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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

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a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring

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  2. The Bad Old Days

    "Mm. Right, right. But if you're inclined to believe in science, wouldn't you say the smoking age should be in the mid twenties instead of eighteen? It's estimated the brain's still developing until then, if not later." Renee's eyes glinted with amusement as she let the minimally knowledgeable part of her out in an attempt of pointing out how arbitrary the number 'eighteen' was in choosing the best age to legally be allowed to start smoking. Renee didn't care much for it, nor the potential consequences, regardless - if she wanted to do something, she was going to do it. A smile stretched upon her lips as Kate implied Renee would get into a lot of trouble. Was it true? Absolutely. The Sturt had no argument to it. She was a student under Alan Burdett's care, after all, and Kate was not. Yet, she looked like she was practically welcoming such a prospect, rather than fearing it or being overly cautious not to face it. Renee didn't much care what happened to her academic career - if she did, she probably wouldn't have cut a giant hole in the fence a few moments before without minding people who could potentially be watching. "Because, unlike 'everybody else', I have the spine to get up and leave." She countered as she stretched out one of her arms in an attempt to get the blood flowing, as the chilly weather threatened to freeze her in place. "It's boring. Makes me feel like my brain's about to spill out my ears half the time from how dull it is. If that's what's meant to happen, I'd rather be the cause of it myself than have people trying to cram useless information down my throat a couple hours at a time. At least out here my eyes aren't threatening to roll back every few seconds."
  3. Invite To Spot a Dog

    A small smile crossed MJ's lips as well with the display of gratitude, and she shook her head. "Don't worry about it." Part of her was holding onto the faint hope of both animals being found together, though she knew that not to be too realistic. Plus, dogs were carnivores; given how small the pygmy puff was, it would be likely that Spot would consume the poor creature instead of befriending it. 'And that's a mental image I didn't need.' As Gideon went on about how Spot first went missing, the blonde looked around, eyes nearly as keen as an eagle's from years of survivalism as a hobby, trying to catch anything suspicious out the corner of her vision. Luck, however, was not by their side. Instead she ultimately retrieved her wand from its holster. It was a potentially dangerous tactic, but for the time being it was the best they could do. "That would be enough. Would you mind parting with one?" Wand at the ready, she held out a hand to receive the treat. Dogs were creatures with a gifted sense of smell; if she were to greatly enhance the scent of food, it was likely at least some creature would pick up on it.
  4. Invite The Shadow and the Flame

    Chloe Stewart
    Chloe was taken aback with the spell she was told to cover. Salvio Hexia? That was fifth year material, and Gideon came across as younger than that on first glance. Her gaze fell on the book the boy was exploring, focusing on the spell proper. She had recognized the book as a fourth year's guide to Defense Against the Dark Arts, and couldn't recall seeing that spell at all; was her memory getting affected from all the studying she had been doing? Luckily for the both of them, the Sturt knew that spell by heart. For a moment, she didn't reply. Instead, she peered over Gideon's head and towards the long corridor leading to the various aisles of the library. It was mostly deserted and there was little danger of them having the Librarian walk in on them; of course, it didn't hurt to be safe, rather than sorry. They weren't supposed to be practicing *spells* in the Library, after all. Using her sole free hand to reach for her wand's holster, she freed the magical instrument from its container and waved it once. Past a certain range, the sound around them was muffled and muted. It was an easy way of ensuring less attention was targeted at them if an accident were to happen. "Salvio Hexia." She repeated, once her job was done. Could it be the new edition of the book was just making it harder on Fourth Years? Lexi had told her nothing about tougher material. "It's usually an area type spell, so it's a bit difficult to practice here. And the smaller the area you want to work with, the harder it gets because you have to be more precise." The area they were in could perhaps be a bit too small, but, Chloe could pull it off; perhaps, with some practice, Gideon could do it too. "Try to do it now to see what your issue is. Blanketing this area will suffice."
  5. Invite Today Is Not A Good Day To Die

    Upon the confirmation, Ian quickly reached to the backpack he had used throughout that day and brought it over to his desk. One by one, he took each book and material out and put them all atop the desk neatly, up until the point the bag was completely empty; then, he carefully slid the laptop inside, along with the outer fan, mouse, pad and charger. He took the opportunity to also put his wallet in the bag after double checking its contents, not wanting to end up accidentally having the younger Flinders cover for both their meals and internet usage. He hoisted the bag over his shoulder while Gideon spoke up again. "She didn't." Ian shook his head. "Chloe sat behind me with Lexi, actually. Neither seemed okay. Here's hoping they're doing better now... Though, if anything, this little outing of ours could serve to bring everyone's spirits back up, no?" The anxiety-riddled Dhampir said with a forced smile as he reached for his usual blood thermos, taking a sip to give himself a much needed rush of energy. "Hm... I don't know if we should have Chloe tag along. She's never seemed like the type to just go somewhere and hang out. Then again, most I know about her is from the dojo, so, I'unno..." Ian scratched his cheek, embarrassed at not having picked up much about the girl at all. He hoped Gideon would have more of an insight than he, even if he deemed it even more unlikely that he knew the Sturt personally at all. "Then again, doesn't hurt to be polite..."
  6. Invite Breaking the Same Old Ground

