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  1. Last week
  2. @Samantha Hammond @Chloe Stewart Yo, when my break pops up Imma be swinging by to check up on ya' both. I'll have a bit of time on my hands, ya know? 

    1. Samantha Hammond

      Samantha Hammond

      Finally! I can't wait!

    2. Chloe Stewart

      Chloe Stewart

      I assume you'll be going to the dojo, then?

    3. Tyson McKennis

      Tyson McKennis

      @Samantha Hammond I'll try to make it fun. 

      @Chloe Stewart Yea, I figure I need to stop by more often. 

  3. Who ever takes notes for me while I have family stuff to handle gains my eternal love. 😉

    1. Meadow Richards

      Meadow Richards

      You're welcome, though that reward puts me on guard.

    2. Travis Franklin
  4. @Maxine Williams Happy Birthday. I do have a gift and it took me a while to prepare. Hopefully it will catch your interest.

    1. Maxine Williams

      Maxine Williams

      Thank you ❤️  

      You shouldn't have gone through the trouble, but I can't wait to see what it is ☺️

  5. Earlier
  6. Climbed the Southern Cross Tower today without assistance. The view to the Bushland was gorgeous! o((*^▽^*))o

  7. So. . . If anyone on campus sees a snake. . .? Don't stomp it. It's one of my dormmates. They kind of left the cage opened. Just let me know, I'll get it!

  8. Hey there, VEGE fans! Just a reminder, I'll be taking a break from personal recording and performances the next few months!

    But fret not! Many of the already hopeful and determined VEGE productions from other Musician's will still be done!

  9. I know some of you students prepping for Universities need a bit of 'Human Interest' events on your side. 

    So, I'll be offering a chance to assist in renovations of buildings purchased and used for younglings that have lost their parents or other relatives. It's a good cause with good efforts!

  10. Annnd Odessa does it again. . . Feline actually did leave a bunch of kittens under my bed. Lucky me. . .

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    2. Cat McNeedleclaws

      Cat McNeedleclaws

      @Travis Franklin I am taking care of them, as I have taken care of many litters before. I wish to look at these 'homes' you describe. Sniff things, sleep on beds and generally interrogate these future owners. My reasoning for declaring that you intended to re-home my kittens on a temporary basis is based on what you small girlfriend wrote at the end of her comment 'At least for the time being...'THIS implies a 'temporary home' does it not?

    3. Travis Franklin

      Travis Franklin

      This is probably the wrong part of all that for me to respond to but. . .

      Girlfriend?! I think you're misinterpreting much there. As happy as I'd think she would make some lucky bastard, I'm far too dangerous for her in a lot of ways. 

    4. Meadow Richards

      Meadow Richards

      Don't make assumptions regarding my situation or love life, thank you. That said, given the sheer unwarranted hostility, I retract my offer.

  11.  Remembralls are the dumbest invention ever. They tell you you forgot something but you can't remember what you forgot... Ugh.

    1. Maxine Williams

      Maxine Williams

      I can tell you what you forgot, but you got to meet in the park. 

    2. Amber Cross

      Amber Cross

      Was it something at school? Well, thanks, I'll take you up on that.

    3. Maxine Williams

      Maxine Williams

      Alright, I'll be waiting for you after classes 🙂

  12. @Jamie Collins, mind switching up gyms with me before the next time we go to one? Thanks.

    1. Jamie Collins

      Jamie Collins

      This is about the girl from the other day, isn't it?

    2. Shane Robbins
    3. Jamie Collins

      Jamie Collins

      No worries man, I'll look around.

  13. Anybody interested in some camping before the weather goes kaput?

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    2. Amber Cross

      Amber Cross

      You know what? Nevermind.

    3. Travis Franklin

      Travis Franklin

      Woah, woah. Relax, Ams. I'll go with you, alright?

    4. Travis Franklin

      Travis Franklin

      Just shoot me a day.

  14. Looks like I woke up feeling inspired today. This one's just for you, @Amber Cross. ❤️

    Look up! Is it a plane?
    Is it a bird? A broom?
    Such nonsense, it's a bane
    The harbinger of doom

    There's an airborne Spencer
    Falling down from the sky
    Twirling like a dancer
    Things are going awry

    The sweeper has been snapped
    Rogue Bludger did its duty
    The daredevil was sacked
    The Sturts take the booty

    The Golden Snitch is ours
    And with it, victory
    We'll be sending flowers
    Thus now you're history

    1. Rachel Ryan

      Rachel Ryan

      You're welcome.

