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November, 2019 :: Spring

Narragyambie Life

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  2. Invite Where there are ghosts, there are spooks

    Robin Shaw
    Robin stared at Jamie for a little while confused about what he was saying. What was there to remember? She got in the room and he mentioned something about a treasure map but then he found the box and then showed it her. She thought for a little while about what he meant as she watched him put the box away, her eyes quickly shifted towards it and followed it attentively, almost as she wished to pick it up again, to touch it, to feel the sweet and soft feeling it gave her. The redhead’s attention shifted from the box and towards Jamie once more when he grasped her shoulder, her eyes landed on his as his lips moved, she tilted her head curiously at him. “What do you mean not right?” the more she looked at him the more confused she appeared to be. What was he talking about? Was he going crazy? Was he pulling a prank one her? His words made no sense to her, she wasn’t the one that found the box, it was him. Did he think she’d let go of such beautiful thing if she had been the one to find it? Obviously, she wouldn’t let it go, probably wouldn’t even let him touch it in the first place. “I don’t sense anything strange in here…the wizard living in this house probably studied artefacts, that’s why this room looks weird.” she roamed around the room, each step trying to get closer to the box, but maybe she could go there when Jamie wasn’t with her, maybe he wanted the box all to himself. “Let’s search for a treasure map and then we leave? Or do you want to go now?” her words didn’t sound very convincing, the effects of the box still calling out to her, to trap her in an unsuspecting hypnosis.
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  4. Invite Company So Fowl

    The redhead wasn’t sure what else she could tell the girl, and if the girl couldn’t do any of them it was going to be very hard for her to know the truth. Robin looked at her, she couldn’t see any other solution. Natasha would probably need to push through in order to get the answers for her questions. “If you can’t talk to them, then I have no idea what else you can do. Besides, just strike one of them with the fact and watch their reaction.” unless both her parents were dead there was no reason for her not to be able to talk to them, the only other thing that remained was Natasha not wanting to talk to neither of them, which could be a valid reason, in this situation Robin didn’t see why the girl wouldn’t. She wanted to know about her heritage, why wasn’t she willing to make a sacrifice and reach out to both her parents? Robin couldn’t do anything else about it. “Well, if you really want to know, I advise you to figure out how you’re going to approach them, assuming both your parents are alive.” She shrugged. Giving advice wasn’t Robin’s expertise, she was never good at taking advise either, so, helping someone who needed guidance wasn’t something she was comfortable doing. “But you can always live without knowing the truth behind it I suppose, but if I find something I know how to find you, and you can easily find me as well.”
  5. Watch Your Step

    Catching up to Lauren didn't feel like it was the best idea she had in her life, but Amber still felt like it was one of the more practical ones. She took off at a mild jogging pace, not looking back, feeling quite relieved that her arm didn't jolt in pain from the impact her steps made on the pavement - it certainly allowed for a little more speed than earlier, which could potentially mean that nightmare of a setback would soon be over. "Redbird's Damian Wayne, Batman's kid." Amber explained when pressed on the matter, the hostility thrown her way bouncing off harmlessly as it often did. "If I had hit my head I wouldn'ta remembered that tidbit, kinda obscure actually." Soon, she was able to keep pace with the Sturt as the pair left Adele's home behind. The thumb connected to the injured arm lazily hung from the side of her pants' pocket while the other hand carried the sleeping Harvey - she wasn't sure which deity to thank for the fact he was such a heavy sleeper, but perhaps it was a learned behavior directly from his owner. 'Like mother, like son? Or, like owner, like pet?' "Huh? Didn't quite catch that." The Seeker carelessly spoke up again. "If ya got something to say, say it, y'know? Kinda hoping I don't snap in half nearly as easily as my arm here." As she spoke, she lightly moved the still mildly injured limb as if to make a point, though at the same time she felt like she was talking to a brick wall. Perhaps if she were to turn the tables, she could be more successful in striking up a conversation that didn't end up with Amber getting the impression Lauren was just short of grabbing an assorted tree branch and whack her head off with it, just like Harvey had attempted several minutes before. "Actually, before I forget. What's the thing with horses?" It felt like it was something easy to cling to. After all, she had seen Lauren go on about them more than once. "You want to, like, care for 'em long term? Ride 'em? A mix of both? Something else?"
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  7. Invite Highly Suspect

    Ashley didn't need to look up from her beverage to see whom had just joined her by the bar counter - not that she knew who it was on the spot, but because she didn't really concern herself with it much at all. It was either someone masochistic enough to deal with her at that time of the day while she took refuge in the sweet shelter of alcohol, or some poor sap who didn't know better than hit on her at that time. It turned out to be the former, as she recognized the voice that reached her ears as that of a former colleague. "How are things at the store? Is that really the only ice breaker people have nowadays? Disappointing." She took a light sip of her own drink, stirring the glass lightly with her hand afterwards. Just a couple months earlier the Headmaster of Tallygarunga had asked her that very same question in that situation, but at least she could afford to be a little less respectful to a former coworker than she had to be to a former boss and the one that looked after her niece. 'Not like Dani takes Divination, either.' "But to answer your question, if I'm here, my establishment has clearly been set ablaze." Came the sarcastic reply. Another sip, and then the glass was put down on the wooden counter, still holding most of the liquor Ashley had been served a few moments earlier. "And I suppose I'm using the insurance money to ensure I need a new liver." She let out a sigh and straightened her posture. "What about yourself, Mr. Barrows? Hopefully your students are being more eloquent than yourself lately, or else I should probably go back to Tallygarunga temporarily to set them straight."
  8. Invite Fixing a Problem

