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    Alison (Surname)

    Main occupation up to player | Base guitarist in Franklin Struck Gold
    23 year old Squib Human ☆ She/Her ☆ submitted by LilyCat
    • squib born to wizard parents, though was still placed in wizarding school in the hopes that she might prove to just be a late bloomer (though, this isn't concrete if someone would rather not play a squib)
    • was best friends with Gabrielle's father ever since they were kids, and in a band with him in their teens
    • pretty much saved Gemini and her unborn baby's (at the time) lives when Gem was shot at another friend's funeral, by being the only person to keep their head
    • decided to move to Australia after Frank's apparent death, due to having little keeping her in the US, and wanting to be close to what was left of her best friend (how she got the money to get to Aust is up to the player, stole or worked or whatever)
    • pretty much considered Gabby's auntie Ally and has become basically best friends with Gemini over the past few years

    Aside from being pretty blunt and rough around the edges, and protective of those close to her, personality is up to the person who picks her up. I'd like whoever does take her to make her their own.

    Locations: Narragyambie, Melbourne

    Full Name: Alison (middle & surname)
    Apparent Age: 23
    (Legacy Field) Date of Birth : 1995
    Blood Status: Squib
    Species: Human
    Position: Main occupation up to player | Base guitarist in Franklin Struck Gold
    Pronouns: She/Her
    Play-by: Claire Holt
    Adoptable: Yes
    Contact Member:  LilyCat

    Her history is mostly up to whoever picks her up. The only notes to keep in mind is that she was friends with Frankie since they were kids, and the parts that involve Gemini. Happy to assist with that part.

    Character Connections
    Gemini Demetra Rosmunda Townsend
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