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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
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  2. Bach's Spell Book of Madness

    Sounds good for the Rhys threads ❤️ Keegan/Keira, yea that could work, I don't imagine he's huge into politics, but he follows it enough to pretend to be a mature adult who votes and all that even if he'd rather be out in the brush camping or in his shop making furniture. Maybe he follows her show because it's one of the few political commentaries he actually likes.
  3. Tabitha Sawyer

    basic father/daughter plots really
  4. Tobias Williams

    Warm, caring, but a bit quirky and eccentric
  5. Verity Williams

    I imagine she's warm, but opinionated and stubborn.
  6. Kiru's Splotter 2.0

  7. Mellow Splotter

    Howdy! So uh... I have a lot of characters so going through them all might be a bit of a feat to tackle, but let's get right into it. Relevant staff: - Luke: Luke Carver is relevant to Sunny in two ways: he is the Astronomy Professor, and he's the one in charge of the Bourke House. If Sunny ever runs into any problems, Luke is the one to go to. Spencer: - Brooke: She's a fourth year with a bit of a peculiarity - even if you don't know her, she knows you. A hyper social individual with a taste for trouble, it's possible that she and Sunny have crossed paths before and are on friendly terms. - Gwendoline: A French transfer, Gwen isn't presently enrolled in Tallygarunga but will be in the following year. In the meantime she spends her days getting to know the town, trying to make friends and figuring out what's cool and exciting to do in this new country. If you need someone equally loud with a tendency to blow things up, Gwen's your girl. - Amber: One of the more popular students on campus without even trying. Amber is a loud and friendly Spencer with a knack for getting herself hurt. She frequently visits the Bourke dormitories so to check on Samantha, her cousin, so it's likely that she's ran into Sunny at some point before. - Laurie: She's a temporary exchange student from Durmstrang set to leave at the end of the year. Her unflappable demeanor makes her tolerate most people, even if she does have a petty streak to her at times. Even if she isn't necessarily loud herself, she can likely keep up with Sunny as she often tends to associate with loud people (Gwendoline and Tecri's Max, for example). Flinders: - Jordan: I don't see much that can be done here, as he tries his hardest to fly under the radar. He's the type of guy that often gets shoved into a locker just for existing. He is, however, the relative of a seventh year Bourke. - Ian: With a bright smile to brighten your day and a helping hand to keep things going, few things tear Ian down. In fact, it's extremely likely that he's gone out of his way to help Sunny in the past, and they could be friends. He's also one of the more popular students in the school due to his absurd level of niceness. - MJ: A quiet girl with a bit of an undeserved reputation for being a loony, she is Aspen Clarke's younger sister, enjoying her protection from would be bullies (as well as Lisa Knotley's). While she doesn't like the whole loudness part of the deal, she'd certainly appreciate it if Sunny didn't give her as much trouble as everyone else. - Meadow: The resident mother hen. She often feels like she's surrounded by idiots but can't help taking care of them anyway. Given Sunny's tendency of getting in trouble, it could be that sometimes she needs to have a wound or two fixed without anybody asking questions; she'd better go to Meadow instead of the nurse. She'll fix anything without needing to know what happened. For a fee, of course. Bourke: - Samantha: Sam's a sweet bean and a fellow fifth year. I'd suggest them being roommates if Sunny boards! She is Amber's cousin and mostly well liked in campus as well, and would actively try to befriend Sunny since they're in both the same House and year. - Taylor: Also a fifth year, he happens to play for the House's Quidditch team. He's the serious sort and has a twin sister he's quite overprotective about, and often gets into fights as a result. But it could be that he and Sunny are friends and he's able to let his guard down minimally around her. - Danielle: A Dhampir slotted into Bourke at the end of 2018. She keeps mostly to herself due to fearing large groups of people but isn't against making a friend here or there, although I'm unsure if she'd tag along with the rowdyness. Only one way to find out! Sturt: - Moriah: Here's something that possibly would not get along with Sunny. She's not a fan of people with high amounts of energy and often throws scathing remarks their way; on the flipside she is an Astronomy geek, so if Sunny gets her talking about that, they could strike an unlikely friendship. - Renee: A bit of a bully, she's the one to run into if you want Sunny to get into some actual trouble. She's riding a strong rebelliuos streak due to familial reasons and the people around her are the ones who suffer (as well as her attendance record). - Theodore: Equal parts loner and smooth talker. When meeting Sunny, there's a good chance he'd tell her to go away, though every bit as good a chance he'd hit on her as well. Some say he's incurable in that regard and he's gained a bit of a bad reputation over it. - Chloe: While I don't see them necessarily having much going, it could be Chloe is a possible tutor in some sort of subject Sunny could possibly have trouble with given her reputation for being a patient teacher. - Lisa: Captain of... nearly everything Sturt, the overachiever dates the Captain of the Bourke Quidditch team, Aspen - and, as a result, there's a bit of a negative sentiment on both sides towards her. The Sturts see her as a traitor, and the Bourkes as the enemy. Perhaps Sunny believes the same thing? Nevertheless, she's a very hard person to deal with and some conflict could occur. - Rachel: Unfairly dubbed Lisa's minion, the Irish lass is a loudmouth whom seems to take on adversity head on. Perpetually angry and never seen smiling, it's possible that she's given Sunny a hard time in the past. Feel free to shoot me a DM on Discord if you have any ideas of your own! Please check my splotter while you're at it. I have many more adults as well, and a student character coming (Ansley Mayfield) so there's plenty more to discuss
  8. Wayne Mosley-Blackwood

