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    Vale Windum
    The downfall with setting up certain kinds of appointments or meet and greets often had been that one wasn't aware of how a person would look. This left the mind to its own machinations of imagery and every person that would pass by or come close had been a curiosity with the ever present thought of 'I wonder if that is her.' It didn't take long for that question to answer itself as a blonde woman approached and greeted him. The warm expression on her face elicited a soft hum as it hadn't been the expected disposition that he'd have encountered. Maybe something more stern or severe entered his mind, almost piercing. Vale stood up smoothly as if the motion itself had been so practiced or engrained that it became second nature. Then he took her hand into his own and gave a firm yet nimble handshake. "Mr. Windum is my father, please, you can call me Vale." Then a soft nod flowed from him. "And the pleasure is all mines, I believe. Pretty sure I'm the one asking the favors." A charming smile stretched, the next question caught him off guard yet it hadn't shown on his face. Now that it had been brought up she did seem oddly familiar, as if he'd encountered her at some point. At least if he seemed familiar to her as he was then his more extracurricular activities still had been concealed and unthreatened. His expression shifted as if it had been a brief thought that entered into his mind to try and recognize the face and name and then shook his head. "I don't think so, Doc. I haven't been to Australia in a couple of years." A couple of decades but he wasn't counting. "And you have one of those unforgettable faces. I think my mind would be insulted for you if it forgot!" The years often weren't kind to the memories of the long-lived. It wasn't from trying to forget faces either just that sometimes it seems to become harder and harder to remember certain aspects. Now that it had been brought attention he was certain the face was familiar - maybe slightly younger but barely much. If that had been so the consideration came to mind that she too most likely had been a long-lived being. Something that would need to be investigated given that the only information he held involved her connections to the Non-Human labeled community. He shifted half way along the table and pulled out her chair for her, ever the graceful gentleman. "Please, have a seat. I had them bring some wine first. Seemed like a good idea in case things were much more tense." Alcohol carefully imbibed often loosened lips and bettered dispositions. If she would seat he'd push the chair in carefully and then round about to his own seat and sit down. Regardless of the choice, however, he'd continue speaking. "We can call the waiter have the orders setup and then I can try to 'wow' you for my pretty amazing idea."
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    It had already been a task to make time in her schedule in order to fit in a dinner meeting, and though it wasn't something that she was accustomed to, the subject of the meeting itself was what interested her. A new person in the country who was something of a philanthropist and tended to stand for causes. And he was interested in learning more about the community surrounding discrimination in the Wizarding world. This at least told her a few things, one being that he hadn't simply found out about her through the most normal means. Secondly, that he had to be a part of the magical community himself as well, and he was either trying to draw out those of non-pure blood, or he was someone who had experienced discrimination himself. She supposed she would find out soon enough. Sibylla arrived with minutes to spare, the woman stepping from her car and taking a quick glance at the restaurant before she moved to step inside. A slim navy blue dress hugged her figure, the pencil skirt stopping at knee length, and blonde hair fell easily over her shoulders while her blue heels clicked on the floor as she approached a waiter to ask quietly which table she was expected at. Upon being pointed toward the correct one, bright blue eyes set upon the man who was waiting and she studied him a moment as she then made her way over to greet him. "Mr Windum, I presume?" The blonde asked as she approached, offering a hand forward to shake with a warm expression, "I'm Doctor Sibylla Townsend. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance..." She then trailed off for a moment as she squinted at him. There was something about him that she couldn't quite put her finger on, "I'm sorry, have we met before?"
  4. Invite Someone Else's Benefit

    Vale Windum
    Starting up a benefit that targeted a specific purpose and need wasn't easier work, no matter how many times he'd managed to do so through the various decades and century or two. In fact it seemed to get more complicated when the original factors that had once been but flimsy considerations were a much stronger presence in the current age of mortals. One of these important particulars had been the need for members of the community that were connected not only to the oppressed but considered a form of 'champion' for them. A local of sorts or at least someone trusted enough to make the appropriate waves. It had been what drew Vale to such a high class place while he had no preference towards it, he also couldn't deny that it set the scene for connecting on a professional level. While it wasn't a full on casual restaurant a form of presentation had been expected. He chose to wear black slacks with navy blue button-up shirt with the collar unbuttoned and the sleeves rolled up to just under the elbows. It was a comfortable enough representation to show he wasn't stuffy but also that he meant a degree of seriousness and business. On top of the table laid two sets of silverware wrapped in a cotton napkin, a single bottle of white wine with two glasses on opposing sides. It was clear he'd been meeting someone which was the angle he wanted to go. This wasn't just a proper meeting but also a show that he needed to put on for the on-lookers. In high quality businesses people often watched, spoke, sent rumors along to their colleagues from what they'd either spied or listened in on. Whether it was good or negative it was a benefit to the need that he felt had to be addressed for the community at large. Fully incognito with his hair and eyes properly set with a glamour of natural hues to avoid various suspicions but to keep himself well hidden amongst the watchful eyes. Vale leaned back into the chair calmly while the brown gloss of his eyes scanned the room with no haste in the motion. He took in and noted every face possible, those that would look back towards him and others that chose to pretend as if they hadn't noticed him what so ever. It was an amusing pass time while he waited. "Will she arrive on time or will fashionably late be more of her style?" It was a low spoken tone to himself as a mental bet switched back and forth on the potential chances. Would she even show at all?
