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  4. Awright, finally got to siddown and think up of a couple things! Apologies for the wait. When it comes to the previously discussed Nareena & MJ thing, feel free to OP something anywhere! If you'd prefer me to do so, let me know. Now, let's dive into everybody else's shenanigans. Nareena & Chloe - A sixth year Sturt, while not an awfully social individual by any stretch of imagination, Chloe has accidentally made a name for herself regarding free tutoring across most subjects, in all years. She's helped out people above her own year in the past, so people under her year would be a cinch. Given the fact that the lessons are free and that Chloe has a natural aptitude for teaching, it could be that Nareena's gone to her for help in a subject or two in the past, if not presently. Nareena & Rachel - Two people of completely different worlds, certainly, but Rachel naturally drifts towards more bookish people despite appearances - mostly because she quite enjoys doing the same when by herself. Perhaps if the snark on both sides can be worked through, they could be on good terms? She's a newer arrival on Tallygarunga (around since Oct~Nov 2018) so it's perfectly possible that they haven't met yet. Something for the future! Nareena & Meadow - They both reside in the same dormitories so it's extremely likely that they at the very least know each other; and if Nareena's ever gotten into any sort of disaster magic-wise and didn't want anybody to ask questions when healing her, it's likely that Meadow was the person to go to. With that being said, Meadow has a bit of a need to be protective of her fellow Flinders colleagues despite former cowardice, so it's possible that they're on good terms and Meadow's taken on a bit of a role of 'older sister' within the confines of the school. Nareena & Danielle - A new arrival as well, she's the quiet sort (yet not antisocial, much like Nareena) and has a bit of a hard time getting along with people based on her being skittish in large groups, as well as being a Dhampir. If Nareena doesn't care, it's possible that the two know each other in some manner - Dani's been spending a lot of time in the school library, moreso lately considering she's trying to get her mind off of certain things (or people). Nareena & Ian - Another Dhampir, he is infectiously bright and cheery. He would most definitely have gone out of his way at some point to tear through the awkwardness and introduce himself, as well as do his best to be a good and helpful friend - even if they aren't friends to begin with. But maybe it's close to that?
  5. @FeererMe @Nareena Palmer RE: MJ & Nareena - Yep, I can totally see that! Comfort in silence. Maybe go a step further and say they sometimes do projects together due to being on a similar wavelength, borrowing from the study partners idea? They'd be on amicable terms to start with, potentially making the road to friendship easier. Unfortunately I can't go for the roommates portion of the idea because she doesn't board, she lives in Koonyah with her family (although if you wait half a year, I can offer Meadow as a roommate since her current one will be graduating then). Feel free to bring up any specific ideas for a thread, as well as hitting me up on Discord over this (and more things, I have too many characters). Though maybe this could help for a first thread: MJ's recently received an annotated DADA book from her sister that she's been getting through in her free time, sometimes in the common room, and occasionally she decides to practice the spells of that book. Given that she has a bit of a proclivity for pyrotechnics, every few attempts something blows up. Maybe have a situation spring up based on that?
  6. I only have two students, @Maxine Williams, and @Aspen Clarke • Maxine is a 7th year Spencer, she's nice overall, perhaps a bit too annoying and rowdy and she likes to play pranks on people along with creating a little bit of chaos or setting things on fire accidentally. Overall Max is nice, easy to dislike. She's not the most predictable character I have. Since she's been around she probably knows Max and they might have crossed paths, they are also in Wandless Magic class together, along with Max's roommate @Laurie Kempf so they could know each other. • Aspen is a 7th year Bourke, she doesn't call people by their first name unless they are family or play in the Quidditch team. Overall she's not a bad bean and is very social, but has some anger management issues. Aspen has been around since the first year and her sister @MJ Clarke is a Flinders. It's not a stretch to say they know each other, even if it's through MJ.
