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December, 2018
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  2. Sketch and Chill (November 9th, 2018)

    Someone never going to the beach before hadn't surprised him in the slightest; People had different beliefs and on the much larger scale families that tended to be extremely strict on various levels. He wasn't aware of how deeply seeded Remi's own parents had been or even if she had them around in her life in general. But whomever had been the one guiding her through majority of her life didn't seem to allow her the more exciting exposures such as the Beach. "Oh, I think you'd love it. Get the chance to wear a bathing suit and jump in the water. Splash around a bit and play with a beach ball to slap around. It can get pretty exciting." With the addition that maybe, just maybe, someone might loose a bathing suit mid horsing around. Then again, he had stopped appearing at the beach himself ever since the scars had begun to grow more pronounced along his body. "I haven't been there in a while because of uh. . . Family reasons. I'm mostly home making sure things are nice looking and don't get too crazy." His Mother didn't have the time to do the usual adult duties and errands and so it fell onto him to be a productive house member. What had really knocked him for a loop had been the fact she had no idea what a roller skating rink had been. Not being to one had been much more common but everyone's heard of them, right? Or. . . Maybe not everyone from what had been displayed by the youthful brunette. "Hrm… How to explain it." Fingers scratched and danced along his goatee in thought on how to paint an appropriate picture that had also been equally enticing and informative. "So, roller skating rink's are usually indoors and sometimes outdoors depending on the area - where people would use special equipment to kind of just roll around. Skateboards, Roller Blades and Roller Skates; Stuff you either wear on your feet or stand on that have wheels that help you move around in those places. Indoor ones have really slick floors to help with moving faster, waxed and buffed." The idea itself had always been appealing to him, enjoying the recreational fun that had been offered all around. Travis, at this point, hadn't been keeping too much awareness on where this smell had been leading him. Only that it had been changing from the roof and pushing lower into the building where the roof covered over their heads. His head shifted about allowing for his eyes to catch a much larger scope of glance in the area. Then he softly hummed and closed his eyes with a single hand pressed against the wall and his nose accepting another strong whiff of the unique order that flooded. Ears twitched to hone in on the slightest bit of movement - there it had been - a scratch that had only been a trademark of rodents burrowing their way through; trying to design their own path way. But was it him or another. . .? "I think I may hear him nearby. . . Or at least something that has similar tendencies." His attention turned towards Remi fully. "This is where your expertise comes in a bit." A small and warm smile curved on his lips. "What are the usual ways that you call him to get his attention? Maybe if he hears you he may come out and save us the trouble of further hunting him down." Or he could give them quite the chase, both were appealing to him but for different reasons. The animal on the inside demanded a proper hunt, to be satisfied and fulfilled with seeking a marked prey and cornering it enough that it could be taken as intended. But that hadn't been the most comforting feeling to him; the other feeling had lined along the fact that he didn't want to let the more base instincts have their way.
  3. Invite Standstill

    Remi didn’t entirely believe Meadow when she stated that she had no experience in the matter of boys and tingly feelings. It was the feelings that were more bothersome than the boy side of things. Though the boy caused the feelings, so, he was apart of the equation. This excuse of not having much experience would not stop Remi from pursuing her questions, after all, she didn’t really have that many other people to speak too about such things. The other students tended to not really interact with her outside of what they had to do in the classroom. This was something Remi should probably have felt bad or even concerned about but she was just too damn excited and full of curiosity and wonderment at this whole new world she had forced her way into to actually worry about making more than a few friends. Meadow was a great friend all on her own. “You probably know more than I do. The Mother always kept us away from the boys.” a shrug followed this odd sentence, the one thing she never did was expand on where she actually came from and who these people she sometimes mentioned where. It was better that way. “Anyway, a couple of days ago Appendage,” as if too remind Meadow who Appendage was she nodded too the rat cage sitting at the foot of her own bed “ran away and whilst looking for him I met this tall, dark and beautiful stranger!” then the rest of the story kind of rolled itself off her tongue “He’s not a stranger now though. His name is Travis and he helped me find Appendage and we’re going to the beach and something call...rink rollering? There was that feeling again, the tingling in her stomach and a slightly lower region that had never made such a fuss before “But where ever I see him or think about him I get a tingling feeling in this area.” she said pointing at her stomach and briefly wondering if she should mention the other region too before thinking wasn’t the sort of thing one spoke to other people about so left it off “Is this feeling a good bad feeling or a bad good feeling or a good good feeling?” with her very confusing question put out to Meadow she turned facing her friend and waiting for some confirmation of feelings and tinglings.
  4. Invite Diary of a Teenage Superhero

    "You saw that. Adam saw that. I didn't," Aiden said, shrugging a shoulder. "I thought I was doing what had to be done. They saw it differently, and maybe it's the same with what you were trying to do?" The moment, for all of the potential there was for a professor to poke their nose in and get the pair into terrible trouble, was strangely comfortable. Lorelei was a soothing presence to Aiden, always had been, even in her weird child state. When she wrapped her arms around him in a hug, he was stunned---still processing this idea that he should have many friends. That he was kind. Aiden didn't believe he was a bad person, he knew that wasn't true. Yet. It was very strange to have someone else describe him as kind though. Or claim that he deserved many friends. "Well, yeah. We're friends, right?" Why would they be here in the middle of the night talking like this if they weren't? He assumed that Lei would collect a group of more better friends, but that didn't stop this from being a friendship. Aiden tended to accept his place on the outside of every group, and he was genuinely content with that. He'd never needed to be in the middle of everything, he'd never desired closer relationships with anyone. He wasn't sure what would happen if he did develop that closeness with another person. The only one he really let in these days was Valerie. She was his sister, that was different. "If anyone can help her, it's gonna be you," he added with utmost confidence. "Hopefully before the other students reject her, but... that's up to her I guess."
  5. Open Holding Court

