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  • Tyson McKennis

    07. Seventh Year
    17 year old Muggleborn Human ☆ HE/HIM
    Full Name: Tyson McKennis
    Apparent Age: 17
    Date of Birth: January 13th, 2001
    Birthplace: Sydney, Australia
    Year Level: 07. Seventh Year
    Blood Status: Muggleborn
    Species: Human
    Pronouns: HE/HIM
    Patronus: Cheetah
    Wand: 11" Red Oak Fae Hair
    Play-by: Michael B. Jordan
    Education: Optional. Here you can track what education your character has completed, and what institutions they attended. For characters applying for high-level positions, it is assumed they will have some form of additional education listed here.

    Driven and Ambitious, Tyson's major noticeable traits is that he always finds something to work hard towards living under the shadow of his parents success and their stalwart ability within the Muggle community. He's stuck with the pressure of proving that the Magical community is somewhere he can thrive within while trying to squeeze out of the small little bottle that his family tries to confine him towards. Instead of breaking down under the weight he decided to fight against it and to attempt to thrive to the best of his capability, adapting and changing as the situation seemed to fit for him to survive against the stress. 

    While he is decent in his studies he is a much more sporty individual finding some way to always keep his body going for almost any reason. Whether it be to ease his mind or to get himself ready for his Quidditich practice, he could almost always find a reason to start going for a run, flying through the air on his broom and tossing the quaffle around, or just finding a local punching bag to wail out upon. This is as much of an enjoyment as it is an escape trying to find a way to avoid thinking about the problems he faces too deeply until they need to actually be confronted which often is in full force. 

    While not reckless he is quick to spring into action which has at times been towards his benefit as well as detriment. There is a code within himself that he lives by and that is to always strive to be the best he could within his own sight yet still struggles in his late teen years to define what exactly that vision is for him currently. At times he can be abrasive or even seem to be strong-willed in a combative manner which is caused by his fight or flight nature when backed into a defensive corner, never one to back down his senses instantly put up a fight if it looks like he has a chance to go down. Sometimes? It can be literally, most times? It's just mentally and metaphorically entirely dependent on the scenario and situation that occurs within the moment.



    Born Tyson Edward McKennis to Father, Vance McKennis and Viola McKennis - two Muggles who were aware of their own families magical potential and yet it skipped them both. Growing up Tyson had an understanding that there had always been a different world especially when it came to family functions and the few that had managed to become Muggleborn in the Wizarding world tended to lord it over them more often than not. It was an action that spurred both of his parents to develop a type of inferiority complex in themselves and pushing every ounce of who they were into prevalent careers in the Muggle world. His Father focused on becoming a lawyer while his Mother took up a job as a Police Officer finding that working not only in the government but in positions where its rules were best dictated and carried out gave them a much higher ground regardless of any sort of magical talent that others may have held. Day in, day out, like clockwork it would be a constant impression in Tyson's life that 'Wizards' and those of that realm were no good, that they had no true place in society other than abusing the power even if by words alone. 

    Often related towards the phrase 'Old Relics that should long have passed away' more times than he could have ever counted. One could imagine the look of shock and sheer horror that his parents glowered with when they found that at the age of eight years old their little boy's magical talent had started to stir and cause random occurrences to happen. At times a pulse of force would batter against the walls when a surge of anger flowed through him knocking photos down and shattering ceramic knick-knacks that his mother had invested her hobby time in collecting for some strange reason. While confusing for the young boy, the parents knew all too well the tell-tale signs and tried their might to cover it up which failed once small things started to have issues around him randomly. Light's would suddenly combust, Television sets would short circuit and suddenly turn off, stereos would flicker on in off in a blare of music that had been annoying and yet catch all in the same breath. 

    The atmosphere in the McKennis Household had changed almost as if the parents started to freeze their child out, at least the part of him that they couldn't control and attempted to enroll him in learning Martial Arts. Hoping that a heavy focus into everyday muggle affairs would deter or even weaken the wizarding blood that sparked on the inside of him, unfortunately for them, it became more chaotic - more untrained. To the point it became noticeable enough that someone from the Ministry and Muggle affairs had to intervene not only for the safety of magic not being exposed towards those that don't already know of it, but for the safety and wellbeing of Tyson as well considering something so unchecked could spell disastrous for many people. He landed in Tallygarunga at the age of Ten and started a life in an entirely foreign world than what he was used to finding it even more difficult to settle in even with the semi-accepting environment that seemed to pulse from it. 

