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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
September, 2019 :: Spring

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  2. Tecri Plotbox

    @TecriI love everything you mentioned! Lexi is free to be extra friendly to Suho and try to get him into her games, and Aspen is free to taunt him because guaranteed it's going to be a matter of who does it first. I'm good with there not being an issue between those two, also due to the fact that Suho can't be bothered to really despise people and honestly, the only reason there's a rivalry in the first place is because they're from different houses. Nothing personal. And also the fact that she's dating Lisa, which Suho probably finds super icky ("Are relationships between Captains even allowed"). And for Colette, definitely! We should throw those two together ^v^ I have high muse for he and Colette so perhaps we could kick start a thread for them first!
  3. Joseph Taylor

    -Face claim is very open -CAO of a Shipping Company, left this vague, and the rest is up to the player -He’s Kairi, Helen, and Carter’s adoptive father -His family history is pretty vague; they’re muggles and pretty well off -Joseph is extremely careful, but an extremely hard worker -He travelled around the world straight out of high school, eventually ending up in Japan where he attended a language school and worked hard to pass the different levels of the JLPT (Japanese-Language Proficiency Test). He uses the language on a daily basis to keep up his skills Eventually went to Uni back in Australia -Joseph works a lot and isn’t always home, so he organises a family camping trip at the end of the year before the kids go back to school -He enjoys video games, films, comic book/manga and other geeky things -He was a little confused and distressed when he found out about the existence of magic -Anything not mentioned is up to the player Joseph was born and raised in Perth, but he didn’t stay there for too long after he finished school. Using the money from his trust fund, he travelled the world learning and experiencing everything that he could. Eventually he ended up in Japan where he met his future wife, who was a uni student and doing tutoring to put herself through her course. After two years of dating, they were married and decided to move back to Australia. Joe studied business after he got back and eventually set up his shipping company. After three to four years of trying to have a baby, the couple discovered that they were unable to have any of their own. This news is what led them down the lines of adoption and fostering. Joe is more laid back with how he parents. While he loves his children equally, he is especially close to Carter, who’s a bit of a daddy’s girl. He wants Kairi to become a social worker or teacher, since his son doesn’t know what he wants to do with his future.
  4. Savannah Nakamura-Taylor

    -Face claim is pretty open -The details of her family are leftpretty vague, other than they’re muggles, they’re from Nagoya and her dad was sent to school in New Zealand. Everything else is open. -Even though her legal name is Hina, she is more commonly known by her middle name, Savannah, or Anna. -She is the adoptive mother of Kairi, Carter, and Helen. -English isn’t a problem for her since been learning since she was a child, but she still enjoys refining it even after so many years. -Speaks Japanese with her family and has conversations with customers who are interested -Is a bit of a hover parent -Was completely shocked to find out that magic actually exists, but was accepting -Trained as a journalist but didn’t actually enjoy it -Any details that aren’t mentioned are up to you Savannah was brought up in a pretty traditional family in Nagoya, Japan. But she always wanted something more out of her life, this was what led her to study Journalism in one of the major universities in Tokyo because it would allow her to travel as much as she wanted. She was expecting to actually go against the grain of Japanese society and actually go into an area that she had trained for, though it didn’t turn out that way. In her extra time and to pay her way through university, Savannah set up her own tutoring business. This was how she met her future husband. They began spending time together outside of their tutoring sessions and eventually she began developing strong feelings for Joseph. After two years of dating, they were married and decided to move back to Australia, where they eventually set up two different businesses. After three to four years of trying to have a baby, the couple discovered that they were unable to have any of their own. This news is what led them down the lines of adoption and fostering. Savannah is very protective of her children and would go to the ends of the earth for them.
  5. Kai's Little Lies

  6. Lisa's plotting and random ideas

    @Lisa Sounds like a plan! I can always start it up! (Likewise, I do also have an Open up for Senan if that would be something Kairi would be interested in encountering!)
  7. Arsène Auclair

