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    Adam Longhurst

    Interior Designer
    50 year old Halfblood Human ☆ He/Him ☆ submitted by Mousie
    • Is the twin brother of Matthew Belmont
    • Currently has custody of his half-siblings, Aiden and Valerie Longhurst
    • Has been in a relationship with Cassandra Davenport since 1984.
    • Is transgender, and during school was in a relationship with Alan Burdett.
    • Identified as a lesbian between 1984 and 1987.
    • Came out as transgender and began transition in late 1987.
    Locations: Narragyambie, Melbourne

    Full Name: Adam Gregory Longhurst
    Apparent Age: 50
    (Legacy Field) Date of Birth : November 10th 1967
    Blood Status: Halfblood
    Species: Human
    Position: Interior Designer
    Pronouns: He/Him
    Play-by: Scott Turner Schofield
    Adoptable: Yes
    Contact Member:  Mousie


    Adam is easy-going, open-minded and generally a relaxed sort of person. He has a flair for the creative, and is highly organised. Prior to accepting his identity, Adam was far more closed off, irritable, and generally uncomfortable with himself in the world. However, with the support of his long-term partner Cass, he now just enjoys life and takes things as they happen. He doesn't have time for past tragedies, Adam lives for now.


    Adam is tall, with an angular face and blonde hair. He makes an effort to keep fit, and loves to run. He tends to dress in "business casual", favouring collared shirts in quirky colours. He also loves bright and weird socks.


    Adam's life has been littered with tragedies. Prior to his transition in 1987, he was known as Amanda Marie Longhurst, and it was under this name and presentation that he graduated Tallygarunga in 1984. He is a graduate of Sturt. 

    Adam and his twin Matt grew up in a violent household, and even after their father left, lived in fear for their mother's frail health. Valerie "Pearl" Longhurst passed away when the twins were in their seventh year. Adam had already begun distancing himself from the hurt, and threw himself into school work rather than grief.

    He also had an on-again off-again relationship with Alan Burdett during their school years. In seventh year, when Alan finally took schoolwork seriously, Adam began to develop feelings for his room-mate Cassandra Davenport. The pair began a relationship unknown to Alan, until he proposed at their graduation dinner, and Adam was forced to come clean.

    After school, Adam attended a muggle university, following his fascination with design. He discovered a knack for creating amazing spaces and saw that through to become an interior designer. The current decor of the Drunken Roo is Adam's work.

    In 2008, Adam and Matt discovered they had half-siblings from their father. Their situation was no better than the one Adam and Matt had grown up in. Aiden and Valerie's mother was killed by their father John, the two children going into the custody of Matt and his wife Kate. By this point Matt had changed his surname from "Longhurst" to "Belmont", a move that Adam respects, but doesn't understand. He chooses to remain a Longhurst and build his own, better family around the name.

    In 2012, Matt was in an accident that left him in a coma. Adam and Cass have had custody of Aiden and Valerie since then, seeing them both into Tallygarunga. Although Adam and Cass would like children of their own, they currently have no plans to explore that. They did once ask Matt if he would be a donor, a plan that was stopped by Matt's wife Kate---who was still reeling from a miscarriage of her own.

    Adam has his own business now, and he and Cass are moving back to Narragyambie from Melbourne for a change of pace.



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