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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
October, 2019 :: Spring
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    Tony Wolfe

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    Anthony Wolfe
    • Full Name: Anthony Wolfe
      (Legacy Field) Date of Birth : May 3
      (Legacy Field) Date of Birth - Auto: No value
      ☆ He/Him hb hu
      Birthplace: Asheville, NC
      Magical Law and government Professor Education: Optional. Here you can track what education your character has completed, and what institutions they attended. For characters applying for high-level positions, it is assumed they will have some form of additional education listed here.
      Patronus: black bear
      Wand: 10" Oak Dragon Heart String
      Play-by: Shemar Moore

      He wishes his mother had passed not his father

      General Knowledge:

      his wife died two years ago 
      He teaches Magical Law and Government

      Was an Auror and specialized in cults 


      Tony has always been told he is an attractive man,. Dark hair a pair of hazel eyes he has been batting at women for years.  /he likes his hair and the way he wears it allows for some style with little effort, that after years of keeping it buzzed he likes the to look a little more relaxed. That and there is something about smiling a woman while running your fingers through your hair that made them all girly on the inside. That being said because of the usual long hours it is not surprising to find that he usually sports a five o’ clock shadow. Having been a jock his entire life he has a rather athletic build. Because of his love of sports he has a large noticeable scar on his left knee. This comes from the surgery to repair his ACL in high school.

      His nose also has a bump that not only causes him to snore but brings back memories of a fight he got into in college which also came with a rather sizable scar on his chest where he was pushed into a fence. Then of course he has many other scars from the usual wear and tear. Tony is rather proud of the various scars and he shows them off as often as possible, unless of course his daughter is around. When it comes to attire Tony usually favors comfort over style, he spends most of his time at work and then with his daughter and while he usually looks nice, a pair of slacks and nice button down they are not the most expensive, but they do the trick. On the weekends though, he has a much more relaxed style generally a pair of old jeans and a worn out shirt.


      Srengths: Compassion- regardless of what others may think of him Tony has a rather large heart. He keeps it hidden as much as possible, though there a few occasions that he manages to show this off, usually when he gets a rather difficult case. This has caused him to be burned any times by a few manipulative teenage suspects. It had almost cost him his job a few times.

      Stoicism- It sometimes comes off as a an unnatural calm but he is rather gifted at hiding what he is feeling, this has helped in work but at play it was the start of many fights with his late wife. No one is ever really able to tell what he is thinking. It also helps him keep his emotions under control.

      Physical Strength- While not the strongest man in the world it has been the one physical attribute that has helped him structure his life. If he is physically strong he can use this as a jumping off point for emotional strength. He uses this as an anchor for almost everything. Its why he spends so much time in the gym (well what little time he has anyway.)

      Weaknesses: Guilt- Tony carries so much guilt from the death of his wife. She had gone out to get the dry cleaning he had forgotten to pick up when she was hit by a car. The guilt is crippling at times, it leads him to delve into other less than kosher ways of coping. Tony has always been this way, he feels guilt about almost everything that could conceivably be his fault. (so everything)

      Anxiety- Though it may seem like the same thing as guilt it really isn’t. The anxiety that Tony has keeps him awake at night, it is also what drives him to be the best he can be, his father used to tease him about never making much of himself. It keeps him awake and he can almost feel it as it surges through his veins.

      Vanity- It may seem strange but Tony is a rather vain individual. He wants the public to see perfect, he makes sure that not only is his appearance perfect but so is the appearance of the family and how they handle situations. 

      General Personality: One of the first things people notice about Tony is the unnatural calm demeanor that he has, it unnerves people but it also set them at ease. Tony also has a shrewd work ethic and strong will. She is practical in every sense of the word and highly ambitious. In school she always worked hard and played very little, she wanted the best grades and she felt the need to outshine his sister they were always incredibly competitive. Tony makes himself a rather resourceful determine asset and had a tendency to set high standards for himself and others around him. He strives for honesty in his criticisms of self and not only respect discipline of those above him but demands it form those below him. There is a methodical, tough and stubborn and unyielding nature to the way he persists against personal hardships putting his family and work before his own personal needs. Tony never gives up, he will pursue something long after his peers have given up and when his practicality is coupled with ambition there is no stopping him. Tony also has a way of organizing things so that he has the most economical and efficient way of doing things. He hates those who value the frivolity and spend in excess to get the most expensive things.

      Being raised as the child of a third generation auror he has a very healthy and strong respect for those in positions of authority, also leading him to his chosen career path. His ambitions are of course to reach the highest of the high ranks and he knows not to step on the little people so he listens to those who have opinions on what they are directly responsible for and expects the same courtesy when he is the ranking official and expects his inferiors to take his orders and do without questioning him. The one thing that many like about Tony is that he is fair in his orders, they then however dislike how demanding he is. Among those he considers her equals he can be rather difficult to work with he tends to be conservative and rather reserved. Tony still values tradition over innovation no matter how valuable the innovation may seem.

