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  2. It was quite disappointing that Evelyn didn’t continue their little game, but it was probably for the better considering the food was ready, perhaps they could continue their little world play after eating. Andrea watched Evelyn use her own magic to set the table and she only watched as the blonde’s magic did all the work. “Well, then I suppose we should eat, and I should make that lovely apple strudel.” Andrea said with a smirk on her face. She looked at the stove once more and prepared an apple strudel quickly, this time she didn’t even bother to turn on the oven like she had done previously to make the rice. She was enjoying the company, it was fun and challenging, especially now, and perhaps that was Evelyn’s game all along, Andrea was enjoying it too much. She approached Evelyn and served the rice before the apple strudel landed on the table was well ready to be consumed.
  3. That day had been a bit pressed for time on MJ's end. As per usual, the brunt of a group work had been dumped on her shoulders. It wasn't something she minded very much in itself, if not for the fact it made her be quite late to take Justice home for school, and to take Steve, their samoyed dog, out on its afternoon walk. By the time she got home she had to take him out, and by the time she got back it was already dinner and she hadn't managed to help out much with the chores around the house. Then their father had to go to work, and as usual she accompanied him; and since she hadn't done grocery shopping earlier, she had to take Steve all the way to Tallygarunga Road after dropping her father off to do what she had to do. After that, she had to make all the way back to Koonyah by herself in the dead of night, arriving by the time she should be resting alongside Aspen back in their room. It was well past 10 PM. She took Steve inside and gave him a treat before letting him free of his leash. She spotted Brian the cat snoozing atop its cat tower in the living room. Justice had passed out watching TV, and so she picked him up in her arms with some difficulty and took him to his room. It was quite fortunate that he had already changed into his pajamas - all she had to do was kiss his forehead for a goodnight and leave him be. As she came out of her brother's room and closed the door, she heard a loud slapping noise coming from her own room that made her jump lightly. She turned her head on reflex, seeing the light turned on under the door - was there something wrong with Aspen? She quickly turned off the TV before jogging towards their bedroom, unable to make out what she was saying but recognizing the familiar anger in her tone. 'Oh no.' "What's going on?" The younger of the two asked as soon as the door was opened, stepping inside and shutting it behind her. She looked up to see the irritated look on her face and quickly climbed to the top bunk of their shared bed to get within arm's reach. "Talk to me."
  4. "I don't fall behind." Lisa said, mostly on reflex, not intending it to sound half as hostile as it most likely did. Nevertheless, her forehead furrowed at the thought, eyes squinting ever so slightly. If there was anything she placed above Quidditch and Dueling, it was her perfect grades. And it being SPIDER exam year, there was no way she'd allow herself to slack off. No matter what. However, she forced her own face to relax. That wasn't what they were there to discuss in the first place, so there was no use getting frustrated about it. She took a deep breath to steel herself before giving a proper response to her colleague. "I suppose I could try. No matter the outcome, we won't actually see any progress in this unless I actually do something. Maybe tomorrow, or the day after, if you all already have something scheduled." Another sip, longer that time around. Considering the people involved, it at least meant Rachel would be there. Someone with a similar sense of humor would certainly make those situations far more tolerable. "Let me know when."
  5. MJ got up soon after her older sister did, brushing the dirt off her clothes on reflex with light pats. She took a final glance at their mother's grave. Something deeply ironic crossed her mind as she did - if they hadn't lost her, as well as Vivian, there was a good chance the family wouldn't be as united as it was presently. Could it be that indicated there was room for minimally healing those old wounds? "Alright. Let's swing by our house first. I have some money leftover from my arts and crafts as well. Maybe we could make dad's favorite meal?" The younger girl suggested, hoping to send off the man to work with a smile on his face. It was the least they could do after all the sacrifices he made for all his children over the many years he had to endure the burden on his lonesome.
  6. @Tecri @Maxine Williams Laurie couldn't help but laugh as her redheaded friend hit the water while still fully clothed. Her words were her own undoing in the end. With a smug look on her face, she proclaimed as Max came back to the surface. "Sorry, Max. I thought you were looking way too hot for your own good, so I decided to toss you in to cool down... I don't think it worked, you look way hotter now." She flirted in quite the harmless manner. Being soaked in droplets only made her laugh harder while Max shook herself dry, even as Laurie raised her arms defensively. "I'd be more than happy to get rid of them, if you'd give me that honor." Came the mildly accented response, along with a glint of amusement in her eyes. On the one hand, it was all but a joke; on the other hand, had she meant it? Absolutely.
