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    Right. So this was going to happen. It was happening. Now. It was happening right now. Kate pushed her lips up into a smile, hoping it didn't look too forced. Introduce her inappropriate crush to her husband? Who wouldn't be thrilled? She got the sense that Boaz was being polite in his acceptance, too. Great. Neither of them wanted to do this, but they had polited themselves into it. Wonderful. That smile fixed on her face, she led Boaz through the milling people to Matt's table. It seemed that Alan had taken up talking to some young thing (really? Didn't he have a young thing of his very own these days?) and Marie was trying to keep track of her various grandchildren. Kate was vaguely aware of Hazel's giggles among the noise, the kids were playing a game of sorts. "Hey," Kate spoke up as she nudged her way to Matt's side, displacing Emily who was in the process of cutting up Matt's food into smaller portions. Really? "That's... not necessary," she murmured, taking the knife and fork from Ems's fingers and passing them back to Matt. Matt scowled, stabbing a piece of broccoli with the fork. "I told her that, and she wouldn't listen," he grumped. "None of you bloody listen, I'm not a damned child. Just because I need a little assistance getting up and down the stars, that does not make me an invalid!" Yet it was clear that even this mild of an outburst was taxing him. He finished the sentence almost winded, and the fingers that gripped the fork in irritation were thin and bony. "I know, babe---I'm sorry, we---" "Sorry? You're the bloody worst for it, Katherine." Matt huffed. "I told you I didn't want any fuss like this, I told you I could make it to bed myself, I told you there was no need to be staying home like you are. I don't need you hanging around like---" "Matthew." Kate cut across him, every word inflaming the worry she held close to her heart. But her response showed none of that. It was her Teacher Voice, sharp and commanding. She was still afraid of everything they might no longer be, but in this exact moment, she was done with his shit. "Can you just stop for one minute." the smile was back, visibly forced and strained at the edges. Matt fell silent. "This is Boaz Izem," she continued, the steel in her voice unwavering, daring Matt to make another complaint. "Hazel's teacher." "Huh." Matt's gaze flicked over Boaz, expression difficult to read on his thin face. "Not what I expected, from her stories."
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    Kali didn’t rightly care what the woman chose to do with the cigarette. She could smoke it, she could put it away- Kali made no judgement. Mostly because she didn’t care much about people in general. They either offered her something or they didn’t. She could entertain herself with conversation from time to time and she was rather interested in this woman for whatever reasons. Prehaps it was the same self-destructive streak that Kaliope had inside of her that drew her, She could sense another one. She was always too happy to light the Molotov cocktail before handing it to someone. This one seemed to be equally as delicious to her as there was real fire involved to a certain degree. Letting out a small sigh she pretended to take her offer into consideration. ”Indulgence is always deserved.” Kalliope was always up for indulging, in whatever it was she fancied at the moment. ”Thank you, I think I would like one.” She took her up on the offer though in reality she wouldn’t turn it down. She was not so ready to move on from the conversation offered here. ”What is your accent, I imagine people make some assumptions.” Which neither woman would be happy with. Kali was also not one to hem and haw at the niceties of conversation when she didn’t have to, and she knew how to tell those who would see through it anyway. ”I am Kalliope.” She introduced herself. ”Light?” She questioned her once more.
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    He nodded. That was the idea- at least he figured it would take some of the pressure off of Kate. It was clear she loved her husband, it was clear she wanted their marriage to work and so- he would offer what help he could. ”It seems like the best route honestly. For both of you… and for Hazel.” He added. He knew how much it would make the small child, one of his charges for the year, that her parents didn’t up in a toxic and poisonous marriage because of something they did not have much control over. It was not fair to either of them to snap and snarl at one another when they really should be enjoying the time they had now been given back. ”He probably won’t want that- but sometimes you just have to push back harder, and besides look at him right now, you can take him.” It was not a joke in the best of tastes but he was trying to make the mood just a little bit lighter than it had been. ”You are in the thick of it, sometimes we all just need an outside perspective.” That was all he was, outside perspective. That seemed to be his place in life in general. To be the outside perspective like some wisdom bringing owl. Which was not terrible. Boaz was far too polite to refuse. That and he knew that Hazel would want him to meet her father at some point. He would keep the rather precious letter writing to himself. He felt awkward but decided he could at least pretend that he was socially ready for such a thing. ”Yeah” he hands clapped on his jeans as he said it. ”That would be good yeah” At least he hoped it would.