  7. Nonsense! I'm never too busy to up the threadage! I tend to always try to find time. (That makes me sound sadder as I read it. . . Oh well!) For Alexander either Reserve or the School is an easy fix, we can roll with what ever sparks! His Sister and young nieces are on school grounds so he has ample reason to be around regardless. The Library is a place he's seen more often than not too. (His Sister is the Scary Librarian, Adele.) Sometimes you just have to throw people in to aggravate the chaos and drum up the emotions! I can definitely work with impulsive too, I find that to be a far easier thing to get the hang of the characters. No grand idea, just a meet up, a place, and let things take off in storied fashion! If that's your kind of speed I think we can start tossing threads up (When ever you have the time, of course.)
  8. Hahaha, It's fine if she's oblivious. I don't think he'd flirt with her due to the gap in their age but that doesn't mean there can't be innocent fun and adventures which he's always in for hopping on to.
  9. Hello hello... So it occurred to me that I should try and take initiative. I recall the plot suggestions for Valerie that were added and they look lots of fun. How about we do the one where Val is trying to make Aiden be more sociable? She'll try and introduce him to all kinds of people, even ones she's just barely met. And pester him to go do things with her if she is going with someone else too. Good times to be had.
  10. So just a couple of ideas for possible character plots/threads. I’m completely open to tossing characters into any situation as I think that is the best way for characters to grow and for great story-lines to happen 😊 I’m probably more reachable on discord (Raven#2335 aka Bella) but I will try to check the site at least every couple of days if you tag/message me here. Maddison Brown Muggleborn Witch * 19 * VMU Student * Veterinary Healing Maddison was raised with her younger brother on their family’s dairy farm, she is the only one in the family that has magic. As such the family faces it with anxiety and caution. Maddison is a quiet and private person and it can take her a long time to trust new people enough to open up and let them see what she keeps behind her walls - she is a loyal and caring friend to those she trusts. Her determination and passion is centred around helping animals of all kinds and it’s her dream to work in a field that will let her do this. Ideas:
  11. Alright! I've been swinging my mind a bit on potentials, mostly surfing information (Because, really, of course I would be the one to forget key dates and information about my characters for a sliver of a moment. XD) Old Tally Connections: The first one that pops up is @Jonathan Azai, He was a Sturt (A couple of years ahead of Leanna) But he kept to the backscene of things, too much attention and notice hadn't been a thing he wanted or should've been bringing to himself considering circumstances. It wouldn't be any form of a secret that he'd been a Half-Fae either, the unique pattern of his eyes pretty much gives it away. While I wouldn't think they'd count as friends, I'd say acquaintance enough to be aware? He would've been considered a pretty stereotypical 'Silent Bad Boy' type, the reserved nature he had at that time being a pretty key identity point for him back in Tallygarunga. As well as someone who'd have been known to class with Purists from time to time given the Half-Breed portion, a commonality there I would imagine! This way maybe a stretch? I dunno! But there is also the recently hired Elemental Magic Professor @Derrick Ackers He'd be in the same situation of a few years ahead but he also had been a Spencer, around the time Jezebel had been, known for hanging out with her from time to time. Most likely to be known and voted as, 'The guy who'd burn a building down.' with his fascination with fire and the various uses that he could slap to it. Equally known to be a bully ejector of sorts, setting their text books on fire or entire bags, he may not have attacked an actual student but having them fail in class due to lack of material is equally as bad! He'd have been one of the heavy pranksters in the Spencer House. @Cole Lin Is potentially possible as well! She'd have been ahead of him by Four years, A Flinder's during his time and while he wasn't so much 'High Bubbly', There's an optimism towards things turning out alright with a bit of effort and hammering. He's the kind of guy to believe that kindness is an important way to show respect but also to show that a person is a person no matter what their state of existence, belief, or blood. While he is a Pureblood he doesn't believe in the purist regime, finding that it is a heavy extreme that paints everyone involved in a negative