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  • Dylan Connell

    39 year old Pureblood Human ☆ HE/HIM ☆ written by ✩ Kaitore
    Full Name: Dylan Connell
    Apparent Age: 39
    Date of Birth: August 24th, 1979
    Birthplace: Ireland
    Occupation: Wandmaker
    Blood Status: Pureblood
    Species: Human
    Playeru:  ✩ Kaitore
    Pronouns: HE/HIM
    Patronus: Crocodile
    Wand: 12" Blackthorn with Dragon
    Play-by: Michael Fassbender

    Hogwarts - Ravenclaw - 1997 - Left before graduating


    Dylan Connell can be considered a very grim sort of man on the surface, more of actions than words. Often when he -does- speak it is short unless it hinges on the more scholarship end with lore and information, sometimes the inner scholar cannot be so easily pried away. His attitude often comes off as perhaps blunt or rude but rarely does he see it this way. If one can't handle the truth then they shouldn't ask for his input, what little truth he's willing to give as long as it isn't too personal.

    It is clear he is a man in his years that has seen enough within his life time. Not so much in how he carries himself but rather the lingered look that is locked within his gaze as if he was almost contemplating a deeper image or picture than he lets on.

    There is a softer side to him and while it is rare and situational on when it occurs it is often in the most shocking manner in opposition of what he portrays. One moment he could tell a kid to get lost and feel guilty about such a response and suddenly give them a cookie.

    It is complexion woven in guilt and the idea that he must let go of the dark shackles one day.


    The Connell’s are known as a high-class family in the Ireland region as well as easily known amongst the wizarding world that they hold a high vision on what a ‘Wizard’ should be considered. The feeling and belief that those of actual wizard blood should only hold the power and those that were muggle-born needed to be stripped or. . . Worse. It sparked an idea about what their family stood for and while it wasn’t criminal it was distasteful especially since that it was this mindset, thinking, and prejudice that had been passed down through the ages. It was no surprise that such a dark thought and premise instilled its way deep inside of Dylan’s heart no matter how much he tried to fight the urge to stay on the more logical end of such an ideal. When one’s personal beliefs and those of deduction conflict, an internal conflict will always erupt and as the years passed him by it seemed to only hold even truer for the lad.
    Molded into the Connell family line had been the secret of darkness, deep in their history Dark Magic practice had always been prevalent behind closed doors. This only become more forceful once the rise and call of the Dark Lord emerged which only drew many of Dylan’s relatives for the sake of ambition and power – His parents no exception. During Dylan’s time at Hogwarts he had been sorted into Ravenclaw which perhaps would be something his parents couldn’t have seen coming but it only made their ideals and plans that more devious. The objective would be for him to bit by bit corrupt only a few that seemed as if they’d have bright futures after Hogwarts, those that could be used as tools to subjugate the Wizarding world first into the belief and understanding that those of Wizard’s blood had the right to mold the world in their image and under their control.

    This helped to start a splintered faction of Death Eaters that grew larger day by day in his own youth. It was the draw of understanding and seeking the truth that placed him into Ravenclaw. Yet, even then he fought the inner battle that had been drilled into him by his parents. Towards the end of his graduating year was when he stepped fully into the embrace of darkness and murder. . . The Death Eater splinter group had planned for a proof of loyalty but having those that had been sworn to them to go out and kill but it wasn’t a random killing. No, this one had the purpose of snubbing out anyone that would stand in their way of making those of Wizard’s blood as the seat of power and the Sullivan family had been the target of choice to make an example about.

    It was a scenario that his mind couldn’t fathom being a part of, yet he was there, a situation in which his emotions had started to turn off as if burned out simply to survive the sensory overload of the cruelty. He watched as each member of the household had been tortured slowly and then allowed to die in the exact same fashion – none entered deaths embrace quickly. Eventually he too had been called to prove his worth in that moment and if he hesitated? Death would welcome him in much the same way and that was something he had already seen enough to not want to feel it. That was the night his hands were first bloodied and the night the screams of terror, pain, and despair echoed so deep into his mind that dreams no longer existed for the man. Only nightmares and blood-soaked walls awaited him each night.

    However, it seemed two managed to escape the slaughter intended for them that night and despite the fact they had mostly succeeded a failure was still a failure. After the proper treatment of being tortured for being unable to complete the initiation fully those that had been sent to massacre the Sullivan’s were given a new call along with a warning that a second failure would be met with only one end and that wasn’t another torture session. Years had passed as each person involved gathered up information, tracked the movements and planned for the time to wait and ambush their targets. They were dispersed and scattered and without the heads of the Family they couldn’t pose a proper threat to the Death Eater’s ideals and, yet they were loose ends that needed to be tied up regardless.