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    ”More Prettier? Don’t make me smack those words out of your mouth boi.” She shook her head. ”No excuse for talking like you are uneducated. Especially if you want to be in the spot light, don’t let them make you out to be a dumb jock.” Sher chided though she smirked, she was only teasing him. ”They will paint you into a corner if you let them.” She said as she looked at him. They tried to paint her into one and she fought it. Well Violet tended to fight everything if she could. She didn’t like being told what to do, which made the fact she was coaching hilarious to her family. She was a good coach in her mind, she knew how to motivate the girls like her and she had a whole team of them right now. They were not just spoiled rich girls on the pitch. She made them get dirty, she made them fight for their spot on the pitch. She taught them to support one another because if it was good for the team, it was good for them. No one on the team was worth more than any other. At least no on her team, she knew that was not always the case. But she was in charge of young women, she was responsible for making them members of society that were worth more than their money. She looked over him and smiled. ”Lamps are important… No matter where they are- beside… bathroom… closet.” She said with a smile. She was teasing him a bit, she knew she was, but that didn’t stop her. She looked down. ”Sometimes we do things that don’t make a whole lot of sense.” She said ”I also know dreams change- because we change.” This was not the final dream, she knew that… she was not set on anything but doing better than before. ”We both are taking a chance, it could be just as bad for your career as it is for mine… people may not take you so seriously.”
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    Frankie looked at him and felt like going off on a rant. ”That’s what you think.” It was a bit childish, but at the same time it was what she had as a comeback. She shrugged. ”We’ll see anyway. If nothing else my dads have some of it handled….” She didn’t want them to raise the kid, that was not her statement but they at least had been through it before. That was sort of the whole thing about parents… they knew better. They always did and they had to let you make your choices. She had made a few bad ones, but she was at least back on track for now. Or so she liked to think anyway… as on track for a school drop out as she could be anyway. At least she was working… though she didn’t really make money, it all went back into the bank account her parent shad set up and were very closely monitoring. She didn’t blame them, she took out money before and hid it, as she and Orion were prepping to go. Letting out a small sigh she nodded. ”I get scolded quitter a bit these days, mostly about how I make poor choices, though they really aren’t wrong… I do make poor choices.” She said as she looked at him. It had been a strange day anyway. Taking the ice cream, she shifted and moved to a table. The walk had gotten to her a bit- that and her ankles were huge at this point. It was not fun, at all. Letting out a small laugh as she sat she shrugged… ”Well, that is something anyway…” she said of the chocolate. She was not sure if he would try it, but maybe… ”I just hope they don’t feel as though they missed out because of Christmas and all that…” She said. ”I had a friend who was bron in December and hated it because of combined presents… I don’t want to do that but I can see how one might want to do so to save a bit of money… Make a big gift purchase and all that,…” She supposed when it came to the first car, and things like that. Orions brother had land and horses for the kids, she supposed this kid would get a horse too at some point… that seemed to be Mr. Atlas’ gift of choice.
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    In 1855 The Third Pandemic, a worldwide black plague, struck a devastating blow for humankind. For the first time in recorded history The Others, those supernaturally gifted or cursed, outnumbered humanity. For some 150 years, The Others were no longer afraid to live out in the open. In our modern day, humans have quickly repopulated their numbers threatening to surpass that of The Others. What little peace had been afforded for only a century is on the verge of collapse. An initiative between all species was made to create a refuge for all. Haven, a man-made island where all are welcome, and all are safe. But war looms ever on the horizon. What side will you stand on? Will you Face Everything And Rise? Or Forget Everything And Run? HOME | PLOT | SPECIES | CANONS | WANTED | ADVERTISING | DISCORD modern urban fantasy • jcink • no word count • no stressful activity requirements • celebrity face claims • welcoming community
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    She would definitely feel better if she did, Adele knew that. Little destructive acts always soothed her soul temporarily, gave her the feeling that she was in control if only for a moment. So much had been forced upon her, so much she had taken on simply because there was no other viable option---at the end of the day she could drink and smoke and stick her finger up to all the forces in her life that trapped her. And yet. Should she. David was getting into her head with all this "danger danger" stuff, maybe. A new voice made her look up, a sigh escaped, deflating her shoulders. Was this some sort of sign that she wasn't supposed to have her smoke? Even as the woman offered to distract David and help her, she was French. Adele twirled the cigarette still between her fingers, looking up at the woman with an expression that wavered between irritation and intrigue. "Perhaps," she said smoothly, her own accent strange by contrast. She was usually assumed to be French... by everyone except for actual French people. Adele tended to run with that, it was easier than making up a less-believable lie. Still she flickered on the edge of decision. Maybe alcohol would be enough. No. No, it wouldn't. She extended the hand with the cigarette, accepting the offer. "An indulgence," she tried to shrug it off. "Would you like one?"
