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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

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a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
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    Robin Shaw
    Robin already knew that it wasn’t Jamie’s favourite past time, but he seemed to be willing to spend some time behind a desk working things out. It was an easy task, to her it wasn’t exactly boring the amount of information she could gather, but for someone like Jamie, who sounded more like someone who liked to do thing, it could be tedious. She took a deep breath and tried to think of a better way to make the activity more fun, perhaps a challenge could get things moving, she needed to think about something that they could do, maybe they should brainstorm and get some ideas out. Working together was better than to work alone. “I was thinking, since it isn’t your thing, how about we make a game out of it?” Robin wasn’t competitive, she didn’t play to win, she played to have fun, but if she happened to win well, then that was good. She did, however, did compete if the prize or the outcome that depended on it was serious, otherwise she would just go with the flow. “The winner could choose an activity or a place to go or something that the winner really wants.” It sounded fair. She wasn’t even going to try and win, but at least it could get him interested in it enough. Copying wasn’t going to be the problem, what was going to be more complicated was getting out of there with so many things, even if they could just resize everything, and apparate, it was still too many things to take. “I can do it quickly, only takes a couple of minutes for each thing, but I guess with two it’s going to be easier, and quicker too.” She joked lightly before starting to copy the journals, leaving the maps for Jamie to do, her fae magic gave her the advantage, she wasn’t so sure he could be as quick as her. Once her pile was done, she looked at Jamie, hoping that the pile that she had assigned to him was done. Now they only needed to resize everything, maybe even more than she had planned to fit in all their pockets.
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    Jamie Collins
    It seemed that Robin hadn't noticed. Jamie had to fight releasing a sigh as pure relief washed over him - but, of course, he knew he wasn't out of the woods just yet. He still had to make it out of that mansion without Robin being able to tell the difference, and from there he had to actually make it to the magic artifact store before going home. He likely had to come up with some sort of excuse, or potentially sneak out of his own home since the redhead had a clear view of his movements from her house across the street. 'Wasn't signing up for this when I decided to take on getting some knowledge on magical creatures, let me tell ya...' As she proceeded to explain what they had to do, Jamie took the chair resting next to the desk near him and sat facing the back of it, arms lazily hanging on the top of the backrest as he listened to her. "Can't say it's my favorite past time." He didn't resist the joke, letting a small smirk fit his lips as he spoke. "But, then again, I don't have a whole lot of hobbies, do I? Sounds like an interesting new way of spending time. I'm in." He said with a nod. It was an easy decision for him to make - if the various things surrounding that case could have the same effect as that pesky box, it would likely be in their best interest if Jamie joined the little adventure so to keep an eye out. "There's a whole lot to copy in this room, though. It might take a while." He briefly let his eyes scan the room. Books upon books, maps upon maps, journals upon journals; to copy everything with magic would be a strain even for him, a charm expert. It was a two people job, as far as he was concerned. 'Good thing that there are two people in the room, huh?' "Might as well get started while there's still some sun out, huh?" Not that they could see a single ray within that room, but he figured he may as well take on the task with good humor.
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    Robin Shaw
    Robin was so distracted looking at through the boxes with the journals that she didn’t even notice what Jamie had done with the box and how he had replaced it, for now she needed to keep her attention away from it so that she could later retrieve it without him staring and studying her every move. Getting out from underneath the desk, pulled the box out and put a few on the table. Jamie’s reactions was new, she could see he was completely lost about what she was talking about, which wasn’t a very appealing attribute, but the fact that he was willing to elaborate that it was indeed something he didn’t know, made her smile, trying hard not to giggle. “Okay, so the maps have numbers on them, they have coordinates and markings, I’m no expert but making notes like this usually indicate that there’s something worth searching.” She didn’t have much experience in the field or exploring, but she knew how many people used to do it back in the days, always with a notebook and map, people would take notes about what they would find. Surely, whoever owned all that was no stranger to such activity. “People reach their destination, mark the coordinates on their notebook and describe their findings, it’s a common practice for explorers, geographers, and all those jobs that require people to describe what they see...” Perhaps her explanation would make it easier for Jamie to understand what she was talking about and for the time being she was so interested in the notebooks that she had forgotten about the box, while the feeling was there, nagging, calling her, the maps were indeed more interesting. “Searching through all this can take days or weeks, if we copy this and take it back to your house or mine, we can investigate without having to come back here and risk getting caught.” She hopped that Jamie would be interested in such a thing, it wasn’t going to be easy, and it was a boring job, unless they found something worth searching. “I am not sure how you’ll feel about desk work, but I can teach you how, it’s easy and if we find something, can you imagine the adventure? What do you say?”
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    Jamie Collins
    Jamie nodded in agreement, and proceeded to pretend to look around through the various books and maps while he waited for Robin to get too distracted to look in his general direction. At the earliest opportunity, the Seeker whipped out his wand and tapped the box once, immediately reducing its size by roughly four times; figuring that if she were to go through his pockets she'd find the box, he performed a second spell, transfiguring it into a coin. Afterwards he slid the new shiny object into his wand holster, something Robin wouldn't be able to reach into so easily. However, he needed to cover his tracks. Holding out a hand, he Accio'd the nearest book, not bothering to read through its contents. Another tap of the wand caused it to greatly resemble the box he had just hid instead - everything was the same save for the alluring aspect of it. He placed it roughly in the same location he had left the other box beforehand so Robin wouldn't suspect a thing. 'Hopefully she won't be drawn to my wand holster now...' He thought to himself as he placed his favored magical instrument within the same container. "Hm?" He reflexively voiced as Robin spoke again and looked at her once looking through the various books and maps once more, that time actually paying attention to what he was doing. It was all gibberish to him as he wasn't the most academically inclined person in the world, but he was trying his best. At least the books weren't trying to bite his hand off, nor Robin's, which was progress as far as he was concerned. "What's in those?" Jamie asked, wondering what was worth a copy. "I have a few maps over here but I'm not entirely sure what they're for. Feels like I'm reading Chinese..."
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    So, may not be super away, but one of my medications has been doubled, and a new one added that I don't know how it'll be, beyond probably making me extra tired, thirsty, shaky, bleh for 3-4 weeks So may not be online as heavily, posting very slowly until I get used to the new medications. ❤️
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    Robin Shaw
