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a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
October, 2019 :: Spring
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  • Vladimir Valentin

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    Vladimir Valentin II
    • Full Name: Vladimir Zakharovich Valentin II
      (Legacy Field) Date of Birth : 05/10/1490
      (Legacy Field) Date of Birth - Auto: No value
      ☆ He/Him pb hu
      Birthplace: Moscow, Grand Duchy of Moscow (Now Russia)
      Deputy Headmaster/Head of Flinders/Alchemy Professor/Blacksmith/Alchemist Education: 

      Moskovskiy Institut za Ved'm i Bolshebnikov (Moscow Institute of Witches and Wizards) - House Romanov

      Magical University of Moscow - Alchemy Studies

      Patronus: Cerberus
      Wand: 13” Blackthorn, Cerberus heartstring
      Play-by: Liam Neeson

      -Not many people know of his great fear of heights.
      -Nor do most people know of the portrait he keeps hidden that keeps him alive.

      General Knowledge:

      -Most people know he is well educated in the area of alchemy.
      -Most people would also come to know his almost constant use of wandless magic.
      -He has a large downward scar over his left eye and running down his cheek.

      -Father to his son Maksim, and daughter Ekaterina.


      Hair Colour: Brown
      Eye Colour: Blue
      Appearance: Vladimir is six feet, four inches tall, with a strong build that belies his age. Fair coloured skin of the slavic people, it has not changed over the course of his lifetime. He keeps his brownish black hair short, never letting it fall to his shoulders, and he has a habit of sometimes letting his beard grow out. In terms of apparel, it changes with the times. Though at some times he could be wearing his old styled clothing from his youth, covered with a large cloak, to wearing a modern day suit. It all depends on where he is going. He has a good number of small scars on his arms, and a rather noticeable one going from above his left eye, over his eye and down his left cheek. These are all battle scars from his youth.

      Vladimir is a bit of a mix in terms of his personality, however the most noticeable feature of his is the fact that he is extremely calculating. He is not what one would exactly call 'evil', however. He simply chooses wisely who are his enemies and who are his friends or at least, allies. Though that line between friend and foe can be quite thin sometimes with him. He does take pride in his family, and also in what he calls the 'noble' blood in him. This comes from all the battles and such he was in. Vladimir however, when he is upset or very much angry, there is no stopping him, and the knowledge he has with creating his own poisons aids him very much during these bouts of emotion.

      Maksim Valentin - son

      Significant Dates:Optional. Remembering dates is hard, so if there are particular dates you want to list that are important to your character, here is a nice field to put them in!
    Vladimir Zakharovich Valentin II was born on October 5th, 1490, the firstborn child of pureblood parents Zakhar and Yekaterina. Zakhar was a bodyguard for the leaders of the magical section of Muscovy, while also dabbling in necromancy, while Yekaterina was a Healer. Born in a time of some calm in both the magical and Muggle worlds, that didn’t stop Zakhar from making sure that his eldest son was trained in the ways of being a soldier. Both in the magical and Muggle sense. Vladimir ended up being the eldest of five siblings, with three little brothers and two little sisters. The second born child, a boy named Alexei had died shortly after birth, when Vladimir was two years old. Vladimir didn’t remember much about that baby boy. Vladimir did remember quite well the third born child, his sister Olga, who was born when Vladimir was five. Vladimir and Olga got along very well, with the former being very protective of his little sister. Zakhar approved of this emotional attachment, saying that it would teach Vladimir to become good at guarding in keeping a person of interest safe, just like Zakhar did for his living.

    Vladimir showed his first signs of magic when he was five years old, when Olga was picking some flowers and began to cry when she accidently tore the petals off of one. Not wanting to see his sister cry, he took the flower and petals in his hand, and within moment, the petals fused back to the flower and it was whole again. Both Zakhar and Yekaterina were pleased with this event, knowing that their son had magic in him. When Vladimir turned six, Zakhar made the boy begin some light training in obedience and discipline at a local training school for the children of soldiers, bodyguards and the like. Vladimir had been excited with that, since he wanted to please his father and make him proud. Not long after that, Vladimir’s little brother Boris was born. But still, Vladimir preferred his little sister Olga to his brother.