    PB is negotiable; Product of a drunken one night stand between Scarlett Mosley and Forrest Blackwood; Paige Breyman's cousin, who is also his teacher and frequent babysitter; Not allowed to approach his aunt Vanessa; Anything else is up to you. Wayne was an accident between two programming students, yet he's certainly not treated like such. From his birth he was cared for by his parents with a lot of love and treated well. He's lived with his mother in Narragyambie all his life and his father comes to visit whenever he can. His cousin Paige also lives nearby and takes care of him whenever she's able. He's enrolled in Whitlam Bilby as soon as he displayed magical abilities. He's occasionally made fun of over his mother being a Squib. Nevertheless he adores her and is starting to wonder why she and dad aren't together, given how friendly they are with one another... It just doesn't make any sense, and being told 'he'll understand when he's older' doesn't help it either.
  9. Reinhold Kempf

    PB is negotiable; Laurie Kempf's father; Renowned Curse Breaker; Married to Leah Kempf, a Muggle writer; Bilingual (English/German), might know more languages due to his occupation; Worked for the German Ministry for a long time, alongside Heide Auclair, whom became a close friend of his; Helped Heide get a position in the Australian Ministry recently; Quite... quirky; Anything else is up to you. Reinhold has made a bit of a name for himself over his daring antics within a very dangerous occupation, having a reputation of getting the job done no matter what. He started his career in the German Ministry of Magic at a very young age, where he was placed to work alongside Heide Auclair most of the time - their nigh unprecedented success rate granted him a steady rise in favour with relevant authorities and he soon came to a place of prominence and was entrusted with more delicate affairs. Such was the case when he was turned over to the UK Ministry so to help them in various tasks. Moving to London, he ultimately met Leah Rippner, a Muggle he fell in love with. They had a steady relationship throughout her stay in England but as fate would have it they were unable to keep her there after graduation - not only had she not managed to find a job, but Reinhold was away on a mission and unable to return and marry the woman. She left for Australia, her home country, and had their first and only child there, Laurie. He periodically visited his girlfriend whenever his job allowed him to and managed to afford enough time to get married four years later. The pair then stayed in London until his dealings with the UK Ministry came to an end. During this time he filled his daughter's mind with tales of adventure, as well as inadvertently making her obsessed with the idea of attending Hogwarts, which would later come as a back stab since the family had to relocate back to Berlin before she even had the opportunity of getting a letter from the famous school. Instead, she was sent to Durmstrang. A few years into it she inadvertently got sent to Tallygarunga, at which point Leah floated the idea of moving to Australia for the sake of their daughter. Having one of his usually silly ideas he told his wife to keep it a secret from Laurie, as he intended to surprise her at the end of the year - he planned to take her to Hogwarts for two weeks during Tallygarunga's Summer break so she could get it all out of her system prior to permanently enrolling in the Australian school. Once he established himself as a member of the Australian Ministry (fairly easy, considering his experience), he heard of the Auclairs wanting to move to Victoria as well and so he helped Heide get a job in the same department. The dynamic duo was back together again after nearly a year of separation and things were looking up...
  10. Leah Kempf