and horrid light. Depending on when she started VMU (If she just graduated within the last year.) Then they could've crossed paths there too, while he isn't taking a Magical Education degree, the focus of his degree would most likely intersect with a few classes. Future Splotting Connections: @Tyson McKennis Is probably the more likely start, A recent graduate from Tallygarunga who played Quidditich for Bourke House and the School time as a Chaser and part-timed other roles when necessary. The sense of dedication and need to establish himself as a commodity to survive has led to him constantly enhancing and improving his skill and usefulness of the field which had not only granted him a scholarship into VMU and other Universities but a few offers from International Teams. There hasn't yet been a decision on whether or not he'd take those offers and is trying to leverage each one bit by bit in his favor, to better his chances on being able to afford an actual roof over his head due to his home circumstances. While he currently attends VMU he's doing so under the degree of Law Enforcement, trying to keep his rear covered with a degree of some sort in case Quidditich doesn't pan out or the unspeakable occurs. @Vale Windum This man is someone pretending to be a Human, he doesn't let on that he's an actual Fae nor that he's also a thief against the rich. What is known, however, is that he's recently stepped into Australia and has been investing in charities, benefits, and organizations that are aimed at assisting the oppressed or those without a home to call their own. Considering Leanna's own hand in starting up something along those lines, there is the potential recent offer of monetary assistance to help keep that kind of program running. @Marcus Carsen He's a Journalist, One known well enough in the Melbourne circle since he produces his own Newsletter and hires various types of artists and freelancer's to fill it up as human interest pieces. Leanna's effort's for the Charity would be something that he'd want to place out a big informative piece on, something that he'd find shouldn't go unnoticed and the efforts of the few that sacrificed to make such a thing workout. A way to highlight not only the struggles and intentions but to also show others that things are being done and that it'd been an important component to the community and future productiveness to society as a whole.
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    Zay's Shenanigans

    Hey @Becca! Welcome again! Nox would probably pick up on the fact that Eva is a bit sheltered if she tends to haphazardly wander the outdoors, and try to keep her out of trouble here and there, or cover for her if she accidentally wanders off the grounds and into the bushland without an authorised companion (which would be authorised by Eva's guardians per school rules). Nox is also working around Narry wildlife so is bound to run into Eva if she's adventurous like that. So if that sounds good, let me know! Or hit me up on discord and we can start a thread!
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    @LilyCat I would love all of them haha! I think that @Lorelei Valentin-Blair and Eva would probably be buddies! Is there anywhere she might hang out in terms of threads? Also having a veela connection would be great especielly since she has no idea! I imagine her going to the doctor because she's confused and finding answers she didn't expect
  14. I have my 7th year Sturt (they/them pronouns), @Nox Ntonni, who transferred from a Circum Caribbean nomadic school (Callaloo Instituto de Magia) to get more economic/academic freedom and learn about the ecologies of Oceania at Australian schools. But their trying to transfer resulted in rejections and disappointment, so they originally started working as a junior ranger for Great Barrier Reef aboriginal rangers and learned about ecology through songlines before moving to live with the Longhursts in Narry after Tallygarunga finally accepted them. So they'd be new and would probably be a bit oblivious about Keaton and his reputation. They also don't generally react a whole lot to random poking and prodding, preferring to go with the flow or only when they can't move to the beat of their own nonsense--so could result in silly interactions with Keaton. They also share Charms, Transfiguration, Potions, Ancient Runes, Dead & Magical Languages and Wandless Magic classes together, so lots of opportunities to interact.
  15. I can offer @Evangeline Cunningham if you are up for a thread! Eva was sheltered by wealthy parents as well and they can explore the school and surrounding areas maybe! She is new to Australia and thus knows literally nothing about the place which could always make for some fun adventures as well.