    The mildest of ear twitches escaped through Evelyn's composed facade as she picked up on someone minimally focusing on her, courtesy of a passive, yet forever present, employment of Legilimency. It seemed that she wouldn't be so lucky as to avoid having her task interrupted and she mentally reminded herself she should've known better than to hope for such a silly thing in that school. A deep breath followed the sound of Rhys' steps heading towards her, and after a few she looked up. 'Ah, he got himself some tea. All is forgiven.' "Of course not, Mr. Barrows. I've been sitting here by myself for so long, I was actually starting to think you were going to stand me up." The joke escaped without much effort as a welcoming smile spread through the half-Veela's lips in greeting. "I must say, however, that this is quite the odd place for a date. I understand the need to try new things, but I hope you have something interesting in your mind." With the ice breaker out of the way, the blonde set her pen down upon the half corrected sheet of paper. It happened to be her daughter's assignment, and the only one she didn't mind having last longer than the others in the first place - the girl had a bright future ahead of her, though Evelyn hoped she wouldn't stray too far out of Narragyambie upon graduation. "I don't mean to be rude by saying so, but you look like you're just about done with the day as is."
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  8. Class Astronomy Term 4 - Just Above Our Heads

    Gwendoline had to contain the urge to roll her eyes as the Professor called on her immediately. 'Watch out, Gwen, a couple more of those and you'll turn into Satan Auclair.' The thought of becoming more like her sister sent a light shiver down her spine, which certainly worked to motivate her to actually give a reply to the teacher instead of trying her darnedest to go under the radar. She could feel a few pairs of eyes on her anyway; it seemed her heritage had betrayed her. "I see you're good with faces." She commented to the teacher before bothering with a reply proper. "I'm Gwendoline Auclair, just 'Gwen' is preferable. Not from around these parts, as I'm sure you've realized." Even if her accent was very light and it was hard to make out just what it was, it was still quite present. "I'm just browsing, so to speak, I'm not a late transfer or anything. Class only counts for me starting next year, so, don't mind me." The half-Veela's ears twitched mildly as a muttered comment reached them - while it would have gone unnoticed to most, certainly, her heightened senses picked up on it without much issue (even if they couldn't hold a candle to a Dhampir's or a Werewolf's). Her gaze peered at the Sturt who authored it, and before she could prod much fun at him, the lights went out and were replaced by the wonderful view above them; Gwendoline, however, wasn't one to be deterred so easily. 'Because the Professor is supposed to dump a textbook's worth of information within the first two minutes, right? Does this guy even know how this works?' As far as she was concerned, the easy feel to the class helped her when it came to her mission. But, of course, that didn't mean she couldn't take a slight detour for a side quest of sorts. "Watch it, don't cut yourself on that edge." Gwendoline spoke in a low tone towards Jiwon, who was somewhat nearby, while the students and the Professor kept exchanging ideas on the matter at hand. A glint of mischievousness and amusement glinted in her eyes as she poked fun at him, almost as if expecting backlash and relishing in it.
  9. Invite Lazy and Curious Creatures

    Amber Cross
    Amber recognized the manga on display, yet the name didn't immediately pop up in her head. Eyes squinted as she tried to force it up in her head to no avail - if anything, it was a reminder that too much work and no fun made Amber a dull girl. That feeling was exacerbated as Akira mentioned the various manga he preferred, and one stuck out to her as something she had actually never heard of. Her head tilted questioningly as he mentioned 'Orange', feeling the immediate need to question, yet the Flinders went on. "Ah, yeah, I heard 'o that." The Spencer nodded at the mention of various things lost in translation. She understood the concept - there were various sayings and hidden cues in conversation across languages that made things hard to translate or otherwise understand. Conversely, she knew from experience that Japanese people often had some difficulty understanding the concept of sarcasm when spoken aloud, as they had the tendency of taking everything quite literally. "To tell ya the truth, I've actually been thinkin' of learning Japanese after I graduate. For my future career, that is, not as some hobby shtick... Wouldja say manga's a good way t'get all those different characters stuck in yer head? The whole writing part of the language's always looked pretty dang daunting t'me." The girl blinked as she snapped back into reality - she had just gone into a tangent, hadn't she? The wrestling bug was always in the back of her mind and her dream was to wrestle for a belt in Tokyo Dome. Knowing the language would give her a leg up over other wrestlers as most didn't even bother since wrestling in itself was an universal language, yet backstage involvement was not so easy to grasp. "Err, sorry. Guess I should ask what this 'Orange' thing ya mentioned is instead, I don't think I've ever heard of it before... My bad."
  10. With Dignity and Grace

    Brooke didn't mind much at all Aisling using a word from an apparent different language to refer to someone at all, and was about to tell the redhead to feel free to do so, but stopped herself. Even if Brooke didn't mind, it was likely that other people would; she likely shouldn't get in the way of this girl trying to rewire her brain to say the appropriate English word instead. Instead, she let the matter go and nodded at the question that soon followed. "You rarely get a dull day around here, so that must count for something, right?" For better or worse, there was always something happened, and it was something Brooke very much appreciated - it kept the rumor mill going, and it kept life from getting boring. It wasn't something very common to small towns around the country (or anywhere for that matter, to her knowledge) but magic always injected some energy into things, especially when careless teenagers were involved. "There's a lotta colorful folks around here like your mom says, but at the same time we're all split into Houses depending on what kind of 'colorful' you are, I guess. You got sorted into the fun House, congratulations." Of course, Brooke would always happily greet a new Spencer and welcome them to their ranks. Especially at that point, as the rivalry with the Sturts was spiraling out of control. 'I gotta find out who did that thing to the showers, stat...' "The easiest place for you to make friends will be fellow greens like us, like I said, though there's at least someone accessible in every House." The Sturts were somewhat questionable, but she reckoned not all of them were insufferable. "And if you want, I can introduce you to one person or another. Doesn't hurt to make a bit of a network if you're fresh off the boat, eh?"
  11. Invite Coming Clean