    In much haste those that had been tasked to deal with the last remnants of the Sullivan family made their way towards the United Kingdom. The years of tracking and honing down their routine left the Brother and Sister that lingered to be much easier targets, and each separated to deal with the targets at different locations. It didn’t take long for them to take out the Older man and his wife, but they had missed in their carelessness the young child that he had sired. Dylan’s group took up the responsibility of dealing with Caitlin and just as she had returned home that was when they chose to ambush the woman.

    After all, what would be the fun of not seeing her terrified face of realization? To let the dread and despair soak into her enough that each of them could torture and rend her flesh with contentment? At least these were the thoughts he wished he -did- have. Confliction took over for him much like it had years ago and his intuitive mind had begun to question even more defiantly at the actions he had been involved in. It wasn’t until he came face to face with the Red-haired young woman and her niece whose tears and wails echoed through out the house enough to stall him straight to his bone. The mask he wore only barely covered by the silk black robes twitched in hesitation. This face. . . He knew her. A time that he walked Hogwarts halls flashed through his mind and it was a time before the darkness fully took hold of his every day life, movements, and existence. Was this cause truly righteous? Who had the right to decide who should use magic if by natural order once came upon its gifts and wonderment? The joy of exploring an entirely new world beyond what they would have expected?

    To falter and leave either of the two targets alive would mean those he had arrived with would kill them and then himself for being a deterrent to the plan. It was a split-second decision and it happened so quickly that it seemed almost uncharacteristic for him to not consider the ramifications before he had already disarmed the two who had been sent with him and then quickly conjured up a hail of arrows to impale through their bodies. There had been no remorse for his actions in killing them though his attention turned towards the woman he had saved – he had betrayed his ‘Brotherhood’ and it wouldn’t be a secret, not for long. “Go.” His voice hoarse and obscured by the metallic mask that clung to his facial structure as he took up the bodies and began his retreat.

    Afterwards he’d take them to an out of the way cemetery and set their bodies ablaze until nothing would be left to identity. As the years passed he hunted down each person who had went with him while keeping his own identity and the fact that he was alive as well as hidden if possible. As far as anyone in Ireland and Britain knew Dylan Connell was a dead man without any reason on how or why. From time to time during his own hunting to dismantle the group he once belonged towards he’d come across Caitlin and her Niece nearly being targeted once more before he’d ‘handle’ the situation quite aptly. There was no pretending in his mind that he was a ‘Good man’, no, that long passed for the man. Now it was simply him finding a way to redeem himself for the damage he had done by keeping what was left alive enough to not be snuffed out of existence.

    It wasn’t until recently that Dylan made the major move towards Australia as wind of his interference met his family’s ears. The charade was up, and knowledge of his faux death had taken lead in the darker circles which made him a larger target than the Sullivan’s as he was a form of ‘Dark Angel corrupted’ amongst the Death Eater group. Not to mention. . . One cannot kill their own ‘brothers’ without proper consequences. It is his hope that he can hold out in Australia long enough to force a final stand – even if it means to wipe himself out but to make sure that he can snipe at those that chased after Cassandra and Caitlin from the shadows.


    A tall man that is six feet tall and deep brown-red hair that dances on top of his head and along his jawline and lips. Baby blue eyes fill his irises that attempt to dissuade that there is any form of ill intent labored within the man. The palm of his hands are rough and calloused as a sign of one who works with them and ceaselessly while harboring a physique that is strong and well maintained.

    The clothes that he often wears tend to be dark colors of Blue's and Black rarely is anything ever brightly displayed on him. Mostly because he feels it draws too much attention for one who attempts to hide himself from pursuers.


    - Was once a Death Eater

    - Still holds the snake-like mask from his past

    - Killed a member of the Sullivan Family

    - Protected Cassandra and Caitlin for some time.

    - Finds that his redemption can only be met by his own death fighting off his old Brotherhood.

    - Is an anonymous informant to the Auror's

    - Worked with a Terrorist Organization


    General Knowledge:

    - Assists in a Wand shop under the name 'Gilliam'.

    - Occasionally visits Tallygrunga more particularly the Defense against the Dark Art's class to survey the new generation.

    - Prefers to keep to himself, much like a grumpy old man. Though often would hand out a freebie of food here or there.


    Eudoxia Karras/Miller - Long time Friend 

    Caitlin Sullivan - Crush, Awkward Therapist

    Stardust - Employer, Occassional Bug-a-Boo


    Significant Dates:


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