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  • Jonathan Azai

    Liaison for ‘Azai Corporations’, Yakuza Hitman
    25 year old Halfbreed Fae ☆ HE/HIM ☆ written by ✩ Kaitore
    Full Name: Jonathan Azai
    Apparent Age: 25
    Date of Birth: July 22nd, 1992
    Birthplace: Narragyambie, Australia
    Occupation: Liaison for ‘Azai Corporations’, Yakuza Hitman
    Blood Status: Halfbreed
    Species: Fae
    Playeru:  ✩ Kaitore
    Pronouns: HE/HIM
    Patronus: Demigiuse
    Wand: 8” Cherry with Thestral tail Hair
    Play-by: Godfrey Gao

    Tallygarunga – 2004 – 2011 – Sturt House


    Jonathan is an enigma of switching phases and no one personality or image he shows is entirely true only a fragment of what he wants to be versus what he is forced to be.

    On one end of the spectrum he is made to put up a front as someone that shouldn’t be messed with unless one wanted to pay for the cost. An air of confidence that shook about him often leaves the impression that not only is he always calculating his next move but mentally has already positioned himself to take it without remorse or consideration. Seeing some of the darkness in the world, coming from it directly, he holds himself to a standard that would benefit his father and those plans. Yet that is more of the face he doesn’t want to show even inwardly hates to show off towards others. He understands it is a must in their ‘business’ and that weakness is death and failure mean wounds, even still, there is a heavy weight inside of him that despise the walk of life that he couldn’t escape away from.

    When he can be the more manufactured self, the person he desires and wants to be he offers a slightly more laid-back image. Someone who isn’t focused on the rise of his Father’s power and homes in one his own interests and hobbies. While not a fluent jokester he is no slouch in cracking a smile or offering up a jest-filled moment or two as the expense of feeling normal just for a brief second. There also seems to be a more scholarly aspect towards him as he finds a breath of fresh air when it comes to literature admiring the works of and intention to impart stimulation to the mind.

    Between the two personalities that he must switch between he finds that the one that is always consistent is his desire to escape from his father’s presence and power. Knowing that escape is nigh impossible unless something works into his favor and even at certain instances he sets some things in motion to lessen his father’s control, a rebel while being under the thumb. There is also his natural pull towards creatures and individuals that have a dangerous and foreboding air about them. Vampires, Merpeople, and the like – it offers him a thrill and a chance to perhaps show that there are many form of Monsters. That they all wish some form of escape or release from the chains that bind them.


    Jonathan Azai had been born to a Wizarding First Lieutenant known as Homura ‘The Jade Dragon’ Azai as well as a Fairy named Shadowbloom who was more of a trophy fling. The elder Azai is part of a Wizarding Yakuza which often peddled various goods as well as attempted to run underground rackets that could funnel some of the more priceless artifacts and other dangerous creatures and entities through the Australian network towards other continents more occasionally towards Japan. The network is setup and designed so that while most of the proceeds end up within the ‘Corporation’s’ desk as a legitimate business link that it would fall onto their lap or doorstep with the Auror’s knocking on it or even the Muggle authorities. Keeping a business meant reaching out to both communities and reaping as much benefit as possible. The birth of Jonathan had been a strategic plan rather than out of love or a will to make up a family, Homura kept Shadowbloom of her own will by introducing shiny objects to her which only made the fairy happy to play with and hoard to her hearts content. The ‘mutual’ attraction had been faked by the elder male which resulted in a child that would have unique gifts that can be used to his syndicates desires.

    Growing up Jon didn’t have much of an easy life being around heinous figures, sinister men, and those that used and abused people for their own means. His own existence included in this as he was expected to watch and endure to see that success was rewarded handsomely, failure was costly, and betrayal was permanent. He learned early in life what it meant to hold one’s tongue and wait for the moment to strike and he knew that being sly and precise was a method that succeeded often. To rush to a conclusion often invited disaster unless there had been no other recourse.

    Shadowbloom served much of her purpose and instead of doing away with her, Homura allowed for the fairy to impart on their son the skills he would need to manage the sudden outburst of energy and magic that came with manipulating the Shadows much as she had just to a lesser degree in comparison. The split second was all the fairy truly needed, however, as she used her talents to escape her ‘Captor’ of sorts. Leaving behind a son left in a world not meant for any child to witness or explore and left without a true ally or someone to break him from such a control.