    "So that's where my skateboard went." Laurie joked, albeit with a straight face, as Max described a few things that had happened much earlier in the year. The redhead also had received a letter from the Ministry about improper use of underage magic, something that was no longer an issue at that point since Max had turned seventeen a few months prior, but that only led Laurie to imagine how loose Max had gotten with the employment of the art just to get herself and Senan out of trouble. 'Not much I can do myself in that area, is there? One year to go. And I won't even be here... Maybe I should look into spending my seventh school year here, after this clusterfuck is done with.' "Well, here's the thing, Maxine. I kinda get why you didn't tell me anything until now, but, think of it like this. Your guy told you to forget about it and you said no, because you care for him. Right? So what makes you think I won't do the same thing to you? I care about you, even if I'm about to get sent to 'popsicle school'." Effectively, Max was her best friend. It was still a bit odd to refer to her as such given Laurie's own past, but it was the truth. And she'd be damned if she let someone she cared so much for face such a thing. "You got to make your choice then. It's only fair if I get to make my choice now, I think." She brought a hand to her cheek so to scratch it; all things considered, outwardly it seemed the younger Spencer was ingesting the information quite well. "And Senan had to respect your choice, so you gotta respect mine, Super Max. My choice is, I really don't want my friend to go off and face all these dangers without me if it comes to that. And that's all there is to it. I won't be able to do a heck of a lot since I'm about to run off into the sunset and I can't do that whole magic part outside of here to begin with, but you bet I'm gonna put in the work to be able to help you when the time comes." Plus, she didn't want to walk out on a friend when they could potentially need her ever again.
  12. Invite The Only Way Out Is Through

    "What?" The statement had blindsided Lisa completely, so much so she needed several moments to be able to process it. Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion as she kept her eyes on her injured partner, and the complete disagreement with the statement was very visible on her face despite her not having said a word past the reflexive questioning. Ultimately she shook her head. Their efforts to stay apart were for naught as the Sturt moved to cup Aspen's cheek ever so gently, something only afforded to her over the course of several months, her rattled mind refusing to break contact with her. "It's not your fault." She used that same hand to try and get the Bourke to focus on her, and only her. Those thoughts needed purging. How far down that rabbit hole had Aspen's mind sank while the Sturt was too knocked out to help her? She felt more and more sick by the second. "Never think that. Accidents happen. Okay? We're Quidditch players, and this comes with the territory." 'But, you're here because of me.' The hypocrisy of her own thoughts was lost to her. At least, for the moment - she was distracted by the attention they were attracting by standing out there in the open in what was an emotional moment for the both of them, and eyes from all over the ward were on them. It got under the Sturt's skin and she barely suppressed a deep exhalation of frustration. If only they could have some privacy. "Come here, so I can pull the curtains..." She wound up muttering, letting go of her cheek and letting her hand fall down to meet Aspen's in an effort to lead the girl closer to Lisa's hospital bed, and move the curtain around it so they could continue talking unperturbed.
  13. Invite Cigarettes and Gravity

    Why was May visiting the school so frequently? She didn't have to. She had always given Ian enough blood to sustain himself for a solid week and she could always meet her friends within the staff outside of school, whenever it was she wasn't out on a confidential mission. Even Robin had called her out on it at that point. Was masochism the reason? The Dhampir made a point to drop by the nurse's office every time. So close, yet so far, was the one thing on her mind whenever she left. It was one of such days, and she headed out the door and crossed the grounds so to leave the school and be able to Apparate back home. It was then that her nose picked up on a faint scent that she recognized and had come across in the past months, yet with all the running around pertaining various issues, consistently kept forgetting to pursue it. It was Rhys Barrows' scent, and, sure enough, her eyes were soon trained on the man attempting to light a cigarette. Making her way over, she couldn't hide a small smirk as the man dropped his cigarette. 'Karma.' "I thought there was a school rule about not smoking on campus." She mentioned as she walked up to the man. While she recognized him on the spot due to heightened senses, the reverse could be not so easy, she realized - not only hadn't they seen each other in a handful of years at that point, but she didn't look half as babyfaced as she used to be and her hair had grown to double the size it used to be. She lightly tapped at the side of her nose. "It wouldn't be a good idea anyway. There are some sensitive noses around here, you know." The school was filled with halfbreeds; plus, smoking usually sent May running for the hills given how sensitive that particular sense was for her. Hopefully her little friendly prodding would be enough to convince Rhys to smoke once she was gone.
  14. Dance like a Butterfly

