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  2. Aspen took the bottle, took another gulp at the liquid inside and that’s when she realized no one knew about Vivian, the thing that has been eating her alive for years, the fact that she had one job, and one job only and she failed. She shouldn’t have left muggle school if she hadn’t Vivian would still be with them. “I suppose we’re tight enough . . .” Aspen said with a sarcastic chuckle. “They should be relying on me, not me on them . . . “ Aspen put the bottle down and looked at the ceiling. “My mother died when we were young . . . I was the one that should help dad take care of my siblings, but instead, when I joined Tally my sister Vivian went missing, I shouldn’t have left muggle school.” Aspen confessed. No one knew about Vivian’s disappearance, except for family, and not even MJ knew how Aspen felt about their sister’s disappearance. “We don’t know what happened, if I had stayed with them like I always had I would have been able to do something, but I fail . . . I had one job and it’s like Vivian slipped through my fingers.” She took the bottle again only to take another gulp. “I failed Vivian, I don’t want to fail Mary or Justice . . .” she put the bottle down again. She had to do everything to make sure everyone else was fine, that they were safe and alright, she wasn’t sure if she even wanted to go Pro anymore, just to watch over her siblings.
  3. Travis head tilted the side slightly after he repeated himself, it hadn't been much of a secret that the woman had been physically appealing. Of course, -his- reason and the reason of other men or even women were vastly different. It had less to do with the idea that she'd been fit, that had rarely ever been the reasoning on why he took in the notice of such features. It had been if she'd been durable enough to handle what his body held the urged to do to it. And it hadn't at all been anything involving violence, it'd been so far from that in his mind that he had to turn his eyes away for a moment if only to attempt to avoid dwelling on it for too long. "The effort you put in shows. Which makes sense considering the whole wrestling bit, you need to be far more built for it even in comparison to what you'd need to manage your position on the Team, Seeker, if I remember?" He'd been well appraised of the positions, everyone in the Bourke house talked about it even if he didn't have much of a care towards it he understood the jobs quite well. The Seeker's job could be classified as the most dangerous, the hardest, requiring a sense of daring and self-destructive abandonment to catch the Snitch. A unique kind of personality and mindset had often been necessary to truly succeed in that position. Which, given what he perceived of the young woman, it had fit in the way she carried herself in a lot of ways. He hadn't wanted to make the way he told her to clothe herself to sound as if he'd been displeased. On the contrary, his body had taken a sensation from it that he didn't think it could've or even that it should've if only to avoid the idea that it would end up causing Amber to storm off with the project unfinished. Considering how important it seemed to be to her, the secretive nature behind it that he'd been sure she hadn't really told many if anyone, it was something that he didn't want to risk messing up and destroying that amount of chance she took in telling him. Perhaps even the thought that she often expected him to toss jabs at her every chance he could gain damaged that rapport slightly in his mind with her. Her response is what gained his full attention, had she been. . . Aware? No, that couldn't be the case. He'd been careful, hadn't he? He had long believed that Amber had been far sharper in certain situations than most believed, though his mind couldn't pick up when he would've slipped up. Not until he could feel the air of the room pressed against his arms which caused them to fold, trying to cover them with one another as if it would really hide the evidence. It didn't, it couldn't, not the way that he held them folded. "Partially instinct. . ." Then his brow furrowed slightly, teeth scrapped across the outer skin of the lower lip. "Partially innate attraction. The attraction makes the instinct difficult to resist in certain instances." Something that he found himself struggling around Meadow as well, one of the many reasons she'd been one of the people he couldn't get too close to in the current moment. "I didn't think I'd really end up doing what I did." Typically he had far better control yet lately it seemed as if something in him had a lid pried opened. Something he hadn't incorporated into the totality of his being and now it had started to grow rapid, unchecked, until he could learn to harness it and hammer it down in place. It had been then that he realized personally what it had been; that decision to let people in more - to actively grow closer. "It doesn't bother me, as much as it makes me. . . Well, it makes me want to take you on that bed. Which is a lot to ask anyone in terms of seeing that as Helpful." That had been when his hand rose up and rubbed the base of his forehead frustratingly. "And boy, do I want to. Even without the instinct, it has crossed my mind more than a few times." Was it even a good idea in the first place to engage in that kind of activity with her? There wouldn't be any personal regrets in that moment, though how would -she- feel afterwards? That had been one of the many things that kept his hands from touch many people he knew personally. "I don't actually do it with a lot of people. I can actually count my encounters on a single hand. I'm a horrible and shameless flirt though I admit to that. Part of a way to keep. . . Certain things under control or to hide." It had been far easier to hide the fact it had been mostly a draw of his instinct under the guise of flirting than actively seeking it out simply because he'd been a deviant with no cause. "Either way I guess the main point is. . . I do want you that way regardless. Part of me see's you as someone durable, that can handle it." For a human, anyways. It had been very difficult to find those durable enough that could manage the full weight of just how things could turn with him in that kind of situation. "And then another part of me had been intrigued by the attraction. The things I drew of you, how I view you? Those are all the traits I noticed and enjoy out of you, I find them pretty attractive." It was at this point he found it far more difficult to not draw himself closer to her, walking slowly until he'd been right in her personal space once more. Not that there had ever really been one now that he considered it. "I also don't want to lose you as someone I want to get to know better, someone I like having around a lot. Not sure if. . . Doing something would mess that up. Even if I want really do it."