    She could still feel the box, slowly calling out to her, the scent, the magic that emanated from it, it wanted her to pick it up and keep it forever, to be admired by her, but Jamie was in the way, no matter how much she tried he was there, watching and he didn’t want her to take the box, maybe he wanted it all to himself. Robin closed her eyes for a moment, the thoughts running through her head were ridiculous, Jamie wasn’t the enemy, was he? Rationally she couldn’t believe that her thoughts even went there, but her thoughts continued to poke, continued to wonder if that was the only reason why he had pulled it away. Maybe she had misunderstood what he wanted, but it didn’t matter, nothing matter except what was hiding behind him, for that she needed to distract him, or maybe just come back another day, yes, that could be it, coming back another day was going to solve her problem. “Let’s start searching then.” She spoke, trying to see the box that Jamie was covering, he was probably doing it on purpose. All she had to do was to pay attention to him and come back another day to get it. It should be easy, but for now, she had to search for the treasure maps. She forgot briefly about the box as she searched through all the maps, nothing, just regional maps with coordinates, maybe there would be a travel journal that could indicate what they meant. “Hmm…I think there should be some travel journals associated with these maps.” She tried not to think of the box, maybe that wouldn’t seem suspicious. She knelt and looked under the desk, in search of some form of book. The mess in the boxes made her search for longer for what she wanted and since two people couldn’t fit under the desk, she had to do everything alone, hopefully, Jamie would continue to search through the maps. After some long minutes, she finally found the journals. “How about we make a copy of all this? I’m sure we can get a better view at home, and certainly we won’t risk getting caught.” She suggested.
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    Jamie Collins
    Robin really had no idea. Jamie momentarily looked back at the lone box as the redhead verbalized her confusion, seeing it as an enemy rather than a potential artifact to study in their little adventure. He couldn't shake the feeling that Robin was in danger if she were to touch it - but, what he could do? Short of having it disappeared, he couldn't exactly interfere with the woman's free will. It didn't feel right to steal someone else's belongings anyway. Things changed in his mind suddenly, however, as he came to notice that the way Robin moved around the room kept inching closer to where he had placed the box. Keen observation had become an occupational hazard over time as a Seeker, and it was fairly difficult for things such as those to go over his head. It made him conclude she was magically drawn to the item, given she was having no reaction to anything else in that treasure trove of books and knowledge. He needed to get rid of the box, but, how? More importantly, why was she attracted to it? He certainly wasn't. What was the cause of its selectiveness? If he could sneak the item out of the room without Robin noticing, perhaps he could take it to the local magical item store and see what it was all about. But first, he needed to distract her. He took advantage of the redhead having her back turned to pop open his wand holster's button, free to make any sound due to the girl's deafness, the handle of the magical instrument sticking out mildly to the side so he could draw it out quickly when he felt prepared to charm the box into a far more portable size. "That's not what I meant." He forced a smile as his friend turned to talk to him. His hand let go of the holster so not to seem suspicious, and he crossed his arms under his chest. "Actually, nevermind. There are a bunch of maps here, what should we be looking for? Looking for an X doesn't count." He tactfully maneuvered himself to lean against the very same table the box was resting on, blocking Robin's view of it just to see how she reacted.
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    Robin Shaw
    Robin stared at Jamie for a little while confused about what he was saying. What was there to remember? She got in the room and he mentioned something about a treasure map but then he found the box and then showed it her. She thought for a little while about what he meant as she watched him put the box away, her eyes quickly shifted towards it and followed it attentively, almost as she wished to pick it up again, to touch it, to feel the sweet and soft feeling it gave her. The redhead’s attention shifted from the box and towards Jamie once more when he grasped her shoulder, her eyes landed on his as his lips moved, she tilted her head curiously at him. “What do you mean not right?” the more she looked at him the more confused she appeared to be. What was he talking about? Was he going crazy? Was he pulling a prank one her? His words made no sense to her, she wasn’t the one that found the box, it was him. Did he think she’d let go of such beautiful thing if she had been the one to find it? Obviously, she wouldn’t let it go, probably wouldn’t even let him touch it in the first place. “I don’t sense anything strange in here…the wizard living in this house probably studied artefacts, that’s why this room looks weird.” she roamed around the room, each step trying to get closer to the box, but maybe she could go there when Jamie wasn’t with her, maybe he wanted the box all to himself. “Let’s search for a treasure map and then we leave? Or do you want to go now?” her words didn’t sound very convincing, the effects of the box still calling out to her, to trap her in an unsuspecting hypnosis.
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    Jamie Collins
    Jamie held the music box momentarily out of reach from the redhead before setting it down. She seemed to be snapping out of it, yet her reaction was quite strange - he found a box? He was taken aback by the statement, brows furrowed in confusion. She had found the box. She had been so enamored by the box for a few moments that it looked like there was nothing else of note in the room. It only added to the suspicion. "You don't remember..." He muttered to himself as he watched the redhead, whom, right on cue, was drawn to the box again. "That's enough of that." He spoke, nudging the box away with his fingers so it would slide near the end of the table, after which he grasped the girl's shoulder again - that time, it was to get her attention. "Something's not right here." The fun was drained from his face. His expression of mischievousness was replaced with one of concern - he did want to have fun exploring the place, but he felt like they had crossed a line. Adrenaline junkie or not, there were things in that room that could take their lives or consciousness without them realizing. That was worse than facing off against a danger they knew and were minimally in control of. "You found the box." He informed her hesitantly. "And you were growing fainter by the second when you were holding it. I don't think you should touch that. We should be careful around here, too..."
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    Robin Shaw
    The redhead was completely ignoring Jamie and his words, not only she couldn’t hear him and even if she was looking at him the chances of being ignored were the same. She was far too interested in the music box she had picked. The box was carefully worked on, it had magnificent designs, flowers, animals, almost as if it was alive and calling for her. She tried to open the box one more time, fae magic still didn’t work, but she wasn’t even bothering to use her wizarding magic, what for? It was useless compared to her primary source of magic, yes, wizarding magic was ridiculous and useless. Before Robin could so anything else the box was taken from her, she was still hypnotized by it but at least she was no longer fixated on the object she so desperately wanted to open, she just wanted to hear the sweet melody, but it was when it hit her, she couldn’t listen, she was deaf. She blinked a couple of times, confused and disoriented before her eyes left the box and ended on Jamie’s. “What happened? Oh! You found a box.” She spoke, completely unaware that she had been the one to find it in the first place, however, it seemed as if the effects of it were wearing off. “Can I see the box?” she asked, her normal cheery disposition and voice before her eyes wondered to something else in the room, there were so many things to see, so many things to read and hold, but for the moment she was far more interested in the box that Jamie seemed to be holding, she was still weirdly attracted to it, but she was no longer hypnotized by the effects of it. “I wonder who would have left such beautiful box up here in this old room…it’s like a museum in here.”
  16. Invite Where there are ghosts, there are spooks

