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  4. Bella hadn’t forgotten about Mark’s birthday, even if he didn’t celebrate it. She wanted to be sure he at least knew how important he was to her as a friend, while she wasn’t very good at expressing herself with words, she was better at doing it with actions. Bella had made a cake earlier that day, she didn’t want Mark finding out about it, so she had to hide the cake from him in her room while he was around in the kitchen, only decorating it when he moved to his room. She was a bit anxious about the whole ordeal, what if he didn’t like chocolate? That could happen, and once it did then … what was she going to do? It wasn’t something she could worry about at the moment, she had already made the cake, she had already decorated it and had even gotten some candles. The bag with his present sat on top of the kitchen table. Inside there was a new sketchbook and some art supplies, Bella knew that Mark liked to sketch, and he was good at it, it seemed like a decent enough present for him. Inside the bag there was also a pair of crocheted mittens with the Flinder’s colors that Bella had made, they had fallen onto the bag by mistake, she thought they wouldn’t be good enough, nor that he would wear such a thing, it was best they just remained in her room, hidden from everyone’s sight. Bella knocked on his bedroom room, the cake was decorated, the present was on the table, all the needed was the birthday boy. “M-Mark…ar-are you there? C-can you … can you please come here?” she asked a bit skittish, maybe she overdid it, maybe she shouldn’t have done anything, could she rewind time and stop herself from knocking on the door? No, she couldn’t. Bella took a deep breath trying to calm herself, maybe if she hid in her room it would be alright, it would be like it never happened.
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  7. There was nothing new to that day, it was Max’s birthday but as usual she didn’t celebrate it, but it was nice to have received a letter from her eldest sister, but it was no surprise that no one else had sent her anything, regardless she was pleased that her sister had remembered her, every year the young woman likes to send Max a postcard and a present before Max travels back home. This year Max was going to stay in Tally, she wasn’t going to bother getting on a train to visit her family for three days only to be treated like she didn’t belong. She stared at the postcard for a while with a smile on lips, there wasn’t much to be happy about, but receiving that letter had made her happy. Throughout the course of the day, things had been easy, Max had spent some time with Laurie, where Max received a box full of unicorn balls. It felt nice having someone during that day, even if Max believed it was just like any other day it was nice to spend it with a friend doing various things, something she rarely had the chance to do during that time, either because she never bothered to say it to anyone or simply because she was pressured to go home to celebrate it with ‘family’. Max was slightly excited for the end of the day, to spend some alone time with Senan, which was probably something she had been expecting, maybe they could watch a movie or something, they didn’t have to do anything, but spending some portion of the day with Laurie and the rest of it with Senan seemed liked the best birthday she could have asked for. She stood in front of the house with her backpack and a duffle bag, she looked at it from top to bottom with a smile on her face, every time she thought about what happened the smile grew, she couldn’t help how she felt like a strong magnetic force was pulling her towards him. She took a key from her pocket to open the door to the house, once the door was open, she walked inside and locked it again. “Senan?” she put the bag down and keys went back into her pocket. She paid little attention to her surroundings and walked to the living room, placing the paint can on the ground. Maybe Senan wasn’t around. She sat on the couch and looked at the blank wall, she took a sketchpad from her backpack and began drawing the sketch of the image she thought it would look good on the wall, depending on the color they both chose she was sure she could pull something interesting.
  8. She smiled at Travis. She understood the danger of someone like him traveling, he had to take certain precautions so he wouldn’t hurt others, or himself. That thought alone made her forget about a place for her to let out her rage and focus on him instead, maybe a bit of brainstorming would help him, but wasn’t something she was about to bring up, not yet. He was correct about friendship, the ability to listen to someone, it was also the ability to speak without the fear of being judged. She didn’t have a problem listening to him, whenever he needed, she would be available to listen to whatever is troubling him and she hoped he could see it. Travis hadn’t been someone that she would expect to enjoy being around, but it surprised her and liked spending time with him, maybe he didn’t see it, but she did. “It’s just, I can slightly control the Hospital Wing, people won’t listen to us, just want you to know that, if you need someone to talk with, desperately, just show up and I’ll make sure we won’t be bothered.” Casting a spell to prevent people from listening to them was an easy thing to do, she understood the need for a more private place, it would be better, but as a last resort there were measures, they could take. She also understood the need for secrecy, especially in his situation. “I just want you to have more options, but wherever you feel comfortable, I’m happy to meet you there whenever you need it.” wherever the place he felt comfortable was, Liv was willing to make the trip and meet with him, it was just a matter of giving him more options. She could somehow relate, not like him, but in different aspects. She looked at him with an amused expression. “I enjoy the thought of being a song, not so much of being a barnacle, but I can live with both.” She said jokingly as she let out a chuckle. Her smile got wider, she didn’t plan on leaving Travis but was pleased that he would place her next to him. She didn’t wish to be glued to him all the time, nor did she want him to be glued to her, but it was nice to know someone wouldn’t mind a nagging companion by their side, especially one with unsolicited advice. It wasn’t her intention to make a wolf joke, but he didn’t seem to mind too much about it. She saw this matter pretty much like friendship. “Well, in my experience, it just happens. Pretty much like friendship, some people enter your life and sometimes there’s this connection with someone that you can’t explain with words, you just feel it. It can happen as quickly, or it can take time to develop.” Liv herself wasn’t an expert on love or relationships, the only one she had crashed and burned in and not so spectacular fire show. “I think, whenever you feel it, if you’re receptive to it, you’ll know that tingling sensation in your stomach. I’d describe it as something you are excited and scared at the same time whenever you look at someone.” Her own explanation wasn’t the best, but it gave him a perspective from her point of view. People weren’t easy, some were relatively easy to fire out, but others were harder, the same was with feelings and their emotions. There wasn’t an exact path to follow, people were different, they grieved differently, and they reacted differently to situations, some would remain angry for years, others would eventually accept, but it was still an unknown variable. Olivia laughed. “I will visit you whenever I can but it’s a promise, I won’t forget you or visiting you, there will be a ‘no time’ excuse, I will make time.” She wasn’t the best person to keep track of her friends, but she was going to keep that promise to Travis. “Yeah, her name was May, she was my friend and…things just…happened and she was always on animal blood so, a few times she would feed off of me.” It wasn’t something that she was used to talking about, she always kept to herself about it. She looked up at Travis, they needed to clean up before they could get comfortable, or so she thought. “Shouldn’t we clean up?” she wasn’t planning on avoiding it now, she had opened a door and she felt as if she had crossed most of it, going back would be like giving up.
