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  1. Yesterday
  2. Koonyah, it wasn't a place he tended to visit on a casual basis. It had been a generally rough neighborhood, the kind of place that someone kept their head down and their eyes ahead. He didn't even have his guitar with him, was just how cautious he'd been about being around the area. However, it'd been where the Cemetery had been and every so often he needed to tend to his Adoptive Father's grave. Proper respect and accolades offered to a man who took on a burden that wasn't his to do and chose to regardless. A small aged note in hand, surrounded by a thick magically enchanted glass designed to withstand the typical everyday shift of the elements. Written on it had been a single name, 'Alexander' - the hand-writing neat and almost regal in penmanship. His other hand had been full as well, carrying a durable storm umbrella with quite an extended covering to it. Water pattered against the surface of the fabric panel, echoing within his ears. While he didn't really need to go through this extent to travel, there'd just been something about the day that called for him to take in the surroundings a bit. Not so much the Neighborhood itself but rather the weather and the coolness that offered against the skin of his hands and face. Luckily, it seemed like a good instinct and choice as he started to come upon a nearby bus stop. At first uncertain on who it had been and had been about to stick with his method of 'Don't look, keep eyes forward'. Not until he caught a glimpse of the young Flinder's features which caused him to stop and double take for a moment. "MJ? Hey there, by the looks of it you seem a bit stranded." A gentle smile curving across his face as he glanced down towards Steve, kneeling down and brushing a dry hand across the surface of his fur. "Are you alright out here? Going anywhere specific or something? I can always walk you there." He wasn't in a rush to head towards the Graveyard for his own person reflection. And it wasn't as if he actually had much to worry about in general if trouble had ran him a foul while alone. Granted, not something he would ever tell Adele - the woman worried like a Den Mother about him.
  3. "Lobster Curry?" His head tilted to the side questioningly, not that it sounded odd in of itself. He just didn't take her for the sort to eat curry and if he had to be honest he never entertained the thought before. Though no one experienced anything new by shying away from it that had just been a simple universal truth with many things. It didn't sound bad either the more he thought on it further either. "Aight, we can do that then. Probably easier on both of us that way." A low laughter falling from his lips with a quirky smile. He expected most people to tune out when he went through the process of explaining the general basics of the game when it came to each position and their job. Even more so when it came to the usual capabilities those positions are scouted for. The entire game itself had been normal for him or as normal as it could be for someone who hadn't been fully exposed to the Wizarding world while growing up in the single digit years. "Ahaha, Ya' would be surprised what could happen in the moment with those kinds of things too." Not that he would've turned down a spar with someone under proper conditions. He had long expected that Jamie most likely wasn't a Martial Artist, mostly because it didn't seem as if the man had much time for anything since signing up with the Major leagues of Quidditich. "It's a pretty good to take up earlier in life but tons of folks start later on too. Ya' know, it helps with discipline and health as much as it does in self confidence." Some people ended up with far too much confidence that they knocked on the door of Arrogance itself but it'd been a competitive enough environment that most people could be knocked back down to the humble realms. "Yea! Pretty much what Chaser is like, honestly." Tyson glanced towards her with a grin. It never popped in his mind to make that kind of relation, something new to file in the pages. "Doesn't have the same kind of thrill from it for me. Quidditich is this kind of. . . Unique freedom." Then his eyebrow arched upwards and he laughed lightly. "Ya wanted to talk a bit. Can't do that if I'm outright beating ya'." He smirked playfully while picking up his pace once more as he started to climb higher with increasing momentum. "Guess we'll just have to chat after this!"
  4. Last week
  5. There was nothing she could say or do to help Travis watch the sky with new eyes and make him forget about the changes to come, and if she ever thought she could do it, she was more delusional than she thought she was. There was nothing that could make him look up in the sky without being reminded of what was waiting for him, but wasn’t losing all hope the worst of it? Even as a human living life without hope of a better future was it even living a life? Or was it just roaming it with no direction? She once roamed with no direction, until she found the right path. She looked at him with a smile as she saw his head lift to watch the sky, she followed him and did the same. She looked at him and smiled. She liked Quidditch, she did, but there were far more important things to her now than a mere sport. “I will love the poem. Just saying I found something more than quidditch. I used to love it but … our game of tag was, and is far more exciting than any match I had, and while it was just once, I loved it, I want more.” Perhaps it was because it was with someone, she considered to be important for her. Their game held more meaning than all the matches she played, it wasn’t too hard to see how amused and happy she was during the time, almost like a shadow had been lifted and a new light was shinning upon it. She couldn’t deny that he was correct, somethings were left unsaid, but expressing one’s feelings towards something, while it could cause friendships to crumble, it sometimes makes them better and stronger. “I’m not saying it should work because you’re being open. But I’m also speaking because I’d like to know. Some feelings can’t be avoided, but if my actions hurt someone I’d like to know.” she probably would do the same as him, she’d be quiet about it, shove it deep down and will never have it see the light of day; it can also hurt the person receiving the information about the feelings, how they make someone else feel, it’s not an easy place to be either, neither of those ends are. “But I can’t completely disagree with you, because in a way, you’re right. Just don’t let it consume you.” Her finger touched his torso, in the location of his heart. It was more symbolic than anything. “And if it does start to consume you, I’m not the greatest listener, but I’m here for you.” She couldn’t rid him of that pain, but she could be there for him, to listen, to give him a hand and to help him get up. She wasn’t going to force him to speak to her, but him knowing he had someone could be helpful, in a way. Liv smiled at Travis, she was far too idealistic for her own good. “I’d like to believe that you will see it, makes me look forward for that day, to see the smile on your and everyone else’s face as they no longer have to hide.” she didn’t get tired of hopping for it, when people stop looking at one minor thing and start looking at the whole they will see what they have been missing, she at least hoped it was like that. It was hard to focus on her, she had a hard time when other did it, she would rather focus on others than herself. She wasn’t trying to be his psychiatrist, she simply wanted to be a friend, a good listener, someone that was there through the good and bad moments, someone who’s there because it wants to help a person get up if they fall. “Why wouldn’t I? I want to and you deserve it.” She smiled at Travis, she told him things she had never told anyone, expressed her darkest feelings and with his help she was starting to heal from all that, she was starting to let the light in. She couldn’t explain how comfortable she felt around him, but she knew she did, and she trusted him. Olivia tried no to laugh to hard at his comment, but a few chuckles escaped through her mouth. She honestly didn’t see anything wrong, but it was probably going to scare a few people. “You might have forgotten the naked part and then the crazy woman running after said man.” She couldn’t contain her laughter. “It’s late, there’s no one around here, but you’re probably right, we should go.” Liv swam a bit around Travis before leaving the lake. The water was much more welcoming than the soft breeze outside, nothing like a bit of temperature couldn’t fix, drying her body and her clothes, her hair remained soaked.