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    Her shirt?! The thought caused him to halt for a moment as if the very idea struck him to a stasis. It'd been the furthest idea from his mind, maybe he consider her pocket or some little space in her bag. But the thought of being in such a close quarters area against her skin even morphed into a miniature and cute animal that fit there brought a deep blush that curled at the outline of his ears. His hair had already jolted back to a red-pink hue - if only this woman know the effect she held. "Uhm. .. Y-Yea, sure, I mean. . . I could do that." Could he even? What even would he become?!"Guess I'll have to look at some animals that could be. . . In the shirt size." Cole could feel the little shiver down his spine at the sheer thought of being close enough in that capacity. Then another hit came, stronger, faster, harder and one he hadn't expected to see. It had only occurred to him now what his actual words were and it no longer felt as if it had been out of left field. He wasn't sure if his hair could change even more than it had but it would definitely stay in that constant heat for sometime. He honestly wasn't even sure how to respond to it - had she been joking? Was she serious? Was his mind burning too much to even consider it either or?! "Maybe. . . Maybe I will." As if it had been a challenge that needed to be accepted. Mentally he winced.'No, that's not what I was supposed to say! Obviously it was a joke, idiot!' Chiding himself for words or an agreement that he couldn't seem to take back even if he wanted to. A sigh exhausted from him one that had been filled with embarrassment on one end and frustration at his own stupidity on the other. "Woah, woah. . . I didn't mean anything by it, Alex. . ." He'd still been trying to catch his own breath and tone of voice reeling from the previous responses. His hair definitely wasn't going to lighten up anytime soon. Not from his own self-embarrassment. "I'm honored and glad you said yes, really. But you're right I am the most stable! The only one who keeps such a near neurotic perfect stack of bad movies." Really he had gotten into them more by watching different ones with her, it could easily be said that she made an impression in his taste of things by introduction. Truthfully, he hadn't been able to take a bit from his own lasagna after his stumbled bumbling."Give a choice. . . Okay, I can get with that. But me? Dressed up? You know it's been a loooong time since I had to put on the charms in that way." He couldn't even remember when it was but he did remember that it had been during the time where his hair was just a tad bit longer, before he decided to go for a more flattering hairstyle. A gaze shifted towards Alex, the silence became noticeable from the previous rambling. He watched her much like a person admired a painting without any true peer. "No need to thank me. . ." An equally soft response. He didn't say it to gain accolades but just to speak an honest truth. One of the few feelings he had for her that he could vocalize without feeling as if his own world could end by just saying the words. His attention had been drawn by the movie and a slight wince took place physically with a small smile that perched on his face."Looks terrible is an understatement." Cole laughed as his head made a light sideways nod. "I'm pretty sure they didn't mind the lap dance before it all went to 'snu-snu' land. I don't think I've ever seen a good lap dance." Not on a show, they always seemed just way too rehearsed.
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    "Spur of the moment, eh?" Not what he'd expected in her style but then again those that tended to have tight schedules did deserve those moments to just be wild, random - the very idea of spontaneous. "Aight, we'll do it your way one-hundred percent through, yea?" They could actually come out with more in that choice of action than actually making concrete plans about when, where, and how. That had been on top of the fact she was going to most likely be as adamant about them moving with his own schedule versus hers. Tilted his head slightly at her sense of confusion with his own brand of it. But her question was a fair one and maybe much more logical than he would have actually admitted or much more than most people would ever consider in general. "It isn't so much about the place, ya know? It's kind of like. . . Seeing the journey through ya' eyes a bit. Not literally, obviously." Not without some serious magic behind it at any rate! "But if I'm not there during ya' visits I wanna be able to say 'Ah, yea, I get what drew her there!' or 'Huh, I didn't know I miss that one!'" A shrug flowed from his shoulders but he continued on. "Plus, it's ya' memories and it's always good to have 'em. Ya' know? One day ya' might change and think you just wish you would taken more pictures of ya' youthful days. Well. . .At least now ya' gonna have those kinds of memories laying around commemorate the day. That and some folks may not be able to get there or only get there once in a life time." Tyson's arm raised up as they approached the equipment store where he'd grab the door and held it open to allow Chloe to proceed him before he'd follow in. "There's no guarantee i'll choose to go to VMU either. Might end up going to somewhere far, too far where even using a travelling trick would cost precious time." Personally he didn't want to move away or even consider other colleges. His life was here, the few friends he did have or make as well as a Girlfriend. Yet, it had been someone from his life the asked of him to consider all options and not to stay just because others were here. "Anyways, it's just 'bout the sentimentality behind it. Something that like. . . Years later ya' can remember. Something to talk about how that day went, felt, almost like it was just yesterday even if it's five years from then. If that makes any sense." He couldn't guarantee that it did make sense, the very idea of sentimentality had been for the internal feeling and reminder. It wasn't necessary but it helped people to remember certain days, moments, things that helped to shape them to who they were in that moment.
