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December, 2018
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  4. Open Any Means Necessary

    Amber bit her lip as the hesitation lingered. She was often the wholly reckless, no regrets type of person - but as the coin hovered just above the slit to insert it into the machine, she felt quite uneasy. The dumb plush was smack dab in the center of the lot - she had moved it around a few times but it always fell, having even rebounded off the edge of the exit hatch and fallen back onto the pile. It truly was a nightmare. Just as she was about to bite the bullet and resign to her prizeless fate one more time, good fortune came to the rescue and Amber heard a pleasant voice from behind. Perhaps it was a good thing that she was accustomed to working her little 'side gig', as she would like to call it, in such a way - it made her far less jumpy, and she didn't seem at all frightened by someone sneaking up on her. "Hm?" She peered backwards past her shoulder, recognizing the shorter woman as the one whom had matched her to a wand so many years ago. "Huh, really? Well, if you got any before, you're better than me by default." She looked back at the (now infuriating) toy resting face down onto the mountain of other plushies. Perhaps now she had a chance! "Well, thanks." She stepped aside and handed Stardust the coin. "That one." She pointed towards the somewhat round plush, mostly brown in color, with little toes on its underside. "S'for my cousin, her birthday's coming up. And if I don't get that thing, I don't think there's any helping me..." Why did Samantha have to be so ridiculously difficult to shop for?
  5. Invite Let the Bad Times Roll

    The scream ripped from her throat and carried around the comfortable three bedroom house rather easily, more so because Issy made sure that she had put a little magical boost behind the scream so that the other single occupant would hear her wail. The reason behind this was because she was going to blame said occupant for the thing that had made that scream depart her larynx. The thing she was screaming at had also made the young witch back into a wall as he scuttled it’s eight legged way too some kind of safety. The sad fact was said creature was probably more scared of a tall woefully under legged and under eyed thing that was screaming, than the thing itself. This thought, had it occurred to Isolda, might have made her laugh at her own cowardice, as she practically hyperventilated as the offending creature, which was nothing more than a common house spider. Once the beast had scuttled off to some kind of safety, Issy found her breath enough to push off of the wall and march out the bathroom, heading to where she knew the second occupant of the house was likely too be. She had made her mind up that somehow he new housemate was some kind of spider king. Before he’d moved into her home, her life had been largely spider free with the occasional interloper crawling in and landing on her face during the night. She could forgive the occasional spider getting passed the charm she had put up that was supposed to steer them too a different place, as opposed to the one she’d originally been offered which killed spiders that crossed the threshold of her abode. After all she was scared of spiders but she didn’t wish them harm; they were living creatures with any much right to live as everything else. She would just prefer it if they didn’t live within her vicinity. “Jasper!” she called as she walked down the corridor that connected the bathroom to the rest of the single story building. It had been a little over two weeks since he was assigned as her partner in the international wizarding police and moved into her home, since he needed ‘monitoring’. In that times the spiders had gone from the occasional ballsy interloper too a full of infestation, well, that was a bit over dramatic but she had noticed a steep increase in eight legged activity. Turning the corner and through one of the doors she finally found her far too attractive for his own good partner doing whatever attractive and trying to reform criminals did. She stood at the threshold of the room looking at him, a mildly annoyed look forming of her face. “I swear you are some kind of spider man or king.” she started, she had yet to explain this theory to him but was bloody well was going too right then “You’ve been here two weeks and in those two weeks I have seen more spiders than in my entire life and I live in Australia where they hide under the toilet seat!” arms crossed over her chest, knowing she looked and sounded ridiculous but still carrying on with her tirade “So whatever Arachnidtounge abilities you have, use it to make them leave.” then because she was raised with some kind of manners, she added the socially expected “Please.”
  6. Radost' | Радость