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    Dylan had become her closest confidant. Nicole had moved, and that had left a rather large hole in her wake. Doe was not very good at making friends- before it had been out of a need to survive and now, she felt isolated. She had left her job at the ministry for a reason, she had needed to stay safe, Malcolm had closed in and Jason and Doe had decided for her safety and the safety of Silas she would leave the ministry. The studio had been a good move for her, she was still rather lonely and with Jason working more again… she missed adult company. She smiled at him and let out a sigh. ”I wish I had gotten a nap… At least Persephone has started to sleep through the night…” She had been lucky with that at least. ”I am just happy to see you.” She said honestly. ”With this whole mess with that man running lose… I don’t see Jason as much as I would like, it seems we spend so much of our time apart once more… But I can hardly complain we did get to go to the Maldives.” It had been nice, no kids, it was just them and they were able to enjoy each other again. There was a lot that she missed in her marriage right now but they were trying and she knew that a another kid would only strain things… Not that she would consider not having it… but she needed to verify… with a doctor. Something. She turned her attention back to the task at hand, feeding themselves. ”That is true, you were always my favorite of Malcolm’s cronies to spend a day with.” She said with a smile. Though they both knew neither of them had much of a choice at the time. That did not change the sentiment however, she did enjoy her time with him. She pulled out some of the things for the lunch and she passed him some of the vegetables ”Here you handle these.” She slid a knife to him with a cutting board. She pulled the things out of the fridge and turned the stove on, it wouldn’t be too long to get the meat going. ”Tell me about what you have been up to.” She said urging himt os hare his recent adventures. Hers were not nearly as exciting as they used to be, but they had far more weight to them and so she didn’t mind that she was not traveling the world, it was always satisfying to witness her children’s adventures.
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    Kate stared at Boaz as though he'd grown three extra arms and a tail. The drink almost to her lips, it sat there frozen as she went over his suggestion in her mind. Once. Twice. Three times. Each time it threw her back into that catatonic state of wonder: why had no one thought of that yet? "Get someone actually qualified to care for him," she said once her ability to speak had returned. "Someone who doesn't care if their relationship is destroyed by the time everything is better. Someone who hasn't got so much to lose." it was like a light brightened inside her, rays of hope that dared her to believe that if he could just divert his frustrations to another person, maybe he would be able to see her as Kate again. As his friend, his wife. That is. If he could still see her that way. If he wanted to. There was a distinct possibility that Kate shoved to the side, that hiring someone to care for Matt would take away the only place she had in his life right now. She supposed it would be a faster track to "normality" between them, if it could be achieved at all. This current situation wasn't helping anything. After so many years of waiting, what they needed now was distance. It was frustrating. "I never even thought of it," she admitted with a slight blush. She felt a little stupid for that. It was so obvious when you thought about it, an answer that had been staring her in the face all along. Sure, it would cost a bit---but her salary would cover it. And she would be able to work properly with someone around full time. Just the idea made her relax a little, though the prospect of discussing it with Matt himself wasn't appealing. He'd hated having the nurses fuss over him, he wasn't likely to enjoy a new intruder to their life. Too bad. She needed this. They needed this. "Would you like to meet him?" the question fell out before she could hold it back. "You've heard so much about him, and you are Hazel's teacher, he's heard a lot about you..." and yet there was that tiny bit of her that didn't want these particular forces in her life to meet. She wasn't sure why. But she had offered now, and she had to stick with it. Besides, Hazel was unlikely to pass up a chance to do the same. It would have to happen eventually.