  7. Open An Ordinary Abnormality

    Travis had already been relaxing within the Game room and laid back on one of the cushioned coaches that had been provided as a means to facilitate the room to be more 'relaxing.' He passively watched the room but mostly what seemed to be a heated match between two players of a different houses engaged in Wizard's Chess, a pen to the sketch pad he often carried around. The pencil gently traced along the surface of it as he outlined the two fingers locked in a focused concentration over what seemed to be a table - only an outline at any rate. There had been no major details made yet just enough to know that there were figures that faced one another in a penciled skeleton. Bit by bit at an impressive speed and attention to detail he started to fill it what had been missing but also added in a bit of extra details. The things a person could only see by studying long enough, one played had the sense of confidence and superiority. This he demonstrated by giving that particular subject a firm smirk that demonstrated just how in control he thought he'd been. A steady aura drawn around it the form as if it had been its own ;fighting spirit' of sorts, the other seemed much more determined but no less a slouch. This was portrayed in the sense of a much more determined frown at the brow, the thin line of the lips turned in a way to show how unamused he'd been about the opponent. Another aura was added in as his artists' interpretation. Much more fierce, chaotic, contained and it threatened to grow further out of control. At least that portion of the drawing would have if Travis hadn't noticed the sounds of struggle that wormed its way into his ear. Tried as he might have to ignore it and focus on his 'Masterpiece' of sorts it held no success. A soft sigh emitted and he sat up to fold the pad to the front cover and slide the pencil into the small loop that accompanied it while he stood up fully. Eyes scanned sharply like a hunter for a prey until he noticed Samantha trying to wrestle with a flyer."Oh. . . Well, I guess that makes sense on the sounds of struggles." A remark towards himself before he made his way over towards her direction with the wand withdrawn. "As hilarious as watching you struggle with this is, Sammie. . . I just can't in good conscious let it keep going on." He remarked towards his fellow Bourke and placed a friendly hand at her shoulder and his head slightly jabbed towards the side and he spoke up again."Step aside real quick, let's see if I can get this old flyer to be a bit more compliant." He had no qualms that he probably could have brute strength pulled it down but he also didn't want to risk ripping it after all that tugging and pulling effort that occurred just seconds prior. If she'd step back his hand would raise up and trace the tip of the wand through the air with an attempt to charm the Glue spell itself to weaken its hold just a bit to be more friendly to being adjusted.
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    "Hm? Sure. Just morph into a little pet or something and peek your head outta my shirt. Don't squeak too much or everyone will notice though." Alex didn't honestly mind the idea - not like it would be a form of cheating anyway, and her teacher was crazy enough to deem it a 'form of inspiration'. A little pets as stress relief in the middle of the exam would probably feel amazing, too. "You'll have to find that out yourself, buddy." Alex joked back, regarding what turned her on. Then again, past her surefire way which she dubbed her 'arousal switch', she couldn't speak much for it due to lack of experience. It wasn't something that tended to grip her mind for too long anyway, given how low her drive normally was. She nodded in confirmation. "I don't see why not." However, what he said next took some enjoyment out of her meal ever so slightly. She didn't reach for the second bite immediately. "Hey. You know you're top of the list for me." She protested, despite the obvious playful tone. "Regardless, that's not even the point. I'm probably chatting with the twins about this too. Just picked you first because you have more of a stable head on your shoulders." With the misunderstanding cleared, she finally could stomach something. A second bite occured before she spoke up again. "Hey, hey. No way. I wanna see you looking all dapper too, you're not dodging it." She was adamant about it, too. That would be one weird pairing if she looked like a million bucks and he looked like he just got out of bed. "Maybe just give the choice, but encourage formal? Not like full ball formal, just... Looking nice." Seemed like a fair compromise in her mind. She glanced back at the movie on the screen very momentarily - her gaze was cast down the moment Cole said he was proud of her, focusing a bit too much on the mostly uneaten lasagna on her plate. The heat of embarrassment rushed to her cheeks - she wasn't too used to blushing, and wasn't quite sure how to react to that involuntary reaction. After a few moments, she opted to close her eyes and clear her throat, trying to get a hold of herself. "...Thanks." She ended up responding in a bit of a softer tone than she had intended, before looking back at the movie and forcing her own insecurities out the window. It wasn't time for that - it was time for good food, good company, and a so-bad-it's-good movie. That's what she went there for and that's what they would do. "Wow, this looks terrible." She wound up commenting, looking quite amused despite her words. "I'm all in on this." A third bite made its way into her mouth as her attention was dragged to the screen like moth to a flame. Now that was her type of movie. "Whole new meaning to 'death by snu-snu'."