  6. "Yes. She has very good friends." Or a very protective family, depending on who was asked - even if not expressed publicly, Evelyn had a secret hand at vetting her daughter's friends. She didn't want her child to be hurt by people who cared little for anything but themselves, and that was why she was more than okay with the girl being so close to Amber in the first place - if there was someone who lived with her heart on her sleeve and would die for Alyona, it was her. The pair made their way to the stands. Jo had chosen one in particular that seemed to sell tea. Who was Evelyn to ever doubt a Dhampir's nose? "Well, it's been, what's the word... hectic? As I'm sure you know." It was starting to get under the blonde's skin, even if she didn't want to admit it - it had been well over half a year since the Auror Force had been turned upside down and they were still scrambling to make sense of things. It also threw a wrench into her ascension up the career ladder; but, if anything, if she were to catch a certain person herself, she'd be guaranteed a promotion or three. As she received some tea from the stand's employee upon request and paid for the beverage, she watched Jo pour herself some beer with amusement etched upon her face. "I thought it was meant to be a healthy event." She couldn't resist the jab, but the smile on her lips indicated she was merely joking. "Or are you making fun of the rest of us by stating you can afford to drink that on top of your fitness?"
  7. "I haven't forgotten, not even for a second. Though there is also nothing wrong with cleaning off your plate and relaxing to take in the moments." Dylan's head shifted towards the side. While she'd always been one to be on the track to keep going he felt this had been one of the times where things needed to be taken a bit differently. Approached with a new kind of mindset and awareness - at the very least to help prepare for the various potential life changes she might've faced going forward. "You do know yourself best, so that is fair." Who had he been to make a call on her personal state of mind or course of thought? It'd seem that time hadn't touched her in any fashion, not in the way it touched those on the outside. "I apologize for Senan." There'd been no apologetic tone within his voice, more so it'd been obvious it was more towards the manners aspect of things. "The yolk he bears isn't easily shakable. With the mantles shifted on him being in this. . . Specific place is far more of a rubbing difficulty for him." Dylan had wondered what halted the Young boy's hand from attempting the one mission that would've solved with those that he needed collected in a singular area. "Though a situation for another time." His shoulders lifted up into a light shrug. "Hey. . . Relax. . ." Alexander's voice lightly cooed into Cassandra's ear in a gentle sing-song tone. "I'm here. . .The worse of the worse is over." There'd be no chance of him just flopping over dead from the two forces inside of him fighting. He'd been 'Unified', as unified as a Male could be the eyes of the others of their kind. Without even a shred of shame, his hand reached down to gently grasp and squeeze her rear. Half because he was being cheeky and half to offer a bit more comfort to the young woman that he was alright. He wasn't entirely sure himself of the talk of this 'Mark' but didn't hold off the slight irony in his actual situation on their children being considered 'Royals'. "Stardust. . . Always the elusive." A somewhat small smile touched his lips. "Often with good reason, a rare trait for a Fae so old." He long held the same suspicion that Senan did, though for different reasons. His personal exposure to the woman, her ways and activities and knowledge. It all stemmed from someone that had been around far longer than most would've expected and that she'd camp out in a Wand Shop of all places. . . It was nearly a storybook ready to be written. "Well, yes, you did miss that. Though there is also many things beyond birth that is waiting for you to experience, to be involved in." His lips curving into a far more firmer smile, easily told that it'd been meant for Caitlin alone. "I am relaxed." Wasn't he? He didn't imagine he wasn't, though maybe she held a different image of him in that moment, opting to make her feel more at ease by actually taking a seat - albeit stiffly. On Alex's end he'd hoped attention wouldn't be brought up to the fact he still felt -slight- unease around Cait still. Certain memories of pain couldn't really be released so easily, not when he felt as if the intrusion cost everyone someone far more important in his mind. Widely smiling his head shook without any form of hesitation. "Don't worry about that, Cass. Not something you should be worried about. I'm here, so I'll be here." His lips pressing against the top of her forehead. "Better catch a seat before Cait starts to think we're just avoiding relaxing." Hand pressing against her lower back lightly.
  8. "I think I'm good, actually..." Voiced the older of the three, as looking backwards to enjoy the view was starting to give her some muscle soreness. It was time to come down, and she looked at the ground under them; they were far higher up than she suspected, and a mild sense of vertigo had a chill run down her spine. "How... How do I get down again...?" She muttered, as they hadn't gone over the procedure; last thing she wanted was to splat her body on the floor despite all the gear keeping her safe. Samantha had checked the gear beforehand, knowing it to be safe, and so she skipped right into teaching the baker the proper method. "Okay, first, plant your feet on the wall." The Bourke stated while moving back down to a climbing position - not having the luxury of gear, she'd have to go down the hard way. "Like so." She momentarily demonstrated, carefully not to lose any balance for the brief time she had to step off the platforms. Natasha imitated her somewhat awkwardly, her arms being too short for the venture. "Hold onto the rope instead, you'll be fine." Obeying after a hint of hesitation, Natasha got a grin of encouragement from the young Bourke; it was perhaps for the best that she wasn't as light-skinned as the others, as the heat bubbling under the skin of her cheeks wouldn't be so visible. "Just pretend you're sitting on a chair. After that, just move down in short leaps and keep the flow going." It wasn't a simple procedure, but the fact they not climbing an actual rock formation made things easier for all involved. It didn't take too much of a try for Natasha to get the hang of it and rappel down to ground level. As the baker made her way down, Samantha looked up at Max. "If we're going to eat, then, so much for a race upwards... But, what about a race downwards?" She wiggled her eyebrows once in good humor so to entice the redhead to join her in the silly activity, figuring they could shove a little more fun into the whole thing.
