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February, 2019
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Tallygarunga: Term One, VMU: Summer Break

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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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    Viktoriya Valentin

    VMU Student | Seeker for Romanian National Quidditch Team
    21 year old Halfbreed Dhampir ☆ She/Her ☆ written by SanctusX
    Full Name: Viktoriya Aleksandra Valentin
    Age:  21
    Date of Birth:  September 20th, 1997
    Birthplace: Sighisoara, Transylvania, Romania
    Occupation: VMU Student | Seeker for Romanian National Quidditch Team
    Blood Status: Halfbreed
    Species: Dhampir
    Playeru:  SanctusX
    Pronouns: She/Her
    Patronus: Squirrel Monkey
    Wand: 11 1/4", Holly, Dragon Heartstring
    Play-by: Maisie Williams

    Feb. 2008 to Dec. 2014 - Tallygarunga Student, Bourke House

    Feb. 2015 to current - VMU student, Faculty of Practical Magic - Specialization in Potions


    Viktoriya does have a mischievous streak in her, though she's somewhat grown out of it due to age. She is the more outgoing of the two twin sisters, always eager to initiate conversation and come up with witty responses to negative commentary or bigoted opinions. Playful but also very caring, Viktoriya enjoys nothing more than seeing the people she loves and cares about with smiles on their faces. Whenever anyone has a bad day, she wants nothing more than to turn the frown upside down and cheer them up.

    Despite her stature, when she does get upset, she can become fierce, and allow herself to tap into the dhampiric blood in her veins. She'll do anything to protect her loved ones, even at the cost of becoming hurt in the process.


    Born on September 20th 1997, Viktoriya is exactly five minutes older than her twin, Anastasia. The twins were born in Sighisoara, Romania to Ivan and Valentina, a vampire and a pureblood respectively, and already had two doting older brothers in Vladimir and Viktor. They lived there until they were two years old when the family moved to Australia in early 2000, with Viktoriya nor her sister having many memories of their time back in their home country.

    Viktoriya was three years old when Ivan was in a car accident, and while she doesn't remember much, both Viktoriya and her sister remember the sound of the car being hit  the truck. Viktoriya attened a local Primary school in Melbourne with Anastasia, and they later on made a friend in Saya, a recent Japanese immigrant. Viktoriya and her sister helped her practice her English and in return, Saya taught them about her culture and language. At home, the twins learned to function as young dhampiresas in Australia's climate, learning how to deal with the sunlight and hot temperatures. They also learned more about magic and their heritage from their parents as well as their older brothers.

    Viktoriya was saddened when Vladimir and Viktor went off to school ahead of her and Anastasia, but life was generally uneventful until their mother was in an accident that resulted in their father turning her into a vampire. The twins were enrolled at Tallygarunga a year earlier than anticipated due to these events, as Viktoriya and her sister had higher levels of intelligence than the norm, and there was no one to watch them during the daytime hours any longer.

    Beginning 2008, Viktoriya was placed into Bourke house along with her sister. The girl immediately began to excel in Potions and Musiciary, and also quickly took to Flying. She tried out and made the Quidditch team, where she played as Seeker, though she also found success in playing as a Chaser due to her smaller stature. Playing on the team meant playing in all sorts of weather conditions, so keeping herself from burning was important, but she also didn't want to draw too much attention to herself and her status as a half-vampire.

    Her years at Tally were enjoyable, even though she would sometimes be teased for her skin or her fangs. It usually resulted in Viktoriya being put into detention, as she would simply attack the other students with her drumsticks, or fire a spell at them.

    Upon graduation from Tallygarunga, Viktoriya enrolled at Victoria Magical University, where she entered the Faculty of Practical Magic, to become a Potions Master. She also continued with her training on the drums, as well as her Quidditch skills. With her skills in Quidditch, Viktoriya was scouted by the Romanian National Quidditch Team, and spends her vacation time often traveling back to Romania to train with the team. She doesn't want to play Quidditch forever, but for now, she's quite enjoying herself between that and her studies.


    Viktoriya is around 5'2" after a small growth spurt, with brown hair and bright blue eyes. Her skin is fair due to both her slavic roots, and her dhampiric heritage. Her hair is usually kept a little below shoulder length, but she does enjoy getting it cut short too, as well as letting it grow out. When her hair is long she tends to keep it up in a ponytail when she plays Quidditch. Her hair parts to the left, while her sister's parts to the right.

    Viktoriya enjoys wearing many different types of clothes, though a lot of them have shades of blue or accents in blue, as it is her favourite colour. Jeans, t-shirts, skirts and dresses, jumpers, sweatpants, you name it, and she'll wear it. Mostly it's whatever she's most comfortable with at the time, as well as what is appropriate for the circumstances.


    Viktoriya doesn't keep many secrets from people, especially not from her twin sister. However, a few points of note:

    • Viktoriya has never been on a date
    • Her boggart is that of her and her sister being permanently separated by some unseen hand (a fear of separation and death)
    • She keeps her dhampiric nature under wraps when in front of muggle company
    General Knowledge:

    Main points of note:

    • Viktoriya speaks three languages: English, Russian, and Romanian
    • Loves everything sports, especially Quidditch
    • Has a great love of music, especially the drums
    • She absolutely hates the nickname of Vicky
    Connected to Viktoriya Valentin
    Significant Dates:

    Sep. 20th 1997 - born!

    Jan. 2000 - Moved to Australia

    Feb. 2008 - Started at Tallygarunga, Bourke House

    Feb. 2015 - Started at VMU, Faculty of Practical Magic

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