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    Améa Nedvidek

    25 year old Halfblood Sorceraic ☆ She/Her ☆ written by ★ Sadrienne
    Full Name: Améadruella Ellazandre Nedvidek
    Apparent Age: 25
    Date of Birth: September 28th, 1992
    Birthplace: Isle du L'Arine
    Blood Status: Halfblood
    Species: Sorceraic
    Playeru:  ★ Sadrienne
    Pronouns: She/Her
    Play-by: Kaya Scodelario

    She's not easy to understand. She is for the most part, a cool calculating woman with a very serious look on life. She takes things personally, and deals with them in a businesslike manner that sends chills across the room. She rarely shows visible emotions, except when she absolutely cannot help it. Her mind works logic in a way completely different to most people, and her solutions to problems are often bizarre. Words mean a lot to Améa, a promise is potent - the word 'love' alone carries volumes and she is somewhat afraid of the word. She takes her life very seriously, believing everyone has a purpose - and she fully intends to fulfill hers.

    At times, to those she knows and trusts (a rarity in Améa's life) she is a passionate and caring sort of person. Her choice to endure a child's life was made out of love for her mother, and her desire to create the mother-daughter bond Adele had never wanted to form earlier. She is a child at heart, with a child's needs - but she refuses to acknowledge those 'weaknesses'.


    She was born on the island of L'Arindelle, the heir to the throne. Her father plotted revenge against his wife - Adele, the queen - who had shunned both her husband and her daughter from the very start. Améa, who felt she should possibly be angry at her mother, originally sided with her father before realising her duty as a L'Arine citizen was first to her mother, then her father. 

    As a result, it was Améa who put the knife in Pieru's back, stopping his plans of lynching Adele and her lover. Améa lived with that guilt for years, dressing herself up as the mute benefactress Bryndellyn, and refusing to speak a word to anyone. She trained silently under the instruction of grandmother Lillian, and Adele's hated stepmother - Bethianna DeVylissea. She was surprisingly strong in her abilities, surpassing her mother's achievements easily. She lost her innocence early, as tends to happen with those who play their age as older than it is - but never gave herself quite completely.

    She lived for a time with Adele and her then-lover David Tallenery, until a fight caused Adele to leave the city of Melbourne for a smaller place, Améa returned home to learn more of her future role. She visited Narrie some months later, to find her mother clinically dead - and with her grandmother's help, returned her to life as a full sorceress. Adele's mishaps with her new power led her to being cut off, and demoted from her position as queen - which Améa was then elevated to. But there were those who didn't like Améa's strict, and sometimes old fashioned ways. She was slipped a draught to quell her powers, and locked into child form so that she was defenceless. 

    Lillian rescued her from her captors, bringing her back to her mother for safekeeping - but it was only momentary, as she was kidnapped again and brought back to the island. She was rescued the second time by her mother, and chose to remain as a child (Adele believed she was still locked into it, and would be forced to grow out of it) so that she could continue building on the relationship that had started to form between her and her mother.

    Adele's drive to protect her led to some disastrous choices, including marriage to a known criminal in her attempt to find Améa a 'father figure' that could keep them both from harm. In an ironic twist, it was Thomas's threat to Améa's safety that pushed Adele's choice to rid herself out of Améa's life once and for all, thus ensuring her safety. An accident appeared to have killed her mother Adele, and so Améa went into the care of a professor at the school. She also fell in love with an older student who broke her heart, an unwise relationship that she was not ready for.

    When Adele came back into her life, Améa was unsure of what to do, torn between her foster family and her true family, Améa struggled to find a place where she belonged. As her mother's relationship with Kellan Miles took a bad turn and her baby brother Caleb was born, life seemed to be pointless overall. She failed several years of school and still struggles, sticking at the Academy only out of pride.

    Adele eventually admitted that Jezebel Blair was Améa's half sister, and possibly twin. Améa is both intrigued by her sister, and wary of forging too close a bond with the girl. Améa doesn't quite trust that any family will stand by her, especially a relation as important as a sister. 

    When Adele reconnected and married David Tallenery, Améa refused to accept him on the grounds that he had already walked out of their lives before. She felt she couldn't trust anyone she was related to, and so she sought the comfort of a relationship. She met Zane Nedvidek and fell for him immediately, his strength and dominating character made him irresistible to her. She married him against the advice of her family, and now lives with him in a house in Narrie.

    Her life revolves around Zane. She lives to please him, to cook and to clean for him. He is always her highest priority, her own health and wellbeing irrelevant. When he asked her to move, she did with no questions---cutting off as much contact with her family as they would allow. Jezebel sometimes manages to speak with her, but the conversations are strained and cryptic.


    Méa is of medium height, with very pale skin and long black hair that falls to her waist when not tied up. Like the others in her family, she has intense blue eyes that often appear cold, and she is not well known for smiling. She carries herself like a lady, having been brought up with very oldfashioned values, she dislikes clothing with sleeves shorter than her wrists, and thinks that skirts higher than the shin are the sign of 'loose' women. Needless to say, she dresses quite conservatively. She tends to favour blue and lavender in her clothing, and does not wear a lot of jewellery. When she does, it is simple and always in silver.


    Her mother's identity and her royal connections, the homeland she comes from, everything about the life she was born to is a secret from most people. She hides as many of her feelings as possible, wanting the world to see her as invincible. She has a strong sense of loyalty and love to her family, though she never wants to say the words out loud. She both loves and fears her husband, and is afraid that if she walks away, she won't have anything or anyone left.

    General Knowledge:

    Very little is known about Améa outside of her family. She dropped out of Tallygarunga after failing to pass fifth year multiple times, and moved away at the insistence of her husband Zane. Those who do know her know that there's something not quite right about that marriage, and though they've tried to help, only Améa knows the full extent of it and she refuses to be helped.

    • Jezebel Blair - Sister
    • Stuart Blair - Father
    • Adele DeVylissea - Mother
    • Alex Winfield - Uncle
    • Zane Nedvidek - Husband
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