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  8. “My color preferences are always kyboshed by Saffron. Whatever color I say I like she tells me exactly why it isn’t the right color or how it’s not a color at all. So I find it safer not to have one.” Saffron was young enough to not really know a lot about the world but old enough to have an opinion about everything she did know. This could be tiresome at the best of times, especially when there were moments when she told Holly she was being ridiculous in one way or another “Both really good films. Saffron went through a Beauty and the Beast stage for a while. I had to try and make her a Beast soft toy which,” she exhaled a laugh as the memory of her one attempt to make a soft toy surfaced “needless to say failed in a spectacular fashion. Currently though, she’s watching Moana a lot.” Holly was somewhat pleased that her daughter was moving away from films that needed a man to rescue a woman or for a love interest to be a large part of motivation behind the female leads. “Well now you have time to catch us as well. You could play a team game.” she suggested, though, not one for playing games herself “If they have those. I’ve never really played a computer game, between university, work and motherhood not a lot of time.” though since she’d left university and was now juggling full time work and a motherhood, maybe she would find some time for something like playing a computer game “But, I recently quit university so more time. What game is it you play?”
  9. As was the standard in Amber's life, Lady Luck decided not to show up at her doorstep during that moment either. The already excruciating pain flared up a notch the moment Sibylla tried to help her, which made the young Spencer tense up; in turn, it just made things worse. Amber's face scrunched up as she tried not to give in to the suffering after a wince. Despite her conditioning and abnormal pain tolerance, it was impossible not to show how much that injury was affecting her. Nevertheless, pushing through the pain, she never rejected the help nor stopped walking towards the couch, eventually reaching it and carefully sitting down. She did so as slowly as possible, looking quite pale once settled down. She didn't say a thing as her guardian went on - she was busted. Even if her excuse was partially true, it didn't work and she'd have to elaborate. She let herself be examined in silence, at a loss for words. Once Sibylla temporarily left, she moved herself to lie down on the sofa, on her stomach. She didn't bother kicking her shoes off, and her face rested against a pillow. There wasn't a peep until Sibylla returned, at which point Amber's face was more relaxed from the temporary rest, if remorseful. "...I'm sorry." She muttered, turning her head ever so slightly to be able to face her guardian. Even if she was terrified of being caught, she was not that great a liar; it was sincere. However, she got quite tongue-tied pertaining where to start. It took her several moments before being able to speak again. "...It was my fault, yeah? I wasn't warmed up and somebody asked for help, I went to show 'em how it was done, and... here we are." She could only hope her injury wouldn't put her out of commission for too long.
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  11. "She tends to have that effect on individuals." Or more specifically, the few Fae-blooded people who made their way into the shop for one reason or another. But he couldn't deny that the bubbly nature that the woman seemed to hold would perhaps dissuade many people from thinking she's any form of sane when it came down to it. "Over time you either get used to her presence or find yourself trying to avoid her entirely." He'd leave it up to interpretation on which category he personally fall into. Having the Fae woman involved as she had been did peak a higher wonderment, they tend to work on whim especially the longer they stayed in the world and experienced it. Dylan, wasn't sure how to take the comment Stardust shot back towards him. While she held a point, if Caitlin had been in some form of trouble, he couldn't help but wonder his employer's true connection. It had been one of the larger issues in dealing with the Fae, their mindset had either been alien or the intentions as illusive as a shadow had been to the rays of light. The fact that the woman didn't seem to need a guide made him even further in suspicion. His gaze never leaving from staring ahead and letting Cass's statement on whom had been leading the way even without ever having been there, or at least, that would be what one would assume if they hadn't been fully privy to the nature of Fae. "One excuse, could be that she's sensing the similarity of magic between you and her." He grunted, that didn't sit well with him at all as the actual reason or solution. Skepticism threaded in his mind on how convenient everything seemed to truly be. "But it would be a fool who would take that excuse." Even though he muttered the first couple of sentences to Cassandra, the following had been intentionally elevated. "Unless, my dear Boss, is harboring the secret that she is some how a Scion of your line in someway." That had been the conclusion that the older man had drawn, the parallel that would seem the most unorthodox, the most unlikely. "Or at the very least, related with a hand in it. Would that be the closer hypothesis?" He knew nothing of the woman, history or connections, sire's that may have been bred from the years spent amongst people or her own kind. With such a depth of the unknown, the reach for any grain of truth would almost always seem like a massive leap. His own? Had been a leap towards a grain the size of the Grand Canyon. "If that is the case then I would say she knows because she's been watching both you and your Aunt. Perhaps as a Guardian or maybe curious on the feeling."