    Vladimir Valentin VII
    3 January, 2019 It is perhaps somewhat amazing how much one's life can change within the span of a single year. At this time last year, I had recently returned not long to Merlbourne and Australia. I had trouble integrating back into my family circle, after years of separation and not nearly as much contact as should have been had, due to my own doing. I had made my walls erected so high that even I could not scale that which I had created. I had not expected the incident at the Unwedding that Jezebel and Viktor planned. I had not expected to bear witness to Améa shrinking down to a child's size before my very eyes, to watch my niece Lorelei turn into a teenager. To be tasked as a guard for Améa at Mary's home. To witness the miracle of Matthew Belmont's revival. To drink from Améa. The latter of those was perhaps the most unanticipated. To drink from her, to sit and discuss our histories, our strengths and weaknesses. There seems to be much we can express without even a single word. Ever since I drank of her I can pinpoint her location. I can communicate with her via our mental telepathy with more ease. I can sense when something is amiss, and all this augmented by my dhampiric senses. The bond we developed, none of this I could have imagined when I returned from Moscow. Now more than ever do I believe I have fallen head over heels in love with the woman. I shouldn't have. But neither can I deny what my heart feels. Christmas was a lovely affair, in all honesty. I gifted unto Améa a box of chocolates (for the twins do tell me that every girl loves chocolate) and a rose, and she seemed most pleased with it. Though part of me does wonder if my own smile to see her pleased helped buoy her mood, but nevertheless, I was most pleased. I rang in the new year with everyone and it was... glorious. I do not believe I have smiled so much around my family and friends in some time... though I find myself smiling more so in Améa's presence. I do attribute part of that due to the fact that she seems to appreciate when I do so. It is clear that my smile makes her happy, and I am finding that when I am able to make her happy, I feel my own happiness grow. I should take the time to talk to Stuart. A duty and a promise to Améa I do have, but I do understand that there are things I should attend to. I have not as of yet drank from her again, not since that fateful day in August. But my thirst is beginning to rise, and I know I should feed soon. I will need to discuss this with her. I am more than aware that if I feed from her, my own feelings will grow - but she seems more than aware of this now. And if I became a monster, her monster I would be - I do no longer fear rejection. Enough writing for now. We are to go look after the animals this afternoon, and I did promise Améa I would help.
  7. Open The Anticipation Of A New Arrival

    "Oh, thank you," Tamara replied when Derick mentioned how sweet her tattoos were. "About the only tattoo that I can't show you off-hand is the big red Liverpool tat that's right square in the middle of my back, between my shoulder blades," she said, "its' of a liverbird clutching the English Quidditch League title in its' beak; the fact that they clinched that title last year on the grounds of their arch rival Manchester United only made it sweeter." Besides the English, Scottish and Irish national sides, there was a very active Quidditch club system in the U.K. in those countries as well. "Still can't believe the Yanks won the Quidditich World Cup this past year; odds are, their women will do the same again this year, blast it," remembering how the United States side, after years of mediocrity, had pulled off the wizarding version of "the Miracle on Ice", and winning the 2014 QWC. On the other hand, the U.S. Women were the current champions looking for a repeat; unlike the men, they were the clear favorites in 2019. "Maybe we can borrow some of those infamous pranksters later this year, huh?" she joked as they began walking down towards the Dead & Magical Languages hall. In her years back at Hogwarts, Professor Lyell had found that having a solid grounding in languages helped immensely in the study of ancient runes, as any number of old, often non-spoken (at least by the living) languages could be found inscribed on runes and unless you could translate them, you pretty much had the world's heaviest and largest paperweights instead of historical artifacts. "I get that. It's pretty much how I viewed the stance with Elemental Magic and a lot of other classes that could benefit from it. Defense Against the Dark Arts and even Care of Magical Creatures. Most of the students don't realize the unique nature that the course holds until they get to that final lesson plan. When it isn't all about the potential destruction but the benefits towards the land," Derick said as they headed along the hallway. "I agree; in one of our classes back at Hogwarts - Muggle Studies, as I recall - there was a section on Muggle Religions and in one of the Abrahamic texts it spoke of how people should be stewards of the earth. This is true; doesn't matter whether you are a muggle or a wizard; at the end of the day," Tamara said, "we should all do what we can to ensure that we leave a better world for future generations," pausing as they arrived at the Dead and Magical Languages hall. "So everyone calls you Sparky, huh?" Tamara asked. "I can see why," a broad smile across her face as they entered; having noticed the embedded name plates on the walls outside, Professor Lyell made a note to bring the one she had been given back at Hogwarts and have someone install it into the currently-empty slot outside the Ancient Rune Studies hall. His hand pressed against the door for a moment and pushed it ajar, empty. Once he'd fully confirmed with himself on the lack of presence in the room he would open it up in a casual motion. "This is our ever so lovely D and M Lang. class! It doesn't seem like the instructors here but there maybe a syllabus lying about somewhere. You know how teens get, offered a paper and stuff it somewhere." "I can imagine," Tamara replied, "either that or they keep it as a prank and force the instructor to have to re-write it," tapping the side of her head as she added, "that's why I keep it memorized and up here, so that I don't have to worry about it."
  8. Dance of Dynasties

