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  2. She flashed a proud smile as she put her hands on her hips in a way to show how cool she was. “I sure hope so.” She commented. “Sometimes you need a break from your hobbies, as much as you love them sometimes you gotta do something different.” She continued. She couldn’t only use her personal experience as an insight, she liked to read but sometimes going outside, catch some air, does some jogging was nice not only for the mind but for the soul as well. He seemed to be like her, not knowing his extended family, Andre knows she has an aunt and an uncle but that’s all she really knows. She quite didn’t understand the reasoning to keep his nephew in the dark, if the kid had some sort of affinity with an element, lack of practice could be dangerous. “But why not? If he can do what you can and if he has an affinity to fire I think it’s going to be a lot worse for him in the future.” She heard him talk about how he slid down the grass barefoot and wanted to laugh, it was an amazing feeling. Perhaps he was right, she should go camping, it would be like ten-year-old Andrea trying to keep a salamander out of her tent. “I don’t know that many people here, maybe I’ll go alone, enjoy the nature, relax, try to keep overly friendly animals out of my tent.” She said joking with the situation, although it was something she wouldn’t be surprised if it did happen. Derrick sounded a lot worse than she was, the idea of a smelly liquid would be fun, but also potentially dangerous. “Those cries and those mothers yelling would be music to my ears.” She commented before laughing.
  3. Max was not expecting that reaction from him, she laughed and snorted a little before raising her hand to her mouth to stop the sound. “I have classes with them, I never spoke to them before I can’t really judge.” She said she was trying to be fair about the whole opinion about both girls. “They seem like people I’d argue a lot that’s all.” She spoke before smiling at him, not sure how she’d react to any of them but perhaps her thoughts about them were only based on what she saw in classes. A world without rules was chaos and despite her love for chaos she didn’t want a place like that, but she liked enough freedom to roam around without restrictions. “A world with no rules is not good don’t you ever wondered what’s like to be free to see the world? I always wanted to be free enough to do that, turn imagination into reality, even if it’s just for a while.” Perhaps Alex could understand, she didn’t require complete freedom, but some more freedom than the one she currently has. “Last time I unleashed a bunch of mice around school people screamed, I don’t think they’ll like to see a white mouse like that.” She commented, even if it was pretty cool if Baltazar could do all that. “Baltazar would look super cool like that, if he agrees, I might need to split the profit.” She said joking about it, she couldn’t communicate with Baltazar, but she was pretty sure the little mouse wouldn’t find that amusing. As he spoke about the prank that involved the marshmallows Max’s stomach growl, the thought of food was making her hungry, especially now that he spoke about chocolate. Some marshmallows covered in chocolate would be delicious, a sugary bomb ready to cause a sugar overdose but Max was willing to take that risk. “Hmm…delicious and what a delicious name for a prank.” Her brain was already thinking about the food and not really paying attention to the potential of that simple yet amusing prank. However, when he mentioned the cyclops she chucked. “Well, if they have a King Kong fetish you can always make a golem…imagine with the right skills we can make a piece of clay look like a cute lady or lad.”
  4. So that girl was an exchange student, so she’d only been there for one year and if everything went according to plan Max should also graduate that year, maybe that’s why they put her in that room since neither of them was going to remain in school for another year, well at least Max hopped she could graduate. The girl told Max to jump in, at first Max was a bit cautious of it, was it safe? But eventually, she did and landed on a couch. Max’s only question now was how the hell were they going to get out of there without a ladder? “So…how do we get out?” Max asked it was the only question that mattered at the moment. “I haven’t met a trunk that was smaller on the outside, they are usually smaller on the inside.” She said with a quizzical face as she looked around the place. “So…what now?” Max asked, still looking around hoping to see something that could help them both get out of such a place.