  12. Nervousness welled up in the pit of Meadow's stomach as she geared herself to meeting her (much) older sister for the first time in a few years. Close as they were, their parents disapproved of their connection; exchanges were mostly limited to literal written mail. But that day was different. The Flinders finally had enough courage to step out of her safety bubble and request a meeting, after being prompted by Isolda. The longer she had to wait, the worst she felt, but that was on her for reaching the meeting place a tad too early. As she paced back and forth along the dirt path in front of Tallygarunga as means to distract herself, she couldn't help but wonder: would Isolda even recognize her? For what felt like a lifetime, Meadow had looked like no more than just a kid. Only late in the year prior had puberty hit her like a truck, and Meadow looked much different than the last time they met. It didn't help that the younger of the two wasn't particularly fond of photography and refused to put any pictures of herself on QuillBook whatsoever. As she walked back and forth, she couldn't keep her eyes from scanning every nook and cranny of her surroundings, as if expecting her parents or their minions to jump out and reveal her transgression. 'Calm down, girl, you'll get Apparated out of here in no time...'
  13. As Nox left to retrieve the gillyweed, Amber was done stripping - she just shoved her clothes haphazardly into the *colorful* bag she always carried, opened Samantha's purse wide, and dropped it inside. "Hey, Spalamadingdong, why aren't you stripping?" Amber questioned her cousin, eyes squinting as she tossed the purse she had previously stolen back at Samantha. "You expect going on our little adventure looking like that?" "One of us actually has to stay behind and look out for this." The Bourke spoke as she caught her purse with both hands, unaffected by the nickname that time. "We can't do magic outside of Tallygarunga, remember? I can't just hide this and be done with it." "How old's that fella?" She couldn't really tell if they were a boy or a girl, having only seen their head. Rather than replying, Samantha was distracted with Nox, as they were very quick to return. Amber was quick to tread into the water and fish her portion of the gillyweed out of Nox's hands. "Bottom's up!" She shoved the plant in her mouth in one go, chewing just enough to be able to swallow. Almost immediately, gills formed at the sides of her neck, and webbing in between all of her fingers did as well. "Sweet. Let's go!" Racing further into the water, she dove in with reckless disregard for those nearby. Samantha didn't seem much affected by the water. "...On that note, say, how old are you?" She didn't even know if Nox was a student to begin with, but it didn't hurt to ask. She was very interesting in getting to know them better for that matter, and it would be a shame if a simple purse was what would derail that endeavor.
  14. Meadow, I am sorry that you felt my responses regarding my own life were lacking detail. There are reasons behind that, the biggest one being that my life isn’t actually all the interesting. It’s a normal life, which is all I have ever wanted. I have two jobs. One I can’t not expand on within the format of a letter due to the nature of it; the other is a Casual role within the hospital system. This means that simply if I am available to work and they need someone anywhere within the hospital system I pick up the shift. It helps me with a bit extra money but also allows me to keep up with clinical skills. As for my personal life, I have my very attractive roommate and a couple of close friends. I also feel the ‘disconnect’ at times and wish there was more consistent communication between us. I feel this is possible but I also understand how you feel trapped with your parents looking over your shoulder. I do find it amusing that they are worried you will ‘sully their name’ when their ‘name’ is already well and truly sullied. I do have to admit to my own part in your situation, though. If I had been a better daughter by their standards, not done what I did to make sure I could get free and be stable when doing so, perhaps they would not be so hard on you. As for ‘removing’ you from Tallygarunga. At the age of sixteen their control over you is drastically reduced, also, the school has numerous facilities designed around trying to help vulnerable students to get away from abusive situations. The headmaster is related to the Minister of Magic for the whole of Australia. I have attached some of my old Health and Healing books and work with this owl. I rather enjoyed Arthimancy and surprisingly it has some interesting ways that it ties in with Healing. I am going to suggest, though, that you focus largely onto the subjects that will give you what you want out of your school life and future. Though it is good that you have a good amount of friends that are giving you the motivation to step outside of the ever darking shadow cast by the morons that birthed us, I also hope they are not the only reason you have these desires. I hope you want to get away for your own sake just as much if not more than for anyone else. As for under the table jobs, don’t. You need to focus on getting the grades you need to get into your chosen career. Money; I will send you, I have routes available to me that your parents won’t be able to get through. Since I broke away and got my jobs I have been putting money aside each month for you in the eternal hope that you will decide to walk away from them. As for apparating into the school grounds and getting you, I can do that. Attached with this owl is not only my old work for Spiders year but my timetable so you can pick a day that would be suitable for you. I hope my book and its content are helpful. Love you to the moon and back. Issy xxxx
