possible, partly to be able to make sure there had been enough and also so that those that didn't think they could stomach it wouldn't have to eat too much. Sliding the sliced pieces on to various plates he'd then pick one up with a fork for himself and stare down towards it. The closer it got the less appetizing it looked but the confident expression etched on Rheldor's face. . . It made it impossible to not want to eat it just to honor that kind of powerful positive. It was his choice at the end of it all and. . . Damn, did it feel good to know and be aware of that. "If you think you're ready for the greatest adventure in your life, take a piece!" He gave a wide smile, trying to swat away his own unease.
  17. Invite The Queens Day (November 25, 2018)

    "You're lucky its your birthday!" He squinted at her but it hadn't held whatsoever as his smile started to break through as if it had been a form of light. He hadn't worried about the various comments other held about their marriage, it didn't give them much credit in the light that she'd grown pregnant soon after. There would only be one kind of rumor after that which he'd been glad that he didn't pay much heed to them. Regardless of the suddenness of the events that occurred he was satisfied and glad for them, in hindsight they were positive and good things to him. "Oh, then I'm going to so gather up as many as I can. Just start posting them up all around the room. I'll have a collage of 'Cass through the Ages!'" That probably would have been a good birthday gift in a way, a memory turned into a memorial. Something he'll need to consider for the next one. "Nope, but that is a good suggestion. I need to start watching some of that kind of genre." Alexander rubbed his chin lightly while laughing. "It's a good thing that I left out a whip as one of the many options for presents. I don't think I want you cracking a real one when you have that proverbial one ready and already well flexible." His smile changed to a sweet glimmer as he laid his blue eyes on the red-head. He'd been glad that she managed to be pulled out of the funk and it hadn't been lost on him how much she cared for him. The deepness that well had truly been was enormous, limitless and it had been touching and motivating. "Well, what happened was you kissed my neck and practically made me have my first orgasm then and there." Not an entire lie at that, she'd been the first woman to actually kiss him. Placed in a position where the first erotic feeling that had been linked with something more than just simple animalistic lust. "But the fact you agree to it clearly says how much you enjoy it yourself." He bit his lower lip with a flirty smile that accompanied it. "Aaah, but I signed on for that spitefire. Part of the draw that I had to you." Her cheeky response halted his kisses as he let out a soft laughter. "Soooo clunky! But no. I need to show off all that goodness. What can I say, I like the way 'This is my wife' sounds when I say it. It just rolls off of the tongue. Kind of like you roll off of my tongue." His eyebrows waggled at his bad wordplay. As she shifted against him a soft groan of enjoyment expelled from him and his body leaned in just a bit more to gain a comfortable place. "I enjoy giving it to you. I don't think we need to go into how much of an attention whore I am." Eyes closed gently as their lips meant with a softened passion, hands slide along her waist gently feeling the need that slipped through which fed his own that had started to grow for her. Or rather, that which he'd tried to ignore that had always been present. An actual blush crept across his slightly paled skin and what could only be described a manly giggle sounded. "I never expected you to be such a romantic in that manner. But I get what you mean..." The tips of his fingers traced on the outside of her legs, each motion pushing the desire and need that had been intermingled with caring intimacy. "Out of all the ways I expected to end up with someone, falling hard wasn't one of the options in mind. I couldn't count the days that I believe that we were intended to be for one another, and that's coming from someone who understands that fate had often intended for multiple routes rather than a singular connection."
  18. Open Cramp, Push and Take It Easy!

    Amber Cross
    Feet dragged along the dirt road in Footy Park as Amber struggled to make her way through the location, gym bag in hand, aiming to return to the Townsend household after a full afternoon of pro wrestling practice. Her back couldn't stand upright and pain was very visible in her expression - in fact, she looked like she could fall flat on her face at any given moment. Four hours prior to that moment, she had been in Melbourne, carefully helping other members of the crew in the laborious task of setting up the ring for the following day's show. Once it was mostly secure a new trainee asked the head honcho regarding how to take a powerbomb properly. Amber was asked to demonstrate as the larger man performed the move on her. The moment her back collided with the mat, all air was sucked from her lungs and she was hardly able to breathe for thirty minutes straight, being completely gassed out and suffering from intense back pain. And this is why you should always warm up first, kids. On top of that, she had to suck it up and finish the ring assembly work, and endure three hours of training and bumping on top of it. She managed to put on a strong face, knowing she would be teased mercilessly (and perhaps even punished) if she let the absurd strain show, but the moment she was left by herself near the gym in Narrie that she usually works out in, she felt like her very soul had been sucked out by an invisible Dementor. 'Can't... go... more...' Her motivation was completely shot. She spotted a park bench and collapsed onto it once reaching it, lying down on her stomach. The bag fell clumsily down to the ground, barely hooked to her fingers by the holding strap. She closed her eyes to rest for just one moment. Out like a light. A little drool fell from the corner of her mouth and onto the wooden bench as the sound of light snores could be heard in her vicinity. Time passed, and she was in danger of missing curfew the longer the nap went...
  19. Open Aqua