  5. "Actually? Nevermind." Diana said, but despite her words, there was a giant of a smile on her face. "I think I got it. I'll handle the movies, don't worry about it. Your responsibility, instead, will be... Hm..." The finger upon her chin tapped it lightly as the blonde considered what Olivia could do. Diana was already providing the house and entertainment... "...Oh, I know! You get to pick where we order from. Let's not cook for a change. We can be lazy, right? We work too much." Well, Diana was sure she worked way too much for her own good, but she didn't really have an off switch when it came to pursuing stories - though that was mostly out of wanting to ensure her brother's future rather than being obsessed with work proper. Maybe Olivia could rein her in somewhat? They both knew how the other operated well, so hopefully she'd be able to push Diana's buttons and shove some common sense back in her brain.
  6. Meadow didn't say much at all in return when Travis couldn't promise what she requested - she understood, even if it greatly pained her to do so. It wasn't something she wanted to see as a possibility. Meadow herself had had brushes with death one too many times when she was a little girl, and couldn't wish that upon anyone. The thought of having a close friend willingly face such a thing made her quite uneasy to say the least, when she just did her best to avoid such situations like the coward she had become as a result. "Thank you." It was all she could say to the compromise. It was fair. Besides, if he did come back in more than just one piece, she could just heal him back together, right? That would be her job. And that was why she should become a Healer. She would be there for him when needed. She'd study her ass off to become someone he could depend on. For as much of a coward that she was indeed, that gave her a renewed sense of self worth and affirmation. It was something that she needed to do. It was no longer a matter of if she should. The moment he mocked the situation, however, a wry smile spread upon her lips. She rolled her eyes and then shook her head, but instead of scolding him on his antics, she wound up letting out a mild chuckle. "Shut up and come here, pervert." She then pulled the man close into a hug. Merlin knew how many more opportunities she'd actually have to do so.
  7. As Meadow kept on inspecting the little container, the stirring not causing a reaction, she found herself exhaling deeply in frustration as both her friends challenged her on what she deemed a very simple, reasonable request. It didn't help her nerves much at all, and made her grip the flask tighter. The tension in the room was palpable and her jaw clenched. It was just a little potion and they'd be on their way, as she had compromised to. Couldn't they just agree to it and move on? "I know what I'm doing." She managed to utter out in a mildly aggravated tone, gaze glued to the liquid in the bottle. Why did everyone have to get so defensive against her every single time? It wasn't like she was holding people at gunpoint. Yet, the repeated pushing and questioning soon became quite the burden to bear, and she set the flask down on the surface near her with a light clicking sound. Closing her eyes, she didn't respond to either one of them. 'Breathe.' She knew that she usually veered towards self-destruction when angry, and so all she could do was pause. She didn't even mind how odd it would seem for her to lean on that desk and just breathe. She needed to clear her head, even if for just a second.
  8. "I suppose that's a good way of describing him." Meadow found herself commenting, but it was mostly to herself than as a response to Remi proper. She would've also used the words 'perverse', 'inappropriate' and 'crude', but perhaps it was about time she focused on the good rather than being so strict about her best friend's actions. They were in their teenage years, right? She should let him do what he wanted. At that point she was just projecting her parents' behavior onto others, which wasn't healthy in the least. "Oh, no... That's not really my thing." The beach. It was the Summer and it was a perfectly good excuse, but that little voice in the back of her mind was making itself heard again. For once, she decided to ignore it. "Though I hope you have fun. I take it you two are travelling to Melbourne for this?" There wasn't much in the way of 'beaches' in Narrie, after all, but she couldn't help but wonder why they wouldn't have a day at the lakes instead. Did they really want to build sandcastles that badly?
  9. "Mm. Tell you what. I'll talk to my coach tomorrow, then I'll let Liv known and she'll bring you along. Sounds good? Don't worry about it." A friendly wink of reassurance followed. That girl seemed really nervous. Olivia really hadn't been kidding when she said Aspen was a fan of his work, had she? It made him feel uncharacteristically awkward - it was not the type of 'starstruck' fan he was used to dealing with, but it was certainly a more welcome type. "Also, if you ever need tips, wanna chat, or anything really, hit me up, okay? If you're going pro, I'm just another player. No need to look up to a colleague." He offered. To him, all players were on an even playing field - it was a matter of getting noticed, for the right or wrong reasons. The two had a common start in the Bourke House, as Captains, even if in different positions. He didn't exactly want her treating him like a superior when they were so similar.