    [align=center]Enter a world of samurai, empires, honor and mysticism...Plot Rules Face Claim Lore Canons Join Link BackDance of Dynasties is a unique, original ancient world fantasy roleplay inspired by the variouscultures of East Asia. We are an intermediate - advanced roleplay site, but that doesn’t mean ourgrammar is perfect, or that we’ll never make a typo, nor does it mean we write 1000+ words, orexpect that from you. It is meant to invoke an advanced level of thought when it comes to creating a character and integrating that character into a bigger picture. There is, however, an expectation that our members are able to create compelling characters and weave intricate plots that involve multiple players. Plots that can, and very likely will, change the course of events board wide. There is no static plot, no pre-determined end goal. It is known that throughout history empires have risen, and empires have fallen. For this next generation, the dance of dynasties has only just begun.+ Jcink Premium+ Must be 18+ to join+ No Word Count+ No Post Requirements+ Free Form Application+ Premium Cbox and Discord+ Tons of Canons+ Friendly and welcoming staff[/align]
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  10. Invite Old Time Rock and Roll

    "The very same," Kate replied. Matt was something of a curiosity, a newspaper story for the bored mind. Even wizards didn't often wake up after being comatose for that long. The cigarette disappeared fast, too fast, and that was why you didn't roll your own. The wait. Unless you were prepared to sit and roll them in advance, and she doubted that her new companion planned ahead like that. They would need to find a store, she wanted cartons of the bloody things. Take them home, smoke every last one in Matthew's face until she felt better. No. Forget that. She was being alive tonight. And she had an accomplice. It'd been years since she'd last mooned the twats at Greyheme. With a smirk, she gave Ashkar's backside a cheeky slap, before walking on ahead. Pushing every thought about Matt, her uncertain future, the pain, the sheer misery of being invisible away, Kate re-focused herself. Tonight. Tonight was for everything she had refused herself, and in the morning there would be regrets and she did her best not to care. Not to think. More drinks, more bad decisions. The walk to Greyheme wasn't too long, if you knew the shortcuts. Kate did, of course. The buildings loomed in the darkness, like old spooky churches. She found the gap in the fence that had always been there, though she was far less agile than she had been as a teenager. Nothing really changed at Greyheme. An endless cycle of empty-headed tossers with more money than common sense. Through the bushes and toward a single lighted window that she knew to be the headmaster's bedroom. Excitement tingled up her spine, and this, this was what she had been missing. Giggling, she nudged Ashkar. "Get ready," she said, hiking her skirt up a little in readiness. Wand in hand, she sent tiny sparks toward the window, making them tap gently to rouse the occupant. What was the point of a mooning if there was no one to see it? Hidden by the bushes she watched, until shadows moved and grew larger. "He's coming!" she hissed, turning around and poking her backside out the edge of the bushes. Wiggled it for good measure. Never let it be said that Katherine Belmont gave a half-arsed moon.
  11. Not sure what is worse right now. Rooms full of overheated hormonal teenage girls angry at having to do summer school, or Matthew. 

    I need wine.

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      I'll be sure to swing by with a bottle of red later.