  9. "Thought, me? Nah. That would mean I'm underperforming at school." That had been when he winked at her with a sly motion. "Honestly, it seemed like a pretty good leap of an idea. I've considered various ways to try and 'contain' myself. For when I start travelling, personal accommodation kind of an idea. Earthen walls popped up a few times." Either way, each idea led to the far more obvious issue of marring his already disgustingly scarred skin. A shrug flowed from his shoulders slightly, "Obviously certain precautions will be needed to make sure you can breathe inside of it and don't cause a much larger blaze than intended. But I think it's a plan in progress." He smiled towards her and his head shook lightly. "I've been told a proper friendship is defined by the ability to be able to listen when the moment is needed." She listened to him and, what he considered, to be problems she didn't need to carry on her own shoulders. His ears were opened to her, to hear whatever she needed to get off of her mind on what had been eating at her for so many years and still permeated certain aspects of her life, no less. It had been difficult to see that it hadn't, given his own situation of issues that effected the way that he interacted with people to the extent that it had started to define the kind of relationships he'd been developing. While solid, many of them, had been quite distant which perhaps hadn't been the best way to live for a person whom had been considered a monster in the larger eyes of society. "As fine of an idea that is. . . I think the Hospital Wing would be a pretty bad place still. You can't really turn people away when they get injured and in a school of magic? That probably is a high rate of happening." There had been more than just the outside world, there had still been students, teacher's that he'd yet to actively have. Staff members that wouldn't have access to his records simply because they didn't really need to know the details of his academical focuses and things to look out for. "All it takes is a single person to spark a wildfire. And word of mouth with rumors even if they're fact get around far faster." Then he took a deep breath and looked the woman in her eyes. "But my guard is down, here, with you. So, there is that, right?" They were in a relatively secured place, granted, hidden away from the sight of easily prying eyes. However, he didn't need to reveal himself in some form of public environment, distance in that specific manner had been far more preferred. "That fact I like it is what my nature plays on worse. It's somewhat like how a gamble enjoys to bet, but something inside them, something they can't fully explain beckons them to bet more. Higher, riskier. That roar that something is playing havoc with that desire." Perhaps a far different kind of thing in general but it seemed an apt relation given the addictive haze that could often form from both activities. A smirk touched his lips slightly. "Ah, you're right, my apologies. . ." He spoke in a mimicked Yorkshire accent. "I meant like a song that won't just leave from your head." Then started to chuckle in amusement as his head shook once more. "I don't plan on you moving easily. Besides, if I wanted to move you? I'd just pick you up myself. Though chances are I'd just place you next to me. I'm very bad at pushing people away apparently." Case in point, the woman had been sitting in his kitchen after all of his intent to dissuade her from even bothering with him. "Oho, Another wolf joke, A Lone Wolf, huh?" As much as he knew she wasn't trying to aim it that way, it couldn't be helped at times as he made the prodding joke. "But maybe. . . Don't know if I would want it or not. I guess it would take a few times to actually know for certain. Even then, it might only need to start once and bloom from there." He certainly wasn't versed in much of the heart when it came to romance which showed on his face with the befuddlement. "Probably not something you can plan either, just stuff that. . . . Happens?" It most likely wasn't too far different from general attraction, spontaneous, nonsensical yet there and apparent. The edge of his elbows rested against the side of the table, leaning against it in thought to the words spoken by the woman. His teeth catch some of the skin within his cheek to prod at it gently, avoiding ever actively chewing on it to avoid any form of scarring. "Makes sense. . . There's probably that hope that it isn't true or that they'd just suddenly show up before it feels like it's far too late." A soft sigh exhausted from him and his eyes closed. "It isn't some kind of arithmancy problem that could be defined or solved simply by following steps." People weren't computers, they were individuals that had been a wave of existential chaos and unpredictability even with the order of nature and habit in the mix. "Expecting letters too? Want to keep track of my penmanship?" He smiled widely then nodded fluidly towards her. "Don't worry, you'll get tons of letters and pictures. Just remember we still need to visit one another too. None of that, 'I forgot' stuff either." Travis had been caught off guard, she trusted him? It had been hard -not- to? Those were words that were foreign to him, that someone could so easily find him as a trustworthy individual. He was certain now, more than ever, that Liv had been an odd swan. "Dhampir. . . Right, you did say someone fed off of you often." That had explained it, the person wasn't just some friend she'd been taking care of and it'd been something he expected since hearing that tidbit about her encounter with a Dhampir before. It was someone far closer, an ex-lover. Maybe lover had been far too casual, the way she held the pain chimed in his mind to mean far more than that. "If you want we can go get comfortable now." She'd been at the threshold, that moment of stepping through the door to finally speaking about what she'd been trying to hold back. To him, it seemed like a bad idea to hold it off as it held the price of her potentially reconsidering ever telling anyone. Better to accommodate a rare moment, an eclipse in emotions that needed to be properly observed.