  15. Amber sighed out momentarily, but stopped herself the moment she realized breathing in deeply was more trouble for her pain threshold than it was worth. Opening her eyes again, she glanced at the fellow Spencer. She did make a lot of sense, but Amber couldn't shake off the fear that the nurse would tell her guardian about what happened. She didn't even know if the two knew each other, but if they were in the same field, they were aware of each other, right? At least it was the same thing in Amber's field. Almost everyone knew everyone else even if they had never met, in the thousands. "...Thanks. I owe you one." She eventually said. If Max got her close to home, Amber was confident she could pull through. She was known far and wide for her pain tolerance after all. This was just an obstacle in the way of success! Her face contorted slightly as she moved her arm to hold it out for Max to take so she herself could get up and lean on her for balance. Just a little while longer...
  16. "Fun for me is danger itself." Auror's were a very unique kind of danger for someone in his predicament with the mere thought of it caused a small smirk to touch on his lips. A genuine sign of how enjoyable the thought alone had been to him. They actually presented a unique challenge that hadn't been common within the underworld. However, now, there had been the mix of responsibility within himself the kind of raising even in the Yakuza demanded an individual always take responsibility for their own actions and the actions of those that rely upon their covering. "Alas, I must actually act with more care now. Sad but perhaps better for my health." "Detective skills you say?" That had piqued his interest, what would his little skylark drudge up about him if she'd been stubborn enough? Brave or maybe foolhardy enough to jump into the black pool that had been the criminal syndicates? As he thought of it he realized that it would only be like beating a bat against one of the largest hornets nest in a tree. "If you do decide to go snooping around be mindful of your steps. Some pitfalls are a larger drop than they may seem." If she chose to do it that would mean on his table would be watching her from the shadows more intently than he did currently. Jonathan shrugged lightly with a brief sigh. "We'll just plan for a full refurnishing." A brief grunt of amusement pulsed from him. "I will lean on your view on what you'd want for the home. Something that you feel is your own style and fits the vision you have for it." He knew how important it had been to have ones home be an embodiment of who they are. His own had been very sleek and simple, the sense of 'Means Business' radiated from his abode along with the sense of a man who holds himself to an exceedingly high standard. "I'm sure your bed is probably nothing but springs at that." It had been easily told that she cared first for Saffron, sacrifice the self for the growth of the child. "Aren't the young often stupid and selfish? It goes with the territory. Sometimes it just tends to stick." Jon still held no fault against her, whatever her true reasons had been it hadn't made his own situation any less true nor much better after the passing of the years. Though he had let it intentionally slip harm could occur it had only been fair for Holly to understand the full grasp of what had been actually be unhinged with their reunion and this bond between the two of them. Before he even went into detail he started to make his way towards the living room. "Coffee, you Australian's butcher the art of tea." A slight gaze then had been tossed back towards her as he offered the tease then continued on his way to the couch and sat down. Waiting until everything had been prepped for the drinks and for it to be handed to him before he continued on. "Before going into this you must have understand how deep in this goes. The curse of being a criminal extends beyond even my own birth, the crime of my emergence into life had been an orchestration for a weapon." The cup held securely in his hand as he leaned back into the cushions and took a conservative sip. "My Father views power in the most sickening of way sat times and that includes. . . Unions. It is to solidify his power as a Yakuza Patriarch. The more that it grows the easier it is for him to claim not only a single family but an entire organization." While this next part hadn't been 'tricky' it had been the 'Catch-22' of the entire situation. "Which means by extension, I am Yakuza. Trained and inducted from a young age into the business."