    "Uh, apologies, I wasn't trying to sound ungrateful for your concern," At least, Rosa figured that's why he seemed almost more awkward than herself right now. She'd simply meant that she was unlikely to end up too badly injured, but maybe she was saying things in an odd way. She was awkward around others, she knew that much, but she wasn't one to be rude to someone who had only meant to be helpful and didn't want to offend. She almost mimicked the rubbing of the back of the neck, and her cheeks took on a rosy hue as she realised it, before dropping her hand down to fidget with the other in her lap. "Sometimes we have to do what we must," The woman said gently upon hearing of how he ended up as a professor. She could relate, in a way. She and her sisters had returned to a world that was vastly different to what they had known, and simply had to find ways to use what they already knew, picking up work taking care of groundskeeper work. Even working at the pub, because Rosa had decent domestic skills, had been a blessing to be able to get. The question of her sister's name, though, caused Rosa to hesitate for a moment. She was protective of her sisters, especially the youngest, but she also doubted that he would have met her. She didn't go to school here. "Amaleia. She is studying at the university in Melbourne. But... I do not think you would have met. We were, uh, living away... for a long time before returning a few months ago," Rosa fidgeted slightly, uneasiness creeping in at just the small explanation. She wasn't going to bolt, she was rather certain she might fall down the stairwell if she tried, but she was still trying very hard not to seem like she was a little uncomfortable at the question.
  15. Invite Once upon a ... dream?

    He could be onto something, it was common people from different houses to get along, but the two main houses who could easily pull a prank like that were the Sturts and the Spencers, while the Flinders were a smart house they were too passive to even consider such a thing, and they were too nice and sweet, they wouldn’t want to hurt anything. The Bourkes could be in on it, they did enjoy practical work and pranks, well, pranks were more practical than theory. Should she go with the knowledge she knows of her house? The Sturts weren’t the prankster types, but they could come up with something just to mess with the Spencers and catching everyone in the process. “You know, you might be onto something. I too would like to know who’s doing this, but mostly to ask them to stop, I’d like to teach a class from start to finish for once.” Did Andy like pranks? Absolutely, she loved them when she wasn’t at the end of it. Did she like playing pranks on others? Debatable, she liked to create chaos and then watch as she can leave completely unharmed. She didn’t agree with a lot of people, but it was right there that she actually agreed with Rhys, turning their students into sloths would be easier, and it should be a perfectly acceptable punishment. They wouldn’t be running around like wild animals, they’d be easy to hoard in one place, and unlike monkeys, no poo. “Sloths work, but aren’t they a bit too big? If we do snails, they can all go into the tank.” Obviously, she couldn’t turn her students into any animals as a form of punishment, but it didn’t hurt to talk about it, didn’t hurt to dream about the endless possibilities of having a quiet classroom without something getting broke. “You know, I bet one day someone is going to play a prank where everyone gets turned into animal and I’m not sure if I’m going to like the outcome…”
  16. Invite To the finish line

    As her magic began stitching the skin gently, her smile grew as the man spoke, she barely needed to look at the hand to work on it. She was used to deeper cuts, especially when kids decided to fly through the windows while trying to control their brooms, it was just another day. One of her hands held the man’s hand a bit stronger than usual, it was a delicate procedure and while she could do it with her eyes closed, she didn’t’ want him to run away with the hand and making it worse. She let go of his hand and stared at Rhys for a while as he moved his hand, and everything seemed to be alright. “Well, maybe next time it happens you will be using my tip to clean it.” she loved the company, she really did, but she preferred people to visit her without any injuries, not only it was better, she also knew people weren’t sick or in pain. She chuckled at his comment and shook her head. “I worry about everyone Mr. Barrows. You included, but I prefer that the staff doesn’t lose their hands or fingers on my watch.” She joked lightly at the situation, there was no point in getting overly concerned about something like that. “But, if it happens again you know where to find, I’m always here during classes and on call during weekends and nights.” Unlike many staff members she had her own house but being one of the few nurses she always had to be prepared to go to the school in the middle of the night in case there’s an emergency. Olivia was about to let the man go his merry way until she had found the perfect person to try her new game. “Do you fancy a board game Mr. Barrows? I have nothing to do and I just brought a new game for the kids, I’m learning how to play it.”
  17. Invite Cornered

    Discuss her options? Max knew exactly what she wanted, she also knew she wanted to pursue her studies in VMU, if possible. Her love for the outdoors and adrenaline, her desire to be free and not like a nightingale locked in a cage, sang for her to chose something that makes her heart wander, searching for places of wonder never seen before. Yes, that’s what she wanted, to live the life of a traveller visiting place to place, learning, absorbing knowledge, the opportunity to jump from the highest waterfall, explore the deepest parts of the ocean, walk between the highest trees with the deepest roots. Visit endless prairies and explore every corner of them. Max’s desire was a dream, but after knowing what she knows, she’s certain she can find it all. She nodded, agreeing with Cate. Max held everyone she cared close to her, but she had little space for those she didn’t care for, it was hard being in that list, but it was possible. The young Spencer watched the redhead carefully, Max’s eyes never left Cate’s expressions and reactions to everything, but eventually Max had to give up, there was nothing that was indicating that Cate wasn’t being honest about anything. “Oh no, no. Where would I even get a child?” Max didn’t want to be a mother so soon, especially when she can’t even take care of herself yet, let alone a child. Max wasn’t the smartest tool in the shed, but she knew the implications of it, and she didn’t want anything to do with that for the time being. What was that woman even thinking? Was she high on something? Had that bracelet drugged her? Had the woman eaten some hallucinogenic mushrooms that day? What the fuck was going on with the staff nowadays? Was Max lovely? Probably, she was pretty darn cute, but that was all she was. Cate probably said that to everyone, and while Max appreciated the thought of believing that someone who didn’t know her thought that of her was somewhat ridiculous. But if Cate was there to help Max didn’t see a reason to say no, but first, Max needed a job. She had mentioned it to a few people already who were down to help her, especially Sam who worked at a local bakery, she would prefer to rely on Sam, who was her friend than in the woman in front her. “I mean, I know what I want to do when I graduate, that’s an easy question, I want to go to VMU.”
  18. Open Because It's a Fantastic View, For Free