  10. It hadn't been a slip at all, in fact, he'd been trying to be far more honest than he ever intended with majority of the people that he encountered. The visible dislike of what he had said rang on the young woman's face and that caused his head to shake lightly and his gaze to shift away form her. "Nevermind. . . " Something that had been a bad idea in its totality either way, that much he'd been far more certain about in the already confusing day that had unfolded between the two of them. Travis' gaze shifted towards the expanse of water that had been nearby and kept his visual attention mostly there yet still had been fully aware and attuned to listening. "That just screams of your natural bad taste in people to me." That had been when his eyes narrowed towards with a coy smile curved on his lips. "We need to really get you exposed to better people to latch on to. Your judgement is starting to get very questionable the more you hang around me." His shoulder lightly bumped into her as she sat on his lap. Even if the point of him wanting her to hold a proper life revolved more under the idea that she needed to be able to live under it by her own choices, without some tyrannical hand pushing and pressuring them or dictating which choices were 'better' for her in order to live it without any personal regrets. Travis understood the point she had made, while not agreeing she needed him, or rather feeling she shouldn't need him around. He hadn't disliked the idea that she genuinely wanted him around with the inclusion of the hefty ups and downs between the two of them. A brief silence swept over him, letting the words spoken by Meadow hang in the air for a moment. Had he been trying his best? Not an inaccurate assessment, at the very least he'd been placed in a situation to 'consider' things more thoroughly, thoughtfully. "Just switching my efforts towards something else a bit, thinking less about what I feel I need to do. . . Focusing on others around me. That's all. I don't know if it's really 'trying my best' but it's trying." He put as much effort as he could, it'd be somewhat of a lie to say that the inherent and primal anger about the memories didn't claw at him, didn't try to shred through the surface of his mind and will. He still had far more strength, however, to keep those emotions on a chain tightly even if they'd slip out they wouldn't fully rule him unless the choice and option had been in front of him in the most dire of moments. "On your end?" This drew the young man's attention fully back towards the blonde-haired lass, an eyebrow arched upwards and his head tilted slightly. "What, you mean the situation with your parents?" Of course it must have been what she meant. Nothing else came to mind for him that would seem like it would require that effort given the context. "I'm not looking for any kind of fairness here, you know that, right?" His hand rose up to touch the side of her cheek, the rough skin of his thumb coursed along the softness of her skin. "It's not some kind of obligation you need to fulfill or anything either."
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  12. Aspen took the bottle, took another gulp at the liquid inside and that’s when she realized no one knew about Vivian, the thing that has been eating her alive for years, the fact that she had one job, and one job only and she failed. She shouldn’t have left muggle school if she hadn’t Vivian would still be with them. “I suppose we’re tight enough . . .” Aspen said with a sarcastic chuckle. “They should be relying on me, not me on them . . . “ Aspen put the bottle down and looked at the ceiling. “My mother died when we were young . . . I was the one that should help dad take care of my siblings, but instead, when I joined Tally my sister Vivian went missing, I shouldn’t have left muggle school.” Aspen confessed. No one knew about Vivian’s disappearance, except for family, and not even MJ knew how Aspen felt about their sister’s disappearance. “We don’t know what happened, if I had stayed with them like I always had I would have been able to do something, but I fail . . . I had one job and it’s like Vivian slipped through my fingers.” She took the bottle again only to take another gulp. “I failed Vivian, I don’t want to fail Mary or Justice . . .” she put the bottle down again. She had to do everything to make sure everyone else was fine, that they were safe and alright, she wasn’t sure if she even wanted to go Pro anymore, just to watch over her siblings.
  13. The older Clarke watched her sister. MJ had decided to do the dishes herself when she didn’t have to, Aspen didn’t want her sister to have to worry about anything, she wanted MJ to focus on herself, it was the younger Clarke’s birthday. “I’m doing it because I want to Mary.” Aspen chuckled. She knew her sister worried about her, but MJ didn’t have to, Aspen could take care of herself, besides, Aspen wasn’t sure if in the following year she would be able to spend MJ’s birthday home, she wanted to make it special. “Dad’s not home yet, but he should be arriving any time soon.” Aspen wasn’t sure when her father was going to be home, but she hoped the man could rest before celebrating MJ’s birthday. “Maybe we can wake Justice up and leave the house for a couple of hours to let dad rest in peace?” she suggested. She knew Steve was a good boy, but sometimes Justice liked to make a little noise while playing. “What do you say? I’m sure Brian will keep dad some company.” The cat would make a lovely company, it was quiet and liked to sleep a lot, Aspen was sure the cat and their father would get along perfectly while their father rested.