  17. "But Nox, Temptations are some of the best things to jump into!" A brief wink had been shot their way. There had never been an issue for him about poking the bear that had been temptation and what it could involve into. Harmless fun in many case in his book. Of course, he didn't expect that they would suddenly make up some kind of corner. Travis laughed as the sly response had rolled. "Something tells me you're quite happy about that little bit." He shrugged lightly and allowed for his smile to grow. "But just know, it won't happen again~." For all of the revolving scents that swirled around the individual, he could pick out that which had seemed most likely 'Them', rather than the effects and touch of nature attempting to mask it. "Mountains. . . Not a bad place to hang out but I don't think I would care for the rough terrain that came along with it." It had been something to consider, however. If he could somehow manage to get a steady shipment of Wolfsbane then keeping contained deep within a mountain range maybe just be enough to keep himself self and potential hysteria down. "That's what I'm saying. I'll treat you to a slab at somepoint. Least I can do for the generosity. " As he inspected the weeds he took no visual notice of Nox, only the slight shift of their scent that seemed to be further away than originally thought. Had something else caught their attention? Then the soured inflection of the foilage which caused his brow to crinkle in disapproval of the raunchy stench. It hadn't been until the last moment that he realized the moisture had been elevated and then suddenly started to drop quickly, splashing in a muck-filled mess over his clothing. That's what he got for turning his back on not only a sly person but apparently a trickster in their own right. "Ugh!" He stood up trying to shake the particles of water mixed-dirty and grime off of himself. He could have used magic but found it more amusing to follow another thought. "Well, now it looks like I have to simply strip all of my clothing off! I can't walk back like this!" Not as if he would've, doing so would have revealed something that would require way too many questions that he hadn't felt quite secure answering from the newly met one.
  18. Alex smiled lightly as he rubbed the back of his neck. As he nodded towards Nox. "Heh, well, you know how it is. When something nearly destroys a place people try to protect against it happening again best they can." The Dark Arts were just a series of spells that could lead down a harsh path, not that it had been something he personally needed to worry about. "Just a collection of spells that have been designed with the intention of negative effects. You knows. . . Jinxes, hexes, the like. I know in the United Kingdom they've grown to be really adamant about it after the whole incident years ago." He nodded gently for a moment. "But other places seem to teach it without too much of a dust being kicked up. I guess it depends on how each culture addresses it in the end." He looked at it as very similar to the 'Wand' dilemma, Not every culture in the world used wands and held other instruments of foci or even seemed to be adept at using their actual body - tapping into what would have been natural in the first place. "What really is a lot?" A playful affliction in the tone of his voice. "I've just been working on the fumes of optimism or what's left of it really." He had to at least admit to himself that it hadn't been the easiest flight since things had started to balance out in his life. He sighed out brief as a way to refresh his mind to the still quite new prospect of indulging in another's dream. "Stomping around in someone else's headspace is just a really good way to keep in mind the uniqueness of the world." Flashing a bright smile towards Nox while he spoke. "Hahaha, I don't think a few people I know would want to see me try to toss myself into that kind of situation. Even then. . ." Part of him craved something more, at least for himself. Something that hadn't been solely intertwined with the life of his Family, as much as he adored them. Then the question had been posed and his eyes closed lightly, did he have any means to incite something similar to a Patronus. . .? He would never be capable of performing the Wizarding arts but with his own being 'Similar' enough it could be possible? "Can't say that I do, my friend! Though I'm sure something maybe possible, I think. I guess that's somewhat the fun of the thought, isn't it?" Mischievously grinning while he rubbed his chin. "Something to build up to! You know, have to experience all the other kinds of unique dangers. Ogres and Trolls, whole gamete."
  19. The blonde took a moment to decide where to take Andrea, outside of the obvious finish line. They were already in the Tallygarunga Road, so perhaps they could walk up all the way to the Murrigal Bushland on one side of the road and back to town at the other; from there, she could take Andrea to the Narrie Lakes. After that... It would depend on how things were going between them, as well as how toasted her friend would feel under the unforgiving sun. "Eager, aren't you. Lead the way." Evelyn motioned towards the exit of the little store once getting up, grabbing her purse. What a wonderful morning that was turning out to be. She wasn't about to complain the one time fortune decided to grace her with such pleasant company. Those two next couple of hours would be delightfully agonizing, wouldn't they?