    At first he kept mostly to himself keeping up with the brief studies he had taken up in Muay Thai to compensate for the sudden change and move. It was a difficult time for him in adjustment even with the assistance of councilor's and the aggression inside needed to be built up and unleashed before it could get worse and find a live target that didn't deserve the ire and frustration that had been locked up inside of him. Tyson's entire first year had been the focus of him developing the keen talent of adaptation that often was only ever built with experience or a really flexible mind and with the difference between the two worlds he needed to have both in order to survive and not break under the pressure. While his parents did offer to write every now and then the letters were often filled with regrets, hate regrets, that he had been 'cursed' with the blood that he had been given as well as lament for them not being able to take that curse away for him to actually have a life that could be considered 'worthwhile'. 

    He had been cast out into a world cutoff from his family, primarily due to their own bigotry and inability to see that people and occurrences were different. Thoughts rampaged through his mind that they would always view him as 'Not good enough', that the reason they had tossed themselves into success, albeit, great success in their fields had been due to a lingering spite towards what he now claimed within his veins. This alone was enough to push him further into a seething anger on the inside that it couldn't be easily contained even with all of his efforts to keep up with his regiment. Even pushing it to the point where when he exercised for a short run he'd always over-exert his body to exhaustion. All of this had managed to change for him by the start of his Second Year. 

    Quidditich had always been an interest for him due to his nature and desire to always keep active so when sign-up's occurred for his House he took the chance without question and tried out to be a Chase. The aggressive nature and his lean trained form made him ideal to be a scorer, enough that it had shifted from something to get aggression out towards actual enjoyment. This is how he developed the mentality and mindset that when his body is in motion, his activities focused only on what he was doing in the moment, that he could let go of the problems that pegged at his home life. Even to the point that he had requested to officially stay on Campus even in the summer months and during break to avoid facing the problems, when one is further from them the less likely they can dwell and think on them until they felt prepared. 

    Now as a Seventh year and an accomplished Chaser for his team he awaits for this new and final year to help define the kind of adult he wants to be. Will he find the strength to finally show his parents that no matter where he'd be he would have found success? Or would he continue proving to himself and only himself that he can achieve anything that he applied effort and tenacity towards and manage to come out on the other side? The options for him were opened and plentiful and it would take only a nudge in either direction to set him off on various paths. One thing that he is sure of, however, is that he will at least prove even though shadows can be much heavier than any physical building - the strength of willpower and determination can shatter any expectations that are so narrow and close-minded. 



    Tyson stands at Five feet and eleven inches with dark hair and brown eyes. Hair is low shaved with a well kept mustache and goatee that is always kept well oiled and groomed. His body is hardy and strong from the constant exercising he continues to do to make sure that he is always in shape. His hands are firm and rough from the constant martial arts training he goes through but also from occasionally helping out in manual labor for school staff as well as a few people around Narrie. 

    Clothing that he wears varies between his exercise wear: Under-armor shirt and leggings that are covered by lengthy shorts that bounce at the knees, raggedy but well held sneakers that are clear in constant usage. Usual casual wear tends to be his school uniform when on Tallygarunga grounds or within the week to avoid having to always run back to his dorm room to change. The choice of his uniform consists of: The long beige pants, brown shoes, and a short sleeved shirt. On the weekends or vacations it tends to be a more brighter color with blue jeans, black sneakers, and various colors of short-sleeved shorts depending on the time of year. 

    Most times he'll almost always have his black duffle bag that is stuffed with workout clothes in case he needs to change on the fly or comes across the thought to start practicing. Especially when it comes to him getting better at his position for quidditich. 


    * Tries as hard as he does to avoid disappointment from his parents. 

    * Both parents are aware of the magical world and cast a critical eye at their sons involvement in it. 

    * Avoids going home due to the intense nature that is left in the atmosphere

    * Tosses his entire being into Quidditich in order to divert his mind from thinking too much about his home life.


    General Knowledge:

    * Is a Muggleborn and proud to acknowledge that

    * Is a Chaser for his Houses' Quidditich team

    * Has grown up learning and training in Muay Thai, focusing on keeping his body in shape and ready.

    * Has been in Tallygarunga since his First Year

    * Seems to stay at Tally all-year round never really going home. 


    Viola McKennis - Mother

    Vance McKennis - Father

    Significant Dates:

    January 2001 - Born as Tyson Edward McKennis

    March 2010 - First Signs of Magical Talent and potential 

    June 2010 - Started learning Muay Thai

    January 2012 - Started in Tallygarunga as a First Year 

    2013 - Became a Chaser for his House


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