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  2. Kai's Little Lies

  3. a sunset in a frame

    Heya, sorry it took me so long to swing around to the splotter fun! But here I am at... Well, Late thirty in the morning! XD Potential characters I have for interactions. Alexander Winfield - He'd be around Narrie due to recently moving in with his Sister after the murder of her Husband by her Ex-Husband. While it'd been easy to find him around most places due to newer reasons it's much more common now. Part of his reason for travelling is that he's a Musician and often takes random gigs, fills in for bands that would need a vocalist or guitarist, Advertising himself as a solo act, or probably doing a favor for his Niece or one of her friends due to her more celebrity status. Alexander W. Travis Franklin - This one would also be around Narrie but that's because he legitimately lives there with his Mother whose barely home due to her being vocal about better conditions for Non-humans and Halfbreeds. He's pretty much a flirt for many reasons and none of it is for the bedrolling. However, he's an explore by compulsion of his nature. The need for freedom is what drives him to seek it as much as possible in his Human form that would drive him to be found in different places even the most remote areas around. Travis F. Both of those two aren't shy about meeting people either, more likely to engage in talking with a stranger or someone they've only briefly seen before.
  4. Alyona Parsons

    Pointerdoodles: - This character's adoptable was previously taken, as seen here. The app might serve as an inspiration for your take on it; - Given that nothing was decided at all past the point of creation (not even plotting), you can also take everything described in that app with a grain of salt and just stick to what this page says; - This is Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons' adopted daughter. The Parsons are thought to be by themselves but they already have a secret fairly massive family tree, as seen here; - She was found by Evelyn and consequently adopted after being found in some sort of rural town, living in an orphanage. Their first meeting should not be past the point when she's 10 years old, regardless of present age. Alyona's magic had a bit of an outburst at some point which caused everyone in town to turn against her, at which point Evelyn swooped in to the rescue and brought her to Narragyambie; - From that point on she was brought up in a loving household, and had a very comfortable upbringing as her parents are very rich. She was taught how to behave, dress and present herself, and she most definitely has an edge when it comes to education since Evelyn herself tutors her whenever able; - She should be living at home rather than at Tallygarunga's dormitories as per Evelyn's request; - She should NOT be aware of her parents' less than ideal actions in any way shape or form; - While she should be on good terms with her immediate family, she's particularly close to her mother; - Anything else is up to you.
  5. +.LostGirl's Splotter

    Hey there, It's your friendly neighborhood Kai! Here with the plotting ideas! I suppose the most obvious start would be bring up Alexander Winfield. He's a recent addition into Tallygarunga at the start of the currently ending year, sorted into Spencer House. He's pretty much the friendly and optimistic sort with a strike of mischievousness when the moment and mood strikes. Which could be dependent on how he's physically feeling and if he could manage the random pranking thoughts that flood his mind. His real angle, aside from an interest in medicine is music. Going as far as to actively perform at random gigs and perhaps a live radio show or TV segment here and there. I can see Alex trying to be a kind of an older friend who tries to help him out when he can, given that he's willing to enter the library that is pretty much an area that Alex considers his 'stomping grounds'. Probably even checking in on Kelton to make sure he wouldn't be taking on too much by helping others, a kind of trait that Alex himself has that almost always ends up crashing on him due to the large efforts he makes. Something he'd want to try to help others with a similar trait avoid, if possible. There is also Travis Franklin. He is much more rooted in Tally in terms of his years in the school, a sixth year about to be on his way into the Seventh. While he's in Bourke and not entirely the sporty sorts due to the fact it'd most likely out his condition as a werewolf, he does find the art of sketching people at random a kind of sport. It is one of the few things he's dedicated to, the other being flirting with nearly anything with a skirt due to issues within himself. While he'd be distant in a friendship, he tends to be loyal enough that he is fond of those kinds of bonds. It's possible that Travis and Kelton could be friends in passing, especially since Travis tends to watch Quidditich matches to try and sketch them in active motion. A form of challenge for himself to see if he could accurately see the movements and motions in highspeed flight.
  6. Kiru's Splotter