  4. He couldn't blame her if she held a sense of skepticism, truthfully, he probably would've himself in her situation or even in his own situation. There had been a few situations where someone's kindness and understanding had only resulted in a look of bewilderment from him on the why, what they wanted, if it had even been safe in the first place to trust in whatever had been given or had been stated. Even now, at this part of his life, it'd been quite apparent in certain situations and he wasn't ignorant to it. Almost always trying to ignore that nagging feeling when he'd been logically aware that it hadn't been what his instincts had been trying to perceive. "No problem." Travis, however, also knew the importance of a kind gesture or a hand reaching out when one had been well aware of the monster people assumed them to be. While not many of the study body knew of his condition, it hadn't been foolish to believe they would respond in ferocious ways in having a Werewolf on campus. Let alone one that managed to connect with a numerous amount of people, one might even try to assume he'd only been looking for his next prey. "I just figured you might not have something comfortable and most of the stuff I have if you ever get cold probably won't be very comfortable for your skin." He reached out towards the bowl of popcorn and settled on the floor, closer towards their legs while he picked up a single piece form it. "And since the objective here is to sit back, watch a movie and relax? It would be kind of against that objective if you grew too uncomfortable that you couldn't or didn't want to." The last thing he'd wanted had been for her to leave, dissatisfied with the time that they were spending together. Though when she admitted that she felt the same about him in terms of finding it an enjoyable activity to hangout with him as well, a smile drew on his face. "I'm. . . Glad if I'm being honest here. I don't really hear all that often that people actually like being around me." Then again, it had been difficult to give several people that opportunity when he intentionally kept a certain distance. That had also been on top of the fact it'd been very rare that he invited nearly anyone into such close confinements in any part of the month, if only to avoid certain questions or situations. Those particular chains and restraint's had slowly started to loosen and shake away. "Ha! You're talking to the choir. Or. . . Kind of anyways." That had been when his gaze turned towards the magically concealed and designed freezer that he held within the wall next to his bed. His eyebrows wriggled for a moment then he stood up and gave several magically enhanced coded taps on the wall. Not too worried that it had been Dani hearing the particular combination designed. Suddenly a door had started to form and slide off towards the side which led to the sight of a pristine, mostly raw, steak which he took with both hands and grabbed a nearby plate and placed the meat on to it. The door slowly closing afterwards while he took his previous seat. "Some urges can't really be kicked." Showing her toothy grin as he started to shift himself into a comfortable posture. "So, I'm not sure if I ever told you but I plan to try and go into Curse Breaking. Try and develop a bit of a style towards those placed on humans rather than just objects." There had been a few things he could tell her that would potentially effect them being able to keep up certain aspects of their friendship after the school year ends for him. "Means I have to go to a place where it's a pretty big occupation, Egypt, has the best of them in my opinion. But I will be visiting here, Australia often." It had been a new thing about himself since before the break had started, the talks that had started to churn his mind with a staff member caused him to take it far more seriously. "Which means we'll need to make sure that I can stay in contact with you as often as possible. Er. . . That sounded weirder than I thought it would, didn't it?"
  5. Earlier
  6. Aspen continued the massage on the younger girl, it wasn’t something she would mind doing, she wouldn’t mind receiving either. She watched Lisa’s reaction to her reply, it seemed that Lisa was surprised? Maybe she wasn’t that surprised, and the expression just showed something else entirely different. She didn't even bother to dare Lisa, they’ve been playing that game for a while and it was useless by now saying it, they both knew where that was going to end up to, but Lisa began talking. Aspen was quite surprised with the reply that Lisa had given her, and it only made her more curious to know the type that Lisa was into, maybe she played in Aspen’s field, which in a way brought a smile to the Bourke’s face. She understood where Lisa was going, mindless dating someone wasn’t something Aspen would do unless she felt attracted to that person. Lisa finally called the game for what it was, a truth or truth game since they … Aspen bent the rules a little bit. The dare was not something Aspen was expecting, but she agreed to it and sat next to Lisa. “We can also make a bet and see who’s the first that falls asleep while watching the movie.” Aspen knew she couldn’t escape it, she was the one that was going to lose.