    PB is negotiable; Rippner is her maiden name; Laurie Kempf's Muggle mother; Accomplished writer; Married to Reinhold Kempf, a renowned German curse breaker; Bilingual (English/German); Graduated in Literature within a prestigious London university; Big horror buff, and named her daughter after Laurie Strode from the Halloween franchise; Anything else is up to you. Leah was born in Sydney, NSW. Growing up she always had a knack for writing and her parents always fed that habit; that, coupled with a fairly mundane life, contributed to the girl being able to study to pursue her dream. She managed to attain a scholarship to pursue education abroad which was where she met Reinhold Kempf on complete accident. The two fell in love and had a steady relationship going through her stay in college, and just as she was about to graduate she became pregnant. Unfortunately she was not able to find some more permanent occupation to stay with her lover, ultimately having to fall back on her parents just before Laurie, her daughter, greeted the world. The pair lived for four years in Sydney, with the occasional visit from her boyfriend, until he finally found some time in his busy schedule to settle down and marry Leah. With the marriage finalized she moved once again to London to be by Reinhold's side, but it was around the same time that strange things started happening around her - or, rather, around Laurie. The man seemed over the moon over what was occurring as if he *knew* exactly what was happening and indeed he did: magic. It was then that Leah was introduced to a whole new world. It took her sometime to process the fact her husband had kept such a thing from her and was a leading expert in his chosen area of curse breaking (a very dangerous area, she'd come to learn later), but eventually she became used to it. As Reinhold's work finished up in the UK Ministry, the pair moved to Germany so the man could resume his work for the Ministry there while Leah stayed at home to take care of Laurie and write. Years later, as Laurie was inadvertently shipped off to Tallygarunga due to a mistake, Leah floated the idea of staying in Australia for a while so not to rip their daughter away from the new place. They both knew she hated Durmstrang and past the Auclair sisters she didn't have anybody to call friends. Reinhold agreed, but he said he wanted to keep the move a secret from the girl because he was preparing a surprise for her. Leah thought that was a very bad idea given her husband's usual shortsightedness of situations but agreed to wait until the right moment to tell her they'd moved to Melbourne...
  11. Seeing is Believing

    Okies so this has been ruminating in my head for a little while. In someways it might seem a little selfish, considering that I am fairly new to this site and all but I thought that if I don't put it out there I will most likely forget, I have a really bad memory, or I just won't ask because I generally don't like to ask for things. Well I would like Berk to accept his seer abilities in some way and it see it as something that can be helpful because at the moment he sees it as a curse. I was thinking that maybe he starts to have visions of a character that has gone missing or is in danger in someways or maybe both. This character can be either already created on site and just hasn't been seen for a while or one of the adoptables that someone is thinking of taking up or willing to take up. Now it might take up more than one thread but I thought it would get a few different characters from few different areas involved and meeting and interacting with each other. Characters from the paper to report on it, Ministry officials to locate and assist or maybe even hinder the search and the community to gossip over it. I know it is probably a lot to put out there but is just something in my head at the moment.
  12. Lily's Lovelies

    I'm going to start slow because have way too many characters and there's more in the way, so for now I'm just going to tackle Jez, Audrey and Arti for now. If you're interested in anything feel free to let me know, either here or Discord, I'm usually around. Jez & Jo: Jo is 27 and she used to be a tally student, Sturt House, along with her sister Ashley. She is somewhat clueless on certain social interactions and feelings, understanding only the basic, which is enough for her to go out on her everyday life. She currently adopted two young Dhampirs and moved to Narrie but still visits Melbourne a lot. She’s not the type of person one would like to mess with, but overall, she’s calm unless provoked. She’s also a lie detector with a nose and a very good tracker (almost like a hunting dog, don’t tell her I said this). Liv: Liv is 25 but she’s mostly chill, sweet and was also in Tally. She was a Bourke and she’s a half-veela (it’s a secret though). She’d be pretty much friendly with everyone and she’s as sweet as sweet can be, a few seconds is enough to give someone diabetes, just don’t make her angry. She was away for a couple of years and started working as a nurse at Tally roughly a year ago. Robin: Robin was a Spencer and she now works as a freelance photographer. She’s still 23 and there is a slight of an age gap, although considering they were in the same house that probably wouldn’t be an issue. Audrey & Andy: Andy is the Wandless Professor, so I’m assuming at some point they had met, and being both staff I wouldn’t say they avoided each other (Andy probably would but she’s not a good person). Despite being a bit arrogant Andy does like to have fun, all kinds of fun, especially when she’s not at the end of some prank and as long as books aren’t harmed. She’s small, but she can be slightly intimidating and cold. Liv: She was a Tally student and is the Nurse and given her sweet and kind personality I would say these two can become friends. She’s a bit protective of those she cares, in a way of she’ll let them do what they want if they fall, she’ll help them get up, but if someone pushes them it’s something completely different. Robin: Again, there’s a slight age gap but if Audrey needs a friendly, slightly weird and out of the box friend, Robin is her girl. Robin also does love to play pranks on people. Artemisia & Robin: These two met before, it would be fun if they met again, under better circumstances. Max: Max is a music inclined girl, mostly music and dancing, while she doesn’t dance anymore due to an old injury she still plays. If Arti is a part-time Musiciary Teacher at Tally, she most likely knows how Max doesn’t need a music sheet to replicate a song (she can’t be bad at everything) and Max also likes to doodle and she’s somewhat good at it.
  13. Never Let Me Go

