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    Evony Wynter

    05. Fifth Year
    16/17 year old Pureblood Centaur ☆ She/Her
    Full Name: Evony Wynter
    Apparent Age: 16/17
    Date of Birth: April, 13, 2002
    Birthplace: Forest, South of Bordeaux
    Year Level: 05. Fifth Year
    Blood Status: Pureblood
    Species: Centaur
    Pronouns: She/Her
    Patronus: Large Hound
    Wand: Fir, 14 inches, Unicorns tail Hair
    Play-by: Madeline Ford

    Evony is by default, a happy person. She enjoys the chance she has been given to attend schooling within the magical world and strives to prove herself at every chance she gets. This also goes to reflect that she is a prideful person and at times can come off as stubborn or stuck up when dealing with other people. It's not so much her intention to be off-putting, but coming from a proud herd of centaurs and growing up in the school of Beauxbatonshas reinforced degree of elitism in her. She is making great strides in developing herself though, even to the point of making friends and bonding with humans, whom she initially believed to be beneath her.

    Her Loyalty, to those who become her friends, is unshakeable, and she will never hesitate to protect or come to the aid of those close to her. So far the number of humans she is close to are few and far in between, but she does hope to change that as she goes about. The importance of her social ties during this exchange has been stressed to her as they could very well help build the bridge between centaurs and humans in the future. 

    She does have a bit of a temper when threatened or challenged, though she is fairly good at finding herself. This is not to say she hasn't had a blow-up or two along the way since she started her schooling. These blowups have resulted in her trying to prove herself that much more, even going so far as to compete with other students. In the end, she is not afraid to throw down and get messy to be the best.


    Evony was born 4 years after the fall of Lord Voldemort. More importantly, she was born 4 years after one of the largest incidents in the ever-growing list of conflicts between centaurs and humans. This, of course, was the untimely demise of Delorus Umbridge at the hands of the centaurs of Hogwarts. This one event would be the breaking point for the Ministry of Magic, and they would demand that changes be made to prevent future issues of this nature. It would be years later before any plan would actually be put into effect. As it stood, there were many centaur herds spread across Europe, many of which had chosen to isolate themselves from the humans who now demanded they comply with treaties and legislation to control them. 

    While many of the herds refused to comply, bringing diplomatic relations to a standstill, a few herds would see the value in making some effort to amend the damages done, and try to bridge these gaps. The Wynter herd in France was one of these groups. Evony was chosen early in her youth for the opportunity of a magical exchange. She was to be sent off to a local magical school where she would study like a human. and bring her experiences back to her herd later. The idea was that if humans and Centaurs had a chance to become closer that the aggression that had become status quo might lessen or even stop altogether.

    She would be groomed until the day she was old enough to attend Beauxbatons, to which she had been accepted to years prior as a condition of the exchange. Her first year was incredibly difficult, though most of this came from the social stigma she suffered from being a centaur. Strangely though, despite her heritage, she still strived to make friends as all children tend to do. This was difficult for young Evony though as she quite literally did not seem to fit into the regular wizarding world. This only caused her to push her studies that much further, allowing her to advance her skill with magic and keep up with the more gifted students of her generation.

    As the years went on her own skills not only continued to improve, but her social skills began to develop. It seemed that as she focused less on trying to make friends, that suddenly these relationships began to present themselves. Of course, these were not the sort of relationships that one would consider healthy as many of the girls that befriended her did so out of the purity of her blood and the scores in her classes. Despite being of a different species Evony was, perhaps, purer blooded than anyone else there at the time, as her kind is unable to breed with others. To the elitists of Beauxbatons, that was enough to get noticed.

    In her fifth year, Evony was given the opportunity to study abroad with another wizarding school. She was told that the experience would be good for her and that it would do well to broaden her horizons. After some deliberation, she decided to take the opportunity. Over the last few years, her bonds with her herd had been strained, and she had determined that it would be better if she continued on her journey to achieve a magical education without being held back by the already weakened relationships of her past. Part of the reason she agreed to the exchange was that she had already learned English a few years prior and had been told that the school she would be going to was English speaking.