  9. 1999

    Why hello there, guess I'll try to suggest things outside the obvious! Samantha Hammond She's a ray of sunshine whom goes above and beyond to befriend absolutely anyone - I feel like these two would be fast friends. While she's a Bourke, she hangs out with everyone anyway and is all over the place, so that's not an issue. She's also an excellent people reader and oppressively selfless. She's about to take on her fifth year in Tally, making Alyona her senior. Rachel Ryan My little jerk of a Sturt (or one of my Sturts, anyway), she has a bad attitude towards everyone and everything, most of the time completely unwarranted. An Irish girl with a very sharp tongue and an extensive profanity vocabulary, she's easily antagonizable. She could either be perceived as a bully, or have the very alien thing of 'making an actual friend' happen to her, depending on how you wish to go about it. Meadow Richards Not only a fellow fifth year and a Flinders, but also someone whom (secretly) wishes to pursue medicine! While this isn't a known fact, per se, it's very obvious she has a talent for that sort of thing, so perhaps they may bond over it. She is friendly and dislikes conflict in general, so enmity isn't to be expected. However, as per her own parents, Meadow might find it difficult to bring herself to hang out with Ona outside of Tally. I have various others, but most aren't in Narrie in a permanent fashion/wouldn't have a particular reason to approach Ona (that I can see anyway), and my other Sturt wouldn't either. Regardless, check my splotter to see if you get any other ideas if you want~
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    "Thanks." Jamie sighed, not too upset at Captain Obvious. In fact, a small smile tugged at his lips at the bluntness - it was rather refreshing to know it came from a place of concern rather than someone telling him to dodge as many bludgers as possible with impaired visibility. It was then that he realized that his living room was an absolute mess, and he inwardly cringed at his carelessness. How he wished Alex had seen at least some of it and fixed it herself... "Eight? Earlier than I thought..." He stifled a yawn with much difficulty, and wound up sniffling instead before concluding his reply. "Uh... Coach said he wanted to train 'till 3 AM or so." Jamie recalled putting something up on QuillBook about it, but it was all a blur at that point to him. "So... I assume we finished up at that hour, or close to. I hope. I didn't really look..." Good thing it was a day off that day, and a rest day from bodybuilding at that. He could sleep all day without any problem. Well, he could once Toriya left, of course. He retrieved a pitcher of cold, fresh orange juice from the fridge - Summer was fast approaching and they needed to keep up with their share of cold beverages, of course. Serving a glass to both himself and his friend, he handed Toriya hers before taking a sip of the refreshing drink. Hopefully it would serve to wake him up. As she went on, he realized he was about to get 'the talk' - at least, what he dubbed so after Alex cornered him about it one day. He sat on the armrest of the couch and pinched the bridge of his nose before speaking up. "Is it getting any worse than before?" He knew it was. It was most likely the sole reason why he was brought up to the official Seeker position anyway. "If it works, it works, yeah? Why does it bother you so much?" While he didn't mean it in a hostile manner, he certainly saw how it could be interpreted as such. "Uh, I mean... If it works, it works, yeah? My wallet's happy." He wasn't. He was completely torn up inside about it, in fact, a fact privy only to his twin sister. "I doubt it'll last too long. The way things are going, I'll save up enough for the stuff I need in no time." No, he wouldn't. He'd stretch it out as long as possible. His mother wouldn't suffer again.
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    "Mm. I suppose so." It took Chloe one too many moments to realize what Tyson was referencing there - she wasn't exactly well versed in gaming culture, unless it had the words 'Gundam', 'Armored Core', or 'Front Mission' attached (among very few others). "Not much of a planner myself, to be honest." The joke had worked. The momentary relief with her success brought a small to her lips, although it didn't last too long. "Pictures?" Her hands weren't the shaky sort, but she had no experience with such a thing - outside of photos of her own built kits, that is. However, she wasn't someone to shy away of a new challenge, now was she? "I... could, yes. I don't see the point, but I could." She confessed. "Why do you need pictures of a place you live in as is?" The girl asked in confusion. Truth be told, she didn't understand her generation's obsession with pictures, Muggle-style or otherwise. Definitely not the new 'selfie' fad, at least. "I apologize if that sounds rude, I just don't understand why people would rather look at pictures of things instead of going to those places and seeing it for themselves." If it was educational, she understood - however, she really didn't get any sort of fulfillment out of looking at anything else in any way, finding it hard to process why people do such a thing.
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    Alex Lin
    Never one without the other, it's a package deal type of thing.
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    "Hahahaha, Hey it's not often I get my snipe chances. I have to take them when I get them." He'd found, at least for himself, that typically Alex held and led the charge to the Alcohol counter. It tended to be the rallying charge that others should join in for the fun. Exams were much more important and he wouldn't put her in a place to flub them, it was much to important to her and by extension himself. "You're going to slam the exam. If you want I'll even sneak in your pocket as good luck or maybe hide in a corner you can see or something." Another soft joke and one he didn't think she would agree to anyways, he'd probably be much more of distraction than help. The thought of Alex 'getting-off' sent a surge of reddish-pink through his hair with an addition of a soft bashful laughter. "Well, it isn't like I know all the way that get you off." Unfortunately, he didn't hear his own words too clearly enough in his mind or vocally to catch on to them enough to try and switch or halt them. Slight previous shyness had made it knock out that common sensual awareness for that moment. A playful ouch beckoned from him after the nudge and then he proceeded to grab his own tray of Lasagna. "What. . . Really?" She'd been willing to go as his date? Or would it be more apt to say he'd be going as her date since she was the guest of honor to be featured. His heart felt as if it thumbed with a strong awareness that it hadn't been a dream, that a pinch wasn't necessary. The very presence of his cheeks even felt heated without him even needing to press his hands right against the surface of them. However, as she went on his cheeks begun to decrease in that heat slightly and his hair started to slowly shift from the brightened coloration towards the more normal and natural brown. "So, reaaaally. . . I'm just the barely third consideration." That hurt in its own special way but he tried to play it off by eating, the fork pierced through the lasagna and then the edge had been lowered to split a piece from the main body. Swiftly a decent enough chunk pushed passed his lips as he chewed, at least he had some of this lasagna to playoff the usual emotions to some degree. At least he had been considered, a lingered though proclaimed. "Casual Formal should be good. Dresses and button up-shirts without the overly stuffy coats." Admittedly he found it quite cute that she rambled on. Often he would let her do so if she didn't catch herself in time, just to see the passion in the way she spoke and planned. "How about cas-formal for us not graduation nerds and the most spectacular style for you graduating weirdos. We have to make you all pop out more and all. The most noticed in the room." Of course, Alex had always been noticeable to him and from what he'd seen in the past at bars, others. A beauty that attracted many kinds that would try to flirt. "Sure, that's easy enough! Hey, she's going to be proud of you and your hard work." His should lightly bumped into hers while he looked towards her. A genuine smile curved. "I know I'm proud." The movie started up. . . It held the premise of being George Bush's Fourth time being elected as President with Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Vice president for this fourth time elected. War ravaged the world with nearly every nation aimed against America. A re-animation virus is designed to compensate for the massive deaths that would occur, one Soldier decided that they didn't want to die and fled. Hiding in a basement of an unassuming Strip Club where a greedy club owner would try any angle to try and get more profit into his hands. One day, a new stripper arrives The new stripper after being marked as barely adequate to the clientele compared to others, eventually gets bitten and then storms the scene with extreme flexibility and strength. One could only imagine the kind of hijinks that happens when the other strippers start getting the same infection just to compete - What does the Owner do? Market Zombie Strippers - What could have gone wrong?!