    Oh allo there! Okay, let's see... Kelton & Samantha - Sure! If someone exists she's automatically their friend, it's a law of the universe or something. Should be enough to just throw them into something together and watch the friendship flourish. Hit me up on Discord so we go over some new thread ideas! Kelton & Danielle - I don't have any ideas on how to bring those two closer together per se, but I can say that she has a thread that you can chuck Kel at. Hooray! Now, for my idea, but it's more of stating the obvious than anything else. Kelton & Amber - She's his upperclasswoman in Spencer by one year and a ball of energy. She likes befriending people and doesn't take life too seriously, and would definitely make an effort in befriending her fellow Spencer housemates. Adding to that, she's good friends with Samantha - it's very common to spot them together, and it might be an avenue through which Kel actually meets Sam if they don't know each other already.
  7. River Salter

    River is kinda an open book. Include - River is the second youngest of four. The only real thing that I want to be included in River's personality is that she is the rebel of the family. She doesn't really care for the rules. River also has an older brother Chase, and older sister Jaylee and a younger brother Kelton.
  8. Jaylee Salter

    Jaylee is kinda an open book. Include - Jaylee is the second oldest of four kids. Jaylee also has a twin brother Chase. Jaylee is younger then Chase by 9 minuets. The only real thing that I want to be included in Jaylee's personality is that she wants to be a healer/nurse when she finishes Tally. Jaylee also has a younger sister River and younger brother Kelton. Jaylee is also often called Jay.
  9. Chase Salter

    Chase is kinda an open book. Include - Chase is the oldest of four kids. Chase also has a twin sister Jaylee. Chase is older then Jaylee by 9 minuets. The only real thing that I want to be included in Chase's personality is that he is obsessed with Quidditch. He is an up and coming star of the game, his preferred position is a beater. Chase has a younger sister River and younger brother Kelton.
  10. (First Name) Mackey

    Pointerbloopers: - Suggested name is either Austin Milo Mackey or Juliana Marissa Mackey, depending on gender, but you can change it at will (same with either PB); - This person is meant to represent something Diana Sharpe forgot to erase about her past. For her to forget about it, they must have not had an actual meaningful interaction for an extended period of time/constant exposure that she was aware of back during her last two years in Mildura; - The connection is meant to be a one-sided romantic one to justify obsessive tendencies. It could be that this character had a thing for her from afar but never actually got to act on it before she, as well as her brother, vanished. They're the one who did notice her for a change, and when they did, they couldn't look away; - They can be a muggle, a squib, or a wizard. This will give multiple choices as to how they're aware of what's going on/how they chased her down, and how they're meeting again; - If they're a muggle, surely they would find it odd that nobody seems to remember her all of a sudden. It's harder to track her down like this, but they could run into her by accident - whether they have business in Melbourne and happen to bump into her, or they go to Narrie while she's there visiting her brother, or maybe they see her in Mildura while she's there to check up on her parents from afar. It could be that they knew her from high school, since she completed the 11th and 12th Muggle grades there; - If they're a Squib they might quickly catch on to the fact something magical is going on, from experience. They can find her on QuillBook via a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend, or they can keep up with The Mage newspaper and see one 'Diana Sharpe' pop up as a writer semi-frequently over the past few months, indicating that she's in Melbourne; - If they're a wizard, they can't have gone to Tallygarunga and it's unlikely that they went to Greyheme/Penrose/VMU. In fact, if that's the case, their education might have been in another area. That said, an excuse needs to be made for they to go to Mildura frequently enough to spot her and want to be with her in some way, such as being a natural from there and going there during breaks; - What do they want with her? Do they erroneously think she'll remember them? Do they want to be with her? Will they blackmail her with their knowledge? Do they realize the power they hold over her with this important piece of information? How do they meet again? - Anything else is up to you.
  11. Amalea Evans