    Jamie Collins
    "We should be careful. If the previous owner went through pains to keep this place hidden from Muggles, it's because it's probably dangerous." Jamie noted as he straightened his posture, more than happy about being inside a proper room rather than a cramped, dusty and cobweb filled passage. He wasn't as taken to the room as Robin was given it was not his area of expertise (by far), but he'd be lying if he were to say he wasn't curious about what was hidden in the various tomes and maps surrounding them. It seemed that, however, his words were for naught as Robin wasn't even looking at him anymore. Instead the redhead had made straight for a music box laying atop a nearby table. She watched as she took a hold of it without checking for a potential trap; he felt relieved as it didn't seem to bite back at her or anything and allowed himself to relax for a brief moment, making his way towards her once she called on him. He looked at the box as well, but something was off. Robin's voice sounded fainter by the second; short of her playing a prank on him at that moment, it was always a bad sign when that happened in a magical environment. Acting quickly, he took the box from her hands, holding it away from his friend. He noticed he felt no differently, unlike his friend who looked utterly hypnotized and out of it. "Robin?" He momentarily forgot she was deaf with the concern. Placing their book atop the table where the box had once been, he then shook his hand in front of her face to see if she snapped out of it. 'Hopefully...'
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    Shane Robbins
    "'Scuse me?" Hang out with different people? Shane took offense to the statement, brows furrowing. He wanted to reply further but ultimately opted not to, letting the statement stew further in his mind. The problem wasn't so much who he hung out with, as them hanging out seldomly those days. With his schedule going completely against theirs it was quite difficult to have a group hangout with his friends at any given time. Maybe Jo was right. He should hang out with different people, just not for the reasons that came across in context. "Wouldn't mind that much myself. Problem is, when most people wanna go out for drinks, I'm working. Would hafta be sometime before happy hour, or in one of my odd days off, which if my mom has her way... It's, like, never." He finished his burger and cleaned his mouth with the paper that came with it, before crumpling everything up within his hand and tossing the waste ball into a nearby trashcan. Fortunately, it fell in instead of rebounding and hitting him square on the forehead. They came up to the bar in no time at all. Reminding himself that Jo was in the middle of her shift, he managed to have enough presence of mind not to invite her inside for a cold one. "Speaking of which, you know you can drop by early, right? If the bar looks closed just text me about it, and if I'm around I'll open for you." A deep breath followed, and he lightly tapped the side of her shoulder. "Thanks for this again! Yeah, I know, but I wanna say thanks anyway. I'm gonna go in to get yelled at, see you soon."
  18. Invite Where there are ghosts, there are spooks