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    Alexander had to hold the hope that Bethianna would arrive when she felt it was suited, though in his opinion it had never been a 'late' arrival but surely one of impeccable timing. He'd been trying not to fall into a habit of constantly relying on her, to allow her to gain proper rest but also not to abuse or take for granted that established connection between the two of them. But the knowledge and the effects that could echo from the pregnancy had a cost that couldn't be ignored by him. The widest smile that he could have possibly grown shone and it had been from the simple sight of seeing his sister blush. Actually -blush- in embarrassment, it must have been an early Christmas present because it was one of those rare moments he never thought to see for the next thousand years or so. Though he made no call of attention to it leaving her that much dignity to keep her usual 'face'. "Caleb might try to induct you too knowing that, Cassy Cat. Better sharpen up quick to keep up with us long termers." He gently squeezed her shoulder playfully. "And you're totally going to play for me one night when you least expect it, Del." That she could hide such a thing from him! It hurt his musical soul! Not really, but he was happy to see that she did indeed hold that talent which seemed to be a trait many in the family did. An artistic nature even if it held varied degrees between everyone it was a way for them to connect. Curiosity struck within him if any of them have truly attempted to connect in that way, to send their message where words just wouldn't suffice? "Sounds good! Doctor Cook needs to do just that! Kind of." A shrug flowed as if he were just trying to make bad puns. Well, at least he had the 'Dad' puns in the bag whenever the time came for the youngster's to emerge and full grasp and understand. In the moment that the two women had left he turned around to face the counter and wall and the usual smile express dropped slightly and a soft sigh exhausted. 'Didn't expect exhaustion to hit me like this. . . But can't stop, won't stop.' Words of realization within his own mind rang. After another inhale and exhale his smile grew back as if trying to fight off the tide of darkness, natural. Afterwards he proceeded to gather up various ingredients. Primary ones that would make up, as expected, the 'Marshmallow Squares' had been the full form marshmallows, vanilla extract, only a hint of cinnamon for a gentle kick of flavor, and rice cereal - which tended to be a better options with vanilla and cinnamon addition. After the butter had been added to grease the pan, the marshmallows added and melted into it making a thick sticky paste, and finally the rice cereal smothered over and mixed around within it the process of putting it on a baking sheet commenced. He flattened the concoction out evenly and placed it into the fridge for the time being while he handled the clean up of the new mess. "By the time they get back and we put everything up. . . Should be close-ish to finish. . ." A lot of hijinks could happen between setting up a blanket and pillow fort that could make the time fly by unknowingly. At the very least, it seemed the two important people to him were starting to get a bit more comfortable around one another. But it dawned on it just for a brief moment. . . "Crap, I'm out numbered even more now."
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    "Oi. Shaddap." Alex made a face as Cole teased her about not drinking alcohol. "I have an exam first thing in the morning tomorrow. Y'know me, one beer leads to another, and I'm not really into precision drawing while hungover." It wasn't just an exam - it was a final one. She was in the last exam season of her life, and she wasn't quite sure how to feel about it. It was going to be weird to leave a schooling setting permanently, but on the other hand, she'd have a lot of free time on her hands. "Please? I don't think I'll get off on people stabbing and eating amid lap dances. Then again, there's people for everything." She joked as she reached forward, retrieving the tray from the coffee table and setting it down on her lap. It wasn't her favorite dish but she'd be lying if she said the combination of the delectable sight and hypnotizing scent didn't make her salivate. Her elbow moved to collide with his lightly as a response to the mild tease, a halfhearted way to get back at him. "We could go, if you want." She didn't honestly give it much thought - it was either him or Jamie, and the latter needed to actually go out with someone. Instead, she wondered if she should play cupid for her twin, or if he'd have the cajones to ask someone out - PR contract be damned. "Well. I'm not gonna ask Shane because he's the most disastrous person I know. Not gonna ask Jamie because I'm pretty sure there's a stick up his ass over all of us graduating and him not being in college." The darker side to having a soulmate - she knew everything about him, even the worst things, without him having to say it. "I... don't really have a reason why I didn't ask Toriya or Ana, really, but you're my best friend so you're above them by default. Congrats." Grabbing the silverware, she proceeded to gather a small portion of the lasagna on her fork. "You're still not helping though. What kind of celebration should we make? I was thinking of suggesting something like... Hm... More formal? Yeah, more formal. Well, not like super duper formal, but... Casual formal? Is that a thing?" Noticing she was rambling, she sighed and shook her head. Maybe she needed Cole to explain her own line of thinking to her. That happened sometimes. "Well, whatever. I need to get myself a dress. I skipped my prom so I don't have any. Can you teleport me to Narrie sometime? Mom's addicted to that sort of fancy schmancy shit, she could help me find something nice." And with that, she finally took a bite out of the divine dish. She really needed to eat out more... If only her wallet permitted.