    PB is negotiable; Colette & Gwendoline Auclair's father, and treats Laurie Kempf as his own as well; Pureblood Wizard from Rennes, France; Fluent in French, German and English; Healer by trade; Keeps the illusion that the rest of his family is Pureblooded as well, when they're not; Anything else is up to you. Born in Rennes, France to a wealthy Pureblood family, Arsène knew the gist of what he wanted to accomplish early on in his life - his "short" term goal would be to become a competent healer so to tend to those whom needed it the most, and his second goal would be to cement his own legacy by being a family men and bringing at least two children to this world. He's succeeded in both but they didn't come without their fair share of issues. He was finishing his education as the war broke out in the nearby UK. Taking it upon himself to help out with the carnage, Arsène briefly immigrated to provide his services, being exposed to the destruction wrought by Dark Wizards for the first time in his life (and, at times, fighting them himself). Upon returning after that experience, the man decided to seek employment in a hospital rather than the Ministry for the sake of easier access to civilians and their plights, while a fear that another war could break out has shadowed his every move ever since. It was through that job that he met his present wife. He expected to have a family sooner or later, sure, but he didn't expect it to be formed with a Veela - it thrust his life into disarray once more as anti-halfbreed sentiments spread across Europe, courtesy of the use of Werewolves in the wizarding war. While his wife's status as a non-human was unknown, Arsène knew his children would eventually be in the line of fire, being halfbreeds themselves. Knowing Heide to be under the protection of the German Ministry, Arsène ultimately decided to abandon his home and shipped everyone off to Berlin so they could enjoy an additional layer of protection. They lived a pleasant, mundane life in the area, save for the times Heide had to leave for work. However, it became clear they weren't entirely safe due to the random, if infrequent, lynchings in German at large. Hearing from a family friend that there was a haven-like area in Australia for people like them, Arsène and Heide decided to take the plunge and move a second time with the Ministry's blessing. Can they finally find peace in Narragyambie?
  8. Heide Auclair

    PB is negotiable; Colette & Gwendoline Auclair's mother, and treats Laurie Kempf as her own as well; Full Veela, coming to existence in Bulgaria; Took refuge in Germany at some point and became an important tool under their Ministry; Fluent in Bulgarian, German, French, English and possibly a couple more languages; Close friend of Reinhold Kempf; Presents herself as a Pureblood witch so to avoid the persecution of her children, her ID showing her as being German (as issued by the Ministry in a deal); Deliberately makes plenty of geology, archaeology and history puns in conversation to amuse herself, annoy her oldest daughter and entertain her youngest one; Everything else is up to you. Heide was born in Bulgaria - if you were to ask her where, exactly, or how she came to be to begin with, she couldn't tell you. Being a smart being with a penchant for adventure and entirely on her own, she was quick to pull herself up by her bootstraps and realize the deep issues scarring the nation still under Ottoman authority; she soon fled the country, and spent much of her long life exploring the world (and Europe, in particular). At some point, in the 1970's, Heide became embroiled with the German Ministry of Magic. In order to avoid persecution from the very same country she had been considering briefly settling down in, the ever so resourceful Veela decided to provide them her services instead - whether they be archeological, combative, or through espionage. It was through these adventures over the years that she eventually came to meet Reinhold Kempf in the latter years of the century and came to strongly befriend the man. It was during one such mission that she was sent to Rennes, France, and she allowed herself to become infatuated with a human - given the man's youth and interest in forming a family, it appeased to her inherent need of having something she could call her own instead of forever being a drifter. Staying in the area in between tasks, they soon married and their two daughters came to existence. Her husband knew that Heide's heart belonged in Berlin, so he deliberately learned the language and sought out for a job in the area. Once he landed it they finally moved, and she struck a deal with the government that had been getting so much mileage out of her - being issued a Pureblood witch registration and ID, she was able to have her own daughters pass for Purebloods as well so to avoid persecution. As her daughters spent their first few academic years in Durmstrang, Heide soon came to an unfortunate conclusion - the anti-halfbreed rhetoric was increasing everywhere and she needed an even safer place, despite governmental protection. It was then that her dear friend, Reinhold Kempf, suggested Australia - Narragyambie, in particular - due to its reputation of shielding halfbreeds from harm. Taking the plunge, Heidi thanked the German authorities for their protection and moved to align with the Victorian Ministry instead after having her close friend refer her to them. Has the family finally found their haven, or are they still in danger?
  9. Kiru's Splotter 2.0

