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  2. She flashed a proud smile as she put her hands on her hips in a way to show how cool she was. “I sure hope so.” She commented. “Sometimes you need a break from your hobbies, as much as you love them sometimes you gotta do something different.” She continued. She couldn’t only use her personal experience as an insight, she liked to read but sometimes going outside, catch some air, does some jogging was nice not only for the mind but for the soul as well. He seemed to be like her, not knowing his extended family, Andre knows she has an aunt and an uncle but that’s all she really knows. She quite didn’t understand the reasoning to keep his nephew in the dark, if the kid had some sort of affinity with an element, lack of practice could be dangerous. “But why not? If he can do what you can and if he has an affinity to fire I think it’s going to be a lot worse for him in the future.” She heard him talk about how he slid down the grass barefoot and wanted to laugh, it was an amazing feeling. Perhaps he was right, she should go camping, it would be like ten-year-old Andrea trying to keep a salamander out of her tent. “I don’t know that many people here, maybe I’ll go alone, enjoy the nature, relax, try to keep overly friendly animals out of my tent.” She said joking with the situation, although it was something she wouldn’t be surprised if it did happen. Derrick sounded a lot worse than she was, the idea of a smelly liquid would be fun, but also potentially dangerous. “Those cries and those mothers yelling would be music to my ears.” She commented before laughing.
  3. She somehow understood what he was talking about, Max always struggled to find herself, either because she refused to acknowledge who she was or because she was led to believe for a long time that who she was as a person that no actual value, perhaps Senan understood her too much? Or maybe he was just perceptive. She was curious about it but she wouldn’t dare to ask, it seemed a question too personal for the moment, a question he probably would avoid answering, if he ever wished to tell her she wasn’t going to be the one asking, she would have to respect it. His answer wasn’t as evasive as the ones he had previously given her before, still not a straight answer, but it gave her some insight that he too doubted his own skills, she doubted hers every day, sometimes even simple things she knew how to. She enjoyed the explanation, it was simple enough to understand. Max didn’t have much to say about it, what he told her seemed to answer her question and even reassured her that doubting herself wasn’t necessarily bad. Maybe Max should have been born on another era, or perhaps what this era needed was more hippies, but his last comment was on point, she just smiled at him as he looked towards her, not something she felt like talking about, well at least not at the time, too soon for some heart to heart conversation about shitty parents, and she couldn’t escape them, at least not yet. But his next comment made her chuckle, a little louder than normal. “I’m sorry.” She said, perhaps thanking him made him feel uncomfortable. He certainly wasn’t wrong, the comedians and clowns were, apparently, the happiest people on Earth but underneath all those smiles and joke a sad heart lingered. Max wasn’t a sad person, but she wasn’t the happiest person on the planet either, but making some people smile somehow made her happier. “I don’t think I ever had someone wanting to stay long enough you know?” Was she an outcast? No, she wasn’t but she couldn’t expect people to just want to stay or maybe it was her own fault.
  4. Max was not expecting that reaction from him, she laughed and snorted a little before raising her hand to her mouth to stop the sound. “I have classes with them, I never spoke to them before I can’t really judge.” She said she was trying to be fair about the whole opinion about both girls. “They seem like people I’d argue a lot that’s all.” She spoke before smiling at him, not sure how she’d react to any of them but perhaps her thoughts about them were only based on what she saw in classes. A world without rules was chaos and despite her love for chaos she didn’t want a place like that, but she liked enough freedom to roam around without restrictions. “A world with no rules is not good don’t you ever wondered what’s like to be free to see the world? I always wanted to be free enough to do that, turn imagination into reality, even if it’s just for a while.” Perhaps Alex could understand, she didn’t require complete freedom, but some more freedom than the one she currently has. “Last time I unleashed a bunch of mice around school people screamed, I don’t think they’ll like to see a white mouse like that.” She commented, even if it was pretty cool if Baltazar could do all that. “Baltazar would look super cool like that, if he agrees, I might need to split the profit.” She said joking about it, she couldn’t communicate with Baltazar, but she was pretty sure the little mouse wouldn’t find that amusing. As he spoke about the prank that involved the marshmallows Max’s stomach growl, the thought of food was making her hungry, especially now that he spoke about chocolate. Some marshmallows covered in chocolate would be delicious, a sugary bomb ready to cause a sugar overdose but Max was willing to take that risk. “Hmm…delicious and what a delicious name for a prank.” Her brain was already thinking about the food and not really paying attention to the potential of that simple yet amusing prank. However, when he mentioned the cyclops she chucked. “Well, if they have a King Kong fetish you can always make a golem…imagine with the right skills we can make a piece of clay look like a cute lady or lad.”