    Looking up from the wand as Gillam broke off from his explanations, Danielle shook her head at his apology on the spot. "It's quite alright. I can say it serves as food for thought nonetheless." The Bourke's innate curiosity made her want to learn more about such a thing, but she knew it wasn't her place to ask - at that point he'd be explaining his whole job and she may as well pay for tutoring and follow him into the industry of wand making. The short explanations he had given were insightful and made the very concept of how much a wand could say about a person quite terrifying to face; the very idea that he actually knew so much more than what he let on made her firmly believe in the thought that ignorance was bliss in her particular case. Danielle kept to herself as she waited for Gillam to return, letting her eyes wander the store as she was left to her devices. She felt quite nervous still despite keeping a composed demeanor as she always did, though even if her paranoia was completely correct - for as unlikely as it was - there would be nothing she could do about it at that point anyway. She could only hope the man wouldn't infer any more additional correct information about her past, though she had the feeling such a thing would occur whenever it was she got another wand to respond to her power properly. Soon, the man had returned. She opened the box to find the shortest wand she'd ever seen in her life, eyes furrowing ever so slightly in confusion - were they supposed to be that short? Nevertheless, she gently took the instrument with a hand as Gillam spoke, inspecting it up close and personal. She wasn't familiar with this 'Sand Lion' Gillam spoke of (the prefix did little in the way of revealing what sort of power the Lion had, in her opinion) but didn't comment on it. Instead, she ultimately pointed the wand at the opened box, wanting to put it to the test. She didn't bother uttering an incantation for the simple test spell that followed, a Wingardium Leviosa. While she had managed to pull it off, it was more than obvious that there was some struggle in getting it to work and the magic hadn't flowed out as fluidly and naturally as it should have. Not pushing it, having enough experience in doing the exact opposite with her father's wand, the instrument was quickly returned to its container. "Perhaps something else..."
  9. Invite Hunter's Respite

    As if on cue, Danielle's eyes were drawn to the black feline using Travis as a standing post. Either the cat was the trusting kind or there was the type of familiarity between the two that indicated the older Bourke was the cat's owner, more than it being a wild animal. Had Travis ever spoken about having animals? She didn't think so. However, catching her mind going on a tangent, the Dhampir ripped her gaze away from the creature and refocused on her friend instead. While she had a feeling that not all was as it seemed, at that moment she had bigger fish to fry. The older teenager was entirely correct. For the likes of Werewolves and Dhampirs, ripping someone who rubbed them the wrong way to shreds was, indeed, all too easy; let alone those whom deeply wronged them. Danielle could entirely understand and relate to the sentiment. For as much of a pacifist as she often declared herself to be, she was entirely aware it was a purely conscious decision she often had to remind herself to not betray. A mixture of primal instincts and experience had geared her towards violence, towards righting wrongs with her own two hands (and wand, if she had enough presence of mind to reach for it instead), and the impulse was often so great it took a herculean effort to stay still. Yet, she could do it. Faith could do it. And she trusted Travis to be able to do it as well, if only he placed himself within the right mindset to do so. She watched as he approached her, unmoving. While there was still a considerable distance between the pair, she could tell it was his way of minimally letting her in: whatever it was she was saying, it was working. That distance suited her just fine as she wasn't too keen on letting most people be within arm's reach or her anyway, even if she had let him do so before. It was something she had worked on through the year, but they had approached one another in relaxed settings; she didn't need to know if something unpleasant in her would trigger in a more tense situation, and definitely not in that one in particular. "Pardon me for mention it..." She began. It was certainly a touchy subject, and it could very well lead Travis away, but he had brought it up first as far as she was concerned. She had to work with what she was given. "But you stated this same werewolf also killed your father. Is it correct to assume that happened in your defense?" It made sense. Travis was turned into a werewolf and his father had been 'cut open' in front of him, as the boy stated. It wouldn't be too outlandish to think those two things had occurred in the same incident. "Don't take this as some sort of lesson, or condescension, or anything of the sort. I only wish to provide perspective." She prefaced, then taking a deep breath. It was a risky gamble, but having gone to that shack in the first place was one to begin with. She had gone there on the basis of mutual understanding. Perhaps it was just so that he could also see her point of view, every bit as much as she could see his. "I've been in a similar position. Perhaps one day I can go more into detail, but... I'll stick to stating, for the time being, that my parents went through a similar ordeal to ensure I survived. So did my sister's. And... At the end of the day, I feel that if we were to avenge them, to put ourselves in harm's way so blindly, it would be like spitting on their legacy. They've sacrificed everything for us, and we can only honor them by living on." She averted her gaze momentarily. Talking about it alone made her uneasy; she had only allowed herself to speak of it with the school counselor, whom was in on the whole thing to begin with. "...If I can avoid jeopardizing my sister's life, I will. That's why we're in Australia. It's around a year now since my father passed, and shortly after, we met. You were the first person to be nice to me off the boat, outside of your mother. And... Here we are." Danielle equal parts wanted to be there for him, and felt like she owed him for helping her so much throughout that year. And now that Faith was secure alongside the Estradas, she could stick her neck out a little more for her friend's sake. She did, however, prefer if he focused on living instead. "I understand some things are unavoidable, but, there's strength in numbers. And, sometimes, even if you can only see one path... That doesn't mean there aren't others just out of sight."
  10. Invite For Absent Friends

