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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring


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  1. Last week
  2. I have a feeling that something bad is going to happen ... 

    1. Taylor Woods

      Taylor Woods

      What's up? You okay?

    2. Violet Woods

      Violet Woods

      I'm okay, for now anyway.

    3. Taylor Woods

      Taylor Woods

      If something happens, let me know.

  3. Earlier
  4. How long does a shoulder take to heal? I can't stand walking around like this anymore. 

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    2. Aspen Clarke

      Aspen Clarke

      @Lisa Knotley it's like I'm like a baby unable to do things.

      @MJ Clarke I think I'm too old for a babysitter. What we need is to be able to do things.

    3. MJ Clarke

      MJ Clarke

      And if you rest, you'll be able to do them sooner rather than later.

      You say you're too old to need a babysitter but you're acting like you need one...

    4. Aspen Clarke

      Aspen Clarke

      No, I don't need one.

  5. Guess I won't be participating in a wheelchair race anytime soon...

  6. I need a break from this house. Either my parents leave or I'll be sleeping under a bridge for a few nights. 

    1. Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons

      Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons

      I'd be more than willing to give you a place to stay if you need one, my friend.

    2. Andrea Riverpond

      Professor Andrea Riverpond

      As much as I love my parents, I can't deal with these scented candles anymore.

  7. I sometimes find being around the University and the multiple threads and colours and energies overwhelming. I know there is the Gallery place, but was wondering if there are other quiet venues one can spend some time in between classes.

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    2. Bella Mayfield

      Bella Mayfield

      Well yeah, it's the whole point of the library is being quiet. 

      You can still make friends at a library, it's the perfect place to meet new people. 

    3. Caroline Tanenbaum

      Caroline Tanenbaum

      Ah. Beats me, then. Sorry.

      Guess it wouldn't hurt too much for you to just wander around town one time or another without aiming at where to go in particular, maybe you come across another neat cafe or two. You never know.

    4. Amaleia Dawnstar

      Amaleia Dawnstar

      I will try the library... I shall simply have to stick to sketching rather than painting in there.

      I have done some wandering, but I usually end up overly distracted and lose track of time... as well as where I am. But it is another fine suggestion.

      Thank you for the responses, they are greatly appreciated.

  8. Can't wait for Summer, just one more month.  

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    2. Olivia Teagarden

      Olivia Teagarden

      I'm sure you'll be alright Ian. You'll see. 

    3. Cole Lin

      Cole Lin

      I will actually need to find something to do with myself in the Summer. Always rough!

    4. Olivia Teagarden

      Olivia Teagarden

      I love the warmth, it's so nice to be under the sun. I personally love doing picnics, especially group picnics, just gathering everyone and have fun, play some games. It's amazing. 

  9. Too anyone who knew me. I am so sorry I vanished, I can explain the reasons behind it. But, I am back in the area. I hope everyone is well, I have missed you all so much,

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    2. Remi Cornfoot

      Remi Cornfoot

      Oh, I know but...everything happened so fast. I had to rehome my doggo as well. I miss him. How are you?

    3. Travis Franklin

      Travis Franklin

      That's rough, he was a good boy. 

      Not too well, really.

    4. Remi Cornfoot

      Remi Cornfoot

      Merlin's saggy pants! Is there anything I can do? I can still kick people!

      I'm going to send an owl your way. I actually have something too tell you.

  10. At last, my brainchild is ready...

    Just in time for Halloween too!

    1. Colette Auclair

      Colette Auclair

      That's interesting. Is that thing you mentioned? Am I allowed to know what it is now?

    2. Brooke Outerbridge

      Brooke Outerbridge

      @Colette AuclairAh shoot, I forgot! I promised you you'd get to see it before anybody else.

      Good thing it's yet to be shown! Come meet me when you can, you'll get the VIP tour.

    3. Colette Auclair

      Colette Auclair


      I'll be there soon. 

  11. I can finally do whatever I want. My arm is no longer slowing me down. 

    1. Laurie Kempf

      Laurie Kempf

      You can do whatever you want, except blowing yourself up again. You can't do that.