  15. Last night's fundraising event turned out to be quite tearrific, if I do say so myself.

  16. Things are looking up :) Met a really nice girl yesterday at the gym, and she gave me her number. Feels good!

    1. Jamie Collins

      Jamie Collins

      I saw this and I'm heavily betting on her being one of those crazy stalker types.

    2. Alex Lin

      Alex Lin

      Psh, that's too tame. It's Shane we're talking about. I'm gonna go with psycho axe murderer!

    3. Shane Robbins

      Shane Robbins

      Come on, it's not always that bad...

  17. Note to self: don't ever pull an all nighter again when you have to go in at 5:30 AM the next day...

  18. Brownie keeps clawing at my new shirt. I can't tell if he loves it or hates it.

  19. Maybe I should cut back on the alcohol for the time being...

    1. Cole Lin

      Cole Lin

      What happened?! Are you alright?

    2. Alex Lin

      Alex Lin

      The really super short version to it is I got lost.

    3. Cole Lin

      Cole Lin

      . . . Alex. . . 

  20. Hm... Starting to think Quidditch isn't on the cards for next year.

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    2. Lisa Knotley

      Lisa Knotley

      Cross, I'll kick your ass if you ditch the interschool team out of nowhere.

    3. Amber Cross

      Amber Cross

      Aye aye, Cap'n.

    4. Travis Franklin

      Travis Franklin

      Contrary to popular belief, Ams, I have stack of stuff to get through. But I'll tell you what, I'll come to the next one just for you. 😉 

  21. Man, I knew the program would be a rough one but I think I'm more in shape than before. Didn't think that was possible.

  22. Just so some of you aren't surprised. . . I will be doing my preparations for leaving the country after graduation. 

    Don't worry, I'll give all my lovelies proper attention and won't stay away for too long. I'll pop in often. 

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    2. Travis Franklin

      Travis Franklin

      The fact you actually believe that about me is... Quite sad really. 

      Nope. I will be too busy frolicking, looks like you're getting basic stuff! 🤨

      Of course... I tend to forget you're a prime troublemaker, exaggerator, and have just generally bad opinions on all humans. 

    3. Cat McNeedleclaws

      Cat McNeedleclaws

      Frolick later, feed me!





    4. Travis Franklin

      Travis Franklin

      Well I can't really say no to you for long...

      Even if you are excessively mean and stretch truths. 

  23. Finally it came in! @Cassandra Sullivan Now, I know what you're thinking. 'How could the best guy in the world forget an Anniversary gift?!' 

    Well, luckily for you? I didn't! I just have to a bit of changes on it so that it's nice and special. 😘

  24. @Maxine Williams I found this shop that had a few baked goods. Bought some cookies for you.

    1. Maxine Williams

      Maxine Williams

      You're best ☺️ I love it ❤️  

    2. Senan Connell

      Senan Connell

      I don't know what you mean. Simply saw it and thought you would like it is all.

  25. The Tipsy Mozzie is now looking for part time bartenders! Please contact me or submit your application at the bar/through e-mail! No experience needed.

  26. I need vacations...

  27. El Bestia got caught in a magical mishap. If any of you see a large, grumpy three legged, one eyed green cat, do not approach!! But please take pictures, as I couldn't get a good look at him as he hissed and ran away.

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    2. Albertine Bellerose

      Albertine Bellerose

      No, he was already one eyed and three legged when I found him in Spain! The green though a fetching color on many does not really go with his dour personality.

      If you see him again, Senan, talk to him in Spanish.

      The experiment was not on him but I do want documentation, it'll help with future mishaps. Though, now that I think about it, Alex, you would look wonderful with green hair. Wanna be my test subject when I decide to sell this as a hair dye?

    3. Senan Connell

      Senan Connell

      I. . . Will try to I suppose? If it fits into my plans. 

    4. Alexander Winfield

      Alexander Winfield

      Green hair? I don't know about that. They wouldn't fit my eyes. But I will see about the whole documentation bit.

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