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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
December, 2019 :: Summer
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    Daria Bishop

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    Daria Bishop
    • Full Name: Daria Bishop
      (Legacy Field) Date of Birth : February 2
      (Legacy Field) Date of Birth - Auto: No value
      ☆ She/Her pb hu
      Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA
      Nanny Education: Optional. Here you can track what education your character has completed, and what institutions they attended. For characters applying for high-level positions, it is assumed they will have some form of additional education listed here.
      Patronus: cockatoo
      Wand: 9" Cherry, mermaid scales
      Play-by: Sara Sampaio

      Had an affair with her teacher, and last employer

      General Knowledge:

      Works for Keith Anderson 


      Daria knows she is a pretty girl, she liked to dress to her advantage more often than not. She tends to dress down at work because of the fact she works with children and always needs to be ready to run or climb the jungle gym. She likes to dress girly every now and then, after being one of the boys for so long she needs something to help with being one of the girls. It took a little time but she is finally embracing what it means to be a girl, make up and all. Her hair is her favorite feature the thick chocolate locks are truly amazing to her. Her brown eyes are fairly expressive and they always seem to show whatever emotion it is that is going through her head.

      The youthful appearance is her favorite thing about herself. Daria thinks it helps distract form the flaw in her nose and the scar behind her ear from climbing trees as a kid. The one thing she absolutely hates about herself are her legs, she things they are too pale and too hideous so when she wears shorts she is often incredibly self-conscious about them.


      Many would say that Daria is the very definition of stubborn. The traits she has are almost a shock when you get to know her, she is outspoken and has a rather dry sense of humor. She doesn’t say things for shock value she just says them because if she held them in she would explode. Growing up Daria was always one of the boys, she has no fear and that truly scared her parents. No matter how high or how dangerous something was Daria would be right there climbing it or jumping off of it, and in most cases both. No matter what however Daria is constantly on the move, she is on a continual search to help quench her thirst for knowledge.

      Daria is constantly talking, she has a curious soul that sometimes leads her to be a little on the mischievous side, she likes to prank those around her in any way she possibly can. Most of her exploits are because she wants to know a little bit of everything about everything. There is something to be said for just knowing trivial information. You never know when you need to know the maximum velocity of a candy bar, or something as equally esoteric. Because of her strange ability to know interesting facts many have asked her to play on their trivia team. For as much as she knows and how much she talked one would think she would be detached however Daria has always been on the popular side. She has an effervescent personality and knack for making all feel welcome, unless you make her mad and then you best hope you have hugged your loved ones.

      The side of her that kicks in is a rare thing; it shows a vindictive and rather harsh person. The fact she tends to be up on the gossip front she is able to either spread information you don’t want others to know or make up something on her own. It’s usually better for her simply spread the truth because her rumors tend to be harsher than harsh. No one understands where this harsh side came from and why Daria can be so mean when she wants to be. It is like night day since she usually is so happy. Then again she has always been able to outwit her parents and brother when they tried to punish her. Her quick thinking usually saves her but she has bad luck in love and lasting friendships because of her inability to really plan ahead.

      In spite of her haphazard financial and planning abilities Daria has developed a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong. She sees things in black and white with very little room form gray areas. Daria has vigor for doing the right thing based on the law and she does everything she can to uphold the law and make sure those around her do as well. Daria can be extremely thoughtful and affectionate but she is prone to changing her mind when it comes to affairs of the heart. She is worried she is simply settling no matter how great of a person the other one is.

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    isa and Greg were a considerably happy little couple she ran the family Bed and Breakfast and he taught herbology at a magical Academy in California , when they had Frankie (Daria’s big brother) they were over the moon and so when Daria came along they just about busted at the seams with happiness. They were finally complete as a couple and even Gran was pleased with the children. Greg did his best to raise his children on the stories of the old days and Lisa did her best to keep the B&B running. Daria and Frankie got along like cats and dogs. The two would do nothing but fight, until someone tore them apart. Lisa almost went crazy trying to keep the two from each other so she hired a nanny to help while she was at the B&B working. The nannies never really lasted long while children were young; they tended to burn them out within five or six months.

    Both of the children were stubborn but luckily when Frankie started school they were able to calm down enough that they stopped fighting as much. The distance was good for the siblings and once Daria entered school they were closer and they didn’t fight as much, if at all. Daria did her best to keep her thirst for knowledge at bay, as well as her inability to keep her mouth shut. The issue was that people didn’t move at the pace she did. Daria had an abundance of energy and focused it completely into what she was doing, the only problem was she could never stay interested long enough to give anything the full focus she needed to. So instead of excelling she more or less did average among her fellow students. She tended to be popular because of her sharp tongue and the fact she has an incredibly bubbly personality. She just sort of created a welcome feeling until of course you wear out your welcome and then you best be advised to duck and cover.

    Daria did well in school, she was smart and she had to fight to keep herself focused but she always managed to do so, her favorite class being potions. Her teacher was always impressed with what she managed to come up with and he spent many nights “tutoring” her in the subject. Eventually the relationship was discovered and Daria was expelled and the teacher was fired, in order to keep the situation quiet her parents did not press charges in exchange for money from the school. She was then enrolled in another school until she graduated, at which time he decided to go to a magical college. She chose one in Boston, a desire to be far away from her family. They had more or less treated her like a leper since the “situation” as they are now apt to call it.

    Majoring in Magical history with a minor in Potions she was a pretty normal student, she did well in her classes and found she was very good with children. She babysat until she started to nanny. Once she graduated she didn’t bother looking for a job because the family she was nannying for was rich and paid her rather well. They moved to Australia when the father got a position with the ministry. However things turned rocky about six months after the move, her employers got a divorce (because she had been sleeping with the father, the mother did not know about this but she suspected he had other women) and she was out on her bum. She is currently working for Keith Anderson caring for his triplets .

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