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    Cassandra simply nodded as Alex confirmed that people would make sure that she and the babies would be alright. She already felt strange over the fact that lives that hadn't even been born, had barely formed, would be protecting her. She wanted to ask more about it, but felt like too many questions might overwhelm Adele and she didn't want to do that. She would just leave it for now and try to place her faith in the idea that they were going to be alright. That things could be dealt with as they developed. She couldn't help but notice the look of confusion mixed with the blushing as Adele was called out on her skills as a pianist. She thought that the woman knew what had been said... but then remembered that she'd been outside with Stuart when Caleb had let that Easter Egg slip. "We were told your skill's a bit better than just a little dabbling," The redhead murmured with a soft smile on her lips. "I'm kinda self-learning at the moment, so that I can do something a little more than just singing," She offered a small shrug, however, before then listening to Alex as he spoke about being able to whip something up. It sure sounded sweet, and she wondered if it was going to be something like marshmallow squares or the like. She did notice the way Adele's voice trailed off at the mention and thought of Dave, though and so she was quick to nod and stand up when asked if she'd help carry some blankets. "Lead the way," The girl offered, offering Alex a small smile as she followed Adele out. He'd be alright to explore the kitchen and find whatever he needed. She'd been able to tidy it up really well and find the right cupboards for everything. She wandered out into the hallway with Adele, pulling the sleeves of the borrowed coat up to better be able to carry a bundle of blankets. "So... uh, where would we be staying? You know, when we come here?" It seemed a nice safe topic to chat about, something that might keep Adele at least a little preoccupied from having to constantly think about what had happened. Cassandra knew that eventually the woman would need to sit down and properly let it sink in, hopefully with at least someone around. But she also knew the desperation for something else to think about so that one didn't turn into a broken mess in front of others. "We'll be happy to help set up the room or something, if we need to. We can make a day of it."
  18. Invite Things We Lost in the Fire.

    The blonde wondered if he was even listening to a word she was saying. It sure didn't feel like it. Certainly, he was nodding along and watching her, but his gaze carried the glassy-eyed blank look that came with being drunk. And drunk people rarely actually listened, or even retained the memory of whatever had gone on the day before. Likelihood that he woke up the next day having forgotten everything was pretty high, considering he'd already dropped a few glasses while just trying to get a drink of water! She didn't even check to see whether he was wearing shoes or not. Probably wasn't the first time he would have stepped on glass. However, against her own judgement, she waited when he indicated. Maybe he would actually offer something that was drunken rambling. And then he was talking about apples, and her brow furrowed into a frown. Apples and pineapples. What the actual fuck? "Go to bed," Came the response from Elektra, with a shake of her head and long sigh. She rubbed a hand down her face, this whole thing was tiring and she didn't know why she cared whether he wanted to go to Azkaban or not. Sure, she needed his help with the girls, and yeah she would miss him too. But if he wanted to go punish himself for whatever reason, then that was his prerogative, right? "Fantastic, you like me. One might hope so considering we've been here all year, and I haven't driven you insane enough to kill me yet. Though, I have no idea where you got this apples and pineapples business from, so I really think you could use a good rest." Deciding to actually be a decent person, the woman wandered back to the kitchen, using her shoe to move glass to the side and out of the way, before grabbing Ashkar's arm in an attempt to begin leading him toward his room. "Go sleep it off, and then we can talk later about things."
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    Her chin lifted easily, the sorrow in her eyes clear. At one point in her life she had wanted to be a mother, she had imagined that she would find a way to avoid all of Adele's mistakes and do it right. At one point in her life, the path forward had been clear. Be good, marry well, take her mother's place, and provide the next in line to succeed her. This was what she had been raised to do, what her father had coached her in. More broken promises. Now---Améa didn't know what her place or path was. She had given up a lot for Zane, but even before that, there was Jezebel and her children. Jezebel, who had the better temperament by far even if she didn't know the history and culture of their people as intimately as Améa did. And maybe it wouldn't matter at all. Adele was making moves that suggested a dissolution of the monarchy, and then what? It would be a slow process, it had to be. Adele and her radical ideas, her outsider ways, already ruffled too many feathers. She walked a delicate line between change and stability, Améa just hoped she could maintain the balance and avoid disgruntled monarchists trying to unseat her too early. Vladimir was smiling again. At her. For her? She smiled back, weak and sad in response to his words, letting out a breath she didn't even know was caught in her chest. "Possible, yes," she acknowledged. "Mine body is capable, but this right to make and guide life I did surrender. A mothers' duty is to protect what she does love, with heart and with soul against any threat. A mother is must be loyal and be honest. A mother must not take love, and reward with pain. A mother must give life, not take it." she wanted to look away, down at the floor, tip her head so she didn't have to look directly into Vladimir's eyes. She couldn't. His gaze pulled at her, and as the grief and the self-loathing bubbled inside her, it was there for him to see. "Once had I a father that did love me," she said, trembling through the words. "For all that love, and all promises made between us, I took him from this world. That is why no mother will I be."