    This sounds like a fun, slow-burn kind of friendship. Mal's dad and grandparents are Muggles, but her aunt and uncle are Muggleborns so that whole side of her family is at least aware of the Magical world, which might make things easier on Meadow with taking a spot in a Muggle shop. This would be really interesting also. Since her heritage is a secret, Mal definitely wouldn't know straight away. Depending on how strong her thrall is, she'd probably just think she was crushing on Sam. She might noodle it out eventually, but that'd certainly be up to you as well and we could work that out in the future. I think these two could be really fun to play and would have the easiest setup. I see these two as being the types who normally leave each other alone, but occasionally nerd out about some new scholarly paper in Annals of Transfiguration or something like that. Mal is also roughly conversational in German, so maybe she likes to practice with Laurie (maybe to an annoying extent, sometimes). I'd be interested to hear from you what Mal could bring to Laurie's side of the table. I'm open to anything. And as for Mal & Gwendoline, I'd love to think up a plot for these two. Mal would be open to befriending a new Spencer from the start, and I could see them ending up as "dangerous science experiment" buddies. Mal is open for a business partner as well, so that's a possibility. Those are the options that stood out to me! Let me know if you'd want to pursue any of these first and we can go to direct message or I can hop on discord to work out details (or we can wing it and let things happen organically).
  10. Alexis Fairgood

    PB is negotiable; Kyle and Theodore Fairgood's mother; Senior Architect; Gave shelter to Diana Sharpe for a few years; Anything else is up to you. Alexis Fairgood is a respected Wizarding Architect working for Negative-Space Building Development, coming from a long line of people in that same industry. She had very little trouble meeting the family's expectations, having taken an honest liking to the trade and having the ambition to excel in it. She met her husband, Norman, while in VMU - being the same age, the two were in the same Architecture course and quickly hit it off. Eventually their partnership resulted in the birth of their first son, Kyle, whom soon displayed talent to follow in their footsteps. It took them another ten years before they had a second child, named Theodore. He showed a nigh unparalleled mathematical acumen unlike anybody else in the family but seemed to hold very little interest in the artistry portion of the job, not even bothering to pick up a pencil. This greatly frustrated the couple, whom expected Theodore to be like Kyle, and in their eyes he's quickly turning into a disappointment.
  11. Come and have a butchers.

    Mal and Albertine: These two have a surprising amount in common. Mal is also a language hound, and the two share a fluency in French. Mal loves to experiment with magic as well, though she tends to focus on Runes and to a lesser extent Enchanting. They're the same age, though Mal is a fifth year due to the timing of things (she was meant to go to Hogwarts, so she was slightly older than normal when she started at Tally). They could potentially be roommates, however. Mal's secret stash of trash romance novels could be supplied by Bertie, perhaps. Not sure about plots, per se. Mal is planning to open a mail order business for household Runic clusters and minor enchantments, maybe they could be business partners?
  12. Norman Fairgood

    PB is negotiable; Kyle and Theodore Fairgood's father; Senior Architect; Gave shelter to Diana Sharpe for a few years; Anything else is up to you. Norman Fairgood is a respected Wizarding Architect working for Negative-Space Building Development, coming from a long line of people in that same industry. He had very little trouble meeting the family's expectations, having taken an honest liking to the trade and having the ambition to excel in it. He met his wife, Alexis, while in VMU - being the same age, the two were in the same Architecture course and quickly hit it off. Eventually their partnership resulted in the birth of their first son, Kyle, whom soon displayed talent to follow in their footsteps. It took them another ten years before they had a second child, named Theodore. He showed a nigh unparalleled mathematical acumen unlike anybody else in the family but seemed to hold very little interest in the artistry portion of the job, not even bothering to pick up a pencil. This greatly frustrated the couple, whom expected Theodore to be like Kyle, and in their eyes he's quickly turning into a disappointment.
  13. Because a fire was in her head