  5. She was nervous, anxious really, this strange person was talking to her and she was sure she looked like an idiot, not only did she bump into him he was nice enough to ask her if she was alright and yet she continued to act like someone who couldn’t even interact normally with people, it wasn’t just weird, it was ridiculous. He was smiling at her, or did he just find her amusing? Perhaps he was trying to be polite and not laugh at her face? Bella had to take another deep breath to push her thoughts away, he didn’t know her, she hadn’t done anything ridiculous and therefore she didn’t have to worry about anything. His words said one thing, her mind went straight to the opposite, but with some strength, Bella was able to ignore her brain. When he spoke, her brain wanted her to run, but perhaps this was one of those times where she had to ignore it and push through. “T-thank you.” She said with a shy smile, avoiding eye contact at all costs. “Some tea would be nice.” She said, trying to remain calm. “Really Bella? Why did you say yes? Why? He’ll think you’re taking advantage of his generosity, you idiot.” She thought to herself. She had to admit the sound of his voice didn’t quite make her want to dig a hole and hide, it could simply be his presence, it was still making her nervous, but the nervousness was slowly fading, almost like it was natural. She nodded at his question, she didn’t know how to put it but she could try. “It’s like…when a toddler goes to a place and suddenly when older revisits that place and there’s a feeling of familiarity? It’s ridiculous but…” she said not knowing how to continue, trying to explain something that it was a feeling and not a fact wasn’t as easy as she thought it would be, especially since she hated talking about feelings, it made her look weak, an easy prey like her mother once made her feel. Bella followed his gaze and looked at the establishment and then looked at him before pointing at the door without saying a work, still quiet as a mouse she nodded at him, perhaps he could help her understand what that was all about. She moved inside quietly, he was being too generous, she should suspect him but whatever it was that weird feeling she felt a need to trust him. She had never been inside such a place, she looked around feeling a bit out of place and slightly underdressed for the occasion, compared to some she looked homeless. “Wow…” she commented as her eyes seemed to dance around the room examining everything that surrounded her. “Holy shit! I look homeless.” She thought as she waited for the man who she bumped into to choose a table, she had no idea how to behave in a place like that.
  6. It was quite disappointing that Evelyn didn’t continue their little game, but it was probably for the better considering the food was ready, perhaps they could continue their little world play after eating. Andrea watched Evelyn use her own magic to set the table and she only watched as the blonde’s magic did all the work. “Well, then I suppose we should eat, and I should make that lovely apple strudel.” Andrea said with a smirk on her face. She looked at the stove once more and prepared an apple strudel quickly, this time she didn’t even bother to turn on the oven like she had done previously to make the rice. She was enjoying the company, it was fun and challenging, especially now, and perhaps that was Evelyn’s game all along, Andrea was enjoying it too much. She approached Evelyn and served the rice before the apple strudel landed on the table was well ready to be consumed.
  7. So that girl was an exchange student, so she’d only been there for one year and if everything went according to plan Max should also graduate that year, maybe that’s why they put her in that room since neither of them was going to remain in school for another year, well at least Max hopped she could graduate. The girl told Max to jump in, at first Max was a bit cautious of it, was it safe? But eventually, she did and landed on a couch. Max’s only question now was how the hell were they going to get out of there without a ladder? “So…how do we get out?” Max asked it was the only question that mattered at the moment. “I haven’t met a trunk that was smaller on the outside, they are usually smaller on the inside.” She said with a quizzical face as she looked around the place. “So…what now?” Max asked, still looking around hoping to see something that could help them both get out of such a place.