    Laurie Kempf
    Laurie couldn't help have a chuckle escape her as Colette put Gwendoline's hypothetical reaction to her sticking around in the house for a while in quite the graphical terms. The Spencer would be lying if she were to say the idea wasn't appealing to her - to be able to stay around for that period of time with the Auclairs meant she got to make up for some more lost time with the sisters, and, more importantly, it gave her some more room to ensure her favorite redhead had less chance of running into trouble. Two birds with one stone, and it was certainly an option to consider. "Alright, alright. I'll try to talk to 'em. Don't expect anything right away. My mom'll probably want to spend Christmas over at her folks like we did last year. Can't really blame her for that, I missed 'em too. After that, we'll see. Though, you act like you wouldn't be half as happy about it." Colette could poke fun at Gwendoline indeed, but of course that didn't mean she was immune to a few harmless shots from Laurie herself. While she'd normally think it would be far too soon to make that joke, the fact the Sturt had come up with the idea in the first place spoke volumes as to how comfortable she could get at that moment. Relaxing further into her seat and not sharing the same sentiment of awkwardness, she continued. "It's been a bit... Suffocating in some regards, honestly. Can't really go into details for most of it, but, uh..." Quickly realizing how her words sounded, she put a hand up as if to call a truce. "Don't take that for keeping secrets or anything. It's more like, someone else's personal problems, so I don't really feel at liberty to discuss them, y'know? Anyway, that, coupled with Russian Winter school looming on the horizon, and all of... Well, this." She motioned to the room in general, mentioning the mess she had gotten herself into with leaving in the past. "Just feels like my brain's about to pop half the time. Stress relief is needed, hence why I gotta find out who did that prank. Have one last big hurrah before I get transformed into an ice sculpture up north."
  11. Invite Somber Eyes to the Sky

    Amber Cross
    The longer the conversation went on, the more Amber's pain became exposed and noticeable to the world. It was quite the odd thing to her. She was used to feeling pain on a daily basis, on occasion to excruciating levels, but she usually could fix it in one way or another. That was physical pain, tangible and targetable, and it was almost always very clear what was going on; some even argued Amber had acquired a taste for it with what she did for a living. But emotional pain was a different beast. It was hard to pin down, to assess and fix, and the more one talked about it the more suffocating it became. Yet, if one were to shove it down as it was Amber's tendency, it would grow discreetly until it became overwhelming and wreaked havoc within. The difficulty with such things made her feel quite helpless and made her want to hide from it all, yet that very action was what had gotten her into that mental mess in the first place. It was the stupid thing to do, and unfortunately, the Spencer usually went hand in hand with that adjective. She wound up thinking of herself as weak. Despite Sibylla's words, she felt weak that she needed her guardian's shoulder to (nearly) cry on to get through her problems. She felt weak that she couldn't handle her own troubles or be able to sort out her own feelings. But, as the Veela went on, a thought circled her mind. Would her parents be proud of her if she were to keep her mouth shut and isolate herself from those who wanted to stick to her like glue regardless of cost? 'Probably not.' She took a deep breath through her nose, which inadvertently sounded more like a sniffle than anything else, before letting that same breath out past her lips in a deep sigh. Amber needed to get herself together. It wasn't over wanting to put a strong face for others anymore, but rather to accept the help that was given to her. It was the only way through which she could actually display some gratitude, or so she figured. "...A bunch of my stuff comes from comparing myself with others, actually..." She muttered after a shudder. Even with a mental resolution of that magnitude it was quite difficult to get a clear sentence to form in her mind, let alone get it out of her mouth. "Like... For example, I know that I'm seen as... Childish, by people. Can't really blame 'em, but... I guess I wish I could just do what I want without people goin' 'oh, you're gonna grow out of it, you'll see', or 'she's just a kid in a teen's body' or somethin'. It doesn't look it, but I feel like I've pulled my own weight thus far..."
  12. Invite How It Feels To Be Alive