    Hey there Rory, I have a few potatoes to throw at your potatoes. Berkley & Andy: Just like Berkley she is a Professor at Tally. She's the current Wandless Professor who has been teaching there for almost a year. She's not the nicest person and she's a bit unpredictable but shouldn't be too hard to break that ice ... hopefully, but she does talk to everyone, sometimes even with a hint of superiority. Liv: Liv is a sweet potato and she's the Tally Nurse. She was also a student, though she was a Bourke, and since their age gap is a bit high for teens I don't think they would have met when they were still teens but that doesn't mean they can't meet now. She's a half-veela, which is pretty much a secret, only a few people know. Jo: Jo is an Auror but she used to be a Tally student, in the Sturt House. She's a dhampir and it's likely her and her sister (Ashley Estrada, played by @Kirupachi) would have given him a hard time like they did with everyone. Dessa & Max: She's a friendly 7th year student who likes chaos, she's slightly more tame as she doesn't want to get kicked out of school. She usually gets along with almost everyone, although it's always a gamble due to her not being predictable, almost like a storm, it's always a gamble and no one knows what's the damage. Lexi: Easily excited, Lexi can be quite calm, enjoying the quiet company than the loud one. She usually stays out of trouble at school but can't say the same about it at home. Overall she's friendly, perhaps a bit too friendly for her own good. Haven & Jo: Same for Berkley, Jo pretty much messed with everyone around, because she could so I wouldn't be surprised if they had met in Tally, Haven would have been one of Jo's victims. Liv: Aside their age difference Liv was also a Bourke, it would be a stretch but not impossible them knowing each other from their time as students. If you're interested in anything, or if you have any ideas with other characters I haven't mentioned feel free to poke me about it, either here or in Discord.
  14. ━━━ you can call your 119

    kyun suho sixteen | sixth year | sturt | irish-korean dhampir | serving looks and sass since 2002 that's right, we're twisted Link to problematic boy's profile here. Suho does make for some fine company if you don't mind communication through eye-rolls, pointed glares, and lots of blatant ignoring. He isn't nasty or arrogant by any means, but it's perfectly understandable if you have somehow formed that conclusion within a few seconds of attempting conversation, or even staring at him for a beat too long. He doesn't have the most pleasant of reputations, but whatever reputation he possesses is enough at least to earn him the title of "Ice Prince" of his year. In fact, plenty of those unsavoury circulated rumours are based off pure misunderstandings, but... let's just say Suho simply doesn't care enough to resolve them. He might swear that he has an unlikeable personality that shouldn't be tempered with, yet more often than not, Suho does articulate his thoughts with a lot of good sense. If you do somehow broach a topic that is of even mild interest to him, it is guaranteed that the Sturt would make a worthy discussion partner. Unfortunately, most do not ever think to try. While one might have expected a softer side to his glacier towards friends and family, they might be in for a wild ride. Suho is just as careless and rough to his close ones - extremely low-maintenance, you could say - but he does treat them visibly more gently and tolerably than he would others. A brat who doesn't apply himself. His favourite pastime apart from eating, Quidditch and napping is complaining. Given, only a selected couple would know of this, but it's a wonder how a teenage boy could manage to fit all the pent-up irritation and dismay within himself. His complaining is pretty much harmless and highly amusing, but his temper is potentially not. Thankfully, Suho seems to have learned how to restraint himself from unleashing his sparkly, almighty Dhampir powers once confronted with something that grates on his nerves. He's a little aimless and confused/annoyed 24/7 at the moment. Also perpetually a huge mood™ i like it like that. One best friend for life that is currently taken, I think? A couple of closer friends who laugh when he starts to complain and don't mind his icy demeanor would also be greatly appreciated! As far as romance goes... He's a teenage boy. He's bound to encounter all sorts of feelings he finds "weird" and "foreign" when it comes to girls he may or may not like, but at this moment this department is still very much open. I wouldn't mind having someone that maybe has had an eye on him for a bit. Naturally, obviously, there are people who don't like Dhampirs or people who just dislike him in general, which he is very much used to. In fact, Suho assumes everyone hates straight him off the bat unless proven otherwise. As for family, making a member of his fam is not urgent at all right now, but contact me if interested. Perhaps take a look at his profile for a more in-depth description of how he behaves in various relationships? Even if I have plotted with you already, please feel free to post a summary here so I can keep track of everything more easily! Thank you for reading ^v^
  15. `` and that's a long ass ride