    Hi there, Kirupachi! Thanks for posting with all your lovely characters. I'm sorry I'm rather late in replying. Rhys & Chloe Definitely makes sense that these two might have met at the reserve and maybe even have worked together a little bit. I like that idea of them just working on a task in a comfortable sort of silence! I think her deadpan manner might make him a little nervous but he'd still try to be polite and friendly, albeit in an awkward, low key sort of way. Her affinity with magical creatures would definitely impress him, anyway! From doing a bit of stalking I see that Chloe is a bit undecided about her future so I was wondering if maybe he could potentially be a source of information/advice about the magizoology sector eventually? If they end up sort of getting used to each as workmates. I mean, he's no expert yet or anything but his family background means he's got a fair amount of experience with creatures. Rhys & Jamie I like the prospect of some kind of random run-in for these two! The way they're both sort of shy and reserved but then more jokey when you get to know them better strikes me as pretty interesting common thread. I don't have any particularly exciting ideas yet, unfortunately, but perhaps one of Rhys' cousins is a big fan of his and when he recognises him around the reserve he feels compelled to ask for an autograph or something? Which I guess might not go brilliantly, since Rhys is terrible at approaching people and Jamie seems to like his privacy? Rhys & Natasha Oh, I can totally imagine Rhys being a regular at the bakery! He's got an extremely sweet tooth and is very much the type to bring along muffins into work to share on a Friday and stuff like that. I'm not sure whether that's enough for them to be friends exactly but if they did end up chatting a little bit over purchases he'd end up liking her a lot, I think, for her warmth and cheerfulness. I can even see him developing a teensy bit of a crush, haha, and just being a huge, stammering dork when he attempts to buy pastries. Her ability to speak to animals also sounds super cool and I am definitely down for Rhys catching her interacting with a critter! He's secretly always wanted to talk to animals.They've both lost siblings due to accidents as well, interestingly. Rhys & Mark You're right, these two definitely have a load in common! Both gentle souls, both artists and nature-lovers, and both rather socially awkward. They would definitely get on, I think, and like you said I imagine they could easily meet through classes at VMU or mutual acquaintances (perhaps a professor?). Maybe they were fellow wallflowers at some kind of University function or maybe (since I think Mark has finished or nearly finished his magizoology degree?) Rhys might have a project that requires the input of an older student and someone might point him in Mark's direction? If they end up friends Rhys would definitely encourage him to go for that career change! Idk, I can just imagine them being fishing trip and hiking buddies and stuff like that. Rhys & MJ I've talked with Tecri a bit and Rhys likely knows Robin at least a little so it makes total sense that he might meet her assistants! MJ's survivalist hobby and her ghost thing sound really interesting. Maybe he could accidentally stumble across her secret HQ or stop to lend a hand with an injured animal out in the wilderness? Rhys & Ian I'd love for Ian to come along and get in Rhys' face trying to help him with some problem! He would probably not really know what to do with such relentless enthusiasm but he'd be very grateful, I'm sure. Perhaps he might know/be a friend of one of Rhys' younger cousins or something as well? I imagine that at least one or two of them are still Tally students. Rhys & Ashley Yes, magic-proofed equipment would surely be something Rhys would need! I can see him being at least a little bit afraid of her, depending on how much of her caustic side she shows.
  14. Cindy Hawthorn

