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    [align=center]Plot | Rules | Species/Ranks | Magic System | Wanted | Advertise3-3-3 RatingNo word countIn a world where the sun is red, plants are brown, and ashes fall from the sky, the Lord Ruler controls his empire with a tight fist. The society is divided into noblemen and the enslaved skaa, and mysterious creatures roam the land alongside the humans. The koloss, gigantic blue monsters with a thirst for blood, and the kandra, who can take the shape of any person. The world has long feared the mysterious mists that come out at night, but the rumors are coming alive as the mists begin to take lives.[/align]
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    "You're the animated kind of person aren't you? Hahaha." A smirk that shined more like a smile drew on his lips as he watched Luka perform another magical demonstration to emphasize the point. Honestly, he wasn't sure how to take this form of lesson when the 'two parts of him' were part of the reason for his current decay amongst other factors. One of his hands shifted through his hair in consideration on how to truly answer - of course - every thought came to the same response. "I'll try to keep that in mind. Can't really guarantee it will always pop into mind! But I also can't really make that kind of promise but anything." The most he could ever do is put effort into it anyways, which he assumed had been the point. Alexander's eyebrow raised up for a moment as he watched the Professor move away from him and then return with a book in hand. "Say what now?" The tone in his voice was at first a clear confusion while he grasped for the book that had been presented to him. "Ah ha, in time maybe? Have to see what this year and my final year brings out!" If there -was- a final year of school for him, chances had been amounting that this would most likely be it. "Contacting my ancestors? You know, last time I tried to contact someone that preceded me it didn't actually go to well." It was a partial joke on his part. Yet with a grain of truth, finding his 'Real Mother' turned out to be a larger let down than anything he had experienced in life, that much was for sure. "Are you really sure you should be giving me something like this? It seems pretty important to your heritage - you know to pass on to your own kids." He wasn't entirely sure how to feel holding this book in hand or even if it would work for him in particular. A long hum presented itself in him as he considered the larger dangers behind even attempting it.
  8. Open I'm here for the party

    Derrick felt out of place not properly 'crashing' a shindig like this and maybe it was partially because he hadn't dragged along one of the few people who would usually encourage him to act out like a pure juvenile. But everyone needed that 'let loose' feeling, life was too suddenly ended not to take up the old childish ways to add a bit more. At the same time. maybe there wasn't anything wrong with a casual social environment just to let people have the weight fall away and relaxation to kick in. "Well, to be expected! It is a celebration for someone who just woke out of a coma. After a pretty long time being stuffed in a bed at that." The thought alone made his joints feel a bit heavy, he could only imagine what the person who had to go so long without proper use of their limbs would feel. Soreness, occasional lock ups with the constant physical therapy behind it - That is if they didn't use magic. "Haha, it could also just be the fake alcoholic drink making you say that! Give it a few minutes you'll be regretting it is nice to meet me." He joked while taking a quick sip from the glass that settled in his hand. A nod flowed from him with ease. "It's a real boost up for the community. Between the criminal being about and the school having a lot of Auror defenses on it, probably has a lot of parents worried and concerned. Much more than the students are at any rate." @Dalton Chang
  9. Where did "Mousie" go?

    Panic not! I'm still here - I've just changed my username. It's something I've wanted to do for a while, but always felt that the name Mousie was too well associated with Tally to make a clean break. But I'm doing it anyway! I will probably still answer to Mousie, but from now on this shall be my username.
  10. Open running over

    Already a couple drinks into the part, Susan was thrilled at the events that had transpired. She had only known Mat a short time before the accident it seemed, but he was still family and she welcomed him back just the same as anyone else. She was greeting one of her former classmates from Tally, and had taken a couple steps back right into someone, and she slopped some of the beer she was holding down the front of her sweater. "Ah! No worries!" she grinned and held the glass out a bit to let it settle and drip onto the floor. She was close enough to the bar to grab a couple of napkins to clean up the small spill and start sopping up what was on her sweater. it wasn't the first time she had spilled a drink on herself, and it probably wouldn't be the last. "Yeah, Its been a while since Matts been around. It's good to have him back." Susan downed a good third of her beer now, to prevent any more spills, and nodded a bit. "I'm Susan. I feel like I've seen you around Narrie occasionally, right?"
  11. Open I'm here for the party