    The quietness of Korrowi Creek that night was rudely interrupted as a loud crack echoed through the area. Evelyn didn't particularly like how loud Apparating could be at times, but fortunately it was night time - there would be nobody around to hear her at the time, in all likelihood; it was also good that the Bushland was dense enough to deafen sound past a certain distance. The Auror let the very welcome cold breeze of the late evening greet her face as she walked through the clearing in which she had Apparated in towards the trees along the shoreline. She took a seat under one such tree, facing the rapid water, letting her posture relax for once as she pressed her back to the trunk and stretched out her legs in the cool grass, gaze fixated on the liquid rushing down the creek. That particular area was one she held dear to her heart, one she visited when she needed to think, and the one area on Earth where she truly felt at peace with everything. It was there that she had spread her mother's ashes after her father passed away. She felt in her heart that it's what she would have wanted, and her remains were one with nature from that point on as they were sprinkled onto the water. "Ten years..." She muttered to herself, not talking to anyone in particular. A decade to the day she had done such a thing, and from then on she had visited the Creek semi-regularly; although, it had become a less frequent venture through the years as she felt more and more removed from her own nature, and more in sync with that which she detested. It took her a few minutes before she moved just enough to be able to lie down under the same tree. Her gaze fell momentarily on the cloud of leaves before her, the near-full moon peeking between between the little holes of sky that the foliage didn't manage to cover. After a few moments she glanced at her right hand instead, after lifting it off the ground. Could she reconnect with her nature? Could she make her mother proud? Air combusted around her hand as Evelyn's pyrokinesis manifested, fingers set ablaze. It didn't seem to burn her. The flames danced along the hand as she observed them and pondered on her life situation. It was the one thing she had from her mother (past the natural charm, of course), yet, for once, she felt like she didn't deserve it. She was going down the same path Seth did, and wasn't entirely sure if she even wanted to go back to begin with.
  20. Open Kingdom of Tea

    Evelyn had never been much of an uniform fan, so it was quite refreshing to spend a whole day out of the Auror mandated set of clothing. She could finally opt for a simple yet modest floral sundress which was more her style by far. Not only that, she could actually have a few moments for herself. That's what she was enjoying that morning. A few moments of solitude in Mrs. Kempsey's Corner Store, reading the newspaper and enjoying the air conditioner's breeze as people roasted outside. Heat itself had never been that big of a deal to her at all - being of Veela descent she actually had a far greater tolerance to temperature than fellow humans, but she couldn't deny the air circulation felt rather pleasant as well. Evelyn was there at the repeated behest of her cousins, whom found it appalling that someone as well versed in tea as herself had never tried something called 'Mrs. Kempsey's milktea' before. Specifically, bubble tea. Perhaps her own elitism kept her from doing so thus far, she couldn't tell exactly why, but that day would be the day for her to fulfill the promise she made to the girls and try out the beverage that seemed to be 'in' with the younger crowd those days. As the drink was served, she crossed her legs under the table a little ways away from the entrance of the milkbar and her gaze flitted over the most recent issue of The Mage's newspaper's pictures and text and she ingested the news of the day. Without giving it much thought at first, her hand grasped the tea container and brought the straw to her lips, and she lightly sipped the drink. The lightest of flinches came through her facade. Too sweet. She wasn't one to enjoy strong flavoring, but the taste certainly explained most people's obsession with it. Then again, now that she had paid, might as well consume the whole thing...
  21. Elektra Devereaux Puzzle With a Piece Missing