  9. Positive reinforcement, as opposite to shoving decisions down one's throat - or, at least, that's what Chloe had understood from the boy's answer in comparison to her own situation. She felt content for Aiden having had someone who provided him that type of vocal support; in a way, it reminded her of her own father, whom had always stood beside Chloe and Lexi whenever needed and indulged in their antics hands-on. While the man had never pushed the Sturt towards any sort of career path, she figured she would likely feel similarly if she had taken a liking to baking and he had motivated her to continue, instead of making her. The question was promptly tossed back to her court; for someone who usually had replies automated to the tip of her tongue when it came to things about herself, that time it gave her pause. What did she want to do with her life? If she could do anything, what would she devote her being to? Silence reigned as Chloe turned her head away a second time. She looked down at the front end of the spaceship swing, brows furrowing mildly as the frustrating question kicked up a storm her brain. The first thing that came to mind, so drilled into her mind as it was, was to possibly pursue MMA as her mother wished. A resounding 'no' echoed out in her mind in response: competition was her antithesis and she believed in cooperation. Such was her aversion that the very thought of stepping into a cage to battle sent a shiver down her spine entirely dissociated with the cold temperature surrounding the pair. An alternative that her mother had presented was to become a permanent instructor at the dojo. While the component of 'teaching' itself was enticing, the highly competitive environment had a similar reaction out of her. Then came the second activity she was periodically pushed to pursue, mostly her grandparents: anything to do with 'those computer things', in their words. Chloe had always taken a liking to programming and robotics, but, despite the large amount of time she had spent in broadening her horizons in the topic, something in her told her she wouldn't want to sit behind a computer desk for the rest of her days. The fact her passion on the subject wasn't a constant didn't help as it was the first thing she gave up on when crushed by responsibilities earlier in the year. "...This is a difficult question..." The girl muttered while trying to push her train of thought forward. She realized she was thinking more about what she didn't want to do rather than what she would enjoy, but her tastes were so eclectic regarding what she did have a weakness for that it only served to add onto the conclusion. A hand let go of the chain so to pinch the bridge of her nose to bring herself to focus - the last thing she needed was a headache over the whole thing. "Would it be cheating if I said 'anything my mother doesn't have a say on' rather than picking out a specific profession?" She tried, as it was the only solid conclusion she had managed to land on. If anything, it told her that some soul searching was in order, but did she even have the time to do that at that point?
  10. With their picnic in place, Vladimir was admittedly caught in simply watching Améa as she settled herself and prepared everything to her liking. There was a smile on her face that caused him to want to smile back, completely unbidden and against his usual protocol of keeping his emotions to himself. But, as time had gone by with Améa, and as he'd allowed himself the luxury of cultivating and relishing in this world that they had formed with one another, he found that he didn't mind smiling. The hurt wasn't there anymore - not when Améa made it go away. It was perhaps for the best that Vladimir did not know of the cover story that Améa had given to Mary. Not that Vladimir had any shame for the relationship he had with Améa right now, save for the fact that she was still yet a married woman for all intents and purposes where oaths and promises were considered. That did not make Vladimir fret in the slightest. No, his concern would be the reaction of Stuart and Adele were they to find out, and worse if their reaction was... less than enthusiastic, put mildly so. But, he supposed they could deal with that when the time came. Vladimir followed Améa's lead to keep things in their private sphere for now. So it was decreed, and so it would be done. Her words and her smiled buoyed his own to increase before his expression settled to something a little softer as he let go of her hand to reach for a slice of apple. Lord above, he was sure his facial muscles had had no reason to smile this much in longer than he could care to count. "It is poetry of this world, in an older form of English than what we are used to in this day and age," he explained once he had polished away the apple slice. "As I am sure there are famous poets of your world, so too were there poets here. One of the most famous of them all was Shakespeare. I know of others, but they are in Russian and to that language, I know you are not familiar with." Perhaps one day he could at least show her the nuances of the language, but for now... this was more than enough. "A sonnet is a poem of a particular type, that has fourteen sentences... Oft used to convey a story or a theme, as Elizabeth Barrett Browning had done," Vladimir explained further, before his brow formed a line of focus as he recited from memory, "When our two souls stand up erect and strong, face to face, silent, drawing nigh and nigher, until the lengthening wings break into fire. At either curvèd point,—what bitter wrong can the earth do to us, that we should not long be here contented? Think. In mounting higher, the angels would press on us and aspire to drop some golden orb of perfect song into our deep, dear silence. Let us stay rather on earth, Belovèd,—where the unfit contrarious moods of men recoil away and isolate pure spirits, and permit a place to stand and love in for a day, with darkness and the death-hour rounding it." He let himself smile at Améa and said, "And that, my dear Ruella, is but one example... That sonnet there was of two spirits, connected, a wedding of souls as it were." There was a confession waiting on the tip of his tongue that he eventually let drop in the face of the sonnet and of their privacy. "I must admit, when you speak in English it reminds me of the old ways of English, of poetry being spoken, and I do like it so."
  11. Like a horse? How would Samantha have managed to keep a horse on school grounds? The idea felt pretty out there, even for someone as wild as the Spencer. A shiver ran down her spine as she pictured a fully grown horse trying to munch on her hair as if it were hay as opposed to a simple pygmy puff harmlessly tugging at it, like Harvey did constantly. Usually, the smaller the creature the more it creeped Amber out, but the pink ball of fluff was an exception she was willing to make when compared to the notion of having to run across the Bushland after a horse instead. A sense of deja vu set in, however; hadn't Lauren mentioned something about horses before? Amber was fairly certain it was on QuillBook, but she couldn't remember the details. What was with this girl and horses? A bout of panic and a stick to the face ruined whatever plan existed of bringing such a matter up, attention forced towards those predicaments instead. Harvey was promptly restrained by the Sturt without much struggle. To Amber's amazement, it seemed that the cloth surrounding it brought some sense of comfort to the pygmy puff - enough for it to fall asleep on the spot, as it were. "The hell...?" The girl muttered under her breath when she noticed the creature's eyes closing as it nodded off, once she stopped shielding her face from imaginary danger. She was given little time to process the matter as Lauren rushed her along, and the young athlete kept up seamlessly with her acquaintance after she spoke up. "If ya don't care if she kills me, why are you helpin' me out?" She decided to ask in confusion as her mind finally caught up to what had been said a few moments before. "Makes no sense, you know." It was a good thing that Harvey wasn't waking up with the sound of her voice. It likely meant she didn't have to feed it any bugs from then on, which was, by all accounts, a victory.