    The good part about this party stuff was that he was able to be social and all that with people. This had been a fun time thus far, and he'd just awkwardly made way through crowds of people to see someone who acknowledged him. "Indeed, it is very FUN here! A loud crowd, music...mocktails...yep a good old time!". He had been happy being here, and wasn't socially awkward about it at all. Dalton had no drink in hand still, but had been a tad bit curious now to try a "mocktail" or whatever it had been called. "Nice to meet you too. It's nice to see people I never met around here before." "Yes, enjoying it here indeed, and indeed again I am happy to hear the man woke up from the coma." He'd heard about the man, but nothing really more than he owned the bar. @Derrick Ackers
  12. Cleaning up

    Luka smirked and clasped his hands, "There are always two sides to every coin." He nodded and pulled his wand out, spinning it a coin materialized in the air, "One side, might not like you, might not get along with you, or even agree with you." He flipped the coin, "But the other side, they will be there, they will listen and help you, guide you." He smirked and tossed the coin to Alex, "Always remember this lesson." Luka stood up and paced the room, an idea struck him and he walked over to his cabinet and smirked, "I got an idea." Pulling out an old book he nodded, "Written by my grandfather, not wandless magic, but then again I'm not your teacher for that." He walked over to Alex and proffered it, "It's about contact your ancestors, he gave it to me so that I never forget, but I think you would benefit from it more than I will." With asmirk he nodded, "This will walk you through how to get in contact,let you walk with them, learn from them."
  13. Open Relaxing in the Brush

    Luka nodded and sat down on the rock, "Leaving Charms sounds like a good idea, injured animals tend to stay in one area till they are safe." He nodded and pulled out his wand, "Charms are better with wands, let me help." He began to chant in a native tongue, waving his wand about, leaving various charms about. "I left some cage charms, a few trigger alarms, and a beckoning charm." He nodded and thought for a moment. "As for what you can give me, don't worry about it, if my grandather heard I were teaching someone outside of the school and charging for it, he would find me and tar me." He nodded and slide his wand away, "I hope the charms work, I'm not good at using a wand much, but it's better for precise charms and enchantments." He nodded and crossed his legs, "He instilled in me a desire to learn, to teach, and spread my knowledge, I only get paid by the school because I have to make a living some how, and it'smuch more complicated then one on one.
  14. Rika's Plotter

    I have two characters, one is a secret werewolf, @James Almoor There is actually an open thread with him in Korrowi Creek going all werewolf. Then I have @Illuka Wenz Wandless Magic Professor...I don't know what to say, I'm terrible at plotting things out and am an organ writer...I'm sorry.
  15. Cleaning up

    "Tell her? I'd be scolded for not bringing it up to her sooner than when I found out! I'd be in equally the same amount of trouble." He snickered as he rubbed the back of his neck with a slight shake of his head. As anal as she could be about books that was a rare passion to hold in a lot of librarians, something he managed to admire. "I'm surprised most of you teacher's don't hang out and pow wow or something. There are a lot of you that are uh. . . Eccentric - yes." The scholarly way to say 'Weirder than two peas in a pod on a winter day. "I'm always fearing for my life, Prof." He spoked jokingly, maybe it was a bit morbid. He had to remember that Cassandra didn't entirely approve of his more 'Macabre' humor when it came to his unique health situation. "Wand woods don't really do much for me currently - More specifically - I don't actually have any capability to bond with any that I have come across." Of course, being in a position where blood rejected the ties of magic in more ways than one probably played a major role in that situation. "Afraid? Well, more so afraid for the safety of others." The nail of his index finger scratched just above his right eyebrow against his forehead. He chuckled a bit at the spiritual nature behind the explanation. In Alexander's eyes it was the actions of his 'Ancestors' that caused the issue in the first place, other than it being a factual reality. "Oh, no doubt! Music is a type of healer that most don't even know. It has the potential to wake a man in a coma from pulling on the strength to just listen in on the melody, it has the power to ease the aches and pains of a child stuck on a hospital bed for one reason or another." That much he experienced personally which held a stronger bind on to him and his reasons for continuing to play music. "But I'm pretty sure half of my ancestors won't ever answer me. They tend to be the mean type of folks."
  16. Open Enjoying that bit of time

