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September, 2019 :: Spring

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  2. Invite If only the clockworks could speak

    She was confident she could take care of the cats, and they would be in good hands. She had considered in getting a pet, not how she expected to get one and they were Travis’ so it would be temporary, but she was going to have plenty of fun with them. The tone of the conversation shifted when he declined her offer. She understood the implications of having him with her and while she was willing to take that chance, she could see that he wasn’t. “I know it won’t feel bad about breaking into my house, and probably dispel all the protective shields I have…” if there was one thing she had learnt from travelling was to always put up shields and wards around a place to sleep and rest, whatever rested in the shadows wasn’t going to be courteous enough to knock on the door. “You’re not a wild animal. At least stop by for some hot food, maybe a shower, clean clothes, sometimes a soft bed, I don’t think I’ll be in that much danger, at least not yet, it’s too soon.” She understood his concerns, but she was also concerned about him. “You can’t do this alone.” It wouldn’t be the first time that Liv would face a werewolf, but she wasn’t proficient, and she could understand his worried about her safety. If she was him, she would have done the exact same thing. “Just … at least consider it. I’m not going anywhere, I’ll still be here for you, if you ever need me, text me, combination to let you through the wards at my house are simple, and you can just use magic to open the door. It will always be open for you.” She couldn’t force him, but she could give him an option. He was right, it wasn’t a fair question, but she knew he would do for her exactly what she’d do for him. “I know it’s not Travis and call me stubborn but the safety you want for those you care for is the same I want for you. Your words won’t change any of that, me knowing the danger won’t change it either.” She couldn’t understand his position, but he couldn’t understand hers. She had always been in the side lines, people disappeared from her life and she was never able to do anything about it, the feeling of loss was terrible, but the feeling of uncertainty was worse. She smiled at his words, how could she? “I wouldn’t dodge you even if I had met you right now. It wouldn’t have made me change my mind.” She was stubborn, she believed in people, everyone made mistakes, everyone deserved a chance to change and a chance to be better than they already were, people needed the opportunity to grow. “You need to be more kind to yourself.” A wise choice of words, if she would follow them, but Travis didn’t need to know about that piece of information, or maybe he had already figured it out. “One bad thing doesn’t make the whole experience bad.” she wasn’t sure if she could get her point across. Travis wasn’t kind towards himself, he was harsh and the perception he had of himself was mostly bad, or it seemed that way. “Me being in danger isn’t your fault, you didn’t cause this, you didn’t start this, you’re not the one trying to do anything.” The way she saw it, he was as much of a victim as everyone else, and yet he only blamed himself for everything that had happened. “You taught me how to open up again, that’s good. You spent many hours with me, they were all amazing, I loved every minute of it. We don’t always agree, and that’s alright, but even our little arguments were a teaching moment, not bad, not good, they were great.” If only he could see things from her perspective, he could never see things her way, because he was living with it, but she was on the outside, she wasn’t as hard on him as he was. “You don’t have to. All my time with you was great, great experiences, great moments. I don’t have anything bad to say about you.” She had to say it again, and again, until he realizes she’s not lying or trying to make him feel better, or even delusional, her perception of him was entirely different from the one he had. ”You see yourself as a werewolf, I see the werewolf, but I also see what’s underneath the rough and scary exterior. You’re more than just fangs, and don’t let society tell you you’re a monster. I’ve seen you, you’re more kind than most humans, they are the monsters, not you.” In this moment her words probably didn’t mean much to Travis, but she hoped one day he could see what she meant. “Regardless of everything, I’ll always be here for you. I’m not going away willingly, even if you push me back, I’ll be an octopus on your face.” She had used the same statement before, and while she preferred to be the song stuck in his head, in this case she wouldn’t mind being both the song and the octopus.
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  4. Invite Questionably Undaunted

    May Bowen
    May's eyes squinted ever so slightly as Olivia implied she was to be trusted, all because she hadn't burned May's house down once the Dhampir showed her face again in Narragyambie a few months before. That worked more against the half-Veela than for her - she had taken a whole *month* to approach her in the first place, as she knew for a fact Diana had delivered the message the day immediately after May approached the blonde. If anything, that meant Olivia couldn't wholly control herself to that extent unlike what she was claiming to. 'Come on, Liv, you can do better than that...' "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth." She quoted Mike Tyson, finding the words to hold true at that point. "We can plan to keep things steady, to cage him and to talk to him, but it only takes a spark for things to go off the rails, Liv. I need to make sure that, whatever happens, it's not by your hands or his. Do you understand? I can get away with it, but you two can't." Whenever Olivia was overcome with emotion, May felt like she was talking to a brick wall. That day was no exception. The Dhampir had always been the more calm and rational sort, the voice of reason, but it was hard to get through to someone who didn't want to listen. Hopefully the time they spent apart, the time they had to mature away from each other, would help in order to make that conversation go on less painfully. She would be patient and see it through either way, but unfortunately there was too much riding in the conversation for May to continue being so careless and permissive of that behavior. "That said, please clarify. What am I misunderstanding?" From what she could tell, Olivia want to capture the creature and lead this Travis kid to him, something that probably wouldn't end well. But perhaps she had a more elaborate plan that she was yet to tell May about. She hoped that was the case.
  5. School visits