    Pointerdoozers: - Suggested name is Amalea Rhea Evans but feel free to take your own stab at it, same with PB; - She is Diana Sharpe's best friend's long time girlfriend, and very close to Diana herself as well. The two met and became fast friends during their VMU days, and at some point in time she was introduced to Diana's best friend and started dating him. Things eventually turned serious; - She should be a bit younger than the two - she came into their life when Diana was in college and she started it 2 years late, making it likely she's within that slightly younger age range. Any course taken is fine, and it could be that she's presently completing her course as well (Diana's been out for just under a year); - What's the status of her relationship with the best friend? Are they about to become engaged? Are they happy with how things are right now? Is there trouble in paradise? Does this character go to Diana for relationship advice? - She should at least be bisexual; - The idea is for Diana to actually have a chance, regardless of the weight of this chance - it could be as small as this girl just being bisexual with a small attraction for Diana, or the journalist having her feelings 100% reciprocated and this relationship being a huge conspiracy, or anything in between. It should lead into a convoluted love triangle. Player's choice; - Is she aware of Diana's feelings for her? If so, how does she react to her seemingly unwavering support for the existing relationship? If not, is she placed in situations that make it worse (i.e. being asked for ideas for romantic gifts, etc)? If into her, does it bother her that she describes herself as asexual if pressed on it, and could it contribute to this character not showing anything? - Anything else is up to you.
  12. Kyle Fairgood

    Pointerinos: - Suggested name is Kyle Troy Fairgood but feel free to change it, as well as his PB; - He is Diana Sharpe's best friend. They are roughly the same age and they went to Tallygarunga together (same year, he graduated by the time she was able to return). Despite the 2 year hiatus on their friendship, they always kept in touch one way or another; - It's possible that this character was the one to suggest for Diana to run away with her brother in the first place, as well as methods of doing so; - They should know each other inside out, and better than each realizes; - He offered Diana a place to stay for free for the duration of her VMU education due to being painfully aware of her very bad situation in life; - He was introduced to his current long term girlfriend by Diana a few years ago; - What's the status of his relationship with this person? Is he about to propose? Is he happy with what they have? Is there trouble in paradise? Does he often talk to Diana about it in any way? - Since he knows Diana almost better than she knows herself, is he aware of her feelings towards his own girlfriend? If so, how does he process her unwavering support for their relationship? If not, is she placed in situations that make it worse (i.e. being asked for ideas for romantic gifts, etc)? Does he find it odd that she claims to be asexual if pressed on the matter when she used to date a few people in the past? - How is their past like? What did they go through in Tallygarunga? What did they go through after it? - Anything else is up to you; - Under the right circumstances, can double as Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons' illegitimate brother.
  13. Gideon Sharpe

    [RESERVED] Here are some pointers: - Suggested name is Gideon Quincy Sharpe but I'm not too attached to that nor the PB; - He is Diana Sharpe's (substantially) younger brother. She is his legal guardian. He's about to enter the fourth year in Tallygarunga and has been living in the institution since he was roughly 7 years old; - He was born in the rural town of Mildura to Muggle parents, Dwight and Carina, whom were against magic in general. His sister left to Tallygarunga roughly at the same time he was born, and thus they were apart for the first five years of his life. Nevertheless she sent him letters the moment she was made aware he could properly read; - His sister was taken away from Tallygarunga when he was 5. They were taught magic was wrong but she never subscribed to this ideology. Once this character started showing signs of magic, she both taught him how to control it and decided to run away with him for his sake - she wiped their existence from people's memories and magically manipulated her way to have the Muggle government grant her legal guardianship. Once leaving Mildura behind, she enrolled the boy in Whitlam Bilby while going to Tallygarunga to complete her own education; - Until a few months ago, his home was the actual dormitory he resided in due to Diana not having a home of her own, either residing in the Tally dormitories herself or taking shelter in her best friend's house. Only recently did she acquire an apartment in Melbourne where this character is welcome to stay during breaks or for visits; - How did this character take being ripped out of his hometown, whether he liked it or not? How is his relationship with his sister, despite her best efforts to provide for him? Does he want to go back or is he thankful for the sacrifice she made? - Anything else is up to you.
  14. Hailey Kennedy