    That message couldn't have gotten to Willow at a better time. It was one of the few days the Minister would bother to Apparate to Narragyambie, so to visit Hailey at school - fortunately, the girl was doing alright, and it seemed she has the upcoming exams minimally in the bag. It was one less thing to worry about, which as far as the woman was concerned was very much appreciated: with the recent murder connected to werewolves, her peers were breathing down her neck due to her status as a halfbreed. 'More than they already were, anyway.' She needed some stress relief, and to be hit up by Rhys while in town saved her a lot of trouble. She wouldn't have to go by The Tipsy Mozzie and hope nobody bothered her. Instead, she could kick back and relax with an old friend at Narragyambie's local bar, and temporarily forget all her responsibilities. She quickly replied positively to the suggestion and opted to take the scenic route from Tallygarunga to the Drunken Roo, arriving a little after the Professor did. "I'll have what he's having." The woman spoke to the bartender as she slid onto the seat directly next to the man in question. She placed her purse atop the counter, to the side, and smiled politely at Rhys. "I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long." It was unlikely that she did, but she had never bothered to look at the time as she had walked all the way to the bar rather than Apparate. 'Who knows, maybe I lost track of time...'
  13. Communication Vale Windum

    Sibylla Townsend
    The man would find a sleeping white and lilac coloured rose at his doorstep, upon touching it, the flower would open and a small message scroll roll out: Been a while. Feel like doing something in the near future? The weather's perfect for getting out and about. ~ Sibylla @Vale Windum
  14. Invite Hopelessly Hopeful

    May cleared her throat as the mild chuckle died down, although a small smile of good humor remained spread upon her lips. She hadn't had the chance to laugh like that in a long time, and the notion that she had to laugh at herself to get it out of her system made her want to laugh even harder than she had just then. She felt bad that she had burst out laughing without even explaining what was so funny, as proven by the sudden questioning, although she had the feeling Olivia wouldn't share the mirthful point of view of the situation. "Well, on topic... I find it funny to think I have all the time in the world, when I don't know if my job will lead me to a dead end or not. Or if the family's past will catch up with me." She started explaining, but realizing how she wounded, May was quick to backpedal. "I don't mean I will leave. It's more... My tasks sometimes require me to be away for extended period of time, and on top of that, they're very high risk, so... I just never know." It was a hard thing to admit. Technically she wasn't allowed to divulge what sort of deal she was involved in, but she had already breached protocol the day before to begin with. It wasn't like things would get much worse. Plus, she had indeed promised she'd be entirely honest with the woman - outside of purely confidential information, May was willing to impart anything asked of her, for as difficult as it would be. 'I do hope she never asks for certain things.' "And... Earlier, I also came to the realization things are better off with me here, than without. I left to protect people, but, with you getting in trouble, it feels like it's better for me to be around to look out for you. Though at the same time, if I hadn't left, Ian likely wouldn't be alive, so I can't regret my decision. Feels like a 'damned if you do, damned if you don't' type of situation, so, it's funny to me. Hence, masochistic sense of humor." If she hadn't learned to laugh at herself, she'd likely have pointed her wand to her own head a long time ago.
  15. Invite Sticky troubles

    She wasn’t especially happy but by now she was starting to get used to the annoying Spencer, almost like Gwen, tolerance by proximity. His question was different, weird and it made no sense, why was he even asking her why did they swim? She didn’t know how to answer such a question, and as much as she hated to admit she didn’t know the answer to that question, she couldn’t just ignore it, they were after all stuck to one another for the duration of the glue or at least until someone could dispel it. She shrugged at his question; she didn’t know how to reply to it. She didn’t seem too amused but let the little cute nickname pass. Did she look like a Letty to him? Colette didn’t struggle much upon seeing the bushlands and where he was taking her, well, taking them. She wondered why they left the safe path, but no matter how much she complained about it they were just going to continue. She had picked up something different about it, but she couldn’t have guessed he was American, maybe she’s just poor with accents considering her slight German accent when talking to people, which becomes thicker if she starts to trust the people around her. “I come from Germany, my school was in Scandinavia, we have prairies and ice.” She commented, low tone instead of the argumentative one she liked to use. “We didn’t get to do much exploring, but I do like a good story.” Just like a curious child, Colette liked hearing about other things, to absorb the knowledge, but she wasn’t too adventurous, though, she was enjoying being there. Was she going to admit it? No, never. As much as she was enjoying her time there, being out of in the open was different, scary and she did want to go back. The way he old her hand was a soft hold and she was going to pull it out roughly but when he spoke, she was going to take that challenge just to show this sorry excuse of Spencer that she’s more than he thinks she is. “You want to show me the world around me so badly that you need to challenge me?” she spoke, her eyes looking at his, there was a slight enjoyment in the challenge in her eyes, and she wasn’t going to back down from it, not now, not ever. “We’ll see who’s right.” The blonde didn’t pull her hand, but instead waited for him to let it go. She followed him, she had to, it seemed that she couldn’t get out of that one using her veela heritage alone, she had to go through all of it, and being a challenge only made her want to go further. “How do you know? Are you some kind of hunting dog or something?” she joked but it was quite impressive that he could sense it or smell it or whatever he had done. “You did not just say stray doggo.” she laughed lightly. She didn’t expect him to be the person to use that word. She stopped laughing and looked at Phoenix. “So, you want to approach them is that it? How you’re planning on doing that without having to wrestle them?”
  16. Nature's Ally

