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February, 2019
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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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    Jane Reid

    06. Sixth Year
    16 year old Muggleborn Human ☆ she/her ☆ written by Pantha
    Full Name: Jane Allison Reid
    Age:  16
    Date of Birth:  May 1st, 2002
    Birthplace: Barwon Heads, Australia
    Year Level: 06. Sixth Year
    Blood Status: Muggleborn
    Species: Human
    Playeru:  Pantha
    Pronouns: she/her
    Patronus: Mink
    Wand: Acacia, unicorn tail hair, 7 & 3/4"
    Play-by: Jessie Paege
    Education: Optional. Here you can track what education your character has completed, and what institutions they attended. For characters applying for high-level positions, it is assumed they will have some form of additional education listed here.

    Jane is, in a phrase, a planner; if one were generous, they'd call her a mastermind. Quiet, even-tempered, and calculating, the girl seems to have a flowchart for everything, from the most efficient way to do homework to video game strategies to event logistics. If you need someone to help in a group project, she's your girl, but never expect her to do something alone: her tendency to both hyperfixate on the grand picture and her reliance on team structures make her a much less grand solo artist: efficient at doing her homework or not, she is much less effective when not in a study group.

    Never take this excellence at team playing, however, for granted: though she is far from a spitfire, she will not hesitate to pull out the steel whenever someone either doesn't take her seriously or deviates from the plan. The only people allowed to do that, in her eyes, are her closest friends (who, while very few in number, tend towards the spontaneous side, perhaps in a subconscious attempt to diversify) and herself (in which case it wasn't deviation, it was adaptation), and she will fight most on thisOtherwise, her temperament leans towards being quiet and withdrawn, almost bland.

    ...at least, that's who she is usually. Ever since the start of her fourth year at Penrose, her usual laser focus can give way into a strange, dreamy sort of unawareness; luckily, this really only happens whenever she tries to think too hard about the times before her roommate, whoever she was, moved out to go...somewhere. By now (and for now), she's more or less moved on from that puzzle, though it was already far too late to salvage her grades at that point.


    Jane Allison Reid is the only child of Yves and Carmen Reid, a power couple in the Victoria business scene and completely muggle. Her upbringing until she turned the sheets of her crib purple was as one would expected for someone of the upper-middle class; afterwards, it was much of the same restrictions, only with the added expectation that she find a way to conquer the wizarding world somehow, the same way her parents did outside of it. It mattered little what she did (for to their great relief little Jane turned out interested in subjects that weren’t near-definitely failed investments); all they pushed for was that she did whatever she wanted well

    She followed their tenets well-enough that when she requested to stay in the dormitories for her stay in Penrose (a request partly born of a desire to escape their watchful eye, just a little bit, and partly out of curiosity on how the same thing would even work out), they agreed with little fuss. That same year, she met Lisa, and if her parents had known what would happen afterwards they would’ve definitely put a stop to the whole thing.

    As it stands, though, the following happened: the two girls got close, then even closer, then that sort of closer. Very much willing to keep their relationship secret as well, Jane led a mostly idyllic life between her girlfriend/best friend and her good grades until they got the sudden news that Lisa's father passed suddenly. Though she knew father and daughter had never been close by any reckoning, she also was very much aware on what that meant for her friend's place at Penrose. It was during a post-brainstorming and intimacy session in an expertly-made pillow fort that her memories were locked away, replaced by the idea of Lisa and her simply being on alright terms.

    A perfect plan!...or not, for even after her roommate had departed the school Jane always felt like something was missing, something important she was forgetting--the reason for a skipped heartbeat whenever she'd come back to an empty room, or the confusion she would feel fog her brain whenever her classmates would mention Lisa Knotley with an eye always trained on her. She tried many ways to deal with the discomfort; what she never used as a coping mechanism was throw herself into her studies. In fact, she did the opposite, her near-perfect record performing an ungraceful descent until even her parents' money couldn't keep her at the school.

    The Reids were furious, of course--they loved her well enough, but their minds had been trained for a long time to focus on returns to their investments--and with wild eyes and a heavy heart they decided to enroll and dorm her in the closest (and only, much to their surprise) public school: Tallygarunga. 

    For several reasons, not all of them consciously known to her, she doesn't consider this too bad.


    Jane isn't the most imposing figure at first glance, standing at a below-average 5'4". Her figure follows suit; though she is not quite willowy thin (yet at the same time isn't particularly athletic, either), her proportions are perfect for her height--which is to say that next to someone tall enough she looks like a very large doll. A very pretty doll, mind you, with smooth skin, manicured nails, and thick-lashed hazel eyes that catch attention even behind her seemingly endless pairs of large glasses (she is farsighted), but the point of her physical fragility remains.

    What is not frail, on the other hand, is the way she moves and presents herself: she is in possession of perfect, private-school posture, and will never fail to use it to back up her unwavering words. Every move she makes is not wasted, a legacy of her prim upbringing, including the emotions that show on her face--which makes the times her eyes narrow and her lips purse obvious.

    The history of her clothing style and presentation can be roughly split into two phases: Penrose and post-Penrose. At Penrose, she was the epitome of a witches' school student, all tight buns and shimmery lip gloss over starched robes. After getting kicked out and being sent to Tallygarunga as "punishment", however, she had become freer in her choice of dress--florals are the way to go, in her eyes--even deciding to dye her hair bright pink and purple for the supposedly shameful occasion.

    1. Is romantically attracted near-exclusively to women.
    2. Though it's more of an open secret, her parents are really, really loaded. 
    3. Though she's always been somewhat shy, before the memory charm she was far more open to emotions and wearing her heart on her sleeve, and was often teased for being kind of a secret crybaby; post-disorientation of hiding such a big part of her life away, she has become more "professional" and emotionally distant.
    4. Is a terrible artist and mediocre creative writer (both she knows painfully well), but is a good pianist.
    5. She loves turn-based strategy games.
    General Knowledge:

    Will think of stuff here later.

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