    When Vladimir was eight, not long after the birth of the youngest sibling, Yulia, Vladimir had been playing with his sister Olga outside of the normal boundaries that they were allowed to play in. He had missed the usual signs of danger, and he fell into a steep and narrow ravine. Young Vladimir had broken his left arm in five different places, broken his left leg, sprained his right ankle, but thankfully his head had been spared. Olga had run back to their home and gotten their father, and the two arrived. Vladimir, who was crying from the pain, was glad when his father levitated him with magic out of the ravine, but he was not happy when his father gave him a sound punishment via the belt to the back. It was a two-fold reasoning for the punishment, for going out of the boundaries and possibly endangering his younger sister, but also for crying. Zakhar had told Vladimir that boys his age did not cry, and it was his own fault for causing the injuries.

    After that day, Vladimir developed a fear of heights, and thus when he was told at age nine that he could learn to fly a broom, Vladimir refused it vehemently. During the winter of 1499, Boris, who was only three, got ill and despite all efforts, the boy’s system would not respond to magical means and the young boy passed away. It was only Vladimir, Olga and little Yulia were the only siblings left. Zakhar and Ekaterina were upset with this, but there was nothing more they could do. In the spring of 1500, Vladimir worked together with his father to forge what would later be called the Valentin Relic, since his father was a blacksmith, his cover occupation for the Muggle world. It was a shortsword, though it really could pass off more as a dagger, with the family name Valentin engraved down the blade. The hilt was pressed with the family crest, containing the Cerberus and two broadswords, wrapped in what looks like a mist, a representation of the power of Umbrakinesis that ran in the family for generations. Zakhar had declared it was his best work, and because of Vladimir’s help, the boy would be the only one who could inherit it.

    Vladimir was enrolled in the summer of 1501 to the Moskovskiy Institut za Ved'm i Bolshebnikov (Moscow Institute of Witches and Wizards), a school located at least an hour or two out of the Muscovy area, but the school was unplottable, so no one really knew for sure. He was excited to finally learn everything that he could about magic, not only to make his parents proud of him, but to follow in his father’s footsteps as a proper soldier of magic, as well as a soldier of Muggle means. Olga and Yulia were upset to see their brother leave the house for most of the year, but Vladimir said time would go by fast, and that soon Olga would be following him to the school as well.

    After getting a wand, 13” Blackthorn wood with a Cerberus heart string core, Vladimir was off to the Moskovskiy Institut. Out of the four houses, Romanov, Aleksandrov, Ivanov, and Petrov, Vladimir was sorted into the House of Romanov. The Romanov house students were stereotyped as the smartest but most calculating of them all, which did fit Vladimir to some extent. He was the smartest boy yet seen in the Valentin family for three generations, but he was also calculating, not doing things without weighing the consequences, and all the possible outcomes. Yekaterina had been a Romanov, while Zakhar had been in Petrov, so the former was happy with the placement of her son, but Zakhar had not been.

    Once school got underway though, Vladimir forgot about most thoughts of home, though he did still send letters from time to time. Vladimir got engrossed in his schoolwork, quickly excelling in almost all of his subject areas, except for Astronomy and Flying, considering for the latter, he refused to even get on a broom. Ekaterina had to send the school a letter explaining what the issue was, so instead of doing practical lessons, Vladimir had to do lessons on the theory of flying instead, though his mark still suffered, as he was marked as failing all practical assessments. Vladimir’s highest grades came from his Transfiguration, Potions and Alchemy classes. By the end of his first year, Vladimir held the highest grades in Potions and Alchemy out of all the first year students, though Astronomy and Flying gave him a run for his money.

    In his second year Vladimir was able to drop his Flying class and picked up Dueling as his new elective. Not having to worry about Flying meant that most of his other classes improved, except for Astronomy, which he had to take until the end of his fourth year, when he had to take his ORELy (EAGLES) exams. Transfiguration, Potions and Alchemy remained some of Vladimir’s top classes, however Dueling soon became a class in which he was becoming proficient in. By the end of his second year, Dueling became another class in which Vladimir was the top student for his whole year. Most students tended not to get Vladimir mad at them, since they knew that he could severely harm them. That didn’t stop his friends in school from teasing him about his Astronomy grades however, in which Vladimir was one of the worst students of Romanov house, if not the whole year.