  8. Liv had completely forgotten that Jaime’s family lived in Narrie, perhaps she should pay more attention to her friends. “Oh god, I completely forgot about it, I’m so sorry.” She replied to him completely embarrassed over her failure as a friend. She was probably one of the worst friends someone could ask for. “But it sounds good but my offer stands, if you need me you know how to reach me, even if it’s a 4am emergency.” She spoke. The last thing she wanted was her friends thinking they couldn’t count on her for anything. “How is your family by the way? I haven’t seen them in a while.” She commented. She knew his sister, not very well as they only chatted a few times, they were friendly enough with each other but if Liv was to see her on the street she wasn’t sure she could recognize the woman.
  9. Mark didn't seem too bothered by his friend's stuttering; in fact, he was used to it. Instead, he just smiled at Bella as she spoke. "Alright, don't mind if I do then." Reaching for a cookie, he caught it between his teeth before moving to get back up to a standing position. After a bite, he nodded towards her while covering his mouth as he chewed. "Mm, delicious. Thanks." When he was done with that bite, he waved her off. "It's okay though, I'll handle it, just let me know what you want. Instead, I'll put you in charge of checking if there's anything interesting on TV. You're gonna take a break from writing now." He didn't want her working while the two were relaxing, at least. "What do you say, sounds fair?" Cooking would be a cinch anyway. "Oh, and let me know if Jester wants something while I'm at it." He couldn't ask the creature directly - Parseltongue was quite distinguishable from human speech. It was quite unfortunate that he couldn't communicate with the snake when Bella was around.
  10. "Actually? Nevermind." Diana said, but despite her words, there was a giant of a smile on her face. "I think I got it. I'll handle the movies, don't worry about it. Your responsibility, instead, will be... Hm..." The finger upon her chin tapped it lightly as the blonde considered what Olivia could do. Diana was already providing the house and entertainment... "...Oh, I know! You get to pick where we order from. Let's not cook for a change. We can be lazy, right? We work too much." Well, Diana was sure she worked way too much for her own good, but she didn't really have an off switch when it came to pursuing stories - though that was mostly out of wanting to ensure her brother's future rather than being obsessed with work proper. Maybe Olivia could rein her in somewhat? They both knew how the other operated well, so hopefully she'd be able to push Diana's buttons and shove some common sense back in her brain.
  11. Meadow didn't say much at all in return when Travis couldn't promise what she requested - she understood, even if it greatly pained her to do so. It wasn't something she wanted to see as a possibility. Meadow herself had had brushes with death one too many times when she was a little girl, and couldn't wish that upon anyone. The thought of having a close friend willingly face such a thing made her quite uneasy to say the least, when she just did her best to avoid such situations like the coward she had become as a result. "Thank you." It was all she could say to the compromise. It was fair. Besides, if he did come back in more than just one piece, she could just heal him back together, right? That would be her job. And that was why she should become a Healer. She would be there for him when needed. She'd study her ass off to become someone he could depend on. For as much of a coward that she was indeed, that gave her a renewed sense of self worth and affirmation. It was something that she needed to do. It was no longer a matter of if she should. The moment he mocked the situation, however, a wry smile spread upon her lips. She rolled her eyes and then shook her head, but instead of scolding him on his antics, she wound up letting out a mild chuckle. "Shut up and come here, pervert." She then pulled the man close into a hug. Merlin knew how many more opportunities she'd actually have to do so.