    "Say what now?" Caught off guard from the sudden voice his eyes glanced around for a moment until he found a somewhat short-looking young male leaning against the bar counter. The way he drank from the glass slapped a smirk on Alexander from the amusement of it. The tip of his finger slowly traced the lining of his own near-empty glass for a moment before grasping it within his hand to bring it to his lips and take another gulp from it. "I think every instrument is for public use. Private is just a way to get out the personal feelings but public is that moment you're ready to belt it out with a strengthened resolution. That or just so you can psyche yourself up and the crowd." A small snicker vibrated from him. "Passion is pretty important in 'The Game', without it you can't really pump up your ambition to try and make it. Some folks play to be famous, some just to reach others - and the rare few? Both. Those duality ones have the heaviest passion you'll see." He coughed a bit to jostle his own mind from talking about the thematic of music. "I guess I could play a bit. I haven't had the time lately to practice but I don't think I'm really too rusty." He leaned back for a moment as his mind began to wander a bit. "Man, when was the last time I played for a massive audience- Oh right, that major party at the beginning of the school year." A fond sigh puffed out from him as he nodded in satisfaction. "I'll need to pull a song out of thin air to play, probably better to play one I use often. Second nature and all." Alexander extended his hand out towards Iggy. "The names Alexander, I don't think we've had the chance to really meet."
  17. Invite how do I...

    Alex wasn't sure if he should have seen it coming but he also wasn't going to curse the fact that he had managed to get more time to hang around her before she had decided to run off. "I get it, I mean. . . For a few months I didn't really feel like I 'belonged' with my Sister and her family that she grew. I was. . . So out of sorts, a stranger amongst strangers. I took them easily but even then there was so much that I didn't know, I didn't understand. That I still don't truly understand." His teeth bit into his lower lip to chew lightly as he took in a deep breath before exhaling it out. "But I know now that it's really the struggles that make the belonging hold a feeling, you know? When you go through ups and downs and the tough times they either push people away or make them grow stronger together." Whether they were truly 'closer' would remain a bit of an enigma, at least until his own situation was closer to 'fixed' as it could be. "Why not? I mean, you belong with your dad's that much is true. It may not feel like it but their home is your home and they try to make it that for you." He glanced towards her with his head tilted to the side. "Besides, you also belong around me. Well, more so you're -stuck- with me, but that's just me making it sound nicer." A friendly wink beckoned from him as he smiled widely. As they exited his hands pressed into his pockets to protect from the chill. "You're, like, one of my best friends and all after all." Something inside told him he needed to make that clear to her. A weak chuckle escaped from him. "I'm happy - we're happy. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried or concerned. When you know time is every bit of a commodity than usual, it makes you wonder if you're going to be impactful enough to offer that happiness before 'Times up.'" That was his problem, across the board, it didn't extend just to Cassandra. To his friends, family, and, of course, the fans. Would he have enough of a life to invest productive intentions? To inspire someone, anyone, to find their own greatness? "That's why I'm still supportive of your fashion dream. Being a mother just means you'll be even MORE admired, someone who took to their dreams and provided for the life in them. Granted, I think you'd make an awesome mum too."
  18. Invite hiding

    It was rare for him to gain the opportunity to see the more virulent sparks that formed of Violet's opinions or view-points. While he expected it was a major part of her view, considering the school she worked for, he hadn't considered it was this strong. "Oh, ya' gonna show me, huh? Well, if it's you I don't think I'll mind too much, yea?" A grin twisted onto his face after she had nudged him. "People will judge me harshly regardless. Get too good? You get super hate on one end, accolades on the other. Fall short from their expectations? Ya' get more hate than a Death Eater in Europe." He had expected intense criticism no matter what road he walked, the intensity would be different depending, but the moment things would hinge on a public view everyone would be judged. "But it's still a double-edged route, yea? Sure, the ladies have to work harder to prove it - but so do guys. It may seem easy but the burden is knowing people expect you to be good -because- of what's between your legs dangling. If a gal fails it's either ridicule or 'she tried her best', for a guy? It's only the best or ridicule. No middle ground." That had been a bit of his own experience, no doubt having to prove you're capable was a much harder slope to work - but trying to prove you weren't near useless was also a challenge when it came to male perceptions. "And yea' I get you, I definitely feel that you're trying to keep me learned from your mistakes in the past. Or, at least the stuff you feel are truly mistakes. The whole 'whether they're actually mistakes or not' still is a personal view in some cases." His hand squeezed hers tightly, securely as he conveyed the next words. "But I ain't worried too much about the weight. I was bred strong but I also have a pretty strong woman nearby that I can trust and know supports me. It'd be rough but I trust this combined strength." He liked her - A lot or more specifically, wanted her more than he would have expected. "Aaah, get the pillows and stuff. I'll look at it as alternative weight training. Get the muscles buffed up!" He made a playful flex motion and then lowered his arms. "Oh, yea? Train me, huh? Hahaha. Somethin' tells me your training is like a walk through hells fifth gate."
  19. i'm well acquainted with the villains that live inside my head