    The summer of 1503 was a bad summer for Vladimir. Almost thirteen years old, Vladimir was placed in charge of watching Yulia, who was only five. Olga was with Yekaterina studying some basics of Herbology, since the girl was interested in flora already, only at the age of eight. Yulia was young, but she was much smarter than her parents, or Vladimir for that matter, gave her credit for. The moment Vladimir got distracted with some passages in his Alchemy textbook, Yulia managed to run off and out of his sight. When Vladimir noticed that she was gone, he flew into a panic, and immediately went searching for her. He bumped into her near the wooded area outside the boundaries in which the children were allowed to go. Vladimir managed to snatch her up before the wolves could get at her, and thankfully had her home before their parents arrived. Vladimir learned after that day to never take his eyes off of Yulia, it wasn’t worth the potential heart attack.

    Third year came and went, with Vladimir receiving excellent grades all around, again, except for Astronomy, to which he received his lowest grade yet. Fourth year became important, as Vladimir had to take his ORELy exams, and after that was done, he was able to finally drop Astronomy, and pick up Wandless Magic, to begin study in his fifth year. Fifth year was rather eventful for young Vladimir. Olga began her studies at Moskovskiy Institut, and she too was sorted into Romanov, to which they were both very happy. Vladimir kept an eye out for his sister, while also working hard on his classes, as the next few years would be important for his education.

    Sixth and seventh year saw Vladimir as the Dueling Champion of the year, winning almost all duels and tournaments, with only three losses in his sixth year, and two in his seventh. Ekaterina and Zakhar were very pleased with Vladimir’s success in school, with Zakhar wishing for Vladimir to become a soldier, but Vladimir made a compromise with his father. Vladimir asked if he could first attend university studies in Alchemy, one of Vladimir’s biggest passions in school, and then he would go to war. Zakhar agreed, considering he had no choice but to join the war, and he thought that it would build Vladimir’s character and better prepare him for battle.

    During Vladimir’s days at Muscovy Magical University, Zakhar had to leave home for months at a time to join in the fray. The magical war being held was between the leading families of the magical population of Muscovy, and the magical population of Kiev, part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The fights were brutal, with the men utilizing Muggle weaponry to catch their opponents off guard, when individual duels were not being used. Vladimir would come home everyday from university too keep an eye on the house, what with Olga and eventually Yulia attending Moskovskiy Institut. The moment Vladimir graduated from university in 1512, he was sent off to join Lord Fyodor’s Magical Army, the same company that Zakhar was currently stationed in.

    Many of the classes that Vladimir had spent hours upon hours studying didn’t quite come to use during the war. However, there were some classes that were nothing short of critical for survival. The wizards were brutal in their spells and use of Muggle weaponry, even from wizards who proclaimed prejudice against muggleborns and the Muggle world. Vladimir’s knowledge of Alchemy and Ancient Runes, with help from his father, helped him to imbue Muggle weapons with powers of the elements, such a flaming swords, freezing arrows, and shield that would shock the opponent when it was used to block. However, for every new spell, curse, or tactic that the army came up with, the wizards from Kiev would retaliate with something similar.

    The war was called to a halt in June of 1515 when Lord Fyodor from Moscow and Lord Vladimir from Kiev called the halt to the bloodshed. The day before the end of the war was announced, Vladimir had been facing off in a duel against a much older wizard from Kiev, when the man cast Serpensortia as a distraction before lashing out with a curse that caused a deep cut to run down over the left side of Vladimir’s face, over his left eye. Zakhar, who had finished with another wizard, came to help his son and killed the wizard who had cursed Vladimir. Taking his son to the Healers, they could only stop the bleeding and help close the wound, but they said the scar they could not treat. The curse they could not work over.