    "There is no horse here," said Lauren, who was not as well versed in idioms and figures of speech as the average student. She looked around, waving a hand to prove her point---indeed, there was no horse here in the games room. It was a sore point too, she'd always wanted a horse. Her grandmother had never seen the point of having animals around, and now her father was digging his heels in too. There were perfectly good dirtbikes out in the back paddock, what did she need a horse for? Lauren was slowly making Sarah and Octavia her allies in her campaign for a horse though, and soon Alan would be overwhelmed and give in. Hopefully. This was the goal. She was sure, as well, that what Amber was saying had some sort of meaning but she couldn't figure it out. Why would anyone run about the hallways with a stick placed there? Was it a requirement of policing fun? What was the role of the fun police anyway, was it to ensure everyone was having fun, or to prevent it? How did one go about applying to be part of the fun police (it sounded like a role that came with some prestige, given Amber's warning about them) and would she really have to have the stick? "I do not think I know who I am, I know who I am," Lauren's oblivious corrections continued. "I am Lauren Burdett."
  6. Earlier
  7. Invite Spit

    A bashful laughter escaped from him as he rubbed the pencil at the side of his neck. "I would say 'Thank you', but I think those that are drawn deserve that honor much better. I may draw it but they're the ones who are pretty much projecting it. I can't take credit for what they display." There were some people that seemed to inspire him, mostly when they've shown a vulnerable enough side that made things click mentally for him. That happened to have the appeal that screamed 'This is them, the essence of who they are or one of many essences.' He leaned back further against the couch and laid the pencil behind his ear for temporary safe keeping. "The hardest part usually is keeping in tempo to what the person is showing in those moments. People, they change shift all the time. What may have been expressed before may suddenly change. But the upside is that when it happens, sometimes, it means I can capture two different aspects to someone." He hadn't expected the methodology to actually mean anything to another person and equally as much he hadn't expected that what he said could make much sense. Travis smiled towards her, she seemed to have been extremely engrossed into the drawings. "The Garden, that's on top of the school roof? It's pretty exposed but going around mid-noon or towards the nighttime might be good for you. There are actually very unique blooms that only happen in those hours at certain parts of the year." He had been surprised when he first arrived at the various collection of flowers and other unique blooms that had been collected and even well maintained with various magical spells and wards. It didn't interfere too much with the natural process of certain cycles but it'd been enough to give the students and other visitors that gift of a unique experience if they were inquisitive enough to search. "She might blush a bit at first but I'm sure she'll enjoy it. You know, more gals in the circle. Less me around. I can be a pretty big headache." He stated in a joking manner. "Uhh.. A while. I mean, I always had the steady hand to draw. But getting the memory and seeing those kind of things took a while. It took me connecting with a lot people in different ways." It did also help that his mind had been changed to remember certain aspects of smells, noises, and the various social encounters due to the infections shift in his nature. "I actually struggled with something that required me to try and keep focused. Or rather. . . Focus on something else and not get overwhelmed by the thoughts and issues that came along with it. Drawing kind of helped then. I found that overtime I just enjoyed it, finding a comfortable place and slowly going off what I remembered in that moment. Almost as if I could replay those very images in my mind again over and over, the expressions on peoples face, the actions, the height of the moment." He snickered and shrugged. "You just do. Now, there are tons of different tutorials and testing grounds for it. But it's more about finding your style, going step by step and finding it. Preferences like if you prefer portraits or full body drawings, whether lifelike or more on the cartoonish end. Some people find they can switch between the two and others have a struggle with that 'Same Dimensional' connection. I can always show you my process sometime? The different ways that I draw, setting up and how my hand moves. Honestly, you may catch on a lot better than most people." He hummed for a moment and then nodded as another idea seemed to hit him. "I know Muggle's tend to have a lot of videos on different styles that people tend to watch for inspiration or just to see how to start out. We could do that too."
  8. Invite An Ordinary Abnormality