    "That must be a walking temptation - even more so where I so effortlessly keep walking into your path." He spoke as if he had no idea that he was a walking potential morsel, a tease of the blood that pumped. At least only as long as she was nearing the hungry moments which he had been lucky enough that she had been feeding on a consistent enough basis for when his random arrivals would occur. Even after such a description his body would instinctively relax into the seat of the sofa almost as if it lacked the survival instinct to realize the true extent of the danger. "The beast inside seeks to feast and feed - a roar that can hardly be ignored and only seems to get louder the longer you are without something to slake your throat." The raw personification of 'Hunger' and 'Ferocity' rolled up into a single humanoid. He snorted lightly as he glanced away from her for a moment before fixating the odd hues of his eyes on her once more. "Survival isn't something that should be looked towards as a bad thing. Anyone that has survived are forever different - yours just happens to be one of the few cases where it's extremely different. But you're still who you are, mentally, you ultimately decide how you want to walk forward. Maybe not in pride what you hate to do but more so a pride in knowing you came out where others may have died." From his perspective, the way she had been left could have caused a heavy mental lapse - Crazed vampires weren't uncommon. Especially those that found it a burden as the thoughts would eat away at their mind by the decades. The consideration that had thundered through his mind was a daring one - foolhardy and yet the potential result of it held an interest to him. "I would be willing to provide more and extra." He raised one of his hands upwards as the tips of the limbs gently traced along Stella's jawline. Jonathan sporting a short smile as an expression. "I suppose it wouldn't be too bad to supply you with blood every now and then either."
  20. Open Relaxing in the Brush

    It was the way most animals reacted. She did the same thing honestly, she liked to hide when she was injured, or sick. she sighed. ”I just hope it’s safe.” she said. It was the truth, she really did hope the poor thing was alright. She nodded. ”Well I was rubbish enough my teacher told me to switch out of the class and take something else, I ended up taking some sort of geography class… it was not much better.” She said with a laugh. ”I was always more interested in the magical creatures, and healing classes.” Keeley felt she was so much better at that. She really was so much better at that. She nodded. ”I do, there is quite a menagerie there. You should come by sometime and see. I take in the misfits so to speak, some have been abused, some have been placed there by the ministry in order to get them out of a bad situation or they are here illegally. The Magical Creatures classes come sometimes to see some of them.” she said. ”Oh I already looked high, I didn’t have much luck either. I think the thing must be bunkered down somewhere. I’ll leave some charms just in case the thing walks back.” There was an offer to help her and she perked up a bit. She had not thought much about it once she graduated. She smiled at him. ”That would be amazing honestly. I could do something for you in return. Maybe? I mean I could give you some sort of magical creature lessons or cook a dinner?” she had no idea what the food was like at Tally. ’however you want to trade?” she offered.
  21. Invite how do I...