  12. She took the hand, raising herself from the ground, stumbling slightly as he said the words you're worth it. There was that twisting feeling again, and this time she shoved it as far back as it would go. He was making jokes, this was not the time to get all weird. Compliments and appreciation, however undeserved, had always been something of an aphrodisiac. Finally on her feet, she wiped those sweaty palms across her jeans, before raising her hands to pull her hair back and tie it in place. "Magic comes with exertion, Stuart," she said. "We can't all let a jolly stick do the work for us." It was true enough. There was a physical cost to weaving magic the way they did, and while that bit of air might not have quite explained her sweaty palms, it was all she could reach for. Adele composed herself while Stuart tidied up the gravesite, said goodbye. Did he have to bend like that? Adele averted her gaze, but found herself drawn back by some overwhelming force of nature. Fortunately, what he said next was enough to break her out of that. "You came out here without a helmet?" she hissed, reaching out and slapping his arm as if he were an unruly child. "Reckless, stupid, ridiculous.... mortal!" She was definitely going to tell Jezebel on him. Maybe Mary too. What if he had come off? The terrain out here was flat, sure, but the windy tracks he spoke of had dips and ditches were creeks used to wind through. Holes dug and hidden hills built by bikers who wanted a little variety in their ride. Adele didn't care how good of a rider Stuart was, to come out here without any sort of head protection was just dumb. "I'm not scared. Not for me, anyway," she shrugged. "You, on the other hand, are going to have to explain to your daughters why you saw fit to tempt an early grave. Don't think I won't tell them."
  13. Earlier
  14. "Yea, my bad. In my school we didn't really learn French." It'd been a unique language where the pronunciations often denoted it as such, though most of Tallygarunga's offers had been towards other different cultures in the magical realms. It did remind him that there had been others out the world that had been Human and spoke in their own different dialect, something that he knew would make for an equally impressive resume for his official Auror application whenever he took up the chance to do it after University. After she'd taken the book and assured everything had been in order he started to stand up, palms of his hand brushing across the surface of his clothing. "Couldn't let ya' pay. I did extend the invitation after all." It hadn't been so much about the fact that she bumped into him that made her liable in his eyes, as the person that extended the invitation it was his responsibility to follow through with it. He couldn't find it in himself to change that stance just because of the circumstances and it had served him well enough through his years. Finding no reason to truly change or alter it for the time being. As she leaned forward, her front brushing against his arms, his mind hadn't thought much of it. "My bad, seems I keep getting in the way here." The way he thought hadn't been as most in or near his age, most probably would've paid far more attention to the fact the young teen had a well-shaped bust. His mind, however, went to the fact she felt far more athletically fit than she seemed to at first glance. Even by a brush of their bodies he held the idea that she perhaps may have been into ballet or something far more intensive like Gymnastics. "Aight, I'll let you pay for the lollipops even though I shouldn't be over-extending here. Just means I'll need to work all of it out later." He shrugged, it wasn't as if he lacked options for exercise either and a bit more of a shift wouldn't or at least, shouldn't, hurt too much for his regiment. "Let's get em' paid for then before he start bumping into entire shelves and knocking them over."
  15. At the start of the Tallygarunga Break, Jonathan had taken Saffron for that small bit of time, while it lasted a few weeks before the term shifts he found it gave ample enough time in bursts to get a better idea of the daughter he never had the chance to know or understand. It placed him in a peculiar situation, having to not only keep her safe but mostly a secret from majority of his 'associates' that would see her as a target or even see her mother as a target. That had been a nightmare he wasn't fond of reliving, knowing that it could always be right around the corner either for what he was within his veins or what he had been in career that ran almost every aspect of his life. She'd been a strong willed young girl, one that he found reminded him quite a lot of Holly during their Tally years. Whether that had been a good thing or bad thing? He wasn't sure yet but he knew that in the end, Holly turned out to be a phenomenal woman by his standards. Energetic and crazy, spontaneous and though he wouldn't entirely admit it so easily it'd been those old traits emphasized in her now adult life that reminded him of the heated moments they often shared with one another in the past. Not a minute late or a minute early from the specified time, his hand raising up to wrap the edge of his knuckles against the door with a gentle hand resting on the top of Saff's head. In only a short time she'd become an important part of his life, often he berated himself and not Holly for the time that he'd missed. Alas, everything happened for a reason, an ancient belief often spoken amongst his own grandparents when he deigned to meet or see them. "We're here, Holly." His voice carried with a strength, not in any manner to rush the woman but at least to make her aware that they'd arrived. Though he did want her to rush, at least to be able to see her far sooner. The longer he stared at the door the lengthier it seemed the time had been even though barely half a millisecond even passed. "Make sure you have everything, Saffron. I don't think I will be able to travel back within the week to give you it all in a timely manner." A courtesy warning for her to double check that everything had been in order before they would have to depart from one another. He did have far more time currently to spend.