  22. Invite Something Happened

    They were questions Adele couldn't answer. Worse, she knew the best chance of getting any better information was to ask Bethianna. Hopefully her attachment to him extended to the twins, as there was every chance that it wouldn't. Adele knew that Bethianna was very selective in who she 'allowed' to have the blood, so much so that her own children had been made to choose their mortal sides. Lillian had told her this as some attempt to get her to appreciate the gift she'd been given, but there were days where Adele still wished she was just a witch. Maybe Bethianna had it right? It was a path that Alex would have to tread with the woman, though, and he had more chance to convince her than Adele herself would. Not that Adele wouldn't try. She would most certainly make it her business to demand Bethianna's assistance if she denied Alex, but---to go in first would be to damage Alex's chances too. If Alex and Cass wanted their kids to have... whatever it was that they were going to be, then Adele would stand by it. That much she knew. Her eyebrows raised in sudden alarm, mouth dropping open as Alex mentioned her piano skills. "I dabble," she stammered, trying to dismiss the idea that she had any musical talent at all. "It's mostly just for decoration." in the room beyond, mostly used for storage and rarely opened, sat her piano. Adele had never shown him the piano, nor had she told him that she could play. How did he know? She felt her cheeks begin to burn a little, and she rubbed them to mask the blush. "I don't know what's there..." she said, waving toward the kitchen. "We should have that stuff, but... Dave does the shopping." her voice fell quiet again. So many things she was going to have to go back to doing for herself. It had been hard enough when he left before, they had always had an equal share of responsibility around the house. Sooner they got the boring stuff out of the way, he would say with a grin, the sooner they could have a drink. Adele had fired the butler after Dave moved in. Maybe it would be worth getting a new one in, to help around the house. Alas, having a butler in Narrie raised eyebrows. Like you thought you were above doing your own laundry and dishes. Plans were being put in place for a blanket fort, which sounded far more fun than Adele was ready to have. Alex and Cass were enthusiastic though, and maybe it would be enough to have them near, leech off their happiness for a while. She didn't want to be the one who ruined all the fun, bringing the mood down with her grief as it came at her in waves. "I'm sure Caley will let you play his in the morning," she murmured. "There's extra bedding in the hallway cupboard, I'll grab it. I might need an extra set of hands though, if we're building something big enough for the three of us. Cass?" Adele stood, gesturing for Cass to follow her into the hall.
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    “You look like crap there Jamie,” Toriya pointed out matter-of-factly, a frown of concern crossing her face when she heard the sniffling. Was he getting sick on top of it all? She didn’t say anything at first as she moved inside after he moved aside for her, still looking up at her friend. An all nighter? Practice? She’s interrogate him shortly. “It’s eight in the morning. How late were you out last night?” Viktoriya inquired, though she was soon having to field the questions he was asking her. Opening her mouth, she stopped halfway when he tried to sidestep things again. With a sigh, Toriya at least acquiesced to that offer of a drink. “You know, a glass of orange juice would be great right about now. Please?” She could wait a few moments before really digging in, looking her friend’s state. She was starting to think that, based on the half strewn about things, plus the wet coat, that he had been out in the rain last night, but it was tough to know for sure unless he told her, or she invaded his thoughts with her abilities without his permission. She definitely wasn’t going to try that right now though; she did love her friend enough not to do that to him. “I’m worried about you,” she told him after she took a seat on the couch. “Your PR is going through the roof and really Jamie? Macho ladies’ man?” She quirked an eyebrow up at him. “What’s going on?”
  24. Invite Torch The Moon

    Yes, that much was certainly true - Veronika was loved by Viktor, Jezebel, her siblings, aunts and uncles, though from Viktor’s side it was certainly not by blood but by love. Even Vladimir himself, affectionately called Uncle Vladimir was not truly her uncle - not by blood. But, like his other nieces and nephew, he loved her. But the rest of Améa’s words caught up with Vladimir, and the man gave pause, watching as she lost eye contact with him, staring down at the floorboards instead. Vladimir could not fathom the thought that Améa might consider herself incapable of being a mother. From what he had seen of her through their months of companionship, he could sense that she would make a good mother. Vladimir did not make comment on that just yet. There was a frown on his face though as his enhanced hearing heard her whispered words as clear as a crystal bell. Seeing her like this brought a small pang to him, inexplicable, but it was there regardless. If he smiled, maybe she would smile in turn… But first to grab her attention. He reached forward and let his hand gently tip her chin upwards so that he could look her in the eyes once more, a smile returning to his face. “Having a family of your own can still be possible I am sure… In time, you will see, and we both have plenty of time at our disposal after all. I shall keep you company if you wish.” After all, had they not just spoken of companionship born of their blood and their longevity? “Finding someone just and right is usually the first step.”