  10. Last week
  11. "You flattered by my company?" A light snort of amusement exhausted from him. "Who am I to try and persuade you otherwise if that's how you feel, am I right?" He gave a lopsided smile with a slight tilt of his head, there hadn't been a reason he could perceive on why she should be flattered by him. At least, he didn't think he could contribute anything that could effect someone in that form of way unless he'd been intentionally flirting. "But it isn't a bad thing unless you see it as one, I guess. Laps can be confusing thing to people, they may even start to try talk about such intimate closeness." Maybe that had been the intention? To try and dissuade those that would attempt to garner her attention by thinking she'd already been spoken for. He chuckled lightly. "I guess~. Since I actually said something about it." There had been a lighter feeling that resonated from his body after Sam had stood up, the sign that his body acknowledged that there no longer had been another body. Once he looked up towards he'd see her hand there, hovering in his face. An eyebrow arched up in curiosity before lightly taking her hand, though he pressed most of his weight on the arm of the chair while he stood up. He didn't want to end up pulling her back down onto his lap after standing. "I see what you're doing here, trying to stick around to get to know me. Don't think I didn't notice!" Travis sighed playfully and shrugged. "Alright, let's go. I'm sure this room has seen enough of my mug anyways." An arm looped around her shoulder playfully as he started to lead them out of the room.
  12. 'Of course, She'd perhaps be far more surprised than I am with someone pointing a deadly weapon at them.' The hand armed with the wand gently lowered, along with his gaze which took in a lot more than he had ever intended to take in of the individual. Under most circumstances he could clearly ignore the hormonal swarms that came with being a growing teenage male, at least, if there hadn't been the sight of the young lady in the buff with water trickling down her form. His eyes lifted once more as he attempted to keep his eyes on her face, maybe she'd suddenly cover up and save them both that odd moment along with an expected slap that would occur? "Tá trócaire ag Oberon. . ." Senan responded in a heavy Irish dialect. He sought a mercy because now, the girl he'd surprised had not only turned the shower off but had started to make her way to face him, and she hadn't been covering her body. Why, oh why, did his mother set him on this mission? Only to place him before an obstacle that he had not yet been ready to actually encounter in his life or moment. His hands, figuratively, had been bound and he couldn't just tell her he'd planned to meet someone in secret in the Shower room. And the option that he'd been looking for the girl before him would come off only as the most creepiest response in the world, even he had lines against that. He took a single gulp to clear his mind and throat before speaking, she gave him the perfect excuse and he'd just have to roll with it as easily as he did anything else. "The shower? Yes, I had just gotten done with a bit of a work out but I tend to avoid using the House showers. They don't meet my standards, too noisy." Opting for a joke as if it could deflate the obviousness that she held no worry about showing off her body, he even had to admit to himself, it was quite a nice form. However, just as he thought of the next words to say, the thoughts were halted within his own mind. A single embedded telepathic message to him, 'Tell her you'd like for her to join you. It'd be quite rude of yourself to stop her cleansing! Go on, now, child. This is for your cover, remember? You must act as a teen male would act!' Senan refused to allow his expression to betray him, but deep on the inside, he'd been twitching and mentally screaming. His mother had him at a crossroads and disobeying orders under the guise of 'Selling the guise' hadn't been looked on fondly, even if it had been solely for the elder woman's enjoyment from a far. "You shouldn't need to stop on my account. It's. . . More economical if we both take one. No need for you to stop after I'd been the one to interrupt, correct?"