    Robin Shaw
    Robin looked at Jamie when they were both in the room, it didn’t even show in the original blueprint, whoever built it made sure that it would be nearly impossible to reach, even if the corridor was displayed in the scheme that room was not, which Robin found a bit odd to begin with, but perhaps whoever decide to do it like that had other things in mind, perhaps had an excuse to have a random corridor hidden in the middle of the house, or maybe it worked as a refuse, but there were other things that came to mind, maybe even led to some other places inside the house. She was so enamoured with the room that she almost missed what Jamie said. “I mean, I could spend days in here and not discover a single thing, but whatever this room was, it’s so well preserved.” The room was indeed marvellous, and maybe just as Jamie said, they could find a treasure map, although, what caught her attention wasn’t necessarily the books and the maps, or anything, it was a single music box laying on a table, almost like it was left there on purpose for someone to see. Robin could feel some magic coming from it, but unlike a normal person that would just leave it, she approached it. She completely ignored Jamie as she moved towards the box, almost as if she was hypnotised by it. “Look at this…” she spoke softly as her hands reached out to pick the music box. It seemed to be missing a key. “It’s a music box, isn’t it pretty? I wonder how it sounds…” she smiled looking a Jamie, music box still in her hand, but once again she was unable to open it, not even with magic. “It feels strange though…” she commented in a low tone, still conscious but slowly drifting away, the more she held onto the box, the softer and lower her voice sounded.
  19. Invite The quiet part of town