  12. Ensnare The Senses

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  13. Finestra

    plot | rules | wanted | canons | advertise Finestra is an AU Marauder's Era RP set in 1980 with no word count and a free-form app. Our site is Premium and our rating is 3-3-3. Come and join us!
  14. Desolation

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  15. Why did I decide to do the moving thing on my own?

    1. Gemini Demetra

      Gemini Demetra

      This is why you make sure there's a guy you know on hand who can haul heavy stuff, and promise him good cooking... or other things... for helping you move. ❤️ 

  16. Invite Where Do We Go From Here

    Holly Bennett
    How much time had passed since that night that had changed her entire world view? Made her question not only how she lived her life at the time but also the choices she had made for others in her life. Choices that had she made differently, well, was there any point dwelling on what she could have done? The ‘what ifs’ didn’t bring back the young witch who lost her life for doing nothing more than taking care of Saffron. It didn’t bridge the gap of time that she had kept something from someone who should have been in Saffrons life from the word go. Though that specific person had not actually made any attempts to contact her since the night that he’d saved his own daughters life. Holly assumed that he had the information and decided to do nothing with it. After all this supposed child of his was seven, how was he supposed to know if she really was his? The young witch pushed that thought and many more aside. It wasn’t worth dwelling on. Jon had the information and it was his decision whether to act on it. Plus, right there and then it was the least of concerns. After that night in the warehouse Holly had reflected on the way she was living her life. This had led her to make the choice to drop out of university and focus solely on the career she had built up for herself and being a Mother. Saffron had often had to spent time with friends or babysitters whilst Holly juggled this busy life, perhaps always feeling like she was on the low end of her Mothers priority list. Now she was priority number one, their was less babysitters in her life and now she spent time at friends houses because it was fun and something she wanted to do. That was where the young girl was right at that moment, this allowed Holly time to unpack boxes and use magic to push furniture where she felt it should be. The other big thing that had happened since that night was that Holly had finally managed to collect enough money together too buy her and Saffron their first home. A small two bedroom house that contained a garden big enough for her to play in comfortably. In a nice area of Narragyambie. It was a warm enough day that she had the windows and doors open as she sorted through the box of random items she’s put on the kitchen table, a glass of water within reach. Saffie was having an extended sleepover at one of her school friends, allowing Holly time to get this new home set up for them both. A new beginning.
  17. Avengers Assemble

    Lisa Knotley
    It's strange for a lone wolf to have a self designated partner, but here we are. Lisa deems Chloe as one of the very few people whom can actually keep up with her and finds her strangely easy to work with, and so she forces the poor girl's hand when it comes to pair and group works. It bothers her immensely that there's no competitive spark to her though - she wishes Chloe would join the Sturt Quidditch team...
  18. Tornado Warning

    Chloe Stewart
    Chloe isn't sure why, but Lisa always enlists her help when it comes to any mandatory group or pair work in all the classes they have in common. Chloe is okay with this, but the competitive behavior is off-putting to say the least...
  19. If Lauren is what I have to look forward to from Sarah, Tavi and Merrilea... Cam and I might just go hide in a cave somewhere. No horses allowed.

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      Oh come on now, they'll have my wonderful influence! And I'm the best, right? 

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      That's Auds way of saying, 'No chance of survival even in caves!'

    4. Audrey Adagathguarde

      Audrey Adagathguarde

      Let's be real. There's not a hiding place of Alan's that I haven't found. And never will be. :D 