      Tony is his own worst enemy, he is prone to pessimism and worry. Not to mention he often takes things from the worst case scenario. This often leads to bouts of melancholy and he can’t stand to live with himself if he fails on a personal or professional level. Because he prefers to be in control of his emotions he likes to spend at least a few hours a day alone and in a form of mediation. Without his daily meditation time he can have uncharacteristic bouts of flippancy where all responsibility goes out the door often ruining whatever he has been working so hard on. It is this iron will that usually wins out fighting these bouts of flippancy tooth and nail, making the struggle tiring and he often needs to get away for a few days once he has finished one of these battle and made sure all the ducks were back in their row. This has become difficult now that he has to be the sole provider for his family.

      Intellectually Tony is rather subtle, he takes time to mull things over thinking often deeply and on the occasion profoundly on the topic making sure he has explored every option before settling on the best one. His rather good memory and wit make him a deadly adversary in a debate and like to lead opponents into traps with logic. In fact he likes to show of how clever he is and delights when he renders someone speechless. If you are not a mental opponent or someone she sees as a threat you can expect him to treat you with a diplomatic tact. He is fiercely loyal however and makes a good friend if you are allowed passed his several screens of protection, he can’t let just anyone around his family after all.



      Significant Dates:

      March 23- Death of his father 
      May 12- Married 
      September 3- birth of his daughter 
      April 3- Death of his wife

    Tony grew up as the son of a third generation Auror. Life was pretty average for the Wolfe family; they were the standard family with 2.5 kids. Cameron was the standard auror father, he was never home, he was tough and he had little patience for weakness. Cassie and Tony spent their childhood competing with one another. Anything one could do the other could do better. Tony and Cassie were close though in spite of the fact they always wanted to be better than the other. They lived in a little house just outside of the city of Sacramento California where his mother did her best to make sure the house was clean and that he kids and husband had dinner. This lasted for a while, this painful normalcy; it wasn’t the sort of family you saw in the Saturday Evening Post but they were just normal they squabbled and insulted each other and they loved each other. However Cameron and Katharine had their fair share of issues. They fought constantly about how he was never home about how she was single mother although they were married.

    This painful normalcy continued until Tony was eleven. It was then that not only did he get his letter to Western but his father was killed in a raid. Everyone told Tony his father was a hero, his mother would tell him that Cameron was an idiot. Not a whole lot changed, they were used to not having the father figure around the only thing that was really noticed was the change in mood that effected Katharine. She worked a series of odd jobs, they never really last very long Katharine was a bit of a battle axe and she often pissed people off and was asked to leave rather than fired, no one liked firing a hero’s widow. By the time he was ready to leave for school his mother was ready to get rid of him.

    While at school he did very well in herbology, charms and defense against the dark arts. He managed to play quidditch rather well up until he fell and tore his ACL, due to the inexperience of the school healer he was left with a large scar on his knee. In the following years Tony managed to pick fights with almost everyone. He never got in trouble, once he mentioned that his father was a dead Auror they often released him and told him to watch his nose. Once he graduated he moved back to Sacremento and decided that he would follow the family tradition and join Ministry. It seemed like the only natural thing to do the Wolfe men had always been Auror and so he kept the tradition.

    Just a few years after he went to school he met and fell in love with Lexi Forest. Lexi was working in a restaurant having gotten fed up with her life in California she moved to a city she thought no one would ever think to look for her. It was one late night that Tony entered the twenty four hour diner. It was not quite love at first sight but it was close. Tony fell in love with her dark hair her tan skin and her Latin charm. It took a few weeks before they were head over heels in love and crazy about each other. Once he graduated from Western they were married, she was a muggle but Tony didn’t care, he thought there was no one better in the entire magical world. 

    They had a life of blissful normalcy, he told her about magic after they got married, and she was shocked. It was hard for her to deal with the idea that her husband was not only magical but putting his life on the line to fight for a world she had not known existed. The normalcy was disrupted when he asked her to pick up the dry cleaning he had forgotten. They never really gave him a full explanation but a horrible accident cost Lexi her life. Tony was devastated and threw himself into his work, it was then he caught wind of a cult. They hadn’t been a major force in the US, but he consulted with England and now he is headed to Australia to consult with them. He was rather good tracking and dealing with cults. 

    It was during this that he was injured almost fatally and he felt like it was time for a change. Tony wished to be stable and not have to worry about who would take care of his Bella if something happened to him. His wide knowledge of various Magical Law systems and his experience had made him an excellent candidate. It also made him feel better knowing he would be in the same school his daughter was attending.

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