  14. Olivia wasn’t sure if she was grateful or upset at May’s efforts to keep her out of what seemed to be a difficult situation, but Olivia was clearly angry at the situation, heartbroken that May would rather face all that alone than to confide in Olivia that the reason for leaving was a dangerous one. Anyone who knew Olivia knew she wasn’t going to just sit around waiting for May to return, that was a given fact, and May probably knew it, which was why she decided to keep quiet about it, unfortunately, Olivia didn’t see it like that. “And you think getting away from everyone is the answer? May, I could have helped, I told you, I’m not some fragile flower that needs protection, I could have done something, but now, you just thought that keeping everyone away would have miraculously saved them.” Liv said. The last words carried a slight sarcastic tone, what May did probably harmed Olivia more than anything that happened, the ignorance on the subject, not knowing where May was, or even if she was alive was far harder than anything. In a moment Liv’s anger was gone, she had told May everything she needed, she was sad and heartbroken, but she could no longer but angry at May, not after the explanation, that, in Olivia’s mind seemed just like a lame excuse for everything that May did, but Liv didn’t doubt that May wanted to protect her. “You made a stupid decision, you were more worried about secondary things than you were with the bigger picture…” “I can’t forgive you, not yet May…” Liv looked at May for a while before approaching the Dhampir. “But … we were friends once before…I think we can at least try to salvage that.” Olivia was willing to compromise if May was, they will never be what they were, lovers, but Olivia was willing to try and salvage their friendship, in a way, might help them both heal faster.
  15. Travis explained the idea of the Earth room and how it would work around them and how she could easily do what she wanted without harming anyone and it could somehow work for the both of them if needed. “You put some thought into this.” It seemed that he thought about it more than she did, or perhaps it was because he also could use it. It was indeed time to stop hiding from the pain, it’s been more than four years and it was counterproductive to hang onto it, it was time to let go and learn from it, heal and let whatever happens to happen naturally. “I appreciate it.” she smiled at Travis. She knew he wasn’t going to judge, nor think anything less of it, which had been one of her main concerns about letting people know, being vulnerable, or letting others know it made her so, maybe even have others worry more about her, and she didn’t want to burden anyone with those problems. She looked at Travis with a smile, it didn’t matter what number she was on a list of people he wanted to tell things, what matter was that he trusted her enough to do so. Trust was a rare thing to some, seemed to be so for Travis and she was going to cherish his trust. It was never going to be easy to let the guard down in public, at least in some crowded places. “You know, I mean for example at the Hospital Wing, you don’t have to be on guard all the time.” There were easy things she could do to lend a hand and allow him to relax a bit more, she wasn’t sure if he was going to take it, there was a chance he wasn’t, but if he did, she wanted him to know he could relax, even if it was only for a couple of minutes. “I know you probably won’t, but just thought you should know.” “I suppose, but I think the most important thing is, do you like it? I don’t see anything wrong.” If Travis enjoyed everything he did, there was really no need for him to explain himself, not to her, not to anyone, he didn’t owe explanations to anyone, but if he didn’t like it, it was something completely different. She chuckled at his comment. “Are you calling me a barnacle? Because I will not move easily.” If he wanted her out of his life, he would have to tell her, she would always worry about him, Travis had been one of those people that found a way into her life and she wouldn’t want to lose him. Her smile grew when he announced he didn’t regret, that was good, regret can accompany a person for a long time, and it can be toxic. She couldn’t say she never thought what he was thinking, their situations were and are completely different, but she had thought the same thing once before. “My aunt says there’s always someone, I believe her you know? You might not want something like that either.” Liv said jokingly, but it had been something her aunt had told her before, especially after May had left. He understood what she meant. She was still heartbroken about the event, one could see it in her eyes, but it wasn’t as before, almost like explaining had lifted a bit of weight from it. “Pain shifts from person to person, there’s variables and degrees of affection towards someone. The closer you are or the more connected you feel the greater the pain, and it might not take a toll right away. It can be a destructive feeling for everyone.” She knows the pain she felt, but she also knows everything took something from May. If Travis had decided to go, Liv’s feelings wouldn’t be as strong as they were right now, she had formed a bond with him, they were friends and she saw him as an adult, while inside school her actions had to change, where they didn’t have to. She smiled at Travis, she knew he wasn’t going to just leave now, even if he was in Egypt. “I know and I expect some letters too.” Her smile grew as she looked at him. She hoped he was able to achieve what he wanted, she had no doubt that he would be able to become a curse breaker, but sometimes things happen, she hoped nothing would happen that would prevent him from doing it. “I don’t want you to take her place, Travis, I do wish for something unique, something just ours. You’re not a replacement, never will be.” No one could replace May, or replace what they had, but that wasn’t what Liv wanted, she didn’t want Travis to be a replacement, it was better creating something new, something unique and special. “But I do trust you, Travis, it’s almost impossible not to.” She put down the fork to look at him with a wide smile. “I used to date this Dhampir … as you know, one day she just left. There are more details to the story but, that’s the short version. No letter, no note, no nothing, even left her keys behind. I’ll give you the whole thing once we’re more comfortable.” Olivia wasn’t expected to hear his compliment, it was sweet of him. She didn’t know what to say, or even if something should be said, but the way she looked at him smiling, should be a big indicator of how she felt about it.