  20. Obliviate the Night [jcink premium]

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  21. Invite At Last

    What stood before him, rather, whom had been standing before him left a speechless effect on him for the moment. The 'issue' had been that there wasn't any true issue other than the fact the woman had an extremely attractive body and the amount of shame that you could find in a strip club. When her arms crossed over her bosom, his gaze dropped to stare at them with the expression of disbelief that this had been going on right before his very eyes. Last he checked he hadn't been dreaming and if this had been some sort of dream then it was one that had turned a weird way already. His eyes traced the outline of her form; equally as perverse in attention along with admiration for the human form that stood in a regal yet delicate air. "Self abuse?" Did she mean the seldom women that he'd bring home? That could be considered a sense of abuse to the self in the manner of not holding to any form of tangible connection. "Unpleasant?! Are we talking about the same body? I don't think we really are." What had been with this Cat-Lady? Did she truly disapprove of the human image; Was she truly a cat that could revert to a human or had this been some form of curse? "You're the prickly type though, aren't you? You're definitely much more affectionate as a cat." Or maybe that had been when he'd been feeding her? "Travis, you can call me Travis. Or Trav. 'Dog-Wizard' kind of is something that I don't want people to actually hear? They tend to want to tar and shag people like me in the bad way." As she stepped closer his attention snapped back to the well ample bosom. Damn him and the situation of not only being a young man but one whose hormones and focus could be so easily disturbed. "Obviously chocolate cake wouldn't do you any good, heck, that messes up most peoples bowels." He gave a playful chuckle as he tried to avert his mind from the nude beauty before him; Eyes lifted to stare at her high-cheeked face. "Maybe, I mean, it isn't like I'm flowing with cash here. I grab what I can with sales and such but I think I maybe able to switch it up." A hand rose up with a single finger extended towards the sky. "On the condition that you appear human every so often." For Science. Travis' arms crossed against his chest; Becoming more aware that he'd been bare of any form of clothing along it. "The art of being able to speak and converse with someone is the kind of gift you shouldn't give up and all. At the very least it'd make me feel comfortable for reasons." None of it having being the fact she was a beautiful woman whom didn't mind being naked in his presence. It had more to do with the fact that if she'd always been a cat then the inner creature would feel more antsy; As a Human it helped him to balance out between the two urges. "That and depending on some other things I may ask a very. . . Personal favor of you."
  22. Sketch and Chill (November 9th, 2018)

    Someone never going to the beach before hadn't surprised him in the slightest; People had different beliefs and on the much larger scale families that tended to be extremely strict on various levels. He wasn't aware of how deeply seeded Remi's own parents had been or even if she had them around in her life in general. But whomever had been the one guiding her through majority of her life didn't seem to allow her the more exciting exposures such as the Beach. "Oh, I think you'd love it. Get the chance to wear a bathing suit and jump in the water. Splash around a bit and play with a beach ball to slap around. It can get pretty exciting." With the addition that maybe, just maybe, someone might loose a bathing suit mid horsing around. Then again, he had stopped appearing at the beach himself ever since the scars had begun to grow more pronounced along his body. "I haven't been there in a while because of uh. . . Family reasons. I'm mostly home making sure things are nice looking and don't get too crazy." His Mother didn't have the time to do the usual adult duties and errands and so it fell onto him to be a productive house member. What had really knocked him for a loop had been the fact she had no idea what a roller skating rink had been. Not being to one had been much more common but everyone's heard of them, right? Or. . . Maybe not everyone from what had been displayed by the youthful brunette. "Hrm… How to explain it." Fingers scratched and danced along his goatee in thought on how to paint an appropriate picture that had also been equally enticing and informative. "So, roller skating rink's are usually indoors and sometimes outdoors depending on the area - where people would use special equipment to kind of just roll around. Skateboards, Roller Blades and Roller Skates; Stuff you either wear on your feet or stand on that have wheels that help you move around in those places. Indoor ones have really slick floors to help with moving faster, waxed and buffed." The idea itself had always been appealing to him, enjoying the recreational fun that had been offered all around. Travis, at this point, hadn't been keeping too much awareness on where this smell had been leading him. Only that it had been changing from the roof and pushing lower into the building where the roof covered over their heads. His head shifted about allowing for his eyes to catch a much larger scope of glance in the area. Then he softly hummed and closed his eyes with a single hand pressed against the wall and his nose accepting another strong whiff of the unique order that flooded. Ears twitched to hone in on the slightest bit of movement - there it had been - a scratch that had only been a trademark of rodents burrowing their way through; trying to design their own path way. But was it him or another. . .? "I think I may hear him nearby. . . Or at least something that has similar tendencies." His attention turned towards Remi fully. "This is where your expertise comes in a bit." A small and warm smile curved on his lips. "What are the usual ways that you call him to get his attention? Maybe if he hears you he may come out and save us the trouble of further hunting him down." Or he could give them quite the chase, both were appealing to him but for different reasons. The animal on the inside demanded a proper hunt, to be satisfied and fulfilled with seeking a marked prey and cornering it enough that it could be taken as intended. But that hadn't been the most comforting feeling to him; the other feeling had lined along the fact that he didn't want to let the more base instincts have their way.
  23. Save Yourselves