    Something was happening. Ian didn't know what, exactly, as he wasn't in the know as per what he was sure was May's directive - yet, that woman, and Olivia, and a number of students he knew were running around in secretive manners and had their routines somewhat altered for a good two months at that point. He had enough common sense to connect the sudden changes to the murder that happened at the end of August, the affected students being the son of the victim; but why was May involved? She had been visiting the school a lot more than she normally would have, and some of the times she hadn't bothered to drop by his dormitory. He felt uneasy, as if he could practically envision something happen like it did back in the day, in Perth. He really wished May would stopped getting involved in such dealings. Ian needed a break. Something to clear his mind. Unfortunately most of his friends were busy preparing themselves for the upcoming exams, or busy with work, or they were adults and involved with the situation (or anything else, he didn't even know what Robin was doing most of the time those days). The boy didn't like having much time for himself, but he found that a good distraction was physical activity. It was a fairly difficult thing to engage in given the sweltering heat in that early Spring which threatened to melt his skin clean off his muscles, vulnerable as he was to high temperatures due to being a Dhampir, but he'd just have to deal with it. After putting on copious amounts of sunscreen, as well as leaving the Kookynie Halls, he crossed towards the eastern side of campus, to the Southern Cross Tower. To wander out of the school in that weather for the sake of exercising in case he collapsed was suicidal and he'd have to do with what he had just so to be somewhat near a hospital wing (and so Aunt Liv could berate him, he supposed). He decided to do a repeat of a stunt he had accomplished with ease earlier that year: to climb up the tower and watch the sunset. As he stood near the wall of the building, the Flinders looked up idly. A normal human couldn't make the wall climb in one go to get on top of the outer lining of the roof structure, but he could. "Should I time myself...?"
  19. Invite sandcastle of my own

    Running between school and home had been on Aspen’s list of things to do, however that day the nurses had kicked her out of the Hospital Wing, it was time to tend to the current residents and Aspen had given a free pass to wander in and out whenever she wanted, or needed, but that day the nurse wouldn’t want anyone there, Aspen didn’t have a choice, she’d have to go someplace else, someplace more quiet and away from the rowdy school students and her own house common room sounded like a perfect place to relax a little before she was allowed back to spend her time with Lisa. Aspen felt like she was useless, useless in her house, useless in school and more importantly useless to Lisa, she couldn’t do anything with her shoulder like that. Stopping by the library, Aspen picked up a random book and proceeded to go to the Bourke’s common room. She sat on a sofa and opened the book. She didn’t read much, it was just open for the sake of being open, she couldn’t stop thinking about Lisa, but her attention soon drifted away and landed on the person that was talking to her, she hadn’t even noticed someone else had gone into the room, was she really so distracted that she couldn’t notice? “Hey Sunny. Well, kinda.” It had been a while since Aspen had shown to practice, the injury in the past week, Lisa in the hospital, housework and schoolwork pilling up, she couldn’t afford to do much, besides, being there only gave her painful memories, once Lisa is out of the hospital and her shoulder is fine, Aspen would be back in the game. “Lisa’s still in the Hospital Wing, but they kicked me out, just trying to stay out of the way.” Aspen’s tone was less harsh than it usually was, but Sunny was also a teammate. “What brings you here? Here to relax or are you going out for some workout?” Aspen missed her workouts, her shoulder however agreed that she should keep resting. “I’d join you but…” she showed Sunny the cast around her arm and shoulder, like it had been some awful injury instead of something simple.
  20. Open Stack Overflow

    Brooke visibly grimaced as the mountain of books came crashing down on the floor, the table being torn to pieces from the effort of holding them up to begin with. She was fairly sure half the school had somehow heard the edutainment books fall - it had been with such force that multiple loose sheets had been ejected upwards on impact, which were then slowly gliding downwards in mid air, their parent novels left unknown. Brooke had hesitated to turn around, but most people of the somewhat sparsely populated Games Room had taken notice. One of them called out to her, and the Spencer looked at Sunny without turning to face her handiwork. "Well, thank you for noticing." She joked, a humored smirk spreading on her lips. "I'll be here all week!" She didn't seem much upset at all at eliciting laughter from the older girl. If anything it served to put Brooke at ease, or at least just enough for her to release a breath she didn't realize she had been holding since the incident had occurred. She then turned around, and as a she did, one of the sheets circling the air landed right on her face. A momentary flail followed the discomfort, but Brooke managed to reach towards her face to pry the offending piece of paper off. As she pulled it away, her eyes quickly scanned the page on reflex. "Pureblood supremacists and you, and why they care more about who you s--wait, what the hell?" She muttered under her breath, brows furrowed. It seemed to be some analysis of a questionable The Mage article penned by Keira Hammond (oh, she knew who that was, alright). 'How the hell does this qualify as 'edutainment'? Should this even be in school...?' She cleared her throat, looking at the carnage for a few brief seconds before looking over at Sunny once again. "Uhh, I'll be taking that help, yes. What'll I be owing you?" Quid pro quo, or so they said, seemed to be the rule of thumb most of the time in that school. Brooke wasn't above playing that game.
  21. Open Here Kitty Kitty