    PB is negotiable; From Tucson, AZ, USA; Renee Hawthorn's mother, and had her during the summer break between her sixth and seventh year in Ilvermorny; Very complacent and anti-confrontation; Divorced; Victim of abuse at the hands of her ex-husband; Fairly well off financially; Anything else is up to you. Cindy was born in Tucson, AZ, to a fairly well off Wizarding family. While she was mostly removed from the Muggle world for most of her life, it didn't keep her from venturing out during her breaks from Ilvermorny during her breaks; it was during one such break that she fell for Jesse Adams, a Muggle a couple years older than her, and in between her sixth and seventh year she wound up giving birth to a child, almost a month premature, after having conceived her during the previous Winter break. Her parents offered to take care of the child while she left to complete her final year in the institution. Jesse wasn't a present parent during this time, claiming that he was 'looking for a job' the whole time. Seeing the lack of support of her boyfriend, Cindy took it upon herself to get a job while going to college for Journalism so to support little Renee. Her parents helped her still, and Cindy soon grew frustrated with her boyfriend's manipulative ways and avoidance of responsibility. Despite her better judgement, love blinded her and the two wound up marrying shortly after her graduation (with her family, again, forking over most of the bill). As they moved together, her husband soon turned abusive, using emotionally manipulative tactics (and the ever so useful yelling) to get the better of both mother and child and guilt them into doing whatever it is he wished. She felt trapped, yet lacked the initiative to break free and escape. She managed to cover for her daughter's use of magic over the years. When time came for the little girl to enroll in Ilvermorny, Cindy lied to Jess and stated that she had been saving up to place her in a reputed private school a little ways away from town; enraged over never seeing this supposed money, Cindy was subjected to harsher treatment than usual for the following year, exacerbated by her being the sole target of that wrath as she forced Renee to stay in school during breaks. It all came to a head during the break between the first and second year for her daughter. Once Jess struck the girl over an argument (during which she was standing up for Cindy, no less), the woman decided that, for as much as she would tolerate over the man, she would place her daughter's well being above all. She left an anonymous tip to the police over the rampant tax fraud her husband had been performing ever since she'd known him; after his arrest, she hired a lawyer and got the divorce she wanted. She then realized that she had to get away. The fact of the matter was that Jess would one day get out of prison; she couldn't have him chase her or Renee. The moment the young girl touched ground in Tucson, she had her surname change to Hawthorn, Cindy's maiden name; she then wiggled her contacts right up until she found a stable job in Australia, and after securing housing near the school Renee would be enrolling at, she took her daughter and left. Feeling deeply ashamed over the fact she had let things reach that low point, Cindy never told Renee what happened throughout that year past the very loose details. Instead, she opted to give the girl free reign to deal with the situation herself, which has backfired over time. What can she do at this point to make things better?
  15. John Outerbridge

    PB is negotiable; Son of Magical Collection co-owners Christopher and Jaiden Outerbridge; Little brother to Brooke Outerbridge, whom babysits him often; Introverted and reserved; Likely doesn't have many friends; Anything else is up to you. John was born in Narragyambie to Christopher and Jaiden Outerbridge just under a decade ago. He took after them in terms of being the quiet type of person, always very into his books and more theoretical subjects (to his mother's delight) and has been a mainstay in the Magical Collection store ever since he learned how to talk. He rather enjoys the quietness of the store, and to learn everything about all sorts of items within it. His sister didn't turn out to be as quiet as the rest of the family, being an incomprehensible ball of energy. She's offered to babysit him despite her age ever since he was born, and at some point she actually got the gig, looking after him the best she can - though, she is a bit too chatty for his liking at times. He feels like she could do better in school if she tried but being the non-confrontational sort he doesn't say it out loud. His Whitlam Bilby years are going by really quickly, and soon he will be in Tallygarunga - something he's unconsciously started to fear. Is it truly the pandemonium he's heard of it being? As far as he can tell, his rambunctious sister is right at home there... That can only spell bad news for a guy like him.
  16. Jaiden Outerbridge

    PB is negotiable; Co-owner of Magical Collection, a second hand shop for various magical items and artifacts; Graduated in Magical Business & Accounting; Introverted and reserved; Brooke and John Outerbridge's mother, married to Christopher Outerbridge; You may have a say in the family tree and maiden name (other than husband and kids); Anything else is up to you. Always the type to keep to herself, Jaiden had a mostly uneventful childhood surrounded by books and mathematics. Always hailed as the smart one in her family, it was fortunate that the woman always displayed a genuine interest in such matters - and, later on, in business and economics. This early nurturing of her talent led her to making the choice of pursuing Magical Business & Accounting in Victoria Magical University, and later on to join forces with Christopher Outerbridge to create a little shop in her favorite town in the whole world, Narragyambie. Eventually she fell in love with the man and the two married. She later gave birth to two children - Brooke, and John. While the younger one fell in line with the family's generally reserved and introverted behavior, Brooke was always a ball of energy both parents struggled to control. Fully unequipped to handle her, they let her do as she pleased most of the time. Fortunately she seemed to have a good head on her shoulders as she's grown some sort of responsibility to help Jaiden and Christopher out when it came to taking care of John. As for the store, while it initially worked out fantastically - they managed to buy a good home and have a dog and two children, after all -, the novelty soon wore off and they could do little more than breaking even. Knowing better than just letting things go on, perhaps it's time for this business expert to develop some sort of business plan, or, if she sees it's needed, a backup plan to ensure some sort of safety net for the family.
  17. Christopher Outerbridge