    "Is it really what I want to do or is what you want to do? Hmm~, the ever expanding question of what the true fact maybe!" The edges of his fingers curled along the side of his chin and he tilted his head as if to appraise the intentions of the young girl before him. "Wouldn't be the first time a lady tried to lead me to the kind of things she wanted me to do! Though I hadn't expected you to wear those horns so well." He pressed as a light joke. Personally, he hadn't cared too much for dances especially not ones that required him to dress up in such trapping attire. Tuxedo's, coats, and the like always seemed like some form of protest against freedom itself. But he'd been well aware that there would be no way for him to actually escape those prospects most times when it came to the school life and other potential events. Travis' eyebrow raised up and a smirk made itself known. "Clunky, now you're clearly trying to hit on me! Aladdin to your Jasmine? I don't think I'm nearly as nimble as that street rat." Chances are he'd been even more so but that wasn't a fact he'd willingly admit to. "Aladdin instead? Now, see, if I go around calling you Jasmine we're either going to confuse people or they're going to make the largest assumption jump in history." Of course, it probably fit better in terms of how he viewed himself more. He didn't dress up with enough knee high socks and questionable garments to qualify that kind of a label. But at least his style fit a much more casual and rough look similar to Aladdin, so. . . Maybe. A shrug followed from his shoulders. "I don't really pay attention all too much, honestly. That sticky film of rumors makes it difficult to truly see any subject. Much better to listen to my own thoughts." Water cooler talk had never been his thing even when trying to better relate to the different kinds of people he had encountered since the first year of attending Tallygarunga. "Makes it more difficult to draw people as they are if other things try to poison it and all. I do it for selfish reasons entirely." He winked towards her and then laughed lowly. "You investigating me? That's a pretty tall order to try and attempt. You sure you'd really have that kind of time to do it? It's pretty much a full time job with no form of benefits at all." "Why would I mind? It's much more flattering than most people might think it to be." Whether he'd been interesting as a person wasn't so much of an issue to him, a person would seek to understand regardless of the appeal their eyes would draw. But for a person to find another physically appealing wasn't a negative, it could get out of hand and maybe even go further than that in their mind but it still had been something more flattering than disapproving to him. "Ahaha! You? Look? I never thought you'd actually be a stare and drool type." He grinned playfully at her and then shrugged lightly. "Hey, if it pleases you? Stare as long as you want to your own content."
  9. Invite Over Your Head

    Derrick's eyes narrowed, mind running at a high speed to decide what a good 'replacement' phrase would be to shield the obvious. "Protective! I know what those kinds of guys think, I was totally there at one point in my life!" In retrospect, probably not that long ago considering he still was very young. But he wouldn't let her keep that mentality that she never thought she'd see him jealous. Arms crossed even tighter against his chest as he gave a bullish huff as a response towards the cheeky smile that danced on her lips. "Is that you asking me~? I mean, I may show up if you ask really nice. But dunno if you can manage that! Asking nicely isn't one of those strong points." Arms unfolded as the playful tease had been slipped in for him, a sign of his own cheekiness. "Now you're thinking! OH OH!" Now he was just barrel rolling with the idea to make it even worse. "Now, we've Gotta' do it to the next level and make it so that they can't shut off. The slightest touch makes them go off like mad." Part of him wanted to attach them to some kind of object and make it harder to take them off just to intensify the annoyance of the musical revenge that would be all the more perfect. "Pfft. . . Argumentative, I'm just putting the arrogant flapper in his place!" He didn't feel as if he'd been coerced or given some ultimatum on whether or not he needed to go or not. It'd been clear enough that it was something extremely important to her. It was something that had to be considered when the thought of where to spend time would emerge for him. The usual focus on being able to be about himself wasn't a fair standard to judge anything by when he'd been in a relationship, what he did would effect another and vice verse. Time needed to be made for what was important to the person that had been considered the 'Other Half', not because he felt as if there'd been no alternative but because she'd been just that important and needed to be treated in that sort of way. The way that her skin felt against his hand sent a nervousness through his body, why did such honesty come at the cost of internal nerves? In nearly every situation he considered himself a metallic wall of nerves and then there had been this one situation. It rung within his mind that it was the fear of loss that broke such barriers without any resistance. As she questioned him coyly it held the effect of kicking what felt like a deep pit within the depths of his stomach. Warning bells resounded in his mind that perhaps he'd stepped the too far ahead in this endeavor. That very feeling that attempted to gradually build had been halted when she had chosen not to knock it back, an expression of surprise shifted on his face and then melted away as their lips met in a soft shyness. A brief snort pulsed from his nostrils and his other hand ran the edges of his nails along the side of his neck. "Didn't think you'd even say it." Or feel it, he hadn't been certain if he had been the only one to actively feel that effect, the pull of it. "Haha, I was sure one of us was going to bolt scared. I was betting me being the weak-kneed one first." When it came to emotions, feelings - these were things he avoided and even more so after the events that occurred just a few years ago. His arms drawn around her and pulled her into an embrace while he rested his chin lightly on the top of her head. "But I also expected you to smack me with your hand and use your violin to blow me away or something." He laughed lowly at the jest made by him. It felt weird, this point, fear and happiness that mingled into this beast trying to comprehend what had just been stated. It was a wall of confusion and yet hypocritically clarity. Certain of his feelings about Arti and uncertain on what this would mean with both of their rocky histories with romance. "I guess now I have to get you a really good Christmas gift."
  10. Invite Slipstream

    Samantha Hammond
    "Yo, Samsung!" Came the boisterous greeting, forcing Samantha to look up from her copy of 'The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection' to see who was the invader of her personal space. She recognized her cousin instantly as the Spencer plopped down on the grass before her, crossing her legs and looking quite bored. "You're running out of creativity? I've heard that one before, not even from you." Samantha couldn't help but tease the girl, watching as her nose scrunched up in frustration. A few seconds passed before a look of brilliant realization was transparent in her face, excitement quickly defeating frustration. "Oh, I know! Samsonite!" Amber exclaimed, pumping her fist in victory. It prompted Sam to giggle, covering her mouth for a short period before nodding in acknowledgement. "Okay, okay, you win. To what do I owe your company?" The Bourke lightly bent the corner of the page she was on before closing the school book. Amber glanced at it, scooting over just enough so she could better read the upside down title of the cover. "Whatcha readin'?" She asked. "Defense Against the Dark Arts? You're studying when there's such fantastic weather outside? When it's a weekend?!" Amber almost looked offended. Indeed, the sun was shining, and it was hot enough for the school-mandated uniforms to start getting slightly uncomfortable. It wasn't the weekend just yet, but a Friday afternoon still counted as such, right? Plus, Samantha just plain studied too much - grades notwithstanding, of course. "You're probably the last person I'd ask to evaluate my studying habits." The half-Veela replied as she placed her book back in her backpack before letting the bag rest on its own under the tree her back was pressing to. "No offense, of course." "Fair enough."
  11. Open Kitty