    "That's unlucky..." Ian commented as Colette explained why she had remnants of the glow prank stuck to her skin, even if not very perceptible; it was just that the young Dhampir could see far better than most people given his biology. All things considered, it was rather remarkable that it could go under the radar in such a way. He had spotted some members of the team earlier, those with lesser magical acumen, with more than a few splashes of the prank still on them. They didn't look too happy. "I wouldn't say they're bullies, but I see what you mean..." It didn't feel too good admitting to it as most of his friends belonged to the green House. Perhaps he should try to find out who did it and have a chat with them. The Spencer Quidditch team claimed they had nothing to do with the attack - it was an odd thing as Spencer pride usually made them claim otherwise, so perhaps it meant they were telling the truth. "I guess... We're the house that doesn't get on anybody's nerves?" He laughed a little at his own joke. "We go under the radar for the most part, I think. Not a whole lot of strong personalities. Team workers, scholars, quiet and shy people, that sort of thing." He fell more under the 'team worker' umbrella than anything else. Another word that ran through his mind was 'bland', though it didn't seem like a fair descriptor. "We don't really bother anyone, so it's rare when anybody bothers us."
  6. Feel The Glow

    Fixing her palms upon the wooden table, Brooke applied pressure and jumped just enough to land squarely in her chosen seat. The movement had been quite mild and the table didn't move an inch with the sudden weight upon it - it wasn't so much over Brooke being as light as a feather as it was over how heavy the piece of outdoor furniture was. The fourth year dangled her legs back and forth at the edge of the table separately as Colette went on with what she deemed to be a sadly warped point of view. "There's no way of knowing if the other person will enjoy it. That's why it's a prank." Brooke pointed out the flaw, yet seemed quite amused instead of up in arms about it. "Besides, it doesn't mean any harm. Other people don't get to choose what an action's intent was, y'know? That's up to the prankster. Just because you don't like what they're doing doesn't mean they're a bully." That sounded ridiculous in her head. Was Brooke a bully? That was inconceivable in her mind, even if she was the mischievous sort herself at times. Some of the more memorable moments in her life had been engraved in her mind through pranks, whether it be on the giving or receiving end of it, and it was a concept she held dear to her heart - as every other Spencer did, she was sure. "I just think people are too sensitive if they think they're being bullied, sorry." The girl gave Colette a shrug of her own shoulders. "Just gotta get some thick skin, a sense of humor, and learn to prank back. Unless it's something in an obviously ill intent, say... Something like, hoisting someone up a flag pole by their underwear," She had seen some of those herself, though ironically enough, they had all been performed by Sturts. "Then yeah, that sucks, but if it's not something like that, just learn to let it bounce off of you. It's not that hard. That glow stuff on you is pretty harmless if you ask me." A shiver ran down her spine with the chill in the area. Even with her protective clothing, she felt it had gotten a solid ten degrees colder ever since she stepped outside. "And if you think about it, ain't life like that? Things are gonna knock you down. Learn to get back up and dish it out too or else people will step all over you in the end. If all else fails, at least I'll have my sense of humor with me instead of just being bitter all the time."
  7. Invite Effects of External Conditions

    The joke, for as mundane as it was, spread a smile across Lisa's lips and she nodded in response. "Mhm." The heavy subject of their little overnight exchange had been brought to rest and they deserved the same fate, at least for the remainder of the night, until they had to wake up and head to classes again. Lisa was never one to sit still and relax for long but Aspen managed to make her crave for it with those simple jokes, as well as loving words and actions, all of which lulled her into a rare sense of peace and relaxation she didn't want to claw out of. "So cruel." She muttered with amusement with Aspen's source of words, the smile on her face turning into a devilish smirk only her girlfriend ever got to see. "Teasing me like that just as we're going to sleep... Do you want me to doze off or to think about you all night?" It wasn't too bad a prospect, now that she thought about it, if she didn't have to suffer from the effects of sleep deprivation afterwards. Leaning in just enough to press her lips to Aspen's, she opted to lightly and harmlessly nibble on her lower lip instead of giving her a proper goodnight kiss - just a little tease for a payback. "Regardless, I look forward to it." She said as she pulled away. Lisa then got off of her girlfriend and moved to lie down on the bed, and then pulled Aspen down as well so she could rest in her arms. There were still a few hours ahead of them, and it wouldn't be wise to spend them joking with each other while they were about to pass out.
  8. Invite The Shadow and the Flame