    A few pointers on this one: - Suggested name is Hailey Summer Kennedy but take your own stab at it, by all means (same with PB); - She is a Sturt House member, and Lisa Knotley's first roommate in Tallygarunga - and the second one Lisa's made bad decisions with, to boot; - She helped Lisa through the grief of losing her father once she first moved to Tally. They became best friends very quickly, although she witnessed Lisa's transition from an amiable grieving girl into an ambitious monster willing to slaughter everything in her path in order to achieve success; - Used to be in the dueling club and most likely isn't in it anymore; - At some point, Lisa was dared to defeat this character in order to be considered for the position of Sturt Dueling Club Captain, since the current one was about to graduate, as they didn't want someone as rude and reckless as her leading the charge. However, they didn't expect her to not only take on this challenge, but finish the job in brutal fashion. The two best friends had a very one sided duel and this character was left humiliated in public, before all fellow dueling club members to see; - This resulted in her asking to be reassigned to another room, and not speaking to Lisa again, effectively destroying their close friendship; - Does she still hold a grudge? Does she want to forgive her? Does she want her best friend back? Does she want to humiliate her in return? So many possibilities; - Anything else is up to you; - Under the right circumstances, can double as Chloe Stewart's younger sister.
  15. Eddie Knotley

    Some pointers on the fella: - Suggested name is Eddie Michael Knotley, but you may change the first/middle names, as well as the PB; - He is Lisa Knotley's older brother and guardian. They are orphans - their mother passed away from Dragon Pox when Lisa was a toddler still, and their father perished in the line of duty as an Auror roughly two years ago; - His education was fully in Greyheme; - He should be in his 20's. When their father died, he was old enough to take legal custody of Lisa. He could be in college or in the work force, it's up to you; - He most likely had a closer relationship with their mother prior to her early passing than Lisa had, since she doesn't even remember her face (if not for pictures); - They underwent financial difficulty after their father's passing. This character withdrew Lisa from Penrose after the conclusion of the third year since they could not afford a private school anymore and enrolled her in Tallygarunga; - Lisa rarely comes home because she doesn't want to be a burden (financially or otherwise) to her brother, and it's up to you if he feels that way; - Does he like his younger sister's recklessly ambitious nature, or does he try to intervene? - Anything else is up to you; - Under the right circumstances, can double as Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons' illegitimate brother.
  16. Andrea Haynes

    Some pointers for this girl: - Suggested name is Andrea Galilea Haynes, and her original surname was Owen. Neither surname may be changed, but the rest can be. You can also change the PB; - She is Danielle Haynes' adopted sister. They are both dhampirs, orphans, and in the adoption system. She is 10 years old. As of 2019, they're both attending Tallygarunga/Whitlam Bilby full time; - She was born under persecution and had to run all her life along with her parents, as well as with Danielle and her own parents. One by one they dropped like flies as they ran and protected their little girls. This character's mother, Lily Annalise Owen, perished shortly after her baby girl was born. Eventually so did her father, Reid Isaac Owen, and Danielle's mother, Taya Jennifer Ramirez. She was adopted by Danielle's father, William Nelson Peterson, but he perished less than a year ago, leaving the girls fully orphaned; - Rescued by a part of their Dhampir sect in China, they were ultimately cast out for their own safety and exiled in Australia - it was deemed the safest thing to do for their sake as no enemy knew their name or age, or how they looked like, and some don't even know they exist; - Danielle is quite worried about how this character would process the loss of two separate sets of parents at such a young age, which is something that should most definitely be explored; - Danielle tries to keep her blood lust at bay via a steady supply of animal blood and blood-flavored lollipops; - She's roughly six years younger than her sister, and should be entering Whitlam Bilby's fifth grade regardless of magical prowess for her own protection; - Given that she was raised during war time and taught to fend for herself since she was very young, it's likely that she's a very capable witch despite only being at the start of her academic career; - Danielle made sure this character never had to kill anyone during the various altercations they endured; - She was born anywhere you may like because the 'family' never stayed in one place for too long; - Most likely multilingual (Danielle herself speaks 5 languages fluently to facilitate the constant travelling); - Should have very limited knowledge about how the Muggle world works, as well as interpersonal relationships; - Anything else is up to you.
  17. Roxana Lee

