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    Lot Karras

    Bouncer, Jack of All trades
    38 year old hb hu ☆ He/him
    Full Name: Lot Karras
    Apparent Age: 38
    Date of Birth: March 5
    Birthplace: Tel-Aviv, Isreal
    Occupation: Bouncer, Jack of All trades
    Blood Status: hb
    Species: hu
    Pronouns: He/him
    Patronus: hyenea
    Wand: 12" Birch, Veela Hair
    Play-by: Jason Momoa

    Hogwarts Drop out


    ven when he appears self-controlled and calm there is a seething intensity of emotional energy under the placid exterior. Lot is like a volcano not far under the surface of a calm sea, it may burst into eruption at any moment. It would be wise for those who wish to deal with him be aware of the harnessed aggression, the immense forcefulness, magnetic intensity, and often strangely hypnotic personality under the tranquil, but watchful composure of Lot Karras. In conventional social gatherings he can make pleasant company, thoughtful in conversation, he may seem reserved, yet affable and courteous; he possesses penetrating eyes which make his shyer companions feel naked and defenseless before him, if Lot likes anything it is for others around him to feel helpless in his presence.

    In everyday situations Lot seems reserved form the center of the activity and if you know him well enough you know it’s his watchful nature. It is this part of his character that he shows the most self-discipline, Lot knows he is different from everyone else and is moved easily by the powerful emotions he feels. It is this self-discipline and the flow of emotions that has caused him to use his powers for the darker side of life. He is able to sense the subtle emotions that others around him are feeling and his love to exploit those emotions, which may be considered uncomfortable, that has caused him to make many lifelong enemies. The one emotion Lot cannot control however is his anger. If someone touches on a sore spot (i.e family) the anger will erupt from the depths of his being and he will eliminate the perceived threat.

    If you are lucky enough to be considered useful to Lot he will do his best to harness his energies to help you out, provided you help him out. Just be aware that once you have worn out your usefulness Lot has no problem discarding the friendship. If he doesn’t like you however Lot had no problem being cruel and expressing his rather vindictive nature. Brooding resentment, aggressive and sadistic brutality, total arrogance, morbid jealousy, extreme volatility of temperament, are the best ways to sum up how Lot is on a daily basis. There is a tiny bit of tenderness to him and that is reserved for his family and only his family. This tender side to him has become more evident since the birth of his daughter Lilah


    Atlas and Aviva were the worst couple one could imagine. They had met in school and hated each other with an intense passion. It was surprising to most that the intense hatred turned into an intense romance. As intense as the romance was, it was far from a perfect relationship, Aviva’s parents hated Atlas and thought their daughter would do much better with an Israeli wizard. That was not the real strain that was placed on the relationship that came from the fact the pair couldn’t stand one another outside of the bedroom. In fact most of their peers found it amazing the two could stop throwing things at one another long enough to conceive a child. In their last year of school Aviva got pregnant and dropped out. Her parents forced her to move back home with them in Godric’s Hollow, having relocated from Israel when Aviva was in school. They had wanted to forbid Atlas from coming around but a child needs a father.

    The child in question was born and Aviva and Atlas were ecstatic. Atlas was thrilled to have a little boy, one he could train to be just like his dad, and Aviva was glad to have the best part of Atlas. Lot however seemed to be the angry love child. He was constantly torturing his peers and losing his temper. Atlas loved that about his son and did his best to make sure he would grow up into a cruel man. During the next few years Lot was given a little sister who at first he hated. Then when Eudoxia turned eleven and went away to school, Lot found a strange connection to her. It was this connection that allowed him to feel like he had a family, as far as he was concerned his parents were just the biological beings who gave birth to him and nothing more. It was only him and Eudoxia who were family and the rest of his father’s consorts and their children were trash. His opinion has since changed and the only one who has yet to forgive Lot is Petros. Kora, Lot, and Eudoxia have a very close relationship that only leads Lot to feel guilty for his choices.

    Much like his mother had, Lot dropped out of school. Lot hated going to classes and dealing with others, not to mention ever since he was a child he found a strange pull to the ocean. It was the night he left school that Atlas hit him so hard Lot was knocked to the floor and out cold. He woke up the next morning in a hospital cot with his sister sitting in a chair beside him. She started talking to him and he couldn’t hear her. Turning his head her voice sounded muffled. Lot had lost the hearing in his right ear. Within minutes he was up and shouting loudly at the nurses and healers that were milling about in the hallway. Apparently he had been taken to a Muggle hospital first and the damage was done. Storming out of the wing he quickly joined a crew of fisherman in Alaska after purchasing fake documents. He liked working on the fishing boat, in spite of the danger; in fact the danger was more or less what made it all fun. While he was sailing around the world he met a young girl named Danielle who he had a short but very intense relationship with. He fell hard for the young blonde and she ended up breaking his heart by disappearing.

    On his adventures he ran into some issues. Many times he spent a few months at a time in a wizard prison. Only for assault charges, the poor souls he takes completely are never found and never missed for too long. The most recent permanent address Lot has had is the Wizard Prison in Barcelona, for aggravated assault against a Muggle. When he got out he headed to London to spend a little time with his sister and get to know her fiancé. It was one night he had taken Malcolm out that Malcolm pissed off a pair of guys in the pub and Lot ended up killing one of them with a broken bottle, not wanting to go back to prison he and Malcolm both disappeared. They had planned to go on the run together but two months in Lot had enough of the pretty boy and it is speculated that he killed Malcolm. At least when Lot saw him last he was having a hard time breathing and he still had his head. What happened between then and when the man washed up on the beach is anyone’s guess. It came out recently that Dani had a little girl, Lot’s little girl only to be turned into a vampire a year or two later. While surprised to be a father he had been trying to spend more and more time with his daughter but has really only seen pictures of her. Lot has decided to do what only seems right and head to Australia to get a hold of his sister to do the right thing for his daughter. He has been staying in crappy motels and recently bought a small trailer to live in while he is staying under the false name of Sterling Eads.


    Lot has often been compared to a mountain troll. He is tall roughly around 6'4” and rather well built (he spends most of his free time working out and he has always had very active jobs). Imposing is the nicest way to put it, one of his most striking features is his bald head. When he was twelve he had an accident and lost his hair, it has never grown back. Lot also has a rather exuberant amount of tattoos, if you ask he’ll show them to you but his favorite is the snake on his stomach where hidden in the scales are his sisters’ and his daughter’s initials (E, K, D). Lot looks like a scary dude, he usually is dressed in the sort of dress that only makes you cross the street if you saw him coming towards you. Jeans wife beaters, he is rather fond of suspenders and porkpie hats, to keep from getting a sunburn on the lovely scalp of his.

    Lot looks like he spends all of his time making sure his large appearance is not only in shape but is recognizable. Lot is vain he wants people to know him and to recognize him even if he is on the run.


    Too many to count 

    General Knowledge:

    he has a daughter 

    Significant Dates:

    April 20, 2009- Lilah Karras is Born 

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