  20. Amber rolled her eyes at the tease, though couldn't help but chuckle herself. It was more memorization than anything, and there was definitely a reason why she never bothered signing up for Arithmancy. She let him go on as she retrieved the towel and proceeded to dry off her limbs and torso - at least as much as she could with her dripping hair. Once happy with the outcome, she put on the very same clothes she had come to the creek with, which clung to her skin immediately due to the still present humidity. Shoving the towel into her bag, she swung it up and over her shoulder. "Then lead the way. Can't wait to have to swath through a mob of angry fangirls." Did Travis have fangirls? She had no idea, but it was quite likely given his teasing ways. Or maybe people just thought he was a creep. 'Fifty fifty.' She didn't seem to hear the little curse, merely motioning him to move along.
  21. Her smile was welcoming, but the frown that came after was to be expected. At the very least, it didn't seem as though she was going to push him away, instead ushering him inside her room and closing the door behind her. In the time it took for her to secure the door, his ears catching the sound of the mechanisms clanking into place, he felt another stab in his abdomen, another nudge in his brain. He let out the smallest of hisses, hands rising up to clutch at his temples, tongue running over his elongating fangs. You are stronger than this, damn it, control yourself. Améa's words brought him back to the present, hands lowering from his head, body turning to look at her. In the centre of the room, her eyes honed on him, and he could hear her heart thumping in her chest. It was clear, a bell being tolled, and it was another guiding point to have him calm down enough to tell her what was wrong - if his elongated fangs were not proof enough already of what was the matter with him. As long as she did not think badly of him - he was her Vladimir after all. And Vladimir was not sure what he would do if suddenly that was gone. Maybe it was a sign of how strong it was, that his first inclination was to approach her, to take her hands in his and try to calm down her racing heart. "I will be fine, my dear, I'm sure of it. I..." He trailed off, a lump forming in his throat. How did he work his way to saying what he needed without it looking like some sort of proposition, what with him coming to her room at this time of night. But it couldn't be helped. "I need your help. Améa, please... I need blood. The sun, the heat, it is taxing my energy. I need some before the vampiric blood in me makes me do something I shouldn't." He did not want to become the monster his first love had accused him of being.
  22. "Wait, what?" Amber was visibly perplexed at the idea of just being given something she perceived as potentially very, very expensive - it was a pet, for crying out loud! Even if it was a miniature, it was bound to be hefty on the wallet getting one from a reputable pet store, right? It seemed Miss Wandsalot actually bred the little buggers; perhaps as some sort of side business or something? But wouldn't it be detrimental for the business to just give them away? Who bred animals for fun? Her gaze eventually fell on the little fellow as well. It looked positively adorable and like a carrier of airborne cuteabetes, just like its eventual recipient. Was Merlin finally making up for the tremendous injustice that was how painful her life could get (as of late mostly through her own fault, but, stupid Travis and his teases! Stupid Evelyn and her teases too!) and decided to give her something to work with for a change? "...Well, can't say no to an offer like that. Sam'll love it, thanks!" The Spencer grinned, holding out a hand for the little creature to hop on over. She'd just have to take care of it for a couple days and then it'd be hand delivered to Samantha. "Does it have a name? And is there anythin' I should keep in mind? Gotta care for it 'till Tuesday."
  23. There was no way any of this was going to go to plan, and Adele knew that already. It just had to go enough to plan that she could secure the safety of her family. A long glare was cast down at Zane as he spoke, her expression turning into one of deep disgust as he apologised yet again for the harm he had caused. Adele didn't want to hear it. Thomas's control might have been deep, but there was no way it could have caused Zane to do all of the things he had. His apologies were nothing. He could have just as easily enchanted Améa away by just loving the poor girl, that would have been enough. More than enough. "No," she said to Stuart. "We're done here." She turned on one heel, throwing a hand back to send a shockwave of energy toward Zane. Right toward the crotch. An invisible punch straight to the groin, she couldn't resist the temptation. He deserved so much more than that, and yet this was all she could do right now. Later. Later, when the worm was less useful---she just had to wait. Adele didn't stop walking until they were outside and on the footpath out front of the house. "If it looks like he's going to escape," she said softly. "We let him take me. Better for us to know where he is. I don't think he realises they can sense my location. It won't be much of an advantage, but it'll be better than fearing he'll jump around every corner. I doubt it's a plan anyone else will agree to---I need you to help me get them to accept it. Do I have your support?"