    Some pointers: - Recommended name is Roxana Miriam Lee, but you may change it as you see fit. PB doesn't have to be Indian at all, just did it for a coincidence thus far; - She is Natasha Roberts' step-sister's mother. She divorced from the father at some point in time, whom later remarried Natasha's mother. What she did with her own life is up to you (remarried too? Had more kids? etc); - Used to live in Melbourne when married and potentially still does; - Most likely a pureblood witch; - In all likelihood, she is minimally aware of the type of treatment both her own daughter and Natasha have endured at the hands of her ex-husband's new wife. Perhaps it would be in their best interest for this character to try and reach out in some manner to help them, and perhaps she has done so in the past; - Everything else is up to you.
  18. Angelina Luna

    Here's some details: - Suggested name is Angelina Marley Luna, but feel free to change it - same thing for her PB, Priyanka Chopra (I was going for the irony of the step-sisters being both of Indian descent but you can do anything you'd like); - She is Natasha Roberts' step-sister. Her father divorced her mother at some point in time, and remarried when she was in school alongside Natasha; - Went to Penrose for the first four years of her academical career, and then moved to Narrie and got transferred to Tallygarunga along with her step-sister; - Lived her teenage years under a very strict environment, as her step-mother was far too demanding; - Natasha sees her as someone to be protected because this character was the only person she had to talk to at home, and regardless of where their relationship stands right now, she still feels like she needs to look out for her anyway; - Should be roughly 18 years old, and out of Tallygarunga for a year now; - Likely a pureblood witch; - The rest is up to you.
  19. Nolan Luna

    Some pointers on this one: - Suggested name is Nolan Bronson Luna, although you can change it around. PB doesn't actually have to be Indian at all, it's just for coincidence's sake so far; - He is Natasha Roberts' step-father. He married her mother when she was enrolled in Penrose. His own daughter was also there, and she's the same age; - Divorced, had one child, remarried; - Most likely a pureblood, and he is the Chief Auror of Narragyambie. He was assigned to this position four years ago and had to relocate for it; - He should be strict with his children, but perhaps not as strict as his wife is - he does allow for the bullying to happen though; - Anything else is up to you.
  20. Sebastian Roberts

    Some pointers for this one: - Suggested name is Sebastian Ari Roberts, but feel free to change the first/middle names and the PB; - He is Natasha Roberts' older brother, and a quarter Fae squib. He should be somewhere between 20 and 22 years old, and I have a preference for the smaller number; - He was mostly estranged from Natasha ever since his parents got a divorce, and only met her again when she started undergoing Judo lessons roughly a year ago; - He is completely unaware that his family is not of fully human lineage; - Should have practiced Judo from a very young age, and be an instructor for it at this point; - Was most likely close to his older brother, whom perished in a freak accident roughly four years ago; - Play-by must at least pass for Indian since this fella is half-Indian; - Anything else is up to you.
  21. Harper Luna

    Some pointers on this one: - Suggested name is Harper Lucy Luna, née Roberts. Feel free to change anything except the maiden name. You may change the PB too; - She is Natasha Roberts' mother. She had three children with Natasha's father. The two sons she had were squibs, and Natasha was the only witch. As a result, she took Natasha with her during the divorce and left her children behind with their father; - She is completely estranged from that side of Natasha's family - she has kept no contact with her sons or ex-husband, and even forbade Natasha from approaching them, implying there's some sort of hatred there. However, it's not over the species issue, as she should be fully unaware that her children and her ex-husband are all part-Fae; - Seems to have mostly ignored her oldest son's passing; - Most likely got to a point where she prizes status and fame over anything else. She married an important figure and was very strict and demanding with both Natasha and her step-daughter, to such extremes that her biological daughter left as soon as she was legally able to; - Moved temporarily to Melbourne and enrolled Natasha in Penrose, and a while after she remarried they had to move to Narrie again over her husband's job demands; - Most likely does not approve of most things Natasha does, and actively tries to stop her from getting close to her father/brother; - Anything else is up to you.
  22. Hala Patel