    Alright, time for me to get a few ideas out here for you, so breaking down on the 'Secret Walkway of Kai' ~ For Finn: @Senan ConnellIs being brought up because I think it would be pretty interesting having yet another Ireland native to encounter in the school. (Aside from the few that he has met so far.) He's a Sturt and it's pretty common knowledge that his only -actual- friend is @Maxine Williamsbecause he's a bit of an asshole. While not friends, maybe potential rivals or even frenemies. It maybe possible, depending on well informed that Finn is of the various Wizarding families in Ireland, that he knows that the 'Connell' family had been once known as Deatheater's and Supporter's of the 'Dark Lord' and only recently started to 'amend their ways' while underneath that surface it's known that many of them are still active agents of the Dark Arts with a different focus now. @Travis FranklinIs a Bourke, and odd one at that, as he's actually one of the few that isn't involved in any form of sports. (He finds it just outright cheating because. . . *DRUM ROLLS!*) He's a Werewolf, which is now no longer a well kept secret as it had been made known not only from a recent DADA class but also suspected by a few from the murder of his mother. He's always up for a challenge, however, if only to prove that he could do something and just holds back for the sake of doing so. (Currently, might be less challenge hungry, but it doesn't mean it can't happen even in the given circumstance!) A potential friendship there or even a best friend of sorts, given that Travis actually tries to extend his hand out to the new Bourke house members. Get them to feel at home in a new or strange place especially if they aren't fully aware of certain nuances. @Alexander WinfieldHe's a nice sort, friendly and the kind that walks up to just about anyone with a friendly grin and an extended hand of introduction. He's a Spencer and the younger (And overly protected brother) of @Adele DeVylisseawhom is the schools librarian. Though he brags about his Sister like she's the best thing since sliced bread their personalities are vastly different for a lot of reasons. He's a Musician who recently made it to the scene of Television, Radio's and other media outlets as well. I can see him greeting Finn, even finding out what kind of things he gets into as a way to try it out himself. @Phoenix AuroraIs a chaotic individual and by that I mean he's the sort that would intentionally push someone into an adventure they never asked for, his primary choice of meat in that regard? The broody and the moody! Whether that earns him more friends or more enemies it's hard to say, but he could be someone that tries ways to break the ever amount brood on Finn by just getting him into really high-end adventures that could be recorded in some diary.
  16. Silv's Plotted Splotter

    Hey there, Silv. I apologize that it has taken me far longer to get around to plotters than my usual timeline. Without further ado, however. . . For Gideon: @Tyson McKennisMight be someone whom he could encounter somehow. Tyson works at Chloe and Lexi's Mother's dojo and pretty much acts as an Older brother/Mentor when he can. Often trying to get Chloe to step out of her usual social bounds but also showing interest in the activities that seem to hold the expressionless bunny's attention. Since he's probably been in the school before Tyson graduated a bit of known tidbits: He was one of the top Bourke Quidditich players as both a Chaser and a Seeker, he was commonly known and seen as the Muggleborn that 'Practices that weird Body combat stuff' amongst the more ignorant Wizard-kin. Since Olivia has been added I could probably slip in @Travis Franklinwho, while currently is going through one hell of a time, often visits the Nurses office and wing. It has been recently known that he is and has been a Werewolf for much of his life, so pretty much can run with that anyway you want at the moment! @Phoenix AuroraIs the 'New Spencer on the Block' who recently pranked the entire Sturt team (Yet to be discovered, BUT IN TIME!) He is an adventuring sort and isn't afraid of dragging people along to the kind of trouble he finds himself into. Shy people tend to be as easily subjected to it as much as those that are gung-ho with him. (And who will have an eventual prank war with @Tecri's Colette. STAY TUNED~} @Alexander WinfieldThis guy is pretty much the friendliest of friendlies in my mess of characters. A 'Spencer's Spencer with a splash of Flinder's' essentially, pranks and adventure call to him but he holds an extremely kind heart that often tries to see passed someone and a bit of the good inside of them. Considering Gideon's introverted nature, Alex would most likely approach him on the premise of trying to pull him out of that bit of a corner. Though his life currently is a walking mess of crazy, he still finds time to try and reach out to people when he can.
  17. Vivian Clarke