  13. It was something that had begun as barely anything. The girl hadn't considered it even just a couple of months ago. She'd began school like everyone else, but there were so many things that teenagers understood so much better than her, even though there were so many other things that she understood so much better than... well, most of the school. But there were things that were happening to her, with or without her intent or desire. She was aware enough to know that it had to be something to do with her growth spurt, that the hormonal changes which came with being a teenager would affect other parts of her, other than just physically. Mentally, emotionally, she was aware that there were sudden strange feelings, but she couldn't describe them or put them into some kind of understandable label. This was Travis' fault, surely. Well, no, she would liked to have blamed him, but he couldn't control what happened with her. That was just silly. What had caused this latest trip to the library to seek the knowledge of her grandmother though was the latest things she'd read in the Quillbook, which she had tossed into a drawer once she had written in it. She felt... hurt? Confused? Jealous, possibly? Mostly, she felt like she was lacking important knowledge that would allow her to understand better the things teenagers talked about. Dating, kissing, whatever else it was they did as boyfriends and girlfriends. Lei didn't even ring the bell at the librarian's desk, simply walking around it to the door which led to Adele's office and the living space attached to it. She did knock gently on the door before opening it and looking around with a small pout on her lips. Seeing no one, but knowing that her grandmother was just in the other room with Caleb for a moment, she moved to a chair and sat down, her expression contemplative as she waited for Adele to decide to see what she wanted.
  14. Earlier
  15. "Mhmm, it's a running gag from last year's Magical Education Conference," Audrey said easily, adjusting Merri in her arm a little before reaching to pick up another donut and take a bite. She then lifted her brows as she listened to Adele and struggled not to roll her eyes at the other woman. She was coming off far too strong with her usual 'I am better than you' defiance, and Audrey wondered just how threatened Adele must have been feeling with other people around. Especially younger, more vibrant women. She must have really been feeling the pressure of being a mother again. "Calm down, Adele. No one's trying to push you off your 'bitch' pedestal, you can relax," The younger woman sighed quietly with a shake of her head. She smiled a little at Tamara's response, which was to compare notes, which Audrey thought was a great idea. Maybe they might actually become friends, of course that was if Adele didn't let her own self-consciousness get to her. "Oh yeah, the weather definitely takes some adjusting to, but I can say that I don't miss the cold English winters," Audrey laughed lightly with a few small nods, before then offering a shrug to the woman and gesturing toward the large pile, "Grab another one. If people miss out then it's because they were too slow. Always have to be quick on Donut Wednesday, isn't that right, Adele?" She smiled, though her features twisted into a half-amused sneer toward Del at the comments, "Not as tired as you must get feeling threatened by new people." She retorted, before smirking with a shake of her head, "He's been on the ball a lot more recently, since we had Merrilea. Trying to keep me from stressing out too much."
  16. Liv continued, she quickly fixed Nox, who was now presentable and ready for them to go to class. Liv listened to Nox as they explained how they got the injuries. “You need to be more careful, but I suppose you already know that.” Liv commented with a soft smile. It couldn’t be easy for Nox, but somehow, they seemed to make it work. “So, did you manage to confirm if it was or wasn’t a magical reptile?” Liv asked, because if Nox had been able to confirm it then it wasn’t a waste of time, aside from the injuries it would have been a good finding. “And you managed to get away? I think luck was on your site today. Next time don’t wrestle it yourself, it can be dangerous.” Liv warned, putting her hand on Nox’s shoulder gently. Liv liked to give unsolicited advice, perhaps Nox was going to listen to her, if not, well, she was sure she would be seeing them quite often.
  17. After that valentine’s day prank Max was going to finally get her revenge on Keaton. She hoped that he had read the note she had left him in his room; She had told him she would meet him at the quidditch pitch after his practice so that they could study. She had previously prepared the area and enchanted an object, a rather cute keychain with the K letter along with a broom, he wouldn’t suspect a thing, or at least that what she expected. Was Max annoyed that he had pranked her? She had been, now she just finds it hilarious and amusing. Was she going to let him get away with it? No, she wasn't, she now had a valid excuse to prank him back The prank was juvenile and easy, as soon as he stepped out away from Max his keychain would release a power that once in contact with his skin would turn his skin green for a couple of days before wearing off. She wasn’t even sure if Keaton was going to fall for it, she just hoped he would accept the keychain in name of their friendship, he could still use it after the enchantment wears off. She sat in the seats, her hair was still green, she didn’t bother to hide it, she was actually enjoying the new hair color, but that didn’t mean she would let him get away for turning her hair that color. She cheered the team as they practiced until the practice was finally over, which was when she finally spotted Keaton. “Hey hey K-man!” she said waving at him.