    Plot | Rules | Application | Canons | Groups | Wanted Ads | AdvertiseThe Superhuman Regulations & Compliance Agency has been forcing the superheroes of earth to sign the Sokovia Accords through any means necessary. Anyone with powers or superhero-abilities who enters Earth's atmosphere is hunted down, kidnapped, and tortured until their signature is on the dotted line. With so few in the powered community wanting to willingly give up their freedoms to this corrupt agency, there are very few heroes still walking the streets, the vast majority are caged in secret SRCA facilities, leaving the earth particularly vulnerable to otherworldly threats.Threats like Thanos.Thanos is headed to Earth, his followers in tow. His sights are set on the Time Stone, and with so many heroes under lock and key, the odds are good that he will acquire it. Now is the time for Earth's mightiest heroes, well-known or previously undiscovered, to band together to fight this threat, and save their world and half of the universe from inevitable extinction.Save Yourselves is a premium, jcink MCU site set before Infinity War. We're AU after Thor: Ragnarok, but we allow most heroes and villains who have died before then to be revived and played on our site! We are OC-friendly and you can play anyone from the Marvel Comics, TV Shows, or Movies! Come in, say hi, and be ready to Save Yourselves!
  24. Open The Anticipation Of A New Arrival

    Her grasp had been strong, something that he'd been told was a sign of being in good and upstanding character. "Fitting is usually a good thing! You'll find that we're a bit different here in practically everything. Teaching methods, interactions, even the Headmaster seems to surprise people. He isn't exactly what you'd expect." But he also couldn't deny he did an excellent job not on just the level of an administrator but managing to somehow connect with the students from the very aloof yet insightful style that swarmed about. Derrick's attention had been drawn to the tattoo's once more and offered a nod in understanding as she went on to explain the reasoning behind them. "Travelling, that's something I get. I prefer to do it personally but ah well... Sometimes you have to settle down after some stuff. But those tat's are pretty sweet." Body art hadn't been his thing yet he still admired it. "Oh, there's definitely always the occasional extremists when it comes to pranks." He hadn't considered himself one during his schooling days but perception was always a very funny concept and always very different from person to person even when it cam to being similar. "Let's just say it's never the first time that the entire school body is the target." That had just been including the Students, the additional threats of prideful alumni's added an entirely different ball game to the field. "I find that the ones that are the most dangerous? Aren't the seldom pranksters that you'd find in every house." To categorize an entire group of people under a single trait would be folly, even he had been aware of this but certain ones were much more profound in those gatherings and even more when they could be urged. "It is when the House begins to think and act like a colony of pranksters. That is when things get a bit more interesting." Derrick gifted a combative huff towards the cart and its very pushy ways. If it could only be pushy with its job and not his, that would have been great. "Oho! The Newbie has puns galore! You sure you haven't smuggled away some book of dad jokes or something? Cause I could use more." He could appreciate the occasional witty pun. He smoothly nodded with full agreement. "I get that. It's pretty much how I viewed the stance with Elemental Magic and a lot of other classes that could benefit from it. Defense Against the Dark Arts and even Care of Magical Creatures. Most of the students don't realize the unique nature that the course holds until they get to that final lesson plan. When it isn't all about the potential destruction but the benefits towards the land." Derrick couldn't count himself amongst those that held a high reverence for the land and the need to nurture it but that didn't mean he should neglect that potential aspect towards the subject. A small laughter eased out of him and his hand lifted him gently "Please, you can call me what everyone else does, Sparky. It's stuck with me since my youthful Tally-day's and I've grown pretty fond of it." Being given the lead to the start of their tour he took a paced stride ahead; He kept a reasonable pace to avoid charging ahead of his temporary ward. "Heh, Hopefully we can hit everywhere in a reasonable time." Turning out of the room he kept his mind on where the actual room for Dead and Magical Languages had been held within. It'd been some time since he'd visited it which meant he needed to dust off his directional awareness. It'd been a good thing that name plates were embedded into the walls as well, making one aware of the rooms intention and representation. His hand pressed against the door for a moment and pushed it ajar, empty. Once he'd fully confirmed with himself on the lack of presence in the room he would open it up in a casual motion. "This is our ever so lovely D and M Lang. class! It doesn't seem like the instructors here but there maybe a syllabus lying about somewhere. You know how teens get, offered a paper and stuff it somewhere."
  25. In Rukbat's Shadow: 10th Pass AU Pern