  16. NOTE: This adoptable has already been taken in the past, despite there not having been any threads. This is the respective application. You can choose to either adopt that word for word and get back to me on plotting decided for that route, or take on what's written below, which is an entirely new idea and gives some flexibility. Don't worry about the account still being active as the player is long gone. NOTE: This is a take on the soul concept as presented in the Harry Potter series, and adding to that, the concept of a soulmate, and having both deal with the fact that they're fated to have their lives intertwined no matter what happens between them, or how much one wrongs the other. Only the middle name is negotiable, and the PB is as well; She is Lisa Knotley's ex-girlfriend, but isn't aware of the fact as the relationship was hidden in her mind; At least bisexual; Comes from money; Has had her memory tampered with without her knowledge or consent by Lisa Knotley, who, in a panic, erased any indication of a relationship after their fateful last night together in Penrose (during which they were each other's first time as well); She remembers Lisa as being a little ball of positive energy and jokes; Fantastic Quidditch player with potential to pursue a professional career in the sport if she so wishes; Her chemistry with Lisa should be very noticeable to others; Always been shorter than Lisa, and this used to be a running gag. Now, she stands 1 cm taller than her; Shares a wand core with Lisa, from the same animal, making it so their wands are twins; Cannot perform a Patronus in any way (not even non-corporeal) because her happier memories have been locked away; Must have not been a part of Penrose's Quidditch Interschool Team at the very least ever since Lisa left, due to her performance tanking; Anything not described is up to you. A way to describe her is 'a force of nature'. She's a bit of a chatty Cathy, making friends wherever she goes, and loves pranking people for a good laugh or two. Much like her other half, she enjoys a good challenge; unlike her, she has the ability of controlling herself and swallowing her pride far more easily, as well as having the capacity of being more understanding and caring of others - unfortunately, she's not the most forward person about her own feelings, and it has crossed a line into being mildly shy before (for example, back when she first started liking Lisa in their first year). She's always been one of the more popular girls in Penrose (until a certain point of her life anyway). Adding to that the fact she's a good student and athlete, one could think she has it all; that couldn't be further from the truth as the girl is deeply insecure of her abilities and needs constant outer motivation to keep her head on straight and move on with her goals. She used to heavily rely on Lisa for this (not that she recalls), and as such, from the moment the blonde left, things spiraled out of control. Jane first enrolled Penrose at the behest of her parents, whom wanted to ensure they had their daughter enroll in the most prestigious school of Victoria (which, when compared to Tallygarunga, it was an easy feat). Boarding the school due to coming from a distant town, she was roomed with Lisa Knotley, another First Year with whom she clicked instantly. The two soon became best of friends - Lisa needing attention, needing someone to reel in her ambitious nature and Jane needing someone to motivate her, the dormitory arrangement turned out to be a perfect storm for them. It didn't take long for them to develop romantic feelings for each other; just a little while after the first break started, Lisa went ahead and confessed her feelings in a heartfelt poem, presenting no fear for rejection, which was just like her - recklessness galore. The two opted to make their relationships secret - they didn't want to be relocated to other rooms in an effort by the school to keep them separate, nor did they want their parents to pull them out of the schools. As such, during most of the day, their interactions were mostly limited to studying together, joking around, pranking people and training Quidditch together and hope to Merlin nobody would find out, or notice. As it turns out, plenty of people suspected it, but not one raised any question about it. The years went by a bit too fast for their liking. As the third year drew to a close, they were hit with the news that Lisa's father had perished, and as such, she'd have to be pulled from Penrose at the end of the break due to her brother lacking the funds to keep her enrolled in a private school. They spent the break together obsessing over plans to keep in touch over the years; in the last day, as Lisa watched Jane sleep after they both finally cracked and reached a step in their intimacy that they hadn't before, she panicked. In a mix of self hatred, insecurity and self sacrifice, she cast a memory charm that hid everything Jane had ever experienced from their relationship to the fullest extent of her ability. She cleaned the area up, got Jane dressed, gathered whatever little trinkets they had acquired together over the years, and left. When Jane woke up the next morning, the room was strangely empty. The next couple years were very harsh on Jane. Even if the memories were locked away, her feelings and instincts weren't; not only that, but she had completely lost her main source of motivation. She figured that she had feelings for Lisa but hadn't figured them out until the girl had left, and no matter how hard she tried to know about it, nobody seemed to be aware of why she left or where she went. The girl didn't seem to have a QuillBook either, and her classmates stated the blonde had never really been interested in having one before to begin with. There was no way to reach the girl she had fallen for, and she was alone. The demotivation started to rear its head as well as her grades slipped and her competence in the Quidditch field took a nosedive. Recently she was informed by school staff that they couldn't just justify keeping someone like her enrolled anymore, no matter how much money in the world her parents had. Begrudgingly they pulled her from the school, and enrolled her in Tallygarunga. Little does Jane know that this is the best possible thing that could happen...