    The army returned home in July of 1515, Zakhar and Vladimir returning to Yekaterina, Olga and Yulia. Vladimir was given a promotion to a Captain for his work during the war, and would remain employed by Lord Fyodor, much to the delight of Zakhar. Vladimir was twenty-four going on twenty-five at the time. By this time, Olga was getting ready to attend her second year of schooling at the university, studying Healing and getting ready to marry, while Yulia was ready to attend her seventh and final year at Moskovskiy Institut in Romanov house. Before the start of the school year, Yulia brought over her best friend from school, a young woman named Yelena. She was seventeen, like Yulia, but her birthday was at the end of December, whereas Yulia would turn eighteen in January of the following year, 1516. Vladimir took an immediate liking to Yelena, telling Olga later (after much pestering on her part) that Yelena was a very beautiful young woman. She had long blond hair and bright green eyes… Vladimir couldn’t help but be smitten with her.

    And Vladimir was also rather lucky. Yelena, being the only child of her family, was also incredibly smart and on consultation with the school, she was able to start a year early. She had finished a year earlier than others and had decided not to go to university and instead learn all of the old healing ways from her own mother. At first Yelena ignored the general advances of Vladimir, who tried his best to impress her, despite the large scar he had on his face. Eventually it got better and better, and then he had some luck in November of 1515, when he had forged her a necklace with an emerald in it. While presenting it to her he was trying not to turn his head so she could see his scar. It was still something sensitive for him. Yelena, who loved the necklace, had been about to tell him that it was sweet of him to make it from scratch, when she told him to turn his head to look at her properly. She had told him that the scar didn’t disturb her at all, citing that the rest of his features made her not realize it was even there.

    After that, Vladimir and Yelena spent much of their time together, much to the amusement of their families. At the beginning of 1516, the two of them got married, and not long after that Yelena told Vladimir that she was pregnant. Vladimir was happy with the news, and toward the end of the year, a boy was born, who was named Yakov. What had somewhat shocked Yelena was the fact that the boy had not blue or green eyes, but red ones, like that of his grandfather Zakhar. The man explained that it was an eye abnormality that ran in the Valentin family for more generations than they could count. It could skip generations, but it would only show itself in boys.

    Life was relatively peaceful for a good while. Yakov had been growing well, Yelena helped heal the witches and wizards of Moscow, as well as treating muggles with the old healing ways that muggles knew and trusted. Vladimir continued to work for Lord Fyodor, researching spells and creating more weapons imbued with magic. In 1520, little Dmitri was born, but he did not live long after birth with trouble breathing. Both parents were upset and did not try to have another child for a few more years. In 1523, a boy they named Sergei was born, and he too died shortly after. Yakov, who was seven at the time, would look at his parents when they were sad about the events and would tell them not to be sad, there would always be a next chance. But still, they did not try again to have another child for a few more years.

    Yakov went off to Moskovskiy Institut in 1527, much to the joy of the young lad, who would be attending school with his cousins, the twins Fyodor and Dmitri, from Vladimir’s sister Olga. The end of the year brought the news that Yelena was pregnant once again, and the middle of 1528 brought Yekaterina into the world. Yakov was very happy to have a little sister, despite the age difference, and he made a vow to his father to protect his sister whenever possible. Vladimir had chuckled, as it had reminded him of himself when Olga and Yulia were born. In 1530 Vladimir and Yelena had another daughter they named Tatiana. But times were not peaceful.

    A fellow pureblood magical family, the Petrovs, were butting heads with the leaders of Muskovy, including Lord Fyodor. They were pushing for Dark Arts to be taught at the school, in combination with the Defence Against the Dark Arts, as well as the refusal of muggleborns, and segregation of boys and girls. Not only that, the wizards of Kiev were sending threats of war. Vladimir, now a general for Lord Fyodor and the man’s number one battle consultant, voiced his displeasure with the Petrovs. The family were only known for causing a ruckus and their children would cause nothing but terrible mischief around the neighbourhoods and the school. Lord Fyodor, Vladimir, and his other generals, told the Petrovs that they were to either lower their heads and focus on the issues with Kiev, or be removed from Muskovy by force. The three brothers, Mikhail, Kirill and Dmitri did as they were told, but not without mutterings of revenge when the leaders least expected it. No one believed them.

    The Kiev wizards were kept down at bay for the time being, though Lord Fyodor was wary that Kiev was going to launch a surprise attack when they least expected it. The issues with the Petrov brothers were forgotten, and instead all attention was focused on Kiev. Vladimir worked double what he had been before, working on spells and enchanting equipment to get ready if such an attack was to be launched against them. Yelena was on her guard, especially with their young daughters, while Yakov (now in his sixth year) worked hard on his classes to be able to help his father out. 1533 was a year that Vladimir would end up remember for the rest of his life.