    Chloe Stewart
    Most people would attribute it to complete lunacy that Chloe had chosen the middle of the final week of the third term to sit down in the school's Library for a good old fashioned study session. In her mind, it was perfectly justified - she knew that she wouldn't have as much time during the next term as most others to study for the SPIDER exams due to effectively having two jobs (and some things just demanded that type of sacrifice), so she might as well get some preemptive material done with. At least her grandparents were no longer in the country to bother her. Her mother had, fortunately, granted her leave for that day from Muay Thai. She told the woman she was to stay at school, and didn't give much detail as to why - she was fairly suspicious over Aneko only ever agreeing to it because she was under the belief it was some sort of social event. At the same time she managed to dodge Lexi, whom would most certainly drag her away from books if she were to see the Sturt. Fortunately, that day also coincided with the LARP Club meeting she was so fond of attending so ducking her sister's line of sight didn't prove to be too difficult. Though, despite that isolation, she wasn't alone. With her came Frost, a white cat, whom presently sat atop the lone table she had taken for her own within the deeper confines of the library. Knowing the creature to be somewhat loud at times she decided to stay away from others whom could be using their free time to study as well; and, right on time, the cat started mewling for her attention. "Hm?" The girl looked up from her Arithmanncy book, her gaze falling upon the cat. Frost quickly approached the girl's forearm and rubbed its head against it, as it stood upright so to hold her chin with its palm. Knowing that to be an indicator of territory marking along with its usual call for attention, Chloe set her pencil down upon the open book she was studying and reached to lightly scratch at the area behind the critter's ears. This earned a continuous purr, as well as the faintest of smiles from the otherwise borderline robotic reserve trainee. "I have to study, you know." She muttered as if the cat could understand her, although not exactly expecting it to - it was just something Frost had always enjoyed.
  9. Rainy days make the mind wander

    Lexi Stewart
    The cardigans were scratchy? She didn’t think so and it was a lot better than most, at least she wasn’t allergic to the fabric. It would have been bad if she was to make an allergic reaction to it, she probably wouldn’t make it without a quick assistance. “If the cardigan is too scratchy why no soften it up with magic? It shouldn’t be too hard to do it. I do it all the time with the shoes.” that that was a real tragedy, always having shoes that hurt her feet no matter what she did, magic could at least fix that issue for her so she wouldn’t have to walk around like a new-born calf. “Yes, something like that. As long as you have the sketch of what and how you want it shouldn’t be too hard for magic to mimic it.” probably not the best usage of her abilities, but she did get a bunch of new things. Having others do it for her was more expensive, buying only the materials would be cheaper unless there was something, she couldn’t perform herself. If one was handy enough with magic it could pull it off, even Lexi who was prone to accidents was able to do many things like that, even if it took too much out of her, making her tired quicker than doing it the muggle way. She giggled at his words, it was more improvisation than following a script, but she could understand how ‘play pretend’ could be considered acting and sometimes childish. It was a shame; she would have loved to get some new members in the club. She moved her pawn to take down Iggy’s knight, but her pawn was now exposed to other potential threats from his side of the board. “I understand, it’s not for everyone, but aside from knitting, what else do you do for fun?”
  10. Invite New acquaintances

    She could sense she was getting a reaction from him and that was great, she simply loved how he was reacting to her words and that great. She hid the feeling as usual; it would need a lot out of someone to even grasp a bit of how amused she was with the whole situation, she was doing what she did best, it was her way of having fun, of enjoying social interactions. She knew her words wouldn’t go unnoticed, that whole house was about a sense of superiority, which honestly that room reeked of it, she didn’t need to be a genius to know that. She looked at the boy, her face still showing the same kind of emotion as before, which was none, but she knew how she felt. “I can’t get enough of your naiveté.” Were all students that innocent? They were like children running around without worried about what could happen. No Professor would take complaints from students seriously, they were humans, they made mistakes, but they were adults, adults liked to belittle children the same way teens liked to belittle their younger siblings, the same she does with her own sister, who she loves to death, but she wouldn’t be caught being nice to her in public, it was a matter to be dealt at home, not in front of others where it could be used against one of them, surely her sister would have told the world about Colette, that little Dumpster Baby and her big mouth. “In a classroom when a teacher says jump, you either jump or something worse happens. But I guess you might have been living a sheltered life.” It was simple, teachers dictated the rules they would either follow or they would be left behind. “I’m already bored to death.” The idea of his sister could be amusing, but did she really want to bother herself with the commoners? Course not, she was too good for that, but she had to admit the reaction he had given earlier was amusing. She looked at her book and then at him. “I was going to, but then I got curious. I would have stayed home but my sister is … let’s say that if you’ve been here you know the Spencers so, I don’t think I have to say anything else about them.” She said with a little chuckle before leaning back on the couch. “Since we’re clearly in the same house and I guess we’ll be seeing each other quite often, my name I Colette.”
  11. Invite Trial and Error

    MJ Clarke
    Amid the coughing fit that had brought MJ to a knee, she managed to make out the words 'I'm going to kill this person', something that exacerbated her feeling of urgency in clearing the area. Her eyes burned with the dust and she could hardly stand, lungs aching with the sudden impediment to breathing. The blonde struggled to push the collar of her shirt over her nose to minimally shield her airways, and covered her line of vision with a hand, pointing her wand at the air with another. She struggled to get an incantation out, let alone to make the accurate movements with her hand; however, after a few attempts, the vast majority of the dust had dispersed or sunk to the ground. Her rally had lasted just enough to get most of the job done, but eventually she collapsed, wand clattering on the ground as she took support on the cement with both hands, coughing up a storm. "S-Sor--" She couldn't even finish the apology to the person she had bothered, given that she had been right next to the blast - by consequence, she had been the most affected by it, and was momentarily out of commission. While she had indeed succeeded with the Reducto (questionably so), it was quite unfortunate that she would be entirely unable to put the boulder back up together afterwards.
  12. Invite Today Is Not A Good Day To Die