    PB is negotiable; Co-owner of Magical Collection, a second hand shop for various magical items and artifacts; Formerly a curse breaker; Introverted and reserved; Brooke and John Outerbridge's father, married to Jaiden Outerbridge; You may have a say in the family tree (other than wife and kids); Anything else is up to you. Keeping in line with the Outerbridge tradition, Christopher has always been the quiet sort - not one to have many friends, he likes keeping to himself (and his family) and enjoys peace and quiet, preferring to read a book by the fireplace rather than 'go party', like teenagers would say. He isn't lacking a reckless, adventurous side to him though: in his younger days, he was a bit of a lone wolf curse breaker, his extensive knowledge over the matter eventually contributing to help out with the store he's opened in Narragyambie alongside his wife. Magical Collection was the brainchild of himself and his wife, before they fell in love - with his knowledge of magical items and her business acumen, they've taken the risk. While in the early stages of its lifespan the store earned them enough to buy a house and build a family, the profits have since dwindled as the novelty of the store started wearing out, and on occasion the shop's acquisitions dwarfed their sales. As it stands, they struggle to keep moving and have to form some sort of business plan to keep themselves from just breaking even, or worse. His young son, John, is turning out to be just like the rest of the family; Brooke, not so much. It baffles both Christopher and Jaiden how much energy can be stored in a tiny body, and they've always been entirely unequipped to deal with it; it doesn't help that they've been a bit too permissive with her out of not knowing how to handle her. Fortunately, the girl seems to have an ounce of responsibility in her body, having grown up to be quite the independent young woman who helps out around the house. But should he train her in the family business, or should he train John...?
  18. Shio's Folks

    Testing. Testing 1, 2, 3...
  19. I think we're alone now

    Awright, finally got to siddown and think up of a couple things! Apologies for the wait. When it comes to the previously discussed Nareena & MJ thing, feel free to OP something anywhere! If you'd prefer me to do so, let me know. Now, let's dive into everybody else's shenanigans. Nareena & Chloe - A sixth year Sturt, while not an awfully social individual by any stretch of imagination, Chloe has accidentally made a name for herself regarding free tutoring across most subjects, in all years. She's helped out people above her own year in the past, so people under her year would be a cinch. Given the fact that the lessons are free and that Chloe has a natural aptitude for teaching, it could be that Nareena's gone to her for help in a subject or two in the past, if not presently. Nareena & Rachel - Two people of completely different worlds, certainly, but Rachel naturally drifts towards more bookish people despite appearances - mostly because she quite enjoys doing the same when by herself. Perhaps if the snark on both sides can be worked through, they could be on good terms? She's a newer arrival on Tallygarunga (around since Oct~Nov 2018) so it's perfectly possible that they haven't met yet. Something for the future! Nareena & Meadow - They both reside in the same dormitories so it's extremely likely that they at the very least know each other; and if Nareena's ever gotten into any sort of disaster magic-wise and didn't want anybody to ask questions when healing her, it's likely that Meadow was the person to go to. With that being said, Meadow has a bit of a need to be protective of her fellow Flinders colleagues despite former cowardice, so it's possible that they're on good terms and Meadow's taken on a bit of a role of 'older sister' within the confines of the school. Nareena & Danielle - A new arrival as well, she's the quiet sort (yet not antisocial, much like Nareena) and has a bit of a hard time getting along with people based on her being skittish in large groups, as well as being a Dhampir. If Nareena doesn't care, it's possible that the two know each other in some manner - Dani's been spending a lot of time in the school library, moreso lately considering she's trying to get her mind off of certain things (or people). Nareena & Ian - Another Dhampir, he is infectiously bright and cheery. He would most definitely have gone out of his way at some point to tear through the awkwardness and introduce himself, as well as do his best to be a good and helpful friend - even if they aren't friends to begin with. But maybe it's close to that?
  20. Kiru's Overwhelming Character Dump