    TW: Kidnapping, Violence, Mental/Physical Torture, Mutilation, Murder, etc. PB is negotiable; Aspen, MJ and Justice Clarke's sister, and fraternal twin of the latter; Very energetic and sporty growing up; Very gifted witch, having shown a great deal of potential ever since she was young (not that anyone around her understood it); Kidnapped by the Azai group when she was 8 and has been under their "care" ever since; Trained in assassination, intimidation, torture, etc.; Under the joint "custody" of Jonathan Azai and Kaoru Knight; Please refer to Kirupachi for anything before the kidnapping and Kaitore for anything after; Anything else is up to you. Vivian's entry into this world was marred by tragedy. Alongside with her twin brother Justice, they happened to put too much stress on their mother's body and she slipped into a coma, passing away a few days afterwards. The twins and their older sisters were left under the care of a grieving father and he underwent a great economical burden ever since, having to provide for all his children while working as a graveyard keeper. What saved him was multiple shifts, local solidarity and family friends babysitting the four of them as their grandparents refused to lift a finger to help the man. Growing up, Vivian was very attached to Justice despite his less than energetic demeanor. She also displayed a great aptitude for magic which was, unfortunately, not nurtured - the siblings were so close in age that nobody had any idea of what it meant, and their father was a Muggle so he'd know even less about it. Unfortunately for this little girl, the fact that she was great with magic got out one way or another and it would ultimately be her downfall. One afternoon, when she was nine years old, she was scooped up by a stranger belonging to the Azai family. It seemed the patriarch had an interest in this out of the norm talent and wanted to use it for himself as a weapon - Vivian had no choice. Aiming to break Vivian's mind and bend her to his will, the man kept the girl locked in a substandard room for a while as means of isolating her, and to have her cope with the fact nobody was coming from her. It was eventually followed with mental conditioning in the form of having her grow desensitized to various gruesome acts by watching them repeatedly (as well as learning how to grow a stomach to perform them one day if she had to), as well as showing her what would happen if she were to fail him. Such things ranged from fingers being cut off due to an underling's failure to watching people being beaten up and murdered, and even tortured. In the meantime she was also kept under the threat that non-compliance would lead to the extermination of her kin. Alongside the great mental strain her situation made her undergo, the Azai patriarch wasted little time into properly molding her to become one of his handpicked secret weapons to help in things the criminal organization he presided over couldn't (or otherwise shouldn't) get done. She became a weapon of war despite her young age, being trained in things such as manipulation and intimidation, composure in their field, physical combat, business management, survival techniques and the usage of weapons, among various other things. She's become a force to be reckoned with, yet still very much under the family's thumb under the threat of the Clarkes being wiped off the face of the Earth. As she turned fourteen, her new master decided it was time to put her to good use. He started to send her out in tasks and allowed her some freedom - on the condition, of course, that Jonathan Azai and Kaoru Knight watched her every move so she wouldn't free. A form of torture in itself, so close to her family yet so far... Should she continue away from them or should she risk it?
  18. Vanessa Blackwood

    PB is negotiable; She is Forrest Blackwood's estranged sister, having never gotten along with him and detesting him to this day (it's mutual); Paige Breyman's best friend since early Tallygarunga days, and is starting to develop very strong feelings for her; Rising star in the Department of Magical Business & Commerce, and particularly ruthless in her career progression; The Blackwoods' golden girl, she has been coddled since birth and is very much a spoiled brat, used to get everything she wants from everyone; Acquired the reputation of being a bully in Tallygarunga days, deservedly so; Doesn't take a 'no' for an answer, either intimidating the person immediately afterwards or scheming behind their backs to get what she wants; While you should make her your own, she's meant to fall for Paige in a very unrequited manner and the fact she's rejected drives her up a wall. She's meant to, first, be in denial for a while, and second, sabotage Paige's life to make her go running back to Vanessa and have nobody else to turn to or to fall for. It's meant to serve for character development for Paige as she breaks free, and development for Vanessa in any which way you may deem appropriate; Anything else is up to you. Vanessa is the second born child to Skyler and Campbell Blackwood, as well as the first and only girl, following Forrest by roughly six years. Her parents had always wanted a girl so she earned their favor before she could even speak a single word, and her brother's fraternizing with Muggles, Squibs, Muggleborns and such sort worked in her favor. They spoiled her rotten from a very young age which largely contributed to her unpleasant disposition. They also gave her high standards to meet, but she never minded these too much as she's a naturally ambitious woman. Growing up, she and Forrest never saw eye to eye. While she was on her high horse he was more down to Earth, and their confrontational tendencies ensured they clashed almost every day. These weren't mere normal sibling arguments - they genuinely grew to hate each other, and, in Vanessa's case, pettiness came into play and she frequently sabotaged his life whenever she could. The straw that eventually broke the camel's back came in the form of her finding out he intended to attend a Muggle college and casually revealing it to their parents without permission which ultimately resulted in the man getting disowned and for their excuse of a bond to be severed permanently. She's never had any remorse to show for it and to this day she tries to get under his skin even if only indirectly, or through "accidental" meetings. As for her academic life she's always been at the top of the class and accepted no less. With a fantastic mind for business, economics and manipulation she became a natural in her chosen field, being more than apt to play the game of Ministry politics at her young age. She's entirely unafraid of stabbing people in the back to climb the career ladder or otherwise getting her hands dirty in any way. She's used to getting what she wants in life, and that includes promotions. Early on in her Tallygarunga days she met Paige Breyman. She used the excuse of wanting to be her friend to get close to her, although she was only looking for some sort of patsy; one thing or another led her to actually grow fond of her, however, and an unlikely genuine friendship sprouted between the two. When Paige was kicked out of her home, Vanessa readily gave her shelter (the irony of the situation not having gone over her head), and to this day they remain best friends. However, something is changing - that is, the way she sees the Bilby teacher. She's starting to become quite romantically inclined towards the redhead (much to her own shock), and as she grows to want her more and more, it means she needs to go out and get what she wants, right? It's not like she's ever had trouble in that department anyway, considering Vanessa knows she's attractive. What could possibly go wrong?
  19. Tecri Plotbox