    Frankie nodded. ”I was.” she was being honest. ”I wanted to go somewhere I might feel as though I belonged.” she said honestly. She was looking for the magical feeling of belonging. She felt a lot of her feelings were driven by the hormones now. She let out a sigh as she leaned against the counted. She was easily tired now. The whole living with another life inside of her was such a strange thing. Her Dads had been great honestly. They were mad at her for running instead of telling them what the hell was going on. However, Orion’s sister and brother were in constant contact with them as they searched for the pair. She had to admit that she missed Orion. Letting out a small sigh she shrugged. ”I suppose.” she let out a soft sigh. ”I don’t think its one of those things that will really change for me you know?” she wondered why anyone would want her when her mother didn’t want her. That was such a painful feeling. She knew how lucky she was to have the family she had, but there was always that little hint of doubt in her mind. They headed towards the exit. Though Frankie thought they were too young, it was not really for her to judge. ”Alex if you are happy, I am happy.” That was all she could really say as his friend. If he was happy, then she was happy. Not everyone worked the same way. She figured if her days had been numbered she may have married Orion. However she was having his kid- if things worked out she would be happy, if not she could only hope they were able to co-parent. ”No understands anything until they have experienced it themselves. All I can say is that as long as you both are happy I am happy for you.”
  22. Open Relaxing in the Brush

    He nodded and looked at the sky, "Things do like to hide, even more so when they're injured." He looked at her and smiled sheepishly, "Might have been me you heard, I come out and play this every so often, connect to my ancestors." He held up the didgeridoo, "I find it is relaxing, keeps me focused and centered....great for making my magic better." Looking Keely over he smirked, "You know, everyone think's they're rubbish at wandless magic, but it just takes practice, I'm rubbish at magic WITH a wand, never got mine till I was about fifteen."| He pulled out his wand and looked at it, Lacewood, and odd wood type for a wand. "Grandfather made it, or so he told me." "So, you own the Ranch, I've seen it a few times when I was exploring, bet there are a lot of animals there...seems like such a friendly place." He looked around once more, ears open for anything, "But you said you were hunting a flying animal, hurt...checking low might not have been a wise choice, always check high, even if it's injured they always find a way to get up high." "You asked if I like teaching, I love it, got hired on the stipulation I can teach my method, not the way they say to do it in books...Much easier to explain the way I was taught, so many less rules...more natural." He nodded and ran a hand over his cheek, smearing some of the paint on his face, "Maybe I can help you too, lessons for someone who wants to better their understanding...first lesson, forget everything you know about wandless magic."
  23. Invite hiding

    Violet looked at him and shook her head. ”Oh no, you don’t get to claim this.” This was one of those things that she was pretty vocal about. ”They have to be harder on things and be worse because they need to prove they belong on the same arena.” She looked him over. ”Don’t forget that.” Violet would never back down on that honestly. She let out a small sigh as she looked at him with a small sigh. ”I will be sure to show you how much harder we girls have to work.” She said as she looked at him and nudged him. ”You can’t get a big head and sayt hat if you are going to be in the public eye. People will judge you very harshly.” She was teaching him a lesson now, not in the way she might teach her students, but in a way she wished someone had told her. ”I had a few controversial statements because I just said shit you know. I was not ready for the attention. I hated the attentions.” She said. It was a mess honestly. ”I feel the need to share this with you you know? If you do get picked up by a team, you are gonna be in the middle of this storm where people want to know about you. It’s crazy. I didn’t know how to talk to them. I don’t want that for you.” Maybe she was taking her role too seriously… or maybe she was too much of a feminist. ”As far as what you will be carrying, that is really of no consequence!” she said with a laugh. ”I need new linins too. That about it honestly… I could use some throw pillows for my couch, it’s a bit bare but that’s not really important.” She said as she looked at him. ”Move in? No I would have to train you first!” She said with a laugh.
  24. Open Relaxing in the Brush

    Why hadn’t she thought of that? She shook her head at herself. She supposed she liked to make a mess of her clothes. At least that had always been what her mother had said. She smiled at him. ”I am not sure, I just got a message about a creature that was injured.” she said as she hummed and smiled at him. ”they said it could fly.” she said as she thought about it. ”I heard something that sounded like it was in pain but its hard to know…” She sighed. She watched the wispy bird as it went to search and came back with nothing. That made her anxious. She worried about the poor thing. A deep frown on her face for a moment before she turned back to the man. Taking the proffered hand she smiled at him. ”It is nice to meet you.” She said. ”I am Keeley I own the Second Chance Ranch.” she ran a hand through her hair and found the stick he was talking about. ”Classic Keeley.’ she said as she tossed the stick back to the brush and sighed. It was a shame. ”the poor thing probably found a place to hide. At least I hope it did.” She sighed her shoulders rose in a shrug as she turned her attention back to Luke. ”I was never good at wandless magic…” She said. She had gone to the all girls shook at the demand of her parents she smiled at him. ”I drove the professor crazy I think.” she said as she shrugged once more. ”Do you enjoy teaching?”
  25. Open Enjoying that bit of time