    "Really?" It would be quick, anyway, Ian figured - removing a layer of sweat from his body shouldn't take an awfully long time if one were to count on the fact he had already showered earlier that day and wasn't particularly dirty otherwise. Plus, if they were going out as Gideon seemed to want to, Ian would have a great excuse as any for a cozy clothing change. 'And a hat. And some sunscreen. Better safe than sorry, even in this weather...' "Well, in that case... Gimme five minutes, okay?" The mildly shaky young man quickly got up from his seat and shuffled towards the shared wardrobe, opening one of his own drawers and retrieving a neatly folded towel. He also took out some street clothes to change into after washing himself. The boy was starting to hope the cold water he planned on soaking himself with would serve to reawaken whatever it was that was fumbling within his body and causing his nerves to shake so badly for no reason at that point. "I'll leave it for you to decide where we go." With a final salute and a forced grin, he was out the door. The Dhampir was back not five minutes after, having jogged to and from the Flinders showers with frightening speed - he was not human, after all - and didn't break a sweat in his return, making it so his efforts weren't foiled by the little exercise. As soon as he came back, he smiled a bit at his roommate before folding his towel and placing it back where it belonged - he had dried it out with magic - and started to look for his sunscreen. "Where did I put it...?" He grumbled under his breath while going through his own things.
  13. Earlier
  14. Open Lazy and Curious Creatures

    Amber Cross
    What was with nobody understanding common expressions those days? Was it the new hip thing around? Akira hadn't been the first to give her that sort of response in such a short amount of time. Were teenagers just willfully ignorant of current lingo? Or had she been transported into some sort of alternate dimension? Maybe she was in the future, so her language was outdated! 'Yeah, that's gotta be it.' Before her wildly erroneous and imaginative train of thought could continue, however, the Flinders boy spoke up again. "Huh? Nah, I got it. Let's see..." Standing at the tips of her toes, the Seeker reached towards the book with some difficulty (a wholly unnecessary endeavor, given the existence of magic). After a few seconds of effort, her fingers managed to get a hold of the spine of the book. "Gotcha!" She proclaimed in a hushed celebration as she retrieved her target; however, once she came back down, she dropped the book a little too loudly on the cart which voided her effort entirely and garnered the ire of the various people around them. Her shoulders flinched with the sound and her expression turned apologetic. "Sorry, sorry!" She raised a hand up in apology as if emulating the raise of a white peace flag. 'Dumbass. Amber Skye, you're a dumbass.' As she waited for the attention to drift away from her, her gaze cast downwards towards Akira; and more importantly, towards the magazine he had open within the larger book. "Oy, is that manga?" She asked while trying to peek. She could recognize those panels every day, being an avid collector of all sorts of media herself. Unfortunately, she rarely ever got the chance to indulge in them those days.
  15. Open Learn to pick your fights

    Jiwon Park
    Jiwon wore a pair of headphones to drown out the noise that came with the usual hubbub of mealtime. There wasn't anything playing, but it at least dimmed down some of the noise around him. He disliked all the noise that came with being surrounded by so many idiots. This would've been ten times worse if he had been drinking the night before and had a hangover, but he was completely sober for this stupid dinner. Jiwon just wasn't interested in entertaining any of this and wanted to go back to the quiet of his dorm room, since he wasn't allowed to go home when no one was there. The boy felt like he was on edge and anything could tip him over easily. Some people were back on his case about him being behind in classes again, but it wasn't even as though he wasn't trying. Some people were never happy. "Is there a reason why you need to borrow my language notes, again?" Jiwon felt the light tap on his shoulder and looked up as he pulled his headphones to the side. He didn't even bother to give Kairi any sort of greeting since he was basically just using him. Kairi entered the Great Hall and approached Jiwon with the notes that he had promised to give him. He lightly tapped him on the shoulder. It was an innocent gesture, but he knew that some people didn't enjoy being touched and he barely knew anything about the other guy, so couldn't tell if this had been a bad move or not. One thing was for sure, he didn't like the look that Jiwon gave him. Yeah, yeah, he didn't expect him to be all bright and smiley, Kairi had tutored enough people to realise that you couldn't be happy all the time. "Whatever, thanks." Jiwon seemed to mumble the words half-heartedly. Most normal people would probably have just left it there, especially since he hadn't been given any sort of explanation from the other boy, just a whatever. Obviously, Kairi should have noted that the headphone was meant to be a sign that he should probably go away, but he didn't. Of course, hewasn't known to be the best at reading social cues, but even he'd noticed how much Jiwon missed class and he couldn't just leave it without saying something out of concern. "You know, if you're sick again, then maybe you should see a doctor or something." He had noticed in the past couple of weeks that the other boy had been kind of peaky and that he hadn't been turning up for many of his classes, again. "If I wanted your advice, I'd have asked already, or I'd have gone to my brother. I just wanted your notes, not a lecture!" Jiwon pulled the headphones clean off his head and stood up, making Kairi feel rather small, especially since this all started because he had given the other boy advice that seemed to be common sense. He already knew all too well that hiding your illnesses could be made worse in the long run. Jiwon had had enough of people faking concern and offering up useless advice when he didn't need it. "It's only common sense that if you're sick that you would see someone that could help!" He blinked, admittedly he hadn't expected anyone to stand up to him, especially not someone as weak and spineless as Kairi Taylor-Hashimoto or whatever his god awful name was. Being new to the school, he would have thought that he would show some more respect to others, this wasn't the way to make friends and made Jiwon think that the other Sturt was a complete and utter idiot with no common sense. The smug look on his face drove him up the bloody wall, so he picked up a piece of pudding and threw it at Kairi just to shut him up. It was an easy task since he had one of those faces that he would like to punch, especially when you thought about the fact that he had the nerve to point out something that Jiwon was all too aware of, so he had to pay. He didn't even bat an eye when he dodged a punch from the dick head. Who would even try to do that? Only someone that knows what they did wrong and needed to be beaten to the ground. That had been what his bullies had told him the past, and he didn't know anything else. "You should have minded your own business, shouldn't you?!" Jiwon tried lashing out at Kairi as someone approached, but he didn't care about it at all. You could be sure that he would be complaining about this disgrace later on.
  16. Open The Bad Old Days