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    It had only been a short while since his return from Ireland back to Australia, something that had grown to be much more eventful than he could have anticipated. Needless to say it gave both he and Cait somethings to consider and think about while piecing together the 'missing facts' that she had been searching for back at the Home land. Meanwhile, he found that he still had a few contacts there that could be trusted to some extent and it left him with a new source for information. At the very least to keep tabs on his old childhood home. At the end of the day it was just another reason for the wizarding purists to focus on certain people and it was something he didn't expect to stop any time soon. Luckily he had received an invitation that had the potential to, at the very least, allow him to put down those thoughts and concerns for the time being. Something that he didn't need to carry with him if it wasn't necessary which it hadn't been in this case. It had been some time since he held a meet-up with Doe with the two of them being in different countries, obviously it'd be difficult. But he also understood that they both had important things in their lives that needed a certain degree of attention without delays, distraction or interruptions. After making himself known to have arrived by ringing the door bell he stood there with both hands delved into his pockets. It didn't seem as if it took long at all for the door to swing open and reveal an up beat greeting. "Hello there, Doe. You seem to be in extremely good spirits today." He considered that positive movement in the right direction a few times that they had spoken it had been about the trials and tribulations that came along with her marriage. The hope more so was that things had worked out and that it wasn't just a mere front being put on under the guise of a brave face. "Do something else? You don't have to make up party lines if you were sneaking in a few Z's on lunch time. As a constantly moving mother I think you're owed more than enough sleep to sneak." While he didn't know if that was the case or not, what she had been doing seemed obscure enough to be of a personal matter. Something he didn't want to poke out of her until she felt comfortable enough to explain it on her own terms and merit. "Gyros are perfect, I don't want to put you to work more than you need to be after all. Your children will do that more than enough - I'll stay on the less effort end of things. I'm low maintenance anyways."
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    "Oooh, Determined. See, that makes it more prettier than it actually is though." It had been amusing that she had prefered it all to be under the guise of determination. The competitive phrase for sportsmanlike stubborness. Something that he could empathize with considering that his own 'determination' had him in a position that most young men would dream of being in. It hadn't escaped his noticed that things had been at an arms length of sorts and while he did understand it part of him hadn't condoned it. In his mind they had already stepped into a forbidden zone, the escalation of what could happen didn't matter. But others, others wouldn't see it and she had often told him the perception is what will get you. Tyson snickered and opted to shine a grin on his face. "Aye' that lamp is a precious lamp, ya dig? Ain't gonna find one that can get a description as popping out your eyes more." He wouldn't inflate her ego by letting her know he would proabbly think that of any lamp that added that kind of touch, something small that could fit on the table. Noticeable but didn't out shine the woman's natural charisma. "Gotta' have one right at the couch side and one right at the bed side." He didn't expect to ever see her at the bed side any time soon but the imagery had still been there in his mind. "Didn't think it was durable enough to handle ya' naturally rough nature when training." As if a fence would survive a minor practice run of Quidditich or even some other wizard contact sport. "Couching a team at home and a team in the career zone, I can respect that." There had been the understanding that she would want kids eventually which mentally made him more aware that things could change at a drop of a time if she found there was no legitmate future on the current path. "Gotta' admit, with what ya' want surprised ya' decided to take this kind of chance with me."
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    "I think you're missing something pretty important to be a good dad." That could be left open for any kind of interpretation, however, he chose to guide it. "Dad jokes, you need the worse possible dad jokes in history. And, I'm sorry, women just don't have a brain for that kind of a well." A faux dejected look formed accompanied by a sigh to try and sell the downtrodden expression. "It's always good to learn - at least to pick up little talents and traits you feel would mold you into a better Mother. Just remember that it's still your walk regardless. You're going to have to change it up and make it yours - learn with the mistakes that you will make and don't be too harsh on yourself about them." This was coming from a perspective that he had hoped to nip in the bud any form of doubt that may end up in her mind when trials come up during the raising of her child. His eyebrow raised up and a smirk turned upwards on his lips. "Plan to buy a bunch and store them in some secret hide away for you to get at easier later?" It was all in a jest but the idea that it could actually happen hadn't escaped from him. "Not even a bit of an idea of how they must view you? I mean, I bet they practically threw a party in relief once you managed to get back." Then his eyes narrowed slightly and he couldn't help a weak chuckle that slipped out. "Before they probably scolded you and told you that you shouldn't have done it and didn't need to do it." Alexander at least understood that whether she 'needed to do it or not' was a moot point. She had felt the need of it in her own mind and actions and it would always be something that was right for her. "At least it'd be a baby in a pretty good time of year. By then everyone is ready to break out the hard earned and saved up cash for the Christmas and other similar holidays. Your kids going to be rolling in the presents left and right - no one's going to have a real excuse! Hahaha."