  17. [TO BE REWRITTEN] Pointerinos: - Suggested name is Justice Alexander Clarke. You may change that, the PB, and the placeholder birth date - just ensure he'd be in the third year of school; - He is MJ Clarke's younger brother. He is the only boy in four offspring. His mother passed away shortly after giving birth to him and his fraternal twin, after a coma; - Their upbringing was quite rough - they never had much money since their grandparents refused to help, having to rely solely on their father's work. Even so, he ensured they never actually lacked anything; - His twin, Vivian, disappeared from their Muggle Elementary school one day, vanishing without a trace. She's never been found since. He and MJ were removed from this school and placed in Whitlam Bilby as their oldest sister enrolled in Tallygarunga; - I envision him and MJ being on friendly terms but perhaps not as close as they should be - Vivian's disappearance surely left a hefty scar on Justice; - How did he personally deal with losing his sister? What was his relationship with her before the incident? Has he recovered at all? - The rest is up to you.
  18. [TO BE REWRITTEN] Pointers: - Suggested name is Maxwell Cornelius Clarke. You can negotiate both that and the PB; - This man is the father to MJ Clarke. He has four kids total, three of which enrolled in Tallygarunga - the oldest daughter in the seventh year, MJ in the fifth, and his only son in the third year. Said son has/had a twin whom disappeared when MJ was around 8~9 years old; - He is a graveyard keeper in Narragyambie. It's possible that he wants at least one of his kids to follow in his footsteps; - He once married a witch with whom he had all his children. Unfortunately, after giving birth to the twins, she slipped into a coma and passed away soon after. He's been taking care of the four of them on his own ever since, as no grandparent wanted anything to do with them; - One day, when they were all enrolled in a Muggle elementary school, his youngest daughter, Vivian, disappeared from the premises. She hasn't been found since. If you want to decide what's happened to her, feel free. As it stands, I left it somewhat open ended/have the family believe she was kidnapped; - He's become exceedingly overprotective of his children after losing his daughter. He took them out of the school and enrolled them in Whitlam Bilby at the behest of his daughter, whom had just learned such a thing existed because she had enrolled in her own first year at Tallygarunga; - I envision him being very close to MJ, although she doesn't wish to burden him. As such, whenever she does need advice, she sneaks off to talk to the graveyard ghosts instead of with him proper. It could be that they tell him of what she says; - It could be he knows that MJ sells little arts and crafts for spare change, to lessen the amount of money needed to be spent on her; - How did he deal with his wife's passing? How did he deal with Vivian disappearing? - Anything else is up to you.
  19. It's all good @LilyCat ! I took a little bit to reply back too, (got a bit busy.) Just a note: Nox is a metamorph that can wake up with whatever body parts, depending on what they're (mostly subconsciously) feel like, so they may look like a guy, girl, or totally androgynous, but they identify as they/them cus it's easier. Lorelei & family: Ahhh okay. Then everything just flows togethr by interacting with Lorelei. So we could have Nox and Lorelei run into each other on the reserve or at school and then Nox can gush about Jez and we can play it by ear from there? Nox is staying with the Longhursts vs boarding at the school so Lorelei is most likely to catch Nox "studying" somewhere at school (technically sleeping and using dream magic to study), checking out the library (though I dunno how'd they react to @Sadrienne 's Adele yet lmao), or helping out at the reserve. The last option may be easiest for me to get started since the term just started and I'm not in IC-magical-school brain mode yet. But if you've got a better feel for the library and/or study/napping ideas then I'm cool with those too. Stardust: Ah okay. Then maybe Nox could go and get a check-up on their wand or just run into Stardust finding/taking care of new critters? Cass & Cate: So Nox could start off just enjoying talking to Cate about books and then maybe become more comfortable with discussing other things. Since Nox has a lot of coursework to do this term they could talk to Cate a bit about that if they start running into problems or they could just talk about/get advice about adjusting to life in Tally/Narrie. Then Cass could easily run into Nox if they're hanging out with Cate (or Alex) and then shenanigans can ensue from there, or they could run into each other at school on their own.