  7. His arm wrapped around her waist lightly, mostly to keep her from falling down once he'd realized the wobbled legs. While he may not have caused it directly, indirect responsibility laid within him. If only for the scope that meeting him had been the catalyst to make the event even occur. It wasn't bad, not even in the slightest, as his body noted finally being able to reel back from the pleasure that had been gifted to it. Even still, it wasn't fully within their will and he'd been more than aware of that situation for the both of them. Nothing could've been done to change it much, at the very least, they chose to keep going of their own volition even if it'd been realized mid-pleasure. "Still, I want to at least make it clear by showing a sense of respect." He stated smoothly, it hadn't been an entire lie either. While he may not have known her name and it was clear she'd been no virgin or amateur it didn't mean he had to treat her like she'd only been a body and vagina for the kind of a use. No matter how abrasive his attituded tended to be in general towards a wealth of people, there had still be a code that he followed in how he treated and interacted with others on a basic human level to some degree. That included the importance of their bodies. "I hadn't taken you the type to pick up random's at a bar." Lives of walk had been unique in that manner, Senan had to admit. Whatever she chose to do in her off hours truly hadn't been his concern or business. "Albertine Bellerose. . . It has quite the high society sound to it." While he hadn't been very familiar with Australian High society families it'd been obvious she'd been from a French line. They tended to have far more than even the British or the Irish from his last indication. A soft huff of amusement pulsed from him and his arm started to shift away from her, silver-grey eyes scanned her form and then gave himself a gander. "Well, we've seen enough of each other to make it a nice meet up, I admit." The tips of his fingers brushed the drooped strands of damp hair from his eyes as he swept them backwards into place. "I perhaps should be getting dress. It would feel less compromising." It would be an irony to say that he felt 'naked' without feeling guarded by clothes in any kind of situation. He started to slowly back out of the shower while extending his finger to conjure up a towel for himself, as he lacked on, never intending to take a shower in the face. Unravelling it, he began to dry himself off afterwards then started to pull his clothing back on. "So, what prompted you to take a shower other than wanting the simplicity of being alone?"
  8. Remi had left, leaving Meadow and Travis behind. While the Flinders was unsure if the feeling was shared, she couldn't help but feel a knot in her stomach with the sheer awkwardness of the situation. What had meant to be a celebratory night for all of them (even if Meadow herself had vehemently resisted the idea of attending the ball) turned out to be one full of heart wrenching revelations, one where everyone could take peeks into one's persona life and past. All the things they wanted to ignore, forget or otherwise keep secret, bubbling to the surface. The guilt over her own mistake was greatly exacerbated by the fact Meadow herself hadn't partaken in any amount of sharing. She had been a coward, as was usual for her, and left her own not so squeaky clean past go unnoticed by her friends yet again. She nodded at Travis' request, his words giving her a newfound perspective into Remi's situation - oddly enough, in a bit of a relatable light. Even if she hadn't been subjected to such a thing, Meadow too had grown up with her parents dictating what she should wear, how she should deal with others, what she should pursue, what she should think. She had considered blood supremacists to just being extremists shut in their own bubble, but ultimately that's what cultists were as well, wasn't it? People with a ridiculous ideology, shutting themselves and their kin out of the world, deeming everyone else filthy and unworthy, deserving of doom. If only Meadow had similar courage to escape that upbringing. Her face grimaced in defeat as Travis mentioned the dance. For a moment she had hoped she had forgotten; and at some level, she resented the fact that him and Samantha had taught her how to dance properly, making her strongest excuse to evade the event fly out the window. For a moment, she considered handing him the potion again before heading out, not liking how he looked. Fortunately for the both of them, common sense prevailed: they had just endured a very mentally draining situation, and pushing for it again would do no good. Perhaps the day after, or even the next term, would be better. "First, and only dance for me, really. I'm heading back as soon as possible." She resigned to her fate, letting the Bourke take her hand without resistance. For as much as she disliked the idea of heading to the ball, he was entirely correct - at that point, she owed him that.