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    "The drinking age is eighteen." Alexander added in a confirmed nod. However, it had been quickly followed up. "But the Roo is a bit different. While they won't offer alcoholic drinks to someone under the limit, they do open up the bar for folks that are at least fifteen years old." It perhaps had been one of the larger points that drew a lot of Students to the Tavern. With a timed curfew and the potential time it could take to travel without use of magic and no license it had become the more over-used hangout spot for many. "You can always grab yourself a fresh pop or quality food - maybe not the best place to study but definitely a good place to work off the stress of school. More so when the exams start flying around the corner like a sparrow." He lifted up his own glass to take a sip from it, letting the coolness of it be as a relaxing relief. "Ahh. . . Fair enough, you'll find that in the magical community here things are a bit different in a few ways." At least from what he had understood, he hadn't left Australia often and certainly not far or long enough to get caught up in the magical system in other countries. A shrug flowed from his shoulders as he leaned against the bar counter. "I say take a time to test it out here, er, when it isn't so crowded. Sometimes it can be loud but most days it's actually pretty chill here." A smile seemed to stretch across his face naturally. "I can introduce you to a few of the workers here. Even give you the details of who to approach and how, some have a uhm. . . Quick swift bad mood if you don't approach them in a very specific way."
  19. Open Just Because You Can

    Blue eyes had spotted the woman instantly, not because of the snickers- but because of the way she walked into the room, slightly awkward sure, but it was still graceful enough that Kaliope had noticed. She followed the couple as they then walked through the bar. Those around them seemed to follow them as well, that was enough for Kaliope to know that this was someone who was relatively important in the community she had found herself living in. Watching for moment she moved to follow the woman, now that she had broken away from her husband. Kalliope was good at the casual. She sat near the woman and watched as she chided the life she carried with her. Kali felt a certain empathy for the woman, she imagined that it couldn’t be the most fun to cart around another life. She herself had not planned on being a mother and so she had not idea what that must feel like. She sat there and waited ofr a moment. Watched the cigarette twirl in her hand and she leaned over… feeling this was her chance to make contact. The thick accent hard to hide. She was French, and she had been there most of her life. ’If you like, I can make sure that your husband does not come back too quickly, I am very good at distraction.” She said with a conspiratorial smile. She was only offering to run interference, It would be easy for her, she had always been good at that. ”Perhaps I can give you a light as well?” She offered once more. ”I can understand the need for something with such pressures on your body.” Though she didn’t quite understand the mechanics she knew what many had told her over the years as she pretended to care about their lives. It was all for a good commission, though she didn’t really need it anymore, it was more of a game now, how much money could she get them to part with.