    School could sod off for all Renee cared. The former desert dweller wanted to enjoy the chill running rampant across Narragyambie for as long as she could, it being a rarity in her life back stateside, and with the Spring (and magpie season, no less) looming in the horizon the blonde thought that made for a perfect excuse to skip class - as if she needed any. Grabbing a hoodie from her dorm room and shuffling out of the Tarnagulla Centre and completely forgoing heading to the Arithmancy classroom for the last lecture of the day, the Arizonan wandered off to less traveled areas of the campus, letting her feet be her aimless guide. She eventually came across the fence separating both facilities. Many times she had wondered why it was even there, given the lack of actual magical protection surrounding it - even if it kept the young ones from making the trip to where they shouldn't be, older troublemakers could pass through the barrier like a knife to butter. Who was Renee to deny herself entry to the area, in the end? Little kids were far more less of an eyesore to look at than meddling, acne-riddled, hormonal teenagers whom didn't know their head from a hole in the ground. One could easily argue she could get in trouble if caught, but, did she care? A light snort erupted from Renee at the very notion. She shook her head in good humor while reaching into a holster hanging from her belt so to retrieve a finely crafted elm wand, which she promptly used to tear a sizable hole in the chains, spanning her entire height, almost as if she had been using a blowtorch to melt through the metal. Once she was done, she pressed half the tip of the wand against a part of the metal and pushed forwards until it fell with a metallic thud on the ground. "That was easy." She commented in a low tone to herself. The vicinity was mostly deserted due to ongoing classes - even if her entry had been less than stealthy, it was unlikely for someone to come running and tell her off. Stepping across the fallen fence, she soon lifted it to where it had once been and repaired all damage: as good as new. Even if she wasn't the most caring individual in the world regarding consequences to her actions, she didn't exactly want to make future trips to Bilby any more difficult than they had to be out of motivating the staff to curse the barrier. It only took Renee a few steps and a turn of a corner to realize she wasn't alone - there stood a woman in uniform, lighting a cigarette, apparently enjoying some solitude. She didn't recognize the uniform at all, being mostly unaware of any outside Narragyambie's little community (or, as mother would argue, willfully ignorant and uncaring). More important than fabric, however, was the fact Renee was quick to catch on to the simple fact this person had most likely heard her spectacular entry onto Bilby grounds unless she was deaf. However, there was something she could use to her advantage. Renee was painfully aware of the campus' policy on smoking - something she herself breached a number of times and was occasionally caught doing so - and so she let herself believe the trespassing couldn't seriously be used against her. Not only did she have that bargaining chip, but she didn't much care if she was actually expelled. "You got a spare one of those?" The blonde spoke with an apparent complete disregard for her own survival as she stepped closer to Katherine, shielding her hands within her hoodie's pockets as she walked so to combat the cold temperature plaguing the area.
  17. Invite When fear controls life

    The way her sister looked at her, made Lexi want to hug her sister, which she did, enjoy the love and affection the older Stewart had, and give something in return. Lexi’s arms wrapped around her sisters and held her tight, or as tight as Lexi could manage. “I love you Chloe.” Lexi spoke. The whole conversation called for a more sentimental approach. She eventually let her sister go, but her smile didn’t leave her lips, especially since Chloe had showed one as well, while not for long, it meant a lot, due to being rare, but that was what made them sweeter in the first place. It was disappointing that Chloe had to go to work, but it was what it was, and Lexi couldn’t just abduct her sister to go with her whenever she wanted. “Sunday it is!” Lexi’s smile became brighter at her sister’s words and grew even more at the question that had been made. “I think we can eat in the Great Hall. I think it’ll be good.” Food wasn’t bad, and there they could always engage in a conversation with other students, meet new people. Chloe did need to meet more people, it would be good for her, that is, according to some people.
  18. Open Blooming Wonders