  25. 1999

    *Takes out on the Plot Ship! WOO WOO!* Okay~ so I have a few that could mosey on in. Travis Franklin Travis is the kind of guy that is hard to earn his trust but once it's there you'll have a pretty solid defender of sorts. While he's a flirt he knows the proper moments on turning it on and off. The most catching part of him is that he isn't afraid to approach people casually and is more than willing to have a quick chat and shoot the breeze. An interest in learning about people and what makes them tick of sorts. It's a hypocritical aspect as he is often more likely to keep a person at arms length due to his own personal secret involving himself. Connection: A Friendship - While they're of different houses, there is a new accumulation of years for an awareness or even a friendship. Maybe around studying depending on what courses she takes. Alexander Winfield Alexander is a recent addition into Tallygarunga entering in his Sixth Year into the School. Upon entering the school even before the year started off officially he decided to make a major splash of being 'well-known' by starting up a party with his lover and best friend, Cassandra. Being a musician who tries to market himself from any available media he tends to be extremely friendly and doesn't take too much stock or care whether someone is in: Sturt, Flinders, Bourke, or Spencer when trying to befriend them. He tends to get comfortable with peoples personalities enough to help them out, often putting himself out to make sure things go off without a hitch for them. Connection: Depending on the route you prefer to go - They can be potential friends that have yet to sit down and chat or someone that he's talked to during the year! He's recently started to buckle down on his academical studies more so involving the Medical practices: Alchemy, Potions, and Healing. So, potential part of a Study group meet up is fully viable as well. Tyson McKennis Tyson McKennis is what one could be considered a 'Bourkes Man with a Hard Life'. A clear sports fanatic in his own way as he worked himself tirelessly in Quidditich and the Muggle Martial Art of Muay Thai. He makes no excuses or hides the fervency that he trains and puts his own body through the paces to always be in the best shape possible without over-exhausting it. While it often leaves little time to do much else aside from being an occasional Mentor towards underclassmen of various houses, the recently culmination of the year marks his ending in Tallygarunga. Which a lot of his time and focus had been into studying, finding applicable universities that had been interested in him, and focusing on helping out one final time a few of his younger and soon to be old classmates. Connection: While older by a couple of years, Tyson is the sort that would talk to someone easily. Not an extreme social butterfly but it's more so out of the fact he hyper-focuses on different things - But being a Friend eventually can fit, I think. Someone whose more of a Mentor considering he's taken most subjects at Tallygarunga and seems to have an awareness on the larger world of things. With his Muggleborn background they'd have something in common there as well, probably even having more things to talk about in that regard than just the Wizarding aspect of the world.
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    Remi Cornfoot
    What has your character already been through? Younger characters may not have much to list here, but for adult characters, consider how they got to the occupation they are in, what schooling they had to do, and what drove them to where they are. For student characters, think about their home life and what their childhood may have been like. Around 100-200 words, or enough to set the stage for your character's grand entrance!
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    @Alyona Parsons sixteen | fifth year | muggleborn | flinders | sabrina carpenter Meet Alyona, also known as Ona, a sixteen year old fifth year, many people will have heard of her before they even get to know her theirselves, she's a somewhat questionable person where the facts about her are often changed,, what is known is that she's adopted and doesn't live within the school. She's the adopted child of a well respected couple; her mother has a lot of influence and it's not unknown by her peers, however, Alyona barely uses this to her advantage. Alyona is an outstanding student, she has only even received good grades and wants to be a future mediwizard.
  28. Invite Old Prejudices, New Blood [May 13th, 2018]

    Jonathan Azai
    He'd taken the grateful phrase as one involving trying to keep the woman much more grounded. There was fault or judgement from him on the anger that must have dug deep for the young woman. It was a child she'd raised, loved, nurtured when sickness reared its sniffling head. Perhaps it was a feeling he should have held within himself, even with the news gifted so late. A thought that lingered in his mind that maybe certain types of monsters just didn't have that capability? Or maybe he'd feel different seeing her face to face or even with time itself. It was a risk that had been taken to release her wrist since it could add less of an anchor to the awareness of the scene. Jonathan chose to trust in her own senses as a form of 'Mama Tiger' in this regard, the goal held the potential to be just around the corner which pushed the stakes up further on how much of a gamble they were going play for this gambit. The way her hair flowed freely after the band was removed caused a small smirk to don. "I did say a bit. The dance would perhaps overshoot that mark phenomenally." Regardless if she used it, if it were good or bad - it would have been a distraction that drew the eyes in a beneficial way. "But I'm sure you'll have them eating out of your palm one way or another." That included, to him, feeding them a literal fireball into the mouth. She didn't need to be as brutal as he was, not a style that he'd wish another to adopt so freely or easily. "Good Luck." It was a spoke whisper almost as silent as the shadows that would recede away from Holly, retreating back to reinforce around Jonathan at the beckon of his will. Back pressed ever firmly against the wall where he proceeded to use his much more agile nature to press light steps along the jagged portions of the wall to crawl ontop of the gate itself. A way to bound himself over it the moment the opening would allow for him to. Meanwhile. . . The knock on the surface of the wood prompted excited voices of alerts. Words were slightly mumbled at first a sign of various whispers that richocheted between them. They'd expected people but it took them by slight surprise and concern that any of them would arrogantly knock on any of their doors. After a few more seconds passed with ruffled movements two of them pressed a hand against each gate and opened it wide to survey what form of 'guest' visited them. "Oy'! Who is it?!" It wasn't a strong voice, the two that appeared before Holly barely looked as if they knew the hardened life of crime. Their hair had been well kept, clothing that drapped from their body spoke of a well-to-do life of privelage and high clase finance spending. Their wands were tightly gripped in hand and raised enough that it showed they would attack if necessary, on guard but not fully threatening. One could consider it an opening as much as it being on guard. A guard that only dropped lower as they witnessed what they could only consider a form of peerless beauty and not one that resembled the target they were told to watch out for. "Hey, Xaiver, look at this here. Looks like we have ourselves a lost beauty." One of the guards spoke up with the only major identifying figure on him being a slight scar above his eyebrow. The one identified as 'Xaiver' seemed to wear a bland yet tight-necked tie. "What brings you here, love. It's clearly only a well-bred woman would have killer looks like that, maybe you've come to get in on the action?"
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