    Danielle Haynes
    Finally, the searing heat had subsided. Danielle found an opportunity to head out to campus without having her flesh boil, quite literally, under the imposing gaze of the Sun. Nevertheless she took precautions so not to let her affliction be too detrimental to her in the little trip she had to do - she had the school standard cap on her head, copious amounts of sunscreen on her face (thank goodness she was somewhat pale to begin with), and her dress shirt's sleeves weren't rolled up as they should be with the hot weather. The heat itself made her uncomfortable and permeated the skin of her arms with a light sheen of sweat, but it was worth it so not to become a living barbecue. She had gone to retrieve a much needed supply of animal blood, which she packed in her new backpack for safekeeping. She also acquired two stacks of blood-flavored lollipops: one for herself, one for her younger sister. One of them was, in fact, sticking out of her closed mouth as she walked back to Tallygarunga. Paranoia struck halfway down Tallygarunga Road and she stopped, looking over her shoulder. There was no stranger following her (that she could detect - at least, there were plenty of pedestrians going about). There was just what she could identify as a small, patchy, young white half-Kneazle sitting there, looking at her. The first thought that came to her was that it was an Animagus. There was no collar, and it was fixated on her. She consciously rationalized it as a coincidence despite the fear creeping up in her being and kept walking. Further along, as she crossed the Murrigal Bushland, she stopped again. The half-Kneazle was still walking along as she glanced over her shoulder. After a few steps, it sat and mewled at her. She released a shaky breath - soon, she'd be in school grounds. There was nothing to worry about since nobody could hurt her there without consequence. Soon, this Animagus would be caught. With that thought in mind, she steeled and nerves and kept walking. Thinking she was out of the woods (which she was, in the literal sense) upon arriving to the school premises, she decided to take a detour to the Whitlam Bilby wing. However, she decided to take the long way around through the gardens, just in case - she didn't exactly want to give away her sister's location either. Just when she least expected, the half-Kneazle that hadn't been following her anymore strolled in front of her and stopped. "...Oh, come on..." She muttered under her breath. The feline approached and she unconsciously reached for her wand holster, ready to retrieve it at the slightest provocation-- To her surprise, the animal simply rubbed its small frame against her ankles rather than transform, jump and attack. Did it just want her to pet it? Dumbstruck, she stood there like an idiot, looking at the pleading animal in disbelief.
  12. End Year Ball

    An extravagant post is placed up on the Notice Board - While the color of the parchment is a bright red to capture the gaze the Letter's a constantly shifting Bold Black. At the center of the poster is a constantly in motion image of chorus of people dancing in formal tux and gowns. The words spelling out a proclamation: It's been a rough year all-around! As the year stirs to a close many of you will be saying fair well, moving on to a new life! There is also the acknowledgment of the hard work many of you had gone through for your exams! This is why a grand Ball will be held in your honor for your exit and acknowledge that work! THE END YEAR BALL! A Formal Event so bring in your best wear, if you don't have any don't be shy to ask one of the Chaperones! Signed - Professor Ackers aka Sparky! P.S. - I'm pretty stylish if you need help, Party Animals! The notice goes on to explain that those that desire to assist in the setting up and planning of the event as well as making it well known amongst the Student Body that they should contact Professor Acker's directly. As well as the intended date to be December 20th, a couple of days before the official end of classes.
  13. Those Awkward Memories

    He hadn't meant to seem as if his explanation had been another excuse, something to shoot down her goodwill. She'd been trying and that was something he had started to admire in this young girl, the effort that she'd gone through to try and help another person. It was an impressive sign to him that a person who wasn't by nature a socialite had that kind of heart and mind to extend themselves for another person. Not that he'd been too surprised not with the kind of interests that seemed to be held for the reservation and trying to nurture and care for Animals. Many needed it especially those that were on the cusp of being wiped out entirely and needed intervention as their protection. "Oh, it's never a waste - believe you me. I don't mind doing it, not really out of my way. That and I would be more than glad to do so." Part of the drive had been that he wanted some of Mrs. Mary's cooking. The stuff of legends in his opinion though it also had just been on the way to a lot of his stops involving family members and other friends he'd attempt to visit like Frankie. But he had never minded doing what he could for those that had been considered 'Friends', whether Chole knew it or not he'd already judged her as someone that is one. "Never look a gift Granian in the mouth." A smirk turned upwards along his expression. "It isn't any harm in thing I need to get done. I tend to spread out my time pretty well and I have no time extensive obligation. It'd be a cool way to hang out too." It seemed to be the best way in his mind to not only ease her into the daily things but to have someone close enough in age and that knew her to offer faster comfortability. It was never a good feeling to be in a place where a person could potentially feel as if no connection could be made with anyone that could be considered a colleague. A softened grunt rumbled in his throat, she didn't know and couldn't have known there might not be a 'next year' for him. "Hey, hey. It's fine, Chloe, really. It will be lots of fun too, I promise. And if it isn't we'll make our own fun, simple as that."
  14. Unhungry