  9. The necklace had been far more than a trinket to him, though it had been in his presence for barely a day the fact of the matter remained it had been given to him by someone that cherished him and that he, in turn, cherished vastly. While he would need to be careful when handling it, he did knew that at some point he would end up touching the pendant fondly while thinking about her. The symbol of the Tree of Life did help to keep things in excellent perspective as well. She complimented him, in his opinion. Whether or not she felt the same he hadn't been sure but the fact that he hated irritated her or caused her to become annoyed with him showed prospectively good signs. A wide smile and bashful laughter rumbled from him, that cheeky smile etched in his mind. "Then I'll make sure to keep exciting you." He offered a charming smile as he had yet to actively achieve manifesting a cheeky enough smile that could rival hers. While he spent the time getting himself clean her words bounced around his head ling a ping-pong ball, 'I excite her. . .? I guess I shouldn't be surprised hearing it considering the oil incident.' They'd both agreed that there would be a time they needed to undergo that kind of personal ritual which had been an agreement that still stuck with him; Drawing a fond smile as his mind wandered to think about the feisty red-head and her flirtatious jousting. "I'm sure it will be a good movie. They often say it isn't just the quality of the film but also the quality of the company that make these kinds of things enjoyable." Whether that final part had bene true or not? He wasn't entirely sure, however, he'd been more than willing to try out that idea. After all, he had the perfect person to try it out with and there'd been no doubt within his mind that the time would be enjoyable next to her. Even if the movie had been bad? Poorly directed or downright awful effects to the quality of it? It would be a memory that was worth far more than what the movie itself could break, besides, sometimes bad movies could be a positively good thing in humor. As she sat down his arms gently curled around her waist, pulling her in gently enough that their bodies could press against one another. The covers that he held swaddled the both of them at the same time in a warming embrace that had only been increased by the closeness of one another. There'd been no intention of him trying to do anything beyond that, simply cuddling with her had started to prove to be a good thing. Holding her. . .It caused a reaction within his chest and his lips began to curl into a soft appreciative smile as his eyes closed, smelling her in a light whiff as to avoid alerting her of the very action that his nose had been attempting. 'She smells amazing. . . It seems to relax me so.' Slowly his eyes opened up and focus adjusted to the movie that she'd placed in, that it seemed a friend had given her. It hadn't been bad so far either, a pirate themed one with. . . Creepy puppet animals and people? They must have been the 'Muppets'. To get to this point after a chaotic day, it seemed nearly impossible that they would've been able to do just this. But the longer he sat there, enjoying the movie, and far more enjoyment out of her company? The more he realized that maybe this had been the better option, as much as he'd wanted to kiss her, to embrace in a shower or the oil on a intimate level. Maybe, what they really needed, had been a far more tender moment to gain an idea of the turmoil within themselves. Senan wasn't the type to believe in solely fate, but he did believe that certain things weren't mutable and needed to occur for the benefit and betterment of an individual or individuals.
  10. Travis eyes squinted for a moment, there'd been someone approaching at least that had been what his ears had told him. A gentle whiff of the air told his brain that someone had been getting closer as well, there'd been a unique scent to them as well but he couldn't pin out why. . . At the time it didn't seem important, there'd been no expectation that anyone would stop or pay any attention to him or what he'd been doing. Not until the young teen approached him with a compliment no less which caused his head to lift up and look around as if she'd been talking towards someone else. 'I guess she'd really been talking to me!' He thought to himself, not minding the attention that had been gained for his art. "Oh, it's no biggie. Thanks for the compliment though. Tend to try and put as much detail as I can without making it all seem too overwhelming." A far more difficult task when his senses had been so acute in the first place. His hand rose up gently and head shook in the same fashion. "Woah, you don't need to leave alone. I never turn down the presence of a beautiful lady." He stated smoothly with a roguish smile. Then his hand shifted to pat the ground next to him gently as if to signal that she could sit down if that's what she would've wanted to do while scooting over a few inches towards the opposite direction. "Company can be a pretty good thing on an otherwise slow and boring day, at least that's what I tell myself from time to time." "I think I've seen you around the school before." Mostly when he'd been trying to sneak into the Flinder's Girl's dormitory to go visit Meadow or Remi if he remembered. Perhaps even around the school and a few other classes. Placing the pencil down gently against the sketchpad while balancing both on his legs; His hand would reach out towards her in the form of a greeting. "Well, to be far more formal and reduce saying, 'Hey, You.' from being spoken. The names Travis, nice to meet you. . .?" The tone of his voice trailed off as he hoped it'd lead her to speak her own name, if she'd felt comfortable about anyways. Unless she listened to some of the Tally grapevine rumors that shifted about him then he wasn't sure if she'd feel the same way about meeting him.
  11. "Too trusting? More like, too corrupted at this point..." The Flinders muttered under her breath, rolling her eyes at the notion. Travis' flirtations always went over her head, whether because she willingly chose to ignore them or because they would only earn a bit of a death glare out of her. Yet, despite all their headbutting over outward demeanor, there was always still one point or another where she'd bring his head to her lap and run a hand through his hair, or lean her head on his shoulder while they sat somewhere, or even clinging to his arm at times. Perhaps the rumors wouldn't be so unfounded at that point, as she probably would think the same thing from watching any other pair of students doing the very same. "...Yeah, you're right. I should go." She muttered. The display of affection resulted in a small smile and Meadow didn't pull away, although she found herself increasingly aware of her surroundings - should a student walk by that general area, things would only get worse if they saw them. "I don't think I'll be burst through any door anytime soon if you bother telling me things every once in a while, okay? And don't worry, I'll start doing the same." It was a fair compromise, in her opinion. Ultimately, even if she had been the one to catalyse it, the situation exploded over each holding too many secrets over the other. Perhaps it wasn't the best course of action between two people who claimed to be the best of friends, no matter how deep or dark those secrets could be. "I'll see you later, okay? And don't miss class again." She spoke. Despite the stern glance during her demand, there was a hint of concern in her tone. With that, she left the Bourke behind, headed to the Kookynie Halls, frequently double-checking her surroundings to see if anyone was spying on them.