  18. It was rather nice to have someone tell her she wasn’t stupid, that happened often in her life. In fact, her life had been littered with references to her intelligence or lack thereof. Asking questions equated to one being stupid, as you should already know the answers. This had been the way her entire life and she had never been one who could hold back her curiosity. Her smiles brightened when Travis found another way of too look at her being stupid. “Heightened sense of optimism, I like that!” she replied, clapping her hands together hard enough to startle the rat on her shoulder enough that he made a chattering noise “Sorry, Appendage.” she added, stroking his head and shoulders with a single finger. He was probably very tired from his adventures. “Oh, I do need to thank you. Appendage is everything to me.” though, once again she didn’t explain exactly why that was, largely because they had launched into another conversation about tracking and jewellery for Appendage. That all sounded like a fun adventure and the chance to see the rather handsome boy in front of her “Oh, thank you. I’ll get right on that and then come find you.” the urge to hug him again rose, but, instead she simply bounced in place before remembering that Appendage was tired. “I better go, Appendage is probably tired.” she said, waving slightly as she stepped back “Thank you again, Travis. I’ll see you soon.” then with that done, she turned slightly, throwing one more smile and wave over her shoulder before walking back towards the building. A new spring in her step.
  19. Remi was having a rare bit of downtime. The death of her beloved pet rat who had been her constant companion and source of solace when she’d first had to step out into the wider world and discover how ill prepared she was for it. But he was gone, not missing, not run away for rat adventures but dead. She had leant of the few friends she had made during her first year here during that time, but, if she was honest she suspected they didn’t really understand how important Appendage had been too her. How could they though? She’d not exactly been open with how her life had started and the reasons behind why he was such an important of her life, why the impact of his death had been larger than what everyone expected it to be. The young witch knew she should confide in at least one of her few friends, but which one? Also, once she told them they’d probably turn their backs on her and she’d have no friends. So instead of doing that or mulling over it like she should have, she sat curled up in one of the comfortable chairs, one of her class books balanced on the arm as she worked on homework, ignoring the comings and goings of the other students. An accent she’d never heard before floated over too her ears and simply because it was new and different it registered, looking up she saw another Flinders picking up her books and pieces of paper that had fallen all over the place. Little thought went into what she did next, she simply closed her homework, placing it on top of her bag at the foot of the chair then uncurled herself and made the short trip between the chair and the girl. “Can I help?” she asked, kneeling down and helping pick up the scattered belongings before the other girl could give an answer.
  20. Travis snickered lightly. "That's good, means you'll avoid all the random gum wads in the world. Nothing much worse than touching a fresh chewie!" It had been a strong enough thought to leave an impression that sent a shiver down his spine in disgust. "Explains the awkwardness about you a bit." Something about her screamed 'New to the scene', which meant that she would probably be spending some time trying to find all the important shops and school rated establishments to pick up the necessary items. "You probably should find and swing by Will O' Wisp, it's the Wand Shop. Always need to be acquainted with one of those even once you're out of the school life. Never know when you'll need to be attuned to a new wand or need to have one fixed up." Most of the necessary 'Budding Wizard' shops had been around that area too which made it a doubly important find. "Might find a few shops there for your books too. Ingredients and a few appliances here and there that you may need to grab up." His eyes closed and he tilted his head in thought to consider if there had been anything else he needed to bring up or draw more attention towards as a place to visit. "I do know those shops out there aren't the best for those with your particular need for special fabrics. . . You maybe able to get some info from the office though, I know there is a teacher on staff with the same heritage. So, there maybe some resources the school offers in light that there would be students following behind." He wasn't sure just how well-woven the fabrics as he hadn't been in the same situation of need to avoid frustrations against the skin. A gaze lifted to look at the Common room clock and a small frown shaped on his face. "Oh, yikes. . . Forgot I need to contact someone before they stop taking personal calls." Soft laughter flowed from him as he scratched the side of his neck while starting to gather up his things. "I'll have to catch you later. But don't forget the plans for the break!"