  16. The redhead looked at the blonde, confusion was plastered all over the young girl’s face. Robin tried not to laugh but thought it would be better to explain. “Glinda is my mother. I don’t have a mobile phone but my home phone turns voice in to text.” Robin finally explained and hopefully it would make the girl more at ease, which seemed to be a complicated task, Robin wasn’t sure how to help with the situation, but then again, the whole thing was quite strange, the redhead had to admit that her whole approach to it seemed … shady. Robin smiled t the girl and then looked down at Steve, which seemed to be nuzzling her leg. Robin was about to kneel to pet the dog once again but luckily she looked at the girl before doing so. “We’re shooting mostly sights, so you should bring your eyes and your creativity, you’re going to need those a lot.” Robin said in a joking tone, but she could see how everything she had said could make things potentially worse for the younger girl. “You need to be able to know what would look good and what doesn’t, you know have a creative spirit. I’ll be taking all the equipment necessary and you can bring Steve if you want.” Robin wasn’t sure if the dog himself was going to help the girl be more comfortable, but if it helped Robin was willing to take a chance and let Steve tag along, perhaps he could even give some ideas about what they could do. “I’ll see you tomorrow then?” Robin spoke a bit inquisitive but didn’t bother to stick around to listen to MJ’s answer to it as she quickly faded into one of the stores.
  17. It had been a little while since she had popped into Aiden's room to talk in the middle of the night, thought she was also far more cautious about doing that at the school as well, since she realised what kinds of rumours and complications it could stir up now if she was caught. She never wanted to get him into that kind of trouble there, despite the fact that everything was completely innocent between them. She did, however, miss spending time with him and talking about those things that she seemed to have trouble talking to others about, even if she couldn't explain full stories on what bothered her. Tonight was more so a whim, really. She just wanted to say hello. It was school holidays, and she knew that her attendance had been less and less, since she refused to take classes that she would not gain anything from. She did not use magic the way wizards did, it was pointless for her to attend classes that taught a completely difference manner of casting that she could never apply. She was still in HoM though, and Muggle Studies, theory classes that she could at least learn from. But Aiden was a studious boy, and Lorelei would never bother him in class. Nor did she want to interrupt any time he spent with other friends. Or perhaps it was nice just to have their own secret meetings, where they could talk without fear of judgement. Still, it was without any warning that the teenager suddenly appeared in his room, though her gaze was cast toward his window in case it was an inopportune time or he was getting dressed, or was in his underwear or something. She cleared her throat and smiled lightly. "Hello Aiden! How are you doing this evening?"
  18. "Events are good," Matt nodded. The Just Do It campain was going alright, but that was more of a town thing. He needed something that would bring people to the Roo specifically. But what did the town want? What did it need? He'd been gone too long to really know anymore, Phil was too tired to contribute and Kate wasn't much help. She was a Melbourne girl, always and forever. She would never quite understand the heart and soul of Narrie, her best suggestion so far had been a champagne brunch, which had made Matt laugh so hard he almost threw himself off the couch. "I'm gonna get Adam to come out, see what we can do about making the old place look a little more modern, but there's not much point in that if we don't get people through the door." For a moment, he closed his eyes, remembering the Roo as it had been when he first stepped foot in it. No restaurant then, no food at all. No function room. Just the main bar, a sticky wooden floor, dingy lighting and a thick haze of smoke that filled the room. Aging patrons, most with nothing else in their lives but the bar, so rooted in their seats day-in-day-out the dull wood had worn to their impression. A quiet place, a sad place. Full of cloudy half-washed glasses and broken dreams. At least they hadn't gone back that far. Matt would never let that happen. Not while he had the ability to stop it. "What about a talent concert? Like one of them reality shows? Drunken Roo's Got Talent, or Narrie Idol... or something? You reckon people will go for it?"
  19. "Now we're on the same wavelength here." Travis nodded in a smooth motion a few times while settling against the counter with a casual grace. His attention shifted slightly towards the collection of students that pooled together. A few of them had been those he encountered often, others were passing glances within the hallways. His attention turned back towards the Bartender with a brief shift of his hand running through his hair. He didn't mind tipping her, understanding the need to have to work and provide for many of ones own enmities. The glance he had taken of his fellow students only hastened the agreed nod that he offered Tayla; Why wouldn't she bored with a bunch of people that couldn't order anything interesting to brew up? "Man, I do like hearing that I'm not wrong." A cheeky grin stretched along his face, a hint of playfulness twinkled within his gaze. "Then it's a good thing I walked in here! I'm known for turning a dull moment into an interesting one!" His hand rose up quickly as if to form a gesture of defense. "Don't worry, I'm not going to go making your job harder." While a food fight would've been a good way to churn things up a bit he didn't think the Owner would've found it the same way. His head shook while his lips curved into another smile though far smaller. "To some people there wouldn't be much to do. But that's only for those that don't like to step out for a little adventure." Narrie's extensive Bushland's offered a wealth of interesting encounters for himself. If it could do the same for another? He wasn't entirely sure but there'd been no harm in attempting so with a proper guide. "There's hanging by the creek out in the Bushlands. That's pretty good for those that want to taste the outdoors and find their way back home without running into anything." Travis' gaze narrowed for a moment. "Of course, the daring, those that want to try for something a bit more fun go far, far deeper." His posture straightens after and a suave shrug flows from his shoulders. "But I wouldn't recommend it without knowing the signs or being with someone that knows the signs. If you're looking for that kind of fun I can definitely take you through there." While he'd only met a few individuals that could navigate their way perfectly through the thicket, there hadn't been any that came to mind to him that held the edge that he did. "I actually found a little pup out there once. Took him home mostly because he wouldn't leave me alone." He snickered.
  20. "You don't need to thank me, you know. . ." Travis lowly replied in a somewhat awkward manner. It felt weird being thanked in general, even weirder if it'd been Meadow doing the thanking. Wasn't it expected that he would try to do something good or positive for someone that he held a deep concern and care for? "It would be really odd for me to go to some other country and come back with nothing for you, of all people." A shrug slowed from his shoulders, he could understand why it would be surprising in general, however. He'd been pretty sure the young teen didn't get much in way of gifts without it being some form of special occasion. His direct eyesight traced to meet her gaze, she didn't believe him, did she? Not that he'd attempted to dissuade her in any way of finesse, even the wording he used would've been something to invite even further concern now that he dwelled on it more in the moment. If she'd stared at him for a moment longer, chances are, he'd have broken and told her the reason behind the physical and social distance in the moment. Luckily, it didn't come to that, he hadn't wanted to ruin his friendship with her because of something that could never be truly reciprocated, for emotions that were better off buried and never forgotten whether positive or negatively afflicted. "Hey, My Jasmine enjoys the nicknames I slap on her." A small smile stretched across his face. "And I don't think I have Amber's style of nicknaming down, that's a pretty unique trait for her to have." Though now that it'd been brought up, Amber did seem to just whip out nickname for Sam as if it were a trust pocket-knife of names, didn't she? "Compared to you? Probably, that or she'll end up feeding some to her pup." He'd been glad that Remi had managed to get another pet that could help keep her company while she had no actual family around as a proper support system, at least she made friends that would be more than willing to be there and assist. "Still haven't worked out a concrete plan for the parental issues?" He asked while leaning forward and balancing his arms on top of his knees. "And don't stress the exams too much, Amy, you'll do fine. A step at a time, okay?"