    Phoenix Aurora
    Pursing his lips together, head tilting to the side while examining the young girl once more. 'So, she -is- a cosplayer. . . Well, I can't knock someone's hobbies! If it works for her, it works!" An odd choice but it also proved she'd been on some form of mission looking for a 'Jojo' which he could've only considered to have been a cat or a really awkward dog that liked the features. His hands pressing into the depth of his pockets while being sized up or more specifically looked up towards given the relative size between the two of them. "Wait, that's how you usually dress?" To him, she'd been the equivalent of a walking caution traffic cone. At least when it came to the noticeable design of her attire. One of his hands pulled from the pocket, running the surface of his palm against the locks of hair that rested on his head. "Hey, if it's your style then it works for you right? Everyone has what fits for them." Who was he to argue about it? After all, the right side of his arm had part of his tattoo peaking out from under the coat he wore. Only showing the lower jaw of the tiger that made up only a fraction of his tattoo and the design that had been mostly hidden from sight. "But, I guess in a way. . . It kind of just rocks with you." "You know, you've got the ears working for you and the cadre of colors. . ." Smiling lightly towards her afterwards, head shaking with a gentle shrug that followed. "Nah, I'm not making fun of you. Maybe poking a bit of teasing but in a good way. Not in the bully way, I don't do bullying. Pranks, jokes, and making people laugh is my game plan. Enjoy every bit of it too!" Shifting his posture, leaning more towards his left side while extending the leg out in front of him slightly with an acutely bent knee. "But you never really answered, whose Jojo? And~. . . Do you need any kind of help or something? I'm pretty good with finding different kinds of things and people."
  22. Invite If only the clockworks could speak

    The edges of his nails ran through the strands of his ragged hair, she was only trying to help and he knew and understood it. There hadn't been the sense of suffocation from her gentleness and consideration. Yet, even then, he still felt far more like a burden that shouldn't be taken on. A heavy sigh weighing out of him while a weary gaze lifted towards a nearby wall. "I know, Liv. . . And I don't mean to spurn your generosity and your offer." It'd had been because of the fact he cared about the woman's safety so intensely, as much as several people in his life that he would've protected by running off if it meant they could live - hate him - but live. But he knew, running never solved anything truly only built up more problems and made the issue that had been escaped fester and grow more toxic. "Your home should be a place that's happy not defiled like that, you know? I want to be able to protect that as long as I can." He turned towards her with the sharp brown eyes staying on her ivory features. Soft snorted laughter shook up in his chest, almost nearly quiet unless someone had acute hearing or toned out the rest of the activity happening in the halls enough to catch it. "I'm just throwing stones in a glass house with that whole stubborn thing, you know." He'd been stubborn himself. The entire ordeal, his reluctance to intrude on her, to keep her and everyone else back from getting caught in the maelstrom of blood, teeth, and pain had been due to his stubbornness on the matter. The atmosphere had lightened, she deserved the lack of tension as much as he could offer. Though his mood still had been stuck inside of himself like a javelin lanced through a leg. "Now, that's just rude. . . Using my own methods for other people against me. There has to be something against the code of friend-conduct for that." It was his turn to try and poke more of holes in the bubble of tension that enveloped both of them. Managing to at least ease his own moody countenance a fraction, for the good. "I'm not kind to myself because of what runs through my veins. . . Not sure if that will change but I keep getting told I shouldn't let it determine how I view myself but. . ." The tip of his tongue flickering against the sharpened row canines, the reminder that his body had been naturally engineered to kill, to tear, to maim and devour. "Easier said than done." It wasn't the tone of someone whom had given up the attempt of trying to view themselves in more than a depreciating way but acknowledging that the mountain was far higher than it seemed. Travis' eyes close slightly with his face lowering towards the ground with a furrowing brow and another slight huff. He knew the angle she'd been going, both with the necessity to keep a balance but also that factor that she -was- a Half-breed and fought with the varied amount of skepticism and stereotypes that often came with having even a drop of Veela blood in the veins. "Sorry. . . That was insulting on my part. You've gone through more than enough of your own issues, I know that." Being a ferocious beast or at least viewed as such, it wasn't so different in weight to being viewed as only a symbol of sex - as if the person had been naturally designed -only- for that. Her hand coursing along his arm causing a shiver, mostly from the gentleness contrast to the grim sharp cruelty of the reality that jabbed him on the inside. That stuck through his brain and tore up everything he sore and thought in more ways than he could've comprehended in the moment. "That's just your nicer way of saying, 'I'm stubborn and staying. So shut up and get over it, Travis.' " Over the last few months he'd gotten instinctively bad at pushing people away. It'd been due to Liv's intervention that made him draw people into himself, forging stronger bonds with those that he hadn't considered. Then the shift of what his own actions would be, eyes looking towards her and the sharp glance and twitch of his eyes gave away the idea churning in his head. Words spoken soon after only being more of a confirmation than anything else. "I'm going to prepare for a hell of a fight. I don't trust anyone in the Ministry, the one person I did? She's gone. I guess the Australian Minister of Magic -does- count now. . . But having association to me isn't good for his image and whatever he plans to do for the magical community." Shoulders rising up in a strengthening shrug before taking up his bag once more and latching it around his shoulders. "I'll be. . . " A brief moment of hesitation, almost as if he had to consider how much he could give her. Whether it'd been out of trust or concern she may end up being a target for that information wasn't made entirely clear. "I'll be at Old Man Mackey's Shack. It's barely used, most of the scents that enter the area are easy to pick up because of its location. And it lets me keep my stalker's gaze far away from everyone else that way." Walking up to the woman, forehead leaning in to gently press against hers in an intimate fashion. "Thank you for taking care of Sigma and the Kittens, and try not to worry too much, alright?" Something else he knew would be far harder to do than to just say it as if it were the easiest thing to command in oneself. Turning towards the door and walking towards the entry point of the Nursing wing. "If you see Meadow start fretting. . . Lend her hand a bit? This. . . Is probably really hard on her. Especially after everything her and I have been through." Speaking of the young teens name seemed to brighten his countenance another fraction, as much as Liv's presence held on him. He didn't give her much time to stop him or even speak before briskly walking along the corridor. Only the clicking of his shoes hastily retreating until there'd been faint sounds and then. . . Nothing.
  23. Blooming Wonders