    @TecriI love everything you mentioned! Lexi is free to be extra friendly to Suho and try to get him into her games, and Aspen is free to taunt him because guaranteed it's going to be a matter of who does it first. I'm good with there not being an issue between those two, also due to the fact that Suho can't be bothered to really despise people and honestly, the only reason there's a rivalry in the first place is because they're from different houses. Nothing personal. And also the fact that she's dating Lisa, which Suho probably finds super icky ("Are relationships between Captains even allowed"). And for Colette, definitely! We should throw those two together ^v^ I have high muse for he and Colette so perhaps we could kick start a thread for them first!
  20. Joseph Taylor

    -Face claim is very open -CAO of a Shipping Company, left this vague, and the rest is up to the player -He’s Kairi, Helen, and Carter’s adoptive father -His family history is pretty vague; they’re muggles and pretty well off -Joseph is extremely careful, but an extremely hard worker -He travelled around the world straight out of high school, eventually ending up in Japan where he attended a language school and worked hard to pass the different levels of the JLPT (Japanese-Language Proficiency Test). He uses the language on a daily basis to keep up his skills Eventually went to Uni back in Australia -Joseph works a lot and isn’t always home, so he organises a family camping trip at the end of the year before the kids go back to school -He enjoys video games, films, comic book/manga and other geeky things -He was a little confused and distressed when he found out about the existence of magic -Anything not mentioned is up to the player Joseph was born and raised in Perth, but he didn’t stay there for too long after he finished school. Using the money from his trust fund, he travelled the world learning and experiencing everything that he could. Eventually he ended up in Japan where he met his future wife, who was a uni student and doing tutoring to put herself through her course. After two years of dating, they were married and decided to move back to Australia. Joe studied business after he got back and eventually set up his shipping company. After three to four years of trying to have a baby, the couple discovered that they were unable to have any of their own. This news is what led them down the lines of adoption and fostering. Joe is more laid back with how he parents. While he loves his children equally, he is especially close to Carter, who’s a bit of a daddy’s girl. He wants Kairi to become a social worker or teacher, since his son doesn’t know what he wants to do with his future.
  21. Savannah Nakamura-Taylor

    -Face claim is pretty open -The details of her family are leftpretty vague, other than they’re muggles, they’re from Nagoya and her dad was sent to school in New Zealand. Everything else is open. -Even though her legal name is Hina, she is more commonly known by her middle name, Savannah, or Anna. -She is the adoptive mother of Kairi, Carter, and Helen. -English isn’t a problem for her since been learning since she was a child, but she still enjoys refining it even after so many years. -Speaks Japanese with her family and has conversations with customers who are interested -Is a bit of a hover parent -Was completely shocked to find out that magic actually exists, but was accepting -Trained as a journalist but didn’t actually enjoy it -Any details that aren’t mentioned are up to you Savannah was brought up in a pretty traditional family in Nagoya, Japan. But she always wanted something more out of her life, this was what led her to study Journalism in one of the major universities in Tokyo because it would allow her to travel as much as she wanted. She was expecting to actually go against the grain of Japanese society and actually go into an area that she had trained for, though it didn’t turn out that way. In her extra time and to pay her way through university, Savannah set up her own tutoring business. This was how she met her future husband. They began spending time together outside of their tutoring sessions and eventually she began developing strong feelings for Joseph. After two years of dating, they were married and decided to move back to Australia, where they eventually set up two different businesses. After three to four years of trying to have a baby, the couple discovered that they were unable to have any of their own. This news is what led them down the lines of adoption and fostering. Savannah is very protective of her children and would go to the ends of the earth for them.
  22. Kai's Little Lies

  23. Lisa's plotting and random ideas

    @Lisa Sounds like a plan! I can always start it up! (Likewise, I do also have an Open up for Senan if that would be something Kairi would be interested in encountering!)
  24. Arsène Auclair