    Elektra wanted to toss the dossiers, in all honesty. Why should she care about any of those people? The Devereux side clearly hadn't care enough to have wanted to intervene with her or sisters' lives when they were younger, and if they were anything like her mother, they'd only be after money if she decided to contact them. Fuck them. She didn't need those kinds of people in her life, and neither did the girls. And so, after that thought process, the woman dumped about half the dossiers into the small bin next to the desk. She had no intention of ever contacting any of them, there was no point in keeping information on a bunch of strangers as far as she was concerned. "If Estella is even thinking about coming to Australia, she'll probably find out quickly enough, which means someone will have to warn this poor woman. She's already been through enough," Ele knew the stories, she'd been around the school long enough, and people tended to gossip with receptionists. She'd heard about all kinds of students, past and present, and found it almost ironically tragic that this one happened to be her half sister. At the same time, she wasn't sure she wanted to be the one to go have to tell her about there being a potential psycho around that she might have to keep an eye out for... or to drop the news that they were related. But then, she didn't have to say anything about that. It might even be better if the Artemisia girl never found out at all. "Do whatever," Ele said as he mentioned staying elsewhere and only coming back when she wasn't around. She was too angry, too overwhelmed, and too tired to bother even arguing it out at this point. He knew the girls would miss him, and so did she. Nina would blame Ele, of course, but she was just going to have to deal with that when it happened. "I don't care if I'm here or not here when you need to come by, but you can't vanish from the girls' lives. You have to still spend time with them," She could deal with it, if it made Nina and Elena happy. "Hurt me? You..." The woman sighed and threw her hands up, before they flopped down to her sides. She then lifted one to rub at the bridge of her nose, "You've kept important information regarding my life, the life of my sister and her children, and a bunch of other family and bullshit that I had no idea about, from me... and we've been living together for a year or so. I don't even know how I feel right now, about any of it. And the worst part is... I still wouldn't even know about it if I didn't hear your conversation before. I don't even want to ask how long you would have kept all this from me... I just..." She shook her head. "Yeah..." Elektra heard the apology as he made his way to the door, but she didn't stop him. There was too much she had to wrap her head around, too much he'd kept secret from her, that was directly involved with her. She needed time to work her head out, to sort out everything she'd just learned, and exactly where he stood with her right now. It was difficult to feel like she could trust him, and part of her hated that she knew she had started placing a lot of trust in him the longer they'd been around each other. Perhaps a little space was a good idea.
  22. Complete A Stroll Through Bushes

    As Chloe took the glass she nodded in appreciation against one time before bringing it upwards to her lips, taking a sip. She couldn't ask for anything better than a refreshing drink in a hot Sunday morning, with the blistering summer just around the corner. "That explains why I didn't notice this place before." She thought aloud to herself as her gaze inspected every nook and cranny of the area with childlike curiosity. The area certainly wouldn't have looked as eye catching, and she could have very well just gone by without even noticing the bungalow's presence. "So to speak. My living beings of choice are magical creatures, but to deal with them, herbology doesn't lag too far behind." She spoke once her gaze found Rue's once again, curiosity momentarily satisfied. Medicine, potions, lures, most things had an over-reliance in plants when it came to creatures - provided they weren't strictly carnivore. "Although, I'm half convinced the Professor is green with envy with the existence of all of this. I've never seen so much variety in one place before."
  23. A Gift Not to be Wasted. . .