    Here are some pointers: - Suggested birth name would be Srijan Talavalakar, and suggested new identity name would be Hala Patel, but feel free to take your own stab at it. You may also change the PB; - He is an Indian half-Fae, and Natasha Roberts' father. He's had two other sons as well, the oldest of which having perished in a work accident: a gas explosion. This happened around 4 years ago. He divorced his children's mother when Natasha was around six years old. You can decide if he remarried, had more children, blah blah blah; - Must have extensive knowledge of martial arts (priority: Judo) prior to moving to Australia; - There was something very important in his past that made him run from India, in all likelihood related to him being a halfbreed. It made it so he changed his identity and ran to a small town in Australia, and his eventual children were raised away from tradition so not to be lured into going to India themselves at some point. He hasn't told either of his children about the Fae blood in their veins. To help enhance his disguise, he passes for a simple Muggle, despite being a wizard himself; - His sons were both squibs, much to his relief, but his daughter was not. As such, during the divorce, the mother kept Natasha and he kept his sons. Him and Natasha were estranged ever since; - Natasha has been trying to approach him lately, having started to take on the Judo lessons that he teaches in the local dojo and being there for roughly a year at this point; - Anything not listed is up to you.
  23. 1999

    Why hello there, guess I'll try to suggest things outside the obvious! Samantha Hammond She's a ray of sunshine whom goes above and beyond to befriend absolutely anyone - I feel like these two would be fast friends. While she's a Bourke, she hangs out with everyone anyway and is all over the place, so that's not an issue. She's also an excellent people reader and oppressively selfless. She's about to take on her fifth year in Tally, making Alyona her senior. Rachel Ryan My little jerk of a Sturt (or one of my Sturts, anyway), she has a bad attitude towards everyone and everything, most of the time completely unwarranted. An Irish girl with a very sharp tongue and an extensive profanity vocabulary, she's easily antagonizable. She could either be perceived as a bully, or have the very alien thing of 'making an actual friend' happen to her, depending on how you wish to go about it. Meadow Richards Not only a fellow fifth year and a Flinders, but also someone whom (secretly) wishes to pursue medicine! While this isn't a known fact, per se, it's very obvious she has a talent for that sort of thing, so perhaps they may bond over it. She is friendly and dislikes conflict in general, so enmity isn't to be expected. However, as per her own parents, Meadow might find it difficult to bring herself to hang out with Ona outside of Tally. I have various others, but most aren't in Narrie in a permanent fashion/wouldn't have a particular reason to approach Ona (that I can see anyway), and my other Sturt wouldn't either. Regardless, check my splotter to see if you get any other ideas if you want~
  24. Lily's Lovelies

  25. Hillary Robbins

    Here are some pointers on this one: - Suggested name is Hillary Destiny Robbins, but you may change it (same with PB); - She is Shane Robbins' mother, whom raised him all by herself since birth; - She does not know who the father is, as his conception came out of a one night stand accident with someone she didn't know; - She owns and operates a bar in Melbourne that had a rough start, but is now doing better, named The Tipsy Mozzie; - Her son lives with her in the upper floor of the bar; - Since Shane never had a father figure, it's presumed she never married; - Anything else is up to you.
  26. Simon Malone

    Here are a few pointers: - Suggested name is Simon Wade Malone but take a stab at it if you wish, as well as at the PB; - He is Shane Robbins' father. He is not aware of this fact, and only spent one night with the mother in his entire life; - His family, starting at whichever generation you decide (even with himself), bears a horrible curse - the one of bad luck. All children born to this family starting at that generation are doomed to suffer from bad luck at a very high rate, at various levels of seriousness, but they can still have good luck - it's just that the bad luck dwarfs it; - Shane's existence is a result of such bad luck - he was conceived in a drunken night wherein the condom broke. His father left unaware of what transpired the next day without even giving the woman his name, and thus a relationship between father and son became impossible; - All of his family, both immediate and extended, is up to you; - Could be that he hears of a man with legendary bad luck and becomes curious of this; - Anything else is up to you.
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