  24. Hazel waved one last time, Adam closed the door, and they were gone. Kate had been dreading this moment since she woke up that morning, knowing that the weekend would leave her alone with her husband. Shouldn't this have been a good thing? A relief? A respite from the constant demand of looking after a busy child? They should be planning a special night in, a chance to be together properly and yet they wouldn't be. Kate would spend her weekend without the pleasant buffer Hazel provided from her frustrated and grouchy husband. Every time she thought about it, the pit of dread grew deeper. Kate told herself to be patient. He was still recovering. He was doing well in rehab, it was just slow. One day her Matthew would return and all of this will have been worth it. Gods, it had to be. Matt had been in a particularly down mood lately. Quiet. Jumpy. Every time she looked over he was lost in his thoughts, occasionally staring at her. Something wasn't right but she didn't know if she could even ask. Kate got the feeling that Hazel was the only thing holding them together now, and without her here for the weekend Kate could feel her life slipping out of her grasp. Maybe it would be better that way. Maybe. "It's good of them to take her out like that," Matt said from the couch, placing his game controller to one side. Kate froze. She hadn't expected him to speak. "Yeah. Adam and Cass have been wonderful," she replied uneasily. This wasn't a demand or a criticism or what she'd come to expect and now it felt suspicious. Matt cleared his throat, turning back to look at her. "Come sit down?" The three words struck fear into her heart. He sounded serious. He was asking her in the soft and reasonable tone she remembered from him. On shaking legs she brought herself over, leaving a good foot of space between them when she sat down. Had he decided he wanted out? Her eyes pricked with tears at just the thought, and the long pause as Matt found words to speak did not help her anxiety. "A young woman came to the Roo the other day," he started softly. "To find me. She's my daughter. I chose years ago to not be involved, I wasn't the sort of person who should be a father. Not then. I didn't think she would look for me, but she did. And... things are different now. I want to know her. And her daughter." Kate swalllowed the giant lump that had swollen in her throat. "You have... a daughter?" she repeated. He nodded in reply, and Kate took a moment to let this sink in. "And a granddaughter." Another nod. "I've been thinking a lot since she visited, and... you're the reason. You're why everything is different. You, and Hazel. Otherwise I would have stayed afraid of being my Dad, but..." Matt took another deep breath. Kate tensed. What now? "I want to get a proper carer. I want to increase my occupational therapy. I've been... stupid. This whole time. Really stupid, Katie. Especially to you. You deserve better than I've been giving you, and I don't deserve your loyalty after everything we've been through. I want to do better." Kate burst into tears. The revelation was one thing, but here and now he sounded like the Matthew she missed. Seeing her fall apart, he opened his arms, gestured for her to come in closer. She did. Snuggled herself in against his chest while he wrapped his arms as tight about her as he could. Just like the old days. He kissed the top of her head. She could her the fast, worried heartbeat drumming in his chest. "I can't believe you have a granddaughter." she managed eventually. Matt laughed, just a little. Shook his head. "No, Katie-Lou. We have a granddaughter."
  25. The school year was finally drawing to a close. That didn't particularly affect MJ either way - while there were things she certainly enjoyed doing on school grounds, there were plenty she could put her time to during the break as well. She found herself with some extra free time that day, with all the commotion in school surrounding the End Year Ball. She wasn't attending, having nothing to wear for such an occasion. It wasn't her type of thing to go to either, so it didn't bother her much to be in solitude. She could put that time to good use and engage in one of her several solitary activities instead, since she had no commissions backed up to sell. The girl wound up near her little hideout by the Korrowi Creek, opting to further prepare her little shelter. It was a bit of a game to her: she didn't exactly expect to actually live in such conditions at any point in her life, but she did enjoy having her own little special place away from the world. Wanting to prepare it further, she realized she needed to outfit her shelter with food reserves. She knew how to cook pemmican to stock up, but for that, she needed to hunt. To hunt, she needed weapons. She had spent the better part of that afternoon preparing a makeshift spear; but at that point, as the sun started to set, she switched her sights to creating a bow. Finding a fairly long piece of dry wood, she took it back to base. Sitting by the water, she retrieved a switchblade from her pocket and proceeded to care for what would become the grip of her bow - removing its twigs, its bark, and shaping it in general for better effectiveness in handling. It would be a long process, but a worthwhile one...
