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    Illuka Wenz

    Wandless Magic Professor
    40 year old Pureblood Human ☆ He/Him
    Full Name: Illuka Wenz
    Age:  40
    (Legacy Field) Date of Birth : 09/21/1978
    Birthplace: Tallygarunga
    Occupation: Wandless Magic Professor
    Blood Status: Pureblood
    Species: Human
    Pronouns: He/Him
    Patronus: Kookabura
    Wand: 8" Lacewood Dragon Heart String
    Play-by: Aaron Fa'aosa

    Home schooled with a proficiency in wandless magic, learning the skill at an early age from his grandfather who felt it was an important skill to know. Attended his final year of schooling at Tallygarunga at the insistence of his grandfather, who attended the school in the early days.


    A very laid back and chill person, not liking confrontation at all, he usually goes out of his way to calm everyone down. His irregular life style of hanging out and telling tales of fantastical creatures has gotten him a reputation for telling tall tales, no one is sure what to believe he's done, or hasn't done. When he does get angry he doesn't yell or explode, but he does talk slower, choosing every word carefully. He is also known to believe in all sorts of cryptids: The Yowie, and Bunyip, as well as a few more fantasical ones from across the globe. Creatures not even magic can explain.


    Born to a family of Aboriginal wizards with a long line going back centuries, before even the white man came to Australia, he was taught the ways of magic from his family at a young age. His father and mother, not trusting the conventional structure of wizarding schools decided to keep him home and teach instead. This being he spent most of his time in the brush, learning the plants and animals, bonding with them as he grew. This connection allowed him to flourish in their teachings, the lessons he had with his grandfather, who had spent time and graduated from Tallygarunga back in the day, was insistent that he learn how to cast without the need of a wand, showing him tricks and lessons. These lessons took easy, he was doing rudimentary wandless magic at an early age of six, not getting his wand until he was already in his teens.

    When he turned sixteen his grandfather had enough of the homeschooling, putting his foot down that Illuka needed to spend time with other children, learn the way of the world from them, and learn lessons that the family couldn't teach. This was fought at first, before finally Luka was admitted to the school. The first few months he was there he had trouble making friends, already ahead of many of the students he was in class with. As the year progressed he managed to make friends, learning casual skills and how to deal with people. This helped him to learn how to better use his wandless magic, allowing for his emotions to be less confused, less crowded.

    When he graduated he took off from Australia, traveling the world for a few years. In his time abroad he studied education in muggle schools, learning the best way to teach, and how to hide his magic. Having had little interaction with Muggles as he was raised, this posed a bit of a difficulty for him.

    When he turned thirty Luka returned to Australia, spending time Queensland, a few months in New South Wales. Returning to the bush of Nari he settled down, taking time for himself, not wanting to do much but live on his families land.

    Now Forty he grew bored with his sedentary life, wanting something new he approached Tallygarunga with a proposition. He would teach wandless magic to the students if he was allowed to teach it his way.  Sure it was late in term, but he was bored and saw the school needed the help.This was a chance to make his grandfather proud, to spread his knowledge, his teachings, and help the younger generations.


    Standing at just 6'2" with a stocky build he is a rather intimidating person, yet he is always smiling and laughing. His usual dress is a sleeveless shirt, with a pair of khaki slacks, mixing professional with his laid back attitude towards life. Keeping his hair cut short he keeps is almost in a buzz cut, not liking it falling all over the place. With a flair for his aboriginal roots he usually wears a necklace his grandfather left him, bundle of dried and preserved herbs, said to keep the Drop Bear away(Even if he knows there's no such thing as a drop bear). During school hours he wears the usual robes, with the sleeves rolled up when he can get away with it, liking the feel of the air on his arms.


    Afraid of heights and refuses to fly unless necessary.

    General Knowledge:

    Uses Wandless Magic more often than using his wand, will only use his wand when pinpoint accuracy is needed.

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