    ‘I’d like to hear you play.’ The diminutive boy leaning against the bar next to Alexander took a long drink from his glass, sipping through a brightly coloured straw. The drink was a tropical orange deepening to red, held in a frosted mason glass jar and topped with a bright blue umbrella. Iggy blinked up at him, pausing for a moment before adding ‘Do you think the guitar is for public use? People can be awfully protective… and you wouldn’t want to be dragged offstage by an angry musician, they’re a passionate lot and that would be quite a scene…’ He seemed to become conscious that he was rambling and pulled himself out of it with a little shake. ‘Sorry. Like I said, I would like to hear you play.’ He gave the older boy a sunny smile. The weather was still cold, but Iggy had discarded the thick wool pea coat lined in white fluff over the stool he was sitting on. He wore a loose buttoned cream shirt, navy blue skinny jeans and a number of layered necklaces. None of them were silver in deference to some of the other non-human residents of Tally. Completing the look were a pair of pointy black boots and a sprig of orange blossom in his hair, which was out of season.
  26. Cleaning up

    Luka snapped hard, "Sister, really need to meet more of the teachers and staff...I mostly spend time here or in the bush, more at home there than anywhere else." He looked at his books, they were ragged, torn and well read, "Don't tell her about my books, from the sound of it, she will come down on me like a tornado." He laughed at this and studied Alex, he wasn't sure why but he wanted to help this boy, and he was going to find a way. The Kookaburra faded and Luka nodded, "Honestly, forget everything you know about magic, that's my first lesson here, I rarely use a wand, forget that stuff too." He held up his wand and nodded, "Lacewood, good for enchantments, I rarely do enchantments." He set it on the table and looked about, "True, willpower and confidence are key, that's basic knowledge, but what you might not know, you can be a coward, terrified for your life, and cast a spell that could topple a dragon." He spin his hands, ice crystals forming in the air around them, "It's what you feel at the moment when you cast that is important, you sound like you're afraid of your magic, well, the magic knows." He clapped and the ice crystals turned to snow. "What you need to do, is sit, talk to your ancestors, learn from them...My family is wizards from way back before the white man came, they were practicing magic for generations, I learned so much from them." Looking Alex over he nodded, "I would offer you ways, but I don't think the school would appreciate if I did." He laughed and looked at the ceiling, "But I recommend that you sit down, go out to the bush, find a good rock...you're a musician, play alone, find good music leads to spirits." He smirked at this, "Play you a good song, listen to what they say, learn from them, you can't learn much from me from this."
  27. Open Relaxing in the Brush

    Luka lowered his hands and smiled broadly, "Injured animal, what type is it, maybe I can help." Looking around him he clasped both hands and looked at Keeley, "Expecto Patronum." He whispered into his hands, a kookaburra formed and laughed a few times, "Oi, buddy, there's something injured out here, find it for me." He smiled and scritched the patronus on the head, "My buddy will look, he's good at finding things." Looking Keeley over the large man stood for a moment, "I'm Illuka, but everyone here calls me Luka, pleasure to meet you." Kicking the instrument into his hands he stepped down from the rock and walked over to the woman, holding out his hand he flashed a bright smile, "Got a stick in your hair." He commented, "Oh yeah, I'm the wandless magic professor up the way, pleasure to meet you...wait...I already said that." Looking up at the sky the large wizard sighed, "So far nothing, Kookaburra hasn't spotted any animal, a few lizards, but nothing injured."
  28. Invite The other side

    She let out a laugh. ”Luckily he’s not asked for a new dog.” She said with a small laugh. She didn’t really want another dog as well, the one they had lost was hard to replace and Doe was not truly ready for it. It was amazing how much the animals became the family. ”He’s got the cat still anyway and they are thick as thieves.” They always had been. ”I don’t think he needs anything that needs to be taken care of until he can take care of it himself.” She said honestly. <p> ”I think we can handle whatever we need to handle” she said. She moved into him and she shrugged. ”Sometimes I think about it….” She said as she looked at him. ”But I think we should enjoy this vacation first.
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