  12. That day had been a bit pressed for time on MJ's end. As per usual, the brunt of a group work had been dumped on her shoulders. It wasn't something she minded very much in itself, if not for the fact it made her be quite late to take Justice home for school, and to take Steve, their samoyed dog, out on its afternoon walk. By the time she got home she had to take him out, and by the time she got back it was already dinner and she hadn't managed to help out much with the chores around the house. Then their father had to go to work, and as usual she accompanied him; and since she hadn't done grocery shopping earlier, she had to take Steve all the way to Tallygarunga Road after dropping her father off to do what she had to do. After that, she had to make all the way back to Koonyah by herself in the dead of night, arriving by the time she should be resting alongside Aspen back in their room. It was well past 10 PM. She took Steve inside and gave him a treat before letting him free of his leash. She spotted Brian the cat snoozing atop its cat tower in the living room. Justice had passed out watching TV, and so she picked him up in her arms with some difficulty and took him to his room. It was quite fortunate that he had already changed into his pajamas - all she had to do was kiss his forehead for a goodnight and leave him be. As she came out of her brother's room and closed the door, she heard a loud slapping noise coming from her own room that made her jump lightly. She turned her head on reflex, seeing the light turned on under the door - was there something wrong with Aspen? She quickly turned off the TV before jogging towards their bedroom, unable to make out what she was saying but recognizing the familiar anger in her tone. 'Oh no.' "What's going on?" The younger of the two asked as soon as the door was opened, stepping inside and shutting it behind her. She looked up to see the irritated look on her face and quickly climbed to the top bunk of their shared bed to get within arm's reach. "Talk to me."
  13. As Meadow kept on inspecting the little container, the stirring not causing a reaction, she found herself exhaling deeply in frustration as both her friends challenged her on what she deemed a very simple, reasonable request. It didn't help her nerves much at all, and made her grip the flask tighter. The tension in the room was palpable and her jaw clenched. It was just a little potion and they'd be on their way, as she had compromised to. Couldn't they just agree to it and move on? "I know what I'm doing." She managed to utter out in a mildly aggravated tone, gaze glued to the liquid in the bottle. Why did everyone have to get so defensive against her every single time? It wasn't like she was holding people at gunpoint. Yet, the repeated pushing and questioning soon became quite the burden to bear, and she set the flask down on the surface near her with a light clicking sound. Closing her eyes, she didn't respond to either one of them. 'Breathe.' She knew that she usually veered towards self-destruction when angry, and so all she could do was pause. She didn't even mind how odd it would seem for her to lean on that desk and just breathe. She needed to clear her head, even if for just a second.
  14. Changing your food's taste with magic makes your diet so much easier. Who knew kale could taste like bacon!

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      You. You need to tell me what you do for your conditioning and diet. You do something way ahead of anyone I know. I need it.

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  15. "I suppose that's a good way of describing him." Meadow found herself commenting, but it was mostly to herself than as a response to Remi proper. She would've also used the words 'perverse', 'inappropriate' and 'crude', but perhaps it was about time she focused on the good rather than being so strict about her best friend's actions. They were in their teenage years, right? She should let him do what he wanted. At that point she was just projecting her parents' behavior onto others, which wasn't healthy in the least. "Oh, no... That's not really my thing." The beach. It was the Summer and it was a perfectly good excuse, but that little voice in the back of her mind was making itself heard again. For once, she decided to ignore it. "Though I hope you have fun. I take it you two are travelling to Melbourne for this?" There wasn't much in the way of 'beaches' in Narrie, after all, but she couldn't help but wonder why they wouldn't have a day at the lakes instead. Did they really want to build sandcastles that badly?
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    Aloha! We already met, but welcome aboard. Can't wait to see what character(s) you come up with, and to RP with you ASAP! Feel free to hit any of us up for plots
  17. "I don't fall behind." Lisa said, mostly on reflex, not intending it to sound half as hostile as it most likely did. Nevertheless, her forehead furrowed at the thought, eyes squinting ever so slightly. If there was anything she placed above Quidditch and Dueling, it was her perfect grades. And it being SPIDER exam year, there was no way she'd allow herself to slack off. No matter what. However, she forced her own face to relax. That wasn't what they were there to discuss in the first place, so there was no use getting frustrated about it. She took a deep breath to steel herself before giving a proper response to her colleague. "I suppose I could try. No matter the outcome, we won't actually see any progress in this unless I actually do something. Maybe tomorrow, or the day after, if you all already have something scheduled." Another sip, longer that time around. Considering the people involved, it at least meant Rachel would be there. Someone with a similar sense of humor would certainly make those situations far more tolerable. "Let me know when."