    Senan Connell
    The young teen had just been in the midst of reaching into his pocket while investigating the plant further. He knew that if he had been tender with it he could use a well-maintained pocket knife to extract the sac away from its origins it would not only provide the bit he needed but also would (hopefully) handle the situation of disposal over time. A dangerous assumption but something that could benefit the environment far more by offering a deepened enhancement to the soil and the surrounding foilage. At least, he would've if the the sound of footsteps approaching didn't halt that reactio, instead drawing on another part of him entirely. His brow furrowing into a defined frown while a hand skirted along the edge of his belt to grab hold of his wand. Sliding the object from the 'sheathe' it'd be nestled in and raising his arm up into a straighthened extension. The tip of the wand pointed towards Kairi as a brandished warning, expecting someone else entirely or maybe something else. Senan huffed when taking note of the other Male's features which gave the obvious connotations of being a student around the school. "You may want to be careful sneaking up on people." The tone of his voice eased out smoothly yet held the inflection of a stern distance, a sense of obvious mistrust - An obvious accent of an Irishman lingering around his words.. Ironically, he'd been more than aware that he couldn't and probably shouldn't be in the habit of tossing up a threat towards every individual hobbling around him. A thought that prompted his arm to lower and settle the wand by his side and against the extended fabric of his own coat: A gothic trenchcoat that seemed to have somewhat of a 'steam-punk' design towards it in style. Senan now had a far bigger issue which had been that someone did stumble over the peculiar plant, to his dismay. "Someone that enjoys their games and manipulations far more than any sane individual should." Intentionally vague enough to avoid giving any form of details and he'd hoped just enough to satisfy whatever curiousity drummed up in the other young teen. "And apparently one that enjoys sending their messages in places they shouldn't be. . ." He added while his gaze shifted back towards the plant. His posturing showing that the otherwordly existence of being where it had been was the 'message' in question. Finding it 'safe' enough, his hand pressed the wand back into the small loop that had one contained it on the edge of his belt. The last thing he needed had been someone heading towards the Headmaster or the Head of Sturt and saying he'd been threatening a student. He'd been far beyond that kind of attitude and action compared to the vast majority of what seemed to make up Sturt House. "It's called 'Spiros Bell'. It certainy doesn't and shouldn't belong here in this place. . ." His hand reaching into his pocket as he previously meant to do in order to pull out a pocket knife. An errant shift of his thumb along the edge of the button to extend the blade from its self-designed sheathe. "But it also makes potent potions and salves, nurtures wounds in somewhat stronger fashion than most Magical plants." He scoffed lightly. Maxine had been making it -soft-, he'd never volunter such information easily. Often opting to stay quiet and yet here he'd been being far more conversational than he cared to be.
  19. Questions with no answers

    Despite her annoyed disposition, she listened to the young bot talk. If he had skills, he could do it in school, make it cheaper than the lady at the store and get some extra money, which Aspen thought he didn’t need. The way he paraded information about his mother being a tech guru, he clearly looked more like an annoying rich kid than anything else. She could understand why people wouldn’t trust him that much with their equipment, unlike some people, she liked to keep her eyebrows intact and preferably not charred. The kids seemed disappointed. Did he really want to impress her that much? Aspen wasn’t being deliberately mean, but she did have a lot on her mind, maybe letting it go for a few minutes couldn’t hurt her, perhaps it could help her make a better decision of what Quidditch Team to choose. “You try too hard to impress others, that’s your problem kid.” She approached, hands on her pockets and stared at him with a shrug. “Spencer’s are supposed to be rowdy, doesn’t mean they’re dumb, just means you’re all very noisy and you like pranks. I can’t count the times the Spencer team charmed our lockers.” She had to admit it was funny but infuriating at the same time. “You’re not a bad player on that thing.” She took a hand out of her pocket and waved it around as she mentioned the instrument he had been playing. “But the club might be ideal for you. My sister is MJ, the quiet Flinder’s with an acoustic guitar.” Aspen did feel a bit bad for him, but he was just a kid, probably needed some friends too, she assumed someone like him, who tried impress everyone probably didn’t have that many people that would deliberately interact with him. “My choice isn’t something anyone can help with. It’s not your fault, but you do try too hard to impress others.”
  20. Notice Film & Photography Club Sign-up

    Mika Evans
    Film & Photography Sign-up Film & Photography Club focuses on near enough everything that you would expect one to, whether you're into nature film and photography or urban skylines, dramatic scenes or everything in between. There's a place for everyone. We welcome all levels, whether you're a beginner and only finding your footing or you're well on your way to being a pro and want to express yourself in new ways. While the focus is mainly on having fun and enjoying yourself there might be a few competitions that may lead to things further afield.
  21. Misery Loves Company

    Lexi Stewart
    “Yeah, you should visit the town, it has great things.” It was none of her business why he hadn’t visit, the town, she knows Ian for a while, but she had never seen him in town, always in the school grounds. Did the young man spend most of his time in the school and never got out to explore? If that was the case it was something that needed to be fixed. “How about next break I’ll show you around? I know you won’t get lost but I’m pretty sure I know the town really well.” She wasn’t even sure of Ian would accept, but that way she could take him to the bakery, they could get something sweet to eat, and perhaps continue their tour. She could always show him the shop where she got all those magic proof electronics’ maybe he’ll find some use for it. The smile on her face grew a bit, unsure if he would accept but it was worth a shot. His words reminded her that they should get to the game. She nodded, answering him as her smile tried to reassure Ian.
  22. Altered Reality