    "Content is good," Cass smiled at him as they sat, and then waited until it seemed that there was not going to be a response to his call right at the moment. She nodded in response to his assessment, it probably wasn't a good time. Then again, who decided when was a good time for anything? She understood that Bethianna wasn't technically related to him, but Cassandra was aware enough to know that the woman was the same as his family. Plus, he appeared to have a strong attachment to the woman, enough to even call her 'Auntie', so she may as well be considered family. "I think we'd all be a little worried if they loved me the same way you do," The redhead snorted quietly with a shake of her head. Still, a gentle sigh was breathed from her lips at having to wait to know more about what she might have to expect. Or even whether anyone knew was to expect. She was flying rather blindly here. Listening to Alexander though, a small smirk tugged at her lips, before she then released a small chuckle and planted a kiss to his lips. "Cuddling sounds absolutely perfect to me," The young woman said as she began to stand, "Let's ditch this place for a bit. I could use some simple comfort."
  15. Do what's good

    At first, Aiden wasn't sure if the girl was even talking to him. He didn't often get interrupted during his library sessions. That may or may not have had something to do with a frustrated Aiden biting the heads off any who tried to approach him when he was furiously trying to study, the first years gave him a wide berth when they saw him at his table. He wasn't a terribly scary person, just---he had been so invested in what he was doing. He missed that feeling. "I'm... sorry?" he said, as if in a daze. He tried to remember her name. He knew it. He was sure he knew it. Sue-ann? Susan? S-something, they were in the same house. Aiden tried to focus. S...s...s... Siwan! That was it. Aiden never had been good with names. Or people, really. He liked people well enough, he wasn't anti-social, just didn't feel the need to be around groups all the time. He floated his way about the school, not really connected to his classmates. That had suited him well enough while he was trying to find an impossible solution. Now he had a lot of time to fill and no close friends to help. "Reference..?" Aiden suddenly realised he was just echoing her, and shook his head. Snap out of it, boy. He did like reference books. He wasn't sure what he needed to learn, but it would be better than going through the same dusty tomes that he had scoured in the years leading up to now. Something new, something fresh. "What sort of books does your dad have?"
  16. Both Sides Now

    Ash raised an eyebrow at the teen in front of him as she flat out insulted him, claiming that he wasn’t smart enough to be in Ravenclaw, or someone who was a former member of that house. Most people might take the insult and react in a negative way. Ash, however, was confident in not only his own intelligence but also that he was not wrongly placed in that house. Though the house had considered Slytherin and for a brief moment Gryffindor. This he still found insulting. “If that is the way you feel, then you seem to have missed the over all point of Ravenclaw and also, yourself lack some important traits.” he said with a small smile, sipping his coffee “Wit, learning, intelligence, wisdom, creativity, originality, individuality and, the one you are lacking the most, acceptance.” he raised an eyebrow at her at the end of that, waiting for her react to what he had said before continuing. “As for teaching Health and Healing, one does not need to be particularly intelligent to teach especially that subject. What one does need is the ability to help people understand the subject one is trying to convey and retain those snippets of information.” he shrugged, then ended that with an agreement “However, I also agree that teaching is not a role I am adept for.” picking up his coffee cup he took a long sip and mulled over the looming threat of telling her father he was in Australia and, for importantly, at her school and was at one point teaching. “I can not advise you too lie to your father, he’d be annoyed if I did that. But I would prefer if the information about me being here came from me and not his child.”
  17. Little Machinations

    Looking at Cheetoh for a moment he nodded. ”I think, at some point we all hurt someone.” It was something he was fairly accustomed to. Hs grandmother had not been thrilled, he was magical. Letting out a small sigh he understood why she as upset. ”I think the way to live, and this is in my opinion and you know what they say about opinions. People are not good or bad. People do good things, or they do bad things. When you are doing something good, you are good.” He looked at her for a moment and then sighed. ”I live my life in a way that I can teach others, not to interrupt anyone else’s journey.” It was not easy sometimes. ”Letting out a small smile he looked at her.” the trouble with being hazel’s mom was that he very much liked her. <p> ”At some point, all daughter push their mother’s away it’s part of growing up.” He reminded her. ”It wont be a bad thing when she pushed away from you for independence, And she is way ahead of her classmates so it might be sooner than most of the other girls. Please Kate, please stop putting so much pressure on yourself.” he said with a smile as he moved to squeeze her arm. He smiled wide as he did so. ”the problem if that you think you need to be fixed. I don’t think youa re broken to begin with. Those who are broken don’t realize the sins they have committed and you… you realize that you may have things to repent for.” He looked at her and nodded. ”I don’t want you to see yourself as something so terrible, when the reality is that you are not so terrible you are afterall sitting here with me after making a few snap judgements.”
  18. Doing The Time