  21. The soft surface of her lips pressed against his own, a gentle sigh exhausted passed his nostrils and his eyes closed while he allowed his mind to drown within the moment of contentment that had been offered to him by her. That same willing gentleness, the feeling of mutual connection that they'd share just moments ago had been amazing but the kiss she'd given him had taken the current moment a notch higher as it fueled a sense of affectionate adrenaline through his body. It caused his heart to beat quickly, feeling that intentional heat that fueled from such a simple touch, from her hand that caressed his cheek while their lips continued to meet in a slowly built momentum. 'The One', it hadn't been a concept or thought he'd ever entertained and that time he wouldn't have known that Maxine had been that person, that he could've missed such a chance because of the distance he often kept people at. Her effect on him hadn't died down, not since the first time that his body had caught hint of the way she made him feel. It'd known before he mentally knew, that subconscious awareness. After this, he knew, it was going to be nearly impossible to keep his hands off of her in all the right ways. "Funny, that's the way I would describe it too." His eyes trailed towards hers to stare into them. "It's that knowledge of knowing everything will turn out alright." Even if, in that moment, things looked as if they would go down a darker or harmful path he knew that they would've found a way to deal with it. Some things only worked when individuals were of like mind and he felt that had been the case with himself and Max even with their differences. Feeling her lips once more against his own pushed a sense of being desired through just that touch alone again. "We can stay as long as you like, I don't think there's anything pressing that we need to do." Between the oil, their bodies, and the heat that she pulled from inside of him - there'd been quite the warmth. There'd never been a moment in his life that he could recount that such a torrent of positive emotions flowed and flooded through him, it all felt good and the want for it to keep up is one of the reasons that fire kept stoked within. A course of air passed through his nostrils and his eyes closed softly as her forehead pressed against his. "I know you won't, I have faith in you. That and your sheer dedication and stubbornness." Had there been anyone -more- stubborn than his Maxine? Probably not. Though he also had no intention of letting her walk-away so easily without fighting for her, nor had he planned to allow himself to walk away or be taken away without a fierce fight. "Mmm, I didn't think you would just leave me." He offered her a wide smile, over time, it had become a far more genuine one within her presence. Others? It'd seem plastic, trained, though she held a power over him that no other could claim. "Don't think I would let you have all of the good lines though, Max. I would drag you back from anywhere even if I need burn the entire world to find you. . ." Perhaps a far darker approach towards things but Senan had been no angel by anyone's true definition of the word for a human. If she hadn't know the extent of his love and desire to keep her for himself before he'd been sure the young woman knew of it now. "Happy Birthday, Max. I plan to give you many more great ones."
  22. The bird followed Robin’s instructions, it was something easy to do, considering that the bird should be able to understand what Robin was saying and it was basically just to click a button. The young redhead watched as the bird moved curiously around the camera as it tried to hit the button that Robin had mentioned. The bird continued to try and hit the button until a clicking sound was heard. She smiled as the bird succeeded to click the button pressing her hands together, almost like a clap to congratulate such achievement. Robin was about to speak when she noticed the bird’s little fumble and chuckled lightly as she watched the nighthawk trying to regain its balance by jumping back and forth on the camera before gliding off to safety. “Are you alright little buddy?” she asked curious about how her new little friend was hanging. “I bet it’s a great picture. I can show it to you tomorrow, or whenever I get around to print them.” Robin spoke as she put the camera away to watch the bird. “Will you be around tomorrow? I can stop by, maybe we can watch other animals together.”
  23. "I'm Chloe," the younger girl introduced herself in turn. She even went so far as to switch the cat's position in her arms so that she could free her right hand for a handshake, though she withdrew it to wipe off the perspiration that had formed on it. "…Sorry about that." Frost, too, mewed in reply. A small smile appeared upon Tayla's face; the combination of Chloe's embarrassment and the cat's mew were too much. "I'm a bartender," she laughed, shrugging it. "I've seen loads worse than sweat, believe me," she assured her that. People could get up to some really idiotic things when they were drunk, not that Tayla didn't have her own share of first-hand experience there. "But it's nice to meet you, Chloe," she nodded, following it up with, "…and Frost." Her eyes were drawn to the cat's blue ones. He certainly did seem to be a cheeky little thing, didn't he?