    There were too many questions in her mind, but Danielle wasn't quite sure of how to verbalize them. It didn't help that Faith wasn't present - it could be that the little girl would have some questioning of her own, yet she had been robbed from the opportunity by the Bourke's request. She'd have to talk to the Whitlam Bilby student at a later point to see how she'd gel with the situation; but, first, Danielle needed to personally ensure it was safe. Eyes widened minimally with surprise - the younger Dhampir didn't expect for Jo to agree to such a milestone so soon. While she did hope for the wait to be short lived, Danielle still expected for some arrangements to have to be made. "Tonight?" She reiterated skeptically. It reinforced the notion that it wasn't an ambush. One would have a set time and date, rather than having her pick the time randomly and possibly having no means with which to inform someone else inconspicuously. "...I suppose I could do that. Classes are done for the day, meaning I'm free." It was a fair compromise. It made her nervous, and she could feel her it in her bones, but it was something that had to be done. She'd just have to keep an eye out for trouble and hope her father's disobeying wand could serve as a lucky charm.
  23. Distance Makes No Difference

    The way Laurie spoke about the place sounded interesting and sounded like a place Max was going to love visiting, besides, she could take Senan and she’d be with Laurie. Doubtfully those two will get along, they are too different, but it seemed both were trying for her, she had to give them both credit for it. All the places Max was listening to just sounded weird, probably because Laurie was spitting German words and Max could communicate better with Baltazar than she could with someone speaking German to her. Using the apparition licence so soon could be bad, what if somehow Laurie died? Max couldn’t even think about that. The thought of Laurie being cut in half started to haunt Max, her face turning pale the more she thought about it, however, the younger girl’s question snapped her out of it. “We can try…” it could be a bad idea, but it could also work, and it would be a change of scenery. “It’s settled, we’re going to try and to go Melbourne this weekend.” She spoke, cheering a little bit.
  24. Flickering

    There was nothing else that they could do, especially not after that display of emotions and words that Andy had witnessed between Adele and Alan, there was also no way she was going back inside. If it had been her in Adele’s situation, she wouldn’t have enjoyed having the other person going back into the room. It was mostly awkward, and while Andy didn’t have a problem with people it was a situation where she didn’t know what to say or do. Should she pat the other person’s back? Or should she give a grand speech that only served to burry herself in hypocrisy? It was better to stay quiet. She remained quiet, her body leaning against the wall next to the door, still thinking about what had happened. The power display in the room was amusing, she had to admit she enjoyed every bit of it, until a certain point. She took a deep breath and peeked inside the room to see Adele, and it was better to let her work it out, alone, she surely didn’t need someone who had a slight lack of compassion towards another person. Finally gathering her thought, Andy pulled back again, before deciding to leave the scene, perhaps another day to talk to talk to Adele would be best. She walked down the halls as she prepared to go to her room.
  25. Invite Torch the Moon

    It seemed to be a point they wouldn't reach a mutual agreement, which had been fine for Alexander. Not every point brought up needed to be that between two individuals and all he sought had been her happiness. Yet, she had to be the one to live with the actions and decisions she made and took. Oath's, they were important to her, something that had been obvious when she spoke of the ties between her Father and herself as well as the expected 'Obligation' given to her that had involved keeping certain individuals protected. Zane was mortal, at some point death will take him either by natural causes or someone outright killing him - the latter being a far more likely outcome in his mind. "I can't argue with that kind of thinking, honestly." He chuckled lightly, violet hues shifting towards the woman. "If you're loyal to someone such as Zane, how much -more- would you be for Vladimir, right? You'd be able to trust yourself fully with it, without a single shred of doubt no matter how long it would take to get there." Her brightness had been easy to see, the way it caused her expression to push towards the positive end. The sheer comparison that a single thought of the man could spring her from the pain she'd been feeling earlier in such a way. It was powerful, something that he knew had slung him from his own darkness many times within the last year. "Opposite. . .?" He closed his eyes, now that he thought of it, Adele seemed to have a difficult time with men in her own way, didn't she? It wasn't that she was bound, in fact, it was that she lost that chain of binding and still hadn't found something that coiled and grounded her since David. The following question caught him off guard, like a deer in headlights which showed in his expression. "Dedicate to me. . .?" Should he feel lucky? Abandoned? Did he even want that kind of a notice from the woman? He couldn't deny that deep inside he wanted her to notice him but it'd been in a way she most likely couldn't provide just yet. "Not that I know or am aware of. She hadn't expected me to pull through before, I think in that final moment she put all she did to try and see if it would be possible. . ." Understanding that -bond- further, he knew she'd always been aware of where her other half had been. Avoiding that part of her for so long only to reach out for his own survival. "I've. . . Actually never sat down with anyone to discuss what they 'expect of me' now. I know Bethianna had been saying that in time, people find their place to make their effect. Choice. . .I had a choice to her, which is how I ended up here." As he spoke the final word his hand reached out to grasp the book of Medicine. "Wizarding, but I'm hoping it would lead me to understand being a Healer. I was hoping to gain enough knowledge that I'd be able to be taught better, understand us better. . . So that loss would be less likely for those that are Male." His head lightly shook. "No dedication from Mamiere. A few from Bethianna: To live and to make sure the path I walked was my choice." Rubbing the back of his neck he sighs gently. "I know at some point I will need to talk to her too, not sure how or even when. Between myself and the twin's that will be born. . . There's a lot I need to get off my chest when talking to her about all of it."
  26. Invite The Things A Girl Should Know