    She'd made a well proven point, perhaps the only point he'd should have been considering in the first place. Those that held the puffy and pouty lips typically had a form of hellion streak in them or were just increasingly stubborn as time went on. Much like a Mule, only doing or following something when it fully suit their own needs or that they could agree towards. To show an exemplar of that factor, the push towards the more positive aspect of the year had been tuned more towards - the idea of Christmas and the many plans that would made for it in the very near future. To him, that was a much more uncomfortable discussion even with the much more positive overtones for it. Maybe it was because it was positive that it had been like an awkward itch? "A day that most people decide it's 'Don't be an asshat' day?" He smiled, quite amused by the thought alone. It still had been an odd concept that there were people who decided that on that particular day people should be a bit more like people to one another. "It's certainly a romantic appeal. Admittedly alluring to have that kind of experiencing, I suppose good will could go quite the long way with people." He hadn't considered that it could be what saved a lot of people from spiraling down the paths he'd walked, that some random face in the crowd unknowingly saved someone from fully collapsing on the idea that humanity had been doomed to some extent. "Oh, it had less to do with my home life. My parents actually didn't celebrate that kind of thing. Back in school, I've dealt with most people who had been more focused on what they gained. Many gripes about not getting what they wanted." For him, at home, year in and year out it had been a constant effort to train and be a servant. Fanciful distractions weren't apart of his schedule, destruction and bigotry hammered deep. A small smirk shaped on his face at her insinuation of him liking the idea of a classroom. "I don't hear you saying you'd be against it, either." Dylan laughed for a moment. "I wouldn't expect myself to be one with that kind of knowledge either. A person I worked with in the past had introduced me to it all. Curiosity had gotten to me one day and I managed to pick one up. I find that now, I have less reason to study the Arts of War and a bit more to relax." Not too relaxed but it was much easier to read a comic book at work during the slow times, especially with the usual antics of his boss. It meant something could occur and he'd have no problem finding his place amongst the all the chaos. "Well, no, you don't have me trouncing around in tights. That's always a good thing. But it's good stuff, already finished all of the books and just waiting for that next one." He'd been interested in how this new development between the two of them would alter it. "So testy. You've that rebellious nature in you more than I do, I believe." He did wonder why she kept him around, but not for those particular factors. Or more specifically he wondered more on if she'd been happy that he'd been around. It was such a weird road they walked, the way their past shaped and how things had started with them hardly added up in any logical sense. Dylan found himself drawn into the presence of her lips pressed against his own, the calming presence that often took over setting in once more from the affection. "Mmm.. I'm not sure, I don't think that fully demonstrated if it were a complaint or not. . ." Now he'd just been phishing for more of it, but he didn't need to go further. The edge of his fingers traced along her arms as a more mischievous grin took place. His fingers traced their steps back down Caitlin's arm and along her waist where both of his hands would settle there. "Oh, then we have many fanfictions to put to shame. This I approve of vastly." He'd lean in and press his lips against hers once more with a much more fiery intention and already had started to shift their bodies to lay her back along the couch with himself hung above her.
  24. Invite Buy Now, Pay Later

    Upon returning to Adele's, Stuart found himself wanting to get drunk. But he wasn't about to go setting a bad example himself, and had promised to keep an eye on Adele's intake, which meant having to watch his own as well. Part of him was cursing having made that decision. But it was for the best, and he slid back down to retake his seat beside the woman with his fresh refill, taking a sip of the drink before he glanced toward her as she spoke, nodding lightly. He'd figured that she would go. It was their best chance at being able to formulate a way to take Sollozzo out, as much as he hated the idea that they needed to meet with Zane, and try not to wring his neck. "Fat chance that I'm letting you walk into that alone," The man huffed a small snort. At least she knew well enough that he was going to be there whether she liked it or not. With David's death still being fresh, and the questions over whether to even trust this information that Lorelei had brought them, he was disinclined to allow anything to chance. "If nothing else, at least it's not some deserted road in the back of nowhere, like were most Aussie disappearances occur?" The man lifted a brow. The Moira Court house was in town at least. It would be much easier to gain attention there if shit went south. He nodded a little at the mention of Lillian setting up barriers around the school, still displeased himself that Lorelei had been so involved, though he was quiet and thoughtful as she spoke, before taking another sip of his drink and then speaking. "When I took her back, she explained that she hadn't been able to explain what she'd seen after she woke up, because of Mea being there, and the freshness of David's death. She didn't know how to approach you about it," The man said quietly. This part, he believed. Lorelei was nothing if a caring and gentle sort, she didn't like to upset anyone, especially not her family or those that she placed importance in. "The letters are a recent thing though, she promised me that much," Again, it was difficult to disbelieve the girl, promises being an important thing, especially when it came to the family. "But you're right, she needs to just take a step back and chill out over the larger issues, leave adult problems to adults and just try to connect with more people her own age and just... be a kid," Stuart said with a small sigh, looking to the drink in his hand, "She's a gentle kid, sensitive... but damn if she doesn't have that fire and protective streak that seems to run in your crew." And maybe his own too, but he'd blame the Blue-eyed Freaks for now.
  25. Communication Lorelei

    Zane Nedvidek
    Lei, Thank you. Let her know I will be at the house on Moira Court at midnight tomorrow if it is convenient. It’s the best time for me to get away from him. Z.
  26. Invite Things We Lost in the Fire.

