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    good vibrations [jcink]

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  3. I should start running a betting ring on how long it will take for me to rage quit this job.

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    2. Alex Lin

      Alex Lin

      This is a conspiracy.

    3. Robin Shaw

      Robin Shaw

      Then I guess she'll have to learn how to cook.

    4. Jamie Collins

      Jamie Collins

      Hopefully she won't set a salad on fire.

  4. Does anybody have some ice cream? I really want some ice cream.

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    2. Laurie Kempf

      Laurie Kempf

      When it's Summer all year, it's as they should. It's good business.

    3. Maxine Williams

      Maxine Williams

      Keep that again and I swear I won't take you there again and I will freeze your ass. 

    4. Laurie Kempf

      Laurie Kempf

      Oh yes, I forgot I'm entirely incapable of going there on my own.

      Well, unless you get rid of my skateboard again. Then I'm probably too lazy to go. I see your long term game...

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    whispers in teh sand

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    The Shula Region

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    ( the west coast )

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    ignite your bones

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    Ocean Eyes [Jcink]

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    jumping fences! jcink prem

    (click to enter long beach!)
  13. Koonyah, it wasn't a place he tended to visit on a casual basis. It had been a generally rough neighborhood, the kind of place that someone kept their head down and their eyes ahead. He didn't even have his guitar with him, was just how cautious he'd been about being around the area. However, it'd been where the Cemetery had been and every so often he needed to tend to his Adoptive Father's grave. Proper respect and accolades offered to a man who took on a burden that wasn't his to do and chose to regardless. A small aged note in hand, surrounded by a thick magically enchanted glass designed to withstand the typical everyday shift of the elements. Written on it had been a single name, 'Alexander' - the hand-writing neat and almost regal in penmanship. His other hand had been full as well, carrying a durable storm umbrella with quite an extended covering to it. Water pattered against the surface of the fabric panel, echoing within his ears. While he didn't really need to go through this extent to travel, there'd just been something about the day that called for him to take in the surroundings a bit. Not so much the Neighborhood itself but rather the weather and the coolness that offered against the skin of his hands and face. Luckily, it seemed like a good instinct and choice as he started to come upon a nearby bus stop. At first uncertain on who it had been and had been about to stick with his method of 'Don't look, keep eyes forward'. Not until he caught a glimpse of the young Flinder's features which caused him to stop and double take for a moment. "MJ? Hey there, by the looks of it you seem a bit stranded." A gentle smile curving across his face as he glanced down towards Steve, kneeling down and brushing a dry hand across the surface of his fur. "Are you alright out here? Going anywhere specific or something? I can always walk you there." He wasn't in a rush to head towards the Graveyard for his own person reflection. And it wasn't as if he actually had much to worry about in general if trouble had ran him a foul while alone. Granted, not something he would ever tell Adele - the woman worried like a Den Mother about him.
  14. If anyone sees a wisp of pure light, do not chase it. 

    This is my only 'nice' warning.

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    2. Laurie Kempf

      Laurie Kempf

      Oooooooo, pretty pretty shiny shiny.

    3. Senan Connell

      Senan Connell

      @Maxine Williams Of course, I can't let anything happen to you.

      @Laurie Kempf That is your choice. Consequences of it are on your shoulder.

    4. Laurie Kempf
  15. Latest demands from my child: 'Stock up on Sparkle O's' 

    I don't think she means it as a suggestion at all.

  16. I'm finally starting to understand why it is that, when asked about what they want to be when they grow up, some kids say 'retired'...

  17. Is Narrie giving out free candy to new home owners/renters or something? I don't see why everyone has such a hard on for the place.

    First Cole, now Jamie. Seriously now?

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    2. Jamie Collins

      Jamie Collins

      I really like the general quietness of the place, to be honest. It's really calm and it lets me think without certain people yelling at me every two seconds. Plus, most of the family and my friends live there.

    3. Alex Lin

      Alex Lin

      @Olivia Teagarden Please do.

      @Cole Lin Well I'm sorry if I don't look forward to having my stomach turn itself upside down every little 'trip' wizard-style.

      @Jamie Collins Quietness is boring.

    4. Olivia Teagarden

      Olivia Teagarden

      @Alex Lin I know a trick that prevents you feeling sick. I'll bring it it to you next time we meet.

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    Wizarding Realm [Jcink]

    RULES ● PLOT ● APPLICATION ● THE CLASH ● RANKING ● WANT ADS ● What sort of place would Hogwarts be if Harry Potter had never had to fight Lord Voldemort? Or better yet - what if Harry Potter never existed? Wizarding Realm is a present day, alternate universe roleplaying site that takes place within that same wizarding world, yet without any of the history or legend of the Boy Who Lived. We promote a chill environment where we understand people have jobs and school to worry about, so we have no activity checks and lax face claim requirements to make sure everyone can comfortably write as a hobby. Open to all levels of writers, Wizarding Realm allows you to throw yourself headfirst into that magical world - everything from classes to Quidditch to getting in trouble with your house prefect! Ultimately it's all in your control. You decide what sort of wizard or witch you want your character to be. Jump into the world of WURR today!
  21. The Sweet Tooth Bakery is a popular establishment among the younger crowd, located near the local clinic. With a chipper owner willing to take young apprentices under his wing, perhaps it's time you choose to give baking and serving a shot!
  22. Led by a former MMA competitor, the Narrie Kaizen Dojo strives to bring excellence in combat sports to the small town of Narragyambie and to create and tutor the fighters of tomorrow. But to accomplish that, it needs instructors! Become one today!
  23. Going to take Gabby to see her Mother play. Means I need to keep myself really covered. . . The things these girls make me do.