  18. Bella nod at his question. It wasn’t uncommon for most of their housemates to be out, although it was understandable that Mark didn’t know everyone’s schedule, only someone as crazy as Bella would go through the trouble of knowing everyone’s schedule in order to avoid them. Bella didn’t mind Mark as much as she minded everyone else, besides, Jester seems to be quite fond of her friend. Upon hearing his question there was a hidden smile on her lips, which quickly fades when he got back into the living room. “If we both do it we’ll finish quicker.” She commented. As she spoke Jester leaned on his head for Mark to rub it, the snake seemed to be enjoying it a lot. “I wonder why Jester likes Mark so much, but then again Mark is the only one in this house that likes Jester besides me.” She thought as she smiled. When Mark spoke about the cookie she looked at him slightly disappointed. “I..I do-don’t mean to butt in, but, you should eat more but no, it’s not cheating luck, since you’ll be eating.”
  19. Olivia listened to Diana, she had a point, if Liv went there a little earlier they could watch more than just one movie. “Comedy and drama, it is.” She said smiling at the woman. “I’ll go a bit earlier and we can watch both, maybe drama first? Comedy second? Just in case we end up crying like babies.” She said with a chuckle. It wasn’t impossible, it seemed that some of those movies really wanted to make people cry. As Diana proposed Liv paid attention to what she was saying, she didn’t know the movie Dr. Strangelove, perhaps Diana wanted to watch that movie? “I have not but I don’t see why we can’t watch it.” She said, and it was even better since Diana had a copy of the film. “Then it’s settled, Dr. Strangelove will be one of our movies.” “I don’t know that many movies to be honest, but I can see what I can get us. Sounds good? Liv asked, still wondering what movies she should bring, perhaps asking someone with more knowledge about movies than Liv would be a good idea.
  20. Hey there Bella! Welcome to Tallygarunga, don't worry about whether you're taking a while or not! We're a site with the working stiff and the occassionally ill in mind! Do as much as you can when you feel you can, basically! If you have any questions feel free to ask them, we'll try to answer them to the best of our abilities!
  21. "Mm. Tell you what. I'll talk to my coach tomorrow, then I'll let Liv known and she'll bring you along. Sounds good? Don't worry about it." A friendly wink of reassurance followed. That girl seemed really nervous. Olivia really hadn't been kidding when she said Aspen was a fan of his work, had she? It made him feel uncharacteristically awkward - it was not the type of 'starstruck' fan he was used to dealing with, but it was certainly a more welcome type. "Also, if you ever need tips, wanna chat, or anything really, hit me up, okay? If you're going pro, I'm just another player. No need to look up to a colleague." He offered. To him, all players were on an even playing field - it was a matter of getting noticed, for the right or wrong reasons. The two had a common start in the Bourke House, as Captains, even if in different positions. He didn't exactly want her treating him like a superior when they were so similar.
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    Hello! Not really sure what to say so I’ll keep it short and sweet. I’m Bella and I have been RPing in one form or another for about ten years. I’m looking forward to playing in a setting of which I have personal experience as I am an Aussie. I work full time as a early childhood teacher so I will probably be quiet during week days. If I’m taking too long to respond, best to just poke me on discord. Looking forward to meeting everyone and creating some IC drama!
  23. MJ got up soon after her older sister did, brushing the dirt off her clothes on reflex with light pats. She took a final glance at their mother's grave. Something deeply ironic crossed her mind as she did - if they hadn't lost her, as well as Vivian, there was a good chance the family wouldn't be as united as it was presently. Could it be that indicated there was room for minimally healing those old wounds? "Alright. Let's swing by our house first. I have some money leftover from my arts and crafts as well. Maybe we could make dad's favorite meal?" The younger girl suggested, hoping to send off the man to work with a smile on his face. It was the least they could do after all the sacrifices he made for all his children over the many years he had to endure the burden on his lonesome.