    From the waist up, Evony is an average looking young woman. Her pale skin is littered with hundreds of freckles that cover her face, arms, back, chest and neck. her eyes are a soft yellow/green that seem to shine with youthful curiosity, and go well with the coppery shade of red that is her hair. Her hair itself hangs down past her shoulders and has a very slight natural wave to it. Often she will wear her hair pulled back when in class.

    She has an athletic build which highlights the curves of her upper body. Like many women of her species, she is considerably busty, though she takes great measures to conceal this, going so far as to primarily wear a sports bra in an attempt to look smaller. The rest of her uniform is designed to match the school outfit, with an Olive green checkered skirt, and matching vest over a taupe shirt. Additionally, she wears a white slip designed to cover her lower half while not restricting her movement.(Uniform Refrence)

    Evony is very much the biggest girl in her year, if not the biggest girl in the school. She stands at an impressive 7'1" tall and weighs in at just over 450 lb. Despite her imposing figure she is still considered to be small by her immediate family, though that can be considered hard to believe. Her lower half is covered in a soft chestnut colored coat that matches her hair and tail almost perfectly. This chestnut coloring remains consistent across her entire body with the exception of her legs, which are white from the knee down, creating the appearance of socks.

    As a final note, Evony does make use of a transfiguration spell to change her appearance when out in the muggle world. This spell only changes her lower section to that of a human girl. Her height is dropped to 5'6" and her weight slips down to an easy 121 lbs.


    Romance Novels

    This is a secret that Evony will take to her grave. She likes trashy romance novels. SHe currently has an arrangement worked out with one of her old classmates from Beauxbatons to send her one every couple of weeks. When it arrives she will send back her other one so as not to amass a collection that might draw attention. The packages that arrive with a new book are always discreetly wrapped in brown paper. She would be incredibly embarrassed if someone discovered her secret.


    General Knowledge:


    She is a vegetarian. This is a personal choice for Evony. She is more than capable of eating meat, and during special events has been known to indulge in the eating of meat, however, her preference is vegetarian diets, and for the most part, she will stick with fruits and vegetables. She is fine eating bread and other baked goods and seems to enjoy toast with jam in the mornings. Her favorite food is apples, as cliche as it sounds, and can't help but smile if given one. She also tends to eat a lot more than other students would. Given her size, her need for food is greater, and she will eat larger portions during meals, and often snack in between classes.



    It is no secret that Evony is from France. Her native tongue is French, though she has learned a great deal of English,  she does still have problems with communication sometimes. This is amplified by the Australian speaking dialect that she is not familiar with. She is not one to be afraid to ask someone for clarification though if the need should arise. Many if not all of her notes are still written in French, making it difficult for others to cheat off of her.



    Anyone who has been out of school with Evony knows that she is skilled in the use of self-transfiguration. Early on it was deemed to be important that she learn a spell capable of transforming her lower half to resemble that of humans for the sake of fitting in when around muggle settlements. The magic needed to transform oneself is no small task, and she will boast about her prowess with the spell, when not complaining about her dislike for the human form it reduces her to. This spell can be held for some time so long as she remains calm and focused. Should she become too flustered or even lose consciousness the spell would be broken and she would be returned to her natural form. 


    Physical Fitness

    Evony puts a great value on her physical fitness. As such she can be seen every morning running the length of the Quidditch pitch before the sun comes up. Her work out routine is rather tough, and all the more difficult due to the higher temperatures of Australia.


    Not to be Ridden

    For the most part this seems to be common sense, however, for those who remained oblivious to this fact, it was stressed before she arrived that she was not to be ridden or climbed on without expressed permission. To her and her people such an act is considered to be in terribly poor taste and is comparable to a serious assault. Even her friends know not to climb on her back.




    The connection she had to her herd has wained over the years. Now she holds true to the friends she is making at school.

    Significant Dates:

    Aside from her birthday, Evony has no special dates that she holds dear. She will celebrate holidays as they come up wherever she is but holds none her heart as a special day.

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