    Jo Estrada
    Surprisingly, he was taking it pretty well, and at least he wasn’t stressing over the fact that his spell might not have worked or had cracked the vial and it was leaking. Jo didn’t believe in luck, it was just a random succession of events that led to things, however the more she got to talk to Shane the more she noticed it might not be it, or at least the probability of bad things happening around him were higher than bad things happening to others. If there was such a thing as each action creates a reaction, she couldn’t see how someone like him had such luck. Maybe she was overthinking it, it wasn’t her problem to begin with, and while she wanted to help him, she wasn’t in any position to do so. “Maybe you just need to hang out with different people.” Jo spoke with a shrug as they continued to walk towards the bar, the more they walked the closer they got, and while Jo was enjoying her time, and still doing her rounds, just making a slight detour, she was afraid she was taking up his time, even if she was a lovely person to be around, they both had a job to do. He had to deal with people in a different way she had to deal with, but it his job was probably as tiring as hers in way, if everyone was as obnoxious as she was when drunk, she pitied Shane’s life. She laughed at his comment, and she appreciated the free drinks she always felt bad somehow, it was a person’s job, she was somehow taking advantage. Her feeling was taught, it wasn’t something she genuinely felt bad about, but it still counts for something, right? “Maybe one day someone needs to take you out for drinks, and not where you’d have to serve them.” It was a suggestion that she hoped one day he’d take. In the distance she could already see the bar, she was a bit relieved they were almost there, even if she was enjoying slacking off a little.
  20. Invite The quiet part of town

    Shane Robbins
    "I dunno. Time will tell." Shane gave the Auror a shrug of his shoulders. There was no way of telling whether the spell had been successful or not without tampering with the vial, which was most definitely something the man wasn't willing to risk - it was a very precious potion after all, and hopefully it would actually be able to be put to use at some point down the line if he happened to reach some sort of desperate time. 'I hear it has a come down type of deal attached to it, but, not like shit can get much worse for me anyway...' As far as his mother drinking it went, while he didn't want it to happen, it was better that she got the effect out of it than having nobody enjoy the momentary luck. Plus, he was living in her house still. If anything, it was good payment to make up for the bills he racked up at the end of the month from water, food and electricity. 'I really need to move out at some point... Once I get a half decent gig.' The pair kept walking side by side down the crosswalk, closer to the nightlife of the town; and, consequently, closer to The Tipsy Mozzie. He gave his burger a hearty bite while Jo continued speaking, though he did swallow the food prior to replying. "Huh? Sure I would, but still..." It was hard to put it to words - he always did things for people, but never expected something to be done for him, or such was his luck. "Guess I'm being weird. Truth is, I'm not really used to this type of thing. My bad." Then again, judging by how his life usually went, it was likely that the Muggle burger would wind up giving him some sort of intestinal issue half an hour down the line. "I'd say I'd get you a beer on the house back at the bar once you're done with your shift, but, you already earned yourself a lifetime supply." He joked, chuckling in good humor.
  21. Invite The quiet part of town

    Jo Estrada
    She was surprised to hear that Shane still had the vial she had given to him, she assumed he had used it by now, considering his random encounters with bad luck, she was pretty sure that he had come across a situation that would require him to use it, but it was good, it meant he hadn’t run into anything potentially dangerous. It was smart of him casting an unbreakable charm and she was even more surprised that it worked. “At least it worked and didn’t break right?” She commented, trying to light up the situation, but knowing her, she probably only made it worse, or made him think that the vial could have a small crack than would let the potion leak. She should have kept her mouth shut. She took small steps, always next to Shane as they walked towards the bar. “I’m sure your mom won’t drink it.” if it was a sibling Jo was sure that would happen, but parents didn’t have the habit of drinking what belonged to their children, or so Jo thought. As someone with an older sister that job alone belonged to Ash when it came to her things, or to herself when Ash had anything, Jo always made sure to eat it or drink it, unless it smelled like trap. Jo smiled at Shane, whatever she had done was nothing special. “It’s no big deal really. I’m pretty sure if I was in your situation you would have done the same for me.” She spoke. She wasn’t a good friend, she was far from that, she didn’t necessarily try to be pleasant either but she did try to be a good friend, even if it was a bit odd at times.
  22. Invite Company So Fowl