  24. His gaze shifted away from her slightly, there hadn't been anything he felt that needed to be added from his end of things. The fact he even left himself lean towards some kind of deeper discussion had already been hit for him on whether or not he should be speaking in the first place. It simply just wasn't something he enjoyed allowing himself to do, it had been an oddity, words on a tongue that he felt shouldn't be speaking in such a way. Perhaps every had their point where it just flowed and happened but he often wished that it simply didn't when it came from him. It drew far too much attention and, much like Liv, it would've ended up getting people to tune in more towards him, an opposite effect than what he sought from most of life around him. "Aren't you the little romantic? You could've changed it to anything and you decide to still stick my song analogy?" Travis chuckled lightly and shook his head in a gentle sway. Not that he'd been judging that by much but the idea that she'd been the type to enjoy that particular reference gave him more of an idea when it came to the type of woman she'd been as much as the type of person. "They're missing tons of heartbreak and maybe a bit of teasing depending on the person." Certainly wasn't a secret that Travis tended to have the spark in him when it came to poking at people for a bit of fun, not just for himself but also for their own state of mind to avoid taking the small things far too seriously. When it came to. . . Certain people it almost always failed simply due to the stick stuffed far too up their hinds. Travis lowered his gaze in a slow drift towards their connected hands, the squeezed touch left ripples for him that he could still feeling almost as if it had been done with strength. The only thing behind it had been the strength of deep care, holding all the weight of physical heaviness. Then his sights lifted up once more, trained on Liv's eyes in a long stare. Unaware of how he should feel in that very moment, glad that someone wanted to remind him? Confused that she'd been willing to get so close, offering him such softness? "You know, you're probably setting yourself for a lot of hard work." The sound of his voice had been an obvious tease in the way it formed. "The lakes?" The young man parroted in some surprise, he didn't think she still had that much energy and endurance in her after the day spent with him chasing her and even tackling the woman down. Albeit, not with his full strength, still he'd been quite surprised. "I don't even know if I can get sick by normal means anyways. I mean, normal maladies would compromise my system yet. . . My system is actually quite intense and well defended." It even crossed his mind a few times, could the Vampirism effect even work on? Many stories had been written contrasting it but this hadn't been a story, not at all. "But if you still have that much energy in you, then sure we can go swimming." He wasn't sure if the woman naturally carried a bathing suit with her but he'd been sure he could lend her something of his own to cover up with, have fun in without having to swing by her place or even the school's housing for Staff members. "We can go swimming, Liv. If we go running then you'll just end up giggling on the ground again." He smirked while the tips of his fingers walked along her arm in a paced trail. "Come on." Travis started to sit up a bit more, leg swinging further out and away from the couch. "You can use a spare T-Shirt and Shorts, I have more than a few."
  25. Deep within his beast-ridden mind there existed a primal cunning, the first strike against the door had been all it took to deter the thought that it could even be considered as a good idea to try a second time. Not until a proper opening would suffice, it hadn't been the exact design of the usual prison either. It had to open at some point, didn't it? To say that the hunger that welled up in this transformed state would've been an understatement. It had almost been its own entity, a pit that could never truly be filled or satisfied, it crossed into a twisted perversion of need and want to not only tear apart Humankind but to simple devour them, for the sake of it being at the top of the unnatural food chain. As well as the understanding that it'd been the -only- prey that mattered, nothing else could or would do. While his mentality was animilistic yet monsotorous, there lingered no sense of morality, just simple natural instinct. The mind of beings that were Human or Human-like had been distinguishbly different from that with animals. With an attempt at establishing companionship with such awarness only caused him to recoil with an aggressive and highly threatening snarl audibly that rumbled through his maw. Now, he stalked about within his cellar-based prison almost as if the impatience of not being able to reach that goal that sat on the otherside of the door. Taunting, always taunting, that was how his mind perceived it - Why else would some tasty morsel lock him inside and sit on the otherside? Just out of arms reach? Her way of alerting him to her powerful nature didn't cause him to recoil, rather, it flared in his mind as if it were a challenge upon his -own- territory. Everywhere he stood was his, to roam it, to claim it, to hunt upon the lands only to be met with constant caging. Knowing that there could be the slightest chance that the individual on the otherside of the door could slip up is what kept him pacing still. What Lorelei had been trying to coax to calm down had been pure unfiltered aggression towards her very presence. While it may have eased enough to keep him from tilting slightly off of the eventual deep-end that would occur later that night it wasn't enough to evaporate what had been innate to the new state of mind in the light of the full moon. His mind had been a cautionary alarm, that he'd only been similar to a true wolf yet the true divergence had been the difference in that raging aggression, his would always be present against her in the current state of being. Her lulled sleep offered only silence, the time of contemplation as the creature realized the chances of actively satisfying the state of a hunger that couldn't end would elude it once more. With teeth beared as the thin line of its snout trembled and stretched across the jagged sharp rows that layered along his mouth. Heated huffing and then. . . The Frenzy, his snout slowly opened and a nearly inhumane howl bellowed before his claws raised up, the sharp prongs sat at the side of each shoulder then dragged down in a painful and hatefully raged pace, prolonging the effect of it that richocheted across his body, there'd been obvious pain as any blood and flesh creature would feel yet it had been entirely nullified from the madness and adrenaline that pushed through his body and mind. Morning broke. . . And Travis laid huddled in a dark corner of the cellar, declothed due to the transformation several pools of blood that left an easily trackable trail by sight that led towards the narrowed area he found himself awakening in. Marisol Franklin The nights of the full moon were perhaps always the far more stressful parts of the month for her. Not because she held any Lycanthropy genes but rather that her own child had contracted the disease and for the last few years it'd been a strain on the life they once held, not in just the sacrifices of her husband to protect what they had always believed to be a positive addition into the world but for the young man, Travis, who wouldn't know the reins of a normal life in any capacity. A truly loving Mother's worry knew no bounds and the dreading call that he would've never showed up for the proper check in always haunted her. While she couldn't always be there to make sure that he did due to work and the various projects that had been going to better the lives of those who faced such difficulties through Government programs and the need of better facilities, she did try her best to keep as much awareness as had been possible. That was why when the Minister or Magic himself called the woman her heart sank into the wicked pool and depths of anxiety. Concern wouldn't cut it to explain just how worried she'd been, how many scenarios that ran through her mind that someone that held a position several leagues ahead of her own would be the one to deliver a call. The details spoken to her didn't stay held in her mind, the more prominent words being, 'You're son's here and he's okay. But you need to bring him something.' had been on repeat, like a broken record. To the point she took the first