    Appearances were everything and to appease the way the world worked and to better own his new ‘Weapon’, Homura sent Jonathan off towards Tallygarunga to keep a low profile and keep himself trained from revealing information that was sensitive. It was a warning, a threat, if he spoke or even gave an idea towards those around him that there had been more to him than met the eye both in name and association that punishment would be aptly paid in full. It didn’t matter if he was one of the many bosses in the Syndicate’s son. It was more severe because of this fact that showing weakness would be a sign towards enemies looking to take the head at the top out to replace him.

    He grew up learning to hone both his Wizarding magic and that of the latent Fae magic that ran through his veins and body. Stuck within a situation where there had been no true way out he chose to endure and follow through with the precepts given to him by his Father, his ‘Boss’. Much of who he was during the time in school had been kept deep within himself and soon a false persona had started to develop to show off towards the world as a boy just trying to adapt, trying to survive.

    After graduating he had no option to go towards advanced education and instead had been mandated to serving the needs of the ‘Family’ and further their goals and ambitions for prosperity. Due to his talents he wasn’t given the same mandate as typical grunts, being store front bullies or intimidation tactic goons. Melding into the shadows and various other talents of the sort meant that he was better suited to be a man who handled the problems that got a bit too loud, who watched over the deals that could potentially turn uglier than it needed to be. Jonathan became the problem solver.

    Like a good little soldier, he listens and obeys but that doesn’t mean he likes it nor the inner turmoil to be more than just someone’s tool didn’t boil on the inside. Safety and survival demanded he obey, ambition demanded he either rise or cut open his own path. Whether not he is pulled in one direction or the other remains to be certain, but he knows he has the talents and the skills now to rise up in a rebellion if only necessary to accomplish either goal.


    Jonathon Azai stands at the height of 6'0” and holds short and intensely jet-black hair beyond normal. A well-kept goatee lines his jaw along with a mustache that lines along his upper lip. His eyes are illuminated a unique color holding the color of indigo within the hues that seem to glow into darker colorations the closer one would peer into his eyes. A sign that he wasn’t all together fully ‘Human’.

    Posture is always immaculate and stern which is fitting to the clothing that he tends to wear almost all the times. A suit that fits around his form and gives room to move without stretching or tightening around his body. The color is often either in black, tan, or a dark purple. Even with such a formal wear it’s often lessened by looking as casual as possible with the lack of a tie, top of the color and the second button undone. Sometimes he could often be seen wearing just a vest instead of an actual jacket which is depending on his mood, location, and the weather.

    Even casually he seems to be well dressed just with less of a jacket or vest spin on it. Usually sporting a buttoned-up shirt with rolled sleeves to just above the elbows and khaki dress pants that fit comfortably, and the collar button still undone. Old habits are hard to break in that regard.

    On both ends he wears black shoes with strong soles often of the Stacy Adams brand.

    • He’s Half-Fae with an affinity towards the Shadow.
    • Is apart of the Yakuza though not by choice – Has committed more than his share of crimes.
    • Is trained in Swordplay and often uses that as it’s harder to track specifically in most cases.
    • Has a Tattoo on his back as a form of initiation, It’s of an Antipodean Opaleye.
    • Has a moral code that he follows despite his circumstance’s and will often find a way to avoid breaking that if necessary.
    • Though he is considered a ‘Liaison’ for the Azai Corporation the business is just a front to legitimize the Azai branch for the ‘Family’.
    • There are a few followers that would rather see him ‘Lead’ or at least take up a different aspect in life that doesn’t pertain to the Yakuza’s workings.
    General Knowledge:
    • Seems to be a businessman that offers loans towards companies as well as sets up minor bodyguard assignments for those that feel a need for protection.
    • Is always well dressed without a shirt out of place or a wrinkle in place.
    • Easily attracted to more dangerous or seemingly dangerous individuals.
    • His personal residence is in Narragyambie

    Shadowbloom(NPC) - Mother

    Homura Azai(NPC) - Father, Boss

    Mishima Oguro(NPC) - 'Right Hand', Best Friend

    Stella King - Girlfriend

    Holly Bennet - Ex-Lover/Mother of Child

    Saffron Bennet - Daughter


    Significant Dates:

    July 22nd 1992 - Birth of Jonathan Azai

    August 1st 1998 - First outburst of Magic - Taught to manage and control it. 

    January 17th 1999 - Started to learn the 'Family' business by watching the on going clients and 'colleagues'. 

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