    The redhead wasn’t sure what else she could tell the girl, and if the girl couldn’t do any of them it was going to be very hard for her to know the truth. Robin looked at her, she couldn’t see any other solution. Natasha would probably need to push through in order to get the answers for her questions. “If you can’t talk to them, then I have no idea what else you can do. Besides, just strike one of them with the fact and watch their reaction.” unless both her parents were dead there was no reason for her not to be able to talk to them, the only other thing that remained was Natasha not wanting to talk to neither of them, which could be a valid reason, in this situation Robin didn’t see why the girl wouldn’t. She wanted to know about her heritage, why wasn’t she willing to make a sacrifice and reach out to both her parents? Robin couldn’t do anything else about it. “Well, if you really want to know, I advise you to figure out how you’re going to approach them, assuming both your parents are alive.” She shrugged. Giving advice wasn’t Robin’s expertise, she was never good at taking advise either, so, helping someone who needed guidance wasn’t something she was comfortable doing. “But you can always live without knowing the truth behind it I suppose, but if I find something I know how to find you, and you can easily find me as well.”
  23. The Bad Old Days

    "Mm. Right, right. But if you're inclined to believe in science, wouldn't you say the smoking age should be in the mid twenties instead of eighteen? It's estimated the brain's still developing until then, if not later." Renee's eyes glinted with amusement as she let the minimally knowledgeable part of her out in an attempt of pointing out how arbitrary the number 'eighteen' was in choosing the best age to legally be allowed to start smoking. Renee didn't care much for it, nor the potential consequences, regardless - if she wanted to do something, she was going to do it. A smile stretched upon her lips as Kate implied Renee would get into a lot of trouble. Was it true? Absolutely. The Sturt had no argument to it. She was a student under Alan Burdett's care, after all, and Kate was not. Yet, she looked like she was practically welcoming such a prospect, rather than fearing it or being overly cautious not to face it. Renee didn't much care what happened to her academic career - if she did, she probably wouldn't have cut a giant hole in the fence a few moments before without minding people who could potentially be watching. "Because, unlike 'everybody else', I have the spine to get up and leave." She countered as she stretched out one of her arms in an attempt to get the blood flowing, as the chilly weather threatened to freeze her in place. "It's boring. Makes me feel like my brain's about to spill out my ears half the time from how dull it is. If that's what's meant to happen, I'd rather be the cause of it myself than have people trying to cram useless information down my throat a couple hours at a time. At least out here my eyes aren't threatening to roll back every few seconds."
  24. Invite Company So Fowl

    Robin's words rang true. If she hadn't spoken of the fact she was of Fae descent, Natasha would never have guessed it. Her eyes widened mildly with that realization. If they could blend in so well, could it be that one of her parents lied to her face, as well as to her siblings'? She couldn't help think that could be over some sort of need to provide protection. Halfbreeds weren't welcomed anywhere despite the positive shift in public opinion, and so unregistered people of such natures were still commonplace. Could it be either her mother or her father fell under such a category? Yet, she couldn't feel the flow of magic like Robin did. 'Maybe... it's very diluted with me...?' Adoption was a valid option as well. The redhead was correct. There were so many possibilities, and they were causing such a mess in her mind that she hadn't caught on to the fact she ultimately chose to believe the woman sitting before her. Mark had brought the same thing in the past but he couldn't speak much of it, being entirely human himself. Robin, however, was different. She knew things that could burst open a dam in Natasha that she didn't even know existed. Her hunger was lost to the subject. She pushed the plate away just enough to be able to prop an elbow on the table, resting her forehead upon the respective palm. She felt like her brain was frying with all the information and possibilities - it was a simple detail that completely altered what she knew about herself, and colored every strange memory she'd had up to that point. Though, at least, her hostility towards the redhead had decreased exponentially. "Talking to my parents about it isn't really an option nowadays..." She commented, eyes cast downwards as she found herself at a complete loss of what to do or think.
  25. Invite To Spot a Dog

    A small smile crossed MJ's lips as well with the display of gratitude, and she shook her head. "Don't worry about it." Part of her was holding onto the faint hope of both animals being found together, though she knew that not to be too realistic. Plus, dogs were carnivores; given how small the pygmy puff was, it would be likely that Spot would consume the poor creature instead of befriending it. 'And that's a mental image I didn't need.' As Gideon went on about how Spot first went missing, the blonde looked around, eyes nearly as keen as an eagle's from years of survivalism as a hobby, trying to catch anything suspicious out the corner of her vision. Luck, however, was not by their side. Instead she ultimately retrieved her wand from its holster. It was a potentially dangerous tactic, but for the time being it was the best they could do. "That would be enough. Would you mind parting with one?" Wand at the ready, she held out a hand to receive the treat. Dogs were creatures with a gifted sense of smell; if she were to greatly enhance the scent of food, it was likely at least some creature would pick up on it.
  26. Invite The Shadow and the Flame