  16. Screwed and broken? Whatever little warmth started bubbling up in Lisa's heart with the prospect of Aspen not wanting to leave anyway after that serious warning was greatly dwarfed by the confusion those two words brought about. Those two adjectives had never been ones to cross her mind as a descriptor for the girl; were they alike in the sense they had things to atone for? Were they living with the weight of their mistakes on their shoulders and having to put up a front to shield themselves from equivalent situations? Lisa hadn't expected to come to relate even further to Aspen that night, yet there they were. Mildly buzzed, morose and comforting each other. Perhaps it was one of the things that drew her so much to this girl. She handed the older teen the bottle again for another sip, as she looked like she needed it. "Maybe it's out of not knowing you all that well, but... Honestly, all three of you come across as a really tight unit." Family dynamics wasn't something Lisa could relate to. With both her parents gone and her brother pretty much estranged, if it weren't for her economic ties to the man she could say she was all alone in the world. "And there's nothing wrong with relying on others, you know?" Her eyes widened ever so slightly as she realized the hypocrisy of her own statement the moment it left her lips. She released the frustration with a deep exhalation, and her arm wrapped around the leg it had been previously caressing, pulling it close to them both. "...What I mean is, I haven't really seen you fail. Maybe I don't know much about it, but... From the little I've seen, those kids look like they look up to you. That's not what being a lousy sister is, as far as I'm concerned..."
  17. To see Aspen try so hard to make MJ's birthday a happy experience was bittersweet. On the one hand she was very grateful for the effort and expected nothing less from the Bourke, knowing her like she did; on the other hand, it made MJ feel like nothing she could ever do for the girl could ever repay the older sibling's deeds for her, and everyone else's, sake. Even if it could potentially be a matter of disagreement in the house, MJ had always perceived her sister as the glue that brought the Clarke family together, and the one whom kept them from falling apart when everything seemed like it couldn't get any worse. How was it even possible for MJ to be there for Aspen to such an extent at that point? The Flinders nodded to both questions, although she dodged her sister entirely to give her some rest, lightly twirling her body around her to keep the tray out of reach and once surpassing her she finally moved to the sink, so to wash the dishes. As the water ran, she spoke up. "...I feel like a broken record now, the first thing that comes to mind every time is that you really didn't have to do this." She couldn't help but wonder if Aspen was exhausted at that point. Perhaps she could coordinate something with the rest of the family in order to give her a proper rest day themselves. "Is dad home yet?" If he were, she figured the man would be asleep. If only the Bourke could take a valuable lesson from that and go nap as well.
  18. May had barely managed to get a word in before Olivia's anger had surfaced and some scathing criticism was immediately thrown the Dhampir's way. In hindsight, May felt like she shouldn't be surprised at that, but it certainly made her task that much more difficult to tackle in the first place. She felt like she was between a rock and a hard place - which was, by all means, her fault - and had to find some way to wiggle herself out of it while dodging the incoming throwing knives that threatened to make a dent in her flimsy reasoning; at least, it was how she thought Olivia would perceive it, even if May herself backed it with every fiber of her being. It was truly a herculean task, but the older woman was never one to shy away from such things to begin with. "It's not like that." She tried as her brain scrambled for a possible explanation that wouldn't end up with her house (and herself) charred beyond recognition. "And it's not just you. I just... Didn't want anyone to get involved with that sort of... Life? It's the type of thing where once you're in, you're never really out, and... It's a different type of damage. I didn't really think anything would happen to you on a physical standpoint... You can blow people like me to smithereens at the drop of a hat and you don't even need to be half as capable." It was the nature of the beast. Light and fire were a Dhampir's worst enemies. It was quite ironic that she felt so drawn to someone whose life force and magic could kill her. "I can't go into detail, but... I can say it has to do with my family. There's a reason why I haven't been so forthcoming in the past about them... Or about a lot of things in general, really. In a way I guess I was trying to distance myself too, but I could never guess that, well... That this is how it would end up." A small sigh of discomfort with the situation escaped her. She wasn't one to talk at length about herself, even with those close to her. However, after so many years of hardship and excruciating pain, she owed Olivia that much. At least to her, of all people. Even if she couldn't reveal the vast majority of the information resting in her brain, she could try to provide some sort of understanding to the situation. "I'm... sorry. I'm sorry for causing all of this. I know the words aren't enough, but... I also feel like I have to make the distinction that I can't be sorry for keeping you out of it." Knowing that Olivia didn't have to kill, torture, and fight to survive made it worth it to May. She didn't have to throw her into the bleak reality of a criminal underworld, and didn't have to corrupt her mindset in such a way that getting their hands dirty was just another Tuesday. To regret that would be to recognize everything she had dedicated her very soul for up to that point was a mistake, and something she likely would be unable to live with.