    Kairi Taylor
    Normally, Kairi didn't just walk into things blindly without fully understanding what was going on. He felt a sort of rush of adrenaline when he was faced with a wand pointed right at him. He wasn't normally nosey and now wished that he hadn't bothered at all. "It's kind of hard to go sneaking around when you're used to making a lot of noise, normally." Kairi blurted out, a hint of sarcasm laced his voice as he shot it at Senan. He didn't like being threatened and felt like he could only do one thing to show that he wasn't a weakling, even if he didn't enjoy using his disability in the way that he had just then. Though he still felt on edge even when Senan lowered his wand, Kairi wasn't going to let his guards down at all. "Hm, that seems like a major problem..." Kairi didn't know what else he was supposed to say on the topic since the statement was so vague. In the meantime, he decided to back off a little with the questions, despite his curiosity because he didn't want to seem nosey. Plus, it wasn't like he needed to know the details of another's life because he didn't need that weight on his shoulders if it was something private. Though, Kairi found the older boy's next comment a little odd. It seemed like an odd way of sending messages to him. "I mean it seems like a lot of trouble to go to get a message across, even if it is for enjoyment. It really gives off Jack and the Beanstalk vibes." Even though he didn't say it, he was pretty sure that you could get into trouble for planting a new plant somewhere that it shouldn't be. Kairi was no expert, though. He was also pretty sure that he would never get used to certain oddities only found in magic and the more that he thought of some things the weirder it got to him. The fact that Senan put away his wand didn't settle Kairi's nerves at all. Most people would have probably gone to tell a professor about what had happened or they would just leave it there, though he didn't think that he could do anything at that moment. He wasn't sure what he would do after this strange situation was over. Kairi nodded when Senan explained a bit more about the plant. He did this to show that he was paying attention since he had never heard of the Spiros Bell plant before, but given that he was a muggleborn that probably wasn't all that odd. He took a step back when the older boy took out a pocket knife, though it wasn't really out of fear. He folded his arms over his chest as he listened more closely. "Hm, with properties like that, it makes it sound like it's pretty powerful, but then again, I know nothing about plants." Kairi put the statement out there, but he wasn't sure if that was true or not, it was just a guess. He kind of felt a little more comfortable talking in facts instead of small talk, so he felt a little more at ease.
  24. Trial and Error

    MJ Clarke
    Words reached MJ's ears, but so grievous was her state that she was entirely unable to make any sense of the words. Her lungs felt like they had been set ablaze with the dust particles invading them and her eyes were burning, a thin film of water forming over them so to wash them of dirt and her sclera reddening with the inflammation. It took several seconds for her coughing to calm down, making it so she was able to draw deep breaths in between coughing fits rather than being completely helpless on the ground. She hadn't realized just yet that the air was clearer after Suho's efforts rather than her own, focusing on regaining a minimally stable breathing rhythm - she had never had an asthma attack in her life, nor did she ever wish to, but the temporary incapability of breathing no matter how hard she tried even if for a few seconds had been absolutely agonizing. At least her lungs were handling the situation and she was calming down. Gripping her own throat on reflex with one hand and blindly reaching for her wand with another, eventually managing to bring herself to sit down properly on the pavement rather than remaining on all fours. With cheeks flushed from the effort and tears being blinked down from her eyes in physical irritation, MJ was finally calmed down enough to properly peruse her surroundings. She wiped at her visage with a sleeve before her eyes fell on Suho, a boy vaguely familiar to her. The paleness of her skin would have clued her in to his kind if not for the fact it looked somewhat reddened at certain spots, presumably from what just happened. "I-I... I'm so sorry about that..." She bowed her head in apology, withdrawing her gaze from the boy. Maybe she should have bitten the bullet and gone to F3 after all. "I didn't mean to--I mean, I wasn't expecting it to..." A coughing fit broke out but she managed to hold back most of them, shaking her head so to regain her scattered thoughts. "...To blow up. Like that, anyway..." Then again, she probably should have.
  25. Wandless Wonders, Term 4