    PB is negotiable; Colette & Gwendoline Auclair's father, and treats Laurie Kempf as his own as well; Pureblood Wizard from Rennes, France; Fluent in French, German and English; Healer by trade; Keeps the illusion that the rest of his family is Pureblooded as well, when they're not; Anything else is up to you. Born in Rennes, France to a wealthy Pureblood family, Arsène knew the gist of what he wanted to accomplish early on in his life - his "short" term goal would be to become a competent healer so to tend to those whom needed it the most, and his second goal would be to cement his own legacy by being a family men and bringing at least two children to this world. He's succeeded in both but they didn't come without their fair share of issues. He was finishing his education as the war broke out in the nearby UK. Taking it upon himself to help out with the carnage, Arsène briefly immigrated to provide his services, being exposed to the destruction wrought by Dark Wizards for the first time in his life (and, at times, fighting them himself). Upon returning after that experience, the man decided to seek employment in a hospital rather than the Ministry for the sake of easier access to civilians and their plights, while a fear that another war could break out has shadowed his every move ever since. It was through that job that he met his present wife. He expected to have a family sooner or later, sure, but he didn't expect it to be formed with a Veela - it thrust his life into disarray once more as anti-halfbreed sentiments spread across Europe, courtesy of the use of Werewolves in the wizarding war. While his wife's status as a non-human was unknown, Arsène knew his children would eventually be in the line of fire, being halfbreeds themselves. Knowing Heide to be under the protection of the German Ministry, Arsène ultimately decided to abandon his home and shipped everyone off to Berlin so they could enjoy an additional layer of protection. They lived a pleasant, mundane life in the area, save for the times Heide had to leave for work. However, it became clear they weren't entirely safe due to the random, if infrequent, lynchings in German at large. Hearing from a family friend that there was a haven-like area in Australia for people like them, Arsène and Heide decided to take the plunge and move a second time with the Ministry's blessing. Can they finally find peace in Narragyambie?
  25. Heide Auclair

    PB is negotiable; Colette & Gwendoline Auclair's mother, and treats Laurie Kempf as her own as well; Full Veela, coming to existence in Bulgaria; Took refuge in Germany at some point and became an important tool under their Ministry; Fluent in Bulgarian, German, French, English and possibly a couple more languages; Close friend of Reinhold Kempf; Presents herself as a Pureblood witch so to avoid the persecution of her children, her ID showing her as being German (as issued by the Ministry in a deal); Deliberately makes plenty of geology, archaeology and history puns in conversation to amuse herself, annoy her oldest daughter and entertain her youngest one; Everything else is up to you. Heide was born in Bulgaria - if you were to ask her where, exactly, or how she came to be to begin with, she couldn't tell you. Being a smart being with a penchant for adventure and entirely on her own, she was quick to pull herself up by her bootstraps and realize the deep issues scarring the nation still under Ottoman authority; she soon fled the country, and spent much of her long life exploring the world (and Europe, in particular). At some point, in the 1970's, Heide became embroiled with the German Ministry of Magic. In order to avoid persecution from the very same country she had been considering briefly settling down in, the ever so resourceful Veela decided to provide them her services instead - whether they be archeological, combative, or through espionage. It was through these adventures over the years that she eventually came to meet Reinhold Kempf in the latter years of the century and came to strongly befriend the man. It was during one such mission that she was sent to Rennes, France, and she allowed herself to become infatuated with a human - given the man's youth and interest in forming a family, it appeased to her inherent need of having something she could call her own instead of forever being a drifter. Staying in the area in between tasks, they soon married and their two daughters came to existence. Her husband knew that Heide's heart belonged in Berlin, so he deliberately learned the language and sought out for a job in the area. Once he landed it they finally moved, and she struck a deal with the government that had been getting so much mileage out of her - being issued a Pureblood witch registration and ID, she was able to have her own daughters pass for Purebloods as well so to avoid persecution. As her daughters spent their first few academic years in Durmstrang, Heide soon came to an unfortunate conclusion - the anti-halfbreed rhetoric was increasing everywhere and she needed an even safer place, despite governmental protection. It was then that her dear friend, Reinhold Kempf, suggested Australia - Narragyambie, in particular - due to its reputation of shielding halfbreeds from harm. Taking the plunge, Heidi thanked the German authorities for their protection and moved to align with the Victorian Ministry instead after having her close friend refer her to them. Has the family finally found their haven, or are they still in danger?
  26. Alexis Fairgood

    PB is negotiable; Kyle and Theodore Fairgood's mother; Senior Architect; Gave shelter to Diana Sharpe for a few years; Anything else is up to you. Alexis Fairgood is a respected Wizarding Architect working for Negative-Space Building Development, coming from a long line of people in that same industry. She had very little trouble meeting the family's expectations, having taken an honest liking to the trade and having the ambition to excel in it. She met her husband, Norman, while in VMU - being the same age, the two were in the same Architecture course and quickly hit it off. Eventually their partnership resulted in the birth of their first son, Kyle, whom soon displayed talent to follow in their footsteps. It took them another ten years before they had a second child, named Theodore. He showed a nigh unparalleled mathematical acumen unlike anybody else in the family but seemed to hold very little interest in the artistry portion of the job, not even bothering to pick up a pencil. This greatly frustrated the couple, whom expected Theodore to be like Kyle, and in their eyes he's quickly turning into a disappointment.
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