  12. There were different kinds of love but one way or another everyone loved a redhead, what was there not to love? But she decided not to open her mouth, it was better not to say anything. She simply looked at him with a smile, perhaps one day he’ll fall in love and if it’s a redhead she hopes that her words will come to his mind and he will remember that she was right about the fact that everyone loves a redhead. She smiled at Travis as he spoke. Weren’t they all confused? Trying to find themselves and their place in the world? She was sure she had found hers, or at least it seemed that way. “I’m sure you’ll find yourself.” It wasn’t an easy task to do, and probably was going to take a while, but she did hope he was able to do it. Max was surprised about the others House Captain; the Spencer House Captain seems to be chill about everything, apparently, the Bourke needed a new House Captain. “Pizza? Sounds like a good plan to me.” She waved at Travis as she watched him go. “Good luck Travis.” She eventually left as well, happy that she had a movie to watch.
  13. An acceptable answer, well, he found any answer would be acceptable than 'I don't have a future' or any of its relative terms. "You know, I get that. When you had this expectation for yourself and find yourself with far more you're able to do and have no idea what you want to do." That had been how he felt the moment he gained the actual capability to live and not just have the end sight of death. He had ambitions, things that had been in his heart for him that he'd wanted to do. Were they viable at that time? He didn't believe so but it didn't mean that they shouldn't have been attempted. "Even though I know what I want to do now with everything else it feels as if it's still a pretty uncertain future in general." It did, however, mean that the world had been her 'Oyster' as many weird people placed it. "Well, how about we try different things? See what makes that right fit." An idea for when she felt fully comfortable with that kind of a step, it at least had been an idea to keep her active and searching. The news wasn't something he expected and while it had been entirely foreign to him, admittedly on some level, terrifying that she had committed such an act there'd been a response within himself that lessened it. Rather, it'd been how she began to explain the reasons and the sadness that lingered in her voice on the connection that she held with her father. "That makes sense. . . It is very sad. I. . ." He couldn't imagine if that had been him in that kind of situation. To be taken away from Cassandra or vice verse? Not something he would've sat down and allowed to happen even if it meant every fact of danger for his own existence. "It's breaking to the soul even. Love is a strong and dangerous thing, worth it every sense of the way too. When you've found a strong bond like that it's nearly impossible to imagine without it." That much he understood simply from the elephant in the room both he and Cass had intended to ignore but truly couldn't. Alex watched as she looked away from him which caused him to stand up slowly, he didn't want to set her on alert. Instead rather to keep her calm, to let her know that sadness had been fine given the circumstances. He didn't believe she should've been placed in that situation, no child, should be placed in that situation. But he had to also understand the world she came from, the environment and country had been different in traditions and beliefs. His hand reached out and touched hers gently. "I understand then. . . Every time you play it's painful, isn't it?" If it had been it'd been he could see why, in her heart it must've ached to be reminded of her actions. "You were placed in a harsh situation, Ruella. I couldn't fathom being stuck in that kind of a position." Someone was most likely going to die and she intervened, making the choice to protect through death. It wasn't something he could say he'd have been okay with in himself. But those close to him in a sense all had been in a place where 'Death' wasn't the intention of maliciousness but protection in a very odd way. "You protected someone, that isn't a bad thing. And the Music. . . Don't let that leave your heart or hands because of it." Actions were waves, wounds that could be created and if left to fester were difficult or near-impossible to truly heal. But at some point healing did need to happen, that had been his belief. She showed sadness, it hadn't been something he wanted to do it felt more as if she felt she needed to do so. Therein had been the difference in his eyes and heart. "Hey. . . I still believe you have one the most poetic souls of anyone I've met." To him, she hadn't been stained or unredeemable. Whether it'd been the blood of her father on her hands or the choice of Zane. Those actions weren't defining and perhaps he had too innocent or accepting of a heart than people would've liked to see him actually have but he couldn't and wouldn't change that part of him.