  19. An eyebrow arched as Travis decided to throw in the usual quip that Meadow thought that, every time, she would be better off without hearing; despite the visible displeasure with the verbal slip (Was it a slip? She was quite positive that he did it on purpose at that point...) she opted not to argue it, her decision reinforced by him making light of the very same thing that had rustled her feathers just a bit. She could only sigh and defeat and let him go on. "Well, you're a part of that life, so doing the best for you as well is part of the job." The Flinders countered in her usual authoritarian manner of speech towards her best friend, although her tone betrayed her, underlining the care she felt for the teenager with its softness. It seemed that their combined efforts at humor helped alleviate the oppressive atmosphere of the topic somewhat, but she couldn't help the fact the very thought of losing the man before her made her heart quake in the worst of ways. "Regardless, whether I agree with what you're doing or not... I can see you're trying your best." She couldn't fault him for that. He was aware of his situation more than she could be, even after the intensely graphic description he had given her on request. Only Travis could truly know how Travis felt, and only he could know what he was best for him - it was her job to be there to provide support no matter what he did, and pray he didn't get himself killed. She couldn't relate to how it was like to be a Werewolf, in the same way he couldn't relate to how it was like being brought up in a blood supremacist household. "It's only fair if I promise to do the same on my end, I think."
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  23. "Probably not. . . She might try to get you going with the well-kept beard that seems to be the fad with stars these days." Cole's eyes narrowed slightly as if he were trying to avoid giving the woman more ideas to try and slap on Jamie. Knowing full-well he'd only been stirring up the pot as if it had been a delectable stew to be consumed. "Just imagine, you're walking in with your leather jacket. Design on the back designed ever so lovingly by your twin. The crowds screaming your name, men and women fainting on the floor just to feel the leather brush across the tips of their fingers." While he spoke his arm rose up and the back of his wrist pressed against his forehead in a dramatic fashion, eyes rolled as if he were simulating the actions of a fainted star struck individual. A chuckle flowed from him at the exchange between the two of them. "So, we're establishing, specifically her not allowed, right? I just need to know if I should schedule a few fashion-show bits for your attire and then a unique 'Broom show'." A playful grin started to form on his face while he shifted himself closer towards the window of the booth and his gaze turned out towards the various people that walked on by in sights for a moment then turned towards his cousins once more. "But she does have a point about those handles, you can even have a little device attached where turning the grip slightly causes a hefty vibration in the air, 'Vrooooom' " Both of his hands rose up, fingers curled in loosely while simulation motions of riding a bike with mildly twitches of his hand as if it were turning something then lowered them back onto the table. "Speaking of clothes, I do need to go shopping soon. Have to get myself a nice smooth suit to look absolutely stunning in." With his hands lifting up once more, the tips of his fingers flex the collar of his shirt as if he were a strutting debutante. "Not just for graduation but I think I probably should start the process of getting potential job interviews setup after. You know, be able to support myself a bit better than what I'm doing now." Which had been his secretive gigs using the Violin. While it didn't bring the cash in, it gave him enough to spoil himself ever so slightly. However, an active job, maybe he'd be able to get out from under the confinement of the University sanctioned dormitories and settle into something far more comfortable while keeping up with schooling as well. A proper place for studying and keeping things orderly. "Sure can't have my parents and your mom not see me at my best in that graduating moment." He imagined they would most likely be happy at the fact that he had succeeded in general. Because of how auspicious the day would be he couldn't go under simple garments either. It had been far off but he'd been confident due to the amount of effort he put into everything he did do.
  24. Travis head tilted the side slightly after he repeated himself, it hadn't been much of a secret that the woman had been physically appealing. Of course, -his- reason and the reason of other men or even women were vastly different. It had less to do with the idea that she'd been fit, that had rarely ever been the reasoning on why he took in the notice of such features. It had been if she'd been durable enough to handle what his body held the urged to do to it. And it hadn't at all been anything involving violence, it'd been so far from that in his mind that he had to turn his eyes away for a moment if only to attempt to avoid dwelling on it for too long. "The effort you put in shows. Which makes sense considering the whole wrestling bit, you need to be far more built for it even in comparison to what you'd need to manage your position on the Team, Seeker, if I remember?" He'd been well appraised of the positions, everyone in the Bourke house talked about it even if he didn't have much of a care towards it he understood the jobs quite well. The Seeker's job could be classified as the most dangerous, the hardest, requiring a sense of daring and self-destructive abandonment to catch the Snitch. A unique kind of personality and mindset had often been necessary to truly succeed in that position. Which, given what he perceived of the young woman, it had fit in the way she carried herself in a lot of ways. He hadn't wanted to make the way he told her to clothe herself to sound as if he'd been displeased. On the contrary, his body had taken a sensation from it that he didn't think it could've or even that it should've if only to avoid the idea that it would end up causing Amber to storm off with the project unfinished. Considering how important it seemed to be to her, the secretive nature behind it that he'd been sure she hadn't really told many if anyone, it was something that he didn't want to risk messing up and destroying that amount of chance she took in telling him. Perhaps even the thought that she often expected him to toss jabs at her every chance he could gain damaged that rapport slightly in his mind with her. Her response is what gained his full attention, had she been. . . Aware? No, that couldn't be the case. He'd been careful, hadn't he? He had long believed that Amber had been far sharper in certain situations than most believed, though his mind couldn't pick up when he would've slipped up. Not until he could feel the air