      Well, you can, but I'd rather if you didn't.

    2. Maxine Williams

      Maxine Williams

      I don't plan on being involved in another explosion anytime soon. 

      Don't worry 

  12. Nancy and Sally are super excited. I wonder what will happen today.

  13. It's probably time I start considering moving out for real...

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    2. Alex Lin

      Alex Lin

      Shane, I swear to god...

    3. Shane Robbins

      Shane Robbins

      @Jo EstradaNo, not really. I guess I'm just a bit tired of living here. Plus I think it would do me some good to wake up in a place where I don't get woken up with something thrown at me 9 out of 10 times.

      @Alex LinHey, not like that! I'm staying in Melbourne, I promise.

      Though it's gonna be a bit rough, everything's crazy expensive around here.

    4. Jo Estrada

      Jo Estrada

      Why would people throw things at you? 

      Never mind I think I know why.

  14. I see the ball shtick is starting to make its rounds. Y'know what? I'm gonna host a movie night at my place that day. Open to anybody who's not going! Will be much more fun than all that crap if ya ask me.

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    2. Samantha Hammond

      Samantha Hammond

      @Amber CrossI feel like you could do really well if you ever bothered going, it's really fun.

    3. Amber Cross

      Amber Cross

      @Aspen ClarkeSuits are formal too 😕

      @Samantha HammondEhhhh. I'd rather not. What about you, are you keeping up with the seventh year Bourke tradition this year?

    4. Samantha Hammond

      Samantha Hammond

      @Amber CrossTradition...? Come on...

  15. Am I in hell? I have to be in hell. Who raised the temperature? 

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    2. Gwendoline Auclair

      Gwendoline Auclair

      @Laurie KempfThat name sounds familiar but I can't remember what it was about...

    3. Colette Auclair

      Colette Auclair

      @Laurie Kempf I know what they are, never seen one.

    4. Laurie Kempf

      Laurie Kempf

      @Colette AuclairWell today's your lucky day, Senior, as I know of good spots to find them.

  16. It's hot enough to day to hit the beach... In early Spring...

    Well, I'm not gonna complain. Gotta derust for the upcoming season anyway, gotta get some matches in before the nice weather goes away again.

    1. Robin Shaw

      Robin Shaw

      A trip to the beach sounds nice and if you want to play, whatever you will be playing, you should start now. 

    2. Paige Breyman

      Professor Paige Breyman

      Yeah, the sooner the better :) I play beach volleyball. Here's hoping I wasn't the only competitor with the same idea at the end of the day...

    3. Robin Shaw

      Robin Shaw

      Good luck. The beach is probably filled with people. 

  17. ...I'd say I can't believe people are working the 'arsonist' thing into their compliments now, but at this point I'm not sure if I can even be surprised on that front anymore...

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    2. Amber Cross

      Amber Cross

      Zeke walks on by
      He sets everyone ablaze
      Hearts soar with great joy

    3. Samantha Hammond

      Samantha Hammond

      @Amber Cross...Okay, it was worth it just to get the haikus back.

      @Ezekiel HammondI'm sorry to hear :( I hope this stupid rumor goes away eventually...

    4. Ezekiel Hammond

      Ezekiel Hammond

      Got to give time for people to find the next big thing. 

  18. Thanks to my sister I didn't sleep last night. I hope you're happy @Ashley Estrada

    1. Ashley Estrada

      Ashley Estrada

      Your fear amuses me, yes.

    2. Jo Estrada

      Jo Estrada

      One day, one day.

  19. All these rumors about pranks in school sort of make me wish I was still there. Blast from the past.

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    2. Ashley Estrada

      Ashley Estrada

      So mean, JoJo. What have I ever done to you?

    3. Jo Estrada

      Jo Estrada

      I should show you the list. And don't call me Jo-Jo

    4. Ashley Estrada

      Ashley Estrada

      I didn't call you Jo-Jo, I called you JoJo.