  14. "Now, see, flying just becomes a heavy advantage for you. But you'll need it, I'll let you have that." He wasn't sure if that had been his ego or his confident talking. There'd been certainty within himself that he could catch her as long as he hadn't been too much of Himself and more of 'himself'. It meant that choosing a proper day would be important, one where the advantage she held could be balanced out by his own advantage. It mean a time during the week of the full moon. . . Yes, that would heighten his gifts dramatically to give him quite the fair chance. Travis smirked towards her as his arms started to unfold. "Of course, prizes. See, I'm not really the sort that enjoys something without a pretty good target to gun towards. Winning is all good but that's not the feeling I want to chase." The chase itself had been rewarding enough but that hadn't been the only thing he wanted to get out of it. In the way that he wanted it to be far more fun with a good fun prize that either of them could enjoy fully. "You know, I figured that out by your tenacity a bit. Too much of a stubborn streak in you. Reminds me of someone but I can't think of the person at the moment." By 'someone' he actually meant himself not that he needed to fully acknowledge that in front of her. "I would never ask you to do anything that had been against your beliefs or that you felt had been exploitative." Not that he didn't think she'd agree to something if it did seem that way. Since there hadn't been any for certain agreement on what he brought up previously now seemed like a good time. "How about if I win, the answer to that trip to Egypt shifts from a maybe to a yes. And if you win well. . . Then we can take a trip anywhere you want." That sounded more like a Win-Win to him regardless, it would put him back a bit on the journey towards being a Curse Breaker but it wasn't something that would make it impossible to do. At times a good trip before jumping into work like a slave had been good for the mind. His ears twitched as the bells started to ring and a series of desks and chairs echoed in unison along with the shuffle of people putting their stuff in bags. "Sounds like a deal. Don't go trying to duck me now, if I have to hunt you down then it won't be pretty~." A gentle tease as he offered a playful wink and started to gather up his own things and started to walk towards the exit of the Nurses office. It had been better if he left before people started to spot him anyways. The last thing he wanted to leave the woman to deal with had been the minor rumors that tended to follow him in certain circles.
  15. To never encounter someone whom had been willing to fight for his presence simply to have it and not to abuse it for some ulterior reason or motive. Well, not entirely non-ulterior, he imagined that the reason for her had to have been similar to his own. The way that they'd stared down at one another in a way that seemed like hours, days, had only been several passing minutes since they actually entered into the building. What sparked the fire, the need and want, he couldn't pick out the start of it only that the way it had burned and set blaze to everything between themselves in something that he didn't want to keep contained. As she laughed he couldn't help the next words that absentmindedly slipped. "Perfection. . ." It came out in a adoring whisper. He had begun to believe that it didn't matter where it started, memories like that had been held for different kind of people. What mattered, the most important factor for him, had been that it was there, it was real and there. It never occurred to him that a person could've been a place to be, it hadn't been something he considered in his life. For a while, 'Home', it seemed like a place that had been more physical and less emotionally tied. It could've been that it'd been far more harmful that there could've been no chance for him to truly grow, attach and see where it things would've evolved in himself by encountering proper people. Not to be instantly thrusted into the land of intrigue, lies, and insincerity. As the moment passed through he did begin to understand bits of the maelstrom of emotions, enough that he knew that if she were to ever leave he'd go, if she were to ever ask him. Next to her side seemed so appealing, tempting, and above all, inviting. Senan's smile grew weakly as he felt around for the door knob fully until it filled the depth of his palm. There were very few things in the world that were incredibly dangerous and volatile, who would've thought a single person only being there, always there, somehow when it mattered could cause that kind of an effect. Volatile, explosive, and dangerous on the scale of how much of a hold had been grasped of himself towards her. He'd been glad for the discipline that had been built up over the years else he would've stayed in that room until someone came to pry the two of them apart. Once the door had fully been pulled open, his gaze turned away from her a trying trial if there had ever been one. It did help that their hands had been connected, a sense of awareness that she'd still been there and attached to him. Something that would need to suffice as he moved ahead through the School grounds once more, avoiding the various patrols and making their way back off. They needed to find her roommates skateboard and dispose of the body properly, at least give the man a proper burial somewhere with respected rites. A hypocrisy on his own part considering the hand he had in it but he hadn't been a savage.
  16. There it was, Meadow's common issue when it came to friendships at the school - they all wanted to hang out outside its walls, something the fifth year couldn't afford to do. Unless she wanted to tempt her parents into homeschooling her, of course. But how was she to dodge the seemingly inevitable incoming interrogation on the matter coming from her roommate? "Honestly, I don't really like going out that much..." She lied. At least her actions could back up her claims - she never really went out of campus much at all, and when she did, she was escorting Samantha Hammond around most of the time. She was a pureblood witch, so there was no harm; and by presenting herself as a liaison to the humongous Hammond family, she could easily score some points with her parents and be granted some more freedom. "There's lots of things we can do in Tally as is, why go outside?" The fact that they had magic at their disposal made for endless forms of entertainment.
  17. Max had no idea what Hogwarts looked like, but she had read about it. She was sure she probably didn’t last a whole month there without getting into trouble, not to mention those stairs they had were a death trap, sounded fun but the last thing Max wanted was to have a staircase telling her which direction she had to go. The war bit sounded cool, interesting to a degree. “Well, that does sound fun, but isn’t a lot more fun participating?” Max’s love for chaos will be the end of her one day Laurie explained why she had ended up in Tally, it was weird that they confused the two as they sounded very different. “That makes no sense honestly.” She laughed at the situation, Tally and Hogwarts were different and same with Balcolyn, who would mix these names? An idiot? “I am sure you’ll enjoy Tally, and it takes a lot to get you kicked out, I bet in Hogwarts most people here wouldn’t last that long.”
