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    Naoki Nakamura

    07. Seventh Year
    17 year old pb hu ☆ He/Him
    Full Name: Naoki Nakamura
    Apparent Age: 17
    Date of Birth: Dec. 1st
    Birthplace: Hida-Takayama, Japan
    Year Level: 07. Seventh Year
    Blood Status: pb
    Species: hu
    Pronouns: He/Him
    Patronus: Hoo-Hoo
    Wand: 14", Cherry, Hoo-hoo Feather
    Play-by: Yuta Furukawa
    Education: Optional. Here you can track what education your character has completed, and what institutions they attended. For characters applying for high-level positions, it is assumed they will have some form of additional education listed here.
    • Player
    • Friendly
    • Fake Outgoing
    • Fashionista
    • Polite
    • Casual

    Childhood: Naoki was born to a musical family. His father was a Music Professor at a well-renowned college, and his mother taught children to play various instruments. They were older when they decided to have children, despite having gotten married rather young. As they always did, they planned things out well, and talked over it for several years before having a child. When Naoki was born, they put what they'd learned in parenting books and classes to use, only to find that, really, they didn't seem to work for him. He was a rather easy baby, capable of self-soothing, but he didn't act like a proper child should. He wasn't quiet and withdrawn, only speaking when spoken to. He loved to dance and sing in front of people, no matter how many times he was told to be quiet and let the adults speak.
    As he grew, he remained like this. No matter how much his parents tried to get him to act proper, nice and quiet, he just kept going. Finally, fed up, and wanted him to get rid of his excess energy, he was put into singing and dancing lessons. He loved these, and would try to go no matter how ill he was. They were unable to ignore the odd happenings that tended to occur around him, and finally found someone who was able to explain that he was a Wizard. He was put into a school for Magical children who were too young to attend Mahoutokoro. At the school, he was entered into the theatre class, and quickly rose to the top. His parents began to enter him into singing contests at his teacher's insistence, and his career started.

    Performing: At first Naoki was only in small contests. Child contests and such. However, one of the contests managed to get him noticed, and he ended up getting a Manager. The Manager put in the leg-work, and it wasn't long before he was performing, and getting quite a following for himself.

    Mahoutokoro: By the time Naoki was able to attend Mahoutokoro, he had a good-sized cult following. He would be taken from Mahoutokoro on the weekends to do small performances, and as he grew up he was allowed to perform more and more. During one such performance, a talent scout approached his Manager, having realized he would fit the part perfectly for a character in a Musical. The Manager accepted the offer, and Naoki had to balance practices, rehearsals, and performances with his school work. It was worth it, however, as the part got Naoki launched into notice, gaining more of a following.
    As Naoki began to start puberty, people worried. What if his voice didn't sound good any more? What if he didn't look good? But their worries proved needless, as his voice sounded even better than before. He was able to perform more and more, and eventually became a household name.

    Pre-Tallygarunga: Due to the time needed for performing and traveling, Naoki was pulled from Mahoutokoro, and instead given a tutor. The tutor traveled with him as he traveled the world, allowing him to keep up with his coursework. However, he quickly found himself getting burnt-out. He'd liked performing when it was a part time thing, broken up with schooling. But after it became a constant thing, it was no longer as fun. But he couldn't stop, as he was still in contract with his Manager. So he boded his time, and waited.

    Australia: The day his contract was up, he fired the Manager. It took some convincing, but he managed to get his parents to allow him to move to Australia (chosen because he liked the sound of Tally), and attend school there.


    Hair Color: Brown
    Hair Length: Varies - chin to shoulder
    Eye Color: Dark brown
    Skin Color: Tan
    Clothing: It is rather rare to see Naoki in his school uniform; generally, he only wears it when he absolutely has to. Most of the time, he can be found in 'fashionably plain' clothing, all brand name of course. Usually he wears a white muscle shirt, but it sometimes is traded in for a shirt of a different color. Over this, he almost always wears a hooded, sleeveless light-gray jacket. He always wears jeans, usually dark in color, and a pair of tennis shoes.
    Other: Naoki is rather feminine in form, with a slim build. He is relatively muscled, but without being bulky.

    • Homosexual
    • Allergic to cats
    • Loves to ice-skate
    • Introvert
    • Has asthma
    • Insecure
    • Prefers musicals over regular performances
    • Country boy at heart
    • Multilingual (Fluent: English, Japanese) (Basic-to-conversational: Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian)
    • Plays violin, guitar, piano, ocarina
    • Afraid of commitment
    • Doesn't make friends easily because he thinks they'll only like him for being a household name
    General Knowledge:
    • Ladies' man
    • Player
    • Singer
    • Dancer
    • Performer
    • Overly-Confident
    • Fashionista
    • Previously attended Mahoutokoro
    • Started at Tally late
    • Bi-lingual (Japanese, English)
    Connections:Optional. As your character meets and collects new friends and foes, you can note down the connections here -- or list existing ones if they already have them!
    Significant Dates:

    February 28th: Moved to Australia
    April 5th: Performed for the first time
    June 7th: Was in his first musical
    October 30th: Left Japan for the first time
    December 24th: Received his first award

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