    She couldn’t argue with Phoenix when it came to his views. People did have different perspectives, hers was slightly different than most, but she could accept where he was getting at with it. To some dangerous adventure was like a dream coming to life, adrenaline rushing through one’s body, making every moment of the experience memorable, to others it was like a nightmare, like they were trapped in some awful experience and couldn’t escape until it was over. Robin never said no to new experiences, so she hoped his words were right, that the experience would be indeed one to love, and if that was the case, perhaps she wouldn’t be against doing it again, fun experiences are to be repeated. Robin laughed, looking at him carefully, trying to understand every word that left his mouth, she couldn’t hear him, the movement of his lips told her everything she needed to know. She playfully bit her lower lip, he was a fun one alright, who knew a day in the bushlands would have been so interesting, especially with that little prey. Her smile just couldn’t leave her lips, the way he spoke was far too amusing, especially when he was falling so easily into the trap. Maybe they were both laying out traps and they both kept dancing around them. “I wonder how much you like them.” her eyes widened, not in surprise but in a more daring way. As much as she was enjoying their little flirt, she should stop leading the boy on. It was obvious that he wasn’t just a bird, and that she wasn’t just a photographer, their whole interaction so far had proven that to both of them and there was no point in trying to lie her way out of it, the same way he couldn’t lie his way out. There were on equal ground. She waited until he circled her, she had become the prey, surely it wouldn’t be for long. “You do it for the rush or do you just like stepping into dangerous places to prove yourself?” Robin did it for the fun, for the adrenaline and to feel connected to what came natural to her, nature, she was fae after all, the closest she was to nature the better she felt. It was a difficult concept but feeling alive was what led her to put herself through those situations, and she did love every bit of it. “Let me guess, you’re a prankster too. By the way you look and talk, I’d say, Tallygarunga Student, Spencer house.” She could have guessed Bourke, but their previous talk screamed Spencer. “Are the Sturts still the main victims? Or nah?” A bit of chitchat never hurt, especially if they were both going to explore the bushlands. “But what brings you here today? If you don’t mind me asking.”
  17. Invite The Me Nobody Knows

    Ash decided that it was probably the best thing to do was sit quietly whilst she angry ranted, watching her arms spiral around as she did so. He admitted that her points were valid and even points he had made himself when this was brought to his attention. The response to that was boiled down to ‘she doesn’t need to know’. He went with it, mainly because at the time his alliance was with Emilia and not her. Then he was told he would keep the criminal angle with her. So he did and that’s what he did. Then the feelings started to emerge and grow. He opened his mouth to say something it response to her comment about secrets when she caught sight of something, stood up and walked around towards him. He followed her movements closely, and then she went for this top. Clearly he’d not been a sneaky about it as he’d thought he was being. He moved his hand from his torso and watched her as she called her wand. “Ever so slightly.” he replied, knowing that it wasn’t slight but he also knew that the wound would likely reopen a few times. Then she continued to berate him whilst doing her healing. Casting his eyes downwards, he watched as the wound closed. It was always interesting watching the skin start to knit together. A small scare would remain; it did with those sorts of curses. Then she mentioned that she loved him, though somewhat grumpily. His eyes jumped back up too her face, his hand coming out to cup her chin, repositioning her head so their eyes met. “That is the clarity I needed to act.” he said softly, using his other free hand to pull his shirt down. That didn’t mean he would act right there and then, especially since she was still angry at the entire situation and he was the person she could take that anger out on. Though the urge to act was strong and some blood loss did not help with him controlling himself. Leaning forwards he pulled her into a brief kiss before pulling back and looking at her face. That was when he saw it. “Shit, I got my blood all over your face.” he said summoning face cloth without doing more than raising one of his hands “I’m sorry.” he apologized as he handed over the face cloth.
  18. Invite Best laid plans

    "I was about to say, you wouldn't be able to use a wand, though I have heard of humans who enjoy pretending to be magical, who want to buy wands for activities called, uh... 'cosplay' and 'Lah... Larrrp'?" A confused expression tugged at her features, which were quite expressive just naturally, before she then shrugged and smiled brightly again, "I just keep some non-cored ones for those people. But your daughter is magical then?" The Fae lass asked brightly, offering a nod since she assumed that was likely the case. It wasn't the first time that a non-magical human had come into the shop looking a little lost as to what their magical child required, and she was only happy to assist. "Ah, wands can be fragile things, and no two are ever exactly the same, so she must be rather worried right now," Stardust nodded in understanding. She'd had students in many, many times - some in tears - because of a broken wand and the fear that they might not be able to get another one that would work as well as their original. She'd never let someone down yet though, and wasn't about to now! "To be honest, it would be easier if your daughter was here, however!" She smiled brightly, "Being her father, I should be able to work out one she will love as much as the first one." She tilted her head at the mention of the mother, but instantly knew the predicament. "You are doing a wonderful job, simply being a caring enough parent to be willing to go explore the unknown for your daughter's sake. I am sure her mother is very proud of you," The bright eyed woman said gently, a kind smile on her lips and understanding gaze. She then held her hand out toward him, palm up, "Would you mind if I had your hand for a moment?" She asked, overlooking his awkwardness so that he might feel more comfortable.
  19. Invite Could Be Anything