    Finally, it was time for the last term, and unlike other times, Andy decided to make a joint class outside. She had warned every student that the class would happen on the Quidditch Pitch. The original idea was for everyone not only to work together but to be able to use what they had learnt in previous classes, she wanted people to team up, but it was always hard, they weren’t all friends with each other and it was going to create a lot of tension, although it didn’t mean she couldn’t treat it as a slight competition, the one with more points could win additional points too their house. Yes, that could work. Andy’s lips curled as she made her way to the quidditch pitch, with Delores being dragged by its leg. Delores, the poor mannequin was still going to be her faithful sidekick in the Wandless Magic Adventures, a rather quiet sidekick, just how she liked it. Multiplying the doll, she made sure each student could get one. She waited for all the students to get at the designated location as she continued to drop dolls throughout the area. She had to go inside to get a board, she needed to make note of all the students’ points in order to determine who the real winner was. Students started to arrive, and she waited for all of them to show up before she could start explaining what they had to do. “Good morning everyone, I hope you all enjoyed the break, now I hope everyone’s ready for class.” She announced. “This term we’ll be doing something similar, but I hope its more fun this way.” She waked to the board and upon writing everyone’s name and their house, along with the points in front of them before turning to them with a huge smile. “There are at least 30 hidden mannequins around the area, they have an invisibility spell. Your job is to find and turn the mannequin visible and bring me the little orb it has inside.” She watched the students, expecting some questions, but in the meantime, she decided to continue her explanation. “To get the orb one must destroy the mannequin, but each one has one three weaknesses, Fire, Water or Wind, to discover this, you must use a spell to reveal this information. Each orb is worth 15 points.” It was a simple puzzle game with the dolls and magic, nothing the kids couldn’t handle themselves. “Remember, you may steal someone else’s orb, but being caught will make you lose all your points.” “If you have questions please ask them now, if not, you’re all free to start.” Mannequin Count Round 1 Fire 10/10 • Water 10/10 • Wind 10/10 ((OOC NOTES: Whenever a character destroys a mannequin please make an ooc note about it on the bottom of the post with the element used. Make sure to pay attention to the mannequin count. You can destroy up to two mannequins per round of posts. This ends when all mannequins are gone. The number of mannequins can change according to the number of people that show up for class.))
  26. School visits

    She listened as he spoke, apparently the girl was named Chloe, that was nice, maybe she would find her fellow Sturt around their common area, maybe even strike up a conversation? Or maybe just watch the girl before doing anything stupid, everyone there was so sensitive, absolute Drama Queens and Kings, it was impossible to even say anything until they were all claiming how hurtful it was. “I see. Thank you, Ian.” he has introduced himself, but he hopped she wasn’t mistaking his name for someone else’s. She was sure it wasn’t, but the names were a bit different, mostly their pronunciation. “Durmstrang Institute” she replied. Her lips curled up a little bit, mostly with a high sense of pride in the school, and how good it was, it didn’t matter what people said, Hogwarts had nothing on her previous school. “I assume you’ve been here since you started. You seem to know a lot about everyone…” could be that he was simply a social butterfly? She wasn’t going to comment on it, the last time she did he took it as an insult, it wasn’t, but she could see by his expression that he wasn’t too comfortable with the expression she had used. “Tallygarunga isn’t so bad I suppose, for a public school, with some budget cuts…” she looked around the area before her eyes landed on the young man. She wasn’t sure what to do know, should she go home or wait for another class? If it was like the last one she was sure she was going to fall asleep halfway through it.
  27. Feel The Glow

    "Just a bit." Brooke repeated in good humor, the smirk growing into a small smile that mirrored Colette's. Not knowing the new Sturt that well just yet, she couldn't tell she had scored a tremendous victory; nevertheless she was elated at the opening she had carved for herself through the wall of hostility the girl seemed to put around her to, presumably, keep those she deemed inferior to herself away. Did that mean the Spencer was on equal ground? As Colette took her hand to get up, Brooke pulled on it to help her properly before letting go. She stood nearby as the question was thrown her way, not yet leaving as she went through the school map in her mind. "Well... That's certainly a way of putting it. It gets kinda confusing sometimes. Think all the years of a given class scheduled to show up in that class. It's a bit tough to keep up with all the different materials because of the difficulty, but if you ask me, I feel like they have no choice due to budget cuts. You just gotta do what you gotta do, y'know? Plus that way there can be more classes in general so you choose when to attend what, which is nice." Somehow, it worked. She wasn't sure how, but it did - there had been legendary wizards and witches coming from Tallygarunga, which meant the school was doing something right. "Anyway... Quidditch Pitch, Gawker Building, Sturt Common Room... So you've been to the Tarnagulla Centre but you haven't looked around? With how much Sturts are targeted by the Spencers, you should probably get somewhat acquainted with the Hospital Wing." She joked as she looked around to establish some sort of path. "Might as well start there." She settled on the idea. It was on the farthest end of school, and she figured she could very well start the trip all the way in the back and work their way back to the entrance of the school.
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