    [align=center] Rules || Story || Dragons || Availability || Advertising[/align] 175 Turns have passed since Jaxom and Ruth detonated the ship drives on the Red Star. With the destruction of the Red Star, life on Pern changed. AIVAS led the people in creating and building new technologies, while the riders learned how live a Thread-free life. The peace was shattered when a small group of people discovered gunpowder and a civil war nearly destroyed Pern, causing AIVAS to shut down and hide from humanity once more. The Pern of old is no more. Now dragonriders work jobs to support their Weyr, act as peacekeepers to protect the new Kingdoms which have emerged. Even the dragons themselves have changed, as dragons with strangely colored hides and misshapen bodies hatched from the eggs of the dragons who timed so far back in time that they nearly died between. But even so, they were safe from the threat of Thread.... or so they thought. 20 Turns ago, a Masterharper realized with dread that there was a light in the sky which did not match any of the existing star charts. It was the Red Star. Broken and battered, it had returned to exact vengeance. It has grown steadily larger, ever closer, bringing with it the ancient enemy of Pern: Thread. [align=center]With only two weyrs' worth of dragons to fly Thread, and little to no training in the old ways of fighting Thread, will Pern survive the 10th Pass?[/align] As a new site, we have: Several High Positions open for auditions, including Queenriders Adoptable Weyrlings at each Weyr with some of our site's mutations A Queen heavy with eggs who will clutch very soon The site’s first Pet clutches, including Firelizards, Crawlies, and a mystery Pet A dynamic player-driven plot!
  26. protego [jcink premium]

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  27. The Irenic Institute

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    Now that piqued his interest. She'd come here to talk to him? Matt had assumed that she was just out for an easy joke like the rest of them, though she did at least have the courtesy to not comment on the obvious. If he was so uncomfortable in the heat, there were dozens of spells and charms he could be using to make that go away. It wasn't actually that bad, Matt's flair for the dramatic was akin to Kate's and he was prone to exaggeration. It was definitely warmer than he was comfortable with, but not unbearable. Matt found he got cold too fast anyway, but all of this was beside the point. Phil had abandoned him here. And Phil knew how pathetic his magical "abilities" were. Asshole. He was almost glad for the distraction, shifting about in his chair as Holly sat down. The closer she got, the more he felt like he'd seen her before. But when? How? He'd never been the sort who knew faces and not names, Matt could give you the names and descriptions of even the most fleeting customers going back decades. He had a knack for that. He could still tell you the drink preferences, family members names, and even pets that belonged to the regulars back in his first years bartending at the Roo he did not forget people. It must just be that he'd seen her crossing the road in town or something, something like that. Or... something completely different. His eyebrows rose slightly as she said the name, and now he saw it. Nadya. Of course. "That's going back a while," he said. "Poor girl spent most of her time in Narrie trying to dodge enamoured Burdetts. Barry especially. He swore black and blue that he was going to marry her. Followed her around like a lost puppy, which was no surprise---it was Elizabeth Burdett taking a liking to her that no one expected." Matt snorted a quiet laugh, it had come as a surprise to Liz as well. "You would have to be her daughter, by the look of you. How is she?"
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