  18. Time had done little to heal the grief or guilt, but daily life had a mundane way of distracting Adele from the sharper points of it. True to her word, she had not gone off the rails (at least not without Stuart's supervision) although restlessness did tingle at her heels and toes. The sense that she was yet again incomplete and needed to move until she again found that brief respite of happiness. DJ was having a nap, somehow managing that while Caleb practiced enthusiastically on Sapphire. He was getting better, she had to say that. His dedication and determination was paying off, even if he did only want to play the same three songs on repeat. In a lull between one chord and finding the next, she heard the subtle squeak of a chair in the next room. A student? Bold if so, they rarely came into her office uninvited. Which meant it was likely family, and either way, Adele needed to go see what the reason for the visit was. "Come get me if he wakes, okay Caley?" she said softly, touching her older son on the shoulder as she moved past and through the tiny living space. Caleb nodded solemnly. He was still very unsure over this whole brother thing, still didn't like how much attention the baby got over him, but the directive to protect his brother had resonated strongly with him. Caleb could be both jealous and protective. Adele no longer worried about leaving the two together out of her sight for a few moments. Passing through and into her office, she wasn't all that surprised to see her granddaughter there. If anything, it felt a touch formal that the girl hadn't simply gone straight through and into the living space, and Adele settled herself into a chair across from the girl, studying her expression. Was this a social visit, or a school one? Folding her hands calmly in her lap, Adele's expression softened to a smile. "What brings you to my office, sweetheart?" she asked.
  19. She couldn’t disagree with Alex, the cup was irrelevant, after a few years most people would have forgotten about the cup and who had won, but as he spoke, good pranks had a way of staying in history forever. “So, what you mean is, we need to make the best prank ever in the history of Tally.” She said with a mischievous smile on her lips, she couldn’t wait to start working on one, there was still time but there’s nothing wrong with some planning. Sure, they could go with a tune but a prank big enough would be considered one of the biggest in Tally’s history. Max looked at him with a fake surprised look on her face. “Rude.” She said, still pretending to be surprised at his words and actions, before laughing at the situation. She quickly took some from the tray, she was sure one person was going to enjoy this, she wasn’t so sure about the other, but if he didn’t want to eat, she’d eat it for him. “Ah, you see mini-Max, is actually the Tally Ninja and she has some tricks up her sleeve.” She announced. There weren’t that many tricks up her sleeve when it came to speed, she simply knew how to use the environment to her advantage, and there were always fast ways to move around town than the usual paths people take. She nodded at his suggestion. “Yeah, I wouldn’t want to be caught outside after curfew.” She made her way to the door to leave the kitchen. “So, I suppose I’ll see you around and let’s not forget we got to meet at the Roo for some planning.” Once they were out of the building, she moved towards the dorm rooms.
  20. Was the Librarian that bad as people said she was? Andy was yet to meet this mysterious woman that everyone seemed to be afraid of. “Seriously? The woman can’t be that bad of a person, I think you’re all exaggerating a little, but I also don’t know her, unless you want me to be scared of her.” Andy had no idea if Derrick was or wasn’t exaggerating about the Librarian but all that just made Andy want to meet the woman as quickly as she could. “That’s amazing, I can’t wait to visit the Library.” She said with a slightly excited voice, an unusual tone for Andy. “Maybe next time you show me that magnificent place in the roof.” She suggested. It was getting a bit late, not only for her but for Derrick as well, she assumed he probably had better things to do than to show her that spot on the roof. “The Roo seems like a good place, minus the kids obviously…” she began before realizing that she was going to be teaching some of those kids. “I mean, after their curfew.” She continued trying not to show that she was too keen on the students. They would be in the age range that she can tolerate, except their dramas, teen drama was the worst thing she had ever experienced. “It’s getting a bit late, I should probably let you go.”
  21. "The easy way out, huh?" Diana couldn't help but chuckle with the suggestion of ordering a pizza. It wasn't something she had anything against; in fact, it was preferable. She could eat almost anything in a pizza, and so she could adapt to whatever Olivia liked best. The quick delivery times would certainly help their case as well. It seemed that their little plan was finally coming together. "You've got yourself a deal, my friend. But for now, your break's over. Don't mind me, I'm just watching you work." She joked with a fond smile. She didn't want to leave just yet, missing her fair-haired friend a bit too much over the years. She could stretch things out a few minutes before departing and passing out at home.
  22. Aspen was speechless, she was still processing the fact that Jamie Collins had invited her to watch a training session, she wanted to look cool about it but the fact that she couldn’t even open her mouth to say anything might be a good indication of how surprised she was. She tried to calm down, small deep breathes at the time until she could finally breathe again. “It sounds great.” She replied with a smile, but that smile didn’t last long, when he told her she could ask him for some tips her eyes widened and she just stared at him for a brief moment, she was about to talk but it seemed as if she had completely forgotten how to speak. “I…thank you so much.” She was finally able to say what she wanted to say. Aspen knew that Quidditch was MJ think but she couldn’t wait to get home and snitch to her sister about the whole encounter.