  20. [TO BE REWRITTEN] Pointerdoodles: - This character's adoptable was previously taken, as seen here. The app might serve as an inspiration for your take on it; - Given that nothing was decided at all past the point of creation (not even plotting), you can also take everything described in that app with a grain of salt and just stick to what this page says; - This is Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons' adopted daughter. The Parsons are thought to be by themselves but they already have a secret fairly massive family tree, as seen here; - She was found by Evelyn and consequently adopted after being found in some sort of rural town, living in an orphanage. Their first meeting should not be past the point when she's 10 years old, regardless of present age. Alyona's magic had a bit of an outburst at some point which caused everyone in town to turn against her, at which point Evelyn swooped in to the rescue and brought her to Narragyambie; - From that point on she was brought up in a loving household, and had a very comfortable upbringing as her parents are very rich. She was taught how to behave, dress and present herself, and she most definitely has an edge when it comes to education since Evelyn herself tutors her whenever able; - She should be living at home rather than at Tallygarunga's dormitories as per Evelyn's request; - She should NOT be aware of her parents' less than ideal actions in any way shape or form; - While she should be on good terms with her immediate family, she's particularly close to her mother; - Anything else is up to you.
  21. Hey there, It's your friendly neighborhood Kai! Here with the plotting ideas! I suppose the most obvious start would be bring up Alexander Winfield. He's a recent addition into Tallygarunga at the start of the currently ending year, sorted into Spencer House. He's pretty much the friendly and optimistic sort with a strike of mischievousness when the moment and mood strikes. Which could be dependent on how he's physically feeling and if he could manage the random pranking thoughts that flood his mind. His real angle, aside from an interest in medicine is music. Going as far as to actively perform at random gigs and perhaps a live radio show or TV segment here and there. I can see Alex trying to be a kind of an older friend who tries to help him out when he can, given that he's willing to enter the library that is pretty much an area that Alex considers his 'stomping grounds'. Probably even checking in on Kelton to make sure he wouldn't be taking on too much by helping others, a kind of trait that Alex himself has that almost always ends up crashing on him due to the large efforts he makes. Something he'd want to try to help others with a similar trait avoid, if possible. There is also Travis Franklin. He is much more rooted in Tally in terms of his years in the school, a sixth year about to be on his way into the Seventh. While he's in Bourke and not entirely the sporty sorts due to the fact it'd most likely out his condition as a werewolf, he does find the art of sketching people at random a kind of sport. It is one of the few things he's dedicated to, the other being flirting with nearly anything with a skirt due to issues within himself. While he'd be distant in a friendship, he tends to be loyal enough that he is fond of those kinds of bonds. It's possible that Travis and Kelton could be friends in passing, especially since Travis tends to watch Quidditich matches to try and sketch them in active motion. A form of challenge for himself to see if he could accurately see the movements and motions in highspeed flight.
  22. River is kinda an open book. Include - River is the second youngest of four. The only real thing that I want to be included in River's personality is that she is the rebel of the family. She doesn't really care for the rules. River also has an older brother Chase, and older sister Jaylee and a younger brother Kelton.
  23. Jaylee is kinda an open book. Include - Jaylee is the second oldest of four kids. Jaylee also has a twin brother Chase. Jaylee is younger then Chase by 9 minuets. The only real thing that I want to be included in Jaylee's personality is that she wants to be a healer/nurse when she finishes Tally. Jaylee also has a younger sister River and younger brother Kelton. Jaylee is also often called Jay.
  24. Chase is kinda an open book. Include - Chase is the oldest of four kids. Chase also has a twin sister Jaylee. Chase is older then Jaylee by 9 minuets. The only real thing that I want to be included in Chase's personality is that he is obsessed with Quidditch. He is an up and coming star of the game, his preferred position is a beater. Chase has a younger sister River and younger brother Kelton.
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