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    Boaz had not had much experience with the sort of thing Kate was going through. He followed her gaze as she called his attention to the woman who was tending to her husband. He didn’t understand the history there, but he supposed ultimately, it was not important that he know the history at all. He looked at the table and he shrugged at Kate. Not out of apathy but because he honestly didn’t have much advice. This was out of his depth. When it came to parents and kids, he could do that, he was actually pretty good at that. He had spent long enough with kids and parents had picked up enough that he could offer advice there. He had not been so lucky in relationships that he felt he could offer some kind of advice. ”I am not so well versed in the interactions between husband and wife. Admittedly.” He started. He had however remembered that when his gran was sick, it had been a huge change in the strain his mother felt when they hoiored a burse to look after her. ”Would it be out of the realm of possibility to hire someone to look after him? Someone who could take those things? Who could deal with he fact that his anger is more about his inability to do something than it is about them?” he didn’t know if he was suggesting something that might offend Kate but sometimes… it was better to let someone else do it. ”Sometimes they can handle the fact someone is intolerable a little better. It would give you a bit of a break… you don’t have to atone…” Of course, he had no idea if he was right. He just thought maybe it would be a decent change. ”Maybe it would help separate you from what he’s going through. It may do him good to see you keep living your life…”
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    Frankie was not so sure she would be a good mother. She was 16, she was still immature and selfish. She thought about things in terms of how they effected her. The whole situation with Alex had been her being upset because he didn’t tell her things. He didn’t owe her anything… she just thought he did. It had not been her finest moment. Of course she had also been highly hormonal along with being a selfish person. She looked at him and shrugged. ”thanks I hope I am.” She sighed. ”You should see Orion’s sister she is like super mom… Its terrifying to think I may not be half as good as her, I don’t exactly have a mom to model things after. Not that I needed a mom… I just know how to be a good dad,” she said with a small laugh. ”I think that is why I have spent so much time with Orion’s sister. She is about as close as it gets for me.” ”Well, I suppose I can find a way to have some at some point.” She said of the chocolate. It was something she wouldn’t mind trying, and if it worked, it worked. If it didn’t she was no worse off than when she started. Letting out a small sigh she looked at alex and shrugged. ”Maybe. It would be nice if they did think that about me… but honestly I have no idea what they think, especially now.” She looked at him and sighed. She wondered if they felt cheated because she was such a mess at the moment. She didn’t really need to be worried about it now. Alex had far more important things he dealt with. ”December 1.” She said ”Its getting close. But I feels so far away too.”
  22. Invite hiding

    ”Stubborn is an ugly word, I prefer determined.” she said as she looked over at him. It was not in Violet’s nature to turn away from a challenge- Even though she knew she should not be carrying on with Tyson like this- but she was. It was not a though she was doing anything too horrible at the moment, she had not let it go too far, she had not quite crossed the line, she was merely toeing it at the moment. That didn’t really make it okay, but it at least gave her some credit… or something. Or so she could rationalize anyway. She would do her best to make sure she was not crossing the line, no matter how tempting the temptation was. Which in this case was very, very tempting. Letting out a small laugh she sh0ok her head. ”Oh yes, they will die when I tell them all about the romantic lamp you got me.” Not that she would tell them that, they would think it was stupid, but then that was sort of what it was like being in a relationship with someone, they were able to have these jokes about lamps and they thought it was great, it didn’t actually matter what anyone else thought. They could all kicks rocks for all she was concerned. Looking at him for a moment she laughed once more. The idea of a white picket fence was so far from what she had ever considered in life. She wanted to be happy, just not white picket fence happy. What was she expecting? ”I don’t want that whole trope… the white picket fence was never for me… you know?” She said as she thought about it for a moment. ”I always thought I would have a family a couple of kids who kick ass…” She was not interested in the boring things in life but always the more exciting… ”A home somewhere in Melbourne or wherever I want to settle. I want to keep coaching, maybe for the Aussie team…” She shrugged.
  23. Invite Not Again

    It had caught her off guard. It was the same feeling she had with all three pregnancies, the uneasy stomach, the need to vomit at 10 am. She wanted Watermelon and Olives at the same time. It had not been a feeling of excitement but one of anxiousness. It had been hard adjusting to two children, Especially with how little she had seen her husband… That and Persephone wasn’t a year old yet. They had gone away to celebrate their marriage and they had not been as careful as they usually were She was anxious as she sat there in the bathroom, the small stick sitting on the sink as she waited- as she willed the stick to yield a negative result… The last thing they needed was another kid. At least not without a conversation. Silas had not been planned they had found out because someone had slammed their car into hers, nearly killing both her and the fragile life that she had not been aware of. Jason was not thrilled but once Silas came- he fell in love with the little boy. They had fought about having a second kid. It had been a bad fight- one that made her feel as though her wants in the marriage were not as important as her husband’s career. She looked at her hands. It was something she still felt from time to time. Jason had then wanted another, and they tried, they lost that baby, it had been devastating and Doe had never felt alone like she had in those moments. That something was wrong with her. Then came little {Persephone, she was perfect. Though she had spent a long time making her miserable as she spent most of the night tending to her, she cried all the time, she had been much sicker than Silas had been. Jason had also not been around, as often and he had been busier and busier as of late. Now it was quiet in the house the kids were napping. It was the only moments of peace she had at the moment. She looked up at the stick and stood from her spot on the side of the bathtub. Looking at it she felt her head swim a bit as she looked at the pink plus that stared up at her mockingly. The doorbell rang and she look confused for a moment and then remembered that she had invited Dylan over. It had been a while since she had seen her friend and she had in fact missed him. The mess with Orion and Frankie had taken over her life for a while, then she and Jason had gone to the Maldives. It had left little time for socializing and she was aware he had been rather busy himself. Attempting to put on her best face she shoved the stick in in the bathroom drawer and moved to get the door. She smiled as she spotted the tall Irishman and she pulled him into a hug. In the years that she had met Jason, and had children she had gotten far more affectionate, she also didn’t have Malcolm watching her. He would get jealous if any small amount of attention paid to someone else. It was rather challenging. ”Hello!” She said, though the idea of having another child stressed her out and she was happy to see Dylan. ”I have not started Lunch, I am so sorry, the kids are napping and I was doing something else and just got sidetracked…” It happened often with the kids. ”Come in, come in.” She ushered him into the kitchen. ”What about something Greek yes? Gyros?” She offered. That was always easy to put together.