    The owl had gone out rather quickly after her message on Quill book. It made sense in her mind that since he was aware one was coming that sending it out straight away made sense. This sense of urgency was also helped by the fact that the news she had to share with her former school friend, and lover, was something she felt he needed to know. It did occur too her once or twice that maybe it wasn’t something he would want to know; after all, it was a life changing piece of news. It certainly changed her life so it followed that his would change as well. The directions and time for a meeting place was somewhere out in the bush lands. Luckily, the location she picked wasn’t that far from home. This was the chosen place for many reasons, the main one being should Travis react badly too the news or not even show up for the meeting it wouldn’t take her long to get home and relieve the person she left at her small home. Oh, she loved her home. The fact that she had to build it up, pick things she wanted for it and turn it from a building into her home, made it all the more a place she loved being. The walk out to the location, a basket of food hanging off her right arm was a nice one. The one thing Remi knew for certain was that she liked this out the way surrounded by nature place she was setting up for herself. It didn’t take her as long as she thought it would too get too the location, unpack blanket on the basket and lay it on the ground. She liked nature but that didn’t mean she wanted to have various bugs crawling up her legs and making themselves a home in her crouch. A bottle of water followed this before she settled herself on the blanket. Logic told her that there was a chance he wouldn’t show up, despite his friendly reception on Quill Book that didn’t mean he would want to see her in the flesh; after all, she just left. No note, no warning, just gone. Remi, however, was ever the optimist felt that he would arrive, would listen to her long overdue apology and hopefully be respective too the news she did have for him.
  20. Complete I oopsied

    ignore, I screwed up and can't figure out how to change which character it's posted as >.<
  21. Saturate

    Despite the occasional cough escaping Mark no matter how hard he tried to push it down, he felt like he was doing much better than he had been just a minute before. His nose sniffled as a droplet of water dripped down its tip and onto the ground reflexively and he figured it was high time he got rid of his impromptu, out of season Halloween costume. He started with the foliage covering his head, bending it over and bringing his hands to his hair so to wrangle all the algae free from his person and down to the creek. When he looked back up at Keirana, his face was free of it, past the occasional spots of moss and the water that seemed to perpetually drip downwards from his hair. The chill of the late afternoon bit at his skin, the feeling exacerbated by the water, making him somewhat uncomfortable. "Don't think I swallowed anything." He shook his head quickly. Fortunately, he'd managed to spit everything out in his earlier questionable fight against what was covering him and impeding him from speaking. "But, yeah. I was! Let's see..." Digging through the seaweed covering his torso, it took some seconds for him to find what he was looking for - a water & magic proof Muggle camera dangling from his neck. Once pushing it past the vegetation, he flipped the camera around so Keirana could look at the little screen. Turning it on, he proceeded to flip through a few pictures of a rather impressive group of Plimpies going about their day in the depths of the creek. Given the low visibility underwater, Mark had to get up close to take them. From the pictures, it was quite obvious where he had collected so many algae on complete accident. "Maybe I should bring a better knife next time... I wanted some pictures of Plimpies for some reference material. I just wasn't counting on them being so deep into the algae... My bad." An awkward chuckle came from him. He was fairly sure that, if any of his flatmates had been there, they'd already had slapped him upside the head and called him an idiot.
  22. Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti

    Viktor caught Jez's snicker and a fanged grin appeared on his face. Taking her offer of help in getting up, once the man was back up and standing he ruffled Erian's and Etta's hair because there wasn't any way on earth that he could possibly be mad at the kids. As for that certain someone... "Aye, that's the rub isn't it? One buddy is done and gone, I think they'll be ready to make it obvious." Er... "Well, more obvious and open than it already is." His brother might have a legendary poker face, but not even Vlad could hide the affection that came to his eyes. Plus, there was the matter of his heart beating faster, and Viktor could hear it as clearly as he could hear the fire roaring outside, or the heartbeats of everyone in the room right that moment. Viktor's eyes drifted over to Lei when she came into the living room, a proud little smile coming to his face as she played with her camera. "She's taken to that camera like a duck to water. It's great to see her so motivated about photography," Viktor mused to Jez. "I guess she can be the official photographer for any of our family things. Merlin knows I suck at taking pictures." What with his ability to not angle things right and have heads missing from the images... It was horrible. "You think we ought to head outside now?" In the kitchen, Vladimir nodded softly as he took the butter and the knife from Améa, silently working on the production line that the three of them with Veronika had made. It reminded him of childhood, simpler times... happy times. It almost put a small smile to his face, and considering the urge was already there, seeing Améa smile at him simply made the smile become a reality. The man remained silent as Améa spoke to the little one - it was nice to hear a verbal confirmation that he was indeed a good person, he would have never considered himself a gift - though when he looked at Améa next and saw the glint in her eye, Vladimir gave pause to his work. It was a look that starkly reminded him of when the twins got into trouble. "I see," Vladimir remarked softly, not needing Améa to elaborate as to what dream meant. The man was more than capable of taking that hint, and did not feel the need to go further into it, especially with Veronika right there. "I am certain that they will see what we see as well..." Much as he figured so too would others see what was held between himself and Améa. "Should we perhaps stall here in the kitchen before going outside to join Adele and Stuart? It would certainly give them more time to themselves..." And, selfishly, it would give Vladimir a little more time with Améa before he would need to school his expression to the masses. It would not change how he felt within, but they had appearances to keep until things could be settled once and for- "Hello assholes, what have I missed?" Ah. Vladimir recognized that voice. "Crap. Sorry, kids afoot," Igor lamented briefly before he went down on one knee to greet his grand niece and nephew. "Now remember kids, never repeat what I say, at least until you're older." Igor would ignore the chastising look Viktor was giving him, because what did Igor care? Back up on his feet once again, Igor asked, "You guys have vodka tonight, right?"
  23. Open Run the Day