    "You're young enough to start again," Adele said, amused by the apparent certainty that Gerry had regarding her own reputation. "And bold enough to make it work. If I can pull back some semblance of respectability, anyone can," the last was not a light comment. Though Gerry had been much younger when Adele wrecked havoc around Narrie, the stories persisted. They seemed at odds with the allegedly well-adjusted librarian, and her quiet domestic life. She hadn't so much changed as just... kept the drama to a certain few. She wore the stories like a weapon, threatening at any moment to show those around her just how true they all were. "You'll never be a quiet one. You'll always have fire. You weren't made to just sit in a corner and look pretty, you're more than that," Adele stopped with the books for a moment, sitting herself up on a desk and watching Gerry work. There was something endearing about Gerry's angry justice, and tragic in what little regard she seemed to have for the personal consequences of her actions. "Then don't deal with the hierarchy. Be the hierarchy," Adele's smile widened. It was almost diabolical. "You can either sit at the bottom and be angry, or stand at the top and see your justice done. It is a choice. Forget what you think people see in you, start making them see what they should see in you. How you want to be seen." her head tilted slightly, fingers drumming along the wooden panelling of the desk. "How do you want to be seen? Feared? Respected? Admired? Loved? Hated?" the question was genuine. She stood again, wandering over to a clear area of the library and beckoned for Gerry to put down the books she was shelving and join her. Adele sighed. "At the moment, your technique shows only weakness. Come---hit me." And she waited. For Gerry to do as she was asked, and hit a pregnant woman. How else did you evaluate ability?
  19. Snowdrops Keep Falling on My Head (Feb 27 2018)

    Why this girl was upset over a broken bottle, she wasnt sure. Around here, empty bottles were easy to come by. Still she was upset and that was the main concern. Siwan didn't notice the little figurine still on the floor and she heard the inflection in her words. The soft cursing she had heard among her peers. She knew that language, and heard how awkward the english sounded from her mouth. "If it helps, I do speak some French actually. And you're welcome." Siwan smiled gently, but that faltered when she felt the small flecks of cold on her cheeks. She glanced up at the clouds bubbling and ballooning out to fill the space. "Ah um... Not exactly? I might have something in my notes, but those are in my dorm. What charm was used for this?" Truthfully, the coolness was a welcome change, and made her miss her previous home. *Hey I don't actually know any french and I know google translate is not super reliable... lets pretend that Siwan is speaking French, mkay?*
  20. Invite As Ghosts Fade By

    He was smiling. That was always a good sign, and she'd take it! She smiled at him with a small "Thank you,"as he helped her gather all the books. She gave a small giggle as he bat at the brim of her hand, causing it to move slightly more forward. Her hands reached up, adjusting it back. She giggled as he made a face and a grabbed his tie, acting like he was hanging himself with it. Reaching over, the small blonde placed a hand on his arm. "But it looks so good on you!" She hoped the words would be some small comfort. She made herself comfortable on the grass, giving a small wiggle as she crossed her legs, hands grabbing her feet as she did so. A softer smile made its way to her face as another giggle erupted as he explained his mishaps with books. "Aha! Must be a Flinders thing, then!" She could only imagine what it must be like to wake up with books on top, underneath, and on every side of you. It was a funny image, that much was certain. "That must be so uncomfortable though! Does it ever wake you up? Or is it just waking up in the morning and turning and going THAT'S WHY MY BACK HURTS! ?" Iris listened, a frown and a look of concern worming their way onto her face, erasing the bright, sunny smiles she'd previously held. "...Oh." Those..weren't good things to be thinking about at all. It sounded like a lot of pain. A lot of confusion. Something about his mom, and Matt, it sounded very vaguely familiar. Like there was some story she'd heard, or heard around, before, but she couldn't dredge it up. She didn't have the memory for those sorts of things. Lei was a new name. Wait no. She'd heard that somewhere too--very recently. Where....? She shook her head slightly. No use. Things that weren't frequent simply didn't stick for her. Instead she reached over, wrapping her arms around Aiden. He looked like he really needed a hug to her. "I don't think you're cursed. I think...bad things happen to everyone. But.... also that if a lot of very bad stuff is happening to you, maybe it's... for some kind of reason, you know? Like...preparing you, and keeping you humble. They say the best people have the worst troubles. Maybe there will be someone who needs you, but like... you aren't in a place where you can handle that yet. So you gotta work to get there."
  21. Invite Epic Failure of the Teacher Sort

    Alic Eron
    Alic grimaced, looking away from the wounds which were stitching themselves up. It was unnatural and uncomfortable, like most magic. He was no stranger to blood, nor to healing, but watching his own skin grow together made his stomach turn. That could be the blood loss, though. He wasn't entirely sure at this point. A scowl crossed his lips when he was asked if he'd seen the students, and he almost shook his head, before thinking better of it. "No, but if I'd had it would not be me you were tending to right now." he hissed, blood boiling at the thought. The students had hurt him, that was bad enough. But they could have injured the Hippogriffs and, if things had gone worse, the beasts could have been euthanized for it. Opening his eyes, Alic accepted the anti-nausea potion. It would taste awful - most potions did, he knew that. So he held his breath before swallowing it, gulping it down as though it were a shot. The potion made him want to gag, but thankfully it was quick to settle his stomach. The dark haired professor then laid back as he was ordered, taking several deep breaths.
  22. Open Even Teacher's Need to Hide