  21. "At war?" Amber parroted, taken aback, eyes widening slightly. What was Lauren talking about? Had the life in the fallout shelter been so immersive she was convinced there was some sort of catastrophic conflict going on outside? 'This girl's out there, that's for sure...' Though she could see how having no outlet to have fun with could fry people's brains. Amber herself was the type to get bored exceedingly quickly. She wouldn't have survived that sort of situation, not by a long shot. "I... Think it is? I'unno. I don't spend a lot of time in libraries. But if it's in most libraries, it should be in this one." She was pretty convinced that's where Meadow got all her random knowledge of pop culture from. That girl played innocent, but Amber had caught on to the occasional reference. "I can take you there I guess, yeah. Just give it a shot, not like it'll kill ya." Perfectly unaware of the girl's evil intentions, Amber took the Astronomy book from her lap and put it inside the patch-riddled bag, closing it and swinging it over her shoulder. "Not like I'm getting any studying done at this point anyway. Where is everyone...?" She got up from her seat, idly glancing over at the entryway to the room that was mostly deserted while waiting for the Sturt to follow. Had something happened outside that she missed? 'Bummer.'
  22. “Ouch.” She said with a chuckle. “Good idea, have anyone in mind? I know this one girl that might be interested in participating, but you know me, so social, yet with so little friends.” She said with an amused look on her face. “Hmmm…. incorporate dares? Nothing too life threatening but I approve of it.” She said, leaning back on the couch. “What sort of dare are you planning? Breaking and entering? Skinny dipping? Truth or dare?” She asked. “Fine!” she said with a small pout and crossing her arms. “I won’t throw it, I know how much you love that wand.” She said, but his wand still sounded like a better choice than hers. She watched Baltazar, she was sad she couldn’t keep him, but Keaton was right, who wouldn’t want an oversized mouse and she couldn’t exactly keep it hidden forever in her dorm room. “Maybe next time we can make it bigger? I’m sure most people will find it disturbing that a large rat is running around the school. Oh, their screams of panic will be music to my years.” She commented with a deep breath. “What do you want to do now? Stay here? Play a game? Want me to leave you alone?” she asked, making a sad face when she asked him if he wanted her to leave him alone.
  23. Name: Ignatius Larue House: Bourke Year Level: Four Position: Seeker Secondary Position: Keeper Interest in Interschool Team: Yes
  24. "You're like some. . . Evil taunting. . . Witch tree or something." She had been rubbing that jealousy in and he could tell she was enjoying it. Whether it had been the prospect that it was -him- being jealous or the fact that it had been an internal acknowledgement of a claim itself that got her rise he wasn't sure. Knowing how twisted she was? It probably had been both at the same time! Even as her arm wrapped around his waist, pulling his own against hers, a pout formed as an expression. This had to be some form of evil secret disguised in some French pint-sized individual. "You do know that just saying that makes me want to be extremely~ rebellious, right?" Even if he were to show up late, it'd count as him being a rebel in his own eyes. Not that he'd been against supporting her but there were some boyish traits that he just couldn't seem to shake at certain moments. In the same vein, there just had been no way to ignore that innate design to follow with a world-class prank. He'd been wondering several ways on how to get back at Audrey and this? This was one that had been fun for the WHOLE family. One that he could comfortably do with a smile on his face and a grin in tow. "I would go with, 'This is the song that never ends' or 'I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves'. But those are just so cliché, aren't they. . .? You know, there is this one song that's been a big hit with kids as young as one and as old as like five to seven, something called the 'Daddy Finger Song'. It has different variants too, just imagine, it cycles through a few possible styles of the song. That would just get repetitive at the end of the loop." As for the more serious talk of the evening. . . It should have been an overwhelming relief that the two of them found even grounds on their emotions. Maybe not just in how they felt for one another but potentially even that backhanded fear from both of their personal hang-up's with past relationships. There had been an odd air of contentment within the tender moment that superseded the issue that tried to gnaw its way at the back of his mind being swept aside. Gaze lowered slightly to stare down towards her as he felt her chin press against the center of his chest. "Oh great, another troublemaker that I'm stuck with?" He gave a playful and exaggerated sigh. "I guess I can put you to work then!" He then squinted at her as she laughed. "Now you're laughing too hard! Do I even want to know what you're thinking!?" Derrick snickered at her insinuated mischief. "As if you wouldn't make it difficult even if you didn't decide to take up a job here. But, you know, it wouldn't be too bad. It would be nice, you know, having someone I can call on to offer up unbiased judgements. Usually, I'd call Auds, but you know she's already so busy. Most times? I feel bad tearing her away. But, hey, you get me about as much as she does and the way my mind actually works with things. In time? You'll be able to read me with just a glance!" The thought of Christmas Gift's did linger on in his mind and thoughtful hum resonated in him. "You know, I've always been bad at proper gifts. I wouldn't know the first thing to get you. My usual solution is, 'Let's go a pranking!' but that isn't always the uh. . . More romantic option in things."