    It was a Sunday, but it was far from a rest day. The Whitlam Bilby Professor had quite a lot of work to do that morning, even if it wasn't at all associated with kids - after the week's sudden heat spike, Paige had come to the realization that it was about time she took her training regimen a little more seriously. In her few matches through the week she had proved to be quite rusty, having slacked off a bit through Winter, and she had to shake it off. First thing in the morning, the redhead took off on a run. It was chilly that day (though in the news early in the morning it had said another heatwave was making its way to Southern Australia) but the teacher took on the temperature with little cover, warming up within her home before leaving it and running through the town. Her muscles ached as they battled through the freezing temperature at first, but it didn't take too long before they grew warmer and she was flushed in the face with the effort. By the time she was done, a mild sheen of sweat coated her skin and she had just gone through Footy Park, being near one of the exits. The exertion caused her to be a bit too warm for her liking rather than suffering with the chill circling Narragyambie that morning. She decided to head to a drink stand to get herself some orange juice with ice, and then headed to a nearby bench, sitting with her legs outstretched, leaning backwards on the backrest and pressing the ice cold container to her flushed skin in an attempt to cool off. '...Oh, right, I still need to go back home...' She thought to herself as she closed her eyes, somewhat unhappy with her performance in the jog - even if it had been nothing to be ashamed of...
  24. Open Tuning In

    Renee Hawthorn
    "Ugh, I'm dying over here..." As per usual, Renee had escaped both the school's and her mother's clutches for the sake of some free time. Not that she needed to - it was Sunday - but knowing she had left without permission always gave her a bit of a rush few things could hope to match at that point in her life. She hadn't had much in the way of plans as to what she would do, and so she decided to make her way to the Estrada family warehouse for the sake of sinking in a few hours into a video game or two. She had done so, and for the entirety of the afternoon, she was on her own. It was quite odd. Not that she minded solitude, not in the least, but she was used to Caroline sticking around one way or another since she lived there. Once the games had run their course Renee found herself with nobody to bother, meaning it was probably a good idea to head out and get herself into some trouble; or, rather, as she liked to call it, amusement. As she got ready to leave, propping her brand new baseball bat on her shoulder (which most definitely needed some use, it looked too shiny for her liking), the blonde headed towards what appeared to be a wall with a small fissure in the middle. Running her fingers along this crack, she soon found what she was looking for: a spot that activated a transportation spell, making the Sturt (and her bat) squeak clean through the fissure and appear on the other side of the wall, the Charm-Me-Not warehouse proper. It was a nifty trick for privacy that the Estrada sisters had come up with, she figured, and they certainly got extra kudos by only making it activate with certain people. 'Gotta learn how to do that myself.' She headed out the door and onto the streets, kicking a loose can on the ground as hard as she could while making her way through Narragyambie. Maybe she should take to the residential areas to have some fun. Maybe Koonyah...
  25. Open The Adventure

    Danielle Estrada
    Predator watched prey through the bushes without making a sound, afraid the slightest of noises would be enough to make it snap back into attention and bolt. The creature's scent invaded the predator's nostrils, making for easy tracking in case it did run away, but if they could help it they'd finish the chase right then and there. It had lasted for upwards of fifteen minutes at that point (while the predator had decided to play a bit with the creature and let it run, the creature actually proved to be able to outsmart its pursuer a couple times). This animal was on the shore of Korrowi Creek, leaning over the edge to drink some much needed water. All the sprinting, evading and dodging had made it quite exhausted and thirsty, and, momentarily thinking danger to have been thwarted, it paused to replenish its energies. It was the perfect time to strike, and so the predator did. It lunged at the furry creature from the bushes, heavily rustling echoing through the clearing as it did. The animal's ears twitched, and, like a flash of lightning, it was gone - it ran as fast as it could in the direction its attacker had come from as they were in mid-air, disappearing into the woods before they could even stick a proper landing. A chuckle came from the Dhampir as she landed with surprising agility, rolling through and holding her ground so she wouldn't fall into the water, promptly turning around and letting her nose do all the work. Danielle had let Milkshake out for their little hunting game after much pawing from the half-Kneazle. The temperatures had soared those past few days and the Bourke hadn't wanted to engage in the exercise while her skin threatened to boil, and the copious amounts of sunscreen she'd been using was bound to wear off with all the roughhousing through the Bushland. She then slowly stood up straight, adjusting her hat and stretching her shoulders as the scent of her pet got fainter and fainter. She could have caught Milkshake a long time ago, certainly, but she understood the need to let it stretch its legs for a while. She became a bit distracted as another scent came into rage, however, and it certainly wasn't her cat...
  26. Open A Long Way Down