of the room pressed against his arms which caused them to fold, trying to cover them with one another as if it would really hide the evidence. It didn't, it couldn't, not the way that he held them folded. "Partially instinct. . ." Then his brow furrowed slightly, teeth scrapped across the outer skin of the lower lip. "Partially innate attraction. The attraction makes the instinct difficult to resist in certain instances." Something that he found himself struggling around Meadow as well, one of the many reasons she'd been one of the people he couldn't get too close to in the current moment. "I didn't think I'd really end up doing what I did." Typically he had far better control yet lately it seemed as if something in him had a lid pried opened. Something he hadn't incorporated into the totality of his being and now it had started to grow rapid, unchecked, until he could learn to harness it and hammer it down in place. It had been then that he realized personally what it had been; that decision to let people in more - to actively grow closer. "It doesn't bother me, as much as it makes me. . . Well, it makes me want to take you on that bed. Which is a lot to ask anyone in terms of seeing that as Helpful." That had been when his hand rose up and rubbed the base of his forehead frustratingly. "And boy, do I want to. Even without the instinct, it has crossed my mind more than a few times." Was it even a good idea in the first place to engage in that kind of activity with her? There wouldn't be any personal regrets in that moment, though how would -she- feel afterwards? That had been one of the many things that kept his hands from touch many people he knew personally. "I don't actually do it with a lot of people. I can actually count my encounters on a single hand. I'm a horrible and shameless flirt though I admit to that. Part of a way to keep. . . Certain things under control or to hide." It had been far easier to hide the fact it had been mostly a draw of his instinct under the guise of flirting than actively seeking it out simply because he'd been a deviant with no cause. "Either way I guess the main point is. . . I do want you that way regardless. Part of me see's you as someone durable, that can handle it." For a human, anyways. It had been very difficult to find those durable enough that could manage the full weight of just how things could turn with him in that kind of situation. "And then another part of me had been intrigued by the attraction. The things I drew of you, how I view you? Those are all the traits I noticed and enjoy out of you, I find them pretty attractive." It was at this point he found it far more difficult to not draw himself closer to her, walking slowly until he'd been right in her personal space once more. Not that there had ever really been one now that he considered it. "I also don't want to lose you as someone I want to get to know better, someone I like having around a lot. Not sure if. . . Doing something would mess that up. Even if I want really do it."
  25. He couldn't blame her if she held a sense of skepticism, truthfully, he probably would've himself in her situation or even in his own situation. There had been a few situations where someone's kindness and understanding had only resulted in a look of bewilderment from him on the why, what they wanted, if it had even been safe in the first place to trust in whatever had been given or had been stated. Even now, at this part of his life, it'd been quite apparent in certain situations and he wasn't ignorant to it. Almost always trying to ignore that nagging feeling when he'd been logically aware that it hadn't been what his instincts had been trying to perceive. "No problem." Travis, however, also knew the importance of a kind gesture or a hand reaching out when one had been well aware of the monster people assumed them to be. While not many of the study body knew of his condition, it hadn't been foolish to believe they would respond in ferocious ways in having a Werewolf on campus. Let alone one that managed to connect with a numerous amount of people, one might even try to assume he'd only been looking for his next prey. "I just figured you might not have something comfortable and most of the stuff I have if you ever get cold probably won't be very comfortable for your skin." He reached out towards the bowl of popcorn and settled on the floor, closer towards their legs while he picked up a single piece form it. "And since the objective here is to sit back, watch a movie and relax? It would be kind of against that objective if you grew too uncomfortable that you couldn't or didn't want to." The last thing he'd wanted had been for her to leave, dissatisfied with the time that they were spending together. Though when she admitted that she felt the same about him in terms of finding it an enjoyable activity to hangout with him as well, a smile drew on his face. "I'm. . . Glad if I'm being honest here. I don't really hear all that often that people actually like being around me." Then again, it had been difficult to give several people that opportunity when he intentionally kept a certain distance. That had also been on top of the fact it'd been very rare that he invited nearly anyone into such close confinements in any part of the month, if only to avoid certain questions or situations. Those particular chains and restraint's had slowly started to loosen and shake away. "Ha! You're talking to the choir. Or. . . Kind of anyways." That had been when his gaze turned towards the magically concealed and designed freezer that he held within the wall next to his bed. His eyebrows wriggled for a moment then he stood up and gave several magically enhanced coded taps on the wall. Not too worried that it had been Dani hearing the particular combination designed. Suddenly a door had started to form and slide off towards the side which led to the sight of a pristine, mostly raw, steak which he took with both hands and grabbed a nearby plate and placed the meat on to it. The door slowly closing afterwards while he took his previous seat. "Some urges can't really be kicked." Showing her toothy grin as he started to shift himself into a comfortable posture. "So, I'm not sure if I ever told you but I plan to try and go into Curse Breaking. Try and develop a bit of a style towards those placed on humans rather than just objects." There had been a few things he could tell her that would potentially effect them being able to keep up certain aspects of their friendship after the school year ends for him. "Means I have to go to a place where it's a pretty big occupation, Egypt, has the best of them in my opinion. But I will be visiting here, Australia often." It had been a new thing about himself since before the break had started, the talks that had started to churn his mind with a staff member caused him to take it far more seriously. "Which means we'll need to make sure that I can stay in contact with you as often as possible. Er. . . That sounded weirder than I thought it would, didn't it?"