    The summer of 1533 had Vladimir called out to the battlefield, as a rebel group linked to Kiev had set course for Muskovy. Yelena was called forth to treat the injured that were brought back to Muscovy, and Yakov, who had not yet finished school, was left in charge of Yekaterina and Tatiana when Yelena was not home. When Vladimir returned at the end of the summer, with victory under Lord Fyodor’s belt, it was not to happy little girls greeting him. Instead, he had Yelena absolutely distraught and Yakov being treated by the Healers, with Yekaterina and Tatiana nowhere to be found. The Healers told him that Yakov was likely hit with Obliviate, as the young man could not tell them what happened after he had been hexed and cursed into unconsciousness. When he asked what had happened to the girls, the Healers went silent, and eventually Yelena spoke up that the girls had been murdered. The girls had only been five and three years old.

    The family was left devastated, burying the girls next to their brothers, and Vladimir was trying to think of who could have done it. There was speculation around Muscovy that it had been the Petrov brothers who had done the deed. Most everyone knew of the hatred the Petrov boys had towards the Valentin family and their success, plus their championing of the laws the rest of the town and school set in place. But they had no solid proof to go with it. And so Vladimir was left with four dead children, his first-born son, and of course Yelena. It was hard to get back to the norm, but slowly, they managed.

    1534 and 1535 saw the worst fighting that the wizarding population of Muscovy had seen in a long time. Kiev declared war once more once their small rebel groups were discovered. Unlike his father before him, Vladimir did not want his son involved with the fighting, and thus made sure Yakov went on to university studies. The longer he could keep his only son out of the fighting, the better. Vladimir himself was sent to the battlefield once more, second in command to Lord Fyodor himself. They utilized every ounce of power and magical might that they had to fight of Lord Vladimir's armies that came ever closer to Muscovy.

    In the beginning of 1535, Vladimir's unit was ambushed and all hell broke loose, as they were attacked by the strongest men that Kiev had to offer. Vladimir himself, ganged upon by at least ten different wizards, was mortally injured. Most of his unit was killed, and those that were left alive either managed to escape or were taken prisoner... while Vladimir was left for dead in the dirt.

    The next thing Vladimir remembered was waking up in a small hut like place, the smell of herbs and other things filling his nose. That had not been where he had fallen. Trying to sit up, a woman, dressed in the garb of the seers, pushed him back down. The woman introduced herself only as 'Seer', but that she was an outcast of the Petrov family from Muscovy. For having the powers of being a seer, and being against the rules, the Petrov brothers annexed her from the town. She was willing to help Vladimir, but the price would be a high one, as Vladimir would discover later in time.

    The Seer explained that she could heal his injuries only to a certain point, using conventional means. Vladimir listened, groggy with pain that she could heal everything, and that he would never have to worry about injuries, or even death, if he went along with her idea. Just wanting the pain to end, Vladimir agreed to the exchange, and within a few days the work was done. Vladimir had felt his wounds heal almost instantaneously the moment the woman finished her work. When Vladimir asked her what she had done, she pointed to a chest that was locked with magic, citing that it was the portrait she had made of him. However, Vladimir was told he could never look at it either directly or via a mirror, or the magic would be dispelled, and he would die in an instant.

    But that if he followed this only rule, he would live forever. Vladimir didn't believe that for a second, and so, paying the seer for her work in saving his life, he managed to make his way home. Much to his delight, Yelena and Yakov were healthy and elated to see Vladimir home. He had been reported missing or possibly dead by his comrades who had made it back. Lord Fyodor was most pleased to hear of Vladimir's return, and compensated him for his tremendous loyalty. The war had been won in the weeks that Vladimir had been unconscious and dealing with the seer.


    Vladimir's life now consists of acting as the Alchemy professor at Tallygarunga. He also spends his time with the current Valentin generation, having also found love in a woman named Fiona Irving after all this time. The man married her, and they now have two children together, young Maksim and Ekaterina.
    Sometimes Vladimir is not sure which is harder: keeping up with his mischievous children, or keeping Alan Burdett in line.

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