    @FeererMe @Nareena Palmer RE: MJ & Nareena - Yep, I can totally see that! Comfort in silence. Maybe go a step further and say they sometimes do projects together due to being on a similar wavelength, borrowing from the study partners idea? They'd be on amicable terms to start with, potentially making the road to friendship easier. Unfortunately I can't go for the roommates portion of the idea because she doesn't board, she lives in Koonyah with her family (although if you wait half a year, I can offer Meadow as a roommate since her current one will be graduating then). Feel free to bring up any specific ideas for a thread, as well as hitting me up on Discord over this (and more things, I have too many characters). Though maybe this could help for a first thread: MJ's recently received an annotated DADA book from her sister that she's been getting through in her free time, sometimes in the common room, and occasionally she decides to practice the spells of that book. Given that she has a bit of a proclivity for pyrotechnics, every few attempts something blows up. Maybe have a situation spring up based on that?
  21. Into the Rabbit Hole

    Nonsense! I'm never too busy to up the threadage! I tend to always try to find time. (That makes me sound sadder as I read it. . . Oh well!) For Alexander either Reserve or the School is an easy fix, we can roll with what ever sparks! His Sister and young nieces are on school grounds so he has ample reason to be around regardless. The Library is a place he's seen more often than not too. (His Sister is the Scary Librarian, Adele.) Sometimes you just have to throw people in to aggravate the chaos and drum up the emotions! I can definitely work with impulsive too, I find that to be a far easier thing to get the hang of the characters. No grand idea, just a meet up, a place, and let things take off in storied fashion! If that's your kind of speed I think we can start tossing threads up (When ever you have the time, of course.)
  22. Bare feet like a tomboy, and a crooked smile

    Hello hello... So it occurred to me that I should try and take initiative. I recall the plot suggestions for Valerie that were added and they look lots of fun. How about we do the one where Val is trying to make Aiden be more sociable? She'll try and introduce him to all kinds of people, even ones she's just barely met. And pester him to go do things with her if she is going with someone else too. Good times to be had.
  23. Bella's Characters

    So just a couple of ideas for possible character plots/threads. I’m completely open to tossing characters into any situation as I think that is the best way for characters to grow and for great story-lines to happen 😊 I’m probably more reachable on discord (Raven#2335 aka Bella) but I will try to check the site at least every couple of days if you tag/message me here. Maddison Brown Muggleborn Witch * 19 * VMU Student * Veterinary Healing Maddison was raised with her younger brother on their family’s dairy farm, she is the only one in the family that has magic. As such the family faces it with anxiety and caution. Maddison is a quiet and private person and it can take her a long time to trust new people enough to open up and let them see what she keeps behind her walls - she is a loyal and caring friend to those she trusts. Her determination and passion is centred around helping animals of all kinds and it’s her dream to work in a field that will let her do this. Ideas:
  24. Zay's Shenanigans

    Hey @Becca! Welcome again! Nox would probably pick up on the fact that Eva is a bit sheltered if she tends to haphazardly wander the outdoors, and try to keep her out of trouble here and there, or cover for her if she accidentally wanders off the grounds and into the bushland without an authorised companion (which would be authorised by Eva's guardians per school rules). Nox is also working around Narry wildlife so is bound to run into Eva if she's adventurous like that. So if that sounds good, let me know! Or hit me up on discord and we can start a thread!
  25. Becca's Bebe's

    @LilyCat I would love all of them haha! I think that @Lorelei Valentin-Blair and Eva would probably be buddies! Is there anywhere she might hang out in terms of threads? Also having a veela connection would be great especielly since she has no idea! I imagine her going to the doctor because she's confused and finding answers she didn't expect
  26. Splotting Lee's Imaginary Friends

    I have my 7th year Sturt (they/them pronouns), @Nox Ntonni, who transferred from a Circum Caribbean nomadic school (Callaloo Instituto de Magia) to get more economic/academic freedom and learn about the ecologies of Oceania at Australian schools. But their trying to transfer resulted in rejections and disappointment, so they originally started working as a junior ranger for Great Barrier Reef aboriginal rangers and learned about ecology through songlines before moving to live with the Longhursts in Narry after Tallygarunga finally accepted them. So they'd be new and would probably be a bit oblivious about Keaton and his reputation. They also don't generally react a whole lot to random poking and prodding, preferring to go with the flow or only when they can't move to the beat of their own nonsense--so could result in silly interactions with Keaton. They also share Charms, Transfiguration, Potions, Ancient Runes, Dead & Magical Languages and Wandless Magic classes together, so lots of opportunities to interact.
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