    "Big mouth is a part of it but my crazy antics are on a whole different level!" Derrick gave a fond sigh as if he were remembering some of his greatest 'achievements' as a troublemaker. At the end of the day he was still his House sake even as an adult, still a Spencer, which was perhaps ironic given the other teaching staff that wore the color green. It took the unpredictable sort to contend with the unreadable nature of youth growing in this day and age. "Besides, people with the largest mouths tend to let certain feelings well known without any hesitation." Like wise, they often kept tight-lipped about the things that ate at their very core. He didn't notice her slipping the marshmallow, though, he also wouldn't have stopped her. People did what they needed to insure their own survival, after all. A grin twisted on to the man face almost as if he now held Teddy's 'card' of sorts. "Oho~? Did I hit the nail on the head a bit too well? Honestly, no, it has nothing to do with your gender that I said it. If you must know anything about me is that I don't conform to any norm, any thought that people find is a 'proper' course in society or life." The tip of his fingers press through his hair for a moment as he took a brief moment before responding again. "Taking the moment to laugh helps to ease the build up of tension and the oppression of life's trials. Consider it more of a mmm. . . A Type of medicine, if you will!" There was a method to his madness and while in many cases people considered it 'over the top', he wielded a heavy weight that was beyond the ordinary and constantly in an attempt to take a bite at him. "And if you -really- believed It was no ones business, then you wouldn't go through the troubles of purposefully wearing it." He taps his chin for a moment as he nods. "I'd say you do it as a way of protection for other folks as well as yourself." There rarely had been things that would cause him to 'halt', Feminism or the idea of it, hadn't been one of them. "That's certainly one way to view, but take it into the perspective - It wasn't so much about disobedience that led to it but youthful discretion. As a young person you're expected to do things. Every choice is designed by the younger generation for their own steps not only in life but what they will choose to impact or do." He nodded in agreement to her understanding of 'Not stupid enough to be killed'. "Many deaths can happen without being stupid though, wrong place, wrong time. In Romeo and Juliet's case, maybe it was lust? Maybe it was love at first sight? A person is too complicated and complex to make that kind of defined assertation alone. But one thing that is constant is that had they been able to see further ahead, they could have found another way out. " A slight shrug followed through but he decided to agree fully. "But you're right, that young, they wouldn't have a concept of 'Love' not to the full degree without being all out of whack." Derrick chuckled lightly as he shook his head after their words had echoed one another, he knew being predictable was often a sore point for anyone. No one wanted to be easily 'readable'. "Friendship may have led to it, but they had a choice. Even if it ended up in a bad way I imagine they were happy enough to be there in a persons time of need. But Romeo and Juliet is also intended to be a massive dramatization." He pointed out, it could be a good reference for philosophical thinking after striking down the loud overtones that struck through the literature. "But disappointments come in life, it's just a matter of dealing with it and know that not every disappointment is an intentional slight. Sometimes? They just happen and other times you can be more surprised about the outcome." "And yea, all of mines are - but are some of the coolest people around. This one Auror friend I have? Lucy? Gal likes a good ice cream fight. And Audrey that assist the Headmaster? The nutty woman enjoys paper ball fights and other antics. But she's sneaky, have to watch out for her pranks."
  23. Invite Rainy Days

    4th of May Winter felt very different in the countryside, the colours were brighter and while there was a lot of mud, everything smelled so much fresher than the wet streets of Melbourne. Iggy had found a bench beneath a sail which kept him safe from the rain. He was wrapped in a school cloak, the wool bunched up around his ears and pooled in his lap. There was a large stack of books beside him from a variety of subjects. Most were second hand textbooks from at least half a dozen classes. There was also a large writing folder on top, which he had been using to take notes. There was so much to catch up on, so many assignments to complete before the next term started. But for now he was taking a break. His latest project in his lap, with a bag of fabric scraps sitting beside him. He was making a quilt with scraps of yellow and blue, with some red accents. He doubted that it would be ready for winter, but it would be nice in the warmer months. Both his parents had donated shirts to the cause, so there was something to remind him of home. Iggy adjusted his glasses as they slipped down his nose, measuring the edge of a square against his ruler. If it wasn’t straight he’d have to unpick the whole thing and start again. Did he cut a crooked piece?
  24. Let the Games Begin

    "Mm, This is true! The basics are always important. Many times when people hit some kind of pinnacle they end up messing up all due to missing the basics." Alex gave a gentle nod towards Brinley, in agreement, before adding on. "But with experimentation, at least in most cases, they rely on the basics. Just in the way of understanding it to its fullest." This wasn't always the case, that much he knew, more than enough potion makers accidentally tossed themselves up in a liquid bomb because of being too cocky to the point of ignorance. He rubbed the base of his chin with a growing smile that donned on his face. "Of course! Though I only use a smaller pinch than what most would usually use. The tough bit that most tend to gloss over is the consideration for naturally weaker immune systems. Rare, but a slight consideration that I've had to make." Even more so recently, it was subtle but he could feel the heaviness of his old conditions trying to peek through. At the rate he was going he'd probably end up tapping into one of his people, preferably, the woman whom had been a caretaker for him. "Hmm. . . Belladonna. . . With a fierce venom - snakes or spiders - that probably could have been a major inspiration. The quick active effect along with the impact of venom on the system definitely would give legitimacy to that claim." The shift in expression, that was something he didn't expect, yet the irony didn't leave him either. The Sturts he met tended to be interested or some form of connection to potions, they also, tended to have this odd passion for it beyond the need for necessity. For him, his inspiration came for the need and want for survival. "I do, but I also have. . . Unique view on it for many reasons." He glanced back towards him with a smile. It wasn't an attempt to be vague but there were many, many reasons on why he was led towards it. It was other than the fact he could somewhat 'see' the strands of fate, albeit, it was always incomplete - Imperfect. "But whether if guided by talent or by innate ability, you're right it is imprecise. I think the idea of it has always been to be able to see your own future and take the steps towards it - never to be defined by it but choosing to define it. If that makes sense?" He scratched the back of his head a bit almost as if he could have confused himself in the word-scuffle. "Some take it too lightly or too seriously, the main important impact to take from it is that there are many paths - choices. Up to the person to see them and grab them, some paths kind of seem the only way at times. But I can tell you more often than not? That isn't the case."
  25. Invite Lost and Found

