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  • Viktor Valentin

    Professor of Transfiguration/Healer
    27 year old hbr dh ☆ He/Him
    Full Name: Viktor Ivanovich Valentin
    Age:  27
    (Legacy Field) Date of Birth : 31/10/1990
    Birthplace: Sighisoara, Transylvania, Romania
    Occupation: Professor of Transfiguration/Healer
    Blood Status: hbr
    Species: dh
    Pronouns: He/Him
    Patronus: Bald Eagle
    Wand: 11 1/4", Elder, Phoenix Feather
    Play-by: Josh Hartnett

    Studying Magical Engineering at Victoria University of Magic.
    Hogwarts - Ravenclaw Alumnus


    Viktor is a fairly quiet man, but is more than comfortable with engaging in conversation with others, even those he has not met before. Not quite as outgoing as his little sisters, Viktor still enjoys making friends. When he is with his friends and family, he is a jovial man and is known to crack jokes and be a little loud. Being happy is an important thing, in his opinion, and enjoying every moment even more so. 

    Not one to be prone to anger, Viktor has the patience of a saint, which is an desirable trait where his four children are concerned, in conjunction with their magical abilities, sorceraic tendencies, and general child behaviour, with a helpful dose of Viktor's dhampiric blood. 

    Hardworking to the last, Viktor never gives up, and although he has a voracious curiosity, he has enough self-restraint to hold himself back when necessary, especially with regards to Jez's side of the family.


    Viktor Ivanovich Valentin was born on the 31st of October, 1990, to his parents Ivan and Valentina, a Russian pureblood wizard turned vampire and a Romanian pureblood witch respectively. Born a twin to his brother, Vladimir, Viktor was born with a rare heart condition that would eventually lead to the need for a pacemaker. Despite the Healer capabilities of his mother, coupled with his dhampiric blood, neither were enough to stave off the genetic malformation. As such, growing up as a little boy, Viktor was unable to play very rough sports, or engage in any activities that were too strenuous on him physically.

    Despite his heart condition, Viktor lived a fairly normal childhood. Ivan put Viktor into piano lessons when he was five, once the boy showed some interest. Viktor enjoyed his lessons, but he was not nearly as enthused by the hobby as his brother was with the cello. The boy turned his sights to reading and studying any book he could get his hands on, informing his mother after a time that he could recall exact words from pages of books he had read. It was made clear that what Viktor lacked in desire for music and his inability to perform in sports, his brain had made up for in an intellectual capacity his parents had not anticipated.

    After the twins were born, Viktor was saddened to learn that the family would be moving to Australia, but he did not allow that to keep him sad for very long. Viktor viewed it as a new adventure, and a way to practice his English. Adjusting to the climate had been the bigger struggle for the boy, but Viktor soon settled into his new home with gusto. 

    Viktor had been in his room on the day of his father's car accident, and thus did not bear witness to the event. However, he was there to help console his twin brother who had watched the accident from the front window of their home. Viktor also helped his mother with the twins, as they couldn't quite understand what was happening at the time. 

    When his eleventh birthday came around, Viktor found himself faced with a multitude of magical schools that were willing to accept him, but he had his heart set upon Hogwarts, as his mother and grandmother before him had gone to. As such, he went to Scotland for his schooling, sorted into Ravenclaw house, while his brother Vladimir had elected to remain in Australia at Tallygarunga.

    His Hogwarts years were relatively uneventful. He had to do makeup work for his lack of participation in Flying lessons, but Viktor didn't mind. In fact, he excelled quickly in his schoolwork, with top grades to be had in every OWL subject, as well as every NEWT upon his seventh year. 

    He returned to Australia for his post-secondary efforts, enrolling in Transfiguration and Potions as his majors at Victoria University of Magic, so that he could become a professor. His grades were exceptional enough out of Hogwarts that he was fast-tracked through the first and second year material. He was given a placement at Tallygarunga as the teaching assistant in Transfiguration, and once he graduated from the program, was given employment at the school.

    It was at that time that Viktor met one Jezebel Blair, and the young man fell head over heels for her. Not long after they began their relationship, Viktor's health turned over for the worst, and although a steady regiment of medicine, muggle and magical, as well as a steady supply of blood were given to him, he knew he was running on borrowed time.

    In July of 2010, the boy received the official word that there was a heart waiting for him, and he received his heart transplant. Things only got better from there, as Viktor began studies in Healing, as well as coming to knowledge of his daughter with Jez, Lorelei, whom they thought they had lost. Viktor learned that Jez's birth mother and her side of the family was a complex situation, and though he understood some of it, he quelled his curiosity from asking too much. 

    Despite having been engaged to Jez for years now, and fathering the triplets Valerian, Violetta, and Veronika, they still have not yet married. But, Viktor is happy with his placement at the school as a professor, offering his services in Healing when emergencies arise. Viktor enrolled in the Magical Engineering program at the Victoria University of Magic at the beginning of 2017.

    With the anniversary of Tally coming up, the man is excited to attend the festivities, and hopes for more good years to come.


    Viktor is 6'0" tall, with short, pitch black hair and bright blue eyes. His skin is pale from both his Slavic roots and as his dhampiric nature. He is often found with some facial scruff on his cheeks, lip, and chin, sometimes trimmed into a goatee proper. His build is thin and lanky. His most prominent feature is the scar on his chest from his heart transplant. The man has no tattoos, although he isn't opposed to them at all.

    For work, Viktor dresses in business attire, opting for robes if he needs to be seen for any special meetings while completing his degree in Magical Engineering. Casually, Viktor enjoys wearing jeans and casual slacks, and t-shirts are his tops of choice. He's often found sporting clothing that is blue, green, and black.


    Viktor doesn't really have any secrets, although in front of the muggle population, he tries to keep a low profile about his dhampiric nature.

    General Knowledge:

    -Viktor is currently engaged to Jezebel Blair, and very happy about this, and has four children with her.
    -Viktor suffered from a rare heart disease called Noncompaction cardiomyopathy (NCC), but received a heart transplant.
    -Is extremely intelligent, with an IQ of 179.
    -He is primarily left-handed, though he can use his right hand when need be.
    -He is a dhampir.
    -Father to his 7yo daughter Lorelei, and the 4yo triplets Valerian, Violetta, and Veronika.


    Vladimir Valentin VII - twin brother

    Jezebel Blair - practically wife

    Améa Nedvidek - basically sister-in-law

    Significant Dates:

    30, July, 2010 - Received his heart transplant.
    1, May, 2013 - Valerian, Violetta, and Veronika were born.
    No exact date to be had for Lorelei's birth.

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