  26. Another day off of training. At least Amber had made a full recovery and was throwing herself off of high places again, and embodying what a bumping technician should be (as put by one of her idols, Mayu Iwatani). But much to her chagrin, as the break ended, everybody was moving on with their lives. Mairead and Alyona were busy with their school things, Meadow was obsessing over the distant SPIDER exams, Samantha apparently got a job (and, of course, she forgot about Travis again)... It wasn't like she could ask Gem or Keira to hang out in the middle of a work day either. She had to find someone who would put up with her that cloudy afternoon. It's not like her parents would have a choice, right? They were dead and buried, they'd just have to deal with it. Amber sat by the headstone of her parents' graves, whom were put to rest side by side. It read 'Fisher and Elisa Cross - Always stood for what was right'. A few nice little words for two people whom perished defending rights that weren't their own without being too obvious and confusing Muggles about it. The Spencer crossed her legs, not seeming too sad about the little encounter. "Heya. Been a while. My bad." She spoke with a little more pep in her voice than someone in a graveyard would normally have. "Sorry, been kinda busy with a dead back. I'd cut it off, but, y'know, I don't think I could flip without a spine." She couldn't help but chuckle at her own little joke, but a prolonged silence followed. She could tell them about all the things she had gone through lately, as usual - meeting that weirdo pretentious chick in Tally, destroying her back with a bad bump, Keira and Evelyn double teaming to make her Christmas celebration absolutely miserable, the adventure in the lakes, bringing cats to class... There were so many things she could bring up, but one stood out the most. "...Am I too childish?" Her tone lowered ever so slightly as she spoke, almost as if she was ashamed of admitting it. She wanted an answer she knew she wasn't getting, for better or worse - she knew that to be the case, but she didn't exactly want to have it confirmed. Instead, she wanted to be reassured it was a normal thing. With everybody moving on with their lives and her being stuck to pop culture and pro wrestling like nail to flesh, there was no other logical conclusion - she needed to move on as well somehow. But it felt wrong. It didn't feel like she'd be becoming someone that she wanted to be. "Pretty funny of me to ask this of people who are gone for their beliefs, eh? I bet you don't regret it one bit." Even so. She was tired of being treated like a child. How could she possibly become a grown up in other people's eyes? Would she ever? She let the topic simmer in her brain, gaze cast to her crossed legs.
  27. "Accommodation, huh. How far away's that?" Rachel asked as she got within arm's reach. She took the ball that was offered to her, and on reflex she glanced at the wound caused due to her remarkably accurate batting skill - and winced a second time. That couldn't possibly feel good. Though given the situation, it was a wonder that she hadn't knocked him clean out. "With a toss like that, y'might have a concussion, mate. I'll take ya there." "That's the spirit." Said Lisa, completely ignoring the redhead's plight - she was of the school of thought that if you could stand, you should, regardless of the consequences. If you didn't, you were quite the pansy and not worth everyone's time. She couldn't help but admire the fortitude of the boy to stand after such a blow. Granted, it was no bludger (which she's had the pleasure to spend weeks in an infirmary wing over multiple times in her career), but it was still commendable. "But... Yeah. Something like that." The ball was tossed to Lisa, whom caught it on reflex without much difficulty. "Are you gonna pay me to carry this or something?" She asked with a fake air of annoyance. Not catching on to the joke, Rachel just rolled her eyes in exasperation. "Just shaddap 'n help me make up for this crap."
  28. The Sturt nodded. Every year, the Stewarts would spend the Summer holidays in Japan, with the girls' mother's side of the family tree. Chloe didn't mind visiting that much, but it wasn't the optimal time to visit, in her opinion - she'd much rather go during the Autumn break, which coincided with Spring up in the northern hemisphere - Japan, in particular, was quite stunning at that time of the year. But, given that Chloe wasn't in charge, she couldn't schedule visitations so it would just have to do. "Our school certainly makes it look like it is, at least." There was even a House notorious for its pranksters. It wasn't Chloe's cup of tea, to be honest. She didn't particularly enjoy people pulling pranks on her either. She just classified that whole realm of 'fun' as something she would never understand. "You'd think the amount of accidents we cause would be a deterrent." But, no. Each prank is crazier than the last. It was a worldwide game of oneupsmanship at that point and she wanted no part in it. "Right." She didn't need to hear it twice. Paying for Tyson's treat, she was quick to hand it to its rightful owner. "We can just go to Zoom's Brooms another day. Another excuse to hang out, if anything." She offered. She could almost feel her mother's presence, patting her in the back at the little step in the right direction. It was a very awkward feeling, to say the least.
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