  23. "You flattered by my company?" A light snort of amusement exhausted from him. "Who am I to try and persuade you otherwise if that's how you feel, am I right?" He gave a lopsided smile with a slight tilt of his head, there hadn't been a reason he could perceive on why she should be flattered by him. At least, he didn't think he could contribute anything that could effect someone in that form of way unless he'd been intentionally flirting. "But it isn't a bad thing unless you see it as one, I guess. Laps can be confusing thing to people, they may even start to try talk about such intimate closeness." Maybe that had been the intention? To try and dissuade those that would attempt to garner her attention by thinking she'd already been spoken for. He chuckled lightly. "I guess~. Since I actually said something about it." There had been a lighter feeling that resonated from his body after Sam had stood up, the sign that his body acknowledged that there no longer had been another body. Once he looked up towards he'd see her hand there, hovering in his face. An eyebrow arched up in curiosity before lightly taking her hand, though he pressed most of his weight on the arm of the chair while he stood up. He didn't want to end up pulling her back down onto his lap after standing. "I see what you're doing here, trying to stick around to get to know me. Don't think I didn't notice!" Travis sighed playfully and shrugged. "Alright, let's go. I'm sure this room has seen enough of my mug anyways." An arm looped around her shoulder playfully as he started to lead them out of the room.
  24. "Mhmm, it's a running gag from last year's Magical Education Conference," Audrey said easily, adjusting Merri in her arm a little before reaching to pick up another donut and take a bite. She then lifted her brows as she listened to Adele and struggled not to roll her eyes at the other woman. She was coming off far too strong with her usual 'I am better than you' defiance, and Audrey wondered just how threatened Adele must have been feeling with other people around. Especially younger, more vibrant women. She must have really been feeling the pressure of being a mother again. "Calm down, Adele. No one's trying to push you off your 'bitch' pedestal, you can relax," The younger woman sighed quietly with a shake of her head. She smiled a little at Tamara's response, which was to compare notes, which Audrey thought was a great idea. Maybe they might actually become friends, of course that was if Adele didn't let her own self-consciousness get to her. "Oh yeah, the weather definitely takes some adjusting to, but I can say that I don't miss the cold English winters," Audrey laughed lightly with a few small nods, before then offering a shrug to the woman and gesturing toward the large pile, "Grab another one. If people miss out then it's because they were too slow. Always have to be quick on Donut Wednesday, isn't that right, Adele?" She smiled, though her features twisted into a half-amused sneer toward Del at the comments, "Not as tired as you must get feeling threatened by new people." She retorted, before smirking with a shake of her head, "He's been on the ball a lot more recently, since we had Merrilea. Trying to keep me from stressing out too much."
  25. Liv continued, she quickly fixed Nox, who was now presentable and ready for them to go to class. Liv listened to Nox as they explained how they got the injuries. “You need to be more careful, but I suppose you already know that.” Liv commented with a soft smile. It couldn’t be easy for Nox, but somehow, they seemed to make it work. “So, did you manage to confirm if it was or wasn’t a magical reptile?” Liv asked, because if Nox had been able to confirm it then it wasn’t a waste of time, aside from the injuries it would have been a good finding. “And you managed to get away? I think luck was on your site today. Next time don’t wrestle it yourself, it can be dangerous.” Liv warned, putting her hand on Nox’s shoulder gently. Liv liked to give unsolicited advice, perhaps Nox was going to listen to her, if not, well, she was sure she would be seeing them quite often.
  26. After that valentine’s day prank Max was going to finally get her revenge on Keaton. She hoped that he had read the note she had left him in his room; She had told him she would meet him at the quidditch pitch after his practice so that they could study. She had previously prepared the area and enchanted an object, a rather cute keychain with the K letter along with a broom, he wouldn’t suspect a thing, or at least that what she expected. Was Max annoyed that he had pranked her? She had been, now she just finds it hilarious and amusing. Was she going to let him get away with it? No, she wasn't, she now had a valid excuse to prank him back The prank was juvenile and easy, as soon as he stepped out away from Max his keychain would release a power that once in contact with his skin would turn his skin green for a couple of days before wearing off. She wasn’t even sure if Keaton was going to fall for it, she just hoped he would accept the keychain in name of their friendship, he could still use it after the enchantment wears off. She sat in the seats, her hair was still green, she didn’t bother to hide it, she was actually enjoying the new hair color, but that didn’t mean she would let him get away for turning her hair that color. She cheered the team as they practiced until the practice was finally over, which was when she finally spotted Keaton. “Hey hey K-man!” she said waving at him.
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