  20. Is it bad that I want something exciting to happen this week? It's been a bit boring since the chair incident. 

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    2. Lexi Stewart

      Lexi Stewart

      @Phoenix AuroraWell, then what are you waiting for? I'll be waiting. 

    3. Phoenix Aurora

      Phoenix Aurora

      @Lexi StewartWell, come by my room then.

    4. Lexi Stewart

      Lexi Stewart

      @Phoenix AuroraAlright, give me a few minutes and I'm there.

  21. I decidedly need to find me a Poltergeist.

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    2. Brooke Outerbridge

      Brooke Outerbridge

      @Robin ShawWell, thank you, kind stranger!

      @Colette AuclairOh no, not yet. You will know eventually. But for now, it's a secret. Shhhh.

    3. Robin Shaw
    4. Colette Auclair
  22. I just discovered a whole new room in my house. I'm highly excited about it. 

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    2. Jamie Collins

      Jamie Collins

      I'll drop by tomorrow, if that's okay! Today's a bit rough, gonna be training well into the night. Having a little break now.

    3. Phoenix Aurora

      Phoenix Aurora

      @Robin ShawThe bird does tend to get people pretty excited. Even the people that don't admit it!

    4. Robin Shaw

      Robin Shaw

      @Jamie Collins I'll be waiting then.

      @Phoenix Aurora Is not a hard thing to admit, I wonder who doesn't admit to be excited to view such magnificent animal. 

  23. I haven't felt this good in a while, but I feel like something's bad is going to happen.

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    2. Cole Lin

      Cole Lin

      I can help look. I can cover a lot of ground in a short time.

    3. Natasha Roberts
    4. Bella Mayfield
  24. The Reserve in indeed a beautiful place. I guess I was wrong about it. Might spend some time there tomorrow too. 

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    2. Phoenix Aurora

      Phoenix Aurora

      @Brooke OuterbridgeNah, something else! You know I'd never spoil the surprise before it's ready, B. I'll even show you too if you wanted, I promise it will blow your mind. 

      @Colette AuclairHow about at the edge of the Bushlands? It will be safer for us that way.


    3. Brooke Outerbridge

      Brooke Outerbridge

      @Phoenix AuroraWell, in that case. I'm in, whatever that may be.

    4. Colette Auclair

      Colette Auclair

      @Brooke Outerbridge Not exactly at what I was aiming but sure.

      @Laurie Kempf Alright, I'll see you tomorrow.

      @Phoenix AuroraOkay, I'll be waiting for you there. 

  25. A Bitter Defeat

    Lisa Knotley
    Oh, no. It seems covering the animated chairs fiasco made me gloss over something very important! But perhaps it was for the best, such grim news aren't something fun for any party involved and the prank was a much needed distraction... Disaster struck Tallygarunga's Interschool Quidditch Team this past Monday as they traveled to the Greyheme Wizarding College so to face against their own team. Halfway through the match, our lovely Bourke team captain, Aspen Clarke, was hit by a rogue Bludger to the back of the shoulder! From what I've heard the past few days it seems to be quite the nasty injury, not so easily fixed by magic - it's rumored that she's out for several months! Such a shame, as she had just signed to play for Melbourne Manticore for the next Australian Quidditch League season. I can't even begin to imagine how the girl must be feeling! It wasn't the only injury, however, as the Interschool team captain, Lisa Knotley, was clipped on the head by the very same Bludger. Greyheme must have one top notch Beater (or two)! The girl fell unconscious and it's come to my knowledge that she was put in an induced coma for treatment, although her condition is nowhere near as serious. She should be waking up soon! That's the reason why she's missing classes, if you're wondering! It goes without saying that, after the loss of two of the best players to ever grace our team, Tallygarunga eventually had to eat a loss to Greyheme. Humiliating indeed, yet I hope for both captains' speedy recovery, and so should you! Perhaps I should send in a bouquet for well wishes...
  26. Who even needs chairs or tables to run a class? Kudos to the prankster though, that's a good one!

  27. It's funny how everyone's chairs are just running around and the ones in my classroom are perfectly still. 

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