    Mark Sandoval
    For as much as Mark had deserved it, it wasn't a fun time to have gotten chewed out by Natasha the day before over disappearing without a trace when he should have come home for dinner. He worried her, Bella, Cole, and everyone whom had bothered to go through QuillBook at the time. Everyone was used to him turning up at random hours at home, yet it had been another thing entirely that he promised to make it at a certain hour and didn't; it was a wake up call. He had responsibilities. He shouldn't live as if he were alone in the world, because he wasn't. That alone brought a smile to his face. Yet, it was another day, and with that day came another adventure. His place of choice was the Murrigal Bushland, as usual - it was borderline criminal that he hadn't explored the area that much at all during his Tallygarunga days and his recent move to Narragyambie resuscitated his love for the area. He had promised he'd make it home for dinner that day as well, but at least it was a promise he actually intended to keep. He would Apparate if necessary as he brought no hiking equipment with him whatsoever, as it wasn't his goal at all. The man's feet dragged him all the way to Korrowi Creek, another place where he had gotten into trouble recently. At least, in his mind, he wasn't about to do something that could be misconstrued (or so he hoped). Strolling along the creek's shore for what felt like hours, he eventually came upon a waterfall section of it. Stepping towards the cliff, he peeked down past the edge at the ground and water below, which had various rocks protruding from the ground, guaranteeing a painful death if the impact didn't do him in. 'That's a long way down, isn't it?' Mark's eyes flicked upwards to the area in front of him. The view was breathtaking, even if the sunlight struggled to breach the thick foliage above the stream. Deciding it would be an excellent location to get his drawing fix from, the VMU student sat down on the damp grass, not minding much at all as his pants became progressively humid; with his legs dangling off the end of the cliff, he retrieved his drawing pad and a pencil and started sketching the amazing view before him, quickly losing track of time...
  27. Invite Fantavision

    That day would be the day Brooke's new project would be (mostly) realized. She had gotten herself a volunteer to help outfit an abandoned house, so to reshape it into a proper haunted manor! She would have done it herself if not for the fact she was just shy of fifteen years of age, and there was a pesky law and tracker in place to keep students from using magic outside of school campus. 'Hey, maybe I can use this place for my own birthday party next month... Though will they even let me bring John over...?' That volunteer had been Phoenix Aurora, the fellow Spencer she was presently leading through town in order to reach her new favorite location. She wasn't sure how old he was, but given he had offered, she assumed he was seventeen; if not, perhaps he could tap into some sort of magical source that simply wasn't tracked by the Ministry. In either case she didn't much care as she dragged the pretty boy along Calder Avenue towards their destination. They eventually came across what looked like a family home with two stories and an attic, as well as a vast yard. The girl lightly jogged up the stairs of the front porch before turning around, a roguish grin spreading across her face. "Ta-daa! Ain't she a beaut?" The girl boasted just as a few roof tiles slid off and came crashing down onto the grass near them. 'Maybe I should bribe some ghosts into haunting this place once we're done...' "We have to really let loose on this one, yeah?" A thick layer of dust over various pieces of furniture was very visible through the windows, as well as plenty of cobwebs. "Don't wanna let potential visitors down."
  28. Open Unexplored

    The weekend marked an optimal time for a hike through areas of the Murrigal Bushland Mark was yet to uncover. The temperatures were soaring (and they were expected to hit a balmy 30 ºC the upcoming week, no less), making it so he could finally wear a t-shirt without being far too cold, yet it not being hot enough for him to melt with the sheer sweat coming out of his pores after five minutes of walking. He didn't bother taking a whole lot of equipment with him at all, aiming to be back home by dinner time. Of course, he wasn't counting on getting lost. It was the consequence of walking through a mostly unknown area without some sort of map to aid him, not that he think there was anything of the sort to begin with. As far as he was concerned, it was uncharted land. The man could very easily Apparate out of the area, of course, but curiosity got the best of him and he proceeded through the new area like a kid in a candy store. As the sun set, he found a cliff formation with a cavern digging into it. He decided to set up 'camp' (if one could call it that), using magic to make himself a fire as he sat under the ceiling of the cavern, warming up his hands. He didn't have much in the way of food past a few energy bars but didn't feel awfully hungry just yet. He limited himself to enjoy the warmth of the fire and looking out to the stars, not having a hint of concern for his current state; the same likely couldn't be said for his house mates as they tried calling him, only to be told his number is out of service due to a lack of reception...
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