transportation back that she could to her own home first, gathering up several essentials. Clothing, temporary bandages, and what seemed to be more a salve - despite her son's insistence that he didn't need such a thing she felt that it made no sense not to assist the process far more neatly than just waiting for wounds to heal just because the regeneration factor had been supernatural in origin due to the disease. By the time she arrived at the Blair Household morning had already peaked, the wave of exhaustion kept at bay from the state mind she found herself in. Under far more normal circumstances, visiting a prominent household of a Ministry member often prompted her to dress in her best. Presentation had been key, unfortunately, this hadn't been that kind of visit and the way she looked hadn't crossed her mind to evaluate. Dark Brown hair tied back in a disheveled bun, a sign that she had no time to place the strands back into place from her expedited trip back, eyes laced with heavy bags and dark circles that showed generally sleep wasn't a friend of hers and it certainly held her no love the previous night. A Navy-blue dress-jacket with matching business skirt with a white button-up shirt underneath had given off the current disorganization she’d been under. The coat had been wrinkled at the sleeves, creases lined the dress most likely from nearly power-walking her entire way there, and the shirt had been pulled out from the skirt’s hemline for better ease in movement rather than to look prim and proper. Marisol greeted Stu as respectfully as she could, after all, the circumstances in her mind had been dire. She just couldn't shake the thought that the Minister's involvement meant things were at a critical point and that just maybe no turning back. Yet, the atmosphere didn't show that concern to be justified, as she's led through the grandoise home which had dwarfed her own in so many ways. Descending the steps in a graceful haste as high-heels weren't the kind of shoes one should be running anywhere in a hurry. "No, no. . . He should've known better." The woman responded towards Lorelei, there had been a firmness in her voice but not one out of maliciousness or harshness. It'd been stern yet comforting, the presence and aura that radiated from a woman that had to raise a child in general without a second force to help in the rearing process. Especially such a. . . Difficult child. Her hand pressed against the surface of her forehead. "Teenagers. . . I just don't know what I'm going to do with -mines-." There wasn't much more that could be done, once the School year ends the choices he held would be his own and the responsibilities therein would be in full force hovering over his shoulders. On a gleaming glance of the Cellar doors it looked as if it had been safe to approach, it was in this moment that she had to harden herself. Eyes closing and pushing her mindset, not willing to allow worry to win the bout first. After. . . Maybe after. Upon opening the door she set the bag that had the gathered items just on the inside and shut it the door gently. Holding no time to investigate the sceen to offer the older teen in the basement some privacy. "Get your clothes on, Travis. We're going to have a -long- discussion about that recklesnsess of yours."
  26. "I figured." It was no surprise either. Anger could cloud one's judgment, and it was what had been dominating Olivia's thought processes when she got there, from what May could gather based on the stinging red mark imprinted upon her otherwise pale cheek; however, a small part of her couldn't help but wish the Veela would stay angry and lash out. That she would make May repent for the grave sin she committed against the younger of the two. She felt like living under the Ministry's thumb for the duration of her lifetime wasn't that great a punishment in comparison to what she put Olivia through, even if she perceived it as well intentioned and necessary. Despite the heaviness of the topic in discussion, the Dhampir visibly perked up at the mention of Tallygarunga, although she didn't say a word pertaining it. Olivia worked there? It was downright miraculous that May hadn't ran into her there before, with having to go there semi-regularly to provide her little brother with his sustenance. She was unsure if she should mention Ian's existence to the woman just yet, but perhaps it was too soon to do so to begin with. It was likely the type of information that Olivia shouldn't aware of in any case. "...Alright. Thank you." She gave her a grateful nod of the head. "I was thinking of visiting her, to be honest... But I figured it would be wiser to wait for this meeting first. I'll go as soon as I'm able." She felt bad for leaving the woman hanging - she was fairly certain news of her own return had already reached her ears - but now that she hopefully had all the time in the world, she should take things slow and not make any rushed mistakes anymore. Minimally patching things up with Olivia was one of those things, if not the most important one in her mind and heart.
  27. "I know..." The younger of the two imparted once a mild sigh escaped her lips. If only there were actual means of expressing how grateful MJ was for her sister's support; hell, her existence. Nevertheless she didn't relent, hard at work with cleaning the few dishes used in the extravagant breakfast she had been served several minutes before. It was having a bit of a placebo effect to calm her worried, despite her being entirely conscious of that fact. It was something. She knew her worries would never go away regardless, even if Aspen suddenly stopped pampering her. Ultimately, it was a bit of a catch-22. "That's a good idea." She nodded as the water stopped running, and she put up the various kitchenware to dry. The blonde wiped her hands on a towel hanging from a lower cabinet before finally turning and facing her sister. "We should probably hide the cake first, though, or Justice might make a beeline for it." Despite the worry, she couldn't help injecting the little joke into the conversation; though, knowing their luck, Steve was probably already sniffing the air and looking for the diabetes-inducing concoction. "I'll go wake him up." She nodded to herself before smiling at her sister and disappearing into the house. It would be a long, cheerful day - the kind the Clarke family needed.
  28. Pillow or no pillow it didn’t matter to her, she would rather hold his hands than to have the pillow separating them, that was something she knew for sure. She didn’t see him wanting to be closer to her a selfish action or desire, it wasn’t wrong to wanting to be close to others unless the desire was only one-sided and would potentially cripple another person’s life, which it wasn’t the case in this situation. “It’s not selfish.” perhaps under other circumstances, it could be considered selfish. “And I’d love to hold your hands, since you’re so afraid they might wander then I’ll keep them safe and close to mine.” he was probably apprehensive, they could both fall under the same feeling as before, part of her wouldn’t regret it, the other part would wish that she wasn’t just leaning in on emotion, she wanted to know and to feel, both at the same time consciously. He just needed to give it time, just because something could be a bit easier for her didn’t mean it had to be easier for others. What they had was much more than a simple physical relationship, much more than just passion, she had no doubt about it. Max laid next to Senan, she made herself comfortable before closing her eyes. “I have faith that you will learn how to not be a slave to passion and hormones, in due time.” She spoke as she leaned her head to him. It was different from what had happened the first time, when they watched the movie, or earlier in the living room, while one their feelings were unknown to one another and then the soft caring touch of receiving comfort, this seemed more thoughtful, more meaningful. “But I trust you.” She thought it was something that needed to be said, perhaps hearing her would somehow help him. Max curled up a little as she got even closer to him, she was just happy there, being so close. Now that it was time to rest the events that led to that moment played in her mind, there was no use into trying to make sense of them, she loved the outcome of it, unexpected and yet perfect. It didn’t take long for Max to start to lose track of her thoughts, she was completely relaxed and slowly her mind began to drift away as she fell asleep.
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