  26. "Can I, really?" Jamie sarcastically replied at the idea of trusting Alex with his fashion choices. That woman had a wild imagination, and knowing her, she'd go to extreme lengths just to make fun of him in any way she thought possible. She'd probably suggest something like wearing cowboy hats or gentlemanly goatees or even playing Quidditch in a full suit to prove how manly he was - and it was quite frightening that she could actually do much worse than whatever he could come up with on the spot. "Hm... How about we install a seat on it and some huge handle bars chopper style? Go full Harley Davidson on the thing. Nothing sexier than a Harley Davidson." It would be a pretty funny look to watch soar through the air, the Squib thought. She wasn't that big a fan of Quidditch at all (specifically when it came to her twin playing), but she could see herself watching that for the hell of it. "Hey, don't touch my Firebolt." Jamie shoved his sister's shoulder lightly, which prompted her to laugh. "Or my hair. Or my outfit. Or anything." "Your self-consciousness is adorable."
  27. As Travis repeated himself, Amber didn't seem to think much of the provocative compliment. Being a bit of a charismatic dynamo came with the job of being a professional wrestler, and it was, fortunately, something she had always excelled at once way or another, having always been able to catch the attention of whoever may be around her at the time at the drop of a hat - for better, or worse. However, when it came to physical attractiveness, she couldn't say she ever thought much about it. She knew some people found her desirable out of a comment or two she had gotten thrown her way in the past, but she couldn't say she cared for it much herself and never really put stock in her appearance in such a way; it caused the compliment to go right over her head. Nevertheless, she couldn't help but awkwardly stand where she was when Travis told her to finish up, momentarily frozen with what had just occurred. Physical touch was something she was far too used to; intimate touch was another conversation entirely. No matter how much she tooted her own horn about not being that inexperienced, the truth of the matter was she didn't have the faintest idea of how those things worked, and it was hard to deny the curiosity she held within her about them, even if it wasn't something she actively thought about on a daily basis. Just as she had regained her composure and reached to unbutton her pants to continue her task, however, the boy spoke up again, causing her to halt before things could get worse. The Bourke proceeded to admit that he had problems holding back his urges - but more importantly, that he was extremely attracted to Amber, of all people. Why? That statement caused visible confusion on her face. The world 'extremely', in particular, felt quite odd. He had always come across to her as the type of guy who could get almost any woman he'd want with a few lines. Why would he be *extremely* attracted to an arbitrary dolt of a Spencer? Was it the physical fitness? "...Is it an instinct issue... thing?" Amber didn't exactly know how to put her thoughts to words, nevertheless implying she was aware that werewolves had problems holding back particular urges; let alone the fact that he was one. While she didn't seem to outwardly display any disgust at the idea of him jumping her, she didn't seem to show any interest in it either - almost as if the last few words of his statement had gone forgotten in benefit of more pressing matters that her one track mind opted to focus on. "Just lemme know how I can help, then? I'unno, feels weird kinda keepin' this stuff away from me 'n then having to explain how it works anyway. And if it bothers you, you coulda just turned away or something?" She couldn't tell if he actually wanted to give in to instincts or not, making things even more difficult for her to wrap her head around.
  28. Danielle's gaze followed the fellow teenager as he stood out of sheer curiosity, momentarily breaking the focus on the animated movie they were set to watch. It seemed that Travis had gone to retrieve some sort of cloth, which was then promptly placed on her lap. She looked at the deep red blanket resting upon her legs, reflexively reaching to it with her free hand to feel the texture of the fabric. Her eyes widened in amazement at its softness, and gave the boy a questioning look. It didn't seem like she had to verbalize her question out loud before he answered it. Her brows minimally furrowed at said reply, due to the implication it presented - he had bought that sheet on purpose for her to use? Her eyes were once again trained on the cloth with his words. She was starting to feel quite bad about the meetings in general: how could it be that Travis was so thoughtful to every little detail, in every single one of their encounters? Was this normal for people outside of her world of blood feuds, war and carnage? She felt silly at letting her heart beat a little faster at each of such displays, an inner sense of frustration building up within her as a result - both at her own inability to simply be on the receiving end of such a thing without it getting to her, and the inner feeling of distrust she couldn't shake at anybody whom came across as selfless, out of having been stabbed in the back so many times. "...Thank you. Again..." She ultimately settled on saying. There was no need to voice these concerns. At that point in time she had become very much aware of how ignorant she was to societal norms, and how different what she considered normal was from what fellow Australian teenagers did. She knew that, whatever the reason for her frustration, it was ultimately making her uncomfortable in a simple meeting that she should be thoroughly enjoying, and she was determined not to let that pesky feeling get in the way. As per usual, her stubbornness worked. Eventually a small yet pleasant smile fit her lips at the compliment. "Likewise." She spoke with a nod. She couldn't say she understood why Travis enjoyed spending time with her, but was most certainly glad that was the case. The only thing she could think of was that, perhaps, he found her speech amusing due to the jarring lack of knowledge she often presented to every day things; although, that idea made her feel somewhat mocked. Hopefully that wouldn't be the reasoning behind it. "I see why you'd think that, but beggars can't be choosers, or so they say." The British girl joked, alluding to both the fact that it was a gift, and to her refusal to ingest any blood that was fresh. At that point she had developed a bit of an addiction to blood-flavored lollipops and was fairly sure she was spreading the sweet tooth onto her younger sister. Provided that she watched her sugar intake, however, it was a nice momentary placebo for her taste buds.
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