  25. The curfew had been lifted for the sake of the ball - Danielle was free to wander out to the campus without risking punishment (not that she was formally a student just yet to begin with) and she didn't want to be cooped up in the Southern Cross Tower. It had the unfortunate coincidence of being a tad too close to the Ball that she refused to attend, and as such, the noise was absolutely deafening. She needed a reprieve. As the sun set and she grew more comfortable with being outdoors (low visibility, less flaming orb in the sky), the Dhampir left to the Grounds. She wasn't sure why she was going there, she wasn't too much of a fan of open spaces, but that's where her feet were taking her. She wound up at the Quidditch pitch. She had always been a fan but could never actually partake in the sport - before due to the fact she was on the run, and presently due to the fact she was in hiding and her psyche seemed to vehemently disagree with any crowded location that was out in the open during daylight. But it was night time then. She couldn't help but be relieved at the fact her anxiety wasn't flaring up. She felt quite comfortable instead and headed into the pitch proper, walking slowly on the recently trimmed grass and taking in the view. She wound up sitting with her back to one of the closer goal posts, and let her eyes flutter shut. She had resigned to the fact she'd be spending the night alone, as Travis was going to the Ball; might as well make herself comfortable in her solitude.
  26. "Perhaps it is similar..." Lorelei murmured quietly with a gentle nod. She didn't actually want to go into detail and have Aiden find out that some of the things she had considered doing were definitely bad for her potential health, and likely to place her in quite a lot of danger. As it was, she already knew his family were wary about her, and the rest of her family in general. Whatever reason Aiden had for at least feeling comfortable around her, Lorelei was glad. He was probably the first friend she had that wasn't family or one of her kind... who were basically all related anyway. She felt like he should have had lots of friends, but he seemed to almost be as awkward with the other students as she was. It made her feel a little less like she was just going to forever be someone who didn't fit in. If there were others who felt that way, then it was a normal thing, right? "Yes! Of course we are friends!" Lei's features lit up happily as she nodded, confirmation that they were really friends. "And we can introduce each other to any new friends we make, and look out for each other, and have a good and fun time for the rest of school!" Because that's how it worked, of course. He would make other friends, and she would, and then they could make a group of friends and they would be able to help each other with classes, and play games together and help each other out when someone was going through a tough time. And there would sometimes be a fight, but they would always make up. "Maybe you can help Lauren too? I shall introduce you, and then she will have an extra kind friend as well. I am already feeling better about the school classes, thank you Aiden!" Practically pouncing him, Lorelei wrapped her arms around Aiden to give him a big squeezy hug just like the ones her mum did, before releasing him slightly to sit back again. "I am happy that the strange things that have happened did not scare you away from being my friend."
  27. 2018 SPENCER - 305 BOURKE - 285 STURT - 210 FLINDERS - 140 2019 Coming this year...
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