  24. There didn't seem to be any kickback, no pressuring or pushing, that either meant he broke her or she took the truthful omission for how he'd been selling it. While there'd been mild guilt at having to avoid certain important bits of information, his revenge couldn't take a backseat, not when he's gotten this far and has gotten so close to the completion of it. He took in a deep breath, one that allowed him to feel a brief moment of satisfaction as the air pushed through his lungs as a way to further relax his body. He had no idea what she thought of him or the motives or reasons behind the, 'what if he doesn't die' plan that he'd unveiled, but he'd been sure whatever view she held had been farther from the truth that he seen about it. Then, Travis' eyebrow arched upwards and a contorted expression etched on his face as she placed a hand against his shoulder, the words she spoke were things he couldn't really agree to. At least, not the former of what she'd requested. "I can't make any kind of promise of 'In one piece', Meadow. Life just isn't that kind of certainty." He can at least promise that he may return with some pieces, there couldn't be any more than that. "I'll try to write when I can, if I can. I don't really go around carrying messenger birds with me and all that." Though the first message he'd ever send by writing, he knew, wouldn't be one well received by the teen what so ever. But it'd been the choice he would make when the time came about. "That and I will probably be walking into places that are intentionally dangerous and hazardous." There'd been no way to know if someone had been a Familiar or cursed easily without investigation and word of mouth, finding the threads that'd have been left behind. Whether Cat had extended abilities to find those of her own kind had yet to be explored but that'd had been something to legitimately think about for another time. Travis, however, decided that it'd probably been a good time to try and suck out some of the nervousness that struck at Meadow and her shaking knees. "So. . . Is this the part we hug? Make out a little bit? Throw our bodies to the throes of passion and anger?" His head tilted slightly to the side to look at the door then back at Meadow. "There is a sock on the door too, I'm pretty sure that'd buy us enough time a bit."
  25. @Tecri @Maxine Williams Laurie couldn't help but laugh as her redheaded friend hit the water while still fully clothed. Her words were her own undoing in the end. With a smug look on her face, she proclaimed as Max came back to the surface. "Sorry, Max. I thought you were looking way too hot for your own good, so I decided to toss you in to cool down... I don't think it worked, you look way hotter now." She flirted in quite the harmless manner. Being soaked in droplets only made her laugh harder while Max shook herself dry, even as Laurie raised her arms defensively. "I'd be more than happy to get rid of them, if you'd give me that honor." Came the mildly accented response, along with a glint of amusement in her eyes. On the one hand, it was all but a joke; on the other hand, had she meant it? Absolutely.
  26. "Aren't you sweet!" Derrick offered as a brief tease, but he'd been genuinely honored that she'd even considered proffering the offer. Drinking with someone had been something persona to him, in the sense that it'd been one of the few things that had brought people together for years, across eras. "I think i'll take you up on that offer. Pretty sure it'd give me a bit of time to kick back and relax, and to be honest? Probably give some room to the people I usually hang out with too often. Sometimes, you need a break from your break and they need a break from you." He wondered if that made any form of sense but then shrugged it off, as long as it made sense in his mind it was alright. "What are cousins? I don't know them." He snickered as his response. As he thought about it, he hadn't really met any of his extended family members only ever exposed to the immediate until things had turned for the worse. "I think the only thing I have around is a sister, in-law, and a crazy nephew that I'm banned from teaching the ways of fire. What they don't know won't hurt them though. Er. . . Much." He tried to wear an innocent expression on his face. Then snorted, an exaggerated shift to his expression with a long held gasp. "You mean I wasn't supposed to do that!? I run barefoot across the campus when it's raining cats and dogs! Sliding along the grass and the mud!" That hadn't been an entire lie, but what he chose to do on his time was his business. "Sometimes you don't need to give up everything, right? Just need to find that balance in the middle where things meet up. Business on the weekdays and camping on the weekdays and breaks. In fact, there's the break that hits in April, why not drag yourself out to do some camping to see how it is? Bring some people you wouldn't mind sharing it with." He hadn't counted himself amongst those people, after all, he imagined there'd only be so much 'Derrick' a person could take for an entire week if they weren't fully prepared to deal with his level of antics. "Electric fence? You have to jump it up a notch there. Have the fences designed to spit out a very vile liquid that just has the worse smell. It will drive them and their parents bonkers." A wide grin formed on his face. "Just think of it, Mother's scrubbing their kids furiously in an old wooden tub outside. Yelling, 'Why won't this stench come out!? It's everywhere! Eveeeerywheeeere!'" Several motions of nodding flowed. "Then you just unleash your diabolical laughter."
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