    The connection of a hand on his face should have brought him too his sense or at least pushed him in that direction. Instead he stood there, head at an the angle the slap at left it in. His eyes drained on a stain on the wall, his brain wondering if this hand something to do with pinapples. Then she spoke again before storming out. Slowly Ash turned and watched her storm away and it was only when the door slammed that he registered that something should have been said. An apology, perhaps. Though he couldn’t really remember what he needed to apologies for. He’d remember it later. With a sigh he turned and picked up one of his mended glasses, filled it with water stopping for a moment to admire his handy work on aforementioned glass. Then he turned wonky glass in hand and turned heading towards the nearby settee. Here, he would pass out until later. End of thread
  27. Invite The Drop

    Stuart patted Lauren's knee gently as she took in his explanation, before then glancing at the bags that Marie brought in. The man then stood and got out his Quillbook, scribbling down a quick message to Alan that he was going to send the bags to the hospital. He then wrote another note with Audrey's name on it, sticking it on top of the bags and then getting his wand out. A wave and a few recited words and the bags were sent off to Narrie General. They would get to where they needed to be, and he was sure that it was better than having people fighting over who was going to take the things there. Stuart was well aware of how overwhelming it was all going to be for Audrey, being a first-time mother. Having just a little less to worry about would be good for her. "You're going to be alright," Stuart said after Marie got up to get a spot prepped for Lauren, the man giving the teen a small nod, "It'd going to be overwhelming, but I think you know that. Just remember that your family are here for you. If you're unsure of something, or need some advice, or even just need someone to talk to, then you can even send me a message or something. I don't think I need to tell you much about your family, you've watched them long enough to know them well, even if interacting with them will be new. Any stumbles or mistakes are just learning steps, and people will gladly help you with understanding something if you ask." He wasn't sure what to say to her comment about not wanting to remember though. Understanding the hurt she must have spent her life feeling, the issues that had festered because of that, it would take a long time for her to be able to see past it. "The best thing you can do for yourself, is make every moment with your family count, Lauren. You're going to make a whole lot of new memories, that will eventually make those earlier ones fade a little, bit by bit. And your learning experiences will show you just how easy it is to make mistakes that you wish you could take back. We all have them, it's a very human thing, but it also allows us to grow and learn what kind of person we want to be for those around us," Stuart offered a warm smile to her, "You have a lot of potential to do so much good for others as you get older, and to make a lot of happy memories for yourself and your family. This is definitely the best place for you to be."
  28. Invite Something Happened

    Alexander's eyes narrowed towards Adele at the question where two of his fingers would pinch together and slowly slide along the length of his lips. "I can't tell, Doctor-Patient privilege!" Mostly because it was a bit fun to keep her wondering on the true teller of secrets. Though he personally found it quite adorable that she'd try to hide the talent behind that form of humbleness. A desire to hear everyone play and express themselves through the instruments had always been there and knowing that it was possible for everyone part of him wanted Caleb's idea for a Band to come to the surface in full force. Now with a brief moment of silence and a slow in his chosen activity while waiting for the treats to finish cooling and the girls to get back, thoughts rampages through his mind on the various things that had happened tonight. It was all exhausting and not just for those that had been much more impacted than himself - Adele, Jezebel, and Améa had gone through an ordeal with Lauren and Lorelei holding a heavy burden of the events that had occurred. He had started to feel a bit more lost as if the Maze of uncertainty had only grown deeper. It was uncertainty that drove at a slight uncomfortable pit at the depth of his stomach on where the next movement for their family would be, beyond dealing with the fact someone had wanted to take someone important to everyone and had been more than willing to cause pain and death to try and make that point. He leaned against the counter with his elbows rested on top of it, a hand breezed through his hair and grasped it lightly. "I'm going to have to make these days memorable for everyone. . . Which means Christmas is probably going to be a very interesting time of year." After a heavy huff pushed by his lips he'd turn around and awaited for Adele and Cassandra to come back with the blankest. Maybe building up some forts would help distract himself from the wandering thoughts.
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