    Lorelei was in her lap, and Adele hugged her tight. It still felt weird, the girl being this big. Adele knew that Lei had been struggling in her younger body, and that this was all much better for her. She worried, though. Always worried. Lei hadn't had the years to build up resilience, she was still so new to the world. There was an important aspect to childhood, the way it gave people time to grow into themselves, to learn how the world worked before throwing themselves into it fully. "You can, sweetheart," she said, tucking Lei's hair back behind one of her ears. "That doesn't mean I'm not going to worry for you. That's my job. And I don't worry because you're not physically big enough, or clever enough, or strong enough. I worry because there are things in this world that are deeply unpleasant, consequences that can impact the rest of your life... things I don't want you to be burdened with too soon in your life. And you'll always be too young for me to stop worrying about that, always. And your mother..." Adele's smile quirked up at the corners. "She's new to this too, remember. Your aging up didn't just change you, sweetheart. It changed us all. We need to work out what our place is in your life now, what role we play in it. It's different to when you were small. We're not quite sure what to do yet, what you're able to handle and what you can't. What we still need to protect you from. You can tell your mother things, even things like this. It's probably better if you do, really," Adele added with a sigh. "She's likely very worried you're outgrowing your need of her." But at least Lei had promised to talk first, and jump later. Adele wasn't sure how long that would last with all the teenageness that was also happening. It was nice to think that's at least what Lorelei intended. She nodded, but was still confused on the subject of Stuart. There was no doubting that yes, she felt comfortable around Stuart. It was hard not to. And he supplied a certain, grounded feeling that helped on her crazier days. He was also part of the whole mess that was their lives, and while he may not have understood all the details, Adele was glad for someone to vent to on occasion. Someone who didn't short-circuit at the twisted and convoluted paths that had led them here. The way Lei spoke made it sound as though Adele also gave him something, though. Which couldn't be true. Adele couldn't think of a single benefit she had brought to Stuart's life, aside from the girls. They were people in their own right now and she had merely birthed them. "I've not really got much to offer, certainly not anything he might need," Adele sighed. "I'm just glad he tolerates me most days, really."
  27. Imagination is a powerful tool

    Lexi Stewart
    It was the last day of the, not so, glorious break and Lexi wanted to stay away from home as much as she could, she felt that every time she walked into that house, she had her grandparents’ eyes judging her every move like she was some common criminal, they already labelled as a criminal, but at least could have put some effort into not considering her ‘common’ she was much better than that. Lexi wasn’t going to be able to get rid of Satan & Satan so soon, which meant staying on campus was the safest place for her to be, at least there she won’t be bullied. As classes started the next day and begging her mother to stay that one night on campus, Lexi decided to spend the day at the grounds with a fake warrior helmet, a foam sword and her Spencer uniform. She could have gotten a more appropriate attire for such an activity, but she wasn’t sure how the school would think if someone was walking around pretending to be a 16th century knight, at least that way they could tell she was a student there. Lexi jumped on a bench, and from that state forward she jumped to a table, all while pretending she was fighting something that somehow only, she could visualize. Everyone that walked past her tried to ignore her, either by leaving or trying to avoid eye contact as they sat in the other tables. Lexi continued to jump from table to bench while carrying the sword in one hand and adjusting the helmet with the other, stopping halfway through her little act to take notes. At least it looked like she was practicing for acting, however she was testing how well her new moves would work during a LARP session. The young Spencer kept playing with the sword until it flew out of her hand, landing on a nearby table, luckily, it seemed that no one was hit.
  28. Pomp and Circumstance

    What many would call an 'unlikely' thing to make an impact, he considered it far more likely than most people would've even realized. People enjoyed the art that Amber put herself into not just for the suspense but for the showmanship that had often been showed. A respect for athletes willing to put their bodies through hell just for the sake of entertainment of others as much as it had been for trying to attain a personal dream. Two things being worked on with presence alone, a single action or move that could make the hearts of audience bump with adrenaline just from watching it. He hadn't expected the reaction of her pressing her cheek against his shoulder, the warmth that radiated from it felt. . . Nice. His hand raising up to brush several strands of hair behind her ears while his gaze shifted towards her, listening to the deal she desired to strike. "Alright, that's a deal. I'll make sure I'm on the sideline, a well sketched picture of your attire at the time and giving you every bit of cheer that I can." She had a plan, a goal, it seemed. Travis had originally never taken her as the type of person to have such a clear minded certainty and yet here she'd been, proving him wrong once more. A clear sign that one shouldn't judge by the daily encounters, that would always been something more and deeper inside of an individual. "As long as you know I'll always support you with it too. Whatever the aim and how ever long it takes, you'll have me around to remind you." He wanted to see that rise, to see her doing well and succeeding. Not to brag that she was his friend but to be able to brag and say that nothing had stopped her dreams and the meaning behind them. "You've my word on that."
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