    Chloe Stewart
    Chloe was taken aback with the spell she was told to cover. Salvio Hexia? That was fifth year material, and Gideon came across as younger than that on first glance. Her gaze fell on the book the boy was exploring, focusing on the spell proper. She had recognized the book as a fourth year's guide to Defense Against the Dark Arts, and couldn't recall seeing that spell at all; was her memory getting affected from all the studying she had been doing? Luckily for the both of them, the Sturt knew that spell by heart. For a moment, she didn't reply. Instead, she peered over Gideon's head and towards the long corridor leading to the various aisles of the library. It was mostly deserted and there was little danger of them having the Librarian walk in on them; of course, it didn't hurt to be safe, rather than sorry. They weren't supposed to be practicing *spells* in the Library, after all. Using her sole free hand to reach for her wand's holster, she freed the magical instrument from its container and waved it once. Past a certain range, the sound around them was muffled and muted. It was an easy way of ensuring less attention was targeted at them if an accident were to happen. "Salvio Hexia." She repeated, once her job was done. Could it be the new edition of the book was just making it harder on Fourth Years? Lexi had told her nothing about tougher material. "It's usually an area type spell, so it's a bit difficult to practice here. And the smaller the area you want to work with, the harder it gets because you have to be more precise." The area they were in could perhaps be a bit too small, but, Chloe could pull it off; perhaps, with some practice, Gideon could do it too. "Try to do it now to see what your issue is. Blanketing this area will suffice."
  27. The Bad Old Days

    "Well, if you're inclined to believe in science, a dramatically reduced likelihood of lung cancer before you're thirty-five and less chance of that this disgusting cocktail of chemicals not made for human consumption will affect your still-developing brain," Kate replied with a shrug. She'd been smoking since she was young. Too young, and too dumb to understand what she'd been doing to her body. If she could go back, Kate liked to think she would have not taken up the habit, but it had been so effective in upsetting her father. She couldn't really say. In a way, she hated the habit. Hated the way she craved the taste on days when life felt impossible. Kate didn't like to rely on anything or any one, but cigarettes had always been her weakness. She cracked a smile as Renee countered her, amused by the girl's wit and nerve. "True, I am," she said lightly. "But should Alan happen to catch us out here, you're most welcome to inform him of my transgressions---and we'll see who gets in the most trouble." It would probably be Renee, at least at first. Alan wouldn't reprimand her in front of a student. He would wait until they had a private moment to really make his feelings clear. Say all of the things you couldn't say within hearing of delicate child ears. "My question stands. Why are you out here, instead of daydreaming in class, like everyone else who doesn't want to be there?"
  28. Invite Today Is Not A Good Day To Die

    Upon the confirmation, Ian quickly reached to the backpack he had used throughout that day and brought it over to his desk. One by one, he took each book and material out and put them all atop the desk neatly, up until the point the bag was completely empty; then, he carefully slid the laptop inside, along with the outer fan, mouse, pad and charger. He took the opportunity to also put his wallet in the bag after double checking its contents, not wanting to end up accidentally having the younger Flinders cover for both their meals and internet usage. He hoisted the bag over his shoulder while Gideon spoke up again. "She didn't." Ian shook his head. "Chloe sat behind me with Lexi, actually. Neither seemed okay. Here's hoping they're doing better now... Though, if anything, this little outing of ours could serve to bring everyone's spirits back up, no?" The anxiety-riddled Dhampir said with a forced smile as he reached for his usual blood thermos, taking a sip to give himself a much needed rush of energy. "Hm... I don't know if we should have Chloe tag along. She's never seemed like the type to just go somewhere and hang out. Then again, most I know about her is from the dojo, so, I'unno..." Ian scratched his cheek, embarrassed at not having picked up much about the girl at all. He hoped Gideon would have more of an insight than he, even if he deemed it even more unlikely that he knew the Sturt personally at all. "Then again, doesn't hurt to be polite..."
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