  24. "I can always pull someout from somewhere. Though you'd take to it far too easily." A small smirk touched his lips. The added weight from Gemini's lean hadn't caused any noticeable disruption towards his balance, shifting one of his arms to wrap around the newly arrived woman's waist to steady her. Even adding a light shake of his head at how casually comfortable she managed to make her self using both himself and Keira as personal body-furnitures. While he held no actual problem with her drinking, the desire to keep her from destructive means kept him far more alert with his Dhampiric senses. "I don't think you'd ever not be, 'Still kicking'. Probably kick up more fuss than Sibs trying to tend to a patient." Or equal at that, stubborn women seemed to be the key feature within that gathered group. "Oh, excuse me~. I had nearly forgot that you're going the full on Musical career route. I guess I can give up my job and start being a proper roadie." He smirked with amusement at the thought alone, not that he would even if asked. Journalism had been in his blood and he knew how to get to places and people in ways most wouldn't dare or couldn't even consider. "Hey, we work hard disrupting other peoples lives! Let us at least waste it." "Now you -know- that isn't the reason why I really did it. You just need to get out a bit more with some fun." While he couldn't deny the woman drove him crazy many times a day, trying to 'get rid of her' had never been the actual intention behind the idea when it popped into his mind. Clearly she needed more of a break from his usual firm nature, right? "And sometimes you are kind of too destructive. Just not always in the scorching of sofa's, sometimes it's giving my Mother ammo she -shouldn't- have." He stated as his gaze narrowed. The woman still held it over his head his 'honest feelings' being spoken in a moment he had originally thought had been between just two people. Goes to show him! The news that suddenly broke drove him to a weighted silence. Reporter's could be brutal, hell, even he held his moments when the 'Truth' needed to be pulled out. But there were still lines, for the sake of decency, that shouldn't be crossed just to get a story. Intruding in a persons home, their private lives like the schools of their subject's children. What more would a child even know? Just to show that the man had been heartless? Or had it been a way to discredit the Mother from 'keeping her Father' from her. A disgusted snort exhausted from his nostrils. "Can't really argue the 'Vultures' bit too well, even in my case for many moments." "Sibs is right though, probably need a moment to ease out that stress. It probably won't be the end of it easily." Unless he stepped in, he could do that. He had enough contacts and even if they wouldn't help he still had certain. . . Capabilities that he could make use of that he would've ordinarily shunned. "Yea, how is she doing? Does anyone know which Reporter's or station had been poking around there?"
  25. "Lobster Curry?" His head tilted to the side questioningly, not that it sounded odd in of itself. He just didn't take her for the sort to eat curry and if he had to be honest he never entertained the thought before. Though no one experienced anything new by shying away from it that had just been a simple universal truth with many things. It didn't sound bad either the more he thought on it further either. "Aight, we can do that then. Probably easier on both of us that way." A low laughter falling from his lips with a quirky smile. He expected most people to tune out when he went through the process of explaining the general basics of the game when it came to each position and their job. Even more so when it came to the usual capabilities those positions are scouted for. The entire game itself had been normal for him or as normal as it could be for someone who hadn't been fully exposed to the Wizarding world while growing up in the single digit years. "Ahaha, Ya' would be surprised what could happen in the moment with those kinds of things too." Not that he would've turned down a spar with someone under proper conditions. He had long expected that Jamie most likely wasn't a Martial Artist, mostly because it didn't seem as if the man had much time for anything since signing up with the Major leagues of Quidditich. "It's a pretty good to take up earlier in life but tons of folks start later on too. Ya' know, it helps with discipline and health as much as it does in self confidence." Some people ended up with far too much confidence that they knocked on the door of Arrogance itself but it'd been a competitive enough environment that most people could be knocked back down to the humble realms. "Yea! Pretty much what Chaser is like, honestly." Tyson glanced towards her with a grin. It never popped in his mind to make that kind of relation, something new to file in the pages. "Doesn't have the same kind of thrill from it for me. Quidditich is this kind of. . . Unique freedom." Then his eyebrow arched upwards and he laughed lightly. "Ya wanted to talk a bit. Can't do that if I'm outright beating ya'." He smirked playfully while picking up his pace once more as he started to climb higher with increasing momentum. "Guess we'll just have to chat after this!"
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    The Return of Hope

    The Return of Hope: A Warhammer 40k based RP forum Story | The Lexicanum | Affiliates | Faction Info | discord It is the 42nd Millennium, and there is only war. With the 13th Black Crusade and many Tyranid Hive Fleets having been defeated by the battered and exhausted Imperial Forces, the revived and renewed Primarch of the Ultramarines Chapter, Roboute Guilliman has begun the task of rebuilding the Empire of humanity with the Emperor's blessing. With an uneasy truce established between the Eldar and the Imperium, Guilliman focuses all his attention on the Great Rift; a massive warp tear which sees numerous savage Chaos warbands and raiders emerge from. To halt the flow of the foul forces, new Chapters are made from the ranks of the standard Astartes and the newly developed Primaris Astartes, each having one of two objectives: Purge any and all signs of Chaos from Imperial Space, and secondly defend the Empire and its people from any that might threaten them. Meanwhile, the Eldar continue to rebuild and redistribute their resources in a concentrated effort to save their Craft worlds from both the Chaos taint and the foul Tyranid threat. The Orks, on the other hand, continue to do what Orks do best... fight, fight, and fight some more.
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