    Brinley Grisham
    Brinley hadn’t been looking to play delivery-boy Saturday morning. He’d started the morning quietly nibbling a bit of English muffin and jam at the breakfast table while reading the latest potions quarterly, his every gesture a wall against the students around him, and his master plan for the day had been to do a few loops around the pitch to keep himself fit and then perhaps to spend the afternoon in the library finishing his schoolwork—nothing social in the least. As he packed his journal into his satchel, however, he noticed a battered envelope on the floor nearby. He hadn’t seen anyone drop it--just the envelope itself--so it was impossible to know if a student had been irresponsible or if an owl had managed to mislay it in the rush of the morning post. Frowning, Brinley stooped and collected the envelope. He flipped it, reading the name on the front—Scarlett Fate—and vaguely recognizing it as belonging to a blonde girl he shared most of his core classes with. He sighed heavily, resigning himself to a morning searching for some girl he barely knew, and was preparing to tuck the envelope into his satchel when another name—this time on the return address—caught his eye. Rosemarie Langloire. It was a name he recognized even more than Scarlett’s name. Langloire had been in his year at Hogwarts—Slytherin to his Ravenclaw, though not a terrible sort as Slytherins went. They hadn’t been friends or anything, but they’d tackled a couple of group projects together and gotten on well enough. What in the world was Langloire doing communicating with someone all the way over here? Curiosity piqued, Brinley set out with more energy to find Scarlett. He took a moment to remember her house—green crest, house Spencer—located a prefect, and finally got pointed in the direction of the Games Room in Southern Cross. Her blonde hair was impossible to miss. Brinley crossed to her, stepping into her view so as not to startle her. ”Pardon,” Brinley said. ”You’re Scarlett Fate, right?” He slid his satchel towards his hips and extracted the envelope he’d stowed so carefully less than an hour prior. ”I found this and thought you might appreciate the return.” He waited for her to take it before clearing his throat again. ”I… apologies if this comes across as forward, but I couldn’t help but notice the return address… Is that the same Rosemarie Langloire currently in attendance at Hogwarts? I don’t mean to pry, only… Well, I went there myself for the past two semesters, and I couldn’t help but wonder…” His voice trailed, and he ducked his head, embarrassed by his own impropriety but too curious not to have asked.
  26. Notice Quidditch Team Rosters

    Name: Teddy Davis House: Sturt Year Level: 4th Year Position: Beater Secondary Position: Keeper Interest in Interschool team? Y
  27. Open In the Clamor and the Clang

    Squiggy Lux
    Squiggy was hungry. Mumma had been supposed to send a care package this month -- they were always the best, filled with homemade foods and the occasional new dress if zir mumma had fabric to spare. Squiggy lived off of those bits from home. Food at Tally was fine, but ze was so small, and the other students so big and intimidating, that most days ze only managed to grab a bite or two before sliding beneath the table and leaving. No one seemed to notice if Squiggy was there or not anyway. So Squiggy saved the foods Mumma sent in care packages and supplemented zir meals that way. Except this month there hadn’t been a care package--only a letter from dadda, spelled to talk since he could read any better than Squiggy could, saying mumma was having a rest right now, and that he was busy with Innocence and Freedom, and that he was sure Squiggy understood. Squiggy didn’t understand. Resting was something that took a few minutes, so ze couldn’t understand why other minutes couldn’t be spared to make zir care package. Ze had been counting on the snacks to afford zir extra time in the library this evening while the other students were at dinner. Instead, ze went down to the food hall uncertainly, one hand hovering just outside zir mouth--not quite sucking zir thumb in fear, but not far off, either. Once glance into the great hall was almost enough to send Squiggy running in the other direction, but ze put zir Big Brave Elf pants on, like zir dad would have told zir to, and went in. The furthest end of the Flinders table was mostly safe, almost, and Squiggy got a plate and put on a bit of meat and veg and a roll. And then a rambunctious boy--twice Squiggy’s size--shouldered zir, and ze fell off the side of the bench ze was sitting on. Squiggy closed zir eyes, tight, and fought the urge to cry. Ze didn’t even want the other kids to think of zir as an equal--ze just wanted to be seen, at all, and acknowledged. Squiggy had to get on tip-toes to grab the plate from the table, and then ze wandered the perimeter of the Great Hall, finally tucking into a corner of the room with the plate. If ze was invisible anyway, ze might as well have some privacy.
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