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  • Keaka Ka’aukai

    34 year old Pureblood Human ☆ SHE+HER ☆ written by Athelney
    Full Name: Waiolani Ka’aukai
    Age:  34
    Date of Birth:  May 20th, 1984
    Birthplace: Ourania, CA, US
    Blood Status: Pureblood
    Species: Human
    Playeru:  Athelney
    Pronouns: SHE+HER
    Play-by: Shannyn Sossamon

    Muggle Pre-school, Kindergarten, & Elementary School (age 3-10)
    Homeschooled by Wix Parents (age 1-10)
    Miriam Iolana Kahoa Abbott Magic Academy (Private Wizarding School; Urima, Hawaii; 1994-2002)
    Bridget Mason Salutary Hospital (Teaching & Research Hospital; Ourania, CA; 2002-2006)


    to come


    to come


    Height & Build:
    Stands at 5’8” with a lean, angular body, long limbs, and a slender, narrow waist. She tends to easily lose weight and doesn’t carry much body fat, but also finds it difficult to gain muscle mass. While not exactly the type for sticking to strict exercise or diet routines, she does try to eat healthy to some extent and leads a fairly active lifestyle including quite a number of sports and outdoor activities.

    Hair, Eyes, & Other Facial Features:
    Dark brown hair that almost looks black, except during the summer months when it lightens or if altered to other shades by her metamorphmagus ability, it usually varies in length from either chin length to the middle of her back. Sometimes with bangs, other times without them. The shifting of length and bangs is generally done with her metamorphmagus ability. Usually it’s worn in a ponytail, a bun, a messy knot when long or neatly framing her wide face and square jawline, in loose curls, or pinned back when short. Thick, soft angled brows rest above brown eyes surrounded by full, spiky lashes in a full face with prominent cheekbones making the beauty mark above her left cheekbone near the eye stand out. Olive skin is often more fair when not often getting a lot of sunlight, but out of a desire to protect her skin and quick tanning easily turning into potential for burning she is cautious with exposure. Her complexion is generally clear aside from some light freckles. Her face is further enhanced by a small, upturned nose and a wide mouth; the latter either in a slightly crooked close-mouthed smile or in a full open smile that shows white, neat teeth.

    Other Notes:
    When it comes to clothing, the preference leans more toward comfortable and casual. Clothing that would be considered more down-to-earth than anything deemed fancy. If she doesn’t have to dress up in anything extravagant or restrictive then that’s wonderful. She takes into account similar views when it comes to footwear. Cardigans tend to be a staple of her wardrobe when it’s not too hot, and she loves a good bargain whether it’s a sale or a thrift store find. As far as make-up, she tends to go for a more natural look when she wears it though leans toward more bold shades of lipstick. However, she sometimes goes without wearing any.


    Outside of her family and select friends, nobody is aware she’s a Metamorphmagus
    Almost became an Auror
    Taught herself in private to master the Wolfsbane Potion
    Helped out her brother during the years he was hiding by supplying him with Wolfsbane Potion

    General Knowledge:

    From the United States, specifically a wix only town in California
    Comes from a large family
    Has only lived in Australia a little over a year
    Is well-known as a historian and curse-breaker
    Known to attend many Quodpot, Quidditch, World Cups, & tournaments as both a fan and medi-witch(medic)

    Significant Dates:

    May 20, 1984 - Born to Kennelly and Carey Kūpono Ka’aukai
    1994 - Started at Miriam Iolana Kahoa Abbott Magic Academy
    2002 - Graduated from Miriam Iolana Kahoa Abbott Magic Academy
    2002 - Started Healer Training at Bridget Mason Salutary Hospital
    2006 - Finished training at Bridget Mason Salutary Hospital

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