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    JCINK Premium ♦ 2+yr old ♦ 18+ ♦ 20+ speciesThere was no grand ta da! No sudden realization that your neighbors could conjure fire or transformed at the whim of the moon. This world has never been anything other than what it is now, a free-for-all, a melting pot of species and people that have always been predisposed to magic. It's not a sleepy little town, we're not tucked away in the mountains somewhere.This is a the sprawling city of San Francisco, the city by the bay. Our city. A financial testament built around the import and export of goods and a naval hub that has a vast and rich history. A city foreshadowed by a prison that's 'not been used since forever' (a lie, to be sure) and a giant golden gate that's no more gold than it is supported solely on the hopes and dreams of your fellow man. This is the real world and we are its real people.We are real and this is the story of our endurance, every gritty terrible day of it.SITE INFO -- SPECIES -- CLAIMS -- WANT ADS -- CANONS -- LINK BACK
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  26. Open Enjoying that bit of time

    Iggy hadn’t noticed Alexander’s eyes before, but once the young man accepted the offered glass he gave them a surreptitious examination in the bar lights. They were surprisingly blue, but could easily pass for simple contact lenses. He seemed like the type to add subtle little accents to his appearance here and there, though he wore no jewellery. Iggy felt the tension in his back relax a little, sipping carefully at the glass of water he’d ordered. ‘I don’t come here normally… I assumed it wasn’t allowed.’ He ran a finger along the rim of the glass. ‘It’s a little bit loud and I don’t know anyone. … the drinking age here is eighteen, yes…?’ It was hard to keep track of which laws to follow after having been in Europe for so long. He’d been allowed a sip out of his parent’s wine glass since he could sit still at a dinner table, but he had never sought out alcohol on his own or felt the need to. ‘In England, pubs are sometimes family spaces. In Australia I find myself barred from entering without ID, so I assumed…’
  27. if i tell myself

    So Emily hadn't taken long at all to resume her fawning over Matt. That in itself wasn't a surprise, but what did surprise Kate was the sense of relief that sat underneath her initial irritation. Let him be mad at her, let her be the one who had to choose to keep holding him upright even as he berated her for doing it "wrong". Let Emily be there for every moment, every little thing, every complaint and ache and need, and let Emily be the one who got nothing back. The hand holding her glass had curled tighter, knuckles whitening with the pressure. Kate knew she couldn't expect much from him yet. Coming back to his body was an overwhelming experience, but at the very least she had hoped for... what? Acknowledgement that she wasn't his nurse? For him to just occasionally reach out and take her hand, not to get her attention---but to hold it? A smile on his face when he said her name? Anything. A tiny, miniscule scrap of affection. Just something to prove that he wasn't so completely wrapped up in his inability to look after himself that he couldn't see her too. "I put my life on hold and waited for him," she said after a long pause, her voice cracking down the middle. "It can't have been for nothing. But at the same time, it's... I don't know. He won't even talk to me. Doesn't ask how my day was. He keeps himself so separate from me, if he didn't snore so bloody loud I'd think I still had the bed to myself. Stupid me thought it would be enough just having him there to come home to, but... it's not. How he's talking to Ems right now, how he's looking at her... that's exactly what he gives me too. Like I'm not special to him, I'm just... there."
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